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H2020 projects about "storage"

The page lists 256 projects related to the topic "storage".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FRESH-DEMO Waste reduction and quality improvement of fruits and vegetables via an innovative and energy-efficient humidification/disinfection technology 2015
2 OMICON Organic Mixed Ion and Electron Conductors for High-Energy Batteries 2015
3 CHIME The Role of Cortico-Hippocampal Interactions during Memory Encoding 2015
4 Hi-EST Holistic Integration of Emerging Supercomputing Technologies 2015
5 DENOVO-RBC Developing Novel and Optimal Additive Solutions for Red Blood Cells 2015
6 BlueStep Blue Combustion for the Storage of Green Electrical Power 2015
7 iPUBLIC Inkjet Printed Ultrafast Batteries and Large Integrated Capacitors 2014
8 BigStorage BigStorage: Storage-based Convergence between HPC and Cloud to handle Big Data 2015
10 BEACON Enabling Federated Cloud Networking 2015
11 IOSTACK Software Defined Storage for Big Data 2015
12 RAPID Heterogeneous Secure Multi-level Remote Acceleration Service for Low-Power Integrated Systems and Devices 2015
13 ESCUDO-CLOUD Enforceable Security in the Cloud to Uphold Data Ownership 2015
14 PRISMACLOUD PRIvacy and Security MAintaining services in the CLOUD 2015
15 RoMaNS Robotic Manipulation for Nuclear Sort and Segregation 2015
16 SENSIBLE Storage-Enabled Sustainable Energy for Buildings and Communities 2015
17 ELSA Energy Local Storage Advanced system (ELSA) 2015
18 STORY STORY- Added value of STORage in distribution sYstems 2015
19 NAIADES Na-Ion bAttery Demonstration for Electric Storage 2015
20 NETFFICIENT Energy and economic efficiency for today’s smart communities through integrated multi storage technologies 2015
21 TILOS Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage 2015
22 FLEXMETER Flexible smart metering for multiple energy vectors with active prosumers 2015
23 VEZ VEZ 2014
24 QUALIGRAIN Increasing grain quality through advanced oxidation treatment during storage 2014
25 ARCGATE ARCGATE: maximizing the potential of Arctic Ocean Gateway array 2015
26 OMNICS Observing, Modelling and Predicting in situ Petrophysical Parameter Evolution in a Geologic Carbon Storage System 2016
27 OPTEMUS Optimised Energy Management and Use 2015
28 SafeCloud Secure and Resilient Cloud Architecture 2015
29 CO2NOR Carbon dioxide storage in nanomaterials based on ophiolitic rocks and utilization of the end-product carbonates in the building industry 2015
30 RICAS2020 Design Study for the European Underground Research Infra-structure related to Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage 2015
31 PreFlexMS Predictable Flexible Molten Salts Solar Power Plant 2015
32 DaRe Data Reliability in Networks and Storage Memories 2015
33 GLOBE All Organic Redox Flow Batteries 2015
34 DISC Distributed storage based on sparse-graph codes 2015
35 Emu Cam Engineered multi-scale carbon materials 2015
36 ColdPeak PCM-based cold storage as peak shaving for air conditioning units 2015
37 GRAPHEEN Green and Straightforward process for the synthesis of Graphene based-nanomaterials for energy applications 2015
38 MeRIT MeRIT - Maximising Renewable Energy Integration 2015
39 HESS Hybrid Energy Storage System 2015
40 2D-Ink Ink-Jet printed supercapacitors based on 2D nanomaterials. 2015
41 MobileBattery Mobile Energy System for recharging, energy buffering and long-distance travelling 2015
42 XER-HSA Engineered materials scale-up at industrial level for highest energy density ultracapacitors 2015
43 GULWESS-PROP Green Ultra Light Weight Energy Storage System for Propulsion 2015
44 GLASUNTES Innovative high temperature thermal energy storage concept for CSP plants exceeding 50% efficiency 2016
45 CRYOMAT Antifreeze GlycoProtein Mimetic Polymers 2015
46 RealValue Realising Value from Electricity Markets with Local Smart Electric Thermal Storage Technology 2015
47 ZAS Zinc Air Secondary innovative nanotech based batteries for efficient energy storage 2015
48 ENERCAPSULE Nanoencapsulation for Energy Storage and Controlled Release 2015
50 PVPS Powerstar Virtual Power Station (PVPS) solution - Powerstar Virtue 2015
