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The page lists 1386 projects related to the topic "decision".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MACC-III Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate -III 2014
2 SafetyCube Safety CaUsation, Benefits and Efficiency 2015
3 Feed-a-Gene Adapting the feed, the animal and the feeding techniques to improve the efficiency and sustainability of monogastric livestock production systems 2015
4 DiaChemo Point-of-care microfluidic device for quantification of chemotherapeutic drugs in small body fluid samples by highly selective nanoparticle extraction and liquid crystal detection 2015
5 DiscardLess DiscardLess – Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries 2015
6 PEGASUS Public Ecosystem Goods And Services from land management - Unlocking the Synergies 2015
7 Prominent Promoting Innovation in the Inland Waterways Transport Sector 2015
8 FATIMA FArming Tools for external nutrient Inputs and water MAnagement 2015
9 SUSTAIN Sustainable tailored integrated care for older people in Europe 2015
10 SELFIE Sustainable intEgrated care modeLs for multi-morbidity: delivery, FInancing and performancE 2015
11 I-MOVE-plus I-MOVE+ Integrated Monitoring of Vaccines Effects in Europe: a platform to measure and compare effectiveness and impact of influenza and pneumococcal vaccines and vaccination strategies in the elderly 2015
12 CDS-QUAMRI A Clinical Decision Support system based on Quantitative multimodal brain MRI for personalized treatment in neurological and psychiatric disorders 2015
13 FORECEE Female cancer prediction using cervical omics to individualise screening and prevention 2015
14 EDC-MixRisk Integrating Epidemiology and Experimental Biology to Improve Risk Assessment of Exposure to Mixtures of Endocrine Disruptive Compounds 2015
15 PASS Preparation for the establishment of a European SST Service provision function 2014
16 SILNE-R Enhancing the effectiveness of programs and strategies to prevent youth smoking: a comparative realist evaluation of 7 European cities 2015
17 CoachCom2020 CoachCom2020 – a coaching community enhancing impact of the H2020 SME Instrument 2014
18 HIPSTER Deployment of high pressure and temperature food processing for sustainable, safe and nutritious foods with fresh-like quality 2015
19 PrimeFish Developing Innovative Market Orientated Prediction Toolbox to Strengthen the Economic Sustainability and Competitiveness of European Seafood on Local and Global markets 2015
20 SENSKIN ' SENsing SKIN' for Monitoring-Based Maintenance of the Transport Infrastructure (SENSKIN) 2015
22 FLOW Furthering Less Congestion by creating Opportunities for more Walking and cycling 2015
23 ELIPTIC Electrification of public transport in cities 2015
24 NeTIRail-INFRA Needs Tailored Interoperable Railway 2015
25 DESTinationRAIL Decision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure Managers 2015
26 LYNCEUS2MARKET An innovative people localisation system for safe evacuation of large passenger ships 2015
27 PASSME Personalised Airport Systems for Seamless Mobility and Experience 2015
28 SAMT Sustainability assessment methods and tools to support decision-making in the process industries 2015
29 MEASURE Metrics for Sustainability Assessment in European Process Industries 2015
30 ICP4Life An Integrated Collaborative Platform for Managing the Product-Service Engineering Lifecycle 2015
31 C2NET Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks (C2NET) 2015
32 MEMAN Integral Material and Energy flow MANagement in MANufacturing metal mechanic sector 2015
33 ProRegio Customer-driven design of product-services and production networks to adapt to regional market requirements 2015
35 RIBuild Robust Internal Thermal Insulation of Historic Buildings 2015
36 URBANFLUXES URBan ANthrpogenic heat FLUX from Earth observation Satellites 2015
37 COMPUTED Computational User Interface Design 2015
38 Human Decisions The Neural Determinants of Perceptual Decision Making in the Human Brain 2015
39 ENHANCEDQMMR Enhanced Qualitative and Multi-Method Research in Political Science 2015
41 VOICES Voices Of Individuals: Collectively Exploring Self-determination 2015
42 FIDUCEO Fidelity and Uncertainty in Climate data records from Earth Observations 2015
43 OPT4SMART Distributed Optimization Methods for Smart Cyber-Physical Networks 2015
44 PhilPharm Philosophy of Pharmacology: Safety, Statistical standards and Evidence Amalgamation 2015
45 Hi-EST Holistic Integration of Emerging Supercomputing Technologies 2015
46 MIND-SETS Mobility Innovations for a New Dawn in Sustainable (European) Transport Systems 2014
47 MONITOR Forecasting and Monitoring Economic Indicators 2015
48 GRACeFUL Global systems Rapid Assessment tools through Constraint FUnctional Languages 2015
49 EDUCAGE The EDUCAGE: A Behavioral Platform for Naturalistic Learning 2015
50 CEMCAP CO2 capture from cement production 2015
51 ExtraLytics ExtraLytics: Big Data Analytics for Real Estate 2014
52 NANOIMAGER A portable single-molecule fluorescence imager 2014
53 RELIEF RELIability of product Environmental Footprints 2015
54 GALENA Galileo-based solutions for urban freight transport 2015
55 POSITION POlish Support to Innovation and Technology IncubatiON 2015
56 EWIT EWIT: Developing an e-waste implementation toolkit to support the recycling and the secondary raw material recovery strategies in metropolitan areas in Africa 2015
57 WATERINNEU Applying European market leadership to river basin networks and spreading of innovation on water ICT models, tools and data 2015
58 SAF21 Social Science Aspects of Fisheries for the 21st Century 2015
59 FREEWAT FREE and open source software tools for WATer resource management 2015
60 BlueSCities Blueprints for Smart Cities: Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the integration of the water and waste sectors within the EIP Smart Cities and Communities 2015
61 WDAqua Answering Questions using Web Data 2015
62 TreatRec Interdisciplinary concepts for municipal wastewater treatment and resource recovery. Tackling future challenges 2015
63 BigStorage BigStorage: Storage-based Convergence between HPC and Cloud to handle Big Data 2015
64 iManageCancer iManageCancer - Empowering patients and strengthening self-management in cancer diseases 2015
65 WOMEN-UP Cost effective self-management of urinary incontinence addressed to women across Europe 2015
66 m-RESIST Mobile Therapeutic Attention for Patients with Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia 2015
67 RegHealth-RI The European regions network for Health Research and Innovation 2014
68 myAirCoach Analysis, modelling and sensing of both physiological and environmental factors for the customized and predictive self-management of Asthma 2015
69 PD_manager mhealth platform for Parkinson’s disease management 2015
70 MyCyFAPP Innovative approach for self-management and social welfare of Cystic Fibrosis patients in Europe: development, validation and implementation of a telematics tool. 2015
71 FoodSMART Shaping Smarter Consumer Behaviour and Food Choice 2015
72 SEP Startup Europe Partnership 2015
73 Flourish Aerial Data Collection and Analysis, and Automated Ground Intervention for Precision Farming 2015
74 SCISSOR Security In trusted SCADA and smart-grids 2015
75 MUSA MUlti-cloud Secure Applications 2015
76 PaaSword A Holistic Data Privacy and Security by Design Platform-as-a-Service Framework Introducing Distributed Encrypted Persistence in Cloud-based Applications 2015
77 TAMS4CPS Trans-Atlantic Modelling and Simulation For Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
78 AEGLE AEGLE (Ancient Greek: Αá¼´γλη) – An analytics framework for integrated and personalized healthcare services in Europe 2015
79 CASPER User-centric Middleware Architecture for Advanced Service Provisioning in Future Networks 2016
80 RobDREAM Optimising Robot Performance while Dreaming 2015
81 SSIX Social Sentiment analysis financial IndeXes 2015
82 DiasporaLink DiasporaLink 2015
83 STEER Support Tool for Energy Efficiency pRogrammes in medical centres 2014
84 Sustain-Owner Sustainable Design and Management of Industrial Assets through Total Value and Cost of Ownership 2015
85 PROPHETIC PROPHETIC:An innovating Personal Healthcare Service for a holistic remote management and treatment of Parkinson patients. 2015
86 RISE_BPM Propelling Business Process Management by Research and Innovation Staff Exchange 2015
87 RINEA Research and Innovation Network for Europe and Africa 2015
88 WeLive A neW concept of pubLic administration based on citizen co-created mobile urban services 2015
89 ENF2015 EuroNanoForum 2015 2014
90 CITYKEYS Smart City performance measurement system 2015
91 NETFFICIENT Energy and economic efficiency for today’s smart communities through integrated multi storage technologies 2015
92 Bioenergy4Business Uptake of Solid Bioenergy in European Commercial Sectors (Industry, Trade, Agricultural and Service Sectors) – Bioenergy for Business 2015
93 REMOURBAN REgeneration MOdel for accelerating the smart URBAN transformation 2015
94 ENERGISE ICT-based ENERgy Grid Implementation – Smart and Efficient 2015
95 MODEST Mathematical Optimization for clinical DEcision Support and Training 2015
96 UQMSI Uncertainty Quantification and Modern Statistical Inference 2015
97 DiODe Distributed Algorithms for Optimal Decision-Making 2015
98 FIRSTRUN Fiscal Rules and Strategies under Externalities and Uncertainties 2015
99 SET IT Organization and Delivery of the Italian Presidency Conference on the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) – the SET IT Project 2014
100 STEP Societal and political engagement of young people in environmental issues 2015
101 EMU Choices (former EMU_SCEUS) The Choice for Europe since Maastricht. Member States' Preferences for Economic and Financial Integration 2015
102 EUth EUth - Tools and Tips for Digital and Mobile Youth Participation in and across Europe 2015
103 HERON Forward-looking socio-economic research on Energy Efficiency in EU countries. 2015
104 COMBI Calculating and Operationalising the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency Improvements in Europe 2015
105 REFURB REgional process innovations FOR Building renovation packages opening markets to zero energy renovations 2015
106 STEAM-UP STEam And Management Under Pressure 2015
107 BRISKEE Behavioural Response to Investment Risks in Energy Efficiency 2015
108 OntoPerson The Ontology of Personal Identity 2015
109 SMARTGEARBOX Development of a new gearbox without lubricants for low OM costs, higher efficiency, and oiless applications 2014
110 FFI Forward Flow Infusion - Low Cost Composite Manufacturing Process for High Volume Production 2014
111 iMoHEALTH iMoHEALTH: A pan-national collaborative analytics platform for the exploration of population health. 2014
112 AERFOR Proactive Passenger Flow Management for Airports with an Advanced Forecasting System 2014
113 SIADE Spatial Decision Support System for Transportation Planning 2014
115 InnProBio Forum for Bio-Based Innovation in Public Procurement 2015
116 WINETWORK Network for the exchange and transfer of innovative knowledge between European wine-growing regions to increase the productivity and sustainability of the sector 2015
117 EuroStemCell European Consortium for Communicating Stem Cell Research 2015
118 RESILENS RESILENS: Realising European ReSiliencE for CritIcaL INfraStructure 2015
119 TARGET Training Augmented Reality Generalised Environment Toolkit 2015
120 RESOLUTE RESilience management guidelines and Operationalization appLied to Urban Transport Environment 2015
121 AUGGMED Automated Serious Game Scenario Generator for Mixed Reality Training 2015
122 CUIDAR Cultures of Disaster Resilience among children and young people 2015
123 REFINET REthinking Future Infrastructure NETworks 2015
124 ITS OBSERVATORY ITS Observatory 2015
125 SCIMOD Scientific Models, Fiction and Imagination 2015
126 eLTER European Long-Term Ecosystem and socio-ecological Research Infrastructure 2015
127 FUTURES Energy Futures of the High North: Assessing Intermediary Expertise and New Valuation Practices that Guide Arctic Hydrocarbon Development 2016
128 GETUI Gestures in Tangible User Interfaces 2015
129 GROUPCOG From individual cognition to collective intelligence 2016
130 GUIDES GUideline Implementation with DEcision Support systems 2015
131 ADRIA Adriatic Perspectives: Memory and Identity on a Transnational European Periphery 2016
132 BIBLACE The Bible and the Law in Carolingian Europe: Scriptural Exegesis and Royal Legislation from Charlemagne to Charles the Bald (ca. AD 780-880) 2016
133 MultiFUNGtionality Fungal diversity, ecosystem services and forest management: unravelling the role and dynamics of fungal communities in multifunctional Mediterranean forests. 2016
134 FireAndRiskPrevention When the smoke clears: predicting and preventing catastrophic erosion and flooding after wildfires in volcanic terrains 2015
135 QTMODEM Quantitative Motor Control for Decision Making 2016
136 STATE CAPACITY Neither Dwarf nor Leviathan: Explaining Territorial and Functional Variation in State Capacity 2016
137 CortexVisionBehavior Neocortical circuits underlying visually-guided behaviors in mice. 2016
138 CoEvolFramework Unified Framework for the Analysis of Co-evolutionary Systems 2016
139 RES.CO.PART Research Consultation and Participation:developing a tool for managing cultural heritage and landscape 2015
140 Intentions in Action Intentions in Action: Establishing the neural causes of intentional action 2015
141 PREF LEARNHEUR Learning heuristics in preference elicitation tasks: insights from behavioural, computational and neurobiological investigations 2015
143 CRISIS Coastal flood risk in Europe and the socio-economic impacts in a changing climate 2016
144 FRAMING_EFFECTS Experimental Analysis of Framing Effects via Observation of Decision-Making Processes to Improve the Real-World Applicability of Decision Research in Economics 2015
145 ClimatCon Climate-resilient pathways for the development of concrete infrastructure: adaptation, mitigation and sustainability 2015
146 CODIR Cortical Dynamics of Decision Irrationality 2016
147 S4ILS Solar Sailing for Space Situational Awareness In the Lunar System 2015
148 BIDAMARK BIg DAta-driven MARKeting for better competitiveness 2015
149 SEDiLINK Sediment linkage between land, river and sea: evaluating impacts of historic mining on sediment quality in the coastal zone 2015
150 DISHY Synergistic effects of DISpersant, oil and HYpoxia in a teleost fish: Investigating the impact of oil contamination in hypoxic areas and the use of dispersant as a response technique 2015
151 GROUPIND Collective personalities: from individuals to groups, and back 2015
152 StentFEM Advanced Finite Element Modeling of Arterial Stent Placement Procedures 2015
153 EMPIREHURIGHTS Empire and Human Rights: Colonization and Sovereignty in a global Iberian Empire (1580-1640) 2016
154 BayesianHumanCortex Bayesian computations in the human neocortex: deciphering the neuronal mechanisms of perceptual and syntactic inferences. 2015
155 ReaDoubt Reasonable Doubt: An epistemological and psychological approach 2015
156 ECDCOP Evolutionary Computation for Dynamic Constrained Optimization Problems 2015
157 PI-PEC Pro-Internationalization Policy in the European Union The Challenge of Policy Efficiency and Coherence Post Lisbon 2015
159 VisuaLook Novel clothing e-commerce application for reliable size assignment and realistic fitting visualization 2015
160 Multidyn Patented advanced low-cost multiwell cell-culture system for in-vitro physiologically relevant biomarker screening 2015
161 PCT Plant CT - Making Plants Healthier 2015
162 BioValue Quality determination of solid biofuels in real time 2015
163 ETA4B Energy Trusted Advisor for Buildings 2015
164 SLIGHT GRANULATION SLIGHT GRANULATION process reducing Water consumption in ceramic tiles industry 2015
165 DISA medical Diagnosis Support Armchair project 2015
166 BrainPEER Brain Performance Enhancement Revolution - Advanced Cognitive Training System for Football Players 2015
167 XPRESSO Breakthrough gene expression search engine for cost reduction and significantly increased use of open data in drug discovery. 2015
168 CIP Categorical Interoception Project: How generalization and classification strategies link anxiety and interoception 2016
169 EHW15 High Level eHealth Conference 2015 2015
170 CLOUD-VAS Cloud based Vessel Allocation Decision Support System for Vessel Chartering 2015
171 iBack Individualized treatment planning in chronic back pain patients by advanced imaging and multi-parametric biomechanical models 2015
172 CAFES Causal Analysis of Feedback Systems 2015
173 LIFES 50plus Qualification of innovative floating substructures for 10MW wind turbines and water depths greater than 50m. 2015
174 BINGO Bringing INnovation to onGOing water management – A better future under climate change 2015
