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1 ReN2014-15 2014-2015 Researchers' Night: The Greek events 2014
3 BONVOYAGE From Bilbao to Oslo, intermodal mobility solutions and interfaces for people and goods, supported by an innovative communication network 2015
4 WASCOSYS Wavefunctions for strongly correlated systems 2015
5 MAGNETO Active Magnetorheological Elastomers: from Hierarchical Composite Materials to tailored Instabilities 2015
6 Co-FACTOR Cooperate, Communicate and Connect to boost smart Components for tomorrows Industry 2015
7 EVERYSOUND Computational Analysis of Everyday Soundscapes 2015
8 PRISTINE High precision isotopic measurements of heavy elements in extra-terrestrial materials: origin and age of the solar system volatile element depletion 2015
9 CoordinatedDopamine Coordination of regional dopamine release in the striatum during habit formation and compulsive behaviour 2015
10 NewAve New avenues towards solving the dark matter puzzle 2015
11 aSCEND Secure Computation on Encrypted Data 2015
12 SENSQUID Scanning SQUID view of emergent states at interfaces 2015
13 R2RAM Radiation Hard Resistive Random-Access Memory 2015
14 Objectivity Making Scientific Inferences More Objective 2015
15 DOLFINS Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society 2015
16 SolarPredict SolarPredict: An advanced predictive tool and service of the Solar 11-yr Activity Cycle 2015
17 TIMESTORM Mind and Time: Investigation of the Temporal Traits of Human-Machine Convergence 2015
18 NABBA Design and development of advanced NAnomedicines to overcome Biological BArriers and to treat severe diseases 2015
19 Phonsi Nanophotonics by Nanocrystals, from integration to single photon operation 2015
20 BASQUE_SME Support Services to Basque SMEs to Enhance Innovation Management Capacities during 2014 2014
21 VEBIN SME “Establishing services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME's in the Enterprise Europe Network” in Flanders 2014
22 BSNinnoSME BSN Anatolia supports to increase the innovation management capacities of SMEs 2014
23 myAirCoach Analysis, modelling and sensing of both physiological and environmental factors for the customized and predictive self-management of Asthma 2015
24 Do CHANGE Do Cardiac Health: Advanced New Generation Ecosystem 2015
25 PICSE Procurement Innovation for Cloud Services in Europe 2014
26 LOMID LOMID - Large cost-effective OLED microdisplays and their applications 2015
27 CHOReVOLUTION Automated Synthesis of Dynamic and Secured Choreographies for the Future internet 2015
28 EPP - eHealth European Procurers Platform - eHealth - Transforming the market for eHealth Solutions 2015
29 LUMENTILE LUMinous ElectroNic TILE 2015
30 FURNIT-SAVER Smart Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketplace for Furniture Customisation 2015
31 STEER Support Tool for Energy Efficiency pRogrammes in medical centres 2014
32 Financial Transparency Platform for the Public Sector 2015
33 MERID Middle East Research and Innovation Dialogue 2015
34 SYNAMERA Synergies in Nanotechnologies, Materials and Production in the European Research Area 2015
35 ENF2015 EuroNanoForum 2015 2014
36 WMF2015 World Manufacturing Forum 2015 2015
37 SymplecticEinstein The symplectic geometry of anti-self-dual Einstein metrics 2015
38 TUNEMEM Externally Tuneable Separations for Membrane Reactors 2015
39 Pro-Staph-ID Clinical biomarker and rapid diagnostic test for Staphylococcus aureus induced ventilator-associated pneumonia 2014
40 EUth EUth - Tools and Tips for Digital and Mobile Youth Participation in and across Europe 2015
41 EnerGAware Energy Game for Awareness of energy efficiency in social housing communities 2015
42 BEenerGI Bundling sustainable energy investments for GIrona´s municipalities 2015
43 OTR Off The Rails 2014
44 OntoPerson The Ontology of Personal Identity 2015
45 NIR-PERFECT Non-contact Near Infra-Red insPEction and monitoRing For Evaluation of ComposiTes 2014
46 SO2SAFE Enzymatic SO2 biosensor for rapid food safety monitoring 2014
47 MitSyn Alpha-synuclein and mitochondrial dysfunction: key links between Gaucher’s disease and Parkinson’s? 2015
48 ECOCHAMPS European COmpetitiveness in Commercial Hybrid and AutoMotive PowertrainS 2015
49 THOR THOR – Technical and Human Infrastructure for Open Research 2015
50 Invisibilia Tracing the Invisible. Old Norse and Latin in medieval manuscripts. 2016
51 Sci-GaIA Energising Scientific Endeavour through Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa 2015
52 ActiDoC Active Doping in Colloids 2015
53 Chinese Labour Shifting Dynamics of Chinese Labour in a Global Perspective 2015
54 ELiQSIR Engineered Light Potentials for Quantum Simulation with Individual-Atom Resolution 2015
55 SmartMass Behavioral and cognitive mechanisms promoting collective intelligence in human groups 2015
56 3DNCPM Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Chiral Plasmonic Metamaterials 2015
57 MeaSuRe Following Protein Diffusion in Photosynthetic Membranes with Super Resolution 2015
58 SMARTLAW Towards a regulatory framework for climate smart agriculture 2016
59 Baltic Mikrorayon Past, Present, and Future Lives of Soviet Housing Estates in the Baltic States 2016
60 ExplicitDarmonProg Explicit Methods for the Darmon Programme 2015
61 Woolvation Development of sheep wool blocks to be used for greenhouse cultivation 2015
62 Pro-Membrane Amphiphilic Peptoids as General Tool for Membrane Proteins Stabilization and Crystallization 2015
63 KEME Knitting early modern Europe: materials, manufacture and meaning 2015
64 MAIDEN-SPRUCE Tree growth, forest carbon storage and climate change in a Canadian boreal region using a model-data fusion approach 2015
65 DualNRSQNM Fundamentals of Holographic Dualities via Non-relativistic Systems and Quasinormal Modes 2015
66 ASB Amplitudes, String and Branes 2015
67 DC cancer Development and immunological control of dendritic cell cancer 2015
68 GlidArc Towards a fundamental understanding of a gliding arc discharge for the purpose of greenhouse gas conversion into value-added chemicals 2015
69 LBSKQ Location Based Suggestion of Keyword Queries 2015
70 COLPHAM Collective Phenomena in dense Active Matter: phase transitions and non-equilibrium dynamics. 2015
71 PneumoCompetence Unravelling the mechanisms of competence induction by antibiotic stress in Streptococcus pneumoniae 2015
72 DecipherBILU Understanding functional mechanisms leading to the BILU syndrome 2015
73 ISSVS Immune system involvement in sex-specific vulnerability to prenatal stress 2015
74 ArtOxiZymes Artificial Oxidation Enzymes for Highly Selective Waste Free Hydroxylation of Alkanes 2015
75 CREST UNDER TENSION Mechano-regulation of neural crest cell differentiation. 2015
76 NanoSyNNets Nanowires to study single synapses in patterned neuronal networks. 2015
77 MoStMusic Models of Structure in Music 2016
78 DISC Distributed storage based on sparse-graph codes 2015
79 EPIMAIZE Understading the Maize Epigenome and its Role in Development 2015
80 MANGANOXI The development of manganese-based alkene epoxidation, cis-dihydroxylation and alkane C-H oxidation catalysts 2015
81 SPAFIL Structured photonics for advanced fibre lasers 2015
82 PerovskiteHTM New Hole-Transport Materials to Enhance Perovskite Solar Cells 2016
83 StentFEM Advanced Finite Element Modeling of Arterial Stent Placement Procedures 2015
84 CONTESTEDWATERS Contested Waters: Rio de Janeiro’s Public Water Supply and the Social Structuring of the City 2015
85 ProactionPerception From oculomotor action to perception 2015
86 EDD Project A new EDD detector will give a knowledge for crystallography with the objective to understand nanostructures and for the development of new materials 2015
87 SCME Selecting, Creating and Modifying Embryos: the ethics of new reproductive genetic technologies 2015
88 HCAPT High Current All Printed Transistors 2015
89 RoleOfNEinPerception The role of noradrenaline in human perception: from single neuron to whole brain and behavior 2015
90 COLDmicroWAVE Energy innovative food process for production of high quality frozen foods 2015
91 SFSASP Structural and Functional Studies of ATRX- Syndrome Protein 2015
92 PopMet Investigating bacterial strain evolution through metagenomic genome assemblies 2015
93 HPpQCD Hard Probes of Hot and Dense QCD Matter 2015
94 HIGGS-BSM-EFT Higgs and Beyond the Standard Model Effective Field Theory, systematic developments. 2015
95 ALMP The Effect of Active Labour Market Policies on the Behaviour and Employability of Benefit Claimants 2016
96 SpTheoryGraphLim Spectral Theory of Graph Limits 2015
97 ALIS Associating Literature and the Imaginary with Science: Early Years Education 2016
98 SYMULGAS Synthetic magnetism with ultracold Fermi gases of strontium 2015
99 MoDATS Model-based Data Analysis of Transcription and Splicing 2016
100 CURAS Cetacean Use of Representational Acoustic Signals 2015
101 CONSCBRAIN How consciousness is shaped by neuronal network dynamics 2015
102 RACe The impact of climate change on the uptake of arsenic into rice 2016
103 CMSHInBeauty Measuring the open to closed beauty ratio in heavy-ion collisions at LHC 2015
105 St. Bernard St. Bernard - Emergency EEG and auditory evoked potentials for earlier diagnostics and treatment planning of unconscious patients 2015
106 GWAFH Emulsar: give the world appetite for health. 2015
107 USELA Useful energy from contaminated landfill gas 2014
108 eMediCare2 Promoting sustainable patient treatment by an intelligent online medicine dispenser for home care use. 2015
109 CREST Climate Resilient Agriculture through revolutionary Weather Forecast and Data 2015
110 CHIRALSENSE CHIRALSENSE : Sensing Chirality using cavity-enhanced polarimetry: advances in sensitivity and time-resolution 2015
111 ECO-SILENTWOOD Cost competitive eco-friendly and acoustic wooden doors for indoor applications 2015
112 ERMOS Enhanced Resolution MRI Ocular Scanner (ERMOS) 2015
113 NANO-POS Miniature Controller for NANO-meter level Motor POSitioning 2015
114 HYscreen A fast, cost-effective breath analysis technology for Helicobacter pYlori screening at both large and small scale. 2015
115 DISA medical Diagnosis Support Armchair project 2015
116 STERILISE Safe sustainable reliable in-office processing of medical waste 2015
117 PCMPS Precision Cancer Medicine Pipeline and Services 2015
118 BDoSM Big Data of Small Molecules 2015
119 PFMaker PFMaker, the Advanced Interactive Video Tool 2015
120 Myelination Cell biology of myelin wrapping, plasticity and turnover 2015
