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1 i3-Food Process integration for rapid implementation of sustainable innovative food processing 2015
2 PentaBrain Structural studies of mammalian Cys-loop receptors 2015
3 MolStruKT Molecular structure and cell cycle regulated assembly of the kinetochore 2015
4 Spray-Imaging Detailed Characterization of Spray Systems using Novel Laser Imaging Techniques 2015
5 COALA Comprehensive molecular characterization of secondary organic aerosol formation in the atmosphere 2015
6 FirstDawn Imaging the cosmic dawn and the first galaxies with 21cm and atomic line intensity mapping 2015
7 complexNMR Structural Dynamics of Protein Complexes by Solid-State NMR 2015
8 MetaRNA RNA-based technologies for single-cell metabolite analysis 2015
9 EMI-TB Eliciting Mucosal Immunity to Tuberculosis 2015
10 SMART2D A people-centred approach through Self-Management and Reciprocal learning for the prevention and management of Type-2-Diabetes 2015
11 EPP - eHealth European Procurers Platform - eHealth - Transforming the market for eHealth Solutions 2015
12 EuDEco Modelling the European data economy 2015
13 FlexNets Quantifying Flexibility in Communication Networks 2015
14 EMU Choices (former EMU_SCEUS) The Choice for Europe since Maastricht. Member States' Preferences for Economic and Financial Integration 2015
15 BUStoB BUILD UP Skills to Business 2015
16 RentalCal Incentives through Transparency: European Rental Housing Framework for Profitability Calculation of Energetic Retrofitting Investments 2015
17 URBAN LEARNING Integrative energy planning of urban areas: collective learning for improved governance 2015
18 Ownerchip Digital Rights Management Infrastructure For 3D Printed Artifacts 2014
19 POLARIS Preventative OperationaL procedures for space weAtheR threats to CrItical InfraStructure 2014
20 PoC-Cycle Innovative Molecular Diagnostics point-of-care device for MRSA 2014
21 TRACKANT Mobile Smart Tracking Antenna System for Remotely Piloted Aircrafts 2014
22 GOFAR Galactic Outflows and Feedback in the Astro-H eR 2015
23 FireAndRiskPrevention When the smoke clears: predicting and preventing catastrophic erosion and flooding after wildfires in volcanic terrains 2015
24 StillNoFace Identity matching from still images without face information 2015
25 Exo-C Insights into cloudy exoplanet atmospheres 2016
26 ABDES An astrochemical study of the early evolutionary stages of sub-stellar mass objects 2015
27 RoleOfNEinPerception The role of noradrenaline in human perception: from single neuron to whole brain and behavior 2015
28 Genocide accounting Accounting for genocide: legal and scientific accounting practices in the wake of the Srebrenica genocide 2016
29 AccuCT Accurate characterization of charge-transfer excited states 2016
30 INAS Integra A/S – Service provider of drones for civil use 2015
31 MultiCharge Feasibility Study for the Development of a PFC Harmonic Filter Missing Link for Creation of Simultaneous Multi-Point Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles 2015
32 MD Rapid monitoring of biomarkers in postoperative care 2015
33 ENAMISS ENAMISS - Energetic Neutral Atoms Monitor on the International Space Station 2015
34 Watergate Watergate: Development of a low-cost solar desalination technology 2015
35 DAO-BACKEND Validating technical assumptions for a multi-tenant mobile multiplayer game backend platform. 2015
36 SWOS Satellite-based Wetland Observation Service 2015
37 PlantaSYST Establishment of a Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology for the translation of fundamental research into sustainable bio-based technologies in Bulgaria 2015
38 SPEED-5G quality of Service Provision and capacity Expansion through Extended-DSA for 5G 2015
39 UPP STPRMS - Sustainable Truck Parking Reservation Management System 2015
40 greenFLASH Green Flash, energy efficient high performance computing for real-time science 2015
41 SOLENCO Market study for Solenco Power Box, a zero-carbon small-scale local energy storage product. Potential application as missing link in residential PV uptake (residential and commercial buildings) 2015
42 NewEat Transdiagnostic views on eating disorders and obesity and new approaches for treatment 2015
43 LASSO Learning, Analysis, SynthesiS and Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
44 LAA-THz-CC Lens Antenna Arrays for Coherent THz Cameras 2015
