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The page lists 390 projects related to the topic "creative".

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1 BGCN Bristol Bright Night 2014
2 MONTENIGHT2014-15 Researchers Night in Montenegro 2014/2015 2014
3 CASTELLANY ACCOUNTS Record-keeping, fiscal reform, and the rise of institutional accountability in late-medieval Savoy: a source-oriented approach 2015
4 UPTIME Real-TIME probing of Ultrafast Phenomena 2015
5 List_MAPS Training and research in Listeria monocytogenes Adaptation through Proteomic and Transcriptome deep Sequencing Analysis 2015
6 SDIN Service Design for Innovation 2015
7 ResMoSys Multi-Stimuli Responsive Molecular Systems and Materials 2015
8 MEL-PLEX Exploiting MELanoma disease comPLEXity to address European research training needs in translational cancer systems biology and cancer systems medicine 2014
9 MET-A-FOR Metabolomic analysis for the forensic detection of drugs of abuse in performance and food producing animals 2015
10 TRACKWAY Training of Innovative, Creative and Entrepreneurial Researchers in Waterborne Dispersed Polymers 2015
11 MacSeNet Machine Sensing Training Network 2015
12 Remediate Improved decision-making in contaminated land site investigation and risk assessment 2015
13 TBVAC2020 TBVAC2020; Advancing novel and promising TB vaccine candidates from discovery to preclinical and early clinical development 2015
14 fromROLLtoBAG Consumer Driven Local Production with the Help of Virtual Design and Digital Manufacturing 2015
15 DiDIY Digital Do It Yourself 2015
16 PERGAMON PERvasive Serious GAMes suppOrted by Virtual CoachiNg 2015
17 ACE Creative ACE Creative: Harnessing the strengths of innovation multipliers to accelerate creative industry growth through an integrated ecosystem of supports in finance, market access and technology exploitation. 2015
18 ProCAMS Promoting Creativeness in Augmented Media Services 2015
19 AutoPost Deformable Surface Tracking and Alpha Matting for the Automation of Post-production Workflows 2015
20 SMARTSET High Performance Low Cost Virtual Studios for Creative Industries SMEs 2015
21 EU-XCEL Accelerating Entrepreneurial Learning across European Regions 2015
22 RAPID-MIX Realtime Adaptive Prototyping for Industrial Design of Multimodal Interactive eXpressive technology 2015
23 MusicBricks MusicBricks: Musical Building Blocks for Digital Makers and Content Creators 2015
24 POPART Previz for On-set Production - Adaptive Realtime Tracking 2015
25 LUMENTILE LUMinous ElectroNic TILE 2015
26 FURNIT-SAVER Smart Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketplace for Furniture Customisation 2015
27 FANCI Face and body Analysis Natural Computer Interaction 2015
28 AXIOM Apertus° eXtendable Integrated Open Modular Cinema Camera 2015
29 REMINE Reuse of mining waste into innovative geopolymeric-based structural panels, precast, ready mixes and insitu applications 2015
30 FRIENDS2 Framework of Innovation for Engineering of New Durable Solar Surfaces 2015
31 CUIDAR Cultures of Disaster Resilience among children and young people 2015
32 ALGOVIS Algorithmic Approaches to Spatially-Informed Information Visualization 2015
33 Safe and Sound Drive Design of a serious game for cars to help increase driver skills and lower fuel consumption 2015
34 GlidArc Towards a fundamental understanding of a gliding arc discharge for the purpose of greenhouse gas conversion into value-added chemicals 2015
35 ArtOxiZymes Artificial Oxidation Enzymes for Highly Selective Waste Free Hydroxylation of Alkanes 2015
36 MIP4CELL Molecular Imprinting mediated regulation of cell behavior and related biomedical applications 2016
37 Legal Culture Legal Culture under Stalinism in Poland 2016
38 Transnational Localism Transnational Localism and Music after the two World Wars: the case of Francis Poulenc 2015
39 ProactionPerception From oculomotor action to perception 2015
40 DEDMEE Derivation of Effective Dynamics from Microscopic Evolution Equations 2015
41 NCDIFFGEO Models of noncommutative differential geometries 2016
42 LoStPReCon Long-term structural performance of pre-stressed concrete bridges: A risk-based monitoring informed framework for life-cycle asset management 2015
43 MIRAGE MicroRNAs as therapeutic targets for ARVC. 2015
44 NPA Neurodidactics of Performing Arts: The Impact of Drama Teaching on Second Language Acquisition 2015
45 Art market ‘The re-privatization of the contemporary art world: private collectors and artist-entrepreneurs in the changing geographies of European art’ 2017
46 MSCA FIRE MSCA FIRE: Fellows with Industrial Research Enhancement 2015
