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# achronym  title  year 
1 UPWARDS Understanding Planet Mars With Advanced Remote-sensing Datasets and Synergistic Studies 2015
2 CoachCom2020 CoachCom2020 – a coaching community enhancing impact of the H2020 SME Instrument 2014
3 NEXTRUST Building sustainable logistics through trusted collaborative networks across the entire supply chain 2015
4 I2MPECT Integrated, Intelligent modular power electronic converter 2015
5 AGILE Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts 2015
6 SYNCHRO-NET Synchro-modal Supply Chain Eco-Net 2015
7 PRIMCHEM Primitive chemistry in planetary atmospheres: From the upper atmosphere down to the surface 2015
8 MAGNETO Active Magnetorheological Elastomers: from Hierarchical Composite Materials to tailored Instabilities 2015
9 Built2Spec Built to Specifications: Self-Inspection, 3D Modelling, Management and Quality-Check Tools for the 21st Century Construction Worksite 2015
10 Cu4Energy Biomimetic Copper Complexes for Energy Conversion Reactions 2015
11 HBQFTNCER Holomorphic Blocks in Quantum Field Theory: New Constructions of Exact Results 2015
12 TUNNEL Tunneling Spectroscopy in van-der-Waals Device 2015
13 NanoChemBioVision Next Generation Label-free Chemical Nanoscopy for Biomedical Applications 2015
14 ROBOTAR Robot-Assisted Flexible Needle Steering for Targeted Delivery of Magnetic Agents 2015
15 SM-IMPORT Substrate import at work: single-molecule studies of ABC transporters 2015
16 NewNGR New frontiers in numerical general relativity 2015
17 DE-ORPHAN DEtermination of Orphan Receptor PHysiological Agonists and sigNals 2015
18 CurvedSusy Dynamics of Supersymmetry in Curved Space 2015
19 BUCOPHSYS Bottom-up hybrid control and planning synthesis with application to multi-robot multi-human coordination 2015
20 BIVAQUM Bivariational Approximations in Quantum Mechanics and Applications to Quantum Chemistry 2015
21 NAPOLI Nanoporous Asymmetric Poly(Ionic Liquid) Membrane 2015
22 PERASPERA PERASPERA (AD ASTRA) Plan European Roadmap and Activities for SPace Exploitation of Robotics and Autonomy 2014
23 BACI Detecting changes in essential ecosystem and biodiversity properties – towards a Biosphere Atmosphere Change Index: BACI 2015
24 FLARECAST Flare Likelihood and Region Eruption Forecasting 2015
25 DEMOCRITOS Demonstrators for Conversion, Reactor, Radiator And Thrusters for Electric Propulsion Systems 2015
26 IQCC Integrated quantum correlation counter 2015
27 ONCORNET ONCOgenic Receptor Network of Excellence and Training 2015
28 INTEGRATE Interdisciplinary Training Network for Validation of Gram-Negative Antibacterial Targets 2015
29 PRIDE Drivers of Pontocaspian biodiversity RIse and DEmise 2015
30 MSFF-DYN-FRAC-PR Multi-Scale Fluid Flow in DYNamically FRACtured Porous Reservoir 2015
31 iHealth-T2D Family-based intervention to improve healthy lifestyle and prevent Type 2 Diabetes amongst South Asians with central obesity and prediabetes 2015
32 EoT Eyes of Things 2015
33 SecondHands SecondHands: A Robot Assistant For Industrial Maintenance Tasks 2015
34 BEACON Enabling Federated Cloud Networking 2015
35 LOMID LOMID - Large cost-effective OLED microdisplays and their applications 2015
36 MATRIXASSAY Novel Cell Migration Assay Based on Microtissue Technology and Tissue-Specific Matrices 2015
37 POSEIDON Plasmonic-based autOmated lab-on-chip SEnsor for the rapid In-situ Detection of LegiONella 2015
38 AEGLE AEGLE (Ancient Greek: Αá¼´γλη) – An analytics framework for integrated and personalized healthcare services in Europe 2015
39 CYCLONE Complete Dynamic Multi-cloud Application Management 2015
40 reTHINK Trustful hyper-linked entities in dynamic networks 2015
41 PROCROP Harnessing Plant Reproduction for Crop Improvement 2015
42 Immuno-NanoDecoder Nanostructured molecular decoders for the quantitative, multiplexed, layer-by-layer detection of disease-associated proteins 2015
43 SUPERCONCRETE SUstainability-driven international/intersectoral Partnership for Education and Research on modelling next generation CONCRETE 2015
