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# achronym  title  year 
1 TILDA Towards Industrial LES/DNS in Aeronautics – Paving the Way for Future Accurate CFD 2015
2 WASCOSYS Wavefunctions for strongly correlated systems 2015
3 AGILE Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts 2015
4 HyMoCo Hybrid Node Modes for Highly Efficient Light Concentrators 2015
5 Lensless High-resolution microscopy without lenses: a new generation of imaging technology 2015
6 nuDirections New Directions in Theoretical Neutrino Physics 2015
7 WAPITI Water-mass transformation and Pathways In The Weddell Sea: uncovering the dynamics of a global climate chokepoint from In-situ measurements 2015
8 Big Splash Big Splash: Efficient Simulation of Natural Phenomena at Extremely Large Scales 2015
9 OPT4SMART Distributed Optimization Methods for Smart Cyber-Physical Networks 2015
10 NewNGR New frontiers in numerical general relativity 2015
11 GEM From Geometry to Motion: inverse modeling of complex mechanical structures 2015
12 RELOS Reducing empiricism in luminescence geochronology: Understanding the origins of luminescence from individual sand grains 2015
13 Rheform Replacement of hydrazine for orbital and launcher propulsion systems 2015
14 A-LIFE Absorbing aerosol layers in a changing climate: aging, lifetime and dynamics 2015
15 FEXFEM On a free open source extreme scale finite element software 2015
16 QUIC Quantum simulations of insulators and conductors 2015
17 HPC-LEAP High Performance Computing in Life Sciences, Engineering And Physics 2015
18 BioMOre New Mining Concept for Extracting Metals from Deep Ore Deposits using Biotechnology 2015
19 IODA Industrial optimal design using adjoint CFD 2015
20 GEAGAM Geophysical Exploration using Advanced GAlerkin Methods 2015
21 DICE Developing Data-Intensive Cloud Applications with Iterative Quality Enhancements 2015
22 EXMAG Excitonic Magnetism in Strongly Correlated Materials 2015
23 NICHOID Mechanobiology of nuclear import of transcription factors modeled within a bioengineered stem cell niche. 2015
24 imbh Do intermediate-mass black holes exist? 2015
25 GLAD GNSS/INS Low-Cost Attitude Determination System 2014
26 EeHPC Energy efficient High Performance Computing 2014
27 IMPRECSIM Improving wet plastic recycling through innovative lagrangian particle-fluid simulations 2015
28 METACLOAK Broadband cloaking and shielding of elastic waves in solids. 2015
29 Flex-ON Flexible Optical Networks – Time Domain Hybrid QAM: DSP and Physical Layer Modelling 2015
30 Fractional Fractionalized quantum matter: Characterization, realization and generalization 2015
31 HNSKMAP High-order Numerical Schemes for Kinetic Models with Applications in Plasma Physics 2016
32 FLOWLASER Manipulation of Flow Characteristics Using Laser Energy Deposition 2015
33 COGNAC Readdressing Convective-Surface Interaction in Global Climate Models 2015
34 CONSCRISIS Households’ Consumption during the Great Recession: A structural analysis on the role of expectations 2015
35 SF-magnetic-stars The impact of superfluidity and superconductivity on the magneto-thermal evolution and X-ray observations of neutron stars. 2015
36 FE-RUS-Blast Finite Element Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy to Characterize Maturation of Cortical Bone Elastic Properties 2015
37 StarlightWinds Mass loss in the lives and deaths of massive stars 2015
38 SEAGAS Multi-disciplinary Comparison of Fluid Venting from Gas Hydrate Systems on the Mediterranean and Brazilian Continental Margins over Glacial-Interglacial Timescales 2016
39 COSMIC SHEAR Cosmic Shear Analysis of the Kilo Degree Survey: Cosmological Constraints 2016
40 MAIDEN-SPRUCE Tree growth, forest carbon storage and climate change in a Canadian boreal region using a model-data fusion approach 2015
41 River-HMV River hydraulics, morphology, and vegetation: A case for improved knowledge and numerical model capabilities 2015
42 MOCT Spectral Theory of Non-Selfadjoint Markov Processes with Applications in Self-Similarity, Branching Processes and Financial Mathematics 2015
43 ASTROMULTISCALE Multiscale dynamics of astrophysical plasmas: pressure-anisotropy-driven instabilities and large-scale dynamical processes 2015
44 COLPHAM Collective Phenomena in dense Active Matter: phase transitions and non-equilibrium dynamics. 2015
45 NICOS Nonlinear optical coatings at high intensities 2015
46 NESSY NEw Science from the phase space of old stellar SYstems 2015
47 SIDEW Seabed Imprint of Dense Shelf Water Cascading 2016
48 ENMMCL Efficient Numerical Modeling of Moving Contact Lines under Non-isothermal Conditions 2015
49 ClimatCon Climate-resilient pathways for the development of concrete infrastructure: adaptation, mitigation and sustainability 2015
50 MSMART Margination of Microcapsules in Small Arteries 2015
51 FastTh Fast Thermalization of the Quark-Gluon Plasma 2015
52 HiPerMeGaFlowS High-Performance Curved Meshing and Unstructured High-Order Galerkin Solvers for High-Fidelity Flow Simulation 2015
53 OptiMADMix Optimized Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion Mixing 2016
54 Cosmo Plasmas Cosmological simulations of radio bright plasmas 2015
55 CHAOS Nonlinear Compensation in Hybrid Raman/EDFA Amplified Optical Systems 2015
56 STAR An Extended Local Scattering Theory for Acoustic-radiation and Receptivity of Trailing-edge Flows 2016
57 URBANRAD Radiative transfer effects on air pollution dispersion in urban areas: from the street scale to the neighbourhood scale 2015
58 AdvancedStarForm Global and local star formation with state-of-the-art physics 2015
59 IsoBar Relative Role of Reproductive Isolating Barriers During Speciation 2016
61 MALCOD Machine Learning for Computational Dynamics 2015
62 PLIOTRANS PLIOcene TRANSient Climate Modelling: Towards a global consensus between ice volume, temperature and relative sea level for the Late Pliocene 2015
63 GESTATE testinG massivE STar formATion modEis 2015
64 NEARCONTROL NEARshore geological CONTROL on coastal morphodynamics: monitoring and modelling in high-resolution 2016
65 ITER Improving Thermal Efficiency of horizontal ground heat exchangers 2015
66 SoWHat Solar Wind Heating and Turbulence 2015
67 GEOCA Geometry and Computational Anatomy 2015
68 PhotonCount Imaging with Photon Counting: Reduced costs, increased dynamic range 2015
69 CORSAIR Increasing the quality mindset of COnstruction workers involved in building Refurbishment processes through a Software Application capable of using among others visible or InfraRed pictures of defects 2015
70 LIFES 50plus Qualification of innovative floating substructures for 10MW wind turbines and water depths greater than 50m. 2015
71 Bio-HyPP Biogas-fired Combined Hybrid Heat and Power Plant 2015
72 MOSES Managing crOp water Saving with Enterprise Services 2015
73 ENSURE Exploring the New Science and engineering unveiled by Ultraintense ultrashort Radiation interaction with mattEr 2015
74 BlackHoleMaps Mapping gravitational waves from collisions of black holes 2015
75 QUANTUMMETALINK Quantum Metamaterials: A Theoretical and Computational Approach Towards Seamlessly Integrated Hybrid Classical/Quantum Nano-structures 2015
76 SAMOFAR A Paradigm Shift in Reactor Safety with the Molten Salt Fast Reactor 2015
77 sCO2-HeRo The supercritical CO2 Heat Removal System 2015
78 MYRTE MYRRHA Research and Transmutation Endeavour 2015
79 IVMR In-Vessel Melt Retention Severe Accident Management Strategy for Existing and Future NPPs 2015
80 Microflusa Fabricating colloidal materials with microfluidics 2015
81 DEDALE Data Learning on Manifolds and Future Challenges 2015
82 SETinSTONE Set in Stone - A retrospective impact assessment of human and environmental resource usage in Late Bronze Age Mycenaean Monumental Architecture, Greece 2015
83 VOLCAPSE Volcano dome growth, collapse and coupled processes 2015
84 GATIPOR Guaranteed fully adaptive algorithms with tailored inexact solvers for complex porous media flows 2015
85 Phonton Phon(t)on-induced phase transitions 2015
86 GEDII Gender Diversity Impact – Improving research and innovation through gender diversity 2015
88 CRAGSMAN The Impact of Cosmic Rays on Galaxy and Cluster Formation 2016
89 CORONALDOLLS Multi-Scale Coronal Heating: A New Approach to an Old Question. 2015
90 NEXTGenIO Next Generation I/O for Exascale 2015
