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1 Ageing with elegans Validating C. elegans healthspan model for better understanding factors causing health and disease, to develop evidence based prevention, diagnostic, therapeutic and other strategies. 2015
2 SHIPS Screening to improve Health In very Preterm infantS in Europe 2015
3 EfficienSea 2 EfficienSea 2 - Efficient, Safe and Sustainable Traffic at Sea 2015
4 ComBoNDT Quality assurance concepts for adhesive bonding of aircraft composite structures by advanced NDT 2015
5 CELL HYBRIDGE 3D Scaffolds as a Stem Cell Delivery System for Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine 2015
6 ISIFit Individualised and self-adapting sound processing for cochlear implants 2015
7 ENHANCEDQMMR Enhanced Qualitative and Multi-Method Research in Political Science 2015
8 PhosFunc Dissecting the functional importance of eukaryotic protein phosphorylation 2015
9 RGGC Random Graph Geometry and Convergence 2015
10 MECTRL Measurement-based dynamic control of mesoscopic many-body systems 2015
11 DASMT Domain Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation 2015
12 IQCC Integrated quantum correlation counter 2015
13 GreenMethanol A new process for the manufacture of methanol from waste glycerol 2015
14 iPUBLIC Inkjet Printed Ultrafast Batteries and Large Integrated Capacitors 2014
15 G MOTIT Galileo-Enhanced MOTIT: an electric scooter sharing service for sustainable urban mobility 2015
16 MICACT MICroACTuators 2015
17 SCRIpT Services provided by Cinema foR ImPlementing new acTion 2014
18 ARISE Aortic Valve Replacement using Individualised Regenerative Allografts: Bridging the Therapeutic Gap 2015
19 PAL Personal Assistant for healthy Lifestyle (PAL) 2015
20 CloudLightning Self-Organising, Self-Managing Heterogeneous Cloud 2015
21 IOSTACK Software Defined Storage for Big Data 2015
22 ProsocialLearn ProsocialLearn - Gamification of Prosocial Learning for Increased Youth Inclusion and Academic Achievement 2015
23 ePlus Ecosystem Fostering Web Entrepreneurship in Europe: e-talent, e-mentoring, e-services and e-capital for e-entrepreneurs 2015
24 ODINE Open Data INcubator for Europe 2015
25 CYCLONE Complete Dynamic Multi-cloud Application Management 2015
26 MMT MMT will deliver a language independent commercial online translation service based on a new open-source machine translation distributed architecture 2015
27 DOMINO Design Oriented ModellINg for flexible electrOnics 2014
28 TUSUPO Tubular Supramolecular Polymers: A new class of therapeutic polymers 2015
29 DIvA Chromatin function in DNA Double Strand breaks repair: Prime, repair and restore DSB Inducible via AsiSI 2015
31 Protein Lego Protein design from sub-domain sized fragments 2015
32 MITOsmORFs Identification and analysis of novel mitochondrial proteins encoded by small open reading frames 2015
33 QUMIN Quantum magnonics in insulators 2015
34 STERCP Synchronisation to enhance reliability of climate predictions 2015
35 PROF-TRAC PROFessional multi-disciplinary TRAining and Continuing development in skills for NZEB principles 2015
36 TRIBE TRaIning Behaviours towards Energy efficiency: Play it! 2015
37 bettervest Crowdfunding for a low carbon energy system: addressing major challenges for EU-wide public and private investments in energy and carbon saving measures 2014
38 OTR Off The Rails 2014
39 ANAPRINT Additive Printing for Cell-based Analysis 2014
40 PRIME PRIME (Push Relevantly to Increase Mobile Engagement) 2014
41 VIPREP MAGPIE POLYMERS: Vertical Integration into PGM Refining Processes 2014
42 REBOOT Retrofit all-Electric Bus for reduced Operator Operating costs in urban Transport (REBOOT) 2014
43 POLARIS Preventative OperationaL procedures for space weAtheR threats to CrItical InfraStructure 2014
44 INCH INteractive CHarging 2014
45 usenns Neurotechnology to understand the emotions of customers in market research 2014
46 CODECS COoperative ITS DEployment Coordination Support 2015
48 LoCO2Fe Development of a Low CO2 Iron and Steelmaking Integrated Process Route for a Sustainable European Steel Industry 2015
49 STOPAPCG1IMP Spatial-temporal regulation of APC/C, its role on G1 arrest and impact on terminal differentiation 2015
50 INTERFACIAL REACTIONS Atomic-scale investigation of structure, diffusions, and kinetics of Al2O3/MgO reaction interfaces during spinel growth 2015
51 Class II PI3K Characterization of the signalling and physiological roles of the class II PI3Ks 2016
52 SO-CMA Improving the safety of oral immunotherapy for cow's milk allergy in children 2016
53 QuantMR7 Quantitative MRI of the brain using magnetic resonance fingerprinting 2016
54 NEW URBAN UNIVERSITY Situating the New Urban University: Higher Education in an Era of Global Urbanization 2015
55 ZERO-TRAIN-BCI Combining constrained based learning and transfer learning to facilitate Zero-training Brain-Computer Interfacing 2015
56 PEARS Predicting the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae 2015
57 SHDS Seismic-resistant Highly Deformable Structures 2015
58 AstroSignals Spatiotemporal dynamics of subcellular energy metabolism in astrocytes 2015
59 CODIR Cortical Dynamics of Decision Irrationality 2016
60 Modeling ERPs Combining electrophysiology and cognitive computational modeling in research on meaning in language 2015
61 ReconsolidationDynamics A Cross-Species Investigation of Memory Replay During Reconsolidation 2015
62 REAP Real-time diagnostics for Enabling Advanced laser-based roll to roll materials Processing 2015
63 CICCI Characterization of Intestinal Cancer Cell Invasion 2015
64 REALISM Reducing Early Atrophy with Leucine during Immobilization of Skeletal Muscle 2015
65 COSMOVOID Cosmology with voids and superclusters: combining theory, simulation and observation 2015
66 BRACE Breaking down arenavirus cell entry 2015
68 KRF-CY The Kaehler-Ricci flow and Singular Calabi-Yau manifolds 2015
69 HIGGS-BSM-EFT Higgs and Beyond the Standard Model Effective Field Theory, systematic developments. 2015
70 ReversePlasticity Evolution of the thermal plasticity of gene expression: a reverse evolution experiment using Drosophila simulans. 2015
71 Global eHealth Creating an evaluation and research strategy and an evidence base for eHealth systems to improve the quality of data collection and care in low and middle income settings 2015
72 LV-Pri20 Logic-based Verification of Privacy-Preservation in Europe's 2020 ICT 2015
73 CEDMMC Consumer Experience Design Model for Mass Customisation 2015
75 GeHa Gemination Harmony 2015
76 LacDetect A truly-rapid, one-minute test system for the dairy industry to assess raw milk quality, detect sub-clinical mastitis and monitor udder health, reducing antibiotic usage and environmental impact 2015
77 SENSITIVITYMARKERS Clinical validation of prognostic biomarkers of chemotherapy response in liquid biopsies 2015
78 ITECCO Innovative Transport Equipment for Coal, Coke and Ore 2015
79 Visualfy Visual Notify - Improving Deaf People's Life 2015
80 Cardiacom IMPLANT Intelligent human diagnostic and therapy platform 2014
81 BIOCURE Novel Biomaterial for Improved and Cost-efficient Wound Healing 2015
82 VR-Suit VR-Suit : MultiModal experiences in a Virtual World 2015
83 ECOFLEX Feasibility study of a Eco-friendly, Compact and Flexible System for Post Digital Printing Treatment of Textiles 2015
86 Ebola_Tx Emergency evaluation of convalescent blood and plasma for Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) in affected West African countries. 2014
87 IF-EBOla Control of the Ebola Oubreak by both innovative Ultrasensitive Detection of EBOV and therapy 2014
88 ICE Cubes ICE Cubes Service - International Commercial Experiment Cubes Service 2015
89 SUMOblock Blocking SUMO conjugation as drug discovery strategy. 2015
90 DEALS Biomarker assay development to expedite ALS experimental therapeutic advancement 2015
91 MicroLAB MicroLAB lab-on-a-cartridge, a disruptive concept. Towards an innovative solution for food safety 2015
92 URO-BEST UROthelial carcinoma Biomarker based diagnostic tEST 2015
93 SLIGHT GRANULATION SLIGHT GRANULATION process reducing Water consumption in ceramic tiles industry 2015
94 CLINISC Clinical validation of pCO2 sensor system for ischemia detection 2015
95 MAP-Detector Development of a novel low dose, high resolution, high contrast X-ray detector for medical applications to improve patient diagnoses and reduce the risk of X-radiation induced cancer 2015
96 BRAINSPECT Ultra high resolution Single Photon Computed Emission Tomography for the molecular imaging of brain disease 2015
97 Efficient Cooking Substainable and efficient food processing and cooking sytem 2015
98 CARDISENSE Innovative sensor for continuous monitoring of heart function during and after surgery 2015
99 SPM Strawberry Processing Machine 2015
100 HIQ-Home Advanced System for Eco, Energy and Cost Efficient, Comfortable and Secure Smart Homes 2015
101 HySolarKit Converting conventional cars into hybrid and solar vehicles 2015
102 Virtual Private Home Virtual Privte Home - Privacy-by-design Home Energy Efficiency Platform 2015
103 SmartRay Smart Large Scale Radio Technology for the Tactile Internet 2015
104 KDRP KiWi Power Limited’s Revolutionary, Low Cost, Demand Response Platform (KDRP) 2015
105 PCSP Odour-GPCRs based technology for detection and stratification of cancer: Prostate Cancer Smell Print as first vertical market 2015
106 PRACE-4IP PRACE 4th Implementation Phase Project 2015
107 IMPRESS New Easy to Install and Manufacture PRE-Fabricated Modules Supported by a BIM based Integrated Design ProceSS 2015
109 NOSY New Operational Sensing sYstem 2015
110 HERACLES-CP HERACLES-CP: Towards the Conversion of High Performance Research Reactors in Europe 2015
112 ADWICE Advanced Wireless Technologies for Clever Engineering 2015
113 smartpolis Budapest Smart City Centre of Excellence 2015
114 WEAR3D-POC Commercialization of Wear3D - Wearable and 3D Display Technology 2015
115 Solvatten_agri-bus Feasibilty study to determine market entrance for the Solvatten green technology into the agri-business value chains in Eastern Africa 2015
116 IDIFOR Conceptual study for the reconversion of LUFORT: Diversification towards high added value UHPFRC products for face internationalization 2015