46 IPPAD Effect of 4500bar injection pressure and super-critical phase change of surrogate and real-world fuels enriched with additives and powering Diesel engines on soot emissions reduction 2015
47 HAoS Holistic Approach of Spray Injection through a Generalized Multi-phase Framework 2015
48 SINGEK Promoting SINgle cell GEnomics to explore the ecology and evolution of hidden microeuKaryotes 2016
49 ACROSSING Advanced TeChnologies and PlatfoRm fOr Smarter ASsisted LivING 2016
50 ReCaM Rapid Reconfiguration of Flexible Production Systems through Capability-based Adaptation, Auto-configuration and Integrated tools for Production Planning 2015
51 FRAGNET FRAGments training NETwork 2016
52 BigData4Cat Big Data for Catalysis 2015
53 ONION Operational Network of Individual Observation Nodes 2016
54 EXCELLABUST Excelling LABUST in marine robotics 2016
55 TAT-CF Novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of cystic fibrosis based on small molecule transmembrane anion transporters 2016
56 INTENS INtestinal Tissue ENgineering Solution 2016
57 SyBil-AA Systems Biology of Alcohol Addiction: Modeling and validating disease state networks in human and animal brains for understanding pathophysiolgy, predicting outcomes and improving therapy 2016
58 PAAL-POC Practical Approximation Algorithms - Proof of Concept 2015
59 IMPRINT Defeat of Insider Theft in Nuclear and Radioactive Sites 2015
60 STRIKE3 Standardisation of GNSS Threat reporting and Receiver testing through International Knowledge Exchange, Experimentation and Exploitation 2016
61 PremiumLight_Pro Next-level energy efficient lighting systems in the service sector 2016
62 microCardio Functional high-throughput analysis of the role of microRNAs in cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury 2016
63 FUNBIT Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Fungal – Bacterial Interplay 2016
64 STOREandGO Innovative large-scale energy STOragE technologies AND Power-to-Gas concepts after Optimisation 2016
65 INTERPLAY Interplay between genetic determinants of glycaemia, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in interaction with dietary and lifestyle factors 2017
66 BioExtrusion Natural functional plasticizers for controlled protein folding and extrusion into biomaterials. 2016
67 GeneBodyMethylation Resolving the Nuts and Bolts of Gene Body Methylation 2016
68 QUESS Quantum Environment Engineering for Steered Systems 2017
69 CanPathPro Generation of the CanPath prototype - a platform for predictive cancer pathway modeling 2016
70 MPA-ND Membrane protein aggregation and its links with neurodegenerative diseases 2016
71 UrbPOLS Assessing urban impacts on wildlife using the pace-of-life framework 2016
72 GranD Cities Green and Diverse Cities. The social impact of urban policies for sustainability in comparative perspective. 2016
73 EvoNIN Unraveling key genetic innovations behind the emergence of the root-nodule symbiosis 2017
74 CONSALT CONtrast through metal-enriched polymer SALTs: novel contrast agents for dual-energy micro-computed tomography 2016
75 MIGRATE Cosserat phase field modelling and simulation of viscoplasticity induced grain boundary migration and recrystallisation in metallic polycrystals 2016
76 METAFORA Miniaturised Metabolomics Platform for Microvascular Research 2016
77 ECROWD2D ECrowd!2D – Streamlining the due diligence process to finance more sustainable energy projects 2016
78 PyroPhosphoProtein Site-selective chemical pyrophosphorylation of proteins using tag-and-modify approach. 2016
79 BRISC Bounded Rationality in Sensorimotor Coordination 2016
80 COLORAMAP Constrained Low-Rank Matrix Approximations: Theoretical and Algorithmic Developments for Practitioners 2016
81 CANVAS Constructing an Alliance for Value-driven Cybersecurity 2016
82 AGORAs AGeing effects on human aORta: from shApe to flowS 2016
83 REpiReg RNAi-mediated Epigenetic Gene Regulation 2017
84 SafeShore System for detection of Threat Agents in Maritime Border Environment 2016
85 FIRSTORM Modeling first-order Mott transitions 2016
86 SENSE SENSE - a roadmap for the ideal low light level sensor development 2016
87 NUTS Nuclei Using Topological Solitons 2016
88 FUTURE Re-factoring Pseudomonas putida for biosynthesis of vaIue-added polymers from cellulosic waste 2016
89 BAYNET Bayesian Networks and Non-Rational Expectations 2016
