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1 BS_Night_140926_150925 Crossing Borders - In jedem steckt ein Forscher / European Researchers Night 2014 + 2015 2014
2 PRECIOUS PREvention of Complications to Improve OUtcome in elderly patients with acute Stroke 2015
3 ROBOX Expanding the industrial use of Robust Oxidative Biocatalysts for the conversion and production of alcohols (ROBOX) 2015
4 FracRisk Furthering the Knowledge Base For Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Shale Gas Development (FracRisk) 2015
5 NEURAL AS Functions and evolutionary impact of transcriptomic novelties in the vertebrate brain 2015
6 TCLS ARM FOR SPACE Feasibility and Definition of a Triple Core Lockstep ARM System-on-Chip for Space Applications 2015
7 Future Sky Safety Future Sky Safety 2015
8 CPVMatch Concentrating Photovoltaic modules using advanced technologies and cells for highest efficiencies 2015
9 MAGNIFIC Multiplying In Africa European Global Navigation Initiatives Fostering Interlaced Cooperation 2015
10 List_MAPS Training and research in Listeria monocytogenes Adaptation through Proteomic and Transcriptome deep Sequencing Analysis 2015
12 EURO-HEALTHY Shaping EUROpean policies to promote HEALTH equitY 2015
13 JPco-fuND ERA-NET for establishing synergies between the Joint Programming on Neurodegenerative Diseases Research and Horizon 2020 2015
14 ADIPOA2 Clinical trial of autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (ASC) in the treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis 2015
15 RRI-ICT Forum Supporting and promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT 2015
16 FACE FACE Entrepreneurship. Failure Aversion Change in Europe, more than a Communication Campaing to create a new generation of European entrepreneurs that can FACE failure and learn from it. 2015
17 POPART Previz for On-set Production - Adaptive Realtime Tracking 2015
18 RiCORE Risk Based Consenting of Offshore Renewable Energy Projects 2015
19 ENSCC ERA-NET Smart Cities and Communities 2014
20 SECURECHAIN Securing future-proof environmentally compatible bioenergy chains 2015
21 NEUCOS Neutrinos and the origin of the cosmic rays 2015
22 3D-LEAP 3 Dimensional Light Sensor for Advanced Portable Devices 2014
23 MARS Electronic Order, Magnetism, and Unconventional Superconductivity probed in Real-Space 2015
24 ConTExt Connecting the Extreme 2015
25 CSF From Cloud to Star Formation 2015
26 VIBRA Very fast Imaging by Broadband coherent RAman 2015
27 ISIGrowth Innovation-fuelled, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth 2015
28 E-saving Ultrasonics Energy-saving and reducing carbon emissions by applying advanced ultrasonic technology to industrial maintenance services for compressed air systems 2014
29 Save at Work save@work - The Energy Saving Contest for Public Authorities 2015
30 EEPLIANT Energy Efficiency Complaint Products 2014 2015
31 TAIPI Tools and Actions for Impact Assessment and Policy makers Information 2015
32 HTSew Use of HTC technology as an innovative reuse method for sewage sludge 2014
33 OILMOD Optical Injection Locked Modulator 2014
34 RESOLUTE RESilience management guidelines and Operationalization appLied to Urban Transport Environment 2015
35 OSEM-EV Optimised and Systematic Energy Management in Electric Vehicles 2015
36 REAPPAST High-Resolution Approach in Middle and Upper Palaeolithic sites for reconstructing Social dynamic and Technical behaviours 2015
37 eLTER European Long-Term Ecosystem and socio-ecological Research Infrastructure 2015
39 MOSUDO Water and Drug Mobility at Silica Surfaces probed with DOSY NMR 2015
40 ACCESS2WM How prior brain states govern access to working memory 2016
42 DIGIPHASE Development of Maximum Efficiency Phase Contrast Electron Microscopy 2015
43 EXTREME Do extreme climatic events facilitate plant invasions? 2016
44 Quokka Maturation A mature Quokka for everyone – advancing the capabilities and accessibility of numerical solar cell simulations 2016
45 FireAndRiskPrevention When the smoke clears: predicting and preventing catastrophic erosion and flooding after wildfires in volcanic terrains 2015
46 AlFHoNSo Analysing Forest Hydrocarbons with Networks of Sensors 2015
47 SiCWIRE Silicon Carbide Nanowires for Electronic and biosensing applications 2016
48 RIDEC Rwenzori Ice Dynamics and Environmental Changes 2015
49 REE Value Chain Rare Earth Supply Chain and Industrial Ecosystem: A Material Flow Assessment of European Union 2015
50 GlidArc Towards a fundamental understanding of a gliding arc discharge for the purpose of greenhouse gas conversion into value-added chemicals 2015
51 CaMILLET Application of crop genetics to improve Calcium content in millets and other crops for promoting health benefits in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis 2015
52 DLCHHB Artificial Tissue Actuators by the 3D Printing of Responsive Hydrogels 2015
53 PREF LEARNHEUR Learning heuristics in preference elicitation tasks: insights from behavioural, computational and neurobiological investigations 2015
54 2D Hetero-architecture Engineered two-dimensional hetero-architectures for nanoelectronics 2016
55 NeutronOPV New neutron techniques to probe bulk heterojunction solar cells with graded morphologies – understanding the link between processing, nanostructure and device performance 2015
56 CNT-Nanostickers Anisotropic High-Density Carbon Nanotube Coatings for Thin-Film Electronics 2015
57 FUNFIT Fungal resistance to antifungals is promoted by cell heterogeneity 2015
59 IPEIBD Identification of promoters and enhancers specific for inflammatory bowel disease and its subtypes 2015
60 CL-3DE Choice and learning in a 3-dimensional environment: an investigation of brain and behaviour 2015
61 THSExposure Thirdhand Tobacco Smoke: Chemical Characterization, Human Exposure and Urinary Carcinogen Biomarkers 2015
62 SHOALS The Swift GRB Host Galaxy Legacy Survey: Understanding the Link between GRBs and Star Formation from the Nearby to the Early Universe 2015
63 RenewablePortfolio Market player’s optimal scheduling under integrating renewables in European electricity markets 2015
64 OceanIS Ocean Interaction with Antarctic Ice Shelves 2016
65 OPTIC BIOEM Toward the comprehension of primary bioelectromagnetic interactions: real time non-linear OPTICal imaging of BIO-samples under ElectroMagnetic exposure 2015
66 OPERACQC Operational characterization of quantum correlations 2015
67 RACe The impact of climate change on the uptake of arsenic into rice 2016
68 VisuaLook Novel clothing e-commerce application for reliable size assignment and realistic fitting visualization 2015
69 Springwave2014 Transitioning to microalgae as a sustainable, high-quality large-scale food source through launching the first daily drink containing spirulina 2015
70 Ebola_Tx Emergency evaluation of convalescent blood and plasma for Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) in affected West African countries. 2014
71 DSTB Dyadic Secures The Breach 2015
72 MIIMETIQ Telemetry and Telecontrol for the Internet of things (IoT) 2015
73 PCT Plant CT - Making Plants Healthier 2015
74 IRWES Integrated Roof Wind Energy System 2015
75 AINARA Automation and INtelligence solutions for Automated Road trAnsport systems 2015
76 FREE-D CNC dynamic mold for producing freely curved glass panels 2015
