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H2020 projects about "electric"

The page lists 758 projects related to the topic "electric".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MORE-CONNECT Development and advanced prefabrication of innovative, multifunctional building envelope elements for MOdular REtrofitting and CONNECTions 2014
2 i3-Food Process integration for rapid implementation of sustainable innovative food processing 2015
3 EcoPROLIVE Ecofriendly PROcessing System for the full exploitation of the OLIVE health potential in products of added value 2015
4 FieldFOOD Integration of PEF in food processing for improving food quality, safety and competitiveness 2015
5 ELIPTIC Electrification of public transport in cities 2015
6 E-ferry E-ferry – prototype and full-scale demonstration of next generation 100% electrically powered ferry for passengers and vehicles 2015
7 I2MPECT Integrated, Intelligent modular power electronic converter 2015
8 MefCO2 Synthesis of methanol from captured carbon dioxide using surplus electricity 2014
9 ENLIGHTMENT Photonic Electrodes for Enhanced Light Management in Optoelectronic Devices 2015
10 TASIO Waste Heat Recovery for Power Valorisation with Organic Rankine Cycle Technology in Energy Intensive Industries 2014
11 PEGASUS Flight Qualification of Deployable Radiator using Two Phase Technology 2015
12 DEMOCRITOS Demonstrators for Conversion, Reactor, Radiator And Thrusters for Electric Propulsion Systems 2015
13 CAPTure Competitive SolAr Power Towers – CAPTure 2015
15 FlexiFuel-SOFC Development of a new and highly efficient micro-scale CHP system based on fuel-flexible gasification and a SOFC 2015
16 iPUBLIC Inkjet Printed Ultrafast Batteries and Large Integrated Capacitors 2014
17 G MOTIT Galileo-Enhanced MOTIT: an electric scooter sharing service for sustainable urban mobility 2015
18 COLLDENSE Hybrid Colloidal Systems with Designed Response 2015
19 TUMOCS TUneable Multiferroics based on oxygen OCtahedral Structures 2015
20 NAIADES Na-Ion bAttery Demonstration for Electric Storage 2015
21 NETFFICIENT Energy and economic efficiency for today’s smart communities through integrated multi storage technologies 2015
22 UPGRID Real proven solutions to enable active demand and distributed generation flexible integration, through a fully controllable LOW Voltage and medium voltage distribution grid 2015
24 FLEXMETER Flexible smart metering for multiple energy vectors with active prosumers 2015
25 Triangulum Triangulum: The Three Point Project / Demonstrate. Disseminate. Replicate. 2015
26 ENERWATER Standard method and online tool for assessing and improving the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants 2015
27 STEAM-UP STEam And Management Under Pressure 2015
28 ELINKKER Solutions for TCO optimized electrification of city bus systems 2014
29 FORCE Future Outboards Run Conventionally and Electrically 2014
30 VEZ VEZ 2014
31 REBOOT Retrofit all-Electric Bus for reduced Operator Operating costs in urban Transport (REBOOT) 2014
32 EeHPC Energy efficient High Performance Computing 2014
33 INCH INteractive CHarging 2014
34 EU-LIVE Efficient Urban LIght VEhicles 2015
35 OPTEMUS Optimised Energy Management and Use 2015
36 eCAIMAN Electrolyte, Cathode and Anode Improvements for Market-near Next-generation Lithium Ion Batteries 2015
37 ESPRIT Easily diStributed Personal RapId Transit 2015
38 XERIC Innovative Climate-Control System to Extend Range of Electric Vehicles and Improve Comfort 2015
39 RESOLVE Range of Electric SOlutions for L-category VEhicles 2015
40 JOSPEL Low energy passenger comfort systems based on the joule and peltier effects. 2015
41 WEEVIL Ultralight and ultrasafe adaptable 3-wheeler 2015
42 SINHOPSI Single-Hole Pumping in Silicon 2016
43 ATMCinsituNMR Next level real-time characterisation of Li- and Na-ion batteries by – Automatic Tuning Matching Cycler (plus Goniometer) – ATMC(+G) in situ NMR 2015
44 DIGIPHASE Development of Maximum Efficiency Phase Contrast Electron Microscopy 2015
45 Active implants Active implants: Engineering microstructures of functional ceramics for stimulated bone growth 2015
46 LIB-Si anode Silicon/Carbon Nano-Hybrid Lithium-Ion Battery Anode: Green Facile Scalable Synthesis Inspired by Thermosetting Polymers 2015
47 ELSWIFLUOPRO Electrochemically Switchable Fluorescent Probes for Biological Applications 2015
48 SAFE LIB Electro-thermal modelling of lithium-ion battery packs from the safety perspective 2015
49 FASTQUANTUM Ultrafast Sepctroscopy of Quantum Structures 2015
50 REE Value Chain Rare Earth Supply Chain and Industrial Ecosystem: A Material Flow Assessment of European Union 2015
51 GRAFLEX Graphene curvature, flexibility and reactivity control by means of external fields: theory and computer simulations 2015
52 THz Photochemistry THz Photochemistry: Biased Proton Transfer by Ultrafast Electric Fields 2015
53 2DSi Magnetic Sensors based on Two-Dimensional Materials/Si 2015
54 EPICONNECT Functional brain networks in epilepsy 2016
55 RenewablePortfolio Market player’s optimal scheduling under integrating renewables in European electricity markets 2015
56 E-GRA-MONS OPTICS Coupling Quantum Emitters to Graphene Plasmons: a new route towards fast Quantum Optics 2015
57 OPTIC BIOEM Toward the comprehension of primary bioelectromagnetic interactions: real time non-linear OPTICal imaging of BIO-samples under ElectroMagnetic exposure 2015
58 TRISORP Energy saving and reducing carbon emissions by applying decentralized advanced trigeneration (CCHP) technology to supermarkets and other commercial properties 2015
59 Greenrail Greenrail: sustainability, safety and saving in the the railroad sleeper of tomorrow 2015
60 SPARK Cost-effective automated process for producing innovative high-performance electric motors 2015
61 GRAPHEEN Green and Straightforward process for the synthesis of Graphene based-nanomaterials for energy applications 2015
62 MultiCharge Feasibility Study for the Development of a PFC Harmonic Filter Missing Link for Creation of Simultaneous Multi-Point Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles 2015
63 GEM E-drive In-wheel electric drive for E-commercial vehicles 2015
64 REFEREE pREcise Fluids mEteRing EquipmEnt 2015
65 FlexiHyLift A flexible hybrid forklift that utilizes advanced power technology and electronics to offer high performance and efficiency in both indoor and outdoor applications for the logistics industry. 2015
66 THEMOTION TheMotion: Revolution in Motion 2015
68 NETEEG Spatial super-resolution of electrophysiological measurements 2015
69 EMOTION Electric-field driven magnetic domain wall motion for memory technologies 2015
70 MobileBattery Mobile Energy System for recharging, energy buffering and long-distance travelling 2015
71 Adaptcontrol A modular and compact controller design for light electric vehicles 2015
72 NEC14 New Electric Vehicle Chassis-Cab 10-14 for urban logistic 2015
73 IRWES Integrated Roof Wind Energy System 2015
74 MAXITHERM Innovative textile based heating system for technical applications with a special focus on Electric Vehicles 2015
75 TurboFeasibility Feasibility assessment of direct drive high speed turbo compressors for production oil free compressed air for medium size applications 2015
76 FREEWAY FREEWAY : safely and effortless commute in an urban environment 2015
77 ELECTRIC_AXLE Electric axle for hybrid / electric commercial vehicles 2015
78 WeSmartPark Giving Drivers Access to Conventional and Electric Car Parking Lots Through the WeSmartPark Enhanced Management System 2015
79 LESS Lift Energy Saving System for Residential Buildings (LESS) 2015
80 TES Total Energy System: innovative in-farm cogeneration plant for manure valorisation viable even for small farms 2015
81 HySolarKit Converting conventional cars into hybrid and solar vehicles 2015
82 EPIC Electric Propulsion Innovation and Competitiveness 2014
83 KERS-P Development of a universal kit to be installed on existing and new High Tonnage Hot ForgingPresses, for a potential strong reduction of energy consumption of the European installed fleet. 2015
84 Bio-HyPP Biogas-fired Combined Hybrid Heat and Power Plant 2015
85 iMETland iMETland: A new generation of Microbial Electrochemical Wetland for effective decentralized wastewater treatment 2015
86 RealValue Realising Value from Electricity Markets with Local Smart Electric Thermal Storage Technology 2015
87 HELENIC-REF Hybrid Electric Energy Integrated Cluster concerning Renewable Fuels 2015
88 HyFast HyFast - Fast hydrogen fueling and long range for fuel cell vehicles 2015
89 ECHYNOXE SILICA Innovative long range daylighting system 2015
90 Project Buffer Project Buffer ― a new solution to fast charging electrical vehicles “on the road”. 2015
92 DBSModel Multiscale Modelling of the Neuromuscular System for Closed Loop Deep Brain Stimulation 2015
