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# achronym  title  year 
1 BIOCYCLE BIOlogical therapy CYCLEs towards tailored, needs-driven, safer and cost-effective management of Crohn’s disease 2015
2 Feed-a-Gene Adapting the feed, the animal and the feeding techniques to improve the efficiency and sustainability of monogastric livestock production systems 2015
3 SENIORS Safety-ENhancing Innovations for Older Road userS 2015
4 CELL HYBRIDGE 3D Scaffolds as a Stem Cell Delivery System for Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine 2015
5 ULEED Observing structural dynamics at surfaces with Ultrafast Low-Energy Electron Diffraction 2015
6 aCROBAT Circadian Regulation Of Brown Adipose Thermogenesis 2015
7 Rethyming Rebuilding the human thymus to create a tolerising system for allogeneic tissue and organ transplantation 2015
8 INVEST IN-orbit Validation of European Space Technologies 2015
9 SUNJET II SUstainable Network for Japan-Europe aerospace research and Technology cooperation II 2014
10 DHaptics DHaptics: Creating silent and sharp Mid-air Haptics using phased array of ultrasound transducers 2014
11 A CACTUS Antibody-free method for Counting All Circulating TUmour cellS while maintaining them alive and intact 2015
12 CEMCAP CO2 capture from cement production 2015
13 Fingers4Cure Zinc finger gene therapy in the brain for treating Huntington's disease 2015
14 socSMCs Socialising Sensori-Motor Contingencies 2015
15 MET-A-FOR Metabolomic analysis for the forensic detection of drugs of abuse in performance and food producing animals 2015
16 SUPRABARRIER SUPRAmolecular polyolefins as oxygen BARRIER materials 2015
17 RAMCIP Robotic Assistant for MCI patients at home 2015
18 VALUeHEALTH Establishing the value and business model for sustainable eHealth services in Europe - VALUeHEALTH 2015
20 SUNFISH SecUre iNFormation SHaring in federated heterogeneous private clouds 2015
21 HUMANE HUMANE: a typology, method and roadmap for HUman-MAchine NEtworks 2015
22 P2P-SmarTest Peer to Peer Smart Energy Distribution Networks (P2P-SmartTest) 2015
23 OptnanoATcryo Optical nanoscopy at 1 nm resolution: far-field fluorescence control at cryogenic temperatures 2015
24 PROF-TRAC PROFessional multi-disciplinary TRAining and Continuing development in skills for NZEB principles 2015
25 EnerGAware Energy Game for Awareness of energy efficiency in social housing communities 2015
26 COMBPDCHEMOTHERAPY Rational design of combined PDT photosensitizers and chemotherapeutic agent as new approach in cancer therapy: a computational approach 2015
27 METACLOAK Broadband cloaking and shielding of elastic waves in solids. 2015
28 AIDA-2020 Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators 2015
29 Terra-Micro-Carbo Effect of land use induced shifts in soil microbial diversity and function on carbon cycling in soil 2015
30 GutILC3 Cell-cell interactions critical to ILC3 function in the human gut 2015
31 RESCBONE The influence of mechanical loading on the decline in bone mass with ageing 2015
32 FreeMi Using FREshwater organisms to MItigate the pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis 2015
33 INPATH-TES PhD on Innovation Pathways for TES 2015
34 VesHemiSyn Exo- endocytosis cycle of individual synaptic vesicles in synapses and hemi-synapses 2015
35 SocForVul The impact of supplementary feeding on the food searching strategies and social behaviour in anendangered top scavenger 2015
36 Cyanolichens Genetic diversity of cyanobacterial symbionts of lichens and of free-living populations of Nostoc in biological soil crust communities of threatened alvar grasslands 2015
37 SkillUp Skill development and firm upgrading to sustain the competitiveness of the EU manufacturing sector 2015
38 FLUOROKEF Incorporation of unnatural fluorinated amino acids to probe the function of the bacterial efflux system Kef in a cellular setting. 2015
39 St. Bernard St. Bernard - Emergency EEG and auditory evoked potentials for earlier diagnostics and treatment planning of unconscious patients 2015
40 2D-Ink Ink-Jet printed supercapacitors based on 2D nanomaterials. 2015
41 EbolaVac Development of a Chimpanzee Adenovirus Type 3 Ebolavirus Zaire Vaccine 2014
42 SDO-MET Automatic Rail Safety Solution 2015
43 XER-HSA Engineered materials scale-up at industrial level for highest energy density ultracapacitors 2015
44 CORE Camelina Oil for Sustainable Salmon Aquafeed 2015
45 REGHA Medical device combining viscosupplementation with pharmacological active molecule to regenerate cartilage in degenerative or traumatic osteoarthritis. 2015
46 VATech Virtual AntennaTM Technology: the Next Generation Antenna for Wireless Devices 2015
47 FET-Event Ensuring the success of the next FET Conference and exhibition at a key period for FET 2015