90 EQR-Equid Real Time, Secure Equine ID Information Platform (EQR-Equid) 2016
91 ABSOLUTESPIN Absolute Spin Dynamics in Quantum Materials 2016
92 NITROX NITROX- Nitrogen regeneration under changing oxygen conditions 2016
93 CLOUD DIAGNOSIS Development of Low Cost Cloud Monitoring for the Diagnosis and Prognostic of the Wind Turbines 2016
94 Scale-FreeBack Scale-Free Control for Complex Physical Network Systems 2016
95 Synth Synthesising Inductive Data Models 2016
96 TAROX Targeting oxidative repair proteins for treatment of cancer and inflammation 2016
97 NewLightScalar Search for a new light scalar particle in the K+→π+χ decay at the NA62 experiment at CERN 2017
98 EVEARA EVEARA: Testing a New Business Model for Digital Music Distribution 2016
99 NanoSil4Cancer Smart Multifunctional silica-based Nanoparticles for Targeted Therapy 2016
100 CIRCULAR IMPACTS Measuring the IMPACTS of the transition to the CIRCULAR economy 2016
101 IDAaaS Trusted online service for identity assurance 2016
102 NET4IQ Network Techniques for Interaction Quenches 2016
103 urban-rev politics The Urban Revolution and the Political 2016
104 OSIRIS Organic Semiconductors Interfaced with Biological Environments 2017
105 ACCENT Unravelling the architecture and the cartography of the human centriole 2017
106 STAMP Software Testing AMPlification 2016
107 REFILLS Robotics Enabling Fully-Integrated Logistics Lines for Supermarkets 2017
108 PIXAPP Photonic Integrated Circuits Assembly and Packaging Pilot Line 2017
109 PHYSIC Photovoltaic with superior crack resistance 2017
110 CliniTrial Enhancement of an advanced clinical trial recruitment platform for Europe to ensure maximum intake of eligible consenting patients for participation 2016
111 SOX2-Cloud Integrated Safety Engineering Platform for electrical and electronic systems for transportation 2016
112 KidsAP The artificial pancreas in children aged 1 to 7 years with type 1 diabetes 2017
113 Laser-Bioprint Laser-Based Bioprinter 2016
114 INUNDO INUNDO - The European Flood Database 2016
115 DMsky Shining through the Galaxy: dark matter signals versus astrophysical backgrounds 2016
116 CTO Com Context- and Task-Oriented Communication 2017
117 TOPIOS Tracking Of Plastic In Our Seas 2017
118 Reg-Seq Functional genomics of non-coding mutations in regulatory regions of four metabolic tissues, and their involvement into type 2 diabetes through large-scale sequencing 2017
119 MetResistance The role of tumour microenvironment in metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer 2017
121 RADIOSTAR Radioactivities from Stars to Solar Systems 2017
122 WISE A novel approach to remote and real-time aircraft maintenance 2017
123 Waterscales Mathematical and computational foundations for modeling cerebral fluid flow. 2017
124 PEPCo Problems in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics 2017
125 INWELCHAV Intersectional Analyses of Welfare Chauvinism in Europe 2017
126 PlantaSYST Establishment of a Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology for the translation of fundamental research into sustainable bio-based technologies in Bulgaria 2017
127 FOODSELFI FOOD Safety monitoring by Electrochemical Lateral Flow Immunoassay 2017
128 OPERANDOCAT In situ and Operando Nanocatalysis: Size, Shape and Chemical State Effects 2017
129 PaCDoC Electric field driven propulsion and collective dynamics of homogeneous and patchy colloidal capsules. 2017
130 ANCAVE Anchialine caves to understand evolutionary processes 2017
131 CReScenDo Combining Remote Sensing Technologies for Peatland Detection and Characterization 2017
132 BIO-CAPTURE Biomechanical Characterization of Carotid Plaque Rupture 2017
133 BALTIC KLEMS Baltic Countries Capital, Labour, Energy, Material and Service inputs 2017
134 SensAgain Restoring of SENSAtions from Lost LeGs for health And qualIty of life augmeNtation in amputees 2017
135 MedLitRefYouth Media Literacy for Unaccompanied Refugee Youth - A Path to Integration 2017
136 BNSmergers Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic Counterparts from Generic Binary Neutron Star Systems 2018
137 BIREHAB Increasing the robustness and neural integration of bidirectional prostheses for rehabilitation with robust and real time Independent Component Analysis 2017
138 DEBBIE A database of experimental biomaterials and their biological effect 2018
139 eSEAS Enhancing Seafood Ethics and Sustainability: A Values and Ecosystem-based Management Approach 2017
