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1 ScienceCity ScienceCity Szczecin 2014
2 DiscardLess DiscardLess – Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries 2015
3 PHOCNOSIS Advanced nanophotonic point-of-care analysis device for fast and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases 2015
4 EUthyroid Towards the elimination of iodine deficiency and preventable thyroid-related diseases in Europe 2015
6 SILNE-R Enhancing the effectiveness of programs and strategies to prevent youth smoking: a comparative realist evaluation of 7 European cities 2015
7 LuMaSense A Non-Invasive Test for Guiding Follow–up of Patients with CT-Detected Lung Nodules 2015
8 Co-FACTOR Cooperate, Communicate and Connect to boost smart Components for tomorrows Industry 2015
9 CoqHoTT Coq for Homotopy Type Theory 2015
11 AIDA An Illumination of the Dark Ages: modeling reionization and interpreting observations 2015
12 ChildBrain Advancing brain research in children’s developmental neurocognitive disorders 2015
13 DREAM-GO Enabling Demand Response for short and real-time Efficient And Market Based smart Grid Operation - An intelligent and real-time simulation approach 2015
14 NABBA Design and development of advanced NAnomedicines to overcome Biological BArriers and to treat severe diseases 2015
15 SAF21 Social Science Aspects of Fisheries for the 21st Century 2015
16 ArcInTex ETN ArcInTex ETN 2015
17 MetaRNA RNA-based technologies for single-cell metabolite analysis 2015
18 WDAqua Answering Questions using Web Data 2015
19 WAKEUPCALL Applied mathematics for risk measures in finance and insurance, in the wake of the crisis 2015
20 JPco-fuND ERA-NET for establishing synergies between the Joint Programming on Neurodegenerative Diseases Research and Horizon 2020 2015
21 PATHway PATHway: Technology enabled behavioural change as a pathway towards better self-management of CVD 2015
22 Feel4Diabetes Developing and implementing a community-based intervention to create a more supportive social and physical environment for lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes in vulnerable families across Europe 2014
23 MARIO Managing active and healthy aging with use of caring service robots 2015
24 ALIGNED Aligned, Quality-centric Software and Data Engineering 2015
25 BEBA Behavioral Based Forwarding 2015
26 SAPHELY Self-amplified photonic biosensing platform for microRNA-based early diagnosis of diseases 2015
27 MEDILIGHT Miniaturized smart system for light stimulation and monitoring of wound healing 2015
28 TREDISEC Trust-aware, REliable and Distributed Information SEcurity in the Cloud. 2015
29 SIGNAT Evaluation of Plant Signaling Networks in Natural Environments 2015
30 AquaSmart Aquaculture Smart and Open Data Analytics as a Service 2015
31 LIFE LearnIng from Failure in a collaborative Entrepreneurship network 2015
32 COMPLETE Communication Platform for Tenders of Novels Transport Networks - COMPLETE 2015
33 SALEACOM Overcoming Inequalities in Schools and Learning Communities: Innovative Education for a New Century 2015
34 Immuno-NanoDecoder Nanostructured molecular decoders for the quantitative, multiplexed, layer-by-layer detection of disease-associated proteins 2015
35 Vaccinesurvey Monitor population immunity against vaccine preventable diseases 2015
36 SYNAMERA Synergies in Nanotechnologies, Materials and Production in the European Research Area 2015
37 BioRES Sustainable Regional Supply Chains for Woody Bioenergy 2015
38 ENATRANS Enabling NAnomedicine TRANSlation 2015
39 EMPOWER Local Electricity retail Markets for Prosumer smart grid pOWER services 2015
40 AnyPLACE Adaptable Platform for Active Services Exchange 2015
41 PAW Automated Program Analysis for Advanced Web Applications 2015
42 NChIP Chromatin dynamics during DNA replication 2015
43 CSF From Cloud to Star Formation 2015
44 CITYnvest Increasing Capacities in Cities for Innovative Financing in Energy Efficiency 2015
45 ASTHMAPOC Disposable nitric oxide POC (point-of-care) test for home care easy management of asthma in chronic patients 2014
46 IMP3rove for Future Adapting and maintaining the innovation management assessment tools and support Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs 2014
47 ENVRI PLUS Environmental Research Infrastructures Providing Shared Solutions for Science and Society 2015
48 WOODSofCHANGE Cambium genetics in Arabidopsis and Aspen: basic science meets wood production 2015
49 Walgo What is an Algorithm? Extensional and Intensional Equivalences between Programs 2015
50 EpiNKT Transcriptional and epigenetic control of innate-like T lymphocyte development 2015
51 DEMONH DEsign of Multifunctional 2D-OrgaNic Hybrids 2016
52 PEACEFUL MIND Effectiveness evaluation of traditional and third wave Emotion Regulation strategies in clinical and non-clinical youth population 2016
53 RvD3-RAVIS Novel Resolvin D3: its Role and Actions in the Resolution of Aortic Valvular Inflammation and Stenosis 2015
54 HAT-MOZ-sphere Identification of genes and pathways regulated by the HAT activity of MOZ 2015
55 OptiMADMix Optimized Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion Mixing 2016
56 EPIMAIZE Understading the Maize Epigenome and its Role in Development 2015
57 ResisGal Ostreid herpesvirus 1: Genetic selection of Resistant strains and environmental interaction in the Atlantic coast of Spain (Galicia) 2015
58 BetMon Delivering better fitness estimators for wildlife ecology and management and effective monitoring 2015
59 ReACT A Realizability Approach to Complexity Theory 2015
60 THSExposure Thirdhand Tobacco Smoke: Chemical Characterization, Human Exposure and Urinary Carcinogen Biomarkers 2015
61 MDR Tuberculosis Evolution and success of the multi-drug resistant M. tuberculosis SIT41 (LAM7-TUR) lineage 2015
62 FLEXGENOME The Flexible Genome: understanding the genetic regulation of Phenotypic Plasticity. 2015
63 HPpQCD Hard Probes of Hot and Dense QCD Matter 2015
64 CURAS Cetacean Use of Representational Acoustic Signals 2015
65 YouBeep YouBeep – InStore mobile shopping and analytics 2015
66 BrainWorkloadReader Generation of a business plan for the production of a compact and reliable device able to measure in real-time the cerebral workload state of high responsibility operators in the transport domain 2015
67 AstroFIt2 Astronomy Fellowships in Italy 2 2015
68 MIMO A commercial device for mercury isotope monitoring (MIMO) 2015
69 HYscreen A fast, cost-effective breath analysis technology for Helicobacter pYlori screening at both large and small scale. 2015
70 PFMaker PFMaker, the Advanced Interactive Video Tool 2015
71 Colibri The compact LIBS module for advanced materials analysis 2015
72 PrecisionTools4LHC High precision predictions and tools for LHC Physics 2015
73 TRANSFR-Q Transcriptional RegulAtory Network controlling Strawberry Fruit Ripening and Quality 2015
74 SUBSOL bringing coastal SUBsurface water SOLutions to the market 2015
75 Enhancer ID Identification and functional characterization of mammalian enhancers and transcriptional co-factors during cellular signaling and cell fate transitions 2015
76 ICRI-BioM International Centre for Research on Innovative Bio-based Materials 2015
77 PlantaSYST Establishment of a Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology for the translation of fundamental research into sustainable bio-based technologies in Bulgaria 2015
