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1 NEURAL AS Functions and evolutionary impact of transcriptomic novelties in the vertebrate brain 2015
2 RevMito Deciphering and reversing the consequences of mitochondrial DNA damage 2015
3 SLEEPCONTROL The mechanism of sleep control through a sleep-active sleep-promoting neuron 2015
4 aCROBAT Circadian Regulation Of Brown Adipose Thermogenesis 2015
5 SalHyd5 Characterization of Salmonella enterica hydrogenase-5 biosynthesis for developing novel anti-infective compounds 2015
6 KGBVIFEF Utilizing the fusion machinery of Herpes Simplex Virus to unveil the general process of membrane fusion 2015
7 lincPeptEvolDev LincRNA and encoded small peptides: Functional discovery in development and evolution 2015
8 Human Rpc5 RNA Polymerase III Rpc4/Rpc5 subcomplex and Selenocysteine tRNA transcription 2015
9 Syncrip_2014 The molecular basis of learning and memory: uncovering the link between neuronal activation and localized translation at the synapse. 2015
10 MoTOR Analysis of the “moonlighting” proteins in the mTOR-signalling pathway 2016
11 Oncoworm ONCOWORM: Using functional genomics in highly regenerative flatworms to find novel cancer genes 2016
12 EDPAS Regulation of early embryo development and pluripotency through alternative splicing 2015
13 EffectorTargets Development of functional genomic screens to identify conserved host cell processes targeted by fungal effector proteins 2015
14 BURK-6 Investigation of the Type VI secretion system-associated toxins of Burkholderia thailandensis 2015
15 EVOREL Evolution of Regulatory Landscapes in Chordates 2016
16 MIPZ Functional characterization of the cell division inhibitor MipZ 2015
17 FISHNAV Following a path of breadcrumbs: How fish recognize landmarks during navigation 2015
18 FLUOROKEF Incorporation of unnatural fluorinated amino acids to probe the function of the bacterial efflux system Kef in a cellular setting. 2015
19 REPTIMORG DNA replication timing and spatial organization of chromatin 2016
20 ECOSOUND Ecosystem mechanisms of noise impact on marine fauna 2015
21 RiceStyle Carpel evolution: a walk in the rice side 2016
22 ONCOMECHAML Common Oncogenic Mechanisms in Multi-Partner Translocation Families in Acute Myeloid Leukemia 2015
23 SEXSEA Origin and evolution of the sexes and reproductive systems: novel insights from a distant eukaryotic lineage 2015
24 PlastiCell Using a natural cellular plasticity event to decypher the cellular requirements and molecular circuitry promoting transdifferentiation at the single cell level. 2015
25 DDRNA DDRNA-based cancer therapy targeted telomeres 2015
26 ReguloBac-3UTR High-throughput in vivo studies on posttranscriptional regulatory mechanisms mediated by bacterial 3'-UTRs 2015
27 Chap4Resp Catching in action a novel bacterial chaperone for respiratory complexes 2015
28 BioFUNC Maintenance of species diversity and the stability of ecosystem functioning 2016
29 TARLOOP R-loops as a major modulator of transcription-associated recombination and chromatin dynamics 2015
30 MeLiLoN Metabolic Networks that Link Longevity to Reproduction in Response to Nutrition 2015
31 DUB-DECODE Systematic Decoding of Deubiquitylase-Regulated Signaling Networks 2015
32 PANDORA Probing safety of nano-objects by defining immune responses of environmental organisms 2016
33 TOPOmics Global dynamics of topoisomerase-induced DNA breaks 2015
34 SYNECT Immunological synapse derived ectosomes in T cell effector function 2015
35 BROADimmune Structural, genetic and functional analyses of broadly neutralizing antibodies against human pathogens 2015
36 SexSeed Sexual Plant Reproduction – Seed formation 2016
37 ACTOMYOSIN RING Understanding Cytokinetic Actomyosin Ring Assembly Through Genetic Code Expansion, Click Chemistry, DNA origami, and in vitro Reconstitution 2015
