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H2020 projects about "recovery"

The page lists 547 projects related to the topic "recovery".

# achronym  title  year 
1 P4SB P4SB – From Plastic waste to Plastic value using Pseudomonas putida Synthetic Biology 2015
2 DiViNe Sustainable downstream processing of vaccines through incorporation of nanobiotechnologies : novel affinity ligands and biomimetic membranes 2015
3 SteamBio Flexible Superheated Steam Torrefaction and Grinding of Indigenous Biomass from Remote Rural Sources to Produce Stable Densified Feedstocks for Chemical and Energy Applications 2015
4 REDMUD European Training Network for Zero-waste Valorisation of Bauxite Residue (Red Mud) 2014
5 EGSIEM European Gravity Service for Improved Emergency Management 2015
6 PRODIAS PROcessing Diluted Aqueous Systems 2015
7 TASIO Waste Heat Recovery for Power Valorisation with Organic Rankine Cycle Technology in Energy Intensive Industries 2014
8 E2VENT Energy Efficient Ventilated Façades for Optimal Adaptability and Heat Exchange enabling low energy architectural concepts for the refurbishment of existing buildings 2015
9 CASTELLANY ACCOUNTS Record-keeping, fiscal reform, and the rise of institutional accountability in late-medieval Savoy: a source-oriented approach 2015
10 PHYSFISH The Role of Physiology in the Causes and Consequences of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2015
11 PHySIS Sparse Signal Processing Technologies for HyperSpectral Imaging Systems 2015
12 ButaNexT Next Generation Bio-butanol 2015
13 VEGFDANI Novel enhancers of functional recovery after stroke 2015
14 CloseWEEE Integrated solutions for pre-processing electronic equipment, closing the loop of post-consumer high-grade plastics, and advanced recovery of critical raw materials antimony and graphite 2014
15 VAMOS ¡Viable and Alternative Mine Operating System! 2015
16 TreatRec Interdisciplinary concepts for municipal wastewater treatment and resource recovery. Tackling future challenges 2015
17 NanoHeal Nano-tailoring organo-mineral materials -Controlling strength and healing with organic molecules in mineral interfaces 2015
18 MSFF-DYN-FRAC-PR Multi-Scale Fluid Flow in DYNamically FRACtured Porous Reservoir 2015
19 ABWET Advanced Biological Waste-to-Energy Technologies 2015
20 RETRAINER REaching and grasping Training based on Robotic hybrid AssIstance for Neurological patients: End users Real life evaluation 2015
21 IMMORTAL Integrated Modelling, Fault Management, Verification and Reliable Design Environment for Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
22 GRAGE Grey and green in Europe: elderly living in urban areas 2014
23 ENF2015 EuroNanoForum 2015 2014
24 OCTAVE Objective Control for TAlker VErification 2015
25 FLEXYNETS Fifth generation, Low temperature, high EXergY district heating and cooling NETworkS 2015
26 SolDent An innovative dental implant with osteoinductive properties by means of bioactive sol-gel coating 2014
27 DeReco Feasibility Study on Decentralised Heat Recovery 2014
28 EFFGT Aurelia Turbines – proof of concept for very high efficient small gas turbine 2014
31 CUIDAR Cultures of Disaster Resilience among children and young people 2015
32 JOSPEL Low energy passenger comfort systems based on the joule and peltier effects. 2015
33 LoCO2Fe Development of a Low CO2 Iron and Steelmaking Integrated Process Route for a Sustainable European Steel Industry 2015
34 NeoGenHeritage Neotithic transition in the Iberian Peninsula: reviewing an old question from new technological and computational genome wide approaches 2015
35 CONSCRISIS Households’ Consumption during the Great Recession: A structural analysis on the role of expectations 2015
36 Woolvation Development of sheep wool blocks to be used for greenhouse cultivation 2015
37 APGAR Air Pollution, Growing brAin and cognitive disordeR in children 2015
38 IPSIBiM Improved Patient Safety through Intensive Biosignal Monitoring 2015
39 REVEAL Peering through the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to reveal geology, crustal architecture and tectonic influences on ice sheet dynamics 2015
40 PULVAD Pressure Unloading LVAD: An Explantable and Cost-Effective Bridge to Recovery in Heart Failure 2015
41 miRTurnOver Identifying genes involved in microRNA turnover in Arabidopsis 2015
42 DEGASS An experimental approach to understand inDuced sEismicity in GAS Shales 2016
43 REZONABLE Regeneration and zonation by ZEB2 of Liver Endothelium 2016
44 OptiMADMix Optimized Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion Mixing 2016
45 FUNFIT Fungal resistance to antifungals is promoted by cell heterogeneity 2015
46 SocForVul The impact of supplementary feeding on the food searching strategies and social behaviour in anendangered top scavenger 2015
47 ReconsolidationDynamics A Cross-Species Investigation of Memory Replay During Reconsolidation 2015
48 REALISM Reducing Early Atrophy with Leucine during Immobilization of Skeletal Muscle 2015
49 RoleOfNEinPerception The role of noradrenaline in human perception: from single neuron to whole brain and behavior 2015
50 PHARM AD Removal of pharmaceutical micro-pollutants from waste water by anaerobic digestion and its effect on nitrogen recovery from digestate by micro-algae. 2015
51 EPI_nanoSTIM Enabling motor control after a spinal cord injury through nanoscaled electrical 2015
52 Mubic Mushroom and biogas production in a circular economy 2015
53 InnoRenew CoE Renewable materials and healthy environments research and innovation centre of excellence (InnoRenew CoE) 2015
54 Adaptcontrol A modular and compact controller design for light electric vehicles 2015
55 CNAP HD Continuous Non-invasive diagnosis of Arterial Pressure and Hemodynamics 2015
56 Heat2Energy Demonstrating a highly-efficient and cost-effective energy conversion technology for waste heat recovery 2015
57 GT WHR system Green Turbine WHR System 2015
58 LESS Lift Energy Saving System for Residential Buildings (LESS) 2015
59 SWeetLight Suturing with Light 2015
60 ReDurComp Novel business on DURable and COMPostable products based on REcycled plastic 2015
61 GReen Desalination GReen Desalination: A closed-loop technology for full recovery of water and raw materials from the wastewater effluent 2015
62 HISER Holistic Innovative Solutions for an Efficient Recycling and Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials from Complex Construction and Demolition Waste 2015
63 Ultroslag A new integrated sustainable processing system for ‘metal from slag’ recovery with higher technical, economic, energy and environmental performance than existing recovery processes. 2014
64 MASSIVE Multinationals, Institutions and Innovation in Europe 2015
65 Poul-AR Poultry manure valorization 2014
66 POWERSTEP Full scale demonstration of energy positive sewage treatment plant concepts towards market penetration 2015
67 RESLAG Turning waste from steel industry into a valuable low cost feedstock for energy intensive industry 2015