121 EHW15 High Level eHealth Conference 2015 2015
122 FUSION NIGHT Find Your Passion for Science on Researchers Night 2014
123 DRESSFORMER Virtual 3D fitting room for online shopping 2015
124 lincSAFARI Sequence and Function Relationships in Long Intervening Noncoding RNAs 2015
125 SPECTRUM Spectral theory of random operators 2015
126 EXTMOS EXTended Model of Organic Semiconductors 2015
127 ICONICAL In control of exciton and charge dynamics in molecular crystals 2015
128 SPRINT Social Protection Innovative Investment in Long Term Care 2015
129 Mediation A Mechanism Design and Cheap Talk Approach to Mediation 2015
130 BRILLIANT Baltic Region Initiative for Long Lasting InnovAtive Nuclear Technologies 2015
131 OrchardMan A novel vision based orchard system to maximize fruit tree yields and Class 1 quality by 20% while reducing waste by 50% 2015
132 INSPIRE INterdiSciPlinarity and excellence for doctoral training of International REsearchers in Paris 2015
133 QualiLine-C-2.0 Quality and Production Control with Integrated Machine Vision 2015
134 QuickTicket QuickTicket 2015
135 EU-elabus4.0 reduce - recycle - reuse eMobility - retrofitting-kits for busses 2015
136 MISTRANSMITO Tissue-specific mitochondrial signaling and adaptations to mistranslation 2015
137 VIDOCK 2D Conformal mapping of protein surfaces: applications to VIsualization and DOCKing software 2015
138 DYNADE Dynamics of Development: Understanding Adolescents' Intergroup Attitudes, National Feelings, and Perception of Social Norms 2016
139 FRESCO Efficient, Flexible Synthesis of Molecules with Tailored Shapes: from Photo-switchable Helices to anti-Cancer Compounds 2015
140 AIMS Accessible, Impactful, Measurable and Socially responsible tutoring 2015
141 GSTT GMSPAZIO Satellite Tracking Toolkit 2015
142 PVFINAL Photo Voltaic Fully Integrated and Automated Line 2015
143 MidFrontalTheta2.0 MidFrontal Cortex Theta Oscillations: Causes and Consequences 2015
144 CapTherPV Integration of Capacitor, Thermoelectric and PhotoVoltaic thin films for efficient energy conversion and storage 2015
145 NanoCytox Development of Novel Analytical Methods to assess Nanoparticle cytotoxicity 2015
146 MARKETING EXPENDITUR Marketing Expenditure Budgeting: from the Upper Echelon to the Lower Echelon 2015
147 SMART-POM Artificial-Intelligence Driven Discovery and Synthesis of Polyoxometalate Clusters 2015
148 LuxFaSS Luxury, fashion and social status in Early Modern South Eastern Europe 2015
149 RSM Rich, Structured Models for Scene Recovery, Understanding and Interaction 2015
150 MICOFLUID Complex Fluid under Micro Confinement 2016
151 3Ccar Integrated Components for Complexity Control in affordable electrified cars 2015
152 MaGic The Materials Genome in Action 2015
153 PHOSFUN Phosphorene functionalization: a new platform for advanced multifunctional materials 2015
154 Nafen Nano-particle based enhancement of composite and thermoplastic materials 2015
155 dynamicmodifications Complexity and dynamics of nucleic acids modifications in vivo 2015
156 NeuroN Neurophysiological Biomarkers of Cortical Plasticity Induced by Neuromodulation 2015
157 1stProposal An alternative development of analytic number theory and applications 2015
158 LineageDiscovery Laying the Biological, Computational and Architectural Foundations for Human Cell Lineage Discovery 2015
160 VEBIN SME 2.0 Delivering services on behalf of H2020 for enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in Flanders 2015
161 MASSTRPLAN MASS Spectrometry TRaining network for Protein Lipid adduct ANalysis 2015
162 OMA Optimization of Medical Accelerators 2016
163 MuG Multi-Scale Complex Genomics 2015
164 EoCoE Energy oriented Centre of Excellence for computer applications 2015
165 MEMERE MEthane activation via integrated MEmbrane REactors 2015
166 GRANT Groups, Representations and Analysis in Number Theory 2015
167 DNAmics DNA mimetics: Synthetic molecular duplexes 2016
168 MASAM New tools for key questions in plant development: using qualitative and quantitative proteomics for direct determination of the set of DNA and RNA-binding factors regulating single copy genes 2015
169 WATER Probing the Structure and Dynamics of Water in its Various States 2015
170 DeFiNER Nucleotide Excision Repair: Decoding its Functional Role in Mammals 2016
171 UBPDS Unfoldings and Bifurcations of Polynomial Differential Systems 2016
172 PALEOSEISQUAKE New approaches in subaqueous PALEOseismology using high‐resolution SEISmics to derive single net paleoearthQUAKEs displacement and to characterize the seismic cycle on active faults 2016
173 SYSMET Systems Biology of Membrane Trafficking 2016
174 WESTinnoMAR WESTinnoMAR 2015
175 EENinnoSMES EEN Anatolia supports to increase the innovation management capacities of SMEs 2015
176 ECINPERSON the European Community IN PERSON: connecting people and cultures through home dining 2015
177 AM-SENSE A Rapid Point-of-Care Breath Ammonia Sensor for Diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori 2015
178 XPRESS XPRESS ENGINE - The Future of Affective Market Research 2015
179 SV2 Machine vision system for road safety inspection- SV2 2015
180 HB-BROKER An innovative business model, systems and services for market-based habitat banking in Europe 2015
181 DrugStop Drug detection for personal protection 2015
182 WATLY An autonomous and mobile water treatment plant powered by solar energy 2015
183 TAG Crowd-Sourcing technology to change how people and cars move in cities 2015
184 INCH INteractive CHarging 2015
185 ALBINO Effect of ALlopurinol in addition to hypothermia for hypoxic-ischemic Brain Injury on Neurocognitive Outcome 2016
186 FEAT Future and Emerging Art and Technology 2015
187 GOTSolar New technological advances for the third generation of Solar cells 2016
188 cSiOnGlass Development of high-quality crystalline silicon layers on glass 2015
189 KAMINO Establishing of EEN-services for supporting the Key Account Management process in the SME-instrument and enhancing the INnOvation management capacities of SMEs – KAMINO 2015
190 TULIPP Towards Ubiquitous Low-power Image Processing Platforms 2016
191 MEDIuM Mobile wireless Device microcantilever-based biosensor to identify and measure the aflatoxin B1 in animal food and M1 in the milk-chain 2015
192 BACRES Feasibility study: Cloud-based diagnostic software for infectious diseases 2015
193 FASTBOX Improvement and sustainability of box production’s process for e-commerce 2015
194 ShopStar Image learning to create a new online marketing tool 2015
195 Respiratory-ImmunoDx Clinical validation of host biomarker signature for distinguishing bacterial versus viral lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) in adults at the point-of-need 2015
196 TENSORNETSIM Accurate simulations of strongly correlated systems with tensor network methods 2016
197 CatASus Cleave and couple: Fully sustainable catalytic conversion of renewable resources to amines 2016
198 SELFORGANICELL Self-Organization of the Bacterial Cell 2016
199 EFFICOMP Efficient Composite parts manufacturing 2016
200 PHOBIC2ICE Super-IcePhobic Surfaces to Prevent Ice Formation on Aircraft 2016
201 MACROPMF Macroeconomic Dynamics with Product Market Frictions 2016
202 PROPTER Support to aerodynamic analysis and design of propellers of a compound helicopter 2015
203 TopInSy Novel phases of matter emerging from topology, interactions, and symmetries 2016
204 CoVeCe Coinduction for Verification and Certification 2016
205 WiseFeed Improving sustainability and performance of aquafeeds 2016
206 uP_running Take-off for sustainable supply of woody biomass from agrarian pruning and plantation removal 2016
208 SEAQUEL Structured Ensembles of Atoms for Quantum Engineering of Light 2016
209 TAIAC Breaking the paradigm: A new approach to understanding and controlling combustion instabilities 2016
210 HNV-Link High Nature Value Farming: Learning, Innovation and Knowledge. 2016
211 RELYUBL Regulation of lymphocyte biology by ubiquitin and ubiquitin like modifiers 2016
212 INLANE Low Cost GNSS and Computer Vision Fusion for Accurate Lane Level Navigation and Enhanced Automatic Map Generation 2016
213 TM-FLPS Bond Activation and Catalysis by Transition Metal Frustrated Lewis Pairs 2016
214 HiTech AlkCarb New geomodels to explore deeper for High-Technology critical raw materials in Alkaline rocks and Carbonatites 2016
215 EPITOOLS Chemical biology approaches to unraveling the histone code 2016
216 MAKE-IT Understanding Collective Awareness Platforms with the Maker Movement 2016
217 N2OPNA Understanding Nitrous Oxide Production from The Mainstream Partial Nitritation and Anammox Process 2016
218 CoronaTag Analysis of protein corona formation on nanoparticles by DNA barcodes 2016
219 Subfailtec Operation Optimization and Improved Reliability Solution for Electrical Substations 2016
220 ThruBlood Clinical validation of Trop-2 as a serum biomarker for monitoring of disease-course in patients affected by breast and colon cancer 2016
221 GRAPHCPX A graph complex valued field theory 2016
222 CONTEXTVISION Visual perception in Context 2016
223 Autocat Autocatalysis: A bottom-up approach to understanding the origins of life 2016
224 RustBelt Logical Foundations for the Future of Safe Systems Programming 2016
225 NOVAMAG NOVel, critical materials free, high Anisotropy phases for permanent MAGnets, by design. 2016
226 HELIOS Second Generation Beacon for GALILEO/EGNOS EGNSS Search And Rescue applications 2016
227 THAUMECOPHYL Evolutionary history and ecological adaptations of ammonia oxidizing Thaumarchaeota. 2016
228 AmpiDots Exponential Amplification and Rapid Detection of miRNAs using DNA-Quantum Dot Bioconjugates for Disease Diagnostics 2017
229 GranD Cities Green and Diverse Cities. The social impact of urban policies for sustainability in comparative perspective. 2016
230 Trans-Plant Transistor sensors for in-vivo sucrose monitoring in plants 2016
231 INDRO Remote sensing INdicators for DROught monitoring 2017
232 BOOMSTIM Understanding and Boosting Motivation using Brain Stimulation 2017
233 MCNTMTDC Metabolic control on NF-κB activity during dendritic cells-mediated immune tolerance to tumours 2017
234 TASTGCEP “Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae Ia IIae translated by Demetrius Cydones and Bessarion’s incomplete Compendium of the translation – A Critical Editio Princeps” 2016
235 FFABFORCE The Free French and the British Forces: a case study of transnational military cooperation, 1940-1945 2016
236 CorCir Cortical circuit assembly in the developing mouse neocortex 2017