38 ProNANO Protein-based functional nanostructures 2016
39 HOTSPOT Genomic hotspots of adaptation to whole genome duplication 2016
40 AcetyLys Unravelling the role of lysine acetylation in the regulation of glycolysis in cancer cells through the development of synthetic biology-based tools 2016
41 HIV1ABTHERAPY Antibody-Mediated Therapy of HIV-1 Infection 2016
42 NEUROVESSEL Cell-cell interactions at the neurovascular interface 2016
43 DUT-signal dUTPase Signalling: from Phage to Eukaryotes 2015
44 CFS modelling Chromosomal Common Fragile Sites: Unravelling their biological functions and the basis of their instability 2016
45 RNAEPIGEN Mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance by short RNAs 2016
46 RCSB Regulation of cell size and shape in bacteria 2016
47 ERAD_SELMA Mechanisms of protein translocation in ER-associated protein degradation and the related protein import into the apicoplast of Plasmodium falciparum 2016
48 MACEA Micro-botanical Analyses at Cenozoic fossil localities from East Africa: new insights into the evolution of savannas in Africa from 50 million years 2016
49 ChemBioAP Elucidation of autophagy using novel chemical probes 2016
50 GeneBodyMethylation Resolving the Nuts and Bolts of Gene Body Methylation 2016
51 EVO-MEIO Adaptive evolution of meiosis in response to genome and habitat change 2016
52 OPRAS Olfactory processing of repellent and attractive stimuli in the brain of Drosophila 2017
53 UNRAVEL Understanding the Role of Antisense lncRNA in Vernalization, Memory and Life History 2016
54 reSGulating Functional analysis of Stress Granules formation in plant adaptation to stress 2017
55 Bioinformatics4Breeding Harnessing the power of bioinformatic analysis to improve genetic selection for fertility in dairy cows 2016
56 CCDSA Control of cell division in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius 2017
57 MAIT Evolutionary conserved T cells specific for a microbial metabolite: deciphering their development in the thymus and mapping their interactions with the gut microbiota in vivo. 2016
58 CYgnaling Probing the role of orphan Cytochrome P450 oxygenases in signaling compounds biosynthesis in plants by a comparative genomics and gene conservation approach 2016
59 OMNES Open Many-body Non-Equilibrium Systems 2016
60 GENETONE Genetic dissection of a tonically active neural circuit 2017
61 BNPGE The escaping B chromosome: a tool for dissecting the mechanisms of Paternal Genome Elimination 2017
62 defence_SC Computation of innate threats and defensive behaviour in the mouse 2017
63 AGE-MEMORY Identification of insulin signalling factors that delay age-related memory impairment 2016
64 REpiReg RNAi-mediated Epigenetic Gene Regulation 2017
65 CELLFUSION Molecular dissection of the mechanisms of cell-cell fusion in the fission yeast 2016
66 Multi-time Integral Eqs. Interacting relativistic quantum dynamics via multi-time integral equations 2016
67 DENOVOMUT An integrated approach to understanding the impact of de novo mutations on the mammalian genome 2017
68 TRANSREG Structural and biochemical studies on the regulation of transcription during elongation 2016
69 ABSOLUTESPIN Absolute Spin Dynamics in Quantum Materials 2016
70 T-Rex Clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants: mechanistic insight into the TPLATE REcycling compleX and its interplay with AP-2 2016
72 4DGenomeReg Predictive modelling of 3D genome topology during progressive stages of embryonic development 2017
73 CMDNAUP Composition and Mechanism of the DNA-uptake Pilus of Vibrio cholerae 2016
74 circRTrain circular RNA Biology Training Network: from biogenesis to biomarkers 2017
75 NURE Nuclear Reactions for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay 2017
76 ACCENT Unravelling the architecture and the cartography of the human centriole 2017
