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# achronym  title  year 
1 dasQ Atomic-Scale Dynamics of Quantum Materials 2015
2 PoC-ID Platform for ultra-sensitive Point-of-Care diagnostics for Infectious Diseases 2015
3 lightMaterInt Exploiting light and material interaction 2015
4 nextBioPharmDSP Next-generation biopharmaceutical downstream process 2015
5 DiViNe Sustainable downstream processing of vaccines through incorporation of nanobiotechnologies : novel affinity ligands and biomimetic membranes 2015
6 WASCOSYS Wavefunctions for strongly correlated systems 2015
7 DIVERSITY Cloud Manufacturing and Social Software Based Context Sensitive Product-Service Engineering Environment for Globally Distributed Enterprise 2015
8 Built2Spec Built to Specifications: Self-Inspection, 3D Modelling, Management and Quality-Check Tools for the 21st Century Construction Worksite 2015
9 gRESONANT Resonant Nuclear Gamma Decay and the Heavy-Element Nucleosynthesis 2015
10 Big Splash Big Splash: Efficient Simulation of Natural Phenomena at Extremely Large Scales 2015
11 Autophagy in vitro Reconstituting Autophagosome Biogenesis in vitro 2015
12 GEM From Geometry to Motion: inverse modeling of complex mechanical structures 2015
13 TIME-BRIDGE Time-scale bridging potentials for realistic molecular dynamics simulations 2015
14 COFLeaf Fuel from sunlight: Covalent organic frameworks as integrated platforms for photocatalytic water splitting and CO2 reduction 2015
15 PHySIS Sparse Signal Processing Technologies for HyperSpectral Imaging Systems 2015
16 UPTIME Real-TIME probing of Ultrafast Phenomena 2015
17 STEPWISE SEWGS Technology Platform for cost effective CO2 reduction the in the Iron and Steel Industry 2015
18 INSIGHT New chemical detection methods based on NMR and nanoparticles 2015
19 CEMCAP CO2 capture from cement production 2015
20 DEFNET DEFect NETwork materials science and engineering 2015
21 DISTRO Distributed 3D Object Design 2015
22 C-CASCADES Carbon Cascades from Land to Ocean in the Anthropocene 2015
23 SOLEDLIGHT Solution Processed OLEDs for Lighting 2015
24 Optintegral Advertisement displays manufactured by hybrid in-mould integration 2015
25 5-Alive 5G: A LeadershIp Vision for Europe 2014
26 EuroCPS European Network of competencies and platforms for Enabling SME from any sector building Innovative CPS products to sustain demand for European manufacturing 2015
27 SAPHELY Self-amplified photonic biosensing platform for microRNA-based early diagnosis of diseases 2015
28 LISTEN Hands-free Voice-enabled Interface to Web Applications for Smart Home Environments 2015
29 IMIXSED Integrating isotopic techniques with Bayesian modelling for improved assessment and management of global sedimentation problems 2015
30 RAIS Scalable, point-of-care and label free microarray platform for rapid detection of Sepsis 2015
31 FANCI Face and body Analysis Natural Computer Interaction 2015
32 CancerHetero Dissection of tumor heterogeneity in vivo 2015
33 DYNPOR First principle molecular dynamics simulations for complex chemical transformations in nanoporous materials 2015
34 SSBD Small Summaries for Big Data 2015
35 WINETWORK Network for the exchange and transfer of innovative knowledge between European wine-growing regions to increase the productivity and sustainability of the sector 2015
36 CO2NOR Carbon dioxide storage in nanomaterials based on ophiolitic rocks and utilization of the end-product carbonates in the building industry 2015
37 Terra-Micro-Carbo Effect of land use induced shifts in soil microbial diversity and function on carbon cycling in soil 2015
38 GENOMIC FOOTPRINT Does a moving hybrid zone leave a genomic footprint? 2016
39 FITINV Fitness consequences of chromosome inversion polymorphism in mimetic butterflies 2015
40 3F-FutureFreshFruit Elucidating the molecular basis of fruit resistance to desiccation: The cuticle as a key factor 2015
41 MoTOR Analysis of the “moonlighting” proteins in the mTOR-signalling pathway 2016
42 3D-ADAPT Analysis of tridimensional changes caused by type 2 Diabetes-Associated varianTs 2015
43 MIP4CELL Molecular Imprinting mediated regulation of cell behavior and related biomedical applications 2016
44 MCMQCT Multi-functional Computational Microscopy for Quantitative Cell Tracking 2015
45 TRANSFORMERS Creating transformation-stable microstructures through shared crystallographic motifs 2015
46 CRYPTRANS Characterization of newly discovered but poorly understood fungal-driven trophic processes in freshwater lake ecosystems by metatranscriptomic 2015
47 APTALAPS Investigation of the interaction of mesenchymal stem cells with aptamer modified surfaces using Light-Addressable Potentiometric Sensors (LAPS) 2015
48 CortFit Using reaction norms to identify glucocorticoid phenotypes and their relationship to fitness in individuals of a wild vertebrate. 2015
49 SMARTER A Scalable and Elastic Platform for Near-Realtime Analytics for The Graph of Everything 2016
50 CARDIOTOX Predicting Cardiotoxicity Induced by Kinase Inhibitors: From Systems Biology to Systems Pharmacology 2015
51 DEW Detachment of water: Light triggered water droplet release from biomimetic honeycomb-structured polymer surfaces 2016
52 ID_MOBILE Solution to authenticate and read ID documents using mobile devices at point of origin in real-time, eliminating manual handling and providing better, more secure services. 2015
53 VisuaLook Novel clothing e-commerce application for reliable size assignment and realistic fitting visualization 2015
54 WINTHERWAX WINdow based on THERmally modified wood with high performance WAX coating 2015
55 MentorPitch The commercial exploitation of mentorship programme outcome intelligence in the global corporate and university market. 2015
56 PASSIONATE Providing Active Safety Shoes based On Nano Technologies 2015
57 Gamesmondo Gamesmondo Affiliation and Monetisation Ecosystem 2015
58 ImplantFreeSpine World’s first complete motion-preservation 'Implant-less' surgical correction for Scoliosis 2015
59 HybridFarm Eco-innovative housing solution for efficient production of slaughterpigs with limited environmental impact. 2015
60 3Dconvert The dynamics of the mammalian epigenome during transcription factor-induced cell fate conversion 2015
61 PersoNews Profiling and targeting news readers – implications for the democratic role of the digital media, user rights and public information policy 2015
62 iBUS iBUS – an integrated business model for customer driven custom product supply chains 2015
63 CIMEC Cooperative ITS for Mobility in European Cities 2015
64 MYRTE MYRRHA Research and Transmutation Endeavour 2015
65 ShaMROCK ShaMROCK – Secure professional Mobile Radio Over Commercial networKs 2015
66 DEDALE Data Learning on Manifolds and Future Challenges 2015
67 DigiArt The Internet Of Historical Things And Building New 3D Cultural Worlds 2015
68 CAPTURE-CTC A Streptavidin Microarray Platform for Capturing of Circulating Tumor Cells from the Blood of Cancer Patients 2015
69 DBRLive Accelerating innovative augmented reality broadcast applications through new industrial camera design 2015
70 OrchardMan A novel vision based orchard system to maximize fruit tree yields and Class 1 quality by 20% while reducing waste by 50% 2015
71 MAGnUM A Multiscale and Multimodal Modelling Approach for Green Urban Traffic Management 2015
72 DYNAMO Energy and charge transfer nonadiabatic dynamics in light-harvesting molecules and nanostructures 2015
73 THREEDCELLPHYSICS The physics of three dimensional chromosome and protein organisation within the cell 2015
74 ZF-MEL-CHEMBIO Chemical Biology in Zebrafish: Drug-Leads and New Targets in the Melanocyte Lineage and Melanoma 2015
75 TRECKQUITY Social equity goals in conservation interventions: a system thinking approach to track progress at global level 2015
76 OCTOLY Next Generation Advertising: Social Video Software Connecting Brands and Content Creators 2015
77 SMART FIRE BARRIER Innovative Forest Fires Prevention Infrastructure for Residential Areas, Forestry and Critical Infrastructures 2015
78 SEFI Solar Energy for Food Industry 2015
79 PEMP Political Economy with Many Parties: Strategic Electorate and Strategic Candidates 2015
80 MaGic The Materials Genome in Action 2015
81 ArtifiCell Synthetic Cell Biology: Designing organelle transport mechanisms 2015
82 DEMOSOFC DEMOnstration of large SOFC system fed with biogas from WWTP 2015
83 MetaFuel High Temperature Methanol Fuel Cell 2015