68 BAMB Buildings as Material Banks: Integrating Materials Passports with Reversible Building Design to Optimise Circular Industrial Value Chains 2015
69 IMPROVER Improved risk evaluation and implementation of resilience concepts to critical infrastructure 2015
70 SynCatMatch MATching zeolite SYNthesis with CATalytic activity 2015
71 DIMINU Decentralised diminished mineralization incineration unit for dewatered sewage sludge lends resource efficient low-carbon electricity generation 2015
72 CliniSenz CliniSenz(TM) - A Cost-effective Biosensor for Automatic Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring 2015
73 MIGRATE Research and training network on MIniaturized Gas flow for Applications with enhanced Thermal Effects 2015
74 NewFert Nutrient recovery from biobased Waste for Fertilizer production 2015
75 US4GREENCHEM Combined Ultrasonic and Enzyme treatment of Lignocellulosic Feedstock as Substrate for Sugar Based Biotechnological Applications 2015
76 SWORD Advanced Analytics Platform for Stroke Patients Rehabilitation 2015
77 CLIPP PLUS Manufacture and commercialization of high quality recycled polyolefin films using an innovative continuous extrusion recycling process assisted by sc-CO2 for printed plastic waste 2015
78 WAVE-METAL Feasibility Study of a marketable, sustainable, innovative WAter-based high Vacuum METALlization 2015
79 LIBERATE Blood Biomarker Array Technology 2015
80 ReHeat Heat Recovery System for Professional Laundry Equipment 2015
81 Psychosystems Psychosystems:Consolidating Network Approaches to Psychopathology 2015
82 DEMOS DEMOnStrators of micro waves efficiency for agrifood industry 2015
83 STEMMING-FROM-NERVE Targeted Cell Recruitment During Organogenesis And Regeneration: Glia Makes The Tooth 2015
84 DEMOSOFC DEMOnstration of large SOFC system fed with biogas from WWTP 2015
85 Robolution Robotic Recycling Revolution 2015
86 DEPURGAN Swine-farm revolution 2015
87 iNanoEOR In-situ produced nanoparticles for enhanced oil recovery 2015
88 NeuroN Neurophysiological Biomarkers of Cortical Plasticity Induced by Neuromodulation 2015
89 DEMETER Training Network for the Design and Recycling of Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators in Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles 2015
91 SuPER-W Sustainable Product, Energy and Resource Recovery from Wastewater 2016
92 Eco-Solar Eco-Solar Factory - 40%plus eco-efficiency gains in the photovoltaic value chain with minimised resource and energy consumption by closed loop systems 2015
93 SUSPIRE Sustainable Production of Industrial Recovered Energy using energy dissipative and storage technologies 2015
94 ADIR Next generation urban mining - Automated disassembly, separation and recovery of valuable materials from electronic equipment 2015
95 REE4EU REE4EU: integrated high temperature electrolysis (HTE) and Ion Liquid Extraction (ILE) for a strong and independent European Rare Earth Elements Supply Chain 2015
96 I-ThERM Industrial Thermal Energy Recovery Conversion and Management 2015
97 REMAGHIC New Recovery Processes to produce Rare Earth -Magnesium Alloys of High Performance and Low Cost 2015
98 Indus3Es Industrial Energy and Environment Efficiency 2015
99 PERIF Perivascular cells at the crossroads of inflammation, regeneration and fibrosis 2015
100 SMART GROUND SMART data collection and inteGRation platform to enhance availability and accessibility of data and infOrmation in the EU territory on SecoNDary Raw Materials 2015
101 FOREMAT Finding a needle in a haystack: efficient identification of high performing organic energy materials 2015
102 AcTafactors AcTafactors: Tumor Necrosis Factor-based immuno-cytokines with superior therapeutic indexes 2015
103 RESSTORE REgenerative Stem cell therapy for STroke in Europe 2015
104 HTC4WASTE Up-scaling, demonstration and first market application of Loritus’ patented hydrothermal carbonisation as an eco-efficient and cost-effective organic waste processing technology 2015
105 COMRADES Collective Platform for Community Resilience and Social Innovation during Crises 2016
106 ROBOTGRAFT An integrated high throughput robot and a new multi-rootstock grafting technology to improve plant/crop yield 2015
107 METGROW PLUS Metal Recovery from Low Grade Ores and Wastes Plus 2016
108 CONNECT CarbON Nanotube compositE InterconneCTs 2016
109 ENERCOVERY Modular green-energy recovery and business model 2015
110 RESET Re-use of Thermoplastic Composite 2016
111 EXC3ITE EXploring Chemistry, Composition and Circulation in the stratosphere with InnovativeTEchnologies 2016
112 PREG-LAB Distinctive characterization of regulatory plasma cells and pro-inflammatory B cells in immunity: their origins, molecular properties, and cellular fates. 2016
113 GLINT GlucoCEST Imaging of Neoplastic Tumours 2016
114 DeTOP Dexterous Transradial Osseointegrated Prosthesis with neural control and sensory feedback 2016
115 INTMET Integrated innovative metallurgical system to benefit efficiently polymetallic, complex and low grade ores and concentrates 2016
116 VISION Validation of Integrated Safety-enhanced Intelligent flight cONtrol 2016
117 CRISP Citizenship, Recovery and Inclusive Society Partnership 2016
118 HANK European advanced exoskeleton for rehabilitation of Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) and/or spinal cord injury's patients. 2016
119 CELBICON Cost-effective CO2 conversion into chemicals via combination of Capture, ELectrochemical and BI-ochemical CONversion technologies 2016
120 MAGIC Mobile Assistance for Groups Individuals within the Community - STROKE REHABILITATION 2016
121 EXCHANGE-Risk EXperimental Computational Hybrid Assessment of Natural Gas pipelines Exposed to Seismic Risk 2016
122 TERAULTRA Terahertz Ultra-Short Pulses from Self-Induced Transparency Modelocked Quantum Cascade Lasers 2016
123 DiaMon Continuous Diaphragm Monitoring for mechanically ventilated patients 2016
124 WASTE2FUELS Sustainable production of next generation biofuels from waste streams 2016
125 PROTECT-2 PeRsonnel lOcation and Tracking for safEty of Critical InfrasTructures 2016
126 METALCLEAN New Innnovative and cost effective metal cleaning machine 2016
127 MIDES Microbial Desalination for Low Energy Drinking Water 2016
128 MOIPB Multi-modal optical imaging platform for Biology 2017
129 GoldOpera Carlo Goldoni and Europe's New Opera Theatre 2016
130 By-BM By-products for Building Materials 2016
131 NEUROTUNN Mechanisms of α-synuclein spreading, implications for synucleinopathies 2016
132 reSGulating Functional analysis of Stress Granules formation in plant adaptation to stress 2017
133 NeuralCon Connectivity in the neural control of muscles in stroke patients. 2016
134 BRIDGE Bridging the gap: The Lost Centuries of Cypriot Archaeology between Rome and the Crusaders 2016
135 PURKINJEREG Identification of cellular identities and characterization of the STAT3 signalling pathway in Purkinje cell layer regeneration 2016
