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H2020 projects about "customers"

The page lists 170 projects related to the topic "customers".

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1 DIVERSITY Cloud Manufacturing and Social Software Based Context Sensitive Product-Service Engineering Environment for Globally Distributed Enterprise 2015
2 FALCON Feedback mechanisms Across the Lifecycle for Customer-driven Optimization of iNnovative product-service design 2015
4 CloudTeams Collaborative Software Development Framework based on Trusted, Secure Cloud-based Pool of Users 2015
5 PaaSword A Holistic Data Privacy and Security by Design Platform-as-a-Service Framework Introducing Distributed Encrypted Persistence in Cloud-based Applications 2015
6 FURNIT-SAVER Smart Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketplace for Furniture Customisation 2015
7 FLEXICIENCY energy services demonstrations of demand response, FLEXibility and energy effICIENCY based on metering data 2015
8 SMARTGEARBOX Development of a new gearbox without lubricants for low OM costs, higher efficiency, and oiless applications 2014
9 VSM Validated Surge Model 2014
10 CVDTEU Clinical validation of the DiviTum assay in key European markets 2014
11 ACfoil Anti-counterfeit foil for security packaging 2014
12 usenns Neurotechnology to understand the emotions of customers in market research 2014
13 EKOMAP Eco friendly marine antifouling paint 2015
14 INAS Integra A/S – Service provider of drones for civil use 2015
15 Visualfy Visual Notify - Improving Deaf People's Life 2015
16 RoadCast Dynamic Road Sign Casting 2015
17 REFEREE pREcise Fluids mEteRing EquipmEnt 2015
18 Unbabel Unbabel: Scalable, affordable and seamless content globalization using distributed crowd-post editing 2015
19 Timtrace Tracing tropical timber 2015
20 ECO-SILENTWOOD Cost competitive eco-friendly and acoustic wooden doors for indoor applications 2015
21 NEC14 New Electric Vehicle Chassis-Cab 10-14 for urban logistic 2015
22 SDO-MET Automatic Rail Safety Solution 2015
23 HEALEX HEALEX – High Efficiency Air Liquid Heat ExchangerAn innovative, new heat exchanger that improves energy efficiency in cooling and ventilation systems 2015
24 CLAYMBAR Injected Moulded barriers for cost effective food packaging 2015
25 MentorPitch The commercial exploitation of mentorship programme outcome intelligence in the global corporate and university market. 2015
26 SmartComm-LED Reconfigurable silicon architecture for connected intelligent lighting. 2015
27 SmartX SmartX is an innovative ICT platform for electricity demand-supply management 2015
29 EcoSpacePropulsion Piloting and upscaling the unique on site and mobile production plants for highly concentrated Hydrogen peroxide (HTP) production for space industry applications 2015
30 SLA-Ready SLA-Ready: Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector 2015
31 SEDEUF Sedicii Innovative Authentication 2014
32 MEWi-B More Efficient Wind Blades 2015
33 QualiLine-C-2.0 Quality and Production Control with Integrated Machine Vision 2015
34 LIGHTKEY Visible Light Communication (VLC) application for mobile devices as control access, validation, master key or secure payment solution. 2015
35 TailorFit TailorFit; The Integrated “made to measure” workflow automation for menswear 2015
36 e-Furnace Intelligent Hot Dip Galvanizing furnace for better energy use, low environmental impact and extended kettle lifespan 2015
37 MOBPOSSTAT Mobile Positioning Data as a Source for Aggregated Human Mobility Statistics 2015
38 Social Resp Shopping Creating the first Social Responsibility Shopping platform to link small businesses and local non-profits organizations through an innovative business model leveraging on responsible consumption 2015
39 SMITH SMart and Interoperable THermal network system development 2015
40 EcoContainerCleaner Proving the IBC Robotics container cleaning system as an economic, climate- and environmentally-friendly and safe contribution to the EU transport system in order to disrupt the global market 2015
41 ACEP Airlander Civil Exploitation Project 2015