78 HyFast HyFast - Fast hydrogen fueling and long range for fuel cell vehicles 2015
79 ITI Intelligent Trading Interface 2015
80 S4F Setting the Stage for Solar System Formation 2015
81 Train-to-NZEB Train-to-NZEB: The Building Knowledge Hubs 2015
83 DEMSEC Democratic Secrecy: A Philosophical Study of the Role of Secrecy in Democratic Politics 2015
84 EpiTALL Dynamic interplay between DNA methylation, histone modifications and super enhancer activity in normal T cells and during malignant T cell transformation 2015
85 RENALTRACT Development and disease of the renal tract 2015
86 DYNADE Dynamics of Development: Understanding Adolescents' Intergroup Attitudes, National Feelings, and Perception of Social Norms 2016
87 CySTEM Cyprus Solar Thermal Energy Chair for the Eastern Mediterranean 2015
88 SWORD Advanced Analytics Platform for Stroke Patients Rehabilitation 2015
89 BIGWHEAT An innovative approach to boost wheat yields 2015
90 TEST-IC Integrated Cicuit Testing Software 2015
91 HEIRRI HEIRRI (Higher Education Institutions and Responsible Research and Innovation) 2015
92 BLOSTER Innovative biopesticides production: valorisation of endemic plants and green industrial residues 2015
93 ACHILLES-HEEL Crop resistance improvement by mining natural and induced variation in host accessibility factors 2015
94 TEC_Pro Molecular control of self-renewal and lineage specification in thymic epithelial cell progenitors in vivo. 2015
95 ExCAPE Exascale Compound Activity Prediction Engine 2015
96 TB-ACCELERATE Integrating genomics, epidemiology and evolution to accelerate tuberculosis eradication 2015
97 SELECTION Improving Educational Outcomes by Transforming the Selection of Future Teachers 2015
98 ALPS.INN3 Innovation Support Services for SMEs in North West Italy 2015
99 CompSCHoice A Comprehensive Approach to School Choice and Education 2015
100 iNanoEOR In-situ produced nanoparticles for enhanced oil recovery 2015
101 D2Service Design of 2 Technologies and Applications to Service 2015
102 COOPERATION Releasing Prisoners Of The Paradigm: Understanding How Cooperation Varies Across Contexts In The Lab And Field 2015
103 ProFF Programming in vitro evolution using molecular fitness functions 2015
104 SciChallenge Next Generation Science Challenges Using Digital and Social Media to Make Science Education and Careers Attractive for Young People 2015
105 BASKAM Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs during 2015-2016 2015
107 HUGS HUmins as Green and Sustainable precursors of eco-friendly building blocks and materials 2015
108 HisMoDetect An Antibody Microarray for Histone Modifications 2015
110 JPsustaiND Coordination Action in support of the sustainability and globalisation of the Joint Programming Initiative on Neurodegenerative Diseases 2015
111 H2020 COST at a turning point: A unique framework for pan-European ST cooperation as clear demonstration of European values 2015
112 iPROTECTION Molecular mechanisms of induced protection against sepsis by DNA damage responses 2015
113 Colodetect Development of a novel blood-based diagnostic test for colorectal cancer 2015
114 ReaDMe Readout of DNA methylation 2016
115 MASCP Mechanisms of alternative pre-mRNA splicing regulation in cancer and pluripotent cells 2015
117 XS2I4MS Access to I4MS 2015
118 I4MS-Growth Support and stimulation of dynamic and organic growth of pan European ICT for Manufacturing SME Innovation Ecosystems 2015
119 TACTILENet TACTILENet: Towards Agile, effiCient, auTonomous and massIvely LargE Network of things 2016
120 SMART Guide Guided dental surgery fitting into daily clinical routine 2015
121 VALPAS VALidation of human PApilloma virus assays on Self-collected first void urine samples 2015
122 LUCKY STAR Exploring the outer solar system beyond Neptune using stellar occultations 2015
123 DynaMech Linking Transcription Factor Binding Dynamics to Promoter Output 2016
124 ECARS East European Centre for Atmospheric Remote Sensing 2016
125 RBI-T-WINNING RuÄ‘er Bošković Institute: Twinning for a step forward of the Theoretical Physics Division 2016
126 MiCARF Multi-tubular Catalytic Reactor for Flexible Production of Fine Chemicals 2016
127 JCR Judicial Conflict Resolution: Examining Hybrids of Non-adversarial Justice 2016
128 CleverGenes Novel Gene Therapy Based on the Activation of Endogenous Genes for the Treatment of Ischemia - Concepts of endogenetherapy, release of promoter pausing, promoter-targeted ncRNAs and nuclear RNAi 2015
129 CoVeCe Coinduction for Verification and Certification 2016
130 EHVA European HIV Vaccine Alliance (EHVA): a EU platform for the discovery and evaluation of novel prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine candidates 2016
131 ePerMed Rise of scientific excellence and collaboration for implementing personalised medicine in Estonia 2016
132 ENGHUM Engaged humanities in Europe: Capacity building for participatory research in linguistic-cultural heritage 2016
133 BET-EU Materials Synergy Integration for a Better Europe 2016
134 In-Business Growth Innovative Sustainable Business Growth at Global Level 2016
135 CSA JPI HDHL 2.0 The second coordination and support action for the JPI Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life 2016
136 EnerSHIFT Energy Social Housing Innovative Financing Tender 2016
137 Sim4Blocks Simulation Supported Real Time Energy Management in Building Blocks 2016
138 UPWAVE Demonstration of a 1-MW wave energy converter integrated in an offshore wind turbine farm 2016
139 EPITOOLS Chemical biology approaches to unraveling the histone code 2016
140 ZEBRA-VALVE “Quantitative analysis of the molecular and cellular behaviors associated with cardiac valve morphogenesis in pathological and regenerative contexts” 2017
141 GvHDCure Understanding the dynamics of the immune system to cure graft-versus-host disease (GvHD). 2016
142 epiGERMetics Landscape of epigenetic control in early and late germ line development 2016
143 BIGCODE Learning from Big Code: Probabilistic Models, Analysis and Synthesis 2016
144 G2P-SOL Linking genetic resources, genomes and phenotypes of Solanaceous crops 2016
145 MCTRinIA Resolution Pharmacology and Physiology of MCTR in Arthritis 2016
146 EpiID Single-cell epigenomics: quantifying epigenetic changes in individual cells using DamID 2016
147 DAPP Data-centric Parallel Programming 2016
148 DYNAMICSS Labour market dynamics and optimal policies 2016
149 ERA4CS European Research Area for Climate Services 2016
150 SPIN-MA Schizophrenia Psychological Interventions Network Meta-Analysis of randomized evidence 2016
151 GranD Cities Green and Diverse Cities. The social impact of urban policies for sustainability in comparative perspective. 2016
152 PHILANTHROPIC RULE International Authority and Intellectual Domination: External Donors and Local Organizations in Latin American Social Sciences (1945-1973). 2017
153 Finch Evo-Devo Developmental Basis of Beak Shape Variation in Darwin’s Finches 2016
154 Integrating Memories Integrating memories: Exploring knowledge integration enhancement at the intersection of education and neuroscience 2016
155 TGIP Trans-generational immune priming: molecular basis and fitness consequences 2016
156 HEAT-WHEAT Highly Efficient and Thermotolerant Wheat 2016