84 EMSODEV EMSO implementation and operation: DEVelopment of instrument module 2015
85 COMAL COMAL:COhesin Mutations in Acute Leukemia: from modeling and mechanisms to novel therapeutics 2015
86 LineageDiscovery Laying the Biological, Computational and Architectural Foundations for Human Cell Lineage Discovery 2015
87 Ada Ada 2020 | Visual Reasoning Support for Healthcare Professionals 2015
88 ECCSEL European Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure 2015
89 West-Life World-wide E-infrastructure for structural biology 2015
90 SUSPIRE Sustainable Production of Industrial Recovered Energy using energy dissipative and storage technologies 2015
91 OCEANFISH Open Ocean Fish farms 2015
92 AIRS Advanced Intelligent Raman System for detection of explosives and harmful substances at urban soft targets 2015
93 LANGDYN Language dynamics: a neurocognitive approach to incremental interpretation 2015
94 oCPS Platform-aware Model-driven Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
95 FRAGNET FRAGments training NETwork 2016
96 AMPLify Allocation Made PracticaL 2016
97 LightNet LightNet - Tracking the Coherent Light Path in Photosynthetic Networks 2016
98 ScienceSquared ERC = ScienceSquared 2015
99 OPTIMISED Operational Planning Tool Interfacing Manufacturing Integrated Simulations with Empirical Data 2015
100 AM-SENSE A Rapid Point-of-Care Breath Ammonia Sensor for Diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori 2015
101 EUBra-BIGSEA EUrope-BRAzil Collaboration on BIG Data Scientific REsearch through Cloud-Centric Applications 2016
102 Smooth Reader Universal PlugPlay OEE Data Capture Equipment to improve the efficiency of industrial processes 2015
103 COBRI Ultrasound NDE tomograph. Design and construction of a portable 3D ultrasound scanner for non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT and NDE) of concrete in bridges and other building structures 2015
104 e-Safe Novel low-cost ground penetrating radar system for safe, simple and swift detection of all utilities piping and cabling located underground 2015
105 LEAF LINE The first ground stations network enabling real-time, cost-effective, and easy access to micro/nanosatellite data 2015
106 PoroFrac A high-fidelity isogeometric simulation methodology for fracture in porous media 2016
107 KMaaS Key Management as-a-Service 2016
108 WhoLoDancE Whole-Body Interaction Learning for Dance Education 2016
109 AFEL AFEL - Analytics For Everyday Learning 2015
110 HUNTER Advanced Humidity to Electricity Converter 2015
111 LoveFood2Market A portable MicroNanoBioSystem and Instrument for ultra-fast analysis of pathogens in food: Innovation from LOVE-FOOD lab prototype to a pre-commercial instrument 2016
112 iSIM Integrated Standard Imager for Earth Observation Microsatellites 2015
113 ERC-OAPEN-2015 Support towards the OAPEN initiative (2015-2016) 2015
116 LEILAC Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement 2016
117 TagItSmart TagItSmart! - Smart Tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects 2016
118 SILGEN Sustainable farming of European catfish (Silurus glanis) for innovative, resource efficient and eco-friendly pond farm production 2016
119 ACT Accellerating CCS technologies as a new low-carbon energy vector 2016
120 SOLPART High Temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for Industrial Production of Reactive Particulates 2016
121 microCrysFact Microfluidic Crystal Factories (μ-CrysFact): a breakthrough approach for crystal engineering 2016
122 CRISPAIR Study of the interplay between CRISPR interference and DNA repair pathways towards the development of novel CRISPR tools 2016
123 MIB Multi-modal, Endoscopic Biophotonic Imaging of Bladder Cancer for Point-of-Care Diagnosis 2016
124 mHealth4Afrika Community-based ICT for Maternal Healthcare in Africa 2015
125 FloTEC Floating Tidal Energy Commercialisation project (FloTEC) 2016
126 STRIKE3 Standardisation of GNSS Threat reporting and Receiver testing through International Knowledge Exchange, Experimentation and Exploitation 2016
127 CELBICON Cost-effective CO2 conversion into chemicals via combination of Capture, ELectrochemical and BI-ochemical CONversion technologies 2016
128 EuroDairy A Europe-wide thematic network supporting a sustainable future for EU dairy farmers 2016
129 SmartStars Pathways towards forming super-massive black holes in the early Universe 2016
130 FUTURA FUTUre RAil freight transport: cost-effective, safe, quiet and green! 2016
131 CONENE Control of Large-scale Stochastic Hybrid Systems for Stability of Power Grid with Renewable Energy 2016
132 INTRACOF The impact of intra household decision making on the sustainability, efficiency and equitability of household farming in sub-Saharan Africa. 2016
133 EUROPIUM The origin of heavy elements: a nuclear physics and astrophysics challenge 2016
134 BD2Decide Big Data and models for personalized Head and Neck Cancer Decision support 2016
135 STEMM-CCS Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage 2016
136 TEMPO Terrestrial vertebrates and the evolutionary origins of morphological diversity 2016
137 RadFeedback The radiative interstellar medium 2016
138 SABRE Transforming the biodiesel industry to meet Europe’s need for sustainable aviation fuel: business feasibility study, technical validation and real-world demonstration 2016
139 Smart-AKIS European Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) towards innovation-driven research in Smart Farming Technology 2016
140 NEURO-AGE Addressing Neural Declines to Promote Healthy Ageing 2017
141 ReachingCompleteness The Molecular Basis of Somatic Nuclear Reprogramming 2016
142 SPINCAD Spin correlations by atomic design 2016
143 DoRES Direct measurements of key nuclear Reactions for the creation of Elements in Stars 2016
144 RespMicroFlows Unravelling respiratory microflows in silico and in vitro: novel paths for targeted pulmonary delivery in infants and young children 2016
145 LENA non-LinEar sigNal processing for solving data challenges in Astrophysics 2016
146 JUDI-ARCH The Rise of Judicial Self-Government: Changing the Architecture of Separation of Powers without an Architect 2016
147 STC Synaptic Tagging and Capture: From Synapses to Behavior 2016
148 HYMNS High-sensitivitY Measurements of key stellar Nucleo-Synthesis reactions 2016
149 PreventStoCan Understanding microbe-induced stomach cancer – the key to a workable strategy for worldwide prevention 2016
150 ASTRUm Astrophysics with Stored Highy Charged Radionuclides 2016
151 HOMER Hydrocarbon Oxidation Mechanisms Elucidated from Radical scavenging 2016
152 plaNET-seq Temporal mapping of environmental sensing transcription dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana 2017
153 Cells-in-drops High throughput screening of single-cells using droplet microfluidics 2016
154 DIFIE Direct and Indirect mechanisms of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2017
155 nanoOIPC Surface characterization of nano-particle embedded organic ionic plastic crystals and ionic liquid using advance 3D high resolution optical and electrochemical imaging 2016
156 POMEGRANATE Practice-Oriented Security Models and Granular Designs for Future-Proof Authenticated Encryption 2017
157 SRR Sovereignty and the Right to Regulate 2017
158 PREPARE Preventing Respiratory Events through Proactive Assessment of Respiratory Effort 2016
159 IRONLAKE Establishing stable IRON isotopes of laminated LAKE sediments as novel palaeoclimate proxy 2016
160 NanoPorous DNA-array Ultra-high density three dimentional DNA arrays for biosensing 2016
161 Expectancy learning Enhancing expectancy formation in healthy aging through statistical and sensorimotor learning 2016
162 ICARUS Integrated Climate forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems 2016
163 IEA International Environmental Agreements -An Integrated Approach 2017
164 SPRINT Ultra-Short Pulse laser Resonators IN the Terahertz 2016
165 INTCATCH Development and application of Novel, Integrated Tools for monitoring and managing Catchments 2016
166 CLIM Computational Light fields IMaging 2016
167 APACHE Assessment of Performance in current ATM operations and of new Concepts of operations for its Holistic Enhancement 2016
168 ICY-LAB Isotope CYcling in the LABrador Sea 2016
169 PaDyFlow Particle dynamics in the flow of complex suspensions 2016
170 first.stage Fast and easy previsualisation for creative industries 2016