117 DIADEM Low-Cost Diagnostics Monitoring Technology 2015
118 EcoForm An innovative, energy-efficient two-step manufacturing process, EcoForm, to produce CPET (Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate) trays for use in the food packaging industry. 2015
119 ITI Intelligent Trading Interface 2015
120 FLEXCOLD Demand flexibility for cold appliances for supermarkets and retail stores 2015
121 BIRDWATCH BIRDWATCH, The first integral and modular mobility and security solution for smart parking management 2015
122 N2FEED N2 as Chemical Feedstock – Synthetic Nitrogen Fixation beyond Haber-Bosch 2015
123 ALISE Advanced Lithium Sulphur battery for xEV 2015
124 IDH Digital Health Hub Europe 2015
126 COSYNAT Clean, Versatile and Cost-effective Waste-to-Energy Solution 2015
127 SIME-LMT Development of a digital diagnostics rapid Lung Maturity Test (LMT) for premature infants, to assist neonatologists in the diagnosis of Respiratory Distress Syndrome at birth 2015
128 NanoFASE Nanomaterial FAte and Speciation in the Environment 2015
129 LIBRA Leading Innovative measures to reach gender Balance in Research Activities 2015
130 AMPYXAP3 Commercial introduction of the first Airborne Wind Energy system: Renewable energy at costs below fully depreciated coal fired power plants 2015
131 RABIOPRED RABIOPRED - Clinical validation of BIOmarker assay to PREDict treatment response in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients 2015
132 ExtruLub Commercialisation of Advanced Extrusion Technologies Delivering Disruptive Innovation for the Next Generation of Catheter Based Medical Devices. 2015
133 UltraEASY Computer Aided Multispectral Ulstrasound Diagnostic Device 2015
134 E6 Evolution Dual Fuel Euro6 Engine Conversion Feasibility Study 2015
135 MultiDiag Rapid, cost-effective, multiplex point of care diagnostic immunoassay system 2015
136 Opti-LPS Optimal Lightning Protection System 2015
137 OCTOLY Next Generation Advertising: Social Video Software Connecting Brands and Content Creators 2015
138 LESA Laser bonding of linear edged super-abrasive blades 2015
139 SmartCardiacPatch Next-Generation Cardiac Tissue Engineering: Smart Self-Regulating Patches 2015
140 EUNCL European Nanomedicine Characterization Laboratory 2015
141 DEPURGAN Swine-farm revolution 2015
142 ELSE - SIM Enterprise Lazio and Sardegna for Europe – Smes Innovation Management 2015
143 ADDIA Validation of a fast and simple peripheral blood diagnostic biomarker kit for Alzheimer’s disease 2015
144 CHeaP Cost-effective Combined Heat and Power generator for camping vans 2015
145 IMMPACT Clinical validation of a serum protein biomarker signature for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. 2015
146 ISPIC Image-Guided Surgery (IGS) and Personalised Postoperative Immunotherapy To Improving Cancer Outcome 2016
147 SINGEK Promoting SINgle cell GEnomics to explore the ecology and evolution of hidden microeuKaryotes 2016
148 WATTsUP WATTsUP Electric flight to future 2015
149 IonoChem IonoChem: A new and highly efficient cross membrane drug delivery strategy 2015
150 Cancer-Recurrence Tumor cell death supports recurrence of cancer 2015
151 AluSalt Efficient Aluminium Salt cake Recycling Technology 2015
152 UTOUCH Universal mid-air haptic feedback 2015
153 NOVLASE Novel light sources for biomedical-imaging applications 2015
154 Bosolog Bosolog – Multi-sensors and Assets' Log Monitoring and Management Software 2015
155 AMPLify Allocation Made PracticaL 2016
156 5G-ENSURE 5G Enablers for Network and System Security and Resilience 2015
157 Fortissimo 2 Factories of the Future Resources, Technology, Infrastructure and Services for Simulation and Modelling 2 2015
158 I4MS-Growth Support and stimulation of dynamic and organic growth of pan European ICT for Manufacturing SME Innovation Ecosystems 2015
159 MapCOM Geographic mapping of radio signals 2016
160 SEPCELL Title of Proposal: Restoring the immune system homeostasis and organ function in severe community acquired pneumonia- induced sepsis through adipose derived allogeneic stem cells (SEPCELL Proje 2015
161 BOOSTB4 Boost Brittle Bones Before Birth 2016
162 ProDIA Production, control and Demonstration of structured hybrid nanoporous materials for Industrial adsorption Applications 2015
163 ERROR A pEdiatRic dosimetRy personalized platfORm based on computational anthropomorphic phantoms 2016
164 RecoveriX Motor Recovery with Paired Associative Stimulation (RecoveriX) 2016
165 JobCity JobCity: addressing global youth unemployment by revolutionising psychometrics to enable Multiple Mass Psychometric Testing (MMPT) through online gamification 2015
166 RoadWriter Computer-aided road marking machine - RoadWriter 2015
167 SEA FOAM innovative Steering-triangles rEAlized with Aluminum FOAM technology for motorcycle industry 2015
168 COLLOGISTICS Express Delivery end-to-end Management System through collaborative intelligence. 2015
169 NGV - PRA Affordable Personal Refuelling Appliance (PRA) for Natural Gas Vehicles using oil-free coaxial compression 2015
170 SYNERGY Synergy for Smart Multi-Objective Optimisation 2016
171 FAST SPECTRO Spatially Multiplexed Spectrophotometry 2015
172 REMOSIS A novel smart trap station as an Internet of Things surveillance solution to remotely count and identify the species of disease-carrying mosquitoes 2016
173 SoftFIRE Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization Testbed within FIRE+ 2016
174 ACMC Advanced Contactless Multifunction Control unit with gesture detection 2015
175 IMERSO IMERSO - Virtual Reality System 2015
176 ShopStar Image learning to create a new online marketing tool 2015
177 GFeed Safe and discrete gastrostomy tube for enteral feeding improving the delivery of nutrition and patient care. 2015
178 SAFE-CTS Efficient and cost-effective intermodal road-rail container freight system 2015
179 COSMO_SIMS Astrophysics for the Dark Universe: Cosmological simulations in the context of dark matter and dark energy research 2016
180 SMARTDIAGNOS Next generation sepsis diagnosis 2016
181 WD3D Evolution of white dwarfs with 3D model atmospheres 2016
182 OLU-PREG Affordable organosheets for mass-customised FRP components in multiple sectors 2016
183 Re-Deploy Re-deployable solar boilers based on concentrating solar collecotors for ESCO type sale of thermal energy to industrial processes. 2016
184 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
185 METAWARE Behavioral and neural determinants of metacognition and self-awareness in human adults and infants 2016
186 ElastoCardioScope An innovative tool for non-invasive evaluation of myocardial stiffness 2015
187 RMGPP Productivity and Development: The Ready-made Garment Productivity Project 2015
188 METRO4-3D Metrology for future 3D-technologies 2016
189 U_CODE Urban Collective Design Environment: A new tool for enabling expert planners to co-create and communicate with citizens in urban design 2016
190 COMPASS Colloidal Nanomaterials for Smart Applications 2016
191 SEEMLA Sustainable exploitation of biomass for bioenergy from marginal lands in Europe 2016
193 ABRACADABRA Assistant Buildings’ addition to Retrofit, Adopt, Cure And Develop the Actual Buildings up to zeRo energy, Activating a market for deep renovation 2016
194 StarFormMapper A Gaia and Herschel Study of the Density Distribution and Evolution of Young Massive Star Clusters 2016
195 SEAF Standardisation and Communication of Sustainable Energy Asset Evaluation Framework 2016
196 PEARL Periodically bent crystals for crystalline undulators 2016
197 FOLSMART Folate-Target Nanodevices To Activated Macrophages For Rheumatoid Arthritis 2016
199 BIOCURE Novel Biomaterial for Improved and Cost-efficient Wound Healing 2016
200 MicroPEAT Microbial communities of Temperate, Artic and Tropical peatlands and their role in the response of carbon storage function to global change 2016
201 PVSITES Building-integrated photovoltaic technologies and systems for large-scale market deployment 2016
202 SENCOGI SENCOGI® : a revolutionary gaze-tracking technology for real world applications. 2016
203 TANNOW Reuse of Olive Mill Wastewater for producing new antioxidant tanning chemicals 2016
204 MAINTRAC-Auto MAINTRAC-Auto: Automatization and validation of a liquid biopsy assay “Maintrac-AUTO CTC-analyser” for predictive real time monitoring and success control of solid tumor cancer therapy 2016
205 ICEWIS Intelligent and cost-efficient wind turbine power production using optical sensors 2016
206 SGSOFT Antimicrobial wound care solution to prevent and cure wound infections and cut health care costs 2016
207 FruitWatcher FruitWatcher: Monitoring traceability assessment for fresh products transport conditionsWatcher: Monitoring traceability assessment for fresh products transport conditions 2016
208 EDEN2020 Enhanced Delivery Ecosystem for Neurosurgery in 2020 2016
209 NeurOLED Organic Light-Emitting Diodes for Optogenetic Control of Neurons 2016
211 CMDrive Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbine Drive-Trains via Non-Contact Acoustic Sensors 2016
212 STEMM-CCS Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage 2016
213 TRUEPIVOT Advanced engineering analytics for the detection of errors in the structural design of critical urban infrastructure. 2016
214 LPGPU2 Low-Power Parallel Computing on GPUs 2 2016
215 METALCLEAN New Innnovative and cost effective metal cleaning machine 2016
216 INTEGHER Integration of herpesvirus into telomeres: From the mechanism of genome integration and mobilization to therapeutic intervention 2016
217 PEP-PRO-RNA Peptide-derived bioavailable macrocycles as inhibitors of protein-RNA and protein-protein interactions 2016
218 CLUSTER Birth of solids: atomic-scale processes in crystal nucleation 2016
219 BOPNIE Boundary value problems for nonlinear integrable equations 2016
220 GrapheneCore1 Graphene-based disruptive technologies 2016
221 EGYWINE Ancient Egypt’s Wine Rebirth 2016
222 Crystal Tandem Solar Single-Crystal Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells For High Efficiency and Low Cost 2017
223 INNOVATE The innovation journey of tourism entrepreneurs: evidence from the UK and Spain and policy implications 2016
224 BiMetArylation Bimetallic catalytic arylation of simple arenes 2016