157 DIVERGE Diverging Destinies: Introducing the Role of Social Environment and Genetic Sensitivity in the Effects of Family Instability 2016
158 MITOPLASTICITY Mitochondrial regulation of structural and functional plasticity within adult neurogenic circuits 2016
159 MOPSA Modular Open Platform for Static Analysis 2016
160 CS2-WP714-DE Advanced Design of Very High Power Density Piston Engine and Thermal Management Challenges for Aircraft Application 2016
161 FTI Cocoon Optimization of the production line of an innovative biodegradable water reservoir to be applied in efficient landscape-scale ecosystem restoration plans 2016
162 InfTy Infinitary Rewriting for Type Systems 2016
163 CF_struct High-Resolution X-ray Structures of Full-Length Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator 2016
164 iEcoH Integrating Ecosystem Heterogeneity to Enhance ESM Performance 2016
165 PhiSi The Role of Philanthropy and Social Investments in Fostering Research and Innovation. New financing forms and partnerships. 2016
166 SMART-Plant Scale-up of low-carbon footprint material recovery techniques in existing wastewater treatment plants 2016
167 Sense of Commitment An Integrative Framework for Modeling the Sense of Commitment 2016
168 QUENCH Star formation quenching and feedback in galaxies throughout the cosmic epochs 2016
169 Magnetic Universe Unveiling interstellar and intergalactic magnetic fields with radio polarimetry and theoretical astrophysics 2017
170 RRI-Practice Responsible Research and Innovation in Practice 2016
171 VIREX Mumps VIRus EXploitation of the human adhesion receptor GPR125 2016
172 Dycare Dynamic Care Solutions for clinical assessment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders 2016
173 SciFe Science for Life 2016
174 BreedIT-FIELD Professional tool to facilitate data collection and digitalization in field trials for plant breeding and seed commercialisation 2016
175 STEM-BCPC Signal Transduction and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Breast Cell Plasticity and Cancer 2016
176 EURACTE-INNOV II Establishment, promotion and implementation of new support services aiming at enhancing the innovation management capacity and projects of SMEs based in the Nord – Pas de Calais region 2015
177 NLPRO Natural Language Programming: Turning Text into Executable Code 2016
178 MiTSoPro Migration and Transnational Social Protection in (post-)crisis Europe 2016
179 PROSOCIAL The neural basis of prosocial development in adolescence 2016
180 GEMH Video games for the prevention of depression and anxiety: A 21st century approach to emotional and mental health in adolescents 2016
181 Descent Control of Action Diversification by Descending Motor CircuitsControl of action diversification by descending motor circuits 2016
182 MSG Making Sense of Games: A Methodology for Humanistic Game Analysis 2016
183 e-Gates Precision diagnostics using electrogating of liquids in capillary-driven microfluidics 2016
184 NanoMedPhD Nanomedicine Doctoral Programme 2016
185 StartInnShop StartInnShop - Startup Innovation goes to market 2016
186 GREENERNET Advanced Flow Battery Energy Storage Systems in a Microgrid Network 2016
187 Quotanda Quotanda - a lending-as-a-service (LaaS) platform that enables schools and lenders to set up student financing programs to make education more affordable 2016
188 Paybon Paybon - disrupting the massive global meal voucher market with a smartphone delivery system 2016
189 DevelopingTheatre Developing Theatre: Building Expert Networks for Theatre in Emerging Countries after 1945 2016
190 EEN Serbia SGA EEN Serbia (specific grant agreement): Improving competitiveness of Serbian SMEs trough implementation of integrated services focused on innovative capacities, productivity and internationalization. 2016
191 MIMICS MicroRNA Isoforms for Molecular Interception of Cervical cancer using Self-samples 2016
193 ENF2017 EuroNanoForum 2017 2016
194 MEMO2 MEthane goes MObile - MEasurements and MOdelling 2017
195 FoodSmartphone Smartphone analyzers for on-site testing of food quality and safety 2017
196 ALFA Advanced Laminar Flow tAilplane 2016
197 PAcMEN Predictive and Accelerated Metabolic Engineering Network 2016
198 HOME_EU Homelessness as unfairness 2016
199 ACTIonRCraft Anti-Crash lightweight fuel bladder Tank Integrated on a new RotorCraft 2016
200 CIRCULAR IMPACTS Measuring the IMPACTS of the transition to the CIRCULAR economy 2016
201 WARMUSIC The War on Music. Heritage, Islam and Peacekeeping in relation to the Islamist attacks in Mali 2017
202 SaferAfrica Innovating dialogue and problems appraisal for a safer Africa 2016
203 GRAMOFON New process for efficient CO2 capture by innovative adsorbents based on modified graphene aerogels and MOF materials 2016
204 SPLICECODE Alternative Splicing Codes for Synaptic Specificity 2016
205 WOODnat Second generation of planted hardwood forests in the EU 2016
206 ViEWS The Violence Early-Warning System: Building a Scientific Foundation for Conflict Forecasting 2017
207 PACT Proof-theoretical Approaches to Concurrency Theory 2016
208 LIVE INCITE Lifestyle intervention in the perioperative process through digital service 2016
209 LEARN Logistics Emission Accounting and Reduction Network 2016
210 EURO-CAS EU eHealth Interoperability Conformity Assessment Scheme 2016
211 Next-Lab Next Generation Stakeholders and Next Level Ecosystem for ColLaborative Science Education with Online Labs 2017
212 XF-ACTORS Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy 2016
213 ROBOCHIP MicroRobotic toolkit to deliver spatiotemporally resolved physicochemical signals and control cell sociology 2017
214 ASNODEV Aspirations Social Norms and Development 2016
215 TiMaScan Recirculated tissue macrophages (TiMa) in blood: Novel approach to early diagnosis and treatment monitoring in oncology 2016
216 PAMMOTH Photoacoustic/Ultrasound Mammoscopy for evaluating screening-detected abnormalities in the breast 2017
217 SYRIANBORDERS The Fall of a Colonial Legacy: A Modern History of Syrian Borders (1920-2015) 2016
218 GaNOMIC GaN in One Module Integrated Converter for EP systems 2016
219 QCDforfuture QCD for the Future of Particle Physics 2017
220 E2S2A2 Embedded electronically steerable satcom airborne antenna 2016
221 SMOOTH SMart rObOTs for fire-figHting 2017
222 IE2advisor Intelligent Energy Efficiency Advisor 2016
223 GEOTHERMICA GEOTHERMICA - ERA NET Cofund Geothermal 2017
224 EVALVE Biomechanics and signaling in models of congenital heart valve defects 2016
225 XSPECT Expecting Ourselves: Embodied Prediction and the Construction of Conscious Experience 2017
226 BinCosmos The Impact of Massive Binaries Through Cosmic Time 2017
227 INSHIP Integrating National Research Agendas on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes 2017
228 SME 4.0 Industry 4.0 for SMEs - Smart Manufacturing and Logistics for SMEs in an X-to-order and Mass Customization Environment 2017
229 VirFree Virus free Fruit Nurseries 2017
230 3DCC Ready-to-use 3D Cell Cultures for early de-risking in drug development 2016
231 AQUACOSM Network of Leading European AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Mountains to Oceans from the Arctic to the Mediterranean 2017
232 IMPACT TB IMPACT TB: Implementing proven community-based active case finding interventions in Vietnam and Nepal 2017
