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The page lists 902 projects related to the topic "standards".

# achronym  title  year 
1 DIAGORAS Chair/bedside diagnosis of oral and respiratory tract infections, and identification of antibiotic resistances for personalised monitoring and treatment 2015
2 SPENmr Ultrafast Spatiotemporally-Encoding: A Superior Approach to Cancer Diagnosis by Non-Invasive Diffusion-Weighted MRI 2015
3 MULTIMOT Capture, dissemination and analysis of multiscale cell migration data for biological and clinical applications (MULTIMOT) 2015
5 ETC The European Travellers Club: Account-Based Travelling across the European Union 2015
6 SENIORS Safety-ENhancing Innovations for Older Road userS 2015
8 FLEXOP Flutter Free FLight Envelope eXpansion for ecOnomical Performance improvement 2015
9 HIGHTS High precision positioning for cooperative ITS applications 2015
10 HOMESKIN HOMES Key INsulating material 2015
11 STYLE Sustainability Toolkit for easY Life-cycle Evaluation 2015
12 MEASURE Metrics for Sustainability Assessment in European Process Industries 2015
13 ICP4Life An Integrated Collaborative Platform for Managing the Product-Service Engineering Lifecycle 2015
14 Built2Spec Built to Specifications: Self-Inspection, 3D Modelling, Management and Quality-Check Tools for the 21st Century Construction Worksite 2015
15 ENHANCEDQMMR Enhanced Qualitative and Multi-Method Research in Political Science 2015
16 NCP_WIDE.NET Transnational Network of cooperation for WIDESPREAD NCPs 2015
17 PhilPharm Philosophy of Pharmacology: Safety, Statistical standards and Evidence Amalgamation 2015
19 DEMETRA Demonstrator of EGNSS Services based on Time Reference Architecture 2015
20 ChildCogn Novel solutions for assessing child cognitive function 2015
21 NANOIMAGER A portable single-molecule fluorescence imager 2014
22 ELAASTIC European Location As A Service Targeting International Commerce 2015
23 ProSUM Prospecting Secondary raw materials in the Urban mine and Mining waste 2015
24 MET-A-FOR Metabolomic analysis for the forensic detection of drugs of abuse in performance and food producing animals 2015
25 WIDEST Water Innovation through Dissemination Exploitation of Smart Technologies 2015
26 WAKEUPCALL Applied mathematics for risk measures in finance and insurance, in the wake of the crisis 2015
27 KAM2SouthPL Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME’s – new Enterprise Europe Network services for the SMEs in four regions of the Southern Poland 2014
29 I-SUPPORT ICT-Supported Bath Robots 2015
30 openMedicine openMedicine 2015
31 MARIO Managing active and healthy aging with use of caring service robots 2015
32 ADIPOA2 Clinical trial of autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (ASC) in the treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis 2015
33 VALUeHEALTH Establishing the value and business model for sustainable eHealth services in Europe - VALUeHEALTH 2015
34 MoreGrasp Restoration of upper limb function in individuals with high spinal cord injury by multimodal neuroprostheses for interaction in daily activities 2015
35 PICSE Procurement Innovation for Cloud Services in Europe 2014
36 ALIGNED Aligned, Quality-centric Software and Data Engineering 2015
37 SAFURE SAFety and secURity by design for interconnected mixed-critical cyber-physical systems 2015
38 RePhrase REfactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Resource-Aware Applications - a Software Engineering Approach 2015
39 Wi-5 What to do With the Wi-Fi Wild West 2015
40 SLALOM Service Level Agreement - Legal and Open Model 2015
41 SCISSOR Security In trusted SCADA and smart-grids 2015
42 DICE Developing Data-Intensive Cloud Applications with Iterative Quality Enhancements 2015
43 POPART Previz for On-set Production - Adaptive Realtime Tracking 2015
44 PRISMACLOUD PRIvacy and Security MAintaining services in the CLOUD 2015
45 ACINO Application Centric IP/Optical Network Orchestration 2015
46 ECRYPT-CSA European Coordination and Support Action in Cryptology 2015
47 U-Test Testing Cyber-Physical Systems under Uncertainty: Systematic, Extensible, and Configurable Model-based and Search-based Testing Methodologies 2015
48 AXIOM Agile, eXtensible, fast I/O Module for the cyber-physical era 2015
49 AXIOM Apertus° eXtendable Integrated Open Modular Cinema Camera 2015
50 GEO-RAMP Geohazards: Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Prevention 2015
51 BESIIICGEM An innovative Cylindrical Gas Electron Multiplier Inner Tracker for the BESIII Spectrometer 2015
52 CO-PILOT Flexible Pilot Scale Manufacturing of Cost-Effective Nanocomposites through Tailored Precision Nanoparticles in Dispersion 2015
53 NANOFACTURING The Development of Medium- and Large-Scale Sustainable Manufacturing Process Platforms for Clinically Compliant Solid Core Nanopharmaceuticals 2015
54 SECURECHAIN Securing future-proof environmentally compatible bioenergy chains 2015
55 SmarterEMC2 Smarter Grid: Empowering SG Market Actors through Information and Communication Technologies 2015
56 BIOSURF BIOmethane as SUstainable and Renewable Fuel 2015
57 AnyPLACE Adaptable Platform for Active Services Exchange 2015
58 OCTAVE Objective Control for TAlker VErification 2015
59 ProCold ProCold: Empowering stakeholders to deliver highly energy efficient professional cold products 2015
60 REVALUE Recognising Energy Efficiency Value in Residential Buildings 2015
61 ENERWATER Standard method and online tool for assessing and improving the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants 2015
62 ICPEU Developing Protocols to standardize the development and documentation of energy efficiency projects in the built environment and accelerate their financing. 2015
63 REFURB REgional process innovations FOR Building renovation packages opening markets to zero energy renovations 2015
64 EURECA Datacenter EURECA Project 2015
65 ASTHMAPOC Disposable nitric oxide POC (point-of-care) test for home care easy management of asthma in chronic patients 2014
66 MICROAB Micro machining with abrasive waterjets 2014
67 16gAirTest Development of replacement method for all kind of 16g dynamically tested aircraft cushions. 2014
68 CVDTEU Clinical validation of the DiviTum assay in key European markets 2014
69 ThinkEHR Platform Think!EHR Platform as vendor-neutral, open health data platform, designed for real-time, transactional health data storage enabling to go from idea to application in one hour. 2014
70 TM Field Analyzer Developing a monitoring system for urban gas pipelines by utilizing state of the art accelerometers, advanced signal processing, and advanced intelligent algorithm based recognition 2014
71 HiCompost Novel business based on high efficiency composting technology 2014
72 CODECS COoperative ITS DEployment Coordination Support 2015
73 TARGET Training Augmented Reality Generalised Environment Toolkit 2015
74 FORENSOR FOREnsic evidence gathering autonomous seNSOR 2015
75 ReCRED From Real-world Identities to Privacy-preserving and Attribute-based CREDentials for Device-centric Access Control 2015
76 PRIVACY FLAG Enabling Crowd-sourcing based privacy protection for smartphone applications, websites and Internet of Things deployments 2015
77 ECOCHAMPS European COmpetitiveness in Commercial Hybrid and AutoMotive PowertrainS 2015
78 IPAD-MD Research Infrastructures for Phenotyping, Archiving and Distribution of Mouse Disease Models - Promoting International Cooperation and User Engagement to Enhance Biomedical Innovation 2015
79 IMP3rove for Future Adapting and maintaining the innovation management assessment tools and support Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs 2014
80 GLOBIS-B GLOBal Infrastructures for Supporting Biodiversity research 2015
81 OpenMinTeD Open Mining INfrastructure for TExt and Data 2015
82 PARTHENOS Pooling Activities, Resources and Tools for Heritage E-research Networking, Optimization and Synergies 2015
83 SustBracedMHaz Sustainable steel braced frame for multi-hazard mitigation 2015
84 SINHOPSI Single-Hole Pumping in Silicon 2016
85 Chinese Labour Shifting Dynamics of Chinese Labour in a Global Perspective 2015
86 KOPAR Knowledge Publishing, Acquisition and Representation 2015
87 BlaC E-assay Portable electrochemical assay system for on-chip quantitative estimation of bladder cancer biomarkers in real samples 2015
88 Digiseal Byzantine seals in a digital age: new tools for European research 2015
90 SAFE LIB Electro-thermal modelling of lithium-ion battery packs from the safety perspective 2015
91 MINDFLY Mid-IR ultrabroadbaNd thulium-doped Fiber Laser sYstems 2016
92 REGUCB Regulating Umbilical Cord Blood Biobanking in Europe 2015
93 InSIght Information from Symbols and Illustrations: how to get it without vision 2015
94 HYPERLIGHT Combining hyperspectral luminescence imaging and mineralogical identification to date mixed-component samples from volcanic eruptions 2015
95 HUMANITECH Humanitarian Technology Interventions 2015
96 TransVivome Microbial biogeography of the gastrointestinal tract: Towards a better understanding of the drivers of oral and colorectal cancer development. 2015
97 CEDMMC Consumer Experience Design Model for Mass Customisation 2015
98 IMAGINACTIVISM Cultural production, social movements and virtuous spirals; Using cultural production to influence social transformation. An ethnographic case study of a transmedia and translocal experiment. 2015
100 Tunnelsafe2020 Road and rail tunnel fire protection 2015
101 NEW ARYEL Advanced Solution for Smart Telemetry Machine-To-Machine applications 2015
103 MED1C MED1C : Video Management in Medical practice 2015
104 EbolaVac Development of a Chimpanzee Adenovirus Type 3 Ebolavirus Zaire Vaccine 2014
105 Ebola_Tx Emergency evaluation of convalescent blood and plasma for Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) in affected West African countries. 2014
106 DEVULC Novel Devulcanization Machine for Industrial and Tyre Rubber Recycling 2015
107 CarNet Rapid Data Communication Network for Connected Cars 2015
108 ETA4B Energy Trusted Advisor for Buildings 2015
109 HUMICE AXENIS Humanized Mice – Innovation towards industrial scale-up 2015
110 ELECTRIC_AXLE Electric axle for hybrid / electric commercial vehicles 2015
111 MICROBAT Wireless devices for smart energy management systems 2015
112 LeakFree Development of a reliable quality control system using advanced Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) technologies for the production environment of leak-free fuel tanks from plastics and composites 2015
114 FireFree New generation of halogen-free high performing flame retardants for plastics, free from persistant, toxic and bio-accumulating substances. 2015
115 ReDurComp Novel business on DURable and COMPostable products based on REcycled plastic 2015