237 Exosomes Regulated secretion and role of urinary nanovesicles 2017
238 CHIMMM Discovery of novel chiral magnetic molecular materials for the study of magnetochiral effects 2016
239 MUSE 'Multisensory Ecology': Understanding adaptive trade-offs between vision and olfaction 2016
240 RAMSES Aryl amide metallofoldamersas selective saccharide sensors 2016
241 RECORDER Rare Earth based Upconversion Luminescent Nanomaterials as novel bioprobes for the detection of cardiac biomarkers 2016
242 ADVANTA Toward a new generation of miniature multifrequency antennas using multiresonance platform based on subwavelength structures inspired by advanced metamaterials 2017
243 POL2-TFIID The impact of TFIID on the transcription initiation machinery – a structural perspective. 2016
244 ZephyCloud Making Wind Energy More Bankable…Faster! 2016
245 DAPS Drone Alarm and Protection System 2016
246 TAVIguide ICT platform to reduce mortality rates for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) by pre-operative risk management 2016
247 FoodTransforms Transformations of Food in the Eastern Mediterranean Late Bronze Age 2016
248 SKYOPENER SKYOPENER - establishing new foundations for the use of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems for civilian applications. 2016
249 MuCellWall Seed mucilage envelope as a new structural model in cell wall research 2016
250 EpiHope Epigenetic biomarkers for prediction of vascular complications and response to treatment in subjects with diabetes 2016
251 STIMEY Science Technology Innovation Mathematics Engineering for the Young 2016
252 EDU-ARCTIC Edu-Arctic – Innovative educational program attracting young people to natural sciences and polar research 2016
253 PhiSi The Role of Philanthropy and Social Investments in Fostering Research and Innovation. New financing forms and partnerships. 2016
254 INCEPT INhomogenieties and fluctuations in quantum CohErent matter Phases by ultrafast optical Tomography 2016
255 CHAOS C-H Acids for Organic Synthesis 2016
256 TRANSEP Flow physics and interaction of laminar-turbulent transition and flow separation studied by direct numerical simulations 2016
257 first.stage Fast and easy previsualisation for creative industries 2016
258 ByoPiC The Baryon Picture of the Cosmos 2017
259 GRADIENT Understanding fire, weather and land cover interactions from long-term terrestrial observations and satellite data in a north to south transect in Europe and North Africa 2016
260 YRNAcleave Sequence and structural requirements for Y RNA cleavage 2016
261 CHROMTOPOLOGY Understanding and manipulating the dynamics of chromosome topologies in transcriptional control 2016
262 EpiMech Epithelial cell sheets as engineering materials: mechanics, resilience and malleability 2016
263 SCATAPNUT Scattering and tapping on soft-hard-open nuts 2016
264 SOFTBREAK From bond breaking to material failure in soft polymer networks 2016
265 MAGTOOLS Software tools for fast, reliable analysis of magnetic materials in the electron microscope 2016
267 Hilet Highly linear efficient technology for wireless data transmission for 4G, 5G, wifi and beyond 2016
268 MiniMo-Logistics MiniMo-Logistics application 2016
269 Giantleap Giantleap Improves Automation of Non-polluting Transportation with Lifetime Extension of Automotive PEM fuel cells 2016
270 HyGrid Flexible Hybrid separation system for H2 recovery from NG Grids 2016
271 EEN Armenia H2020 EEN Armenia H2020: EEN Armenia assists SMEs involved in Horizon 2020 2016
272 SCIENCE4FUTURE WissenSchafftZukunft in der KielRegion Nacht der Wissenschaft 2016/2017 2016
273 FF16_17 Researchers' Night in Sweden - ForskarFredag 2016-2017 2016
274 USONIPRO Ultrasonic technology for bioprocess enhancement 2016
275 SwiftBuild Swiftty web mobile builder 2016
276 shippiesbags Hamburg Airport Feasibility Pilot for Seamless Bagshuttle Service 2016
277 OHFASTT Advanced Ohmic Heating for resource efficient Thermal Treatment to produce high quality food products 2016
278 INFL New perspectives on inflation 2016
279 Valleys Valley and spin devices based on two-dimensional semiconductors 2016
280 CorPain Dissection of a cortical microcircuit for the processing of pain affect 2016
281 MeerTRAP Discovering Fast Transients and Pulsars with MeerKAT for Cosmology and to Test the Laws of Gravity 2016
282 Rmat3 Theoretical study of cold and ultracold collisions in triatomic systems using inner-region nuclear motion wavefunctions and outer-region R-matrix propagation 2016
283 Tropical lichens Symbionts and changing environment: Lichen diversity and photobiont associations in tropical mountain ecosystems 2016
284 OPENRESEARCHERS Open Researchers 2016
285 HORTILED Market Opportunity Validation and Business Plan Development for horticulture research LED solution - HORTILED 2016
286 PERCEPT The mind's eye: How expectation and attention shape perception 2016
287 BROKERS Participatory Urban Governance between Democracy and Clientelism: Brokers and (In)formal Politics 2016
288 Film Tourism Worlds of Imagination. A Comparative Study of Film Tourism in India, Brazil, Jamaica, South Korea and the United Kingdom. 2016
289 BrainModes Personalized whole brain simulations: linking connectomics and dynamics in the human brain 2016
290 ETMD_ICEC Efficient pathways to neutralization and radical production enabled by environment 2016
291 IFAMID Institutional Family Demography 2016
292 HITSUPERJU Higher-dimensional topological solids realized with multiterminal superconducting junctions 2016
293 CoCEAL The Common Core of European Administrative Law 2016
294 TACKLE TACK Superphylum and Lokiarchaeota Evolution: Dissecting the Ecology and Evolution of Archaea to Elucidate the Prokaryote to Eukaryote Transition 2016
295 INVERTIDAL Chromosomal rearrangements and diversification on environmental gradients 2016
296 ZESMO ZEolitic reactor hosting Subphthalocyanines and Metal Oxides as photocatalytic system for opto-electronic applications 2016
298 ID-Lyme A novel immunity-based test for early diagnosis of Lyme disease 2016
299 i-movo International productisation of a disruptive digital vouchering technology 2016
300 DEBS Dall Energy Biomass System 2016
301 Chatgrape Chatgrape. The world’s most advanced team chat meets enterprise search. 2016
302 PolyP-FXII in cancer The polyphosphate/factor-XII pathway in cancer-driven thrombosis and tumor growth 2017
303 EDURIO Edurio – a revolutionary web platform for school networks to improve the quality of education through deep analytics of stakeholder feedback 2016
304 LoC The Logic of Conceivability: Modelling Rational Imagination with Non-Normal Modal Logics 2017
305 DNA Dendritic integration by nanoscale neuroanatomy 2016
306 NIMBLE Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe 2016
307 ENABLE European Academy for Biomedical Science 2016
308 BigClouT Big data meeting Cloud and IoT for empowering the citizen clout in smart cities 2016
309 PaREGEn Particle Reduced, Efficient Gasoline Engines 2016
310 SUSTICOAT Sustainable Organic Coatings for Corrosion Protection 2016
311 Wise-IoT Worldwide Interoperability for SEmantics IoT 2016
312 SUPUVIR SUPercontinuum broadband light sources covering UV to IR applications 2016
313 P2Endure Plug-and-Play product and process innovation for Energy-efficient building deep renovation 2016
314 SPICE Support Procurements for Innovative transport and mobility solutions in City Environment 2016
315 ORCHESTRATE Building complex life through self-organization: from organ to organism 2016
316 Neurogenesis Exploration and promotion of neurogenesis in the adult brain 2016
317 DIAL-IN Dynamic Integrated structural and proteomic Analysis of the LUBAC complex and its involvement in NF-κB and inflammation 2016
318 MMPCURSRT A multi-method perspective on children's use of rehearsal in serial recall tasks 2016
319 ivMX Development of the new generation of structural biology by coupling in vivo crystallography to intense x-ray sources 2016
320 SKIN Short supply chain Knowledge and Innovation Network 2016
321 MicroContact Microcontact. Language variation and change from the Italian heritage perspective. 2017
322 MUSES Towards middle-range theories of the co-evolutionary dynamics of multi-level social-ecological systems 2017
323 BoundSci Boundaries of Science: Medieval Condemnations of Philosophy as Heresy 2016
324 inSSIght In-depth support for innovation and exploitation in Smart Systems Integration 2017
325 BigDataOcean BigDataOcean - Exploiting Ocean's of Data for Maritime Applications 2017
326 NURE Nuclear Reactions for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay 2017
327 Ps2Share Participation, Privacy and Power in the Sharing Economy 2017
328 SELMUS The Formex® raft: Towards the revolution of the European mussel farming 2016
329 Habit Roman Catholic laywomen’s “turn to habit” as a strategy of developing modern pious womanhood: Catholic female social reformers in France, Germany and Partitioned Poland between 1878-1914. 2016
330 ShipTest Fully automated laser guided inspection robot for weld defect detection on ship hulls 2016
331 WaterSpy High sensitivity, portable photonic device for pervasive water quality analysis 2016
332 IntAir Cheaper, Lighter, Safer Composite Materials for Aircraft Interiors 2016
333 ECOSOCPOL Social and Political Economics: Theory and Evidence 2016
334 EnteroBariatric Investigating Host-Microbial Interactions after Bariatric Surgery 2017
335 LightKone Lightweight Computation for Networks at the Edge 2017
336 RAMSES Reactivity and Assembly of Multifunctional, Stimuli-responsive Encapsulation Structures 2016
337 Quasicrystal An Optical Quasicrystal for ultracold atoms 2017
338 STARCELL Advanced strategies for substitution of critical raw materials in photovoltaics 2017
339 DataBio Data-Driven Bioeconomy 2017
340 HyLEF Hydrodynamic Limits and Equilibrium Fluctuations: universality from stochastic systems 2016
341 MECHANO-FLUO Mechanofluorochromism: from molecular engineering to the elaboration of smart materials 2017
342 DiGGeS Discrete Groups and Geometric Structures 2017
343 KARMA2020 Industrial Feather Waste Valorisation for Sustainable KeRatin based MAterials. 2017
344 Octopus Technology Octopus Technology: Shale gas and tight oil drilling technology evolution - 100’s micro laterals drilled simultaneously to maximise well productivity 2016
345 NJORD Rugged Long-lasting Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine for Extreme Wind Conditions 2016
346 whyBOTher Why does Clostridium botulinum kill? – In search for botulinum neurotoxin regulators 2017