233 VitruVius The Genetics and Physiology of Growth and Size Determination 2017
234 BrainInBrain Neural circuits underlying complex brain function across animals - from conserved core concepts to specializations defining a species’ identity 2017
235 SECOMP Efficient Formally Secure Compilers to a Tagged Architecture 2017
236 GRETPOL Greening the Poles: Science, the Environment, and the Creation of the Modern Arctic and Antarctic 2017
237 EUROlinkCAT EUROlinkCAT: Establishing a linked European Cohort of Children with Congenital Anomalies 2017
238 NEIGHBOURCHANGE Social innovation and urban revitalization in hyperdiverse local societies 2017
239 MorphGrad Morphogen-like properties of small RNA gradients: A new paradigm for the role of small RNAs in developmental biology 2017
240 MagBURST Exploding stars from first principles: MAGnetars as engines of hypernovae and gamma-ray BURSTs 2017
241 TICASS Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art, and Social Sciences 2017
242 EPIC EU-Pacific Partnerships for ICT RDI 2017
243 INISH MINI-BAR Inish Mini for On-Site Rapid Detection of Bacteria in Beer Directly from the Tap 2017
244 TechPolChange Technology and Political Change: Nuclear Power in the Post-Soviet Union 2017
245 HETEROPOLIS The Design of Social Policy in a Heterogeneous World 2017
246 Mathador Type and Proof Structures for Concurrent Software Verification 2017
247 EURECA Enhanced Human Robot cooperation in Cabin Assembly tasks 2017
248 BITRIDE BIKE SHARING The solution for flexible bike sharing initiatives without fixed stations 2017
249 EURACTE-INNOV III Deployment of support services aiming at enhancing the innovation management capacity and projects of SMEs based in the Hauts de France region 2017
250 PREDICT PREcision medicine Drug combination testing In neuroblastoma organoids to guide Clinical Trials 2017
251 CAMART2 Centre of Advanced Materials Research and Technology Transfer CAMART² 2017
252 MITOSENSING Decoding mitochondrial nutrient-sensing programs in POMC neurons as key determinants of metabolic health 2017
253 WHO-ITU-mHealth WHO - ITU mHealth Hub in EU 2017
254 SimVisTec Validation of SimVis Technology 2017
255 Repro_organoid Direct reprogramming of human astrocytes into functional neurons in cerebral organoids derived from genome edited hiPSCs 2017
256 PRENUCRNA Prebiotic Synthesis of Pyrimidine Nucleosides: New Insights into RNA Evolution 2017
257 Cytokine Signalosome Mapping Cytokine Signalling Networks using Engineered Surrogate Ligands 2017
258 HISTONEMEMORY New and Old Histones in Epigenetic Cell Memory 2017
259 MAP Inside the Mind of Ancient People: the tangible and constructed landscape of the western Delta in the Late Period (664-332BC) 2017
260 FIRESCAPE Firescape genomics: predicting plant responses to changing fire regimes 2018
261 Robust OTFT sensors Ultra-robust, flexible organic sensors for application in lactic acid sensing and selective biosensing 2017
262 H2Bio2Energy Operando FTIR spectro-electrochemistry of hydrogenases: unraveling the basis of biological H2 production for innovative clean energy technologies 2018
263 GREEN-SPECIALISTS Specialised plant cell types via developmentally-controlled gene knockouts: a key step towards fully customised plants 2018
264 GirlsInScience Building an Evidence-Base for Reducing Gender Bias in Educational Pathways 2017
265 FOOTLOOSE Synthesis of sp3-Rich Organofluorine Compounds through Homologation of Boronic Esters 2017
266 GaTHeR GaTHeR, Gender and Transfer of Knowledge in Hunter Gatherer Research 2017
267 Philosophy Forcing Forcing in Contemporary Philosophy of Set Theory 2017
268 EBODAC Communication strategy and tools for optimizing the impact of Ebola vaccination deployment – Sofia ref.: 115847 2014
269 SmartCells Smart Lab-On-Chips for the Real -Time Control of Cells 2017
271 e-walk Biomechanical engineer for robotic healthcare solutions 2017
272 Signalling-in-NODs Investigation of the role and mechanism of action of NOD2-mediated isoform selective PI3K signalling in gut immunity and inflammation 2017
273 iAML-lncTARGET Targeting the transcriptional landscape in infant AML 2017
274 4REFINERY Scenarios for integration of bio-liquids in existing REFINERY processes 2017
275 ALPS INN3 EEN Innovation Support Services for SMEs in North West Italy 2017
276 MOBILIMA Mobility in situ: Debating emigration and return in Western Mali 2017
277 SECOPS An Integrated Security Concept for Drone Operations 2017
278 BASKAM2 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs during 2017-2018 2017
279 Cosmic_Gas Mapping the Cosmic Gas Supply with ALMA 2017
280 DOC The Dawn of Organic Chemistry 2017
281 WoRD-DoME Women's Economic Rights and Cultural Difference: Defining Development for the Middle East 2017
282 C-mapER Innovative learning platform for knowledge integration in Energy Retrofit 2017
283 EPFLinnovators The launch of a new industrial PhD programme at EPFL 2017
284 SONO-textile An advanced process for coating medical textiles with antibacterial nanoparticles through a one-step sonochemical reaction 2017
285 BoVLP-BVD Development of Tagged (DIVA), Virus-Like-Particle polyantigenic Vaccine against Bovine Viral Diarrhea virus (BVDc) 2017
286 SafeConsumE SafeConsumE: Safer food through changed consumer behavior: Effective tools and products, communication strategies, education and a food safety policy reducing health burden from foodborne illnesses 2017
287 BREEDCAFS BREEDing Coffee for AgroForestry Systems 2017
288 AURASME2 Proposal of Consortium AURASME2 for the support services Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs within the Enterprise Europe Network Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (EURORAA). 2017
289 Voices of Belonging Voices of Belonging: Minority Identities, Language and Education in the Netherlands 2017
290 Fit-to-nZEB Innovative training schemes for retrofitting to nZEB-levels 2017
292 Constance Flight Critical Wireless Slip Ring for Civil Tiltrotor 2017
293 NOLEAK Self-powered system for leakage detection in water pipes and self-sealing fissures with natural products 2017
294 SidekickHealth Improving health the fun way… seriously 2017
295 SpeakUp-LearnUp Minimizing Bullying and Harassment with SpeakUp LearnUp! 2017
296 cis-CONTROL Decoding and controlling cell-state switching: A bottom-up approach based on enhancer logic 2017
297 SOCIORATS Social Distress Response in the Context of Empathy in Rats 2017
298 MEACTOS Mitigating Environmentally Assissted Cracking Through Optimisation of Surface Condition 2017
299 DissectPcG Dissecting the Function of Multiple Polycomb Group Complexes in Establishing Transcriptional Identity 2017
300 EPPN2020 European Plant Phenotyping Network 2020 2017
301 CAPITA CAPITA: Child Abuse Prevention International Training and Access 2017
302 AlgoRNN Recurrent Neural Networks and Related Machines That Learn Algorithms 2017
303 STRCHANGEINEQ Effects of Structural Change on Income Inequality 2017
304 Super-Vaccine Exploring the potential applications of live viral vaccine encoded small-hairpin-RNAs in improving both vaccine safety and efficacy through RNA-interference and stimulation of the innate immune system 2018
305 FASE-LAG FAil-Safe Electro-mechanical actuation for LAnding Gear 2017
306 Content4All Personalised Content Creation for the Deaf Community in a Connected Digital Single Market 2017