47 SME CoachLT Establishing services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME's in the Lithuanian Enterprise Europe Network consortia 2014
48 SOMATCH Support IT solution for creative fashion designers by integrated software systems to collect, define and visualize textile and clothing trends through innovative image analysis from open data 2015
49 Q-Tales A Collaboration Ecosystem enabling EU Creative SMEs to exchange multi-media content and create multi-plot, interactive Apps for Children, curated according to Reader ability and educational value. 2015
50 DTHPS Sound and Materialism in the 19th Century 2015
51 Trash-2-Cash Trash-2-Cash: Designed high-value products from zero-value waste textiles and fibres via design driven technologies 2015
52 ICRI-BioM International Centre for Research on Innovative Bio-based Materials 2015
53 INCEPTION Inclusive Cultural Heritage in Europe through 3D semantic modelling 2015
54 OPE Open Payments Eco-system 2015
55 FunGLASS Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses 2015
56 FET-Event Ensuring the success of the next FET Conference and exhibition at a key period for FET 2015
57 HandsandBible The Hands that Wrote the Bible: Digital Palaeography and Scribal Culture of the Dead Sea Scrolls 2015
58 CEITER Cross-Border Educational Innovation thru Technology-Enhanced Research 2015
59 CapTherPV Integration of Capacitor, Thermoelectric and PhotoVoltaic thin films for efficient energy conversion and storage 2015
60 DSLIGHT Advanced Lighting Management System for film production, smart lighting and creative industry 2015
61 SYMCAR Symbolic Computation and Automated Reasoning for Program Analysis 2016
62 HyMAP Hybrid Materials for Artificial Photosynthesis 2015
63 low Pt loading FCCHP Innovative fuel cell system for CHP application in Low Carbon Buildings 2016
64 OUTCOME The outstanding challenge in solid mechanics: engineering structures subjected to extreme loading conditions 2016
65 WANDERINGMINDS Not all minds that wander are lost: A neurocognitive test of mind-wandering state’s contribution to human cognition. 2015
66 REP-BIOTECH European Joint Doctorate in Biology and Technology of Reproductive Health 2015
67 SYSTEM-RISK A Large-Scale Systems Approach to Flood Risk Assessment and Management 2016
69 SciChallenge Next Generation Science Challenges Using Digital and Social Media to Make Science Education and Careers Attractive for Young People 2015
70 CREATIONS CREATIONS - Developing an Engaging Science Classroom 2015
72 GRACE GRACE: Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe 2015
73 ENLIGHT-TEN European Network linking informatics and genomics of helper T cells 2015
74 Privacy.Us Privacy and Usability 2015
75 MARmaED MARine MAnagement and Ecosystem Dynamics under climate change 2015
76 SuPER-W Sustainable Product, Energy and Resource Recovery from Wastewater 2016
77 OPATHY From Omics to Patient: Improving Diagnostics of Pathogenic Yeasts 2015
78 SME Coach LT 2015 KAM and innovation management improvement services for Lithuanian SMEs 2015
79 TRAIN-ERS Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Health and Disease 2015
80 STREAM Smart Sensor Technologies and Training for Radiation Enhanced Applications and Measurements 2016
81 EUBorderCare Intimate Encounters in EU Borderlands: Migrant Maternity, Sovereignty and the Politics of Care on Europe’s Peripheries 2015
82 PERFORM Participatory Engagement with Scientific and Technological Research through Performance 2015
83 ScienceSquared ERC = ScienceSquared 2015
84 Wallco Wallco quality modular solid wood furniture 2015
85 ERCcOMICS communicating ERC projects through cOMICS 2015
86 BrainHack BrainHack: Bringing the arts and sciences of brain and neural computer interface together 2016
87 FEAT Future and Emerging Art and Technology 2015
88 HUNTER Advanced Humidity to Electricity Converter 2015
89 I3 I3 Impact Innovate Invest 2016
90 DISCOVERY Dialogues on ICT to Support COoperation Ventures and Europe-North AmeRica (Canada and USA) sYnergies 2016
91 TILES Tiles: the first platform for shared entertainment 2016
92 REPLICATE cReative-asset harvEsting PipeLine to Inspire Collective-AuThoring and Experimentation 2016
93 AudioCommons Audio Commons: An Ecosystem for Creative Reuse of Audio Content 2016
94 SPARK Spatial Augmented Reality as a Key for co-creativity 2016
95 U_CODE Urban Collective Design Environment: A new tool for enabling expert planners to co-create and communicate with citizens in urban design 2016
96 MEDLEM Cost-effective microfluidic electronic devices for optimal drug administration based on fractional pharmacokinetics for leukemia treatments 2016
97 NANO-SUPREMI “Tracking nano-bioprocesses using Super-Resolution Microscopy Techniques” 2016
