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2 MIROCALS Efficacy and safety of low-dose IL-2 (ld-IL-2) as a Treg enhancer for anti-neuroinflammatory therapy in newly diagnosed Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients 2015
3 SHIPS Screening to improve Health In very Preterm infantS in Europe 2015
4 MOCHA Models of Child Health Appraised 2015
5 CDS-QUAMRI A Clinical Decision Support system based on Quantitative multimodal brain MRI for personalized treatment in neurological and psychiatric disorders 2015
6 SIS-RRI Science, Innovation and Society: achieving Responsible Research and Innovation 2014
7 ROBOX Expanding the industrial use of Robust Oxidative Biocatalysts for the conversion and production of alcohols (ROBOX) 2015
8 LeanShips Low Energy And Near to zero emissions Ships 2015
9 ButaNexT Next Generation Bio-butanol 2015
10 SolarPredict SolarPredict: An advanced predictive tool and service of the Solar 11-yr Activity Cycle 2015
11 CREEP Complex RhEologies in Earth dynamics and industrial Processes 2015
12 FREEWAT FREE and open source software tools for WATer resource management 2015
13 MEL-PLEX Exploiting MELanoma disease comPLEXity to address European research training needs in translational cancer systems biology and cancer systems medicine 2014
14 TRUSS Training in Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety 2015
15 INTEGRATE Interdisciplinary Training Network for Validation of Gram-Negative Antibacterial Targets 2015
16 InCeM Research Training Network on Integrated Component Cycling in Epithelial Cell Motility 2015
17 InnoManage BB EEN Innovation Management Services Berlin-Brandenburg 2014
18 PATHway PATHway: Technology enabled behavioural change as a pathway towards better self-management of CVD 2015
19 RePhrase REfactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Resource-Aware Applications - a Software Engineering Approach 2015
20 EuConNeCts 2 European Conferences on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) 2015
21 SANSA Shared Access Terrestrial-Satellite Backhaul Network enabled by Smart Antennas 2015
22 PRECeDI Personalized PREvention of Chronic DIseases 2015
23 ATLASS Advanced high-resolution printing of organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces 2015
24 REMOURBAN REgeneration MOdel for accelerating the smart URBAN transformation 2015
25 RICH Research Infrastructures Consortium for Horizon 2020 2014
26 E-saving Ultrasonics Energy-saving and reducing carbon emissions by applying advanced ultrasonic technology to industrial maintenance services for compressed air systems 2014
27 IIT Industrial Innovation in Transition 2015
28 EUth EUth - Tools and Tips for Digital and Mobile Youth Participation in and across Europe 2015
29 EnerGAware Energy Game for Awareness of energy efficiency in social housing communities 2015
30 BUStoB BUILD UP Skills to Business 2015
31 SMARTGEARBOX Development of a new gearbox without lubricants for low OM costs, higher efficiency, and oiless applications 2014
32 BeadCAP-DNA BeadCAP-DNA: 30-minute on-site DNA test kit 2014
33 MARKinPATH Clinical validation of a bioMARKer for use in INtestinal PATHologies 2014
34 FINESSE Feasibility of an INnovative, Efficient, Solid State Energy saving system 2014
35 WINETWORK Network for the exchange and transfer of innovative knowledge between European wine-growing regions to increase the productivity and sustainability of the sector 2015
36 AGRISPIN Space for Agricultural Innovation 2015
37 PRIVACY FLAG Enabling Crowd-sourcing based privacy protection for smartphone applications, websites and Internet of Things deployments 2015
38 DOGANA aDvanced sOcial enGineering And vulNerability Assesment Framework 2015
39 INSCAPE Imaging Voltage Gated Sodium Channels Using Positron Emission Tomography 2015
40 CAPITULA Variation on a theme: evolutionary-developmental insights into the Asteraceae flower head 2015
41 OsciLEDs New Disruptive Platform Technology for Water Treatment and Process Intensification 2015
42 ALIS Associating Literature and the Imaginary with Science: Early Years Education 2016
43 FRAGMENTATION State Fragmentation and Sub-State Actors in Comparative Perspective: Somalia and Afghanistan 2015
44 EKOMAP Eco friendly marine antifouling paint 2015
45 Spoilage Down Increasing the efficiency of European food supply chain through in-memory supply chain planning 2015
46 Adaptcontrol A modular and compact controller design for light electric vehicles 2015
47 PANOSTICS The AA2-Ratio: A Novel Diagnostic Biomarker for Primary Aldosteronism 2015
49 CARDISENSE Innovative sensor for continuous monitoring of heart function during and after surgery 2015
50 SDN-Polygraph Cloud-based Visibility Service for Software Defined Networks 2015
51 Poul-AR Poultry manure valorization 2014
53 CIRDvalid CIRDvalid – Clinical validation of a set of 11 biomarkers and a system of diagnostic and therapeutical devices for the resuscitation of patients suffering from long-lasting cardiac arrest 2015
54 SURI Novel concept of a modular Shelter Unit for Rapid Installation 2015
55 MOBPOSSTAT Mobile Positioning Data as a Source for Aggregated Human Mobility Statistics 2015
56 REACH REACH: Risk, Resilience, Ethnicity and AdolesCent Mental Health 2015
57 TRECKQUITY Social equity goals in conservation interventions: a system thinking approach to track progress at global level 2015
58 5G-Crosshaul 5G-Crosshaul: The 5G Integrated fronthaul/backhaul 2015
59 UPP STPRMS - Sustainable Truck Parking Reservation Management System 2015
60 LIFEOMEGA Innovative highly concentrated Omega 3 food supplement 2015
61 MICROMIX-ECO-2015 Innovative active-uptake foliar nutrition technology capable of significantly reducing pesticide rates 2015
62 HIDDEN FOODS Plant foods in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic societies of SE Europe and Italy 2015