175 MOSES Managing crOp water Saving with Enterprise Services 2015
176 TRANSrisk Transitions pathways and risk analysis for climate change mitigation and adaption strategies 2015
177 RealValue Realising Value from Electricity Markets with Local Smart Electric Thermal Storage Technology 2015
178 RESIN Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructures 2015
179 BODEGA BOrdDErGuArd - Proactive Enhancement of Human Performance in Border Control 2015
180 Mediation A Mechanism Design and Cheap Talk Approach to Mediation 2015
181 HoNESt History of Nuclear Energy and Society 2015
182 Modern2020 Development and Demonstration of monitoring strategies and technologies for geological disposal 2015
183 EPIC Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control 2015
184 EPFL Fellows Experienced Researchers Incoming Fellowship Programme at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 2015
185 AF16 Adaptation Futures 2016 2015
186 Dermtest An empowering toolkit for general practitioners to prevent, detect and treat melanoma (Dermtest) 2015
187 BIRDWATCH BIRDWATCH, The first integral and modular mobility and security solution for smart parking management 2015
188 Train-to-NZEB Train-to-NZEB: The Building Knowledge Hubs 2015
189 Scan4Reco Multimodal Scanning of Cultural Heritage Assets for their multilayered digitization and preventive conservation via spatiotemporal 4D Reconstruction and 3D Printing 2015
190 FET-Event Ensuring the success of the next FET Conference and exhibition at a key period for FET 2015
191 GRAVITATE Geometric Reconstruction And noVel semantIc reunificaTion of culturAl heriTage objEcts 2015
192 CoPS Coevolutionary Policy Search 2015
193 EngineeringPercepts Reverse engineering sensory perception and decision making: bridging physiology, anatomy and behavior 2015
194 DEMSEC Democratic Secrecy: A Philosophical Study of the Role of Secrecy in Democratic Politics 2015
195 MELGEN MELanoma GENetics - understanding and biomarking the genetic and immunological determinants of melanoma survival 2015
196 TRECKQUITY Social equity goals in conservation interventions: a system thinking approach to track progress at global level 2015
197 GEDII Gender Diversity Impact – Improving research and innovation through gender diversity 2015
198 LIBRA Leading Innovative measures to reach gender Balance in Research Activities 2015
199 AquaSHIELD Protecting citizens against intentional drinking water contamination with a water quality firewall 2015
200 RABIOPRED RABIOPRED - Clinical validation of BIOmarker assay to PREDict treatment response in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients 2015
201 SWORD Advanced Analytics Platform for Stroke Patients Rehabilitation 2015
202 NAVDEC Navigational Decision Support System for Improved COLREGs Safety Management 2015
203 SMITH SMart and Interoperable THermal network system development 2015
204 FASTPRK-2 Enhanced on-street parking management system 2015
205 DISCO Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation 2015
206 InfoAggregation Information Aggregation in Elections 2015
207 ACCORD Algorithms for Complex Collective Decisions on Structured Domains 2015
208 MARKETING EXPENDITUR Marketing Expenditure Budgeting: from the Upper Echelon to the Lower Echelon 2015
209 RobustSENSE Robust and Reliable Environment Sensing and Situation Prediction for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving 2015
210 MPGS A citizen context aware platform to provide mobile public services 2015
211 EXCHANGE Forensic Geneticists and the Transnational Exchange of DNA data in the EU: Engaging Science with Social Control, Citizenship and Democracy 2015
212 ANTAREX AutoTuning and Adaptivity appRoach for Energy efficient eXascale HPC systems 2015
213 INDIMACRO Individual decisions and macroeconomic robustness 2015
214 SalThApp Psychology and Economic Behavior: Theory, Tests and Applications 2015
215 MANTIS Cyber Physical System based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance 2015
216 AEROGLASS Augmented reality aerial navigation for a safer and more effective aviation 2015
217 TRANSPOP The Transformation of Popular Politics in Europe’s Long Nineteenth Century 2015
218 UnPrEDICT Uncertainty and Precaution: Environmental Decisions Involving Catastrophic Threats 2015
219 Ada Ada 2020 | Visual Reasoning Support for Healthcare Professionals 2015
220 CESSDA-SaW Strengthening and widening the European infrastructure for social science data archives. 2015
221 INSPIRATION Managing soil and groundwater impacts from agriculture for sustainable intensification 2016
222 TERRE Training Engineers and Researchers to Rethink geotechnical Engineering for a low carbon future 2015
223 AdMoRe Empowered decision-making in simulation-based engineering: Advanced Model Reduction for real-time, inverse and optimization in industrial problems 2015
224 COEGSS Center of Excellence for Global Systems Science 2015
225 EPOS IP EPOS Implementation Phase 2015
226 IMPROVE Innovative Modeling Approaches for Production Systems to raise validatable efficiency 2015
227 SUSPIRE Sustainable Production of Industrial Recovered Energy using energy dissipative and storage technologies 2015
228 MOEEBIUS Modelling Optimization of Energy Efficiency in Buildings for Urban Sustainability 2015
229 MAESTRI Energy and resource management systems for improved efficiency in the process industries. 2015
230 OptEEmAL Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform for Refurbishment at District Level 2015
231 SHAREBOX Secure Management Platform for Shared Process Resources 2015
232 GDC A Genetic Data CUBE - An innovative business model applied to predictive and prescriptive analytics, exploring Big Data and empowering cloud-services and urgent computation 2015
233 SurfaceInhibition The role of 5HT3a inhibitory interneurons in sensory processing 2015
234 CyberCare Integrated Sensing Architectures and Tools for Health Care 2016
235 SEMERGY Energy efficient and sustainable building planning 2015
236 Bosolog Bosolog – Multi-sensors and Assets' Log Monitoring and Management Software 2015
237 CRADLE Cancer treatment during pregnancy: from fetal safety to maternal efficacy 2015
238 PALMOBI Early Upper Palaeolithic mobility and technological decision-making under changing environmental constraints: case studies from Belgium and Romania 2016
239 Novel Calorimetry Exploring the Terascale at LHC with Novel Highly Granular Calorimeters 2015
240 5HTCircuits Modulation of cortical circuits and predictive neural coding by serotonin 2016
241 BIOVALID Clinical validation of the DiviTum assay in two high profile clinical studies in Europe 2015
242 ERINHA2 European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents 2 2016
243 RecoveriX Motor Recovery with Paired Associative Stimulation (RecoveriX) 2016
244 D3IMPACT Data-driven decisions for intelligent management of public transportation 2015
245 VIGI-LEAK A Smart Technology Trained for Preventing Leakages from Sewer Systems 2015
246 HeartMan Personal Decision Support System For Heart Failure Management 2016
247 CAPTOR Collective Awareness Platform for Tropospheric Ozone Pollution 2016
248 Record Biomap Research Coordination for a Low-Cost Biomethane Production at Small and Medium Scale Applications 2016
249 RAAI Whole Life Rail Axle Assessment and Improvement Using Ultrasonic Phased array and Corrosion Inspection Systems 2015
250 BACRES Feasibility study: Cloud-based diagnostic software for infectious diseases 2015
251 EO4wildlife Platform for wildlife monitoring integrating Copernicus and ARGOS data 2016
253 Body Interact Body Interact - Training skills environment to improve patient safety and medical education 2015
254 RNAREG Single molecule observation and manipulation of gene expression dynamics to dissect mechanisms of cell cycle entry 2016
256 BiogasAction BiogasAction: Promotion of sustainable biogas production in EU 2016
257 Industrial FW 4.0 Internet 4.0 based Manufacturing Execution System for the SME sector 2015
258 SMARTGEARBOX Development of a new gearbox without lubricants for low OM costs, higher efficiency, and oiless applications 2016
259 Loc8torHC A disruptive healthcare monitoring solution that by nature of what and how it monitors (IoT) improves home safety, user wellbeing and provides early warning to help avoid critical admissions 2016
260 OCProDx Strategic planning for commercialisation of a multiplexed protein diagnostic (Dx) blood test for Organ-Confined Prostate cancer: OCProDx 2016
261 GEO-CRADLE Coordinating and integRating state-of-the-art Earth Observation Activities in the regions of North Africa, Middle East, and Balkans and Developing Links with GEO related initiatives towards GEOSS 2016
262 SICLE Saadian Intellectual and Cultural Life 2016
263 ORISON Innovative infrastructure for astronomical research based on stratospheric balloons 2016
264 ComMUnion Net-shape joining technology to manufacture 3D multi-materials components based on metal alloys and thermoplastic composites 2015
265 EPICEA Electromagnetic Platform for lightweight Integration/Installation of electrical systems in Composite Electrical Aircraft 2016
266 MACROPMF Macroeconomic Dynamics with Product Market Frictions 2016
267 EuPRAXIA Proposal for a Horizon 2020 Design Study on the “European Plasma Research Accelerator with eXcellence In Applications“ (EuPRAXIA) 2015
268 HYPMED Digital Hybrid Breast PET/MRI for Enhanced Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 2016
269 Click-It “In Vivo Click PET Imaging Agents”: Improving clinical companion diagnostics 2016
270 ALLEGRO unrAvelLing sLow modE travelinG and tRaffic: with innOvative data to a new transportation and traffic theory for pedestrians and bicycles 2015
271 BRAVIUS Brain-viscera interactions underlie subjectivity 2015
272 WebMAT Web-based system for multi-arrangement task for rapid acquisition of subjectivejudgements. 2016
273 EMPATIA Enabling Multichannel PArticipation Through ICT Adaptations 2016
274 SETA SETA: An open, sustainable, ubiquitous data and service ecosystem for efficient, effective, safe, resilient mobility in metropolitan areas 2016
275 DMC-MALVEC Automated diagnostic platform, data management system and innovative communication tool, for improving the impact of malaria vector control interventions 2016
276 ASSET Instant Gratification for Collective Awareness and Sustainable Consumerism 2016
277 netCommons network infrastructure as commons 2016
278 U_CODE Urban Collective Design Environment: A new tool for enabling expert planners to co-create and communicate with citizens in urban design 2016
279 MSP-REFRAM Multi-Stakeholder Platform for a Secure Supply of Refractory Metals in Europe 2015
280 selfBACK A decision support system for self-management of low back pain 2016
281 AfriAlliance Africa-EU Innovation Alliance for Water and Climate 2016
282 Digi-NewB Non-invasive monitoring of perinatal health through multiparametric digital representation of clinically relevant functions for improving clinical intervention in neonatal units (Digi-NewB) 2016
283 POWER2DM POWER2DM - Predictive model-based decision support for diabetes patient empowerment 2016
284 MIN-GUIDE Minerals Policy Guidance for Europe 2016
285 EurValve Personalised Decision Support for Heart Valve Disease 2016
286 NEVERMIND NEurobehavioural predictiVE and peRsonalised Modelling of depressIve symptoms duriNg primary somatic Diseases with ICT-enabled self-management procedures 2016
287 PEPPER Patient Empowerment through Predictive PERsonalised decision support 2016
288 STARR Decision SupporT and self-mAnagement system for stRoke survivoRs 2016
289 ICT4Life ICT services for Life Improvement For the Elderly 2016
290 IMPACTPapeRec Boosting the implementation of participatory strategies on separate paper collection for efficient recycling 2016
291 DESIREE Decision Support and Information Management System for Breast Cancer 2016
292 POLYCARE POLY-stakeholders for integrated CARE for chronic patients in acute phases 2016
293 miRNA-DisEASY microRNA biomarkers in an innovative biophotonic sensor kit for high-specific diagnosis 2015
294 MIREL MIREL - MIning and REasoning with Legal texts 2016
296 GEO-SAFE Geospatial based Environment for Optimisation Systems Addressing Fire Emergencies 2016
297 uP_running Take-off for sustainable supply of woody biomass from agrarian pruning and plantation removal 2016
298 ISAAC Increasing Social Awarness and ACceptance of biogas and biomethane 2016
299 ERAofART Epigenetic Risk Assesment of Assisted Reproductive Technologies 2016
300 POWER Political and sOcial awareness on Water EnviRonmental challenges 2015
301 BILAT USA 4.0 Bilateral Coordination for the Enhancement and Development of STI Partnerships between the EU and the USA 2016
302 OpenGovIntelligence Fostering Innovation and Creativity in Europe through Public Administration Modernization towards Supplying and Exploiting Linked Open Statistical Data 2016
303 smarticipate smart services for calculated impact assessment in open governance 2016
305 SuperSmart Expertise hub for a market uptake of energy-efficient supermarkets by awareness raising, knowledge transfer and pre-preparation of an EU Ecolabel 2016
306 SuFoRun Models and decision SUpport tools for integrated FOrest policy development under global change and associated Risk and UNcertainty 2016
307 YOUNG_ADULLLT Policies Supporting Young People in their Life Course. A Comparative Perspective of Lifelong Learning and Inclusion in Education and Work in Europe 2016
308 SMART Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade 2016
309 ENLIVEN Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe 2016
310 GREENSOUL Eco-aware Persuasive Networked Data Devices for User Engagement in Energy Efficiency 2016
311 SponGES Deep-sea Sponge Grounds Ecosystems of the North Atlantic: an integrated approach towards their preservation and sustainable exploitation 2016
312 EDI-Net EDI-NET – The Energy Data Innovation Network; using smart meter data, campaigns and networking to increase the capacity of public authorities to implement sustainable energy policy 2016
313 TAPAS Tools for Assessment and Planning of Aquaculture Sustainability 2016
314 EMPATTICS EMpowering PAtients for a BeTTer Information and improvement of the Communication Systems 2016
315 MycoKey Integrated and innovative key actions for mycotoxin management in the food and feed chain 2016
316 SDDM-TEA Static and Dynamic Decision Making under Uncertainty: Theory and Applications 2016
317 GPS-Bat Foraging Decision Making in the Real World – revealed from a bat’s point of view by on-board miniature sensors 2016
318 ENERFUND An ENErgy Retrofit FUNDing rating tool 2016
319 INTRACOF The impact of intra household decision making on the sustainability, efficiency and equitability of household farming in sub-Saharan Africa. 2016
320 GRACE Integrated oil spill response actions and environmental effects 2016
321 BD2Decide Big Data and models for personalized Head and Neck Cancer Decision support 2016
322 EXCHANGE-Risk EXperimental Computational Hybrid Assessment of Natural Gas pipelines Exposed to Seismic Risk 2016
323 PACAS Participatory Architectural Change Management in ATM Systems 2016
324 S-PEEK Simple, immediate and economical access to company credit rating and financial information. 2016
325 INTEL-1 Intelligent investment analysis of early-stage companies 2016
326 INTUIT Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance 2016
327 STEMM-CCS Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage 2016
328 ClimeFish Co-creating a decision support framework to ensure sustainable fish production in Europe under climate change 2016
329 ATLAS A Trans-AtLantic Assessment and deep-water ecosystem-based Spatial management plan for Europe 2016
330 WEKIT Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training 2015
331 PROFIT Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability 2016
332 NanoStreeM NANOmaterials: STRategies for Safety Assessments in advanced Integrated Circuits Manufacturing 2016
333 PARTAKE cooPerative depArtuRes for a compeTitive ATM networK sErvice. 2016
334 ANIMATION Automatic Neurovascular Image Analysis and Quantification 2016
335 Fundsphere Terms FST Reshaping the Asset Management Industry by commercialising the first digital solution to automate preparation of legal agreements that will increase the growth of registered funds on global markets. 2016
336 ERA-PLANET The European network for observing our changing planet 2016
337 HARVEST Plant foods in human evolution: Factors affecting the harvest of nutrients from the floral environment 2017
338 NEUROGOAL Neuronal Coding of Choice and Action-Selection during Decision-Making in Behaving Mice 2016
339 JUDI-ARCH The Rise of Judicial Self-Government: Changing the Architecture of Separation of Powers without an Architect 2016
340 ERA4CS European Research Area for Climate Services 2016