77 MiTopMat Microstructured Topological Materials: A novel route towards topological electronics 2017
78 HyLEF Hydrodynamic Limits and Equilibrium Fluctuations: universality from stochastic systems 2016
79 MANNA MacroAutophagy and Necrotic Neurodegeneration in Ageing 2017
80 BrainInBrain Neural circuits underlying complex brain function across animals - from conserved core concepts to specializations defining a species’ identity 2017
81 IniReg Mechanisms of Regeneration Initiation 2017
82 CHROCODYLE Chromosomal Condensin Dynamics: From Local Loading to Global Architecture 2017
83 SEX_FIGHT_SLEEP A model to study how social interaction modulates sleep in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster 2017
84 CFED Unravelling the mechanisms regulating cellular fitness during embryonic development 2017
85 MultiSense Multisensory signal processing: From brain-wide neuronal circuits to behavior 2017
86 NeuronAgeScreen A Drug Discovery and Target Identification Screening Platform for Age-Associated Neurodegenerative Disorders 2017
87 MYCROPHOS The genetic bases of mycorrhizal root responses to phosphate 2017
88 SPERMAGE No country for old sperm: male aging, sperm aging, and external stressors as determinants of sperm quality and fertility 2017
89 NeuroModSense Peptidergic Neuromodulation of Sensory Representation in the Brain 2017
90 MaintainMeth Quantitative analysis of DNA methylation maintenance within chromatin 2017
91 Cortical circuits Detection of visual motion in the cortex 2018
92 sexual dimorphism Sexually dimorphic neuronal circuits underlying social behaviours in Drosophila 2018
93 MicroMod-PSII Microscopic modelling of the highly efficient intra- and inter-antennae energy transfer to the reaction centre in plant photosystem II 2017
94 ReXeG Deciphering molecular mechanisms that resolve mutagenic DNA G-quadruplex structures 2017
95 NpQFT-NEq New non perturbative methods for out-of-equilibrium quantum field theory 2017
96 PHOSPH-UBIQ-IMMUN Dynamic interplay between phosphorylation and ubiquitination during plant receptor kinase-mediated immunity 2017
97 MetEpiStem Dissecting the crosstalk between metabolism and transcriptional regulation in pluripotent stem cells. 2017
98 TOPPER Targeting of host proteins by unrelated pathogen effectors and their surveillance by allelic immune receptors 2018
99 COV RESTRIC Unravelling species barriers of coronaviruses 2017
100 RECREPEMLE Recombination-derived replication in the eukaryotic microbe Leishmania: a genome-wide process? 2017
101 RANdOM Systematic search of RegulAtory elements coNtrOlling autosomal Monoallelic expression 2018
102 DevoSignGammaDelta Tracking γδ T cell development and TCRγδ proximal signalling 2018
103 TRAIN SPOTTING Mapping the Intraflagellar Transport - A High-resolution Study of Intraflagellar Transport Trains in Chlamydomonas Cells 2017
104 COTETHERS Molecular characterization of vesicle tethering complexes as novel regulators of collagen trafficking 2017
105 LIPMETIN-sURFing Small open reading frames (smORF) as novel modulators of disorders of dietary excess 2018
106 Brain_stability Elucidating novel post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms in neural development 2017
107 INSPirAUTOR Understanding how Inositol Polyphosphates regulate autophagy and lipid body formation in photosynthetic organisms: crosstalk with TOR signaling. 2018
108 BICEPSvsHIV Novel strategies for anti-HIV-1 therapy: Small molecules targeting RNA partners of the nucleocapsid protein 2017
109 SAS6-Cep135-CPAP Towards a molecular understanding of the centriole assembly process 2017
110 TEI Development of a model system to study the role of chromatin factors during transgenerational epigenetic inheritance (TEI) in C. elegans 2017
111 ESCRT model A biophysical model for ESCRT-III mediated membrane scission 2017