140 INTERSPINE From Neurons to Robots: Non-Invasive, General-Purpose Interfacing With Human Spinal Motor Neurons 2017
141 MCD 2017 Researchers without borders 2017
142 ContraNPM1AML Dissecting to hit the therapeutic targets in nucleophosmin (NPM1)-mutated acute myeloid leukemia 2017
143 UVdynamicsProtection Aligning pigmentation and repair: a holistic approach for UV protection dynamics 2017
144 ReconTEP (Re)Conceptualizing teacher educator professionalism 2017
145 LeaD4Value Lean data management for maintenance value 2017
146 Pho-T-Lyze Photonic Terahertz Signal Analyzers 2017
147 AgeConsolidate The Missing Link of Episodic Memory Decline in Aging: The Role of Inefficient Systems Consolidation 2017
148 PLAY.CARE PLAY.CARE – revolution in early detection and therapy of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). 2017
149 CREAM4 Chemical Reaction Engineering by Additive Manufacturing of Mesoscale MetaMaterials 2017
150 NEWCOM New competence for building professionals and blue collar workers – certified qualification schemes to upgrade the qualification for building nZEBs 2017
151 MedAID Mediterranean Aquaculture Integrated Development 2017
152 PALAEOSILKROAD A Silk Road in the Palaeolithic: Reconstructing Late Pleistocene Hominin Dispersals and Adaptations in Central Asia 2017
153 BinGraSp Modeling the Gravitational Spectrum of Neutron Star Binaries 2017
154 VOLTA innoVation in geOspatiaL and 3D daTA 2017
155 TransAID Transition Areas for Infrastructure-Assisted Driving 2017
156 lending Drivers of Growth in Bank Lending and Financial Crises 2017
157 Invidyo Invidyo – Smart Baby and Baby Sitter Monitoring System 2017
158 MAT_STOCKS Understanding the Role of Material Stock Patterns for the Transformation to a Sustainable Society 2018
159 SENSY Restoring complete motor and sensory ability for natural walking of amputees 2017
160 VOLSIGNAL Volume regulation and extracellular signalling by anion channels 2017
161 GeoViSense GeoViSense: Towards a transdisciplinary human sensor science of human visuo-spatial decision making with geographic information displays 2017
162 HPCForEVs High Power Charger For Electric Vehicles 2017
163 V-EPC Inherited disfunctions of brain microcirculation 2017
164 COSINE Training network for COmputational Spectroscopy In Natural sciences and Engineering 2018
165 EQ Supreme EQ Supreme is the cost-effective, ultra-thin silage stretch wrap able to completely eliminate feedlosses due to mould. 2017
166 GermlineAgeingSoma Getting to the root of ageing: somatic decay as a cost of germline maintenance 2017
167 INCOVID Inpainting-based Compression of Visual Data 2017
168 RobustHormoneTrans Robustness and specialization among hormone transporters: Redundant and unique roles 2018
169 HealthPros Healthcare Performance Intelligence Professionals 2018
170 xCLASS Next generation Compact Lightsource And Spectrometer Systems 2017
171 MIRA Next Generation Machine Intelligence for Medical Image Representation and Analysis 2018
172 NeMoSanctI New Models of Sanctity in Italy (1960s-2010s).A Semiotic Analysis of Norms, Causes of Saints, Hagiography, and Narratives 2018
173 OrFuNCo Organic Functionalisation of N2 Using Metal-Main Group and Metal-Metal Cooperativity 2018
174 SeeSuper Probing nanoscale and femtosecond fluctuations in high temperature superconductors 2017
175 VARIAMOLS VAriable ResolutIon Algorithms for macroMOLecular Simulation 2018
176 AfricanWomen Women in Africa 2018
177 SONGBIRD SOphisticated 3D cell culture scaffolds for Next Generation Barrier-on-chip In vitro moDels 2018
178 GRACIOUS GRACIOUS: Grouping, Read-Across, CharacterIsation and classificatiOn framework for regUlatory risk assessment of manufactured nanomaterials and Safer design of nano-enabled products 2018
179 iNanoBIT Integration of Nano- and Biotechnology for beta-cell and islet Transplantation 2017
180 TABEDE TowArds Building rEady for Demand rEsponse 2017
181 OPTICS2 Observation Platform for Technological and Institutional Consolidation of research in Safety and Security 2017
182 MINERGRACE Graphene-based High Resolution Neural Interfaces for ICT-inspired Neuro-treatment 2018
183 LTCSEI Learning through Categories in Social and Economic Interactions 2018
184 TAXINOMISIS A multidisciplinary approach for the stratification of patients with carotid artery disease 2018