341 REFLEX Analysis of the European energy system under the aspects of flexibility and technological progress 2016
342 SET-Nav Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Innovation 2016
343 4D4F Data Driven Dairy Decisions 4 Farmers 2016
344 OptiFrame An Optimization Framework for Trajectory Based Operations 2016
345 AURORA Advanced User-centric efficiency metRics for air traffic perfORmance Analytics 2016
346 SCALABLE DEMOCRACY Can Direct Democracy Be Scaled? The Promise of Networked Democracy and the Affordances of Decision-Making Software 2016
347 UMIC Association of Uranium with Organic Matter- and Iron-bearing Colloids in Wetland Environments 2016
348 EYEPOD The vision-strike conversion: Neural control of the predatory strike behavior in stomatopods 2016
349 TOFNITW Transformation of Family Norms in a Transnational World: How LGBT Migrants can Affect Change through Social Remittances 2017
350 Degrees of Belief The Nature of Degrees of Belief 2017
351 QUMEC Quantifying urban mines in Europe and related implications for the metal-energy-climate change nexus 2016
352 PtoACons Going from Phenomenal to Access Consciousness: Neurobehavioural correlates of visual consciousness development and its underlying cognitive procesess. 2016
353 CENTURION Signal proCEssing in optical communication NeTworks Using ReservoIr cOmputiNg 2016
354 EARTHSCAPES From Landscapes to Earthscapes: Understanding Visual Cultures of Global Environmental Crisis and the Making of Global Environmental Images, 1945-present (EARTHSCAPES) 2017
355 NomadicN Niche construction on the move: how nomadic pastoralists navigate across fast-changing social-ecological systems 2016
356 FreshProof A real-time forecast decision support system for the food supply chain 2017
357 OPTBIOMAN Optimal Decision Making under Uncertainty in Biomanufacturing Operations 2016
358 SURVEIRON SURVEIRON: Advanced surveillance system for the protection of urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures 2016
359 OMIS Feasibility study on Opto-Magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy for cancer screening 2016
360 EpiHelmet Clinical validation of a mobile EEG medical device for diagnosis and remote monitoring in epileptic patients 2016
361 CALBATT - ASSET Advanced Solutions for Smart Energy storage and electric Transportation 2016
362 LCCMcons Using Land Cover Change Models to Address Important Conservation Issues 2016
363 QDM Quantum Decision Making 2016
364 ADAPT Adaptive Decision support for Agents negotiation in electricity market and smart grid Power Transactions 2017
365 FAHMRRR Focus alternatives in the human mind: Retrieval, representation, and recall 2016
366 WATERSPOUTT Water - Sustainable Point-Of-Use Treatment Technologies 2016
367 INTEGROIL Demonstration of a Decision Support System for a Novel Integrated Solution aimed at Water Reuse in the Oil & Gas Industry 2016
368 SIM4NEXUS Sustainable Integrated Management FOR the NEXUS of water-land-food-energy-climate for a resource-efficient Europe 2016
369 C3-Cloud A Federated Collaborative Care Cure Cloud Architecture for Addressing the Needs of Multi-morbidity and Managing Poly-pharmacy 2016
370 VicInAqua Integrated aquaculture based on sustainable water recirculating system for the Victoria Lake Basin (VicInAqua) 2016
371 CONNECARE Personalised Connected Care for Complex Chronic Patients 2016
372 PNOWWA Probabilistic Nowcasting of Winter Weather for Airports 2016
373 iTRACK Integrated system for real-time TRACKing and collective intelligence in civilian humanitarian missions 2016
374 iBorderCtrl Intelligent Portable Border Control System 2016
375 DiSIEM Diversity Enhancements for SIEMs 2016
376 SWATCH Savanna water and carbon fluxes modelling integrating Earth Observation data 2018
377 CADENT Competitive Advantage for the Data-driven ENTerprise 2016
378 OCGN Traditional Organised Crime and the Internet: The changing organization of illegal gambling networks 2017
379 AGERISK Neurocomputational mechanisms underlying age-related performance changes in goal-directed decisions from experience 2016
380 MARINA Marine Knowledge Sharing Platform for Federating Responsible Research and Innovation Communities 2016
381 COFUNDfellowsDTU H.C. Ørsted Fellows Programme – co-funded by Marie SkÅ‚odowska Curie Actions (COFUNDfellowsDTU) 2017
382 caLIBRAte Performance testing, calibration and implementation of a next generation system-of-systems Risk Governance Framework for nanomaterials 2016
383 S3NET Satellite Swarm Sensor NETwork 2016
384 REPAiR REPAiR - REsource Management in Peri-urban AReas: Going Beyond Urban Metabolism 2016
385 INCOVER Innovative Eco-Technologies for Resource Recovery from Wastewater 2016
386 INTCATCH Development and application of Novel, Integrated Tools for monitoring and managing Catchments 2016
387 MAGIC Moving Towards Adaptive Governance in Complexity: Informing Nexus Security 2016
388 LANDSENSE A Citizen Observatory and Innovation Marketplace for Land Use and Land Cover Monitoring 2016
389 Urban_Wins Urban metabolism accounts for building Waste management Innovative Networks and Strategies 2016
390 GROW GROW Observatory 2016
391 DAFNE DAFNE: Use of a Decision-Analytic Framework to explore the water-energy-food NExus in complex and trans-boundary water resources systems of fast growing developing countries. 2016
392 SMART-Plant Scale-up of low-carbon footprint material recovery techniques in existing wastewater treatment plants 2016
393 FLOWERED de-FLuoridation technologies for imprOving quality of WatEr and agRo-animal products along the East African Rift Valley in the context of aDaptation to climate change. 2016
394 BigData4ATM Passenger-centric Big Data Sources for Socio-economic and Behavioural Research in ATM 2016
395 ANYWHERE EnhANcing emergencY management and response to extreme WeatHER and climate Events 2016
396 ROCSAFE Remotely Operated CBRNe Scene Assessment Forensic Examination 2016
397 DemocInChange Effects of Institutional Change on Participatory Democracy and the Involvement of Civil Society Organisations 2017
398 MultisensoryIntegration Multisensory Integration in Time and Space 2016
399 SOGICA Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Claims of Asylum: A European human rights challenge 2016
400 YEASTMEMORY Memory in biological regulatory circuits 2016
401 DECISIVE A DECentralIzed management Scheme for Innovative Valorization of urban biowastE 2016
402 Ground Truth 2.0 Ground Truth 2.0 - Environmental knowledge discovery of human sensed data 2016
403 SemI40 Power Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing 4.0 2016
404 LIGHTest Lightweight Infrastructure for Global Heterogeneous Trust management in support of an open Ecosystem of Stakeholders and Trust schemes. 2016
405 HERACLES HEritage Resilience Against CLimate Events on Site 2016
406 ADMIN Interaction between posterior parietal and prefrontal cortices with occipital visual cortex in visual attention and perceptual decision making. 2017
407 Baltic Gender Baltic Consortium on Promoting Gender Equality in Marine Research Organisations 2016
408 SAGE Systemic Action for Gender Equality 2016
409 EQUAL-IST Gender Equality Plans for Information Sciences and Technology Research Institutions 2016
410 E-SAVING ULTRASONICS Game-changing Ultrasonic Technology for Energy Saving in Predictive Maintenance 2016
411 AG-GF Behavior-dependent interactions between frontal and somatosensory cortices 2016
412 SOFIA Situated Learning Opportunities fostered by ICT applications in Alternative Agro-Food Networks 2016
413 MorphoNotch Multi-scale analysis of the interplay between cell morphology and cell-cell signaling 2016
414 Outgroup Consequences of out-group conflict 2016
415 MOTO the embodied reMOte Tower 2016
416 TaCo Take Control 2016
417 DISCO Data Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation 2016
418 SCILIFE Science in everyday life 2016
419 DeCISIoN Drug CandIdates ScreenINg 2016
420 MINDPICS When a Profile is worth more than a Thousand of Hashtags: Automatic Inference of Personality Traits based on Images Shared in Social Networks 2016
421 k-NOW-casting k-NOW-casting 2016
422 SuperEh Super Variable Vector Combnation for Voltage Optmisation Energy Saving Hub 2016
423 EXILVA Flagship demonstration of an integrated plant towards large scale supply and market assessment of MFC 2016
424 DOMINOS A disruptive information system for SMEs’ business consulting using problem solving techniques, semantic technologies and social media 2016
425 BreedIT-FIELD Professional tool to facilitate data collection and digitalization in field trials for plant breeding and seed commercialisation 2016
426 CompBioMed A Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine 2016
427 MEDIA4SEC The emerging role of new social media in enhancing public security 2016
428 FuSEL FUnerals as public Services in long Eighteenth century London 2016
429 3SST2015 Third funding line in 2015 for the establishment of a European SST service provision function 2016
430 POnTE Pest Organisms Threatening Europe 2015
431 SHIPLYS Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions 2016
432 AEOLIX Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange 2016
433 RUC-APS Enhancing and implementing Knowledge based ICT solutions within high Risk and Uncertain Conditions for Agriculture Production Systems 2016
434 TRANSDAM The transcription-related DNA damage response 2016
435 GEPPS Globalization, Economic Policy and Political Structure 2016
436 Scale-FreeBack Scale-Free Control for Complex Physical Network Systems 2016
437 INVERTIDAL Chromosomal rearrangements and diversification on environmental gradients 2016
438 AM4INFRA Common Framework for a European Life Cycle based Asset Management Approach for transport infrastructure networks 2016
439 INCMAK Incomaker - intelligent marketing management automation for SME 2016
440 ShowerPod ShowerPod 2016
441 SES-BI SESCOM Business Intelligence platform for energy saving and smart facility management 2016
442 Quotanda Quotanda - a lending-as-a-service (LaaS) platform that enables schools and lenders to set up student financing programs to make education more affordable 2016
443 ERYTHROAG A new ICT-based device (RHEO-01) for fast point-of-care analysis of acute ischemic stroke and other emergency situations. 2016
444 QUIBIM QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medice 2016
445 SEMENIZER Feasibility study of a fully automated, integrated and standardized computer aided semen analyzer system 2016
446 BactInd Bacterial cooperation at the individual cell level 2016
447 PABIR Policy analysis with beliefs about identifying restrictions 2016
448 INVeST INdividual Vascular SignaTure: A new machine learning tool to aid personalised management of risk for cardiovascular disease 2016
449 EDURIO Edurio – a revolutionary web platform for school networks to improve the quality of education through deep analytics of stakeholder feedback 2016
450 MetCogCon Metacognition of Concepts 2016
451 ENF2017 EuroNanoForum 2017 2016
452 TECH4EFFECT Techniques and Technologies for Effective Wood Procurement 2016
453 CoPro Improved energy and resource efficiency by better coordination of production in the process industries 2016
454 ExSIDE Expectations and Social Influence Dynamics in Economics 2017
455 CHEETAH Changing Energy Efficiency Technology Adoption in Households 2016
456 Z-Fact0r Zero-defect manufacturing strategies towards on-line production management for European factories 2016
458 VULKANO Novel integrated refurbishment solution as a key path towards creating eco-efficient and competitive furnaces 2016
459 FUDIPO Future Directions of Production Planning and Optimized Energy- and Process Industries 2016
460 ReWaCEM Ressource recovery from industrial waste water by cutting edge membrane technologies 2016
461 DISRUPT Decentralised architectures for optimised operations via virtualised processes and manufacturing ecosystem collaboration 2016
462 ZAero Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry 2016
463 CONSEED CONSumer Energy Efficiency Decision Making 2016
464 COMPOSITION Ecosystem for Collaborative Manufacturing Processes – Intra- and Interfactory Integration and Automation 2016
465 ENCOMPASS ENgineering COMPASS 2016
466 ETIP PV - SEC Support to all stakeholders from the Photovoltaic sector and related sectors to contribute to the SET-Plan 2016
467 CarbonNext The Next Generation of Carbon for the Process Industry 2016
468 ViMM Virtual Multimodal Museum 2016
469 IN2SMART Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2016
470 WYRED netWorked Youth Research for Empowerment in the Digital society 2016
471 EVOTION EVidenced based management of hearing impairments: Public health pΟlicy making based on fusing big data analytics and simulaTION. 2016
472 X2Rail-1 Start-up activities for Advanced Signalling and Automation Systems 2016
473 ROBUST POLICY Developing a robust decision making framework for climate change policy under uncertainty 2016
474 RAPID Rapid Antimicrobial susceptibility testing and phylogenetic Identification 2016
475 NEWBITS NEW Business models for ITS 2016
476 chemos Chemical Hematology: breaking resistance of hematological malignancies through personalized drug trials 2016
477 isitFlutter dIagnoSIs app for regular aTrial arrhytmia like Flutter 2016
478 Fundsphere Terms Disruptive Regulatory Technology for Asset Management Industry. FinTech company changes the global Asset Industry forever 2016
479 SaferAfrica Innovating dialogue and problems appraisal for a safer Africa 2016
480 ROLINCAP Systematic Design and Testing of Advanced Rotating Packed Bed Processes and Phase-Change Solvents for Intensified Post-Combustion CO2 Capture 2016
481 ENERGISE European Network for Research, Good Practice and Innovation for Sustainable Energy 2016
482 Metacontrol Cognitive control in context: Neural, functional, and social mechanisms of metacontrol 2016
484 Inno4Grass Shared Innovation Space for Sustainable Productivity of Grasslands in Europe 2017
485 ECHOES Energy CHOices supporting the Energy union and the Set-plan 2016
486 FIThydro Fishfriendly Innovative Technologies for Hydropower 2016
487 Q-RAPIDS Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development 2016
488 ProEmpower Procuring innovative ICT for patient empowerment and self-management for type 2 diabetes mellitus 2016
489 MSO4SC Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimization for Societal Challenges with Scientific Computing 2016
490 ENVISAGE ENhance VIrtual learning Spaces using Applied Gaming in Education 2016
491 PJ07 OAUO PJ07 Optimised Airspace Users Operations 2016
492 SOCIALENERGY A Gaming and Social Network Platform for Evolving Energy Markets’ Operation and Educating Virtual Energy Communities 2017
493 DEIS Dependability Engineering Innovation for CPS - DEIS 2017
494 INCREASE Innovations in Neural Conceptual Representation: Exploring Aspects of Semantics 2016
495 PULSE Participatory Urban Living for Sustainable Environments 2016
496 PEER FOR EXCELLENCE Peer learning on ways to enhance good practices in SME innovation support using the Seal ofExcellence 2016
497 INDALG Development of an innovative algae based tertiary wastewater treatment and value recovery system 2016
498 GoSAFE RAIL GoSAFE RAIL – Global Safety Management Framework for RAIL Operations 2016
499 PLAID Peer-to-Peer Learning: Accessing Innovation through Demonstration 2017
500 CrackEpitranscriptom Cracking the epitranscriptome 2016
501 VineScout Intelligent decision from vineyard robots 2016
502 mySMARTLife Smart Transition of EU cities towards a new concept of smart Life and Economy 2016
503 PJ09 DCB Advanced DCB 2016
504 SCRREEN Solutions for CRitical Raw materials - a European Expert Network 2016
505 EUCalc EU Calculator: trade-offs and pathways towards sustainable and low-carbon European Societies 2016
506 MMpredict Validation of a personalised medicine tool for Multiple Myeloma that predicts treatment effectiveness in patients 2016
507 SPACE-O Space Assisted Water Quality Forecasting Platform for Optimized Decision Making in Water Supply Services 2016
508 CVENT Risk assessment of plaque rupture and future cardiovascular events (CVENT) by multi-spectral photoacoustic imaging 2016
509 InKreate Transfer the real 3D world to interactive creative endeavours in apparel industry 2017
510 OPENREQ Intelligent Recommendation Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering 2017
511 LightKone Lightweight Computation for Networks at the Edge 2017
512 RAID A Veterinary Decision Support System by Rapid Bacterial Infection Detection (RAID) 2016
513 MONICA Management Of Networked IoT Wearables – Very Large Scale Demonstration of Cultural Societal Applications 2017
514 NATURVATION Nature Based Urban Innovation 2016
515 BDVe Big Data Value ecosystem 2017
516 Water4Cities Holistic Surface Water and Groundwater Management for Sustainable Cities 2017
517 PJ19 CI Content Integration 2016