112 CHIROGLU Comparative genomics of sugar-eating bats: Implications for the genetics of glucose metabolism and diabetes 2017
113 NucLoc RNA localization in bacteria 2018
114 Signalling-in-NODs Investigation of the role and mechanism of action of NOD2-mediated isoform selective PI3K signalling in gut immunity and inflammation 2017
115 TeloHOOK Nuclear envelope attachment and dynamics of Human telomeres - unravelling nuclear organization 2017
116 CHROMADAPT The role of chromatin in the long-term adaptation of plants to abiotic stress 2017
117 RepTime Molecular control of DNA replication timing in mammalian cells 2017
118 INFISS Targeting infertility associated to defective Insulin/IGF-1 signalling 2017
119 DUBs26S Role of a novel proteasome-associated DUB – A boon for therapeutics 2017
120 GEMiNI A genetic model for neurorehabilitation 2018
121 EpiAGPs Breaking frontiers in plant reproduction: understanding the roles of AGPs and epigenetics regulating male-female crosstalk towards fertilization 2017
122 3DviralRNA Structural and functional characterization of large viral and human non-coding RNA motifs involved in HIV infection 2018
123 EVOSOM Evolution of multicellularity and somatic cell specialization 2017
124 BUNGEE Directed crop breeding using jumping genes 2017
125 PIGSs Program for Innovative Global Prevention of Streptococcus suis. 2017
126 RegGeneMems Understanding the evolution of regeneration-permissive gene expression and positional memory in Axolotl limb regeneration 2018
127 EnergyMemo Dynamic Interplay between Energy and Memory 2017
128 Secret Surface The cell surface tetraspanin web drives tumour development and alters metabolic signalling 2017
129 MECHADIAN Mechanobiology of the cellular circadian clock 2018
130 Evoland Evolution of regulatory landscapes at multiple timescales 2017
131 ETAP Tracing Evolution of Auxin Transport and Polarity in Plants 2018
132 FRONTHAL Specificity of cortico-thalamic interactions and its role in frontal cortical functions 2017
133 BURSTREG Single-molecule visualization of transcription dynamics to understand regulatory mechanisms of transcriptional bursting and its effects on cellular fitness 2018
134 Daphne Circuits of Visual Attention 2017
135 MuBoEx Mushroom Body Expansion in Heliconius butterflies 2018
136 CFT-MAP Charting the space of Conformal Field Theories: a combined nuMerical and Analytical aPproach 2018
137 LD_Biogenesis Identification and characterization of sites of lipid droplet biogenesis in the ER 2018
138 GeroProtect Developing Geroprotectors to Prevent Polymorbidity 2017
139 BILITOLERANCE Control of disease tolerance to infection by Biliverdin Reductase A 2018
140 EvoCellBio A combined in vitro and in vivo approach to dissect biochemical network evolution. 2018
141 miRCell MicroRNA functions in single cells 2018
142 CENEVO A new paradigm for centromere biology:Evolution and mechanism of CenH3-independent chromosome segregation in holocentric insects 2018
143 HHQM Hydrodynamics, holography and strongly-coupled quantum matter 2018
144 transtryp Structural differences in mRNA translation machineries between eukaryotic pathogens and their mammalian hosts 2018
145 SynarchiC Investigating the functional architecture of microbial genomes with synthetic approaches 2018
146 UTERUS Unravelling gamma delta T cell emergence and responses in the uterus 2018
147 WISDOM The autonomous floral pathway: a WIndow to Study the tight link between non-coDing RNA and chrOMatin regulation 2018
148 AutoClean Cell-free reconstitution of autophagy to dissect molecular mechanisms 2018
149 NutriCoRe An RNA-based mechanism for the nutritional control of bacterial DNA replication initiation 2018
150 FINDER FINDER: FIghtiNg DEngue viRus, a novel strategy for the development of fully protective antiviralsthat act by disrupting the DENV NS3/NS5 interaction 2018
151 cureCD Function of long non-coding RNA in Crohn Disease Ulcer Pathogenesis 2018
