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1 Light Night Light Night 2015
2 OMICON Organic Mixed Ion and Electron Conductors for High-Energy Batteries 2015
3 DESTinationRAIL Decision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure Managers 2015
4 EyeRegen Engineering a scaffold based therapy for corneal regeneration 2015
5 Regenerate Self-regenerating Functional Surfaces – Towards a Technology Platform for New Materials and Devices 2015
6 SYNTECH Synthesis Technologies for Reactive Systems Software Engineers 2015
7 MECTRL Measurement-based dynamic control of mesoscopic many-body systems 2015
8 FoQAL Frontiers of Quantum Atom-Light Interactions 2015
9 NAPOLI Nanoporous Asymmetric Poly(Ionic Liquid) Membrane 2015
10 CEMCAP CO2 capture from cement production 2015
11 GEO VISION GNSS driven EO and Verifiable Image and Sensor Integration for mission-critical Operational Networks 2015
12 IMMORTAL Integrated Modelling, Fault Management, Verification and Reliable Design Environment for Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
13 PQCRYPTO Post-quantum cryptography for long-term security 2015
14 INCAS Understanding institutional change in Asia: a comparative perspective with Europe 2015
15 SYMBIOSYS Symbolic Analysis of Temporal and Functional Behavior of Networked Systems 2015
16 Brain circRNAs Rounding the circle: Unravelling the biogenesis, function and mechanism of action of circRNAs in the Drosophila brain. 2016
17 HERA JRP UP HERA Joint Research Programme Uses of the Past 2015
18 IIT Industrial Innovation in Transition 2015
19 MIGOSA Modified Internal Gate image sensor for low light optimised Out-door Security surveillance Applications 2014
20 OILMOD Optical Injection Locked Modulator 2014
21 ClauSeInTEL Clausal Selection: Integrating Theoretical with Experimental Linguistics 2015
22 StarlightWinds Mass loss in the lives and deaths of massive stars 2015
23 Nu14Mig Generation and Application of Nucleophilic Allylmetal Species by Catalytic 1,4-Metal Migration 2015
24 MAXWELL Maximising wellbeing and minimising emissions: backcasting social visions for a low-carbon Europe. 2015
25 ASSEMZYME Continuous self-assembly using enzyme mediated supramolecular switching 2015
26 SIBG Strongly Interacting Bose Gases 2015
27 S4ILS Solar Sailing for Space Situational Awareness In the Lunar System 2015
28 SCIL The role of social cues for infant word learning 2016
29 BT-LH Link The consequences of the joint individual variation in size specific life histories and behavioural types 2015
30 HIGGS-BSM-EFT Higgs and Beyond the Standard Model Effective Field Theory, systematic developments. 2015
31 ECDCOP Evolutionary Computation for Dynamic Constrained Optimization Problems 2015
32 CARDIOTOX Predicting Cardiotoxicity Induced by Kinase Inhibitors: From Systems Biology to Systems Pharmacology 2015
33 Infantium 2.0 Adaptive learning platform for personalized children education crossing cognitive and biometric inputs 2015
34 BDoSM Big Data of Small Molecules 2015
35 PASS Paleozoic Seafloor Spreading 2015
36 HInDI The historical dynamics of industrialization in Northwestern Europe and China ca. 1800-2010: A regional interpretation 2015
37 LONGHEART Exploring selected long non-coding RNAs as diagnostics and therapeutic targets for heart failure 2015
38 GRAPHICS GRAphene nonlinear PHotonic Integrated CircuitS 2015
39 nuClock Towards a nuclear clock with Thorium-229 2015
40 Microflusa Fabricating colloidal materials with microfluidics 2015
41 CONQUER Contrast by Quadrupole Enhanced Relaxation 2015
42 OPE Open Payments Eco-system 2015
43 ImagePlanetFormDiscs Imaging the Dynamical Imprints of Planet Formation in Protoplanetary Discs 2015
44 N2FEED N2 as Chemical Feedstock – Synthetic Nitrogen Fixation beyond Haber-Bosch 2015
45 DBSModel Multiscale Modelling of the Neuromuscular System for Closed Loop Deep Brain Stimulation 2015