518 RESET REliability and Safety Engineering and Technology for large maritime engineering systems 2017
519 DESTINATE Decision supporting tools for implementation of cost-efficient railway noise abatement measures 2016
520 SUITS Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems: Transferable tools for authorities 2016
521 PowAlgDO Power of Algorithms in Discrete Optimisation 2017
522 Storage4Grid Storage4Grid 2016
523 PICCOLO Multimodal highly-sensitive PhotonICs endoscope for improved in-vivo COLOn Cancer diagnosis and clinical decision support 2017
524 GREENDC Sustainable energy demand side management for GREEN Data Centers 2017
525 COMPOSELECTOR Multi-scale Composite Material Selection Platform with a Seamless Integration of Material Models and Multidisciplinary Design Framework. 2017
526 ACEnano Analytical and Characterisation Excellence in nanomaterial risk assessment: A tiered approach 2017
527 FORCE Formulations and Computational Engineering 2017
528 IoF2020 Internet of Food and Farm 2020 2017
529 SENSIBLE SENSors and Intelligence in BuLt Environment 2017
531 SMOOTH SMart rObOTs for fire-figHting 2017
532 GlucoTab A Novel ICT Assistant Solution for de-Risked Management of Insulin Dosing and Blood Glucose Levels in Hospitalized Patients with Type 2 Diabetes 2016
533 MEDimprove A novel online service to support self-care and responsible self-medication 2016
534 INTEGRID An INTEgral optimisation toolbox for smart GRID data communication network design and planning 2016
535 pCPR Personalized cardiopulmonary resuscitation device for emergency teams 2016
536 Agroptima FM Innovative interconnected farm management App and software for precision farming 2016
538 PJ04 TAM Total Airport Management 2016
539 PJ03a SUMO Integrated Surface Management 2016
540 NOISYDECISIONS Neural decisions under uncertainty 2016
541 STRINGENCY Control of Bacterial Multidrug Tolerance and Stress Response by Alarmone Synthetase SpoT 2017
542 LEVIATHAN Taming the Leviathan? Legal and Political Accountability in 'Post-Crisis' EU Economic Governance 2017
543 ScalABLE4.0 Scalable automation for flexible production systems 2017
544 inteGRIDy integrated Smart GRID Cross-Functional Solutions for Optimized Synergetic Energy Distribution, Utilization Storage Technologies 2017
545 LungCARD Blood test for clinical therapy guidance of non-small cell lung cancer patients 2017
546 PROSFET Promoting Sustainable Freight Transport in Urban Contexts: Policy and Decision-Making Approaches 2017
547 StoreHero StoreHero: An AI (Artificial Intelligence) Virtual Business Coach for Physical Retailers 2016
548 theEoE A novel drug candidate for the treatment of Eosinophilic Esophagitis - an innovative solution for a significant unmet medical need 2016
549 FORCE Cities Cooperating for Circular Economy 2016
550 beAWARE Enhancing decision support and management services in extreme weather climate events 2017
551 IllegalPharma Competitive Dynamics in the Informal Economy: The case of Illegal Pharmaceutical Drugs 2017
552 FREEMIND FREE the MIND: the neurocognitive determinants of intentional decision 2017
553 Heat4Cool Smart building retrofitting complemented by solar assisted heat pumps integrated within a self-correcting intelligent building energy management system. 2016
554 IDEAAL International Development of gAnil-spirAL2 2017
555 MultipleMS Multiple manifestations of genetic and non-genetic factors in Multiple Sclerosis disentangled with a multi-omics approach to accelerate personalised medicine 2017
556 EUSCREEN Implementation of cost-optimized childhood vision and hearing screening programmes in middle-income countries in Europe 2017
557 SMARTQUA Advanced ICT Risk Assessment Tool to Increase Climate Resilience, Water-Use Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability of Agricultural Production 2016
558 ChangeBehavNeuro Novel Mechanism of Behavioural Change 2017
559 FAST-bact A novel fast test for antibiotic susceptibility testing for Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria 2016
560 Advance_eLTER Advancing the European Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and socio-ecological Research Infrastructure towards ESFRI 2017
561 DynamicBrainStates Monitoring changes in brain states using dynamical causal networks 2017
562 SOLOMON Self-Organisation and Learning Online in Mobile Observation Networks 2017
563 ARAB PARLIAMENTS The role of national parliaments in the Arab transformation processes 2017
564 Speedingrisk Applying risk communication strategies to reduce speeding-related risks 2017
565 CTO Com Context- and Task-Oriented Communication 2017
566 MultiSense Multisensory signal processing: From brain-wide neuronal circuits to behavior 2017
567 EURECON The Making of a Lopsided Union: Economic Integration in the European Economic Community, 1957-1992 2017
568 AgroRadar Using Copernicus Earth Observation radar data to disrupt Precision Agriculture 2017
569 SENSCAPE A modular, open and standards-based framework for fast, cost-effective development of sensorbasedmobile applications 2017
570 iTRUST iTRUST: In-time TReatment of acUte ischaemic STroke 2017
571 EPP Econometrics for Public Policy: Sampling, Estimation, Decision, and Applications 2017
572 DemandDemoc Demand for Democracy 2017
573 RINGO Research Infrastructures - Needs, Gaps and Overlaps 2017
574 Vis4Weather Improved Communication of High Impact Weather Events 2017
575 TramOpt A Traffic Management Optimization platform for enhanced road network efficiency 2017
576 ProDairyWelfare smaXtec 4.0 – multifunctional Dairy Cattle Sensor System for a proactive productivity and health management in Dairy Farming 2017
577 LiST Cost-effective automated equipment for life sciences and healthcare laboratories 2017
578 Al-medicare Disruptive Artificial Intelligence engine to facilitate rapid low cost development of specialist e-health applications for smart decision making in medical pre-diagnosis 2017
579 APMAV Innovative drone-based solution for agriculture 2017
580 INTERACT International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic 2016
581 SEACRIFOG Supporting EU-African Cooperation on Research Infrastructures for Food Security and Greenhouse Gas Observations 2017
582 LamelliActin Mechanical Adaptation of Lamellipodial Actin Networks in Migrating Cells 2017
583 CAlCULUS Causes And ConseqUences of Low Urban accessibility. Defining proper policy responses 2017
584 Cetacean Inner Ear Cetacean Inner Ear 2017
585 CANCERSCREEN Screening for cancer in the post-genomic era: diagnostic innovation and biomedicalisation in comparative perspective 2017
586 FLUDD Late Stage Fluorination and its Applications to Drug Discovery 2017
587 WakeOpColl Learning and collective intelligence for optimized operations in wake flows 2017
588 TreatStroke arTificial neuRal nEtwork prediction of hAemorrhagic Transformation in STROKE. 2017
589 ADMS Proof of Concept – Arctic Data Management System Beta version – capacity building for interpretation and data management system of the Arctic-related data and knowledge (Arctic Data Management System) 2017
590 REsiliENCe Research and development of innovative Enamels and Nanocoatings for the Cooking appliances market 2017
591 EROSIVE The influence of Earth-surface processes on solid-Earth, ice-sheet, and sea-level interactions for Scandinavian Ice-Sheet collapse 2018
592 Sewage Sludge in PC Management of Municipal Water Waste Treatment Plants Potential by-Products of Sewage Sludge Ash type, as Active or non-Active Additions to Portland Cement-based Binders 2017
593 InvasiveSDM Frontiers in invasive species distribution modelling: incorporating human-associations and intraspecific niche structure to improve risk predictions. 2017
594 ZooMWest Zooarchaeology and Mobility in the Western Mediterranean: husbandry production from the Late Bronze Age to Late Antiquity 2017
595 BEHAVE New discrete choice theory for understanding moral decision making behaviour 2017
596 NEUROMICRONICA Neuromicronica: Modular behavioural neuroscience 2017
597 MindSElS Resilience, Mindfulness and Medication Safety with Electronic Systems 2018
598 DREMATURE DNA repair mechanisms and therapy resistance of BRCA2-deficient cancers 2018
599 TRANSRISK Vulnerability and risk assessment of transportation systems of assets (SoA) exposed to geo-hazards 2017
600 COPWOM The Continuation of Politics with Other Means: War and Protest, 1914-2011 2017
601 WACE Women at the Cutting Edge. Assessing the gendered impact of industrial logging on well-being in Solomon Islands. 2017
602 SABER CULTURAL SAfeguarding Biodiversity and Ecosystem seRvices by integrating CULTURAL values in freshwater management: learning from Māori 2018
603 BROAD Learning to bracket broadly 2017
604 Apricale The impact of literary translation funding on the transnational mobility of minor European literatures. 2017
605 BROS Blockchain: a new framework for swarm RObotic Systems 2017
606 EPISTEMEBEHAVIOUR Behaviour, knowledge, policy. The philosophy of science perspective on the applications of the behavioural sciences in policymaking. 2018
607 VIVIR VIsual representations of VIew Relations to support effective data analysis on large and high-resolution displays 2017
608 GlimS Patient-specific tumour growth model for quantification of mechanical 'markers' in malignant gliomas: Implications for treatment outcomes. 2017
609 GICA Geolocalisation of Individuals in Critical Areas 2017
610 CROWD_USG Crowdsourcing Urban Sustainability Governance. Exploring innovative governance models for addressing urban sustainability through ICT-people interaction 2017
611 AGenDA Civil society organizations and the politics of long-term care reform: coalitions and multiple inequalities 2018
612 DeciTrustNET Trust based Decision Support Systems for Social Networks with Uncertain Knowledge 2017
613 HIVGAYM Analysing the migration choices of HIV-positive gay men in England and France 2018
614 BEING Behavioural Economics in Network Games 2017
615 eSEAS Enhancing Seafood Ethics and Sustainability: A Values and Ecosystem-based Management Approach 2017
616 PREFER Patient Preferences in benefit risk assessments during the drug life cycle - Sofia ref.: 115966 2016
617 HARMONY Healthcare Alliance for Resourceful Medicines Offensive against Neoplasms in HematologY - Sofia ref.: 116026 2017
618 BAPS Bayesian Agent-based Population Studies: Transforming Simulation Models of Human Migration 2017
619 SCOOP Innovation in Investigative Journalism 2017
620 PLANAFFHO PLANAFFHO - PLANning for AFFordable HOusing 2018
621 CONPLEX The Constitutional Place of Expertise 2018
622 GenHumChild Gender and transnational Humanitarian Commitment for Children (Europe - 1980-2007) 2017
623 GenBiLex Multiple Perspectives on Grammatical Gender in the Bilingual Lexicon 2017
624 CALLIRHEO Multi-scale computational hemodynamics in obese children and adolescents: enabling personalised prediction of cardiovascular disease 2018
625 PODI Realizing the political rights of persons with disabilities 2017
626 Road Diplomacy Road Diplomacy: International Infrastructure and Ethnography of Geopolitics in 21st Century Asia 2018
627 LABEL-DIOX Late-stage catalytic carboxylation techniques with labelled carbon dioxide: new opportunities for radiolabelling 2017
628 SAFE-10-T Safety of Transport Infrastructure on the TEN-T Network 2017
629 BRAINCODES Brain networks controlling social decisions 2017
630 NEUROABSTRACTION Abstraction and Generalisation in Human Decision-Making 2017
631 IASIS Integration and analysis of heterogeneous big data for precision medicine and suggested treatments for different types of patients 2017
632 CLIMOD Integrating climate impact and spatial microsimulation modelling for improved climate change adaptation decision-making 2018
633 MAWAMOSCA Mass-waste modelling across scales 2017
634 SYRMAGINE Syrian Imaginations of Europe 2017
635 UNCERTAINPOWER Uncertain Power: Representing the king in the Portuguese empire (1640-1750) 2017
636 LeaD4Value Lean data management for maintenance value 2017
637 SAFER-LC SAFER Level Crossing by integrating and optimizing road-rail infrastructure management and design 2017
638 SPEM Semi-Parametric Econometric Models: Health, Obesity and Patient Expenditures 2018
639 MARISA Maritime Integrated Surveillance Awareness 2017
640 PPI4HPC Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions for High-Performance Computing 2017
641 CTCapture_2.0 Advanced platform for profiling of therapeutic targets and functional analysis of circulating tumour cells in cancer patients 2017
642 IoBee Beehive health IoT application to fight Honey Bee Colony Mortality 2017
643 InSPIRES Ingenious Science shops to promote Participatory Innovation, Research and Equity in Science. 2017
644 SAbDA Sustainability Assessment based on Decision Aiding 2018
645 BIMEET BIM-based EU -wide Standardized Qualification Framework for achieving Energy Efficiency Training 2017
646 MeBeSafe Measures for behaving safely in traffic 2017
647 SEDNA Safe maritime operations under extreme conditions: the Arctic case 2017
648 FORENSICS Illicit Markets, Unobserved Competitors, and Illegal Behavior 2017
649 SolACE Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water and nutrient use 2017
650 AgriLink AgriLink. Agricultural Knowledge: Linking farmers, advisors and researchers to boost innovation. 2017
652 TRUE Transition paths to sustainable legume based systems in Europe 2017
653 VISCA Vineyards´ Integrated Smart Climate Application 2017
654 ROCK Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities 2017
655 HERMENEUT Enterprises intangible Risks Management via Economic models based on simulatioN of modErn cyber-aTtacks 2017
656 LETS-CROWD Law Enforcement agencies human factor methods and Toolkit for the Security and protection of CROWDs in mass gatherings 2017
657 MINDb4ACT Mapping, IdentifyiNg and Developing skills and opportunities in operating environments to co-create innovative, ethical and effective ACTions to tackle radicalization leading to violent extremism 2017
658 IN-PREP An INtegrated next generation PREParedness programme for improving effective inter-organisational response capacity in complex environments of disasters and causes of crises 2017
659 AEGIS Accelerating EU-US DialoGue for Research and Innovation in CyberSecurity and Privacy 2017
661 SAYSO Standardisation of situational Awareness sYstems to Strengthen Operations in civil protection 2017
662 CYBECO Supporting Cyberinsurance from a Behavioural Choice Perspective 2017
663 GHOST Safe-Guarding Home IoT Environments with Personalised Real-time Risk Control 2017
664 GEECCO Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment 2017
665 SIENNA Stakeholder-informed ethics for new technologies with high socio-economic and human rights impact 2017
666 ROMEO Reliable OM decision tools and strategies for high LCoE reduction on Offshore wind 2017
667 SHERLOC QSP Quilted Stratum Processes (QSP) for low cost and eco thermoplastic manufacturing of complex composite parts 2017
668 IMPETUS Information Management Portal to Enable the inTegration of Unmanned Systems 2017
669 MEDAS MedAS: a Machine learning enabled Clinical Decision Support System to prevent prescription errors and improve patient safety 2017
670 Neuromapper Cloud collaborative open platform for advanced brain analytics 2017
671 VALUMICS Understanding food value chains and network dynamics 2017
672 DIVERSify Designing InnoVative plant teams for Ecosystem Resilience and agricultural Sustainability 2017
673 LEGVALUE Fostering sustainable legume-based farming systems and agri-feed and food chains in the EU 2017
674 MAGIC Marginal lands for Growing Industrial Crops: Turning a burden into an opportunity 2017
675 FarFish Responsive Results-Based Management and capacity building for EU Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement- and international waters 2017
676 PROSNOW Provision of a prediction system allowing for management and optimization of snow in Alpine ski resorts 2017
677 CLARITY Integrated Climate Adaptation Service Tools for Improving Resilience Measure Efficiency 2017
678 URBAN GreenUP New Strategy for Re-Naturing Cities through Nature-Based Solutions 2017
679 CLARA Climate forecast enabled knowledge services 2017
680 FeedSax Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: The Bioarchaeology of an Agricultural Revolution 2017
681 MARQUESS Multiscale Analysis of AiRframe Structures and Quantification of UncErtaintieS System 2017
682 BreathSpec A rapid, non-invasive, cost-effective, analytical device for bacterial or viral infection diagnosis through ultra-high sensitivity breath analysis. 2017
683 SmartNiBP SmartNiBP: Non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring during surgery 2017
684 KLIMATOR RSI A new road status information system for a smarter mobility thanks to an effective and sustainable winter Road Maintenance 2017
685 GIservice GI.service: Asset performance optimiser 2017