63 EMSODEV EMSO implementation and operation: DEVelopment of instrument module 2015
64 IChaos Intermediate Chaos 2016
65 HY4ALL Hydrogen For All of Europe (HY4ALL) 2015
66 ITEAM Interdisciplinary Training Network in Multi-Actuated Ground Vehicles 2016
67 Synchronverter Smart Synchronous inverter for grid’s stability 2015
68 MSCA2015 - COFUND Luxembourg EU Presidency Conference 2015 on MSCA COFUND, 10-11 December 2015 2015
69 CEREALPATH CEREALPATH - Training in innovative and integrated control of cereal diseases 2015
70 EVOluTION European Vascular Interventions and Therapeutic Innovation Network 2016
71 MicroArctic Microorganisms in Warming Arctic Environments 2016
72 IonoChem IonoChem: A new and highly efficient cross membrane drug delivery strategy 2015
73 PANDORA Probing safety of nano-objects by defining immune responses of environmental organisms 2016
74 PANINI Physical Activity and Nutrition INfluences In ageing 2016
75 Fortissimo 2 Factories of the Future Resources, Technology, Infrastructure and Services for Simulation and Modelling 2 2015
76 TETRA Autologous Stem Cell Seeded Tissue Engineered Trachea 2016
77 SWINE-GEN Genetic markers assisted selection for improvement of swine breeding productivity. 2015
78 ACTICAPS Actiwhey based microencapsulation solution for sustainable food manufacturing 2015
79 PSR94 Commercialisation of 94GHz Phase Shifting Radar (PSR94) 2015
80 LiraTower Novel concept of cost-effective and simplified in-situ concrete tower of 140m for harnessing higher and more consistent wind velocities and enhancing the power output of wind turbines 2015
81 IMERSO IMERSO - Virtual Reality System 2015
82 SuperHD-ToolBox Next generation Image Processing Engine to support the creation, processing, deployment and transmission of super high definition images for large format ‘smart’ digital displays and signage 2015
83 DUST-IN-THE-WIND Dust in the wind — a new paradigm for inflow and outflow structures around supermassive black holes 2016
84 SMARTGEARBOX Development of a new gearbox without lubricants for low OM costs, higher efficiency, and oiless applications 2016
85 NANOSCREEN Disruptive portable device for pre-screening of Persistent Organic Pollutants –POPs- in food products and water 2015
86 EINSTAIN Engine INSTallation And INtegration 2016
87 TILES Tiles: the first platform for shared entertainment 2016
89 SMARTBUY Enhanced Buying Experiences in SMART CITIES 2016
90 DEMOSTAF Emerging population issues in sub-Saharan Africa: Cross-checking and promoting demographic data for better action 2016
91 CETM Research capacity building through improved knowledge exchange and twinning frameworks for the Centre of Excellence in Translational Medicine 2016
92 PReDicT Predicting Response to Depression Treatment 2015
93 INTAS INdustrial and tertiary product Testing and Application of Standards 2016
94 SMART Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade 2016
95 ENLIVEN Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe 2016
96 guarantEE Energy Efficiency with Performance Guarantees in Private and Public Sector 2016
97 DR-BOB Demand Response in Block of Buildings 2016
98 MycoKey Integrated and innovative key actions for mycotoxin management in the food and feed chain 2016
99 FUTURA FUTUre RAil freight transport: cost-effective, safe, quiet and green! 2016
100 ENERFUND An ENErgy Retrofit FUNDing rating tool 2016
101 ArCH4ives Unlocking the methane cycling archives from Arctic lakes: a biological fingerprint 2016
102 CROSSCULT CrossCult: Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage in context-aware crosscuts of European history 2016
103 Strength2Food Strengthening European Food Chain Sustainability by Quality and Procurement Policy 2016
104 ERIFORE Research Infrastructure for Circular Forest Bioeconomy 2016
105 NoCanTher Nanomedicine upscaling for early clinical phases of multimodal cancer therapy 2016
106 AURORA Advanced User-centric efficiency metRics for air traffic perfORmance Analytics 2016
107 MUSLIM-NLNO Muslims condemning violent extremism - An interdisciplinary analysis of public initiatives in the Netherlands and Norway 2001-2015 2016
108 FFABFORCE The Free French and the British Forces: a case study of transnational military cooperation, 1940-1945 2016
109 ORGANIC QUAL TRACERS Organic food quality control and metabolomic fingerprinting 2016
110 POMEGRANATE Practice-Oriented Security Models and Granular Designs for Future-Proof Authenticated Encryption 2017
111 BEST Postdoctoral Programme in Bioengineering Excellence Scientific Training 2017
112 DACUSNEX DACUSNEX COMBI, the first complete solution for the olive fly (Bactrocera oleae) pests in olive trees 2016
113 VISSUALLY Customised exhibit solutions through visual innovation 2016
114 MEAN4SG Metrology Excellence Academic Network for Smart Grids 2016
115 Feel your Reach Non-invasive decoding of cortical patterns induced by goal directed movement intentions and artificial sensory feedback in humans 2016
116 UrBAN-WASTE Urban strategies for Waste Management in Tourist Cities 2016
117 ECOAEROGEL Silica aerogel highly resistant to extreme temperatures made from rice husk ashes 2016
118 CREATIVITY European Researcher's Night in France 2016
119 LT2016 Researchers' Night: It's Your Friday to Discover! 2016
120 GroutTube DMC grouting tube system 2016
121 Hilet Highly linear efficient technology for wireless data transmission for 4G, 5G, wifi and beyond 2016
122 Science Uncovered Science Uncovered 2016
123 PROFIT Cost-effective high speed Production for Fasteners in Titanium for the automotive industry 2016
124 SCIENCE4FUTURE WissenSchafftZukunft in der KielRegion Nacht der Wissenschaft 2016/2017 2016
125 SDN-Polygraph Cloud-based Monitoring Service for Software Defined Networks 2016
126 SAP-Nano A disruptive technology for vaccines manufacturing based on Self-Assembled Polymeric Nanoparticulate systems 2016
