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# achronym  title  year 
1 VIROGENESIS Virus discovery and epidemic tracing from high throughput metagenomic sequencing 2015
2 REGAIN REgeneration of inner ear hair cells with GAmma-secretase INhibitors to regain hearing in patients with sensorineural hearing loss 2015
3 CoqHoTT Coq for Homotopy Type Theory 2015
4 EyeRegen Engineering a scaffold based therapy for corneal regeneration 2015
5 OCT4IOL Optical Coherence Tomography for Intraocular Lenses 2015
6 EPIMAC The next generation epigenetic medicine for inflammation 2015
7 List_MAPS Training and research in Listeria monocytogenes Adaptation through Proteomic and Transcriptome deep Sequencing Analysis 2015
8 BonePain European Training Network on Bone Pain 2015
9 GreenBubbles Green Bubbles RISE for sustainable diving 2015
10 OrganiCity OrganiCity – Co-creating smart cities of the future 2015
11 MMT MMT will deliver a language independent commercial online translation service based on a new open-source machine translation distributed architecture 2015
12 Financial Transparency Platform for the Public Sector 2015
13 Learn Learning From Failing and Passing Executions At the Speed of Internet 2015
14 3D-LEAP 3 Dimensional Light Sensor for Advanced Portable Devices 2014
15 QFast2 Fast Multitarget Pathogen Detection Platform Traceable within a Quality Assurance System 2014
16 Smartick Games Smartick games. Augmented math learning. 2014
17 ECAMMETT Early Cenozoic Asian Monsoons: Mechanisms and Evolution Through Time 2015
18 MoStMusic Models of Structure in Music 2016
19 Mycena Unraveling the ecology of a widespread fungal group by genomic, isotopic and physiological analyses 2015
20 OsciLEDs New Disruptive Platform Technology for Water Treatment and Process Intensification 2015
22 EGRET European Glaucoma Research Training Program 2015
23 LacDetect A truly-rapid, one-minute test system for the dairy industry to assess raw milk quality, detect sub-clinical mastitis and monitor udder health, reducing antibiotic usage and environmental impact 2015
24 MeshAnalyzer Analysis Tool for Mesh Design of Leading Edge Design of Integrated Circuits 2015
25 AB ENGINE Advanced Back end as a service Engine 2015
26 SMILE Slimming MIcroaLgae Extract : Development of a new highly effective microalgae-based slimming ingredient for nutraceutical applications 2015
27 SUMOblock Blocking SUMO conjugation as drug discovery strategy. 2015
28 SMASH SMASH, SMArt SHaring device for mobility 2015
29 IRIS-1 IRIS Feasibility Study – Phase 1 2015
30 Delirium Monitor Objective delirium detection with an innovative EEG-based spot monitor 2015
31 PREKIND PreEclampsia diagnosis by Early Kidney Injury Detection 2015
32 OSS OpenSMESearch (OSS) 2015
33 BDoSM Big Data of Small Molecules 2015
35 ADD-ON A demonstration plant of enhanced biogas production with Add-On technology 2015
36 SEEABLE An Innovative ICT Solution for Providing Bespoke Safety and Health Training to Workers in the Construction and Transportation Sectors. 2015
37 PIGRISK Investigation into emerging, evolving or novel viruses of swine in respiratory, reproductive and enteric pathologies: horizon scanning for risks to swine health and food security 2016
38 iTampon Intimate, home-diagnostic tools for women 2015
39 RealValue Realising Value from Electricity Markets with Local Smart Electric Thermal Storage Technology 2015
40 Lingvist Lingvist - the next generation language-learning software 2015
41 CosMyFY A new Business Model for the Natural Cosmetic market 2015
42 Profile Infection Unraveling changes in cellular gene expression during viral infection 2015
43 E-SPACE European Standardised Process Approach to Cognitive Evaluation in older people 2016
44 ToothPic ToothPic, a large-scale camera identification system based on compressed fingerprints 2015
45 RABIOPRED RABIOPRED - Clinical validation of BIOmarker assay to PREDict treatment response in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients 2015
46 SWORD Advanced Analytics Platform for Stroke Patients Rehabilitation 2015
47 AutArt Clinical validation of the AutArt rheumatoid arthritis diagnostic device 2015
48 DERMAE Clinical research for the validation of a non-invasive medical imaging device for dermatological diagnoses 2015
49 FCL Upgrading a commercially-available Fault Current Limiter to a more cost-effective device for enabling additional capacity and improving energy efficiency, by limiting destructive fault currents 2015
50 ASICA New constraints on the Amazonian carbon balance from airborne observations of the stable isotopes of CO2 2015
51 CARVE Clean Air - Reduce Vehicle Emissions 2015
52 NoMaD The Novel Materials Discovery Laboratory 2015
53 PRINTCR3DIT Process Intensification through Adaptable Catalytic Reactors made by 3D Printing 2015
54 EGRET-Plus European Glaucoma Research Training Program-Plus 2016
55 ELIXIR-EXCELERATE ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: Fast-track ELIXIR implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences. 2015
56 StableVax Commercialisation of a world changing invention for the stabilisation and delivery of vaccines 2015
57 REGMAMKID How to regenerate the mammalian kidney 2015
58 AMPLify Allocation Made PracticaL 2016
59 CAMUT Culture Aware Music Technologies 2015
60 ARRAY SEQ Array-tagged single cell gene expression by parallel linear RNA amplification and sequencing 2015
61 NEWROFEED Personalized medical device for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD based on EEG biomarkers and Neurofeedback Training 2015