136 MIGRATE Cosserat phase field modelling and simulation of viscoplasticity induced grain boundary migration and recrystallisation in metallic polycrystals 2016
137 GallBiome Characterization of the Human Gallbladder Microbiome 2016
138 STrkB The structural biology of TrkB-BDNF signalling 2017
139 AUTOREVAL Automotive Residue Valorization 2016
140 S.M.A.S. Sustainable Modular Architectural System 2016
142 GaLIophore Selective recovery of gallium from wastewaters of GaAs fabrication industry using siderophore based bisorptive biocomposites 2016
143 iTRACK Integrated system for real-time TRACKing and collective intelligence in civilian humanitarian missions 2016
144 LIQUEFACT Assessment and mitigation of liquefaction potential across Europe: a holistic approach to protect structures / infrastructures for improved resilience to earthquake-induced liquefaction disasters 2016
145 ELSi Industrial scale recovery and reuse of all materials from end of life silicon-based photovoltaic modules 2016
146 SHADOWBANKING Monetary Policy and Shadow banking: global micro-evidence from ABCPs 2016
147 TORWIRE Mechanical Behavior of Microscale Metallic Wires under Torsional and Tensile Loadings at Elevated Temperatures 2016
148 TESNinSAB Fate and Toxic Effects of Silver Nanoparticles and Its Transformation Products in Soil Applied with Biosolids 2017
149 READCELL System for the efficient and non-invasive harvesting and RElease of ADherent CELLs controlled by light 2016
150 HOW2WALKAGAIN Mechanisms of recovery after severe spinal cord injury 2016
151 WADI WADI 2016
152 INCOVER Innovative Eco-Technologies for Resource Recovery from Wastewater 2016
153 Urban_Wins Urban metabolism accounts for building Waste management Innovative Networks and Strategies 2016
154 SMART-Plant Scale-up of low-carbon footprint material recovery techniques in existing wastewater treatment plants 2016
155 GRADIENT Understanding fire, weather and land cover interactions from long-term terrestrial observations and satellite data in a north to south transect in Europe and North Africa 2016
156 SEA-More-Yield Sea-More-Yield: A Blue Biotechnology Solution for the Reduction of Pod Shatter in Bio-Oil Producing Crops 2016
157 ROUFER Eighteenth-century republicanism and the critique of commercial society: the case of Rousseau and Ferguson 2017
158 IMPERIUM IMplementation of Powertrain Control for Economic and Clean Real driving emIssion and fuel ConsUMption 2016
159 Oceanid Large-scale piloting and market maturation of a disruptive technology comprising a fully automatic survey system dramatically reducing the operational cost of handling swarms of autonomous sensornodes 2016
160 GEOPET “Ecological, sustainable and economical non woven acoustic insulating felts for automotive industry 2016
161 HyGrid Flexible Hybrid separation system for H2 recovery from NG Grids 2016
162 ECOPULPING Valorising the straw waste stream through a novel bio-mechanical process which converts 100% of the waste into three high value products including bleached paper pulp. 2016
163 Dycare Dynamic Care Solutions for clinical assessment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders 2016
164 INSPIRE Integration of Novel Stack Components for Performance, Improved Durability and Lower Cost 2016
165 OPTIMIsE Commercial feasibility of the Novio-PlainGel: a novel synthetic, reversible thermosensitive, biomimetic hydrogel for organoid-based precision medicine 2016
166 ECOOL Evaporative Cooling Technologies for dry and humid climates 2016
167 Smartphon Small - and nano - scale soft phononics 2016
168 SEEGLASS Glass Recovering Revolution: High performance Optical Sorter for glass collection from Waste 2016
169 PHOSave Innovative solution for phosphate recovery from exhausted extinguishing powders 2016
170 TENSION Targeting replication stress recovery pathways in oncology 2016
171 BrainModes Personalized whole brain simulations: linking connectomics and dynamics in the human brain 2016
172 ZMOD Blood Vessel Development and Homeostasis: Identification and Functional Analysis of Genetic Modifiers 2016
173 Polarsol Phase Two Polarsol - a disruptive hybrid heat management solution for global markets 2016
175 ABLE Air Blade Life Extension 2016
176 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2016
177 ISOBAR Cost Effective Personalised Compression Therapy for Chronic Venous Insufficiency with Accurate Pressure Delivery for Comfort and Efficacy of Treatment 2016
178 STRESNET Stress Resilience and Network-Feedback Training 2016
179 NANO-INSITU Nanoscale Chemical Reactions Studied with In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy 2016
180 Fabriscale Fabric management for the software defined data centre 2016
181 REHAP Systemic approach to Reduce Energy demand and CO2 emissions of processes that transform agroforestry waste into High Added value Products. 2016
182 DEMETER Demonstrating more efficient enzyme production to increase biogas yields 2016
183 InDIRECT Direct and indirect biorefinery technologies for conversion of organic side-streams into multiple marketable products 2016
184 InnoWEE Innovative pre-fabricated components including different waste construction materials reducing building energy and minimising environmental impacts 2016
185 SPOTVIEW Sustainable Processes and Optimized Technologies for Industrially Efficient Water Usage 2016
186 PINTA IP1 Traction TD1 and Brakes TD5 – Phase 1 2016
187 SOCRATES European Training Network for the sustainable, zero-waste valorisation of (critical) metal containing industrial process residues 2016
188 ReWaCEM Ressource recovery from industrial waste water by cutting edge membrane technologies 2016
189 NEW-MINE EU Training Network for Resource Recovery through Enhanced Landfill Mining 2016
190 NeoCel NeoCel – Novel processes for sustainable cellulose-based materials 2016
191 CuraBone Predictive models and simulations in bone regeneration: a multiscale patient-specific approach 2017
192 DryFiciency Waste Heat Recovery in Industrial Drying Processes 2016
193 TC2D 2D nanomaterials-based composite films for more efficient thermal conduction 2016
194 LOWUP LOW valued energy sources UPgrading for buildings and industry uses 2016
195 Smartrec Developing a standard modularised solution for flexible and adaptive integration of heat recovery and thermal storage capable of recovery and management of waste heat 2016
196 TORC Truck with an Organic Rankine Cycle 2016
197 WaveBoost Advanced Braking Module with Cyclic Energy Recovery System (CERS) for enhanced reliability and performance of Wave Energy Converters 2016
198 SCREEN Synergic Circular Economy across European Regions 2016
199 LINCOLN Lean innovative connected vessels 2016
200 SABANA Sustainable Algae Biorefinery for Agriculture aNd Aquaculture 2016
201 STARS Empowering Patients by Professional Stress Avoidance and Recovery Services 2017