44 Vaccinesurvey Monitor population immunity against vaccine preventable diseases 2015
45 SUPERNEMS Superconducting Diamond Quantum Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems 2015
46 CNT-QUBIT Carbon Nanotube Quantum Circuits 2015
47 Pro-Staph-ID Clinical biomarker and rapid diagnostic test for Staphylococcus aureus induced ventilator-associated pneumonia 2014
48 TherVIS A Thermal-Visual Integrated System Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for 3D energy performance mapping and forecasting and damage evaluation 2014
49 SKEMAS Share Knowledge for Effective Management of Aviation Safety 2014
50 GEO PAC RET GEO PAC RET an Innovative Heat Pump for Geothermal district heating in Europe 2014
51 MIGOSA Modified Internal Gate image sensor for low light optimised Out-door Security surveillance Applications 2014
52 odis Ensygnia Onescan Market Disruptive Technology 2015
53 USIFlux Unveiling Stomata 24/7: Using Stable Isotopes and COS to quantify diurnal and nocturnal carbon and water vegetation-atmosphere Fluxes under future climate scenarios 2016
54 OSEM-EV Optimised and Systematic Energy Management in Electric Vehicles 2015
55 Solarfuels Engineering Silicon Carbide Nanowires for Solar Fuels Production 2015
56 COGNAC Readdressing Convective-Surface Interaction in Global Climate Models 2015
58 BioMASCE Biophysical Manipulation of Adult Stem Cell Epigenetics (BioMASCE) By Cell-Penetrating Nanoneedle Substrates 2016
59 WetCarb Wetland Emissions of Carbon (CO2 and CH4) in China under Climate Change: Analysis, Development and Implementation 2015
60 NANOBIOENER NanoBio-inorganic generators for conversion of renewable chemical energy into electricity 2015
61 InterAcTEV Genome-wide analysis of RNA and protein interacting profiles during a plant virus infection 2015
62 ELSWIFLUOPRO Electrochemically Switchable Fluorescent Probes for Biological Applications 2015
63 Class II PI3K Characterization of the signalling and physiological roles of the class II PI3Ks 2016
64 USES Understanding Social-Ecological Systems: Coupling population and satellite remotely sensed environmental data to improve the evidence base for sustainable development 2015
65 VCSD Visualising Chromatin Structure and Dynamics at the Nanometre Scale with Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy 2016
66 REGMat Rotational effects on strongly gravitating systems with matter 2015
67 NIMBLIS Laser Induced Synthesis of Biocompatible Multifunctional Inorganic Nanoparticles: A Novel Route to Produce Multifunctional Contrast Agents for Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 2016
68 KimberliteNewApproach A new approach to revealing the composition of kimberlite melts and their deep mantle source 2016
69 PINQUAR Polaritons IN the QUAntum Regime (PINQUAR) 2015
70 GlidArc Towards a fundamental understanding of a gliding arc discharge for the purpose of greenhouse gas conversion into value-added chemicals 2015
71 MBLIs New Approaches to Metallo-β-Lactamase Inhibitors 2015
72 SuSiPOD Broadband Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors 2015
73 DECOS Unrestricted Divide-Expand-Consolidate Coupled Cluster Methods for Large Open-Shell Molecules 2015
74 NanoLight Photophysics and photochemistry of light harvesting complexes in the vicinity of optical antennas 2015
75 EI-USAXS Imaging ultra-small angle x-ray scattering with edge-illumination: exploiting sub-pixel information in medical diagnostics, materials science and security screening 2015
76 ORC-PLUS Organic Rankine Cycle - Prototype Link to Unit Storage 2015
77 NITEC NITEC: a Negative Ion Time Expansion Chamber for directional Dark Matter search 2015
78 MEHYB Many-body effects in hybrid quantum systems 2015
79 NESSY NEw Science from the phase space of old stellar SYstems 2015
80 SEADOG Sea ice across Dansgaard-Oeschger events in Greenland 2015
81 QuantuM-nano Quantum Measurements with Bose-Einstein condensates strongly coupled to nanophotonic structures 2015
82 NanoBragg Nanofiber-based atomic Bragg structures 2015
83 FastTh Fast Thermalization of the Quark-Gluon Plasma 2015
84 MediVAC Bio-sustainable production of natural medicines from Vitex 2015