347 HYPOXIMMUNO Tackling the Achilles Heel of Immunotherapy: Validating imaging biomarkers and targeting the immunological niche of tumour hypoxia 2016
348 CARER-AID Controlled Autonomous Robot for Early detection and Rehabilitation of Autism and Intellectual Disability 2017
349 LCLW Literary Communities and Literary Worlds 2017
350 URBACH-ALZ Hyper-emotionality after neurodegenerative loss of inhibition of the amygdala 2017
351 iGBMavatars Glioblastoma Subtype Avatar models for Target Discovery and Biology 2017
352 FLEXNEURO Flexible and robust nervous system function from reconfiguring networks 2017
353 Intranetum Disrupting the Way We Store and Search for Files, Replacing The Folder-Based With a Context-Based Filing Paradigm. 2017
354 REASSURE Robust and Efficient Approaches to Evaluating Side Channel and Fault Attack Resilience 2017
355 ZIKAVAX Fast track development of a Zika vaccine based on measles vector 2016
356 ANTI-SUPERBUGS PCP ANTI-SUPERBUG Precommercial procurement 2016
357 EUSCREEN Implementation of cost-optimized childhood vision and hearing screening programmes in middle-income countries in Europe 2017
358 ULTRACHIRAL Ultrasensitive chiral detection by signal-reversing cavity polarimetry: applications to in-situ proteomics, single-molecule chirality, HPLC analysis, medical diagnostics, and atmospheric studies 2017
359 TransIt Translating science in the long Italian Eighteenth-Century. The role of translators and publishers as “cultural mediators” (1760-1790s) 2017
360 Safe2LPG Device for safety and security in liquid petroleum gas systems 2017
361 ENHANCE Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Self-Powered Automotive Sensors: from Advanced Lead-Free Materials to Smart Systems 2017
362 SAFEnano Effect of water and wastewater treatment on the properties of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) in context of their fate, toxicity and interaction with other contaminants 2017
363 SUPRACELL_COMMUN_CCT Supracellular contractility dynamics and cell communication during collective chemotaxis. 2016
364 SpeeDrying An Innovative and Sustainable Spray Drying Technology 2017
365 SocParPhenoEvol Insect social parasites: behavioural genomics models for understanding the basis of phenotypic evolution 2017
366 DELPHI DELPHI: a framework to study Dark Matter and the emergence of galaxies in the epoch of reionization 2017
367 ACTIVEPHANTOM Active Organ Phantoms for Medical Robotics 2017
368 AXONE Commercial multiple electrode lead technology for cardiac disease 2017
369 RocketChip High Speed, Cost Effective Optical Communications Module Enabling the Next Generation of Ethernet 400 GbE 2016
370 HYDRUS high-pressure HYdrogen booster for DistRibUted small-medium refuelling Stations 2017
371 INNOVENTUALLY INNOVENTUALLY, One-stop source for innovation” — A PaaS (Platform as a Service) for the management of Open Innovation Challenges and Needs. 2017
372 Bronchomycn First in class epithelial Barrier-enhancing medicine for respiratory diseases 2017
373 Tinnitus Platform Commercialization of novel Diagnostic Platform with Synaptic adaptation Arc treatment method for tinnitus patients. 2017
374 Watchity Launching the First 360° Crowdsourced Live Video Platform. 2017
375 EURECA Enhanced Human Robot cooperation in Cabin Assembly tasks 2017
376 CONSCIOUSNESS Towards a neural and cognitive architecture of consciousness 2017
377 SPINBEYOND Spin Transport Beyond Electrons 2017
378 ASAP-MALDI-MS Advanced Sample Preparation by Electrowetting Technology for MALDI Mass Spectrometry 2017
379 APMAV Innovative drone-based solution for agriculture 2017
380 BRECASTEM Functional and Molecular Characterisation of Breast Cancer Stem Cells 2017
381 MELODIC Molecule for low diffusion TPCs for rare event searches 2017
382 NORIA Numerical Optimal tRansport for ImAging 2017
383 VEBIN SME 2.0 Continuing the services of enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME's by the Enterprise Europe Network in Flanders 2017
384 SunDROPS Self-DRiving hydrOPonic System - Develop automated hydroponic systems that use high frequency pulsing-light and intermittent/alternate nutrient supply to optimize resources and plant adaptation. 2018
385 EUTWIC European Travel Writing in Context. The Socio-Political Dimension of Travelogues 1760-1850 2017
386 NanoComSol Nanocomposite Solutions 2017
387 DARE Dialogue About Radicalisation and Equality 2017
388 TEA Theory and Empirics of Asymmetry 2017
389 MoBI Scientist for neurophysiological research applications in Mobile Brain/Body Imaging 2017
390 RapidDiag Development of a compatible nanoparticle based rapid and sensitive diagnostic platform for microbial infections 2017
391 ASSIGN Get on top of your multimedia content 2017
392 EENinnoSMES2 EEN Anatolia supports to increase the innovation management capacities of SMEs 2017
393 HappyFish Understanding the role of the rainbow trout metagenome on growth and health in aquaculturally farmed fish 2018
394 Wave-Locked Loop Wave-Locked Loop for Frequency Synthesis (WLL) 2017
395 AgentSeal Movement of Harbour seals: an individual-based modelling framework as a reliable management tool 2018
396 RhoSNATCH Dissecting Rho GTPase signalling networks through acute perturbation techniques 2017
397 THEcore Thermally efficient, cost-reduced nanostructured foams for vacuum insulation panels 2017
398 LEEP Longitudinal employer–employee perspectives on the role of human capital investments for retirement transitions 2017
399 ReXeG Deciphering molecular mechanisms that resolve mutagenic DNA G-quadruplex structures 2017
400 EXCITING-CT Excellent lung cancer imaging and tumour identification using next generation computed tomography 2017
401 ThReDS A Theory of Reference for Distributional Semantics 2017
402 SufisEthicsDemocracy Sufis Ethics and Democracy 2017
403 sharpEDGE From Bulk to Edge: Realization and Characterization of Fractionalized Quantum Matter 2017
404 PaCDoC Electric field driven propulsion and collective dynamics of homogeneous and patchy colloidal capsules. 2017
405 aPad aPad - smaller, lighter, smarter autonomous marine surface vehicle 2017
406 ITC Revolutionary instant thread colouring technology for industrial embroidery 2017
407 MetEpiStem Dissecting the crosstalk between metabolism and transcriptional regulation in pluripotent stem cells. 2017
408 BG-BB-AS Birational Geometry, B-branes and Artin Stacks 2017
409 NEUROMICRONICA Neuromicronica: Modular behavioural neuroscience 2017
410 WILDBERRY Novel application targets and products derived from wild arctic berries 2017
411 AssAZAx AssAZAx: Innovation Methodology for Ground Subsidence Monitoring (The Assessment of small displacements Along Zed Axis) 2017
412 GREEN FORESEEN Proposal title GREEce: modeliNg of the FOREst SEctor EcoNomy 2018
413 PhoCuS-Flow Photocatalysis induced by copper complexes supported on Silica materials-Study in Flow processes 2018
414 FLYWING Linking micro- and macroevolution: macroevolutionary quantitative genetics of Drosophila wing morhology 2017
415 COPWOM The Continuation of Politics with Other Means: War and Protest, 1914-2011 2017
416 SamSD Theoretical insides in endohedral metallofullerene based Self-Assembled Monolayers: Statics and Dynamics. 2017
418 quasiTENS Quantum Systems Investigated through Tensor Network States 2017
419 MigrationRadar Elucidating continental-scale patterns of bird migration with weather radars 2018
420 HOPESEE How do pathogens exploit the symplast to promote disease? 2017
421 MONSTAA Metabolism of Novel Strains of Arctic Algae 2017
422 SENSHOR A Wearable Sensor for Hormones Based on a Native Microbial Sensing 2017
423 EUROFRONT European Frontiers: Rural Spaces and Expanding States 2017
424 WELCOME-UNIVERSITY Newcomers at the University. Welcome practices and staff involvement in the UK 2017
425 BROS Blockchain: a new framework for swarm RObotic Systems 2017
426 STEADY SaTEllyte synthetic Aperture radar interferometry to model Dam stabilitY 2017
427 SOLSTORE Solid-state reactions for thermal energy storage 2017
428 OSMOSIS One Step Modification of Space-Integrated Systems 2017
429 AdD HyStor Demonstration of dynamic grid stabilisation with an Adaptive-flywheel/battery Hybrid energy Storage system in Ireland and UK 2017
430 RAMP RAtionalising Membrane Protein crystallisation 2017
431 PREP-CRYPTO Preparing Cryptography for Modern Applications 2017
432 CARBONICE Carbon – Ice Composite Materials: Water Structure and Dynamics at the Carbon Interface 2017
433 AMONTRACK Acoustic monitoring of railway track quality 2018
434 PCAGED-KI Photocaged Kinase Inhibitors as Molecular Tools for Investigating Neurodegenerative Diseases 2017
435 iChip Intestine-on-a-chip for investigating microbioal-epithelail interaction 2018
436 ReMix Christian-Muslim families dealing with religious pluralism in everyday family lifeReligious reconstruction in religiously mixed marriages 2018
437 CKI Counterfactual Knowledge from the Imagination 2018
438 UCYN2PLAST Exploring the mechanisms underlying the evolution of plastids through the study of an unusual nitrogen-fixing symbiosis 2018
439 BioRail Biocementation for railway earthworks 2019
440 EcoEvoProspectS Ecology and Evolution of Prospecting Strategies 2017
441 ROLEDS Highly Efficient Photoemitters for Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Intramolecular Rotation 2017
442 UbiArchitect Understanding the complexity and architecture in protein ubiquitination 2017
443 SELFCEPTION Robotic self/other distinction for interaction under uncertainty 2017
444 ExtSpGraphLim Extremal Sparse Graphs and Graph Limits 2017
445 DIGESTIVO The DIffuse Galaxy Expansion SignaTures In Various Observables project: understanding the emergence of diffuse, low surface brightness galaxies and the link to their dark matter haloes 2018
446 BISTRO-LIGHT Bichromatic Structures for Robust propagation of Light 2017
447 ORFORCREA Locked between formulas: creativity in oral and transitional poetic texts 2017
448 MMoBEER Mathematical models of bone externally excited remodelling 2017
449 NARCOREADER Novel electrochemical strategies for rapid, on-site multiscreening of illicit drugs 2017
450 EpiPur The ATP-P2X7R axis: a target for drug-refractory epilepsy 2018
451 IASIS Integration and analysis of heterogeneous big data for precision medicine and suggested treatments for different types of patients 2017
452 DatA ESPerT Database Analysis for Evaluation of Seismic Performance Assessment Tools 2017
453 EBM The evolvability of bacterial multicellularity 2018