185 THEMPO The missing link between Perception and Cognition: The case of multiple-person scenarios 2018
186 BLOCKCHAINSOCIETY The Disrupted Society: mapping the societal effects of blockchain technology diffusion 2018
187 LOFAR4SW LOFAR for Space Weather 2017
188 FABULOS Pre-Commercial Procurement of Future autonomous bus urban level Operation Systems 2018
190 DeepSPIN Deep Learning for Structured Prediction in Natural Language Processing 2018
191 REFINE Regulatory Science Framework for Nano(bio)material-based Medical Products and Devices 2017
192 REBUILDCNS Redirecting glial progenitor fate to rebuild the injured Brain 2018
193 SIMDAMA Strong-interaction matter coupled to electroweak probes and dark matter candidates 2018
194 REBOOT Toolbox of multipotent bioactive composite implants for the full functional regeneration ofbones after a trauma 2018
195 Insulog The Smart snap-on insulin tracker able to manage the insulin intake activity data of diabetes patients 2018
196 SENSEI Optimizing Retail Operation With Real-Time Customer Activity Intelligence 2018
197 MISSINGMIDDLE The Causal Effect of Public Policy and Income on Child Health and Human Capital 2018
198 ADAPTEM Adaptive transmission electron microscopy: development of a programmable phase plate 2018
199 WISDOM The autonomous floral pathway: a WIndow to Study the tight link between non-coDing RNA and chrOMatin regulation 2018
200 LINKSPM Linking atomic-scale properties of 2D correlated materials with their mesoscopic transport and mechanical response 2018
201 LiLa Linking Latin. Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin 2018
202 PEP2D Printable Electronics on Paper through 2D materials based inks 2018
203 PVB-ASD The Predictive Visual Brain in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2018
204 BrainBehaviourModel Understanding decision making by linking brain and behaviour 2018
205 CrysPINs Crystal structures of PIN proteins - CrysPINs 2018
206 DARKHIGGS Dark Higgs Hunting at the Large Hadron Collider 2018
207 DarkMatterAndHiggs Searching for Dark Matter in the Higgs boson sector with the ATLAS detector 2018
208 LUDEME The Digital Ludeme Project: Modelling the Evolution of Traditional Games 2018
209 NoMePaCa Novel Metabolic Pathways in Cancer 2018
210 XFab Xene Fabrication for a Two-Dimensional Nanotechnology Platform 2018
211 PhenomeNal Inheritance, expressivity and epistasis hidden behindthe phenotypic landscape of natural populations 2018
212 MarHIST Historical dynamics of coastal and marine ecosystem services. 2018
213 GENESIS Generic semiclassical transport simulator for new generation thermoelectric materials 2018
214 HACKIT Hacking your way to IT expertise: What digital societies can (and need to) learn from informal learning in hackerspaces 2019
215 GEO4CIVHIC Most Easy, Efficient and Low Cost Geothermal Systems for Retrofitting Civil and Historical Buildings 2018
216 TurbDDT Predicting flame acceleration and deflagration to detonation transition in industrial scale explosions incorporating the turbulence effects 2018
217 PosEnt Positive Entrepreneurship 2018
218 M-INHIB Non-linear temporal dynamics of mutually inhibiting pyramidal cells: underlying mechanism for bi-stable perception and disambiguation 2018
219 VirtualSync An embodied perspective on anosognosia 2018
220 EuSuper Superconducting Magnetic RAM for Next Generation of Supercomputers 2018
221 ENGEMED Simulating the dynamics of viral evolution: A computer-aided study toward engineering effective vaccines 2018
222 MITOPOMPE Targeting mitochondrial defects and oxidative stress in Pompe Disease: from pathogenesis to therapy 2019
223 ITS A DIVE Individual Three-dimensional Spatial Auditory Displays for Immersive Virtual Environments 2019
224 ToxEcoGraphene Assessment of ecocorona acquired by Graphene Family Nanomaterials during exposure to biofilms and fate following uptake 2018
226 EyeTREAT Innovative tool for personalized treatment of patients with neovascular age-macular degeneration: dosage optimization for long term efficacy treatment 2018
227 INADEC Impacts of the North Atlantic Decadal variability on European Climate: mechanisms and predictability 2018
228 TAMYOCAL Tamoxifen mediated protection on X-linked centronuclear myopathy: a mechanistic and pre-clinical study 2018
229 kANNa Knowledge graph completion using Artificial Neural Networks for Herb-Drug Interaction discovery 2019