85 STOICHIOMET Blending Stoichiometric and Metabolic Theories from Genes to Populations: Resource Stochiometry and Temperature Effects on Consumers with Contrasting Life-history Strategies 2015
86 ChiralCatLnCoils De novo design of Lanthanide coiled coils for asymmetric catalysis 2015
87 OptiMADMix Optimized Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion Mixing 2016
88 HLQPT Holographic lattices and quantum phase transitions 2015
89 RNA Transport and Control Mechanisms of kinesin-dependent RNA transport and translational regulation 2015
90 PALADIN Positron Annihilation Detection Beyond the Limits 2015
91 ssmscaifa The Making of Modernist Resistance, 1880-1950 2015
92 URBANRAD Radiative transfer effects on air pollution dispersion in urban areas: from the street scale to the neighbourhood scale 2015
93 MaNET Majorana Networks 2015
94 MEMBRANEPROT Membrane proteins – development of new computational approaches and its application to G-Protein Coupled Receptors 2016
95 BARREL Barrel Assemblies of Membrane Active Artificial Foldamers 2015
96 SAC_EarlyEmbryo SAC robustness in the transition from meiosis to mitosis 2016
97 SURFACE Human-Landscape-Interactions and Global Dispersals: The SURFACE Record of Palaeolithic Arabia 2016
98 TMSP Mass accretion and ejection in transitional millisecond pulsars 2016
99 RAISED Raman and AFM Integrated Stem Cell Exploration of Differentiation 2015
100 OCTANT Modeling the chronology of deep ocean circulation changes during abrupt climate transitions 2016
101 RLOOP-AS Interconnection between R-loops and co-transcriptional alternative splicing 2015
102 MoDATS Model-based Data Analysis of Transcription and Splicing 2016
103 DECAGON Doping Colloidal Nanoplatelets: Synthesis, Self-assembly and Spectroscopy 2016
104 ITER Improving Thermal Efficiency of horizontal ground heat exchangers 2015
105 MagicTin Exploring the shell structure of exotic Sn isotopes with an Active Target 2016
106 GALiVMS Galileo based inshore-VMS for fisheries 2015
108 SMART-GRAN Development and Commercialisation of a Self-Guided Fluidised Bed Granulation Solution 2015
109 TurboFeasibility Feasibility assessment of direct drive high speed turbo compressors for production oil free compressed air for medium size applications 2015
110 WEL-FIT Feasibility Study of the induction WELding, FIbre placement and shaping of Thermoplastic composites 2015
111 Smartphone-ANCIH Smartphone A new concept in hearing…”: an interactive real-time embedded audio solution that offers a significant/disruptive change in hearing technology and market. 2015
112 PROTOCOL New processing technology for colistmethate sodium, leading to improved and cost-effective formulations for pharmaceutical and veterinary markets 2015
113 OSS OpenSMESearch (OSS) 2015
114 SEDEUF Sedicii Innovative Authentication 2014
115 GLASUNTES Innovative high temperature thermal energy storage concept for CSP plants exceeding 50% efficiency 2016
116 Bio-HyPP Biogas-fired Combined Hybrid Heat and Power Plant 2015
117 PRIMAVERA PRocess-based climate sIMulation: AdVances in high resolution modelling and European climate Risk Assessment 2015
118 QuantumMagnonics Interfacing spin waves with superconducting quantum circuits for single magnon creation and detection 2015
119 QUANTUMMETALINK Quantum Metamaterials: A Theoretical and Computational Approach Towards Seamlessly Integrated Hybrid Classical/Quantum Nano-structures 2015
120 ECHYNOXE SILICA Innovative long range daylighting system 2015
121 VitiPrecision 2020 VitiPrecision 2020 2015
122 TopFront Expanding the Topological Frontier in Quantum Matter: from Concepts to Future Applications 2015
123 DYNAMO Energy and charge transfer nonadiabatic dynamics in light-harvesting molecules and nanostructures 2015
124 VOLCAPSE Volcano dome growth, collapse and coupled processes 2015
125 S4F Setting the Stage for Solar System Formation 2015
126 NanoPaths Identifying pathways of cellular nanoparticle uptake and early processing for novel nanomedicine applications 2015
127 ReguloBac-3UTR High-throughput in vivo studies on posttranscriptional regulatory mechanisms mediated by bacterial 3'-UTRs 2015