62 e-Safe Novel low-cost ground penetrating radar system for safe, simple and swift detection of all utilities piping and cabling located underground 2015
63 Q-Bot Fast and economic insulation of buildings using robotic systems 2015
64 its4land Geospatial technology innovations for land tenure security in East Africa 2016
65 REMOSIS A novel smart trap station as an Internet of Things surveillance solution to remotely count and identify the species of disease-carrying mosquitoes 2016
66 BREATHE EasyFlow: New asthma monitor to enable the effective control of asthma 2015
67 TACTICS Transferring Activomics into the Clinical Setting 2015
68 RapidBact Innovative Business Models for a new Integrated Rapid Microbial Pathogen Tester 2016
69 IMERSO IMERSO - Virtual Reality System 2015
70 HIGHER HIGHER: “High performance Engine for Light Sport Aircraft 2015
71 DuoTrainer New robotic medical device for autonomous, home-based gait neurorehabilitation and weight-bearing leg exercise, aimed at adults with loss of standing and walking function 2015
72 DILITEST Diagnosis and Exclusion of Drug-Induced Liver Injury by using Patient Blood Samples (DILITEST) 2015
73 FREEZEMUD Demonstration and development of the next generation technology for environmental dredging based on an innovative and energy-efficient freeze technology 2015
74 Fornax Galaxy evolution in dense environments 2016
75 LoadSEC Helping Europe's infrastructure to draw up with Europes increasing economic performance! Sutstainable and easy load securing! 2016
76 H2020MM04 DC-based immunotherapy to treat Malignant Mesothelioma 2016
77 CIVILWARS Social Dynamics of Civil Wars 2016
78 CoVeCe Coinduction for Verification and Certification 2016
79 SPEXOR Spinal Exoskeletal Robot for Low Back Pain Prevention and Vocational Reintegration 2016
80 SETA SETA: An open, sustainable, ubiquitous data and service ecosystem for efficient, effective, safe, resilient mobility in metropolitan areas 2016
82 LUCA Laser and Ultrasound Co-Analyzer for thyroid nodules 2016
83 CARDIALLY Capturing and quantitative analysis of multi-scale multi-channel diagnostic data. 2015
84 STEP2DYNA Spatial-temporal information processing for collision detection in dynamic environments 2016
85 SCODEV Scooping Device for Aerial Forest Fire Suppressant 2016
86 ARREST BLINDNESS Advanced Regenerative and REStorative Therapies to combat corneal BLINDNESS 2016
87 FUTURA FUTUre RAil freight transport: cost-effective, safe, quiet and green! 2016
88 SecureCloud Secure Big Data Processing in Untrusted Clouds 2016
89 BATH A Probe for Environment Properties in Open Quantum Systems: Accessing Spectral Densities with Multi-Dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy 2017
90 Yamnomics Phylogenomics, evolution, biogeography and key traits for breeders in yams (Dioscorea, Dioscoreaceae) 2017
91 GREinGC General Relativistic Effect in Galaxy Clustering as a Novel Probe of Inflationary Cosmology 2016
92 nCell an advanced thermal insulating material with improved properties based on NanoCELLular polymers 2016
93 BIGCODE Learning from Big Code: Probabilistic Models, Analysis and Synthesis 2016
94 MICRO4BEE A sustainable organic solution for bees decline 2016
95 HEAT-SHIELD Integrated inter-sector framework to increase the thermal resilience of European workers in the context of global warming 2016
96 Hidden Galleries Creative Agency and Religious Minorities: ‘hidden galleries’ in the secret police archives in 20th Century Central and Eastern Europe 2016
97 EnerTwin EnerTwin: A different approach to micro CHP 2016
98 CollBioImag Development of a cell-based system for high-throughput screening of antifibrotics 2016
99 CharmingAntimatter Measurement of charm matter-antimatter asymmetries 2017
100 ElectroMAD The Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation: a sensitive and objective approach to identify early cognitive markers of AD 2016
101 NEBU-ONE NEBU-ONE : A revolutionary method for anatomic pathology slides staining 2016
102 eoFRESH Earth Observation freshwater monitoring services 2016
103 BOOST Biomimetic trick to re-balance Osteblast-Osteoclast loop in osteoporoSis treatment: a Topological and materials driven approach 2016
104 VIBRANT-BIO High-throughput vibrational fingerprinting by nanoplasmonics for disease biology 2017
105 IdrSeq Discovery and characterization of functional disordered regions and the genes involved in their regulation through next generation sequencing 2016
106 CHIKV-FBDD Structural investigation into functionality of Chikungunya virus nsP2 in replication complex and screening of small molecules for its inhibition 2016
107 MYCLASS Towards prevention, early diagnosis, and noninvasive treatment of uterine leiomyomas through molecular classification 2016
108 FLIPT FLow Induced Phase Transitions, A new low energy paradigm for polymer processing 2016
109 SOS Jelly An advanced biological remedy against jellyfish stings 2016
110 UTFebSMEApp UniTuition – Using internet technologies to upgrade and optimize inefficient university tutoring markets. 2016
111 OBP One Business Place 2016
112 Dycare Dynamic Care Solutions for clinical assessment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders 2016
113 SmartWASTE Smart logistics for WASTE and recycling operations in European cities 2016
114 ASCEMA ASCEMA: Content Aware Technology for IP Protection in Supply Chains 2016
115 pocL-CI A lab-on-chip platform for blood cell counting and identification at the point-of-care 2016
116 MAGELLAN MAGELLAN. The World, Your Playground! 2016