454 KISS ME Key Inorganics for Spintronics and MagnetoElectrics 2017
455 MITOQUAD Unveiling the mitochondrial role of DNA2, a human helicase-nuclease causing mtDNA deletion associated syndrome. 2018
456 PTMCnano Post-transition metal chalcogenides: 2D nanoelectronics and photonics 2017
457 LANDRACES Exploiting the legacy of Central European wheat landraces for improving the ecological adaptation ability of wheat 2017
458 OpaqueFlows Flows Unveiled: Multimodal Measurement in Opaque Two-Phase Flows 2017
459 TheONE The Janus-face of the localized carrier in cuprates: Generating the pseudogap and high temperature superconductivity 2017
460 B-PhosphoChem Exploration of the 2D-Chemistry of Black Phosphorous 2017
461 TopSpiD Topological states with Spin-Dependent potentials for ultracold lithium 2018
462 cTerF Realizing a development platform for sustainable sun powered production of intermediates for chemical industry. 2018
463 PPI4HPC Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions for High-Performance Computing 2017
464 InSPIRES Ingenious Science shops to promote Participatory Innovation, Research and Equity in Science. 2017
465 EpiTrack Single-cell temporal tracking of epigenetic DNA marks 2017
467 MeBeSafe Measures for behaving safely in traffic 2017
468 SOCCERMATICS Soccermatics: data for football fans and clubs 2017
469 SERA Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Research Infrastructure Alliance for Europe 2017
470 ENTRAP Enhanced Neutralisation of explosive Threats Reaching Across the Plot 2017
471 GENDERACTION GENDer equality in the ERA Community To Innovate policy implementatiON 2017
472 NEDAG New Directions in Derived Algebraic Geometry 2017
473 TransQ Mass, heat and spin transport in interlinked quantum gases 2017
474 SMART Scattering Matrix Approach in Reflection applied to Turbid media 2017
475 AUTOMEATIC Automated system for packaging fresh meat with reduced waste/giveaway, processing time, human involvement and contamination 2017
476 Group Agency The Normative and Moral Foundations of Group Agency 2017
477 ISTplus ISTplus - Postdoctoral Fellowships 2017
478 NAFTI Noise Abatement Fms with Tactile Interface 2017
479 RBM-Screen Professional Urinary Screening 2017
480 EUNORS Enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs in Republika Srpska 2017
481 MOTIONPult Advanced composites for lightweighting land transport structures using pultrusion process 2017
482 SQP Bringing to Market the Single Quantum Photondetector 2017
483 Honeyguides-Humans How a mutualism evolves: learning, coevolution, and their ecosystem consequences in human-honeyguide interactions 2017
484 Redox Relays Detecting, understanding and exploiting intracellular redox signaling relays 2017
486 AMPLIPORE Understanding negative gas adsorption in highly porous networks for the design of pressure amplifying materials 2017
487 EASY Ejection Accretion Structures in YSOs (EASY) 2017
488 H2020 Armenia EEN Armenia assists SMEs involved in Horizon 2020 2017
489 WESTinnoMAR WESTinnoMAR 2017
490 ADVENT Advanced ventilation techniques for modern long-range passenger aircraft to promote future energy management systems 2017
491 FED4SAE Federated CPS Digital Innovation Hubs for the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative 2017
492 ColoFast Developing a Non-Invasive Kit for Early Colorectal Cancer Detection 2017
493 SUBPORT Subsea socket for offshore Platforms based on Tide turbines 2017
494 MIND MIND: A Unique and Ground-breaking System for Home Intelligence that Builds Functional, Assistive, Dynamic and Comforting Infrastructure for a Better and more Efficient Living. 2017
495 OLDIAS2 On-line Dialysis Sensor Phase2 2017
496 TelMetab Telomere metabolism in Genome Stability and Disease 2017
498 UDO The ultimate commuting solution for a car-free city 2017
499 WMF2018 World Manufacturing Forum 2018 2017
500 Auto-Anode Automated Anode Fork Repair System for the Aluminium Rodding Plant 2017
501 BIOCUDET Identify and detect key ocular biomarkers towards personal medicine 2017
502 CITCOM A Complimentary Inspection Technique based on Computer Tomography and Plenoptic Camera for MEMS Components 2017
503 COUCH Council of Coaches 2017
504 DIVERT Diamond Integrated Vacuum Electronics for more Robust Tubes 2017
505 EASITrain European Advanced Superconductivity Innovation and Training 2017
506 ERICA Engineered Calcium-Silicate-Hydrates for Applications 2017
508 CHROMATADS Chromatin Packing and Architectural Proteins in Plants 2018
509 SymBreakOrganoid Cell-to-cell variability during symmetry breaking in organoid development 2018
510 STEVE Smart-Taylored L-category Electric Vehicle demonstration in hEtherogeneous urbanuse-cases 2017
511 PalM The Rise of Placental Mammals: Dissecting an Evolutionary Radiation 2018
512 DORMANTOOCYTE Understanding the Balbiani body: A super-organelle linked to dormancy in oocytes 2018
513 ARIA Advanced ultra-wideband Radar for Integrated Applications 2017
514 DYNASSEMBLY Dynamic control of assembly, directonnality and chirality in hydrogen bond networks. 2018
515 HToMS Homotopy Theory of Moduli Spaces 2018
516 FELLINI FELLowship for Innovation at INFN 2018
517 HD-App New horizons in homogeneous dynamics and its applications 2018
518 SWAMI Space Weather Atmosphere Model and Indices 2018
519 GIMS Geodetic Integrated Monitoring System 2017
520 MoTIVE Moments in Time in Immersive Virtual Environments 2018
521 LUCCA Land Use and Climate Change Attribution for biodiversity impact assessments 2018
522 ChromoCats The geometry of chromatic categories 2018
523 FODEX Tropical Forest Degradation Experiment 2018
524 FUN-NOTCH Fundamentals of the Nonlinear Optical Channel 2018
525 MC2 Mixed-phase clouds and climate (MC2) – from process-level understanding to large-scale impacts 2018
526 AfricanNeo The African Neolithic: A genetic perspective 2017
527 MATUROLIFE Metallisation of Textiles to make Urban living for Older people more Independent Fashionable 2018
528 ERSAT GGC ERTMS on SATELLITE Galileo Game Changer 2017
529 HATCH SME-led Space Portal for Europe 2017
530 ID-FAST Investigations on degradation mechanisms and Definition of protocols for PEM Fuel cells Accelerated Stress Testing 2018
531 3eFERRO Energy Efficient Embedded Non-volatile Memory Logic based on Ferroelectric Hf(Zr)O2 2018
532 PROMETHEUS PRivacy preserving pOst-quantuM systEms from advanced crypTograpHic mEchanisms Using latticeS 2018
533 I-BiDaaS Industrial-Driven Big Data as a Self-Service Solution 2018
534 DataBench Evidence Based Big Data Benchmarking to Improve Business Performance 2018
535 GT POSITION High precision and scalable indoor positioning system 2017
536 HEMERA Integrated access to balloon-borne platforms for innovative research and technology 2018
537 INSPIRE INfraStructure in Proton International REsearch 2018
538 NovAnI Indentification and optimisation of novel anti-infective agents using multiple hit-identification strategies 2018
539 MAGMA Melting And Geodynamic Models of Ascent 2018
540 StabCondEn Stability Conditions, Moduli Spaces and Enhancements 2018
541 DarkSERS Harvesting dark plasmons for surface-enhanced Raman scattering 2018
542 SMAC-MC Small Molecule Activation by Main-Group Compounds 2018
543 POWERSWAP Fully robotic system for swapping electric car batteries within 3 minutes. 2018
544 SELEs Stochastic Ericksen-Leslie Equations 2019
545 BIONICS A biomimetic and neuroprotective delivery nanocapsule for the targeted treatment of post-ischemic stroke effects 2018
546 MagicFACE Magnetic Hybrid Metal-Organic Interfaces 2018
547 NAIL Adsorption and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids on Surfaces in Ionic Liquid Environment 2018
548 PfPHIST Characterisation of the Plasmodium PHIST protein family 2018
549 CLAReTE Combinatorially Led Advanced Research on Transparent Electrodes 2018
550 CULTRAMACY Normalizing a Difficult Past? Cultural trauma and collective memory in Austria and Croatia 2019
551 5GTRACK Efficient 5G Localization, Tracking, and Environment Mapping for Systems of Autonomous Vehicles 2019
552 CROWDASSAY Folding Pathways of DNA G-quadruplexes in Crowding Conditions, and Implications for Mass Spectrometry-based Ligand Screening Assays 2018
553 BEMADE Brain evolution and the rise of mammals after the dinosaur extinction 2018
554 BrainBehaviourModel Understanding decision making by linking brain and behaviour 2018
556 CORNEA Controlling evolutionary dynamics of networked autonomous agents 2018
557 DCI A new method for theoretical spectroscopy of strongly correlated materials - dynamical configuration interaction 2018
558 DeciGUT A Grand Unified Theory of Decidability in Logic-Based Knowledge Representation 2018
559 DEPART DEmocratic PARticipation in Territorial states 2018
560 EDIOS Evolutionary development of the insect olfactory system 2018
561 Healing Encounters Healing Encounters: Reinventing an indigenous medicine in the clinic and beyond 2018
562 CatChain Catching–Up along the Global Value Chain: models, determinants and policy implications in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 2018
563 IMPAWATT IMPlementAtion Work and Actions To change the energy culture 2018
564 LIFETimeS Light-Induced Function: from Excitation to Signal through Time and Space 2018
565 FOLDOUT Through-foliage detection, including in the outermost regions of the EU 2018
566 POLY-SAAR Conjugated Hybrid Polymers from Unsaturated Heavier Group 14 Building Blocks 2019
567 Lingua The Early Romantic Theory of Language: Experimental linguistics around 1800 2019
568 PrunMut Candidate mutation discovery in early-flowering mutants 'Rojo Pasión Precoz' and 'Bulida Precoz' 2019
569 hetero-switch Smart heterostructures based on 2D materials and switching magnetic molecules. 2019
570 LOFUPRO The Logical Function of Property Talk 2018
572 RECOVERY Water Recovery from Industrial Gas Streams at Moderate Temperatures 2018
573 FunGraW Fundamental physics in the era of gravitational-wave astronomy 2019
574 NoSoilPV Novel Soiling Identification Logics for Photovoltaics 2018
575 4D STENT 4D shape memory polymers via microstereolithography for production of thermally responsive stents 2018
576 ALPINE Ultrastructural analysis of phosphoinositides in nerve terminals: distribution, dynamics and physiological roles in synaptic transmission 2018
577 PABLO Power Amplifier Design Through Behavioural Modelling 2019
578 OSCBAGDIS Oscillations in Basal Ganglia Disorders 2018
579 H2O-SPLIT Carbon-Oxynitride Coupled Artificial Photosynthesis System For Solar Water Splitting Beyond 600 nm 2019