116 Mustang-Pro A Multi-species tracking analyser for natural gas process refinement and optimisation 2015
117 CONRICONF Contentious Rights: A Comparative Study of International Human Rights Norms and their Effects on Domestic Social Conflict 2016
118 NCP ACADEMY National Contact Points for quality standards and horizontal issues 2014
119 HISER Holistic Innovative Solutions for an Efficient Recycling and Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials from Complex Construction and Demolition Waste 2015
120 AWESOME Advanced Wind Energy Systems Operation and Maintenance Expertise 2015
121 UNCAP Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People 2015
122 eStandards eHealth Standards and Profiles in Action for Europe and Beyond 2015
123 CLOUDWATCH2 Think Cloud Services for Government, Business Research 2015
124 CORSAIR Increasing the quality mindset of COnstruction workers involved in building Refurbishment processes through a Software Application capable of using among others visible or InfraRed pictures of defects 2015
125 EarthServer-2 Agile Analytics on Big Data Cubes 2015
126 DecentLivingEnergy Energy and emissions thresholds for providing decent living standards to all 2015
127 SWOS Satellite-based Wetland Observation Service 2015
128 LIVIN Light-Vapour Interactions at the Nanoscale 2015
129 CIMEC Cooperative ITS for Mobility in European Cities 2015
130 MAGIC Middleware for collaborative Applications and Global vIrtual Communities 2015
131 TECOOVAL High Technology, Energy and Water saving integrated hydraulic control valve for all purpose with 40% reduction in head losses 2015
132 ANTARES Centre of Excellence for Advanced Technologies in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security 2015
133 ESSANUF European Supply of SAfe NUclear Fuel 2015
134 Solvatten_agri-bus Feasibilty study to determine market entrance for the Solvatten green technology into the agri-business value chains in Eastern Africa 2015
135 ARTEMIDA Advanced Regional Translation of Excellence into Medical Innovations for Delayed Aging 2015
136 INSPIRE INterdiSciPlinarity and excellence for doctoral training of International REsearchers in Paris 2015
137 Calcivis CAIS Validation of clinical performance and pre-commercial development of a novel diagnostic for dental caries assessment 2015
138 B3Africa Bridging Biobanking and Biomedical Research across Europe and Africa 2015
139 TransGeno The ERA Chair for Translational Genomics and Personalized Medicine 2015
140 ERAatUC Enhancing Research in Ageing at the University of Coimbra 2015
141 SONATA Service Programing and Orchestration for Virtualized Software Networks 2015
142 5G-XHaul Dynamically Reconfigurable Optical-Wireless Backhaul/Fronthaul with Cognitive Control Plane for Small Cells and Cloud-RANs 2015
143 5GEx 5G Exchange 2015
144 VirtuWind Virtual and programmable industrial network prototype deployed in operational Wind park 2015
145 mmMAGIC Millimetre-Wave Based Mobile Radio Access Network for Fifth Generation Integrated Communications 2015
146 SPEED-5G quality of Service Provision and capacity Expansion through Extended-DSA for 5G 2015
147 E6 Evolution Dual Fuel Euro6 Engine Conversion Feasibility Study 2015
148 DABCAST Integrated, economical cloud-based service for digital radio broadcasting 2015
149 FAST-TRACKS Fast rAdio technologieS for uninterrupTed TRAin to traCKside communications 2015
150 BIOELECPRO Frontier Research on the Dielectric Properties of Biological Tissue 2015
151 TRUST Creating and enhancing TRUSTworthy, responsible and equitable partnerships in international research 2015
152 JET JET - Job market and Employment Transparency 2015
153 CIGUALERT Reference standards for a specific, reliable and early detection of the marine toxins that causes ciguatera disease 2015
154 ADVANTAGE ADvanced Validation of A Novel TB Active disease diagnostic to address Global unmet needs: a European consortium approach 2015
155 ComPat Computing Patterns for High Performance Multiscale Computing 2015
156 INNO-SOFC Development of innovative 50 kW SOFC system and related value chain 2015
157 ExCAPE Exascale Compound Activity Prediction Engine 2015
158 LEONID Lung cancEr fusiOn geNes: a new dIagnostic Device 2015
159 EUNCL European Nanomedicine Characterization Laboratory 2015
160 Theseus Theseus 2015
162 Li-IonFire An Automated HEV and EV Vehicle Fire Early Warning and Suppression System 2015
163 SESAME thermal hydraulics Simulations and Experiments for the Safety Assessment of MEtal cooled reactors 2015
164 CONCERT European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research 2015
165 CARVE Clean Air - Reduce Vehicle Emissions 2015
166 MITIGATE Multidimensional, IntegraTed, rIsk assessment framework and dynamic, collaborative Risk ManaGement tools for critical information infrAstrucTurEs 2015
167 HySEA Improving Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications (HySEA) through pre-normative research on vented deflagrations 2015
168 West-Life World-wide E-infrastructure for structural biology 2015
169 MARmaED MARine MAnagement and Ecosystem Dynamics under climate change 2015
170 SYMBIOPTIMA Human-mimetic approach to the integrated monitoring, management and optimization of a symbiotic cluster of smart production units 2015
171 ReCaM Rapid Reconfiguration of Flexible Production Systems through Capability-based Adaptation, Auto-configuration and Integrated tools for Production Planning 2015
172 DuaLine The validation, certification and industrial testing of advanced road marking retro reflectance (RL) measuring equipment (RetroTek-M) for the global market. 2015
173 AMORPHORM New stability testing method to predict the performance of amorphous formulations 2016
174 KAM2SouthPL2 ‘Key account management’ for the SME Instrument beneficiaries and ‘Enhancing SME innovation management capacity’ as new proinnovative services for SMEs in the regions of Southern Poland 2015
175 ELIXIR-EXCELERATE ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: Fast-track ELIXIR implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences. 2015
176 CONDUCT Cost efficient thermal management in motors using next generation nanomaterials 2016
177 VIMpay VIMpay- an one-size-fits-all mobile based solution for cashless payment for Europe 2015
178 EMILK Food treatment process based on high voltage nanopulsed electric discharges in liquid phase 2015
179 Solaris Solaris Energy Tobacco 2015
180 SMART GROUND SMART data collection and inteGRation platform to enhance availability and accessibility of data and infOrmation in the EU territory on SecoNDary Raw Materials 2015
181 5G-ENSURE 5G Enablers for Network and System Security and Resilience 2015
183 AM-SENSE A Rapid Point-of-Care Breath Ammonia Sensor for Diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori 2015
184 ISPNET Intelligent System for Pressure Networks 2015
185 RoadWriter Computer-aided road marking machine - RoadWriter 2015
186 SEA FOAM innovative Steering-triangles rEAlized with Aluminum FOAM technology for motorcycle industry 2015
187 FAME Development and demonstration of an innovative FT-NIR-based system for food content analysis 2015
188 LIAR Living Architecture 2016
189 SAFEPOWER Safe and secure mixed-criticality systems with low power requirements 2016
190 TeSLA An Adaptive Trust-based e-assesment System for Learning 2016
191 SBNAF Small Bodies: Near and Far 2016
192 DIMENSION Directly Modulated Lasers on Silicon 2016
193 EMBERS Enabling a Mobility Back-End as a Robust Service 2015
194 TULIPP Towards Ubiquitous Low-power Image Processing Platforms 2016
195 Be-IoT The business engine for IoT pilots: Turning the Internet of things in Europe into an economically successful and socially accepted vibrant ecosystem 2016
196 iSIM Integrated Standard Imager for Earth Observation Microsatellites 2015
197 EO4wildlife Platform for wildlife monitoring integrating Copernicus and ARGOS data 2016
198 CWT Clearview Trade - Cloud based collaborative custom system 2015
199 WEAR_n_PAY Wearables for Payment 2015
203 HScan Inspection Sensor and Evaluation Criteria for Assessing the Inner Surface Quality of Holes in CFRP Parts 2016
204 EFFICIENT Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression System for Cargo using Innovative Green Technology 2016
205 NET4TRAIN Revamping trains with the most advanced broadband communication system 2015
206 C-Heat Condensed Heat - Optimization and scaling up of an energy efficient, long-during biomass condensation boiler with curved heat exchanger 2015
207 MULTIPLY MULTIscale SENTINEL land surface information retrieval PLatform 2016
209 WD3D Evolution of white dwarfs with 3D model atmospheres 2016
210 IntelGlazing Intelligent functional glazing with self-cleaning properties to improve the energy efficiency of the built environment 2016
211 M2DC Modular Microserver DataCentre 2016
212 F-Interop FIRE+ online interoperability and performance test tools to support emerging technologies from research to standardization and market launch The standards and innovations accelerating tool 2015
213 ESPRESSO Systemic standardisation approach to empower smart cities and communities 2016
214 TECHNOBEAT Tools and TECHNOlogies for Breakthrough in hEArt Therapies 2016
215 MARKLIM Markets and their limits 2016
216 BLUEGNSS Promoting EGNSS Operational Adoption in BLUEMED FAB 2016
217 symbIoTe Symbiosis of smart objects across IoT environments 2016
218 MSP-REFRAM Multi-Stakeholder Platform for a Secure Supply of Refractory Metals in Europe 2015
219 PEPPER Patient Empowerment through Predictive PERsonalised decision support 2016
220 Biomasud Plus Developing the sustainable market of residential Mediterranean solid biofuels. 2016
221 OncoMasTR OncoMasTR - Novel Prognostic Assay for Early Stage Breast Cancer 2016
222 RECAP Personalised public services in support of the implementation of the CAP 2016
223 DIMONTEMP Distributed Monitoring of HTF Temperature at Solar Thermal Power Plants 2016
224 INCASI Global trends in social inequalities in Europe and Latin America and exploring innovative ways to reduce them through life, occupational and educational trajectories research to face uncertainty 2016
225 SouthHem Realigning British Romanticism: White Settler and Indigenous Writing in the British-Controlled Southern Hemisphere, 1783-1870 2016
226 eSHaRk eco-friendly Ship Hull film system with fouling Release and fuel saving properties 2015
227 STRIKE3 Standardisation of GNSS Threat reporting and Receiver testing through International Knowledge Exchange, Experimentation and Exploitation 2016
228 HNSciCloud Helix Nebula – The Science Cloud 2016
229 guarantEE Energy Efficiency with Performance Guarantees in Private and Public Sector 2016
230 MSTYR15 Market Surveillance Action for Tyres 2015 2016