225 HOMER Hydrocarbon Oxidation Mechanisms Elucidated from Radical scavenging 2016
226 SuMAC Sustainable Mobility, Affordable Cities: How do workplace sustainability plans shape transport affordability in Brussels and Sofia? 2017
227 ICDSpec Interatomic Coulombic Decay in nanodroplets: towards a novel spectroscopy 2016
228 MIGRATE Cosserat phase field modelling and simulation of viscoplasticity induced grain boundary migration and recrystallisation in metallic polycrystals 2016
229 DIFIE Direct and Indirect mechanisms of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2017
230 CR-Compressor Centric Recipocating Compressor 2016
231 EUCYS2016 European Union Contest for Young Scientists 2016 2015
232 FRESHRAP Feasibility study for an innovative “Regenerative Atmosphere Packaging” for fresh chicken 2016
233 SWITLER SWITLER:Small WInd Turbine Lightwight Efficient generatorR 2016
234 The Invisible Helmet Airbag bicycle helmet based on One Piece Woven technology 2016
235 FLOW New Floating Platform for offshore wind in deep waters. 2016
236 RESSALE Resale Second-hand SoftwAre's License for Enterprises 2016
237 OUTERMOST Towards Autonomous Large Area Mass Production Sputtering Plants 2016
238 CHROMATIX Role of epigenetic mechanisms in random X chromosome inactivation in vivo. 2016
239 INFORMATIVEPRICES Market Selection, Frictions, and the Information Content of Prices 2016
240 SYNVIA Synthetic viability of homologous recombination-deficient cancers 2016
241 FLUDYCO Fluid dynamics of planetary cores: formation, heterogeneous convection and rotational dynamics 2016
242 GravityLS Large Scale Structure Constraints of General Relativity 2016
243 PNOWWA Probabilistic Nowcasting of Winter Weather for Airports 2016
244 iBorderCtrl Intelligent Portable Border Control System 2016
245 INSTINCT Inhibiting Stress in the Construction Industry 2017
246 DANCING Dualities ANd Correspondences IN algebraic Geometry via derived categories and noncommutative methods 2017
247 CF_struct High-Resolution X-ray Structures of Full-Length Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator 2016
248 FLUORODRUGS Smart Theranostic Agents for the Tumour Microenvironment 2017
249 BigPicnic Big Picnic:Big Questions - engaging the public with Responsible Research and Innovation on Food Security 2016
250 2MoveMate4Melanoma A treatment for BRAF inhibitor resistant melanoma 2016
251 IcoCell Cell line development platform for SMEs to reduce the length and cost of biologic drug development 2016
252 ProZero ProZero - carbon based fast boats for professional use 2016
253 ifoodbag gen2 Unique, low-cost, low-footprint, reusable hybrid carrier bag system that enables food to be kept cold/frozen for up to 24 hours 2016
254 Reminova02 Feasibility Study to Demonstrate Effectiveness and Efficiency of Enamel Remineralisation using Reminova's EAER (Electrically Accelerated Enhanced Remineralisation) Technology for Dental Applications 2016
255 CGCglasmaQGP The nonlinear high energy regime of Quantum Chromodynamics 2016
256 REvivED water Low energy solution for drinking water production by a REvival of ElectroDialysis systems 2016
257 INCOVER Innovative Eco-Technologies for Resource Recovery from Wastewater 2016
258 APACHE Assessment of Performance in current ATM operations and of new Concepts of operations for its Holistic Enhancement 2016
259 BROADMAP Mapping Interoperable EU PPDR Broadband Communication Applications and Technology 2016
260 GrInflaGal Gravity, Inflation, and Galaxies: Fundamental Physics with Large-Scale Structure 2016
261 BeLEADFREE High Strength Bearing for Large-Bore LEAD FREE Engines 2016
262 SNDUST Supernova dust: production and survival rates 2016
263 neuroXscales Microtechnology and integrated microsystems to investigate neuronal networks across scales 2016
264 Toxoplasma sensing Cytoplasmic sensing of Toxoplasma gondii infection and host cell programmed necrosis 2016
265 EQUAL-IST Gender Equality Plans for Information Sciences and Technology Research Institutions 2016
266 SPLICE3D CryoEM studies of the spliceosome 2016
267 ULISENS Ultra Legionella Inmunoanalysis System for Early Sensing 2016
268 A reinvented wheel A disruptive innovation removing the need for tyre change on bicycles 2016
269 Cell3Ditor Cost-effective and flexible 3D printed SOFC stacks for commercial applications 2016
270 SET - Chronic Pain SET – The defibrillator for Chronic Pain 2016
271 SpaceInvader SpaceInvader – Gain value from empty and unused cargo space 2016
272 SACCSCAN SACCSCAN - personalising clinical management of major psychiatric disorders 2016
273 IFLFSCTM Intelligent Freshtag Labels for Supply Chain Temperature Monitoring 2016
274 Cloudfone Cloudfone Visitor Service - a 'roam like a local' Cloud service for mobile operators 2016
275 GeoFood First industrial use of bio and ecocompatible geopolymers produced from metakaolin to manufacture tanks for wine, beer, vinegar and olive oil production and storage via 3D printing technology 2016
276 AGLARIS AGLARIS: The First Fully-automated Bioreactor for Large Scale Human Stem Cell Production through an Iterative Process. 2016
277 MitoVin Mechanism and Consequences of the Interplay between Mitosis and Human Papillomavirus Initial Infection 2016
278 STEM-BCPC Signal Transduction and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Breast Cell Plasticity and Cancer 2016
279 Human City Platform A Human City Platform for town and city councils to foster citizen engagement 2016
280 3SST2015 Third funding line in 2015 for the establishment of a European SST service provision function 2016
281 TRISORP Energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emission by applying advanced ammonia/water absorption chillers and decentralised Trigeneration (CCHP) technology to small and medium enterprises 2016
282 IMPAX Inline/Instant Measurement for PhArma eXtrusion 2016
283 GREEN EPILE Green Epile: Development and implementation of a new generation of energy piles 2016
284 SynapticMitochondria Quality Control and Maintenance of Synaptic Mitochondria 2016
285 MemoryDynamics Writing and editing of memories from acquisition to long-term consolidation 2016
286 CC-TOP Cryosphere-Carbon on Top of the Earth (CC-Top):Decreasing Uncertainties of Thawing Permafrost and Collapsing Methane Hydrates in the Arctic 2016
289 HETSPRESSO A cartridge based flow chemistry machine for the automated synthesis of N-heterocycles for drug discovery 2016
290 2SST2015 Second funding line in 2015 for the establishment of a European SST Service provision function 2016
291 SMILE Slimming and Memory-Booster MIcroaLgae Extract 2016
292 SpinCo SpinCo, new energy saving worm gear technology by gear rolling contacts 2016
293 PemredTech Innovative Particle Emissions Reduction device for internal combustion engines, facilitating compliance with the present and future automotive particle emissions regulations. 2016
294 NANOMAN Nanosensors manufacturing 2016
295 Z-Tech A seamless, continuous torque multispeed Automated Manual Transmission technology that increases fuel and power efficiency 2016
296 RIGVIR Feasibility study for registration of medicine RIGVIR with the European Medicine Agency 2016
297 tagMDR Identification of Multidrug Resistance for Chemotherapy Guidance in Cancer Using a Lab-on-a-chip Platform 2016
298 SHIM Shim-Scaling mental well-being through an automated self-help app 2016
299 AMBER AMBER - enhAnced Mobile BiomEtRics 2017
300 HRMECH Nucleases in homologous recombination: from basic principles to genome editing 2016
301 NARRATIVENSCIENCE Narrative Ordering and Explanation in the Sciences: Historical Investigations and Perspectives 2016
302 TransSplicHD Single-Cell Transcriptomics and Spliceosome analysis to uncover new mechanisms of neuronal vulnerability to Huntington’s Disease. 2016
303 FlexTrans a universal thin film transistor platform for flexible and curved displays 2016
304 EYEGET Gene therapy of inherited retinal diseases 2017
305 transcriPTIon Understanding transcriptional regulation in plant PAMP-triggered immunity 2016
306 Pectin The microbial degradation and utilization of complex pectins by Bacteroides in the human intestine 2016
307 MESOTAS-SIEVE Sieving neuronal network communication 2016
308 NIMBLE Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe 2016
309 STAR4BBI Standards and Regulations for the Bio-based Industry 2016
310 UrbanHist History of European Urbanism in the 20th Century 2016
311 COSMIC-DANCE Unraveling the origin of the Initial Mass Function 2016
312 RADIAN Facilitating Collaboration in ReseArch and Development to Foster Further Innovation in European AeroNautics 2016
313 CarbSens An ultra compact greenhouse gas remote sensing system for ranges between 500 and 2000 m 2017
315 ROLINCAP Systematic Design and Testing of Advanced Rotating Packed Bed Processes and Phase-Change Solvents for Intensified Post-Combustion CO2 Capture 2016
316 HKADeC Human Capital Accumulation in Developing Countries: Mechanisms, Constraints and Policies 2016
317 PJ31 DIGITS Initial Trajectory Information Sharing 2016
318 ToyLabs Enabling an Open Innovation Model for EU Toy Industry SMEs through Co-Creation with FabLabs, Safety Experts and Customer Communities 2017
319 BigDataOcean BigDataOcean - Exploiting Ocean's of Data for Maritime Applications 2017
320 IC4WATER Tackling Water Challenges in the International Context 2017
321 EMMA Enriching Market solutions for content Management and publishing with state of the art multimedia Analysis techniques 2017
322 NURE Nuclear Reactions for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay 2017
323 Resummation4PS Advances in higher-order resummation and Parton Shower 2017
324 PEER FOR EXCELLENCE Peer learning on ways to enhance good practices in SME innovation support using the Seal ofExcellence 2016
325 HypoSens Nano-confined photonic system for detection of breast cancer spread to the lymph nodes 2016
326 ELECTRIC_AXLE Electric axle for commercial vehicles 2016
327 OPTIMA Towards Demonstration of Photonic Payload For Telecom Satellites 2016
328 SEMA3C Genetic dissection of the SEMA3C/Neuropilin 1 signalling pathway in Chronic Kidney Disease progression 2016
329 SEIC Setting Earth's Initial Conditions: A fluid dynamics study of core-mantle differentiation 2017