171 GoCADiSC Genomics of Chromosome Architecture and Dynamics in Single Cells 2017
173 MILEPOST Microscale Processes Governing Global Sustainability 2016
174 ENABLE Elucidating natural bilayer lipid environments 2016
175 NANOTER Development of Ultra-Sensitive Nanotherapeutic Anticancer Agents for Boron Neutron CaptureTherapy 2016
176 BAYNET Bayesian Networks and Non-Rational Expectations 2016
177 MILESTONE Multi-Scale Description of Non-Universal Behavior in Turbulent Combustion 2016
178 Ugypsum Up-cycling manufacturing waste from the composite industry 2016
179 TRILO-BWTS Disruptive and patented microfluidic technology purification for ship ballast water, being maintenance free, eliminating clogging of filters and providing significant life-cycle cost savings 2016
180 CarbonOrO CarbonOrO 2016
181 HawkEye Vision-based Guidance and Control in Birds, with Applications to Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft 2016
182 PROTEGO Procedural Tools for Effective Governance (PROTEGO) Patterns, Outcomes and Policy DesignProcedural Tools for Effective Growth: Patterns, Outcomes and policy Design 2016
184 Observable Stability Evolutionary stability, observability, and efficiency 2016
185 CBTC The Resurgence in Wage Inequality and Technological Change: A New Approach 2016
186 NEUROMET Shaping of axonal complexity by a dynamic regulation of local metabolic pathways in the developing cortex 2016
187 SHIPLYS Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions 2016
188 RUC-APS Enhancing and implementing Knowledge based ICT solutions within high Risk and Uncertain Conditions for Agriculture Production Systems 2016
189 ETMD_ICEC Efficient pathways to neutralization and radical production enabled by environment 2016
190 NEUROPOP Large-scale analysis of neuronal population activity 2016
191 100 Archaic Genomes Genome sequences from extinct hominins 2016
192 INTEGRAL Signal Integration by Gene Regulatory Landscapes 2016
193 InPairs In Silico Pair Plasmas: from ultra intense lasers to relativistic astrophysics in the laboratory 2016
194 4DGenomeReg Predictive modelling of 3D genome topology during progressive stages of embryonic development 2017
195 FAST-BM FAST-BM: FibroSelect: delivering A Step-change in Biotherapeutic Manufacturing 2016
197 EK200-AWESOME EK200 - Airborne Wind Energy and Storage system, catering to Off-grid and Mobile End-uses (AWESOME) 2016
198 DigiSCAN DigiSCAN 2016
199 ENOS ENabling Onshore CO2 Storage in Europe 2016
200 CO-PHY-MED Comparative Phylogeography of a Megadiverse Fauna across the Mediterranean 2016
201 RuKNOW Knowledge on International Relations in Russia 2016
202 TransSplicHD Single-Cell Transcriptomics and Spliceosome analysis to uncover new mechanisms of neuronal vulnerability to Huntington’s Disease. 2016
203 CHEPHYTSSU Structural Engineering of 2D Atomic Planes towards Task-Specific, Freestanding Superstructures through Combined Physical-Chemical Pathway 2016
204 MICROCLEANERS Active microcleaners for water remediation 2016
205 INTERCOGAM Information Theoretic Evaluation of Random Content Generation in Games 2016
206 UTOPIAE Uncertainty Treatment and OPtimisation In Aerospace Engineering 2017
207 FBI Multimodal, Functional Bio-Photonic Imaging 2016
208 BioCapture Smart capture phases for proteomics, glycomics and biomarker assays 2016
209 SESZEP Support to Energy Stakeholders of the Zero Emission Platform 2016
210 GreenCarbon Advanced Carbon Materials from Biowaste: Sustainable Pathways to Drive Innovative Green Technologies 2016
211 PlantHUB PlantHUB - Boosting technology transfer and responsible research and innovation (RRI) in plant sciences 2016
212 TRANSITION TRANSITION - Tool-Part-Interaction simulation process linked to laminate quality 2016
213 iPerm iPerm: Guided wave monitoring tool 2016
214 KIRANDIS NK receptors and disease 2016
215 Burst3D Type I bursts in 3D 2016
216 MMPCURSRT A multi-method perspective on children's use of rehearsal in serial recall tasks 2016
217 VIPERCON Emulating visual perception of contrast for image capture, post-production and synthesis 2016
218 Eye-O-T Cyber security system with a high IoT network visibility and fast vulnerability detection for Smart Homes. 2016
219 PEGASUS Renewable Power Generation by Solar Particle Receiver Driven Sulphur Storage Cycle 2016
220 GRAMOFON New process for efficient CO2 capture by innovative adsorbents based on modified graphene aerogels and MOF materials 2016
221 ROLINCAP Systematic Design and Testing of Advanced Rotating Packed Bed Processes and Phase-Change Solvents for Intensified Post-Combustion CO2 Capture 2016
222 NanoMEMC2 NanoMaterials Enhanced Membranes for Carbon Capture 2016
223 Inno4Grass Shared Innovation Space for Sustainable Productivity of Grasslands in Europe 2017
224 CL-Windcon Closed Loop Wind Farm Control 2016
226 CC4SOL Towards chemical accuracy in computational materials science 2017
227 ENVISAGE ENhance VIrtual learning Spaces using Applied Gaming in Education 2016
228 HY-CAT Multifunctional Hybrid Platforms based on Colloidal Nanocrystals to Advance CO2 Conversion Studies 2017
229 LADIO Live Action Data Input and Output 2016
230 FLAIR FLying ultrA-broadband single-shot InfraRed sensor 2016
231 GamECAR Gamification of EcoDriving Behaviours through Intelligent Management of dynamic car and driver information 2017
232 PJ22 SEabird PJ22:Validation and Demonstration Engineering 2016
233 I3DS Integrated 3D Sensors suite 2016
234 AEGIS Advanced Big Data Value Chain for Public Safety and Personal Security 2017
235 PYCSEL PYroelectric Conformable SEnsor matrix for Large area applications in security and safety 2017
236 YouBeep YouBeep – InStore mobile shopping and analytics 2016
237 CHROMIC effiCient mineral processing and Hydrometallurgical RecOvery of by-product Metals from low-grade metal contaIning seCondary raw materials 2016
238 PJ11 CAPITO Enhanced Air and Ground Safety Nets 2016
239 KASKO KASKO – delivering insurance as a service at the point of demand 2016
240 NATURVATION Nature Based Urban Innovation 2016
241 WEAR Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation 2017
242 COMPOSELECTOR Multi-scale Composite Material Selection Platform with a Seamless Integration of Material Models and Multidisciplinary Design Framework. 2017
243 ShaMROCK ShaMROCK – Secure professional Mobile Radio Over Commercial networKs 2016
244 i2S-IC Innovative Software Configurator for the Insurance sector 2016
245 VGAP The Viral Genome Associated Proteome 2017
246 bioPCET Functional Proton-Electron Transfer Elements in Biological Energy Conversion 2017
247 SOCIALBOND Social integration and boundary making in adolescence 2017
248 LungCARD Blood test for clinical therapy guidance of non-small cell lung cancer patients 2017
249 Smart OEE Universal PlugPlay OEE Data Capture Equipment to improve the efficiency of industrial processes 2016
250 Homer HOMER - Development of Home Rehabilitation system 2016
251 MODCAM Modcam – vision sensors with onboard analytics for retail customer analysis 2017
252 StoreHero StoreHero: An AI (Artificial Intelligence) Virtual Business Coach for Physical Retailers 2016
253 PERIOSYSTEM PerioSystem – smart dental practice management software 2017
254 AMPLIFY Amplifying Human Perception Through Interactive Digital Technologies 2016
255 RARE Dipolar Physics and Rydberg Atoms with Rare-Earth Elements 2016
256 CITIZINGLOBAL Citizens, Institutions and Globalization 2017
257 FlexNanoFlow Ultra-flexible nanostructures in flow: controlling folding, fracture and orientation in large-scale liquid processing of 2D nanomaterials 2017
258 INSTRUCT-ULTRA Releasing the full potential of Instruct to expand and consolidate infrastructure services for integrated structural life science research 2017
259 CO2Catalyst Pilot scale demonstration of novel CO2 co-polymerisation catalysts in the PU polyol market 2016
260 CO2MPRISE CO2 absorbing Materials Project- RISE 2017
261 VideoPlus A platform for augmented video content 2017
262 STILORMADE Highly efficient non-standard solar modules manufactured through an automated, reconfigurable mass production processes delivering 30% reduction in costs 2017
263 C2B Carbon 2 Butanol, a breakthrough technology in eco-innovation that cuts GHG emissions by converting industrial waste gases into chemicals and biofuel. 2017
264 HIntNets Higher-order interactions and Laplacian dynamics in complex networks: structure, dynamics and control 2017