93 SUSPINTRONICS Magnetic, electric-field and light induced control of spin-polarized supercurrents: fundamentals for an offbeat electronics 2015
94 FunGLASS Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses 2015
95 HybridBatteryPack Hybrid Battery Pack 2015
97 EU-elabus4.0 reduce - recycle - reuse eMobility - retrofitting-kits for busses 2015
98 YbQuantumSim Quantum simulation of novel many-body phenomena with Ytterbium atoms in optical lattices 2015
99 TUCLA Towards a deepened understanding of combustion processes using advanced laser diagnostics 2016
100 CREEV Novel Compound Rotary Engine Range Extender for Electric Vehicles 2015
101 SPIN-PORICS Merging Nanoporous Materials with Energy-Efficient Spintronics 2015
102 INSULATRONICS Controlling Electric Signals with Insulating Antiferromagnets and Insulating Ferromagnets 2015
103 Li-IonFire An Automated HEV and EV Vehicle Fire Early Warning and Suppression System 2015
104 BRAIN MICRO SNOOPER A mimetic implant for low perturbation, stable stimulation and recording of neural units inside the brain. 2015
105 ITEAM Interdisciplinary Training Network in Multi-Actuated Ground Vehicles 2016
106 Synchronverter Smart Synchronous inverter for grid’s stability 2015
107 DEMETER Training Network for the Design and Recycling of Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators in Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles 2015
108 SiGrAM Pre-Commercial Production Demonstration of Very High Capacity Silicon Anode for High Performance and Low Cost Li-Ion Batteries 2015
109 WATTsUP WATTsUP Electric flight to future 2015
110 EP TENDER An innovative range extending service for Electric Vehicles (EV), based on a modular range extender, available for on demand rental, and attached occasionally to the EV for long distance trips 2015
111 CONDUCT Cost efficient thermal management in motors using next generation nanomaterials 2016
112 EMILK Food treatment process based on high voltage nanopulsed electric discharges in liquid phase 2015
113 BATMAN Feasibility study of a high energy BATtery with novel Metallic lithium ANode 2015
114 ULT-NEMS Ultra-Cold Nano-Mechanics: from Classical to Quantum Complexity 2015
115 CEWET Cost Effective Wireless Electrical Transportation 2015
116 ESEV-4-GR Electric Smart Eco Vacuum Pump For Green Cars 2015
117 LiraTower Novel concept of cost-effective and simplified in-situ concrete tower of 140m for harnessing higher and more consistent wind velocities and enhancing the power output of wind turbines 2015
118 INCH INteractive CHarging 2015
119 REFEREE pREcise Fluids mEteRing EquipmEnt 2015
120 SaSHa Si on SiC for the Harsh Environment of Space 2016
121 SMARTHE Smart Thermostat Évolution 2015
122 GEM in-wheel GEM in-wheel motor 2015
126 SINCAT Single Nanoparticle Catalysis 2016
127 HYBRID_BOATS An innovative hybrid propulsion and generation system for yachts 2015
128 EPICEA Electromagnetic Platform for lightweight Integration/Installation of electrical systems in Composite Electrical Aircraft 2016
129 MIGRATE Massive InteGRATion of power Electronic devices 2016
130 EFICONSUMPTION Innovative System for Electrical Energy Efficiency in industrial plants 2016
131 NVS Nano Voltage Sensors 2016
132 OptoHear Cochlear Optogenetics for Auditory Research and Prosthetics 2015
133 TrimBot2020 A gardening robot for rose, hedge and topiary trimming 2016
134 ReDSHIFT Revolutionary Design of Spacecraft through Holistic Integration of Future Technologies 2016
135 WaterWatt Improvement of energy efficiency in industrial water circuits using gamification for online self-assessment, benchmarking and economic decision support 2016
136 BATMAN Development of Quantitative Metrologies to Guide Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing 2016
137 LIQUISWITCH External Control of Liquid Nanofilms for Switchable Friction and Adhesion 2016
138 REPLICATE REnaissance of Places with Innovative Citizenship and TEchnolgy 2016
139 FLAIR Flexible Hyperspectral Infrared Detectors 2016
140 FLEXTURBINE Flexible Fossil Power Plants for the Future Energy Market through new and advanced Turbine Technologies 2016
141 INAPEM International Network on Advanced high energy Permanent Magnets 2016
142 PIANOSILICA Pianosilica – new, eco-friendly and fire-resistant construction materials. 2016
143 PUREJUICE Industrial scale-up of Pulsed Electric Fields technology for natural fruit juice processing 2016
144 ERXOS ElectroRheological fluid based eXOSkeleton devices for physical upper limb rehabilitation 2016
145 TVP-eNext Torque Vectoring Platform for Next Generation of Electric Driven Vehicles 2016
146 Sensolweighs Solar energy and pressure sensor based solution for truck weighing 2016
147 FIREFELM Mastering the energetic particle distribution in a magnetohydrodynamic active plasma 2017
148 Magintlec Controlling interfacial spin effects in magnetic devices through applied electric fields 2016
149 E-TSIN Modular, scalable, multi-funtional, high power density power controller for electrical taxi 2016
150 SEQUNET Semiconductor-based quantum network 2016
151 HV-EPSA High Voltage Electrical Power System Architecture 2016
152 Subfailtec Operation Optimization and Improved Reliability Solution for Electrical Substations 2016
153 AlterMateria Designer Quantum Materials Out of Equilibrium 2016
154 unLiMIt-2D Unique Light-Matter Interactions with Two-Dimensional Materials 2016
155 TERAMAG Ultrafast spin transport and magnetic order controlled by terahertz electromagnetic pulses 2016
156 CAtMolChip Cold Atmospheric Molecules on a Chip 2016
157 MIDES Microbial Desalination for Low Energy Drinking Water 2016
158 NOVAMAG NOVel, critical materials free, high Anisotropy phases for permanent MAGnets, by design. 2016
159 MagNem Hydrodynamics of Ferromagnetic Nematic Liquid Crystals 2016
160 CAP-CANCER Cold atmospheric plasma treatment for effective cancer cell apoptosis 2016
161 SMART-LANLIGHT New Scanning nearfield Microscopy method bAsed on Radio-frequency Trap and LANthanide nanoprobe for LIGHT matter interaction. 2016
162 SGPCM Switching graphene-plasmon with phase-change materials 2017
163 BuildingControls Efficient Grid Connected Buildings: A Distributed Control Framework for Managing Flexible Loads 2016
164 REBOOT Retrofit all-Electric Bus for reduced Operator Operating costs in urban Transport (REBOOT) 2016
165 HYBCOPTER Hybrid multi copter with 6 times more flight time. 2016
166 pressureNose Enhance efficiency of combustion engines by monitoring internal chambers Pressure with Novel contactless Optical SEnsor 2016
168 CALBATT - ASSET Advanced Solutions for Smart Energy storage and electric Transportation 2016
169 HiPower Development of a commercial manufacturing process for a low cost, small footprint, high efficiency fully electric compressor and power controls to fulfil a market need for use in heavy goods vehicles 2016
170 MIDRAULICS Modular Intelligent hyDRAULICS 2016
171 NedraEV A lightweight, fast charging, EV platform to be utilised on Car Share and Urban Mobility Systems 2016
172 iTractor Smart farmer’s assistant - iTractor ® 2016
173 FLEXOCOMP Enabling flexoelectric engineering through modeling and computation 2016
174 eLightning Lightning propagation and high-energy emissions within coupled multi-model simulations 2016
175 Dynasore Dynamical magnetic excitations with spin-orbit interaction in realistic nanostructures 2016
176 H-DisNet Intelligent Hybrid Thermo-Chemical District Networks 2016
177 CIModelPLUS Advanced Computational Model for the Development of Cochlear Implants 2017
178 ReCETT Remote Control of Electrical Transmission Tower 2016
179 Reminova02 Feasibility Study to Demonstrate Effectiveness and Efficiency of Enamel Remineralisation using Reminova's EAER (Electrically Accelerated Enhanced Remineralisation) Technology for Dental Applications 2016
180 NANOFACTORY Building tomorrow’s nanofactory 2016
181 POWVER Power to the People. Verified. 2016
182 SCEON Scanning Electron Optical Nanoscopy 2016
183 U-SPEC A novel platform for user-friendly spectroscopy at very low temperatures and under strong magnetic fields 2016
184 PROPCONEL More electric, advanced hydromechanics propeller control components. 2016
185 XCORE XCORE: Enabling breakthrough weight reduction for the next generation of cars 2016
186 iProcell Commercial validation of iPROCELL: a novel modular assembly practice 2016
187 Giantleap Giantleap Improves Automation of Non-polluting Transportation with Lifetime Extension of Automotive PEM fuel cells 2016
188 HYTECHCYCLING New technologies and strategies for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies in the phase of recycling and dismantling 2016
189 Safe Hydrogen Fuel Safe Hydrogen-On-Demand Fuel for E-Vehicles 2016
190 PRODRIVE Production-Ready Oriented Development of Radically Innovative Vehicle Electric drive 2016