202 E-motion Electro-motion for the sustainable recovery of high-value nutrients from waste water 2016
203 CHROMIC effiCient mineral processing and Hydrometallurgical RecOvery of by-product Metals from low-grade metal contaIning seCondary raw materials 2016
204 ALZSYN Imaging synaptic contributors to dementia 2016
206 PLATIRUS PLATInum group metals Recovery Using Secondary raw materials 2016
207 IMAGINE Robots Understanding Their Actions by Imagining Their Effects 2017
208 BrainBIT All-optical brain-to-brain behaviour and information transfer 2016
209 MAGENTA MAGnetic nanoparticle based liquid ENergy materials for Thermoelectric device Applications 2017
210 PHYSIC Photovoltaic with superior crack resistance 2017
211 INTEGRAL INitiative to bring the 2nd generation of ThermoElectric Generators into industrial ReALity 2016
212 PJ04 TAM Total Airport Management 2016
213 DEW-COOL-4-CDC Low Energy Dew Point Cooling for Computing Data Centres 2017
214 IHS water and energy efficient Induction Humidification System for textile applications 2016
215 Homer HOMER - Development of Home Rehabilitation system 2016
216 Obox A revolutionary and patented compact device that recovers the majority of the heat from waste water in residential and commercial places 2016
217 MEMPHYS MEMbrane based Purification of HYdrogen System 2017
218 beAWARE Enhancing decision support and management services in extreme weather climate events 2017
219 Heat4Cool Smart building retrofitting complemented by solar assisted heat pumps integrated within a self-correcting intelligent building energy management system. 2016
220 Cellulose recovery High quality cellulose recovery from AHP: From used diaper to coatings additive 2016
221 CHARMED Characterisation Of A Green Microenvironment And To Study Its Impact Upon Health and Well-Being in The Elderly As A Way Forward For Health Tourism. 2017
222 Cold Energy Industrialization and path to commercialization of a patented innovative industrial kit to modify COLD cycle in order to drastically reduce ENERGY consumption 2017
223 MPM Modern Pattern Matching 2017
224 NOGOPROOF Towards clinical trials for a novel treatment for stroke 2017
225 BIOROBURplus Advanced direct biogas fuel processor for robust and cost-effective decentralised hydrogen production 2017
227 QSave QUAKE SAVER: Emergency System for Door opening in any critical condition. 2017
228 CortIMod Implementation and Preliminary Validation of a Novel Noninvasive Neuromodulation Technique to Restore Hand Movement and Promote Recovery after Stroke 2016
229 SEX_FIGHT_SLEEP A model to study how social interaction modulates sleep in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster 2017
230 ACTIVEPHANTOM Active Organ Phantoms for Medical Robotics 2017
231 PCBRec PCBRec process: Waste Printed Circuit Board (WPCB) Recycling with Molten Salts 2017
232 FLYwheel Low-cost, High-efficiency FLYwheel Energy Recovery System for On-highway Commercial Vehicles 2017
233 Simecos Novel Arthritis Treatment with focus on natural Chitin Oligosaccharides 2017
234 MEAQUAS Automated and objective characterization of comminuted meat properties for valorization of high quality processed meat 2017
236 BALXPAND The HepaRG-Bio-Artificial Liver: Feasibility of commercialization and expansion of business plan 2017
237 INVESTIGERFE Investigating the regulation of iron homeostasis by erythroferrone and therapeutic applications 2017
238 HISMACITY-pro Historical Small Smart City Protocol for integrated interventions. 2017
239 GOSSAN GOethite in Supergene Systems: ANalysing trace element substitution goethite and related iron oxides and oxyhydroxides. 2017
240 CMHAlgae Multifunctional Cellulose Magnetic Hybrid (CMH) Nanomaterial for Integrating Downstream Processing of Microalgae 2017
241 AgroPHYS Understanding how plants overcome drought by controlling stomatal function: applicability and impacts on agriculture 2017
242 EXPERTISE models, EXperiments and high PERformance computing for Turbine mechanical Integrity and Structural dynamics in Europe 2017
243 SOLSTORE Solid-state reactions for thermal energy storage 2017
244 MoveAGAIN Movement restoration with Adaptive EEG And Immersive Neurofeedback 2018
245 DNCSS Decoding neural circuits controlling sleep drive and sedation 2018
246 RUBSEE Extending artificial intelligence revolution in the waste field beyond sorting 2017
247 iSave Ultrafast, scalable disaster-proof client-side backup solution 2017
248 SCARCE Sustainable Chemical Alternatives for Re-use in the Circular Economy 2017
249 ADOC Characterization and monitoring of vigilance fluctuation in disorders of consciousness 2017
250 DMS Dielectric MicroSpacer Technology 2017
251 NanoZfish Restoration of motor dysfunction in vivo through nanomaterials based devices 2017
252 ShakespeareIndia Shakespeare and Indian Cinematic Traditions 2018
253 BVCGA The BV Construction: a Geometric Approach 2017
254 FLASH Heterogeneous Effects of Fiscal Consolidation on Firms' Balance Sheets 2017
255 SEAL Sound and Early Assessment of Leakage for Embedded Software 2017
256 ENCIRCLE European Cbrn Innovation for the maRket CLuster 2017
257 REBoT Re-Empower the BOdy after Tetraplegia. 2018
258 DYNCON-ORC Dynamic performance modelling and controller design of a mini-scale organic Rankine cycle unit for heavy duty vehicles 2017
259 GEMiNI A genetic model for neurorehabilitation 2018
260 DDD Diffusive Droplet Dynamics in multicomponent fluid systems 2017
261 FALCO Financing Ambitious Local Climate Objectives 2017
262 ZERO BRINE Re-designing the value and supply chain of water and minerals: a circular economy approach for the recovery of resources from saline impaired effluent (brine) generated by process industries 2017
263 Water2REturn REcovery and REcycling of nutrients TURNing wasteWATER into added-value products for a circular economy in agriculture 2017
264 SYSTEMIC Systemic large scale eco-innovation to advance circular economy and mineral recovery from organic waste in Europe 2017
265 ECOBULK Circular Process for Eco-Designed Bulky Products and Internal Car Parts 2017
266 ITERAMS Integrated mineral technologies for more sustainable raw material supply 2017
267 AFTERLIFE Advanced Filtration TEchnologies for the Recovery and Later conversIon of relevant Fractions from wastEwater 2017
268 WATEC Development of a novel wave tidal energy converter (WATEC) to lower renewable electricity generation costs. 2017
269 ReLaDe Reusable Laundry Detergent 2017
270 Big Mac Microfluidic Approaches mimicking BIoGeological conditions to investigate subsurface CO2 recycling 2017
272 H2020_Insurance Oasis Innovation Hub for Catastrophe and Climate Extremes Risk Assessment 2017
273 FloCoS Development and Manufacturing of a Smart AFC Drive and Control System 2017
274 ACTICELL Precision confiner for mechanical cell activation 2017
275 ULTRANERVE Feasibility assessment of an all‐in‐one nerve repair and regeneration product 2017
276 EFFIKILN Development of an efficient hydro-based, waste heat extraction system for kiln rollers in ceramic tile production 2017