330 SupraCarrier Supramolecular hydrogels as local controlled drug delivery carriers 2017
331 INTERSTELLAR Building the next generation high-speed data converters to strengthen European excellence and competitiveness on space applications and beyond 2016
332 S-CODE Switch and Crossing Optimal Design and Evaluation 2016
333 THERACAN Novel therapeutic strategies to treat pancreatic and lung cancer 2017
334 GEOWAKI The analysis of geometric non-linear wave and kinetic equations 2017
335 OvaRenew OvaRenew as a first-line therapy in impaired egg quality treatment 2016
336 FANNABEE FANNABEE, a digital social marketplace for collectors 2016
337 KEMISTATIC New Electro Spraying Process of Two-Component, Solvent-Free, Fast-Curing, Liquid Resins 2016
338 NGCTR DIGIFuel Distribution and Gauging Interconnected Fuel System for the Next Generation Civil Tilt Rotor 2016
339 N2B-patch Nose to Brain Delivery of antibodies via the Olfactory Region for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Using Novel Multi-functional Biomaterials Combined with a Medical Device 2017
340 2DNANOPTICA Nano-optics on flatland: from quantum nanotechnology to nano-bio-photonics 2017
341 SACCRED Structured ACCREtion Disks: initial conditions for planet formation in the time domain 2017
342 CASe Combinatorics with an analytic structure 2016
343 ACEnano Analytical and Characterisation Excellence in nanomaterial risk assessment: A tiered approach 2017
344 SISCERA Smart Implants from Safe CERAmics 2017
345 SHOTL A shared mobility On-Demand Service 2016
346 Xepholution Artificial General Intelligence software enabling workforce relief for optimised results and increased efficiency 2016
347 PRACE-5IP PRACE 5th Implementation Phase Project 2017
348 SPanD Stellar Populations and Dynamics: a comprehensive IMF analysis 2017
349 WoCaFi Unlocking the Entire Wood Matrix for the Next Generation of Carbon Fibers 2017
350 Mushroomics Functional genomics in Schizophyllum commune: leveraging the diversity in this hypervariable fungus to understand mushroom development 2017
351 FALCON Fuel and chemicals from lignin through enzymatic and chemical conversion 2017
352 AB-SWITCH Evaluation of commercial potential of a low-cost kit based on DNA-nanoswitches for the single-step measurement of diagnostic antibodies 2017
354 DEW-COOL-4-CDC Low Energy Dew Point Cooling for Computing Data Centres 2017
355 wellwatch A hands-free remote monitoring solution for continuous and accurate medical grade assessment of heart health 2017
356 T-TAG Innovative tag system providing affordable time-temperature quality control of individual temperature sensitive products 2016
357 Homer HOMER - Development of Home Rehabilitation system 2016
358 Accordion Bioreactor An innovative high capacity Accordion bioreactor technology for high performance and low cost microalgae production 2017
359 FlexBuild Market maturation of innovative Flexible modules for temporary sealing of construction Buildings 2016
360 ScaleMazeMap Scaling MazeMap to a global provider of indoor maps 2016
361 SYSCID A Systems medicine approach to chronic inflammatory disease 2017
362 beAWARE Enhancing decision support and management services in extreme weather climate events 2017
363 SOFTOX Carbon dioxide utilisation as a soft oxidant in alkene production 2016
364 MagnaPharm Magnetic Control of Polymorphism in Pharmaceutical Compounds 2017
365 ArrestAD 3-O-sulfated heparan sulfate translocation in altered membrane biology: A new strategy for early population screening and halting Alzheimer’s neurodegeneration 2017
366 TRUST TRUck Suistanable Transport - Innovative project for management of Contract Logistics 2017
367 ARCC Automated Rail Cargo Consortium: Rail freight automation research activities to boost levels of quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness in all areas of rail freight operations 2016
368 EPIC EU-Pacific Partnerships for ICT RDI 2017
369 SURVANT SURveillance Video Archives iNvestigation assisTant 2017
370 ENHANCE Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Self-Powered Automotive Sensors: from Advanced Lead-Free Materials to Smart Systems 2017
371 ERICENA European Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence in ChiNA 2017
372 ARAB PARLIAMENTS The role of national parliaments in the Arab transformation processes 2017
373 GASPARCON Molecular steps of gas-to-particle conversion: From oxidation to precursors, clusters and secondary aerosol particles. 2017
374 VascArbor Vascular Tree Formation in Multi-Structural Tissue Engineering 2017
375 DeLiCAT Death and Life of Catalysts: a Theory-Guided Unified Approach for Non-Critical Metal Catalyst Development 2017
376 FAST TestOM FAST and accurate Testing of Organic Materials 2017
377 HYDRUS high-pressure HYdrogen booster for DistRibUted small-medium refuelling Stations 2017
378 DroneHopper DroneHopper: an innovative solution for firefighting through remote-controlled aircrafts. 2017
379 AORTA Alginor`s Ocean Refining Total utilizing technology 2017
381 Logist-IoT SensorToCloud Technologies for Loss Prevention and Smart “Last Mile” Logistics Operations 2017
382 FUNGITAINER FUNGITAINER: Innovative Modular and Mobile Indoor Farm for Mushrooms and Substrate Production 2017
383 Satway Pro SATWAY Pro. The Reliable and Affordable Satellite Messaging Service. 2017
384 Trafisense Trafisense is a real-time monitoring and early-warning service for high-risk situations in dry-type distribution and power transformers based on proprietary machine-learning technology. 2017
385 RELEASE Nanofiber based drug delivery for surgical therapy of adult and paediatric solid tumours 2017
387 X-Pulse ZNMF Pulsed Jet-based Active Flow Control of the UHBR-induced Flow through High Fidelity CFD 2017
388 LIGNINFIRST The Lignin-First Approach for the Full Valorisation of Lignocellulosic Biomass 2017
389 EyeSynth Audio-Visual System for the Blind Allowing Visually Impaired to See Through Hearing 2017
390 SATH New twin floating platform for offshore wind turbines 2017
391 iShare iShare - a disruptive approach to vehicle sharing 2017
392 BikeABS Bicycle Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) for Cycling Industry 2017
393 PANTREAT Pancreatic cancer as a treatment target of Dwarfbody-Therapeutics 2017
394 STRISOC Mass Strikes and Social Movements in India and Brazil 2017
395 Austere Reasons Do Desires, and only Desires, Justify Action? Evaluating a Radical Version of 'Internalism about Reasons' 2017
396 SupramolecularWires Multicomponent supramolecular wires as a platform for the control of protein functions 2017
398 LTPAM Low Temperature Plasma for Applications in Medicine 2017
399 EDAPOL The Epistemic and Dynamic Aspects of Polarization. 2018
400 PULSATES PULsar Science Across The Electromagnetic Spectrum 2017
401 TEROPPLATE Testing the role of thermo-chemical piles in the generation and continuation of plate tectonics 2018
402 T.A.MA 'Sharing without Solidarity: Politics, Heritage and Pilgrimage in a Divided European Society' 2017
403 aPad aPad - smaller, lighter, smarter autonomous marine surface vehicle 2017
405 NEUROMICRONICA Neuromicronica: Modular behavioural neuroscience 2017
406 ThromboForce Platelet tractions through the Glycoprotein (GP) GPIb receptor as a potential marker for platelet reactivity 2017
407 PADECOT PArtial Differential Equation model-based COntrol of Traffic flow 2017
408 BROAD Learning to bracket broadly 2017
409 TPANN Tensor Processing on FPGAs for Artificial Neural Networks 2017
410 BROS Blockchain: a new framework for swarm RObotic Systems 2017
411 ExItALS RNA-mediated intercellular miscommunication: role of extracellular vesicle cargos in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2017
412 AdD HyStor Demonstration of dynamic grid stabilisation with an Adaptive-flywheel/battery Hybrid energy Storage system in Ireland and UK 2017
413 NMRNTECH NMR-based Sensor Technology at Nanoscale 2017
414 GEOHEAL Self-healing geological construction materials and structures 2018
415 AttoDNA AttoDNA: how electronic motions affect the photostability of the genomic material 2018
416 IPACE Iceland: Physical Anthropology of Colonization and Evolution 2017
417 EwiSarc A novel in vivo platform to study and target undruggable Ewing onco-chimera. 2017
418 TimePresCompBridge Time-dependent design and assessment of prestressed steel-concrete composite bridges with external FRP tendons 2017
419 NanoVoltSens Voltage-sensing nanorods for super-resolution voltage imaging in neurons 2017
420 EBOVAC1 Development of a Prophylactic Ebola Vaccine Using an Heterologous Prime-Boost Regimen – Sofia ref.: 115854 2014
421 ELSE SIM Enterprise Lazio and Sardegna for Europe - SMEs Innovation Management 2017
422 PALAEO-ENEO Genomic and proteomic analysis of Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age humans from Central-Southern Italy 2017
423 ATM-METFIN Quantifying atmospheric ice nucleating particle (INP) concentrations via advances in measurement techniques and field studies of ice nucleation 2017
424 RUSNAT Russian Nationalism and the Ukraine Crisis: The Impact of Nationalist Actors on Russian Foreign Policy 2017
425 GeneVision Developing a cure for retinitis pigmentosa due to Usher syndrome 2017
426 CENTRELINE ConcEpt validatioN sTudy foR fusElage wake-filLIng propulsioN intEgration 2017
427 GenomMed Genomics and Mechanisms in Translational Medicine Doctoral Programme 2017
428 COTCA Co-Translational Chaperone Action at the Single-Molecule Level 2017
429 EV-LNC Extracellular vesicle-mediated delivery of long non-coding RNA: Implications for vascular repair and regeneration 2017
430 IPUSS The initial 244Pu abundance of the Solar System 2017
431 FOGHORN FOG-aided wireless networks for communication, cacHing and cOmputing: theoRetical and algorithmic fouNdations 2017
432 DeepFace Understanding Deep Face Recognition 2017
433 INFISS Targeting infertility associated to defective Insulin/IGF-1 signalling 2017
434 INFRAMIX Road Infrastructure ready for mixed vehicle traffic flows 2017
435 SOCCERMATICS Soccermatics: data for football fans and clubs 2017
436 ORION Open Responsible research and Innovation to further Outstanding kNowledge. 2017
437 PHAROS Photocatalytic Generation of CarbAnions for Organic Synthesis 2017