98 Terpsichore Transforming Intangible Folkloric Performing Arts into Tangible Choreographic Digital Objects 2016
99 Playfields Playfields: Prototyping a location based game for higher education. 2016
100 ABC DJ Artist-to-Business-to-Business-to-Consumer Audio Branding System 2016
101 I-Media-Cities Innovative e-environment for Research on Cities and the Media 2016
102 UNREST Unsettling Remembering and Social Cohesion in Transnational Europe 2016
103 FabSpace 2.0 The Fablab for geodata-driven innovation - by leveraging Space data in particular, in Universities 2.0 2016
104 epiGERMetics Landscape of epigenetic control in early and late germ line development 2016
105 Hidden Galleries Creative Agency and Religious Minorities: ‘hidden galleries’ in the secret police archives in 20th Century Central and Eastern Europe 2016
106 TRACES Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts: From Intervention to Co-Production 2016
107 COBOTNITY A community of surface bots for creative storytelling 2016
108 UNRAVEL Understanding the Role of Antisense lncRNA in Vernalization, Memory and Life History 2016
109 GATED Segregated education in post-conflict Bosnia and the possibilities of future conflicts in Europe 2016
110 REP-EAT Food quality and food innovative strategies to prevent reproductive and eating disorders 2016
111 ChondUb Identification and characterisation of novel WWP2 substrates and their role in chondrogenesis and osteoarthritis 2016
112 CHAMELEON Intuitive editing of visual appearance from real-world datasets 2016
113 METODA Methodological Explorations between Design and Social Sciences 2016
114 IcoCell Cell line development platform for SMEs to reduce the length and cost of biologic drug development 2016
115 INTERWOVEN Collecting, Displaying and Understanding Textiles in Decorative Arts Museums: Comparative Approaches in London and Madrid. 2016
116 INCOMMON In praise of community: shared creativity in arts and politics in Italy (1959-1979) 2016
117 first.stage Fast and easy previsualisation for creative industries 2016
118 AFFORDS-HIGHER Skilled Intentionality for 'Higher' Embodied Cognition: Joining forces with a field of affordances in flux 2016
119 TIDE Travel, Transculturality and Identity in England, c.1550 – 1700 2016
120 CREATIVITY European Researcher's Night in France 2016
121 CLoSER Cementing Links between Science and society toward Engagement and Responsibility 2016
122 STEAM STEAM- Making Sense of Science through Art 2016
123 FAWORIT 2016-2017 Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology 2016/2017 - The New Generation of Innovators 2016
124 RNEst16-17 Researcher's Night 2016-2017 in Estonia 2016
126 CreativeNet Enhancement of an advanced media sharing and networking platform to ensure connectivity among world’s creatives 2016
127 OPENRESEARCHERS Open Researchers 2016
128 ImpAncCit The Impact of the Ancient City 2016
129 StartInnShop StartInnShop - Startup Innovation goes to market 2016
130 INPRO Improving IPR management services to SMEs engaging in peer learning activities 2016
131 Reedsy Connecting authors and publishers with the world`s best publishing professionals to create high-quality books 2016
132 ChiC Creating high impact for CAPS 2016
133 DaphNet Dynamic Preservation of Interactive Art: The next frontier of Multimedia Cultural Heritage 2017
134 SYNTRAIN Targeting SYNthetic lethal interactions for new cancer treatments TRAINing network 2016
135 BBDiag Blood Biomarker-based Diagnostic Tools for Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease 2017
136 EUROPAH The Extensive and Ubiquitous Role of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Space 2016
137 ES-Cat Directed Protein Evolution for Synthetic Biology and Biocatalysis 2017
138 PROTECTED PROTECTion against Endocrine Disruptors; Detection, mixtures, health effects, risk assessment and communication. 2017
139 ENIGMA European training Network for In situ imaGing of dynaMic processes in heterogeneous subsurfAce environments 2017
140 DNAREPAIRMAN Regulated Assembly of Molecular Machines for DNA REPAIR: a Molecular Analysis training Network 2017
141 PLUGGY Pluggable Social Platform for Heritage Awareness and Participation 2016
142 EMOTIVE Emotive Virtual cultural Experiences through personalized storytelling 2016
143 SolutionSleep Understanding creativity and problem solving through sleep-engineering 2017
144 TaGFrag Stabilising Protein-Protein Interactions: A Target-Guided Fragment-Based Approach 2016
145 ArtomatixSuite An innovative 3D content generation solution for digital artists 2016
146 INLIFE Incubate a New Learning and Inspiration Framework for Education 2016