128 BLACANDI BLACANDI can improve life quality and cut cost of diagnosing and managing bladder cancer in half 2015
129 UP-TYRE Feasibility study for scaling UP thermal conversion technology that turns scrap TYREs into high quality resources 2015
131 NanoCytox Development of Novel Analytical Methods to assess Nanoparticle cytotoxicity 2015
132 BIOSTASES BIOdiversity, STAbility and sustainability in Spatial Ecological and social-ecological Systems 2015
133 NEXTGenIO Next Generation I/O for Exascale 2015
134 deepSLice Deciphering the greenhouse gas record in deepest ice using continuous sublimation extraction / laser spectrometry 2015
135 INSULATRONICS Controlling Electric Signals with Insulating Antiferromagnets and Insulating Ferromagnets 2015
136 ANTAREX AutoTuning and Adaptivity appRoach for Energy efficient eXascale HPC systems 2015
137 DIME Disequilibirum metamorphism of stressed lithosphere 2015
138 LAA-THz-CC Lens Antenna Arrays for Coherent THz Cameras 2015
139 ZOOMecular Read the fine print: Zooming into paleoenvironmental and biogeochemical processes through molecular imaging of biomarker distributions in sediments 2015
140 nEU-Med Origins of a new Economic Union (7th to 12th centuries): resources, landscapes and political strategies in a Mediterranean region 2015
141 SUBITOP Understanding subduction zone topography through modelling of coupled shallow and deep processes 2016
142 CaSR Biomedicine Calcium-Sensing Receptor (CaSR): Therapeutics for Non-Communicable Diseases 2016
143 WATU Wave turbulence: beyond weak turbulence 2015
144 LineageDiscovery Laying the Biological, Computational and Architectural Foundations for Human Cell Lineage Discovery 2015
145 PLANETDIVE Planetary diversity: the experimental terapascal perspective 2016
146 TESSe2b Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings. An integrated solution for residential building energy storage by solar and geothermal resources 2015
147 SIMUTOOL Integrated design and novel tooling and process optimisation of microwave processing of composites 2015
148 MovAiD Movement Assisting Devices: Manufacturing of personalized Kineto-Dynamics parts and products for workers, elderly and children 2015
149 ADREM Adaptable Reactors for Resource- and Energy-Efficient Methane Valorisation 2015
150 SiGrAM Pre-Commercial Production Demonstration of Very High Capacity Silicon Anode for High Performance and Low Cost Li-Ion Batteries 2015
151 SPIRE Stars: dynamical Processes driving tidal Interactions, Rotation and Evolution 2015
152 Supramol Towards Artificial Enzymes: Bio-inspired Oxidations in Photoactive Metal-Organic Frameworks 2015
153 Econ_Prejudice The Economics of Ethnic Prejudice 2015
154 DOQS Many-Body Physics with Driven Open Quantum Systems of Atoms, Light and Solids 2016
155 PRION2020 Function and malfunction of the prion protein 2015
156 5G-ENSURE 5G Enablers for Network and System Security and Resilience 2015
157 DigiTech Development of a novel generic digital controller for hydraulic load profiling control systems to significantly reduce costs and time in aircraft test rig development and commissioning 2015
158 StronGrHEP Strong Gravity and High-Energy Physics 2016
159 3D-COUNT 3D-Integrated single photon detector 2016
160 TELMI Technology Enhanced Learning of Musical Instrument Performance 2016
161 COGNITUS Converging broadcast and user generated content for interactive ultra-high definition services 2016
162 PANG Pathogen and Graphene 2016
164 HIGHER HIGHER: “High performance Engine for Light Sport Aircraft 2015
165 PerMarDrive Integrated PERmanent Magnet Motor-Clutch Drive for Parallel Hybrid Power MARINE Propulsion Systems 2015
166 AUDITOR Advanced Multi-Constellation EGNSS Augmentation and Monitoring Network and its Application in Precision Agriculture 2016
167 REDISH CROR Engine Debris Impact SHielding. Design, manufacturing, simulation and Impact test preparation 2016
168 QDLight Quantum-dot doped polymer fibers for cheap and bright light sources. 2016