77 DWT-I4FEDW DWT- Impregnation for Fireproof Excellent Durability Wood 2015
78 bionic agitator Feasibility study of a bionic agitator – a prototype of this agitator has shown great potential for energy reduction of agitator technology. 2015
79 SOLARGE45 Towards a SOLAR enerGy Efficiency of 45 % 2015
80 INPACT Innovative peptides against cancer and pathogenic bacteria, with advances in science, biopharmaceutical drug development, product market targeting, training , and communication. 2015
81 InterAct INTerdisciplinary ACTion for accelerating RD on and implementation of solid sorption heat pumps 2015
82 PRACE-4IP PRACE 4th Implementation Phase Project 2015
83 REGHA Medical device combining viscosupplementation with pharmacological active molecule to regenerate cartilage in degenerative or traumatic osteoarthritis. 2015
84 SWOS Satellite-based Wetland Observation Service 2015
85 ANTARES Centre of Excellence for Advanced Technologies in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security 2015
86 EE-IT EE-IT - Centre of Excellence on Connected Digital Economy 2015
87 RIFP Rutherford International Fellowship Programme 2015
88 PASTEURDOC Institut Pasteur International Docotal Program 2015
89 RAIL Radiomics of lung cancer (RAIL): non-invasive stratification of tumour heterogeneity for personalised cancer therapy 2015
90 Project Buffer Project Buffer ― a new solution to fast charging electrical vehicles “on the road”. 2015
91 FET-Event Ensuring the success of the next FET Conference and exhibition at a key period for FET 2015
92 QUANTEXBIO Quantitative and Experimental Biology 2015
93 ChemoPredict Predictive in vitro diagnostics test for individualized tailoring of chemotherapy in primary breast cancer 2015
94 DAFNEOX Designing Advanced Functionalities through controlled NanoElement integration in OXide thin films 2015
95 SPEED-5G quality of Service Provision and capacity Expansion through Extended-DSA for 5G 2015
96 BLACANDI BLACANDI can improve life quality and cut cost of diagnosing and managing bladder cancer in half 2015
97 Salesdat Unlock the full power of your Point of Sales 2015
98 Opti-LPS Optimal Lightning Protection System 2015
99 Polarsol Phase One Disrupting the energy market with the innovation in solar heating 2015
100 SMITH SMart and Interoperable THermal network system development 2015
101 LAUREN bLadder cAncer URine cEll aNalysis 2015
102 HTCycle Sewage sludge reuse Phosphate recovery with an innovative HTC technology (HTCycle) 2015
103 TRICHO T-18 Environmental friendly fungicide based on new endophytic Biological Control Agent Trichoderma asperellum strain T18 2015
104 EUNCL European Nanomedicine Characterization Laboratory 2015
105 NuFEAST Optimising Nutritional Health and Wellbeing Through Local Sustainable Food Systems -NuFEAST (Nutrition - Food (for) Everyone's health, Available, Sustainable and Trusted) 2015
106 3Ccar Integrated Components for Complexity Control in affordable electrified cars 2015
107 CTA-DEV Cherenkov Telescope Array: Infrastructure Development and Start of Implementation 2015
108 3D-LEAP 3 Dimensional Light sEnsing for Advanced Portable Devices 2015
109 SESAME thermal hydraulics Simulations and Experiments for the Safety Assessment of MEtal cooled reactors 2015
110 LAA-THz-CC Lens Antenna Arrays for Coherent THz Cameras 2015
111 SYSTEM-RISK A Large-Scale Systems Approach to Flood Risk Assessment and Management 2016
112 DEMETER Training Network for the Design and Recycling of Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators in Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles 2015
113 SINGEK Promoting SINgle cell GEnomics to explore the ecology and evolution of hidden microeuKaryotes 2016
114 INFORM Interfaces in opto-electronic thin film multilayer devices 2015
115 REPHLECT Recovering Europe´s PHotovoltaics LEadership through high Concentration Technology 2015
116 WITRO Wind and Turbulence Radar for Offshore wind energy 2015
117 RENEGAS RENewable AdvancEd GAsification FeedstockS 2015
118 EAVI2020 European AIDS Vaccine Initiative 2020 2015
119 pp2EMBRC European Marine Biology Resource Centre preparatory phase 2 2015
120 MODULAR INNODRIVE MODULAR INNODRIVE Powered Reel Drive in maritime environment 2015
121 FAME Development and demonstration of an innovative FT-NIR-based system for food content analysis 2015
122 TAG Crowd-Sourcing technology to change how people and cars move in cities 2015
123 TWINFUSYON Twinning for Improving Capacity of Research in Multifunctional Nanosystems for Optronic Biosensing 2016
124 WEAR_n_PAY Wearables for Payment 2015
125 DUST-IN-THE-WIND Dust in the wind — a new paradigm for inflow and outflow structures around supermassive black holes 2016
126 REDISH CROR Engine Debris Impact SHielding. Design, manufacturing, simulation and Impact test preparation 2016
127 F-CCW Functional Cell Culture Ware (F-CCW) : Technical and Commercial feasible? 2015
128 COSMO_SIMS Astrophysics for the Dark Universe: Cosmological simulations in the context of dark matter and dark energy research 2016
129 ImMoRiSt Immune Monitoring for RIsk STratification in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients 2016
130 RemoteMyApp Platform to efficiently stream anything (focusing on games, SME and B2B applications), anywhere (to any mobile device) 2016
131 ultraSURFACE Ultra Dynamic Optical Systems for High Throughput Laser Surface Processing 2016
132 SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 2016
133 Digi-Label Delivering digital Energy Labelling solutions to enable consumer action on purchasing energy efficient appliances 2016
134 SuPREME Twinning for a Sustainable, Proactive Research partnership in distributed Energy systems planning, Modelling and managEment 2015
135 MDC CNG Fuels- Mother and Daughter CNG Station Concept 2016
136 ProFatMRI Magnetic resonance imaging platform for probing fat microstructure 2016
137 SEESWIND SEESWIND, Silent, Efficient and Economic Small Wind Energy. 2016
138 INTEL-1 Intelligent investment analysis of early-stage companies 2016
139 HiggsEFTatNLO Precise Higgs Properties in the LHC Era 2017
140 MolMap From Tissues to Single Molecules: High Content in Situ Super-Resolution imaging with DNA-PAINT 2016
141 FORBIO Fostering Sustainable Feedstock Production for Advanced Biofuels on underutilised land in Europe 2016
142 RGDQG Renormalisation Group methods for discrete Quantum Gravity 2016
143 Token Communities Token Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean 2016
144 ASTRUm Astrophysics with Stored Highy Charged Radionuclides 2016
145 SINTBAT Silicon based materials and new processing technologies for improved lithium-ion batteries 2016
146 Quaco QUAdrupoleCOrrector 2016
147 DANDELION Promoting EU-funded projects of inclusive, innovative and reflective societies 2016
148 Crystal Tandem Solar Single-Crystal Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells For High Efficiency and Low Cost 2017
149 R2R-3G Towards Roll-to-Roll Production of Third Generation Solar Cells 2016
150 WARFLY Insects as Silent Witnesses to Prehistoric Warfare: Forensic Archaeoentomology as a Novel Approach to the Study of Conflict 2016
151 NanoOxySens Luminescent Polymer Nanoparticles with Aza-BODIPYs, Porphyrins and their Metal Complexes for FRET Mediated Ratiometric Oxygen Sensing 2017