117 Persia and Babylonia Persia and Babylonia: Creating a New Context for Understanding the Emergence of the First World Empire 2017
118 StemHealth Foetal Intestinal Stem Cells in Biology and Health 2016
119 RespeCT Respiratory Disease Screening with Dark-Field Computed Tomography 2016
120 PicoCB Exploring the Chemical Biology of Sequence Space via Picoliter Droplets 2016
121 SMARTICK Disruptive learning through the integration of mathematics and cognitive trainining 2016
122 ScanZ Digital acne assessment tool enabling acne diagnosis in cost and time efficient way 2016
124 PemredTech Innovative Particle Emissions Reduction device for internal combustion engines, facilitating compliance with the present and future automotive particle emissions regulations. 2016
125 Quality2Cells TimeLapseReader for Quality Control of Immune Cells used for Cell-Based Therapies 2016
126 GREATMILLING Gentle Rice Separation Technology for Smallholder Milling 2016
127 SmarTrip SMARt platform to optimise TRIP management 2016
128 Ufloor Suspended timber floor insulation project 2016
129 PDZnet Unraveling Principles of PDZ-mediated Cell Signaling 2016
130 BactInd Bacterial cooperation at the individual cell level 2016
131 Tech4Freedom 2.0 Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired and other Disabilities 2016
132 OPTOACOUSTOGENETICS Hybrid Volumetric Optoacoustic-Ultrasound Tomography for Noninvasive Large-Scale Recording of Brain Activity with High Spatiotemporal Resolution 2016
133 EYEGET Gene therapy of inherited retinal diseases 2017
134 PHA-ST-TRAIN-VAC Leveraging Pharmaceutical Sciences and Structural Biology Training to develop 21st Century Vaccines 2016
135 COSMIC-DANCE Unraveling the origin of the Initial Mass Function 2016
136 EMODI Epithelial resistance modulation to treat disease 2016
137 RAM RAM is a revolutionary magneto-optical technology platform, outperforming current solutions in accuracy, cost, and time to diagnosis, when assessing human blood cells for Malaria presence 2016
138 TrafficWise Transforming Cellular Network Data Into the Next Generation of Mobility Management Platform 2016
139 SEED Supporting the Recognition of the Silver Economy in Europe in the Digital Era 2016
140 DeeBMED Deep learning and Bayesian inference for medical imaging 2016
141 SOLUS Smart optical and ultrasound diagnostics of breast cancer 2016
142 SHOTL A shared mobility On-Demand Service 2016
143 SCRAMJET Empowering Business Flights 2016
144 CAASD Cracking the Pitch Code in Music and Language: Insights from Congenital Amusia and Autism Spectrum Disorders 2016
145 KAROS KAROS – Integration of a dynamic and predictive short distance carpooling offer into route planner services 2017
146 OCTOLY REVIEWS Plugin A revolutionary Influencer Marketing solution that creates a new sales channel for SMEs and self-employment opportunities for Social Media influencers 2017
147 FORMAT FORMAT: a novel medium FOr Revolutionizing stem cell MAnufacturing Technologies 2017
148 BYPASSWITHOUTSURGERY Reaching the effects of gastric bypass on diabetes and obesity without surgery 2017
149 BrainInBrain Neural circuits underlying complex brain function across animals - from conserved core concepts to specializations defining a species’ identity 2017
150 SynchroSelf Harnessing reversibility of peptide Self-Assembly processes to Synchronise Extracellular Matrix substitutes with cellular driven tissue reconstruction 2016
151 VIVAVE Viral Vaccine Vectors in Personalized Medicine 2017
152 DEEPVIEW High accuracy error detection in curved (prismatic) surfaces at high manufacturing speed 2017
153 NANO-GROWTH An innovative, non-invasive and de-risked system to enable the transdermal delivery of fragile therapeutic compounds for a better management of painful diseases 2017
154 DroneHopper DroneHopper: an innovative solution for firefighting through remote-controlled aircrafts. 2017
155 PEA Aluminium Portable Element Analyser 2016
156 Satway Pro SATWAY Pro. The Reliable and Affordable Satellite Messaging Service. 2017
157 SIRENA An emancipation device to increase mobility for disabled people 2017
158 smartFEEsh Smart FEEding Systems for Hatcheries: Automatic central feeding system of live food and microdiets for farmed fingerlings 2017
159 STONECULT Do early stone tools indicate a hominin ability to accumulate culture? 2017
160 BACCO Bias and Clustering Calculations Optimised: Maximising discovery with galaxy surveys 2017
161 VisionBot Innovative and Affordable Pick and Place Robots with 10µm high mechanical accuracy and Advanced Computer Vision Algorithms for automatic electronics assembly manufacturing 2017
162 WECARMON Wearable Cardiorespiratory Monitor 2017
163 InstantScope Development of high-resolution, high-throughput microscopy 2017
164 RapidDiag Development of a compatible nanoparticle based rapid and sensitive diagnostic platform for microbial infections 2017
165 NET Nanoreactivity at drastically Extended Timescales 2017
166 OF vacancy Expert in selective/genetic breeding 2017
167 PhySense Physarum Sensor: Biosensor for Citizen Scientists 2017
168 AFRI-SKYFOR African Sky Forests: services, threats and management recommendations 2017
169 MoveAGAIN Movement restoration with Adaptive EEG And Immersive Neurofeedback 2018
170 MER-CURE Using global marine metagenomics to understand MERcury microbial associated processes: finding a CURE for mercury contaminated environments 2018
171 MUTAnTS A microfluidic high throughput approach to helicase biophysics 2018
172 mPOWER Mobile platform to empower cancer patients with fatigue 2017
173 IBiDT Individualized Binaural Diagnostics and Technology 2018