46 IDEM Immunity, DEvelopment and Microbiota: Understanding the Continuous Construction of Biological Identity 2015
47 AEROFLEX AEROelastic instabilities and control of FLEXible Structures 2015
48 HandsandBible The Hands that Wrote the Bible: Digital Palaeography and Scribal Culture of the Dead Sea Scrolls 2015
49 TFL Transnational Force of Law 2015
50 YbQuantumSim Quantum simulation of novel many-body phenomena with Ytterbium atoms in optical lattices 2015
51 FRESCO Efficient, Flexible Synthesis of Molecules with Tailored Shapes: from Photo-switchable Helices to anti-Cancer Compounds 2015
52 D-FENS Dicer-Dependent Defense in Mammals 2015
53 ESCAPE Energy-efficient SCalable Algorithms for weather Prediction at Exascale 2015
54 PEMP Political Economy with Many Parties: Strategic Electorate and Strategic Candidates 2015
55 SmartMic Smart Multimodal Microscopy for High-Throughput Developmental Biology in Real-Time 2015
56 ART Feasibility assessment on Alarm Resolution Technology, using X-Ray Echo Methodology 2015
57 EXODUS Light induced spatially EXact and genetically encoded labeling of immune cells for monitoring of lOng Distance and Ultra-compartment Shuttling during autoimmunity and chronic inflammation 2015
58 SHARS Small HeteroAromatic Ring Synthesis: A Unified Approach 2015
59 STEEPclim Spatiotemporal evolution of the hydrological cycle throughout the European continent during past abrupt climate changes 2015
60 MarineIce Ice Nucleating Particles in the Marine Atmosphere 2015
61 GRACE GRACE: Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe 2015
62 DrugsInPregnancy Effects of Medication Use in Pregnancy on Infant Neurodevelopment 2015
63 MADE Migration as Development 2015
64 MyFUN Myopia: Fundamental understanding needed 2016
65 BitMap Brain injury and trauma monitoring using advanced photonics 2016
66 SEMERGY Energy efficient and sustainable building planning 2015
67 SEED Learning to See in a Dynamic World 2016
68 CellScreenChip All-in-One Cell Screening Chip: Device for Affordable High-Throughput Cell Screenings 2015
69 FACCESS Enabling the large-scale deployment of Facial Recognition in banking security 2015
70 CHoKO Clearing House for Knowledge Options (CHoKO) - creating a marketplace for knowledge 2015
71 UCoCoS Understanding and controlling complex systems 2016
72 MAGNEURON Hijacking cell signalling pathways with magnetic nanoactuators for remote-controlled stemcell therapies of neurodegenerative disorders 2016
73 MULTILAT Multi-phase Lattice Materials 2016
74 MicMactin Dissecting active matter: Microscopic origins of macroscopic actomyosin activity 2016
75 TILES Tiles: the first platform for shared entertainment 2016
76 NeMeCo Near Memory Computing 2016
77 VocEmoApI Voice Emotion detection by Appraisal Inference 2015
78 MOVING Training towards a society of data-savvy information professionals to enable open leadership innovation 2016
79 CerISMA Cerenkov Imaging for Surgical Margin Assessment 2015
80 StarFormMapper A Gaia and Herschel Study of the Density Distribution and Evolution of Young Massive Star Clusters 2016
81 STRONG-Q Strong single-photon radiation-pressure coupling for quantum optomechanics 2016
82 RELYUBL Regulation of lymphocyte biology by ubiquitin and ubiquitin like modifiers 2016
83 DIBOR Unsymmetric diborane(4) compounds for small molecule activation and B-B coupling 2016
84 BIGCODE Learning from Big Code: Probabilistic Models, Analysis and Synthesis 2016
85 AWESoMeStars Accretion, Winds, and Evolution of Spins and Magnetism of Stars 2016
86 ECOHERB Drivers and impacts of invertebrate herbivores across forest ecosystems globally. 2016
87 HiggspT Differential Higgs distributions as a unique window to New Physics at the LHC 2016
88 MetamorphChip Dynamic Microfluidic Structures for Analysis of Single Cell Systems 2016