91 ESCAPE Energy-efficient SCalable Algorithms for weather Prediction at Exascale 2015
92 QUTE Quantum Tensor Networks and Entanglement 2015
93 ExaHyPE An Exascale Hyperbolic PDE Engine 2015
94 MIMESIS Mathematics and Materials Science for Steel Production and Manufacturing 2015
95 OCLOC From Open to Closed Loop Optimal Control of PDEs 2016
96 HADE Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations: New Challenges 2015
97 ASICA New constraints on the Amazonian carbon balance from airborne observations of the stable isotopes of CO2 2015
98 SESAME thermal hydraulics Simulations and Experiments for the Safety Assessment of MEtal cooled reactors 2015
99 COTURB Coherent Structures in Wall-bounded Turbulence 2016
100 EPN2020-RI EUROPLANET 2020 Research Infrastructure 2015
102 HySEA Improving Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications (HySEA) through pre-normative research on vented deflagrations 2015
103 ESiWACE Excellence in SImulation of Weather and Climate in Europe 2015
104 OMA Optimization of Medical Accelerators 2016
105 AdMoRe Empowered decision-making in simulation-based engineering: Advanced Model Reduction for real-time, inverse and optimization in industrial problems 2015
106 EoCoE Energy oriented Centre of Excellence for computer applications 2015
107 MOTOR Multi-ObjecTive design Optimization of fluid eneRgy machines 2015
108 SPIRE Stars: dynamical Processes driving tidal Interactions, Rotation and Evolution 2015
109 VIPER VIbro-acoustics of PERiodic media 2016
110 PROMISE Origins of the Molecular Cloud Structure 2016
111 PLASMA Running away and radiating 2015
112 ARISE2 Atmospheric dynamics Research InfraStructure in Europe 2015
113 BHstabNL The fate of black holes in high-energy physics -- exploring their dynamical instabilities 2016
114 NuQFT The Hall Plateau Transition and non-unitary Quantum Field Theory 2015
115 ChemSniff Chemical sniffer device for multi-mode analysis of threat compounds 2015
116 StronGrHEP Strong Gravity and High-Energy Physics 2016
117 SYNERGY Synergy for Smart Multi-Objective Optimisation 2016
118 DELASTI DEvelopment of advanced LASer based technologies for the manufacturing of TItanium HLFC structures 2016
119 ASPIRE Aerodynamic and acouStic for high-by-Pass ratIo tuRbofan intEgration 2016
120 SimCoDeQ Simulation tool development for a composite manufacturing process default prediction integrated into a quality control system 2016
121 DISTRACTION Design against DISTortion of metallic aerospace parts based on combination of numeRical modelling ACTivities and topology optimisatION 2016
122 REDISH CROR Engine Debris Impact SHielding. Design, manufacturing, simulation and Impact test preparation 2016
123 COSMO_SIMS Astrophysics for the Dark Universe: Cosmological simulations in the context of dark matter and dark energy research 2016
124 PropMat Support to Future CROR and UHBR Propulsion System Maturation 2016
125 DEMOS Developing advanced Engine Multi-disciplinary Optimization Simulations (DEMOS) 2016
126 NASDAC iNnovative Approaches for Scalable Data Assimilation in oCeanography 2016
127 COAT Collapse Of Atmospheric Turbulence 2016
128 QUANTMATT Dynamics and transport of quantum matter --- exploring the interplay of topology, interactions and localization 2016
129 PROPTER Support to aerodynamic analysis and design of propellers of a compound helicopter 2015
130 MIGRATE Massive InteGRATion of power Electronic devices 2016
131 TOPOLOGICAL Topological Light at Structured Surfaces 2015
132 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
133 OXYGEN Quantifying the evolution of Earth's atmosphere with novel isotope systems and modelling 2016
134 IMAGE Innovative Methodologies and technologies for reducing Aircraft noise Generation and Emission 2016
135 MEDLEM Cost-effective microfluidic electronic devices for optimal drug administration based on fractional pharmacokinetics for leukemia treatments 2016
136 QUEST QUantitative paleoEnvironments from SpeleoThems 2016
137 FURADO Full Fairing Rotor Head Aerodynamic Design Optimization 2016
138 CONENE Control of Large-scale Stochastic Hybrid Systems for Stability of Power Grid with Renewable Energy 2016
139 BATH A Probe for Environment Properties in Open Quantum Systems: Accessing Spectral Densities with Multi-Dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy 2017
140 AMO-dance Strong Field Dynamics of Atoms and Molecules: History-dependent Functionals and Exact Kohn-Sham Potentials of the Time-dependent (multi-component) Density Functional Theory 2016
141 ROC-CO2 Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by rock-derived organic carbon oxidation 2016
142 EXCHANGE-Risk EXperimental Computational Hybrid Assessment of Natural Gas pipelines Exposed to Seismic Risk 2016
143 BLADEOUT CROR Blade-Out Impact Simulations and Sample Manufacturing 2016
144 FIREFELM Mastering the energetic particle distribution in a magnetohydrodynamic active plasma 2017
145 eGALISM Characterizing properties of the interstellar medium to better understand how stars form in galaxies 2017
146 SOFT-TISSUES Mathematical modelling of soft tissues 2017
147 GravityWaveWindow Gravitational Self-Force and Post-Newtonian Methods for Gravitational Wave Detection 2016
148 RespMicroFlows Unravelling respiratory microflows in silico and in vitro: novel paths for targeted pulmonary delivery in infants and young children 2016
149 LENA non-LinEar sigNal processing for solving data challenges in Astrophysics 2016
150 WINDMIL Smart Monitoring, Inspection and Life-Cycle Assessment of Wind Turbines 2016
151 CAVE Challenges and Advancements in Virtual Elements 2016
152 AROMA-CFD Advanced Reduced Order Methods with Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics 2016
153 PULSAR Pushing ultrafast laser material processing into a new regime of plasma-controlled ablation 2016
154 SpeedInfTradeoff Speed-Information Tradeoffs: Beyond Quasi-Entropy Analysis 2016
155 SolarALMA ALMA – The key to the Sun’s coronal heating problem. 2016
156 EQEC Engineering Quantum Error Correction 2016
157 EIROS Erosion and Ice Resistant cOmposite for Severe operating conditions 2016
158 DNSVCFA Development of a novel servovalve concept for aircraft 2017
159 ThermalDFT Density-Functional Theory for Thermoelectric Phenomena 2016
160 Cryoetch Computer modelling and experimental validation of plasmas and plasma- surface interactions, for a deep insight in cryogenic etching 2016
161 OEMBS Out-of-equilibrium entangled many-body systems 2016
162 WaterfallModel3D Controls on knickpoint migration and consequences for landscape evolution: experimental and numerical modelling 2016
163 CAP-CANCER Cold atmospheric plasma treatment for effective cancer cell apoptosis 2016
164 FETA Fluid impacts in EarTh Accretion 2016
165 BosQuanTran Quantum simulation of transport properties in arbitrary shaped potential landscapes with ultracold bosonic atoms 2016
166 FRoST The Foreshock and its Role in Solar-Terrestrial relations 2017
167 poro sos Efficient numerical methods for deformable porous media. Application to carbon dioxide storage. 2016
168 ICDSpec Interatomic Coulombic Decay in nanodroplets: towards a novel spectroscopy 2016
169 VOLTAIC VOLcanic lighTning: a lAb and fIeld ApproaCh 2016
170 THERMOSTALL High Performance Seasonal Solar Energy Latent Heat Thermal Storage Using Low Grade, Low Melting Temperature Metallic Alloys 2016
171 TranspvdW Vertical Transport and Photoresponse in van der Waals hybrid structures 2016
172 ITPF Interfaces in Turbulent Premixed Flames (ITPF) 2016
173 BMC Rendering Bayesian Monte Carlo for Global Illumination 2016
174 NanoHeat Mathematical modelling of nanoscale heat flow and phase change 2016
175 DDM-GNI Discrete Dirac Mechanics and Geometric Numerical Integration Methods for Plasma Physics 2016
176 NiCoFlow Nature-inspired control of turbulent flows 2016
177 IMPACT Physics of Impact Cratering Collapse 2016
178 I.MODI Implemented MOnitoring system for structural DIsplacement 2016
179 DELTAS The dynamics and rheology of self-assembled empty liquids: from patchy toy models to anisotropic realistic systems 2016
181 AggregationKinetics Emergence of Large Particles in Cluster-Cluster Aggregation 2017
182 eLightning Lightning propagation and high-energy emissions within coupled multi-model simulations 2016
183 FLUDYCO Fluid dynamics of planetary cores: formation, heterogeneous convection and rotational dynamics 2016