51 HyCloud Hybrid Cloud solution based on a disruptive method for data redundancy and a network attachedstorage device, to store, access and back-up digital content safer, faster and cheaper. 2015
53 SOLENCO Market study for Solenco Power Box, a zero-carbon small-scale local energy storage product. Potential application as missing link in residential PV uptake (residential and commercial buildings) 2015
54 ARTIST Advancing Rechargeable-Batteries Through In Situ Techniques 2015
55 DEMOSOFC DEMOnstration of large SOFC system fed with biogas from WWTP 2015
56 SAGE SAGE 2015
57 ExaNeSt European Exascale System Interconnect and Storage 2015
58 ExaNoDe European Exascale Processor Memory Node Design 2015
59 CTCPlus Multi-Parameter Monitoring and Control System for Grain Silo Plants (CTC+) 2015
60 ARPEMA Anionic redox processes: A transformational approach for advanced energy materials 2015
62 SUSPIRE Sustainable Production of Industrial Recovered Energy using energy dissipative and storage technologies 2015
63 CREATE Compact REtrofit Advanced Thermal Energy storage 2015
64 TESSe2b Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings. An integrated solution for residential building energy storage by solar and geothermal resources 2015
65 SiGrAM Pre-Commercial Production Demonstration of Very High Capacity Silicon Anode for High Performance and Low Cost Li-Ion Batteries 2015
66 Supramol Towards Artificial Enzymes: Bio-inspired Oxidations in Photoactive Metal-Organic Frameworks 2015
67 NEMAQUA Nematodes as the world first pathogen free, ready-to-use and sustainable live feed for larval aquaculture industry 2015
68 REUSABLE NGS LIBRARY Reusable Back-up Library Construction and Storage Technology for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in Clinical Diagnostics 2015
69 SafeAST Continuous structural condition tank integrity monitoring of Above Ground Storage Tanks, aka “SafeAST, no entry: no empty.” 2015
70 GREAT heteroGeneous integRated magnetic tEchnology using multifunctional standardized sTack (MSS) 2016
71 L3MATRIX Large Scale Silicon Photonics Matrix for Low Power and Low Cost Data Centers 2015
72 SOLPART High Temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for Industrial Production of Reactive Particulates 2016
73 HyBalance HyBalance 2015
74 CryoHub Developing Cryogenic Energy Storage at Refrigerated Warehouses as an Interactive Hub to Integrate Renewable Energy in Industrial Food Refrigeration and to Enhance PowerGrid Sustainability 2016
75 FloTEC Floating Tidal Energy Commercialisation project (FloTEC) 2016
76 E2District Energy Efficient Optimised District Heating and Cooling 2016
77 MicroPEAT Microbial communities of Temperate, Artic and Tropical peatlands and their role in the response of carbon storage function to global change 2016
78 3-5-FIRST Cold atom-semiconductor quantum interface 2016
79 VOSS Ground-breaking flywheel composed of patented pre-stressed concrete that immensely enhances the electrical storage capabilities of renewable energy sources 2016
80 STEMM-CCS Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage 2016
81 STOREandGO Innovative large-scale energy STOragE technologies AND Power-to-Gas concepts after Optimisation 2016
82 SINTBAT Silicon based materials and new processing technologies for improved lithium-ion batteries 2016
84 PhotoSMM Single Molecule Magnets light-switching with photochromic ligands 2016
85 ITHERLAB In-situ thermal rock properties lab 2016
86 a-Si PVT-ORC A novel amorphous silicon cell-based solar cogeneration system using the coupled thermal storage/organic Rankine cycle as an alternative to battery 2017
87 THERMOSTALL High Performance Seasonal Solar Energy Latent Heat Thermal Storage Using Low Grade, Low Melting Temperature Metallic Alloys 2016
88 NPMSSES Nanoparticle Enhanced Molten Salts for Solar Energy Storage 2017
89 Hi-ThermCap High-capacity and high-performance Thermal energy storage Capsule for low-carbon andenergy efficient heating and cooling systems 2016
90 CALBATT - ASSET Advanced Solutions for Smart Energy storage and electric Transportation 2016