174 TRANSFAIR Unfair transitions? A critical examination low-carbon energy pathways in the EU from a domestic energy vulnerability perspective 2018
175 MINORG The role of minerals in the oceanic carbon cycle 2017
176 resiliANT Resilience in ant societies 2017
177 DeepFace Understanding Deep Face Recognition 2017
178 IoBee Beehive health IoT application to fight Honey Bee Colony Mortality 2017
179 TreasureDrop Directed Evolution of Enzyme for Applied Biocatalysis at Ultrahigh Throughput in Picoliter Droplets 2017
180 QCLAB Revolutionary new quantum chemical software for molecular simulations 2017
181 ReSolve REnewable SOLVEnts with high performance in application and improved toxicity profile 2017
182 Light AIOL Light-engaged Accommodating IOL 2018
183 SECURE_TRAY Advanced Security Trays for World Airports 2017
184 SONO-textile An advanced process for coating medical textiles with antibacterial nanoparticles through a one-step sonochemical reaction 2017
185 PREVENT “Alcohol-impaired driving PREVENTion and personal authentication by a vehicle ignition interlock system“ 2017
186 GreenSoft Toolset for development of high performance and energy-efficient software, realising the potential of ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things 2017
187 AdiScale Intelligent scaling service for 3D printed architectural models 2017
188 Abiota, Biota, Constraints in Macroevolutionary Processes 2018
189 MUSA Microbial Uptakes for Sustainable management of major bananA pests and diseases 2017
190 ALSiment Transforming the hazardous waste of the metallurgical industry into a valuable raw material 2017
191 PlaSSteel Plasma Nitriding and Nitrocarburising for high wear resistance and high corrosion stability Stainless Steel 2017
193 Cellphmed Accurate cell signatures for the advancement of personalized medicine 2017
194 USE User behavior Simulation in built Environments 2017
195 CPN Content Personalisation Network 2017
196 EDIFLO PRO Smart video for smart devices 2017
197 PODAPP Making Audio-On-Demand Accessible, Democratic and Commercially viable 2017
198 PRIOR PRIOR - Making food and goods more accessible online 2017
199 scAssembly Algorithms and experimental tools for integrating very large-scale single cell genomics data 2017
200 TEBO TEBO: Platform for empowering teachers and engaging students 2017
201 GeoViSense GeoViSense: Towards a transdisciplinary human sensor science of human visuo-spatial decision making with geographic information displays 2017
202 CartiLube Lubricating Cartilage: exploring the relation between lubrication and gene-regulation to alleviate osteoarthritis 2017
203 BabyMinder BabyMinder: Automatic diagnosis of neurocognitive impairment in infants 2017
204 CLTRe The Cybersecurity Behavioural Toolkit 2017
205 SYN1002 A New Therapeutic Option to Protect Central Nervous System against Acute Ischemic Stroke 2017
206 Therapnea Therapnea: Novel Therapy to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea based on Thomas Oro-Pharyngeal Stent 2017
207 EndoSearch A unique noninvasive diagnostic test based on endometrium tissue analysis, which assesses the presence or absence of endometriosis without surgery, helping the physician to make his diagnosis rapidly 2017
208 EQ Supreme EQ Supreme is the cost-effective, ultra-thin silage stretch wrap able to completely eliminate feedlosses due to mould. 2017
209 SAGAPROPLUS A Unique Herbal Product for the Symptomatic Treatment of Over Active Bladder 2017
210 ELECTRIC Chip Scale Electrically Powered Optical Frequency Combs 2018
211 GET-UP BAT GPCR Exploitation To Unlock the Power of Brown/Beige Adipose Tissue 2017
212 DRIVE Demand Response Integration tEchnologies: unlocking the demand response potential in the distribution grid 2017
213 MalPar.NET Malaria Parasite Networking: Discovering Modes of Cell-Cell Communication 2017
214 CORNET Provably Correct Networks 2018
215 IntScOmics A single-cell genomics approach integrating gene expression, lineage, and physical interactions 2018
217 MINERGRACE Graphene-based High Resolution Neural Interfaces for ICT-inspired Neuro-treatment 2018
218 MEDIACHINA Social Media and Traditional Media in China: Political and Economic Effects 2018
219 ELEVATE Eco-physiological tradeoffs with crop domestication: have farming ants cracked the code? 2018
220 PredictingPain Deconstructing pain with predictive models: from neural architecture to pain relief 2018
221 FAIRFISH Hidden Hunger, Forgotten Food 2018
222 MeMAD Methods for Managing Audiovisual Data: Combining Automatic Efficiency with Human Accuracy 2018
223 EcoCurrent Innovative water current picoturbines for the economic and sustainable exploitation of the renewable energy from rivers and estuaries 2017
224 SHN Universal Smart Hypodermic Needle for preventing reuse and accidental pricks 2017
225 CellCount CellCount, a revolutionary technology platform to solve current problems with microbiological contamination in water and food industries. 2017
226 Io-EMP Tissue-derived acellular micro-scaffold technology reducing or eliminating diabetics’ dependence oninsulin therapy 2017
227 U-Control Advanced Universal Control and monitoring solution to remotely manage complex power systems 2017
228 PATHOLYTIX-GI PATHOLYTIX: Using Artificial Intelligence to Transform Clinical Diagnostic Pathology 2017
229 SNM4P2PE Connect the unconnected: smart nanogrid management for peer-to-peer energy sharing 2017
230 MAGMA Melting And Geodynamic Models of Ascent 2018
231 MicroCaT Micro-tumor Guided Cancer Therapy Selection MicroCaT 2018