184 CS2-WP714-DE Advanced Design of Very High Power Density Piston Engine and Thermal Management Challenges for Aircraft Application 2016
185 iSCAPE Improving the Smart Control of Air Pollution in Europe 2016
186 MATRIX MAchine for Time Reversal and Immersive wave eXperimentation 2016
187 AMUSIC nonlineAr Multimode and mUlticore optical fiberS for multIple appliCations 2016
188 BEYONDCO Using fine structure line emission to observe the life-cycle of molecular clouds 2016
189 CGCglasmaQGP The nonlinear high energy regime of Quantum Chromodynamics 2016
190 SCENT Smart Toolbox for Engaging Citizens into a People-Centric Observation Web 2016
191 MAtISSE Multichannel Investigation of Solar Modulation Effects in Galactic Cosmic Rays 2016
192 ReArrhenius Re-evaluation of temperature correction in microbial biodegradation kinetics 2016
193 COMPLETE Cloud-MicroPhysics-Turbulence-Telemetry: An inter-multidisciplinary training network for enhancing the understanding and modeling of atmospheric clouds 2016
194 THAWSOME THAWing permafrost: the fate of Soil Organic Matter in the aquatic Environment 2016
195 GrInflaGal Gravity, Inflation, and Galaxies: Fundamental Physics with Large-Scale Structure 2016
196 PaDyFlow Particle dynamics in the flow of complex suspensions 2016
197 EUREC4A Elucidating the Role of Clouds-Circulation Coupling in Climate 2016
198 NUTS Nuclei Using Topological Solitons 2016
199 RESOLVE REalistic Simulations and ObservationaL Validation of small-scale Energy channels on the Sun 2017
200 MILESTONE Multi-Scale Description of Non-Universal Behavior in Turbulent Combustion 2016
201 ELEMENT CROR Engine debris Middle level Impact and Mechanical test 2016
202 INSPiRE Industrialisation of Jet Noise Prediction Methods 2016
203 BISS Biometric Identification Security System 2016
204 MARCAN Topographically-driven meteoric groundwater – An important geomorphic agent 2017
205 SOPRANO Soot Processes and Radiation in Aeronautical inNOvative combustors 2016
206 CUNDA Causality Relations Using Nonlinear Data Assimilation 2016
207 CHANGE New CHallenges for (adaptive) PDE solvers: the interplay of ANalysis and GEometry 2016
208 IGNIS Reuse of Tyre Fibres for Fire-Spalling-Proof Concrete 2016
210 DYCON Dynamic Control and Numerics of Partial Differential Equations 2016
211 CHRiSHarMa Commutators, Hilbert and Riesz transforms, Shifts, Harmonic extensions and Martingales 2017
212 MAESTRO Modular laser based additive manufacturing platform for large scale industrial applications 2016
213 NDTonAIR NDTonAIR: Training Network in Non-Destructive Testing and Structural Health Monitoring of Aircraft structures 2016
214 PENNY Psychological, social and financial barriers to energy efficiency 2016
215 IDEAS Innovative DEsign of acoustic treatments for Air conditioning Systems: from laboratory to an industrially-relevant environment 2016
216 AVA Accelerators Validating Antimatter physics 2017
217 CuraBone Predictive models and simulations in bone regeneration: a multiscale patient-specific approach 2017
218 CRORTET Experimental characterization of turbulent pressure fluctuations on realistic Contra-Rotating Open Rotor (CROR) 2D airfoil in representative high subsonic Mach number 2016
219 CANOBLE CAbin NOise from Boundary Layer Excitation 2016
220 NuWaSim On a Nuclear Waste Deep Repository Simulator 2016
221 NLO-CO Large scale structure of the Universe and fundamental physics 2017
222 NET4IQ Network Techniques for Interaction Quenches 2016
223 FIThydro Fishfriendly Innovative Technologies for Hydropower 2016
224 OPRECOMP Open transPREcision COMPuting 2017
225 ERQUAF Entanglement and Renormalisation for Quantum Fields 2017
226 APPLICATE Advanced Prediction in Polar regions and beyond: Modelling, observing system design and LInkages associated with ArctiC ClimATE change 2016
227 MINOTOR MagnetIc NOzzle thruster with elecTron cyclOtron Resonance 2017
228 CEASELESS Copernicus Evolution and Aplications with Sentinel Enhancements and Land Effluents for Shores and Seas 2016
229 NonVisNumCog The role vision plays in shaping the representation of numbers. 2017
230 CHEOPS Consortium for Hall Effect Orbital Propulsion System 2016
231 LiftTrain Aerodynamic Lift force of Trains subjected to cross winds—get it right! 2016
232 HHGhole2 High-harmonic spectroscopy for core-hole dynamics 2016
233 VADEMECOM VAlidation driven DEvelopment of Modern and Efficient COMbustion technologies 2017
234 UfastU Theory of ultra-fast dynamics in correlated multi-band systems 2017
235 CHALLENGE 3C-SiC Hetero-epitaxiALLy grown on silicon compliancE substrates and 3C-SiC substrates for sustaiNable wide-band-Gap powEr devices 2017
236 AMATHO A.dditive MA.nufacturing for T.iltrotor HO.using 2016
237 LoTGlasSy Low Temperature Glassy Systems 2016
238 CollectSwim Individual and Collective Swimming of Active Microparticles 2017
239 Extreme An Exascale aware and Un-crashable Space-Time-Adaptive Discontinuous Spectral Element Solver for Non-Linear Conservation Laws 2017
240 SACCRED Structured ACCREtion Disks: initial conditions for planet formation in the time domain 2017
241 SaaStified Simulation-as-a-Service Tool for Industrial Furnaces Innovative Engineering Design (SaaStified) 2016
242 OPREP Operator Based Representations for Geometry Processing 2017
243 PUNCA Preparing for Unveiling the Nature of the Cosmic Acceleration 2017
244 BACCO Burning on Accreting Compact Objects 2017
245 CoSaQ Cognitive Semantics and Quantities 2017
246 AMITIE Additive Manufacturing Initiative for Transnational Innovation in Europe 2017
247 MAGCOW The Magnetised Cosmic Web 2017
248 CloudBrake How nature's smallest clouds slow down large-scale circulations critical for climate 2017
249 MagBURST Exploding stars from first principles: MAGnetars as engines of hypernovae and gamma-ray BURSTs 2017
250 SolMAG Unravelling The Structure and Evolution of Solar Magnetic Flux Ropes and Their Magnetosheaths 2017
251 time-data Time-Data Trade-Offs in Resource-Constrained Information and Inference Systems 2017
252 PROBATE Planet ROlling Bearing with Advanced TEchnologies 2017
253 DRAMATIC Development of Relevant Approaches to Mathematically Model Increasingly Complex Microbially-driven Processes 2017
254 MDFT Mathematics of Density Functional Theory 2017
255 MUMPS Next Generation Digital Mock-Ups for Multi-Physics Simulation 2016
256 LENSD Liquid Exfoliation of Nanomaterials using Spinning Discs 2017
257 DRANOEL Deciphering RAdio NOn-thermal Emission on the Largest scales 2017
258 TOPIOS Tracking Of Plastic In Our Seas 2017
259 MICA Mechanics of slow earthquake phenomena: an Integrated perspective from the Composition, geometry, And rheology of plate boundary faults 2017
260 Habitat-OASIS Habitability of Oceans and Aqueous Systems on Icy Satellites 2017
261 Adaptive Simulations Bringing to market an open source CFD framework as a fully automated simulation service with high performance computing cloud-based access 2016
262 TICOAJO TItanium COmposite Adhesive JOints 2017
263 RODEO Robotized Orbital Drilling Equipment and Optimized residual stresses 2017
264 HEGEL High Cycle Fatigue Prediction Methodology for Fibre Reinforced Laminates for Aircraft Structures in CROR Environment – Development and Validation 2017
265 ACOC Integrated Air Cooling Oil Cooled System 2017
266 AQSuS Analog Quantum Simulation using Superconducting Qubits 2017
267 GlassUniversality Universal explanation of low-temperature glass anomalies 2017
268 Vis4Weather Improved Communication of High Impact Weather Events 2017
269 Waterscales Mathematical and computational foundations for modeling cerebral fluid flow. 2017
270 NORIA Numerical Optimal tRansport for ImAging 2017
271 BOSS-WAVES Back-reaction Of Solar plaSma to WAVES 2017
272 TwoCompQuaGas Dynamics of two-component quantum gases 2017
273 NEUTRINO Nonlinear Fourier Transforms in Action 2017
274 WakeOpColl Learning and collective intelligence for optimized operations in wake flows 2017
275 MUSA Monitoring built-Up area from SAtellite 2017
276 EROSIVE The influence of Earth-surface processes on solid-Earth, ice-sheet, and sea-level interactions for Scandinavian Ice-Sheet collapse 2018
277 QMBDyn Dynamical Phenomena in Quantum Many-Body Systems 2017
278 MiMEtiC Molecular mechanisms of the mechanical interaction between the cell nucleus and the actin cytoskeleton 2017