686 cis-CONTROL Decoding and controlling cell-state switching: A bottom-up approach based on enhancer logic 2017
687 in.nav Advanced Intra-Operative Navigation in Arthroscopy Surgery 2017
688 DEVBRAINTRAIN Neurocognitive mechanisms of inhibitory control training and transfer effects in children 2017
689 GASVESSEL Compressed Natural Gas Transport System 2017
690 DISCRETION Discretion and the child´s best interests in child protection 2017
691 RELATE Environmental Spaces and the Feel-Good Factor: Relating Subjective Wellbeing to Biodiversity 2017
692 INOVER21 Mass-customisation of custom-made medical implants 2017
693 3ants Enhancing security of digital property rights and citizens’ awareness through an innovative anti-piracyframework of digital content based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 2017
694 STORM The first cybersecurity management system providing evidence based metrics for cyber risk at the business asset level in real-time 2017
695 iReact-NG iReact-NG 2017
696 LeMO Leveraging Big Data to Manage Transport Operations 2017
697 Nano4 Providing the New Generation of Nano-Based Molecular Technology for the Early Detection of Bacteria, Viruses and Cancer at the Point of Care 2017
698 NOVUM Pilot line based on novel manufacturing technologies for cellulose-based electrical insulation components 2017
699 Realist Why do We Need a Realist Constitutional Theory to Study the Politics of Constitutional Change in the Middle East? 2017
700 RenoZEB Accelerating Energy renovation solution for Zero Energy buildings and Neighbourhoods 2017
701 REZBUILD REfurbishment decision making platform through advanced technologies for near Zero energy BUILDing renovation 2017
702 SAGRIS Sentinels-based Agriculture Information Service Component 2017
703 SPRING Setting the framework for the enhanced impact of SPIRE projects 2017
704 STARS Shared mobility opporTunities And challenges foR European citieS 2017
706 Z-BRE4K Strategies and Predictive Maintenance models wrapped around physical systems for Zero-unexpected-Breakdowns and increased operating life of Factories 2017
707 GeoViSense GeoViSense: Towards a transdisciplinary human sensor science of human visuo-spatial decision making with geographic information displays 2017
708 EXCELSIOR ERATOSTHENES: Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment 2017
709 BRIOAGRO Intelligent low-cost, scalable, adaptive ecosystem for intelligent irrigation and fertilization ensuring high performance and quality crops 2017
710 TRANSVAC2 European Vaccine Research and Development Infrastructure 2017
711 UNIFY A Unified Framework for the Assessment and Application of Cognitive Models 2018
712 BiggerDecisions Data-driven decision making for a more efficient society 2017
713 CURE-XF Capacity Building And Raising Awareness In Europe And In Third Countries To Cope With Xylella fastidiosa 2017
714 EQIPD European Quality In Preclinical Data 2017
715 HEART Holistic Energy and Architectural Retrofit Toolkit 2017
716 i-vSAVE Intelligent Vessels using space technology for Safety on board. 2017
717 INTAC The International Register of Academic Job Categories. Facilitating Careers in the European Research Area 2017
718 KardiaTool An integrated POC solution for non-invasive diagnosis and therapy monitoring of Heart Failure patients 2017
719 MoTiV Mobility and Time Value 2017
720 NESTORE Novel Empowering Solutions and Technologies for Older people to Retain Everyday life activities 2017
721 PreCoM Predictive Cognitive Maintenance Decision Support System 2017
722 ProTechTion Industrial decision-making on complex production technologies supported by simulation-based engineering 2018
723 QUIBIM Precision QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medicine 2017
724 SIADE SaaS SIADE SaaS: Spatial Decision Support System for Transportation Planning 2017
725 ENTPAR Entangled Parliamentarisms: Constitutional Practices in Russia, Ukraine, China and Mongolia, 1905–2005 2018
726 ALGOCom Novel Algorithmic Techniques through the Lens of Combinatorics 2018
727 ADVANCEFUEL Facilitating market roll-out of RESfuels in the transport sector to 2030 and beyond 2017
728 MultiMind The Multilingual Mind 2018
729 PREDICT A new era in personalised medicine: Radiomics as decision support tool for diagnostics and theragnostics in oncology 2017
730 ED-ARCHMAT European Doctorate in ARchaeological and Cultural Heritage MATerials science 2018
731 EURITO EU Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, Trusted, and Open Research Innovation Indicators 2018
732 PLANET Planning and operational tools for optimising energy flows and synergies between energy networks 2017
734 Spine Open source toolbox for modelling integrated energy systems 2017
735 X2RAIL-2 Enhancing railway signalling systems based on train satellite positioning, on-board safe train integrity, formal methods approach and standard interfaces, enhancing Traffic Management System functions 2017
736 IN2STEMPO Innovative Solutions in Future Stations, Energy Metering and Power Supply 2017
737 IN2DREAMS INtelligent solutions 2ward the Development of Railway Energy and Asset Management Systems in Europe 2017
738 POP-R Parallel Orthographic Processing and Reading 2017
739 FlexAnalytics Advanced Analytics to Empower the Small Flexible Consumers of Electricity 2018
740 CGinsideNP Complexity Inside NP - A Computational Geometry Perspective 2018
741 Meta_Mind The workings of metacognition in decision-making 2018
742 SCALAR Scaling up behavior and autonomous adaptation for macro models of climate change damage assessment 2018
743 InsularAnxiety Insular cortical circuits controlling fear and anxiety 2018
744 BOND Bringing Organisations and Network Development to higher levels in the farming sector in Europe 2017
745 FASTEN Flexible and Autonomous Manufacturing Systems for Custom-Designed Products 2017
746 COMPETE4SECAP Energy management competition for local authorities for uptake and enhance of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans 2017
747 CALLIOPE voCAL articuLations Of Parliamentary Identity and Empire 2018
748 GRACIOUS GRACIOUS: Grouping, Read-Across, CharacterIsation and classificatiOn framework for regUlatory risk assessment of manufactured nanomaterials and Safer design of nano-enabled products 2018
749 ANIMA Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches 2017
750 PoliVisu Policy Development based on Advanced Geospatial Data Analytics and Visualisation 2017
751 EMPATHIC Empathic, Expressive, Advanced Virtual Coach to Improve Independent Healthy-Life-Years of the Elderly 2017
752 TRANS-URBAN-EU-CHINA Transition towards urban sustainability through socially integrative cities in the EU and in China 2018
753 SWINOSTICS Swine diseases field diagnostics toolbox 2017
755 AfriCultuReS Enhancing Food Security in AFRIcan AgriCULTUral Systems with the Support of REmote Sensing 2017
756 EOPEN EOPEN: opEn interOperable Platform for unified access and analysis of Earth observatioN data 2017
757 AirQast A commercial platform providing operational Air Quality services using EO data 2017
758 BOUNCE Predicting Effective Adaptation to Breast Cancer to Help Women to BOUNCE Back 2017
759 OPTIYARD Optimised Real-time Yard and Network Management 2017
760 NextPho21 Developing and implementing the Next European Photonics21 industrial PPP Strategy 2018
761 ELECTROU MW Fuel Cell micro grid and district heating at King’s Cross 2018
762 CLIM4CROP Climate monitoring and seasonal forecast for global crop production 2018
763 INNOVATE INtelligeNt ApplicatiOns oVer Large ScAle DaTa StrEams 2018
764 GET READY GET READY - a unique intervention addressing activity reduction co-designed with Care Home residents and University students, following a service-learning methodology 2018
765 Precaution Being precautionary: how rational? How ethical? 2018
766 MESI-STRAT Systems Medicine of Metabolic-Signaling Networks: A New Concept for Breast Cancer Patient Stratification 2018
767 COMPAR-EU Comparing effectiveness of self-management interventions in 4 high priority chronic diseases in Europe 2018
768 EU-TRAIN The EUropean TRAnsplantation and INnovation (EU-TRAIN) consortium for improving diagnosis and risk stratification in kidney transplant patients 2018
769 TAXINOMISIS A multidisciplinary approach for the stratification of patients with carotid artery disease 2018
770 MUSE Multi-perspective Ultrasound Strain Imaging & Elastography 2018
771 INFLUENCE Influence-based Decision-making in Uncertain Environments 2018
772 POLEMIC Politics and Emotions Investigated Comparatively 2018
773 P2PMODELS Decentralized Blockchain-based Organizations for Bootstrapping the Collaborative Economy 2018
774 BSP Belief Systems Project 2018
775 BIGlobal Firm Growth and Market Power in the Global Economy 2017
776 MySustainableForest Operational sustainable forestry with satellite-based remote sensing 2017
777 COACCH CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange costs 2017
778 MED-GOLD Turning climate-related information into added value for traditional MEDiterranean Grape, OLive and Durum wheat food systems 2017
779 SOCLIMPACT DownScaling CLImate imPACTs and decarbonisation pathways in EU islands, and enhancing socioeconomic and non-market evaluation of Climate Change for Europe, for 2050 and beyond. 2017
780 COLLECTORS waste COLLECTiOn systems assessed and good pRacticeS identified 2017
781 S2S4E Sub-seasonal to Seasonal climate forecasting for Energy 2017
782 MIREU Mining and Metallurgy Regions of EU 2017
783 SECLI-FIRM The Added Value of Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Integrated Risk Management Decisions 2018
784 SMEthod Methodology for efficient segmenting innovating SMEs based on lifecycles, represented sectors and regional characteristics 2017
785 FREYA Connected Open Identifiers for Discovery, Access and Use of Research Resources 2017
786 PAPILA Prediction of Air Pollution in Latin America 2018
787 Warmest loW Altitude Remote sensing for the Monitoring of the state of Cultural hEritage Sites: building an inTegrated model for maintenance. 2017
788 PECUNIA ProgrammE in Costing, resource use measurement and outcome valuation for Use in multi-sectoral National and International health economic evaluAtions 2018
789 IMPACT HTA Improved Methods and Actionable Tools for Enhancing Health Technology Assessment 2018
790 RECOVER-E LaRge-scalE implementation of COmmunity based mental health care for people with seVere and Enduring mental ill health in EuRopE 2018
791 REFHYNE Clean Refinery Hydrogen for Europe 2018
792 COVR Being safe around collaborative and versatile robots in shared spaces 2018
793 WAI-Tools Advanced Decision Support Tools for Scalable Web Accessibility Assessments 2017
794 FANFAR Reinforced cooperation to provide operational flood forecasting and alerts in West Africa 2018
795 WADcher Web Accessibility Directive Decision Support Environment 2018
796 MIRACLE Mid-infrared arthroscopy innovative imaging system for real-time clinical in depth examination and diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases 2018
797 I-BiDaaS Industrial-Driven Big Data as a Self-Service Solution 2018
798 OncoSeq OncoSeq: an innovative single-cell system for immunomonitoring 2017
799 AAL2 Augmented Approaches to Land 2 2018
800 ENVISION Enhanced Situational Awareness through Video Integration with ADS-B Surveillance Infrastructure on Airports 2018
802 2-3SST2016 Second and third funding line in 2016-2017 for the establishment of a European SST service provision function 2017
803 CULTURED BEEF A cost-effective production process to open worldwide the cultured meat market 2017
804 REFINE Regulatory Science Framework for Nano(bio)material-based Medical Products and Devices 2017
805 ReCO2ST Residential Retrofit assessment platform and demonstrations for near zero energy and CO2 emissions with optimum cost, health, comfort and environmental quality. 2018
806 ANTSolve A multi-scale perspective into collective problem solving in ants 2018
807 TripleA-reno Attractive, Acceptable and Affordable deep Renovation by a consumers orientated and performance evidence based approach 2018
808 INDUCE Towards a sustainable agro-food INDUstry: Capacity building programmes in Energy efficiency 2018
809 easyCOPRO Open book EPC for Brussels’ condominiums 2018
810 EuroPACE Developing, piloting and standardising on-tax financing for residential energy efficiency retrofits in European cities 2018
811 M-Benefits Valuing and Communicating Multiple Benefits of Energy-Efficiency Measures 2018
812 S-PARCS Envisioning and Testing New Models of Sustainable Energy Cooperation and Services in Industrial Parks 2018
813 SCAN-TMS Scalable and Customizable Power Transformer Monitoring System 2018
815 Ctrl-ImpAct Control of impulsive action 2018
816 INDI INDI, world’s first 100% dairy free, soy-free infant-formula. 2018
817 ImageToSim Multiscale Imaging-through-analysis Methods for Autonomous Patient-specific Simulation Workflows 2019
818 PublicApp Revolutionise and enhance citizen engagement through a unique dedicated public platform 2018
819 WoMoGeS Women’s movements and gestational surrogacy: engaging, debating and policy making 2018
820 ReCitYu Reclaiming the Cities in the post-Yugoslav space 2018
821 DIPLOWAR Hybrid Practices of Diplomacy and Warfare 2018
822 ORIGINSOFTRUST The Psychological Origins of Trust-Based Cooperation 2018
823 DYNAVOLC Transitions in Rheology and Volatile Dynamics of Magmas: Mapping the Window to Explosive Volcanism 2018
824 NEW_WAY New speakers and use of Russian in the Northern Norway 2018
825 OASES Outcomes Assessment of Sensory Education in Schools 2018
826 OE Scan A next generation diagnostic device that effectively screens for breast cancer in all tissue types, without the use of ionising radiation 2018
827 AXO-MATH Imaging and analyzing dynamics of reward-related long-range axons during decision-making in behaving mice 2018
828 B4EST Adaptive BREEDING for productive, sustainable and resilient FORESTs under climate change 2018
829 BEHAVFRICTIONS Behavioral Implications of Information-Processing Frictions 2018
830 RESISTO RESIlience enhancement and risk control platform for communication infraSTructure Operators 2018
831 BrainBehaviourModel Understanding decision making by linking brain and behaviour 2018
832 CHANCE Climate cHange mitigAtioN poliCies and Equality: distributional implications for different socio-economic groups 2019
833 CINDERELA New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction 2018
834 COMAMOC Coherent Manipulation of Rotational States of Single Molecules via Direct Frequency Comb Excitation 2018
835 Construye2020_Plus A new boost for green jobs, growth and sustainability 2018
836 CUREORCURSE Non-elected politics. Cure or Curse for the Crisis of Representative Democracy? 2018
837 DeepPatient Deep Understanding of Patient Experience of Healthcare from Social Media 2018
838 DEPART DEmocratic PARticipation in Territorial states 2018
839 DMSWet Microbial Dimethylsulfide Degradation in Anoxic Wetland Sediments 2019
840 DOPANF Dopaminergic midbrain modulations by (adaptive) neurofeedback 2018
841 DSMFACIL Facilitating a digital single market in Europe through cross-border alliances 2018
842 DURCWAVE amending the Design criteria of URban defences in LECZs through Composite-modelling of WAVE overtopping under climate change scenarios 2019
843 DYCODE The Dynamics of Constructive Deliberation 2018
844 DYCOCIRC Basal ganglia circuit mechanisms underlying dynamic cognitive behavior 2018
845 EcoLabSS Ecovillages as Laboratories of Sustainability and Social Change 2018
846 ReConAg Rethinking Conscious Agency 2018
847 JUSTEMOTIONS The construction of objectivity - An international perspective on the emotive-cognitive process of judicial decision-making 2018
848 OPTIMIZERR Errors as cost-optimizing decisions? Redefining the origin and nature of human decision errors in light of associated neural computations 2018
849 NUCLEAR Nuclear Weapons ChoicesGoverning vulnerabilities between past and future 2018
850 NEW_DEMOCRACY Meeting Great Expectations Through Democratic Innovations 2018
851 ProLiCell Engineered Protein Nanosheets at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces for Stem Cell Expansion, Sorting and Tissue Engineering 2018
852 PANDORA Paradigm for Novel Dynamic Oceanic Resource Assessments 2018
853 ImmunAID Immunome project consortium for AutoInflammatory Disorders 2018
854 ANITA Advanced tools for fighting oNline Illegal TrAfficking 2018
855 PERSONA Privacy, ethical, regulatory and social no-gate crossing point solutions acceptance 2018
856 VOICEs Controversies in Childbirth: from Epistemology to Practices 2018
857 SUPERA Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia 2018
858 R-I PEERS Pilot experiences for improving gender equality in research organisations 2018
859 REvolTURN Managing Migrant Return through 'Voluntariness' 2018
