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The page lists 585 projects related to the topic "evolutionary".

# achronym  title  year 
1 HUCO Human Cooperation to Protect the Global Commons 2015
2 META-STRESS Unravelling life-history responses and underlying mechanisms to environmental stress in wild populations 2015
3 NEURAL AS Functions and evolutionary impact of transcriptomic novelties in the vertebrate brain 2015
4 PhosFunc Dissecting the functional importance of eukaryotic protein phosphorylation 2015
5 LimitMDR Utilizing evolutionary interactions to limit multidrug resistance 2015
6 ALH Alternative life histories: linking genes to phenotypes to demography 2015
7 aCROBAT Circadian Regulation Of Brown Adipose Thermogenesis 2015
8 MESOPROBIO Mesoscopic models for propagation in biology 2015
9 REMEMBER Adaptive immunity in prokaryotes: how Bacteria do not forgive and do not forget their enemies 2015
10 PHYSFISH The Role of Physiology in the Causes and Consequences of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2015
11 BIG4 BIG4 - Biosystematics, Informatics and Genetics of the big 4 insect groups: training tomorrow's researchers and entrepreneurs 2015
12 FlyHigh Insect-plant relationships: insights into biodiversity and new applications 2015
13 MathModExp The Evolution of Competition and Cooperation: how polymorphisms in microbial populations optimise virulence and mediate drug resistance 2015
14 SpoKiGen Spore killer genomics: elucidating causes and consequences of a fungal meiotic drive element 2015
15 ConTExt Connecting the Extreme 2015
16 EUENGAGE Bridging the gap between public opinion and European leadership: Engaging a dialogue on the future path of Europe. 2015
17 CryoPlankton A replacement of the sub-optimal live feeds used at hatcheries today with a new cryopreserved live diet for the improved and efficient production of juveniles in marine aquaculture 2014
18 DEVOLEMPA The developmental and evolutionary basis of human intersubjectivity 2015
19 LIMB NETWORKS Network Analysis of Musculoskeletal Evolution and Modularity during the Fin-to-Limb Transition 2015
20 TentaclesOfVenom Unravelling the enigmatic origin of venom secreting cells in sea anemone 2015
21 OPSINEVOL Evolution of opsin genes in guppies (Poecilia reticulata) relative to male colour: a window into the genetics of mate choice 2015
22 SIW-SAT-ANTENNAS Circularly Polarized Antenna Arrays for Broadband Satellite Data Terminals Using Substrate Integrated Waveguides enhanced with Metamaterials 2015
23 AdaptClim Genomic and epigenomic signatures of climate-mediated selection in cattle 2015
24 BARREN Bioenergetics in Arid Environments 2015
25 CITISEX Understanding the role of sensory ecology and species interactions during sexual signal adaptation to an urbanizing world 2015
26 SexDiff Sex differences in expression in the shared genome 2016
27 RAVE Rotifers as Vehicles for Epibiotic Bacteria 2015
28 CHENGEN An integrated framework to investigate the genetics of changing environments 2015
29 KinCoop Do plants cooperate in reproduction? The effect of sharing pollination services on plant reproductive strategies 2015
30 DeepTrees Computational modelling of evolutionary dynamics in the deep sea 2015
31 GETAGRIP Evolutionary Trends And GRasping form and function In Primates and other tetrapod lineages 2016
32 WhereWolf The history of wolves, and their contribution to adaptation and phenotypic diversity in dogs 2016
33 EXTREME Do extreme climatic events facilitate plant invasions? 2016
34 CheliceLand Molecular palaeobiology and comparative genomics of chelicerate terrestrialisation 2015
35 FITINV Fitness consequences of chromosome inversion polymorphism in mimetic butterflies 2015
36 EnAct Enacting heritage: The aesthetic dynamics of cultural transmission 2016
37 GDA in staphylococci Gen Duplication and Amplification in Staphylococcal populations 2016
38 MYSTICETI The oldest and the rarest - combining insight from both hemispheres to gain a global picture of baleen whale origins and macroevolution 2015
39 MITONUC The evolutionary and ecological implications of mito-nuclear epistasis 2015
40 Behaviour-Connect Behaviour-Connect: Testing hypotheses on the behavioural drivers of connectivity in the marine environment through novel Bayesian models 2016
41 Symbiosis Bacterial leaf symbiosis: what environmental factors influence it and does it drive host plant speciation 2016
42 MEPOL The role of plant primary and secondary metabolism in pollination 2015
43 CoEvolFramework Unified Framework for the Analysis of Co-evolutionary Systems 2016
44 MULTICELL Division of labour and the origin of multicellularity 2015
45 EvoNovo Genetic architecture of an evolutionary novelty: the development of the male-specific turban-shaped eyes of Cloeon dipterum 2016
46 YAKUT Genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics of Yakutian horses, a unique domestic breed adapted to life in the Arctic 2015
47 YAKUT Genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics of Yakutian horses, a unique domestic breed adapted to life in the Arctic 2015
48 CAPITULA Variation on a theme: evolutionary-developmental insights into the Asteraceae flower head 2015
49 AfterTheIce After the Ice: using a hybrid zone as a window into the genes underlying species formation 2015
50 PALECOEVOL Paleo-ecogenomics in Daphnia: developing a model for studying evolutionary impacts of climate and environmental change 2015
51 Eco-PhyloGeo Linking phylogeography to ecology: extracting rules for butterfly biodiversity at large spatial scale 2015
52 SocForVul The impact of supplementary feeding on the food searching strategies and social behaviour in anendangered top scavenger 2015
53 Legal Culture Legal Culture under Stalinism in Poland 2016
55 DPaTh-To-Adapt Rethinking climate change vulnerability: Drivers patterns of thermal tolerance adaptation in the ocean. 2016
56 EVOLMARIN Rapid evolution and geographic ranges: predicting marine species persistence and distribution in a changing ocean 2015
57 ABDES An astrochemical study of the early evolutionary stages of sub-stellar mass objects 2015
58 CLEF Conserving the Legacy of Evolution into the Future 2015
59 FISHNAV Following a path of breadcrumbs: How fish recognize landmarks during navigation 2015
60 AGEISM Lifelong health, markers of ageing and senescence in a long-lived mammal. 2016
61 PHAGECOM Complex parasite communities as drivers of bacterial immunity 2016
62 FLEXGENOME The Flexible Genome: understanding the genetic regulation of Phenotypic Plasticity. 2015
63 AMIABLE Advanced MIcroscopy of Attine ant BacteriaL Endosymbionts 2015
64 PopMet Investigating bacterial strain evolution through metagenomic genome assemblies 2015
65 HAAIV Adaptive evolutionary pathways of highly pathogenic avian H5N1 influenza in humans 2015
66 FLORALWOOD Selecting non-crop flowering plants for enhancing natural enemies of crop pests in agro ecosystems under climate change perspective 2016
67 TMSP Mass accretion and ejection in transitional millisecond pulsars 2016
68 BrainiAnts Evolution of the social brain: How social complexity affects individual cognition in ants 2015