277 INTELLICORR Intelligent corrosion management underpinned by advanced engineering science 2017
278 LEDiR LEDiR: A Ground-breaking Manufacturing Process to Yield a Unique Prosthesis for Lumbar Endoscopic Disc Replacement 2017
279 METALLICA Metallurgical patented Process Transforming Residues from the Electronic Industry into Valuable Precious Metals 2017
280 Pydro Turbine Energy-Recovery Turbine for Water Pipes 2017
281 f-ex f-block hydrocarbon interactions: exploration; exploitation 2017
282 DEMETO Modular, scalable and high-performance DE-polymerization by MicrowavE TechnolOgy 2017
283 evapEOs2 New cold and low-energy concentration technology (evapEOs2) for liquid food products 2017
284 CRESTING CiRcular Economy: SusTainability Implications and guidING progress 2018
285 ECOMOBI Eco-friendly Modification of Bitumen (ECOMOBI). Recycling end of life tyres into an efficient bitumen modifier 2017
286 MP-ORIF Innovative biocompatible game changing material for medical implants in trauma 2017
287 COSMOS Computational Simulations of MOFs for Gas Separations 2017
288 HyFlexFuel Hydrothermal liquefaction: Enhanced performance and feedstock flexibility for efficient biofuel production 2017
289 LIFEGATE Holographic super-resolution micro-endoscopy for in-vivo applications 2017
290 MNEMONIC Magnetic Enzyme Metal Organic Framework Composites 2017
291 NEIMO Neuronal regulation of immunity 2017
292 ReUseHeat Recovery of Urban Excess Heat 2017
293 COOL DH Cool ways of using low grade Heat Sources from Cooling and Surplus Heat for heating of Energy Efficient Buildings with new Low Temperature District Heating (LTDH) Solutions. 2017
295 CLAIM Cleaning Litter by developing and Applying Innovative Methods in european seas 2017
296 BOUNCE Predicting Effective Adaptation to Breast Cancer to Help Women to BOUNCE Back 2017
297 RECOPHARMA Removal and Recovery of Pharmaceutical Persistent Pollutants from Wastewater by Selective Reagentless Process 2018
298 VegProtein Vegetable proteins: a novel source of next generation functional hydrolysates 2017
299 INSITUMUT Direct detection of cancer-causing mutations in tumour specimens 2018
300 FODEX Tropical Forest Degradation Experiment 2018
301 DISCOMPOSE Disasters, Communication and Politics in South-Western Europe: the Making of Emergency Response Policies in the Early Modern Age 2018
302 BioRECO2VER Biological routes for CO2 conversion into chemical building blocks 2018
303 FENIX Future business models for the Efficient recovery of Natural and Industrial secondary resources in eXtended supply chains contexts 2018
304 GENESIS High performance MOF and IPOSS enhanced membrane systems as next generation CO2 capture technologies 2018
305 COLLECTORS waste COLLECTiOn systems assessed and good pRacticeS identified 2017
306 ESBO DS European Stratospheric Balloon Observatory Design Study 2018
307 e.THROUGH Thinking rough towards sustainability 2018
308 UPSIDES Using Peer Support In Developing Empowering Mental Health Services 2018
309 HIPGEN Placenta-expanded adherent stromal cells (PLX-PAD) as an innovative therapy for improving recovery and survival following hip fracture arthroplasty – HIPGEN, a multicenter phase III trial 2018
310 TheyBuyForYou Enabling procurement data value chains for economic development, demand management, competitive markets and vendor intelligence 2018
311 MRP autonomous Multi-electric Recycling Process line 2017
312 CorreAssess A novel Holistic Automated Analytics System for IT infrastructure management that proactively identifies and prevent IT operational threats. 2017
313 COMPLEX-FISH Complex eco-evolutionary dynamics of aquatic ecosystems faced with human-induced and environmental stress 2018
314 INTERACTION Cloud-cloud interaction in convective precipitation 2018
315 POHP Combined waste heat recovery and compact cooling with Pyroelectric-Oscillating Heat Pipe (POHP) system for low temperature thermal to electrical energy conversion 2018
316 Magnetic Fluids A Key Enabling Technology for metals recovery and water management based on functionalized magnetic particles for galvanic industry 2018
318 ECOMESH A hybrid solar panel that maximises heat capture and electricity generatio 2018
319 Cloud Recovery A unique mobile optimised site that facilitates the recovery and restoration of deleted smart device files at the point of need, without the need for a desktop computer. 2018
320 TurboSol TurboSol: Turbo-Solar Thermal Power for Industrial Drying Processes 2018
321 ACOSVA Advanced Characterization of Organic-rich Shales using Vapour Adsorption 2018
322 EnvironMetal How does the Earth stop global warming? Using metal isotopes to understand climate recovery processes 2018
323 CitySleep SLEEP IN THE CITY: How does artificial light at night affect EEG-based measures of sleep? 2018
324 CROCODILE first of a kind commercial Compact system for the efficient Recovery Of CObalt Designed with novel Integrated LEading technologies 2018
325 DIET Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer in advanced anaerobic digestion system for gaseous transport biofuel production 2018
326 DYNaMIC DiarY by Nurses' iMplemented in the Intensive Care unit 2018
327 ECHO Harmonization of Regulation of Abusive Non-Judicial Debt Collection in the European Union: Models, Benefits and Challenges 2019
328 NeuroRemod Mechanisms of neuronal network remodeling in the adult mammalian brain 2018
329 ProLiCell Engineered Protein Nanosheets at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces for Stem Cell Expansion, Sorting and Tissue Engineering 2018
330 HYDROUSA Demonstration of water loops with innovative regenerative business models for the Mediterranean region 2018
331 NEMO Near-zero-waste recycling of low-grade sulphidic mining waste for critical-metal, mineral and construction raw-material production in a circular economy 2018
332 GOTaM Cities GOTaM Cities - Geography Of Talents in Metropolitan Cities 2019
333 SOLWARIS Solving Water Issues for CSP Plants 2018
334 NeuPES Inducing Neural Plasticity Using Electrical Stimulation Delivered by Nano-Structured Electrodes: A Critical Step Toward Post-Stroke Recovery 2018
335 M-INHIB Non-linear temporal dynamics of mutually inhibiting pyramidal cells: underlying mechanism for bi-stable perception and disambiguation 2018
336 HOPE HOminin Proteomes in human Evolution 2018
337 MIONIÑO Resolving the debate on a permanent El Niño-like state in the late Miocene: establishing equatorial Pacific conditions, driving forces and global impacts. 2019
338 MAPIC Microfluidic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Capture (MAPIC) System 2018
339 HI-PHRET High-resolution Imaging with Phase Retrieved Tomography 2019
340 Hot chips Waste heat recovery for industrial heat intensive processes 2018
341 EuroXpand EUROpean clinical validation of a new ex vivo eXpanded stem cell theraPy for cArdiac regeNeration after acute myocarDial infarction: EUROXPAND 2018