127 Tom PIT Studio Tom PIT Studio - platform for designing information systems 2016
128 STAIRLESS Unlocking urban barriers for disabled people 2016
129 FOLLOW Finance/Security practice after 9/11: Following the Money from Transaction to Trial 2016
130 SOMA The Smart Way to Beat Stress at Work 2016
131 LASER-HISTO In vivo histology using femtosecond laser multiphoton tomograph for the early diagnosis of skin cancer and corneal diseases while simultaneously reducing Europe’s health care costs 2016
132 Blue Iodine II Boost BLUE economy trough market uptake an innovative seaweed bioextract for IODINE fortification II 2016
134 Quotanda Quotanda - a lending-as-a-service (LaaS) platform that enables schools and lenders to set up student financing programs to make education more affordable 2016
135 BMX-11 Providing Antifouling Additives for Marine Paints Inspired by Nature and Engineered for Industries 2016
136 AMBER AMBER - enhAnced Mobile BiomEtRics 2017
137 C-HEAT Condensed Heat - Optimization and scaling up of an energy efficient, long-during biomass condensation boiler with curved heat exchanger 2016
138 FoodSmartphone Smartphone analyzers for on-site testing of food quality and safety 2017
139 MarPipe Improving the flow in the pipeline of the next generation of marine biodiscovery scientists 2016
141 BioCapture Smart capture phases for proteomics, glycomics and biomarker assays 2016
142 PLATO The Post-crisis Legitimacy of the European Union European Training Network 2017
143 ORCA Optimised Real-world Cost-Competitive Modular Hybrid Architecture for Heavy Duty Vehicles 2016
144 IMAJINE Integrative Mechanisms for Addressing Spatial Justice and Territorial Inequalities in Europe 2017
145 TheraPD TheraPD: Smart and safer automated peritoneal dialysis by means of sterile connectivity, bio-sensors control systems and more biocompatible solutions for preventing rapid degradation of peritoneal mem 2016
146 ENABLE.EU Enabling the Energy Union through understanding the drivers of individual and collective energy choices in Europe 2016
147 inSSIght In-depth support for innovation and exploitation in Smart Systems Integration 2017
148 Q-RAPIDS Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development 2016
149 TimePROSAMAT Time-Programmed Self-Assemblies and Dynamic Materials 2016
150 PolyTest Ultrasonic Phased Array Non-Destructive Testing and In-Service Inspection System for high integrity Polyethylene Pipe Welds with automated analysis software. 2016
151 HYPERTRANS HYPERTRANS: Transport of hyperpolarized substrates for metabolic MR imaging 2016
152 PHABLABS 4.0 PHotonics enhanced fAB LABS supporting the next revolution in digitalization 2016
153 Up2U Up to University - Bridging the gap between schools and universities through informal education 2017
154 PeptiEUForce PeptiEUForce: a game-changing ingredient for the pre-diabetic population 2016
155 SAFE4RAIL SAFE architecture for Robust distributed Application Integration in roLling stock 2016
156 PaNDA Paleo-nutriet dynamics in the Eurasian Arctic Ocean 2016
157 SynchroniCity SynchroniCity: Delivering an IoT enabled Digital Single Market for Europe and Beyond 2017
158 TENBRIN Application of high power ultrasounds (HPUs) to improve the sustainability in meat TENderize and BRINe processes 2016
159 PRACE-5IP PRACE 5th Implementation Phase Project 2017
160 ZikaPLAN Zika Preparedness Latin American Network 2016
161 PERIOSYSTEM PerioSystem – smart dental practice management software 2017
162 QuantERA QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies 2016
163 INSIGHT ImplementatioN in real SOFC Systems of monItoring and diaGnostic tools using signal analysis to increase tHeir lifeTime 2017
164 MedEye Accelerated market launch of MedEye, a plug-and-play medication safety solution 2017
165 EUSCREEN Implementation of cost-optimized childhood vision and hearing screening programmes in middle-income countries in Europe 2017
166 Water4Food Eco-friendly and scalable seawater desalination container to secure water supply for agriculture and food production in the Mediterranean area 2016
167 BIOROBURplus Advanced direct biogas fuel processor for robust and cost-effective decentralised hydrogen production 2017
168 EO-VAS Earth Observation Value Adding Services – Earth Observation Design and Publishing Service 2017
169 xBeam xBeam 3D Metal Printing 2017
170 DREAM Design and Realization of equipped engine compartments including cowling for a fast compound rotorcraft 2017
171 ProDairyWelfare smaXtec 4.0 – multifunctional Dairy Cattle Sensor System for a proactive productivity and health management in Dairy Farming 2017
172 LiST Cost-effective automated equipment for life sciences and healthcare laboratories 2017
173 HarvPell Upscale and redesign of a mobile harvesting and pelletizing disruptive all-in-one machine 2017
174 BARBARA Biopolymers with advanced functionalities for building and automotive parts processed through additive manufacturing 2017
175 sexual dimorphism Sexually dimorphic neuronal circuits underlying social behaviours in Drosophila 2018
176 LIFEOMEGA Innovative highly concentrated Omega-3 Specialized Nutrition Product 2017
177 IAPEMIDE Impact of Intrapartum Antimicrobial Prophylaxis as an early determinant in Microbiome Development 2017
178 StressEBOV Ebola virus manipulation of the cellular stress responses 2017
179 EbolaMoDRAD Ebola Virus: Modern Approaches for developing bedside Rapid Diagnostics – Sofia ref.: 115843 2015
180 OVinE Ovine origins and diversity in north-eastern Europe 2017
181 BioALFA The effect of pro-aging and pro-youthful blood factors in normal ageing and Alzheimer’s disease: a multimodal approach 2018
182 ACASIAS Advanced Concepts for Aero-Structures with Integrated Antennas and Sensors 2017
183 CENTRELINE ConcEpt validatioN sTudy foR fusElage wake-filLIng propulsioN intEgration 2017