152 DIM Decoding ISGylation events in Macrophages 2018
153 DNAcheck Mechanistic analysis of DNA damage signaling and bypass upon replication of damaged DNA template in human cells. 2018
154 ATG9_SOLVES_IT In vitro high resolution reconstitution of autophagosome nucleation and expansion catalyzed byATG9 2018
155 SCCMMI Single cell correlates of memory, motivation and individuality 2018
156 Mtb CoaBC CoaBC from the Coenzyme A pathway of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as an antimicrobial drug target 2018
157 HEIREC HEI10-mediated elevations in bread wheat recombination 2018
158 MULTI_FOLDS Not one but many: adopting structural flexibility in the analysis of the evolution of lncRNAs. 2018
159 LEVADAPT Identification of new regulators of Acetylcholine receptor using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans 2018
160 VIAR Virus-induced autophagy restriction 2018
161 RNAfate RNAfate- revealing regulation of cellular “noise”. 2019
162 FeaGatSu Feature-gating in superior colliculus 2018
163 Flat_Leaf How to grow a flat leaf? 2019
164 MechanoSpectrin Dynamic and Mechanical Role of Spectrin in Membrane-CytoskeletonInterplay 2018
165 INTEPOL Elucidating polarity pathways in the fly and murine intestinal epithelium 2018
166 WORM_SLEEP Sleep homeostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans 2018
167 DENOVO-P De novo Development of Polarity in Plant Cells 2018
168 COVOPRIM A Comparative Study of Voice Perception in Primates 2019
169 RG.BIO Renormalization group approach to the collective behaviour of strongly correlated biological systems 2018
170 3Dcis 3D Organization of Functionally Conserved Cis-Regulatory Elements 2018
171 BSLchlamy Understanding the essential function of the conserved plant-specific protein phosphatase family BSL 2018
172 LC-SOLAR Low cost solar energy conversion to electricity 2018
173 Growth regulation The wide-spread bacterial toxin delivery systems and their role in multicellularity 2019
174 ActinSensor Identification and characterization of a novel damage sensor for cytoskeletal proteins in Drosophila 2019
175 HealthAge Joint Training and Research Program on Lifespan Regulation Mechanisms in Health and Disease 2019
176 FitteR-CATABOLIC Survival of the Fittest: On how to enhance recovery from critical illness through learning from evolutionary conserved catabolic pathways 2018
177 OXYGEN SENSING Acute oxygen sensing and oxygen tolerance in C. elegans 2019
178 DNAProteinCrosslinks DNA-protein crosslinks: endogenous origins and cellular responses. 2019
179 EvolutioNeuroCircuit Cellular and genetic bases of neural circuits evolution 2019
180 TransTempoFold A need for speed: mechanisms to coordinate protein synthesis and folding in metazoans 2019
181 T-REX Developing healthy crops for EU: T3SS-Recognition EXploration (T-REX) for plant immunity against bacteria 2019
182 ERGO Breaking down the wall between human health and environmental testing of endocrine disrupters: EndocRine Guideline Optimisation 2019
183 BacterialCORE Widespread Bacterial CORE Complex Executes Intra- and Inter-Kingdom Cytoplasmic Molecular Trade 2019
184 Neurovulnerability Molecular mechanisms underlying selective neuronal death in motor neuron diseases 2019
186 DCRIDDLE A novel physiological role for IRE1 and RIDD..., maintaining the balance between tolerance and immunity? 2019
187 ImmuNiche Identifying spatial determinants of immune cell fate commitment 2019
188 TRANSLIGHT Light-dependent composition of transcriptional complexes in plants 2019
189 deCrYPtion Decrypting Mycobacterium cytochrome P450 (CYP) physiological functions by testing hypotheses emitted form large-scale comparative genomics analysis 2019
190 SILIA Solid Immersion Lens Microscopy to Study Cilia Assembly 2019
191 ONTOP On-demand Non-hermitian TOPology 2019