860 SOURCES Sources of rationality: arousal and the use of rational and heuristic decision strategies 2018
861 IPMRB Imprecise Probability Models of Rational Belief 2018
862 GenderQuotas Gender Quotas and the Democratic Quality of Local Decision-Making Processes in Clientelistic Regimes 2018
863 SHINE Self-Healthcare for breast cancer detection using an INtegrated paper-based Electrochemical device 2019
864 FORWARD Exploring the drivers of tropical forest responses to variability of water availability in space and time through a model-data fusion cycle 2018
865 CORVISDEC Cortical circuits underlying visual decision-making behaviors in mice 2018
866 MetaBot Robotic embodiment of a meta-learning neural model of human decision-making 2018
867 SWP Shaming States: Social Sanction and State Behaviour In World Politics 2019
868 Target-N2O Targeting N2O emission hot-spots in dairy pastures for mitigation action: microbes, stable isotope methods and modelling 2018
869 PBDM Payoff-Based Decision-Making 2018
870 EuroCrisisMove Fiscal Consolidation, Unemployment and Labour Mobility in the Euro Area 2018
871 NonlinearEBM Nonlinearity of Key Economic and Environmental Variables in Coastal/Marine Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) 2018
872 DECISIONSEQ Neural bases of behavioral choices and sequences 2018
873 MINERVA Mapping intentionality: demonstrating innovation in Neolithic pottery uptake in the Eastern Balkans. 2018
874 Entrans Energy Efficient Transprecision Techniques for Linear Solver 2018
875 VISSATO Visual Search and Cognitive Control of the Speed-Accuracy Trade-off 2018
876 VOLCANOWAVES State of unrest of active VOLCANOes through advanced seismic WAVES analysis - An application to eruption forecast modelling. 2018
877 STARTlight STARTlight: cell cycle START decision unraveled by single-cell microscopy, modeling and optogenetics 2018
878 FaMInART “Family Making in India through Adoption or Reproductive Technology ” An interdisciplinary investigation of preference of Indian couples experiencing infertility regarding means of family formation 2019
879 GHRELMIGRA The hormone ghrelin: Is it a key player in regulating performance, fuel metabolism and decision-making in migratory birds? 2018
880 TaxInfoProcessing Information Processing in Tax Compliance Decisions 2018
881 SUSADES SUStainability assessment of ADvanced Energy Systems: towards new methodological approaches 2018
882 VESTEC Visual Exploration and Sampling Toolkit for Extreme Computing 2018
883 VECMA Verified Exascale Computing for Multiscale Applications 2018
884 ICU-CARE Delivering BEACON Caresystem – a ground-breaking ICT-enabled ICU bed-side assistant providing recommenda-tions for critical mechanical ventilation support for better care and reduced costs. 2018
885 SF-TLS Bridge Reestablishment Solutions – Super Fast Telescopic Launching System (SF-TLS) 2018
886 LANDSUPPORT Development of Integrated Web-Based Land Decision Support System Aiming Towards the Implementation of Policies for Agriculture and Environment 2018
887 SHui Soil Hydrology research platform underpinning innovation to manage water scarcity in European and Chinese cropping systems 2018
888 LIFT Low-Input Farming and Territories - Integrating knowledge for improving ecosystem-based farming 2018
889 Organic-PLUS Pathways to phase-out contentious inputs from organic agriculture in Europe 2018
890 DEFEND Addressing the dual emerging threats of African Swine Fever and Lumpy Skin Disease in Europe (DEFEND) 2018
891 LIAISON Better Rural Innovation: Linking Actors, Instruments and Policies through Networks 2018
892 HelpUS Pioneering focused Ultrasounds as a new non-invasive deep brain stimulation for a causal investigation of empathy related brain processes in moral learning and decision making 2018
893 BIORIMA BIOmaterial RIsk MAnagement 2017
894 COG-LO COGnitive Logistics Operations through secure, dynamic and ad-hoc collaborative networks 2018
895 LOGISTAR Enhanced data management techniques for real time logistics planning and scheduling 2018
897 PERICLES PrEseRvIng and sustainably governing Cultural heritage and Landscapes in European coastal and maritime regionS 2018
898 DARE2APPROACH Dare to Approach: A Neurocognitive Approach to Alleviating Persistent Avoidance in Anxiety Disorders 2019
899 GLOPACK Granting society with LOw environmental impact innovative PACKaging 2018
900 IMPAQT Intelligent management system for integrated multi-trophic aquaculture 2018
901 PRECISE4Q Personalised Medicine by Predictive Modeling in Stroke for better Quality of Life 2018
902 PARADIGM Patients Active in Research and Dialogues for an Improved Generation of Medicines: Advancing meaningful patient engagement in the life cycle of medicines for better health outcomes. 2018
903 IMI-PainCare Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain 2018
904 PRYSTINE Programmable Systems for Intelligence in Automobiles 2018
905 AFarCloud Aggregate Farming in the Cloud 2018
906 NO FEAR Network Of practitioners For Emergency medicAl systems and cRitical care 2018
907 COPKIT Technology, training and knowledge for Early-Warning / Early-Action led policing in fighting Organised Crime and Terrorism 2018
908 OCAL Optimal Control at Large 2018
909 APMPAL-HET Asset Prices and Macro Policy when Agents Learn and are Heterogeneous 2018
910 AMDROMA Algorithmic and Mechanism Design Research in Online MArkets 2018
911 QuantCom Ubiquitous Quantum Communications 2018
912 RESCUE Local Training Network on REgenerative medicine and Stem Cell technology in UtrEcht 2018
913 HERCULES towards geoHazards rEsilient infRastruCtUre under changing cLimatES 2018
914 DynaMORE Dynamic MOdelling of REsilience 2018
915 See-ACC Cracking the Anterior Cingulate Code: Toward a Unified Theory of ACC Function 2019
916 PITBUL Point-of-Care implementation of TB testing with ultra-fast Local Heating PCR 2017
917 EVERYWH2ERE Making hydrogen affordable to sustainably operate Everywhere in European cities 2018
918 FOOD 2030 FLAGSHIP FOOD 2030 Flagship Conference on Research and Innovation for Food and Nutrition Security and Quality Empowerment 2017
919 ZYMVOLVER Launching A Unified Cloud-Based Platform for Next Generation Protein Editing 2018
920 Clean City Improve urban cleanliness while optimising resources and environmental footprint 2018
921 Graphext A REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM IN THE EMERGING MARKET OF ADVANCED ANALYTICS. Graphext bridges the gap between Data Science and Business Intelligence, democratising Advanced Analytics. 2018
923 POC PieceOfCake: an AI-driven chatbot to manage complex business data 2018
924 AllergyExplorer Automation of novel multi-parameter allergy test that is cost-efficient and delivers instantly correct results 2018
925 WalkHome Functional Electrical Stimulation for at Home Rehabilitation 2018
926 ASSYSt A reliable CXCL4 biomarker assay to improve diagnosis and treatment of Systemic Sclerosis 2018
927 LAMBDA Learning, Applying, Multiplying Big Data Analytics 2018
928 Sex-Assault-ID Crime Scene Presumptive Sperm Identification Test for Sexual Assault Evidence and DNA Collection 2018
929 Nano4 Colorimetric Precision Nanodiagnostics made Fast and Affordable 2018
930 PermeAbility PermeAbility - A non-invasive, side-effect-free diagnostic kit for intestinal disorders 2018
933 DualMetha A cost-effective process for methanisation of unexploited agricultural waste. 2018
934 HeyEducation hey!Education: Breaking Classroom Communication Barriers 2018
935 HepatoPredict A decision tool for Liver Transplantation based on molecular signature 2018
936 ARCHIMEDES Feasibility study for the further development and market launch of the Archimedes Universal Decision Support System for irrigated crops growers 2018
937 MoDELS Metadata Distillery and ExpLoitation System 2018
938 CV4RE Computer vision with an eye For Real Estate 2018
939 SEASCANN Integrative vision and real-time communication system for onboard sorting of fish species 2018
940 AI4EMS Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Medical Services: a smart digital assistant for faster and more accurate cardiac arrest recognition during emergency calls 2018
941 CB1-18 CB1-18 Chatbot tool for automatic job interview 2018
942 EUREMnext Taking European EnergyManagers to next efficiency levels by implementing energy audit recommendations 2018
943 GLOBESCAPE Enabling transformation: Linking design and land system science to foster place-making in peri-urban landscapes under increasing globalization 2018
944 DigRTEpi New integrated system to automatically record impact of interictal epileptic activity on behavior, reactivity, and consciousness of epilepsy patients 2019
945 CoME EASY SYncronising EEA to CoM and other EU initiatives (SCIS-EIP, CEN-ISO,S3...) about energy and climate policies to accompany more and more tuned municipalities in their 2030 performance 2018
946 FORESEE Future proofing strategies FOr RESilient transport networks against Extreme Events 2018
947 Glucostratus Bringing the benefits of interactive digital health to the care of elderly persons with diabetes 2018
948 PGplant The Facade of Industrial Internet 2018
949 TERRIFFIC Tools for early and Effective Reconnaissance in cbRne Incidents providing First responders Faster Information and enabling better management of the Control zone 2018
950 DETER A Decision Support Tool to Manage Earthworks along Road and Rail Networks 2018
951 Klimator-RSI Connected cars for real time smart road maintenance and increased driving safety 2018
952 Biomode Diagnosing Pathogen Bacteria Earlier and More Accurately with Biomode’s Probe4@ Rapid Diagnostic Kits 2018
953 COSMOS Game theoretic Control for Complex Systems of Systems 2019
954 TRANS-SENIOR Transitional Care Innovation in Senior Citizens 2018
955 ATLAS AuTonomous intraLuminAl Surgery 2019
956 MesoBrainMicr Novel high speed and high resolution microscopy setup for cytoarchitectonic studies of mesoscale sized human brain tissues, healthy and affected by Focal Cortical Dysplasia 2018
957 URBASIS New challenges for Urban Engineering Seismology 2018
958 PROTECT Predictive mOdelling Tools to evaluate the Effects of Climate change on food safeTy and spoilage 2019
959 GEOENVI Tackling the environmental concerns for deploying geothermal energy in Europe 2018
960 BAMBOO Boosting new Approaches for flexibility Management By Optimizing process Off-gas and waste use 2018
961 OPEN Outcomes of Patients’ Evidence With Novel, Do-It-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Technology 2019
962 REMESH Research Network on Emergency Resources Supply Chain 2019
963 SECONDO a Security ECONomics service platform for smart security investments and cyber insurance pricing in the beyonD 2020 netwOrking era 2019
964 FAIRshare FAIRshare. Farm Advisory digital Innovation tools Realised and Shared 2018
965 SPHERE Service Platform to Host and SharE REsidential data 2018
966 GECKO Governance principles and mEthods enabling deCision maKers to manage and regulate the changing mObility systems 2018
967 WINDMIL RT-DT An autonomous Real-Time Decision Tree framework for monitoring and diagnostics on wind turbines 2018
969 Pro-Enrich Development of novel functional proteins and bioactive ingredients from rapeseed, olive, tomato and citrus fruit side streams for applications in food, cosmetics, pet food and adhesives 2018
970 ECORISK2050 Effects of global change on the emission, fate, effects and risks of chemicals in aquatic ecosystems 2018
971 BIMERR BIM-based holistic tools for Energy-driven Renovation of existing Residences 2019
972 infra4Dfuture Infrastructure for the Future 2018
973 NEODYNE Decision making: from neurochemical mechanisms to network dynamics to behaviour 2018
974 NeEDS Research and Innovation Staff Exchange Network of European Data Scientists 2019
975 HERILAND Cultural HERItage and the planning of European LANDscapes 2019
976 Levitate Societal Level Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles 2018
977 Symptoma Symptoma, Better Diagnosis for Patients with Rare and Complex Diseases 2018
978 RHUMBO modelling and pRedicting Human decision-making Using Measures of subconscious Brain processes through mixed reality interfaces and biOmetric signals 2018
979 SkewPref Skewness Preferences – Human attitudes toward rare, high-impact risks 2019
980 DIAMOND Revealing fair and actionable knowledge from data to support women’s inclusion in transport systems 2018
981 REDDCopernicus Capacity for Copernicus REDD+ and Forest Monitoring Services 2019
983 SmartDataLake Sustainable Data Lakes for Extreme-Scale Analytics 2019
984 DISCE Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies 2019
985 QualiChain Decentralised Qualifications' Verification and Management for Learner Empowerment, Education Reengineering and Public Sector Transformation 2019
986 BIPVBOOST Bringing down costs of BIPV multifunctional solutions and processes along the value chain, enabling widespread nZEBs implementation 2018
987 SETcon 2018 SET-Plan Conference 2018 2018
988 IMPRESSIVE Integrated Marine Pollution Risk assessment and Emergency management Support Service In ports and coastal enVironmEnts 2018
989 ForestFlux Forest Carbon Flux and Storage Mapping Service 2018
990 wecHomeAI wecHomeAI – The first AI-powered interior designer 2018
991 ACOUPLASMA Market maturation of a blood plasma separation module enabling plasma based diagnostic point-of-care devices 2018
992 Tiimood Tiimo mood: integrating end-user’s self-assessment module in ADHD assistive technologies for the continuous enhancement of non-medical therapies 2018
993 SAFETY FOREST An integrated decision-making platform for the prediction, prevention and extinction of wildfires in real-time. 2018
994 SmartWork Smart Age-friendly Living and Working Environment 2019
995 VirtualBrainCloud Personalized Recommendations for Neurodegenerative Disease 2018
996 PRIMAGE PRedictive In-silico Multiscale Analytics to support cancer personalized diaGnosis and prognosis, Empowered by imaging biomarkers 2018
997 See Far Smart glasses for multifacEted visual loss mitigation and chronic disEase prevention indicator for healthier, saFer, and more productive workplAce foR ageing population 2018
998 HEcoPerMed Healthcare- and pharma-economic models in support of the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine 2019
999 SAPHIRE Securing Adoption of Personalised Health in REgions 2018
1000 5E Federating European Electronics Ecosystems for Competitive Electronics Industries 2019
1001 ARTICONF smART socIal media eCOsytstem in a blockchaiN Federated environment 2019
1002 SARMENTI Smart multisensor embedded and secure system for soil nutrient and gaseous emission monitoring 2019
1003 Andrea A Novel Detection protocols for REliable prostate cancer Assays 2018
1005 MANAGLOBAL Globalised governance norms and local management and business practices in Africa and on the Arab peninsula 2019
1006 ACCWA Accounting for Climate Change in Water and Agriculture management 2019
1007 REBUILD REBUILD - ICT-enabled integration facilitator and life rebuilding guidance 2019
1008 BIOUNCERTAINTY Deep uncertainties in bioethics: genetic research, preventive medicine, reproductive decisions 2019
1009 EU-VNP-Net EU Valuing Nature Programme and Network 2018
1010 CatRIS Catalogue of Research Infrastructure Services 2019
1011 ABRSEIST Antibiotic Resistance: Socio-Economic Determinants and the Role of Information and Salience in Treatment Choice 2019
1012 RECIPES REconciling sCience, Innovation and Precaution through the Engagement of Stakeholders 2019
1013 EvolvingEconomics Human motivation: evolutionary foundations and their implications for economics 2019
1014 HTx Next Generation Health Technology Assessment to support patient-centred, societally oriented, real-time decision-making on access and reimbursement for health technologies throughout Europe 2019
1015 WIISAS Plug and play LED lighting control and monitoring system for new and existing installations 2018
1016 Predictix Antidepres a user-friendly procedure that analyses genomic, clinical and demographic data to generate a personalized report with statistical analysis on the efficacy of antidepressants and their side effects 2018
1017 ForeCast Ground-Breaking Software for Sustainable Smart City Planning 2018
1018 AMANDA AutonoMous self powered miniAturized iNtelligent sensor for environmental sensing anD asset tracking in smArt IoT environments 2019
1019 HERA Integrating Environment and Health Research: a Vision for the EU 2019
1020 DeepHealth Deep-Learning and HPC to Boost Biomedical Applications for Health 2019
1021 PANACEA Protection and privAcy of hospital and health iNfrastructures with smArt Cyber sEcurity and cyber threat toolkit for dAta and people 2019
1022 GIOTTO Active aGeIng and Osteoporosis: The next challenge for smarT nanobiOmaterials and 3D technologies 2019
1023 NanoSolveIT Innovative Nanoinformatics models and tools: towards a Solid, verified and Integrated Approach to Predictive (eco)Toxicology (NanoSolveIT) 2019