147 DIAL Dynamics of Inequality Across the Life-Course: structures and processes 2016
148 ARDITO Access to rights data via identification technologies optimisation 2017
149 LADIO Live Action Data Input and Output 2016
150 ReCAP Real-time Content Analysis and Processing (ReCAP) for Agile Media Production 2016
151 EMMA Enriching Market solutions for content Management and publishing with state of the art multimedia Analysis techniques 2017
152 AiRT Technology transfer of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) for the creative industry 2017
153 D3 Interpreting Drawings for 3D Design 2017
154 FLAME Facility for Large-scale Adaptive Media Experimentation 2017
155 STORIES Stories of Tomorrow - Students Visions on the Future of Space Exploration 2017
156 VisualMusic Real Time 3D Motion Graphics Studio for Creative Music Industry SMEs 2016
157 INJECT Innovative Journalism: Enhanced Creativity Tools 2017
158 weDRAW Exploiting the best sensory modality for learning arithmetic and geometrical concepts based on multisensory interactive Information and Communication Technologies and serious games 2017
159 UBORA Euro-African Open Biomedical Engineering e-Platform for Innovation through Education 2017
160 U4IoT User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things 2017
161 InKreate Transfer the real 3D world to interactive creative endeavours in apparel industry 2017
162 Morpheos MORPHotype EcOSystem – design remote definition based on big data morphology and use ecosystem for creative industries 2017
163 CRISS Demonstration of a scalable and cost-effective cloud-based digital learning infrastructure through the Certification of digital competences in primary and secondary schools 2017
164 DDD60 DDD60 - High Quality VR for FilmTV industry professionals 2016
165 DECODE Decentralised Citizens Owned Data Ecosystem 2016
166 WEAR Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation 2017
167 VERTIGO Adding socio-economic value to industry through the integration of artists in research and open innovation processes. 2016
168 OLEA Outdoor Lean Elderly Assistant 2017
169 BINCI Binaural Tools for the Creative Industries 2017
171 VAHVISTUS Integrative development of smart drug-vector nanostructures for adaptive delivery to target cells 2017
172 TICASS Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art, and Social Sciences 2017
173 LightFasTR Understanding the light-fastness of heritage Turkey Red textiles through modern dye chemistry and historical dyeing technology to inform sustainable display and access 2017
174 CTO Com Context- and Task-Oriented Communication 2017
175 CAR-E Creative Automotive Reuse E-commerce 2017
176 PEA Aluminium Portable Element Analyser 2016
177 SME Coach LT 2017 Providing Key Account Management services for the SME Instrument beneficiaries and enhancing innovation management capacity services to Lithuanian SMEs in 2017-2018 2017
178 FluCoMa Fluid Corpus Manipulation: Creative Research in Musical Mining of Large Sound/Gesture Datasets through Foundational Access to the Latest Advances of Signal Decomposition. 2017
179 DNPMAT Studies of Materials and Catalysts by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced Solid-state NMR 2017
180 FunGlass Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses 2017
181 HETEROPOLITICS Refiguring the Common and the Political 2017
182 Urban Innovation Lab Innovation Associate for Urban Innovation Lab project 2017
183 Art and Ethics Art and Ethics: Restarting and Advancing a Stalled Debate 2017
184 I2C8 Inspiring to Create 2017
185 OILY MICROCOSM Mechanistic Microscale Approach to the Microbial Degradation of Oil-Droplets in Subsea Crude Oil Releases 2017
186 DRYSTORE Exploring dry storage as an alternative biobanking strategy inspired by Nature 2017
187 AveTransRisk Average - Transaction Costs and Risk Management during the First Globalization (Sixteenth-Eighteenth Centuries) 2017
188 INCluSilver Innovation in personalised Nutrition through Cluster cooperation in the Silver economy 2017
189 CROWD_USG Crowdsourcing Urban Sustainability Governance. Exploring innovative governance models for addressing urban sustainability through ICT-people interaction 2017
190 BioNetIllustration BioNetIllustration: User centric illustrations of biological networks 2017
191 CASEK Collective Adaptive Systems Enabler Kit 2017
192 SCOOP Innovation in Investigative Journalism 2017
193 ORFORCREA Locked between formulas: creativity in oral and transitional poetic texts 2017
194 ShakespeareIndia Shakespeare and Indian Cinematic Traditions 2018
195 INTREPiD CRG International Research Postdoctoral Programme 2017
196 RESCUE Interdependent Challenges of Reliability, Security and Quality in Nanoelectronic Systems Design 2017