48 RENALTRACT Development and disease of the renal tract 2015
49 THREEDCELLPHYSICS The physics of three dimensional chromosome and protein organisation within the cell 2015
50 Protprot Biophysical characterisation of a protein-activating protein-protein interaction 2015
51 FANTASTIC-5G Flexible Air iNTerfAce for Scalable service delivery wiThin wIreless Communication networks of the 5th Generation 2015
52 smaRtAIL Smart protective coatings on classic materials for a new generation of ecologically sustainable ‛green’ railway vehicles 2015
53 LIFEOMEGA Innovative highly concentrated Omega 3 food supplement 2015
54 BioFUNC Maintenance of species diversity and the stability of ecosystem functioning 2016
55 NuFEAST Optimising Nutritional Health and Wellbeing Through Local Sustainable Food Systems -NuFEAST (Nutrition - Food (for) Everyone's health, Available, Sustainable and Trusted) 2015
56 ExaNeSt European Exascale System Interconnect and Storage 2015
57 EXDCI European eXtreme Data and Computing Initiative 2015
58 SENEX Table Top Device based on Nanostructured Sensors for the continuous ENvironmental monitoring of EXplosive substances in sensitive areas 2015
59 IntelServBus Intelligent Hydraulic Systems Enabling Service Business in Heavy Transport 2015
60 BIONICO BIOgas membrane reformer for deceNtralIzed hydrogen produCtiOn 2015
61 nEU-Med Origins of a new Economic Union (7th to 12th centuries): resources, landscapes and political strategies in a Mediterranean region 2015
62 HomeoBalanceExcInh Homeostatic balancing of excitation and inhibition in vivo 2015
63 UPR NEURO The Unfolded Protein Response in Neurodegeneration 2015
64 STARRY STARs that 'R' Young : When do stars form in clustered environments? 2016
65 CAxMan Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing 2015
66 ERIGrid European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid Systems Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out 2015
67 Diversity6continents Ecological determinants of tropical-temperate trends in insect diversity 2015
68 EPOCH28 Epigenetic Profiling of Chemotherapy Efficacy 2015
69 ERROR A pEdiatRic dosimetRy personalized platfORm based on computational anthropomorphic phantoms 2016
70 KareShare KareShare Platform for Effective Collaborative Clinical Care Management 2015
71 EndoNaut EndoNaut Delivery Platform 2016
73 PROTECTDAIRY-F2F Eco-innovative and fully integrated microbial rapid monitoring system - PROTECTING shelf life, food safety and quality throughout the DAIRY supply chain, from farm to fork. 2015
74 PHANTOM Cross-Layer and Multi-Objective Programming Approach for Next Generation Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Systems 2015
75 dReDBox Disaggregated Recursive Datacentre-in-a-Box 2016
76 ARGO WCET-Aware Parallelization of Model-Based Applications for Heterogeneous Parallel Systems 2016
77 FC21S Cost-effective aluminium die casting for automotive industry 2015
78 CHEOPS Production technology to achieve low Cost and Highly Efficient phOtovoltaic Perovskite Solar cells 2016
79 TagItSmart TagItSmart! - Smart Tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects 2016
80 IN-SKA Square Kilometre Array: Infrastructure Detailed Design for SKA Phase 1 2016
81 EPICEA Electromagnetic Platform for lightweight Integration/Installation of electrical systems in Composite Electrical Aircraft 2016
82 SHEFAE 2 Surface Heat Exchangers For Aero Engines 2 2016
83 RISEN Rail Infrastructure Systems Engineering Network 2016
85 IEDAT Intra Erythrocyte Dexamethasone in the treatment of Ataxia Telangiectasia 2016
86 NormativeEconomics Reconstructing normative economics on a foundation of mutual advantage 2016
87 STARS4ALL A Collective Awareness Platform for Promoting Dark Skies in Europe 2016
88 EQUINOX A novel process for manufacturing complex shaped Fe-Al intermetallic parts resistant to extreme environments 2016
89 CSA Oceans 2 Coordination action in support of the implementation of the Joint Programming Initiative on 'Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans' 2016
90 SCOoPE Saving COOPerative Energy 2016
91 SALSA Small farms, small food businesses and sustainable food security 2016
92 TomGEM A holistic multi-actor approach towards the design of new tomato varieties and management practices to improve yield and quality in the face of climate change 2016
93 HEASIT High Efficiency Access Solution for the Internet of Things 2016
94 HASNEH Effective Bio-based Flame Retardants for Consumer Electronics and Automotive Applications 2016
95 sqetch Sqetch – easily connecting fashion brands with apparel manufacturers 2016
96 MinWaterCSP MinWaterCSP - Minimized water consumption in CSP plants 2016
97 epiGERMetics Landscape of epigenetic control in early and late germ line development 2016