152 CONJUGATION Synthesis of CONJUGAted Two-DimensIonal Supramolecular POlymers for ElectroNics 2016
153 CONNECT Connecting neuronal network activity with regional specificity for Alzheimer pathology: a multi-modal neuroimaging approach 2018
154 BEST Postdoctoral Programme in Bioengineering Excellence Scientific Training 2017
155 SYNCHRO-CHAIR New synchro-tilt mechanism for high quality and cost-effective office chairs 2016
156 CORNposite Valorisation of corn processing by-products into plastic bio-composites 2016
157 TMS Cloud ePos Revolutionary secure payment management system to integrate the different elements of the payment industry with the use of SEPA 2016
158 iBILD iBILD: Imaging Biomarker for Intelligent Lung Cancer Detection 2016
159 ELUSIVES The Elusives Enterprise: Asymmetries of the Invisible Universe 2016
160 ARIES reliAble euRopean Identity EcoSystem 2016
161 SAMA Spaces of Anti-Muslim Acts in the Greater Paris and Greater London regions 2016
162 VORTSHEET Vortex sheets - from new intuitions to crucial questions. 2017
163 Career-FIT Career Development Fellowships in the National Technology Centre Programme 2017
164 ProZero ProZero - carbon based fast boats for professional use 2016
165 OneCard Increasing the security of access to urban critical infrastructure with a Near Field Communication micro SD smart card for mobile devices using on-chip state of the art technology 2016
166 DENSE aDverse wEather eNvironmental Sensing systEm 2016
167 ADMIN Interaction between posterior parietal and prefrontal cortices with occipital visual cortex in visual attention and perceptual decision making. 2017
168 EQUAL-IST Gender Equality Plans for Information Sciences and Technology Research Institutions 2016
169 RESOLVE REalistic Simulations and ObservationaL Validation of small-scale Energy channels on the Sun 2017
170 ORACLE Origins of Alzheimer's disease across the life-course 2016
171 STRESS Human Performance neurometricS Toolbox foR highly automatEd Systems deSign 2016
172 FricWeld Friction Welded Valve for Enhanced Hygiene in Food and Beverage Industry 2016
173 HyGrid Flexible Hybrid separation system for H2 recovery from NG Grids 2016
174 ENERI European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity (ENERI) 2016
175 FF16_17 Researchers' Night in Sweden - ForskarFredag 2016-2017 2016
176 F2F Fusion-to-Fossil Heat Exchanger for Supercritical Power Plants 2016
177 CUBETTO New CUBic shElter concepT TO foster living responses 2016
178 MCRTOOLS Monitor Clinical Research Tools – a novel ICT solution for remote monitoring of source medical data in clinical trials 2016
179 LEASP Learning spatiotemporal patterns in longitudinal image data sets of the aging brain 2016
180 DrugSynergy DrugSynergy: A data-driven systems biology approach to optimize drug combination strategies 2016
182 AMETIST Advanced III-V Materials and Processes Enabling Ultrahigh-efficiency ( 50%) Photovoltaics 2017
183 INPRO Improving IPR management services to SMEs engaging in peer learning activities 2016
184 SIGNATURIT_2016 Signaturit - The smartest e-Signature solution to send and sign documents on the go 2016
185 PAPER-P Unique technology to turn on-site paper waste from the printing industry into high-quality PHA bioplastic 2016
186 BLUE SNOW Integrated system for queue monitoring and speed automatic modulation in ropeways. 2016
187 Syndivia Next generation drug conjugates for cancer treatment 2016
188 freescoo Low temperature heat / solar driven air conditioning system for heating, cooling, dehumidification and ventilation of buildings 2016
189 QUIBIM QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medice 2016
190 EEN Serbia SGA EEN Serbia (specific grant agreement): Improving competitiveness of Serbian SMEs trough implementation of integrated services focused on innovative capacities, productivity and internationalization. 2016
191 GRO-BAT Growth hormone: an endocrine factor that integrates thermogenic and circadian signals to regulate brown adipose tissue activity. 2016
192 CAPRI Children and Adolescents with PaRental mental Illness: Understanding the ‘who’ and ‘how’ of targeting interventions 2016
193 AffecTech Personal Technologies for Affective Health 2017
194 Training4CRM European Training Network for Cell-based Regenerative Medicine 2016
195 MONSOON MOdel based coNtrol framework for Site-wide OptmizatiON of data-intensive processes 2016
196 SAFIRE Cloud-based Situational Analysis for Factories providing Real-time Reconfiguration Services 2016
197 SPM2.0 Scanning probe microscopies for nanoscale fast, tomographic and composition imaging 2017
198 circRTrain circular RNA Biology Training Network: from biogenesis to biomarkers 2017
199 LIBBIO Lupinus mutabilis for Increased Biomass from marginal lands and value for BIOrefineries 2016
200 SPAIN Smart Panels for SAT Aircrafts Cabin Insulation 2016
201 FFL4E Future Freight Loco for Europe 2016
202 BuyZET BuyZET – Procurement of innovative solutions for zero emission urban delivery of goods and services 2016
203 ACTIonRCraft Anti-Crash lightweight fuel bladder Tank Integrated on a new RotorCraft 2016
204 DN-CARTILOGEL Design of double network polycarbonate-based hydrogels by simultaneous reactions: scaffolds for load-bearing soft tissue regeneration 2016
205 ECOVAPOR Cost-effective High-efficiency Smart Steam Boiler of Low Emission technology 2016
206 CATAPULT Coupling ATomistics and mesoscAle Plasticity for toUghness of noveL hybrid maTerial 2017
207 MOFcat Fundamental and Applied Science on Molecular Redox-Catalysts of Energy Relevance in Metal-Organic Frameworks 2017
208 PULSE Perception Ultrasound by Learning Sonographic Experience 2016
209 Inno4Grass Shared Innovation Space for Sustainable Productivity of Grasslands in Europe 2017
210 EUGENIUS European Group of Enterprises for a Network of Information Using Space 2016
211 FACILITATORS Facilities for testing orbital and surface robotics building blocks 2016
212 CosNeD Radio wave propagation in heterogeneous media: implications on the electronics of Cosmic Neutrino Detectors 2016
213 RADoTE Remote-Activated Delivery of Therapeutic Exosomes (RADoTE) via an Injectable PEG Hydrogel Carrier 2016
214 SCALE Production of Scandium compounds and Scandium Aluminum alloys from European metallurgical by- products 2016
215 COMWORK Improving access to digital cultural heritage for multiple users and uses via a disruptive cloud based software as a service 2016
216 DAHLIA Deep sub-micron microprocessor for spAce rad-Hard appLIcation Asic 2017
217 SWEETBULLETS Sweet Theranostics in Bitter Infections - Seek and Destroy 2017
218 INVADE Smart system of renewable energy storage based on INtegrated EVs and bAtteries to empower mobile, Distributed and centralised Energy storage in the distribution grid 2017
219 IFM nano thruster A highly efficient propulsion system for micro- and nano-satellites able to double the mission lifetime and to position satellites with unprecedented accuracy 2016
220 CHALLENGE 3C-SiC Hetero-epitaxiALLy grown on silicon compliancE substrates and 3C-SiC substrates for sustaiNable wide-band-Gap powEr devices 2017
221 STARCELL Advanced strategies for substitution of critical raw materials in photovoltaics 2017
222 AENEAS Advanced European Network of E-infrastructures for Astronomy with the SKA 2017