438 AFTERLIFE Advanced Filtration TEchnologies for the Recovery and Later conversIon of relevant Fractions from wastEwater 2017
439 MIMICS Electromyography-driven musculoskeletal modelling for biomimetic myoelectric control of prostheses with variable stiffness actuators 2018
440 MMXVI Minimal Model for Pox-Virus Infection 2017
441 MwHresEP Multi-well High-resolution Electrophysiology Platform 2017
442 AlbaSolar Developing perovskite-based solar panels 2017
443 Fresh Solutions Fresh Solutions –‘A fresh approach to food packaging’ 2017
444 Previble Previble - The Previsualization Tool 2017
445 C2C-NewCap Towards a safe, reliable and cost competitive transport sector in Europe 2017
446 AUTOMEATIC Automated system for packaging fresh meat with reduced waste/giveaway, processing time, human involvement and contamination 2017
447 BETACONTROL Control of amyloid formation via beta-hairpin molecular recognition features 2017
448 F-IMAGE Seismic Functional Imaging of the Brittle Crust 2017
449 PEFerence From bio-based feedstocks via di-acids to multiple advanced bio-based materials with a preference for polyethylene furanoate 2017
450 Voices of Belonging Voices of Belonging: Minority Identities, Language and Education in the Netherlands 2017
451 MovEAID A novel wearable medical device and eHealth system to improve the mobility of patients withhemiparesis 2017
452 Genome Biologics Reducing the cost and increasing the speed of preclinical research in the pharmaceutical industry 2017
453 SidekickHealth Improving health the fun way… seriously 2017
454 OSMOFOOD Eco-innovative high efficient process for the concentration of fruit juice using forward osmosis. 2017
455 KERASTOP A big jump in preventing problems in refractive surgery for myopia 2017
456 Beacon Bentonite mechanical evolution 2017
457 INSIDER Improved Nuclear SIte characterization for waste minimization in DD operations under constrained EnviRonment 2017
458 ZEOSOL Integrated solar heating and cooling unit based on a novel zeolite chiller and heat pump 2017
459 TrustVehicle Improved trustworthiness and weather-independence of conditional automated vehicles in mixed traffic scenarios 2017
460 CAPITA CAPITA: Child Abuse Prevention International Training and Access 2017
461 STAMP Stratified turbulence and mixing processes 2017
462 IN2DIAG Application of genomic inversions as diagnostic markers in precision medicine 2017
463 ONE5G E2E-aware Optimizations and advancements for the Network Edge of 5G New Radio 2017
464 NEUROCLOUD A neural network builder with remotely controlled parallel computing 2017
465 Invidyo Invidyo – Smart Baby and Baby Sitter Monitoring System 2017
466 SENTRY Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Cable Monitoring and Surveying for Offshore Wind Farms providing movement, depth, surface disruption and free-span readings 2017
467 ACUSLABS A new tool in drug development: mapping of compound-protein interaction using forward genetics 2017
468 MAGYCO Mems based Appliance for GYro Compassing in general aviation and unmanned aircraft applications 2017
469 EFFIKILN Development of an efficient hydro-based, waste heat extraction system for kiln rollers in ceramic tile production 2017
470 MFDS Multi-Functional Detective System (MFDS) – Advanced, ‘Intelligent Transport System’ creating smarter and safer European roads 2017
471 RA-RAKE A Novel Double Wheel Rake Machine to provide high quality fodder and high operational speed 2017
472 ShipShape Bottom-up Energy Efficient Emulsification and Structured Materials 2017
473 SHOKA Community-based cyclist navigation solution to increase safety of utility bikers 2017
474 World RePORT World RePORT Refresh, the Global Biomedical Research Project Database, Technology and Functionality, 2017 (Phase 2) 2017
475 WTM-RECYCLE Large scale wind tunnel turboprop aircraft model integrating morphing devices for aerodynamic experimental assessment 2017
476 BioProbe-PIT Local molecular profiling of tumor tissue sections: towards personalized immunotherapy 2017
477 HotPolitics Politics isn’t cool, it’s hot! Do emotions influence political attitudes? 2017
478 HPCForEVs High Power Charger For Electric Vehicles 2017
479 3DTRAY Innovative lightweight sustainable solutions for additively manufactured aircraft interior parts 2017
480 3D-Roving Deposition Directed and three-dimensional placement of continuous fibres with the direction of forces enabling asignificant reduction of costs and weight in carbon fibre components 2017
481 IBiS Full scale demonstration of an Innovative solution for Baggage Handling Systems at airports (IBiS) 2017
483 GET-UP BAT GPCR Exploitation To Unlock the Power of Brown/Beige Adipose Tissue 2017
484 ExtruLub Commercialisation of Advanced Extrusion Technologies through Materials Innovation to Enhance the Performance Functionality of Catheter Based Medical Devices 2017
485 SC-EpiCode Decoding the Epigenomic Regulatory Code by the Use of Single Cell Technologies 2017
486 PAMDORA Planetary accretion and migration in discs over all ages 2018
487 ODDSUPER New mechanisms and materials for odd-frequency superconductivity 2018
488 MalPar.NET Malaria Parasite Networking: Discovering Modes of Cell-Cell Communication 2017
489 CHAOS-PIQUANT Universality and chaos in PT-symmetric quantum systems 2018
490 TFence A patent pending solution/microchip for the IoT cybersecurity market requirements: no access toonline software updates, very small size, inexpensive hardware, low energy consumption. 2017
491 FAITh Fighting Anxiety with Importin-based Therapeutics 2017
492 eco-soft Industrial manufacturing of eco-innovative, safe, sustainable functionalised microencapsulated fragrances for fabric softeners 2017
493 CLOTHILDE CLOTH manIpulation Learning from DEmonstrations 2018
494 HopeQNet Hopfield neural network dynamics in open quantum systems 2017
495 PhonPred Constructing a theory of phonotactic processing during speaking 2018
496 SWINOSTICS Swine diseases field diagnostics toolbox 2017
497 ProteaseNter Disseminating N-terminomics to Advance Protease Research 2018
498 Sense2SurviveSalt Surviving salinity: How do plants sense Na+? 2018
499 JetCell Microfluidic bubble JET flow CELL sorter for cell therapy 2018
500 VSDN Video streaming services with Software-Defined Networking 2018
501 NanoFLP Nanoparticles as Partners in Frustrated Lewis Pairs: Boosting the Surface Reactivity of Inorganic Nanoparticles 2018
502 AltCheM In vivo functional screens to decipher mechanisms of stochastically- and mutationally-induced chemoresistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia 2018
503 USNAC Understanding Type Ia SuperNovae for Accurate Cosmology 2018
504 DATAJUSTICE Data Justice: Understanding datafication in relation to social justice 2018
505 KET4CleanProduction Pan-European Access for man. SME on tech. services for clean production through a Network of premier KET Technology Centres with one stop shop access incl. EEN and discourse with policy makers on RIS3 2018
506 CANCER Personalised Postoperative Immunotherapy To Improving Cancer Outcome and improving quality of life 2018
507 JIVE 2 Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe 2 2018
508 ReTV Enhancing and Re-Purposing TV Content for Trans-Vector Engagement 2018
509 AirBorne AerIal RoBotic technologies for professiOnal seaRch aNd rescuE 2018
510 Novel Jack Automatic Hydraulic Jack with improved capacity, safety and efficiency for agricultural implements 2017
511 SHN Universal Smart Hypodermic Needle for preventing reuse and accidental pricks 2017
512 IntelHeat Intelligent control system for railway points heating with supreme saving of electicity 2017
513 Day-by-day Day-by-Day Short-Term Traffic Forecasts for Road Concessions (top app) 2017
514 LymphoDrain First subcutaneous implant to treat lymphedema. Definitive solution for chronic lymphedema 2017
515 LIPOCOAT Biomimetic nano-coatings for healthcare. Targeting the contact lenses market 2017
516 HIL PT System Revolutionary, cost effective, spatially efficient, proton therapy system for cancer treatment. 2017
517 TiltHex Tilt Rotor Heat Exchanger 2018
518 TBornotTB What is Tuberculosis? Challenging the Current Paradigm of Tuberculosis Natural History using Mathematical Modelling Techniques 2018
519 COMANFLO Computation and analysis of statistical solutions of fluid flow 2018
520 EPIDEMICSonCHIP EPIDEMICS in ant societies ON a CHIP 2018
521 PISSARRO Photonic integrated devices for second order nonlinear optical processes 2018
522 ExoSonic A microfluidic chip for non-invasive, early detection of pancreatic cancer – liquid biopsy 2018
523 Nanodevice Nanostructure-based label-free biomolecular binding kinetics assay 2018
524 AccuWater High accuracy water leakage and apparent loss detection 2018
525 Mega-Inliner High tech Inliner for ISO tank containers 2018
526 GENAQ Replicating the Natural Rain Process for a Sustainable Distributed Water Production: More Water with Less Consumed Energy 2018
527 AdamFrame AdamFrame: A Low-cost, High-performance, Software guided Quadrilateral Octopod External Fixator 2018
528 IDA Intermediate Compressor Case Duct Aerodynamics 2018
529 DOVER Methodology Development and Validation of WEight Optimized Stiffeners Run-Out Design for Future Composite Wings 2018
530 WAI Wiraya Activation Intelligence 2018
531 Submer Highly Efficient, Eco-friendly Immersion Cooling for Data Centres 2018
533 lif-E-Buoy Compact hydro generator for electric vehicles charging stations (to serve as an energy lifebuoy) 2018
534 SynchroGuard Real-time distribution grid monitoring and automated fault management system 2018
535 Joysteer 3.0 A New Drive-by-Wire Technology for People with Disabilities and Industrial Applications 2018
536 SEMS Smart Energy Management System 2018
537 AMFIL Autonomous magnetic field-based indoor location 2018
538 TurboSol TurboSol: Turbo-Solar Thermal Power for Industrial Drying Processes 2018
539 DIGITS-AU Demonstration of ATM Improvements Generated by Initial Trajectory Sharing - Airspace User Part 2018
540 IPACBIS Identifying preclinical Alzheimer´s disease in the community using a panel of biomarkers among individuals with Subjective Memory Complaints 2018
541 AXO-MATH Imaging and analyzing dynamics of reward-related long-range axons during decision-making in behaving mice 2018