98 G2P-SOL Linking genetic resources, genomes and phenotypes of Solanaceous crops 2016
99 VERAM Vision and Roadmap for European Raw Materials 2015
100 STOREandGO Innovative large-scale energy STOragE technologies AND Power-to-Gas concepts after Optimisation 2016
101 SocialBrain Brain growth under social pressure: mathematical modelling of brain growth when individuals face social challenges 2016
102 HEAPPs Harvesting energy via aligned porosity pyroelectrics 2016
103 EpiMIRgen A comprehensive analysis of microRNA-124 regulated gene networks and its role in epilepsy. 2016
104 SOSiC Southern Ocean Silicon Cycling: combining views of the past and present using silicon isotopes 2016
105 DURO DURO: Deep-memory Ubiquity, Reliability and Optimization 2016
106 SYNCHRO-CHAIR New synchro-tilt mechanism for high quality and cost-effective office chairs 2016
107 Go Fresh Go Fresh - Fresh and Quick Prepared, Healthy and Affordable Meal Solution 2016
108 DesignerAntibiotics Towards the prevention of aminoglycoside antibiotic-related deafness 2017
109 NORVAS Therapeutic and Biomarker Potential of long non-coding RNAs in Vascular Disease 2016
110 OPTIM Optimized drug combinations for effective cancer treatment: a personalised approach. 2016
111 ResiStand Increasing disaster Resilience by establishing a sustainable process to support Standardisation of technologies and services 2016
112 FTI Cocoon Optimization of the production line of an innovative biodegradable water reservoir to be applied in efficient landscape-scale ecosystem restoration plans 2016
113 CITADEL Critical Infrastructure Protection using Adaptive MILS 2016
114 CGCglasmaQGP The nonlinear high energy regime of Quantum Chromodynamics 2016
115 MAGIC Moving Towards Adaptive Governance in Complexity: Informing Nexus Security 2016
116 EPIDYN Life on a leaf: species interactions and community dynamics in epiphyll communities 2016
117 Sense of Commitment An Integrative Framework for Modeling the Sense of Commitment 2016
118 DryMIN Mineral weathering in the unsaturated zone from the molecular to macro scale 2017
119 CAiPSC Determining centromere assembly mechanisms and improving mitotic fidelity during somatic cell reprogramming 2016
120 MicroNICHE Microfluidic-assisted fabrication of artifical microniches for bone marrow stem cells 2016
121 TiDrugArchitectures Highly Competent and Safe Titanium(IV) Therapeutic Frameworks that are Cancer Targeted based on Complex 1, 2, and 3D Chemical Architectures 2016
123 HPEM2GAS High Performance PEM Electrolyzer for Cost-effective Grid Balancing Applications 2016
124 NORMOPERF Normothermic perfusion devices for renal and hepatic preservation and viability assessment 2016
125 HPGen On-site, on-demand Hydrogen Peroxide Generation for a cost-effective, eco-friendly and safe biocide and oxygenator 2016
126 CDRONE Towards un-subsidised solar power – Cleandrone, the inspection and cleaning solution 2016
127 Tamed Cancer Personalized Cancer Therapy by Model-based Optimal Robust Control Algorithm 2016
128 REPLICONSTRAINTS Dissecting the constraints that define the eukaryotic DNA replication program 2016
129 INFL New perspectives on inflation 2016
130 BCM-UPS Dissecting the role of the ubiquitin proteasome system in the pathogenesis and therapy of B-cell malignancies 2016
131 RAGTIME Risk based approaches for Asset inteGrity multimodal Transport Infrastructure ManagEment 2016
132 Relieve-Chol Reprogramming cell identity to develop new therapies against Cholangiopathies 2016
134 Ufloor Suspended timber floor insulation project 2016
135 ENRICH Enriched communication across the lifespan 2016
136 OPTOACOUSTOGENETICS Hybrid Volumetric Optoacoustic-Ultrasound Tomography for Noninvasive Large-Scale Recording of Brain Activity with High Spatiotemporal Resolution 2016
137 ETIP PV - SEC Support to all stakeholders from the Photovoltaic sector and related sectors to contribute to the SET-Plan 2016
138 IN2TRACK Research into enhanced tracks, switches and structures 2016
139 MacAGE Macrophage aging and rejuvenation 2017
140 IPCOM Next generation IP-based smart Push-to-Talk communication device for public security 2016
141 SolTile A roof integrated solar tile system to develop cost-effective distributed solar power generation 2016
142 NICENAV Navigation-grade ITAR-free Certifiable Equipment for the Navigation of Air Vehicle, based onFOG technology 2016
143 EURO-CAS EU eHealth Interoperability Conformity Assessment Scheme 2016
144 MMAA Music Magazine and Artist APP project 2016
145 PJ22 SEabird PJ22:Validation and Demonstration Engineering 2016
146 SexAntag Prevalence and Influence of Sexual Antagonism on Genome Evolution 2017
147 CROSSMINER Developer-Centric Knowledge Mining from Large Open-Source Software Repositories 2017