230 SEQURE Targeted complete next-generation sequencing for companion diagnostics and personalized treatment of cancer 2018
231 MECHEMGUI The integration of mechanical and chemical signals in neuronal guidance 2018
232 ChildRescue ChildRescue - Collective Awareness Platform for Missing Children Investigation and Rescue 2018
233 MAESTRO Middleware for memory and data-awareness in workflows 2018
234 SimEA Modeling and Simulation for Engineering Applications 2019
235 ATTACK Pressured to Attack: How Carrying-Capacity Stress Creates and Shapes Intergroup Conflict 2018
236 eDrop Droplet Photoelectron Imaging 2018
237 CF SEDSS II Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector (CF SEDSS) Phase II 2017
238 VOLTCLOUD VoltCloud: Bringing the power of the Cloud to a revolutionary renewable home battery 2018
239 CloudStorm Introducing Software Robots 2.0: CloudStorm Enterprise Software Integration and Automation Tool 2018
240 REPLICATE The Revolutionary Tooth Replacement System for Minimally Invasive Immediate Dental Implants 2018
241 Is it fresh Is it fresh. Keeping it fresh digitally 2018
242 Phytoponics A sustainable, affordable scalable hydroponic system for large-scale agriculture 2018
243 SMART TRAWLING Next-generation control system to enhance performance of commercial fishing trawlers 2018
244 RF Beamformer Ultra-low-cost terminals that meet the special requirements of all satellite operators allowing them to access markets currently inaccessible due to terminal economics. 2018
245 CV4RE Computer vision with an eye For Real Estate 2018
246 DEEPEN Deciphering deep architectures underlying structured perception in auditory networks 2018
247 Biopsy X Endodrill® Model X - a new endoscopic biopsy instrument taking multiple cancer samples of varying depth in one single session 2018
248 CRAM Crosstalk Analysis for Microchips – a New Market Need 2018
249 SPECGEO Spectral geometric methods in practice 2018
250 CLUSTER organisation of CLoUdS, and implications for Tropical cyclones and for the Energetics of the tropics, in current and in a waRming climate 2019
251 PRESEISMIC Exploring the nucleation of large earthquakes: cascading and unpredictable or slowly driven and forecastable 2019
252 ENeRAG Excellency Network Building for Comprehensive Research and Assessment of Geofluids 2018
253 MitoGuide Integration and adaptation of impaired mitochondrial fitness in orchestrating T cell dysfunction in the tumor microenvironment 2019
254 StarT European Training Network to Diagnose, Understand and Treat Stargardt Disease, a Frequent Inherited Blinding Disorder 2018
255 ADVANCE ADVANCE: Sophisticated experiments and optimisation to advance an existing CALPHAD database for next generation TiAl alloys 2018
257 ACOSPECTOR The first Acoustic Chemometer for intelligent fluids analysis 2018
258 UBQ Material Converting household waste into sustainable bio-based materials 2018
259 TURNTAKING Taking turns: The ‘missing’ link in language evolution? 2019
261 TRAXEN tracking TRAXEN – Ultra low power, long life tracking sensor 2019
262 B Massive Binary massive black hole astrophysics 2019
263 SmartEater Enhancing recovery from eating and weight disorders using mHealth and psychological theory 2019
264 FORWARD Fostering research excellence in EU Outermost Regions 2019
265 CARe Career Advancement for Refugee Researchers in Europe 2019
266 MOBILIZE Improving health in people with multimorbidity: a paradigm shift in health care from disease-based curative models to personalized exercise therapy and self-management 2019
267 LORAX The Lorax Project: Understanding Ecosystemic Politics 2019
268 Brain Health Toolbox The Brain Health Toolbox: Facilitating personalized decision-making for effective dementia prevention 2019
269 LightField Seamless mixing of virtual & real-world objects in VR & AR 2019
270 ROBOTOD The first toddlers-optimized, AI-based social robot supporting early and friendly 2nd language acquisition 2019
271 XEND Clinical assessment of PILA PHARMA’s TRPV1 antagonist, XEN-D0501, as a novel type of oral anti-diabetic agent 2019
272 BRAINMINT Brains and minds in transition: The dark side of neuroplasticity during sensitive life phases 2019
273 APOSITE Apoptotic foci: composition, structure and dynamics 2019
274 MultiplexGenomics Exploring the Epigenome by Multiplexed Physical Mapping of Individual Chromosomes 2019
275 GMGalaxies Understanding the diversity of galaxy morphology in the era of large spectroscopic surveys 2019