89 DEEPVISION Information-age microscopy for deep vision imaging of biological tissue 2016
90 CLUSTER Birth of solids: atomic-scale processes in crystal nucleation 2016
91 Labour and Migration British workers emigrating to industrialising Europe, 1815-c.1870 2016
92 SFM4VOT Building a computational basis for the brain response in the left ventral occipito-temporal cortex: Understanding the Sparse Familiarity Model of visual word recognition 2016
93 Mechan-of-Chromo Unfolding the Mechanism of Chromosome Cohesion and Condensation using Single-Molecule Biophysical Approaches 2016
94 OMNES Open Many-body Non-Equilibrium Systems 2016
95 ESTIA Exponential sums, translation invariance, and applications 2016
96 PlantCellMech Quantification of the role of mechanical stresses in plant cell morphogenesis. 2016
97 CADENT Competitive Advantage for the Data-driven ENTerprise 2016
98 DynaOmics From longitudinal proteomics to dynamic individualized diagnostics 2016
99 ROCSAFE Remotely Operated CBRNe Scene Assessment Forensic Examination 2016
100 Antibodyomics Vaccine profiling and immunodiagnostic discovery by high-throughput antibody repertoire analysis 2016
101 FIRSTSTEP Synthesis of 2-D semiconductors with honeycomb nanogeometry, and study of their Dirac-type band structure and opto-electronic properties 2016
102 PHOTODEMOS Citizens of photography: the camera and the political imagination 2016
103 OPENRESEARCHERS Open Researchers 2016
104 NLPRO Natural Language Programming: Turning Text into Executable Code 2016
105 ASYFAIR Fair and Consistent Border Controls? A Critical, Multi-methodological and Interdisciplinary Study of Asylum Adjudication in Europe 2016
106 USECFrontiers Frontiers of Usable Security – Principles and Methods for Administrator and Developer Usable Security Research 2016
107 APOLOGY Political Apologies across Cultures 2016
108 ImpAncCit The Impact of the Ancient City 2016
109 MemoryDynamics Writing and editing of memories from acquisition to long-term consolidation 2016
110 HITSUPERJU Higher-dimensional topological solids realized with multiterminal superconducting junctions 2016
111 RespeCT Respiratory Disease Screening with Dark-Field Computed Tomography 2016
112 ONE Unified Principles of Interaction 2016
113 ATx201 A novel class of antibiotics for treatment of infected atopic dermatitis: an innovative solution for a significant unmet medical need 2016
114 SuperMagnonics Supercurrents of Magnon Condensates for Advanced Magnonics 2016
115 CHEPHYTSSU Structural Engineering of 2D Atomic Planes towards Task-Specific, Freestanding Superstructures through Combined Physical-Chemical Pathway 2016
116 TransMID Translational and Transdisciplinary research in Modeling Infectious Diseases 2016
117 GEOFIN Western banks in Eastern Europe: New geographies of financialisation 2016
118 PRIORS Neural circuit dynamics underlying expectation and their impact on the variability of perceptual choices 2016
119 HBP SGA1 Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 1 2016
121 MUSES Towards middle-range theories of the co-evolutionary dynamics of multi-level social-ecological systems 2017
122 LOLITA Information Theory for Low-Latency Wireless Communications 2017
123 HYPERTRANS HYPERTRANS: Transport of hyperpolarized substrates for metabolic MR imaging 2016
124 SAFE4RAIL SAFE architecture for Robust distributed Application Integration in roLling stock 2016
125 SWEETBULLETS Sweet Theranostics in Bitter Infections - Seek and Destroy 2017
126 RICA Reputation Matters in the Regulatory State: Re-thinking the Fundamentals of Regulatory Independence, Credibility and Accountability 2017
127 INFO-LEG Understanding information for legal protection of people against information-induced harms 2017
128 BREATH BREATH: Biomarkers for Respiratory diseases detected in Exhaled Air through a new Technological instrument for research and Healthcare markets. 2016