92 ActiveGrid Demonstration of an energy management and control system aggregating small-scale batterystorages to a virtual balancing power facility for active grid stabilisation and renewables integration 2016
93 MySpark The Complete Solution for Fast and Cost-efficient Yeast Separation Process in Production of High Quality Sparkling Wine 2016
94 H-DisNet Intelligent Hybrid Thermo-Chemical District Networks 2016
95 InDeal Innovative Technology for District Heating and Cooling 2016
96 TankRob In-service intrusive Non-Destructive Testing of above ground and underground petrochemical storage tank floors and walls to detect corrosion 2016
97 SCoTMOF Combined Chemo- and Radiotherapies by Controlling the Surface Chemistry of Truncated Metal Organic Framework Nanoparticles 2016
98 NanoFab2D Novel 2D quantum device concepts enabled by sub-nanometre precision nanofabrication 2016
99 LiRichFCC A new class of powerful materials for electrochemical energy storage: Lithium-rich oxyfluorides with cubic dense packing 2016
100 ELY4OFF PEM ElectroLYsers FOR operation with OFFgrid renewable installations 2016
101 EnviroALARM Early alarm system for groundwater contamination monitoring 2016
102 GeoFood First industrial use of bio and ecocompatible geopolymers produced from metakaolin to manufacturetanks for wine, beer, vinegar and olive oil production and storage via 3D printing technology 2016
103 GPBOX GPBOX Energy Platform 2016
104 Teraki Making Big Data Small for the Internet of Things 2016
106 3D2DPrint 3D Printing of Novel 2D Nanomaterials: Adding Advanced 2D Functionalities to Revolutionary Tailored 3D Manufacturing 2016
107 FUTURE-PRINT Tuneable 2D Nanosheet Networks for Printed Electronics 2016
108 srEDM Search for electric dipole moments using storage rings 2016
109 GREENERNET Advanced Flow Battery Energy Storage Systems in a Microgrid Network 2016
110 FerroHub A modular power electronic inverter based on a local DC nanogrid for solar, storage and smart grids 2016
112 CHESS Cegasa Portable Hybrid Energy Storage Solution 2016
113 SmartHeat SmartHeat – An eco-innovative solution towards zero-carbon household heating 2016
114 ENOS ENabling Onshore CO2 Storage in Europe 2016
115 Sphingolead Development of a potent dual GCS/GBA2 inhibitor as a best in class Gaucher therapeutic 2016
116 ENIGMA European training Network for In situ imaGing of dynaMic processes in heterogeneous subsurfAce environments 2017
117 Smartrec Developing a standard modularised solution for flexible and adaptive integration of heat recovery and thermal storage capable of recovery and management of waste heat 2016
118 PEGASUS Renewable Power Generation by Solar Particle Receiver Driven Sulphur Storage Cycle 2016
119 NEXT-CSP High Temparature concentrated solar thermal power plan with particle receiver and direct thermal storage 2016
120 GRAMOFON New process for efficient CO2 capture by innovative adsorbents based on modified graphene aerogels and MOF materials 2016
121 MF-Synapse Presynaptic calcium channels distribution and impact on coupling at the hippocampal mossy fiber synapse 2017
122 MOSAIC MOdular high concentration SolAr Configuration 2016
123 GRAPHEEN Green and straightforward process for the synthesis of Graphene-based nanomaterials. 2016
124 mF2C Towards an Open, Secure, Decentralized and Coordinated Fog-to-Cloud Management Ecosystem 2017
125 WiseGRID Wide scale demonstration of Integrated Solutions and business models for European smartGRID 2016
126 GOFLEX Generalized Operational FLEXibility for Integrating Renewables in the Distribution Grid 2016
127 EnergyKeeper Keep the Energy at the right place! 2017
128 SHAR-Q Storage capacity sharing over virtual neighbourhoods of energy ecosystems 2016
129 SLB-DES Second Life Batteries for Domestic Electricity Storage 2016
130 TEStore Reducing carbon footprint by thermal energy storage 2016
131 CareSTOR Market Uptake of Sustainable and Competitive Carbons for Energy Storage 2016
132 INVADE Smart system of renewable energy storage based on INtegrated EVs and bAtteries to empower mobile, Distributed and centralised Energy storage in the distribution grid 2017
133 Storage4Grid Storage4Grid 2016