276 MindGAP Bridging the gap between Mind, Brain and Body: exosome role and monitoring 2019
277 Picterus A remote and price efficient tool for jaundice screening 2019
278 Archii Unrivalled AI powered document handling and data extraction system 2019
279 MICTEST Biocontamination survey for Microbially Influenced Corrosion exposure TEST 2019
280 HyPPOCRATES Medical Hyperspectral Image and Video Processing and Interpretation via Constrained Matrix and Tensor Factorization 2019
281 GLU-IMAGE Glutamate dynamics during visual stimulation and ketamine challenge in the human brain 2019
282 SELENDIS SELENDIS: A novel detection strategy to discover light Dark Matter 2019
283 SYNKIT Synthetic Natural Killer Cells for Immunotherapy 2020
284 NMJ Neuromuscular-Junction-on-a-Chip to study medication for Parkinson 2019
285 Kinaddict Vulnerability of esophageal cancer to their addiction to kinase activities: evaluation and prediction of eSCC tumors responsiveness to kinase inhibitors. 2019
286 HOPE Higher Order Polar calculus and Euclidean distance degree 2020
287 WISEFLOW Whole-plant Assessment of Innovative, Sustainable and Energy-efficient Future Layouts of Wastewater Treatment Plants 2019
288 Natural BionicS Natural Integration of Bionic Limbs via Spinal Interfacing 2019
289 PmNC Policy-making of early nature conservation. The Netherlands and the United Kingdom compared, 1930-1960 2019
290 TackTDEs Tackling the complexity of Tidal Disruption Events 2020
291 PoSHGOAT Potential-dependent Second-Harmonic Generation in Optical Antennas measured Time-resolved 2020
292 H2AH2B_Propagation Elucidating the propagation and function of H2A and H2B modifications across DNA replication 2020
293 Coh2Shape Modeling of partially spatially coherent distributed sources: derivation of an extended reciprocity theorem, creation of a numerical tool and experimental validation. 2019
294 MetD-AO Methyl Donating artificial organelles to support liver cells in Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease 2019
295 BIOMOSAIC From Biopigments to BIOelectronics: MOdelling Semiconducting EumelAnin-based InterfaCes 2020
296 LEVERAGE mRNA Laboratory Evolution of Virus-likE pRotein cAGes for Eukaryotic mRNA delivery 2019
297 AMPLE A Study of the Notion of Ampleness in Model Theory and Tits Buildings 2019
298 ARCHPRIS Territories of incarceration. A comparative study of prison farms in rural Europe and a proposal for Flanders. 2020
299 SEDILAND Sediment regime disturbance of river catchments in a changing land cover context: Geoenvironmental and population dynamics 2019
300 MIMIC Mapping and modulating integrin mediated interactions 2020
301 signalling dynamics Bridging biophysics and cell biology: The role of G protein-coupled receptor conformations in signalling 2020
302 WIKOLLECT Workflows for the Large-Scale Collection and Transference of Knowledge across Languages: Using Natural Language Processing to Produce High-Quality Contents with Language Learners 2020
303 MEGAFAUNA Detecting, Predicting and Protecting Pelagic Megafauna Hotspots in the Coral Sea 2020
304 LitRivus Assessment of riverine litter (plastics) inputs to the marine environment 2020
305 YouthExistInTourism Youth negotiation of tourism-based employment in Goa and Lisbon 2019
306 MathematicsAnalogies Mathematics Analogies 2019
307 Beyond EPICA Beyond EPICA Oldest Ice Core: 1,5 Myr of greenhouse gas – climate feedbacks 2019
308 Human Jigsaw The Human Jigsaw: Matching articulating skeletal elements from mass burials 2019
309 Drone Harmony From flight mission planning for drones to 4D asset modelling 2019
310 DIRNDL Directions in Development 2019
311 5G!Drones Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Vertical Applications' Trials Leveraging Advanced 5G Facilities 2019
312 ICELEARNING Artificial Intelligence techniques for ice core analyses 2020
313 SCHENGEN-ROOT 'Filling the gaps' in the Schengen pathway for plant root Casparian strip integrity 2020
314 ABLAVIEW An Innovative Image Guided Radiofrequency Ablation System to treat Atrial Fibrillation 2019
315 POPGEO_BG Population Geography of Bulgaria, 1500- 1920: A Historical Spatial Analysis 2019
316 CUSTOMER Customizable Embedded Real-Time Systems: Challenges and Key Techniques 2019
317 MoVEMENT Mobility of Volatiles in the Earth’s Mantle by Experimental and Numerical Technics 2020