232 MAXIBONE Personalised maxillofacial bone regeneration 2018
233 IMCUSTOMEYE IMaging-based CUSTOMised EYE diagnostics 2018
234 Traipler An Anytime, Anywhere and Any-budget platform to boost the digital VIDEO marketing for SMEs 2018
235 Reficient Innovative upright Refrigerator with Improved Efficiency Fully Aligned With The Eu Legislation ToControl The F-GASES” 2018
236 SME LOYALISER SME LOYALISER: fostering SME retailers through LOYALty Integrated SERvices 2018
237 Wave Predictor Wave Predictor 2018
239 WAI Wiraya Activation Intelligence 2018
240 BJW When saying the world is just backfires: elites' expression of the belief in a just world, perceived immorality, moral outrage and punishment wishes 2018
241 GaiaSpectroSynergy Exploiting the synergies between Gaia and spectroscopic stellar surveys to constrain next-generation Milky-Way models 2019
242 CROSSGRASS Cross-border analysis of grassland greenness in Asia: Climate variations, grazing pressure, and land policy change 2018
243 ROCKSOFT Rho GTPase cross-talk with syndecan-4 regulates pro-fibrotic mechanotransduction in the heart 2019
244 TOPNIN Tracing of pulmonary neuro-immune networks 2018
245 SAFECARE SAFEguard of Critical heAlth infrastructure 2018
246 DC-SIGN-MFN Dissecting Multivalent Viral Receptor-carbohydrate Interactions Using Polyvalent Multifunctional Glycan-Quantum Dot 2018
247 DiaMoND Development of composite Metamaterials having Negative stiffness inclusions and exceptional Damping properties 2018
248 DiCrEd Towards a Digital Critical Edition of The Works of Giuseppe Verdi 2019
249 MAGALOPS The MAgnetic field in the GALaxy, using Optical Polarization of Stars 2018
250 RAVEN Rapid mass loss of debris covered glaciers in High Mountain Asia 2018
251 ANTILEAK Development of antagonists of vascular leakage 2018
252 NS-COMP Development of composite structures having negative stiffness inclusions and exceptional dampingproperties 2019
253 SIRENA Novel electric stair climber to break barriers in transport of disabled people and goods through a safe, quick and comfortable movement 2018
254 SPEAR SPEAR: Secure and PrivatE smArt gRid 2018
255 WESREF-IU Welcoming Syrian Refugees to Ä°stanbul University: Improving Capacity and Knowledge Sharing 2018
256 PHILOS PHILOS: Real-time Detection and Automated Mitigation of BGP Prefix Hijacking Attacks 2019
257 ReaLCoE Next Generation 12+MW Rated, Robust, Reliable and Large Offshore Wind Energy Converters for Clean, Low Cost and Competitive Electricity 2018
258 WeLearnAtScale Understanding and Supporting Peer Feedback at Massive Learning Scale 2018
259 EvISC Infection of the human intestine by enteroviruses: A CRISPR-based screening approach 2019
260 TOMMY Tomography of the Milky waY 2018
261 Newron-TBI Neurogenesis-related changes in hippocampal new neurons and circuits after traumatic brain injury 2018
262 QPlay Playing Quantum 2018
263 ASPIDE ASPIDE: exAScale ProgramIng models for extreme Data procEssing 2018
264 EuroXpand EUROpean clinical validation of a new ex vivo eXpanded stem cell theraPy for cArdiac regeNeration after acute myocarDial infarction: EUROXPAND 2018
265 SafeMobile Monitor the attacks, not the children - an innovative cloud platform designed to effectively identify and combat cyberbullying events while protecting children’s privacy. 2018
266 NewsEye NewsEye: A Digital Investigator for Historical Newspapers 2018
267 TROMPA Towards Richer Online Music Public-domain Archives 2018
268 PaDC Property and Democratic Citizenship: The Impact of Moral Assumptions, Policy Regulations, and Market Mechanisms on Experiences of Eviction 2018
269 Q-MIC Quantum-enhanced on-chip interference microscopy 2018
270 FC-Unlimited Eco-efficient and Healthy Commercial Deep Fryer 2018
271 HIPER-YARN High performance yarn for public transport, home textiles and protective wear 2018
272 Community Cloud Cubbit. The first distributed data-center. 2018
273 CloudStorm Introducing Software Robots 2.0: CloudStorm Enterprise Software Integration and Automation Tool 2018
274 AIC24 Sustainable Datacenters Through Immersed Computing 2018
275 Care300 A mango-based food ingredient, for food supplements and functional foods, that helps maintaining a healthy metabolism and an optimal body composition while preventing glucose intolerance 2018
276 Microbot Medical SCS – a self-cleaning shunt for the continuous prevention of shunt blockage in hydrocephalus and NPH patients 2018
278 OCSIC The Optical Coding System of the Information Channel 2018
279 Sugar Free Sorbos An edible and biodegradable, ZERO SUGAR straw to accompany cold drinks or cocktails, preventing plastic residues. 2018
280 BioBalanced Feasibility study for Bioapplications – BioBalanced Farm probiotic 2018
281 Composite Gloves Protective Composite Gloves for Health Care 2018
282 Raccoon.Recovery Raccoon.Recovery – effective mobile data driven hand rehabilitation solution 2018
283 FOOT TRANSPORT Foot Transport for a Smart Mobility 2018
284 CellCount CellCount – a revolutionary testing platform to solve current problems with microbiological contamination in water and food industries 2018
285 Stellar i-ris First non-invasive, reliable and quickest biometric system detecting users’ fatigue and narcotics consumption for road safety and the prevention of accidents at safety-critical workplaces in Europe 2018
287 NextBillionMusicians The Next Billion Musicians: Leading the Digital Disruption of Music Education 2018
288 ENCODE EfficieNtly manage COntent across Devices lifEtyme 2018
289 twiner An open, global, business directory with social networking tools for advanced leads discovery and online visibility in B2B digital marketing 2018