184 CTCapture_2.0 Advanced platform for profiling of therapeutic targets and functional analysis of circulating tumour cells in cancer patients 2017
185 ASPIRE Assessment Strategy for Upstream Plant Inspection and Repair 2017
186 HOPE Humans On Planet Earth - Long-term impacts on biosphere dynamics 2018
187 3DviralRNA Structural and functional characterization of large viral and human non-coding RNA motifs involved in HIV infection 2018
188 MyCorridor Mobility as a Service in a multimodal European cross-border corridor 2017
189 HERMENEUT Enterprises intangible Risks Management via Economic models based on simulatioN of modErn cyber-aTtacks 2017
190 ENTRAP Enhanced Neutralisation of explosive Threats Reaching Across the Plot 2017
191 SIENNA Stakeholder-informed ethics for new technologies with high socio-economic and human rights impact 2017
192 Rhodoshop Rhodoshop – a pilot programme to facilitate investment in energy efficiency by creation of One-Stop-Shop in Rhodope Region of Bulgaria. 2017
193 MINIMAL Characterization and Modelling of dislocation-INterface Interactions in MetAllic Laminates at multiple scales 2018
194 INNOVATE Integrated solutioNs for ambitiOus energy refurbishment of priVATE housing 2017
195 WEYCAP Low Energy WEt and DrY CAPsule Filling Machine 2017
196 SONO-textile An advanced process for coating medical textiles with antibacterial nanoparticles through a one-step sonochemical reaction 2017
197 PALAEOSILKROAD A Silk Road in the Palaeolithic: Reconstructing Late Pleistocene Hominin Dispersals and Adaptations in Central Asia 2017
198 FAirWAY Farm systems that produce good Water quality for drinking water supplies 2017
199 PAPERCHAIN New market niches for the Pulp and Paper Industry waste based on circular economy approaches 2017
200 PlastiCircle Improvement of the plastic packaging waste chain from a circular economy approach 2017
201 EuConNeCts3 European Conferences on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) 2017
202 ALSiment Transforming the hazardous waste of the metallurgical industry into a valuable raw material 2017
203 AGRI-DRONE Unique radar-drone used for subsurface water detection for precision agricultural irrigation 2017
204 SidekickHealth Improving health the fun way… seriously 2017
205 SpeakUp-LearnUp Minimizing Bullying and Harassment with SpeakUp LearnUp! 2017
206 LEU-FOREvER Low Enriched Uranium Fuels fOR REsEarch Reactors 2017
207 MEACTOS Mitigating Environmentally Assissted Cracking Through Optimisation of Surface Condition 2017
208 L3Pilot Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads 2017
209 BMX-11 Providing Antifouling Additives for Marine Paints Inspired by Nature and Engineered for Industries 2017
210 ULTRANERVE Feasibility assessment of an all‐in‐one nerve repair and regeneration product 2017
211 MilliDrop New MilliDrop Analyzer: miniaturized and faster clinical microbiology testing in only one drop 2017
212 NEPTUN Novel closed-cage system for high-value marine aquaculture 2017
213 PRIOR PRIOR - Making food and goods more accessible online 2017
214 Prisma Innovative and highly-efficient solar thermal collector for Building façades 2017
215 scMODULES Cinematographic story-telling, super-zoom, x-ray, infrared (IR) ultraviolet (UV) gigapixel enriched content and cross-museum digital content licensing platform enhancing EU museums competitiveness 2017
216 z-BURN Zero-Emission Catalytic Burner for heating in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2017
217 I4MS-Go I4MS Going to Market Alliance 2017
218 AQB-CARE AQUABUDDY-CARE: A Groundbreaking Solution for Elderly and Disabled people with Reduced Mobility that Finally Enables Caregivers to Effectively and Safely Bathe/Shower them in their own Beds. 2017
219 ECO-RIVEST An innovative ECO inteRnal coverIng for metal and plastic conVEntionalS conTainers 2017
220 Amphiro en-Gage Amphiro en-Gage: Technology for a Smart and Sustainable Use of Hot Water 2017
221 ConFlex Control of flexible structures and fluid-structure interactions 2017
222 DyViTo DyViTo: Dynamics in Vision and Touch - the look and feel of stuff 2017
223 OBELICS Optimization of scalaBle rEaltime modeLs and functIonal testing for e-drive ConceptS 2017
224 PAY-ME-ATTENTION Disrupting the Communication between Humans and Computers - Understanding the Key Message in Simultaneous Conversations Through Voice Biometrics 2017
225 REWAM Next generation renewable energy portfolio asset management based on predictive analytics 2017
226 SALTGIANT Understanding the Mediterranean Salinity Crisis 2018
227 SUPREME Sustainable and flexible powder metallurgy processes optimization by a holistic reduction of raw material resources and energy consumption. 2017
228 SIDERWIN Development of new methodologies for industrial CO2-free steel production by electrowinning 2017
229 DEMOBASE DEsign and MOdelling for improved BAttery Safety and Efficiency 2017
230 InsSciDE Inventing a Shared Science Diplomacy for Europe 2017
231 INSIKT Novel Social Data Mining Platform to Detect and Defeat Violent Online Radicalization 2017
232 ALDREN ALliance for Deep RENovation in buildings (ALDREN) Implementing the European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme, as back-bone along the whole deep renovation process 2017
233 ANIMA Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches 2017
234 Co-VAL Understanding value co-creation in public services for transforming European public administrations 2017
235 QAMeleon Sliceable multi-QAM format SDN-powered transponders and ROADMs Enabling Elastic Optical Networks 2018
236 OnTrack Development of a commercial manufacturing process for embeddable RFID and NFC Tags forcomplete lifecycle tracking of tyres 2017
237 SmartCow SmartCow: an integrated infrastructure for increased research capability and innovation in the European cattle sector 2018
238 MOODSTRATIFICATION Immune Signatures for Therapy Stratification in Major Mood Disorders 2018