223 SkinXCare Integral cell-biology platform for the development of the first effective treatment of radiodermatitis. 2016
224 X5 bitworker X5 bitworker - The Copying System for the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 2016
225 PRACE-5IP PRACE 5th Implementation Phase Project 2017
226 FLEXPOL Antimicrobial FLEXible POLymers for its use in hospital environments 2017
227 HYPOXIMMUNO Tackling the Achilles Heel of Immunotherapy: Validating imaging biomarkers and targeting the immunological niche of tumour hypoxia 2016
228 Neuroheart Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging for Personalized Tailored Treatment 2017
229 HP4all Persistent and Transportable Hyperpolarization for Magnetic Resonance 2017
230 Mushroomics Functional genomics in Schizophyllum commune: leveraging the diversity in this hypervariable fungus to understand mushroom development 2017
231 ColOpt Collective effects and optomechanics in ultra-cold matter 2017
232 INSHIP Integrating National Research Agendas on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes 2017
233 FI-NEXT Bringing FIWARE to the NEXT step 2016
234 ChipScope Overcoming the Limits of Diffraction with Superresolution Lighting on a Chip 2017
235 BETA-BACT Beta-cell inflammation and dysfunction induced by bacterial translocation 2016
236 FILL2030 The Future of ILL 2030 2017
237 Advance_eLTER Advancing the European Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and socio-ecological Research Infrastructure towards ESFRI 2017
238 FITTOM PVC-O Fittings based on MOLECOR’s Molecular Orientation TOM® technology 2017
239 DART Feasibility study for market introduction of the T-Minus DART research rocket system 2017
240 SmartSense New Method of Magnetic Field Integration and its Smart Grid and Industrial Applications 2017
241 Waste Compactor Green Automatic Waste Compactor 2017
242 EXSEED Extreme-Light Seeded Control of Ultrafast Laser Material Modifications 2017
243 BITRIDE BIKE SHARING The solution for flexible bike sharing initiatives without fixed stations 2017
244 ProDairyWelfare smaXtec 4.0 – multifunctional Dairy Cattle Sensor System for a proactive productivity and health management in Dairy Farming 2017
245 LentiFactory MAGIC (MAnufacturing of Gene delivery tools for Industrial and Clinical applications) 2017
246 CitizenLab CitizenLab 2017
247 OPHOCS On-chip Photonic Cluster State Generation 2017
248 ANTARES Centre of Excellence for Advanced Technologies in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security 2017
249 ADMS Proof of Concept – Arctic Data Management System Beta version – capacity building for interpretation and data management system of the Arctic-related data and knowledge (Arctic Data Management System) 2017
250 qBioNano Quantifying bio-nano interactions of nanoparticles through microfluidic live cell Raman spectroscopy 2017
251 SILICON Self-Injection-Locked Integrated Analog-to-Digital Converter 2017
252 EXCITING-CT Excellent lung cancer imaging and tumour identification using next generation computed tomography 2017
253 GARDair The first predictive in vitro assay for the identification of respiratory sensitizers. 2017
254 WILDBERRY Novel application targets and products derived from wild arctic berries 2017
255 DIRECtA Targeting the Endocannabinoid System within Islets of Langerhans to Protect against Immune Destruction. 2018
256 SINMOF Synthesis of Spirooxindoles and INdoles pharmaceuticals using Metal-Organic Frameworks 2017
257 GRAMAS Graphene-Manganite Nanostructures for Novel Pulsed Magnetic Field Sensors 2017
258 BioMedBC Molecular profiling of Bladder Cancer to support personalized medicine 2017
259 IPISA Inkjet Printed Sensor Arrays for high efficient, low cost, environmental monitoring 2017
260 SYMBIOTIC BODY Unlocking the virtual body: Exploiting the symbiotic relationship between an avatar and its user to modify bodily experience and improve the outcome of eating disorder treatment 2018
261 RoyalCities The King’s City: A Comparative Study of Royal Patronage in Assur, Nineveh, and Babylon in the First Millennium BCE 2018
262 GAMODRONE Game of Drones: Multimedia Streaming with Flying Terminals in Next Generation Mobile Networks 2017
263 PhthaloSupra Exploiting supramolecular interactions in phthalocyanine chemistry 2017
264 2DQOptics Two dimensional materials for lasing and frequency metrology 2017
265 Qdet Quantum Detectors 2017
266 MAGNET Models and Algorithms for Graph centrality grounded on Nonlinear Eigenvalues Techniques 2017
267 SAREE The Social Anthropology of Rabies Epidemiology and Elimination 2018
268 NOSUDEP A Wearable Electronics Approach To Reduce Mortality in Epilepsy 2017
269 UNCERTAINPOWER Uncertain Power: Representing the king in the Portuguese empire (1640-1750) 2017
270 UFICS-QRNG Development of an Ultra-Fast, Integrated, Certified Secure Quantum Random Number Generator for applications in Science and Information Technology 2017
271 PASS A Place for the Asylum Seekers. European migration policies and their socio-spatial impacts 2018
272 DenseMatter High-density QCD matter from first principles 2017
273 TheONE The Janus-face of the localized carrier in cuprates: Generating the pseudogap and high temperature superconductivity 2017
274 PLAY.CARE PLAY.CARE – revolution in early detection and therapy of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). 2017
275 DEEP-EST DEEP - Extreme Scale Technologies 2017
276 PanePowerSW Transparent Solar Panel Technology for Energy Autonomous Greenhouses and Glass Buildings 2017
277 TRUE Transition paths to sustainable legume based systems in Europe 2017
278 FastCan Light weight, impact resistant, canopy for fast compound rotorcraft 2017
279 DAREnet DAnube river region Resillience Exchange network 2017
280 MMXVI Minimal Model for Pox-Virus Infection 2017
281 GreQuE Grenoble Quantum Engineering Doctoral Programme 2017
282 AdaSmartRes Adapter for a commercial grade camera or a smart phone to perform depth resolved imaging 2017
283 ePT ePT - Electronic Procedure Trainer for aviation pilots and cabin crew 2017
284 pHenom A cost effective, smart, calibration free, low maintenance pH sensor providing an integrated approach to monitoring sea and drinking water, facilitating improvements in ocean, animal and human health. 2017
285 PREVENT “Alcohol-impaired driving PREVENTion and personal authentication by a vehicle ignition interlock system“ 2017
286 IAHP Intelligent Active Hearing Protection 2017
287 Green-linker Innovative eco-friendly crosslinker for leather and textile finishing 2017
288 TARANTO TowARds Advanced bicmos NanoTechnology platforms for rf and thz applicatiOns 2017
289 InnoBavaria_3 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs in Bavaria 2017
290 AIAS-COFUND II AIAS-COFUND II Fellowship Programme 2017
291 EDEC Enhanced Diesel Engine Control 2017
293 SynVaccine Rational Design and Construction of Viral Based Products 2017
295 RHEA Rotifers Highlight the Evolution of Asexuals: the mechanisms of genome evolution in the absence of meiosis 2017
296 CAPITA CAPITA: Child Abuse Prevention International Training and Access 2017
297 ARIESS Augmented Reality and Indoor Navigation for Enhanced ASSembly 2017
298 BlockchainKYC Blockchain-based, 100% automated KYC (Know Your Customer) service 2017
299 GO 4G InvizBox Go 4G - Security and Privacy, Everywhere 2017