290 EnergyMate EnergyMate, the first energy efficiency-based software providing users an easy way to understand their energy consumptions 2018
291 Quiske RowP The RowP system by Quiske Ltd is a game changing rowing technique measuring and coaching system for any level of rowers or crew both outdoor and indoors. 2018
292 StarLink StarLink: The World's First Intelligent Vacuum Pump System 2018
293 REEN REEN: Virtual pacesetter for runner’s performance improvement. 2018
294 DeCAS The first real-time monitoring device able to determine the impact area of space vehicles’ fragments during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and minimize risks for people and property 2018
295 AntiCamp Developing proprietary antibacterial phage-based particles against Campylobacter jejuni for food decontamination 2018
296 OAlipotherapy Long-retention liposomic drug-delivery for intra-articular osteoarthritis therapy 2018
297 MaMs3 Crack-Defined Nanogap Electrodes for High-Throughput Decoding of DNA 2018
298 SOPaaS Smart Ordering Plan as a Service 2018
299 SHERIF reSearcH is sERIous Fun 2018
300 Neo-PRISM-C Neo-PRISM-C: NEurodevelopmental Optimal-Predictors, Risk factors, and Intervention from a Systems approach to Maladjustment in Children 2018
301 MicroQC Microwave driven ion trap quantum computing 2018
302 FASTFACEREC FAST track 2 FACE REcognition Camera dominance 2018
303 sEEIngDOM Ecological and Evolutionary Importance of Molecular Diversity in Dissolved Organic Matter 2019
304 FutureArctic A glimpse into the Arctic future: equipping a unique natural experiment for next-generation ecosystem research 2019
305 STACCATO European Industrial Doctorate for enhancing upstream biopharmaceutical manufacturing process development through single cell analysis 2019
306 MIAMI Machine Learning-based Market Design 2018
307 MultiCycle Advanced and sustainable recycling processes and value chains for plastic-based multi-materials 2018
308 nanoICE Optimisation and Large-scale Commercialisation of Next Generation Cooling Equipment for Food Industry 2018
309 PCSCT Photon Counting Spectral Computed Tomography 2018
310 PANDA Powerfull Advanced N-Level Digitalization Architecture for models of electrified vehicles and their components 2018
311 OFF-WEGO OFF-network Wireless communications for Emergencies and General Operations 2018
312 Cyanobacteria Developing a process for the production of an organic hydroponic fertilizer using nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria 2018
313 TELL Towards a fast-uptake of mEdium/Low-voltage eLectric power trains 2018
314 CONAN II CONAN II - COmplete Nucleic acid ANalysis at genome scale at ultra-high throughput Phase 2 2018
315 ARBODYNAMIC Coupling dynamic population immunity profiles and host behaviours to arboviral spread 2019
316 Notid Novel Target for Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases 2018
317 ABRSEIST Antibiotic Resistance: Socio-Economic Determinants and the Role of Information and Salience in Treatment Choice 2019
318 DDRMac DNA Damage Response-instructed Macrophage Differentiation in Granulomatous Diseases 2019
319 BOXBOT A fast and powerful 3D cargo space usage optimization service for logistics industry 2018
320 ForeCast Ground-Breaking Software for Sustainable Smart City Planning 2018
321 NaturalDyers Textile mass-personalisation and process-automation, integrating the textile value-chain to deliver scalable ‘Virtual Giga Factory’ production of biodegradable woven textiles. 2018
322 AutoCAb Automated computational design of site-targeted repertoires of camelid antibodies 2019
323 iPSpine Induced pluripotent stem cell-based therapy for spinal regeneration 2019
324 ENHANCEplayer An Artificial Intelligence Enhancing Video Quality Locally to Limit Internet Traffic Tied to Video Streaming 2018
325 INTERACT Modelling the neuromusculoskeletal system across spatiotemporal scales for a new paradigm of human-machine motor interaction 2019
326 WASTE2WATTS Unlocking unused bio-WASTE resources with loW cost cleAning and Thermal inTegration with Solid oxide fuel cells 2019
327 MaX MAterials design at the eXascale. European Centre of Excellence in materials modelling, simulations, and design 2018
328 SensifAI Understanding Videos Automatically with the SensifAI Deep Learning Technology 2018
329 ZebraZoom ZebraZoom: Kinematic analysis for drug and genetic screening in zebrafish 2018
330 SELECTIONDRIVEN Gaining insights into human evolution and disease prevention from adaptive natural selection driven by lethal epidemics 2019
331 POAB The Psychology of Administrative Burden 2019
332 NeuroMag The Neurological Basis of the Magnetic Sense 2019
333 WelfareStruggles Welfare for Migrant Factory Workers: Moral Struggles and Politics of Care under Market Socialism 2019
334 MesoPhone Vibrating carbon nanotubes for probing quantum systems at the mesoscale 2019
335 BPET The Next-Generation of Small, Cost-Effective and Mobile Brain Scanner for an Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
336 QUCUBE 3D integration technology for silicon spin qubits 2019
337 ADIMMUNE Decoding interactions between adipose tissue immune cells, metabolic function, and the intestinal microbiome in obesity 2019
338 DIAdIC Evaluation of Dyadic Psychoeducational Interventions for People with Advanced Cancer and their Informal Caregivers (DIAdIC): An international randomized controlled trial 2019
339 LaunTeNaBio Launch Test of Natural Biocides for the Control of Insect Borne Diseases 2019