148 RTEL1inHHS Characterization of RTEL1 mutations in Hoyeraal-Hreidarsson Syndrome 2017
149 MinFuture Global material flows and demand-supply forecasting for mineral strategies 2016
150 PLIS Peer Learning Innovation Services 2016
151 An.Dy Advancing Anticipatory Behaviors in Dyadic Human-Robot Collaboration 2017
152 SAFE-Aqua SustainAble Farming for Effective Aquaculture 2017
153 E-SHUTTER A novel Smart Glass integrating multi-zone switchable glass and touch panel control functions into a durable and sustainable insulated glazing to provide energy-efficiency and privacy in buildings 2016
154 ARCIGS-M Advanced aRchitectures for ultra-thin high-efficiency CIGS solar cells with high Manufacturability 2016
155 CREATE Critical Raw materials Elimination by a top-down Approach To hydrogen and Electricity generation 2017
156 PROSFET Promoting Sustainable Freight Transport in Urban Contexts: Policy and Decision-Making Approaches 2017
157 MILEAGE Microelements in Life Expectancy and Aging 2017
158 Oncosmart ONCOlogic patient profiling and personalized treatment through SMART bedside diagnostics 2016
159 HEXKIN Healing Exosomes for sKIN 2016
160 QuantERA QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies 2016
161 EXEDRA EXpansion of the European Joint Programming Initiative on Drug Resistance to Antimicrobials 2017
162 MEMPHYS MEMbrane based Purification of HYdrogen System 2017
163 AMTRAS Adaptive Multifunctional Test Rigs for Aeronautical Structures 2017
164 NANOINFER Intelligent Memories that Perform Inference with the Physics of Nanodevices 2017
165 ACCELERATE ACCELERATing Europe's Leading Research Infrastructures 2017
166 HETEROPOLIS The Design of Social Policy in a Heterogeneous World 2017
167 BabyLux Launching the First Non-Invasive Brain-Monitoring System for the Early Detection and Management of Encephalopathy In Preterm Babies 2017
168 NEOFIBRIN Advanced material for the regeneration of oral mucosa injuries 2017
169 Uniting PV Applying silicon solar cell technology to revolutionize the design of thin-film solar cells and enhance their efficiency, cost and stability 2017
170 SupramolecularWires Multicomponent supramolecular wires as a platform for the control of protein functions 2017
171 InsiliCardio Image-based High-resolution In-silico Modeling of Total Cardiac Function 2017
172 SunDROPS Self-DRiving hydrOPonic System - Develop automated hydroponic systems that use high frequency pulsing-light and intermittent/alternate nutrient supply to optimize resources and plant adaptation. 2018
173 CHROMONUMBER Chromosome number variations in vivo: probing mechanisms of genesis and elimination 2017
174 iGear Intelligent Gearbox for Endurance Advanced Rotorcraft 2017
175 BIOFERTICELLULASER Role of bacterial cellulases in the transition from free living to root endophytes in rapeseed crops and in the design of efficient biofertilizers 2017
176 DNAmethAML Investigation of aberrant DNA methylation in malignant haematopoiesis 2018
177 VLS-QPP Very-Large-Scale Quantum Photonic Processing 2017
178 FRAGMENTOME FRAGMENT screening from advanced-sampling molecular dynamics simulations on a proteOME scale. 2017
179 INTERCELLAR The role of the symplast in host-pathogen interactions – how does the symplastic, intercellular exchange of molecules regulate the outcomes of defence and infection? 2017
180 DNAmod_PROPAGATION Propagating DNA Modifications Across the Cell Cycle 2018
181 ONCOPHAGY Novel Atg4B-inhibitors and dual [Atg4B-carbonic anhydrase]inhibitors for interfering with cytoprotective mechanisms of cancercells in the acidic tumor micro-environment. 2017
182 e-walk Biomechanical engineer for robotic healthcare solutions 2017
183 iAML-lncTARGET Targeting the transcriptional landscape in infant AML 2017
184 ERC VP CSA Support to the Vice-Presidents of the ERC Scientific Council 2017 2017
185 HPC-EUROPA3 Transnational Access Programme for a Pan-European Network of HPC Research Infrastructures and Laboratories for scientific computing 2017
186 FastCan Light weight, impact resistant, canopy for fast compound rotorcraft 2017
187 ITHACA An Information Theoretic Approach to Improving the Reliability of Weather and Climate Simulations 2017
188 BREEDCAFS BREEDing Coffee for AgroForestry Systems 2017
189 AQUAS Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems 2017
190 AAA Adaptive Actin Architectures 2017
191 BaSaR Beyond the Silk Road: Economic Development, Frontier Zones and Inter-Imperiality in the Afro-Eurasian World Region, 300 BCE to 300 CE 2017
192 KupfferCellNiche Determining the instructive tissue signals and the master transcription factors driving Kupffer cell differentiation 2017
193 MEACTOS Mitigating Environmentally Assissted Cracking Through Optimisation of Surface Condition 2017