307 ColoFast Developing a Non-Invasive Kit for Early Colorectal Cancer Detection 2017
308 InnoSpaceComm EnduroSat provides innovative space communication satellite solutions. 2017
309 PODAPP Making Audio-On-Demand Accessible, Democratic and Commercially viable 2017
310 NBS2017 Nature-based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use 2017
311 KuRx Ku-Band Satellite Receiver 2017
312 MARITEC-X Marine and Maritime Research, Innovation, Technology Centre of Excellence 2017
313 MaxiMem Improved Performance, Larger Memory, Longer Battery Smartphones 2017
314 NSstop Development of a policy to stop the suffering caused by Nodding Syndrome and Onchocerciasis associated epilepsy 2017
315 SIMDAS Upgrade of CaSToRC into a Center of Excellence in Simulation and Data Science 2017
316 SLICE3D Slovenian Centre of Excellence on 3D geodata 2017
317 Evoland Evolution of regulatory landscapes at multiple timescales 2017
318 EXCELSIOR ERATOSTHENES: Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment 2017
319 CLTRe The Cybersecurity Behavioural Toolkit 2017
320 FAST-PSAT FAST-PSAT. An innovative solution for building small satellites with a modularity design by using plastic polymers with fast prototyping 3D techniques: a “Lego® brick” concept 2017
321 EMMTRIX Emmtrix Technologies : European breakthrough in Software parallelization 2017
322 CaReSyAn Combatting the CardioRenal Syndrome: towards an integrative Analysis to reduce cardiovascular burden in chronic kidney disease 2018
323 ETAP Tracing Evolution of Auxin Transport and Polarity in Plants 2018
324 GermlineAgeingSoma Getting to the root of ageing: somatic decay as a cost of germline maintenance 2017
325 OpenOceanFC The Open Ocean Fish Cage 2017
326 TB-EPF Enhanced Place Finding (EPF) of TB transmission hotspots 2017
327 M-GATE Memory research: Ground-breaking, Applied, and Technological Exchanges 2017
329 INNO GREEN Encouraging INNOvation for development of GREEN jobs 2017
331 AV-SMP Algorithmic Verification of String Manipulating Programs 2017
332 SMARTELECTRODES Multiscaled Smart Metallic and Semiconductor Electrodes for Electrochemical Processing and Devices 2018
333 ScaleOpt Scaling Methods for Discrete and Continuous Optimization 2018
334 N-T-AUTONOMY Non-Territorial Autonomy as Minority Protection in Europe: An Intellectual and Political History of a Travelling Idea, 1850-2000 2018
335 NEWTON NEw Windown inTO Earth's iNterior 2018
336 X-TAM Dissecting Cross-Regulatory Interplays in Tumor-Associated Macrophages 2018
337 FIT4FOOD2030 Fostering Integration and Transformation for FOOD 2030 2017
338 CIRCASA Coordination of International Research Cooperation on soil CArbon Sequestration in Agriculture 2017
339 ESSI European Support to Social Innovation 2017
340 Sense2SurviveSalt Surviving salinity: How do plants sense Na+? 2018
341 LUCCA Land Use and Climate Change Attribution for biodiversity impact assessments 2018
342 UPRIGHT Universal Preventive Resilience Intervention Globally implemented in schools to improve and promote mental Health for Teenagers 2018
343 BOOST Building social and emotional skills to BOOST mental health resilience in children and young people in Europe 2018
344 COGNAP To nap or not to nap? Why napping habits interfere with cognitive fitness in ageing 2018
345 EFFORT Effort and Social Inequality: Advancing Measurement and Understanding Parental Origin Effects 2018
346 CERDEV Transcriptional controls over cerebellar neuron differentiation and circuit assembly 2018
347 DualRP Exploring cell interactions in the tumor microenvironment with dual ribosome profiling 2018
349 RESPOND RESPOND: integrated demand REsponse Solution towards energy POsitive NeighbourhooDs 2017
350 SENSE Accelerating the Path Towards Physical Internet 2017
351 EN SGplusRegSys A European joint programming initiative to develop integrated, regional, smart energy systems enabling regions and local communities to realize their high sustainable energy ambitions 2018
352 PLANMAP Planetary Mapping 2018
353 ATOS Advanced Technological Solutions for X band Earth Observation Systems 2018
354 COLING Minority Languages, Major Opportunities. Collaborative Research, Community Engagement and Innovative Educational Tools 2018
355 PRODEMOS Prevention of Dementia using Mobile phone Applications 2018
356 TeamPlay Time, Energy and security Analysis for Multi/Many-core heterogenous PLAtforms 2018
357 SEP 2.0 Startup Europe Partnership 2.0 2018
358 YellowHarbour Creating Partnerships between NGOs and Businesses 2017
359 SMART PlantOne A low-cost IoT - solution for predictive maintenance of small electric motors towards the Factory of the Future 2017
360 SysOrganoid A systems biology approach to investigate cell fate switches in intestinal organoids 2018
361 VESTA VErified STAtic analysis platform 2018
362 NordicAIP Nordic Angel Investment Program 2018
363 STRONGRCRAFT Safe, Technically Robust and Optical New Generation fuel system to be integrated on new RotorCRAFT 2018
364 ICTUS Instrumented engine Cradle for the TUrboprop demonstrator ground teSt 2018
365 CBCLASER Revolutionizing Industrial Materials Processing with Optical Phased Array Coherent BeamCombined High Power, Digitally controlled Lasers. 2018
366 SME LOYALISER SME LOYALISER: fostering SME retailers through LOYALty Integrated SERvices 2018
367 Smart Cooking Low energy, infrared oven for an improved automated cooking 2018
368 CROSS-NEUROD Transferring autonomous and non autonomous cell degeneration 3D models between EU and USA for development of effective therapies for neurodegenerative diseases (ND) 2018
369 MARSI Disruptive technologies for effectively rehabilitating chronic ambulatory disability 2018
370 iPER University students' negotiation of physics identity in informal physics programs 2018
371 CIVICS Criminality, Victimization and Social Interactions 2018
372 EpiSyStem Epigenetics and System Biology of Stem cells and Reprogramming 2018
373 MeloCRISP Implementation of CRISPR/Cas9 technology in melon to edit fruit ripening and CMV resistant genes 2018
374 EFHHBBBMS Endothelial Hedgehog autocrine signaling at the Blood Brain Barrier controls inflammatory CentralNervous System lesion size and severity through Gas1 co-receptor modulation. 2019
375 One Health EJP Promoting One Health in Europe through joint actions on foodborne zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and emerging microbiological hazards. 2018
376 CARBS Compositional Approximate Reasoning via Bialgebraic Semantics 2019
377 NUCLEAR Nuclear Weapons ChoicesGoverning vulnerabilities between past and future 2018
378 AMPERE Accounting for Metallicity, Polarization of the Electrolyte, and Redox reactions in computational Electrochemistry 2018
379 SuperPests Innovative tools for rational control of the most difficult-to-manage pests (super pests) and the diseases they transmit 2018
380 NucleolusChromatin Analysis of the nucleolus in genome organization and function 2018
381 IMMIGINTEGR The Role of the Welfare State in the Integration of Immigrants: Comparative Analysis of Latino Communities in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States 2018
382 PrunMut Candidate mutation discovery in early-flowering mutants 'Rojo Pasión Precoz' and 'Bulida Precoz' 2019
383 MetChromTx Macrophage metabolism and signal-induced chromatin and transcription changes: an integrated, multi-layer approach 2018