542 BEAT regulation of B-cell Epitope migration and Autoimmunity by T follicular helper cells 2018
543 BROWSE_PLUS Beam-steered Reconfigurable Optical-Wireless System for Energy-efficient communication – Proving the Concept 2018
544 CRoSh “Chromatin Re-organization during Shade Avoidance” 2019
545 EmBd Unravelling the molecular mechanisms of monocot embryogenesis 2019
546 APOLO SmArt Designed Full Printed Flexible RObust Efficient Organic HaLide PerOvskite solar cells 2018
547 H3PS H3PS – High Power High Scalability Aircraft Hybrid Powertrain 2018
548 UB-RASDisease The ubiquitin system in RAS-driven disease 2018
549 ASIAPAST From herds to empire: Biomolecular and zooarchaeological investigations of mobile pastoralism in the ancient Eurasian steppe 2018
550 LIFETimeS Light-Induced Function: from Excitation to Signal through Time and Space 2018
551 ACB The Analytic Conformal Bootstrap 2018
552 REALM Re-inventing Ecosystem And Land-surface Models 2018
553 Mtb CoaBC CoaBC from the Coenzyme A pathway of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as an antimicrobial drug target 2018
554 ReaLCoE Next Generation 12+MW Rated, Robust, Reliable and Large Offshore Wind Energy Converters for Clean, Low Cost and Competitive Electricity 2018
555 TROPDIFFGEO Tropical Differential Geometry 2018
556 NAMISTMem Nanoscale Analytical Methods to gain insight into the Initiation of Short-Term Memory 2018
557 ODYSSEA Population Dynamics in the Southeast European Neolithic: Prehistoric Archaeology and Palaeogenomics 2018
558 RNAmpMax Maximization of amplification of next-generation RNA replicon vaccines through synergistic molecular and formulation design 2019
559 MoonDiff Investigating the formation and early evolution of the Moon with a combined experimental and analytical approach 2018
560 PolyBact Identifying Chemical Cues in the Polymer-Mediated Engineering of Microorganisms 2019
561 InDyMag Internal Dynamics and Magnetic field generation in rocky bodies: planets and large moons in the solar system 2019
562 Proteasome in cancer Identification of the proteasome machinery targets in human cancer 2018
563 Primer Predicting the impacts of climate change and management actions for the invasiveness of alien species in Europe 2019
564 PAMpeR Patroller monocytes as modulators of diabetic retinopathy 2018
565 INTENSS INformation-Theoretic analysis of Embodied and Situated Systems 2018
566 OCOCAMKS Optical control of CaMKII signaling 2018
567 HyThermEl Hybrid Thermoelectrics: From Model to Device 2019
568 PerMet Role of peroxisomal fatty acid β-oxidation in vessel sprouting 2018
569 PERIL Post ERuption Incision of Landscapes (PERIL) 2019
570 MCEC The Netherlands Center for Multiscale Catalytic Energy Conversion 2018
571 KEMISTATIC New ElectroSTATIC Spraying Process of Two-Component, Solvent-Free, Fast-Curing, Liquid Resins 2018
572 Hot chips Waste heat recovery for industrial heat intensive processes 2018
573 EMERALD ElectroMagnetic imaging for a novel genERation of medicAL Devices 2018
574 INSCRIBE INvention of SCRIpts and their BEginnings 2018
575 DARE2APPROACH Dare to Approach: A Neurocognitive Approach to Alleviating Persistent Avoidance in Anxiety Disorders 2019
576 BabyRhythm Tuned to the Rhythm: How Prenatally and Postnatally Heard Speech Prosody Lays the Foundations for Language Learning 2018
577 BiomeRiskFactors Discovering microbiome-based disease risk factors 2019
578 IFDG INNOVATION, FIRM DYNAMICS AND GROWTH: what do we learn from French firm-level data? 2018
579 PLAST-EVOL The origin and early evolution of eukaryotic plastids 2018
580 E-DESIGN Artificial designer materials 2018
581 NONFLU Non-local dynamics in incompressible fluids 2018
582 MSTAR Massive Star Formation through the Universe 2018
583 FirstGalaxies Finding the most distant galaxies with NIRSpec guaranteed time on the James Webb Space Telescope 2020
584 FC-Unlimited Eco-efficient and Healthy Commercial Deep Fryer 2018
585 LAMatCU Establishing Laboratory of Advanced Materials at the Comenius University 2018
586 BACKUP Unveiling the relationship between brain connectivity and function by integrated photonics 2018
587 RISE Prevention of child mental health problems in Southeastern Europe - Adapt, Optimize, Test, and Extend Parenting for Lifelong Health 2018
588 Have a BLaST Disruptive Bike Logistic Smart Trailer for efficient, painless and zero nuisance last mile delivery in cities 2018
589 MedicalPhant An advanced 3D simulator to generate 3D-personalized tissue and organ models for diagnosis, planning and pre-treatment of medical vascular interventions 2018
590 Mycotaff A renewable bio-based material that enables efficient, cost-effective production of high-quality insulation, packaging, dry-wall, and other building materials 2018
591 HIPER-YARN High performance yarn for public transport, home textiles and protective wear 2018
592 PreciSen PreciSen, the next generation of position sensing technology 2018
594 WindiBox A novel shrouded vertical axis wind turbine for power generation in buildings 2018
595 POWDER POWDER: DeveloPment and Optimisation of 3D Printing with neW Certified PowDER Material. 2018
596 iMEC Real-time assessment of toxic sulphide in wastewater – market maturation of an Industrial Micro Electrochemical Cell 2018
597 HYBRiX Hybrid fuel-electric multicopter RPAS with 10 times more flight time than current solutions in the market 2018
598 ALOEco ALOe vera Edible Coating: effective, safe and sustainable post-harvest treatment to enhance shelf-life of vegetables 2018
599 QUPIC Ultra-fast and Cost-effective Quantum Random Number Generator Photonic Integrated Chip 2018
600 FuseX Novel device for simple and effective prevention of post-surgical adhesion build up. 2018
601 DEMS Data Excellence Management System 2018
602 Hybrid Drive The worldwide first hybrid multi-functional municipal vehicle for a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, fine particles and noise pollution in cities 2018
603 cPET Tackling the global plastic waste issue, by upcycling no value streams into 100% virgin material and enabling new plastic circular economy 2018
604 FIONA FIbre OrientatioN Analysis of fibre-reinforced components 2018
605 L2L Leap-to-Lead platform for expanding Drug Discovery beyond its current limits 2018
606 DRAMS Drone-based Radio Aid Measuring System 2018
607 KAM Patch KAM Patch, the Smart Sweat Patch: a breakthrough platform for hydration monitoring 2018
608 Safe SAD "First ""All-in-one"" and Adjustable Supraglottic Airway Device for a Safely Clinical Airway Management" 2018
609 SenolT Fast and effective diagnostic test for the early detection of residual tumours to prevent cancer recurrence 2018
610 TARGETSS Targeting SWI/SNF complex function in cancer 2019
611 Qosmology Quantum Effects in Early Universe Cosmology 2018
612 TFS Feasibility study for Titan Fire System S.L. 2018
613 OmniBot OmniBot: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Bot platform 2018
615 Biopsy X Endodrill® Model X - a new endoscopic biopsy instrument taking multiple cancer samples of varying depth in one single session 2018
616 WayLink One Way , Your Link! 2018
617 Klimator-RSI Connected cars for real time smart road maintenance and increased driving safety 2018
618 GetReal Initiative The GetReal Initiative 2018
619 MaMs3 Crack-Defined Nanogap Electrodes for High-Throughput Decoding of DNA 2018
620 Ammune Mitigating botnet DDoS attacks with an artificial intelligence powered solution 2018
621 TrueProactive ROMAD TrueProactive - a next generation cyber defence software for European SMEs 2018
622 BestinclassSOFCs Enabling mass market adoption of SOFC fuel cell systems 2018
623 Motorlisten AI-based acoustic condition monitoring of industrial machinery 2018
624 Capacitoxx Innovative and advanced manufacturing process to produce biological nanomaterial super-capacitors for superior battery performance in smart devices 2018
625 ATTRACT breAkThrough innovaTion pRogrAmme for a pan-European Detection and Imaging eCosysTem 2018
626 WEB-RADR 2 WEB-RADR 2 2018
627 DRALOD Renewables-based drying technology for cost-effective valorisation of waste from the food processing industry 2018
628 NextWave Wave Energy Technology Made Mainstream 2018
629 SPACEPORT 3D Volumetric Video Capturing and Streaming Software- SPACEPORT 2018
630 NMR-DisAgg The Dynamic Composition of the Protein Chaperone Network: Unraveling Human Protein Disaggregation via NMR Spectroscopy 2018
631 FASTFACEREC FAST track 2 FACE REcognition Camera dominance 2018
632 CartographY Mapping Stellar Helium 2019
633 1000kmPLUS Scalable European Powertrain Technology Platform for Cost-Efficient Electric Vehicles to Connect Europe 2019
634 ReverseAndCat Reversible Creation of Non-Inherent Reactivity Patterns in Catalytic Organic Synthesis 2018
635 MechanoSignaling Predicting cardiovascular regeneration: integrating mechanical cues and signaling pathways 2019
636 CoPs Continuous hazardous water Pollutants sensing in the environment 2018
637 ProtCap Protein Capsules 2018
638 synBIOcarb Synthetic biology of carbohydrate-binding proteins: engineering protein-carbohydrate interactions for diagnostics and cell targeting 2018
639 iCAREPLAST Integrated Catalytic Recycling of Plastic Residues Into Added-Value Chemicals 2018
640 RadNu Radio detection of the PeV - EeV cosmic-neutrino flux 2019
641 Brevel A solar based, internally-illuminated bioreactor for microalgae cultivation 2018
642 INTEGRADDE Intelligent data-driven pipeline for the manufacturing of certified metal parts through Direct Energy Deposition processes 2018
643 CICERONE CIrCular Economy platfoRm for eurOpeaN priorities strategic agEnda 2018
644 TOPCL Table-top cathodoluminescence microscope 2019
645 HUMAN TEXTILES Human, Woven, Tissue-Engineered Blood Vessels (TEBV) Exclusively from Cell-Assembled Extracellular Matrix (CAM). 2018
646 HACE Making wave energy competitive with wind and solar energy 2018
647 Snowless Real-time reaction, autonomous and energy-efficient snowmelt technology for lightly and heavily trafficked pavement surfaces. 2018
648 AXPLAST Deep brain imaging of cellular mechanisms of sensory processing and learning 2018
649 TechCapMarkets TechCapMarkets: Improving access for innovative SMEs to Funding via EU Capital Markets 2018