279 TEROPPLATE Testing the role of thermo-chemical piles in the generation and continuation of plate tectonics 2018
280 sharpEDGE From Bulk to Edge: Realization and Characterization of Fractionalized Quantum Matter 2017
281 SLATE Submarine LAndslides and Their impact on European continental margins 2017
282 BYONIC Beyond the Iron Curtain 2017
283 XtremelY Numerical modelling of reinforced slender wooden window elements 2017
284 XQCDBaryons Baryons in extreme QCD matter 2017
285 ACTIVEMOTION3D Experimental Study of Three-dimensional Dynamics of Active Particles 2017
286 SimSolidAM Simulation of metal Solidification in Additive Manufacturing processes 2017
287 TRANSRISK Vulnerability and risk assessment of transportation systems of assets (SoA) exposed to geo-hazards 2017
288 TcCFT Tools to Carve out Conformal Field Theories 2017
289 OpTiCA Optimisation of Tidal energy Converter Arrays 2017
290 GRECO Groundwater effects on coastal ecosystems 2017
291 quasiTENS Quantum Systems Investigated through Tensor Network States 2017
292 VESPER Volcanoes: eruptive style, pre-eruptive evolution and risk 2018
293 STEADY SaTEllyte synthetic Aperture radar interferometry to model Dam stabilitY 2017
294 SEQUOIA Robust algorithms for learning from modern data 2017
295 HARM High Attenuation Recycling Materials as sustainable barriers for waste disposal sites 2018
296 TENSOROOTS Solving large systems of polynomial equations by using multi-linear algebra tools 2017
297 MicACol Microrheology of two-dimensional active colloidal crystals and glasses 2017
298 SIMFREE Open-source freeware for fiber optic communication and sensing simulations 2017
299 BNSmergers Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic Counterparts from Generic Binary Neutron Star Systems 2018
300 TESTINF Testing Cosmic Inflation and Reheating in the Very Early Universe 2017
301 TimePresCompBridge Time-dependent design and assessment of prestressed steel-concrete composite bridges with external FRP tendons 2017
302 CuMiN Currents and Minimizing Networks 2017
303 GEOTRIBE Generation and Evolution Of Transform-Ridge Interaction and Behavior on Earth 2018
304 AERIALIST AdvancEd aicRaft-noIse-AlLeviation devIceS using meTamaterials 2017
305 NI2D NI2D: Software for nonlinear vibration analysis: From identification to design. 2017
306 MAGNET Models and Algorithms for Graph centrality grounded on Nonlinear Eigenvalues Techniques 2017
307 HYPER TOWER Design of Hyper Tall Onshore Wind Turbine Towers 2017
308 DIGESTIVO The DIffuse Galaxy Expansion SignaTures In Various Observables project: understanding the emergence of diffuse, low surface brightness galaxies and the link to their dark matter haloes 2018
309 NonnegativeRank Geometry of Nonnegative Rank 2017
310 CALLIRHEO Multi-scale computational hemodynamics in obese children and adolescents: enabling personalised prediction of cardiovascular disease 2018
311 ICED Initial conditions of exoplanet formation in protoplanetary disks 2017
312 MMoBEER Mathematical models of bone externally excited remodelling 2017
313 SAFS Development of screw anchors for floating Marine Renewable Energy system arrays incorporating anchor sharing 2017
314 CENTRELINE ConcEpt validatioN sTudy foR fusElage wake-filLIng propulsioN intEgration 2017
315 MultiCAMS Multi-level Model Calibration for the Assessment of Historical Masonry Structures 2017
316 NUMELAT Numbers in the brain: the impact of brain lateralization on numerical abilities 2018
317 QUSON Quantum Sensing with Quantum Optical Networks 2018
318 ASuMED Advanced Superconducting Motor Experimental Demonstrator 2017
319 OpaqueFlows Flows Unveiled: Multimodal Measurement in Opaque Two-Phase Flows 2017
320 DYNCON-ORC Dynamic performance modelling and controller design of a mini-scale organic Rankine cycle unit for heavy duty vehicles 2017
321 OPTIMOrph Development of methods for deriving optimized shapes of morphing structures considering both aerodynamic performances and specific mechanical morphing boundary conditions 2017
322 MISSP Manufacturing of Integral Stiffened Skin Panels 2017
323 DDD Diffusive Droplet Dynamics in multicomponent fluid systems 2017
324 HOPE Humans On Planet Earth - Long-term impacts on biosphere dynamics 2018
325 SAN-ICE Seismic Ambient Noise as a proxy to investigate ICE in polar regions 2018
326 juliaeconometrics Developing a Financial Econometrics Package for the Julia Programming Language 2018
327 MEDEA-CHART The Medieval and Early Modern Nautical Chart: Birth, Evolution and Use 2017
328 HPC-EUROPA3 Transnational Access Programme for a Pan-European Network of HPC Research Infrastructures and Laboratories for scientific computing 2017
329 ITHACA An Information Theoretic Approach to Improving the Reliability of Weather and Climate Simulations 2017
330 POLMAG Polarized Radiation Diagnostics for Exploring the Magnetism of the Outer Solar Atmosphere 2018
331 ToSubC Towards Submarine Landslides and Their Consequences 2017
332 3DFlameGT Evaluation of three-dimensional velocity field, mixing field, and flame-front in a model gas turbinecombustor 2018
333 CBF-EQRES Novel braced frame for earthquake resilience 2017
334 MINIMAL Characterization and Modelling of dislocation-INterface Interactions in MetAllic Laminates at multiple scales 2018
335 GRAPES Galactic cosmic RAy Propagation: an Extensive Study 2017
336 MoWE Mooring of floating wave energy converters:numerical simulation and uncertainty quantification 2017
337 ACFD Acoustical and Canonical Fluid Dynamics in numerical general relativity 2017
338 SMArtPlate A ductile, high energy absorptive and rapid post-tensioning system for extending life of concrete structures 2017
339 PerformFISH Consumer driven Production: Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain 2017
340 iHEART An Integrated Heart Model for the simulation of the cardiac function 2017
341 SYNJET3C Synthetic Jet flow Control CFD and Characterization 2017
342 BinGraSp Modeling the Gravitational Spectrum of Neutron Star Binaries 2017
343 Beacon Bentonite mechanical evolution 2017
344 INAFLOWT INnovative Actuation Concepts for Engine/Pylon/Wing Separation FLOw Control (Design, Build and Wind Tunnel Test) 2017
345 GEMMA GEneration iv Materials MAturity 2017
346 IPANEMA Inlet PArticle Separator Numerical ExperiMental Assessment 2017
347 FastMat Fast determination of fatigue properties of materials beyond one billion cycles 2017
348 EXOCONDENSE Climate Dynamics of Exoplanets with Condensible Atmospheres 2017
349 AXION Axions: From Heaven to Earth 2017
350 STAMP Stratified turbulence and mixing processes 2017
351 MIST Molecules, magnetic fields and Intermittency in coSmic Turbulence – Following the energy trail. 2017
352 McSAFE High-Performance Monte Carlo Methods for SAFEty Demonstration- From Proof of Concept to realistic Safety Analysis and Industry-like Applications 2017
353 SCONE Simulations of CrOr and fan broadband NoisE with reduced order modelling 2017
354 ADVENT Advanced ventilation techniques for modern long-range passenger aircraft to promote future energy management systems 2017
355 ENABLE European Network for Alloys Behaviour Law Enhancement 2018
356 INTELLICORR Intelligent corrosion management underpinned by advanced engineering science 2017
357 INTERSTELLAR The Interstellar Medium of High Redshift Galaxies 2017
358 LEAP home LEAP home, a new home for a sustainable future. A functional and aesthetic answer to a liberated living. 2017
359 SPICY Simulating 2d Spin Lattices with Ion Crystals 2017
360 EVOCLIM Behavioral-evolutionary analysis of climate policy: Bounded rationality, markets and social interactions 2018
361 BAM Becoming A Minority 2017
362 CARL-PdM Next Generation Holistic Predictive Maintenance Software 2017
363 ATHOR Advanced THermomechanical mOdelling of Refractory linings 2017
364 ERICA Engineered Calcium-Silicate-Hydrates for Applications 2017
365 FibreNet A Training Network on Designing Novel Bio-based Fibre Products for Targeted Advanced Properties and New Applications 2017
366 SALTGIANT Understanding the Mediterranean Salinity Crisis 2018
367 INCOVID Inpainting-based Compression of Visual Data 2017
368 CAstRA Comet and Asteroid Re-Shaping through Activity 2018
369 ETOPEX Engineering Topological Phases and Excitations in Nanostructures with Interactions 2018
370 PARATOP New paradigms for correlated quantum matter:Hierarchical topology, Kondo topological metals, and deep learning 2018