194 CASCAde Confidentiality-preserving Security Assurance 2017
195 INtheSELF Inside the Self: from interoception to self- and other-awareness 2017
196 Honeyguides-Humans How a mutualism evolves: learning, coevolution, and their ecosystem consequences in human-honeyguide interactions 2017
197 ICOPE Innovative COoling system for embedded Power Electronics 2017
198 To-Euro-5G To-Euro-5G: Supporting the European 5G Initiative 2017
199 ePatriot Evolved Sky Patriot – Phase 1 Feasibility Study 2017
200 BlockchainKYC Blockchain-based, 100% automated KYC (Know Your Customer) service 2017
201 TelMetab Telomere metabolism in Genome Stability and Disease 2017
202 XSTREAM X-ray-waveforms at the Space-Time Resolution Extreme for Atomic-scale Movies 2017
203 ERA Earth Resilience in the Anthropocene (ERA)Integrating non-linear biophysical and social determinantsof Earth-system stability for global sustainabilitythrough a novel community modelling platform 2017
204 DocksTheFuture Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the clustering, monitoring and evaluation of results of actions under the Ports of the Future topic 2018
205 GridEye For a rapid transition to Smart Grids 2017
206 MICRORULES Structural and Functional Architectures of Multi-Kingdom Microbial Consortia Colonizing Plant Roots 2017
207 INTERPLAN INTEgrated opeRation PLAnning tool towards the Pan-European Network 2017
208 X2RAIL-2 Enhancing railway signalling systems based on train satellite positioning, on-board safe train integrity, formal methods approach and standard interfaces, enhancing Traffic Management System functions 2017
209 Madaster Towards a circular economy: Eliminate waste through an open platform that facilitates material passports 2017
210 GALERACLUSTER Galera Cluster: World’s Most Advanced Technology to Protect Against Data Loss 2017
211 EU-SysFlex Pan-European system with an efficient coordinated use of flexibilities for the integration of a large share of RES 2017
212 Trans C4 Deciphering Regulatory DNA and Transcription Factor Binding Sites in C3 and C4 Species with Varying Water Use Efficiencies 2018
213 FRONTIERPEACE On the Frontiers of Peace. Cross-cultural Peacebuilding on the Global Frontiers of the Iberian Empires (1500-1580) 2018
214 ReSEED Rescuing seeds’ heritage: engaging in a new framework of agriculture and innovation since the 18th century 2018
215 FUTURES Forefront UAV Technology for Underpinning Rainforest Environmental Sustainability 2018
216 NanoFEED Nanostructured carriers for improved cattle feed 2018
217 TeamPlay Time, Energy and security Analysis for Multi/Many-core heterogenous PLAtforms 2018
218 Engage Knowledge Transfer Network proposed in response to the SESAR-ER3-01-2016 Call 2018
219 ePersonam The simplest and most efficient platform to unify medical records and manage health careprofessionals. 2017
220 Sana Sleep on Command: a breakthrough technology for sleep, pain relief, enhanced performance and regenerative health. 2017
221 FuRIC Future Recycled Inert Concrete Made of Steelworks Residues 2017
222 VESTA VErified STAtic analysis platform 2018
224 ODALISS Optical Data Payload for Small Satellites – A complete satellite platform with integrated optical communications system for increased data transfer rates. 2018
225 Kjuicer Knowledge Juicer: Readers get Superpowers 2018
226 INVISIBLE WINDOW An innovative, low-carbon window characterised by ultra-high thermal performance created using the most sustainable and energy efficient manufacturing processes. 2018
227 Perfect Fresh Intelligent storage and transport solutions with integrated monitoring to optimize the international fresh produce supply chain, significantly increasing shelf life and preventing food waste 2018
228 ACOUSTIC Assessment of cardiac function by new ultrasound imaging strategies: towards a reliable clinical routine 2018
229 DeepRNA Discovering functional protein-RNA interactions through data integration and machine learning. 2018
230 Peripheality Exploring the function of peripheral vision in humans using virtual reality 2018
231 CAPSICE CAPSizing ICE caps: identifying tipping points through global modelling 2019
232 B4EST Adaptive BREEDING for productive, sustainable and resilient FORESTs under climate change 2018
233 SEA-TITAN SEA-TITAN: Surging Energy Absorption Through Increasing Thrust And efficieNcy 2018
234 PhenoSwitch Phenotype switching: plasticity and/or differentiation of stromal cells and their progenitors within the tumour microenvironment regulate tumour fate. 2018
235 FatTryp Exploring the hidden life of African trypanosomes: parasite fat tropism and implications for disease 2018
236 STEP-IN Using Living Labs to roll out Sustainable Strategies for Energy Poor Individuals 2018