191 Full Electric Boats New full-electric propulsion system, completely submerged in water, for zero-emissions navigation 2016
192 3C-SiC Si Development of a new disruptive semiconductor technology to produce more efficient, smaller, lighter, and more robust power switches. 2016
193 RELIABLE Wear Resistant Lightweight Aluminium Brakes for Vehicles 2016
194 SMART BIKING Safe parking system for bicycles 2016
195 OHFASTT Advanced Ohmic Heating for resource efficient Thermal Treatment to produce high quality food products 2016
196 GPBOX GPBOX Energy Platform 2016
197 STAIRLESS Unlocking urban barriers for disabled people 2016
198 IsoMS Mass Spectrometry of Isomeric Ions 2016
199 Valleys Valley and spin devices based on two-dimensional semiconductors 2016
200 GravBHs A New Strategy for Gravity and Black Holes 2016
201 HERO High Efficiency electrical motor 2016
203 ADASANDME Adaptive ADAS to support incapacitated drivers Mitigate Effectively risks through tailor made HMI under automation 2016
204 srEDM Search for electric dipole moments using storage rings 2016
205 RES INV Accommodate Renewable Energy in Interconnected Electricity System: an Economic Perspective 2016
206 ELECTRIFIC Enabling seamless electromobility through smart vehicle-grid integration 2016
207 Thomson Controller The Thomson Controller is a fully pre-programmed vehicle and chassis smart control module designed to provide energy efficient and safe supervisory control to an electric vehicle powertrain. 2016
208 SMARTHE Smart thermostat èvolution 2016
210 CREEV Novel Compound Rotary Engine Range Extender for Electric Vehicles 2016
211 ECOMARK An ecological road striping system 2016
212 GreenDrive A molecular fuel modifier for ships able to reduce the costs related to fuel and maintenance for fleet operators. 2016
213 Gybrid EKUPD 2016
214 Plasmapower PlasmaPower: hydro-catalytic plasma gasification for high-efficiency energy generation 2016
215 CHESS Cegasa Portable Hybrid Energy Storage Solution 2016
216 HyPump Enabling Sustainable Irrigation through Hydro-Powered Pump for Canals 2016
217 SuperMagnonics Supercurrents of Magnon Condensates for Advanced Magnonics 2016
218 SYNCHRONVERTER Smart Synchronous inverter for grid’s stability 2016
219 MAXITHERM Innovatiing textile-based heating system for technical applicatiions with a special focus on Electric Vehicles 2016
220 ASPAir Accelerated Synthesis of Nanoporous Photocatalysts for Indoor Air Purification 2016
221 ThermoHeart A revolutionary Stirling engine to use low and medium temperature waste heat to generate electricity and to reduce CO2 emissions 2016
222 SAINT Science and Innovation with thunderstorms 2017
223 H2ME 2 Hydrogen Mobility Europe 2 2016
224 SCALAiR Scaled Test Aircraft Preparation and Qualification 2016
225 THERMOSS Building and district thermal retrofit and management solutions 2016
226 HASTECS Hybrid Aircraft; academic reSearch on Thermal and Electrical Components and Systems 2016
227 ASPIRE Advanced Smart-grid Power dIstRibution systEm 2016
228 ORCA Optimised Real-world Cost-Competitive Modular Hybrid Architecture for Heavy Duty Vehicles 2016
229 HiEff-BioPower Development of a new highly efficient and fuel flexible CHP technology based on fixed-bed updraft biomass gasification and a SOFC 2016
230 FUTURE-RADAR Future Research, Advanced Development and Implementation Activities for Road Transport 2017
232 ECHOES Energy CHOices supporting the Energy union and the Set-plan 2016
233 inSSIght In-depth support for innovation and exploitation in Smart Systems Integration 2017
234 HiperLoc-EP High performance low cost electric propulsion system development 2017
235 SOCIALENERGY A Gaming and Social Network Platform for Evolving Energy Markets’ Operation and Educating Virtual Energy Communities 2017
236 EMEurope ERA-NET Cofund Electric Mobility Europe 2016
237 MINOTOR MagnetIc NOzzle thruster with elecTron cyclOtron Resonance 2017
238 OSIRIS Organic Semiconductors Interfaced with Biological Environments 2017
239 HiNaPc Sodium-ion pouch cells with high energy and power density 2017
240 ELECTRIC_AXLE Electric axle for commercial vehicles 2016
241 Ruggedised Rotterdam, Umea and Glasgow: Generating Exemplar Districts In Sustainable Energy Deployment 2016
242 SABINA SmArt BI-directional multi eNergy gAteway 2016
243 FHP Flexible Heat and Power, Connecting heat and power networks by harnessing the complexity in distributed thermal flexibility. 2016
244 GOFLEX Generalized Operational FLEXibility for Integrating Renewables in the Distribution Grid 2016
245 HEMPT-NG High Efficiency Multistage Plasma Thruster – Next Generation 2017
246 GIESEPP Gridded Ion Engine Standardised Electric Propulsion Platforms 2017
247 CHEOPS Consortium for Hall Effect Orbital Propulsion System 2016
248 CERBERO Cross-layer modEl-based fRamework for multi-oBjective dEsign of Reconfigurable systems in unceRtain hybRid envirOnments 2017
249 SLB-DES Second Life Batteries for Domestic Electricity Storage 2016
250 TEStore Reducing carbon footprint by thermal energy storage 2016
251 chem-fs-MOF Chemical Engineering of Functional Stable Metal-Organic Frameworks: Porous Crystals and Thin Film Devices 2017
252 INVADE Smart system of renewable energy storage based on INtegrated EVs and bAtteries to empower mobile, Distributed and centralised Energy storage in the distribution grid 2017
253 MAGENTA MAGnetic nanoparticle based liquid ENergy materials for Thermoelectric device Applications 2017
254 CLOVER Robust Control, State Estimation and Disturbance Compensation for Highly Dynamic Environmental Mechatronic Systems 2017
255 GFF Green Fast Ferry - the world’s first 30 knots battery powered Air Supported commuter ferry 2016
256 EBAM Electric vehicle battery monitoring 2016
257 AMPHIBIAN Anisometric permanent hybrid magnets based on inexpensive and non-critical materials 2017
258 FASTGRID Cost effective FCL using advanced superconducting tapes for future HVDC grids 2017
259 PHYSIC Photovoltaic with superior crack resistance 2017
260 APACHE The innovative heat pump boiler to double energy efficiency in heat generation 2016
261 INTEGRID An INTEgral optimisation toolbox for smart GRID data communication network design and planning 2016
262 WISH Wearable Integrated System for Early Detection of Preterm Labour 2016
263 ECO CARS Device for reduction of emissions and fuel consumption, optimizing combustion by treatment of fuel on the vehicle 2016
264 ElGrid The Tool Supporting (r)Evolution In Forecasting and Optimizing Power Distribution Networks 2016
265 MarketStudy-OV Market Research for Oceanvolt zero-carbon emission marine electric propulsion system 2016
266 POLG Testing and scaling of an electro-magnetic power on line generator for remote areas 2016
267 BEAM-EDM Unique Method for a Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Search using a Pulsed Beam 2017
268 CAMBAT Calcium and magnesium metal anode based batteries 2017
269 InterFlex Interactions between automated energy systems and Flexibilities brought by energy market players 2017
270 eMobilita Electromobility in urban transport: a multi-dimensional innovation (socio-economic and environmental effects) 2017
272 SOX2-Cloud Integrated Safety Engineering Platform for electrical and electronic systems for transportation 2016
273 XTPL XTPL - A new generation of TCF layers for use in displays and thin film photovoltaic cells 2017
274 STIPED Transcranial brain stimulation as innovative therapy for chronic pediatric neuropsychiatric disorder – STIPED 2017
275 SORCERER Structural pOweR CompositEs foR futurE civil aiRcraft 2017
276 ATOM Advanced Holographic Tomographies for Nanoscale Materials: Revealing Electromagnetic and Deformation Fields, Chemical Composition and Quantum States at Atomic Resolution. 2017
277 LLR Laser Lightning Rod 2017
278 ByAxon Towards an active bypass for neural reconnection 2017
279 DISCOVERER DISCOVERER – DISruptive teChnOlogies for VERy low Earth oRbit platforms 2017
280 CH2P Cogeneration of Hydrogen and Power using solid oxide based system fed by methane rich gas 2017
281 BeStMo Beyond Static Molecules: Modeling Quantum Fluctuations in Complex Molecular Environments 2017
282 MERCURY Modeling the European power sector evolution: low-carbon generation technologies (renewables, CCS, nuclear), the electric infrastructure and their role in the EU leadership in climate policy 2017
283 NEOHIRE NEOdymium-Iron-Boron base materials, fabrication techniques and recycling solutions to HIghly REduce the consumption of Rare Earths in Permanent Magnets for Wind Energy Application 2017
284 FAST TestOM FAST and accurate Testing of Organic Materials 2017
285 HYDRUS high-pressure HYdrogen booster for DistRibUted small-medium refuelling Stations 2017
286 MEMS MEM’S: My Easy Moving System 2017