69 CortFit Using reaction norms to identify glucocorticoid phenotypes and their relationship to fitness in individuals of a wild vertebrate. 2015
70 TePaChe Temperature, Pathogens and Chemicals: Stressors in a Changing World 2015
71 ECBStrainShift Identification and characterization of the sex pheromone sensitive response gene(s) in the European Corn Borer males 2015
72 ECDCOP Evolutionary Computation for Dynamic Constrained Optimization Problems 2015
73 RiceStyle Carpel evolution: a walk in the rice side 2016
74 Evolutionary Neurogenomics The impact of recent retrotransposon invasions on the evolution of human neural gene expression 2015
75 Q-Tales A Collaboration Ecosystem enabling EU Creative SMEs to exchange multi-media content and create multi-plot, interactive Apps for Children, curated according to Reader ability and educational value. 2015
76 ADaPTIVE Analysing Diversity with a Phenomic approach: Trends in Vertebrate Evolution 2015
77 SEXSEA Origin and evolution of the sexes and reproductive systems: novel insights from a distant eukaryotic lineage 2015
78 ComplEvol Evolutionary origins of complex ecological adaptations 2015
79 HybridMiX Genetic Mapping of Evolutionary Developmental Variation using Hybrid Mouse in vitro Crosses 2015
80 CONSTRAINTS Ecophysiological and biophysical constraints on domestication in crop plants 2015
81 EVOLHGT Selective Barriers to Horizontal Gene Transfer 2015
82 DDRNA DDRNA-based cancer therapy targeted telomeres 2015
83 Phoenix Exploring the Unknown through Reincarnation and Co-evolution 2015
84 NOVCARBFIX Analysis, Design and Experimental Evolution of Novel Carbon Fixation Pathways 2016
85 EVOMESODERM The evolution of mesoderm and its differentiation into cell types and organ systems 2015
86 VARIKIN Cultural Evolution of Kinship Diversity: Variation in Language, Cognition, and Social Norms Regarding Family 2015
87 TCBL TCBL – Textile and Clothing Business Labs Transformative Business Models for the Textile Clothing Sector 2015
88 ActIng Addiction of Insects for Biosensoring 2015
89 EnvMetaGen Capacity Building at InBIO for Research and Innovation Using Environmental Metagenomics 2015
90 StressNetAdapt Understanding evolutionary abiotic stress-network plasticity as foundation for new biotechnological strategies 2015
91 GenoSpec Insights from Population Genomics to the Evolution of Host Specificity in Insect Fungi 2015
92 ANICOLEVO Animal coloration through deep time: evolutionary novelty, homology and taphonomy 2016
93 SESE Social Evolution and Social Engineering of bacterial Infections 2015
94 Elephant Project How elephants grow old 2016
95 COTURB Coherent Structures in Wall-bounded Turbulence 2016
96 INQMINDS The Evolutionary and Developmental Origins of Inquiring Minds: Studies of Causal Reasoning; Curiosity and Executive Control 2015
97 EVOLPROOF Are HPV vaccines ‘evolution-proof’? Multilevel evolutionary ecology of human oncoviruses 2015
98 SINGEK Promoting SINgle cell GEnomics to explore the ecology and evolution of hidden microeuKaryotes 2016
99 OptEEmAL Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform for Refurbishment at District Level 2015
100 RATCHETCOG The Cog in the Ratchet: Illuminating the Cognitive Mechanisms Generating Human Cumulative Culture 2015
101 PANDORA Probing safety of nano-objects by defining immune responses of environmental organisms 2016
102 CVI_ADAPT Unraveling the history of adaptation in an island model: Cape Verde Arabidopsis 2015
103 RuMicroPlas The Plasmidome: a Driving Force of Rumen Microbial Evolution from Birth to Adulthood 2016
104 NOVEL Emergence of novel phenotypes in co-evolving biological systems: allelic diversification and dominance at the Self-incompatibility locus in Arabidopsis. 2015
105 resistance evolution Bacterial evolution of hypersensitivity and resistance against antimicrobial peptides 2015
106 RegEvolve Comparative analysis of planarian regeneration - why some worms regenerate while others don’t 2015
107 eMicrobevol Early Microbial Evolution 2015
108 FATHER TRIALS Father Trials: Hormonal and Behavioral Experiments on Prenatal and Postnatal Parenting 2016
109 MAMSIE Mixing and Angular Momentum tranSport of massIvE stars 2016
110 INVASIoN Impact of invasive alien true bug species in native tropich webs 2016
111 FluctEvol Fluctuating selection, evolution, and plasticity in random environments 2016
112 HOTSPOT Genomic hotspots of adaptation to whole genome duplication 2016
113 TEMPDEP Ecological and evolutionary constraints on the temperature dependence of the carbon cycle 2016
114 CODOVIREVOL Evolution of viral codon usage preferences:manipulation of translation accuracy and evasion of immune response 2016
115 SCANS Social Cognition in Adolescents: Brain Networks and Social Networks 2016
116 EvoGenMed Evolutionary genomics: new perspectives and novel medical applications 2016
117 NICH Novel interactions and species’ responses to climate change 2016
118 FourCmodelling Conflict, Competition, Cooperation and Complexity: Using Evolutionary Game Theory to model realistic populations 2016
119 Yamnomics Phylogenomics, evolution, biogeography and key traits for breeders in yams (Dioscorea, Dioscoreaceae) 2017
120 MatTypeEvol Evolution of fungal mating-type chromosomes 2016
121 ComplexSex Sex-limited experimental evolution of natural and novel sex chromosomes: the role of sex in shaping complex traits 2016
122 SPIDE Speech-sound Processing in Infant Development and Evolution 2016
123 TEMPO Terrestrial vertebrates and the evolutionary origins of morphological diversity 2016
124 APTASENS A new generation of AptaSensors 2016
125 HeteroDynamic Evolutionary Stability of Ubiquitous Root Symbiosis 2016
126 GeneBodyMethylation Resolving the Nuts and Bolts of Gene Body Methylation 2016
127 Extinction Genomics Exploring and exploiting the potential of extinct genome sequencing 2016
128 ANGI Adaptive significance of Non Genetic Inheritance 2016
129 EVO-MEIO Adaptive evolution of meiosis in response to genome and habitat change 2016
130 BEAL Bioenergetics in microalgae : regulation modes of mitochondrial respiration, photosynthesis, and fermentative pathways, and their interactions in secondary algae 2016
131 OPRAS Olfactory processing of repellent and attractive stimuli in the brain of Drosophila 2017
132 AsLife Life in Arsenic rich environments: a challenge or an opportunity? 2016
133 THAUMECOPHYL Evolutionary history and ecological adaptations of ammonia oxidizing Thaumarchaeota. 2016
134 THE VERBAL APE The primate precursors of human consonants and vowels 2017
135 reSGulating Functional analysis of Stress Granules formation in plant adaptation to stress 2017
136 EvoNIN Unraveling key genetic innovations behind the emergence of the root-nodule symbiosis 2017
137 Bioinformatics4Breeding Harnessing the power of bioinformatic analysis to improve genetic selection for fertility in dairy cows 2016
138 TETRAPODBONES Evaluations of bone strength in the evolutionary invasion of land by tetrapods 2016
139 HEGNAT Naturalism in German Classical Philosophy: Nature, Recognition and Freedom in the Hegelian Theory of Social Interaction and Cooperation 2016
140 PACE Paleogenetic extraction and analysis from challenging environments 2016
141 EpiCDomestic Epigenetics of Canine Domestication from the Upper Paleolithic onwards 2017