129 FAMILIADOS - a marketplace for professional caregiving 2016
130 OPREP Operator Based Representations for Geometry Processing 2017
131 OCTTIC Open-Centre Tidal Turbine Industrial Capability 2016
132 GlobalCitizenshipLaw Global Citizenship Law: International Migration and Constitutional Identity 2017
133 CHROCODYLE Chromosomal Condensin Dynamics: From Local Loading to Global Architecture 2017
134 CHILDMOVE The impact of flight experiences on the psychological wellbeing of unaccompanied refugee minors 2017
135 MecMy Mechanisms of Myelination – Elucidating the Diversity of Oligodendroglial Precursors and their Local Axon-Glia Interactions 2017
136 EMTECH Emotional Machines:The Technological Transformation of Intimacy in Japan 2017
137 CancerFluxome Cancer Cellular Metabolism across Space and Time 2017
138 N4I_CLUSTERS Networking for innovation: how entrepreneurs' network behaviours help clusters to innovate 2017
139 FLUFLUX Fluvial Meta-Ecosystem Functioning: Unravelling Regional Ecological Controls Behind Fluvial Carbon Fluxes 2017
140 RoboCat Molecular Robotics for Synthesis and Catalysis 2017
141 SymbiCoat A breakthrough in rechargeable N-Halamine technology for unparalled antimicrobial efficacy on hard surfaces 2017
142 Cytokine Signalosome Mapping Cytokine Signalling Networks using Engineered Surrogate Ligands 2017
143 BYONIC Beyond the Iron Curtain 2017
144 Apricale The impact of literary translation funding on the transnational mobility of minor European literatures. 2017
145 OSMOSIS One Step Modification of Space-Integrated Systems 2017
146 PREP-CRYPTO Preparing Cryptography for Modern Applications 2017
147 OUTNANO Out-of-equilibrium nanophotonics 2017
148 TURKEY Uncovering the Transatlantic History of Turkey Husbandry and Breeding using a Multi-Disciplinary Approach 2017
149 FOUNDATION Fusarium oxysporum mediated underpinning of cell type-specific modulation in multiple host interaction 2018
150 NanoVoltSens Voltage-sensing nanorods for super-resolution voltage imaging in neurons 2017
151 FLIGHT The true costs of bird flight: From the laboratory to the field 2017
152 IBiDT Individualized Binaural Diagnostics and Technology 2018
153 OMICRON Optical transmission based on integrability and nonlinear Fourier transform 2018
154 InflammaTENSION A study of the roles of the immune and inflammatory systems in hypertension. 2017
155 ISA-NPC-ASI In Situ structural Analysis of Nuclear Pore Complex ASsembly Intermediates by cryo-FIB-tomography 2018
156 ESIT European School for Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Research 2017
157 AlgoFinance Algorithmic Finance: Inquiring into the Reshaping of Financial Markets 2017
158 PCELLS Synthetic Cellularity via Protocell Design and Chemical Construction 2017
159 MajoranaTopIn Majorana Fermions in Topological Insulator Platforms 2017
160 M and M Generalization in Mind and Machine 2017
161 SPACE Space-time structure of climate change 2017
162 CHIMO Chiral Morphogenesis - Physical Mechanisms of Actomyosin-Based Left/Right Symmetry Breaking in Biological Systems 2018
163 COS-OCS Carbonyl Sulphide: new ways of Observing the Climate System 2017
164 MINIMA Introducing the next computing power revolution: Minima microprocessor technology to reduce the energy need of digital computing by 20 times. 2017
165 INDTECH2018 INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - innovative industries for smart growth 2017
166 PainCells Decomposition of pain into celltypes 2017
167 PlasmaCellControl Transcriptional control of plasma cell development and function 2018
168 TOLERANCE FOOTPRINT Clonal Deletion versus Clonal Diversion: Footprints of Self-Tolerance in the T CellRepertoire 2017
169 TransFlexBattery Transparent and Flexible Li-Organic 3D Thin-Film Microbattery 2017
170 BiggerDecisions Data-driven decision making for a more efficient society 2017