134 DRYNET Setting an interdisciplinary/sectorial/international research network to explore dry storage as an alternative strategy for cells/germplasm biobanking 2017
135 SmILES Smart Integration of Energy Storages in Local Multi Energy Systems for maximising the Share of Renewables in Europe’s Energy Mix 2016
137 inteGRIDy integrated Smart GRID Cross-Functional Solutions for Optimized Synergetic Energy Distribution, Utilization Storage Technologies 2017
139 ExtremoChem Chemically synthesised novel compounds for the stabilisation of biologics 2016
140 LCPT SONOLIS ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM: Lithium Capacitor Power Transfer 2016
141 KONFIDO KONFIDO - Secure and Trusted Paradigm for Interoperable eHealth Services 2016
142 MEMPHYS MEMbrane based Purification of HYdrogen System 2017
143 IN-POWER Advanced Materials technologies to QUADRUPLE the Concentrated Solar Thermal current POWER GENERATION 2017
144 NEXTOWER Advanced materials solutions for next generation high efficiency concentrated solar power (CSP) tower systems 2017
145 DEGOO Degoo backup – the first back-up service based on dynamic routing of transfer data to data centres 2016
146 NewSOL New StOrage Latent and sensible concept for high efficient CSP Plants 2017
147 LYO-CHECK Automatic inspection of lyophilized preparations through innovative ICT control system 2016
148 Enerstor Introduction of an electric energy power storage levelling module in the machine tools industry to unleash the enormous energy savings potential and significantly relieve the European power grid 2017
149 DEFENDER DEsign, development, manufacture, testing and Flight qualification of nExt geNeration fuel storage system with aDvanced intEgRated gauging and self-sealing capabilities 2017
150 MEME Memory Engram Maintenance and Expression 2017
151 FEMTOTERABYTE Spinoptical nanoantenna-assisted magnetic storage at few nanometers on femtosecond timescale 2017
152 ICE Intelligent Control of Energy Storage for Smart Buildings and Grids 2017
153 Solar-Store Solar Powered Thermochemical Heat Storage System 2017
154 DyNAmics Dynamic synthetic molecular duplexes 2017
155 2DMAT4ENERGY Stimuli-Responsive Two-Dimensional Materials for Renewable Energy 2017
156 NESTOR Next gEneration Sequence sTORage 2017
157 NAPANODE Molecular Foundation of Structural and Dynamic Transformations in Novel Sodium-Ion Battery Materials 2017
158 Hydrogenlogistics Enabling the Hydrogen Economy 2017
159 DUALITY Theoretical Foundations of Memory Micro-Insertions in Wireless Communications 2017
160 MODCOMS Modulated Composite Structures: A 3D Bulk Approach to Incoherent Hetero-Structure Interface Engineering in Oxides for Future Low Temperature Energy Applications 2018
161 SOLSTORE Solid-state reactions for thermal energy storage 2017
162 AdD HyStor Demonstration of dynamic grid stabilisation with an Adaptive-flywheel/battery Hybrid energy Storage system in Ireland and UK 2017
163 EyeCode Perceptual encoding of high fidelity light fields 2017
164 INSPirAUTOR Understanding how Inositol Polyphosphates regulate autophagy and lipid body formation in photosynthetic organisms: crosstalk with TOR signaling. 2018
165 MoniTank Underground Storage Tanks Risk Mitigation System for petrol fuel stations 2017
166 PiezoSpin Antiferromagnetic straintronics: towards an non-volatile all-voltage controlled memory device 2017
167 GEOCOND Advanced materials and processes to improve performance and cost-efficiency of Shallow Geothermal systems and Underground Thermal Storage 2017
168 BAoBaB Blue Acid/Base Battery: Storage and recovery of renewable electrical energy by reversible salt water dissociation 2017
169 SuPERPORES Structure-performance relationships in porous carbons for energy storage 2017
170 GOCART Gauging Ocean organic Carbon fluxes using Autonomous Robotic Technologies 2017
171 ENVISION Enabling Visual IoT Applications with Advanced Network Coding Algorithms 2018
172 ELECTROCAT Novel water splitting catalysts for efficient alkaline electrolyzers 2017
173 RGH2 OSOD system OSOD - 1 step process hydrogen generator for highly efficient, safe and cost competitive production and storage of hydrogen 2017