231 TAPAS Tools for Assessment and Planning of Aquaculture Sustainability 2016
232 FOLSMART Folate-Target Nanodevices To Activated Macrophages For Rheumatoid Arthritis 2016
233 SELECT for Cities SELECT for Cities (Standardized, opEn, data-driven, service-oriented user-centric pLatform Enabling large-scale Co-creation, Testing validation of IoE services for Cities) 2015
234 TeSeR Technology for Self Removal of Spacecraft 2016
235 VICINITY Open virtual neighbourhood network to connect intelligent buildings and smart objects 2016
236 UPWAVE Demonstration of a 1-MW wave energy converter integrated in an offshore wind turbine farm 2016
237 Co-ReSyF Coastal Waters Research Synergy Framework 2016
238 HASNEH Effective Bio-based Flame Retardants for Consumer Electronics and Automotive Applications 2016
239 PAIR Physical Activity, Inflammation and Respiratory health: an integrative analysis of biological, behavioural and environmental determinants 2016
240 SEESWIND SEESWIND, Silent, Efficient and Economic Small Wind Energy. 2016
241 CMDrive Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbine Drive-Trains via Non-Contact Acoustic Sensors 2016
242 E-TSIN Modular, scalable, multi-funtional, high power density power controller for electrical taxi 2016
243 APTASENS A new generation of AptaSensors 2016
244 FORBIO Fostering Sustainable Feedstock Production for Advanced Biofuels on underutilised land in Europe 2016
245 CIRCUS An end-to-end verification architecture for building Certified Implementations of Robust, Cryptographically Secure web applications 2016
247 ERA4CS European Research Area for Climate Services 2016
249 UMIC Association of Uranium with Organic Matter- and Iron-bearing Colloids in Wetland Environments 2016
250 By-BM By-products for Building Materials 2016
251 NanoORC Nanofluids as working fluids for organic Rankine cycles 2017
252 VAPOMOF Vapour phase deposition of metal-organic frameworks with luminescent guests for solid-state lighting and sensing 2016
253 RESPIRE 3 REspiratory Science Promoted by International Research Exchanges 3 2016
254 SYNCHRO-CHAIR New synchro-tilt mechanism for high quality and cost-effective office chairs 2016
255 HAZEL HAZEL: Commercialization of a novel, high efficiency equipment for the determination of hazardous atmospheric pollutants 2016
256 ECROWD2D ECrowd!2D – Streamlining the due diligence process to finance more sustainable energy projects 2016
257 I.MODI Implemented MOnitoring system for structural DIsplacement 2016
258 MySpark The Complete Solution for Fast and Cost-efficient Yeast Separation Process in Production of High Quality Sparkling Wine 2016
259 SHARE-DEV3 Achieving world-class standards in all SHARE countries 2015
260 AMASS Architecture-driven, Multi-concern and Seamless Assurance and Certification of Cyber-Physical Systems 2016
261 ARIES reliAble euRopean Identity EcoSystem 2016
262 PROTECT Pervasive and UseR Focused BiomeTrics BordEr ProjeCT 2016
263 ResiStand Increasing disaster Resilience by establishing a sustainable process to support Standardisation of technologies and services 2016
264 FutureTrust Future Trust Services for Trustworthy Global Transactions 2016
265 BRIGAID BRIdges the GAp for Innovations in Disaster resilience 2016
266 TESNinSAB Fate and Toxic Effects of Silver Nanoparticles and Its Transformation Products in Soil Applied with Biosolids 2017
267 OCGN Traditional Organised Crime and the Internet: The changing organization of illegal gambling networks 2017
268 ifoodbag gen2 Unique, low-cost, low-footprint, reusable hybrid carrier bag system that enables food to be kept cold/frozen for up to 24 hours 2016
269 WADI WADI 2016
270 FLOWERED de-FLuoridation technologies for imprOving quality of WatEr and agRo-animal products along the East African Rift Valley in the context of aDaptation to climate change. 2016
271 ENABLE-S3 European Initiative to Enable Validation for Highly Automated Safe and Secure Systems 2016
272 SafeCOP Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication 2016
273 LIGHTest Lightweight Infrastructure for Global Heterogeneous Trust management in support of an open Ecosystem of Stakeholders and Trust schemes. 2016
274 SC-square SC-square - Satisfiability Checking and Symbolic Computation: uniting two communities to solve real problems 2016
275 INPhINIT Innovative doctoral programme for talented early-stage researchers in Spanish host organisations excellent in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 2016
276 MAVEN Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network 2016
277 W2C Eco-innovative, frameless wood window with premium design, highest energy saving performance and maximum open area 2016
278 GREENAQUA Universal system for microbial analysis of water quality to guarantee a safe and healthy agro-food sector 2016
279 BADGER calScreener® – an innovative device for Bacterial Analysis and Diagnostics through Growth and Energy-release in Real-time 2016
280 GrInHy Green Industrial Hydrogen via Reversible High-Temperature Electrolysis 2016
282 BioSeedMat A labour-efficient, organic herbicide-free and micronutrient infused seed tape and delivery mechanism aiding the growth and harvest of agri-products 2016
283 ENERI European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity (ENERI) 2016
284 EXILVA Flagship demonstration of an integrated plant towards large scale supply and market assessment of MFC 2016
285 EddyEyes Novel System for surface inspection and quality control for steel industries. 2016
286 Nyxoah Ultra-small implanted neurostimulation device for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea 2016
287 TRANSAFELOAD TRANSAFELOAD: Testing the real behaviour of packaged loads during transport 2016
288 MEDIA4SEC The emerging role of new social media in enhancing public security 2016
289 IDENTITY Usable Digital Signature 2016
290 MCRTOOLS Monitor Clinical Research Tools – a novel ICT solution for remote monitoring of source medical data in clinical trials 2016
291 OLEUM Advanced solutions for assuring the overall authenticity and quality of olive oil 2016
292 SHIPLYS Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions 2016
293 SURE Exploring Subtitle Reading Process with Eyetracking Technology 2016
294 NeMo NeMo : Hyper-Network for electroMobility 2016
295 Polarsol Phase Two Polarsol - a disruptive hybrid heat management solution for global markets 2016
296 ProteinPlus Let's give the world appetite for health 2016
297 MERCURY Meeting 100Gbps Ethernet Requirements with CMOS Integrated Circuit Chipset to Dramatically Cut Energy Use in Data Centres 2016
298 CROPTI The disruptive management software that turns agricultural traceability information into actionable business data 2016
299 IOTI4.0 Integral Open Technology for Industry 4.0 2016
300 EFIResources Resource efficient construction towards Sustainable Design 2016
301 BIOTREM BIOTREM - processing wheat bran into packaging products 2016
302 C-HEAT Condensed Heat - Optimization and scaling up of an energy efficient, long-during biomass condensation boiler with curved heat exchanger 2016
304 EENSULATE Development of innovative lightweight and highly insulating energy efficient components and associated enabling materials for cost-effective retrofitting and new construction of curtain wall facades 2016
305 ESSENTIAL Evolving Security SciencE through Networked Technologies, Information policy And Law 2017
306 InnoWEE Innovative pre-fabricated components including different waste construction materials reducing building energy and minimising environmental impacts 2016
307 CONNECTA CONtributing to Shift2Rail's NExt generation of high Capable and safe TCMS and brAkes. Phase 1. 2016
308 LIBRE Lignin Based Carbon Fibres for Composites 2016
310 ZAero Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry 2016
311 PLATO The Post-crisis Legitimacy of the European Union European Training Network 2017
312 Wise-IoT Worldwide Interoperability for SEmantics IoT 2016
313 FAR-EDGE Factory Automation Edge Computing Operating System Reference Implementation 2016
314 RADSAGA RADiation and reliability challenges for electronics used in Space, Avionics, on the Ground and at Accelerators 2017
315 SECRET SEcure Network Coding for Reduced Energy nexT generation Mobile Small cells 2017
316 SmartSDK A FIWARE-based SDK for developing Smart Applications 2016
317 UPGRADE High efficient Particulate free Gasoline Engines 2016
318 HASTECS Hybrid Aircraft; academic reSearch on Thermal and Electrical Components and Systems 2016
319 SPAIN Smart Panels for SAT Aircrafts Cabin Insulation 2016
320 UHPE Integrated Intelligent Bearing Systems for UHPE Ground Test Demo (I²BS) 2016
321 ASPIRE Advanced Smart-grid Power dIstRibution systEm 2016
322 9eGEN 9eGEN - Development of innovative lightweight HVDC 9-phase Brushless/Generator for Clean Sky Rotorcraft 2016
323 ICN2020 ICN2020: Advancing ICN towards real-world deployment through research, innovative applications, and global scale experimentation 2016
324 SCR Disruptive Cybersecurity SaaS for SMEs and freelance developers 2016
325 IDAaaS Trusted online service for identity assurance 2016
327 EXCITING EU-China study on IoT and 5G 2016
328 LIVE INCITE Lifestyle intervention in the perioperative process through digital service 2016
329 EURO-CAS EU eHealth Interoperability Conformity Assessment Scheme 2016
330 MUSES Multi-Use in European Seas 2016
331 EURASTIP Promoting Multi-Stakeholder Contributions to International Cooperation on Sustainable Solutions for Aquaculture Development in South-East Asia 2017
332 LADIO Live Action Data Input and Output 2016
333 CSEM The Collaborative Seismic Earth Model Project 2017
334 Trillium II Trillium Bridge II - Reinforcing the Bridges and Scaling up EU/US Cooperation on Patient Summary 2017
335 CEASELESS Copernicus Evolution and Aplications with Sentinel Enhancements and Land Effluents for Shores and Seas 2016
336 PolyTest Ultrasonic Phased Array Non-Destructive Testing and In-Service Inspection System for high integrity Polyethylene Pipe Welds with automated analysis software. 2016
337 PERVOL Perception of Plant Volatiles 2017
338 SIROM Standard Interface for Robotic Manipulation of Payloads in Future Space Missions 2016
339 FLAME Facility for Large-scale Adaptive Media Experimentation 2017
340 QROWD QROWD - Because Big Data Integration is Humanly Possible 2016
341 CROSSMINER Developer-Centric Knowledge Mining from Large Open-Source Software Repositories 2017
342 IntAir Cheaper, Lighter, Safer Composite Materials for Aircraft Interiors 2016
343 SABINA SmArt BI-directional multi eNergy gAteway 2016
344 SHAR-Q Storage capacity sharing over virtual neighbourhoods of energy ecosystems 2016
345 MARINE-EO Bridging Innovative Downstream Earth Observation and Copernicus enabled Services for Integrated maritime environment, surveillance and security 2017