384 REPROGRAMIT Control of T cell differentiation and plasticity through mitochondrial reprogramming 2019
385 EXCITATOR Active probing of brain excitability by electrical micro-stimulations for drug discovery 2018
386 Target5LO Targeting 5-lipoxygenase in the context of Acute Myeloid Leukemia 2018
387 INTOM Infant Theory of Mind 2019
388 RCADE Reversible causally-consistent debugging of concurrent programs 2018
389 WolAntiS Using antisense inhibition to understand Wolbachia symbiosis and antiviral protection 2019
390 MRI-Turbulent-Disk Turbulence in Accretion Disks – New Perspectives 2018
391 VeSPA Verification and Specification through Progress Abstractions 2018
392 PHANTOM Phenotypic screening the host antimicrobial responses towards the eradication of Mycobacterium tubercuosis 2018
393 ADAPT An adaptation-based approach to understand resilience after job loss: Identifying the underlying mechanisms leading to adaptive coping and re-employment 2019
394 IslamExpertEducation Educating Islamic experts in Western Europe: Between traditional and academized forms of knowledge formation and authority 2019
395 MINERVA Mapping intentionality: demonstrating innovation in Neolithic pottery uptake in the Eastern Balkans. 2018
396 PLaTONE PLasmonics@Transparent cONductive oxidEs 2018
397 PolyBar A new approach to polymorphism through bar recursion 2018
398 TakeupSLaCk Role and regulation of dendritic cell functions by Solute Carrier Transporters 2019
399 TRANSREG Dissecting the role of Translational Regulation in Tumorigenesis 2018
400 HRP-IAEA Living with Radiation: The Role of the International Atomic Energy Agency in the History of Radiation Protection 2019
401 C-CLEAR Complement: to clear or not to clear 2018
402 PaVeS Parametrized Verification and Synthesis 2018
403 OCAL Optimal Control at Large 2018
404 FRAPPANT Formal Reasoning About Probabilistic Programs: Breaking New Ground for Automation 2018
405 MSTAR Massive Star Formation through the Universe 2018
406 KID KiD: A low-cost KInematic Detector to assist early diagnosis and objective profiling of ASD 2018
407 ECODIS Effects of co-infections on the emergence of an avian disease Mycoplasma gallisepticum 2018
408 EDIT Novel precision technological platforms to promote non-invasive early diagnosis, eradication and prevention of cancer relapse: proof of concept in the bladder carcinoma. 2018
409 SimEA Modeling and Simulation for Engineering Applications 2019
410 COMPETE Chair Of Micro Process Engineering and TEchnology 2019
411 RISE Prevention of child mental health problems in Southeastern Europe - Adapt, Optimize, Test, and Extend Parenting for Lifelong Health 2018
412 GI-BCT Disruptive imaging technology for accurate and painless breast cancer diagnosis 2018
413 LEAD Miniature colon spectral scanner that gives real-time automatic alerts for pathological findings. 2018
414 THREAT-ARREST THREAT-ARREST Cyber Security Threats and Threat Actors Training - Assurance Driven Multi-Layer, end-to-end Simulation and Training 2018
415 NanoMedTwin Promoting smart specialization at the Technical University of Moldova by developing the field of Novel Nanomaterials for BioMedical Applications through excellence in research and twinning 2018
416 Raccoon.Recovery Raccoon.Recovery – effective mobile data driven hand rehabilitation solution 2018
417 PowerData Energy Data Management system to support the smart grid 2018
418 Triboconditioning Development of an innovative and cost-efficient process for friction and wear reduction 2018
419 SanDAL ERA Chair in Mathematical Statistics and Data Science for the University of Luxembourg 2019
420 CollSupportSMEs Improvement of Support Capacities for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Agriculture and Agri-food Sector 2018
421 EnergyMate EnergyMate, the first energy efficiency-based software providing users an easy way to understand their energy consumptions 2018
422 bubbleOn Transforming the Customer Experience through Smart, Interactive and Pervasive Proximity Services 2018
423 Kissmybike No more stress about bicycle theft 2018
424 SmartDtd Smart Household Waste Management 2018
425 Free-AI Free AI-assisted customer service for small businesses 2018
426 PANDA The Game Changer of Physiotherapy towards Arthrosis Prevention 2018
427 RENA II REsearchers' Nights organized by Athens area Research Institutions to convey the science benefits to the public and motivate young people to science careers 2018
429 IDT The IntelliDogTrainer, a new high throughput training device to train high level security dogs 2018
430 SAWE Safe with Science 2018
431 DRIMPAC Unified DR interoperability framework enabling market participation of active energy consumers 2018
432 MesoBrainMicr Novel high speed and high resolution microscopy setup for cytoarchitectonic studies of mesoscale sized human brain tissues, healthy and affected by Focal Cortical Dysplasia 2018
433 UNIQORN Affordable Quantum Communication for Everyone: Revolutionizing the Quantum Ecosystem from Fabrication to Application 2018
434 QIP Towards a Quantitative Theory of Integer Programming 2019
435 E3I ECLAUSion Excellence, International, Intersectoral and Interdisciplinary doctoral training at Ecole Centrale Lyon in cotutelle with royal melbourne institute of technology AUStralia 2019
436 EPIMARK Commercial feasibility of a kit for the identification of epigenetic markers in farmed fish 2018
437 Eternum A Novel Wine Elaboration Process 2018
438 MaeBAia Mechanisms of adverse effects of Beta-Agonists in Asthma 2018
439 EATEEM Experimental Aero- and Thermal investigation for a next generation Engine Exit Module 2018
440 RNADIAGON Excellence in research and development of non-coding RNA DIAGnostics in ONcology 2019
441 Active-DNA Computationally Active DNA Nanostructures 2018
442 JENNIFER2 Japan and Europe Network for Neutrino and Intensity Frontier Experimental Research 2 2019
443 ProMeTeus Membrane protein integrated technologies development for drug design 2019
444 PREFET Proactive FET Observatory for early trends, project building and social responsibility 2018
445 EVOCELFATE Evolution of cell fate specification modes in spiral cleavage 2019
446 GIDE Molecular diversification of inhibitory neurons during development 2019
447 SusDrug Sustainable Approach to Drug Discovery 2019
448 BioMedaqu Aquaculture meets Biomedicine: Innovation in Skeletal Health research. 2018
449 REACT Renewable Energy for self-sustAinable island CommuniTies 2019
450 IM-ID Defining the intrinsic transcriptional programs and the microenvironmental signals tailoring lung Interstitial Macrophage IDentity 2019
451 BGV1 New vaccine for a paradigm shift in Brucellosis 2018
452 ColorSensing A quantitative, multifunctional, non-invasive and cost-effective food freshness indicator to reduce food waste 2018
453 NADINE digital iNtegrAteD system for the socIal support of migraNts and refugEes 2018
454 DDRMac DNA Damage Response-instructed Macrophage Differentiation in Granulomatous Diseases 2019
455 BRuSH Oral bacteria as determinants for respiratory health 2019
456 SmoothTool Welding SmoothTool 2018
457 EPIC-XS European Proteomics Infrastructure Consortium providing Access 2019
458 DIABFRAIL-LATAM Scaling-up of and evidence-based intervention programme in older people with Diabetes and Frailty in LatinAmerica 2019