265 GLYCONEOBRAIN Exploring glycosidic neo-epitopes of degenerative hippocampal granules in aged mice and humans: implications for ageing and dementia 2017
266 CHILDMOVE The impact of flight experiences on the psychological wellbeing of unaccompanied refugee minors 2017
267 MotionMapper A real-time ground motion disaster mitigation system based on satellite, drone and ground radar images for industry safety and efficiency 2017
268 Watchity Launching the First 360° Crowdsourced Live Video Platform. 2017
269 Skylynx Upgrading Railways from the Air 2017
270 MIP My Impact Portal 2017
271 BRAVEST Boosting Reward-based Attention through VEstibular STimulation 2018
272 3DQuant Understanding long-range transcriptional regulation in the context of the 3D genome organization 2017
273 Des.solve When solids become liquids: natural deep eutectic solvents for chemical process engineering 2017
274 TreatStroke arTificial neuRal nEtwork prediction of hAemorrhagic Transformation in STROKE. 2017
275 DataSci4Tapoi Data Science for Tapoi 2017
276 MUSA Monitoring built-Up area from SAtellite 2017
277 NTPleasure Non-Thermal PLasma Enabled cAtalysis-Separation system for UpgRading biogasto mEthane-NTPleasure 2018
278 FASTR 3D SIM Focus on Advancing Spatial and Temporal Resolution of 3D Structured Illumination Microscopy 2017
279 TreeGraSP Tree rewriting grammars and the syntax-semantics interface:From grammar development to semantic parsing 2017
280 BEHAVE New discrete choice theory for understanding moral decision making behaviour 2017
281 SloMo Slow motion: Transformations of musical time in perception and performance 2017
282 CaseXtreme ChAnges in the Statistics of EXTremes Events in cliMatE 2017
283 MindSElS Resilience, Mindfulness and Medication Safety with Electronic Systems 2018
284 BMC-SVAR Developing a Bayesian technique to evaluate the validity of economic models: two applications to the Euro Area 2017
285 FreezeAlz Theoretical prediction of spectral biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease enabled by highly efficient and adaptable mutli-level response methods 2017
287 EyeCode Perceptual encoding of high fidelity light fields 2017
288 TENSOROOTS Solving large systems of polynomial equations by using multi-linear algebra tools 2017
289 HiProLoop Scattering Amplitudes for Higgs Production at High-Order as touchstone for Automated Multiloop Feynman Calculus 2018
290 RE-mapping Tackling early school leaving and low school performance through working with students’ representational spaces. The case of 15 years old students in France, Italy and Greece. 2017
291 FOUNDATION Fusarium oxysporum mediated underpinning of cell type-specific modulation in multiple host interaction 2018
292 MiLC Monotonicity in Logic and Complexity 2017
294 ECO_REBUS Profiting from ECO-innovation: the RolE of BUSiness model 2017
295 CHIROGLU Comparative genomics of sugar-eating bats: Implications for the genetics of glucose metabolism and diabetes 2017
296 CLIMOD Integrating climate impact and spatial microsimulation modelling for improved climate change adaptation decision-making 2018
297 ChEATAX Cross-Cultural Experimental Analyses of Tax Morale 2017
298 FluMToGaC Florinated MOF for toxic gas capture 2018
299 IPUSS The initial 244Pu abundance of the Solar System 2017
300 UNREDE Understanding Non-Photochemical Quenching Regulation in a Dynamic Environment. 2018
301 CTCapture_2.0 Advanced platform for profiling of therapeutic targets and functional analysis of circulating tumour cells in cancer patients 2017
302 CREAM4 Chemical Reaction Engineering by Additive Manufacturing of Mesoscale MetaMaterials 2017
303 2GENRETURN Displacing Deviance: Second-Generation Migrant Youth, Disciplinary Return, and Transnational Social Fields of Inclusion and Exclusion return 2018
304 SVAP Next generation solar active facade element Solar ventilation air preheater SVAP 2017
305 European Unions Labour Politics and the EU's New Economic Governance Regime 2017
306 NANOCHEM Nanopores for New Molecular Nitrogen Chemistry 2017
307 MMXVI Minimal Model for Pox-Virus Infection 2017
308 WATEC Development of a novel wave tidal energy converter (WATEC) to lower renewable electricity generation costs. 2017
309 TRADE Turbo electRic Aircraft Design Environment (TRADE) 2017
312 OHT A hydraulic collection tower, with a novel energy storage device for wave energy arrays 2017
313 EASED3D Early screening of eye diseases using automated diagnosis of high-fidelity 3D images 2017
314 JETSCREEN JET Fuel SCREENing and Optimization 2017
315 ADVISE ADVanced Inspection of Complex StructurEs 2017
316 Castor EDC Castor EDC: Unlocking the Potential of Data in Biomedical Research 2017
317 VERSUS Violence Elites and Resilience in States Under Stress 2017
318 HOTFLOW A Photothermal Lateral Flow Test for Visual Point of Care Detection 2017
319 HDR4EU Enabling End-to-End HDR Ecosystem 2017
320 Content4All Personalised Content Creation for the Deaf Community in a Connected Digital Single Market 2017
321 VRTogether An end-to-end system for the production and delivery of photorealistic social immersive virtual reality experiences 2017
322 iSIM Integrated Standard Imager for Earth Observation Microsatellites 2017
323 CGM A next generation nanomedia that can be tailored to capture and recycle specific micropollutants in contaminated industrial waste discharge 2017
324 INTELLICORR Intelligent corrosion management underpinned by advanced engineering science 2017
325 MammoWave The first ultra-high sensitive breast imaging device based on non-ionizing safe microwave 2017
326 MAT_STOCKS Understanding the Role of Material Stock Patterns for the Transformation to a Sustainable Society 2018
327 MechAGE In Vivo Single-Cell Mechanomics of Bone Adaptation and Regeneration in the Aging Mouse 2017
328 PALMS Plasma Additive Layer Manufacture Smoothing Technology 2017
329 PRIDIKTIV Pridiktiv - Exploring European expansion through 4 pilot studies 2017
330 scAssembly Algorithms and experimental tools for integrating very large-scale single cell genomics data 2017
331 AlchemEast Alchemy in the Making: From ancient Babylonia via Graeco-Roman Egypt into the Byzantine, Syriac and Arabic traditions (1500 BCE - 1000 AD) 2017
332 DISCO Decoding planetary compositions using observations and modelling of planet-forming disks 2017
333 CarbFix2 Upscaling and optimizing subsurface, in situ carbon mineralization as an economically viable industrial option 2017
334 ECOLE Experience-based Computation: Learning to Optimise 2018
335 ETVAX ETVAX – the first oral vaccine for protection against traveller’s diarrhoea caused by ETEC 2017
336 INDEX Integrated nanoparticle isolation and detection system for complete on-chip analysis of exosomes 2017
337 MEMCARB Separation membranes for carbon dioxide removal from gas streams 2018
338 NOESIS NOvel Decision Support tool for Evaluating Strategic Big Data investments in Transport and Intelligent Mobility Services 2017
339 Plant.ID Molecular Identification of Plants 2018
340 RealVision Hyperrealistic Imaging Experience 2018
341 VisTrans Visualising transport dynamics of transmembrane pumps 2017
342 COSMOS Computational Simulations of MOFs for Gas Separations 2017
343 IneqPol Inequality - Public Policy and Political Economy 2018
344 BioMeTRe Biophysical mechanisms of long-range transcriptional regulation 2018
345 EuroAgeism An international, multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral training network on ageism 2017
346 CLEANKER CLEAN clinKER production by Calcium looping process 2017
347 PREDICT A new era in personalised medicine: Radiomics as decision support tool for diagnostics and theragnostics in oncology 2017
348 MADONNA Microbial deployment of new-to-nature chemistries for refactoring the barriers between living and non-living matter 2018
349 BENEFFICE Energy Behaviour Change driven by plug-and-play-and-forget ICT and Business Models focusing on complementary currency for Energy Efficiency for the Wider Population 2017
350 WhiskTrackGP Real-time tracking of whisker kinematics for closed-loop neuroscientific experiments 2017
351 CHEERS Chinese-European Emission-Reducing Solutions 2017
352 FlexAnalytics Advanced Analytics to Empower the Small Flexible Consumers of Electricity 2018
353 MIRA Next Generation Machine Intelligence for Medical Image Representation and Analysis 2018
354 CORNET Provably Correct Networks 2018
355 NANOPORE Precise array of proton selective nanopores in 2D atomically thin membranes 2017