142 AlgDates Dating Plastid Endosymbiosis and Diversification in Eukaryotic Algae 2016
143 metaVir-Alp Alpine lakes benthic viral community structure and diversity: a metagenomic and ecological approach 2016
144 ADAPTIVE INVERSIONS Chromosomes on shuffle: disentangling the relative contributions of natural selection, sexual selection, and drift on the evolution of a chromosomal inversion. 2016
145 NeuroASPECT Neuronal Alternative Splicing and RNA-Editing Crosstalk 2017
146 FORGENET A novel approach for detecting polygenic adaptation applied to FORest tree candidate GEne NETworks 2017
147 FREYA Forecasting RangE dYnamics of Alien species under climate change. 2016
148 MAIT Evolutionary conserved T cells specific for a microbial metabolite: deciphering their development in the thymus and mapping their interactions with the gut microbiota in vivo. 2016
149 RAMSES Aryl amide metallofoldamersas selective saccharide sensors 2016
150 BAYESLAND Community Assembly on Islands: A phylogenetic Bayesian approach 2016
151 DIFIE Direct and Indirect mechanisms of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2017
152 CYgnaling Probing the role of orphan Cytochrome P450 oxygenases in signaling compounds biosynthesis in plants by a comparative genomics and gene conservation approach 2016
153 RELOAD REciprocal LOcal ADapatation: the genetic, behavioural and chemical study of the evolutionary maintenance of a mutualism 2016
154 ZPR The Pancreas Regulome: From causality to prediction of non-coding mutations in human pancreatic diseases 2016
155 Tolerome Evolution of antibiotic tolerance in the 'wild': A quantitative approach 2016
156 HGTCODONUSE The evolutionary significance of synonymous variations: Can codon usage preferences drive the propagation of antibiotic resistance? 2016
157 MICROLIPIDS Microbial lipids: The three domain ‘lipid divide’ revisited 2016
158 EvolVir Evolution of virulence in immune-compromised hosts and the adaptation of emerging viruses 2017
159 STEPN-UP Stilbene and entomopathogenic nematodes: Unlocking the potential 2017
160 CAMERA Characterizing Adaptation and Migration Events with Modern and Ancient Genomes 2016
161 SynthHotSpot Synthesizing Meiotic Crossover Hotspots in Arabidopsis 2016
162 NIRV_HOST_INT Population genomics of co-evolution between non-retroviral RNA viruses and their hosts 2016
163 DENOVOMUT An integrated approach to understanding the impact of de novo mutations on the mammalian genome 2017
164 DiseaseRecognition Selection to outsmart the germs: The evolution of disease recognition and social cognition 2017
165 DRIVE Quantifying the relative importance of natural and anthropogenic drivers of spatial variation in vulnerability to predict species extinction risk 2016
166 EVNSMAS An evolutionary approach to automated norm synthesis for multi agent systems 2016
167 HBIS The Human Behavioral Immune System: Consequences for Health and Innovation 2016
168 SCATAPNUT Scattering and tapping on soft-hard-open nuts 2016
169 Outgroup Consequences of out-group conflict 2016
170 GuppY Recombination, sex-specific adaptation and evolution of the poeciliid sex chromosomes 2016
171 VERTEBRATE HERBIVORY Evolution of herbivory in vertebrates: developing combined isotope (Ca, Sr) and dental surface texture analysis as deep time diet proxies 2016
172 ELC The evolution of linguistic complexity 2016
173 T-Rex Clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants: mechanistic insight into the TPLATE REcycling compleX and its interplay with AP-2 2016
174 AEDNA Amorphous and Evolutionary DNA Nanotechnology 2016
175 Gap2bridge Bridging the gap: an evolutionary genomics approach to illuminate the prokaryote-to-eukaryote transition. 2017
176 DisWildPop Impacts of Diseases on Wild Bird Populations 2017
177 Observable Stability Evolutionary stability, observability, and efficiency 2016
178 REVOLINC Revolutionizing Insect Control 2016
179 ConvergeAnt An Integrative Approach to Understanding Convergent Evolution in Ant-eating Mammals 2016
180 Gradual_Change Gradual and abrupt environmental change: connecting physiology, evolution and community composition 2016
181 EXOPLANETBIO Exoplanet atmospheres as indicators of life: From hot gas giants to Earth-like planets 2016
182 100 Archaic Genomes Genome sequences from extinct hominins 2016
183 INTEGRAL Signal Integration by Gene Regulatory Landscapes 2016
184 TACKLE TACK Superphylum and Lokiarchaeota Evolution: Dissecting the Ecology and Evolution of Archaea to Elucidate the Prokaryote to Eukaryote Transition 2016
185 GUPPYSEX Evolutionary genetics of guppy sex chromosomes 2016
186 DAWNDINOS Testing the locomotor superiority hypothesis for early dinosaurs 2016
187 PicoCB Exploring the Chemical Biology of Sequence Space via Picoliter Droplets 2016
189 INVERTIDAL Chromosomal rearrangements and diversification on environmental gradients 2016
190 BIODIV ISLAND-CONT Biodiversity drivers on islands and continents 2016
191 CO-PHY-MED Comparative Phylogeography of a Megadiverse Fauna across the Mediterranean 2016
192 BactInd Bacterial cooperation at the individual cell level 2016
193 NARRATIVENSCIENCE Narrative Ordering and Explanation in the Sciences: Historical Investigations and Perspectives 2016
194 Revolution Regulation and Evolution of C4 photosynthesis 2016
195 ProCovar Exploring new applications of amino acid covariation analysis in modelling proteins and their complexes 2016
196 MARIPOSAS Macroevolutionary Rates by Integrating Phylogenomics and Ancestral character States - A study on Neotropical butterfly evolution. 2017
197 INTERCOGAM Information Theoretic Evaluation of Random Content Generation in Games 2016
198 COFFERS Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators 2016
199 COSMIC-DANCE Unraveling the origin of the Initial Mass Function 2016
200 DanioPattern Development and Evolution of Colour Patterns in Danio species 2016
201 reLIVE Unraveling complex organ regeneration through live imaging and molecular profiling approaches 2017
202 RACE Rate of Adaptation in a Changing Environment 2017
203 BIOFAGE Interaction Dynamics of Bacterial Biofilms with Bacteriophages 2017
204 SexAntag Prevalence and Influence of Sexual Antagonism on Genome Evolution 2017
205 ACCENT Unravelling the architecture and the cartography of the human centriole 2017
206 Nexus The Nexus: an experimental system to study marine larval dispersal 2017
207 Evol-Eyes Elaboration and degeneration of complex traits: The visual systems of lizards and snakes 2016
208 EVOIMMECH The evolutionary ecology of bacterial immune mechanisms 2017
209 PEGASUS The makeup of the modern horse: a history of the biological changes introduced by human management 2016
210 TechEvo Technology Evolution in Regional Economies 2017
211 TRANSPOS-X Transposable elements, their controllers and the genesis of human-specific transcriptional networks 2017
212 GENECLOCKS Reconstructing a dated tree of life using phylogenetic incongruence 2017
213 CoCo Construct and Collapse: Self-emergence and dynamics under global-change scenarios of mutualistic systems 2017
214 MULTIPREF A data-driven, multivariate approach to human mate preferences. 2017