300 IFM Micro Thruster The unique modular propulsion system suitable for all small satellites from 1 to 500 kg 2017
301 INDTECH2018 INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - innovative industries for smart growth 2017
302 MATRIX CHARGING Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles 2017
303 NEPTUN Novel closed-cage system for high-value marine aquaculture 2017
304 Pro-GET-OnE Proactive synergy of inteGrated Efficient Technologies on buildings’ Envelopes 2017
305 Pydro Turbine Energy-Recovery Turbine for Water Pipes 2017
306 RenoZEB Accelerating Energy renovation solution for Zero Energy buildings and Neighbourhoods 2017
307 EnergyMatching Adaptable and adaptive RES envelope solutions to maximise energy harvesting and optimize EU building and district load matching 2017
308 SwiftC A technology marketplace for hospitality compliance services that integrates with public sector authorities and relieves the burden of regulation for businesses 2017
309 UR Browser The first all-European web browser capable of guaranteeing comprehensive online privacy and security for EU Internet users 2017
310 BIOCUDET Identify and detect key ocular biomarkers towards personal medicine 2017
311 CADENCE Catalytic Dual-Function Devices Against Cancer 2017
312 EEPLIANT2 Energy Efficiency Compliant Products 2 2017
313 EMERGE Tuning Emergent Phases in 2D Materials 2017
314 QUIBIM Precision QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medicine 2017
315 SOLARIS Solaris energy tobacco for the creation of a European sustainable biojet fuel value chain 2017
316 QGP-MYSTERY Demystifying the Quark-Gluon Plasma 2018
317 SuperEH Super Variable Vector Combination Energy Saving Hub 2017
318 MuBoEx Mushroom Body Expansion in Heliconius butterflies 2018
319 SUNMAG SUNMAG: Understanding magnetic-field-regulated heating and explosive events in the solar chromosphere 2018
320 SPOCkS MS Sampling Protein cOmplex Conformational Space with native top down Mass Spectrometry 2018
321 FloatMastBlue Offshore Wind Energy Cost Reduction by an Innovative Floating Met Mast Platform 2017
322 RISE Research Center on Interactive Media, Smart System and Emerging Technologies 2017
323 RadHard Ultra High Efficiency Radiation Hard Space Solar Cells on Large Area Substrates 2018
324 IDPfun Driving the functional characterization of intrinsically disordered proteins 2018
325 MESI-STRAT Systems Medicine of Metabolic-Signaling Networks: A New Concept for Breast Cancer Patient Stratification 2018
326 MOODSTRATIFICATION Immune Signatures for Therapy Stratification in Major Mood Disorders 2018
327 CLINGLIO A Clinical Phase IIB trial with 2OHOA in patients with newly-diagnosed malignant glioma. 2017
328 FLAMINGO Fulfilling enhanced Location Accuracy in the Mass-market through Initial GalileO services 2017
329 OaSIS Optimizing Support for Innovating SMEs 2017
330 IMAGE Innovative Optical/Quasioptical Technologies and Nano Engineering of Anisotropic Materials for Creating Active Cells with Substantially Improved Energy Efficiency 2018
331 3eFERRO Energy Efficient Embedded Non-volatile Memory Logic based on Ferroelectric Hf(Zr)O2 2018
332 PICKPLACE Flexible, safe and dependable robotic part handling in industrial environments 2018
333 BIOGASTIGER BIOGASTIGER® system – turning global organic waste streams into smart and clean energy 2017
334 CLEANFUEL Clean and low costs paper-based batteries for powering single use disposable diagnostic devices. 2017
335 Turbo-FuelCell Compact, light, efficient and reliable turbo compressor for fuel cell vehicles 2017
336 ZAP ZAPINAMO – Affordable, future-proof rapid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles from stored[clean and economical] energy 2017
337 V-SPHERE Vulnerability Search and Prevention through Holistic End-to-end Risk Evaluation 2018
338 OCCAM Outcomes and Causal Inference in International Comparative Assessments 2018
339 SMART-DNA Single Molecule Analytical Raman Tools based on DNA nanostructures 2018
340 ESI Europe Driving Investment in Energy Efficiency through Energy Savings Insurance in Europe 2018
341 geoBone geoBone: A Unique Mineral Supplement for Bone Health and Prevention of Osteoporosis SustainablyProduced from Geothermal Resources through a Ground-breaking Process. 2018
342 AIRSKIN Touch-sensitive skin for collaborative industrial robots (cobots) 2018
343 SREM Smart Renewable Energy Manager for the Industrial Prosumer Market 2018
344 SALAMANDER Soakback Assessment using LAttice Boltzmann Method and Aerothermal Nodal-network for the Design of the Engine-bay Region 2018
345 SUPERMIN Correlative Super Resolution Imaging of the Collagen Mineralization Process 2018
346 BIOPLAS-PRO high-performance BIOPLAStic PROducts for new markets and applications 2017
347 ThromboSLE Accurate assessment of thrombosis risk in systemic lupus erythematosus 2018
348 flexiLED A new dynamic precision LED-lighting system for hydro- and aquaponic indoor farming 2018
349 ColiSense Online Online and automated E. coli monitoring for 100% safe drinking water 2018
350 TREEPAD An eco-innovative planting and survival support system for urban trees 2018
351 PfPHIST Characterisation of the Plasmodium PHIST protein family 2018
352 GoldTrace GoldTrace: tracking the origin and transport of gold beneath seafloor arc volcanoes 2018
353 E FUNDIA Ecosystem function and Diversity in Amazonia 2018
354 NeCOL NeCOL: An Innovative Methodology for Building Better Deep Learning Tools for Real Word Applications 2018
355 OE Scan A next generation diagnostic device that effectively screens for breast cancer in all tissue types, without the use of ionising radiation 2018
356 CINDERELA New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction 2018
357 CODIS Co-create Design Innovation Services 2018
358 DenCity Density assemblages: intensity and the city in a global urban age 2018
359 EMBRACE Elucidating Mechanisms of Bladder Cancer Metastasis 2018
360 SuPerCom Sustainable Performance for High-Performance Embedded Computing Systems 2018
361 FeedHypNet Dynamic regulation of feeding behaviors in health and disease by top-down control of hypothalamic networks 2018
362 GEOCLIME Climate change and Geodetic deformation 2019
363 PSR Photometabolic Self-Replication 2019
364 PRO-RES PROmoting integrity in the use of RESearch results 2018
365 SUPER PV CoSt redUction and enhanced PERformance of PV systems 2018
366 Meta-Origami Metabolic engineering of Ustilago trichophora: an isotope-assisted metabolomics approach for the improvement of malate production from glycerol 2019
367 InflaBoot Bootstrapping Inflationary Cosmology 2018
368 MUST Magnetoelectric Ultra-low-power Spin-wave Transducers 2018
369 SOCIALBRAINCIRCUITS Neuroanatomical substrates of social deficit in a mouse model of 22q11 deletion syndrome 2018
370 Gut-AnorexiaNervosa Metagenomics and metabolomics studies of patients with Anorexia Nervosa to identify intestinal microbial mechanisms contributing to pathogenesis 2018
371 NEUROTILES Bioengineered hippocampal organoids for epilepsy treatment 2018
372 HI-PHRET High-resolution Imaging with Phase Retrieved Tomography 2019
373 NANOBIOME Gradient NANOcluster Screening Arrays for SERS Analytics of Wound MicroBIOMEs 2018
374 EPEEC European joint Effort toward a Highly Productive Programming Environment for Heterogeneous Exascale Computing (EPEEC) 2018