356 VIDEO Versatile and Innovative Detector for Electron Optics 2018
357 UltraFiBi Next-generation Strong Ultrasonic Fingerprint Biometrics 2017
358 CASTLES Charge And Spin in TopologicaL Edge States 2018
359 EU Engineroom (EU) Explorations in Next Generation Internet emerging research opportunities, technOlogies and methods. 2017
360 eForcis and BeForcis Wave Energy Generators for Marine Buoys and Aquaculture Fish Farms 2017
361 IMBIBE Innovative technology solutions to explore effects of the microbiome on intestine and brain pathophysiology 2017
362 GENDEMOTION The Gendered Politics of Emotion in Austerity Ireland 2017
364 CARMOF CARMOF: New process for efficient CO2 capture by innovative adsorbents based on modified carbon nanotubes and MOF materials 2018
365 MAKSWELL MAKing Sustainable development and WELL-being frameworks work for policy analysis 2017
366 PerceptiveSentinel Perceptive Sentinel – BIG DATA knowledge extraction and re-creation platform 2018
367 NADiRA Nurturing Africa Digital Revolution for Agriculture 2017
368 SOCRATCES SOlar Calcium-looping integRAtion for Thermo-Chemical Energy Storage 2018
369 MoTIVE Moments in Time in Immersive Virtual Environments 2018
370 CHROMDOM Chromosomal domain formation, compartmentalization and architecture 2018
371 CANCER-DC Dissecting Regulatory Networks That Mediate Dendritic Cell Suppression 2018
372 PredictingPain Deconstructing pain with predictive models: from neural architecture to pain relief 2018
373 GreatMoves General Relativistic Moving-Mesh Simulations of Neutron-Star Mergers 2018
374 BioRECO2VER Biological routes for CO2 conversion into chemical building blocks 2018
375 EnDurCrete New Environmental friendly and Durable conCrete, integrating industrial by-products and hybrid systems, for civil, industrial and offshore applications – EnDurCrete 2018
376 GENESIS High performance MOF and IPOSS enhanced membrane systems as next generation CO2 capture technologies 2018
377 MASTRO Intelligent bulk MAterials for Smart TRanspOrt industries. 2017
378 MEMBER Advanced MEMBranes and membrane assisted procEsses for pre- and post- combustion CO2 captuRe 2018
379 BIOCONCO2 BIOtechnological processes based on microbial platforms for the CONversion of CO2 from ironsteel industry into commodities for chemicals and plastics 2018
381 ROSEWOOD European Network of Regions On SustainablE WOOD mobilisation 2018
382 PRO GAIT Physiological and Rehabilitation Outcomes: Gains from Automated Interventions in stroke Therapy (PRO GAIT) 2018
383 SCALA Scale-up of Prevention and Management of Alcohol Use Disorders and Comorbid Depression in Latin America 2017
384 JIVE 2 Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe 2 2018
385 Domino Novel tools to evaluate ATM systems coupling under future deployment scenarios 2018
386 SolarGaps SolarGaps - Energy generating solar smart window blinds 2017
387 CIRCLENERGY Production of renewable methanol from captured emissions and renewable energy sources, for its utilisation for clean fuel production and green consumer goods 2017
388 OPTOFORCE Robot Learning for Unprecedented Quality and Efficiency Improvements in the Manufacturing Industry 2017
389 TBornotTB What is Tuberculosis? Challenging the Current Paradigm of Tuberculosis Natural History using Mathematical Modelling Techniques 2018
390 BETWEEN THE TIMES “Between the Times”: Embattled Temporalities and Political Imagination in Interwar Europe 2018
391 BAHAMAS A holistic approach to large-scale structure cosmology 2018
392 4DRepLy Closing the 4D Real World Reconstruction Loop 2018
393 MAIDEN Masses, isomers and decay studies for elemental nucleosynthesis 2018
394 SynarchiC Investigating the functional architecture of microbial genomes with synthetic approaches 2018
395 INTERACTION Cloud-cloud interaction in convective precipitation 2018
396 CohesinLooping Cohesin-mediated chromosomal looping: From linear paths to 3D effects 2018
397 PCPHDX Probabilistically Checkable Proofs, Agreement Tests, and High Dimensional Expanders 2018
398 Wardiam Perimeter An innovative intruder detection hidden technology based on Controlled Magnetic Fields able to detect threats before happening 2018
399 Magnetic Fluids A Key Enabling Technology for metals recovery and water management based on functionalized magnetic particles for galvanic industry 2018
400 ARRECIFE Coral Reef wisdom to capture Wave Energy 2018
401 ECOMESH A hybrid solar panel that maximises heat capture and electricity generatio 2018
402 HOLOBALANCE HOLOgrams for personalised virtual coaching and motivation in an ageing population with BALANCE disorders 2017
403 PALEoRIDER Human health and migration in prehistory 2018
404 REMATCH Image-based analysis for drug discovery and repurposing 2018
405 SmartCharge SmartCharge: Smart integrated circuits for advanced battery management 2018
406 NOCO2 Novel CO2 condensation and separation in supersonic flows contributing to carbon capture and storage (CCS) 2019
407 MouseDepthPrey The role of depth perception during prey capture in the mouse 2018
408 KEROGREEN Production of Sustainable aircraft grade Kerosene from water and air powered by Renewable Electricity, through the splitting of CO2, syngas formation and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis 2018
409 DIGITS-AU Demonstration of ATM Improvements Generated by Initial Trajectory Sharing - Airspace User Part 2018
410 CGM A next generation nano media tailored to capture and recycle hazardous micropollutants in contaminated industrial wastewater. 2018
411 COLOSSEO Seismogenic COmpression in southern Italy? – High-resolution topography (Lidar) and mOrphotectonic analySis to test the active nature of the Southern ApenninE Outer Thrust Front 2018
412 DOPANF Dopaminergic midbrain modulations by (adaptive) neurofeedback 2018
413 DualDur DualDur: A Disruptive Diagnostic Technology that Enables for the First Time an Early and Accurate Diagnosis of the tick-borne Lyme Disease. 2018
414 E-SCENT Epidermal sensors as personal chemical environmental monitoring tools 2018
415 SEA-TITAN SEA-TITAN: Surging Energy Absorption Through Increasing Thrust And efficieNcy 2018
416 Geo-Coat Development of novel and cost effective corrosion resistant coatings for high temperature geothermal applications 2018
417 ASIAPAST From herds to empire: Biomolecular and zooarchaeological investigations of mobile pastoralism in the ancient Eurasian steppe 2018
418 PANDORA Paradigm for Novel Dynamic Oceanic Resource Assessments 2018
419 DTOceanPlus Advanced Design Tools for Ocean Energy Systems Innovation, Development and Deployment 2018
420 CYBER-TRUST Advanced Cyber-Threat Intelligence, Detection, and Mitigation Platform for a Trusted Internet of Things 2018
421 ANITA Advanced tools for fighting oNline Illegal TrAfficking 2018
422 CCI Cutting Crime Impact – Practice-based innovation in preventing, investigating and mitigating high-impact petty crime 2018
423 BPR4GDPR Business Process Re-engineering and functional toolkit for GDPR compliance 2018
424 NEMO Network Motion 2019
425 Nedd8Activate How does the ubiquitin-like protein NEDD8 activate ubiquitin ligase machineries? 2018
426 HI-SiMed Hemodynamics in an Infarcted heart: from multi-physics Simulations to Medical analysis 2019
427 EPSKS Efficient pore-scale kinetic simulation of gas flows in ultra-tight porous media 2018
428 TurbDDT Predicting flame acceleration and deflagration to detonation transition in industrial scale explosions incorporating the turbulence effects 2018
429 gaitDCODE Decoding impairments of gait and balance from local field potentials in patients with Parkinson's disease. 2018
430 GSAS Genomic Strategies Against STB disease of wheat 2018
431 NLR_NLR-ID power NLR-ID diversity, mechanism and functionality upon transfer between species 2018
432 MoCRIV Modeling critical reliability issues in VLSI technologies beyond 2020 2018
433 PAMpeR Patroller monocytes as modulators of diabetic retinopathy 2018
434 OTmeetsDFT Multi-marginal Optimal Transport and Density Functional Theory: a mathematical setting for physical ideas 2019
435 SYMOBLIGA Comparative genomics of host-symbiont dependency 2018
436 MultiNetMetrics Multiplex Network Econometrics 2018
437 TRENGO Temperature reconstruction in Europe using cosmogenic noble gas observations 2019
438 HYBSPN Hybrid Learning Systems utilizing Sum-Product Networks 2018
439 DEEPADAPT The molecular drivers of deep-sea adaptation in brittle stars 2018