340 4CWhite 4CWhite -The first high-precision Computer-Controlled Collarbone Cutter for Whitefish 2019
341 SafeCHIP2 "A software platform used by electronic-chip designers to add ""Functional Safety"" to their chips to meet the highest safety requirements of the Automotive Functional Safety standard ISO-26262, ASIL-D" 2019
342 INVIOO INVIOO – data-driven decision-making apps for everyon 2019
343 Oximonitor The first portable monitoring medical device providing accurate prognosis for patients with circulatory failure 2019
344 CKDSens A novel healthcare tool for the active ageing with chronic kidney disease 2019
345 Doraya Doraya is an innovative catheter device for treating patients resistant to diuretics with Acute Heart Failure (AHF) condition. 2019
346 AIRSHADE Sustainable Responsive Shading System 2019
347 SyntheticPaper Enabling high performance and cost-efficient Point-of-Care diagnostics using a new innovative synthetic lateral flow substrate 2019
348 MAKERSITE Makersite - The Product Intelligence Platform 2019
349 FORTITUDE Project Fortitude: Improving children's legal capability 2019
350 AUDACITY compAct powerfUl anD reliAble piezoeleCtrIc acTuator for landing gear sYstems 2019
351 ESTRO Experimental and theoretical aSsessmenT of laminaR flow rObusteness at high mach and reynolds numbers 2019
352 ULISSES Ultra low-power integrated optical sensor systems for networked environmental multichannel gas Sensing 2019
353 BIT-ACT Bottom-up initiatives and anti-corruption technologies: how citizens use ICTs to fight corruption 2019
354 BlockchainKYC Blockchain-based, 100% automated KYC (Know Your Customer) service 2019
355 CapBed Engineered Capillary Beds for Successful Prevascularization of Tissue Engineering Constructs 2018
356 GoURMET Global Under-Resourced MEedia Translation 2019
357 SAVANA Massive reutilization of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) through AI to enhance clinical research and precision medicine 2018
358 Facer The First Cell Culture Platform that Enables Affordable Cell Therapies at a Large Scale 2019
359 CINECA Common Infrastructure for National Cohorts in Europe, Canada, and Africa 2019
360 EMUSIG Emotional Musical Signals 2019
361 FIVER Innovative solution for FMS computed trajectories validation by means of pilot actions emulation, comparison with PANS-OPS criteria and data mining techniques. 2018
362 CHEMICROS CHEmically-mediated MICRobial Interactions maintained by the toxic dinoflagellate OStreopsis cf. ovata 2019
363 NeuroAPA Neurodevelopmental outcome in offspring conceived by parents at advanced parental age 2019
364 GuideArtifEvol Tracking and guiding artificial enzyme evolution via landscape inference 2019
365 BrainWatch Transient micromachined pressure-monitoring implants for chronic brain disorders 2019
366 PHAS Development of a new generation of bioengineered bandages 2019
367 TRADITION Long-term coastal adaptation, food security and poverty alleviation in Latin America 2019
368 ULTRA-OLEO Ultrasonic standing waves as a new tool for improved oleogels 2020
369 COATING COATING - slippery wires: revolutionizing COronAry sTentING 2019
370 Migration Ethics Migration Ethics 2019
371 INTERFAT Elucidating the impact of the microbiome on adipose tissue immune cell interactions during obesity 2019
372 FRUITFUL On the evolution of fleshy fruits: An integrative test to assess the relative role of intrinsic and extrinsic factors in shaping fruit type 2019
373 UNBIAS UNravelling BIvAlve Shell chemistry: Advanced Techniques for Accurate Reconstructions of Sub-annual Climate 2020
374 3D NKCC1 Interdisciplinary approach to characterize the structure and the ion transport mechanism of NKCC1, a key target for brain disorders. 2019
375 FIT-SEP Fully integrated technology for predictive diagnosis of sepsis 2020
376 GEOMED Geodynamics of the Central Mediterranean: A multidisciplinary investigation of the Sicily Channel region 2019
377 MISTRUST Correcting misinformation: The role of source (un)trustworthiness on the effects of repetition and contradiction in judgments of information’s truth-value. 2020
378 ENTRAP Energy Harvesting for Precision Agriculture Applications 2019
379 DIVE into AD Study of tau strains to understand the phenotypic diversity of Alzheimer’s disease: A step toward personalized therapies 2020
380 EstAMR Estimating the Prevalence of AntiMicrobial Resistance 2020
381 B4TDM Making Contracts Digital with Civilised Blockchain 2019
382 i4case The first accurate, portable and easy-to-manage pulse oximeter located on the user´s mobile for the prevention and monitoring of COPD disease 2019
383 Everfill Improving the Quality of Life of Millions through the Revolutionary Approach in Dermal Regeneration Care 2019
384 PAsCAL Enhance driver behaviour and Public Acceptance of Connected and Autonomous vehicLes 2019
385 His-Li mouse His-Li mouse, the unique humanized mouse model resembling human liver and immune systems 2019
386 BrainPatch BrainPatch – Breakthrough non-invasive brain stimulation using AI 2019
387 DLIVER DLIVER - Digital B2B marketplace for fast and efficient parcel delivery 2019
388 DC-IR AI based software platform 2019
389 AI for a faster web An automatic approach for creating faster websites using HTTP/2, machine learning, and AI 2019
390 ANISOPTER ANISOPTER: The Affordable Optimization Solution for Anisogrid Structures 2019
392 ZAPIENS Collective intelligence to disrupt the knowledge management 2019
393 SILK-EYE Silk-based ocular implants: treating eye conditions at the interface of photonics and biology 2020