459 ELEVATE Early detection of cervical cancer in hard-to-reach populations of women through portable and point-of-care HPV testing 2019
460 SUPERSPEC Three-dimensional spectral modelling of astrophysical transients : unravelling the nucleosynthetic content of supernovae and kilonovae 2019
461 MULTIPLY Municipal peer-to-peer learning in integrating transport, land-use planning and energy policy at district level 2018
462 POAB The Psychology of Administrative Burden 2019
463 VarPL Specificity or generalization? Neural mechanisms for perceptual learning with variability 2019
464 SafeFate Safeguarding Cell Fate by Terminal Repression during Development and Disease 2019
465 CerQuS Certified Quantum Security 2019
466 SYMELS Symbol Elimination in Reliable System Engineering 2019
467 DIAPASoN Differential Program Semantics 2019
468 EEN-Innovate Plus PT EEN-Innovate Plus Portugal 2019
469 BPET The Next-Generation of Small, Cost-Effective and Mobile Brain Scanner for an Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
470 FINKAMIE2019 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2019 2019
471 BASKAM3 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs for 2019 2019
472 EMP Motion Planning Software for Autonomous Car Industry 2018
473 ICEI Interactive Computing E-Infrastructure for the Human Brain Project 2018
474 REMIND Epigenome maintenance in response to DNA damage 2019
475 makingtheretina Principles of retinal neuronal lamination from zebrafish to humans 2019
477 ABLE Home use, affordable and lightweight exoskeleton for people with lower-limb paralysis 2019
478 EUNORS Enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs in Republic of Srpska 2019
479 INNO-HUN2019 Providing services under Horizon 2020 enhancing the innovation management capacity of Hungarian SME's within the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network - 2019 2019
480 NADiA Novel Air Distribution Approaches 2019
481 RUSH AI Revolutionary Ultra-Fast System for Hot-stamping of light weight structural vehicle components with Artificial Intelligence quality control monitoring 2019
482 SPARTA Strategic programs for advanced research and technology in Europe 2019
483 HIVACS High Voltage Aerospace Cable System 2019
484 INTEGRATE Identifying the Impact of Asylum Polices on Refugee Integration and Political Backlash in Host Communities 2018
485 DNAsensPROT Ultrasensitive Quantification of Proteins based on Amplification of DNA Displaced from DNA Aptamer Duplex using Semiconductor Technology 2018
486 EUCANCan EUCANCan: a federated network of aligned and interoperable infrastructures for the homogeneous analysis, management and sharing of genomic oncology data for Personalized Medicine. 2019
487 MF 2019 MANUFUTURE 2019 - Sustainable Smart Manufacturing 2019
488 RESWITCH Redox-Controlled Resistive Switching in Hybrid Metal-Organic Thin Films towards Neuromorphic Computing 2019
489 SubTideTools Quantifying subsurface hydro-geomechanical properties using the groundwater response to Earth and atmospheric tides 2019
490 REFINTEG The Canadian model of the public-private sponsorship for the integration of refugees: the case of Syrians and possible application in EU countries 2019
491 DC Metabolism Metabolic Regulation of Conventional Dendritic Cell Development and Function 2020
492 LNOB Leave No One Behind: Youth in Protracted Crises 2019
493 MICROPATH The fate and persistence of microplastics and associated pathogens in lowland rivers 2020
494 GASP GAs Stripping Phenomena in galaxies 2019
495 LiquidEff LiquidEff: Algebraic Foundations for Liquid Effects 2019
496 MagnetoVirology Diamond Magnetometry: A Versatile Tool for Virology and Medicine 2019
497 DECEYEDE The effects of aging in the control of eye movements and its relation to perceptual and motor decisions 2020
498 DLH Disability benefits, labour force participation, and health: Evaluating the effect of social protection policies 2020
499 MechTransition Regulatory mechanisms controlling a new mechanical Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in zebrafish 2020
500 InvADeRS Investigating the Activity of transposon Derived Regulatory Sequences in the placenta 2019
501 TTMCC Tropical tree mortality in a changing climate 2019
502 IELECTRIX Indian and European Local Energy CommuniTies for Renewable Integration and the Energy Transition. 2019
503 ALPS INN3 EEN Innovation Support Services for SMEs in North West Italy 2019
504 CE2019 The sustainable transition to a low carbon, climate-resilient circular economy: Creating the knowledge base 2019
505 FORESIGHT Advanced cyber-security simulation platform for preparedness training in Aviation, Naval and Power-grid environments 2019
508 ReproXimera Modelling in vivo lineage reprogramming of human astrocytes into induced neurons in the adult mouse brain 2020
509 PARENT_EMPATHY Imaging circles of engagement: Neural correlates of parent empathic distress in the context of chronic pain 2020
510 NUTRIENT Identification of physiological and molecular mechanisms mediating the response of Nitrogen nutrition to eCO2 2020
511 CitizEE Scaling up Public Energy Efficiency Investments via Standardising Citizen Financing Schemes 2019
512 BoVLP-BVD Tagged (DIVA) polyantigenic vaccine against Bovine Viral Diarrhea virus (BVDv) based on virus-Like-Particles 2019
513 AIRCARRUS AIRCARRUS - Autonomous Drone Delivery System 2019
514 SMARTER SMARTER Finance for Families–Improving Citizens’ Health, Comfort and Financial Well-Being by Supporting Banks, Residential Investors and Solution Providers with Green Homes and Green Mortgage programs 2019
515 ANTHROPOID Great ape organoids to reconstruct uniquely human development 2019
516 ActiveMatter Active Matter: From Fundamental Science to Technological Applications 2019
517 VASA Vaccine Against Schistosomiasis for Africa. A Phase I clinical study of the SchistoShield® anti-schistosomiasis vaccine in adults in endemic areas of sub-Saharan Africa 2019
518 GLASST Global and Local Health Impact Assessment of Transport: methods for prioritising model development 2019
519 WhiteMech White-Box Self-Programming Mechanisms 2019
520 EYELETS A regenerative medicine approach in diabetes. 2020
521 PLANTGROWTH Exploiting genome replication to design improved plant growth strategies 2019
522 LABEL 2020 New Label driving supply and demand of energy efficient products 2019
523 SENSEI Smart Energy Services Integrating the Multiple Benefits from Improving the Energy Efficiency of the European Building Stock 2019
524 VECTRACK Earth observation service for preventive control of insect disease vectors 2019
525 ONCOTECT Early detection of tumor DNA in liquid biopsies as a biomarker of cancer recurrence 2019
526 His-Li mouse His-Li mouse, the unique humanized mouse model resembling human liver and immune systems 2019
527 ZeNewCardio ZeNewCardio: Discovering Heart Regeneration Therapies Through Zebrafish 2019
528 REGREEN Fostering nature-based solutions for smart, green and healthy urban transitions in Europe and China 2019
529 ePANC-SPLICE Regulation and Function of Endocrine-Specific Splicing Programs in Pancreas and their Role in Diabetes 2020
530 AquaVitae New species, processes and products contributing to increased production and improved sustainability in emerging low trophic, and existing low and high trophic aquaculture value chains in the Atlantic 2019