440 MAPIC Microfluidic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Capture (MAPIC) System 2018
441 MAGNET-CELLPATCH Multimodal magnetic cellular-patches with synergistic effects for high performance theranostics 2019
442 MECHPREDPRO Cellular mechanisms of predictive processing and its effects on perception 2018
443 GlobaLISe Global Value Chains and Local Innovation Systems in Southern Europe:The Coevolution of Technology, Trade and Finance, and the Technological Divide 2018
444 INADEC Impacts of the North Atlantic Decadal variability on European Climate: mechanisms and predictability 2018
445 EXA2PRO Enhancing Programmability and boosting Performance Portability for Exascale Computing Systems 2018
446 I2-ICIQ Impulsion ICIQ Impulse for Talented Postdoctoral Fellows 2019
447 AIRCRANE New Concrete-Towers Assembly system for taller Wind Turbines. 2018
448 Leaf Line The First Global Ground Station Network to Fully Exploit Microsatellites Data 2018
449 EMBED Embedded Markets and the Economy 2018
450 MADELEINE Multidisciplinary ADjoint-based Enablers for LArge-scale INdustrial dEsign in aeronautics 2018
451 SCATTERERID Analysis and synthesis of wideband scattered signals from finite-size targets – aspect-independent RF analog footprint 2018
452 E-LOBSTER Electric LOsses Balancing through integrated STorage and power Electronics towards increased synergy between Railways and electricity distribution networks 2018
453 GTRACK Hybrid quantum dot and graphene wearable sensor for eye tracking 2018
454 EXERTER Security of Explosives pan-European Specialists Network 2018
455 TRANSFORMER Structural transformations and phase transitions in real-time 2018
456 ReAct Remembering Activism: The Cultural Memory of Protest in Europe 2019
457 BioNanoMagnets Capturing the biomineralization of magnetite nanoparticles with magnetotactic bacteria in vivo using microfluidic conditions and synchrotron-based X-ray spectroscopy 2018
458 GENHIS-AFRICA Rethinking African Gender Histories: Time, Change, and the Deeper Past in Northern Mozambique 2019
459 SE-SBR Sorbent-enhanced Steam Biomass Reforming for Integrated Bio-energy with Carbon Capture and Storage 2018
460 RESCUE Local Training Network on REgenerative medicine and Stem Cell technology in UtrEcht 2018
461 RETINAL Retinal imaging prevention and early detection of chronic diseases 2018
462 CONCERTO Intensity mapping of the atomic carbon CII line: the promise of a new observational probe of dusty star-formation in post-reionization and reionization epoch 2019
463 GENESIS GEnerating extreme NEutrons for achieving controlled r-process nucleosyntheSIS 2019
464 PITBUL Point-of-Care implementation of TB testing with ultra-fast Local Heating PCR 2017
465 NextGen Towards a next generation of water systems and services for the circular economy. 2018
466 PAH-HOPE New hope for the PAH patient: A Novel Therapeutic for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) 2018
467 AnisakFree NIRs computer vision system for detecting Anisakis in fish industrial processing lines 2018
468 AMBIENCE disruptive capturing and revalorisation system of AMmonia for BIogas plants ENhancing Circular Economy 2018
469 CapCO2 Intensified Process for CAPturing CO2 2018
470 A3BL Airofit - Better Breathing, Better Life 2018
471 HarvestAll Development of multi-source micro energy harvesting power management devices 2018
472 FOOT TRANSPORT Foot Transport for a Smart Mobility 2018
473 3Dcis 3D Organization of Functionally Conserved Cis-Regulatory Elements 2018
474 MycoRailway Discovery and molecular investigation of mycobacterial transporters responsible for iron acquisition 2018
475 CLINICOVERY CLINICOVERY, a versatile, high quality, environmental-friendly, easy to use e-Clinical solution for clinical research 2018
476 HyMethShip Hydrogen-Methanol Ship propulsion system using on-board pre-combustion carbon capture 2018
477 TETHIS-SBS-CTC TETHIS-SBS-CTC: An innovative diagnostic testing platform to identify and characterize circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in blood samples. 2018
478 SitC Science in the City 2018
479 SAILCLEAN SAIL&CLEAN – A complete solution for sea cleaning: marine litter removal and optimal algal bloom harvesting 2018
480 ENDONANO Quantitative detection of bacterial endotoxin by novel nanotechnological approaches 2019
481 GLOWING Spatio-temporal measurement and plasma-based control of crossflow instabilities for drag reduction 2019
482 FUNGRAPH A New Foundation for Computer Graphics with Inherent Uncertainty 2018
483 RAIS RAIS: Real-time Analytics for the Internet of Sports 2019
484 DeCO-HVP Decouple Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to High Value Products 2018
485 GAMMAVISION Gamut mapping technology based on vision models 2018
486 NextWave Wave Energy Technology Made Mainstream 2018
487 SPACEPORT 3D Volumetric Video Capturing and Streaming Software- SPACEPORT 2018
488 MEDIKURA MEDIKURA: Digital Infrastructure for Drug Safety in Europe 2018
489 MiRTLE Next generation, high performance, long range, standoff, concealed threat detection system to protect European citizens and critical infrastructure 2018
490 PRESEISMIC Exploring the nucleation of large earthquakes: cascading and unpredictable or slowly driven and forecastable 2019
491 GECO Geothermal Emission Gas Control 2018
492 STOP STop Obesity Platform 2019
493 SULACHANGE Microplastic-free Sulapac-material challenges plastic 2018
494 BIOMASS-CCU Biomass gasification with negative carbon emission through innovative CO2 capture and utilisation and integration with energy storage 2019
495 REMESH Research Network on Emergency Resources Supply Chain 2019
496 GasFermTEC GasFermTEC: Gas Fermentation Technologies ERA Chair 2018
497 SPEC Secure, Private, Efficient Multiparty Computation 2019
498 EVOCATION Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication 2018
499 PEP-NET Predictive Epigenetics: Fusing Theory and Experiment 2018
500 Vision-In-Flight Neuromechanics of Insect Vision during Aerial Interactions with Applications in Visually Guided Systems 2018
501 UltimateMembranes Energy-efficient membranes for carbon capture by crystal engineering of two-dimensional nanoporous materials 2019
502 DEFTPORE Deformation control on flow and transport in soft porous media 2019
503 3D-PXM 3D Piezoresponse X-ray Microscopy 2019
504 RedStroke Smart ICT-solution to cost-efficiently detect atrial fibrillation to Reduce Europe’s burden of Stroke 2018
505 TERIFIC Targeted Experiment to Reconcile Increased Freshwater with Increased Convection 2018
506 ANTIFOD A New proTection devIce for FOD 2018
507 TechCapMarkets TechCapMarkets: Improving access for innovative SMEs to Funding via EU Capital Markets 2018
508 EnTimeMent EnTimeMent - ENtrainment and synchronization at multiple TIME scales in the MENTal foundations of expressive gesture 2019
509 Mingei Representation and Preservation of Heritage Crafts 2018
510 EULOSAM II EUropean LOw Speed Aircraft Model at high Reynolds II 2018
511 MagnoBeads Removing endotoxins during sepsis: a blood purification platform using magnetic nanoparticles 2018
512 See Far Smart glasses for multifacEted visual loss mitigation and chronic disEase prevention indicator for healthier, saFer, and more productive workplAce foR ageing population 2018
513 ATHENA Assays for the identification of Thyroid Hormone axis-disrupting chemicals: Elaborating Novel Assessment strategies 2019
514 MIGOSA MIGOSA - Image Sensor for low light Camera Applications 2018
515 Citrus End-to-End Remote Site Monitoring and Clinical Trial Management Solution 2018
516 OptiMEMS The world’s highest Signal-to-Noise ratio MEMS microphone 2018
517 ECHO Practical Imaging and Inversion of Transient Light Transport 2018
518 NEPA Non-Equilibrium Protein Assembly: from Building Blocks to Biological Machines 2019
519 SSFZEP Support stakeholders in zero emission fossil fuel power plants and energy intensive industry 2018
520 Smart Cylinder Smart Cylinder: Breakthrough hydraulic solution to boost productivity, increase energy efficiency and lower emissions in heavy-duty industrial applications 2018
521 StratifiedGRANULAR Modelling of rheologically stratified granular flows by a multi-layer depth-averaged approach 2019
522 SPIDER Safe and Prelithiated hIgh energy DEnsity batteries based on sulphur Rocksalt and silicon chemistries 2019
523 AMADEUS Advancing CO2 Capture Materials by Atomic Scale Design: the Quest for Understanding 2019