237 MQC Maintaining Quantum Coherence for Quantum Information Applications 2018
238 SUPERA Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia 2018
239 Re-Leaf Environment-coupled metabolic models for engineering high-temperature and drought REsistant LEAF metabolism. 2018
240 GOPV Global Optimization of integrated PhotoVoltaics system for low electricity cost 2018
241 FIRE Fire Impacts in Rainforest Ecotones 2019
242 AdaptiveSTED Real-time automatic aberration correction for easy high-resolution imaging in complex specimens, by STED and other point-scanning microscopy techniques 2019
243 SOCELL Self-organized biomolecular gradients for controlling cellular behaviour in cell culture 2018
244 COAGULANT CK2-dependent cytoskeletal regulation and molecular signaling of Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) formation 2018
245 MAPNET Mathematical Modelling and Optimization of Programmable 5G Networks 2019
246 EpiBarrier Control of the blood-brain barrier integrity during seizures via the ATP-gated P2X7 receptor 2018
247 HARVEST Healthy Apples Research: Valuing Environmental Sustainability of Topsoil 2019
248 ARIAS Advanced Research Into Aeromechanical Solutions 2018
249 WELL-BEING The dynamics underlying Well-being; Understanding the Exposome-Genome interplay 2018
250 LawsOfSocRep Laws of Social Reproduction 2018
251 IntraGutSex Sex differences in intestinal plasticity 2018
252 GRIFFIN General compliant aerial Robotic manipulation system Integrating Fixed and Flapping wings to INcrease range and safety 2018
253 NORMOPERF Normothermic Perfusion Device for Renal and Hepatic Preservation and Viability Assessment 2018
254 LAMatCU Establishing Laboratory of Advanced Materials at the Comenius University 2018
255 CTCFStableGenome CTCF control of genome stability in ageing 2019
256 ReCaP Regeneration of Articular Cartilage using Advanced Biomaterials and Printing Technology 2018
257 COEXIST Bacteria-phage-antibiotic interactions in variable environments: a community ecology perspective 2018
258 ComFyt ComFyt, the revolution in compression therapy. A novel Electro-Active Polymers technology applied to a smart stocking that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates the blood flow. 2018
259 REGENERA Helping cancer survivors restoring their natural breast with resorbable implants inducing self‐tissue regeneration 2018
260 LiCrete LiCrete - Light transmitting composite material for building purposes 2018
261 NAVSCIN High Accuracy Navigation under Scintillation Conditions 2018
262 BONE-JOINT-MORPH Mechanobiology of Proprioceptive Regulation of Bone and Joint Morphogenesis 2018
263 plasmaCare A small, portable cold plasma device for the treatment of chronic and acute wounds. 2018
264 SEAGEM Developing a process to bring a unique Icelandic natural food sea gem worldwide 2018
265 PermeAbility PermeAbility - A non-invasive, side-effect-free diagnostic kit for intestinal disorders 2018
266 LiionFire Automated e-buses Lithium Ion Battery Early Warning and Fire Suppression System 2018
267 ERC VP CSA Support to the Vice-Presidents of the ERC Scientific Council 2018 2018
268 REEN REEN: Virtual pacesetter for runner’s performance improvement. 2018
269 MEDEA Mediterranean practitioners’ network capacity building for effective response to emerging security challenges 2018
270 HEARTLAND Health, Environment, Agriculture, Rural development: Training network for LAND management 2019
271 AQUABIOPROFIT AQUAculture and Agriculture BIOmass side stream PROteins and bioactives for Feed, FITness and health promoting nutritional supplements 2018
272 NMR-DisAgg The Dynamic Composition of the Protein Chaperone Network: Unraveling Human Protein Disaggregation via NMR Spectroscopy 2018
273 EvoConBiO Uncovering and engineering the principles governing evolution and cellular control of bioenergetic organelles 2019
274 UNIFLUVAC A novel universal influenza vaccine targeting epitopes of limited variability 2018
275 WIREDETECT High resolution X-ray detectors based on nanowire arrays 2019
276 eHONESTY Embodied Honesty in Real World and Digital Interactions 2018
277 ImAgine Exploring the link between innate Immunity and cellular Aging 2019
278 EBRA European Brain Research Area 2018
279 PRE-LEAP-RE PREparing for a Long-Term Joint EU-AU Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy 2018
280 IMMERSE Improving Models for Marine EnviRonment SErvices 2018
281 GRANteD GRant AllocatioN Disparities from a gender perspective 2019
282 HELIOS HELIOS: A Context-aware Distributed Social Networking Framework 2019
283 WeNet WeNet - The Internet of US 2019
284 OSCAR Open ScienCe Aeronautic & Air Transport Research 2019
285 DDRMac DNA Damage Response-instructed Macrophage Differentiation in Granulomatous Diseases 2019