342 SALUS Portable, high-performance, and all-in-one digital data recovery lab for digital forensics to greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2018
344 ReCiPSS Resource-efficient Circular Product-Service Systems 2018
345 CyCAT Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency 2018
346 NextGen Towards a next generation of water systems and services for the circular economy. 2018
347 WasteWater Science A novel affordable, portable and autonomous wastewater treatment unit for the agriculture industry 2018
348 SMILE A smile in return 2018
349 ReHub Rehabilitation Hub: The World’s first Digital Recovery Therapy solution 2018
352 WalkHome Functional Electrical Stimulation for at Home Rehabilitation 2018
354 ALS2 AcidLess Separation 2.0 2018
355 BC SKIN Bacterial Cellulose (and)- based Skin Repair material - BC 2018
356 WASHER-CAP Demonstration of a fixation device for connective tissue 2018
357 BQ-Technology BrainQ, non-invasive, very low intensity, BCI-based frequency dependent electromagnetic field tailored treatment for neuro recovery (BQ). 2018
358 Raccoon.Recovery Raccoon.Recovery – effective mobile data driven hand rehabilitation solution 2018
359 HuBMBLES Development and commercialisation of a sustainable, energy efficient and scalable bioprocessing technology to enable sustainable cell-based manufacturing 2018
360 OxygeAte First long-lasting super-oxygenated water to promote post-exercise recovery and plant health, boosting crop yields sustainably 2018
361 CC-Coupler Integrated approach for environmentally benign C-C coupling reactions 2018
362 ExitAplasia Reg-X310: new disruptive medicine for faster exit from aplasia afetr agressive chemotherapy of hematologic malignancies 2018
363 Stibiox Innovative antimony recovery process from lead and plastics wastes. 2018
364 TriSol System A heart valve prosthesis and delivery system intended to replace damaged tricuspid valves and prevent right ventricle dysfunction 2018
365 AFISYS The new generation of Automated active Fire Protection Systems 2018
366 PerPedes PerPedes: AI-assisted therapy in stroke rehabilitation 2018
367 SMR Stroke Management through RGTA®: SMR 2018
368 CARBIDE2500 The first 2500°C industrial furnace, for higher efficiency and up to 5 times higher strength materials 2018
369 EXCornsEED Separation, fractionation and isolation of biologically active natural substances from corn oil and other side streams 2018
370 Kissmybike No more stress about bicycle theft 2018
371 SUNSET Storage energy UNit for Smart and Efficient operation on Tarmac 2018
372 UNRAVEL UNique Refinery Approach to Valorise European Lignocellulosics 2018
373 PANDA The Game Changer of Physiotherapy towards Arthrosis Prevention 2018
374 WOUNDCOM Interactive biomembranes for wound management – exploiting the unique wound healing and antimicrobial properties of human collagen VI 2018
375 REFIND Remote strategies for fossil finding: multispectral images and species distributional modelling applications for large-scale palaeontological surveys. 2018
376 REFLOW Phosphorus REcovery for FertiLisers frOm dairy processing Waste 2019
377 ARTTOUCH Generating artificial touch: from the contribution of single tactile afferents to the encoding of complex percepts, and their implications for clinical innovation 2019
378 DRALOD Renewables-based drying technology for cost-effective valorisation of waste from the food processing industry 2018
379 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2018
380 CIRMET Innovative and efficient solution, based on modular, versatile, smart process units for energy and resource flexibility in highly energy intensive processes 2018
381 PREFE This proposal is about PREFEapp, an innovative mobile app that aims at cutting food waste at its roots thanks to the cooperation of final consumers, municipal undertakings and LSRT players. 2018
382 BAMBOO Boosting new Approaches for flexibility Management By Optimizing process Off-gas and waste use 2018
383 REWATERGY Sustainable Reactor Engineering for Applications on the Water-Energy Nexus 2019
384 REVFAIL FAILURE: Reversing the Genealogies of Unsuccess, 16th-19th centuries 2019
385 CONVERGE CarbON Valorisation in Energy-efficient Green fuels 2018
386 DeltaScan Public private partnership to revolutionize delirium care in hospitals 2018
387 BIO - PHOENIX Biologically Inspired Complex Software System Reconstruction at Near Extinction States 2019
388 CEWASTE Voluntary certification scheme for waste treatment 2018
389 PreMa Energy efficient, primary production of manganese ferroalloys through the application of novel energy systems in the drying and pre-heating of furnace feed materials. 2018
390 ENDURUNS Development and demonstration of a long-endurance sea surveying autonomous unmanned vehicle with gliding capability powered by hydrogen fuel cell 2018
391 WoodZymes Extremozymes for wood based building blocks: From pulp mill to board and insulation products 2018
392 SULTAN European Training Network for the remediation and reprocessing of sulfidic mining waste sites 2018
393 iCAREPLAST Integrated Catalytic Recycling of Plastic Residues Into Added-Value Chemicals 2018
394 SETWATER Surface Engineering for Thermal Water Separation 2019
395 FitteR-CATABOLIC Survival of the Fittest: On how to enhance recovery from critical illness through learning from evolutionary conserved catabolic pathways 2018
396 3D-PXM 3D Piezoresponse X-ray Microscopy 2019
397 VALUEWASTE Unlocking new VALUE from urban bioWASTE 2018
398 NUTRIMAN Nutrient Management and Nutrient Recovery Thematic Network 2018
399 MMAtwo Second generation Methyl MethAcrylate (MMAtwo) 2018
400 SUPERCOOL Superelastic Porous Structures for Efficient Elastocaloric Cooling 2019
401 PVadapt Prefabrication, Recyclability and Modularity for cost reductions in Smart BIPV systems 2018
403 BioFlex Second life of wood: technology to dissolve waste wood to get raw materials 2018
404 HYDROSOL-beyond Thermochemical HYDROgen production in a SOLar structured reactor:facing the challenges and beyond 2019
405 THEAC 25 From heat to cold with THEAC-25®, the Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter. 2019
406 INTERACT Modelling the neuromusculoskeletal system across spatiotemporal scales for a new paradigm of human-machine motor interaction 2019
407 NoLiMiTs Novel Lifesaving Magnetic Tentacles 2019
408 SINSTRO Unique approach to improving neurological function after stroke with SIN020 2019
409 MataDOR Medium Density Fibreboard Recovery 2019
410 NEUROPRECISE Precision medicine in traumatic brain injury using individual neurosteroid response 2019
411 PREMUS Preservation and Efficacy of Music and Singing in Ageing, Aphasia, and Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
413 P2L Innovative Acrylic(PMMA- Polymethyl methacrylate) Recycling Technology Complying with Regulations 2019
414 BASKAM3 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs for 2019 2019