371 LEDA The challenging quest for low-mass dark structures 2018
372 APES Accuracy and precision for molecular solids 2018
373 LIFEGATE Holographic super-resolution micro-endoscopy for in-vivo applications 2017
374 NewPhysLat Search for new physics through lattice simulations 2017
375 EXPROTEA Exploring Relations in Structured Data with Functional Maps 2018
376 PURPOSE Opening a new route in solid mechanics: Printed protective structures 2018
377 CFT-MAP Charting the space of Conformal Field Theories: a combined nuMerical and Analytical aPproach 2018
378 SUNMAG SUNMAG: Understanding magnetic-field-regulated heating and explosive events in the solar chromosphere 2018
379 OOID The Ocean's Oxygen Isotopes Deciphered: Combining Observations, Experiments and Models 2018
380 PANAMA Probabilistic Automated Numerical Analysis in Machine learning and Artificial intelligence 2018
381 NEWTON NEw Windown inTO Earth's iNterior 2018
382 DOMUS Design OptiMisation for efficient electric vehicles based on a USer-centric approach 2017
383 CTFF Control of turbulent friction force 2017
384 MATHROCKS Multiscale Inversion of Porous Rock Physics using High-Performance Simulators: Bridging the Gap between Mathematics and Geophysics 2018
385 TransTurb Large Deviations and Rare Transitions in Turbulent flows 2017
386 FLAVE Energetics of natural turbulent flows: the impact of waves and radiation. 2018
387 NoTape Measuring with no tape 2017
388 ATMO Atmospheres across the Universe 2018
389 SOTUF SOot in TUrbulent Flames: a new look at soot production processes in turbulent flames leading to novel models for predictive large eddy simulations 2018
390 1D-Engine 1D-electrons coupled to dissipation: a novel approach for understanding and engineering superconducting materials and devices 2018
391 GreatMoves General Relativistic Moving-Mesh Simulations of Neutron-Star Mergers 2018
392 EnDurCrete New Environmental friendly and Durable conCrete, integrating industrial by-products and hybrid systems, for civil, industrial and offshore applications – EnDurCrete 2018
393 ViDaR ViDaR: R-enabled large-scale data analytics in ViDa 2018
394 DECAF Deforestation – Climate –Atmospheric composition – Fire interactions and feedbacks 2018
395 FunFiCO Fundamental fields and compact objects: theory and astrophysical phenomenology 2017
396 CIC-BREL Development of deformation-based method for the behavior of masonry bracing elements, considering the cracked and inelastic state “CIC-BREL” Cracked Inelastic Calculation of BRacing ELements 2018
397 UNIFIED Fuel injection from subcritical to supercritical P-T conditions: a unified methodology for coupled in-nozzle flow, atomisation and air-fuel mixing processes 2018
398 COGRA Decoding the Mechanics of Metals by Coarse-Grained Atomistics 2018
399 COMANFLO Computation and analysis of statistical solutions of fluid flow 2018
400 MAGMA Melting And Geodynamic Models of Ascent 2018
401 DYNACQM Dynamics of Correlated Quantum Matter: From Dynamical Probes to Novel Phases of Matter
402 INTERACTION Cloud-cloud interaction in convective precipitation 2018
403 START inveSTigation of an ultrA compact Reverse flow combusTor 2018
404 PROTEUS Development of simulation methods and tools to predict the idle and sub-idle behavior of future large Very High Bypass Ratio geared civil turbofan engines. 2018
405 FLOWCAASH FLOW Control Actuators at Aircraft scale manufacturing by SLM with high aerodynamic performance for using in Harsh environment 2018
406 HouseBuildR Build your house exactly as you imagined it 2018
407 DARETOMODEL DAta-dRivEn, low-rank, jeT-nOise MODELling 2018
408 IDA Intermediate Compressor Case Duct Aerodynamics 2018
409 SALAMANDER Soakback Assessment using LAttice Boltzmann Method and Aerothermal Nodal-network for the Design of the Engine-bay Region 2018
410 DOVER Methodology Development and Validation of WEight Optimized Stiffeners Run-Out Design for Future Composite Wings 2018
411 INTELLICONT Development and Manufacturing of Intelligent Lightweight Composite Aircraft Container 2018
412 MOTIVE Multi-physics mOdelling of high Temperature engIne ValvEs 2018
414 QSIMCORR Quantum Simulation of Strongly-Correlated Systems 2018
415 CoreSat Dynamics of Earth’s core from multi-satellite observations 2018
416 QUEM-CHEM Time- and space- resolved ultrafast dynamics in molecular-plasmonic hybrid systems 2018
417 InSPIRe Innovative Systems to Prevent Ice on Regional Aircraft 2018
418 NOCO2 Novel CO2 condensation and separation in supersonic flows contributing to carbon capture and storage (CCS) 2019
419 Re-MAPMATH Re-Mapping the Numerical Brain. 2018
420 Freq4Num The neural signature of numerosity: Tracking the cerebral correlates of numerical and continuous magnitude extraction with a frequency-based approach 2018
421 COQUDDE Cooperative Quantum Dynamics of Dipolar Ensembles 2018
422 LandFlux Quantifying landslide activity and contribution to sediment fluxes with cosmogenic radionuclides and grain-size distributions 2018
423 RESTREIG Development of A Method for Analysis of Creep Behaviour of Welded Rotating Components of High Temperature Applications Based on Eigenstrain Theory 2018
424 AxiBAU Axions as the Origin of the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe 2019
425 AuroraMHD Constraints on Io's and Europa's atmospheres and interiors from modeling of the satellites' aurora 2018
426 BIOGEOS Bio-mediated Geo-material Strengthening for engineering applications 2018
427 CABUM An investigation of the mechanisms at the interaction between cavitation bubbles and contaminants 2018
428 CONDENSATION Aerosol-ClOud iNteractions anD Effects oN atmoSpheric rAdiaTIve fOrciNg 2019
429 Cosmo-Blow-Up Deflating the blow-up: controlling infinities in cosmic fluid descriptions 2018
430 D5S Direct Statistical Simulation of the Sun and Stars 2018
431 darkBHgrowth Shedding light on the dark supermassive black hole growth in the early Universe 2018
432 DCI A new method for theoretical spectroscopy of strongly correlated materials - dynamical configuration interaction 2018
433 DOMES Exhumation mechanisms of deep crust and formation of metamorphic domes in orogens: a Synergybetween naturalistic and numerical approaches 2019
434 DURCWAVE amending the Design criteria of URban defences in LECZs through Composite-modelling of WAVE overtopping under climate change scenarios 2019
435 NEMO New states of Entangled Matter Out of equilibrium 2018
436 MultiphysMicroCaps Multiphysics study of the dynamics, resistance and targeted therapy potential of deformable Micro-Capsules 2018
437 TouchDesign A Computational Design Approach to Haptic Synthesis 2018
438 MQC Maintaining Quantum Coherence for Quantum Information Applications 2018
439 REALM Re-inventing Ecosystem And Land-surface Models 2018
440 PORTWINGS Decoding the Nature of Flapping Flight by port-Hamiltonian System Theory 2018
441 HisTORIC Heat Transfer Enhancement during Oscillatory Flows: Impact Quantification of Heat Transfer Coefficient 2018
442 HyPoStruct A key breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cells: enhancing macroscopic mass transport properties by tailoring the porous microstructure 2019
443 ISOMAXENT Development of a design-through-analysis methodology based on a coupled isogemetrcic-maximumentropy approach 2018
444 ProDelSys Processing Systems with Optical Delay 2018
445 FADAMES Fatigue damage at mesoscopic level. Fatigue life prediction in conjunction with acoustic emission signals 2018
446 GraFrontLev A theoretical, experimental and numerical study of the formation of coarse dry granular fronts and spontaneously self-channelizing levees in debris flows 2018
447 EPSKS Efficient pore-scale kinetic simulation of gas flows in ultra-tight porous media 2018
448 TurbDDT Predicting flame acceleration and deflagration to detonation transition in industrial scale explosions incorporating the turbulence effects 2018
449 TLIINCSEFFR Towards Low Impact and Innovative New Concrete Structures: Exploitation of FRP Fabric Reinforcement 2018
450 POLYFIL Polychromatic low-threshold fibre laser 2018
451 MIMOP Modelling Ice-shelf Melting and ice-Ocean Processes via the phase-field method and direct numerical simulation 2018
452 NERUDA Numerical and ERT stUdies for Diffusive and Advective high-enthalpy systems 2018
453 TUBEURB Tunnelling beneath piled structures in urban areas 2018