287 DigiBreakers Putting Digital Circuit Breakers at the Centre of the Smart Grid 2019
288 RISIS 2 European Research Infrastructure for Science, technology and Innovation policy Studies 2 2019
289 EVOLVE HPC and Cloud-enhanced Testbed for Extracting Value from Diverse Data at Large Scale 2018
290 FACTA An innovative process to extend commercial bioprosthetic heart valves lifespan. 2018
291 SafeFate Safeguarding Cell Fate by Terminal Repression during Development and Disease 2019
292 ProteoNE_dynamics Surveillance mechanisms regulating nuclear envelope architecture and homeostasis 2019
294 SCHINES Spatially-Separated Chirality Inspired Networks 2019
295 SensAtouch Grasper Safe and Sensible Tissue Graspers for Pediatric and (Mini-)Laparoscopic Surgery 2019
296 ENTRI Enteric-nervous-system-mediated regulation of intestinal inflammation 2019
297 DrivenByPollinators Driven by mutualists: how declines in pollinators impact plant communities and ecosystemfunctioning 2019
298 STEADIEST Design, development and flight qualification of a supercritical composite shaft drive line for tiltrotor main drive system 2019
299 ARCHITECHTURES Empowering building design professionals through Artificial Intelligence on the cloud 2019
300 IDENSTEM Identification and characterization of enteric nervous system stem cells 2020
301 RESIST3D Targeting drug resistance in ovarian cancer through large-scale drug-response profiling in physiologically relevant cancer organoids 2020
302 TERMINATOR Ribosomal frameshifts as a novel mechanism to control RNA turnover in stress 2019
303 Cryo-H-Rec Cryo-EM Imaging of Histone Recycling at the Replication Fork 2019
304 UbiGolD Deciphering ubiquitin-dependent regulation of Golgi homeostasis control in neurodegeneration 2019
305 Microbial-light Illuminating black boxes in the nitrogen cycle 2019
306 Cata-rotors Visualising age- and cataract-related changed within cell membranes of human eye lens using molecular rotors 2019
307 InDEPENDEnt Impact of Dietary Protein on Disability in ageing Europeans 2019
308 AstroCOMET Astrocyte-neuron COmmunication in METabolism and obesity. 2020
309 NotToKill-NotToDie Unrevealing dry season Plasmodium falciparum replication biology 2019
310 MICROX Microscopy of living cancer cells at physiological oxygen levels: the MICROX platform 2019
311 MEDPOL The fourth estate? media, frames and political behaviour towards the EU in comparative perspective 2019
312 ReproXimera Modelling in vivo lineage reprogramming of human astrocytes into induced neurons in the adult mouse brain 2020
313 Full5G Fulfilling the 5G Promise 2019
314 Hologlass A New Generation of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses 2019
315 forecast The next generation of forest inventory 2019
316 TARANTULA Recovery of Tungsten, Niobium and Tantalum occurring as by-products in mining and processing waste streams 2019
317 PIN3S Pilot Integration of 3nm Semiconducter technology 2019
318 GATE Glass Assessment Technology for glass Embedded antennas 2019
319 snickerdoodle An affordable edge-computing device for high-performance and power-efficient robotics automation 2019
320 RE_CREATE Eco-innovative building products for sustainable construction 2019
321 ARtwin An AR cloud and digital twins solution for industry and construction 4.0 2019
322 ePANC-SPLICE Regulation and Function of Endocrine-Specific Splicing Programs in Pancreas and their Role in Diabetes 2020
323 BRAIN Building a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Network 2019
324 MistAndClean Upscaling production and adding new product lines to the unique and patented water-to-mist technology that reduces water use by 98% without loss of functionality and keeping a high user experience 2019
325 SANDA Supplying Accurate Nuclear Data for energy and non-energy Applications 2019
326 GHZ-BURST Industrial GHz repetition rate, burst mode, ultrashort pulsed fiber laser for high speed volume-ablation micromachining applications 2019
327 HaLO How Language Oppresses 2019
328 PI3K-in-tolerance PI3K delta role in dendritic cell antigen processing and presentation to control gut tolerance 2019
329 Plant-FATE Predicting global vulnerability of forests to drought using plant functional trait evolution 2019
330 Atomic Bands Next generation motion sensing bands for promotion of fitness and health tracking 2019
331 SInnoPSis ERA-Chair in Science and Innovation Policy and Studies 2019
332 SiNfONiA Safety in NanOmaterials & NAnotechnology 2019
333 ERC VP CSA Support to the Vice-Presidents of the ERC Scientific Council 2019 2019
334 TRYPTISSUE Characterising Trypanosoma tissue tropism: new perspectives for variant surface glycoproteins 2019
335 Cool Wool Box Lowering the environmental impact of fresh fish logistics 2019