171 FORA Fog Computing for Robotics and Industrial Automation 2017
172 FRONTHAL Specificity of cortico-thalamic interactions and its role in frontal cortical functions 2017
173 GlymphEye The Ocular Glymphatic System 2017
174 INCOVID Inpainting-based Compression of Visual Data 2017
175 MALEPREG Male pregnancy – Unravelling the coevolution of parental investment and immune defence 2018
176 ProteinDynamics Visualizing the Conformational Dynamics of Proteins by Time-Resolved Electron Microscopy 2018
177 DecodingInfection Decoding the host-pathogen interspecies crosstalk at a multiparametric single-cell level 2017
178 HYPERION HYbrid PERovskites for Next GeneratION Solar Cells and Lighting 2017
179 ModelGenomLand Modelling the genomic landscapes of selection and speciation 2018
180 ExoAI Deciphering super-Earths using Artificial Intelligence 2018
181 COLD Climate Sensitivity of Glacial Landscape Dynamics 2018
182 NanoOsmDiode Development of a high-performance nanofluidic osmotic diode for efficient voltage-driven desalination and pumping 0
183 EU Engineroom (EU) Explorations in Next Generation Internet emerging research opportunities, technOlogies and methods. 2017
184 HealthScaping Healthscaping Urban Europe: Bio-Power, Space and Society, 1200-1500 2017
185 TECNEC Preclinical concept validation of tumor endothelial cell metabolism for novel anti-angiogenic therapy 2017
186 TechTIDE Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Effects 2017
187 NOVEL Nanoscale Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser and its Arrays 2018
188 1D-Engine 1D-electrons coupled to dissipation: a novel approach for understanding and engineering superconducting materials and devices 2018
189 FunctionalP4 Metal-Mediated Methods for the Functionalization of White Phosphorus (P4) 2018
190 Starcounter In-Memory Computing and Artificial Intelligence Platform for Building Next Generation Enterprise Software 2017
191 EO-ALERT Next Generation Satellite Processing Chain for Rapid Civil Alerts 2018
192 ProstOmics 'Tissue is the issue': a multi-omics approach to improve prostate cancer diagnosis 2018
193 SUMMA Stimulating mir-106b expression to regenerate the myocardium 2018
194 DEFEAT DiseasE-FreE social life without Antibiotics resisTance 2018
195 BHSandAADS The Black Hole Stability Problem and the Analysis of asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetimes 2018
197 conVIRgens De- and reconstructing virulence strategies of fungal plant pathogens 2018
198 CAPABLE Enhancing Capabilities? Rethinking Work-life Policies and their Impact from a New Perspective 2018
199 DarkComb Dark-Soliton Engineering in Microresonator Frequency Combs 2018
200 topDFT A topological approach to electron correlation in density-functional theories 2018
201 FRAGMENT FRontiers in dust minerAloGical coMposition and its Effects upoN climaTe 2018
202 XQCR Electronic structure and energy descriptors for molecular crystals from quantum crystallography and X-ray charge density analysis 2018
203 COBOM Convective Boundary Mixing in Stars 2018
204 COMAMOC Coherent Manipulation of Rotational States of Single Molecules via Direct Frequency Comb Excitation 2018
205 ComRad Combining MIMO Radar with MU-MIMO Communications: More than Coexistence (ComRad) 2018
206 DFitHH Digital Forensics in the Historical Humanities: Hanif Kureishi, The Mass Observation Archive, Glyn Moody 2018
207 DIET Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer in advanced anaerobic digestion system for gaseous transport biofuel production 2018
208 EE-Dynamics Dynamics of eco-evolutionary systems 2018
209 FUN POLYSTORE FUNctionalized POLYmer electrolytes for energy STORagE 2018
210 QNETWORK Quantum networks wired by multi-spin entanglement 2018
211 MMGNRs Molecular Magnetic Graphene Nanoribbons 2019