650 MASTER Microbiome Applications for Sustainable food systems through Technologies and EnteRprise 2019
651 Oscar Oscar: The first device for managing a warehouse of articles able to visually recognise any label without the need of a barcode. 2018
652 APICUS Artificial Intelligence approach for Product Inspection through the use of Cobot enabling quality control of Unshaped products Solution 2018
653 recalm ANC headrest Accelerating market introduction of Active Noise Cancelling headrest solutions 2018
655 Norrdigi NorrDigi revolutionary Energy Saver 2018
656 LEDGER decentraLizEd Data Governance for nExt geneRation internet 2018
657 SPECTROINLETS The first equipment to enable real-time liquid analysis for mass spectrometers 2018
658 CroP Leveraging predictive technologies to increase operational & cost efficiencies in the European cargo claims value chain. 2018
659 DiSCo MRI SFN Developing Integrated Susceptibility and Conductivity MRI for Next Generation Structural and Functional Neuroimaging 2019
660 USIS U-Space Initial Services 2018
661 BEBOP Bacterial biofilms in porous structures: from biomechanics to control 2019
662 SMARTUNNEL The longest-life & energy-saving emergency LED lighting system for underground infrastructures 2018
663 HTx Next Generation Health Technology Assessment to support patient-centred, societally oriented, real-time decision-making on access and reimbursement for health technologies throughout Europe 2019
664 Impearl Bringing to the market the new generation of yogurts with encapsulated ingredients 2019
665 LAA-START Left Atrial Appendage Electrical Isolation via Bio-photonic Optical Confirmation to Treat Persistent Atrial Fibrillation 2019
666 FOG Frequency protector generator for honeybees 2019
667 TRAXEN tracking TRAXEN – Ultra low power, long life tracking sensor 2019
668 RADDICS Reliable Data-Driven Decision Making in Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
669 BDE Beyond Distance Estimates: A New Theory of Heuristics for State-Space Search 2019
670 PRO-Heritage PROtect traditional built HERITAGE Skills – PRO-Heritage 2019
671 MAMSCAN New Method for Early Stage Breast Cancer Detection 2019
672 MDOT Medical Device Obligations Taskforce 2019
673 Gravity Sketch Multiplatform for multi-users 3D content co-creation and collaboration in Real-time (VR/AR/Mobile) 2018
674 FORWARD Fostering research excellence in EU Outermost Regions 2019
675 PRACE-6IP PRACE 6th Implementation Phase Project 2019
676 TERI Teaching Robots Interactively 2019
677 SOLID Suppression of Organelle Defects in Human Disease 2019
678 GEoREST predictinG EaRthquakES induced by fluid injecTion 2019
679 BANTURIVERS At a Crossroads of Bantu Expansions: Present and Past Riverside Communities in the Congo Basin, from an Integrated Linguistic, Anthropological and Archaeological Perspective 2019
681 GEWADI Role of Educational Systems on Entry Level Wage Differences 2019
682 justITSELF Just-in-time Self-Verification of Autonomous Systems 2019
683 SYMELS Symbol Elimination in Reliable System Engineering 2019
684 STICK2HEAL Innovative adhesives for ear drum healing 2019
685 dataFlow dataFlow: A Data-driven Fluid Flow Solving Platform 2019
686 FLEXDYM FLEXDYM, the material revolution for microfluidics 2019
687 AMR-G Smart your Water Meter 2019
688 SWEETWOODS Production and deploying of high purity lignin and affordable platform chemicals through wood-based sugars 2018
689 HDPROBES Photoactivatable Sensors and Blinking Dyes for Live-Cell, Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy 2019
690 NBEB-SSP Nonparametric Bayes and empirical Bayes for species sampling problems: classical questions, new directions and related issues 2019
691 ViroPedTher Oncolytic viruses for the treatment of pediatric brain tumors: An integrated clinical and lab approach 2019
692 STEP 2 Spatiotemporal regulation of T-cell Priming 2019
693 ARREST-TB Accurate, Rapid, Robust and Economical diagnostic technoliogieS for Tuberculosis 2019
694 TRINIDAT Tilt Rotor INlet Innovative Design And Testing 2019
695 DIFFUSION A device enabling quantification of molecular and nanoparticle diffusion within thin solvated films 2019
696 BioHealx Anal Fistula Treatment 2019
697 STOP-COPD PulseHaler™: A Novel Treatment Device for COPD. 2019
698 DOCKNROLL Tackling Idleness and Under-utilization of Heavy-Machinery with a new fully Automated and Versatile Docking System 2019
700 ARSS Accessible, Reliable and Simple Screening of stress- and memory-related diseases 2018
701 Diramics InP HEMT technology for Ultra-Low-Noise Amplifiers 2019
702 Pictogram Pictogram: a Digital Environment for Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment & Management 2019
703 Sodium_Ion_Batteries Safe, fast-charging long-life Sodium-ion batteries for vehicles and power storage 2018
704 DALI Demonstrator for Aircraft heat exchanger LIfe prediction 2019
706 HORIZON-STE Implementation of the Initiative for Global Leadership in Solar Thermal Electricity 2019
707 VibSEA SEA Applied to the Prediction of High Frequency Vibrations in Aircraft Engines 2019
708 ComfDemo COMFort in the cabin DEMOnstrator 2019
709 Eco-Drive 2 Market Propellant-Free Continuous-Dispensing Packaging Solution: From Commercial Pilot to Full Commercialization 2019
710 FELTWOOD The advanced eco-technology manufacturing of materials as a way of competitiveness for Europe's industrial business 2018
711 iDysChart Charting key molecules and mechanisms of human immune Dysregulation 2019
712 20SInhibitor Selective 20S proteasome inhibition for multiple myeloma therapy 2019
713 Biosensor Design Engineering Chemotactic Biosensors for a Diverse Spectrum of Metastatic Markers 2020
714 PHAS Development of a new generation of bioengineered bandages 2019
715 BCLLatlas Single-cell genomics to comprehensively understand healthy B-cell maturation and transformation to chronic lymphocytic leukemia 2019
716 i-DREAMS Safety tolerance zone calculation and interventions for driver-vehicle-environment interactions under challenging conditions 2019
717 Foldmetcat Bioinspired Catalytic Metallofoldamers 2019
718 COMBGEOREP Combinatorial and geometric methods in representation theory 2019
719 HES-PSC-FCTL High efficiency and stability perovskite solar cells based on the functionalized charge transport layers 2019
720 PRINT-CHEMO To develop 3D bioPRINTed osteoinductive constructs that deliver CHEMOtherapeutics within large bone defects that are surgically created when removing bone tumours. 2019
721 EvoPlans The Evolution of Terrestrial Planets: Insights from Models of Planetary Evolution with Coupled Internal, Atmospheric/Surface Development 2020
722 EMOF Synthesizing and Investigating the Exotic Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Frameworks 2020
723 LUNG-BIM Induction of B cell immunity in the lung mucosa 2019
724 PDX-PC Elucidation of tumour cell plasticity mechanisms associated to treatment in metastatic prostate cancer 2019
725 LIPPS Literacy’s influence on the production and perception of speech 2020
726 LEVERAGE mRNA Laboratory Evolution of Virus-likE pRotein cAGes for Eukaryotic mRNA delivery 2019
727 SYNTISU Remotely-controlled functional synthetic tissues 2019
728 STREAM Smart Textile foR hEAlth Monitoring 2020
729 Rewarding Stereotype The reward value of stereotypes: Evaluating the contribution of the neural reward circuitry to the persistence of stereotypes 2019
730 TURNKEY RETROFIT TURNKEY solution for home RETROFITting 2019
731 techFRONT Novel techniques for quantitative behaviour of convection-diffusion equations 2020
732 HealinguFE Development of an in silico model for prediction of in vivo human bone fracture healing using micro-finite element analysis 2020
733 SATH New twin floating platform for offshore wind turbines 2019
734 FLEXBUILD Market maturation of innovative Flexible modules for temporary sealing of construction Buildings 2019
736 AFactory THE FUTURE OF FOOD: Disrupting protein production with microalgae 2019
737 Better Juice pioneer technology for the reduction of natural fruit sugars in 100% juices 2019
738 NOCK NOCK: Real time safety for our senior relatives. 2019
739 Everfill Improving the Quality of Life of Millions through the Revolutionary Approach in Dermal Regeneration Care 2019
740 CLS Technology to use any standard microscope for correlative imaging 2019
741 e-pack 3D The intelligent online platform for lean packaging eco-design 2019
742 QuiescStemGBM Studying the role of Quiescent Cancer Stem Cells in GBM development using a novel in vivo cell cycle-based approach 2020
743 YoctoLHC Yoctosecond imaging of QCD collectivity using jet observables 2019
745 MRI PADS Dielectric pads for high field MRI 2019
746 PWD Novel technology for industrial Pressing, Washing and Drying in manufacturing of specialty compounds 2019
747 ONCOTECT Early detection of tumor DNA in liquid biopsies as a biomarker of cancer recurrence 2019
748 GreenArc500 The first effective oil and water pre-separator, enabling clean water release and fuel efficiency onboard ships 2019
749 LubeMonitor Graphene based lubrication monitoring, lowering costs, improving ecology 2019
750 IP-SMS The Augnet Platform - Using Internet Protocol as the SMS Data Communication System 2019
751 Patwiser A revolutionary patent drafting tool powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms 2019
752 InsoFeet Cutting-edge insoles with advanced characteristics for medical and sports applications 2019
753 VERDAD A blood based biomarker identifying early Alzheimer Disease's pathology 2019
754 FIVE-G Functional Improvement & Validation of next Generation Equipment - Pulsed Laser Deposition for High Volume Manufacturing of enhanced piezo thin film materials enabling 5G data communication 2019
755 NETCONTROLOGY Controllability of biological networks 2020
756 HaLO How Language Oppresses 2019
757 Evo Constructor A fully Robotic and 3D Printing solution for large scale building delivery 2019
758 Formulate Artificial Intelligence SaaS for prescribing optimal retail merchandising decisions 2019
759 NEXIM A Next-generation targeted immuno-oncology therapy 2019
760 Stoli Catalysts Disrupting fine chemicals manufacturing with catalyst-coated tube reactors 2019