174 HP-MOSES Solar assisted high temperature heat pumps for molten salt energy storage applications. 2017
175 B-shelf Edible coating for preventing loss of water and fungi proliferation in fruits and vegetables 2017
176 CONNECT Innovative smart components, modules and appliances for a truly connected, efficient and secure smart grid. 2017
177 ESTEEM Advanced Energy STorage and Regeneration System for Enhanced Energy Management 2017
178 OHT A hydraulic collection tower, with a novel energy storage device for wave energy arrays 2017
179 GENIORS GEN IV Integrated Oxide fuels recycling strategies 2017
181 acteno Industrial Energy Storage Integration - development of a new bussiness segment in the area of energy storage at the SME acteno energy 2017
182 EMPhAsIS Electrochemical Testing Platform for Advanced Energy Materials 2017
183 METRO-HAUL METRO High bandwidth, 5G Application-aware optical network, with edge storage, compUte and low Latency 2017
184 5G-PICTURE 5G Programmable Infrastructure Converging disaggregated neTwork and compUte REsources 2017
185 TubeICE Passive Thermal Energy Storage based on PCMs for energy saving in air conditioning 2017
186 CAPaCITy Designing Conjugated Polymers for Photocatalysis and Ion Transport 2017
187 CarbFix2 Upscaling and optimizing subsurface, in situ carbon mineralization as an economically viable industrial option 2017
188 FlowCamp European Training Network to improve materials for high-performance, low-cost next- generation redox-flow batteries 2017
189 HYBUILD Innovative compact HYbrid electrical/thermal storage systems for low energy BUILDings 2017
190 POLYTE European Industrial Doctorate in Innovative POLYmers for Lithium Battery TEchnologies 2018
191 POWERSTORE MikroMasch Powerstore for renewables microgeneration: scaling up the next generation battery technology for residential and commercial energy storage systems 2017
192 PUMP-HEAT Performance Untapped Modulation for Power and Heat via Energy Accumulation Technologies 2017
193 SCORES Self Consumption Of Renewable Energy by hybrid Storage systems 2017
194 SESPer Solar Energy Storage PERovskites 2017
195 CLEANKER CLEAN clinKER production by Calcium looping process 2017
196 CROSSBOW CROSS BOrder management of variable renewable energies and storage units enabling a transnational Wholesale market 2017
197 RESOLVD Renewable penetration levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution grids 2017
198 PLANET Planning and operational tools for optimising energy flows and synergies between energy networks 2017
199 Hi-ThermCap High-capacity and high-performance Thermal energy storage Capsule for low-carbon and energyefficient heating and cooling systems 2017
200 Babbler Babbler feasibility study in adjacent market segments. 2017
201 TreeMort Redefining the carbon sink capacity of global forests: The driving role of tree mortality 2018
202 MuStMAM Multi State Memory in Artificial Multiferroics 2018
203 LD_Biogenesis Identification and characterization of sites of lipid droplet biogenesis in the ER 2018
204 SOCRATCES SOlar Calcium-looping integRAtion for Thermo-Chemical Energy Storage 2018
205 EnABLES European Infrastructure Powering the Internet of Things 2018
206 MEMCIRCUIT Deconstruction of a neural circuit for working memory: hubs, coding mechanisms, and signal routing 2018
207 NEMOSINE Innovative packaging solutions for storage and conservation of 20th century cultural heritage of artefacts based on cellulose derivate 2018
208 XDC eXtreme DataCloud 2017
209 Haeolus Hydrogen-Aeolic Energy with Optimised eLectrolysers Upstream of Substation 2018
210 REMOTE Remote area Energy supply with Multiple Options for integrated hydrogen-based TEchnologies 2018
211 TAHYA TAnk HYdrogen Automotive 2018
212 HySTOC Hydrogen Supply and Transportation using liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers 2018
213 SAUCE Smart Asset re-Use in Creative Environments 2018
214 Fun-COMP Functionally scaled computing technology: From novel devices to non-von Neumann architectures and algorithms for a connected intelligent world 2018
215 SmartHeat SmartHeat – An eco-innovative solution towards zero-carbon household heating 2017