240 Demographica Helping marketing campaigns go viral 2017
241 PRECOPAL Zero Corrosion Sheet Pile Elements with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars 2017
242 SRE Smart roof edge technology 2017
243 LIPOCOAT Biomimetic nano-coatings for healthcare. Targeting the contact lenses market 2017
244 CAPE Ghosts from the past: Consequences of Adolescent Peer Experiences across social contexts and generations 2018
245 MIRA Microbe induced Resistance to Agricultural pests 2017
246 BigMedilytics Big Data for Medical Analytics 2018
247 C-Track 50 Putting regions on track for carbon neutrality by 2050 2018
248 PentaHelix Multi stakeholder and governance approach for SECAP development and implementation 2018
249 HAPPI Housing Association’s Energy Efficiency Process Planning and Investments 2018
250 geoBone geoBone: A Unique Mineral Supplement for Bone Health and Prevention of Osteoporosis SustainablyProduced from Geothermal Resources through a Ground-breaking Process. 2018
251 TechnocaP Innovative technology for capsule filling machines to boost the pharmaceutical manufacturing process 2018
253 Reficient Innovative upright Refrigerator with Improved Efficiency Fully Aligned With The Eu Legislation ToControl The F-GASES” 2018
254 Multi-AD Feasibility High performance MULTIphase Anaerobic Digester for agroindustrial wastewater treatment 2018
255 FibreCarb “World’s first techno-economic viable recycling technology for waste woodboards” 2017
256 DREAMY Disrupting Aberrant Protein–Protein Interactions with Conformationally Constrained Hydrocarbon α-Helical Mimetics 2018
257 C-VoUCHER Circularize ValUe CHains across European Regional Innovation Strategies 2018
258 CL_Exocytosis “Molecular dissection of cytotoxic lymphocyte exocytosis 2019
259 H3PS H3PS – High Power High Scalability Aircraft Hybrid Powertrain 2018
260 CYBERWISER.EU Civil Cyber Range Platform for a novel approach to cybersecurity threats simulation and professional training 2018
261 REWOFUEL REsidual soft WOod conversion to high characteristics drop-in bioFUELs 2018
262 SeReNa-SEA The Divine Tragedy of Securing the Sacred: Religion, Security and Nationalism in Southeast Asia 2019
263 LowDegModCurve Low Degree Points on Modular Curves 2018
264 Small-scale CSP Numerical and experimental analysis of a novel thermal energy storage for a small-scale concentrated solar power plant 2018
265 PHANTOM Phenotypic screening the host antimicrobial responses towards the eradication of Mycobacterium tubercuosis 2018
266 Methodology A New Methodology for Comparative Analysis of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Cognate Literature 2018
267 PERIL Post ERuption Incision of Landscapes (PERIL) 2019
268 TECNIOspringINDUSTRY ACCIÓ programme to foster mobility of researchers with a focus in applied research and technology transfer 2019
269 KEMISTATIC New ElectroSTATIC Spraying Process of Two-Component, Solvent-Free, Fast-Curing, Liquid Resins 2018
270 Hot chips Waste heat recovery for industrial heat intensive processes 2018
271 FUELSAVE FS MARINE+: Hydrogen syngas injection unit for ships to save fuel and cut emissions 2018
272 Organic-PLUS Pathways to phase-out contentious inputs from organic agriculture in Europe 2018
273 SMARTCHAIN Towards Innovation - driven and smart solutions in short food supply chains 2018
274 AIRPOXY ThermoformAble, repaIrable and bondable smaRt ePOXY based composites for aero structures 2018
275 HEY BABY Helping Empower Youth Brought up in Adversity with their Babies and Young children 2019
276 HOUSEFUL Innovative circular solutions and services for new business opportunities in the EU housing sector 2018
277 GYPWORLD A global initiative to understand gypsum ecosystem ecology 2018
278 NO FEAR Network Of practitioners For Emergency medicAl systems and cRitical care 2018
279 BroadWay Innovation activity to develop technologies to enable a pan-European interoperable broadband mobile system for PPDR, validated by sustainable testing facilities 2018
280 CTCFStableGenome CTCF control of genome stability in ageing 2019
281 AXIS Assessment of Cross(X)-sectoral climate Impacts and pathways for Sustainable transformation 2018
282 IVS Affordable airless packaging system to disrupt the airless packaging market 2018
283 BIOCOPY BIOCOPY: the new biomolecule copying and screening solution for diagnostics and therapeutics 2018
284 SMILE A smile in return 2018
285 Ida The AI-based intelligent assistant for dairy farmers 2018
286 ConcTest Development and commercialisation of the hand-held smart testing equipment for the instantaneous quality control of the concrete and cement 2018
287 CABLESMART Innovative cable car for urban transport 2018
288 BEMYEYES Be My Eyes - The mobile platform that allows sighted people to lend their eyes to the blind and visually impaired 2018
289 OHMIO Transparent and flexible conductive polymers to boost the photovoltaic industry in Europe 2018
290 E-DURA Commercialization of novel soft neural interfaces 2018
291 ALTOM Ground-breaking two-phase cooling solution for Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles 2018
292 MyKeople Innovative SaaS platform for assessment, training and support to companies Innovative SaaS platform for assessment, training and support to companies and employees embracing the digital transformation 2018
293 FOGSCREEN MINI FogsScreen Mini - breakthrough laminar air purification technology with stunning interactive images 2018
294 KHON2bTREAT Late Clinical Development of KH176: an innovative orphan drug to reach mitochondrial disease patients & market 2018
295 AIRGENEX-food Innovative and worldwide unique heat pump based condensation drying technology for drying and preservation of food products 2018
296 Blocknetwork Blocknetwork - Fusing Big Data and Implementing Novel Cyber Security Solutions 2018