454 REUSE Reusable precast steel-concrete composite floors 2019
455 GLnQuadRemeshing Re-meshing of a given triangle mesh surface to a quad mesh using physically motivated methods based on the Ginzburg--Landau potential and solved efficiently solved via numerical splitting scheme 2018
456 NoLiMit Non-Linear Bayesian partition-modeling of the Earth's mantle transition zone 2018
457 OSCBAGDIS Oscillations in Basal Ganglia Disorders 2018
458 Small-scale CSP Numerical and experimental analysis of a novel thermal energy storage for a small-scale concentrated solar power plant 2018
459 MRI-Turbulent-Disk Turbulence in Accretion Disks – New Perspectives 2018
460 WET MARS Hydrological processes on late Mars: water under the telescope and under the microscope 2018
461 SNANeB At the roots of Spatial Numerical Association: from behavioural observation to Neural Basis 2018
462 OTmeetsDFT Multi-marginal Optimal Transport and Density Functional Theory: a mathematical setting for physical ideas 2019
463 MetaBioMec Biomechanics of menisci: a multiscale experimental, theoretical and modelling approach for biomimetic meniscal replacements 2018
464 JUMP JUpiter Modeling Platform 2018
465 WIDEA Wave-based Inspection for Damage Evaluation in structurally-Advanced composites 2019
466 Entrans Energy Efficient Transprecision Techniques for Linear Solver 2018
467 NSINC Novel Soliton Synchronization and Interactions in Coupled Kerr Combs 2018
468 MULTIPROB Multi-photon probing of complex open quantum systems 2019
469 ReMorphOPV Recombination in Organic Photovoltaics: Impact of Morphology and Long-Range Non-Equilibrium Transport 2019
470 NI HTS machine Developing novel high temperature superconductor rotor windings for electric aircraft propulsion machines 2018
471 GRAINS Gravitation of Rubble-pile Asteroid with Internal N-body Structure 2018
472 ESCAPE-2 Energy-efficient SCalable Algorithms for weather and climate Prediction at Exascale 2018
473 MUSIC-haic 3D MUltidisciplinary tools for the Simulation of In-flight iCing due to High Altitude Ice Crystals 2018
474 UHURA Unsteady High-Lift Aerodynamics – Unsteady RANS Validation 2018
475 HARVEST Hierarchical multifunctional composites with thermoelectrically powered autonomous structural health monitoring for the aviation industry 2018
476 ARIAS Advanced Research Into Aeromechanical Solutions 2018
477 O.M.J. Origin and Magnetization of astronomical Jets 2018
478 ThermaSMART Smart thermal management of high-power microprocessors using phase-change 2017
479 MaCoTech Material counting technologies in numerical cognition 2018
480 TRENSCRYBE TRapped ENSembles of Circular RYdBErg atoms for quantum simulation 2018
481 SHUTTLE Scientific High-throughput and Unified Toolkit for Trace analysis by forensic Laboratories in Europe 2018
482 PALGLAC Palaeoglaciological advances to understand Earth’s ice sheets by landform analysis 2018
483 LEMAP Laboratory Experiments on Magnetic Phenomena in Geo- and Astrophysics 2018
484 UltraLVP Chemistry and transport properties of bridgmanite controlling lower-mantle dynamics 2018
485 COCAN Complexity and Condition in Algebra and Numerics 2019
486 MSTAR Massive Star Formation through the Universe 2018
487 CoPEC Colloidal particles in elasto-capillary fields 2019
488 NUMERICS International PhD programme in NUMERICal Simulation 2018
489 TImPANI Twinning in atmospheric Plasma science and applications 2018
490 IPaDEGAN Integrable Partial Differential Equations: Geometry, Asymptotics, and Numerics. 2018
491 HERCULES towards geoHazards rEsilient infRastruCtUre under changing cLimatES 2018
493 SEISMAZE Data-intensive analysis of seismic tremors and long period events: a new paradigm for understanding transient deformation processes in active geological systems 2019
494 QUPIC Ultra-fast and Cost-effective Quantum Random Number Generator Photonic Integrated Chip 2018
495 OPERANDUM OPEn-air laboRAtories for Nature baseD solUtions to Manage environmental risks 2018
496 Qosmology Quantum Effects in Early Universe Cosmology 2018
497 SCP-Disorder Disordered and strongly-correlated systems: a new theoretical approach 2019
498 AMBEC Advanced Modelling Methodology for Bearing Chamber in Hot Environment 2018
499 AIRCOAT Air Induced friction Reducing ship COATing 2018
500 SiMAero Simulation-Driven and On-line Condition Monitoring with Applications to Aerospace 2018
501 MatheGram Multiscale Analysis of Thermomechanical Behaviour of Granular Materials 2019
502 SIRIUS Simulations for Inertial Particle Microfluidics 2019
503 ABC-EU-XVA Valuation Adjustments for Improved Risk Management 2018
504 LoCoMacro Local Control of Macroscopic Properties in Isolated Many-body Quantum Systems 2019
505 PANTHER Performant Alternative to Nickel-based alloys for Turbine of Helicopter Engine Replacement 2019
506 NEFERTITI NEar FiEld cosmology: Re-Tracing Invisible TImes 2019
507 EntangleUltraCold Entanglement in Strongly Correlated Quantum Many-Body Systems with Ultracold Atoms 2019
508 MiniMasonryTesting Seismic Testing of 3D Printed Miniature Masonry in a Geotechnical Centrifuge 2019
509 SPECs Sustainable plasmon-enhanced catalysis 2019
510 AHEAD Advanced techniques for quantification and modelling of phase-change processes of renewable fuels and their blends 2019
511 DUSTBUSTERS Dust and gas in planet forming discs 2019
512 PICVOLC DePICting the interior of active VOLCanoes to reduce volcanic hazards: application to the present unrest at Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia) - PICVOLC 2019
513 Tips in SCQFT Lattice gauge theories studies of timely theoretical and phenomenological questions in strongly coupled quantum field theories. 2019
514 MaMBoQ Macroscopic Behavior of Many-Body Quantum Systems 2019
515 CLUSTER organisation of CLoUdS, and implications for Tropical cyclones and for the Energetics of the tropics, in current and in a waRming climate 2019
516 DESTINY Development of an Efficient Microwave System for Material Transformation in  energy INtensive processes for an improved Yield 2018
517 UltimateRB Direct numerical simulations towards ultimate turbulence 2019
518 FAST TAPS Cooled Fast-Response Wall Pressure Taps for Combustion Chamber Measurements 2018
519 ModGravTrial Modified Gravity on Trial 2019
520 RISeR Rates of Interglacial Sea-level Change, and Responses 2019
521 LaGaTYb Exploring lattice gauge theories with fermionic Ytterbium atoms 2019
522 EuroPLEx European network for Particle physics, Lattice field theory and Extreme computing 2019
523 NanoBeam Quantum Coherent Control: Self–Interference of Electron Beams with Nanostructures 2019
524 TMCS Topological Matter and Crystal Symmetry: From Microscopic Structure to Phenomenology 2019
525 ANACO Advance Nacelle Aerodynamic Optimisation 2018
526 TERIFIC Targeted Experiment to Reconcile Increased Freshwater with Increased Convection 2018
527 FEASIBLe Finding how Earthquakes And Storms Impact the Building of Landscapes 2019
528 HUC Development and validation of a powder HIP route for high temperature Astroloy to manufacture Ultrafan® IP Turbine Casings 2018
529 NeEDS Research and Innovation Staff Exchange Network of European Data Scientists 2019
530 SUPERCOOL Superelastic Porous Structures for Efficient Elastocaloric Cooling 2019
532 ANALYST EM compatibility ANALYsis Statistical Techniques in aeronautics 2018
533 BEACON Boosting Agricultural Insurance based on Earth Observation data 2019
534 IMPRESSIVE Integrated Marine Pollution Risk assessment and Emergency management Support Service In ports and coastal enVironmEnts 2018
535 ECHO Practical Imaging and Inversion of Transient Light Transport 2018
536 ASIMIA Advanced High-Order Simulation Methods for Industrial Applications 2019
537 StratifiedGRANULAR Modelling of rheologically stratified granular flows by a multi-layer depth-averaged approach 2019
538 INTERACT Modelling the neuromusculoskeletal system across spatiotemporal scales for a new paradigm of human-machine motor interaction 2019
539 ICYBOB Initial Conditions of YMCs, Birth of OB associations and long term evolution of stellar clusters 2019
540 TORCH ThermoacOustic instabilities contRol in sequential Combustion cHambers 2019
541 GEoREST predictinG EaRthquakES induced by fluid injecTion 2019
542 MICROCRACK Micromechanics of rock fracture: enabling energy-efficient mining through next generation cracking models 2019