394 CONGO_WHALEBOATS Whaleboats in the Forest: Subaltern Technologies of Transportation on Congo’s Inland Waterways 2020
395 ARCAID Amsterdam Rheumatology Center for AutoImmune Diseases 2020
396 IMPACT Improving DNA Analysis for Correct Healthcare 2019
397 Hybead Hybrid Bead Adsorbents 2019
398 EarWay EarWay: a simple, safe and efficient medical device for earwax removal 2019
399 Mars through time Modeling the past climates of planet Mars to understand its geology, its habitability and its evolution 2019
400 STRINGHANDBIKE Innovative push-pull wheelchair accessory to provide mobility, rehabilitation and leisure activities for much more disabled people than today 2019
401 D-FENCE D-FENCE: Deceptive Monitored Environments for Cybersecurity in Enterprises 2019
402 AGRICAM AGRICAM – reducing the usage of antibiotics and increasing animal welfare through advanced thermal imaging system for detecting early cases of mastitis in dairy cows 2019
403 Medusa Innovative technology for Geomechanical and Geophysical Stability Analysis in Tailings Dams 2019
404 GELATEX The first process to synthesize Leather ‒ A fabric with the identical chemical composition and exact mechanical properties as leather 2019
405 GAZIMO Autonomous sensorized rollers for industrial conveyors for failure early detection 2019
406 CSMS Smart, energy efficient air-condition 2019
407 PPB Innovative Prima system to clean and Polish Bottles 2019
408 Malaria POC Ultrasensitive detection of transmissible malaria 2019
409 SoundParticles Sound Particles - The Revolution in 3D Audio Software 2019
410 FAIRWORK FAIRWORK: Building a Fairwork Foundation 2019
411 REVaMP Retrofitting equipment for efficient use of variable feedstock in metal making processes 2020
412 MYCure Innovative cancer therapy through Myc inhibition: taking OMO-103 to market 2019
413 CORVOS COmplement Regulation and Variations in Opportunistic infectionS 2019
414 CLIPE Creating Lively Interactive Populated Environments 2020
415 DELTA AI Enabled Managemement of Patients at Risk of Diabetic Foot Ulcer 2019
416 FieldTwin First centralized data platform for efficient and collaborative development of offshore energy projects 2019
417 TRS A paradigm change in the treatment of blinding ocular diseases 2019
418 Cell2Cell What makes a successfull pathogen? Understanding the impact of cell-to-cell heterogeneity in chromatin structure on infection and adaptation 2019
419 LearnBugs Learning to Find Software Bugs 2020
420 APRICOT Anatomically Precise Revolutionary Implant for bone Conserving Osteoarthritis Treatment 2019
421 Community Cloud Cubbit - the first distributed data-center recycling the internet resources we waste into the most competitive cloud provider. 2019
422 VIA LACTEA Numerical Simulations of the Milky Way's Accretion History 2020
423 HemaXis DX A patient-friendly blood collection device that produces pure plasma samples for simple laboratory analysis 2019
424 REBOOT First-in-class implants for bone regeneration surgery after a bone, ligament or tendon injury 2019
425 ConflictResolution Transcription-replication conflicts in disease and development 2020
426 IPT-Core New dimension of fibre optics – bringing 5G to your town with IPT-Core 2020
427 bio-T Enabling medical device vendors to realize the potential of the data collectible by their devices 2019
428 CATSO New Catalytic Reactions using Sulfur Dioxide 2020
429 REBOUND An algorithmic framework for reducing bias and polarization in online media 2020
431 TheraLymph Gene Therapy to restore lymphatic flow lymphedema 2020
432 BLACKJACK Fast Monte Carlo integration with repulsive processes 2020
433 DEXIM Deeply Explainable Intelligent Machines 2019
434 E-Solution Flexible and effective solution for people with motor disabilities 2019
435 DD-SCAN DD-SCAN – AI-based language and multimedia bias checker for corporate communication content 2019
436 OPT-PCC Optimized Dynamic Point Cloud Compression 2020
437 MISTRAL Microbiome-based stratification of individuals at risk of HIV-1 acquisition, chronic clinical complications,antimicrobial drug resistance,and unresponsiveness to therapeutic HIV-1 vaccination 2020
438 miniNO Associative mechanisms linking a defective minipuberty to the appearance of mental and nonmental disorders: infantile NO replenishment as a new therapeutic possibility 2020
439 ExocyTher Extracellular vesicle production and engineering by turbulence for fistula therapy in thermoreversible hydrogels 2020
440 PURA PURA - a chemical- free water purification and disinfection solution. 2020
441 PATCHED Microfabricated hydrogel-based complex patch with time dependent controlled multiple-release of biomolecules for improved healing of skin wounds 2020
442 MKD Mine Kafon Drone: An Unmanned Airborne Demining System 2020
443 RadicalHOUSING Radical Housing: Cities and the global fight against housing precarity 2020
444 SLANG How the brain learns to see language 2020
445 Clarifruit Oct 19 Innovative platform for fresh-produce quality control 2020
446 Project Racoon Ultra-Fast Reliable Radio Control Systems for Avionics 2020
447 DLD-PI Developmental Language Disorder - Prevention and Intervention 2021
448 COVADIS Deciphering the Code of Value Signals in the Human Brain 2020
449 SkinMicrobiome Paradigm Change in Skin Health: Novel Microbiome-based Cosmetics for Acne and Other Skin Conditions 2020
450 Pept-AGE Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of age-related muscle loss to inform Artificial Intelligence-based discovery of novel peptide therapeutics for sarcopenia. 2020
451 CiliaCircuits Molecular Principles of Mammalian Axonemal Dynein Assembly 2020