297 EMPLOBOT The First Recruitment Bot to Integrate Labour Market in the EU 2018
298 EGgPLANT Sustainable and carbon-efficient mono-Ethylene Glycol generation in demonstration PLANT 2018
299 PerPedes PerPedes: AI-assisted therapy in stroke rehabilitation 2018
300 Signs For Europe A new social business model for Europe to promote the integration of deaf people in the professional market 2018
301 Triboconditioning Development of an innovative and cost-efficient process for friction and wear reduction 2018
302 AirBrush A fast non-intrusive vapour detection system that rapidly identifies explosives in public areas 2018
303 SHERPA Shaping the ethical dimensions of smart information systems (SIS) – a European perspective 2018
304 4CWhite The first high-precision Computer-Controlled Collarbone Cutter for Whitefish 2018
305 Mp-Filler Universal Multi-Purpose Automated Glass Jar Filler for the Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry 2018
306 SensPD SensPD: Early Diagnosis of Autism 2018
307 EUSP Debate Science! European Student Parliament 2018
308 UNIGHTED United Europe – United Science – United Culture – United Night 2018
310 SAILCLEAN SAIL&CLEAN – A complete solution for sea cleaning: marine litter removal and optimal algal bloom harvesting 2018
311 Polaris Lighter, Cheaper Thermoplastic CNG Tanks for Automotive & Commercial Vehicle Markets 2018
312 MANNA Joint Doctorate in Molecular Animal Nutrition 2018
313 PROTECT Predictive mOdelling Tools to evaluate the Effects of Climate change on food safeTy and spoilage 2019
314 IMPROVE-PD Identification and Management of Patients at Risk – Outcome and Vascular Events in Peritoneal Dialysis 2019
315 PHAGOVET A cost-effective solution for controlling Salmonella and Escherichia coli in poultry production 2018
316 ImplantSens Mass-transfer independent long-term implantable biosensors 2019
317 FIT4FoF Making our Workforce Fit for the Factory of the Future 2018
318 MalopolskaRN Małopolska Researchers' Night 2018-2019 (European Researchers' Night in Małopolska) 2018
319 OPVOL Use of dimensional scanner for irregular shaped items in the optimisation of shipments 2018
320 SHARPER Sharing Researchers’ Passion for Evidences and Resilience 2018
321 PreMa Energy efficient, primary production of manganese ferroalloys through the application of novel energy systems in the drying and pre-heating of furnace feed materials. 2018
322 ACHILES Advanced Architectures Chassis/Traction concept for Future Electric vehicles 2018
323 FlowEnhancer A Shell-and-tube heat exchanger enhancement that increases Energy Efficiency in the Oil, Gas, Power & Chemical Process Sectors 2018
324 iFishIENCi Intelligent Fish feeding through Integration of ENabling technologies and Circular principle 2018
325 BIM4REN Building Information Modelling based tools & technologies for fast and efficient RENovation of residential buildings 2018
327 NHM Night 7 NHM Researchers Night 2018
328 MOVES Migration and Modernity: Historical and Cultural Challenges 2019
329 STACCATO European Industrial Doctorate for enhancing upstream biopharmaceutical manufacturing process development through single cell analysis 2019
330 WHILYAS Wound healing ILYA-style 2018
331 EROSS European Robotic Orbital Support Services 2019
332 EO4AGRI Bringing together the Knowledge for Better Agriculture Monitoring 2018
333 EULOSAM II EUropean LOw Speed Aircraft Model at high Reynolds II 2018
334 ORTIKA Toward sustainable fashion: nettle and blueberry garments to promote sustainable development of mountain areas and to boost young talents 2018
335 DMAG Draw Me A Garden: Ground-breaking SaaS / e-commerce platform that brings expert and sustainable gardening within everyone’s reach 2018
336 ILUCIDARE International network for Leveraging sUccessful Cultural heritage Innovations and Diplomacy, cApacity building and awaREness raising 2018
337 LeanLab Next Generation Lean Lab Digital Platform combining AI, Visual Management Tools & Touch Screen Technology (LeanLab) 2018
338 MULTIPALEOIBERIA Population dynamics and cultural adaptations of the last Neandertals and first Modern humans in inland Iberia: a multi-proxy investigation 2019
339 EWGB2000 Ekowasher Graffiti Blaster - A Closed-loop system for Environmentally Optimized Cleaning and Decontamination 2018
340 Smart Cylinder Smart Cylinder: Breakthrough hydraulic solution to boost productivity, increase energy efficiency and lower emissions in heavy-duty industrial applications 2018
341 DIABFRAIL-LATAM Scaling-up of and evidence-based intervention programme in older people with Diabetes and Frailty in LatinAmerica 2019
342 eFactory European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing 2019
343 THEAC 25 From heat to cold with THEAC-25®, the Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter. 2019
344 SmartVista Smart Autonomous Multi Modal Sensors for Vital Signs Monitoring 2019
346 IE-2018-Vienna Innovative Enterprise Vienna 2018 2018
347 EVOLVE HPC and Cloud-enhanced Testbed for Extracting Value from Diverse Data at Large Scale 2018
348 GLOBE Global Governance and the European Union: Future Trends and Scenarios 2019
349 FACTA An innovative process to extend commercial bioprosthetic heart valves lifespan. 2018
350 Aladyn System Ph1 A compact and versatile kit for wireless power supply 2018
351 CLIOARCH Cliodynamic archaeology: Computational approaches to Final Palaeolithic/earliest Mesolithic archaeology and climate change 2019
352 EEN-Innovate Plus PT EEN-Innovate Plus Portugal 2019
353 EEN InnoS Journey The extended EEN innovation support service for innovative SMEs in Serbia — EEN InnoS Journey 2019
354 TEApot AI-based, Hardware-agnostic, Predictive Wi-Fi Network Management Software 2019
355 BASKAM3 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs for 2019 2019
356 AQUOLIVE Improving Aquaculture production with bioactives from olive oil processing by-products. 2019