346 HIRMEOS High Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science infrastructure 2017
347 PIXAPP Photonic Integrated Circuits Assembly and Packaging Pilot Line 2017
349 MONICA Management Of Networked IoT Wearables – Very Large Scale Demonstration of Cultural Societal Applications 2017
350 MoveCare Multiple-actOrs Virtual Empathic CARgiver for the Elder 2017
351 PREDATORS Plate-rate experimental deformation: Aseismic, transient or seismic fault slip 2017
352 Storage4Grid Storage4Grid 2016
353 AUTOPILOT AUTOmated driving Progressed by Internet Of Things 2017
354 ACTIVAGE ACTivating InnoVative IoT smart living environments for AGEing well 2017
355 COMPOSELECTOR Multi-scale Composite Material Selection Platform with a Seamless Integration of Material Models and Multidisciplinary Design Framework. 2017
356 FASTGRID Cost effective FCL using advanced superconducting tapes for future HVDC grids 2017
357 FORCE Formulations and Computational Engineering 2017
358 IoF2020 Internet of Food and Farm 2020 2017
359 SISCERA Smart Implants from Safe CERAmics 2017
360 DiGas Dual fuel A novel dual fuel system for diesel locomotive modernisation to CNG or LNG operation 2016
361 ICPerMed Secretariat Secretariat for the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (IC PerMed) 2016
362 DiePeR Diesel efficiency improvement with Particulates and emission Reduction 2016
363 inteGRIDy integrated Smart GRID Cross-Functional Solutions for Optimized Synergetic Energy Distribution, Utilization Storage Technologies 2017
364 ILIAD Intra-Logistics with Integrated Automatic Deployment: safe and scalable fleets in shared spaces 2017
365 FI-NEXT Bringing FIWARE to the NEXT step 2016
366 TESTBED Testing and Evaluating Sophisticated information and communication Technologies for enaBling a smartEr griD 2017
367 REMIND The use of computational techniques to Improve compliance to reminders within smart environments 2017
368 GeoDust Utilization of secondary raw material in geopolymers production 2017
369 ELG-blocks Sustainable production of lightweight thermal concretes and concrete blocks with use of recycled industrial waste for construction of energy-efficient and/or highly seismic-safe masonry buildings 2017
370 TOPBALAT Setting up high-value Sea cucumber chain in Europe through a new fishing trawl with no environmental impact and advanced processing equipment 2017
371 JUMPING JIVE Joining up Users for Maximising the Profile, the Innovation and the Necessary Globalisation of JIVE 2016
372 SHiELD European Security in Health Data Exchange 2017
373 ANASTACIA Advanced Networked Agents for Security and Trust Assessment in CPS/IOT Architectures 2017
374 REASSURE Robust and Efficient Approaches to Evaluating Side Channel and Fault Attack Resilience 2017
375 HarmonicSS HARMONIzation and integrative analysis of regional, national and international Cohorts on primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (pSS) towards improved stratification, treatment and health policy making 2017
376 SMART.MET PCP for Water Smart Metering 2017
377 SAFERtec Security Assurance FramEwoRk for neTworked vEhicular teChnology 2017
378 SPIDIA4P SPIDIA for Personalized Medicine - Standardisation of generic Pre-analytical procedures for In-vitro DIAgnostics for Personalized Medicine 2017
379 DIGIMAN DIGItal MAterials CharacterisatioN proof-of-process auto assembly 2017
380 IllegalPharma Competitive Dynamics in the Informal Economy: The case of Illegal Pharmaceutical Drugs 2017
381 Heat4Cool Smart building retrofitting complemented by solar assisted heat pumps integrated within a self-correcting intelligent building energy management system. 2016
382 SeaDataCloud SeaDataCloud - Further developing the pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management 2016
383 INSTRUCT-ULTRA Releasing the full potential of Instruct to expand and consolidate infrastructure services for integrated structural life science research 2017
384 ULTRACHIRAL Ultrasensitive chiral detection by signal-reversing cavity polarimetry: applications to in-situ proteomics, single-molecule chirality, HPLC analysis, medical diagnostics, and atmospheric studies 2017
385 GlobalCitizenshipLaw Global Citizenship Law: International Migration and Constitutional Identity 2017
386 RINGO Readiness of ICOS for Necessities of integrated Global Observations 2017
387 MARINET2 Marine Renewable Infrastructure Network for Enhancing Technologies 2 2017
388 NESPINT NEutron Spectrometry to Prevent Illicit Nuclear Trafficking 2017
389 Safe2LPG Device for safety and security in liquid petroleum gas systems 2017
390 QSave QUAKE SAVER: Emergency System for Door opening in any critical condition. 2017
391 WINBOXTOOL High versatility and accurate tooling set produced in All-In-One machine for the cost efficiency Sub-Assembly, Functional Checks and Transport of the Morphing Winglet and Multifunctional Outer flaps. 2017
392 MetResistance The role of tumour microenvironment in metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer 2017
393 DEEPVIEW High accuracy error detection in curved (prismatic) surfaces at high manufacturing speed 2017
394 FRESHTRAY New corrugated cardboard for active packaging to extend shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables 2017
395 SENSCAPE A modular, open and standards-based framework for fast, cost-effective development of sensorbasedmobile applications 2017
396 smartFEEsh Smart FEEding Systems for Hatcheries: Automatic central feeding system of live food and microdiets for farmed fingerlings 2017
397 INSTEP INnovative SmarT Electric Power Distribution 2017
398 SPG Seafarm Pulse Guard 2017
399 Pitstop PLUS RFID-based feeder for giving dairy cows access to additional mineral supplements in a restricted and targeted way during the critical transition period of the lactation cycle 2017
400 DUSTCOMB A Novel Method to Reduce Industrial Dust Pollution of Respirable Air 2017
401 INFRAVEC2 Research Infrastructures for the control of vector-borne diseases 2017
402 KAM2SouthPL2 ‘Key account management’ for the SME Instrument beneficiaries and ‘Enhancing SME innovation management capacity’ as new proinnovative services for SMEs in the regions of Southern Poland 2017
403 FOODSELFI FOOD Safety monitoring by Electrochemical Lateral Flow Immunoassay 2017
404 ANTARES Centre of Excellence for Advanced Technologies in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security 2017
405 CellStructure Structural cell biology in situ using superresolution microscopy 2017
406 Sewage Sludge in PC Management of Municipal Water Waste Treatment Plants Potential by-Products of Sewage Sludge Ash type, as Active or non-Active Additions to Portland Cement-based Binders 2017
407 Health1UP2 Differentiated health impacts of primary and secondary ultrafine particles 2017
408 UMAQ Understanding Media Accessibility Quality 2017
409 PhySense Physarum Sensor: Biosensor for Citizen Scientists 2017
410 HRMN Human Rights, Memorialization and Nationalism 2017
411 SABER CULTURAL SAfeguarding Biodiversity and Ecosystem seRvices by integrating CULTURAL values in freshwater management: learning from Māori 2018
412 OpTiCA Optimisation of Tidal energy Converter Arrays 2017
413 MyoBan wireless Body Area Networks for high density MYOelectric neurorehabilitation technologies 2017
414 SensAgain Restoring of SENSAtions from Lost LeGs for health And qualIty of life augmeNtation in amputees 2017
415 ODORPREP Real time, automatic and remote-activated sampling system for industrial odour emissions compliant with the European Standard EN 13725 2017
416 MERWBKBS Patterns and management of ethnic relations in the Western Balkans and the Baltic States 2017
417 MoniTank Underground Storage Tanks Risk Mitigation System for petrol fuel stations 2017
418 ROADMAP Real world Outcomes across the AD spectrum for better care: Multimodal data Access Platform - Sofia ref.: 116020 2016
419 DO-IT Big Data for Better Outcomes, Policy Innovation and Healthcare System Transformation - Sofia ref.: 116055 2017
420 THEMIS Protecting Human Rights and Public Health in Global Pandemics: A Map of the Standards Applied by EU and US Courts 2018
421 VetBioNet Veterinary Biocontained facility Network for excellence in animal infectiology research and experimentation 2017
422 TO-SYN-FUEL The Demonstration of Waste Biomass to Synthetic Fuels and Green Hydrogen 2017
423 UFICS-QRNG Development of an Ultra-Fast, Integrated, Certified Secure Quantum Random Number Generator for applications in Science and Information Technology 2017
424 PICOGC Market introduction of a revolutionary lab-on-a-chip Micro-Gas-Chromatograph for a cost-effective management of natural gas 2017
425 iAML-lncTARGET Targeting the transcriptional landscape in infant AML 2017
426 TRADEPOWER Power in international trade negotiations 2017
427 ENCIRCLE European Cbrn Innovation for the maRket CLuster 2017
428 IoBee Beehive health IoT application to fight Honey Bee Colony Mortality 2017
429 FOSTER Plus Fostering the practical implementation of Open Science in Horizon 2020 and beyond 2017
430 LIB STRESS In situ stress analysis of lithium-ion battery cell 2018
431 NEWCOM New competence for building professionals and blue collar workers – certified qualification schemes to upgrade the qualification for building nZEBs 2017
432 NeMatrix Nematode-based screening technology for next-generation drug discovery 2017
433 DOC-FAM DOCtoral training programme in Functional Advanced Materials 2017
434 ALMAGIC Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys Green Innovative Coatings 2017
435 STAR-ProBio Sustainability Transition Assessment and Research of Bio-based Products 2017
436 OPenPal Open Correspondence Publishing and Visualization Platform. 2017
437 SERA Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Research Infrastructure Alliance for Europe 2017
438 SAYSO Standardisation of situational Awareness sYstems to Strengthen Operations in civil protection 2017
439 EnTIRE Mapping Normative Frameworks for EThics and Integrity of REsearch 2017
440 SIENNA Stakeholder-informed ethics for new technologies with high socio-economic and human rights impact 2017
441 ECOXY Bio-based recyclable, reshapable and repairable (3R) fibre-reinforced EpOXY composites for automotive and construction sectors. 2017
442 ABACUS Algae for a biomass applied to the production of added value compounds 2017
443 MCIATTP Molecular to Continuum Investigation of Anisotropic Thermal Transport in Polymers 2017
444 INNOVATE Integrated solutioNs for ambitiOus energy refurbishment of priVATE housing 2017
445 GreQuE Grenoble Quantum Engineering Doctoral Programme 2017
446 IMPETUS Information Management Portal to Enable the inTegration of Unmanned Systems 2017