375 GlobalP3HS SSPH+ Global PhD Programme in Public Health Sciences 2018
376 HPC-rotors Disrupting the global e-mobility sector by production of application-specific rotors for the automotive industry with an innovative and unique vertical laminar squeeze-casting process 2018
377 Green-linker Innovative eco-friendly crosslinker for leather and textile finishing 2018
378 STRATOFLY Stratospheric Flying Opportunities for High-Speed Propulsion Concepts 2018
379 INSCRIBE INvention of SCRIpts and their BEginnings 2018
380 TICTOCGRAV Exploring Gravity with Ultracold Cadmium and Strontium Optical Clocks and Bragg Interferometers 2018
381 SWIRup HOT III-V II-VI Focal Plane Arrays for Space Applications in the Upper SWIR Band 2018
382 OCEAN12 Opportunity to Carry European Autonomous driviNg further with FDSOI technology up to 12nm node 2018
383 GemX Towards a ton-scale Ge-76 observatory for neutrinoless double beta decay 2018
384 MSTAR Massive Star Formation through the Universe 2018
385 COLMIN A Google Earth Approach to Understanding Collagen Mineralization 2019
386 EDIT Novel precision technological platforms to promote non-invasive early diagnosis, eradication and prevention of cancer relapse: proof of concept in the bladder carcinoma. 2018
387 TALENT TALENT Doctoral Fellowship Programme 2018
388 CyCAT Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency 2018
389 MOSaIC Molecular Signaling in Health and Disease - Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence 2018
390 SimEA Modeling and Simulation for Engineering Applications 2019
391 MiCaBra Mitochondrial Cannabinoid Receptors in the Brain 2018
392 PITBUL Point-of-Care implementation of TB testing with ultra-fast Local Heating PCR 2017
393 Almazara 4.0 Smart NIR Olive Oil Extraction Control and Measurement System 2018
394 F3D-Fastsight-PoC We enable safe and smarter urban transportation with laser imaging of surroundings, avoiding collisions with pedestrians and enabling autonomous navigation. Our single chip implementation delivers 2018
395 EVOOLUTION Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Advanced Sorting Solution 2018
397 Community Cloud Cubbit. The first distributed data-center. 2018
398 LIFESPAN Early-life influences on suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and suicide mortality: a life-courseperspective to inform prevention 2018
399 PulSAR The incident management tool to use when everything goes wrong 2018
400 TRANSDAT From the space communication to the drone industry 2018
401 Bob Creating the French Dyson: European leader on home appliances for tomorrow’s households. 2018
402 FAERSK FAERSK – Innovative fish processing and logistics solution 2018
403 KAM Patch KAM Patch, the Smart Sweat Patch: a breakthrough platform for hydration monitoring 2018
404 HTCycle Sewage sludge reuse with Phosphate recovery and heavy metal absorption with an innovative HTC technology. 2018
405 HistologTM Scanner Intra-operative microscope for tumor margin assessment 2018
406 TIMB3 Twin to Illuminate Metals in Biology and Biocatalysis through Biospectroscopy 2018
407 ULTRAWAT Ultrapure Water Technology - nanoparticle free water for the advanced nanoelectronics industry enabling further miniaturization of electronic devices 2018
408 OPERANDUM OPEn-air laboRAtories for Nature baseD solUtions to Manage environmental risks 2018
409 Quakebots Artificial Intelligence and IoT for seismic monitoring 2018
410 CLINICOVERY CLINICOVERY, a versatile, high quality, environmental-friendly, easy to use e-Clinical solution for clinical research 2018
411 INPERIO Non-invasive solution for periodontal and peri-implant diseases 2018
412 FAMAS The first magnetic angular sensor which integrates high accuracy for high rotational speed 2018
413 AirPlatform An open integration platform for professional displays 2018
414 FF18_19 European Researchers' Night in Sweden - ForskarFredag 2018-2019 2018
415 PLATELYS PlateLys: The innovative human platelet lysate especially designed to maximize the effectiveness of cell-based therapies 2018
416 IN-do HW-free indoor navigation: augmented reality app-based SW for mobile devices 2018
417 EPISODE Deciphering the tEmperature history of troPIcal oceanS: a cOccolith clumpeD isotopE approach 2018
418 BeyondA1 Set theory beyond the first uncountable cardinal 2018
419 V.A. Cure A multidisciplinary approach towards sustainable improvement in rare diseases care uniting Europe's top class vascular research to find new treatment strategies for vascular anomalies 2019
420 e-BlueBox From machines to smart systems: Cloud-based IoT for lift modernization and predictive maintenance 2018
421 CICURE Increasing complex I stability as a cure for mitochondrial diseases 2018
422 SPACEPORT 3D Volumetric Video Capturing and Streaming Software- SPACEPORT 2018
423 Chairless Chair The worldwide first exoskeleton for the creation of ergonomic, age-neutral and low-fatigue workplaces in industry and for the reduction of physical strains in the ageing workforce 2018
424 ASTERIQS Advancing Science and TEchnology thRough dIamond Quantum Sensing 2018
425 NextGenRoadFuels Sustainable Drop-In Transport fuels from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Low Value Urban Feedstocks 2018
426 ISOPREP Ionic Solvent-based Recycling of Polypropylene Products 2018
427 i4Offshore Integrated Implementation of Industrial Innovations for Offshore Wind Cost Reduction 2018
428 MgSafe Promoting patient safety by a novel combination of imaging technologies for biodegradable magnesium implants 2018
429 QRANGE Quantum Random Number Generators: cheaper, faster and more secure 2018
430 RadNu Radio detection of the PeV - EeV cosmic-neutrino flux 2019
431 MICROCOMB Applications and Fundamentals of Microresonator Frequency Combs 2019
432 CReaNet Chemical Reaction Networks: signal amplification, spatiotemporal control, and materials 2019
433 Dawex GDM Dawex Data Marketplace deployment: unlocking European companies’ data value 2018
434 SPARTAN Smart multilevel Power conditioning for AeRonautical elecTricAl uNits 2018
435 pvDesign A Cutting-Edge Software for the Feasibility Analysis and Design of Photovoltaic Power Plants 2018
436 Auger-Horizon A large-scale radio detector for the Pierre Auger cosmic-ray Observatory – precision measurements of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays 2018
437 CopHub.AC Copernicus Academy Hub for Knowledge, Innovation and Outreach 2018
439 EASY-IPS a rapid and efficient method for generation of iPSC 2019
440 MultiFlex Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Processing at 1 Kilowatt Using a Flexible Multi Beam Approach 2019
441 kW-flexiburst Ultrashort pulsed kW-class laser with unprecedented flexible GHz burst operation for high precision high-throughput industrial manufacturing 2019
442 HELIOS HELIOS: A Context-aware Distributed Social Networking Framework 2019
444 BioExcel-2 BioExcel-2 Centre of Excellence for Computational Biomolecular Research 2019
445 TELL Towards a fast-uptake of mEdium/Low-voltage eLectric power trains 2018
446 EXCELLERAT The European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications 2018
447 Euro-Argo RISE Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure Sustainability and Enhancement 2019
448 hipQCD Highest Precision QCD predictions for a new era in Higgs boson phenomenology 2019