215 ADAPTATION Predicting adaptive responses of protected species to environmental changes to optimise conservation management frameworks in Europe 2016
216 FLORADAPT Plant resilience and floral adaptation to pollinator change during a range expansion 2016
217 GRAVIBONE How Bone Adapts to Heavy Weight?Bone Morphological and Microanatomical Adaptation to the Mechanical Constraints Imposed by Graviportality 2017
218 EARTHBLOOM Earth’s first biological bloom: An integrated field, geochemical, and geobiological examination of the origins of photosynthesis and carbonate production 3 billion years ago 2017
219 STRUGGLE Statistical physics of immune-viral co-evolution 2017
220 FOUR ACES Future of upper atmospheric characterisation of exoplanets with spectroscopy 2017
221 NeuronAgeScreen A Drug Discovery and Target Identification Screening Platform for Age-Associated Neurodegenerative Disorders 2017
222 MAMLE Understanding the mechanisms of human acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) evolution 2017
223 SpecIAnt Speciation in ants: Unraveling the genetic, epigenetic and molecular basis of speciation using wood ants 2018
224 EPICC Experimental Programme Investigating Cumulative Culture 2017
225 SPERMAGE No country for old sperm: male aging, sperm aging, and external stressors as determinants of sperm quality and fertility 2017
226 SARCOM Selection for antimicrobial resistance in a complex community context 2017
227 NEUROPHAGY The Role of Autophagy in Synaptic Plasticity 2017
228 FASDEM Failing and Successful Sequences of Democratization 2017
229 CROSSROADS Human Evolution at the Crossroads 2017
230 UNISLAND Towards a unified mechanistic model of oceanic island biogeography 2017
231 ECHO Evolution of the Cochlea and Hearing in Odontocetes 2017
232 HiddenLife Understanding the role of environmental and climatic changes in shaping subterranean diversity to preserve Europe’s unique hidden biodiversity 2017
233 PODARCIS Potential Oxygen Limitation of Distributions And Responses to Changing Climates In Ectotherms 2017
234 TOPPER Targeting of host proteins by unrelated pathogen effectors and their surveillance by allelic immune receptors 2018
235 ANCAVE Anchialine caves to understand evolutionary processes 2017
236 TIP-N-POINT Middle Palaeolithic projectile weapon TIPs: a regional and assemblage scale perspective on Neanderthal POINT technologies across Europe 2017
238 FLYWING Linking micro- and macroevolution: macroevolutionary quantitative genetics of Drosophila wing morhology 2017
239 Mitogression Generating yeast biodiversity by mitochondrial introgression for wine innovation 2017
240 EVOSPARROW The evolutionary origins and consequences of human-commensalism in Passer sparrows 2018
241 DropContEvo A droplet microfluidic system for continuous in vivo evolution. 2018
242 DevoSignGammaDelta Tracking γδ T cell development and TCRγδ proximal signalling 2018
243 EVORULES The cultural evolution and ecology of institutions: An integrated evolutionary approach to the interrelated rules that regulate human social organization and cooperation 2017
244 MULTICELLEXPEVO Reconstructing the origins of animal multicellularity using experimental evolution 2018
245 MicroPhan Rol of obligate bacterial symbiosis in the diversification of a globally distributed aphid genus 2018
246 BIOSTASIS BIOlogical SignaTures of AnhydrobioSIS via comparative transcriptomics on different evolutionary lineages within tardigrades 2018
247 HoloCellDeath Origins and evolution of programmed cell death machinery during the emergence of animal multicellularity 2018
248 EcoEvoClim Ecological and Evolutionary consequences of predator-prey phenological match-mismatch driven by climate change 2017
249 UCYN2PLAST Exploring the mechanisms underlying the evolution of plastids through the study of an unusual nitrogen-fixing symbiosis 2018
250 SexSelec_Invasion Understanding sexual selection to help controlling an invasive pest species 2018
251 YEFF Comprehensive analysis of yeast expression-fitness functions (EFFs) 2018
252 EcoEvoProspectS Ecology and Evolution of Prospecting Strategies 2017
253 Anti-CRISPR Uncovering viral sabotage of host CRISPR-Cas immune systems 2018
254 Hybrid Conflicts Speciation and hybridization: a sex chromosome perspective 2018
255 IMMUNFUNC Female immune function in compensation for polyandry 2017
256 ELITE Exploring LIfestyle Transitions: a molecular and physical anthropology approach of ancient Yakut people 2017
257 METCLL Discovery and validation of ‘epidrivers’ of cancer evolution and resistance to therapy 2018
258 MeGa DNA Methylation dynamics during Gastrulation 2018
259 ESCRT model A biophysical model for ESCRT-III mediated membrane scission 2017
260 OPTiAGE The trade-off between longevity and reproduction: optimal control of aging 2018
261 MENTALIZINGORIGINS Origins of theory of mind: action prediction by great apes and human infants 2018
262 CHIROGLU Comparative genomics of sugar-eating bats: Implications for the genetics of glucose metabolism and diabetes 2017
263 ReservoirDOCs The evolutionary dynamics of pathogen emergence and establishment: from Reservoir Detection to Outbreak Control 2017
264 EBM The evolvability of bacterial multicellularity 2018
265 ONCOGENEVOL The evolutionary history of oncogenic and non-oncogenic papillomaviruses 2017
266 NATRICINE Phenotypic and lineage diversification of natricine snakes 2017
267 MEMENTO MEMory processing in the human ENTOrhinal cortex 2017
268 PATECH Public Administration and Technology 2017
269 COMPCON Competition under (niche) construction 2017
270 CORALASSIST Assisting Coral Reef Survival in the Face of Climate Change 2017
271 FRAGCLIM The Combined Effects of Climatic Warming and Habitat Fragmentation on Biodiversity, Community Dynamics and Ecosystem Functioning 2017
272 IRONCOMM Investigating the role of bacteria-produced siderophores in satisfying diatom Fe requirements. 2017
273 VIPS Venomics In Predator-prey Systems 2017
274 EvoCellFate Evolution of cell fate decision during development 2017
275 RETVOLUTION Reticulate evolution: patterns and impacts of non-vertical inheritance in eukaryotic genomes. 2018
276 JOINTATT The evolutionary and developmental origins of Joint Attention: a longitudinal cross-species and cross-cultural comparison 2017
277 SolACE Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water and nutrient use 2017
278 Abiota, Biota, Constraints in Macroevolutionary Processes 2018
279 LearnAnx_CircAmyg Learning and Anxiety in Amygdala-based Neural Circuits 2017
280 BUNGEE Directed crop breeding using jumping genes 2017
281 TRADE Turbo electRic Aircraft Design Environment (TRADE) 2017
282 SynVaccine Rational Design and Construction of Viral Based Products 2017
283 RESPEC Reconstruction of Pollinator-Mediated Speciation by Identification and Substitution of Causative Mutations 2017
284 SynPlex Tailored chemical complexity through evolution-inspired synthetic biology 2017
285 GESTIMAGE Gestures in nonhuman and human primates, a landmark of language in the brain? Searching for the origins of brain specialization for language 2017
286 Secret Surface The cell surface tetraspanin web drives tumour development and alters metabolic signalling 2017