287 Enerstor Introduction of an electric energy power storage levelling module in the machine tools industry to unleash the enormous energy savings potential and significantly relieve the European power grid 2017
288 SmartSense New Method of Magnetic Field Integration and its Smart Grid and Industrial Applications 2017
289 GMP Green Marine Propulsion 2017
290 Carr-e CARR·e: Lightweight and versatile electric vehicle applied to urban logistics 2017
291 ENERGIZE Efficient Energy Management for Greener Aviation 2017
292 TOPMOST Optimization two phases cooling solution using micro pump brick 2017
293 EMA4FLIGHT Development of Electromechanical Actuators and Electronic control Units for Flight Control Systems 2017
294 CALITO CAbin LIning auTOmation 2017
295 INSTEP INnovative SmarT Electric Power Distribution 2017
296 BITRIDE BIKE SHARING The solution for flexible bike sharing initiatives without fixed stations 2017
297 DeLIVERS Dual LIquid Vector for hydrogEn Refueling Station 2017
298 MEM-DG Modular Electric Motor technology with integrated Digital Gears for increased driving performance 2017
299 Elbee Elbee, a worldwide unique drive-from-wheelchair vehicle 2017
300 ETSMM New photoswitchable materials based on electron transfer process 2017
301 RelPro Relativistic non-linear optical property calculations with density functional theory 2017
302 NanoComSol Nanocomposite Solutions 2017
303 ADVICE ADvancing user acceptance of general purpose hybridized Vehicles by Improved Cost and Efficiency 2017
304 SMASH Smart Sharing 2017
305 2DMAT4ENERGY Stimuli-Responsive Two-Dimensional Materials for Renewable Energy 2017
306 NANO-DIELECTRICS Nanostructured dielectric platforms for electric and magnetic field-enhanced spectroscopies and nonlinear photonics with low-loss characteristics 2017
307 SKDWONTRACK Room temperature stabilization and all-electrical manipulation of chiral spin structures in metallic multilayers 2018
308 SQALE Integrating Superconducting Qubits with Two-dimensional Electron Systems 2017
309 EXPERTISE models, EXperiments and high PERformance computing for Turbine mechanical Integrity and Structural dynamics in Europe 2017
310 AssAZAx AssAZAx: Innovation Methodology for Ground Subsidence Monitoring (The Assessment of small displacements Along Zed Axis) 2017
311 EPIC2D Engineering Electron-Phonon Interactions of Two-Dimensional Materials from First-Principles 2017
312 BFO-Surf Properties across dimensions: an atomistic computational study of bismuth ferrite surfaces and nanocrystals 2017
313 EMPHASIS Enabling Multifunctional Plasmonics on Hybrid Artificial Scale-Integrated Systems 2018
314 DMS Dielectric MicroSpacer Technology 2017
315 NEDM The Neutron Electric Dipole Moment: pushing the precision to understand the matter-antimatter asymmetry 2017
316 TENGEAD Tribo-Electric-Nanogenerator for Energy Autonomous Devices 2017
317 CHIRALQUBIT Antiferromagnetic spin-chiral triangles as decoherence-free qubits 2017
318 IMME-NEM Imaging the Motion of Magneto-Excitons in New Emerging Materials 2017
319 PhotoHeatEffect Heat Transport and its Effects on the Performance of Nanostructured, Photonic Materials 2017
320 V-ChiralSpin Voltage Control of Chiral Spin Structures 2018
321 INFPROBES Microscopic Probes of Inflationary Cosmology 2017
322 ELECTRO-HEAL Electroactive Materials based Bandage for Accelerated Wound Healing 2018
323 MAHEPA Modular Approach to Hybrid Electric Propulsion Architecture 2017
324 No-LIMIT Boosting Photovoltaic Performance by the Synergistic Interaction of Halide Perovskites and Semiconductor Quantum Dots 2017
325 MFreeB Membrane-Free Redox Flow Batteries 2017
326 KISS ME Key Inorganics for Spintronics and MagnetoElectrics 2017
327 ASuMED Advanced Superconducting Motor Experimental Demonstrator 2017
328 SMILE SMart IsLand Energy systems 2017
329 FERROVOLT For a better understanding and design of ferroelectric photovoltaics: First-principles study of optical absorption and charge-carrier transport at ferroelectric domain walls in BiFeO3 2017
330 LIB STRESS In situ stress analysis of lithium-ion battery cell 2018
331 D-TECT Does dust triboelectrification affect our climate? 2017
332 CICERO Cold Ion Chemistry - Experiments within a Rydberg Orbit 2017
333 STYLUS Sustainable urban mobiliTY: ELectric double decker bUS 2017
334 HP-MOSES Solar assisted high temperature heat pumps for molten salt energy storage applications. 2017
335 Ghost Boat A new way to own, drive and maintain a boat 2017
336 C2C-NewCap Towards a safe, reliable and cost competitive transport sector in Europe 2017
337 Auxilia Hybrid Drive for Commercial Ships and Yachts 2017
338 CONNECT Innovative smart components, modules and appliances for a truly connected, efficient and secure smart grid. 2017
339 R3-PowerUP 300mm Pilot Line for Smart Power and Power Discretes 2017
340 PHOTMAT Photonically fused molecular materials 2017
341 TRADE Turbo electRic Aircraft Design Environment (TRADE) 2017
342 INNO PV-SWITCH Innovative Fireman's Switch for Photovoltaic Systems: towards large-scale production 2017
343 SeaBubble Fast-Forwarding to the Future of On-Demand Urban Water Transportation 2017
344 PACS Pantograph Active Control System for e-Highways 2017
345 LeydenJar Boosting Battery Energy Density in Electric Vehicles 2017
347 SOCIORATS Social Distress Response in the Context of Empathy in Rats 2017
348 ZapGoCharger Rapid charging of cordless appliances using graphene-based supercapacitors 2017
349 iPROCELL Commercial validation of iPROCELL: a novel modular assembly practice 2017
350 GEMINI Plus Research and Development in support of the GEMINI Initiative 2017
351 MULTIECS MULTIivariable Environmental Control System 2017
352 IoRL Internet of Radio Light 2017
353 ANALYTICS All-electrical analytic platform for digital fluidics 2017
354 TX3 High speed and high torque electric transaxle enabling unprecedented use in agricultural applications 2017
355 MCM Motor Condition Monitor 2017
356 Pydro Turbine Energy-Recovery Turbine for Water Pipes 2017
357 TAIRA Fault Tolerant Aileron Actuation System for Regional Aircraft 2017
358 UDO The ultimate commuting solution for a car-free city 2017
359 z-BURN Zero-Emission Catalytic Burner for heating in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2017
360 CAPaCITy Designing Conjugated Polymers for Photocatalysis and Ion Transport 2017
361 ElectroBee Mechanisms of electroreception in bees and other terrestrial animals 2017
362 Envision ENergy harVesting by Invisible Solar IntegratiON in building skins 2017
363 HPCForEVs High Power Charger For Electric Vehicles 2017
364 eSHORE Shore Connection Solution for an efficient, environmentally friendly and safe electric power supply to vessels 2017
365 Corvid AI-based autonomous flight control for the electric passenger aircraft of the nearest future 2017
366 DRIVEMODE Integrated Modular Distributed Drivetrain for Electric/Hybrid Vehicles 2017
367 EASITrain European Advanced Superconductivity Innovation and Training 2017
368 FuSuMaTech Future Superconducting Magnet Technology 2017
369 HYBUILD Innovative compact HYbrid electrical/thermal storage systems for low energy BUILDings 2017
370 KTX-20 Mass production platform for L-EVs 2017
371 METEOR Recruiting electronic researcher to develop a predictive sensor to prevent frost on sensitive equipment 2017
372 MIDRAULICS Modular Intelligent Hydraulics 2017
373 ModulED Modular Electric Drivetrains 2017
374 OBELICS Optimization of scalaBle rEaltime modeLs and functIonal testing for e-drive ConceptS 2017
375 QUIET QUalifying and Implementing a user-centric designed and EfficienT electric vehicle 2017
376 ReFreeDrive Rare Earth Free e-Drives featuring low cost manufacturing 2017
377 SOcool SunOyster cooling (SOcool) 2017
378 ELECTRIC Chip Scale Electrically Powered Optical Frequency Combs 2018
380 ASSURED fASt and Smart charging solutions for full size URban hEavy Duty applications 2017
381 DEMOBASE DEsign and MOdelling for improved BAttery Safety and Efficiency 2017
382 STEVE Smart-Taylored L-category Electric Vehicle demonstration in hEtherogeneous urbanuse-cases 2017
383 MAGNITUDE Bringing flexibility provided by multi energy carrier integration to a new MAGNITUDE 2017
384 Torqway Hybrid Safe personal transportation that makes you healthier. 2017
385 Efficoil Integrating Punching and Laser Coil Technology for Metal Manufacturing Industry 2017
386 VIP Véhicule Intelligent et Propre ( Green and Smart Vehicle) 2017
387 MuStMAM Multi State Memory in Artificial Multiferroics 2018
388 TABEDE TowArds Building rEady for Demand rEsponse 2017
389 DOMUS Design OptiMisation for efficient electric vehicles based on a USer-centric approach 2017
390 IMAGE Innovative Manufacturing Routes for Next Generation Batteries in Europe 2017
391 iModBatt Industrial Modular Battery Pack Concept Addressing High Energy Density, Environmental Friendliness, Flexibility and Cost Efficiency for Automotive Applications 2017