212 ReSuNiCo Inverted Reactive Spray Processes for Sulphide/Nitride High Surface Area Electrode Coatings 2019
213 ADOR Assembly-disassembly-organisation-reassembly of microporous materials 2018
214 SECurITY Social-ECological Interdependencies in TransboundarY water resources systems 2019
215 GLnQuadRemeshing Re-meshing of a given triangle mesh surface to a quad mesh using physically motivated methods based on the Ginzburg--Landau potential and solved efficiently solved via numerical splitting scheme 2018
216 HI_IM_NEUROSOCIETY HIstory and IMpact of NEUROimaging on SOCIETY 2019
217 TeSP Temporal Structure of Perception and Neuronal Stimulus Processing 2018
218 UMOTA Ultracold Molecules in Optical Trap Arrays 2018
219 RE-IMMUNE Intelligent Nano-encapsuled siRNA for Restoring Immune Cell Response to Cancer 2019
220 METACTIVE Nonlinear Approaches for the Design of Active Piezoelectric Metamaterials 2019
221 SALUS Portable, high-performance, and all-in-one digital data recovery lab for digital forensics to greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2018
222 TRANSREG Dissecting the role of Translational Regulation in Tumorigenesis 2018
223 HyFiSyn Hybrid Fibre-reinforced composites: achieving Synergetic effects through microstructural design and advanced simulation tools 2018
224 CHIEF Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe's Future 2018
225 SILICOFCM In Silico trials for drug tracing the effects of sarcomeric protein mutations leading to familial cardiomyopathy 2018
226 PaVeS Parametrized Verification and Synthesis 2018
227 Topo Ins Laser Topological Insulator Laser 2018
228 LAKEBOS The role of cattle at Prehistoric lake-dwelling sites in Switzerland: an investigation of husbandry practices and the spread of cultural influence. 2018
229 Q-MIC Quantum-enhanced on-chip interference microscopy 2018
230 GLOBEGOV The Rise of Global Environmental Governance:A History of the Contemporary Human-Earth Relationship 2018
231 SUMMIT Stepping Up mRNA Mutanome Immunotherapy 2018
232 QSA Quantum Coordination and Support Action 2017
233 NEOMEDIS NEOlithic MEDiterranean diet through stable ISotope analysis 2019
234 SHERPA-CAR You will never drive alone 2018
235 FREESPACE Free-space optical transmission links with unprecedented receiver sensitivity 2018
236 SPECGEO Spectral geometric methods in practice 2018
237 FUNGRAPH A New Foundation for Computer Graphics with Inherent Uncertainty 2018
238 BIO - PHOENIX Biologically Inspired Complex Software System Reconstruction at Near Extinction States 2019
239 RiboLife Resurrecting LUCA - Engineering of RNA-encoded Cellular Life Using Dual Evolution and Intergenomic Transplantation 2019
240 EffectiveTG Effective Methods in Tame Geometry and Applications in Arithmetic and Dynamics 2018
241 OPENRESEARCHERS1819 Open Researchers 2018-2019 2018
242 AdaptiveResponse The evolution of adaptive response mechanisms 2018
243 HydMet Fundamentals of Hydrogen in Structural Metals at the Atomic Scale 2018
244 ANALYST EM compatibility ANALYsis Statistical Techniques in aeronautics 2018
245 TOCHA Dissipationless topological channels for information transfer and quantum metrology 2019
246 TECHNEQUALITY Technological inequality – understanding the relation between recent technological innovations and social inequalities 2019
247 ORIONAS Lasercom-on-chip for next generation, high-speed satellite constelation interconnectivity 2018
248 EvoLucin 400 Million Years of Symbiosis: Host-microbe interactions in marine lucinid clams from past to present 2019
249 ALL Animated Language Learning Ltd 2018
250 ECHO Early conditions, delayed adult effects and morbidity, disability and mortality in modern human populations 2019
251 TRIFECTs Trions and sp3-Defects in Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes for Optoelectronics 2019
252 CoPAN From Mimicry to Trust: A Tinbergian Approach 2019