449 CRISP Cognitive Aging: From Educational Opportunities to Individual Risk Profiles 2019
450 QUEST QUality and Effectiveness in Science and Technology communication 2019
451 FREENERGY Lead-free halide perovskites for the highest efficient solar energy conversion 2019
452 FUCOPRO Fucoxanthin production from microalgae Isochrysis galbana - a solution to solve the global obesity 2018
453 JPCOFUND2 ERA-NET to support the Joint Programming in Neurodegenerative Diseases strategic plan (JPND) 2019
454 Highlift Stirling heat pump for high temperature industrial use 2019
455 PeV-Radio Digital Radio Detectors for Galactic PeV Particles 2019
456 LEGACy CeLac and European consortium for a personalized medicine approach to Gastric Cancer 2019
457 CLOSER Childhood Leukemia: Overcoming distance between South America and Europe Regions 2019
458 DURAFRESH Advanced multi effect device to prevent fruit and vegetables ripening 2019
459 SimDOME Digital Ontology-based Modelling Environment for Simulation of materials 2019
460 OASIS Open Access Single entry point for scale-up of Innovative Smart lightweight composite materials and components 2019
461 DNA Funs DNA-based functional lattices 2019
462 PRACE-6IP PRACE 6th Implementation Phase Project 2019
463 GRAHAM Concepts of Graph Theory Applied to the Human Microbiome 2018
464 Ima-Go A High-throughput, Functional Imaging Platform to Accelerate Drug Discovery 2019
465 WEL-LED-BEING A new generation of LED luminaries for Human Centric Lighting Applications 2019
467 Carbon8 Capturing and adding value to CO2 & hazardous waste to produce valuable aggregates for construction 2019
468 ME4OER Mechanism Engineering of the Oxygen Evolution Reaction 2019
469 MAGNESIA The impact of highly magnetic neutron stars in the explosive and transient Universe 2019
470 FICOMOL Field Control of Cold Molecular Collisions 2019
471 MUSSILAMS Mussila MS (Mussila Music School) - An innovative solution in Music Education 2019
472 B25Tr B25Tr - New and innovative turbocharged engine 2019
473 DOCKNROLL Tackling Idleness and Under-utilization of Heavy-Machinery with a new fully Automated and Versatile Docking System 2019
474 Metachip A pan-cancer diagnostic platform based on nanobiotechnology and machine learning for simple and accessible early cancer detection 2019
475 BitBox BitBox Enterprise - Enterprise-grade Solution for Digital Assets Custody 2019
476 e-SPECS Market maturation of the first electric superbike with digital technology for tuning control and improved safety 2019
477 KUBBI Cost- and Climate-Efficient Milk Cooling Using Slurry Ice and Natural CO2 2019
478 SCOPUS Smart Converters for Optimized Power Usage and Storage 2019
479 CATTLECHAIN 4.0 Enhancing farm productivity and guaranteeing CATTLE traceability and welfare with blockCHAIN 2019
480 ULISSES Ultra low-power integrated optical sensor systems for networked environmental multichannel gas Sensing 2019
481 SQP Opening new markets for Single Quantum Photodetectors 2019
482 POEMS Physics of Extreme Massive Stars 2019
483 FORCE Molecular basis underlying the QTL responsible for the genetic control of flowering time in chickpea: an integrative approach 2019
484 GVI Green Vehicle Index Project 2019
485 FLAY Flavor Anomalies and the origin of the Yukawa couplings 2019
486 TOPSPIN Topotronic multi-dimensional spin Hall nano-oscillator networks 2019
487 EDiMplant Electrical Discharge Machining for enhanced osseointegration and antibacterial capabilities of β-phase Titanium Implant 2019
488 EROS ExploRing the surface slopes Of aSteroids 2020
489 TEXTHIOL Conductive elastomers with tuneable properties for smart wearable electronics. 2019
490 BacDrug Bacterial membrane vesicles a novel delivery system for the treatment of multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacterial infections. 2020
491 SuperCoop Unconventional Superconductivity and Strong Electron Correlations: a Cooperative mechanism 2019
492 QIPID Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ion Qudits 2020
493 E2-CREATE E2-CREATE: Encoding Embodied CreativityVisual arts, performing arts, film, design 2020
495 PredAlgoBC Machine learning prediction for breast cancer therapy 2019
496 Lac-TB Dissecting the impact of Lactate in Tuberculosis 2020
497 YOUTH-HOME Migrant male youth home-making in Ireland 2019
498 MULTIRES MULTI-level framework to enhance seismic RESilience of RC buildings 2019
499 MatCH4Turbo Material Model of Case-Hardened Steels for Turbo Gear Applications 2019
500 FunI Revealing Fundamental Interactions and their Symmetries at the highest Precision and the lowest Energies 2019
501 PREVENT PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport 2019
502 COMPLIT Complicity: A Crisis of Participation in Testimonies of Totalitarianism in Contemporary German-language Literatures 2019
503 MitoQuant Development of Deep-UV Quantitative Microscopy for the Study of Mitochondrial Dysfunction 2019
504 BOIL-MODE-ON unraveling nucleate BOILing: MODEling, mesoscale simulatiONs and experiments 2019
505 EUREKA Design of multifunctional phosphorous dendritic systems for drug delivery 2020
506 IUCCF An intelligent design of user-centric cell-free massive MIMO: A deep learning approach 2020
507 MIFLUKE Microbial fluxes of greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) in karst ecosystems: comprehensive assessment and biogeochemical modelling 2019
508 NG2-cells The role of NG2 cells in the neural network in health and disease 2019
509 SCHEME Sewage chemical information mining – development of a novel concept for the assessment of human exposure to pollutants through wastewater analysis 2019
510 RenoBooster RenoBooster - the Smart Renovation Hub Vienna 2019
511 SPARKLE SPARKLE - Training Europe's Future Photonics Research Leaders 2019
512 DFS Democratized Financial Services 2019
514 B-different The RNA-Binding Protein ZFP36L1 regulates the terminal differentiation of B lymphocytes 2020
516 UltimateGaN Research for GaN technologies, devices, packages and applications to address the challenges of the future GaN roadmap 2019
517 SUPRA2DMAT Supramolecular engineering of multifunctional systems and devices: the molecular approach to 2D materials 2019
518 ULTRA-LUX Ultra-Bright Thin-Film Light Emitting Devices and Lasers 2019
519 ExCOM-cCEO Extremely Coherent Mechanical Oscillators and circuit Cavity Electro-Optics 2019
520 eCOCO2 Direct electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 into chemical energy carriers in a co-ionic membrane reactor 2019
521 ENEFIRST Making Energy Efficiency First principle operational 2019
522 ISAC International Study on Age-related disparity in Cancer patient survival 2019
523 ARDRE Ageing, Regeneration, and Drug Research 2019
524 SSINGERG Solid-phase synthesis of imprinted nanoparticles exhibiting glycan epitope recognition in glycoproteins 2019
526 GAMMA The Artificial Intelligence Code Analysis & Recommendation Engine to drive software development speed & reliability for global corporations 2019
527 DISPERzero High performing microgranulated Biopesticides for plants protection 2019
528 PEARL Programme for EArly-stage Researchers in Lille 2019
529 PASIFIC Polish Academy of Sciences’ Individual Fellowships: Innovation & Creativity 2020
530 Perovskite-QDD Innovative Quantum Dot material technology for stunning colours and energy efficiency in QLED televisions 2019