392 PowerModule Demonstration of the Next Generation Wave Energy Device – POWERMODULE 2017
393 VHDD Computer-aided Van der Waal Heterostructure Device Design using Unique Response to Electric Fields 2018
394 INTERACT European Industrial Doctorate on Next Generation for sustaINable auTomotive ElectRical ACtuaTion 2017
395 MRI4DEEG An EEG calibration toolkit for monitoring rehabilitation of stroke patients. 2018
396 ENGIMA Engineering of Nanostructures with Giant Magneto-Piezoelectric and Multicaloric Functionalities 2017
397 GAMER Game changer in high temperature steam electrolysers with novel tubular cells and stacks geometry for pressurized hydrogen production 2018
398 ZEFER Zero Emission Fleet vehicles For European Roll-out 2017
399 FLHYSAFE Fuel CelL HYdrogen System for AircraFt Emergency operation 2018
400 FABULOS Pre-Commercial Procurement of Future autonomous bus urban level Operation Systems 2018
401 PREDESA Non-invasive technology for remote screening and personalised therapy of sleeping disorders: EU piloting and commercialisation project 2017
402 HyPump Enabling Sustainable Irrigation through Hydro-Powered Pumps for Canals 2017
403 SMART PlantOne A low-cost IoT - solution for predictive maintenance of small electric motors towards the Factory of the Future 2017
404 CoMoCo Development of an Intelligent Controller for Electro-motors 2017
405 Turbo-FuelCell Compact, light, efficient and reliable turbo compressor for fuel cell vehicles 2017
406 ZAP ZAPINAMO – Affordable, future-proof rapid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles from stored[clean and economical] energy 2017
407 QLEX Creo QLEX Creo – Bringing reach to the drone market. 2017
408 OxTube The smartest non-energy aeration system for water cleaning facilities 2017
409 BATTERY PLUS High performing batteries for accelerated uptake of hybrid and electric vehicles 2018
410 CELION Circular Economy applied to LI-ION batteries for smart electric mobility in cities 2017
411 PISSARRO Photonic integrated devices for second order nonlinear optical processes 2018
412 Mat4Rail Designing the railway of the future: Fire resistant composite materials and smart modular design 2017
413 AMPWISE Autonomous Wireless Current Sensor for Aircraft Power Lines 2018
414 RAISE Reliable Aircraft electrical Insulation System sElection 2018
415 SPEED-EU Damping device to solve the pantograph-line capture problems, especially for the EU high-speed railways lines 2018
416 Ellum AC System An advanced air conditioning system for Electric Vehicles 2018
418 CLEAN CABINET A Unique and Innovative flushing test bench for cleanliness assessment of hydraulic components that allows to increase test efficiency and reduce costs 2018
419 OriginIoT OriginIoT - novel platform for increased utilization of GNSS constellations via outdoor IoT products 2018
420 BLUESKY Robust kit to convert diesel vehicles to Natural Gas and Biogas for extended life and reducedcontaminants emission 2018
421 SREM Smart Renewable Energy Manager for the Industrial Prosumer Market 2018
422 EASY-RES Enable Ancillary Services bY Renewable Energy Sources 2018
423 QRES Transforming the limits of resolution by utilizing quantum information 2018
424 AMuLET Advanced Control Unit for Morphing Leading Edge Management 2018
425 ENIGMA Supervisor Control for ENhanced electrIcal enerGy MAnagement 2018
426 HADES HADES - Optical Hot Air Leak DEtection System 2018
427 ELECTRO-POM From discovery to scale up of cluster based electrolytes for Ultra-high energy storage flow batteries 2018
428 PolymersForSolarFuel Conjugated Polymers for Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution from Water 2018
429 lif-E-Buoy Compact hydro generator for electric vehicles charging stations (to serve as an energy lifebuoy) 2018
431 POWERSWAP Fully robotic system for swapping electric car batteries within 3 minutes. 2018
432 SmartCharge SmartCharge: Smart integrated circuits for advanced battery management 2018
433 quMercury Ultracold mercury for a measurement of the EDM 2018
434 PALACE Pump Architecture Linked to Aircraft Cooling Expectations 2018
435 FERHAZ Multiscale Investigations on Si-integrable Ferroelectric Hafnia-Zirconia Systems: From Fundamental Understanding to Everyday Electronics 2018
436 CHESTER Compressed Heat Energy Storage for Energy from Renewable sources 2018
437 REFITT Rare Earth Free Innovative Truck Traction 2018
438 B-SMART Biomaterials derived from food waste as a green route for the design of eco-friendly, smart and high performance cementitious composites for the next generation multifunctional built infrastructure 2018
439 E-SPECTR Excitation Spectroscopy Sensor 2018
440 eJUMP Organic Ionic Plastic Crystals Nanocomposites for Safer Batteries 2019
441 ElectroNick The Combination of Electrochemistry and Nickel Catalysis: New Bond-Forming Reactions on a Sustainable Platform 2018
442 reFUEL Going global? Renewable fuel trade and social land-use restrictions in a low-carbon energy system 2018
443 NGBMI Building Next-Generation Brain/Neural-Machine Interfaces For Restoration of Brain Functions 2018
444 H3PS H3PS – High Power High Scalability Aircraft Hybrid Powertrain 2018
445 RYD-QNLO Quantum nonlinear optics through Rydberg interaction 2018
446 SELDOM Search for the electric dipole moment of strange and charm baryons at LHC 2018
447 FUN POLYSTORE FUNctionalized POLYmer electrolytes for energy STORagE 2018
448 Rotational Waves Controlling and resolving rotational quantum states in a molecule-surface collision: Matter-wave magnetic interference experiments with ground state molecules. 2018
449 ARTISTIC Advanced and Reusable Theory for the In Silico-optimization of composite electrode fabrication processes for rechargeable battery Technologies with Innovative Chemistries 2018
450 FLEET Flying Electromagnetic Toroids 2018
451 MEET Multidisciplinary and multi-context demonstration of EGS exploration and Exploitation Techniques and potentials 2018
452 NERUDA Numerical and ERT stUdies for Diffusive and Advective high-enthalpy systems 2018
453 MUST Magnetoelectric Ultra-low-power Spin-wave Transducers 2018
454 TCDL Topological Colloidal Double Layers 2018
455 LowD-CT Low-dose Computed Tomography for pediatric applications 2019
456 URCHIN continUous flow ReaCtor for Hierarchically desIgned Nanocomposites 2018
457 ARTEMIS Graphene Molecule Interfaces for Spintronics 2019
458 RydIons Coherent manipulation of cold trapped ions in Rydberg states 2018
459 ESTIMA Electronics and Spintronics of Topological Insulator/MAgnetic Insulator heterostructures 2019
460 UMOTA Ultracold Molecules in Optical Trap Arrays 2018
461 PATCHES Protein Adsorption onTo CHarged surfacES 2018
462 THINKPV Forecasting Tool for supporting of grid operations with HIgh INtegration of distributed PV generation 2018
463 ML Potentials Constructing Intermolecular Potentials by Combining Physics and Machine Learning 2018
464 Capcooltech Accelerating the transition to low carbon electrified mobility with a disruptive increase in e-machine efficiency at reduced cost 2018
465 HPC-rotors Disrupting the global e-mobility sector by production of application-specific rotors for the automotive industry with an innovative and unique vertical laminar squeeze-casting process 2018
467 HEAF High-Efficiency Axial Flux Machines 2018
468 SOFTCAR The cleanest and lowest cost car ever! 2018
469 HARVEST Hierarchical multifunctional composites with thermoelectrically powered autonomous structural health monitoring for the aviation industry 2018
470 ENABLEH2 ENABLing cryogEnic Hydrogen based CO2 free air transport (ENABLEH2) 2018
471 TrAM Transport: Advanced and Modular 2018
472 HySeas III Realising the world's first sea-going hydrogen-powered RoPax ferry and a business model for European islands 2018
473 E-LOBSTER Electric LOsses Balancing through integrated STorage and power Electronics towards increased synergy between Railways and electricity distribution networks 2018
474 SecREEts Secure European Critical Rare Earth Elements 2018
475 CarE-Service Circular Economy Business Models for innovative hybrid and electric mobility through advanced reuse and remanufacturing technologies and services 2018
476 REACTION first and euRopEAn siC eigTh Inches pilOt liNe 2018
477 SHADOKS Active nanofluidics towards ionic machines 2018
478 TRENSCRYBE TRapped ENSembles of Circular RYdBErg atoms for quantum simulation 2018
479 GRECO Fostering a Next Generation of European Photovoltaic Society through Open Science 2018
480 BioWings Bio-compatible electrostrictive smart materials for future generation of medical micro-electro- mechanical systems 2018
481 PIEDMONS Portable Ion Devices for Mobile-Oriented Next-generation semiconductor Technologies 2018
482 Mol-2D Molecule-induced control over 2D Materials 2018