287 Honeyguides-Humans How a mutualism evolves: learning, coevolution, and their ecosystem consequences in human-honeyguide interactions 2017
288 NoiseRobustEvo Noise and robustness in the evolution of novel protein phenotypes 2017
289 EPIC Evolving Program Improvement Collaborators 2017
290 EcoImmuneCosts Immunity in Ecology and Evolution: 'Hidden' costs of disease, immune function and their consequences for Darwinian fitness 2017
291 METAMAPPER Super-resolution genomic mapping for the microbiome 2017
292 SCARABEE Scalable inference algorithms for Bayesian evolutionary epidemiology 2017
293 Evoland Evolution of regulatory landscapes at multiple timescales 2017
294 EVOCLIM Behavioral-evolutionary analysis of climate policy: Bounded rationality, markets and social interactions 2018
295 ETAP Tracing Evolution of Auxin Transport and Polarity in Plants 2018
296 GermlineAgeingSoma Getting to the root of ageing: somatic decay as a cost of germline maintenance 2017
297 IGNITE Comparative genomics of non-model invertebrates 2018
298 MATURATION Age at maturity in Atlantic salmon: molecular and ecological dissection of an adaptive trait 2017
299 RECOMS Building Resourceful and Resilient Communities through Adaptive and Transformative Environmental Practice 2018
300 InterAccent Human interaction and the evolution of spoken accent 2017
301 MALEPREG Male pregnancy – Unravelling the coevolution of parental investment and immune defence 2018
302 Daphne Circuits of Visual Attention 2017
303 CAstRA Comet and Asteroid Re-Shaping through Activity 2018
304 CoMMaD Computational Molecular Materials Discovery 2018
305 CONTRA Computational ONcology TRaining Alliance 2018
306 EvoCELL Animal evolution from a cell type perspective: multidisciplinary training in single-cell genomics, evo-devo and in science outreach 2018
307 MECH-EVO-INSECT The mechanical evolution from biting-chewing to piercing-sucking in insects 2018
308 StroMaP Stromal stress networks underlying phenotypic plasticity and tumor fitness 2017
309 PalM The Rise of Placental Mammals: Dissecting an Evolutionary Radiation 2018
310 ModelGenomLand Modelling the genomic landscapes of selection and speciation 2018
311 HYPER-INSIGHT Hypermutated tumors: insight into genome maintenance and cancer vulnerabilities provided by an extreme burden of somatic mutations 2018
312 MuBoEx Mushroom Body Expansion in Heliconius butterflies 2018
313 SuperGenE Supergene evolution in a classic plant system - bringing the study of distyly into the genomic era 2018
314 Multicellularity The genetic basis of the convergent evolution of fungal multicellularity 2018
315 DYNAVERSITY DYNAmic seed networks for managing European diVERSITY 2017
316 IDPfun Driving the functional characterization of intrinsically disordered proteins 2018
317 GeroProtect Developing Geroprotectors to Prevent Polymorbidity 2017
318 BILITOLERANCE Control of disease tolerance to infection by Biliverdin Reductase A 2018
319 ELEVATE Eco-physiological tradeoffs with crop domestication: have farming ants cracked the code? 2018
320 EvoCellBio A combined in vitro and in vivo approach to dissect biochemical network evolution. 2018
321 EVOAtm Evolutionary ATM. A modelling framework to assess the impact of ATM evolutions 2018
322 COMPLEX-FISH Complex eco-evolutionary dynamics of aquatic ecosystems faced with human-induced and environmental stress 2018
323 DEFEAT DiseasE-FreE social life without Antibiotics resisTance 2018
324 SynarchiC Investigating the functional architecture of microbial genomes with synthetic approaches 2018
325 ASSESS Episodic Mass Loss in the Most Massive Stars: Key to Understanding the Explosive Early Universe 2018
326 Asterochronometry Galactic archeology with high temporal resolution 2018
327 PALEoRIDER Human health and migration in prehistory 2018
328 POLYADAPT Molecular-genetic mechanisms of extreme adaptation in a polyphagous agricultural pest 2018
329 NATHENA New Additive manufacTuring Heat ExchaNger for Aeronautic 2018
330 SOCIOCOMPLEXITY Sociocomplexity — new paradigms for understanding complex group-level adaptation 2018
331 FERALGEN The Genomics of Feralisation 2018
332 MICMAC Bridging MICroevolution and MACroevolution in sticklebacks 2019
333 DNA-ENC SYNCELLS DNA Lattice-Encoded Information for Genotype-to-Phenotype Evolution of Self-Replicating Synthetic Cells 2018
334 ORIGINSOFTRUST The Psychological Origins of Trust-Based Cooperation 2018
335 AMBER Dating fossils with molecules – innovative approach to determine the age of Baltic AMBER 2018
336 NeCOL NeCOL: An Innovative Methodology for Building Better Deep Learning Tools for Real Word Applications 2018
337 MAPGenome Mapping migration and adaptation in genomes 2018
338 aWARE West Africa's Role in Human Evolution 2018
339 BEMADE Brain evolution and the rise of mammals after the dinosaur extinction 2018
340 BEMAR Protection-induced selection and evolution of behavior within marine reserves and the impact on fisheries sustainability 2018
341 BRAIN Bacterial regulation of Apis neurophysiology 2018
342 CHROMREP An integrative approach linking chromosomal evolution and biodiversity in reptiles from Madagascar 2018
343 CORNEA Controlling evolutionary dynamics of networked autonomous agents 2018
344 CRIMETIME Crime and Time: How short-term mindsets encourage crime and how the future self can prevent it 2018
345 CRISPR-EVOL The eco-evolutionary costs and benefits of CRISPR-Cas systems, and their effect on genome diversity within populations 2018
346 DEFPOLL Origins of trait diversity in flowering plants: understanding interactions between plant defence and pollination using molecular, phenotypic and ecological studies of natural selection 2018
347 EDIOS Evolutionary development of the insect olfactory system 2018
349 EE-Dynamics Dynamics of eco-evolutionary systems 2018
350 TRECEPTORS Transport and Receptor Mechanisms of Human Solute Carriers 2018
351 FeedHypNet Dynamic regulation of feeding behaviors in health and disease by top-down control of hypothalamic networks 2018
352 DISC Evolutionary diversification across scales 2018
353 PROTAX New Methods to PRevent, Investigate and Mitigate COrruption and TAX Crimes in the EU 2018
354 REALM Re-inventing Ecosystem And Land-surface Models 2018
355 Host Sweet Home Unravelling the mechanisms that allow endosymbionts to make themselves at home within hosts, from transfer to transit. 2018
356 TimeAdapt Tracking Genetic Adaptation of Populations Using Time-Series Genomic Data 2019
357 SURFInG StructURal and Functional dynamics of BrassIca napus polyploid Genome 2018
358 GAP Global dynamics of mountain diversification and persistence 2019
359 Ancestral Structural and biochemical studies of an ancestral enzyme with dual dehalogenase and luciferase activity 2018
360 NuWeld Integrated Modelling and Analysis of Multiple Component Carbides in Welded hardfacings 2018
361 ADCLICH Climate change and evolution: effects on phenotypic plasticity and genetic pattern 2018
362 PLASTIC TERN The evolutionary genetics of multidimensional plasticity in a wild seabird 2018
363 LEVADAPT Identification of new regulators of Acetylcholine receptor using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans 2018