531 Turbo-FCell Compact, light, efficient and reliable turbo compressor for fuel cell vehicles 2019
532 lanloss Landscapes of Loss: Mapping the Affective Experience of Deforestation Among Diverse Social Groups in the South American Chaco 2020
533 PD2PI From Postdoc to PI: Future leaders of ERA 2019
534 ENLIGHTEN ENhanced PhD Fellowship Programme in the Sciences of LIGHT 2020
535 BoostUrCAreer Boosting PhD employability @UCA 2019
536 XSpectra XSpectra: The Most Advanced Real Time Food Contaminants Detector 2019
537 FABER-Net FABER-Net: A unique network of labs dedicated to the diagnosis of allergies using the innovative FABER test 2019
538 STEP Solutions to Tackle Energy Poverty 2019
539 VERTEXCULT Vernacular Textual Cultures in Dante’s Tuscany: Education and Literary Practices in Context (ca. 1250 - ca. 1321) 2019
540 IMOS4ALL InP Membrane on Silicon technology for a broad range of applications 2019
541 BiomStrip Over-The-Counter Test Strip for Early-Stage Cancer Screening 2019
542 FAT4BRAIN Networking for excellence in functional pharmacology to study the role of fatty acid metabolism in neurological disorders 2019
543 ColiSense Online Online and automated E. coli monitoring for 100% safe drinking water 2019
544 CY-BIOBANK Biobanking and the Cyprus Human Genome Project 2019
545 MIRNet Twinning for excellence in migration and integration research and networking (MIRNet) 2019
546 Cool Wool Box Lowering the environmental impact of fresh fish logistics 2019
547 VISION Strategies to strengthen scientific excellence and innoVation capacIty for early diagnoSIs of gastrOintestinal caNcers 2019
548 Recover4Benefit Industrial scale recovery of high-grade proteins from food-processing by-products 2019
549 REWARDHeat Renewable and Waste Heat Recovery for Competitive District Heating and Cooling Networks 2019
550 Terrabio The first portable genetic analyser for crop pathogen detection 2019
551 FUTURBINE Transforming distributed energy generation through the FUTURe Gas TurBINE 2019
552 RIS Robot Immune System 2019
553 CognitiVRehab Cognitive neurorehabilitation with virtual reality 2019
554 StrongPIN The first mobile app to enable LoA 4 hardware backed security on any existing mobile phone safeguarding the identity and privacy on the everyday digital life in an easy to use and scalable manner 2019
555 S2S-Future SIGNAL PROPAGATION IN SOURCE TO SINK for the FUTUre of earth Ressources and Energies 2020
556 PROTON Proton transport and proton-coupled transport 2019
557 NPP NanoPowder Plant – Metal nanopowders for a world of great opportunities 2019
558 BlockStart Helping SMEs take the first steps into the Blockchain 2019
559 S2IGI Integrated Fire Management System 2019
560 preSENSE IoT-ready radar sensors with micrometer-level accuracy for safe human-machine collaboration 2019
561 DELTA AI Enabled Managemement of Patients at Risk of Diabetic Foot Ulcer 2019
562 AgRefine A Disruptive Innovative Cooperative Entrepreneurial (DICE) education, training and skills development programme rolling out the next generation of Agri Biorefinery and Valorisation Bioeconomy leaders 2019
563 PAVE A nanovaccine Approach for the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer 2019
564 ClearFarm Co-designed Welfare Monitoring Platform for Pig and Dairy Cattle 2019
565 CHAPAs Chasing pre-industrial aerosols 2020
566 ATTILA Advanced Testbed for TILtrotor Aeroelastics 2019
567 Nanolace Mask Based Lithography for Fast, Large Scale Pattern Generation with Nanometer Resolution 2020
568 Community Cloud Cubbit - the first distributed data-center recycling the internet resources we waste into the most competitive cloud provider. 2019
569 PeVSPACE Direct Detection of TeV--PeV Cosmic Rays in Space 2020
570 INNODEC Innovation Radar Data-based Identification & Commercialisation 2019
571 InPreSS International Pregnancy Safety Study 2020
572 WILDHOPPER WILD HOPPER - Heavy-Duty UAV for day and night firefighting operations 2019
573 OffshoreMuster An integrated emergency response decision support system for enhancing workers’ safety in offshore oil & gas operations 2019
574 EnTrust Enlightened trust: An examination of trust and distrust in governance – conditions, effects and remedies 2020
575 Miiskin ML-powered app and platform to identify skin changes over time 2019
576 DEMAND Density Modulated Silicon Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries 2019
577 HominAb Discovering novel antibodies derived from the human body itself to treat neurodegenerative diseases 2019
578 CALIPER The CALIPER project: Linking research and innovation for gender equality 2020
579 Numii Numii: A real-time and non-invasive monitoring tool for the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders 2019
580 DISSECT DISSECT: Evidence in International Human Rights Adjudication 2020
581 EU-PEARL EU Patient- cEntric clinicAl tRial pLatform 2019
582 PAVax A training network for the design of new synthetic carbohydrate-based vaccines to combat antibiotic resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa 2020
583 CoastCarb Coastal ecosystem carbon balance in times of rapid glacier melt 2020
584 ETC Solarshade Invisible metal contacts for solar cells – boosting power output while cutting costs 2019
585 FFEs Frozen Fried Eggs: Industrial process for the manufacture of frozen fried eggs 2019
586 SMA-TB A novel Stratified Medicine Algorithm to predict treatment responses to host-directed therapy in TB patients. 2020
587 AI4Cities AI accelerating Cities transition to carbon neutrality 2020
588 BlueDot A long-acting, constant release ocular implant for the sustained delivery of biologics and small molecules for the treatment of retinal diseases. 2019
589 Elektrosens Wearable Sweat-based painless and continuous glucose monitoring device for diabetic people 2019
590 NextGen Industrial breakthrough of plasma deposited functional Nanocoatings for Filtration Applications 2020
591 Reexen Ultra-low cost & ultra-high efficiency AI processor for enabling fast and cost-effective deployment of edge-computing applications 2020
592 ISOLDA Improved Vaccination Strategies for Older Adults 2020
593 CLAUSTROFUNCT Claustrum function in cortical processing and putative claustral dysfunction in schizophrenia 2020
594 SIPhoDiAS Space-grade Opto-electronic Interfaces for Photonic Digital and Analogue Very-high-throughput Satellite payloads 2020
595 MNEMOSYNE Magnetic non-volatile Random Access Memory for SPACE with Serial interface 2020
596 VLD2-W2 STAIRS Surface Traffic Alerts Improve Runway Safety 2019
597 INNODK IV Innovation Services for Danish SMEs IV 2020-2021 2020
598 MaCDAC Machining and Commercialising Diamond Anvil Cells 2020
599 UL-Flex-Cell High-performance, ultra-light flexible CIGS Solar Cell 2021
600 Alloem Maternal immune response to allogeneic embryos 2020
601 LightForNuLAND Scintillation Light For New Physics with Liquid Argon Neutrino Detectors 2021
602 CIRCULAR X Experimenting with Circular Service Business Models 2020
603 ANTIBIOCLICKS BioInspired Clicked Siderophore-Antibiotics 2020
604 FRA-PET Fully Recyclable A-PET (FRA-PET): a sustainable and cost-effective oxygen barrier food packaging 2020
605 TARGETOF Mass cytometry nanotools for intracellular target engagement. Towards precision medicine. 2021