483 Have a BLaST Disruptive Bike Logistic Smart Trailer for efficient, painless and zero nuisance last mile delivery in cities 2018
484 ComFyt ComFyt, the revolution in compression therapy. A novel Electro-Active Polymers technology applied to a smart stocking that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates the blood flow. 2018
485 AgrowFab Far Infrared Radiation Smart Fabric Heating Element for GreenHouses 2018
486 Solar Bank Virtual Energy Trading IT System to couple photovoltaic production and electric vehicles charging. 2018
487 EXOTRAIL Miniaturised Hall effect propulsion for small satellites 2018
488 ACE Autonomous Cable assembly Enabler 2018
489 Green Radar An advance Multi-Side Boating Platform working with Passive Radar technology boosting a new emerging market 2018
490 TETRHA Electro-Mechanical Haptic System: Development and implementation of a component designed to improve haptic feedback in a touch sensitive application 2018
491 AQUA PUR TM Development and market penetration of an innovative water purification technology for industrial applications 2018
493 ALTOM Ground-breaking two-phase cooling solution for Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles 2018
494 HYBRiX Hybrid fuel-electric multicopter RPAS with 10 times more flight time than current solutions in the market 2018
495 AMPSS AMPSS – Advanced Micro-propulsion for Small Satellites 2018
496 Pangea Aerospace Pangea Aerospace - Launch Vehicles for small satellites (payload capacity up to 150kg), wich provide affordable access to space tailored to the micro/nano satellite market 2018
497 Hybrid Drive The worldwide first hybrid multi-functional municipal vehicle for a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, fine particles and noise pollution in cities 2018
498 LONGRIDER Long Autonomy E-bike through enhanced Regenerative Braking 2018
499 NegaWh EXchange Balancing demand-response platform for an efficient, reasonably-priced and sustainable electricity market 2018
500 FlexCoil A New Generation of Small Electric Motors: More Powerful, Smaller, Greener 2018
501 MATTERHORN Electronic Thruster Controller for Underwater Vehicles and Robots 2018
502 Apollo Novel electric turbines to power the VTOL drone & aircraft revolution 2018
503 PowerData Energy Data Management system to support the smart grid 2018
504 XCORE XCORE: Low Cost CFRP Production for the Next Generation of Lightweight Cars 2018
505 PAMPAS Productionisation of Advanced Modular Passenger Autonomous Seating 2018
506 Triboconditioning Development of an innovative and cost-efficient process for friction and wear reduction 2018
507 SEABOAT Sustainable Environmentally-friendly Advanced-Composite Zero-Emission Boats 2018
508 LiionFire Automated e-buses Lithium Ion Battery Early Warning and Fire Suppression System 2018
509 SIGAGuard Cybersecurity anomaly detection solution for critical infrastructures 2018
510 ESKAM Electric Scalable Axle Module for e-Mobility 2018
511 MAGIT Magnesium and Aluminium Gas Injection Technology for High Pressure Die Casting 2018
512 SUNSET Storage energy UNit for Smart and Efficient operation on Tarmac 2018
513 Podbike Podbike - electric assisted velomobile 2018
514 POWERSPIN Low-power spin-wave-based computing 2018
515 SCENT Smart Cities EMC Network for Training 2018
516 TARDIS A novel robotic parcel locker platform for cheap, efficient & convenient last-mile delivery 2018
517 LC-SOLAR Low cost solar energy conversion to electricity 2018
518 BB6S Active Anti-lock braking system for e-bikes able to avoid the front wheel locking and the rear wheel lifting increasing cyclist safety during braking 2018
519 HyGate Hydrophobic Gating in nanochannels: understanding single channel mechanisms for designing better nanoscale sensors 2019
520 SRM SRM: Synchronous Reluctance Motor. Introducing a new lifting technology in the elevator market 2018
521 Tips in SCQFT Lattice gauge theories studies of timely theoretical and phenomenological questions in strongly coupled quantum field theories. 2019
522 HR-Recycler Hybrid Human-Robot RECYcling plant for electriCal and eLEctRonic equipment 2018
523 PulseTester Next-Generation Thyristor pulse technology for testing of high power magnetic components in DC Smart Grids 2018
524 ASTERIQS Advancing Science and TEchnology thRough dIamond Quantum Sensing 2018
525 EMAGIN2D Electrical control of magnetism in multiferroic 2D materials 2018
526 Morocco International Energy Agency Joint Work Programme with the Kingdom of Morocco to support the transition away from to a decarbonized energy system. 2018
527 CEVOLVER Connected Electric Vehicle Optimized for Life, Value, Efficiency and Range 2018
528 XILforEV Connected and Shared X-in-the-loop Environment for Electric Vehicles Development 2019
529 ACHILES Advanced Architectures Chassis/Traction concept for Future Electric vehicles 2018
530 SELFIE SELF-sustained and Smart Battery Thermal Management SolutIon for Battery Electric Vehicles 2018
531 COTOFLEXI Computational Modelling, Topological Optimization and Design of Flexoelectric Nano Energy Harvesters 2019
532 KG Pro 2.0 The world’s first remote, automated training tool and autonomous diagnostics solution for independent and OEM car dealerships and automotive education centers 2018
533 TerAqua Compact and powerful strong-field terahertz light source for exploring water in new regimes 2019
534 FITGEN Functionally Integrated E-axle Ready for Mass Market Third GENeration Electric Vehicles 2019
535 Matrix Charging Matrix Charging: Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles 2018
536 POLYNSPIRE Demonstration of Innovative Technologies towards a more Efficient and Sustainable Plastic Recycling 2018
537 MERLON Integrated Modular Energy Systems and Local Flexibility Trading for Neural Energy Islands 2019
538 E-MAGIC European Magnesium Interactive Battery Community 2019
539 UPSCALE Upscaling Product development Simulation Capabilities exploiting Artificial inteLligence for Electrified vehicles 2018
540 EVC1000 Electric Vehicle Components for 1000 km daily trips (EVC1000). 2019
541 IDEN Innovative Distributed Electrical Network 2018
542 ERICE Super hydrophobic and erosion resistant coating for turbine scroll and downstream pipe 2018
543 MDD Denis Ferranti JTI-CS2-2017-CfP07-LPA-01-40 2018
544 QUICK Quick Disconnect System 2018
545 IoTMemory Next generation of memory for the age of IoT 2018
546 ALFOAM Turning non-recyclable aluminum waste into metal foams with multiple applications 2019
547 TELL Towards a fast-uptake of mEdium/Low-voltage eLectric power trains 2018
548 PowerShare Charging network optimized for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) 2018
549 3D-FIREFLUC Taming the particle transport in magnetized plasmas via perturbative fields 2019
550 Konetik eLCV Artificial Intelligence based Smart Charging Assistant for Electric Light Commercial Vehicle Fleets 2018
551 FREENERGY Lead-free halide perovskites for the highest efficient solar energy conversion 2019
552 SYS2WHEEL Integrated components, systems and architectures for efficient adaption and conversion of commercial vehicle platforms to 3rd generation battery electric vehicles for future CO2-free city logistics 2019
553 i-HeCoBatt Intelligent Heating and Cooling solution for enhanced range EV Battery packs 2019
554 THEAC 25 From heat to cold with THEAC-25®, the Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter. 2019
555 Nuventura Novel medium voltage switchgear with zero environmental footprint 2019
556 Hydrogreen Towards local circular economy: biomass-based pyrogasification process for the production of green hydrogen 2018
558 SPIDER Safe and Prelithiated hIgh energy DEnsity batteries based on sulphur Rocksalt and silicon chemistries 2019
559 NonlinearTopo Nonlinear Optical and Electrical Phenomena in Topological Semimetals 2019
560 FOG Frequency protector generator for honeybees 2019
561 SensApp Super-sensitive detection of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in plasma by an innovative droplet split-and-stack approach 2019
562 VIDICAT Versatile Ionomers for DIvalent CAlcium baTteries 2019
563 Nessox Changing the electric-vehicle paradigm with green, long-lasting and fast recharge liquid batteries 2019
564 NANOPOLY Artificial permittivity and permeability engineering for future generation sub wavelength analogue integrated circuits and systems 2019
565 Algo-Grid Platform for Operations and Maintenance Management of Power Smart Grids based on advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence 2019
566 UpTEMPO Ultrafast tunneling microscopy by optical field control of quantum currents 2019
567 MultiplexGenomics Exploring the Epigenome by Multiplexed Physical Mapping of Individual Chromosomes 2019
568 FICOMOL Field Control of Cold Molecular Collisions 2019