1024 BIM4EEB BIM based fast toolkit for Efficient rEnovation in Buildings 2019
1025 FOReSEE Market replication of a cutting-edge FlOod Risk ScrEEning Tool 2019
1026 RADDICS Reliable Data-Driven Decision Making in Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
1027 NANORIGO Establishing a Nanotechnology Risk Governance Framework 2019
1028 EU3D EU Differentiation, Dominance and Democracy 2019
1029 PalliativeSedation The use of proportional palliative sedation for the relief of refractory symptoms: an international multicenter study 2019
1030 HiDALGO HPC and Big Data Technologies for Global Systems 2018
1031 CEAD Contextualizing Evidence for Action on Diabetes in low-resource Settings: A mixed-methods case study in Quito and Esmeraldas, Ecuador. 2019
1032 INFOSAMPLE Information Sampling in Multiattribute Choice 2018
1034 EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE Ensuring long-term sustainability of excellence in chemical biology within Europe and beyond 2019
1035 MagentiqEye Automatic Polyp Detection System 2019
1037 Brain Health Toolbox The Brain Health Toolbox: Facilitating personalized decision-making for effective dementia prevention 2019
1038 FIDELIO Forecasting social Impacts of bioDiversity consErvation poLicies In EurOpe 2019
1039 AILAS Artificial Intelligence Legal Analytic Solution 2019
1040 SAMPLING Searching for the Approximation Method used to Perform rationaL inference by INdividuals and Groups 2019
1041 EXA MODE EXtreme-scale Analytics via Multimodal Ontology Discovery & Enhancement 2019
1042 RISE_SMA RISE Social Media Analytics 2019
1043 DigitalComp Algorithms, Digital Platforms and Competition 2019
1044 WEIRD WITNESSES Beyond WEIRD Witnesses: Eyewitness Memory in Cross-Cultural Contexts 2019
1045 INEXTVIR Innovative Network for Next Generation Training and Sequencing of Virome 2019
1046 APACHE Active & intelligent PAckaging materials and display cases as a tool for preventive conservation of Cultural Heritage. 2019
1047 CollectionCare Innovative and affordable service for the Preventive Conservation monitoring of individual Cultural Artefacts during display, storage, handling and transport 2019
1048 SensMat Preventive solutions for Sensitive Materials of Cultural Heritage 2019
1049 METABODY METABODY: Body Metacognition, Mentalization and Metamorphosis 2019
1050 WoodCircus Underpinning the vital role of the forest-based sector in the Circular Bio-Economy 2018
1051 iLIVE Living well, dying well. A research programme to support living until the end 2019
1052 INADVANCE Patient-centred pathways of early palliative care, supportive ecosystems and appraisal standard 2019
1053 CHBTECH Sulphur-free production method for non-food biopolymers (dissolving pulp, hemicellulose and lignin) 2019
1054 LEGO A “movement digitisation” sensor as a brick for disruptive IoT services 2019
1055 INVIOO INVIOO – data-driven decision-making apps for everyon 2019
1056 MYRIAD Airborne Artificial Intelligence for more efficient, safer and sustainable inspection and surveying of energy industrial areas 2019
1057 DESSA DEcision Support system for Smart Agriculture 2019
1058 HMCS Handheld Molecular Contaminant Screener 2019
1059 Oximonitor The first portable monitoring medical device providing accurate prognosis for patients with circulatory failure 2019
1060 XSOCCER Real Time Soccer Analysis System 2019
1061 SyntheticPaper Enabling high performance and cost-efficient Point-of-Care diagnostics using a new innovative synthetic lateral flow substrate 2019
1062 MI_DICE Market Impact through Disruptive Innovation in Clean Energy Technologies 2019
1063 ScarLessWorld A WORLD WITHOUT SCARS: Regenerating wounded skin rather than patching with scars 2019
1064 GREENER InteGRated systems for Effective ENvironmEntal Remediation 2019
1065 CATTLECHAIN 4.0 Enhancing farm productivity and guaranteeing CATTLE traceability and welfare with blockCHAIN 2019
1066 Gender-SMART Gender SMART Science Management of Agriculture and life sciences, including Research and Teachning 2019
1067 NeuroDeRisk Neurotoxicity De-Risking in Preclinical Drug Discovery 2019
1068 SUST-BLACK Sustainable development at the Black Sea 2018
1069 DreamApply EU Specialised international student recruitment management platform 2018
1070 SECURITY FLOWS Enacting border security in the digital age: political worlds of data forms, flows and frictions. 2019
1071 SLING Efficient algorithms for sustainable machine learning 2019
1072 INSULAE Maximizing the impact of innovative energy approaches in the EU islands 2019
1073 MAYURB Understanding ancient urbanism: site planning and unintended consequences of the Classic Maya city as a model 2020
1074 NeuCoDe Neural & Computational Principles of Multisensory Integration during Active Sensing and Decision-Making 2019
1075 Sex War-k GIs and ‘Segnorine’: an Entangled History of Post-war Sex Work (1943-1954) 2019
1076 RENASCENCE The Role of European National Health Services in the enhancement of sustainable food systems 2019
1077 E-Waste Challenge Tackling the Electronic Waste Challenge in Emerging Economies 2019
1078 AGEING PLASTICITY Prefrontal plasticity underpinning resilience against cognitive ageing. 2020
1079 INFLOW Finding Flow: Negotiating diverse temporalities in migrant family life 2020
1080 AmygdalaNeuroMod Unraveling the combinatorial logic of amygdala neuromodulation in decision-making and learning. 2020
1081 MAGYC MigrAtion Governance and asYlum Crises 2018
1082 E-PILOTS Evolution of cockPIt operations Levering on cOgnitive compuTing Services 2019
1083 GEARING ROLES Gender Equality Actions in Research Institutions to traNsform Gender ROLES 2019
1084 LNOB Leave No One Behind: Youth in Protracted Crises 2019
1085 LIMEN Legal Liminality: An Inquiry Into the Cognitive Foundations of the Law 2019
1086 SPECTO Athletics Advanced Sports Data Measurement and Analysis Solution for Athletics 2019
1087 SUaaVE SUpporting acceptance of automated VEhicle 2019
1088 Trustonomy Building Acceptance and Trust in Autonomous Mobility 2019
1089 ReVeAL Regulating Vehicle Access for improved Livability 2019
1090 SafePASS Next generation of life Saving appliances and systems for saFE and swift evacuation operations on high capacity PASSenger ships in extreme scenarios and conditions 2019
1091 HONORLOGIC The Cultural Logic of Honor and Social Interaction: A Cross-Cultural Comparison 2019
1092 BigTime Big Time Series Analytics for Complex Economic Decisions 2019
1093 EENVEST Risk reduction for Building Energy Efficiency investments 2019
1094 FUN2MODEL From FUnction-based TO MOdel-based automated probabilistic reasoning for DEep Learning 2019
1095 COLEX Coopetition and Legislation in the Spanish Netherlands (1598-1665) 2019
1096 TRACER Smart strategies for the transition in coal intensive regions 2019
1097 COMETS COllective action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation 2019
1098 Finite Memory Finite Memory and Dynamic Decision Problems 2020
1099 LONGFLOW Role of CONSTANS in flower longevity 2019
1100 HARBOR HARBOR. Humanitarianism and Refugees at the Border: A Transnational Feminist Analysis of Nonprofit Organizations 2019
1101 DECEYEDE The effects of aging in the control of eye movements and its relation to perceptual and motor decisions 2020
1102 JBinBA Joint Bodies in Bilateral Agreements 2019
1103 STOPFIRE Emergency Decision Support System of Offshore Platform Fires 2019
1104 CoCoNat Coordination in constrained and natural distributed systems 2019
1105 HelpSeeking Ontogenetic and Phylogenetic Roots of Strategic Help-seeking 2020
1106 CausalBoost Using causal discovery algorithms to boost subseasonal to seasonal forecast skill of Mediterranean rainfall 2020
1107 NEUROCIRCLE Probing the neural processes underpinning perceptual decisions on a continuum 2019
1108 INFORM Innovative Electrochemical Multiplex Biosensor for Detection and Quantification of Clinically Relevant Circulating miRNAs 2020
1109 Living in the media Analysing the Impact of Media Tourism on Locals’ Identities and Sense of Belonging 2020
1110 MULTIRES MULTI-level framework to enhance seismic RESilience of RC buildings 2019
1111 INTENDeD INTegration of EmotioNs During Decision-Making 2020
1112 B-GOOD Giving Beekeeping Guidance by cOmputatiOnal-assisted Decision making 2019
1113 EFFECT Environmental public goods From Farming through Effective Contract Targeting 2019
1114 STARGATE reSilienT fARminG by Adaptive microclimaTe managEment 2019
1115 WaysTUP! Value chains for disruptive transformation of urban biowaste into biobased products in the city context 2019
1116 MODFaBe Modelling individual farmer behaviours in Coupled Human Natural Systems under changing climate and society 2020
1117 CURSOR Coordinated Use of miniaturized Robotic equipment and advanced Sensors for search and rescue OpeRations 2019
1118 Cyber-MAR Cyber preparedness actions for a holistic approach and awareness raising in the MARitime logistics supply chain 2019
1119 ROXANNE Real time network, text, and speaker analytics for combating organized crime 2019
1122 WASEABI Optimal utilization of seafood side-streams through the design of new holistic process lines 2019
1124 U-CERT Towards a new generation of user-centred Energy Performance Assessment and Certification; facilitated and empowered by the EPB Center 2019
1125 EUSOCDIV Public attitudes towards Social Europe: Diverging interpretations and support within and across EU member states? 2019
1126 InterTJRPB The Interplay between Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Peacebuilding 2019
1128 CrowdLawLab CrowdLaw: Towards a More Inclusive Lawmaking Through Technology 2020
1129 MEGAFAUNA Detecting, Predicting and Protecting Pelagic Megafauna Hotspots in the Coral Sea 2020
1130 HACKS Heating And Cooling Know-how and Solutions 2019
1131 METACURIO What makes us curious? The role of metacognition. 2019
1132 LitRivus Assessment of riverine litter (plastics) inputs to the marine environment 2020
1134 SMEmPower Efficiency A holistic framework for Empowering SME's capacity to increase their energy efficiency 2019
1135 SenseGuard SenseGuard – A breakthrough respiratory monitoring device incorporating novel nanotechnology-based sensors 2019
1136 Utilizing Urban Tech to Power Smarter Cities 2019
1137 ITDS Intelligent Theatrical Distribution System 2019
1138 Clic And Fish The platform for helping the rural development and its sustainability through the angling tourism 2019
1139 B-different The RNA-Binding Protein ZFP36L1 regulates the terminal differentiation of B lymphocytes 2020
1140 SURE2050 SUstainable Real Estate 2050 2019
1141 CONSOLE CONtract SOLutions for Effective and lasting delivery of agri-environmental-climate public goods by EU agriculture and forestry 2019
1142 AGRICORE Agent-based support tool for the development of agriculture policies 2019
1143 FLARE FLooding Accident REsponse 2019
1144 BESTMAP Behavioural, Ecological and Socio-economic Tools for Modelling Agricultural Policy 2019
1145 MIND STEP Modelling INdividual Decisions to Support The European Policies related to agriculture 2019
1146 IPM Decisions Stepping-up IPM decision support for crop protection 2019
1147 ROADMAP Rethinking Of Antimicrobial Decision-systems in the Management of Animal Production 2019
1148 INVITE INnovations in plant VarIety Testing in Europe to foster the introduction of new varieties better adapted to varying biotic and abiotic conditions and to more sustainable crop management practices 2019
1149 FF-IPM In-silico boosted, pest prevention and off-season focused IPM against new and emerging fruit flies ('OFF-Season' FF-IPM) 2019
1150 SIEUSOIL Sino-EU Soil Observatory for intelligent Land Use Management 2019
1151 PoliRural Future Oriented Collaborative Policy Development for Rural Areas and People 2019
1152 DWC - Leading urban water management to its digital future 2019
1153 TiPES Tipping Points in the Earth System 2019
1154 COMFORT Our common future ocean in the Earth system – quantifying coupled cycles of carbon, oxygen, and nutrients for determining and achieving safe operating spaces with respect to tipping points 2019
1155 ARCH Advancing Resilience of Historic Areas against Climate-related and other Hazards 2019
1156 SUMMER Sustainable management of mesopelagic resources 2019
1157 SO-CHIC Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate 2019
1158 CASCADES CAScading Climate risks: towards ADaptive and resilient European Societies 2019
1159 CityLoops Closing the loop for urban material flows 2019
1160 BIORECOVER Development of an innovative sustainable strategy for selective biorecover of critical raw materials from Primary and Secondary sources 2019
1161 FORCeS Constrained aerosol forcing for improved climate projections 2019
1162 CLEARING HOUSE CLEARING HOUSE - Collaborative Learning in Research, Information-sharing and Governance on How Urban tree-based solutions support Sino-European urban futures 2019
1163 SHELTER Sustainable Historic Environments hoListic reconstruction through Technological Enhancement and community based Resilience 2019
1164 InnoRate Data-driven tools for supporting and improving the decision-making processes of investors for financing innovative SMEs 2019
1165 CompBioMed2 A Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine 2019
1166 LOCOMOTION Low-carbon society: an enhanced modelling tool for the transition to sustainability 2019
1167 Life-Inspired Life-inspired complex molecular systems controlled by enzymatic reaction networks 2019
1168 CausalBrain Dynamic directed functional connectivity of causal learning 2019
1169 PEMB The Political Economy of Media Bias 2019
1170 SocialWatt Connecting Obligated Parties to Adopt Innovative Schemes towards Energy Poverty Alleviation 2019
1171 QUEST Quality Management Investments for Energy Efficiency 2019
1172 HARP Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning 2019
1173 ICCEE Improving Cold Chain Energy Efficiency 2019
1174 LABEL 2020 New Label driving supply and demand of energy efficient products 2019
1175 ELSMOR Towards European Licencing of Small Modular Reactors 2019
1176 RAID Veterinary Decision Support System by Rapid Bacterial Infection Detection (RAID) 2019
1177 ONCOTECT Early detection of tumor DNA in liquid biopsies as a biomarker of cancer recurrence 2019
1178 UDE Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for real-time diagnosis of public spaces 2019
1179 GRID Spreadsheets run the world. We run spreadsheets. 2019
1180 DRONECOP The first integral control and command system for managing missions which delivers 3D cartography and georeferenced data in real-time 2019
1181 GAIA-Health GAIA-Health: microbiome suite for personalized medicine 2019
1182 WearHealth Worker 4.0 – Connected. Empowered. Safe and Healthy. The first intelligent and interoperable platform based on AI and wearable/IoT devices for real-time workers safety and health monitoring 2019
1183 COMP4DRONES Framework of key enabling technologies for safe and autonomous drones’ applications 2019
1184 TRASC Trade Agreements and Supply Chains 2019
1185 NASALFLOW A medical device for airflow simulation of the human upper airways 2019
1186 PayLead Smart Loyalty Program: Using Data Science to Inspire the Next Purchase 2019
1188 PopulistFP The Populist Politics of Foreign Policy 2019
1189 TheRealCompetition When Public Health Campaigns Warn You, but Your Friends Like to Drink – Connecting Computational Social Science and Neuroscience to Understand Real-World Health Behavior 2019
1190 ZES opportunity Zones for innovation EcosystemS governance 2019
1191 UNITE Unification Through Law: The Court of Justice of the European Union as Cultural-Moral Agent 2019
1192 RepDiff Revealing novel molecular mechanisms linking DNA replication and cell fate decisions 2020
1193 E2DRIVER Training on energy audits as an Energy Efficiency DRIVER for the automotive sector 2019
1194 iTrust In-time TReatment of acUte ischaemic STroke 2019
1195 Breeze A cloud-based big data analytics platform for air quality sensing using distributed sensors and an unparalleled AI-powered decision support system 2019
1196 ACoDM Affective Control of Decision Making 2019
1197 Formulate Artificial Intelligence SaaS for prescribing optimal retail merchandising decisions 2019
1198 DEMETER Building an Interoperable, Data-Driven, Innovative and Sustainable European Agri-Food Sector 2019
1199 TOPAS Exploiting the Tumor Proteome Activity Status for Future Cancer Therapies 2019
1200 MAU Making Africa Urban: The transcalar politics of large-scale urban development 2019
1201 PHERECLOS Partnerships for pathways to Higher Education and science engagement in Regional Clusters of Open Schooling 2019
1202 EERAdata Data-driven decision-support to increase energy efficiency through renovation in European building stock. 2019
1203 MMEM Miniaturized Matrixed Enthalpy Metter - Portable, affordable, easy to operate, diagnostic device enabling a rapid & accurate diagnosis of a patient infected by antibiotic-resistant bacteria 2019