197 MFreeB Membrane-Free Redox Flow Batteries 2017
198 ESIT European School for Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Research 2017
199 VRAASP using Virtual Reality and Archaeoacoustic Analysis to Study and exhibit Presence 2017
200 FRAGCLIM The Combined Effects of Climatic Warming and Habitat Fragmentation on Biodiversity, Community Dynamics and Ecosystem Functioning 2017
201 DesignEng Designing Engineers: Harnessing the Power of Design Projects to Spur Cognitive and Epistemological Development of STEM Students 2018
202 FiberEUse Large scale demonstration of new circular economy value-chains based on the reuse of end-of-life fiber reinforced composites. 2017
203 PROOFY Protecting Creations Made Easy. Unique Innovative solution to protect intellectual property of original works in digital format in an easy and cost-effective way 2017
204 ImPRESS International Interdisciplinary PhD studies in Biomedical Research and Biostatistics. Supporting the career and training in omic-based research and biostatistics by inter-national and-sectoral mobility 2018
205 MediaRoad MediaRoad – European Media Ecosystem for Innovation 2017
206 Immersify Audiovisual Technologies for Next Generation Immersive Media 2017
207 Metamorphosis Transformation of neighbourhoods in a child-friendly way to increase the quality of life for all citizens. 2017
208 IRiMaS Interactive Research in Music as Sound:Transforming Digital Musicology 2017
209 HDR4EU Enabling End-to-End HDR Ecosystem 2017
210 3ants Enhancing security of digital property rights and citizens’ awareness through an innovative anti-piracyframework of digital content based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 2017
211 Story Maker Story Maker 2017
212 innocult Centre of Excellence for Cultural and Creative Innovations in Lithuania 2017
213 GoNano Governing Nanotechnologies through societal engagement 2017
214 Eco-sleeve Eco-sleeve is a propellant-free technology for Aerosols, generating high pressure to provide the familiar consumer experience of continuous dispensing. 2017
215 AiPBAND An Integrated Platform for Developing Brain Cancer Diagnostic Techniques 2018
216 ANIMATAS Advancing intuitive human-machine interaction with human-like social capabilities for education in schools 2018
217 ANNULIGhT Annular Instabilities and Transient Phenomena in Gas Turbine Combustors 2017
218 HiReach High reach innovative mobility solutions to cope with transport poverty 2017
219 iDESIGN Delivering Better Starting Points for Drug Discovery: New Compound Libraries Driven By Intelligent Design 2018
220 Inspire4Nature INternational training at the Science-Policy Interface for Researchers in Europe, for Nature 2018
221 PHOTO-EMULSION Towards Next-generation Eco-efficient PHOTO and EMULSION Polymerisations Imparting Synergy to Process, Products and Applications 2017
222 PurinesDX Interdisciplinary training network on the purinergic P2X7 receptor to control neuroinflammation and hyperexcitability in brain diseases. 2017
223 RECOMS Building Resourceful and Resilient Communities through Adaptive and Transformative Environmental Practice 2018
224 EPIDIVERSE Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology 2017
225 ELBA European Liquid Biopsies Academy - Towards widespread clinical application of blood- based diagnostic tools 2018
226 InDEStruct Integrated Design of Engineering Structures 2018
227 GLIOTRAIN Exploiting GLIOblastoma intractability to address European research TRAINing needs in translational brain tumour research, cancer systems medicine and integrative multi-omics 2017
228 DeLIVER Super-resolution optical microscopy of nanosized pore dynamics in endothelial cells 2018
229 ED-ARCHMAT European Doctorate in ARchaeological and Cultural Heritage MATerials science 2018
230 ECHOES European Colonial Heritage Modalities in Entangled Cities 2018
231 EUROPOPULISM European Integration, Populism and European Cities 2017
232 NEMESIS Novel Educational Model Enabling Social Innovation Skills development 2017
233 REACH Re-designing access to CH for a wider participation in preservation, (re)use and management of European culture 2017
234 RISE Research Center on Interactive Media, Smart System and Emerging Technologies 2017
235 Aural Paris Aural Paris: The Changing Identities of The City of Sound in Music, Film and Literature, 1870-1940. 2018
236 PRESTIGE Design-driven integration of innovative PRinted functional matErialS into inTeractive hIgh-end and fashion consumer Goods addressing tomorrow’s societal challEnges 2017
237 GRAPHENART Graphene as effective anti-fading agent for the protection of artworks 2017