42 ORCHEXTRA A disruptive innovation in mobile marketing and business intelligence for drastically increasing SMEs competitiveness 2015
43 FCL Upgrading a commercially-available Fault Current Limiter to a more cost-effective device for enabling additional capacity and improving energy efficiency, by limiting destructive fault currents 2015
44 RePower Energy and resource surveillance systems without the challenges of batteries 2015
45 SOMAPI On-line department store for Massive Amount of Pre-owned Items 2015
46 LaForte Large Format Textile Printing 2015
47 DuaLine The validation, certification and industrial testing of advanced road marking retro reflectance (RL) measuring equipment (RetroTek-M) for the global market. 2015
48 GDC A Genetic Data CUBE - An innovative business model applied to predictive and prescriptive analytics, exploring Big Data and empowering cloud-services and urgent computation 2015
49 VIMpay VIMpay- an one-size-fits-all mobile based solution for cashless payment for Europe 2015
50 ICEYE Microsatellite radar network for fast update Arctic ice surveillance. 2015
51 iPHEV Advanced Plug-in Hybrid Electric Drive System for Commercial Fleet Trucks 2015
52 NOVLASE Novel light sources for biomedical-imaging applications 2015
53 SPS_TFP_SQ TFP Strut Qualification 2015
54 PSR94 Commercialisation of 94GHz Phase Shifting Radar (PSR94) 2015
55 Q-Bot Fast and economic insulation of buildings using robotic systems 2015
56 IMERSO IMERSO - Virtual Reality System 2015
57 NanoSol Accelerating Commercialization of Nanowire Solar Cell Technologies 2016
58 SMARTGEARBOX Development of a new gearbox without lubricants for low OM costs, higher efficiency, and oiless applications 2016
59 ENERGY SPECTRUM Market uptake a innovative Non-intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring (NIALM) to enlarge ENERGY efficiency SPECTRUM to comprise the families factor 2016
61 SMARTBUY Enhanced Buying Experiences in SMART CITIES 2016
62 SPARK Spatial Augmented Reality as a Key for co-creativity 2016
63 A3R Air To Air Automatic Refuelling 2016
64 Sim4Blocks Simulation Supported Real Time Energy Management in Building Blocks 2016
65 CyPod On-Chip Cytometry Printed On Demand 2016
66 SCANIFY270 Development of a 0.2 second, low cost, high-resolution 270° 3D scanner for full face capture from a single scan to provide low cost customised eyewear 2016
67 MDC CNG Fuels- Mother and Daughter CNG Station Concept 2016
68 FruitWatcher FruitWatcher: Monitoring traceability assessment for fresh products transport conditionsWatcher: Monitoring traceability assessment for fresh products transport conditions 2016
69 METALCLEAN New Innnovative and cost effective metal cleaning machine 2016
70 OXM Patent pending gearboxA patent pending gearbox for ships that decrease fuel consumption with 25% (appr 500 ton fuel and 1500 ton carbon dioxide per ship and year) 2016
71 SKLCarbonP2 Project: Scale up of CDC production for inclusion in ultracapacitor to double the performance. 2016
72 SHIELD Securing against intruders and other threats through a NFV-enabled environment 2016
73 SPuMP SpacePharma Microgravity Miniature Pump 2016
74 ProPApp New PTFE Production Process for High Value Applications 2016
75 Quartzene Quartzene - Market uptake of the world's first low cost aerogel-type nano-material 2016
76 TactoTek New lightweighting smart surface manufacturing technology for automotive industry 2016
77 k-NOW-casting k-NOW-casting 2016
78 Hilet Highly linear efficient technology for wireless data transmission for 4G, 5G, wifi and beyond 2016
79 TRRC Development of advanced all-inclusive research and development services for tire manufacturers 2016
80 NIPUNA Novel metrology tool for more flexible and affordable 3D validation of large industrial components 2016
81 MONESE Innovative banking model for improved financial and economic inclusion of population groups that find it difficult to open a traditional bank account 2016
82 IFLFSCTM Intelligent Freshtag Labels for Supply Chain Temperature Monitoring 2016
83 SmartWASTE Smart logistics for WASTE and recycling operations in European cities 2016