169 ENERGY SPECTRUM Market uptake a innovative Non-intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring (NIALM) to enlarge ENERGY efficiency SPECTRUM to comprise the families factor 2016
170 NASDAC iNnovative Approaches for Scalable Data Assimilation in oCeanography 2016
171 MODULAR Modular mechanical-atomic quantum systems 2016
172 SMM Power Density improvement demonstrated on a certified engine 2016
173 DevTMF Development of Experimental Techniques and Predictive Tools to Characterise Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Behaviour and Damage Mechanisms 2016
174 COHEGRAPH Electron quantum optics in Graphene 2016
175 ARCTIC Advanced Bearing Technologies to Increase Capabilities 2016
176 FlexiFuel-CHX Development of a fuel flexible and highly efficient ultra low emission residential-scale boiler with coupled heat recuperation based on flue gas condensation 2016
177 RMGPP Productivity and Development: The Ready-made Garment Productivity Project 2015
178 OXYGEN Quantifying the evolution of Earth's atmosphere with novel isotope systems and modelling 2016
179 netCommons network infrastructure as commons 2016
180 GROWTHPATTERN Coordination Of Patterning And Growth In The Spinal Cord 2016
181 REDOXCYCLE The molecular interface between cell cycle and redox regulation 2016
182 BCOOL Barocaloric materials for energy-efficient solid-state cooling 2016
183 Defera Defera - Service Platform for Visual Language Users and Interpreters to Communicate with Spoken Languages Users 2016
184 TERAULTRA Terahertz Ultra-Short Pulses from Self-Induced Transparency Modelocked Quantum Cascade Lasers 2016
185 VOSS Ground-breaking flywheel composed of patented pre-stressed concrete that immensely enhances the electrical storage capabilities of renewable energy sources 2016
186 BLADEOUT CROR Blade-Out Impact Simulations and Sample Manufacturing 2016
187 CONCLIMA Constraining large-scale climate feedbacks in the Earth system using paleo data 2017
188 ODEON Online DEposition over OceaNs: Modeling the effect of air pollution on ocean bio-geochemistryin an Earth System Model 2016
189 WASTE2FUELS Sustainable production of next generation biofuels from waste streams 2016
190 F-ATPase Towards a Complete Quantitative Model of the FOF1 ATP Synthase 2016
191 RadFeedback The radiative interstellar medium 2016
192 SEQUNET Semiconductor-based quantum network 2016
193 GaugedBH Black holes in gauged Supergravity: Supersymmetric and Holographic properties 2017
194 SMAC Smart Markets via Computation 2016
195 PRISTINE Improved production of low cost silver nanowires 2016
196 SEQOO Single-Emitter Quantum Optics and Optomechanics 2016
197 MetamorphChip Dynamic Microfluidic Structures for Analysis of Single Cell Systems 2016
198 DIPLOFACE Diplomatic Face-Work - between confidential negotiations and public display 2016
199 AROMA-CFD Advanced Reduced Order Methods with Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics 2016
200 Topological-Plasmonics Robust light manipulation in plasmonic nanostructures assisted by topological protection 2016
201 DNSVCFA Development of a novel servovalve concept for aircraft 2017
202 NAMDIA NonAdiabatic Molecular Dynamics of organic Intermediates in Atmospheric chemistry 2016
203 GEOCRETE Long-term performance simulation of geopolymer concrete under coupled carbonation and chloride transport 2016
204 MagNem Hydrodynamics of Ferromagnetic Nematic Liquid Crystals 2016
205 By-BM By-products for Building Materials 2016
206 PCCDX Breaking the curse of dimension in heavy-element chemistry 2016
207 Expectancy Unveiling expectancy neuronal coding in the cerebral cortex induced by naturalistic tactile stimuli 2017
208 a-Si PVT-ORC A novel amorphous silicon cell-based solar cogeneration system using the coupled thermal storage/organic Rankine cycle as an alternative to battery 2017
209 MCANALSMSCA2015 Receptor signalling in space and time - Gaining high-resolution information of the temporal and spatial control of G protein-coupled receptor signalling. 2018
210 FOIPO Functional optical probes for otology 2017
211 CO2-RR-MODCAT Towards the discovery of efficient CO2 electroreduction catalysts: well-defined RuOx and MoSx nano catalysts 2016