543 TIGER Tidal marshes: bio-geomorphic self-organization and its implications for resilience to sea level rise and changing sediment supply 2019
544 STAMFORD Statistical Methods For High Dimensional Diffusions 2019
545 MHDiscs From non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics to the structure and evolution of protoplanetary discs 2019
546 ICE GENESIS Creating the next generation of 3D simulation means for icing 2019
547 POLKA POLlution Know-how and Abatement 2019
548 GRAMS GRavity from Astrophysical to Microscopic Scales 2019
549 MAGNESIA The impact of highly magnetic neutron stars in the explosive and transient Universe 2019
550 GMGalaxies Understanding the diversity of galaxy morphology in the era of large spectroscopic surveys 2019
551 GUDGET GUst generators and model DesiGn for transonic wind tunnel tEsTs 2019
552 ESTRO Experimental and theoretical aSsessmenT of laminaR flow rObusteness at high mach and reynolds numbers 2019
553 ELCOCOS Enhanced Low-cost COmplex COmposite Structures 2019
554 EoCoE-II Energy Oriented Center of Excellence : toward exascale for energy 2019
555 ACCENTO ACCENTO (Active Clearence Contol dEsigN and characTerizatiOn). Advanced investigations on different Low Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control (LPTACC) system by means of CFD and experiments. 2019
556 VibSEA SEA Applied to the Prediction of High Frequency Vibrations in Aircraft Engines 2019
557 AIRSEAL Airflow characterization through rotating labyrinth seal 2019
558 SACOC Aerodynamic upgrade of Surface Air Cooled Oil Cooler (SACOC) 2019
559 CONMECH Nonsmooth Contact Dynamics 2019
560 POEMS Physics of Extreme Massive Stars 2019
561 PLASA-2 Smart Planning and Virtual Certification 2018
562 SLING Efficient algorithms for sustainable machine learning 2019
563 THOR Thermoplastic Hydrogen tanks Optimised and Recyclable 2019
564 DENOX Innovative Technologies of Electrochemical Suppression and Electromagnetic Decomposition for NOx Reduction in Aeroengines 2019
565 IceMelt3D Tracking 3-D meltwater production and runoff from glacial bare-ice surfaces 2020
566 LEAFINNOX Development of the Lean Azimuthal Flame as an Innovative aviation gas turbine low-NOX combustion concept 2019
567 ICARUS Higher-order constitutive relations for granular materials: a multi-scale approach 2019
568 CHAiRLIFT Compact Helical Arranged combustoRs with lean LIFTed flames 2019
570 FOCUSIS Focal volume Control Using Structured Illumination Sources 2020
571 HOPE Higher Order Polar calculus and Euclidean distance degree 2020
572 PhoQuS-G Phononic Quantum Sensors for Gravity 2019
573 OPTOSOL Interacting optical and topological solitons in frustrated cholesterics 2019
574 BIOCONTACT Contact Mechanics of Soft and Complex Biological Tissues 2019
575 ESCAPE Exploring Shortcuts for the Characterization of the Atmospheres of Planets similar to Earth 2019
576 X-MIXING Efficient mixing method at the microscale for Time-Resolved Serial Femtosecond Crystallography 2019
577 GRINP Action-based routes for numbers: unveiling the core networks of reaching, grasping and number processing in brain damaged and healthy individuals. 2019
578 RAMBEA Realistic Assessment of Historical Masonry Bridges under Extreme Environmental Actions 2019
579 ImmunoMECH High-performance biomechanical model of combined immunotherapy and anti-angiogenic cancer treatment 2019
580 HyTunnel-CS PNR for safety of hydrogen driven vehicles and transport through tunnels and similar confined spaces 2019
581 NEMMO Next Evolution in Materials and Models for Ocean energy 2019
582 STAND4HERITAGE New STANDards for seismic assessment of built cultural HERITAGE 2019
583 EngPTC2 Exploring new technologies for the next generation pulse tube cryocooler below 2K 2019
584 ReS4ToM Real-Time GNSS for European Troposphere Delay Model 2019
585 TackTDEs Tackling the complexity of Tidal Disruption Events 2020
586 PoSHGOAT Potential-dependent Second-Harmonic Generation in Optical Antennas measured Time-resolved 2020
587 CarbEx Tracing carbon exchanges/fluxes between Arctic and Atlantic basins 2019
588 UQ4ORC Uncertainty Quantification And Design Tools For Robust Organic Rankine Cycles 2020
589 ARIADNE Structure and dynamics in active glass-forming liquids 2019
590 MULTIPIR Multiscale modelling of migration of pollutant particles in rivers 2020
591 STOPFIRE Emergency Decision Support System of Offshore Platform Fires 2019
592 CutGrow A CutFEM Paradigm for Surgical Guided Growth of Bone Joints 2020
593 HARHCS Harmonic Analysis on Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Space 2019
594 Ultra-LightCon-3D Ultra-Lightweight Concrete for 3D printing technologies 2019
595 MESOPOLIT Literacy in the Old Babylonian City of Nippur 2020
596 InWAS Non-linear, control-informed optimisation of innovative wave absorbing structures using highly-efficient numerical methods 2020
597 BIOMOSAIC From Biopigments to BIOelectronics: MOdelling Semiconducting EumelAnin-based InterfaCes 2020
598 CLEANERFLAMES CompLex thErmoAcoustic iNteraction mEchanisms in spRay Flames in Low-nox Annular coMbustion chambErS 2019
599 FaultScan Passive seismic scanning of the preparation phase of damaging earthquakes 2019
600 TRUflow Thrust Reverser Unit flow visualization 2019
601 SUPERMODEL Development and verification of microstructure, residual stress and deformation simulation capability for additive free-form direct deposition using multiple superalloys 2019
602 MitoQuant Development of Deep-UV Quantitative Microscopy for the Study of Mitochondrial Dysfunction 2019
603 BOIL-MODE-ON unraveling nucleate BOILing: MODEling, mesoscale simulatiONs and experiments 2019
604 NumBraInf The Role of Prefrontal Cortex in Functional Brain Organization of Number Processing in Infants 2019
605 THERM Transport of Heat in hEteRogeneous Media 2020
606 TEMPO Combining Tectonics and Machine Learning to Constrain Plate Reconstruction Models Through Time 2019
608 NeSt Neural mechanisms of perceptual Stability in magnitude perception 2019
609 2DMAGICS Two-dimensional magnetism in correlated systems 2020
610 BPLAN Biological Physics of Living Active Nematics 2019
611 Magik Star MAGnetic fIeld and Kinematic coupling for massive STAR formation 2019
612 multiQCD time-like observables from multi-level lattice QCD 2019
613 UnsatPorMix Impact of structural heterogeneity on solute transport and mixing in unsaturated porous media 2019
614 DEstiNi Investigation of the Dynamic Estuarine and Marine cycling of Nickel 2019
615 CREDit Chronological REference Datasets and Sites (CREDit) towards improved accuracy and precision in luminescence-based chronologies 2020
616 MEGAFAUNA Detecting, Predicting and Protecting Pelagic Megafauna Hotspots in the Coral Sea 2020
617 TOPOMIE Active topological photonic insulators based on Mie-resonators 2020
618 CoNTESTA A geologic approach to resolving critical uncertainties in the impact of geomagnetic variance on in-situ cosmogenic nuclide production 2019
619 ActiveMatter Active Matter: From Fundamental Science to Technological Applications 2019
620 SLOWD Sloshing Wing Dynamics 2019
621 TiPACCs Tipping Points in Antarctic Climate Components 2019
622 QUADAG Quadratic refinements in algebraic geometry 2019
623 EVOMORPHYS Identifying how Evolution exploits physical properties of tissues to generate the complexity and diversity of Life 2019
624 PROTEUS Predicting Routes Of Tumour Evolution driven by Unstable genomes and Selection 2019
625 Robust Robust and Energy-Efficient Numerical Solvers Towards Reliable and Sustainable Scientific Computations 2019
626 ASSO Adhesive Connection for Secondary Structures in Offshore Wind Installations 2019
627 DOCC Dynamics of Complex Continua 2019
628 C0PEP0D Life and death of a virtual copepod in turbulence 2019
629 BlackHoleMergers Formation of Black Hole Mergers in Dense Stellar Systems 2019
630 Exa-FireFlows Exascale framework for supporting high-fidelity simulations of multiphase reacting flows in complex geometries 2019
631 TiMoleS Time-resolved Molecular Selfies (TiMoleS): Visualising molecular dynamics in real time 2020
632 Waterjade Waterjade: the global platform to predict water resources 2019
633 Mars through time Modeling the past climates of planet Mars to understand its geology, its habitability and its evolution 2019
634 PALAEOCON Conservation palaeobiology of terrestrial and marine carbon sinks 2019
635 SPANUMBRA Number-space associations in the brain 2019