447 AUTOMEATIC Automated system for packaging fresh meat with reduced waste/giveaway, processing time, human involvement and contamination 2017
448 5G STEP FWD 5G System Technological Enhancements Provided by Fiber Wireless Deployments 2017
449 LEGVALUE Fostering sustainable legume-based farming systems and agri-feed and food chains in the EU 2017
450 AQUAS Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems 2017
451 AutoDrive Advancing fail-aware, fail-safe, and fail-operational electronic components, systems, and architectures for fully automated driving to make future mobility safer, affordable, and end-user acceptable. 2017
452 HCG Honour in classical Greece: esteem, status, identity, and society in ancient Greek literature, life, and thought 2018
453 Falcon Fully automated, controlled and versatile system for low cost, high rate and energy efficient production of highly loaded aeronautical structural parts 2017
454 INDIS Indra HVDC Distribution system 2017
455 MediaRoad MediaRoad – European Media Ecosystem for Innovation 2017
456 Global vision, standardisation stakeholder engagement in 5G 2017
457 ZIRONITRO Constructed wetland to produce high-quality drinking water free from nitrates 2017
458 ALSiment Transforming the hazardous waste of the metallurgical industry into a valuable raw material 2017
459 FastFinder Artificial intelligence for automated, standardised interpretation of DNA testing results 2017
460 RAMSSES Realisation and Demonstration of Advanced Material Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Ships 2017
461 SMESEC Protecting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises digital technology through an innovative cyber-SECurity framework 2017
462 ATLASplus Advanced Structural Integrity Assessment Tools for Safe Long Term Operation 2017
463 MEACTOS Mitigating Environmentally Assissted Cracking Through Optimisation of Surface Condition 2017
464 iPROCELL Commercial validation of iPROCELL: a novel modular assembly practice 2017
465 VERSUS Violence Elites and Resilience in States Under Stress 2017
467 iEBDD A Software Interface for Interactive Ensemble-Based Drug Design 2017
468 ARIESS Augmented Reality and Indoor Navigation for Enhanced ASSembly 2017
469 MULTIECS MULTIivariable Environmental Control System 2017
470 To-Euro-5G To-Euro-5G: Supporting the European 5G Initiative 2017
471 5G-MoNArch 5G Mobile Network Architecture for diverse services, use cases, and applications in 5G and beyond 2017
472 Hyper360 Enriching 360 media with 3D storytelling and personalisation elements 2017
473 GlobalBLED Ecosystem of Advanced ICT-based Services Personalised Training for Efficient Secure Driving 2017
474 iSIM Integrated Standard Imager for Earth Observation Microsatellites 2017
475 CBRNE STNDS 2017 ERNCIP CBRNE STANDARDS 2017 and 2018 – support to Mandate 487 2017
476 INDTECH2018 INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - innovative industries for smart growth 2017
477 NB4WASTE Narrowband IoT for Waste Collection in Rural Areas 2017
478 ORCHID Organ on Chip in Development 2017
479 Prisma Innovative and highly-efficient solar thermal collector for Building façades 2017
480 ACROSS Centre of Excellence for Autonomous and Cooperative Robotic Systems 2017
481 HARMONI Harmonised assessment of regulatory bottlenecks and standardisation needs for the process industry 2017
482 CleanPack UltraCLEAN thermoforming equipment for food PACKaging, a cost-effective alternative to clean rooms 2017
483 HOPE-ON Holistic Open Platform for Energy control and monitoring and facility digitalizatiON 2017
484 Garsia Moving from Cure to Care: an integrated care delivery platform for a new person-oriented approach 2017
485 Eco-sleeve Eco-sleeve is a propellant-free technology for Aerosols, generating high pressure to provide the familiar consumer experience of continuous dispensing. 2017
486 BP24 A unique life-saving smart-watch for high quality, not-invasive, continuous blood pressure monitoring. 2017
487 GOMECSYS VCR system Variable Compression Ratio System for the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in motor vehicles 2017
488 COPAC Coherent Optical Parallel Computing 2017
489 HiFi-ELEMENTS High Fidelity Electric Modelling and Testing 2017
490 LipidDrive LipidDrive - Lipidomics cloud computing platform and app 2017
491 MIDIH Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs 2017
492 MUMMERING MUltiscale, Multimodal and Multidimensional imaging for EngineeRING 2018
493 SOLARIS Solaris energy tobacco for the creation of a European sustainable biojet fuel value chain 2017
494 INCOVID Inpainting-based Compression of Visual Data 2017
495 FUN-PM Fundamental Understanding of Nanoparticle chemistry: towards the prediction of Particulate emissions and Material synthesis 2018
497 AEROFLEX Aerodynamic and Flexible Trucks for Next Generation of Long Distance Road Transport 2017
498 TDX-ASSIST Coordination of Transmission and Distribution data eXchanges for renewables integration in the European marketplace through Advanced, Scalable and Secure ICT Systems and Tools 2017
499 FAST-TRACKS Fast rAdio technologieS for uninterrupTed TRAin to traCKside communicationS 2017
500 eTRANSAFE Enhacing TRANslational SAFEty Assessment through Integrative Knowledge Management 2017
501 VIDEO Versatile and Innovative Detector for Electron Optics 2018
502 TreeMort Redefining the carbon sink capacity of global forests: The driving role of tree mortality 2018
503 openEO openEO - a common, open source interface between Earth Observation data infrastructures and front-end applications 2017
504 5GRANGE Remote area Access Network for 5th GEneration 2017
505 UMMA Urban Metamorphosis of the community of a Medieval African capital city 2018
506 VIMMP Virtual Materials Market Place (VIMMP) 2018
507 HOLISDER Integrating Real-Intelligence in Energy Management Systems enabling Holistic Demand Response Optimization in Buildings and Districts 2017
508 CEASEVAL Evaluation of the Common European Asylum System under Pressure and Recommendations for Further Development 2017
509 IRIS Integrated and Replicable Solutions for Co-Creation in Sustainable Cities 2017
510 AfriCultuReS Enhancing Food Security in AFRIcan AgriCULTUral Systems with the Support of REmote Sensing 2017
511 SINSIN Enhanced PLB, EGNSS receiver, and MEOLUT, according but beyond the standard, significantly improving the localization in difficult conditions, paving the way to a mass market SAR/Galileo service 2017
512 GOEASY GalileO-based trustEd Applications for health and SustainabilitY 2017
513 IDPfun Driving the functional characterization of intrinsically disordered proteins 2018
514 ProteaseNter Disseminating N-terminomics to Advance Protease Research 2018
515 BigDataGrapes Big Data to Enable Global Disruption of the Grapevine-powered Industries 2018
516 ELECTROU MW Fuel Cell micro grid and district heating at King’s Cross 2018
517 TENSION Efficacy and safety of thrombectomy in stroke with extended lesion and extended time window: a randomized, controlled trial 2018
518 HumanTrafficking Human Trafficking: A Labor Perspective 2018
519 VIMMP Virtual Materials Market Place (VIMMP) 2018
520 CORNET Multiscale modelling and characterization to optimize the manufacturing processes of Organic Electronics materials and devices 2018
521 RESPOND RESPOND: integrated demand REsponse Solution towards energy POsitive NeighbourhooDs 2017
522 SOGNO Service Oriented Grid for the Network of the Future 2018
523 HATCH SME-led Space Portal for Europe 2017
524 Wat-Qual Water Quality in Drinking Water Distribution Systems. 2018
525 HYDRAITE Hydrogen Delivery Risk Assessment and Impurity Tolerance Evaluation 2018
526 OxiGEN Next-generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stack and hot box solution for small stationary applications 2018
527 PRESLHY Pre-normative REsearch for Safe use of Liquide HYdrogen 2018
528 TAHYA TAnk HYdrogen Automotive 2018
529 SOFIE SOFIE - Secure Open Federation for Internet Everywhere 2018
530 COVR Being safe around collaborative and versatile robots in shared spaces 2018
531 WAI-Tools Advanced Decision Support Tools for Scalable Web Accessibility Assessments 2017
532 SiNBioSys Luminescent silicon nanocrystals as bioimaging systems 2017
533 Supporting European Experts Presence in International Standardisation Activities in ICT 2018
534 Lynx Building the Legal Knowledge Graph for Smart Compliance Services in Multilingual Europe 2017
535 SAFESEAT SAFESEAT: the next generation, Smart Child Restraint Seat 2017
536 Net4MobilityPlus Network of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action National Contact Points for the mobile scientific and innovation community 2018
537 TSNet Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) technologies for Next Generation Ethernet 2017
538 PMT4NIIS Predictive Maintenance Tool for Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems 2018
539 ELEXIS European Lexicographic Infrastructure 2018
540 CIC-BREL Development of deformation-based method for the behavior of masonry bracing elements, considering the cracked and inelastic state “CIC-BREL” Cracked Inelastic Calculation of BRacing ELements 2018
541 GLOBTAXGOV A New Model of Global Governance in International Tax Law Making 2018
542 INBOTS Inclusive Robotics for a better Society (INBOTS) 2018
543 CRREM Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor - Framework for science based decarbonisation pathways, toolkit to identify stranded assets and push sustainable investments 2018
544 ANTICSS ANTICSS - ANTI-Circumvention of Standards for better market Surveillance 2018
545 IMASAT IMA (Integrated Modular Avionics) for Small Air Transport 2018
546 CBCLASER Revolutionizing Industrial Materials Processing with Optical Phased Array Coherent BeamCombined High Power, Digitally controlled Lasers. 2018
547 GENAQ Replicating the Natural Rain Process for a Sustainable Distributed Water Production: More Water with Less Consumed Energy 2018
548 GENAQ Replicating the Natural Rain Process for a Sustainable Distributed Water Production: More Water with Less Consumed Energy 2018
550 GREEN BOARD Sustainable Production of High-End Wood Products Using Recycled and Environmentally FriendlyMaterials 2018
551 DifMATRIX Ground breaking 3D cell culture platform to eliminate animal testing in pharmaceuticals 2018
552 BLUESKY Robust kit to convert diesel vehicles to Natural Gas and Biogas for extended life and reducedcontaminants emission 2018
553 SLADCORE SLADCORE as the new generation table sugar 2018
554 SIA System for vehicle-infrastructure Interaction Assets health status monitoring 2018
555 SENSORIANCE SEnsorial awareNess System fOR obstacle detectIon And collisioN avoidanCE 2018
556 MEPAFUS Metitalia prototype tooling for fuselage panel 2018