580 REPTOL Pre-leukemic B cell repertoire alterations in patients with familial chronic lymphocytic leukemia: looking for evidence of a genetically-inherited defect in tolerance induction 2019
581 LEVADAPT Identification of new regulators of Acetylcholine receptor using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans 2018
582 DancingGalaxies Dancing with giants: dynamics of dwarf satellite galaxies 2019
583 LIMO Light Driven Stomatocyte Nanomotors 2018
584 FUNDra Remote sensing to model spatiotemporal distribution of functional diversity in the tundra 2018
585 HTS-STABTHERAPRO High-throughput directed evolution to engineer thermostable therapeutic proteins 2018
586 Methodology A New Methodology for Comparative Analysis of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Cognate Literature 2018
587 Ring-STORM Mechanically-Interlocked Ring-on-Thread Molecules for Super-Resolution Imaging 2018
588 QUANTUM HARVEST Harvesting Non-Classical Fluctuations with Thermal Machines 2018
589 iNtoPoreAge Assessing transcriptional and nuclear pore aging in age-equivalent and rejuvenated induced neurons from Alzheimer patients 2019
590 GLIAMAC Uncovering Enteric GLIA-MACrophage communication in the intestinal homeostasis and inflammation 2018
591 IMM-GNRs Human IMMune profiling of Graphene NanoRibbons 2018
592 ToPol Topological Polaritonics 2018
593 ZELDA Investigating the mechanism of spatiotemporal control over genome activation by Zelda in an in vitro reconstituted system 2019
594 SABIR Dynamic sustainability assessment tool for the case studies of biorefinery supply chains from agricultural wastes 2018
595 SEU-FER Southern Europe and low fertility: micro and macro determinants of a crucial demographic and cultural revolution 2018
596 METACTIVE Nonlinear Approaches for the Design of Active Piezoelectric Metamaterials 2019
597 SASC Synergies in the Acquisition of Syntactic Categories 2018
598 SKin SCiENCE Skin Keratinocyte Stem CEll proliferatioN in field CancErisation 2018
599 SUPER Synthetic Utilization of Photoredox-generated Electrophilic Radicals 2018
600 FSI in hadron decays Final state interactions in heavy flavour decays 2019
601 MONMETAL Generation of monolayer thin 2D nanosheets of noble/semi-noble metals: Investigation of their structural, electronic and catalytic properties 2018
602 SMARCOS Smart Modular Actuator for Robotic Compliant Systems 2018
603 CHIEF Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe's Future 2018
604 CharFL Characterizing the fitness landscape on population and global scales 2019
605 SCATTERERID Analysis and synthesis of wideband scattered signals from finite-size targets – aspect-independent RF analog footprint 2018
606 Loops and groups Loops and groups: Geodesics, moduli spaces, and infinite discrete groups via string topology and homological stability 2018
607 CarE-Service Circular Economy Business Models for innovative hybrid and electric mobility through advanced reuse and remanufacturing technologies and services 2018
608 NEEM The New Ecology of Expressive Modes in Early Modern South India 2018
609 DCPOIESIS Steady-state and demand-driven dendritic cell generation 2018
610 DeCRyPT Deciphering Cis-Regulatory Principles of Transcriptional regulation: Combining large-scale genetics and genomics to dissect functional principles of genome regulation during embryonic development 2019
611 COMPLEXORDER The Complexity Revolution: Exploiting Unconventional Order in Next-Generation Materials Design 2018
612 CardHeal Novel strategies for mammalian cardiac repair 2018
613 NeuroStemCircuit Neural Circuit Regulation of Adult Brain Stem Cells 2018
614 HIDDeN HIDDeN - Exploring the Hidden Dusty Nuclei of Galaxies 2018
615 Huntingtin hPSC Unraveling huntingtin function in cortical and striatal human development 2018
616 EVO-NANO Evolvable platform for programmable nanoparticle-based cancer therapies 2018
617 MS SPIDOC Mass Spectrometry for Single Particle Imaging of Dipole Oriented protein Complexes 2018
618 ReSiSTant Large Riblet Surface with Super Hardnesss, Mechanical and Temperature Resistance by Nano Functionalization 2018
619 QSA Quantum Coordination and Support Action 2017
620 EVE Eve – From ‘black box’ to yellow box: full insight technology for chicken hatcheries 2018
621 HydroPLAST A hydrophilic polymer material 2018
622 FOODINIPRO FoodiniPro: the connected 3D Food Printer appliance for every kitchen 2018
623 FRESHTRAY New multi-active cardboard packaging solution to extend the shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables by 40%. 2018
624 Is it fresh Is it fresh. Keeping it fresh digitally 2018
625 WalkHome Functional Electrical Stimulation for at Home Rehabilitation 2018
626 Proteus 25 Developing the world’s first food wrapping machine with organic film 2018
627 Symmetries-Cosmology Duality Symmetries, Higher Derivatives, and their Applications in Cosmology 2018
628 STURSKIN Innovative products by using tanned sturgeon skin 2018
629 MotionTech Tomorrow’s mobility solutions, today 2018
630 iMOTED iMOTED Platform Built to improve Clinical Trial outcomes 2018
631 AQRATE Breakthrough technology for managing and purchasing translation services guaranteBreakthrough technology for managing and purchasing translation services guaranteeing transparency, savings and quality 2018
632 PTC Machine-Learning Technology for Digital Marketing 2018
633 MATTERHORN Electronic Thruster Controller for Underwater Vehicles and Robots 2018
634 LocateIT Locate IT - accurate self-learning IoT asset tracking 2018
635 MEMBio Application of Microbial Fuel Cells for waste water treatment 2018
636 Sea4Pain Development of a novel analgesic for chronic pain from marine-derived compounds 2018
637 CB1-18 CB1-18 Chatbot tool for automatic job interview 2018
638 TARGETSS Targeting SWI/SNF complex function in cancer 2019
639 AMPS Aircraft Modular Power Converter Solutions 2018
640 Njord Rugged durable small wind turbine for powering telecom towers residential buildings in extreme weather conditions areas 2018
641 AMBEC Advanced Modelling Methodology for Bearing Chamber in Hot Environment 2018
642 PGplant The Facade of Industrial Internet 2018
643 Simecos A New Adjuvant Nutraceutical from the North Atlantic Ocean for Breast, Lung and Pancreatic Cancer Patients 2018
644 INNOPRICK Digitalization and analysis of skin surfaces for a fast and automated allergic diagnosis 2018
645 WayLink One Way , Your Link! 2018
646 Klimator-RSI Connected cars for real time smart road maintenance and increased driving safety 2018
647 GetReal Initiative The GetReal Initiative 2018
648 TrueProactive ROMAD TrueProactive - a next generation cyber defence software for European SMEs 2018
649 FF18_19 European Researchers' Night in Sweden - ForskarFredag 2018-2019 2018
650 SCIENCE4FUTURE Nacht der Wissenschaft in der Kiel Region 2018/2019 2018
651 Nello One Self-installable device that converts intercoms into a smart keys to allow access from anywhere. 2018
652 Prolific Integrated cascades of PROcesses for the extraction and valorisation of proteins and bioactive molecules from Legumes, Fungi and Coffee agro-industrial side streams 2018
653 TRANS-SENIOR Transitional Care Innovation in Senior Citizens 2018
654 LIMITS Limits of Structures in Algebra and Combinatorics 2019
655 UNBRACE Investigating the Role of the Unfolded Protein Response as a Novel Targetable Pathway in BRAF Mutant Colorectal Cancer 2019
656 ABC-EU-XVA Valuation Adjustments for Improved Risk Management 2018
658 NEFERTITI NEar FiEld cosmology: Re-Tracing Invisible TImes 2019
659 IMPROVE-PD Identification and Management of Patients at Risk – Outcome and Vascular Events in Peritoneal Dialysis 2019
660 PartonicNucleus Understanding the Quark and Gluon Structure of the Nucleus 2018
661 BIOFIT Bioenergy retrofits for Europe’s industry 2018
662 AURES II Auctions for Renewable Energy Support II 2018
663 DARE Disability Advocacy Research in Europe 2019
664 BIOPLAT-EU Promoting sustainable use of underutilized lands for bioenergy production through a web-based Platform for Europe 2018
665 ActinSensor Identification and characterization of a novel damage sensor for cytoskeletal proteins in Drosophila 2019
667 MatMech Live Tapings of Material Formation: Unravelling formation mechanisms in materials chemistry through Multimodal X-ray total scattering studies 2019
668 OPENRESEARCHERS1819 Open Researchers 2018-2019 2018
669 TADFlife Using the smart matrix approach to enhance TADF-OLED efficiency and lifetime 2018
670 5G-VINNI 5G Verticals INNovation Infrastructure 2018
671 TERIFIC Targeted Experiment to Reconcile Increased Freshwater with Increased Convection 2018
672 PGEN Automated evaluation and correction of generation bias in immune receptor repertoires 2019
673 StarT European Training Network to Diagnose, Understand and Treat Stargardt Disease, a Frequent Inherited Blinding Disorder 2018
674 PANDA Powerfull Advanced N-Level Digitalization Architecture for models of electrified vehicles and their components 2018
675 NGIoT Next Generation Internet of Things 2018
676 NGI4ALL Next Generation Internet for All - Promoting Global Visibility on the Human-Centric Internet 2019
677 SunHorizon Sun coupled innovative Heat pumps 2018
678 NEWTEAM Next gEneration loW pressure TurbinE Airfoils by aM 2018
679 OPERA Space Qualification and Validation of High Performance European Rad-Hard FPGA 2019
680 Mokita The NGOs’ virtual reality content viewing platform 2018
681 Pregnolia A simple, reliable and safe diagnostic device for preterm birth prevention 2018
682 HD4HF Heart Damper: a revolutionary device for Heart Failure 2018
683 SPACELOOP Space made easy. A personal satellite communication system for those who just need to stay connected. 2018
684 NADINE digital iNtegrAteD system for the socIal support of migraNts and refugEes 2018
685 VIRTUALTIMES Exploring and Modifying the Sense of Time in Virtual Environments 2019
686 Neuro-UTR Mechanism and functional impact of ultra-long 3’ UTRs in the Drosophila nervous system 2019
687 EXPC Challenging and extending predictive coding as an account of brain function 2019
688 Dust2Planets Unveiling the role of X-rays in protoplanetary disks via laboratory astrophysics 2020
689 TXpp A technological solution for the 50 billion EUR VAT fraud problem 2018
690 DigiBreakers Putting Digital Circuit Breakers at the Centre of the Smart Grid 2019
691 SINTEC Soft intelligence epidermal communication platform 2019
692 ENHANCEplayer An Artificial Intelligence Enhancing Video Quality Locally to Limit Internet Traffic Tied to Video Streaming 2018