636 InSoMa Feasibility study for lancing an innovative software tool based on mathematical methods in the B2B market 2019
637 ICARUS Information Content of locAlisation: fRom classical to qUantum Systems 2020
638 SOFIE Southern Ocean Overtuning Fingerprint Experiment 2019
639 LIVE-I Lightening and Innovating transmission for improving Vehicle: Environmental Impacts 2020
640 SmartMelt SmartMelt: A Data-Driven Melting Process Optimizer 2019
641 ORIGAMI cOmpRession of Genomic dAta to facilitate precision MedIcine 2019
642 DYNACLIM Ocean DYNAmics reconstruction using remotely sensed variables in two CLIMate hotspots 2019
643 Pacefish GPU-accelerated CFD software - Highest accuracy in unparalleled speed 2019
644 S2S-Future SIGNAL PROPAGATION IN SOURCE TO SINK for the FUTUre of earth Ressources and Energies 2020
645 GRAPES learninG, pRocessing, And oPtimising shapES 2019
646 THREAD Joint Training on Numerical Modelling of Highly Flexible Structures for Industrial Applications 2019
647 BiD4BEST Big Data applications for Black hole Evolution STudies 2020
648 ASCenSIon Advancing Space Access Capabilities - Reusability and Multiple Satellite Injection 2020
649 InVIGO INtake Vortex Ingestion on Ground Operations 2019
650 S2IGI Integrated Fire Management System 2019
651 MOAMMM Multi-scale Optimisation for Additive Manufacturing of fatigue resistant shock-absorbing MetaMaterials 2020
652 BOHEME Bio-Inspired Hierarchical MetaMaterials 2020
654 FLOAWER FLOAting Wind Energy netwoRk 2019
655 ELADINE Evaluation of LAminate composite Distortion by an Integrated Numerical-Experimental approach 2019
656 PRE-ECO A new paradigm to re-engineering printed composites 2019
657 CONICALM Chemistry in Optical Nano Cavities: Designing Photonic Reagents and Light-Matter Materials 2020
658 Extr3Me Extreme Mechanics of Metamaterials: From ideal to realistic conditions 2020
659 NEMOCRYS Next Generation Multiphysical Models for Crystal Growth Processes 2020
660 ConsQuanDyn Constrained Quantum Dynamics 2020
661 AlgoHex Algorithmic Hexahedral Mesh Generation 2020
662 FLECTION Fatigue life prediction on Inco 718 part subjected to service induced damage 2019
663 TAILTEST Development of a multipurpose test rig and validation of an innovative rotorcraft vertical tail 2019
664 THEIA Topographic effects in planetary fluid cores: application to the Earth-Moon system 2020
665 MULTIMAG Multiscale Magnetic Models for Emerging Energy Conversion Applications 2020
666 ICED Impact of climate on mountain denudation 2019
667 MUCUS Modelling revolUtion for Complex flUid flow over Surfaces and walls 2020
668 IN-FET Ionic Neuromodulation For Epilepsy Treatment 2020
669 TREAL Thermoplastic material allowable generation using a reliability-based virtual modeling platform 2019
671 NIFTI Non-Intrusive Flow distortion measurements within a Turbofan Intake 2020
672 TailSurf Rear End Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Studies 2019
673 COOLER Climatic Controls on Erosion Rates and Relief of Mountain Belts 2020
674 VIA LACTEA Numerical Simulations of the Milky Way's Accretion History 2020
675 STAREX STARs at the EXtreme 2020
676 CompBat Computer aided desing for next generation flow batteries 2020
677 FASTCORR Ultrafast dynamics of correlated electrons in solids 2020
678 EUHFORIA_2.0 EUropean Heliospheric FORecasting Information Asset 2.0 2019
679 MODALIS2 MODelling of Advanced LI Storage Systems 2020
680 trainABL Turbulence-Resolving Approaches to the Intermittently Turbulent Atmospheric Boundary Layer 2020
681 Demos Design Principles of Branching Morphogenesis 2020
682 P4 Plight of Pelagic Primary Producers in a Changing Marine Environment 2020
683 MOFCTP Micro-scale optofludics control based on thermoplasmonic effect of nanoparticle arrays 2020
684 ELNANO Charge transport in nanochannels 2019
685 EXPLOR EXperimentation and simulation based PLatform for beyond 5G Optical-wireless network Research and development 2020
686 MeM-Scales Memory technologies with multi-scale time constants for neuromorphic architectures 2020
687 MAJORIS Majoration-Minimization algorithms for Image Processing 2020
688 EAGRE Eagre/Aegir: high-seas wave-impact modelling 2020
690 CAPA Global existence and Computer-Assisted Proofs of singularities in incompressible fluids, with Applications 2020
691 GRACEFUL Probing the deep Earth's interior by synergistic use of observations of the magnetic and gravity fields, and of the rotation of the Earth. 2020
692 STUOD Stochastic Transport in Upper Ocean Dynamics 2020
693 NextMGT Next Generation of Micro Gas Turbines for High Efficiency, Low Emissions and Fuel Flexibility 2020
694 SEQUAM Symmetries and Entanglement in Quantum Matter 2020
695 SPAWN Simulating particle acceleration within black hole magnetospheres 2020
696 PODCAST Predictions and Observations for Discs: Planetary Cores and dust Aggregates from non-ideal MHD Simulations with radiative Transfer. 2020
697 PERSISMO Predicting Energy Release in fault Systems: Integrating Simulations, Machine learning, Observations 2020
698 RandomMultiScales Computational Random Multiscale Problems 2020
699 NEO-MAPP Near Earth Object Modelling and Payloads for Protection 2020
701 GyroSCoPe Geomorphic and Sedimentary responses to Climate Periodicity 2020
702 WACONDY Waves and concentration dynamics in biology 2021
703 CHAMELEON Virtual Laboratories for Exoplanets and Planet Forming Disks 2020
704 FDM^2 Structural multiscale modelling of extrusion-based 3D and 4D printed materials 2020
705 SpaTe Spatio-Temporal Methods for Data-driven Computer Animation and Simulation 2020
706 PeSD-NeSL Photo-excited State Dynamics and Non-equilibrium States under Laser in Van der Waals Stacked Two-dimensional Materials 2020
707 ACONIT Actuators for Surge Control in Gas Turbine 2020
708 BEHOMO Cosmology Beyond Homogeneity and Isotropy 2020
709 ESMORGA Exploiting Superconvergence in Meshes for Optimal Representations of the Geometry with high Accuracy 2020
710 METABONE A new approach of metastatic bone fracture prediction using a patient-specific model including metastatic tissue, daily-life activities and local failure criteria 2020
711 MALDIP Machine Learning in Disordered Photonics 2020
712 ECOGAL Understanding our Galactic ecosystem: From the disk of the Milky Way to the formation sites of stars and planets 2020
713 POLAR-4DSpace 4DSpace: integrated study for space weather at high latitudes 2020
714 TReSFiDS Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Strong-Field-Driven Solids 2021
715 SSFI Spin-resolved strong field ionisation 2021
716 ERoDES Examination of the recent past and future Response of coastal Dunes to Extreme storms and Sea level rise 2021
717 FEAR Fault Activation and Earthquake Rupture 2020
718 UCAS Understanding Clouds Across Scales 2020
719 DhostHunt A new avenue in the hunt for dark energy 2020
720 COSMAGREEN COating for SMArt GREENhouses 2021
721 STOPATT Stochastic pattern formation in biochemical systems 2020
722 FASTKiT Fully Adaptive Simulation Tool for Kinetic Theory 2020
723 BRICDOQ Bridging Integrability and Chaos to Decipher Out-of-equilibrium Quantum Matter 2020
724 ARMISTICE Analysis and Risk Mitigation measures for Induced Seismicity in supercriTICal gEothermal systems 2021
725 GALSIZE Galaxy Sizes as Tracers of Dark Matter 2020
726 SANDS Stars, plANets, and Discs in multiple Systems 2020
727 SUBIMAP SUBduction Initiation at Magma-poor rifted margins: an Atlantic Perspective 2021
728 RW3D-US Lagrangian Modeling of Denitrification and Nitrous Oxide Production in Soils 2021
729 CLEAR ComputationaL dEsign optimization for unpolluted wAteR 2020
730 EnFoRCe Effects of Electric Fields on tuRbulent Combustion 2021
731 QFluidsNano Structural and thermophysical properties of quantum fluids adsorbed on nanostructured surfaces 2020
732 INVENTOR INnoVative dEsign of iNstalled airframe componenTs for aircraft nOise Reduction 2020
733 SilentProp Development of computational and experimental noise assessment and suppression methodologies for the next generation of silent distributed propulsion configurations 2020
734 VENUS inVestigation of distributEd propulsion Noise and its mitigation through wind tUnnel experiments and numerical Simulations 2020
735 CellMechSensE Cell mechanosensing in the extracellular matrix 2020
736 SEAFLOWER Strategies for the Exploitation of Anchors for FLoating Offshore Wind Energy Reaping 2020