357 EEN SACHSEN Specific activities in the context of innovation support (HORIZON 2020) in the Free State Saxony 2019 2019
358 MicroMotors The most advanced micromotors in the world 2019
359 Hearing Contacts Contact Lenses for the Ear - Invisibly providing natural hearing experience for Europe's 52 million hearing-impaired people 2019
360 4CWhite 4CWhite -The first high-precision Computer-Controlled Collarbone Cutter for Whitefish 2019
361 V-eliminator V-eliminator, innovative solution for varroa fighting 2019
363 BitBox BitBox Enterprise - Enterprise-grade Solution for Digital Assets Custody 2019
364 EGM A disruptive life-saving solution for early detection of lung edema in heart failure patients 2019
365 SteriWeed The first bioherbicide blocking germination of herbicide-resistant weeds 2019
366 ViR We are developing ground-breaking therapeutics to cure currently untreatable respiratory infections affecting children and the elderly 2019
367 SpecEMS Spectral Energy Management System for appliance-level analytics, control, and microgrid renewables trading. 2019
368 ESTRO Experimental and theoretical aSsessmenT of laminaR flow rObusteness at high mach and reynolds numbers 2019
369 RUSH AI Revolutionary Ultra-Fast System for Hot-stamping of light weight structural vehicle components with Artificial Intelligence quality control monitoring 2019
370 CyberSec4Europe Cyber Security Network of Competence Centres for Europe 2019
371 EventAI Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Platform for Managing and Optimising Event Planning 2018
372 skILL Intracellular signalling by modified lipopolysaccharide 2019
373 INSULAE Maximizing the impact of innovative energy approaches in the EU islands 2019
374 X2Rail-3 Advanced Signalling, Automation and Communication System (IP2 and IP5) – Prototyping the future by means of capacity increase, autonomy and flexible communication 2018
375 DICE Dynamic Interconnections for the Cellular Ecosystem 2019
376 SPECTO Athletics Advanced Sports Data Measurement and Analysis Solution for Athletics 2019
377 GASP GAs Stripping Phenomena in galaxies 2019
378 ROMETRANS Rome Transformed: Interdisciplinary analysis of political, military and religious regenerations of the city's forgotten quarter C1-C8 CE 2019
379 Inflapoptosis Gasdermin D is a novel effector in the extrinsic apoptosis pathway 2019
380 GreenAnt Nature of a Greenbeard Gene in the Fire Ant 2019
381 NSFTA New Strategies For Therapeutic Antibodies – Synthetic bispecific antibodies & Antibody-Drug Conjugates with controlled drug loading. General methods for unexplored ADCs and personalised therapies. 2020
382 TOPCHEM Topological Chemistry in Ternary Compunds 2019
383 CRUZIVAX Vaccine for prevention and treatment of Trypanosoma cruzi infection 2019
384 Contracts2.0 Co-design of novel contract models for innovative agri-environmental-climate measures and for valorisation of environmental public goods 2019
385 InfraStress Improving resilience of sensitive industrial plants & infrastructures exposed to cyber-physical threats, by means of an open testbed stress-testing system 2019
387 AFREELAMIDE Safe and fast control system for acrylamide in food 2019
388 SCOREwater Smart City Observatories implement REsilient Water Management 2019
389 3D DMX Demonstration in Dunkirk 2019
390 CSP ERANET Joint programming actions to foster innovative CSP solutions 2019
391 SO WHAT Supporting new Opportunities for Waste Heat And cold valorisation Towards EU decarbonization 2019
392 MRI PADS Dielectric pads for high field MRI 2019
393 GreenArc500 The first effective oil and water pre-separator, enabling clean water release and fuel efficiency onboard ships 2019
394 TSS The definitive solution to prevent fuel theft in road goods transport 2019
395 RecycLoo The water recycling bio toilets 2019
396 UDE Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for real-time diagnosis of public spaces 2019
397 DC-IR AI based software platform 2019
398 RealHands Revolutionize the way humans interact with technology 2019
399 DIABETESMART The first Clinically Validated AI-powered Diabetes Assistant 2019
400 EuConNeCts4 European Conferences on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) 2019
401 PD2PI From Postdoc to PI: Future leaders of ERA 2019
402 FibroFix FibroFix™Cartilage, an innovative implant for cartilage repair and regeneration, introducing a new paradigm in osteoarthritis (OA) treatment. 2019
403 HIGH HYDRAULIC High-efficient digitalized portable hydraulic equipment 2019
404 B-Lock The first Physical Access Control that uses uncopiable keys based on butterfly scales 2019
405 RAPTOR Research of Aviation PM Technologies, mOdelling and Regulation 2019
406 VIEW-AHEAD Virtual Image Holographic Optical Elements for Windscreens, Enabling the Next Generation of Automobile Head-up Displays 2019
408 PWS Polyurethane Window System: energy efficient monolithic windows towards Europe’s energy transition 2019
409 EpiShuttle 2.0 EpiShuttle: Isolation and Transportation of Infectious Disease Patients 2019
410 ENERZ Revolutionizing Stationary Energy Storage Cost: Go To Market Plan For Zinc-Ion Rechargeable Batteries 2019
411 pvDesign pvDesign® accelerates and optimises the Design of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic plants 2019
412 PRIMESYST PRecise Instrument MEtering SYSTem 2019
414 FREEMYCO A novel bio-controlling pre-harvest method to eliminate the mycotoxins contamination in agri-food sector 2019
415 PPB Innovative Prima system to clean and Polish Bottles 2019
416 Archimede An Archimedes-inspired sit-to-stand desk to tackle workplace sedentarism 2019
417 SECRET Exploitation of the SECRETory pathway for cancer therapy to address European research 2019
418 FEINART The Future of European Independent Art Spaces in a Period of Socially Engaged Art 2020