318 PREDICT The Future of Prediction: The Social Consequences of Algorithmic Forecast in Insurance, Medicine and Policing 2020
319 CITRUS-PORT Global advisory DSS platform for citrus fruit growers 2019
320 WarehouseBook WarehouseBook: Creating a new market by offering an unused warehouse space to cargo drivers on the go 2019
321 AVATAR SW application for smartphones enabling accurate and easy-to-use 3D body scanning for digitalized design and production process in fashion and textile industry. 2019
322 UBIMOTIF Short linear interaction motifs as specificity determinants in the ubiquitin system – discovery, mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities 2019
323 InReady Designing the Service to Improve the Investor Readiness of Start-ups 2019
324 POSEIDON NanoPhOtonic devices applying SElf-assembled colloIDs for novel ON-chip light sources 2020
325 GoSafe Restoring complete sensory ability for natural walking of amputees 2019
326 GW4SHM Guided Waves for Structural Health Monitoring 2020
327 MetaboSENS Metabolic integration by nutrient SENSing 2019
328 PRE-ECO A new paradigm to re-engineering printed composites 2019
329 DimorphicCircuits Elucidating the development of sexually-dimorphic circuits: from molecular mechanisms to synapses and behavior 2019
330 Didimo Humanity in Digital Communication 2019
332 SUSINCHAIN SUStainable INsect CHAIN 2019
333 CLARA The first superbot to audit calls 2019
334 Phyron Phyron platform for automated production of top-quality customizable product videos with 80% higher conversion rate for a fraction of today`s cost 2019
335 FunBlocks Fundamental Building Blocks – Understanding plasticity in complex crystals based on their simplest, intergrown units 2020
336 OpertusMundi A Single Digital Market for Industrial Geospatial Data Assets 2020
337 ReconCycle Self-reconfiguration of a robotic workcell for the recycling of electronic waste 2020
338 IOTI4.0 Integral Open Technology for Industry 4.0 2019
339 PEVAP Planet Evaporation as a Window into Exoplanetary Origins 2020
340 MAARvEL A Missing Key Property in Atmospheric AeRosol ChEmistry: the Laplace Pressure 2020
341 Self-Brett 2.0 Self-test2, wine analysis kit for Brettanomyces yeast identification 2019
342 ERIGrid 2.0 European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid and Smart Energy Systems Research, Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out – Second Edition 2020
343 UNITI Unification of treatments and Interventions for Tinnitus patients 2020
344 ExpectBG Elucidating the Basal Ganglia Circuits for Reward Expectation 2020
345 SELENE SELENE: Self-monitored Dependable platform for High-Performance Safety-Critical Systems 2019
346 ReHyb Rehabilitation based on Hybrid neuroprosthesis 2020
347 OnTarget Deciphering the principles governing robust targeting of proteins to organelles 2020
348 LINX4RAIL System architecture and Conceptual Data Model for railway, common data dictionary and global system modelling specifications 2019
349 CARBYNE New carbon reactivity rules for molecular editing 2020
350 Hot Milk Flows of hot plasma connecting the Milky Way centre to the corona, halo and beyond 2020
351 PERTURB Using periodic orbits to quantitatively describe and control 3D fluid turbulence. 2020
352 SUPERGRAPH Topological Superconductivity in Graphene 2020
353 DissectCMV Creating a comprehensive functional map of the viral and host factors in HCMV infection 2020
354 TNT Truth-not-Trust 2020
355 FDM^2 Structural multiscale modelling of extrusion-based 3D and 4D printed materials 2020
356 DEEP-MAPS Deep Earth Mantle Phase Transition Maps: Studied by Time-Resolved Experiments 2020
357 NICHEADAPT Deciphering the niche adaptations of a gut commensal involved in educating the host immune system 2021
358 CAC-seq. Chemical assisted enrichment of 5-carboxycytosine that also allows for DNA sequencing at single base resolution. 2020
359 DeepSeep Deep Serpentinization, H2, and high-pressure abiotic CH4 2021
360 RE-GENESis GENome Editing and delivery Strategies for REcoding the mammalian genome 2020
361 RE-NUP Spousal Reunification and Integration Laws in Europe 2020
362 GENPOP Genes, genealogies and the evolution of demographic change and social inequality 2020
363 BLU-SPARK The first Hybrid Power Unit Retrofit Solution for airplanes 2020
364 MICROSCOPE Molecular dIffusion of organiCs in secondaRy Organic aeroSols and impaCts On Particle chEmistry 2020