364 SUPEREVOL Evolution of supergenes and the genetic basis of snail colour polymorphism 2018
365 evoDISFOLD Decoding Coupled Folding and Binding via Single-Molecule characterization of Ancient IDP protein-protein Interactions 2019
366 FriendCoop The role of friendship in cooperation: a comparative and cross-cultural developmental approach 2019
367 GENOMINT Biogeography and natural hybridization in the genus Mentha 2019
368 THREAT The threat status of endemic Atlantic Forest trees 2018
369 PHANTOM Phenotypic screening the host antimicrobial responses towards the eradication of Mycobacterium tubercuosis 2018
370 HOPE HOminin Proteomes in human Evolution 2018
371 NEO Living in Europe in the late Neolithic: A trans-disciplinary temporal perspective on present-day Europeans 2018
372 Methodology A New Methodology for Comparative Analysis of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Cognate Literature 2018
373 FeaGatSu Feature-gating in superior colliculus 2018
374 REDUCTeeth Evolution of cell mechanisms underlying human dental reduction in Europe 2018
375 MechanoSpectrin Dynamic and Mechanical Role of Spectrin in Membrane-CytoskeletonInterplay 2018
376 UVSIGNAL Unravelling the mechanisms underlying the evolution of ultraviolet signals 2018
377 SYMOBLIGA Comparative genomics of host-symbiont dependency 2018
378 TreEsilience Global patterns of intraspecific variation in tree resilience to drought 2018
379 EVOTOOLS EVOlutionary Trends in mOrphOLogical diverSity: new comparative tools for high-dimensional data 2018
380 ParAdapt Theoretical and empirical approaches to understanding Parallel Adaptation 2018
381 SYMMUNITY SYMbiosis, Microbiota and immUNITY 2019
382 EvolBehavGenArch The composition and evolution of C. elegans behavioural genetic architectures 2018
383 WORM_SLEEP Sleep homeostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans 2018
384 ISOPATH Multi-isotopic tracing of human and animal mobility in lowland Europe 2019
385 PATH2EVOL Unravelling pathogen evolution breaking down crop resistance in agricultural ecosystems 2018
386 GlobaLISe Global Value Chains and Local Innovation Systems in Southern Europe:The Coevolution of Technology, Trade and Finance, and the Technological Divide 2018
387 PAERADOX Precursors to Modern Aerobic Ammonium Oxidation: Oxygenic and Electrogenic Anaerobic Pathways 2018
388 CharFL Characterizing the fitness landscape on population and global scales 2019
389 DOUBLE EXPRESS Gene expression level as a keystone to understanding gene duplication: evolutionary constraints, opportunities, and disease 2019
390 GYPWORLD A global initiative to understand gypsum ecosystem ecology 2018
391 IntraGutSex Sex differences in intestinal plasticity 2018
392 Ecol of interactions Developing the predictive ecology of plant-animal interactions across space and time 2018
393 PLAST-EVOL The origin and early evolution of eukaryotic plastids 2018
394 MicroWars The Evolution of Bacterial Warfare 2018
395 INNOVATION Innovation and opportunity in the evolution of life 2018
396 EPICut Molecular mechanisms, evolutionary impacts and applications of prokaryotic epigenetic-targeted immune systems 2018
397 INPHORS Intracellular phosphate reception and signaling: A novel homeostatic system with roles for an orphan organelle? 2018
398 NeuralCellTypeEvo Cellular innovation driving nervous system evolution 2018
399 CODEKILLER Killer plasmids as drivers of genetic code changes during yeast evolution 2018
400 HIDDeN HIDDeN - Exploring the Hidden Dusty Nuclei of Galaxies 2018
402 EVO-NANO Evolvable platform for programmable nanoparticle-based cancer therapies 2018
403 cGEM the Center for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine 2018
404 COVOPRIM A Comparative Study of Voice Perception in Primates 2019
405 COEXIST Bacteria-phage-antibiotic interactions in variable environments: a community ecology perspective 2018
406 ACE Autonomous Cable assembly Enabler 2018
407 CerebralHominoids Evolutionary biology of human and great ape brain development in cerebral organoids 2018
408 Blocknetwork Blocknetwork - Fusing Big Data and Implementing Novel Cyber Security Solutions 2018
409 3Dcis 3D Organization of Functionally Conserved Cis-Regulatory Elements 2018
410 CONSENT Causes and consequences of senescence in wild insects 2018
411 PLEVOCON Pleiotropy and Evolutionary Constraint 2018
412 5G-Enhance 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband Access Networks in Crowded Environments 2018
413 EvolPhysiol Evolution of Physiology: The link between Earth and Life 2019
414 A-LIFE The asymmetry of life: towards a unified view of the emergence of biological homochirality 2019
415 ORISEM Sources of Meaning: Grounding Formal Semantics 2019
416 READIT Reading Literature in a Digital Culture 2018
417 MuFLOART Microbiological fluorescence observatory for antibiotic resistance tracking 2018
418 EvoConBiO Uncovering and engineering the principles governing evolution and cellular control of bioenergetic organelles 2019
419 exoZoo High definition and time-resolved studies of exoplanet atmospheres: a new window on the extreme diversity of the exoplanet zoo 2019
420 EVOCLOCK From Evolution to Clockworks:Unravelling the molecular basis of circalunar clocks 2019
421 EVOCELFATE Evolution of cell fate specification modes in spiral cleavage 2019
422 ActinSensor Identification and characterization of a novel damage sensor for cytoskeletal proteins in Drosophila 2019
423 COEVOPRO Drivers and consequences of coevolution in protective symbiosis 2019
424 FitteR-CATABOLIC Survival of the Fittest: On how to enhance recovery from critical illness through learning from evolutionary conserved catabolic pathways 2018
425 AdaptiveResponse The evolution of adaptive response mechanisms 2018
426 Macro-EpiK The macroevolutionary impact of epigenetics and lateral gene transfer on eukaryotic genomes 2019
427 EcoBox Ecosystem in a box: Dissecting the dynamics of a defined microbial community in vitro 2019
428 MORPHEUS Deciphering Bacteria-induced Morphogenesis and Protection in marine Eukaryotes 2019
430 EvolutioNeuroCircuit Cellular and genetic bases of neural circuits evolution 2019
431 TURNTAKING Taking turns: The ‘missing’ link in language evolution? 2019
432 EvoLucin 400 Million Years of Symbiosis: Host-microbe interactions in marine lucinid clams from past to present 2019
433 BALANCED LETHALS Untangling the Evolution of a Balanced Lethal System 2019
434 FIT2GO A toolbox for fitness landscapes in evolution 2019
435 EvolvingEconomics Human motivation: evolutionary foundations and their implications for economics 2019
436 FatiguEvoPro Quasistatic evolution problems for material failure due to fatigue 2019
437 ECHO Early conditions, delayed adult effects and morbidity, disability and mortality in modern human populations 2019
438 CITISENSE Evolving communication systems in response to altered sensory environments 2019
439 TE_INVASION The evolutionary genetics of transposable element invasions 2019
440 CRISPRsition Developing CRISPR adaptation platforms for basic and applied research 2019
441 SELECTIONDRIVEN Gaining insights into human evolution and disease prevention from adaptive natural selection driven by lethal epidemics 2019