531 ARIEL Accelerator and Research reactor Infrastructures for Education and Learning 2019
532 LOUISA 3D Innovative 3-dimensional optoacoustic imaging for safe breast cancer screening 2019
533 PayLead Smart Loyalty Program: Using Data Science to Inspire the Next Purchase 2019
534 SKILLS Unpacking Skills at the Cradle: A Machine Learning Approach to Construct Infant Skill Measures 2019
535 RETRY Resilience and Resignation among Transnational Roma and non-Roma Youths 2019
536 ENLIGHTEN ENhanced PhD Fellowship Programme in the Sciences of LIGHT 2020
537 MaxiMem Dramatic hardware and energy savings in computer servers by doubling memory capacity and bandwidth using novel general-purpose compression 2019
538 T-NHL SUPRESSORS Tumor suppressor pathways counteracting oncogenic immune receptor signaling in T-Cell Lymphoma 2019
539 B-Lock The first Physical Access Control that uses uncopiable keys based on butterfly scales 2019
540 RWEal Real-World Evidence (RWE) analytics to increase efficiency of clinical product development 2019
541 YesElf We help employees to adopt digital solutions 2019
542 MIBEst Molecular Infection Biology Estonia - Research capacity building 2019
543 Batista Blade Tip Timing System Validator 2019
544 ActLight Delivering a new, key enabling technology that will drive the development of far-reaching advances in photonics, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing 2019
546 CRESCENT CRESCENT: Adaptive hands-free controller for people with disabilities 2019
547 BIOXPLOR BioXplor’s AI/Cognitive Software Platform accelerates and greatly reduces the cost of discovery research and clinical trials, with a primary focus on rare and inflammatory diseases data. 2019
548 EXCELSIOR ERATOSTHENES: Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment 2019
549 PriMa Privacy Matters 2020
550 ELIT Empirical study of Literature Training Network 2020
551 INNOADDITIVE INNOADDITIVE: Innovation Challenges for Additive Manufacturing 2019
552 DohART-NET Periconceptional Programming of Health Training Network 2019
553 CyberSANE Cyber Security Incident Handling, Warning and Response System for the European Critical Infrastructures 2019
554 SimBionics Neuromechanical Simulation and Sensory Feedback for the Control of Bionic Legs 2019
555 S2IGI Integrated Fire Management System 2019
556 SafeNet Safe Networks using P4 Programs 2019
557 TubInTrain Tuning Tubulin Dynamics and Interactions to Face Neurotoxicity: a Multidisciplinary Approach for Training and Research 2019
558 NEUcrest Training European Experts in Multiscale Studies of Neural Crest Development and Disorders: from Patient to Model Systems and Back again. 2019
559 CYPNASH Validation of a novel class of cyclophilin inhibitors for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis 2019
560 SYGMA Synthetic photobiology for light controllable active matter 2019
561 SCF Smart Cash Flow – Getting back on track 2019
562 VAPLCS Verification-Aware Programming Language Concurrency Semantics 2020
563 SAPHIRE Self-Assembling Plant-based Hydrogels Induced by Redox Enzymes 2019
564 LearnBugs Learning to Find Software Bugs 2020
566 CodeSan Code Sanitization for Vulnerability Pruning and Exploitation Mitigation 2020
567 EmbryoMethFunc Cell-Type Specific DNA Methylation Changes During Mammalian Development: Beyond Mapping 2019
568 MetaboDevo Metabolic Coupling During Bacterial Development 2020
569 TRAIN-OLD Trained immunity: improving the next generation of vaccines for the older generation 2019
570 Aware Aiding Antibiotic Development with Deep Analysis of Resistance Evolution 2019
571 GEMS Genetically Evolving Models of Science 2019
572 UpSurgeOn Academy The first hybrid simulation platform for neurosurgery 2019
573 LIP-ATG The missing link: how do membrane lipids interplay with ATG proteins to instruct plant autophagy 2020
574 SYNVIVO Revealing dendritic cell-CD4+ T cell communication by using synthetic biology in vivo 2020
575 EvoCellMap Tracing the origin and early evolution of animal cell type regulation with genomics and single-cell approaches 2020
576 CodeAll The development of an innovative toolkit for learning programming with the use of the Internet of Things sensors and actuators 2019
577 CHAMELEONS Championing A Multi-Sectoral Education and Learning Experience to Open New Pathways for Doctoral Students 2020
578 NEOROCKS The NEO Rapid Observation, Characterization and Key Simulations 2020
579 LeTSGEPs Leading Towards Sustainable Gender Equality Plans in research performing organisations 2020
580 A Collaborative platform for EU-US NGI experiments 2020
581 EduSelect Edu*Select: Developing a Commercial Platform to Deliver Teacher Selection Tools 2019
582 EnviroCitizen Citizen Science for Environmental Citizenship: Backyard Birding and the Potential for Cultivating Green Engagement 2020
583 C-stemGMP c-GMP compliance of C-stem, an IPSc based cell therapies production technology 2019
584 EUNORS Enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs in Republic of Srpska 2020
585 Teraseya Prime Adaptive intelligence technology giving complete crop control to farmers 2019
587 BornToGetThere Implementation of early detection and early intervention service delivery in infants at risk for cerebral palsy to promote infants’ psychomotor development and maternal health 2020
588 COMEDM Common mechanisms for decision-making and working memory in health and old age 2020
589 Instand-NGS4P Integrated and standardized NGS workflows for Personalised therapy 2020
590 NeoliberalTerror Neoliberal Terror: The Radicalisation of Social Policy in Europe 2020
591 ForM-SMArt Formal Methods for Stochastic Models: Algorithms and Applications 2020
592 ImpHandRehab The development and validation of a hand-based stroke rehabilitation product 2020
593 BASKAM4 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs for 2020-2021 2020
594 FINKAMIE2021 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2020-21 2020
595 SLANG How the brain learns to see language 2020
596 MAD Mechanisms of Apomictic Developments 2020
597 EEN-InnovationJourne EEN-InnovationJouney PT 2020
599 STRATEGY-CKD System omics to unravel the gut-kidney axis in Chronic Kidney Disease. 2020
600 EnerMaps Open Source Tools to Share, Compare, and Reuse Low-Carbon Energy Data 2020
601 PreventALL Prevention of childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia immunology links oncology 2020
602 TAXi-ch Determination of transcription factor cooperativity driving expression from the inactive X chromosome 2020
603 BLaSt Better Languages for Statistics: foundations for non-parametric probabilistic programming 2020
604 FuncDis3D Deconstructing gene regulation through functional dissection of the 3D genome 2020
605 EpiStress Epigenetic mechanisms controlling hypoxia and pathogen Stress responses in plants 2021
606 EXPLOSIA EXpansion and Phenotype Loss Of SMCs In Atherosclerosis: Causal effects and therapeutic possibilities 2020
608 JQ4LHC Jet quenching for heavy-ion collisions at the LHC 2021
609 ANTIBIOCLICKS BioInspired Clicked Siderophore-Antibiotics 2020
610 PCPPP Poverty, Child Protection and Parents' Participation 2020
611 HiPhy High Phytosterol variants towards improved feedstocks and biofortification of crops 2020
612 POPP Putting Offence Prevention into Practice 2020