415 NOWELTIES Joint PhD Laboratory for New Materials and Inventive Water Treatment Technologies. Harnessing resources effectively through innovation 2019
416 PROTONMBRT Spatial fractionation of the dose in proton therapy: a novel therapeutic approach 2019
417 Racefox Making better runners & cross-country skiers by real-time AI coaching 2019
418 ReHaptix Easy-to-use and highly accurate medical software for quantitative assessment of impairments in neurologically injured people. 2019
419 SRRP A disruptive pre-assembled Self-Regenerating solvent Recovery Plant based on the vapor recompression principle in order to diminish the emission of volatile organic compounds to environment. 2019
420 PassiveShowerEcoTray The First Energy Saving Shower Tray with Graphene 2019
421 DIGESTAIR A novel anaerobic DIGESTer solution in AIR transport for on-board safe and efficient waste management 2019
422 RecoverInFlame T cell-driven inflammatory mechanisms promote recovery after acute brain injury 2018
423 BD-KNEE Big Data driven personalized knee replacement 2019
424 E-Waste Challenge Tackling the Electronic Waste Challenge in Emerging Economies 2019
425 LHP-C-H-PLATE-4-DC A Novel Loop-Heat-Pipe (LHP)-based Data Centre Heat Removal and Recovery System Employing the Micro-channels Cold/Hot Plates 2019
426 PHAS Development of a new generation of bioengineered bandages 2019
427 RECaPHOS Development of an innovative sustainable process for simultaneous sewage sludge fluidized bed combustion and REcovery of PHOsphorus in a Ca bed 2019
428 PAVITRA GANGA Unlocking wastewater treatment, water re-use and resource recovery opportunities for urban and peri-urban areas in India 2019
429 ECLIPSE Towards Efficient Production of Sustainable Solar Fuels 2019
430 SO-ReCoDi Spectral and Optimization Techniques for Robust Recovery, Combinatorial Constructions, and Distributed Algorithms 2019
431 ConscBreathDynamics Breathing dynamics in health and disease: how consciousness shape respiratory patterns 2020
432 ReMedIt Between rediscovery and recreation: Renaissance accounts of medieval Italian vernacular literary tradition (1476-1530) 2019
433 AGENT Ancient genetics (AGENT): Capturing signatures of nutrient stress tolerance from extant landraces to unlock the production potential of marginal lands 2020
434 BioFlot Critical metal recovery from industrial wastewater by bioflotation using surface active siderophores 2019
435 InnoDAF Innovative model-based design and operational optimization of Dissolved Air Flotation 2019
436 FISHSCALE Disentangling Cross-Scale Drivers of Coral Reef Fish Community Structure for Ecosystem-Based Management 2020
437 DISCONNECTOME Brain connections, Stroke, Symptoms Predictions and Brain Repair 2019
438 INDIA-H2O bIo-mimetic and phyto-techNologies DesIgned for low-cost purficAtion and recycling of water 2019
439 PHOENIX Electrical Power System’s Shield against complex incidents and extensive cyber and privacy attacks 2019
440 SATIE Security of Air Transport Infrastructure of Europe 2019
441 SAPPAN Sharing and Automation for Privacy Preserving Attack Neutralization 2019
442 FASTER First responder Advanced technologies for Safe and efficienT Emergency Response 2019
443 SLIPPED Maintenance and relapse in long-term desistance from crime and recovery from addiction 2019
444 nIoVe A Novel Adaptive Cybersecurity Framework for the Internet-of-Vehicles 2019
446 FORPRAL Forbidden Prayers Library. Shaping Private Piety in Counter-Reformation Europe (16th-18th) 2020
447 ComAlive Diagnosis, prediction, communication and rehabilitation for patients with disorders of consciousness 2019
448 4F4REJUVENGLIA 4F-induced rejuvenation of glia into neural stem cells for brain repair 2019
449 RADIOFREPOLIS An Innovative and Energy-Efficient Radio Frequency Pretreatment on Emerging Micropollutants and Transformation Products in Anaerobic Sludge Digestion for Waste Reuse 2019
450 TOPIS-BioCirc Integrating torrefaction of pulp and paper industry sludge with microbial conversion: A new approach to produce bioenergy carriers and biochemicals in a view of bio and circular economy. 2020
451 SuperVGE Supersonic Variable Geometry Turbine Expanders for High-Efficiency, High Temperature, Organic Rankine Cycle Applications 2019
452 REMAKIN REstoring myocardial repair capacity via the modulation of MAcrophage-mediated cytoKINe secretion. 2019
453 Bone3Dmatch Patient specific biomimetic materials for bone regeneration 2019
454 MindCare AutoMatic and Personalized Mental HealthCare Solution 2019
455 SensoDream Smart Mattress for Babies 2019
456 Help4ME Evidence-based probiotic for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 2019
457 Hyalcis Hyaluronic-Cisplatin Film for Implant in Malignant Mesothelioma Recurrence 2019
458 BREEDER Adaptative laboratory experiment at industrial scale 2019
459 MOBILISE-D Connecting digital mobility assessment to clinical outcomes for regulatory and clinical endorsement 2019
460 ION4RAW Ionometallurgy of primary sources for an enhanced raw materials recovery 2019
461 NONTOX Removing hazardous substances to increase recycling rates of WEEE, ELV and CDW plastics 2019
462 BIORECOVER Development of an innovative sustainable strategy for selective biorecover of critical raw materials from Primary and Secondary sources 2019
463 RISE Real-time Earthquake Risk Reduction for a Resilient Europe 2019
464 TARANTULA Recovery of Tungsten, Niobium and Tantalum occurring as by-products in mining and processing waste streams 2019
465 3D DMX Demonstration in Dunkirk 2019
466 Triple-A Enhancing at an Early Stage the Investment Value Chain of Energy Efficiency Projects 2019
467 EMB3Rs User-driven Energy-Matching & Business prospection tool for industrial Excess heat/cold Reduction, Recovery and Redistribution 2019
468 CoReco Cost competitive process for recycling Cobalt from end of life Li-ion batteries 2019
469 HEMOSNOW HEMOSNOW: A revolution in haemostatic technology to stop bleeding in delicate surgery and enhance patient recovery 2019
470 MOWA A novel, modular, smart and patient-centred Ankle-Foot-Orthosis design and production process 2019
471 PERISCOPE Perioperative infection prediction 2019
472 ZeNewCardio ZeNewCardio: Discovering Heart Regeneration Therapies Through Zebrafish 2019
473 InsoFeet Cutting-edge insoles with advanced characteristics for medical and sports applications 2019
474 VELLO CMC VELLO BIKE+ Connected Multimodal Commuting for Greener Cities 2019
475 CTI A novel, efficient and minimally invasive medical procedure to treat anastomotic leakage during colorectal cancer surgery. 2019
476 mRNAstress Investigating the molecular mechanisms of translational reprogramming during cellular stress 2020
477 ROAR Role of endocycle in Acute Kidney Injury Response and Chronic Kidney Disease development 2019
478 EPSTech Elevated Pressure Sonication (EPS) for the non-thermal processing of new Extended Shelf Life products for adding value in the Dairy industry 2019