569 MicroMotors The most advanced micromotors in the world 2019
570 LIGHTYEAR Developing the electric car that charges itself: Lightyear One 2019
571 Hearing Contacts Contact Lenses for the Ear - Invisibly providing natural hearing experience for Europe's 52 million hearing-impaired people 2019
572 NeuralShape NeuralShape: the first deep-learning based software to improve the engineer ‘work. 2019
573 ABLE Home use, affordable and lightweight exoskeleton for people with lower-limb paralysis 2019
574 EPS55 Electric Propulsion System for the Air Transportation of Tomorrow 2019
575 e-SPECS Market maturation of the first electric superbike with digital technology for tuning control and improved safety 2019
576 Sodium_Ion_Batteries Safe, fast-charging long-life Sodium-ion batteries for vehicles and power storage 2018
579 AUDACITY compAct powerfUl anD reliAble piezoeleCtrIc acTuator for landing gear sYstems 2019
580 SCOPUS Smart Converters for Optimized Power Usage and Storage 2019
581 COMBO3D Composite mould tool based on 3D printing 2019
582 Solar QUEST QUalitative Electricity STorage for Solar energy 2019
583 FOXON Functionality of Oxide based devices under Electric-field: Towards Atomic-resolution Operando Nanoscopy 2018
584 eOutboard High Performance Electric Outboard Motor System and Supply Chain Innovation 2018
585 FR8RAIL II Digitalization and Automation of Freight Rail 2018
586 CITRES Chemistry and interface tailored lead-free relaxor thin films for energy storage capacitors 2019
587 VILB Very high temperature HVDC busbar (180 - 240°) with reliable and cost effective technology 2018
588 ULTIMATE ULtra-ThIck Multi-mAterial baTtery Electrodes 2019
589 RESWITCH Redox-Controlled Resistive Switching in Hybrid Metal-Organic Thin Films towards Neuromorphic Computing 2019
590 HOEMEV Hierarchical Optimal Energy Management of Electric Vehicles 2019
591 CoSiLiS Developement of compact single-cycle light sources 2019
592 MAGIMOX Nanometre scale imaging of magnetic perovskite oxide thin films using scanning transmission electron microscopy 2019
593 LiBAT Development of a High Voltage Lithium BATtery 2018
594 WiPASS Wireless Power for Autonomous Sensor Systems 2019
595 BIOVIB Electric Interactions and Structural Dynamics of Hydrated Biomolecules Mapped by Ultrafast Vibrational Probes 2019
596 RES4BUILD Renewables for clean energy buildings in a future power system 2019
597 ACHROMAS Novel Materials Based on Alkali Chromites and Manganites for the Generation of Magnetic Skyrmions 2019
598 EDiMplant Electrical Discharge Machining for enhanced osseointegration and antibacterial capabilities of β-phase Titanium Implant 2019
599 JG-GH-UCLouvain A materials informatics approach to the Pauling’s rules and structure-property relationships in low thermal conductivity materials 2019
600 EMAGICS Atomistic spin dynamics and spectroscopic investigation of spin-induced magnetoelectric multiferroic materials 2019
601 OXWALD 2D Oxide and van der Waals layered devices 2019
602 FracTAlS High Cycle Fatigue Cracking of Meso- and Micromechanical Testpieces of Aluminide Intermetallics, with in situ Nanoscale Strain Mapping 2020
603 AXIONRUSH Rethinking Ultraviolet Scenarios for Hunting the AXION 2019
604 B2B-sync Brain to Brain Synchronization and the role of the shared semantics 2019
605 GAlBs Novel porous graphite as cathodes for advanced aluminium-ion batteries 2019
606 BELENUS Lowering Costs by Improving Efficiencies in Biomass Fueled Boilers: New Materials and Coatings to Reduce Corrosion 2019
607 SHEALTHY Non-Thermal physical technologies to preserve fresh and minimally processed fruit and vegetables 2019
608 MMQIP Molecular Magnets: Coordination Cages, Frameworks and Multifunctional Materials 2020
609 CATALYSTNH3SYNTHESIS Synthetically Tuned Atomic Ordering and Electronic Properties of Nano-Intermetallic Compounds for the Ammonia Synthesis. 2019
610 MOTIVE Motivating Consumers for Sustainable Consumption: The Causal Effects of Multiple Motives 2020
611 PhenAnOx New Chemical Synthetic Methods for Reacting Phenols Selectively with Different Molecules and With Itself: Use of Electricity as a Sustainable, Economic and Traceless Reagent. 2020
612 PAWA World's first mobile power grid and business ecosystem to support it 2019
613 Seabubbles Delivering the future of urban water transportation with novel electric hydrofoil boats 2019
614 cleanFIRE The first pellet stove with ultra-precise air supply that reduces to near-zero the harmful emissions produced during single room heating 2019
615 LEKAEH A novel, cost-, time- and energy-efficient, electric hammer to replace the traditional hydraulic hammer 2019
616 EMphiTech A new generation of electric motors that provides higher power density and safety features by a novel winding architecture 2019
617 HARMONY Title: Holistic Approach for Providing Spatial & Transport Planning Tools and Evidence to Metropolitan and Regional Authorities to Lead a Sustainable Transition to a New Mobility Era 2019
618 FOX Innovative down-scaled FOod processing in a boX 2019
619 PROMPT PRemature Obsolescence Multi-Stakeholder Product Testing Program 2019
620 SUSMAGPRO Sustainable Recovery, Reprocessing and Reuse of Rare-Earth Magnets in a Circular Economy (SUSMAGPRO) 2019
621 UltimateGaN Research for GaN technologies, devices, packages and applications to address the challenges of the future GaN roadmap 2019
622 MISSION Multifunctional aIrcraft power network with Solid-State electrIcal pOwer SwitchiNg 2019
623 e-NeuroPharma Electronic Neuropharmacology 2019
624 STRELECOID Stretchable mesh-electrodes interfacing human iPSC brain organoids 2019
625 CoReco Cost competitive process for recycling Cobalt from end of life Li-ion batteries 2019
626 FUTrailer Full-equipped electric trailer to boost the implementation of efficient, eco-friendly and resilient last-mile delivery 2019
628 TailWind Revolutionary electric plane technology that can be used for new build aircraft as well as to convert existing non-electric turboprops into fully electric aircraft. 2019
629 MoonBikes A personal electric mobility snow vehicle 2019
630 BALLISTOP Revealing 1D ballistic charge and spin currents in second order topological insulators 2020
631 iNano Inverted core/shell Nanocrystals: the future Nanomaterial for the Visualization of Neuron activity 2019
632 Turbo-FCell Compact, light, efficient and reliable turbo compressor for fuel cell vehicles 2019
633 ElectroGas New Technology for Efficient Electrochemical Production of Synthetic Natural Gas 2019
634 LeydenJar Pure Silicon Anodes Boosting the Energy Density of Li-ion Batteries 2019
635 BATNMR Development and Application of New NMR Methods for Studying Interphases and Interfaces in Batteries 2019
636 APAC Advanced Pain Control – An innovation in pain control for those suffering from secondary bone cancer 2019
637 aEro The future of aviation is electric 2019
638 FRESCO FeRroElectric control of Spin-charge interCOnversion 2020
639 MMEM Miniaturized Matrixed Enthalpy Metter - Portable, affordable, easy to operate, diagnostic device enabling a rapid & accurate diagnosis of a patient infected by antibiotic-resistant bacteria 2019
640 HECARRUS Hybrid ElectriC smAll commuteR aiRcraft conceptUal deSign 2019
641 CPS4EU Cyber Physical Systems for Europe 2019
642 UpGen Emission free and novel fuel cell-based electrical generator UP400 2019
643 XFLEX Hydropower Extending Power System Flexibility 2019
644 REGATRACE REnewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe 2019
645 NEEMO Networking for Excellence in Electric Mobility Operations 2019
646 ReStoRe Integrated Refractory and Steel Recovery 2019
647 EGG1 Making distributed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation with zero pollution convenient 2019
648 Medusa Innovative technology for Geomechanical and Geophysical Stability Analysis in Tailings Dams 2019
651 DAICY Design and AI for sustainable and safe motorCYcles 2019
652 GluttonZen The First Driver-Minded Electric Compact Street-Sweeper 2019
654 ConnectToBrain Connecting to the Networks of the Human Brain 2019
655 HIFLEX HIgh storage density solar power plant for FLEXible energy systems 2019
657 ELICA ELectric Innovative Commuter Aircraft 2019
658 FUTURBINE Transforming distributed energy generation through the FUTURe Gas TurBINE 2019
659 LightCatcher Scalable energy efficiency modules integrating both energy recovery and passive cooling systems for the solar photovoltaic industry 2019
660 Modula The world first industrial full electric actuator to drive the transition to sustainable electric solutions in the manufacturing industry 2019
661 DANUBIAGRAPH The graphene-based resistance temperature sensors application 2019
662 Addionics Innovative 3D electro-printing method to improve power, capacity and safety of lithium ion-batteries 2019