442 SYNTHESYS PLUS Synthesis of systematic resources 2019
443 FuncMAB High-throughput single-cell phenotypic analysis of functional antibody repertoires 2019
444 GESTURALORIGINS Gestural Origins: Linguistic Features of pan-African Ape Communication 2019
445 evolSingleCellGRN Constraint, Adaptation, and Heterogeneity: Genomic and single-cell approaches to understanding the evolution of developmental gene regulatory networks 2019
446 EMPORIGIN What are the origins of empathy? A comparative developmental investigation 2019
447 CLIOARCH Cliodynamic archaeology: Computational approaches to Final Palaeolithic/earliest Mesolithic archaeology and climate change 2019
448 TEXTEVOLVE A New Approach to the Evolution of Texts Based on the Manuscripts of the Targums 2019
449 ECOFEED Altered eco-evolutionary feedbacks in a future climate 2019
450 CELL-in-CELL Understanding host cellular systems that drive an endosymbiotic interaction 2019
451 CANCEREVO Deciphering and predicting the evolution of cancer cell populations 2019
452 Rhythm and Brains How musical rhythm moves humans: functionalmechanisms of entrainment and perception-action coupling 2019
453 bECOMiNG spontaneous Evolution and Clonal heterOgeneity in MoNoclonal Gammopathies: from mechanisms of progression to clinical management 2019
454 SYMBeetle Symbiont-assisted cuticle biosynthesis as a key innovation contributing to the evolutionary success of beetles 2019
455 NewHuman Pathways to humanity: Adaptive niche diversity at the origins of the human lineage 2019
456 CULTSONG Culture as an evolutionary force: Does song learning accelerate speciation in a bat ring species? 2019
457 BIONICbacteria Integrating a novel layer of synthetic biology tools in Pseudomonas, inspired by bacterial viruses 2019
458 POEMS Physics of Extreme Massive Stars 2019
459 WEAVERBIRD_DEFENCE Unravelling an extended phenotype: sexual selection and the evolution of nest architecture in weaverbird defence against brood parasitism 2019
460 ECONUTRISENS The conquest of a new habitat: a study of nutritional and sensory adaptations in Drosophila suzukii larvae 2020
461 TRACERxTME Constructing an evolutionary atlas of the immune landscape in lung cancer 2019
462 EVOMET The rise and fall of metastatic clones under immune attack 2019
463 oLife The origin and evolution of Life in the universe 2019
464 SILIA Solid Immersion Lens Microscopy to Study Cilia Assembly 2019
465 MOVAC Maintenance of variation in aposematic colouration 2020
466 SoEvoFish Coral reef fish shape our understanding of social evolution 2019
467 EvolvAnt Natural selection during the recurrent evolution of a major social trait 2019
468 DECODE Decoding Context-Dependent Genetic Networks in vivo 2019
469 HONORLOGIC The Cultural Logic of Honor and Social Interaction: A Cross-Cultural Comparison 2019
470 SESAME Sex-specific and multi-generational effects of an optimized diet 2020
471 NEUROFLIES Drosophila sechellia: a novel model to investigate nervous system and behavioral evolution 2019
472 DOUBLE-TROUBLE Replaying the ‘genome duplication’ tape of life: the importance of polyploidy for adaptation in a changing environment 2020
473 SleepCirc Claustrum, Brainstem and Sleep: Mechanisms and Function 2019
474 SpeSex Does natural selection align with sexual selection to promote reproductive isolation in different environments? An experimental approach 2020
475 PoSHGOAT Potential-dependent Second-Harmonic Generation in Optical Antennas measured Time-resolved 2020
476 DiMaS Retrospective genomic analyses of shortfin Mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) using DNA from archived jaws 2019
477 OakMycEvo Functional ecology of the plant-fungus interface: Harnessing evolutionary genomics, transcriptomics and experimental ecology to dissect communication and nutrient exchange in a mutualistic symbiosis 2019
478 GreenAnt Nature of a Greenbeard Gene in the Fire Ant 2019
479 PRINT-CHEMO To develop 3D bioPRINTed osteoinductive constructs that deliver CHEMOtherapeutics within large bone defects that are surgically created when removing bone tumours. 2019
480 EvoPlans The Evolution of Terrestrial Planets: Insights from Models of Planetary Evolution with Coupled Internal, Atmospheric/Surface Development 2020
481 CODEV Co-diversification and co-evolution of human populations and cereals in Africa 2019
482 EarlyVertEvo Unravelling the scenario of early vertebrate evolution through computational analysis of the fossil record 2019
483 PlantSoilGradients Plant-soil feedback and local adaptation along soil fertility gradients 2020
484 MutANTs Mutation rate evolution in attine ants 2020
485 TEAMS Modelling Trust-based Evolutionary Dynamics in Signed Social Networks 2020
486 HelpSeeking Ontogenetic and Phylogenetic Roots of Strategic Help-seeking 2020
487 Finding VENomS Venom Evolution in Nemerteans: Connecting Functional Morphology, Gene Expression and Proteome through Spatial Omics 2019
488 REPRODAGEING Direct and transgenerational consequences of divergent reproductive strategies on ageing trajectories of parents and their offspring 2019
489 RadiPhyte Advancing beyond the adaptive radiation paradigm: uncovering the contributions of adaptive and non-adaptive processes to a rapid plant radiation 2019
490 GUTPOLAR Membrane trafficking as a link between cell polarity and intestinal absorptive function: from C. elegans to mammalian miniguts 2019
491 IFSSOC Coming together or doing it for themselves? The apparent paradox of social information and individuality in foraging 2020
492 TxnEvoClim Climate adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana through evolution of transcription regulation 2019
493 EPIC Evolution of Planktonic Gastropod Calcification 2019
494 LIFEMODE Possible Life: The Philosophical Significance of Extending Biology 2019
495 CancerADAPT Targeting the adaptive capacity of prostate cancer through the manipulation of transcriptional and metabolic traits 2019
496 TREND Transition with Resilience for Evolutionary Development 2019
497 FrogsInSpace From ecology to neurobiology: spatial cognition in rainforest frogs 2019
498 LexPex The Lexicalisation of Perceptual Experience 2019
499 NumBraInf The Role of Prefrontal Cortex in Functional Brain Organization of Number Processing in Infants 2019
500 BioSIGNAL Biological pump Sensitivity and climate change: InterroGatiNg past environmentAL perturbations 2019
501 LEECHSYMBIO The Mexican leech Haementeria officinalis and its nutritional symbiont as a model system for the study of strict blood-feeding animal-microbe symbioses and bacteriocyte development 2020
502 Cyanide Evolution EVOLUTION OF CYANIDE METABOLIMS IN APOSEMATIC BUTTERFLIES: from gene characterization to community ecology 2020
503 ESCAPE Abandoning ship – sex and dormancy strategies in Daphnia 2019
504 GRASAD Uncovering the genetic roots of ASD and ADHD 2020
505 GainGrain Understanding genetic hubs in rice inflorescence architecture to increase grain yield 2019
506 EvolMAX Molecular determinants of host adaptation in fungal-plant pathogens: origins and evolution of virulence effectors by genomic, phylogenetic and association mapping studies 2020
507 Language Use Languages and Language Use 2019