212 CorCir Cortical circuit assembly in the developing mouse neocortex 2017
213 KILLINGTYPHI Identification of host-factors restricting Salmonella Typhi 2016
214 DYNAMO Characterization of the diversity and function of plankton associated microbiota 2016
215 Coupled Constitutive and numerical modelling of saturated and unsaturated soils 2017
216 PMOHR Probabilistic modelling of electronic health records 2016
217 SPINSOCS Spin Transport in Interacting Spin-Orbit Coupled Systems 2016
218 SUPEREOM Microwave-to-Optical Quantum Link: Quantum Teleportation and Quantum Illumination with cavity Optomechanics 2016
219 AVISSO Audiovisual Speech Segmentation and Oscillations 2016
220 SolardeSaLt A Renewable Approach for Industrial Water Desalination by using Hybrid Photovolt 2016
221 DAPS Drone Alarm and Protection System 2016
222 REFOLDAMER Communication through Polarity-Switchable Foldamers 2016
223 MITOPLASTICITY Mitochondrial regulation of structural and functional plasticity within adult neurogenic circuits 2016
224 FLEXOCOMP Enabling flexoelectric engineering through modeling and computation 2016
225 eLightning Lightning propagation and high-energy emissions within coupled multi-model simulations 2016
226 ColloQuantO Colloidal Quantum Dot Quantum Optics 2016
227 BOOST Biomimetic trick to re-balance Osteblast-Osteoclast loop in osteoporoSis treatment: a Topological and materials driven approach 2016
228 NANOZ-ONIC Bio-inspired electrONIC NOSE interfacing olfactory electrical biosensors and carbon NANOtubes 2016
229 MatEnSAP Semi-Artificial Photosynthesis with Wired Enzymes 2016
230 InDeal Innovative Technology for District Heating and Cooling 2016
231 SPENG Stretchable Piezoelectric Nanogenerators for Energy Harvesting in Elastic Environments 2016
232 PIEZOMACH Piezoelectric Vibration Absorber for Machining Applications 2016
233 PHOSPHOTRAC Speciation, sources, and fate of atmospheric organic phosphorus over the Mediterranean Sea: A missing piece of the P cycle? 2016
234 ODESI Optoelectronic detection of single spin in silicon 2016
235 SPRINT Ultra-Short Pulse laser Resonators IN the Terahertz 2016
236 NETS Networks in Time and Space 2016
237 MODCOMP Modified cost effective fibre based structures with improved multi-functionality and performance 2016
238 GlobalMass Global land ice, hydrology and ocean mass trends 2016
239 THAWSOME THAWing permafrost: the fate of Soil Organic Matter in the aquatic Environment 2016
240 nextDART Next-generation Detection of Antigen Responsive T-cells 2016
241 ICY-LAB Isotope CYcling in the LABrador Sea 2016
242 QSpec-NewMat Quantum Spectroscopy: exploring new states of matter out of equilibrium 2016
243 ENABLE Elucidating natural bilayer lipid environments 2016
244 CAiPSC Determining centromere assembly mechanisms and improving mitotic fidelity during somatic cell reprogramming 2016
245 FOODEV Food and Gastronomy as leverage for local development 2016
246 TOXIC-RISK Systematic investigation of the spatiotemporal variability of TOXIC hydrogen sulphide events and their potential RISKs for the Namibian fishing and aquaculture industry 2016
247 NanOQTech Nanoscale Systems for Optical Quantum Technologies 2016
248 MorphoNotch Multi-scale analysis of the interplay between cell morphology and cell-cell signaling 2016
249 SEALANT Optimization and scale-up of final sealing of Sulfuric Acid Anodizing employing Design of Experiments. 2016
250 INSPiRE Industrialisation of Jet Noise Prediction Methods 2016
251 OBP One Business Place 2016
252 Giantleap Giantleap Improves Automation of Non-polluting Transportation with Lifetime Extension of Automotive PEM fuel cells 2016
253 ELY4OFF PEM ElectroLYsers FOR operation with OFFgrid renewable installations 2016
254 BIGSEA Biogeochemical and ecosystem interactions with socio-economic activity in the global ocean 2016
255 MitoVin Mechanism and Consequences of the Interplay between Mitosis and Human Papillomavirus Initial Infection 2016
256 PyroPop Mechanisms and regulation of inflammasome-associated programmed cell death 2017
257 GravBHs A New Strategy for Gravity and Black Holes 2016