253 POAB The Psychology of Administrative Burden 2019
254 DIFFOP Nonlinear Data and Signal Analysis with Diffusion Operators 2019
255 CELL-in-CELL Understanding host cellular systems that drive an endosymbiotic interaction 2019
256 ENFORCE ENgineering FrustratiOn in aRtificial Colloidal icEs:degeneracy, exotic lattices and 3D states 2020
257 Agglomerates Infinite Protein Self-Assembly in Health and Disease 2019
258 Lakhesys Lakhesys: building the machine to make the medicines of tomorrow 2019
259 CaLA The Capillary Lock Actuator: A novel bistable microfluidic actuator for cost-effective high-density actuator arrays suitable for large-scale graphical tactile displays 2019
261 MicroSPARK A Single-Molecule Technology for Resolving Chaperone Action in Neurodegenerative Diseases 2019
262 ULTIMATE ULtra-ThIck Multi-mAterial baTtery Electrodes 2019
263 MAGIMOX Nanometre scale imaging of magnetic perovskite oxide thin films using scanning transmission electron microscopy 2019
264 RACING Rapid access to functionalized cyclobutanes via ring expansion strategies 2019
265 AmygdalaNeuroMod Unraveling the combinatorial logic of amygdala neuromodulation in decision-making and learning. 2020
266 GraFludicDevices Realization of water permeation kinetics in two-dimensional nanocapillaries to develop desalination and energy harvesting membranes 2019
267 MSOPGDM Mechanistic studies of prokaryotic genome defense mechanisms 2019
268 Humane AI Toward AI Systems That Augment and Empower Humans by Understanding Us, our Society and the World Around Us 2019
269 DC Metabolism Metabolic Regulation of Conventional Dendritic Cell Development and Function 2020
270 COART-INT Decentralizing Conceptual Art's Internationalism: Latin American artists in Western Europe, 1968-1979 2019
271 BIOMAP Biomarkers in Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis 2019
272 SESAME Sex-specific and multi-generational effects of an optimized diet 2020
273 HIGHWAVE Breaking of highly energetic waves 2019
274 DIVLAW How God Became a Lawgiver: The Place of the Torah in Ancient Near Eastern Legal History 2020
275 MOPPEX MOlecules as Probes of the Physics of EXternal galaxies 2020
276 STRomA Novel Matrix Stiffness-regulated Genes in Lymphangiogenesis and Angiogenesis 2019
277 MAPPOLA Mapping out the poetic landscape(s) of the Roman empire: Ethnic and regional variations, socio-cultural diversity, and cross-cultural transformations 2019
278 BiMetaCat Two Are Better Than One: Bimetallic Catalysts for the Conversion of Lignin-Derived Aryl-Ethers 2019
279 Sus.Post-Med Tracking the path of the Agricultural Revolution from England to Continental Europe: changes in pig husbandry from the Late Medieval to Early Modern period as a marker of socio-economic transformation 2020
280 NeuroFreezing Biophysical Properties of the Neuronal Cytosol and their Dynamics upon Nutrient Starvation, Aging, and in Neurodegenerative Diseases. 2019
281 CrowdLawLab CrowdLaw: Towards a More Inclusive Lawmaking Through Technology 2020
282 PrISMoID Photonic Structural Materials with Controlled Disorder 2019
283 ExCOM-cCEO Extremely Coherent Mechanical Oscillators and circuit Cavity Electro-Optics 2019
284 DEVOCEAN Impact of diatom evolution on the oceans 2019
285 BIOSPACE Monitoring Biodiversity from Space 2019
286 M-Runners Modal Nonlinear Resonance for Efficient and Versatile Legged Locomotion 2019
287 Bio-Plan Bio-Inspired Microfluidics Platform for Biomechanical Analysis 2019
288 ON-MERRIT Observing and Negating Matthew Effects in Responsible Research and Innovation Transition 2019
289 FANO Fano Photonics 2019
290 SpreadMRI Ultra-Fast, Spread-Spectrum Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2019
291 CHRONO Chronotype, health and family: The role of biology, socio- and natural environment and their interaction 2019