84 F2F Fusion-to-Fossil Heat Exchanger for Supercritical Power Plants 2016
85 SP3D Virtual reality fitting simulation for electronic e-commerce 2016
86 EddyEyes Novel System for surface inspection and quality control for steel industries. 2016
87 CANEFF Development of a new palletiser/depalletiser control system for optimum efficiency 2016
88 GPBOX GPBOX Energy Platform 2016
89 CONCEPT CONductive fast Charge system for Electric buses in Public Transport 2016
90 Gybrid EKUPD 2016
91 i-movo International productisation of a disruptive digital vouchering technology 2016
92 DEBS Dall Energy Biomass System 2016
93 TriboGlide Development of an innovative and cost-efficient friction and wear reduction solution (TriboGlide) 2016
94 EBFZ Float zone silicon from electron beam grown rods 2016
95 DRYMIX Feasibility Study of energy efficient, sustainable, innovative Ceramic powders Dry-Mix method andenabling additives 2016
96 SHIM Shim-Scaling mental well-being through an automated self-help app 2016
97 FlexTrans a universal thin film transistor platform for flexible and curved displays 2016
98 HEATSENS_S Lab-on-a-chip microfluidic device based on plasmonic driven thermal nanobiosensing for rapid detection of Salmonella in chicken meat. 2016
99 DIGICOR Decentralised Agile Coordination Across Supply Chains 2016
100 OPTIFUEL Smart and reliable solid biofuel quality control solution 2016
101 ToyLabs Enabling an Open Innovation Model for EU Toy Industry SMEs through Co-Creation with FabLabs, Safety Experts and Customer Communities 2017
102 EMMA Enriching Market solutions for content Management and publishing with state of the art multimedia Analysis techniques 2017
103 PolyTest Ultrasonic Phased Array Non-Destructive Testing and In-Service Inspection System for high integrity Polyethylene Pipe Welds with automated analysis software. 2016
104 SMARTSAND Transforming fly ash waste from coal-fired power plants into lightweight engineered sand formultiple applications 2016
105 CloudPerfect Enabling CLoud Orchestration, Performance and Cost Efficiency Tools for QoE Enhancement and Provider Ranking 2016
106 FashionBrain Understanding Europe’s Fashion Data Universe 2017
107 SISCERA Smart Implants from Safe CERAmics 2017
108 DYNMECH Dynamic Mechanisms 2017
109 IHS water and energy efficient Induction Humidification System for textile applications 2016
110 PTO-SAFE innovative yoke for Power Take-Off SAFEty 2016
111 Socialsmartgrid Boosting Energy Efficiency Trough Social Smart Grid Network 2017
112 INISH MINI-BAR Inish Mini for On-Site Rapid Detection of Bacteria in Beer Directly from the Tap 2017
113 MiAlFeedIngredients Innovative Microalgae Feed Ingredient to improve Animal Health for a more sustainable Food Chain 2017
114 PEA Aluminium Portable Element Analyser 2016
115 Augmented Commerce Augmented Commerce, a game-changing augmented reality-based sales experience to disrupt the e-commerce industry 2017
116 IoT4ALL Global cellular connectivity for small and medium-sized IoT device makers 2017
117 LiveJourney LiveJourney 2017
118 Nano-SHINE Nano-based Anti-Tarnishing Technology for Precious and Non Precious Metal Protection 2017
119 CitizenLab CitizenLab 2017
120 ROMA Resource AuctiOning Engine for the Mobile Digital MArket 2017
121 ITC Revolutionary instant thread colouring technology for industrial embroidery 2017
122 nanoHPcs Sustainable nanoHVOF and nanoaxialPlasma coating solutions against wear problems of extrusion machines allowing an eco-efficient use of materials and the increase of recycling in the plastics industry 2017
123 NearUS Network for European Research and Innovation acceleration in the US 2017
124 MoniTank Underground Storage Tanks Risk Mitigation System for petrol fuel stations 2017
125 IV-BWTS In-Voyage Ballast Water Treatment System 2017
126 WEGOOI Wind Energy Generator Onshore and Offshore Inspector 2017
127 WEYCAP Low Energy WEt and DrY CAPsule Filling Machine 2017
128 Previble Previble - The Previsualization Tool 2017
129 PlaSSteel Plasma Nitriding and Nitrocarburising for high wear resistance and high corrosion stability Stainless Steel 2017
130 InnoSpaceComm EnduroSat provides innovative space communication satellite solutions. 2017