557 OASIS Optimisation of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and Laser Beam Welding (LBW) for assembly of structural aircraft parts 2018
558 Joysteer 3.0 A New Drive-by-Wire Technology for People with Disabilities and Industrial Applications 2018
559 VERIFY Observation-based system for monitoring and verification of greenhouse gases 2018
560 INFRAGLOB AFRICA's ‘INFRASTRUCTURE GLOBALITIES’: Rethinking the Political Geographies of Economic Hubs from the Global South 2018
561 KEROGREEN Production of Sustainable aircraft grade Kerosene from water and air powered by Renewable Electricity, through the splitting of CO2, syngas formation and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis 2018
562 FINSEC Integrated Framework for Predictive and Collaborative Security of Financial Infrastructures 2018
563 DFitHH Digital Forensics in the Historical Humanities: Hanif Kureishi, The Mass Observation Archive, Glyn Moody 2018
564 eJUMP Organic Ionic Plastic Crystals Nanocomposites for Safer Batteries 2019
565 ELECTRIC CHALLENGES Current Tools and Policy Challenges in Electricity Markets 2018
566 ELITE-S Future Leadership in ICT Standards in Europe “ELITE-S” 2018
567 MegaRoller Developing the PTO of the first MW-level Oscillating Wave Surge Converter 2018
568 APOLO SmArt Designed Full Printed Flexible RObust Efficient Organic HaLide PerOvskite solar cells 2018
569 XFab Xene Fabrication for a Two-Dimensional Nanotechnology Platform 2018
570 CEN-CE CEN standard Certified ExpertsEU-wide qualification and training scheme based on EPBD mandated CEN standards 2018
571 P-LH2 Characterisation of pressurised liquid hydrogen (LH2) releases 2019
572 PROTAX New Methods to PRevent, Investigate and Mitigate COrruption and TAX Crimes in the EU 2018
573 PRO-RES PROmoting integrity in the use of RESearch results 2018
574 GOPV Global Optimization of integrated PhotoVoltaics system for low electricity cost 2018
575 FlexJET Sustainable Jet Fuel from Flexible Waste Biomass 2018
576 TRANS-END Transgender and Intersex protection from gender-based violence: exploring new directions 2018
577 O6-alkylguanines Characterisation and quantification of O6-alkylguanine DNA adducts derived from nitrosated amino acids: Risk factors in colorectal cancer. 2019
578 SKIN SUBSTITUTE Development of hybrid artificial skin substitute for chronic diabetic wounds 2018
579 GeoFodder The scale and significance of early animal husbandry in SW Europe: development of aninterdisciplinary high-resolution approach to the investigation of livestock diets and herding practices. 2019
580 PCaProTreat Multi-omics molecular treatment targets for Prostate Cancer 2018
581 IntegraSea Integrated offshore cultivation of high value seaweed and their potential use in controlling harmful algal blooms. 2019
582 EXDCI-2 European eXtreme Data and Computing Initiative - 2 2018
583 GlobalP3HS SSPH+ Global PhD Programme in Public Health Sciences 2018
584 DACOMAT Damage Controlled Composite Materials 2018
585 OSCCAR Future Occupant Safety for Crashes in Cars 2018
586 ENSEMBLE ENabling SafE Multi-Brand pLatooning for Europe 2018
587 INSCRIBE INvention of SCRIpts and their BEginnings 2018
588 LIDD Popular Sovereignty vs. the Rule of Law? Defining the Limits of Direct Democracy 2018
589 BioMonitor Monitoring the Bioeconomy 2018
590 EOSC-hub Integrating and managing services for the European Open Science Cloud 2018
591 MAGNETO Multimedia Analysis and Correlation Engine for Organised Crime Prevention and Investigation 2018
592 ELVER Engineering with Logic and Verification: Mathematically Rigorous Engineering for Safe and Secure Computer Systems 2018
593 MOSaIC Molecular Signaling in Health and Disease - Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence 2018
594 CIRGEN Circulating Gender in the Global Enlightenment: Ideas, Networks, Agencies 2019
595 SUMMIT Stepping Up mRNA Mutanome Immunotherapy 2018
596 IMPLEMENT Improving Local Energy and climate policy through quality management and certification 2018
597 MONOCLE Multiscale Observation Networks for Optical monitoring of Coastal waters, Lakes and Estuaries 2018
598 Made4You Open and Inclusive Healthcare for Citizens Based on Digital Fabrication 2018
599 ProbeFix ProbeFix: an Innovative MedTech Solution to improve the use of ultrasound for better Cardiac diagnosis in the EU 2018
600 STETHOTELEPHONE Device for improving the value of the Classic/Mechanic stethoscope – An innovative device for improvement, digitization and recording of the sound. 2018
601 ConcTest Development and commercialisation of the hand-held smart testing equipment for the instantaneous quality control of the concrete and cement 2018
602 ACE Autonomous Cable assembly Enabler 2018
603 PROnecto Enabling wide industrial take-up of high-performance nanomaterials 2018
604 ColorBOX Image Enhancement & Page Standardisation Solution for Error-free Printing and 35% Ink Saving 2018
605 ReSOLUTE Research empowerment on solute carriers (ReSOLUTE) 2018
606 AnisakFree NIRs computer vision system for detecting Anisakis in fish industrial processing lines 2018
607 TRANSDAT From the space communication to the drone industry 2018
608 FAIR VALUE The most accurate Fintech tool for valuation of start-ups, based on artificial intelligence 2018
609 Bac-Tracker Empowering food manufacturers with a novel device for fast, accurate and cost-effective food safety testing 2018
610 TCT Bringing innovation forward to fuel powered engines by disrupting Total Combustion Technology to drastically reduce the emissions of motorcycles and Small Off-Road Engines (SORE) 2018
611 A3BL Airofit - Better Breathing, Better Life 2018
612 DRAMS Drone-based Radio Aid Measuring System 2018
613 UFine An innovative ultra-fine bubble engineered nozzle for sustainable cost-effective water aeration 2018
614 SOLIMER Low cost, water Soluble, Injection Moulded polyvinyl alcohol polymer for laundry detergent capsules 2018
615 The Data Security Platform for Health Application Developers 2018
616 EUREMnext Taking European EnergyManagers to next efficiency levels by implementing energy audit recommendations 2018
617 DUSTCOMB A Novel Technology to Reduce Industrial Dust Pollution and to Enable Most Efficient Energy Recovery 2018
618 CoME EASY SYncronising EEA to CoM and other EU initiatives (SCIS-EIP, CEN-ISO,S3...) about energy and climate policies to accompany more and more tuned municipalities in their 2030 performance 2018
619 OpenSuperQ An Open Superconducting Quantum Computer 2018
620 FORESEE Future proofing strategies FOr RESilient transport networks against Extreme Events 2018
621 SHERPA Shaping the ethical dimensions of smart information systems (SIS) – a European perspective 2018
622 VIPRISCAR Validation of an industrial process to manufacture isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) at pilot level 2018
623 DETER A Decision Support Tool to Manage Earthworks along Road and Rail Networks 2018
624 Klimator-RSI Connected cars for real time smart road maintenance and increased driving safety 2018
625 CHIPTRANSFORM On-chip optical communication with transformation optics 2018
626 VeCoScan Development of a Multispectral, Versatile Film Scanner 2018
627 DRIMPAC Unified DR interoperability framework enabling market participation of active energy consumers 2018
628 SpoilsofWAR Spoils of War: The Economic Consequences of the Great War in Central Europe 2019
629 5G EVE 5G European Validation platform for Extensive trials 2018
630 PREDATOR Revealing the cell biology of a predatory bacterium in space and time 2019
631 e-BlueBox From machines to smart systems: Cloud-based IoT for lift modernization and predictive maintenance 2018
632 LUOS A platform to boost robotic innovation by enabling fast development cycles, reduced cost and low barrier to entry. 2018
633 ComAir Investigation of cabin ventilation strategies impact on aircraft cabin air quality and passengers’ comfort and wellbeing through subject study in realistic aircraft environment 2018
634 HEFESTO Helicopter Engine Deck - Multifunctional layered insulation for CFRP fire andthermal protection 2018
635 WAI-Guide Authoritative Implementation Guidance and International Cooperation to Support Training, Awareness Raising, and Capacity Building 2019
636 BioRoboost Fostering Synthetic Biology standardisation through international collaboration 2018
637 ARCADE Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected and Automated Driving in Europe 2018
638 i4Offshore Integrated Implementation of Industrial Innovations for Offshore Wind Cost Reduction 2018
639 CEWASTE Voluntary certification scheme for waste treatment 2018
640 5G-DRIVE 5G HarmoniseD Research and TrIals for serVice Evolution between EU and China 2018
641 GenRes Bridge Joining forces for genetic resources and biodiversity management 2019
642 PANELFIT Participatory Approaches to a New Ethical and Legal Framework for ICT 2018
643 iqClock Integrated Quantum Clock 2018
644 QRANGE Quantum Random Number Generators: cheaper, faster and more secure 2018
645 ACT Communities of PrACTice for Accelerating Gender Equality and Institutional Change in Research and Innovation across Europe 2018
646 COMBUSS Composite tooling for business jet lower wing stiffened panel manufacturing 2018
647 AANChOR All AtlaNtic Cooperation for Ocean Research and innovation 2018
648 SHERLOCK Seamless and safe human - centred robotic applications for novel collaborative workplaces 2018
649 5G-VINNI 5G Verticals INNovation Infrastructure 2018
650 Dawex GDM Dawex Data Marketplace deployment: unlocking European companies’ data value 2018
651 MMAtwo Second generation Methyl MethAcrylate (MMAtwo) 2018
652 VITAE VIrTual BrAin PErfusion: Assessing cerebrovascular function by High Performance Computing from 3D brain vessel network data for vascular-targeted drug development in neurodegenerative diseases. 2018
653 RODIN RObotics Digital Innovation Network 2018
654 c4c conect4children (COllaborative Network for European Clinical Trials For Children) 2018
655 VISION-xEV Virtual Component and System Integration for Efficient Electrified Vehicle Development 2019
656 MOSAR MOdular Spacecraft Assembly and Reconfiguration 2019
657 PIONEERS Planetary Instruments based on Optical technologies for an iNnovative European Exploration Using Rotational Seismology 2019
658 NGIoT Next Generation Internet of Things 2018
659 TERIPHIC Fabrication and assembly automation of TERabit optical transceivers based on InP EML arrays and a Polymer Host platform for optical InterConnects up to 2 km and beyond 2019
660 Our Space Our Future Our Space our Future: making careers in the space industry an inspiring reality for all 2018
661 CAV_EPBD Concerted Action EPBD V 2018
662 iProg Tailored cell-based therapies for frontotemporal dementia and related genetically defined CNS orphan indications 2018