238 TERRINet The European Robotics Research Infrastructure Network 2017
239 AniStyle Artistic Animation Rendering with Stylization 2018
240 MATUROLIFE Metallisation of Textiles to make Urban living for Older people more Independent Fashionable 2018
241 DecoChrom Decorative Applications for Self-Organized Molecular Electrochromic Systems 2018
242 INTERACT European Industrial Doctorate on Next Generation for sustaINable auTomotive ElectRical ACtuaTion 2017
243 ReaLsMs Real Smart City 2017
244 DNASURF Molecular diagnostics through DNA modification and interfacial engineering 2017
245 SPEME Questioning Traumatic Heritage: Spaces of Memory in Europe, Argentina, Colombia 2018
246 COLING Minority Languages, Major Opportunities. Collaborative Research, Community Engagement and Innovative Educational Tools 2018
247 V4Design Visual and textual content re-purposing FOR(4) architecture, Design and video virtual reality games 2018
248 MeMAD Methods for Managing Audiovisual Data: Combining Automatic Efficiency with Human Accuracy 2018
249 SAUCE Smart Asset re-Use in Creative Environments 2018
250 FotoInMotion Repurposing and enriching images for immersive storytelling through smart digital tools 2018
251 CALMUSgaming A new tool for creating real-time music within computer games 2017
252 BETWEEN THE TIMES “Between the Times”: Embattled Temporalities and Political Imagination in Interwar Europe 2018
253 PalREAD Country of Words: Reading and Reception of Palestinian Literature from 1948 to the Present 2018
254 DyVirt Dynamic virtualisation: modelling performance of engineering structures 2018
255 V4Design Visual and textual content re-purposing FOR(4) architecture, Design and video virtual reality games 2018
256 CogLit Literature as a Cognitive Object; Cognitive infrastructure and human cultural transmission 2018
257 WISDOM The autonomous floral pathway: a WIndow to Study the tight link between non-coDing RNA and chrOMatin regulation 2018
258 SWS-HEATING Development and Validation of an Innovative Solar Compact Selective-Water-Sorbent-Based Heating System 2018
259 KurdishWomen From Kurdistan to Europe: Kurdish Literary, Artistic and Cultural Activism by Kurdish Women Intellectuals 2018
260 4D-POLYSENSE 4D-POLYpropylene meshes as SENsitive motion SEnsors 2018
261 FoodLoss Food Loss in History. Insights into the food produced but never consumed 2019
262 CO-SUSTAIN Collaborative Sustainable Innovation: co-designing governance approaches for a sustainable and innovative small-scale fishing industry in the Irish islands 2018
263 COMFECTION Communication for Food Protection 2019
264 CommGenRwa Genocide Commemoration in the Rwandan Diaspora 2018
265 DataStories DataStories: Making Use of Interpretive Judgments of Data Creators 2019
266 DESIGN Design Thinking in Defence Organisations: The Promises and Dangers of Intellectual Emancipation in the Management of Violence 2019
267 DETECt Detecting Transcultural Identity in European Popular Crime Narratives 2018
268 DIVA Boosting innovative DIgitech Value chains for Agrofood, forestry and environment 2018
269 HANDMADE Handmade: Understanding Creative Gesture in Pottery Making 2018
270 OPEN3GEN Opening the Third Generation: The Search for Long-Lived Fundamental Particles 2019
271 SPEAR SPEAR: Secure and PrivatE smArt gRid 2018
272 Genealogical thought Genealogical Thinking in Nietzsche's Wake (19th-21st Centuries) 2019
273 MACRAME Management Accounting and CReativity: Analysis of MEanings 2018
274 AstroMiRimage Super-resolution imaging to uncover microRNA control of astrocytes in epilepsy 2018
275 Stories Inside/Out: using storytelling to understand the politics of exclusion in Europe and South Africa 2018
276 SILKNOW SILKNOW. Silk heritage in the Knowledge Society: from punched cards to big data, deep learning and visual / tangible simulations 2018
277 CIRCUSOL Circular business models for the solar power industry 2018
278 GeoRes Geomaterials: from Waste to Resource 2018
279 IFDG INNOVATION, FIRM DYNAMICS AND GROWTH: what do we learn from French firm-level data? 2018
280 CUDAN Cultural Data Analytics 2019
281 COSMOS COSMOS: Computational Shaping and Modeling of Musical Structures 2019
282 Pomelody 2.0 Early childhood education eLearning framework, leveraging novel technology for a whole new way of learning music. 2018
283 PEN-CP Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners 2018
284 WORKERO WORKERO – Connecting Space & Knowledge 2018
285 CircuBED Circular Built Environment Design - Applying the Circular Economy to the Design of Social Housing 2018
286 GLOBESCAPE Enabling transformation: Linking design and land system science to foster place-making in peri-urban landscapes under increasing globalization 2018