479 ReSurg Realistic, accessible, and affordable models for surgical education 2019
480 REMAT A new patented technology to turn currently non-recyclable waste into recyclable composite products for a truly circular economy 2019
481 ALSEOS Technology to turn waste from rapeseed oil production into valuable food protein. 2019
484 PANTROP Biodiversity and recovery of forest in tropical landscapes 2019
485 NANOELAST Next-Generation Urinary Catheters for Preventing Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections: Emphasis on Antibiotic Resistance 2019
486 Dyneelax The world’s first automated laximetry device that replicates daily movements and activities through a dynamic test. 2019
487 DATACONTROL DataControl: Reliable, Secure and Comprehensive cloud backup as a service solution 2019
488 REAL local Renewable-based Energy Autonomy from the transformation of solid recovery fueL 2019
489 ADDEGE Dramatically improving chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis using an active steering telescopic microcatheter device in conjunction with a new ultra-low friction hydrophilic coating 2019
490 Salmino Regaining health through Salmon discards 2019
491 NanoPhosTox Nanocomposite Engineered Particles for Phosphorus Recovery and Toxicological Risk Assessment for the Aquatic Environment 2020
492 VALUE-RUBBER Recycling technology to introduce rubber from End-of-Life Tyres into production lines as virgin rubbers substitute 2019
493 LightCatcher Scalable energy efficiency modules integrating both energy recovery and passive cooling systems for the solar photovoltaic industry 2019
494 CognitiVRehab Cognitive neurorehabilitation with virtual reality 2019
495 Cortx Intelligent debt recovery platform. 2019
496 PROVA Pitot probe for non-ideal compressible flows of organic fluids for renewable energy applications 2019
497 TEEMothyTS Simulator Commercialization of simulator for interventional echocardiography, specializing in the field of minimally invasive medical therapies. 2019
498 CCIMC Coordination chemistry inspires molecular catalysis 2020
499 ASCenSIon Advancing Space Access Capabilities - Reusability and Multiple Satellite Injection 2020
500 AACCT Advanced Atmospheric Carbon Capture Technology 2019
501 S2IGI Integrated Fire Management System 2019
502 Saraswati 2.0 Identifying best available technologies for decentralized wastewater treatment and resource recovery for India 2019
503 DOC-Stim Communication and rehabilitation for people with Disorders of consciousness via Brain-Computer Interfaces 2020
504 StopAddict The game changer drug to cure alcohol use disorders 2019
505 PexyEazy PexyEazy® - an innovative surgical device for treatment of haemorrhoids. 2019
506 INTERPRETER Interoperable tools for an efficient management and effective planning of the electricity grid 2019
507 REBOOT Resource efficient bio-chemical production and waste treatment 2020
508 FERTIMANURE Innovative nutrient recovery from secondary sources – Production of high-added value FERTIlisers from animal MANURE 2020
509 GeoHex Advanced material for cost-efficient and enhanced heat exchange performance for geothermal application 2019
510 RECYCLES Recovering carbon from contaminated matrices by exploiting the nitrogen and sulphur cycles 2020
511 EcoStock Mobile thermal energy storage based on recycled ceramics 2019
512 3DScavengers Three-dimensional nanoscale design for the all-in-one solution to environmental multisource energy scavenging 2020
513 SAFE-CAB Laser-Assisted Surgical System to Revolutionize Cardiac Bypass Surgeries 2019
514 CoFBAT Advanced material solutions for safer and long-lasting high capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for stationary storage applications 2019
515 SynLink Molecular Structure and Engineering of Synaptic Organizer Proteins in Health and Disease 2020
516 ALPHA Assessing Legacies of Past Human Activities in Amazonia 2020
517 TeNDER affecTive basEd iNtegrateD carE for betteR Quality of Life 2019
519 polyBioMetal Polymer Biotechnological Metallization 2019
520 FOODWATERH2020 Water treatment and reuse technology based on constant water quality monitoring thanks to multi-censoring and AI-Deep Learning software for the Food Industry 2019
521 PLAST2bCLEANED PLASTtics to be CLEANED by sorting and separation of plastics and subsequent recycling of polymers, bromine flame retardants and antimony trioxide 2019
522 IMSquared Immersive Metaphoric Experiences for Well-Being 2020
523 P4 Plight of Pelagic Primary Producers in a Changing Marine Environment 2020
525 HAROLBIO 2.0 Sustainable bio-lubricants for green metalwork industry applications 2019
526 SmartGUIDE SmartGUIDE - Enabling a New Standard of Care Through a Smart Guidewire Device to Fight Stroke and Save Lives 2019
527 ICone ICone: a novel device to scale up robotic rehabilitation and unlock the potential of motor recovery for stroke survivors. 2019
528 DigiPrime Digital Platform for Circular Economy in Cross-sectorial Sustainable Value Networks 2020
529 HyResponder European Hydrogen Train the Trainer Programme for Responders 2020
530 INNOGAIT Innovative Reflex-based Gait Rehabilitation 2020
531 SGPR Development of a breakthrough spectral ground-penetrating radar revolutionizing sub-surface analysis across industries 2020
532 PICSOHF PICSOHF, A minimally invasive cardiac intervention medical device to regenerate a damaged heart and extend the life of patients with Heart Failure 2020
534 AIMed Antimicrobial Integrated Methodologies for orthopaedic applications 2020
535 TradeRES Tools for the Design and modelling of new markets and negotiation mechanisms for a ~100% Renewable European Power Systems 2020
536 RRTB Recovery and Return-To-Base European Reusable Micro-Launcher Project 2020
537 ImpHandRehab The development and validation of a hand-based stroke rehabilitation product 2020
538 BASKAM4 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs for 2020-2021 2020
539 ICE_PACK Polymer Materials for Cryogenic Storage and Distribution of Biologics 2020
540 SOLVE Stratospheric Ozone Loss from Volcanic Eruptions 2021
541 SWaG Freshwater production from seawater and atmospheric moisture enabled by a solar-driven water generator 2020
542 PSust-MOF Metal-Organic Frameworks as multifunctional materials toward P-sustainability 2020
543 Photo2Bio Photo-Organocatalytic CO2 Valorisation into Bioactive Added-Value Molecules 2020
544 MinusMicro Biopolymer Assisted Remediation of Microplastics from Fresh and Saline Water Environments using an Integrated Technology of Coagulation-Ultrasonication/Cavitation 2020
545 OMR X-Ray Fluorescence, Shape recognition & Machine Learning for Efficient and Economic Recycling of Mixed Metals from Co-mingled Waste. 2020
546 MICROSCOPE Molecular dIffusion of organiCs in secondaRy Organic aeroSols and impaCts On Particle chEmistry 2020
547 ALGALVANISE ALGAL biorefinery of biogas digestate to high VAlue fuNctional IngredientS through circular approachEs 2020