524 DONORS Who gives life? Understanding, explaining and predicting donor behaviour 2019
525 PROFECI Mediating the Future: The Social Dynamics of Public Projections 2019
526 CLIOARCH Cliodynamic archaeology: Computational approaches to Final Palaeolithic/earliest Mesolithic archaeology and climate change 2019
527 FREIA Female Reproductive toxicity of EDCs: a human evidence-based screening and Identification Approach 2019
528 UNMAKING Societal transformation to sustainability through the unmaking of capitalism? A comparative study of radical grassroots innovations in Europe 2019
529 Neural Grader Neural Grader - Digitizing the Wood Industry 2019
530 TriQ New technology for improved food security and food safety to meet the increasing demand from consumers 2019
531 Carbon8 Capturing and adding value to CO2 & hazardous waste to produce valuable aggregates for construction 2019
532 PHOTOMASS Imaging Biomolecular Self-Assembly with a Molecular Photonic Scale 2019
533 Rhythm and Brains How musical rhythm moves humans: functionalmechanisms of entrainment and perception-action coupling 2019
534 EpiCrest2Reg From Epigenetics of Cranial Neural Crest Plasticity to Intervertebral Disc Regeneration 2019
535 DYNASNET Dynamics and Structure of Networks 2019
536 ActionContraThreat Action selection under threat: the complex control of human defense 2019
537 URBAG Integrated System Analysis of Urban Vegetation and Agriculture 2019
538 METABODY METABODY: Body Metacognition, Mentalization and Metamorphosis 2019
539 Epi4MS Targeting the epigenome: towards a better understanding of disease pathogenesis and novel therapeutic strategies in Multiple Sclerosis 2019
540 CAPTURE CApturing Paradata for documenTing data creation and Use for the REsearch of the future 2019
541 REMINISCENCE REflection Matrix ImagiNg In wave SCiENCE 2019
542 ScienceGraph Knowledge Graph based Representation, Augmentation and Exploration of Scholarly Communication 2019
543 FIAT The Foundations of Institutional AuThority: a multi-dimensional model of the separation of powers 2020
544 ENCORE ENergy aware BIM Cloud Platform in a COst-effective Building REnovation Context 2019
546 MorSR Integrating morpho-phonology in speech recognition 2019
547 Segmentum Imaging Discovery and expansion of new markets for mobile digital pathology & cell measurement tool 2019
548 spaceEU Fostering a young, creative and inclusive European Space Community 2018
549 CloudCT Climate CT- Cloud Tomography by Satellites for Better Climate Prediction 2019
550 HighThroughFROGS Reviving ghosts of taxonomy past: Identifying cryptic species using high-throughput sequencing of historical museum specimens for Asian ranids with gastromyzophorous tadpoles 2020
551 INHuMAN Intra-tumoral heterogeneity in NRAS-driven metastatic melanoma 2019
552 eXcape3D Functional dissection of X-linked regulatory DNA: unravelling the impact of genome topology on transcriptional regulation 2019
553 Cryo-H-Rec Cryo-EM Imaging of Histone Recycling at the Replication Fork 2019
554 ChOLLATERAL Generation of an adverse outcome pathway network on cholestatic liver injury for mechanism-based in vitro testing of chemicals. 2019
555 HOPE Higher Order Polar calculus and Euclidean distance degree 2020
556 BIOCONTACT Contact Mechanics of Soft and Complex Biological Tissues 2019
557 COART-INT Decentralizing Conceptual Art's Internationalism: Latin American artists in Western Europe, 1968-1979 2019
558 SOLID Policy Crisis and Crisis Politics. Sovereignty, Solidarity and Identity in the EU post 2008. 2019
559 MOMENTUM Modelling Emerging Transport Solutions for Urban Mobility 2019
560 FUN2MODEL From FUnction-based TO MOdel-based automated probabilistic reasoning for DEep Learning 2019
561 ARCS Elucidating the gene exchange networks of antibiotic resistance genes in clinical sewage microbiomes 2019
562 DiMaS Retrospective genomic analyses of shortfin Mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) using DNA from archived jaws 2019
563 TSFP Thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) sensitized fluorescent emitting polymers for low cost solution-processing organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) 2019
564 ERMADA Illuminating Earth’s microbial diversity and origins from metagenomes with deep learning 2019
565 ISULO Innovative Statistical modelling for a better Understanding of Longitudinal multivariate responses in relation to Omic datasets 2020
566 AGENT Ancient genetics (AGENT): Capturing signatures of nutrient stress tolerance from extant landraces to unlock the production potential of marginal lands 2020
567 ViSionRF ViSionRF: Vital Signal Monitoring using Radio-Frequency Technologies – Standard IF-RI 2019
568 COLLECTITUDE Building the collective at times of precarity: precarious labour and its countermovements 2020
569 LOVETandemSolar Local Optoelectronic Visualisation for Enhancing Tandem Perovskite/Silicon Solar Cells 2019
570 X-SUGRA eXceptional Solutions and U-folds in quantum GRAvity 2020
571 YOUTH-HOME Migrant male youth home-making in Ireland 2019
572 BIOMOSAIC From Biopigments to BIOelectronics: MOdelling Semiconducting EumelAnin-based InterfaCes 2020
573 ConceptNet Using Network Science to Study Children’s Conceptual Development 2019
574 MOVES MOdelling Vocal Expression in Schizophrenia 2020
575 PREVENT PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport 2019
576 ENR Expressivism and Normative Realism 2019
577 HoloStain Imaging flow cytometry using holographic virtual staining 2019
578 ChemicalWalks Reactive Transport and Mixing in Heterogeneous Media: Chemical Random Walks under Local Non-equilibrium 2019
579 2DMAGICS Two-dimensional magnetism in correlated systems 2020
580 UnsatPorMix Impact of structural heterogeneity on solute transport and mixing in unsaturated porous media 2019
581 TECh-MoDE Nanoscale-enhanced Spectroscopies in Electrochemically-Gated Single-Molecule Devices 2019
582 EVERPHOT Molecular mechanisms of photoprotection in plants. 2020
583 KiT-FIG Kidney Transplantation - Functional ImmunoGenomics 2019
585 OCTAV A novel approach to non-invasive and personalized skin cancer diagnosis 2019
586 Full5G Fulfilling the 5G Promise 2019
587 Green Drop New Digital Pigment Printing System for every Surface, for every Industry, faster, with less energy requirements and with no water needs 2019
588 ParaResWEC Nonlinear Rock and Roll - Modelling and Control of Parametric Resonance in Wave Energy Converters 2019
589 Hyalcis Hyaluronic-Cisplatin Film for Implant in Malignant Mesothelioma Recurrence 2019
590 Hologlass A New Generation of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses 2019
591 PAsCAL Enhance driver behaviour and Public Acceptance of Connected and Autonomous vehicLes 2019
592 REFLOW constRuctive mEtabolic processes For materiaL flOWs in urban and peri-urban environments across Europe 2019
593 AlSiCal Towards sustainable mineral and metal industry: ZERO Bauxite Residue and ZERO CO2 from co-production of Alumina, Silica and precipitated Calcium carbonate by the Aranda-Mastin technology 2019
594 Life-Inspired Life-inspired complex molecular systems controlled by enzymatic reaction networks 2019
596 3D DMX Demonstration in Dunkirk 2019
597 Aseptic Smart World’s first unmanned, fully aseptic multi-functional commercial filling line for the bio-/pharmaceutical industry 2019
598 SET PLAN ENVE 2019 SET Plan/ENVE Conference 2019 2019
601 DLIVER DLIVER - Digital B2B marketplace for fast and efficient parcel delivery 2019
602 NOx Conversion NOx Conversion 2019
603 SAFEMODE Strengthening synergies between Aviation and maritime in the area of human Factors towards achieving more Efficient and resilient MODE of transportation 2019
604 3DBrainStrom Brain metastases: Deciphering tumor-stroma interactions in three dimensions for the rational design of nanomedicines 2019
605 PREVISION Prediction and Visual Intelligence for Security Information 2019
606 MIRAGE Independence and quality of mass Media in the InteRnet AGE 2018
607 DRmov Deciphering the RBPome in mosquitoes during virus infection 2020
608 EpiSeq Single molecule sequencing and biophysical properties of oxidized genomic DNA using magnetic tweezers. 2019
609 Wave Scale Bringing wave power to a cost competitive level and commercial scale 2019
610 MOF4AIR Metal Organic Frameworks for carbon dioxide Adsorption processes in power production and energy Intensive industRies 2019