131 SUBPORT Subsea socket for offshore Platforms based on Tide turbines 2017
132 IFM Micro Thruster The unique modular propulsion system suitable for all small satellites from 1 to 500 kg 2017
133 PRIOR PRIOR - Making food and goods more accessible online 2017
134 - Holding back Amazon and Google from the global grocery retail market 2017
135 VNL Virtual NanoLab (VNL), a Cross-disciplinary Open Nanotechnology Simulation Platform 2017
136 Amphiro en-Gage Amphiro en-Gage: Technology for a Smart and Sustainable Use of Hot Water 2017
137 ECOMOBI Eco-friendly Modification of Bitumen (ECOMOBI). Recycling end of life tyres into an efficient bitumen modifier 2017
138 FIBRESPIN New Generation of High Speed FIBRE SPINning machines 2017
139 MIDRAULICS Modular Intelligent Hydraulics 2017
140 Efficoil Integrating Punching and Laser Coil Technology for Metal Manufacturing Industry 2017
141 Propelair The refinement, miniaturisation and demonstration of an ultra low flush toilet capable of saving 2.8 billion litres of clean, potable water being unnecessarily wasted in Europe every day. 2017
142 BILLON Disrupting the economy – FinTech blockchain solution revolutionises direct payments. Secure, low-cost and simple bank-free payments for everyone 2017
143 AirQast A commercial platform providing operational Air Quality services using EO data 2017
144 TheMotion The most cost-efficient video ad creation platform; +5.000.000 video-minutes per hour of hyper-personalised videos instantly and at massive scale 2017
145 SealedGRID Scalable, trustEd, and interoperAble pLatform for sEcureD smart GRID 2018
146 MERLIN Methodologies for Researcher Led INnovations 2017
147 Startup Lighthouse Lighthouse: Lighting the way for European scale-ups 2018
149 FLEXBIO FLEXBIO – an innovative process for the decentralised treatment of organically contaminated wastewater with reduced energy requirements, CO2 emissions and operating costs 2017
150 TSNet Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) technologies for Next Generation Ethernet 2017
151 ProtonSuite The world’s largest secure collaboration suite 2017
152 PRS PRS, a disruptive technology for the industrial repair of large series of reusable plastic articles in the circular economy 2018
153 BotsAndUS BotsAndUS - First Assistant Robot For Retail And Hospitality 2018
154 DifMATRIX Ground breaking 3D cell culture platform to eliminate animal testing in pharmaceuticals 2018
155 BTech Novel human neurodegenerative disease specific 3D cell-models with applications in drug development and toxicity testing 2018
156 Reficient Innovative upright Refrigerator with Improved Efficiency Fully Aligned With The Eu Legislation ToControl The F-GASES” 2018
157 SME LOYALISER SME LOYALISER: fostering SME retailers through LOYALty Integrated SERvices 2018
158 PAGITA PAGITA - The platform digitizing the world of vending machines 2018
159 Next-EMS Next-Generation Energy-ManagementUpgrading Energy Management Systems with a Next-generation, smarter, resource-saving softwarewith unique automatic pattern recognition of energy consumption data 2018
160 SREM Smart Renewable Energy Manager for the Industrial Prosumer Market 2018
161 TEEWood Technologically Enhanced European Wood for Substituting Endangered Tropical Woods 2018
162 WAI Wiraya Activation Intelligence 2018
163 LiveSEN In-Field Live Sensing of Nitrate in Crops for Real-Time Fertilization Adjustment 2018
164 CarE-Service Circular Economy Business Models for innovative hybrid and electric mobility through advanced reuse and remanufacturing technologies and services 2018
165 FAIR Future Advanced system for an on-demand Insurance Reliable product based on driving behaviour analysis 2018
166 HYDRIDE4MOBILITY Hydrogen fuelled utility vehicles and their support systems utilising metal hydrides 2017
167 Have a BLaST Disruptive Bike Logistic Smart Trailer for efficient, painless and zero nuisance last mile delivery in cities 2018
168 HIPER-YARN High performance yarn for public transport, home textiles and protective wear 2018
170 EXOTRAIL Miniaturised Hall effect propulsion for small satellites 2018