508 ECO-DEKS External knowledge sourcing strategies for environmental innovation in the industrial sector of Nigeria 2019
509 HARNESS Harnessing experimental evolution of rhizobia for an integrative view of endosymbiosis 2019
510 ANTHROPOID Great ape organoids to reconstruct uniquely human development 2019
511 VIREVOL Cells and giant viruses: a win-win co-evolution 2019
512 EVOMORPHYS Identifying how Evolution exploits physical properties of tissues to generate the complexity and diversity of Life 2019
513 PROTEUS Predicting Routes Of Tumour Evolution driven by Unstable genomes and Selection 2019
514 mAMBo The role of ASCL1 and MYCN in human brain development 2019
515 EVER Evolution of VEnom Regulation 2019
516 PRO2EUK Exploring Asgard archaea to illuminate the prokaryote-to-eukaryote transition 2019
517 SaPhaDe Know your enemy: systematic discovery of Salmonella anti-Phage Defences for the improved design of phage therapeutics 2019
518 DIATOMIC Untangling eco-evolutionary impacts on diatom genomes over timescales relevant to current climate change 2019
519 C0PEP0D Life and death of a virtual copepod in turbulence 2019
520 OCHRE Oat CHRomosome Evolution and drivers enabling widespread terminal intergenomic translocations in polyploid species 2019
521 DyCLE Dynamics of Cadmium concentrations in Leaves in response to a challenging Environment 2019
522 EvolSexChrom Testing new hypotheses on the evolution of sex-related chromosomes 2019
523 Plant-FATE Predicting global vulnerability of forests to drought using plant functional trait evolution 2019
524 NaviFlu Navigating the evolutionary routes of influenza viruses 2019
525 PyroSafe Integration of new nano-engineered safe energetic layers with Sensors and Electronics to manufacture Safety-Critical Microsystems 2019
526 ARCHAIC ADAPT Admixture accelerated adaptation: signals from modern, ancient and archaic DNA. 2020
527 TechnoC-Cap Technological Cultures in Capuchin Monkeys: an Archeological and Behavioural exploration 2020
528 DeMol Deconstructing the past: Modelling the locomotion of Miocene hominoids through computational techniques 2020
529 BICAEHFID Biogeographic and cultural adaptations of early humans during the first intercontinental dispersals 2019
530 RHIZOCARBON Forest belowground carbon transport: From rhizosphere fluxes to physiological drivers 2019
531 PROGRESS The Enemy of the Good: Towards a Theory of Moral Progress 2019
532 TOX-ANT Toxin-antidote selfish elements in animals: from gene drive to speciation 2020
533 TerreStriAL Terrestrialization: Stress Signalling Dynamics in the Algal Progenitors of Land Plants 2019
534 SpeciationBehaviour The genetic and neural basis of reproductive isolation 2020
535 ASENT Foundations of Animal Sentience 2020
536 SongNeuroGen Species discrimination in birds: A behavioural-neurogenomics approach to auditory learning 2019
537 GAIA A Genomic and Macroevolutionary Approach to Studying Diversification in an Insect-Plant Arms Race 2020
538 BOSADMIX Genetic admixture and its impact on domestication in the Bos genus: a model for genetic improvement of livestock 2020
539 ARGPHENO Using hidden genealogical structure to study the architecture of human disease 2020
540 AGRICON Ancient genomic reconstruction of convergent evolution to agriculture 2019
541 MOVE Modelling to Optimize Vector Elimination: Destabilising mosquito populations 2020
542 EvoCellMap Tracing the origin and early evolution of animal cell type regulation with genomics and single-cell approaches 2020
543 ECOLBEH The Ecology of Collective Behaviour 2020
544 OptimHist Optimization and historical contingency in living systems: a biophysical approach 2020
545 IMMUNETREH Trehalose as a source for privileged immunity in Drosophila 2020
546 PLASTINET Plasticity of the Pluripotency Network 2020
547 InVivoRuBisCO In vivo Directed Evolution of Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using an Orthogonal DNA Replication System 2020
548 ADAM Autonomous Discovery of Advanced Materials 2020
549 EvoBias Sex-specific demography and the evolution of gender-biased harmful cultural practices 2020
550 EVOMENS The evolution of menstruation in primates 2020
551 PharmaLedger PharmaLedger 2020
552 TETHYS The evolution and regulation of major transitions in sexual systems: new insights from the brown algae 2020
553 DiversiPHI Predicting the evolution of complex phage-host interactions 2020
554 ForM-SMArt Formal Methods for Stochastic Models: Algorithms and Applications 2020
555 AntiViralEvo Unravelling the evolution of antiviral sensors and response systems in animals using the phylum Cnidaria 2020
556 Lacto-Be Advancing Lactobacillus’ beneficial potential 2020
557 WACONDY Waves and concentration dynamics in biology 2021
558 RNAVirFitness The dark side of evolution: the deleterious mutational landscape of RNA viruses 2020
559 GLOBAL Tropical rain forest diversification: a GLOBAL approach 2020
561 OLEA Olea expansion and mosaic Landscape formation in an island Environment since human Arrival 2020
562 BeePath Impact of vector-mediated transmission on the evolution and ecology of a bee virus 2020
563 SNeX The origins of thermonuclear supernova explosions 2020
564 Hemstem Targeting leukaemia by modulating hematopoietic stem cell competitiveness 2020
565 EvolInfome The sources of historical signal in the genomes of birds 2021
566 WaspCLIM A continental-scale test of the climate hypothesis for the evolution of altruism in insects 2021
567 SICNET Statistical Inference of the Cerebellar Network 2020
568 The Others in Me The Others in Me: the Impact of Others on Self-Conscious Emotions and Self-Understanding 2020
569 3DFOSSILDIET Tracing the Ontogenetic Evolution of Diet and Behavior in Neandertals and Anatomically Modern Humans in the Franco-Cantabrian Region. An Integrative study of 3D Tooth Wear Patterns 2020
570 Ceratina Social evolution in Ceratina bees: a comparative approach 2020
571 EAST Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Understand and Secure Web/Enterprise Systems 2020
572 No Sex No Conflict Evolutionary Consequences of Arrested Genomic Conflict in Asexual Species 2020
573 RENOPROTECT Targeting tubular reabsorption for kidney protection 2020
574 DynFish How the dynamics of personality variation, food intake and social interactions determine anti-predator escape 2021
575 SOCIAL MATCH The role of social behaviour in mate choice 2021
576 ERA Epigenetic Regulation in Acinetobacter baumannii 2020
577 STAMPEDE Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Modern and Past Elephant DivErsity 2021
578 BEEP Biodiversity Erosion in European medicinal Plants 2020
579 TRADEOFF Deciphering fundamental constraints on pathogen adaptation 2021
580 RCC_Evo Modelling the Predictability and Repeatability of Tumour Evolution in Clear Cell Renal Cell Cancer 2020
581 FISHEARS Enigmatic fish ears: solving a sensory biology riddle with bioengineering and Artificial Intelligence 2020
582 INSANE Joint Species And Niche Evolution 2020
583 HYPERDIVERSE Keys to evolutionary success: untangling drivers of hyperdiversification 2020
584 ANEMONE Evolving a Home for Nemo: Genomic Consequences and Convergence in a Model Marine Mutualism 2020
585 ExoMAC Exoplanets Molecular Atmospheric Composition 2020