611 BE Therapy A revolutionary digital therapeutics platform for personalized and effective neurocognitive rehabilitation 2019
612 PALAEOCON Conservation palaeobiology of terrestrial and marine carbon sinks 2019
613 UNIFIER19 Community Friendly Miniliner 2019
614 SCANOVIS Contactless, non-invasive scanner to detect, visualise, capture, and digitally preserve fingerprints and trace evidence in forensic investigations in one rapid, quality-proof step 2019
615 MAU Making Africa Urban: The transcalar politics of large-scale urban development 2019
616 UpGen Emission free and novel fuel cell-based electrical generator UP400 2019
617 iNNOGING Remote and Offline Ultrasound Image Analysis Platform 2019
618 SpreadMRI Ultra-Fast, Spread-Spectrum Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2019
619 ImmunoGrow Making life-saving cancer therapies more widely available by simplifying production processes, reducing costs and enhancing patient safety through its patent-protected biomimicking mesh material. 2019
620 TagAndGo First low-cost semi-passive RFID tags for cold-chain logistics digitalisation and optimisation 2019
621 CERES Cognitive Empowerment Resulting in Environmental Sustainability Improvement (CERES+). Human-Machine interaction in Industrial Vehicles through an innovative Augmented Reality System. 2019
622 doks Innovation Automated AI-based inventory management for logistics 2019
623 BovINE BovINE Beef Innovation Network Europe 2020
624 PPB Innovative Prima system to clean and Polish Bottles 2019
625 VOROCO KOBOT – a VOice-responsive RObot for the COnstruction floor 2019
626 PriMa Privacy Matters 2020
627 V-Chiller Next Generation refrigeration Technology based on vacuum rapid cooling 2019
628 AACCT Advanced Atmospheric Carbon Capture Technology 2019
629 Base Flowbase 2019
630 METAMORFOSIS Disrupting the sports nutrition market with a healthy, high-performance, bee product-based energy gel in highly innovative compostable packaging 2019
631 BioCombs4Nanofibers Antiadhesive Bionic Combs for Handling of Nanofibers 2019
632 GMOS-Train Global Mercury Observation and Training Network in Support to the Minamata Convention 2020
633 UNLOCK-EDD UNLOCKing next generation computer-guided Enzyme Discovery and Design. 2019
634 Pilot3 A software engine for multi-criteria decision support in flight management 2019
635 ALR4000 Automated LCD Recycling series 4000 2019
636 XAI Science and technology for the explanation of AI decision making 2019
637 SHADES Scintillator-He3 Array for Deep-underground Experiments on the S-process 2020
638 PROBOSCIS Proboscidean sensitive soft robot for versatile gripping 2019
639 SHOW MOTION SHOW MOTION: Real time intelligent system for biomechanical motion and muscular diagnosis 2019
640 BioCat Investigating the electron uptake mechanisms of bacteria on bio-cathodes for microbial electrosynthesis 2020
642 EPIMP Epistemic Utility for Imprecise Probability 2020
643 CRYTOCOP Coat assembly and membrane remodelling: understanding regulation of protein secretion 2019
644 NANOCELL A DNA NANOtechology toolkit for artificial CELL design 2020
645 Bug-Flash Coherent Back-Lasing from Atmospheric Insects 2020
646 MERGING Manipulation Enhancement through Robotic Guidance and Intelligent Novel Grippers 2019
647 PHOOTONICS A Cost-Effective Photonics-based Device for Early Prediction, Monitoring and Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers 2019
648 CELLPHASE_AD Genetics to understand cellular components of Alzheimer Disease pathogenesis 2019
649 ECO-POL Greening the polyurethane industry through versatile and low cost eco-polyols 2019
650 WEB DATA OPP New opportunities to enhance or extend (mobile) web survey data and get better insights 2020
651 AGRICON Ancient genomic reconstruction of convergent evolution to agriculture 2019
652 AQUASERS The European first generation of aquaculture SERS-based Biosensor 2019
653 AMPERE A Model-driven development framework for highly Parallel and EneRgy-Efficient computation supporting multi-criteria optimisation 2020
654 AiforCancerDX Deep learning AI in cancer diagnostics 2019
655 DV SUPPORT Building an evidence base to support Polish women victims of domestic violence in the UK. 2020
656 DIPVAR Digital Platforms: Pricing, Variety and Quality Provision 2020
657 TiGRE Trust in Governance and Regulation in Europe 2020
658 ARTIS Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies 2020
659 DEMABIS Democratizing Machine Learning for Big Series 2019
660 MindTrack Analysis of eye vergence responses for the early detection and monitoring of cognitive and mental disorders 2019
661 ALIGNING MINDS When, and how, do team members’ minds align? A dynamic perspective on shared mental models in teams with different levels of task and outcome interdependence 2020
662 DISSECT DISSECT: Evidence in International Human Rights Adjudication 2020
663 PLASTINET Plasticity of the Pluripotency Network 2020
664 KEYNESGROWTH Economic Fluctuations, Productivity Growth and Stabilization Policies: A Keynesian Growth Perspective 2020
665 SOAR Solitude: Alone but Resilient 2020
666 C-stemGMP c-GMP compliance of C-stem, an IPSc based cell therapies production technology 2019
667 T-SKIN Shaking-up user experience by introducing the first-in-kind arduino-programmable AI-driven gesture control wearable 2019
668 Osto.Me Ostomy Market Disruption: First Leak Proof Ostomy Appliance removing the need for Accessories in the Ostomy Market 2020
669 ROG Real Organ Generation 2019
670 Codasip RISC-V Digital Architecture for the Next Generation of Connected Era 2020
671 NEMASIS The next generation energy management solution for industry 4.0 2019
672 iScan Automated retinal scans for early detection of diabetic eye diseases through use of artificial intelligence 2020
673 EvoBias Sex-specific demography and the evolution of gender-biased harmful cultural practices 2020
674 SECANS Solar-to-Chemical Energy Conversion with Advanced Nitride Semiconductors 2020
675 PERSISMO Predicting Energy Release in fault Systems: Integrating Simulations, Machine learning, Observations 2020
676 Hot Milk Flows of hot plasma connecting the Milky Way centre to the corona, halo and beyond 2020
678 IMPACT Industrial Manufacturing Process for A high temperature superconducting Coated conductors Technology 2020
679 MultiSense Nanoplasmonic sensing of multi-molecular protein interactions at physiological conditions 2020
681 PIPE Learning Pixel-Perfect 3D Vision and Generative Modeling 2020
682 FDM^2 Structural multiscale modelling of extrusion-based 3D and 4D printed materials 2020
683 EXTREMA Engineering Extremely Rare Events in Astrodynamics for Deep-Space Missions in Autonomy 2020
684 AUTONORMS Transforming Norms Research through Practices: Weaponised Artificial Intelligence, Norms, and Order 2020
685 SpaTe Spatio-Temporal Methods for Data-driven Computer Animation and Simulation 2020
686 Proteomes-in-3D Three-dimensional dynamic views of proteomes as a novel readout for physiological and pathological alterations 2020
687 CAPTURE Carbon pathways in the Southern Ocean 2020
688 DISIPO Decarbonisation of carbon-intensive industries (Iron and Steel Industries) through Power to gas and Oxy-fuel combustion 2021
689 FIRE An industry-led Forum for Innovation and Research in European Earth Observation 2019
690 ECCSELERATE ECCSEL ERIC – accelerating user access, growing the membership and positioning internationally to ensure long-term sustainability 2020
691 PropRT Property-Based Modulable Timing Analysis and Optimization for Complex Cyber-Physical Real-Time Systems 2020
692 StressRhomboid Trapping intramembrane protease substrates in living cells: focus on RHBDL4 role in ERAD 2020
693 MXTRONICS MXene Nanosheets For Future Optoelectronic Devices 2020
694 STMICRO Space-time visualization of microelectronic chip operation with femtosecond electron microscopy 2020
695 MadByz Being ‘Mad’ in Byzantium. Toward a History of Mental Disorders in Early and Middle Greek Middle Ages 2020
696 ARMISTICE Analysis and Risk Mitigation measures for Induced Seismicity in supercriTICal gEothermal systems 2021
697 SOCIENTITY_PR The Role of Social Identity on Preferences for Redistribution 2020
698 Pept-AGE Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of age-related muscle loss to inform Artificial Intelligence-based discovery of novel peptide therapeutics for sarcopenia. 2020
699 POSTURENET Postural networks: linking cognitive and motor control across the lifespan 2020