419 proEVLifeCycle The life cycle of extracellular vesicles in prostate cancer: from biogenesis and homing, to functional relevance 2019
420 OPTAPHI European Joint Doctorate Programme on Optical Sensing using Advanced Photo-Induced Effects 2020
422 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
423 BeMAGIC Magnetoelectrics Beyond 2020: A Training Programme on Energy-Efficient Magnetoelectric Nanomaterials for Advanced Information and Healthcare Technologies 2019
424 LEVEL-UP Protocols and Strategies for extending the useful Life of major capital investments and Large Industrial Equipment 2019
425 DEMS-Nixus Creating a new paradigm of business value creation by fostering collaboration and data sharing while minimising the cost of business transformation 2019
426 RTExD Intelligent acoustic sensor for real-time monitoring of large infrastructures 2019
427 PAROST Disruptive technology for the identification, quantification and prediction of the evolution of damages in civil engineering structures that increases safety while reducing maintenance costs. 2019
428 SENTINEL Multi-spectral remote system for real-time alarm and monitoring of natural hazards 2019
429 ETIQMEDIA Counterfeiting and Piracy will not affect to our firms in the EU any longer. 2019
430 COBRA COnversational BRAins 2020
431 DoSSIER Domain Specific Systems for Information Extraction and Retrieval 2019
432 BIOREMIA BIOfilm-REsistant Materials for hard tissue Implant Applications 2020
433 BIOEASTsUP Advancing Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy in Central and Eastern European countries: BIOEASTsUP 2019
434 perGOla The first manufacturing process to obtain reduced graphene oxide at large-scale 2019
435 INTERPRETER Interoperable tools for an efficient management and effective planning of the electricity grid 2019
436 UNLOCK-EDD UNLOCKing next generation computer-guided Enzyme Discovery and Design. 2019
437 FERTIMANURE Innovative nutrient recovery from secondary sources – Production of high-added value FERTIlisers from animal MANURE 2020
438 SHOW MOTION SHOW MOTION: Real time intelligent system for biomechanical motion and muscular diagnosis 2019
439 HYCAP New electrical energy storage device towards sustainable mobility 2019
440 OZeye Developing Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for best-quality and cost-effective live sports production and distribution 2019
441 CARLA The European Photonics CAReer LAunch Path 2020
442 PRS PRS, an industrial repair system for large series of reusable plastic articles in a circular economy 2019
443 Memorix Start Learning in 3D-Worlds with Powerful Memo-Techniques 2019
444 FIDA Scale-up of our disruptive antibody analytical platform based in flow-induced dispersion analysis (FIDA) to increase efficiency in the research of new antibodies and vaccines 2019
445 MIMY EMpowerment through liquid Integration of Migrant Youth in vulnerable conditions 2020
446 ENRIITC European Network of Research Infrastructures & IndusTry for Collaboration 2020
447 TOKEN Transformative Impact Of BlocKchain tEchnologies iN Public Services 2020
448 DEMABIS Democratizing Machine Learning for Big Series 2019
449 PRO-Ethics Participatory Real Life Experiments in Research and Innovation Funding Organisations on Ethics 2020
450 ELDICO ED ELDICO ED, Shaping the Future of Crystallography - The First Pure Electron Diffraction Equipment for Nano-Crystallography 2019
451 KlimaFacade Feasibility analysis for the development and market introduction of an innovative and multi-functional façade. 2019
452 Numii Numii: A real-time and non-invasive monitoring tool for the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders 2019
453 ImOPac GemciTest: An innovative In Vitro Diagnostic for the decision-making process of pancreatic cancer treatment 2019
454 BeFerroSynaptic BEOL technology platform based on ferroelectric synaptic devices for advanced neuromorphic processors 2020
455 RESBIOS RESponsible research and innovation grounding practices in BIOSciencies 2020
456 CASPER Certification-Award Systems to Promote gender Equality in Research 2020
457 DCPM Digitalized Clone for Personalized Medicine 2020
459 SBTech Innovative Stirring Blade Technology to increase profitability in the industry of algae culture based on CFD techniques (SBTech) 2019
461 DD-SCAN DD-SCAN – AI-based language and multimedia bias checker for corporate communication content 2019
462 DIAMONDS Diagnosis and Management of Febrile Illness using RNA Personalised Molecular Signature Diagnosis 2020
463 LONGITOOLS Dynamic longitudinal exposome trajectories in cardiovascular and metabolic non-communicable diseases 2020
464 IMOTHEP Investigation and Maturation of Technologies for Hybrid Electric Propulsion 2020
465 E-Optimum Energy leading-edge technology for high performance gear shaping machines 2020
466 PURA PURA - a chemical- free water purification and disinfection solution. 2020
467 PROSKit Prostate cancer urinary diagnostic kit based on RNA biomarkers 2020
468 INNOGAIT Innovative Reflex-based Gait Rehabilitation 2020
469 OXA Material solution for sustainable and affordable housing 2020
470 SHOW SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption 2020
471 HEAVENN Hydrogen Energy Applications for Valley Environments in Northern Netherlands 2020
472 PharmaLedger PharmaLedger 2020
473 DAN High-performance, kiosk-solution for forensic darknet analysis to gain cyber threat intelligence for companies and greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2019
474 SILENT Silent mutations in cancer 2020
475 EndoSolve A novel medical device for the treatment of Endometriosis 2021
476 TACT Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapies 2020
477 Cells in Matrix Cells in Matrix – an innovative 3D model for R&D of Diabetes 2020
478 Micro-GIFT Microrobotic Gamete/Zygote IntraFallopian Transfer 2020
479 ARENHA Advanced materials and Reactors for ENergy storage tHrough Ammonia 2020