663 ECO DRIVE Noise and vibration in eco-efficient powertrains 2020
664 MagnEFi Magnetism and the effects of Electric Field 2019
665 FLEXIGRID Interoperable solutions for implementing holistic FLEXIbility services in the distribution GRID 2019
666 ATRA Aerial Transport for Remote Areas 2019
667 BatteryCheck Take the mystery out of battery life. 2019
668 ASCenSIon Advancing Space Access Capabilities - Reusability and Multiple Satellite Injection 2020
669 BeMAGIC Magnetoelectrics Beyond 2020: A Training Programme on Energy-Efficient Magnetoelectric Nanomaterials for Advanced Information and Healthcare Technologies 2019
670 REVaMP Retrofitting equipment for efficient use of variable feedstock in metal making processes 2020
671 POWERSKIN PLUS Highly advanced modular integration of insulation, energising and storage systems for non-residential buildings 2019
672 SIRA A disruptive machine to enable mass production of composite parts 2019
673 Raylap RAYLAP, innovative springy cranks for bikes to foster sustainable urban mobility 2019
674 PROMINEL Production Method for Ironless Electric Motors 2019
676 PRISME PRogram for ISolation Manufacturing in Europe (PRISME) 2019
677 HITCOMP High Temperature Characterization and Modelling of Thermoplastic Composites 2019
678 ADDIMOT ADDitively manufactured limited angle torque MOTor for Smart Active Inceptors 2019
679 FOCALSPEC Solving the Root Cause of Battery Short Circuits:FocalSpec high-speed 3D imaging sensors revolutionise industrial quality control 2019
680 ARCTRACK Assessment of arc tracking hazards in high voltage aerospace systems 2019
681 CARAMEL Artificial Intelligence based cybersecurity for connected and automated vehicles 2019
682 NEMESIS Novel Electride Material for Enhanced electrical propulSIon Solutions 2019
683 Light-DYNAMO Light driven hybrid nanocrystal TMDC capacitors 2020
684 3DScavengers Three-dimensional nanoscale design for the all-in-one solution to environmental multisource energy scavenging 2020
685 DEBIMAX Carbon coated Silicon Production Scaling Up for Li-ion batteries 2019
686 AVANGARD Advanced manufacturing solutions tightly aligned with business needs 2019
688 REMODEL Robotic tEchnologies for the Manipulation of cOmplex DeformablE Linear objects 2019
689 ANHARMONIC Anharmonic Semiconductors 2019
690 SSHARE Self-sufficient humidity to electricity Innovative Radiant Adsorption System Toward Net Zero Energy Buildings 2019
691 UAVEndure II Innovative fuel cell propulsion technology enabling long endurance for small UAVs 2019
692 3DPartForm 3D-printing of PARTiculate FORMulations utilizing polymer microparticle-based voxels 2020
693 iFACT iFACT - Iodine Fed Advanced Cusp field Thruster 2020
694 AETHER Air-breathing Electric THrustER 2019
695 ICHTHYS OptImization of novel value CHains for fish and seafood by developing an integraTed sustainable approacH for improved qualitY, safety and waSte reduction 2020
696 HIPATIA HelIcon PlasmA Thruster for In-space Applications 2020
697 EDDA European Direct-Drive Architecture 2019
698 SSR Voltage Shield Stabilizer Regulator 2019
699 SELEX X-ray sensor for the recognition of polymer type, additive and fillers in black and coloured plastics for recycling and analysis 2019
700 DEMAND Density Modulated Silicon Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries 2019
701 PJP Plasma Jet Pack 2020
702 TIMAN262O A new generation of dry & quiet street sweepers 2019
703 3beLiEVe Delivering the 3b generation of LNMO cells for the xEV market of 2025 and beyond 2020
704 BALIHT Development of full lignin based organic redox flow battery suitable to work in warm environments and heavy multicycle uses. 2019
705 Magnesys Efficient filtering of metallic impurities in food processing 2019
706 ASTRABAT All Solid-sTate Reliable BATtery for 2025 2020
707 Energy Trailer Energy as a Service for clean transportation 2019
708 ERIGrid 2.0 European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid and Smart Energy Systems Research, Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out – Second Edition 2020
709 HYDROTRONICS Hydrodynamic electronics 2019
710 BATTERY PLUS High performing batteries for accelerated uptake of hybrid and electric vehicles 2019
712 LET Real Time 360 Live Streaming Electric City Auto Tours 2019
713 ZeroAMP Nanomechanical Switch-Based Logic and Non-Volatile Memory for Robust Ultra-Low Power Circuits 2020
714 LONGRUN Development of efficient and environmental friendly LONG distance powertrain for heavy dUty trucks aNd coaches 2020
715 IMOTHEP Investigation and Maturation of Technologies for Hybrid Electric Propulsion 2020
716 FUTPRINT50 Future propulsion and integration: towards a hybrid-electric 50-seat regional aircraft 2020
717 FC-eCompressor Commercialisation of a Novel and Efficient Air Compressor to Improve the Economic Viability of Hydrogen Fuel Cells 2020
718 TPV 2500 High performance hydraulic pump for off road mobile equipment 2020
719 BATT3RY The first integral repairing method for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries which considers their full life-cycle 2020
720 MAGSHAKE Shaken and stirred: Terahertz electric field control of magnetism 2020
721 ICEBERG Scalable Optimization of Power Systems with Flexible Demand and Renewable Supply 2020
722 ProExcer Projectile exciter for noiseless environment 2020
723 SOLUTIONSplus Integrated Urban Electric Mobility Solutions in the Context of the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda 2020
724 SENSES Making Sense of Electrical Noise by Simulating Electrolyte Solutions 2020
725 MolecQuantumMachines Molecular Quantum Machines 2020
726 ATTO-GRAM Attosecond Gated Holography 2020
727 FEVER Flexible Energy Production, Demand and Storage-based Virtual Power Plants for Electricity Markets and Resilient DSO Operation 2020
728 MIGHTY Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Hierarchical Li-Ion Battery Electrodes 2020
729 RRTB Recovery and Return-To-Base European Reusable Micro-Launcher Project 2020
730 Navigato CaaS – Car Charging as a Service for Smart Mobility 2019
731 e-port Drive your Electric Vehicle with the Power of the sun 2020
732 ebalance-plus Energy balancing and resilience solutions to unlock the flexibility and increase market options for distribution grid 2020
733 EPIC2 Electric Propulsion Innovation and Competitiveness 2.0 (EPIC2) 2019
734 Worlds of Lithium A multi-sited and transnational study of transitions towards post-fossil fuel societies 2020
735 FUTrailer Fully-equipped electric trailer supporting the transition towards sustainable city logistics 2020
736 Programmable Matter New materials enabled by programmable two-dimensional chemical reactions across van der Waals gap 2020
737 EXAFONIS Exploring antiferromagnetic order at the nanoscale with a single spin microscope 2020
738 ATRONICS Creating building blocks for atomic-scale electronics 2020
739 SEED Solvated Ions in Solid Electrodes: Alternative routes toward rechargeable batteries based on abundant elements 2020
740 RTTT Real-Time ThermoTronics: handling fluctuations, dynamics and dissipation for smart radiative thermal management 2020
741 CRYSTALCLOCK Readout scheme for solid-state nuclear clock 2020
742 ACONIT Actuators for Surge Control in Gas Turbine 2020
743 MAGIT Magnesium and Aluminium Gas Injection Technology for High Pressure Die Casting 2020
744 ADDPLUGIN Plug-in Electric System to Cut Emissions on Transportation 2020
745 EnergUP Development of alga-based photovoltaic devices: Electron transport from photosynthesis via the cell wall to electrodes 2020
746 BlochTG Bloch Oscillations, Wannier-Stark Localisation and Coherent Terahertz Emission in Twisted Graphene Superlattices 2020
747 EPmIC Controlling the susceptibility of biological cells to pulsed electric field treatment by using ion channel modulators 2021
748 STMICRO Space-time visualization of microelectronic chip operation with femtosecond electron microscopy 2020
749 ReSensE Reversed-polarity III-nitride Sensors for Enhanced UV-detection 2020
750 BIOIMD Bioresorbable Self-powered Implantable Device 2020
751 BLU-SPARK The first Hybrid Power Unit Retrofit Solution for airplanes 2020
752 SiC_Scope Automated inspection tool to unveil defects in raw Silicon Carbide crystals. 2020
753 EnFoRCe Effects of Electric Fields on tuRbulent Combustion 2021
754 SUBLIME Solid state sUlfide Based LI-MEtal batteries for EV applications 2020
755 EASIER Electric Aircraft System Integration Enabler 2020
756 SilentProp Development of computational and experimental noise assessment and suppression methodologies for the next generation of silent distributed propulsion configurations 2020
757 VENUS inVestigation of distributEd propulsion Noise and its mitigation through wind tUnnel experiments and numerical Simulations 2020
758 BIO-CC Bio-based carbon fiber - commercialization 2020