693 PRO-Heritage PROtect traditional built HERITAGE Skills – PRO-Heritage 2019
695 Aladyn System Ph1 A compact and versatile kit for wireless power supply 2018
696 BOND Parental BONDing for a better start in life 2018
697 CAPSEL Cellulose Aluminium Polymer multi-ions composite Solid-electrolyte 2019
698 BE-ARCHAEO BEyond ARCHAEOlogy: an advanced approach linking East to West through science, field archaeology, interactive museum experiences 2019
699 NemHatch Unlocking mechanisms of cyst Nematode Hatching for sustainable cyst nematode control 2019
700 MEUS Multi-Religious Encounters in Urban Settings 2019
701 POAB The Psychology of Administrative Burden 2019
702 ICOPT Fundamental Problems at the Interface of Combinatorial Optimization with Integer Programming and Online Optimization 2019
703 DIMENSION Real-time Data-Informed Multi-scale Computational Methods for Material Design and Processing 2020
704 ThinAirWater Providing water for everyone with water-from-air technology 2018
705 VEBIN SME 3.0 Securing the innovation management capacity of Flemish SMEs thourgh KAM and EIMC services within the Enterprise Europe Network 2019
706 WEST-MAR H2020.2019 WESTinnoMAR 2019 2019
707 CHROMOTOPE The 19th century chromatic turn - CHROMOTOPE 2019
708 TotipotentZygotChrom Mechanisms of chromatin organization and reprogramming in totipotent mammalian zygotes 2020
709 ONCOFUM Integrating the tissue-specificity and chronology of hereditary renal cancer predisposition 2019
710 EpiRIME Epigenetic Reprogramming, Inheritance and Memory: Dissect epigenetic transitions at fertilisation and early embryogenesis 2019
711 EU-Citizen.Science The Platform for Sharing, Initiating, and Learning Citizen Science in Europe 2019
712 Racefox Making better runners & cross-country skiers by real-time AI coaching 2019
713 Branbox Biodegradable and waterproof take-away containers made of wheat bran 2019
714 Lernwolke The first AI-driven smart-learning platform that teaches not only contents but also interdisciplinary skills as the key to success 2019
715 EENinnoSMES3 EEN Anatolia supports to increase the innovation management capacities of SMEs EENinnoSMEs3. 2019
716 2D4QT 2D Materials for Quantum Technology 2019
718 SealedwithoUTaKiss Non-destructive testing (NDT) of bonded assemblies 2019
720 Cluster-Buster Development of small molecule inhibitors of circulating tumor cell clusters 2019
722 NewSense Perception with New Sensory Signals 2019
723 Time Machine Time Machine : Big Data of the Past for the Future of Europe 2019
724 PhotoArM Directed Evolution of Photoredox Powered Artificial Metalloenzymes for Stereodivergent Catalysis 2019
725 DiaEthic Map value transformations in a global interconnection. How sensory experiences and cultural interpretations shape concepts of “ethical diamond” and “mining work ethic”. 2019
726 RNA-Rep Repeating cycles of chemically-driven RNA replication within model protocells 2019
727 ICARUS Higher-order constitutive relations for granular materials: a multi-scale approach 2019
728 TaPPiNG-EPI Targeting Purinergic Pathway in drug-resistant epilepsy using human Neurons and Glia. 2019
729 CIRICC Complicity: Individual Responsibility in Collective Contexts 2019
730 DEBRA Diamond Element BeaRings with Air-cooling 2018
731 StringyGeometry Stringy geometry: quantum corrections and the fate of string compactifications from spacetime and the worldsheet 2020
732 MeMuRu Places of Remembrance in Muslim Russia: Islamic Heritage and Moral Landscapes 2019
733 InProV An inventory of the prosimetra in vulgar tongue in the early centuries of Italian Literature (1250-1500) 2019
734 REL-NET Entangled Interfaith Identities and Relations from the Mediterranean to the United States: The St James Association and Its Transnational Christian-Jewish Network in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2019
735 SoEvoFish Coral reef fish shape our understanding of social evolution 2019
736 IPQNet Information Processing in Future Quantum Networks 2019
737 REWIRE REinforcing Women In REsearch 2020
738 QSHvar Quantitative stochastic homogenization of variational problems 2019
739 ADMIGOV Advancing Alternative Migration Governance 2019
740 SUFIN Sustainable Finance and the News Media 2019
741 PROTEAS Programming Terpene Cyclization Through Iterative Precursor Assembly 2019
742 EDIFOU Foucault's manuscripts on phenomenology (1950s) at BnF archive: a digital approach to the edition 2019
743 CaTPoP Children and Transnational Popular Print, 1700-1900 2019
744 NSFTA New Strategies For Therapeutic Antibodies – Synthetic bispecific antibodies & Antibody-Drug Conjugates with controlled drug loading. General methods for unexplored ADCs and personalised therapies. 2020
745 SOS-CROPS Solving the tangled ontogenesis of the stem for sustainable crops 2019
746 HES-PSC-FCTL High efficiency and stability perovskite solar cells based on the functionalized charge transport layers 2019
747 NeuroStemX In vitro model of Fragile X Syndrome using naïve iPSCs 2019
748 QIPID Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ion Qudits 2020
749 PanILC Deciphering type 2 innate lymphoid cell/epithelial progenitor cell crosstalk in pancreas regeneration and neoplasia 2019
750 HANSEALTAR The Mobility, Meaning, Mercantile Connections of Altarpieces between Germany and Scandinavia across the Hanse Network in the Fifteenth Century 2019
751 SymAcc Symmetries and Degrees of Freedom in Cosmic Epochs of Accelerated Expansion 2019
752 MariBet La MaMa Experimental Theatre: a lasting bridge between cultures 2019
753 H2AH2B_Propagation Elucidating the propagation and function of H2A and H2B modifications across DNA replication 2020
754 FromObjectsToScenes Exploring the continuum between objects and scenes: The neural basis of object-constellation processing 2019
755 MESOPOLIT Literacy in the Old Babylonian City of Nippur 2020
756 ORIGENDER The Origen of Gender Inequality: Nurture vs. Nature and Quantifying Gender Preference 2019
757 Print2fly Can we print an aircraft at room temperature? 2019
758 nalimdif Non-Archimedean limits of differential forms, Gromov-Hausdorff limits and essential skeleta 2019
759 NeuroSens Neuromodulation of Sensory Processing 2019
760 MigrationRadar Elucidating continental-scale patterns of bird migration with weather radars 2019
761 Food-PPP-NAFLD Discovery and characterization of food bioactive compounds modulating the Pentose Phosphate Pathway against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 2019
762 ScalableControl Scalable Control of Interconnected Systems 2019
763 Theatre ReDefined Redefining the Agency: Post-1989 Crises of Czech and Former East German Theatre 2019
764 VEHICLE Valorise Extensive quantities of HemIcellulosic and Cellulosic sugars from Lignocellulosic biomass into high-value End products 2019
765 ISOTOPEST ISOtope TOols for assessing PESticide faTe in the environment 2019
766 TEMPO Combining Tectonics and Machine Learning to Constrain Plate Reconstruction Models Through Time 2019
767 ARCVIS Arctic Visible: Picturing Indigenous Communities in the Nineteenth-Century Western Arctic 2019
768 BiMetaCat Two Are Better Than One: Bimetallic Catalysts for the Conversion of Lignin-Derived Aryl-Ethers 2019
769 CRUCIATA Uses and meanings of the word crusade in the late Middle Ages 2019
770 Cyanide Evolution EVOLUTION OF CYANIDE METABOLIMS IN APOSEMATIC BUTTERFLIES: from gene characterization to community ecology 2020
771 TypoArabic Towards historically informed practice in contemporary Arabic typography 2019
772 SHINE The impact of the socio-economic crisis on student well-being and happiness in Greece and Cyprus 2019
773 LaBRhythms Language and Brain Rhythms 2019
774 PHOTALLICA 1,2-Dicarbofunctionalization of Alkenes by Merging Photoredox and Transition-Metal Catalysis 2019
775 signalling dynamics Bridging biophysics and cell biology: The role of G protein-coupled receptor conformations in signalling 2020
776 CREDit Chronological REference Datasets and Sites (CREDit) towards improved accuracy and precision in luminescence-based chronologies 2020
777 JDIL Joint Dynamics During Infant Learning 2020
778 TVSM Teotihuacan Virtual Sound Map: Exploring the Sonic Sphere of the City of the Gods, Mexico 2019
779 Biogas2Syngas Rational Design for Coke-resistant Dry Reforming Catalyst using Combined Theory and Operando Raman Experiments 2019
780 QuanToPol Quantum Topological Polaritonics 2020
781 INFANTPATTERNS Development of kinematic and muscle patterns in preterm infants 2019
782 LIBSED Libiguins: a remedy for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions 2019
783 INFarm A unique, interferon-based veterinary therapy to minimize antimicrobial overuse in cattle and tackle the societal global problem of antimicrobial resistance 2019
784 Caraffee Pioneering the Fourth Wave of Coffee 2019
785 QuiescStemGBM Studying the role of Quiescent Cancer Stem Cells in GBM development using a novel in vivo cell cycle-based approach 2020
786 PROMPT PRemature Obsolescence Multi-Stakeholder Product Testing Program 2019
787 3D DMX Demonstration in Dunkirk 2019
788 atoGRAPH Near-Infrared Optoelectronic Devices with Atomically Controlled Graphene Nanostructures 2020
789 SPEEDIER SME Program for Energy Efficiency through Delivery and Implementation of EneRgy Audits 2019
790 VIDMIZER The first video content management platform integrated with machine learning to centralize, organize and collect data from marketing videos 2019
791 GreenArc500 The first effective oil and water pre-separator, enabling clean water release and fuel efficiency onboard ships 2019
792 indepenDent The first Colour Denture Printer 2019
793 BrainMatter Enterprise Grade Lean AI platform 2019
794 P-appetite Dissecting how the Drosophila brain regulates behavioral sequences of feeding to ensure protein homeostasis 2019
795 SAPPHIRE South American population history revisited: multidisciplinary perspectives on the Upper Amazon 2019
796 ZAPIENS Collective intelligence to disrupt the knowledge management 2019
797 DEXSAGE Daily Experiences of Successful Ageing 2019
798 EpiSeq Single molecule sequencing and biophysical properties of oxidized genomic DNA using magnetic tweezers. 2019
799 NeoPur New treatments and novel diagnostic tests for neonatal seizures based on purinergic signaling. 2019
800 RETHEIR The return of the heirs 2019
801 SCHENGEN-ROOT 'Filling the gaps' in the Schengen pathway for plant root Casparian strip integrity 2020
802 UNITE Unification Through Law: The Court of Justice of the European Union as Cultural-Moral Agent 2019