336 GACD Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Secretariat 2019
337 COBRAIN Armenia Center for Translational Research on Chronic Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Neuroscience Initiative on Maintaining Healthy Brain Ageing 2019
338 GN4-3 Horizon 2020: H2020-SGA-INFRA-GEANT-2018 (Topic [a] Research and Education Networking) 2019
339 InBPSOC Increases biomass production and soil organic carbon stocks with innovative cropping systems under climate change 2020
340 GreenVerter Greenverter a revolutionary power converter technology to reduce environmental and economic losses due to electro pollution 2019
341 LUBRIGONE The first lubrication- and coating-free stoppers for Prefillable Syringes 2019
342 WMT A scalable, low cost solution for healthy mineralization of drinking water 2019
343 Terrabio The first portable genetic analyser for crop pathogen detection 2019
344 EHS Thermo-adjustable endoscope heater system to solve problems of fogging during surgical interventions 2019
345 PriMa Privacy Matters 2020
346 KnowGraphs Knowledge Graphs at Scale 2019
348 CellSex The importance of cellular sex in physiology and the underlying mechanisms 2020
349 Black Sea CONNECT Coordination of Marine and Maritime Research and Innovation in the Black Sea 2019
350 DEEP-RADAR Learning efficient millimeter wave radar imaging for autonomous vehicles 2019
351 OPTIMISE Open data: improving transparency, reproducibility and collaboration in science 2020
352 SHADES Scintillator-He3 Array for Deep-underground Experiments on the S-process 2020
353 ONEedge A Software-defined Edge Computing Solution 2019
354 SUMiDENTITY Deconstructing the role of SUMO on chromatin in cell identity and tissue repair 2020
355 PHOOTONICS A Cost-Effective Photonics-based Device for Early Prediction, Monitoring and Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers 2019
356 LIP-ATG The missing link: how do membrane lipids interplay with ATG proteins to instruct plant autophagy 2020
357 ALPHA Assessing Legacies of Past Human Activities in Amazonia 2020
358 SynaptoEnergy Molecular physiology of nerve terminal bioenergetics 2020
359 ADMORPH Towards Adaptively Morphing Embedded Systems 2020
360 PROCareLife PeRsOnalized Integrated CARE Solution for Elderly facing several short or long term conditions and enabling a better quality of LIFE 2020
361 SMART UV Intelligent Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation Filters 2019
362 PALAEOFARM Linking livestock genetic diversity with three thousand years of agricultural crises and resilience 2020
363 PIPER Printing of Ultra-Thin, Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells and its Commercial Application 2019
364 GloPID-R SEC 2 GloPID-R Secretariat 2020
366 AVIAZE The social network for pilots, to make flying safer and cheaper 2020
367 NEXTGEAR NEXT generation methods, concepts and solutions for the design of robust and sustainable running GEAR 2019
368 PATCHED Microfabricated hydrogel-based complex patch with time dependent controlled multiple-release of biomolecules for improved healing of skin wounds 2020
369 CELPRED Circuit elements of the cortical circuit for predictive processing 2020
370 ATTEST Advanced Tools Towards cost-efficient decarbonisation of future reliable Energy SysTems 2020
371 PEPTOX An innovative peptide system for novel drugs targeting microbial Repeats-In-Toxin adhesins 2020
373 RAIKA A.I. enabled knowledge analysis automation to increase resilience, security and performance of Enterprise ICT systems. 2019
374 INPUT Investigating Proxies for Understanding Trajectories: Heritage Language Maintenance and Child Second Language Acquisition in Refugee Contexts 2020
375 ParkIFNAR Soluble IFNAR2 in Parkinson's disease and its role in the regulation of IFNβ in a neuroinflammatory context. 2020
376 PTSD Neurofeedback Regulating Pathological Neural Connectivity in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 2020
377 MITafterVIT Unravelling maintenance mechanisms of immune tolerance after termination of venom immunotherapy by means of clonal mast cell diseases 2020
378 AFC4TR Active Flow Control for Tilt Rotor 2020
379 SMArT Switch-Mode Analog Signal Processing for Integrated 5G Transceivers 2020
380 ArCAN An Archaeology of Exchange Networks in Central Africa. The Cases of the Copperbelt and Niari Basin Copper Deposits 2020
381 SOCIAL MATCH The role of social behaviour in mate choice 2021
382 Glyco-NPs Glycans coated nanoparticles as a biocompatible shield to increase nanoparticles colloidal stability and modulate their immunological response. 2020
383 CANALS Changing Water Cultures 2021
384 GUTMAPS Cellular cartography of the intestine in health and inflammation 2021
385 BIO-CC Bio-based carbon fiber - commercialization 2020