663 GreenCorrosionStop Commercialisation of a unifying green VCI anti-corrosion paper for the manufacturing industry and logistics companies 2018
664 EMWORK EMWORK – The fully automated EMC filter designer 2018
665 SYNCHROS SYNergies for Cohorts in Health: integrating the ROle of all Stakeholders 2019
666 Data Market Services / DMS Accelerator Supporting the European data market providing free support services to data-centric SMEs and start-ups 2019
667 LEDGER decentraLizEd Data Governance for nExt geneRation internet 2018
668 NGI0-PET NGI Zero - Privacy Enhancing Technologies 2018
669 MANAGLOBAL Globalised governance norms and local management and business practices in Africa and on the Arab peninsula 2019
670 SFERA-III Solar Facilities for the European Research Area - Third Phase 2019
671 EOSC-Life Providing an open collaborative space for digital biology in Europe 2019
672 TELL Towards a fast-uptake of mEdium/Low-voltage eLectric power trains 2018
673 Novel Jack Automatic Hydraulic Jack with improved capacity, safety and efficiency for agricultural implements 2018
674 TopSurgeons Understanding the influence of human and organizational factors on surgeon performance to enhance patient outcomes: experimental evaluation of a customized coaching program 2019
675 AW-Drones Contributing to a well-reasoned set of Airworthiness Standards for mass-market drones 2019
676 PerformB Innovative digital platform based on machine learning to analyze large databases, aggregate them and provide results to questions made in natural language. 2018
677 SoundCombplus The first wall-integrated, ecologic sound absorbing panel 2018
679 Skye Redefining Drone Safety and Autonomous Operation for Indoor Commercial Applications 2018
680 SUNI-SEA Scaling-up NCD Interventions in South East Asia 2019
681 ZDMP Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform 2019
682 ARCHIVER Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments 2019
683 DigitalHealthEurope DigitalHealthEurope: Support to a Digital Health and Care Innovation initiative in the context of Digital Single Market strategy 2019
684 DURAFRESH Advanced multi effect device to prevent fruit and vegetables ripening 2019
685 LISA Lithium sulphur for SAfe road electrification 2019
686 INTERSECT Interoperable Material-to-Device simulation box for disruptive electronics 2019
687 SimDOME Digital Ontology-based Modelling Environment for Simulation of materials 2019
688 NanoSolveIT Innovative Nanoinformatics models and tools: towards a Solid, verified and Integrated Approach to Predictive (eco)Toxicology (NanoSolveIT) 2019
689 Echophone Launching the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Technology of the Future 2019
690 FOG Frequency protector generator for honeybees 2019
691 SPACE TIE Unifying the three pillars of Geodesy using space ties 2019
693 ACEPOL Agent-based Computational Economics for Policy Analysis 2019
694 Aladyn System Ph1 A compact and versatile kit for wireless power supply 2018
695 NGI0-Discovery NGI Zero Discovery 2018
696 SafeWaterpark Ensuring the safest conditions in waterparks, public pools and hotel pools and facilitating crowd-based prevention across the world 2019
697 PETER Pan-European Training, research and education network on Electromagnetic Riskmanagement 2019
699 NG-EGSE Next Generation Modular EGSE Architecture 2019
700 GMM Globalized Memorial Museums.Exhibiting Atrocities in the Era of Claims for Moral Universals 2019
701 KAM2SouthPL2 ‘Key account management’ for the SME Instrument, FTI and FET-Open beneficiaries and ‘Enhancing SME innovation management capacity’ as proinnovative services for SMEs in the regions of Southern Poland 2019
702 dataFlow dataFlow: A Data-driven Fluid Flow Solving Platform 2019
703 INNOVACCION Supporting Innovation actions in SMEs 2019
704 SCAUT Ser-Col; from finger to laboratory; personalized and automated serum collection for laboratory diagnostics 2019
705 Epilepsy_Core The core and effects of epilepsy: from chronic disease to curable disorder through innovative guided surgery 2019
706 NanoInformaTIX Development and Implementation of a Sustainable Modelling Platform for NanoInformatics. 2019
707 uCARE Understanding Circumventing Antibiotic REsistance 2019
708 ENVRI-FAIR ENVironmental Research Infrastructures building Fair services Accessible for society, Innovation and Research 2019
709 IS-ENES3 Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System modelling - Phase 3 2019
710 EU-STANDS4PM A European standardization framework for data integration and data-driven in silico models for personalized medicine 2019
711 Advanced-SiMP Advanced Sylil Modified Polymers for Commercial Transportation and Automotive Elastic Adhesive Markets 2019
712 MUSSILAMS Mussila MS (Mussila Music School) - An innovative solution in Music Education 2019
713 SpartWISE Reinventing fine chemicals synthesis: large-scale production of sparteine from lupin beans 2019
715 AIRSHADE Sustainable Responsive Shading System 2019
716 NCP Academy Fostering transnational cooperation between National Contact Points (NCP) in the area of quality standards and horizontal issues 2018
717 DIGESTAIR A novel anaerobic DIGESTer solution in AIR transport for on-board safe and efficient waste management 2019
718 CATTLECHAIN 4.0 Enhancing farm productivity and guaranteeing CATTLE traceability and welfare with blockCHAIN 2019
719 RoCS Rotorcraft Certification by Simulation 2019
720 RECENT Ultra-Dense Unsupervised Heterogeneous Wireless Cloud Coded Networks for 5G/B5G 2018
721 PURE-WATER Improved Estimation Algorithms for Water Purification and Desalination Systems 2019
722 PLASA-2 Smart Planning and Virtual Certification 2018
723 FELTWOOD The advanced eco-technology manufacturing of materials as a way of competitiveness for Europe's industrial business 2018
725 EUCANCan EUCANCan: a federated network of aligned and interoperable infrastructures for the homogeneous analysis, management and sharing of genomic oncology data for Personalized Medicine. 2019
726 CINECA Common Infrastructure for National Cohorts in Europe, Canada, and Africa 2019
727 THOR Thermoplastic Hydrogen tanks Optimised and Recyclable 2019
728 AD ASTRA HArnessing Degradation mechanisms to prescribe Accelerated Stress Tests for the Realization of SOC lifetime prediction Algorithms 2019
729 LifeTime Revolutionizing Healthcare by Tracking and Understanding Human Cells during Disease 2019
730 QoSIoTSmartCities Quality of Service for the Internet of Things in Smart Cities via Predictive Networks 2019
731 SESAME Smart European Space Access thru Modern Exploitation of Data Science 2019
732 CINEMA Creating an Infrastructure for the Numerical Exploration of Metallurgical Alloys 2019
733 GrInHy2.0 Green Industrial Hydrogen via steam electrolysis 2019
734 New GeneSS New Generation Design Methods for Stainless Steel Structures 2019
735 QuantumSolarFuels Photoelectrochemical Solar Light Conversion into Fuels on Colloidal Quantum Dots Based Photoanodes 2019
736 STAND4HERITAGE New STANDards for seismic assessment of built cultural HERITAGE 2019
737 GREEN-FRC Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Recycled and Waste Materials Optimised for Improved Sustainability of Urban Projects 2020
738 PersVR Unraveling the persuasive power of 360º-video Virtual Reality narratives 2019
739 MULTIPIR Multiscale modelling of migration of pollutant particles in rivers 2020
740 PROSPER Politics of Rulemaking, Orchestration of Standards, and Private Economic Regulations 2019
741 X-SUGRA eXceptional Solutions and U-folds in quantum GRAvity 2020
742 iProcureSecurity Strategic Partnership of Emergency Medical Service Practitioners for Coordination of Innovation Procurement 2019
743 PREVENT PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport 2019
744 EEPLIANT3 Energy Efficiency Compliant Products 3 2019
745 COMPLIT Complicity: A Crisis of Participation in Testimonies of Totalitarianism in Contemporary German-language Literatures 2019
746 U-CERT Towards a new generation of user-centred Energy Performance Assessment and Certification; facilitated and empowered by the EPB Center 2019
747 MEDPOL The fourth estate? media, frames and political behaviour towards the EU in comparative perspective 2019
749 CREDit Chronological REference Datasets and Sites (CREDit) towards improved accuracy and precision in luminescence-based chronologies 2020
750 HAMA New insights on Earth’s formation and differentiation processes from in situ analyses of halogens (F, Cl, Br and I) in meteorites and mantle samples 2019
751 QualDeEPC High-quality Energy Performance Assessment and Certification in Europe Accelerating Deep Energy Renovation (QualDeEPC) 2019
753 Green Drop New Digital Pigment Printing System for every Surface, for every Industry, faster, with less energy requirements and with no water needs 2019
754 EMPOWER EMpowering transatlantic PlatfOrms for advanced WirEless Research 2018
755 BovReg BovReg - Identification of functionally active genomic features relevant to phenotypic diversity and plasticity in cattle 2019
756 DIAS Smart Adaptive Remote Diagnostic Antitampering Systems 2019
757 GENE-SWitCH The regulatory GENomE of SWine and CHicken: functional annotation during development 2019
758 SCOREwater Smart City Observatories implement REsilient Water Management 2019
759 ENGAGE Exploring National and Global Actions to reduce Greenhouse gas Emissions 2019
760 H2LSPC High-Voltage High-Current Lightweight Solid-State Protection Circuit for Avionic Applications 2019
761 NIVA A New IACS Vision in Action 2019
762 QUEST Quality Management Investments for Energy Efficiency 2019
763 VIP-2 Vienna International Postdoctoral Program 2020
764 SAM Silk Aquamelts to Market 2019
766 SpheriCal Reference Certification and Commercialisation of “Universal” Mass Spectrometry Calibration Standards 2019
767 Fleximodo Feasibility Study for Fleximodo – Smart IoT Sensors with Software for Parking Management 2019
768 AI for a faster web An automatic approach for creating faster websites using HTTP/2, machine learning, and AI 2019
769 PEARL Programme for EArly-stage Researchers in Lille 2019
770 PASIFIC Polish Academy of Sciences’ Individual Fellowships: Innovation & Creativity 2020
771 COMP4DRONES Framework of key enabling technologies for safe and autonomous drones’ applications 2019
772 AquaVitae New species, processes and products contributing to increased production and improved sustainability in emerging low trophic, and existing low and high trophic aquaculture value chains in the Atlantic 2019
773 OvaVAx 100% Bacteria free eggs for use in production of human and animal vaccines 2019
774 RESPIRE4 REspiratory Science Promoted by International Research Exchanges 4 2020
775 ENLIGHTEN ENhanced PhD Fellowship Programme in the Sciences of LIGHT 2020
776 XSpectra XSpectra: The Most Advanced Real Time Food Contaminants Detector 2019