803 TiMoleS Time-resolved Molecular Selfies (TiMoleS): Visualising molecular dynamics in real time 2020
804 PD2PI From Postdoc to PI: Future leaders of ERA 2019
805 Weekend Shop Reinventing FMCG Market Research with Real-Life Product Testing 2019
806 STREPUNLOCKED Unlocking the antibiotic production potential in soil bacteria Streptomyces coelicolor 2019
807 EVERIFIN EU-wide internet banking application for managing more accounts from multiple banks in one place 2019
808 HIGH HYDRAULIC High-efficient digitalized portable hydraulic equipment 2019
809 ENERXICO Supercomputing and Energy for Mexico 2019
810 EmPower EmPowering electricity access in off-grid areas with a portable battery pack with Internet of Things connectivity 2019
811 EQUIVert Worldwide unique biofeedback system for non-invasive vertigo therapy and fall prevention 2019
812 Regen-membrane Pulsed Electrophoretic Deposition to give Membranes for Regenerative Medicine 2019
813 ngCon Building concrete solutions. A unique additive for the ideal concrete. 2019
815 MOXO-Mobile Phase-1 MOXO-Mobile: the first Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) screening mobile application, using Eye Tracking and Continuous Performance Test components to give the first evidence of attention 2019
816 GluttonZen The First Driver-Minded Electric Compact Street-Sweeper 2019
817 SuPREmE Ship performance monitoring and simulation to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. 2019
819 Zero1 A unique suite of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to battle cashflow problems in SMEs 2019
820 SMark2.0 SMark2.0, our next level product authentication, anti-counterfeiting and track and trace system 2019
821 FeedS First Feedback for Small Companies and Firsttimers (FeedS First) 2019
822 FertiCycle New bio-based fertilisers from organic waste upcycling 2020
823 DT4BIOMASS Digital twin for biomass boilers 2019
824 PepZoSkin PepZoSkin: Biocompatible Self-powered Electronic Skin 2019
825 PCBIS Printed Circuit Board Innovative Solution 2019
826 Smart Tracker First wearable sensor for real-time monitoring and optimisation of sport training 2019
827 SN1604 The Ophiucus Supernova: Post-Aristotelian Stargazing in the European Context (1604-1654) 2020
828 FAIRWORK FAIRWORK: Building a Fairwork Foundation 2019
829 NoBIAS Artificial Intelligence without Bias 2020
830 SCilS Studying Ciliary Signaling in Development and Disease 2020
832 IMPACT Implementation of ACT in Daily Life 2019
833 SENTINEL Multi-spectral remote system for real-time alarm and monitoring of natural hazards 2019
834 MOBI Modern Bigness : Challenges for European Competition Law 2020
835 NeuSoSen Neural Computations Underlying Social Behavior in Complex Sensory Environments 2020
836 Cell2Cell What makes a successfull pathogen? Understanding the impact of cell-to-cell heterogeneity in chromatin structure on infection and adaptation 2019
837 PRIMES Structure in the Primes, with applications 2020
838 HEIST High-temperature Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Transmission electron microscopy on energy materials 2020
839 HoloHair Information Encoding in Quantum Gravity and the Black Hole Information Paradox 2020
840 GEOPRO Accurate Geofluid Properties as key to Geothermal Process Optimisation 2019
841 PEVAP Planet Evaporation as a Window into Exoplanetary Origins 2020
842 SPECIPHIC Label-free quantitative nanoscopy for molecular specific identification at depth in pristine living biological tissues 2020
843 vWISE Vine and Wine Innovation through Scientific Exchange 2020
844 SMARTRange A disruptive wireless transceiver chip to transform the Internet of Things (IoT) by delivering excellent range, ultra-low power, high security, high reliability and cost-effective connectivity. 2019
845 AQUASERS The European first generation of aquaculture SERS-based Biosensor 2019
847 EUROSHIP Closing gaps in social citizenship. New tools to foster social resilience in Europe 2020
848 MEMEX MEMEX: MEMories and EXperiences for inclusive digital storytelling 2019
849 NQTPS Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport, Probes and Simulations 2019
850 UNICOM Up-scaling the global univocal identification of medicines 2019
851 FLOURISH Creating a sustainable, flourishing industry: digitizing the traditional cut-flower industry 2019
852 GRECA GRECA: Revolution in corporate transactions 2019
853 ARM and AWC Disrupting Global Trade Risk Management & Working Capital Solutions 2019
854 FACTLOG Energy-aware Factory Analytics for Process Industries 2019
855 Demos Design Principles of Branching Morphogenesis 2020
856 BD Body Dryer A reliable, fast and comfortable body dryer 2019
857 SAAT2020 Scoring crops with Agricultural Artificial intelligence Technologies 2019
858 KEYNESGROWTH Economic Fluctuations, Productivity Growth and Stabilization Policies: A Keynesian Growth Perspective 2020
859 CountIce A portable instrument (PINE) for the autonomous detection of atmospheric ice nucleating particles aimed at the research, global monitoring and cloud seeding markets 2020
860 Adams Hand Turning Disabilities into New Possibilities with the Easiest-to-Use Myoelectric Hand Prothesis in the World 2019
861 Hastlayer Hastlayer - turning software into hardware for faster computing 2020
862 KERASOL Functional Keratin Kerasol 2019
863 E-Solution Flexible and effective solution for people with motor disabilities 2019
864 WorkFREE Slavery, Work and Freedom: What Can Cash Transfers Contribute to the Fight for Decent Work? 2020
865 PARPinhibit A systems biology approach to tackle PARP-inhibitors resistance and identify novel therapeutic targets to overcome it 2020
866 AI4Cities AI accelerating Cities transition to carbon neutrality 2020
867 HEAAT Historical East African Archaeology and Theory: A framework for historical archaeology and identity formation 2020
868 MORAL Export free rad-hard microcontroller for space applications 2020
869 CONBOTS CONnected through roBOTS: physically coupling humans to boost handwriting and music learning 2020
870 VIRTUAL-FCS VIRTUAL & physical platform for Fuel Cell System development 2020
871 LINX4RAIL System architecture and Conceptual Data Model for railway, common data dictionary and global system modelling specifications 2019
872 PSOTI Privacy-preserving Services On The Internet 2020
873 PIPESCANNER Precise Condition Assessment of Metallic Pipes Dramatically Reducing Maintenance and Investment Cost in District Heating and Drinking Water Pipe Networks by pinpointing Pipe Segments to be replaced 2020
874 SEQUAM Symmetries and Entanglement in Quantum Matter 2020
875 AdjustNet Self-Adjusting Networks 2020
876 ELFO Electronic Food: enabling edible electronic systems for biomedical and food monitoring applications 2020
877 RESILIENCE REligious Studies Infrastructure: tooLs, Experts, conNections and CEnters 2019
878 SecureTracker New-generation bifacial solar tracker with integrated wind protection system for large scale photovoltaic arrays 2019
879 COGNITIVE THREADS Separating parallel threads of cognition to better explain behaviour 2020
880 ESS-SUSTAIN-2 Next Steps in Securing the Sustainability of the European Social Survey, European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ESS-SUSTAIN-2) 2020
881 PROSTATOR Reliable urinary test for the diagnosis of prostate cancer 2020
882 SILENT Silent mutations in cancer 2020
884 Train2Wind Training school on entrainment in offshore wind power 2020
885 NATURE-ETN Nucleic Acids for Future Gene Editing, Immunotherapy and Epigenetic Sequence Modification 2020
886 EENinnoSMES4 EEN Anatolia supports to increase the innovation management capacities of SMEs 2020
887 ThermoRise Rise of the 3rd dimension in nanotemperature mapping 2020
888 InstrAct From instructions to actions: characterizing the spatiotemporal neural signatures of instructions following. 2020
889 VAREG Variational approach to the regularity of the free boundaries 2020
890 Goods of the Earth All the Goods of the Earth: Making and Marketing in the Pre-Mongol Islamic World 2021
891 Kidney-Treg Characterisation and impact of kidney-resident Tregs in kidney physiology and pathologies 2020
892 SemanDiff Semantically correct automatic differentiation 2020
893 RE-NUP Spousal Reunification and Integration Laws in Europe 2020
894 COR-RAND Corrector equations and random operators 2020
895 POLAR-4DSpace 4DSpace: integrated study for space weather at high latitudes 2020
896 LUCiD-Mater Liquids Under Confinement In 2D-MATERials 2020
897 CYCLOTUBES Artificial microtubules based on switchable cyclic peptides 2020
898 GRAPHEME Graphene and related materials membranes for efficient removal of toxic cations from water 2020
899 CICLE Unveiling the formation and evolution of galaxy clusters through the intracluster light and multidisciplinar techniques of image processing and big data analysis 2020
900 TankSensor Smart monitoring solution for better procurement and supply chain management - Speeding up chemical industry digitalization 2020
901 PolyTEM Understanding Crystal Polymorph Control in Confinement using In-situ TEM 2020
902 AsymmFlow Go with the continuous flow: Asymmetric Synthesis of Bioactive Alkaloids by Multistep Continuous-Flow Processes 2020
903 NMPLED New emitting proteins and all-bio matrices for Bio-WLEDs. 2020
904 DynFish How the dynamics of personality variation, food intake and social interactions determine anti-predator escape 2021
905 cRETMS Cerebellar Rhythmic Entrainment with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A new approach for the study of cerebellar connections with the cortex. 2020
906 CHALLENGES Real time nano CHAracterization reLatEd techNloGiEeS 2020
907 MaP Material properties in the strong light-matter coupling regime 2021
908 PLIM-G4 Long-lived optical probes to image G-quadruplex DNA in live cells 2021
909 HypoCyclo Multifunctional Polymeric Cyclodextrin Nanocarriers As Novel Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Treatment: A Versatile Photo-Chemotherapy Bypassing Hypoxic Conditions 2020
910 Quad2BIM A cooperative approach which brings completeness and inclusiveness to the scan-to-BIM modeling process within the historical buildings life cycle. 2020
911 IRTEMS Instantaneous Road Traffic Emissions Modelling System for cities 2020
912 COSMOS The Conformation Of S-phase chroMOSomes 2020
913 MM-CAHF Combinatorial aspects of Heegaard Floer homology for knots and links 2021
914 SILVERPATH A silver path to a new generation of quantum materials. 2020