192 PARNANT Pathogenetic pathways in age-related neurodegenerations as novel therapeutic targets for Parkinson’s disease 2019
193 SSHelectPhagy Regulation of Selective autophagy by sulfide through persulfidation of protein targets. 2019
194 RINFEC The Roots of Infection 2019
195 OakMycEvo Functional ecology of the plant-fungus interface: Harnessing evolutionary genomics, transcriptomics and experimental ecology to dissect communication and nutrient exchange in a mutualistic symbiosis 2019
196 FUSEDESIGN Model-guided design of a stabilized pre-fusion class III viral fusogen, rabies virus glycoprotein 2019
197 BICE Behavioural Individuality in C. elegans 2020
198 GUTPOLAR Membrane trafficking as a link between cell polarity and intestinal absorptive function: from C. elegans to mammalian miniguts 2019
199 TENDO Tension of ENDOmembranes maintained by TORC1 2019
200 GainGrain Understanding genetic hubs in rice inflorescence architecture to increase grain yield 2019
201 DEAP Development of Epithelium Apical Polarity: Does the mechanical cell-cell adhesions play a role? 2019
202 CENGIN Deciphering and engineering centriole assembly 2019
203 GlycoMabs Chemoenzymatic glyco-engineering of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies 2019
204 ARDRE Ageing, Regeneration, and Drug Research 2019
205 DIRNDL Directions in Development 2019
206 mRNAstress Investigating the molecular mechanisms of translational reprogramming during cellular stress 2020
207 NUAGE Nucleolar regulation of longevity 2020
208 MitoCRISTAE Mitochondrial Cristae Biogenesis 2019
209 KissAndSpitRhoptry Unravelling the secretion machinery for virulence factors in apicomplexan parasites 2020
210 3D-loop Mechanism of homology search and the logic of homologous chromosome pairing in meiosis 2020
211 PLANMod Regulation of extreme plasticity in planarian stem cells by mRNA modifications 2019
212 SYSAGING A platform for rapidly mapping the molecular and systemic dynamics of aging 2020
213 ii-MAX Unravelling new immunity-independent mechanisms for durable resistance to blast fungi using MAX effectors 2020
214 VIETNAMICA Historical Research and Data Processing on Ancient Vietnamese Inscriptions 2019
215 VIVA Vaccine development against variable pathogens 2020
216 BehavIndividuality Uncovering the basis of behavioral individuality across developmental time-scales 2019
217 ENDFLU Evaluation of ratioNally Designed Influenza vaccines 2020
218 TETHYS The evolution and regulation of major transitions in sexual systems: new insights from the brown algae 2020
219 KnowStudents From East to West, and Back Again: Student Travel and Transcultural Knowledge Production in Renaissance Europe (c. 1470- c. 1620) 2020
220 NEMABOX Deciphering the cyst nematode parasitic program by uncovering how their virulence is orchestrated 2020
221 CISBOOM Convergence of Information from Separate Brain Areas to Orchestrate Orienting Movements 2021
222 Hemstem Targeting leukaemia by modulating hematopoietic stem cell competitiveness 2020
223 DIVISION BELL The role of TETRASPANINS in plant cell division orientation 2021
224 EpiStress Epigenetic mechanisms controlling hypoxia and pathogen Stress responses in plants 2021
225 StressRhomboid Trapping intramembrane protease substrates in living cells: focus on RHBDL4 role in ERAD 2020
226 CHRONOTRADE Clock-mediated modulation of growth-defense trade-offs and its potential as a biotechnological tool 2020
227 hyP5 Adopting orphan pumps: Structural and functional characterization of P5-ATPases 2021
228 ERA Epigenetic Regulation in Acinetobacter baumannii 2020
229 RabTarget4Metastasis Targeting Rab27A with covalent inhibitors for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer 2020
230 FUSION Single Molecule Imaging-based design of HIV-1 vaccines 2020
231 Ctrl-BBB Blood-brain barrier: from molecular mechanisms to intervention strategies 2020