777 5GROWTH 5G-enabled Growth in Vertical Industries 2019
778 iTrust In-time TReatment of acUte ischaemic STroke 2019
779 5G-SMART 5G for Smart Manufacturing 2019
780 QLX300 Launching the World’s Most Power Efficient GNSS System-On-Chip 2019
781 DEMETER Building an Interoperable, Data-Driven, Innovative and Sustainable European Agri-Food Sector 2019
782 ATLAS Agricultural Interoperability and Analysis System 2019
783 MatManager MatManager - New standard in road construction efficiency 2019
785 VENTuRE a Virtual and physical ExperimeNtal Towing centre for the design of eneRgy Efficient sea-faring vessels 2020
786 OSHub Open Science Hub Network: Empowering Citizens through STEAM Education with Open Schooling 2019
787 RAPTOR Research of Aviation PM Technologies, mOdelling and Regulation 2019
788 Undersee Enabling Precision Aquaculture with multi-variable real-time sensing and Copernicus Earth Observation data 2019
789 EOSC-Nordic EOSC-Nordic 2019
790 EOSC-Pillar Coordination and Harmonisation of National Inititiatives, Infrastructures and Data services in Central and Western Europe 2019
791 VIEW World first self-responsive emergency call system 2019
792 EUFORPP Developing a European Forum on Paradox and Pluralism 2019
793 EOSC-synergy European Open Science Cloud - Expanding Capacities by building Capabilities 2019
794 NI4OS-Europe National Initiatives for Open Science in Europe 2019
795 GELATEX The first process to synthesize Leather ‒ A fabric with the identical chemical composition and exact mechanical properties as leather 2019
796 ALGABOOSTER Marine microalgae immunostimulant complex to boost the competitiveness of the EU aquaculture sector 2019
797 HELoS Health.E Lighthouse Support Initiative 2019
798 SUD Making Building Systems Simple 2019
799 Trials@Home Trials@Home: Center of Excellence – Remote Decentralised Clinical Trials 2019
800 COS4CLOUD Co-designed Citizen Observatories Services for the EOS-Cloud 2019
801 UUR Unique Universal Reference for e-invoicing 2019
802 SiC-MOSFET Gas Sensors for future Ultra Low NOx Emission Legislation – Euro 7 2019
803 SharingGains Sharing Gains from Trade: Global Markets and Farmers Welfare in Developing Countries 2019
804 MoSaiQC Modular Systems for Advanced Integrated Quantum Clocks 2020
805 EDEM Experimentally Validated DNS and LES Approaches for Fuel Injection, Mixing and Combustion of Dual-Fuel Engines 2019
806 OPEN_NEXT Company-Community Collaboration for Open Source Development of products and services 2019
807 CathVision Cube CathVision Cube: disruptive data-driven guidance for successful cardiac ablation therapy 2019
808 preSENSE IoT-ready radar sensors with micrometer-level accuracy for safe human-machine collaboration 2019
809 Saraswati 2.0 Identifying best available technologies for decentralized wastewater treatment and resource recovery for India 2019
810 PHArA-ON Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing 2019
811 IQLev Inertial Sensing Based on Quantum-Enhanced Levitation Systems 2020
812 zEPHYR Towards a more efficient exploitation of on-shore and urban wind energy resources 2019
813 perGOla The first manufacturing process to obtain reduced graphene oxide at large-scale 2019
814 EuGeNeS Euraxess Georgia Network Startup 2019
815 Eureka European Knowledge repository for best agricultural practices 2020
816 UNITED Multi-Use offshore platforms demoNstrators for boostIng cost-effecTive and Eco-friendly proDuction in sustainable marine activities 2020
817 SEALIVE Strategies of circular Economy and Advanced bio-based solutions to keep our Lands and seas alIVE from plastics contamination 2019
818 PRISME PRogram for ISolation Manufacturing in Europe (PRISME) 2019
819 TeLSCombe Temporal Laser cavity-Solitons for micro-resonator based optical frequency combs 2020
820 XAI Science and technology for the explanation of AI decision making 2019
821 QUANTUM E-LEAPS Toward new era of quantum electrical measurements through phase slips 2020
822 TERAmeasure Non-contact millimeter and Terahertz frequency measurement paradigm for instrumentation and sensing applications unlocking metrology-grade results 2019
823 CENTRAL ASIAN LAW Legal Cultures and Business Environments in Central Asia 2020
824 Community Cloud Cubbit - the first distributed data-center recycling the internet resources we waste into the most competitive cloud provider. 2019
825 CRACKNP Finding Cracks in the Wall of NP-completeness 2020
827 HLFC 4.0 Hybrid Laminar Fluid Control 4.0 2019
828 vACCINE AeronautiCal Cyber INtrusion dEtection mechanism 2019
829 RETROFEED Implementation of a smart RETROfitting framework in the process industry towards its operation with variable, biobased and circular FEEDstock 2019
830 A2Miro A2Miro Solution: a fully automated inspection system by our SensorCopter that reduces WTs downtime 2019
832 CMD-COAT Bioactive coating to prevent catheter infection and thrombosis 2019
833 CAPARDUS Capacity-building in Arctic standardisation develoment 2019
834 vWISE Vine and Wine Innovation through Scientific Exchange 2020
835 MonB5G Distributed management of Network Slices in beyond 5G 2019
836 SMARTRange A disruptive wireless transceiver chip to transform the Internet of Things (IoT) by delivering excellent range, ultra-low power, high security, high reliability and cost-effective connectivity. 2019
837 AQUAGARLIC An innovative dual action (antimicrobial & immunomodulator) product for the aquaculture feed additives market 2019
838 TRUSTS Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space 2020
839 PILOTING PILOTs for robotic INspection and maintenance Grounded on advanced intelligent platforms and prototype applications 2020
840 TWILIGHT Towards the neW era of 1.6 Tb/s System-In-Package transceivers for datacenter appLIcations exploiting wafer-scale co-inteGration of InP membranes and InP-HBT elecTronics 2019
841 PLATOON Digital PLAtform and analytic TOOls for eNergy 2020
842 MOVING TOGETHER MOVING TOGETHER – reimagining mobility worldwide 2019
843 ASILE Global Asylum Governance and European Union's Role 2019
844 SSR Voltage Shield Stabilizer Regulator 2019
845 UNICOM Up-scaling the global univocal identification of medicines 2019
848 FOODWATERH2020 Water treatment and reuse technology based on constant water quality monitoring thanks to multi-censoring and AI-Deep Learning software for the Food Industry 2019
849 ASTRABAT All Solid-sTate Reliable BATtery for 2025 2020
850 KlimaFacade Feasibility analysis for the development and market introduction of an innovative and multi-functional façade. 2019
851 FIRESENSE Flame Detector Based on Epitaxial Metal Oxides (EMO) Technology 2019
853 NEOROCKS The NEO Rapid Observation, Characterization and Key Simulations 2020
854 OPERAS-P Preparing open access in the european research area through scholarly communication 2019
855 ARCAone Next generation security platform to safeguard critical applications and sensitive digital assets 2019
856 B2BMarketplace The first B2B marketplace for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, connecting all brand manufacturers and retailers globally 2019
858 METROFOOD-PP METROFOOD-RI Preparatory Phase Project 2019
859 COMBINE Collaboration for Prevention and Treatment of MDR Bacterial Infections 2019
860 EU-PEARL EU Patient- cEntric clinicAl tRial pLatform 2019
861 RECOMBINE Research Collaboration and Mobility for Beyond 5G Future Wireless Networks 2020
862 PJ13 - W2 ERICA Enable RPAS Insertion in Controlled Airspace 2019
863 PERMIT PERsonalised MedicIne Trials 2020
864 SINO-EU-PerMed Widening Sino‐EU policy and research cooperation in Personalised Medicine 2020
865 C-stemGMP c-GMP compliance of C-stem, an IPSc based cell therapies production technology 2019
866 IN2SMART2 Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2 2019
867 IMMERSION Immersive marketplace for the European real estate sector 2019
868 DiFacturo The Unique International Independent Decentralized Invoice Network 2019
869 ahead ahead, The Intelligent Digital Workspace as a Service 2019
870 SOPHIA Socio-physical Interaction Skills for Cooperative Human-Robot Systems in Agile Production 2019
872 LONGRUN Development of efficient and environmental friendly LONG distance powertrain for heavy dUty trucks aNd coaches 2020
873 THyGA Testing Hydrogen admixture for Gas Applications 2020
875 SEECLEAR Feasibility of ergonomic interface for adaptive eyeglasses for presbyopia correction. 2020
876 ECOPUMP Feasibility study for low-carbon emission Heat Pump 2020
877 iScan Automated retinal scans for early detection of diabetic eye diseases through use of artificial intelligence 2020
878 MAGSHAKE Shaken and stirred: Terahertz electric field control of magnetism 2020
879 EFESOS Evaluation of 22 nm Fully-depleted Silicon-on-insulator technology for Space 2019
880 ESPACE Human Cell Atlas of the Pancreas 2020
881 Instand-NGS4P Integrated and standardized NGS workflows for Personalised therapy 2020
882 IC2PerMed Integrating China in the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine 2020
883 PERCISTAND Development of all thin-film PERovskite on CIS TANDem photovoltaics 2020
884 LiLI Later Life Intimacy: Women’s Unruly Practices, Spaces and Representations 2020
885 EMPOCI Governing sustainable energy-mobility transitions: multi-level policy mixes, transformative capacities and low-carbon innovations 2020
886 PharmaLedger PharmaLedger 2020
887 COMAP-4S COmponents and MAcrocomponents Packaging For Space 2020
888 VLD2-W2 STAIRS Surface Traffic Alerts Improve Runway Safety 2019
889 INNODK IV Innovation Services for Danish SMEs IV 2020-2021 2020
890 INNOVACTION 2020-21 Actions in support of innovation in SMES 2020
892 KAM2SouthPL2 ‘Key account management’ for the EIC Pilot beneficiaries and ‘Enhancing SME innovation management capacity’ as proinnovative services for SMEs in the regions of Southern Poland 2020
893 ELIXIR-CONVERGE Connect and align ELIXIR Nodes to deliver sustainable FAIR life-science data management services 2020
894 AUTONORMS Transforming Norms Research through Practices: Weaponised Artificial Intelligence, Norms, and Order 2020
896 SHE The most profitable Solar collector on the market to supply Heat and Electricity 2020
897 FuturePowerFlow Exploiting the full integration potential of fluctuating renewable energies in power grid operation by new predictive technologies 2020
898 Alloem Maternal immune response to allogeneic embryos 2020
899 GRAPHEME Graphene and related materials membranes for efficient removal of toxic cations from water 2020
900 SmartHeart SmartHeart, a 3D in vitro assay for improved assessment of cardiac drug efficacy and toxicity 2020
901 ARMOUR smARt Monitoring Of distribUtion netwoRks for robust power quality 2020
902 RASATaC Regulating RAS Activity to Target RAS-Driven Cancers 2020