762 agROBOfood agROBOfood: Business-Oriented Support to the European Robotics and Agri-food Sector, towards a network of Digital Innovation Hubs in Robotics 2019
763 EmPower EmPowering electricity access in off-grid areas with a portable battery pack with Internet of Things connectivity 2019
764 PLENITUDE First-of-its-kind, large-scale, lowest-cost, zero-waste biorefinery for the production of proteins for food and feed application from low cost sustainable feedstocks. 2019
765 PyroSafe Integration of new nano-engineered safe energetic layers with Sensors and Electronics to manufacture Safety-Critical Microsystems 2019
766 INJURMET Impact of tissue injury induced by diagnostic biopsies and surgery on cancer metastasis 2019
767 MPT system Innovative, cost-effective, ultra-compact MRI-guided therapy system for diagnosis and immediate treatment of Parkinson's Disease 2019
768 MAGIC-SWITCH MAGIC-SWITCH: Magnetic Switch Controlled with Voltage 2019
769 pvDesign pvDesign® accelerates and optimises the Design of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic plants 2019
770 ImmunoGrow Making life-saving cancer therapies more widely available by simplifying production processes, reducing costs and enhancing patient safety through its patent-protected biomimicking mesh material. 2019
771 WMT A scalable, low cost solution for healthy mineralization of drinking water 2019
772 ActLight Delivering a new, key enabling technology that will drive the development of far-reaching advances in photonics, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing 2019
773 DAICY Design and AI for sustainable and safe motorCYcles 2019
774 Pythia Artificial Intelligence to predict and control the behavior even in the most complex industrial processes 2019
775 HYGGii The therapist in your pocket - AI assisted ecosystem for enabling a patient-centric approach to mental health 2019
776 PsoraxPlan A feasibility study on the development of Psorax35 as the first and only oral treatment for mild-to-moderate psoriasis with positive effects on co-morbidities. 2019
777 Cumucore An innovative virtual software-defined mobile packet core to enable optimized and flexible user-centric services for next generation mobile networks 2019
778 doks Innovation Automated AI-based inventory management for logistics 2019
779 AT Interactive and Accessible Sign Language Translation - AccessibleTranslation 2019
780 EvolSpliceKinetics From co-transcriptional splicing kinetics to the evolutionary impact of exon and intron definition 2020
781 ISAAC ISAAC-AMD: an active self-tuned device for seismic protection and continuous monitoring of civil structures 2019
782 SUD Making Building Systems Simple 2019
783 DosiKit DosiKit, a first portable field medical device for fast triage of people after external irradiation 2019
784 Modula The world first industrial full electric actuator to drive the transition to sustainable electric solutions in the manufacturing industry 2019
785 ATLANT3D ATomic LAyer NanoprinTer, for rapid micro- and nanoprototyping of complex multi-material 2D/3D structures with high-resolution 2019
786 Shape-IT Supporting the interaction of Humans and Automated vehicles: Preparing for the EnvIronment of Tomorrow 2019
787 DeltaQon IOT and cloud computing for online medical analysis service platform 2019
789 TEEMothyTS Simulator Commercialization of simulator for interventional echocardiography, specializing in the field of minimally invasive medical therapies. 2019
790 SiC-MOSFET Gas Sensors for future Ultra Low NOx Emission Legislation – Euro 7 2019
791 DEMS-Nixus Creating a new paradigm of business value creation by fostering collaboration and data sharing while minimising the cost of business transformation 2019
792 INTERLOGS Increasing the competitiveness of European manufacturing companies by introducing an innovative single-step production process for moveable, functional multi-piece components 2019
793 SkinFactory 2.0 SkinFactory 2.0: GMP-in-a-box 2019
794 DROP-IT DRop-on demand flexible Optoelectronics & Photovoltaics by means of Lead-Free halide perovskITes 2019
796 GW4SHM Guided Waves for Structural Health Monitoring 2020
797 MONPLAS The training of early stage researchers for the development of technologies to monitor concentrations of micro and nanoplastics in water for their presence, uptake and threat to animal and human life. 2020
798 EKOFOLIO Expanding Key Opportunities in FOrest Investments: Liquidity, Impact and Ownership through Blockchain 2019
800 EMERGE Emergence of high-mass stars in complex fiber systems 2020
801 FPPAs Field Programmable Photonic Arrays 2019
802 CL Platform Powering simplified and scalable mortgage application processing. 2019
803 SDG Space Data Gateway 2019
804 RV001 RV001: An anti-metastatic cancer vaccine 2019
805 ONEIO The Intelligent Service Network Operator 2019
806 IsoCAN Isolation and Evolution in Oceanic Islands: the human colonisation of the Canary Islands 2020
807 REMODEL Robotic tEchnologies for the Manipulation of cOmplex DeformablE Linear objects 2019
808 LIP-ATG The missing link: how do membrane lipids interplay with ATG proteins to instruct plant autophagy 2020
809 ECO-POL Greening the polyurethane industry through versatile and low cost eco-polyols 2019
810 MOVE Modelling to Optimize Vector Elimination: Destabilising mosquito populations 2020
811 MaxONCO A cancer vaccine to boost body’s natural defences to fight chordoma and head and neck cancer 2020
812 Yodiwo FEMP An eco-friendly, Integrated Facility and Energy Management Platform for continuous reduction of infrastructure operating cost, driven by AI. 2019
813 ADEPTNESS Design-Operation Continuum Methods for Testing and Deployment under Unforeseen Conditions for Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems 2020
814 SafeSpace Radiation Belt Environmental Indicators for the Safety of Space Assets 2020
815 TIMECODE How does the brain code time? 2020
816 HominAb Discovering novel antibodies derived from the human body itself to treat neurodegenerative diseases 2019
817 FLOURISH Creating a sustainable, flourishing industry: digitizing the traditional cut-flower industry 2019
818 BioPP BioProtect Paper: Off-line machine for advanced bio-coating paper 2019
819 COENCO Display Color-enriching nano coating for mobile displays 2019
820 Self-Brett 2.0 Self-test2, wine analysis kit for Brettanomyces yeast identification 2019
821 Green-Insulation Green-Tech Fibre Insulation 2019
822 SPANAR Safe Perception And Navigation for Autonomous Robots 2019
823 DigiPharm Value-based Healthcare Platform Secured with Blockchain Technology 2019
824 BIOMAP2SOIL Biological analysis of soils and advanced data analytics for precision agriculture maps 2019
825 STREAMLINE Sustainable research at micro and nano X-ray beamlines 2019
826 LeTSGEPs Leading Towards Sustainable Gender Equality Plans in research performing organisations 2020
828 EduSelect Edu*Select: Developing a Commercial Platform to Deliver Teacher Selection Tools 2019
829 N-LIGHT Novel Light Sources: Theory and Experiment 2020
830 NEWSERA Citizen Science as the new paradigm for Science Communication 2020
831 PJ13 - W2 ERICA Enable RPAS Insertion in Controlled Airspace 2019
833 DPR-VAX Dipeptide-Repeat Vaccine to prevent ALS and FTD in C9orf72 mutation carriers 2020
834 DFD Deep Forestry Drones - revolutionising forestry mapping and analysis with artificial intelligence 2020
835 ECOPUMP Feasibility study for low-carbon emission Heat Pump 2020
836 HEAVENN Hydrogen Energy Applications for Valley Environments in Northern Netherlands 2020
837 SingStocDispDyn Singular Stochastic Dispersive Dynamics 2020
838 CoaExMatter Bio-inspired Coacervate Extruded Materials 2020
839 Glue2Degrade Therapeutic hijacking of E3 Ligases 2020
840 HSS Homomorphic Secret Sharing: Secure Computation and Beyond 2020
841 ELSE SIM 2020-21 Enterprise Lazio and Sardegna for Europe Smes Innovation Management 2020-21 2020
842 BacForce Quantifying minute forces: How mechanoregulation determines the behavior of pathogenic bacteria 2020
843 ELIXIR-CONVERGE Connect and align ELIXIR Nodes to deliver sustainable FAIR life-science data management services 2020
844 ALTER-brain Metastasis-associated altered molecular patterns in the brain 2020
845 ABIONYS Artificial Enzyme Modules as Tools in a Tailor-made Biosynthesis 2020
847 DEEP3P Three-photon fluorescence imaging deep inside scattering media 2020
848 ECCSELERATE ECCSEL ERIC – accelerating user access, growing the membership and positioning internationally to ensure long-term sustainability 2020
849 Nano-axo-syn Nanoscale organisation of axo-axonic synapses along the axon initial segment of cortical pyramidal neurons in health and disease. 2020
850 SSFI Spin-resolved strong field ionisation 2021
851 AquaLub A new high-performance aqueous lubricant formulation for soft bio-contact surfaces 2020
852 JQ4LHC Jet quenching for heavy-ion collisions at the LHC 2021
853 UViMCA Utility and Usership in Virtual Museums of Contemporary Art 2020
854 ReSensE Reversed-polarity III-nitride Sensors for Enhanced UV-detection 2020
855 MiMoZa Microbiota modulation through horizontal gene transfer. 2020
856 APPLICAL Assessing the technical and business feasibility of Callose Enriched Plant Biomass as a solution for improving Biorefinery Industry processes and profit margins 2020
857 PIANISM Prefrontal Cortex Circuit Dynamics underlying Working Memory and its Serotonin Modulation 2020
858 Xerobranching Xero-Branching: discovering how plant roots adapt to reduced water availability 2021
859 RESCATA Species Responses to Climate Change in the Amazon To Andes region 2020
860 Siphony Combination of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Water for foaming of polymers 2021
861 PiQ Poverty in the Qur’ān: Medieval Islamic Interpretations and Uses 2020
862 SANDS Stars, plANets, and Discs in multiple Systems 2020
863 MRTFSen MRTF/SRF signalling in regulation of cell senescence and melanoma progression 2020
864 SilentProp Development of computational and experimental noise assessment and suppression methodologies for the next generation of silent distributed propulsion configurations 2020
865 MAP-IN-HEART Computed tomography targets for efficient guidance of catheter ablation in ventricular tachycardia 2020