287 PEA aluminium Portable Element Analyzer 2018
288 ERN18-19 SVK Festival of Science European Researchers' Night 2018 - 2019 in Slovakia 2018
289 K-TRIO 3 Researchers in the knowledge triangle 2018
290 Cork Discovers Cork Discovers: Learn, Live, Love Research 2018
291 TESLA Advanced Technologies for future European Satellite Applications 2019
292 BIGMATH Big Data Challenges for Mathematics 2018
293 VacPath Novel vaccine vectors to resist pathogen challenge 2019
294 HEARTLAND Health, Environment, Agriculture, Rural development: Training network for LAND management 2019
295 REPAC Repetition, Parallelism and Creativity: An Inquiry into the Construction of Meaning in Ancient Mesopotamian Literature and Erudition 2019
296 DELIVER DELIVERy of advanced therapies for diabetes training network 2019
297 REWATERGY Sustainable Reactor Engineering for Applications on the Water-Energy Nexus 2019
298 MOVES Migration and Modernity: Historical and Cultural Challenges 2019
299 EVOCATION Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication 2018
300 STINTS Skin Tissue INTegrity under Shear 2019
301 BonePainII A European Training Network to Combat Bone Pain 2019
302 TeamUp5G New RAN TEchniques for 5G UltrA-dense Mobile networks 2019
303 TICARDIO Thrombo-inflammation in cardiovascular disease 2019
304 OPENRESEARCHERS1819 Open Researchers 2018-2019 2018
305 FAWORIT 2018-2019 Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology – Cultural Heritage & the New Generation of Innovators 2018
306 CHARMING Chemical Engineering Immersive Learning 2018
307 DISCE Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies 2019
308 CICERONE Creative Industries Cultural Economy Production Network 2019
309 SPEAR Supporting and Implementing Plans for Gender Equality in Academia and Research 2019
310 PROVENANCE Providing Verification Assistance for New Content 2018
311 CREATINNO Innovating support ecosystem of creative SMEs at regional level 2019
312 WeNet WeNet - The Internet of US 2019
313 Multi RoboDOP Multi-camera autonomous robotic cameramen at the fingertips of all live video productions 2018
314 BacterialCORE Widespread Bacterial CORE Complex Executes Intra- and Inter-Kingdom Cytoplasmic Molecular Trade 2019
315 REFREAM Re-Thinking of Fashion in Research and Artist collaborating development for Urban Manufacturing 2018
317 STARTS Ecosystem Support to STARTS Community and Lighthouse Projects through the creation of an ecosystem for hybrid talent 2019
318 EUSAT-RCS European-Latin American TB Research Collaboration Network 2019
320 CREATIVE IPR The History of Intellectual Property Rights in the Creative Industries 2019
321 AFRISCREENWORLDS African Screen Worlds: Decolonising Film and Screen Studies 2019
322 LArcHer Breaking barriers between Science and Heritage approaches to Levantine Rock Art through Archaeology, Heritage Science and IT 2019
323 MUNDOARTI International leagues of art for creative people 2019
325 SOPs4RI Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity 2019
326 FETFX Stimulating effects of Future and Emerging Technologies through communication and outreach 2019
327 PRO-TOOLKITS Programmable nucleic acid toolkits for cell-free diagnostics and genetically encoded biosensing 2019
328 Time Machine Time Machine : Big Data of the Past for the Future of Europe 2019
329 TeRRIFICA Territorial RRI fostering Innovative Climate Action 2019
330 STRICt Sustainable development Transition through Regulation-Induced technological Change 2020
331 TURANDOT Tunable Radiation Tolerant 2D Terahertz bolometer 2019
332 COMETS COllective action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation 2019
333 CarbEx Tracing carbon exchanges/fluxes between Arctic and Atlantic basins 2019
334 EWPWE Europe at War in Post-war Europe. Performing Greek Tragedies, Comedies and European Identity. 2019
335 E2-CREATE E2-CREATE: Encoding Embodied CreativityVisual arts, performing arts, film, design 2020
336 COLLECTITUDE Building the collective at times of precarity: precarious labour and its countermovements 2020
337 Contracts2.0 Co-design of novel contract models for innovative agri-environmental-climate measures and for valorisation of environmental public goods 2019
338 SeeRRI Building Self-Sustaining Research and Innovation Ecosystems in Europe through Responsible Research and Innovation 2019
339 Water-Cultures The Water Cultures of Italy, 1500-1900 2019
340 POSPORI Polymer Optical Sensors for Prolonged Overseeing the Robustness of civil Infrastructures 2019
341 Starborne Novel map-population and rendering techniques for reinventing massively multiplayer online computer games 2019
343 INITIATE INnate-ImmunomeTabolIsm as Antiviral TargEt 2019