216 HomeEnergyStorage Cost-effective battery for storage of locally produced Photovoltaic energy at residential buildings 2017
217 PestiSi Cost effective solution against insects in long-term grain storage by natural diatomaceous earth 2017
218 FlyInGS Flywheel energy storage for Increased Grid Stability 2017
219 TT-Battery Low cost, long durability rechargeable Green Battery based on Zn and MnO2 electrodes. 2018
220 SREM Smart Renewable Energy Manager for the Industrial Prosumer Market 2018
221 SolidCool Cost-efficient, solid-state refrigeration technology for cold storage 2018
222 EASY-RES Enable Ancillary Services bY Renewable Energy Sources 2018
223 ELECTRO-POM From discovery to scale up of cluster based electrolytes for Ultra-high energy storage flow batteries 2018
224 SEMS Smart Energy Management System 2018
225 gridBox A smart energy management system for energy transfers and improved grid efficiency 2018
226 POWERSWAP Fully robotic system for swapping electric car batteries within 3 minutes. 2018
227 Perfect Fresh Intelligent storage and transport solutions with integrated monitoring to optimize the international fresh produce supply chain, significantly increasing shelf life and preventing food waste 2018
228 OSMOSE Optimal System-Mix Of flexibility Solutions for European electricity 2018
229 LYSOBONE Cellular and molecular analysis of the skeletal pathologies associated with mucopolysaccharidosis-VI (MPS-VI) 2018
230 NAIL Adsorption and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids on Surfaces in Ionic Liquid Environment 2018
231 KEROGREEN Production of Sustainable aircraft grade Kerosene from water and air powered by Renewable Electricity, through the splitting of CO2, syngas formation and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis 2018
232 HydroFlex Increasing the value of Hydropower through increased Flexibilty 2018
233 POLYPHEM Small-Scale Solar Thermal Combined Cycle 2018
234 SWS-HEATING Development and Validation of an Innovative Solar Compact Selective-Water-Sorbent-Based Heating System 2018
235 CHESTER Compressed Heat Energy Storage for Energy from Renewable sources 2018
236 MOOiRE Mix-in Organic-InOrganic Redox Events for High Energy Batteries 2018
237 CANDELA Copernicus Access Platform Intermediate Layers Small Scale Demonstrator 2018
238 Complementarity A unifying model: bulk chondrite complementarity by individual chondrule-matrix mentality 2018
239 DAMA Extreme-Scale Data Management 2018
240 AMPERE Accounting for Metallicity, Polarization of the Electrolyte, and Redox reactions in computational Electrochemistry 2018
241 3D-CAP 3D micro-supercapacitors for embedded electronics 2018
242 P-LH2 Characterisation of pressurised liquid hydrogen (LH2) releases 2018
243 LIGNOCAP Lignin-derived carbon fiber flexible supercapacitors 2018
244 Small-scale CSP Numerical and experimental analysis of a novel thermal energy storage for a small-scale concentrated solar power plant 2018
245 WoodJam WoodJam—Sediment dynamics of instream wood jams and managed installations 2018
246 FASTMAGNETS Ultrafast Demagnetization Dynamics Using Novel Table-top X-ray Source 2018
247 ASPIDE ASPIDE: exAScale ProgramIng models for extreme Data procEssing 2018
248 INPHORS Intracellular phosphate reception and signaling: A novel homeostatic system with roles for an orphan organelle? 2018
249 FindMEMO Functional contribution of visual features to hippocampal memory encoding 2019
250 Sage2 Percipient Storage for Exascale Data Centric Computing2 2018
251 GasHeatPumpSaltX Disrupting the European domestic space heating market with the lowest cost, energy-efficient Gas Heat Pump 2018
252 HYDRIDE4MOBILITY Hydrogen fuelled utility vehicles and their support systems utilising metal hydrides 2017
253 Mol-2D Molecule-induced control over 2D Materials 2018
254 BACKUP Unveiling the relationship between brain connectivity and function by integrated photonics 2018
255 NextGen Towards a next generation of water systems and services for the circular economy. 2018
256 Teraloop ESS A highly scalable grid-scale energy storage system utilising 3rd generation flywheel technology for effective integration of renewable energy. 2018