292 ATOP Atomically-engineered nonlinear photonics with two-dimensional layered material superlattices 2019
293 SN1604 The Ophiucus Supernova: Post-Aristotelian Stargazing in the European Context (1604-1654) 2020
294 DiurnalHealth The circadian clock in day-active species: preserving our health in modern society 2019
295 D3T Data Driven Digital Transformation 2019
296 WiPLASH Architecting More Than Moore – Wireless Plasticity for Heterogeneous Massive Computer Architectures 2019
297 MOBI Modern Bigness : Challenges for European Competition Law 2020
298 GLAD Global Lagrangian Cloud Dynamics 2020
299 Citibox Revolutionising the way in which parcels are delivered 2019
300 NanoGraphy Plasmon Enhanced Photocatalytic Nano Lithography 2020
302 ADAMtx ADAMtx: Development of Alzheimer’s immunotherapy by harnessing the natural reparative properties of microglia 2019
303 MEImpact The Consequences of Mismeasuring Economic Activity 2019
304 PeVSPACE Direct Detection of TeV--PeV Cosmic Rays in Space 2020
305 MOLEC ANTI-ARRHYT Resilience and Trigger Factors in Cardiac Arrhythmia: Risk Stratification and Drug Design 2020
306 RESSPICAC Rational Engineering of Synthetic Systems for Propagation of Information via Catalytic Assembly of Copies 2019
307 [LC]2 'Living' Colloidal Liquid Crystals 2019
308 TEACHING A computing toolkit for building efficient autonomous applications leveraging humanistic intelligence 2020
309 ECOLBEH The Ecology of Collective Behaviour 2020
310 DEEP PURPLE DEEP PURPLE: darkening of the Greenland Ice Sheet 2020
311 FORCE-UI Force-responsive Deformable User Interfaces 2020
312 OCSEAN OCeanic and South East Asian Navigators. 2020
313 FluxWIN The role of non-growing season processes in the methane and nitrous oxide budgets in pristine northern ecosystems 2020
314 LiLI Later Life Intimacy: Women’s Unruly Practices, Spaces and Representations 2020
315 OBSERVE Overcoming cellular barriers to therapeutic RNA delivery using extracellular vesicles 2020
316 LIFEPLAN A Planetary Inventory of Life – a New Synthesis Built on Big Data Combined with Novel Statistical Methods 2020
317 SingStocDispDyn Singular Stochastic Dispersive Dynamics 2020
318 MIGHTY Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Hierarchical Li-Ion Battery Electrodes 2020
319 PURE Prototyping emerging bio-based products from lignocellulose by zero-waste pathways 2020
320 COGNITIVE THREADS Separating parallel threads of cognition to better explain behaviour 2020
321 MIMIc Malleability in mediated ideals: A paradigm to understand effects of contemporary media in adolescents’ well-being 2020
322 MUSAiC Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and Criticism 2020
323 DURARE DYNAMICS OF THE DURABLE. A History of Making Things Last in the Visual and Decorative Arts. 2020
324 IndDecision A neurally-informed behavioural modeling framework for examining individual and group difference in perceptual decision making 2020
325 TNT Truth-not-Trust 2020
326 Design2Flow Disposable well-plate inserts and perfusion chambers for easy-to-use and generic microchannel creation in 3D tissue culture 2020
327 DIGISILK Digital Infrastructures Along the New Silk Road: A Mixed-methods Exploration of China's Digital Investments in Its Borderland Regions 2020
328 ABIONYS Artificial Enzyme Modules as Tools in a Tailor-made Biosynthesis 2020
329 CAPTURE Carbon pathways in the Southern Ocean 2020
330 LONintLAW The League of Nations and the development of international law: from promotion strategies to giving shape to international legal instruments 2021
331 CYCLOTUBES Artificial microtubules based on switchable cyclic peptides 2020
332 PolyTEM Understanding Crystal Polymorph Control in Confinement using In-situ TEM 2020
333 ICEDRAGON Modelling of dust formation and chemistry in AGB outflows and disks 2020
334 RanMatRanGraCircEl Random Matrices, Random Graphs and Circular Elements 2020