344 BoostUrCAreer Boosting PhD employability @UCA 2019
345 6i-DIRS 6i-DIRS: A growing attractive collaborative ecosystem for boosting impact driven research careers 2019
346 STUDIOTEC Film Studios: Infrastructure, Culture, Innovation in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, 1930-60. 2019
347 BBCE Baltic Biomaterials Centre of Excellence 2020
348 RDNA Empowering New Venture Growth - RDNA 2019
349 MrDoc Development and commercialization of a semi-supervised learning AI for robust diagnosis in real world settings. 2019
350 MORPH From Timbre Perception to the Creative Exploration of Musical Instrument Sound Morphing 2020
351 REsPecTMe Resolving Precariousness: Advancing the Theory and Measurement of Precariousness across the paid/unpaid work continuum 2019
352 SMART-X Study of carrier transport in MAterials by time-Resolved specTroscopy with ultrashort soft X-ray light 2020
353 proEVLifeCycle The life cycle of extracellular vesicles in prostate cancer: from biogenesis and homing, to functional relevance 2019
354 UPTEKO First Fully Integrated Drone System for Maritime Operations 2019
355 BactiVax anti-Bacterial Innovative Vaccine Training Network. 2019
356 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
357 TrainCKDis Multidisciplinary Training in Chronic Kidney Disease: from genetic modifiers to drug discovery 2020
358 PRECODE PancREatic Cancer OrganoiDs rEsearch Network 2019
359 P4PLAY People, Place, Policy and Practice for Play 2020
360 InnovEOX Training of a new generation of researchers in Innovative Electrochemical OXidation processes for the removal and analysis of micro-pollutants in water streams 2019
361 AIVA AI that composes complex instrumental music for movies, games, advertising and other types of digital media 2019
362 FATMOLS FAult Tolerant MOLecular Spin processor 2020
363 ETIQMEDIA Counterfeiting and Piracy will not affect to our firms in the EU any longer. 2019
364 CORVOS COmplement Regulation and Variations in Opportunistic infectionS 2019
365 TubInTrain Tuning Tubulin Dynamics and Interactions to Face Neurotoxicity: a Multidisciplinary Approach for Training and Research 2019
366 NEUcrest Training European Experts in Multiscale Studies of Neural Crest Development and Disorders: from Patient to Model Systems and Back again. 2019
367 MATER Innovative Training Network in Female Reproductive Care 2019
368 SAPHIRE Self-Assembling Plant-based Hydrogels Induced by Redox Enzymes 2019
369 Movi Player SDK New mobile video platform technology for interactive experiences and added-value from video distribution 2019
371 PhantoMinds Better and faster innovations with PhantoMinds’ instant automated recruiting tool for open innovators 2019
372 Musicon BAND A complex educational tool based on the power of music, dedicated to preparing children for the challenges of the future by supporting global educational and therapeutic systems. 2019
373 SmartCulTour Smart Cultural Tourism as a Driver of Sustainable Development of European Regions 2020
374 CreaTures Creative Practices for Transformational Futures 2020
375 AMASS Acting on the Margins: Arts as Social Sculpture 2020
376 reCreating Europe Rethinking digital copyright law for a culturally diverse, accessible, creative Europe 2020
377 UNCHARTED UNCHARTED: Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture 2020
378 inDICEs Measuring the impact of DIgital CulturE 2020
379 SO-CLOSE Enhancing Social Cohesion through Sharing the Cultural Heritage of Forced Migrations 2020
380 CHAMELEONS Championing A Multi-Sectoral Education and Learning Experience to Open New Pathways for Doctoral Students 2020
381 SME Coach LT 2020-21 Key Account Management Services and Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity Services for Lithuanian SMEs in 2020-2021 2020
382 UrbTerr Urban Terrorism in Europe (2004-2019): Remembering, Imagining, and Anticipating Violence 2019
383 MediaMotorEurope Media Motor Europe 2020
384 SPACEX Spatial Practices in Art and ArChitecture for Empathetic EXchange (SPACEX) 2020
385 FRRAnt Ordering, Constructing, Empowering: Fragments of the Roman Republican Antiquarians 2020
386 ICaRMuSs Intragranullar calcium regulation of mucin secretion and sorting. 2020
387 CO2Polymerisation Conversion of CO2/H2O to Polyethylene through Cascade Electro-reduction–Polymerisation Catalysis 2020
388 SPECTACLE The lure of the foreign stage: Italian art and artistry serving the French and European spectacle. 2020
389 FASHION IN IR The Dematerialization of Fashion and France's Couture Propaganda during the 1960s and 1970s 2020
390 YouthInMuseums Educational provision and professional training for youth in contemporary art museums 2020