1204 DiCED Digital Campaigning and Electoral Democracy 2020
1205 EXPAND II EXPAND II - Widening participation of countries and stakeholders in JPI Urban Europe through capacity building in urban policy, funding and research 2019
1206 Sano Centre for New Methods in Computational Diagnostics and Personalised Therapy 2019
1207 PWS Polyurethane Window System: energy efficient monolithic windows towards Europe’s energy transition 2019
1208 HIVE-TECH Artificial Intelligence revolution in beekeeping sector: the “Internet of Bees” 2019
1209 TAcTIC TArgeTed molecular Imaging and surgery for gastro-intestinal Cancer 2019
1210 PIX The Process Improvement Explorer: Automated Discovery and Assessment of Business Process Improvement Opportunities 2019
1211 HEARTBIT_4.0 HeartBIT_4.0 - Application of innovative Medical Data Science technologies for heart diseases. 2020
1212 RDS Artificial Intelligence Powered Fashion Insights and Personal Styling Solutions 2019
1213 Biotrack-MED Diagnostics device for rapid identification and antibiotics susceptibility testing of pathogens 2019
1214 Igentify The disruptive personalized machine-based genetic counseling platform 2019
1215 REAL local Renewable-based Energy Autonomy from the transformation of solid recovery fueL 2019
1216 CoP1stRespond Secured Collaboration Platform for Law Enforcement and First Responders 2019
1217 Pythia Artificial Intelligence to predict and control the behavior even in the most complex industrial processes 2019
1218 CITRUS-PORT Global advisory DSS platform for citrus fruit growers 2019
1219 WEDISTRICT Smart and local reneWable Energy DISTRICT heating and cooling solutions for sustainable living 2019
1220 SIM Crowd Social Innovation Matched Crowdfunding (SIM Crowd) 2019
1221 rid-O Improving collective decisions by eliminating overconfidence: mental, neural and social processes 2019
1222 SUD Making Building Systems Simple 2019
1223 MANTICA Fully Scalable Platform for Neuroscience Consumer Research and Product Development, Based on User-Friendly EEG-Headset and Cloud-Based Data Storage/Analysis. 2019
1224 RASMAC Regulatory Approved Software for Mutation Analysis in Cancer 2019
1225 EXCELSIOR ERATOSTHENES: Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment 2019
1227 LNETN Legitimation of Newness and Its Impact on EU Agenda for Change 2020
1228 LimnoPlast Microplastics in Europe's freshwater ecosystems: From sources to solutions 2019
1229 SmartFi Smart methods to improve the performance of financial instruments for SMEs 2019
1231 SOCCRATES SOC & Csirt Response to Attacks & Threats based on attack defence graphs Evaluation Systems 2019
1232 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
1233 NoBIAS Artificial Intelligence without Bias 2020
1234 MENELAOS_NT European Training Network (ETN) on Multimodal Environmental Exploration Systems – Novel Technologies 2020
1236 HyperCOG Hyperconnected Architecture for High Cognitive Production Plants 2019
1237 REVaMP Retrofitting equipment for efficient use of variable feedstock in metal making processes 2020
1238 syn.ikia Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods 2020
1239 RECLAIM RE-manufaCturing and Refurbishment LArge Industrial equipMent 2019
1240 CathVision Cube CathVision Cube: disruptive data-driven guidance for successful cardiac ablation therapy 2019
1241 EMP Motion planning technology for autonomous driving 2019
1242 S2IGI Integrated Fire Management System 2019
1243 Mendel KBASE Developing Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms for the most comprehensive knowledge base to speed up diagnosis of rare disease patients 2019
1244 FUNGAR Fungal architectures 2019
1245 SENTINEL Multi-spectral remote system for real-time alarm and monitoring of natural hazards 2019
1246 FieldTwin First centralized data platform for efficient and collaborative development of offshore energy projects 2019
1247 SpectraHow SpectraHow. Smart Raman sensor to speed up biopharma manufacture 2019
1248 STRICT SN: The first blood biomarker to accurately STratify mortality Risk In patients with Cardiac arrhyTmia 2019
1249 VACDIVA A safe DIVA vaccine for African Swine Fever control and eradication 2019
1250 ClearFarm Co-designed Welfare Monitoring Platform for Pig and Dairy Cattle 2019
1251 SPARCs Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon CommunitieS 2019
1252 Smart4RES Next Generation Modelling and Forecasting of Variable Renewable Generation for Large-scale Integration in Energy Systems and Markets 2019
1253 Mines-In-Time Monitoring System of rock stability in mines based on Advanced 4D seismic analysis. 2019
1254 SN-marker Secretoneurin (SN): the first blood biomarker to accurately stratify mortality risk in patients with cardiac arrhythmia 2019
1255 XAI Science and technology for the explanation of AI decision making 2019
1256 AlternativesToGd Hyperpolarised MR technologies and molecular probes as alternatives for conventional metal-containing contrast agents for MRI examinations 2019
1257 PLS Perinatal Life Support System: Integration of Enabling Technologies for Clinical Translation 2019
1258 CENTRAL ASIAN LAW Legal Cultures and Business Environments in Central Asia 2020
1259 BA-AC Cloud-based Airport Operations Planning tool with holistic forecasting of airport allocation planning. 2019
1260 EPIMP Epistemic Utility for Imprecise Probability 2020
1261 AS-DISCO AS-DISCO - Audio Suite for Disruptive Cockpit Demonstrator 2019
1262 MEImpact The Consequences of Mismeasuring Economic Activity 2019
1263 SafeNcy SafeNcy - the safe emergency trajectory generator 2019
1264 ARiAT Advanced Reasoning in Arithmetic Theories 2020
1265 RETROFEED Implementation of a smart RETROfitting framework in the process industry towards its operation with variable, biobased and circular FEEDstock 2019
1267 CAPARDUS Capacity-building in Arctic standardisation develoment 2019
1268 CORE CORE - Children Online: Research and Evidence. A knowledge base on children and youth in the digital world 2020
1269 CAPABLE CAncer PAtients Better Life Experience 2020
1270 HYPOS HYdro-POwer-Suite 2019
1271 MonB5G Distributed management of Network Slices in beyond 5G 2019
1272 SYNVIVO Revealing dendritic cell-CD4+ T cell communication by using synthetic biology in vivo 2020
1274 VEMoS Virtual eye model system for personalised refractive surgery treatment 2019
1275 PERSIST Patients-centered SurvivorShIp care plan after Cancer treatments based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies 2020
1276 LifeChamps A Collective Intelligence Platform to Support Cancer Champions 2019
1277 Medical Express Optimal use of healthcare resources through AI-guided support of healthcare professionals 2019
1278 MULTIPLE Multimodal spectral sensors and orchestrated deep models for integrated process optimisation 2019
1279 FUME Future Migration Scenarios for Europe 2019
1280 SmartCulTour Smart Cultural Tourism as a Driver of Sustainable Development of European Regions 2020
1281 QuantMig Quantifying Migration Scenarios for Better Policy 2020
1282 SMARTLABCAM Engineering and commercialization of a smart camera with on-chip image processing for head- and eye-tracking in laboratory animals 2020
1283 WELCOME Multiple Intelligent Conversation Agent Services for Reception, Management and Integration of Third Country Nationals in the EU 2020
1284 SYNERGY Big Energy Data Value Creation within SYNergetic enERGY-as-a-service Applications through trusted multi-party data sharing over an AI big data analytics marketplace 2020
1285 UNICOM Up-scaling the global univocal identification of medicines 2019
1286 ECOLBEH The Ecology of Collective Behaviour 2020
1287 DUET Digital Urban European Twins for smarter decision making 2019
1288 HECAT Disruptive Technologies Supporting Labour Market Decision Making 2020
1289 VULNER Vulnerabilities under the Global Protection Regime: how does the law assess, address, shape, and produce the vulnerabilities of protection seekers? 2020
1290 inDICEs Measuring the impact of DIgital CulturE 2020
1291 PEriTiA Policy, Expertise, and Trust in Action 2020
1292 COENCO Display Color-enriching nano coating for mobile displays 2019
1293 GRECA GRECA: Revolution in corporate transactions 2019
1294 ARM and AWC Disrupting Global Trade Risk Management & Working Capital Solutions 2019
1295 AUTOSITE100 Autonomous cranes based on computer vision and AI to increase productivity and safety on construction sites 2019
1296 SeCoIIA Secure Collaborative Intelligent Industrial Assets 2019
1297 EQUAL4EUROPE Gender Equality Standards for AHMSSBL institutions throughout Europe 2020
1298 TRANSFORM Territories as Responsive and Accountable Networks of S3 through new Forms of Open and Responsible decision-Making 2020
1299 innosabi GALAXY The Agile Innovation solution to revolutionise the way people connect, collaborate and create disruptive innovations throughout a company’s ecosystem to unlock its full potential 2019
1300 HADRIAN Holistic Approach for Driver Role Integration and Automation Allocation for European Mobility Needs 2019
1301 N-EXTLAW Law as Vehicle for Social Change: Mainstreaming Non-Extractive Economic Practices 2020
1302 RenoHUb Integrated Services to Boost Energy Renovation in Hungarian Homes 2019
1303 Siner An online data management tool to implement industrial symbiosis projects towards a circular economy 2019
1304 ImOPac GemciTest: An innovative In Vitro Diagnostic for the decision-making process of pancreatic cancer treatment 2019
1305 EDAS HEALTHCARE AI-based infectious diseases diagnosis in seconds 2019
1306 ICPstatu Non-Invasive Technology for Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Measurement 2019
1309 REVERT taRgeted thErapy for adVanced colorEctal canceR paTients 2020
1310 PJ07-W2 OAUO SESAR2020 PJ07-W2 OAUO Optimised Airspace Users Operations 2019
1311 aiVision Innovative AI-based Ophthalmologic Diagnosis 2019
1312 METROFOOD-PP METROFOOD-RI Preparatory Phase Project 2019
1313 DEXIM Deeply Explainable Intelligent Machines 2019
1314 PREPARE Ships PREParE SHIPS - PREdicted Positioning based on Egnss for SHIPS 2019
1316 TESTBED2 Testing and Evaluating Sophisticated information and communication Technologies for enaBling scalablE smart griD Deployment 2020
1317 TECTONIC TEchnological Consortium TO develop sustaiNabIlity of underwater Cultural heritage 2020
1318 IN2SMART2 Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2 2019
1319 SMART2 Advanced integrated obstacle and track intrusion detection system for smart automation of rail transport 2019
1320 IMMERSION Immersive marketplace for the European real estate sector 2019
1321 STAP-WATCHER The world’s “First and Cleverest Space-Based ULD-Tracker” for Airports and Airfreights in EU and worldwide. 2020
1322 HEGIAS The World’s First Browser-based and Automated High-end Virtual Reality Content Management System 2020
1323 ObjectBox IoT-1 Empowering the Edge With the World’s Fastest Database and Sychronization Service for Mobile and IoT 2019
1324 SafePort A Novel Smart System for the safe Management of Nautical operations 2019
1325 Xtend "Xtend - ""Extending Reality Skywards""" 2020
1326 ERABID Enabling Robot Adaptive Behaviours for NDT Inspections in Dynamic Contexts 2020
1327 QUALI-DEC Appropriate use of Caesarean section through QUALIty DECision-making by women and providers 2020
1329 EMPOWER European platforM to PromOte Wellbeing and HEalth in the woRkplace 2020
1330 BugWright2 Autonomous Robotic Inspection and Maintenance on Ship Hulls and Storage Tanks 2020
1331 OpenDR Open Deep Learning Toolkit for Robotics 2020
1332 BACCHUS MoBile Robotic PlAtforms for ACtive InspeCtion and Harvesting in AgricUltural AreaS 2020
1333 DigiPrime Digital Platform for Circular Economy in Cross-sectorial Sustainable Value Networks 2020
1334 PJ19-W2 CI PJ.19 W2 Content Integration, Performance Management and Business Case Development 2019
1335 HEAP Human Exposome Assessment Platform 2020
1336 LONGRUN Development of efficient and environmental friendly LONG distance powertrain for heavy dUty trucks aNd coaches 2020
1337 THyGA Testing Hydrogen admixture for Gas Applications 2020
1338 Plural AI The knowledge engine for finance 2019
1339 COMEDM Common mechanisms for decision-making and working memory in health and old age 2020
1340 PROFID Implementation of personalised risk prediction and prevention of sudden cardiac death after myocardial infarction 2020
1341 DC-ren Drug combinations for rewriting trajectories of renal pathologies in type II diabetes (DC-ren) 2020
1343 CoroPrevention Personalized Prevention for Coronary Heart Disease 2020
1344 oncNGS NGS diagnostics in 21st century oncology: the best, for all, at all times 2020
1345 Instand-NGS4P Integrated and standardized NGS workflows for Personalised therapy 2020
1346 DIGNITY DIGital traNsport In and for socieTY 2020
1347 STUOD Stochastic Transport in Upper Ocean Dynamics 2020
1348 CORPORATOCRACY The Business Corporation as a Political Actor 2020
1349 PERSISMO Predicting Energy Release in fault Systems: Integrating Simulations, Machine learning, Observations 2020
1350 BiodivClim Promoting and implementing joint programming to reinforce transnational research at the crossroad between biodiversity and climate change 2019
1351 HIGHLANDS.3 Collective Approach of Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Highland 2020
1352 Apollo Apollo: developing a powerful and easy to use platform for choice model estimation and application with full user-customisation 2020
1353 COGNITIVE THREADS Separating parallel threads of cognition to better explain behaviour 2020
1354 DigitalGovernance Governing with Data: Local Experimentation in Authoritarian China 2020
1355 DYNOME Barcoding gene expression dynamics at single-molecule resolution 2020
1356 eLTER PPP eLTER Preparatory Phase Project 2020
1357 urbisphere urbisphere - coupling dynamic cities and climate 2020
1358 IndDecision A neurally-informed behavioural modeling framework for examining individual and group difference in perceptual decision making 2020
1359 INTERACT International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic 2020
1360 COALA COpernicus Applications and services for Low impact agriculture in Australia 2020
1361 PrimeWater Delivering Advanced Predictive Tools form Medium to Seasonal Range for Water Dependent Industries Exploiting the Cross-Cutting Potential of EO and Hydro-Ecological Modeling 2019
1362 EnerMaps Open Source Tools to Share, Compare, and Reuse Low-Carbon Energy Data 2020
1363 learNoise The neurobiological and computational origins of behavioral variability 2020
1364 SIND The Social INdividual’s Decisions: how are they shaped by group affiliation during collective decisions? 2021
1365 CAPTURE Carbon pathways in the Southern Ocean 2020
1366 NINI Neuronal Information through Neuronal Interactions 2020
1367 PARTYOPINION The Informational Role of Political Parties in Citizens’ Opinion Formation 2020
1368 Cartesian Networks Cartesian Networks in Early Modern Europe: A Quantitative and Interdisciplinary Approach 2020
1369 TeamUp Understanding and improving team decision making in uncertain environments 2020
1370 METABONE A new approach of metastatic bone fracture prediction using a patient-specific model including metastatic tissue, daily-life activities and local failure criteria 2020
1371 MEANINGFEEL Just noticeable differences in affect: Estimating the minimum change in positive and negative affect that meaningfully impact people’s subjective experience of emotions 2021
1372 LEAF-2-TBM From LEAF to Terrestrial Biosphere Model: Integrating multi-scale observations of highly diverse tropical ecosystems for global scale simulations 2020
1373 UNCARIA UNCARIA: UNcertainty estimation in CARdiac Image Analysis 2020
1374 COVADIS Deciphering the Code of Value Signals in the Human Brain 2020
1376 PIANISM Prefrontal Cortex Circuit Dynamics underlying Working Memory and its Serotonin Modulation 2020
1377 ReMiCom The Challenges of Return Migration in Africa in the Age of Complex Emergencies: Comparing Multilevel Governance Systems in Ethiopia and Nigeria 2020
1378 SOCIAL MATCH The role of social behaviour in mate choice 2021
1379 CAPRI Cognitive Automation Platform for European PRocess Industry digital transformation 2020
1380 CANALS Changing Water Cultures 2021
1381 GEHEMS GridEye agent-based distributed control for Home Energy Management System 2021
1382 HABISS Eco-hydrodynamics of cold water coral habitats across integrated spatial scales 2020
1383 MulHaRes A probabilistic decision framework for MULti-HAzard RESilience of residential building portfolios subjected to floods and landslides 2020
1384 AIforUTracking Artificial Intelligence methods for Underwater target Tracking 2020
1385 TRANSIT Travel Information Management for Seamless Intermodal Transport 2020
1386 CAESAR Integrating Safety and Cybersecurity through Stochastic Model Checking 2020