258 ENRICO Enrichment of Components at Interfaces and Mass Transfer in Fluid Separation Technologies 2016
259 INITIATOR sImultaNeous oxIdaTIon of Ammonium and meThane at lOw tempeRatures (INITIATOR) 2016
260 OLEUM Advanced solutions for assuring the overall authenticity and quality of olive oil 2016
261 MiTSoPro Migration and Transnational Social Protection in (post-)crisis Europe 2016
262 CentrioleBirthDeath Mechanism of centriole inheritance and maintenance 2017
263 SHIPLYS Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions 2016
264 TRANSDAM The transcription-related DNA damage response 2016
265 AdOMiS Adaptive Optical Microscopy Systems: Unifying theory, practice and applications 2016
266 NOVAMOX Novel niches for anaerobic methane oxidation and their biogeochemical sigificance 2016
267 SCOUTFermi2D Strongly correlated ultracold fermions in two-dimensional tailored optical potentials: pairing, superfluidity and disorder 2016
268 MARS Mechanism of allosteric regulation of SHP2 phosphatase and its role in cancer and geneticdiseases: a multidisciplinary computational, structural and biological approach 2017
269 MUTX MUTATION++ library, technology transfer from atmospheric entry plasmas to biomass pyrolysis 2016
270 NO-META Feasibility study of a NOvel METAbolic liquid biopsy for cancer therapy monitoring 2016
271 SmartHeat SmartHeat – An eco-innovative solution towards zero-carbon household heating 2016
272 MYELOMANEXT Integrated next-generation flow cytometry and sequencing to uncover the pathway of curability in multiple myeloma 2016
273 EPIScOPE Reversing the epigenetic state of oligodendrocyte precursors cells in multiple sclerosis 2016
274 ENABLE European Academy for Biomedical Science 2016
275 SMaRT Sand Mitigation around Railway Tracks 2017
276 FiBreMoD Fibre break models for designing novel composite microstructures and applications 2016
277 SPOTLIGHT Single Point Of aTtachment communications empowered by cLoud computing and bIG data analytics running on-top of massively distributed and loosely-coupled Heterogeneous mobile data neTworks 2017
278 GreenCarbon Advanced Carbon Materials from Biowaste: Sustainable Pathways to Drive Innovative Green Technologies 2016
279 RE4 REuse and REcycling of CDW materials and structures in energy efficient pREfabricated elements for building REfurbishment and construction 2016
280 THOMSON Mild Hybrid cOst effective solutions for a fast Market penetratiON 2016
281 IMPACT The giant impact and the Earth and Moon formation 2016
282 DIAL-IN Dynamic Integrated structural and proteomic Analysis of the LUBAC complex and its involvement in NF-κB and inflammation 2016
283 MMPCURSRT A multi-method perspective on children's use of rehearsal in serial recall tasks 2016
284 ivMX Development of the new generation of structural biology by coupling in vivo crystallography to intense x-ray sources 2016
285 NEXT-CSP High Temparature concentrated solar thermal power plan with particle receiver and direct thermal storage 2016
286 PhotoMedMet Towards Novel Inert (Photo-)toxic Ru(II) Polypyridyl Complexes 2016
287 uPROPHET uPROPHET: Urinary PROteomics in Predicting HEart Transplantation outcomes 2016
288 NovelTopo Novel topological phases of matter: From topological invariants to experiments 2016
289 CC4SOL Towards chemical accuracy in computational materials science 2017
290 GENOMIS Illuminating GENome Organization through integrated MIcroscopy and Sequencing 2018
291 APPLICATE Advanced Prediction in Polar regions and beyond: Modelling, observing system design and LInkages associated with ArctiC ClimATE change 2016
292 QNaMic Quantum Control of a Levitated Nanoparticel in a Microcavity 2016
293 ChromatinRemodelling Single-Molecule And Structural Studies Of ATP-Dependent Chromatin Remodelling 2017
294 DeMMYR Decoding the molecular mechanisms driving host adaptation of yellow rust on cereal crops and grasses 2017
295 SHINING Stable and High-Efficiency Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes 2017
296 CEASELESS Copernicus Evolution and Aplications with Sentinel Enhancements and Land Effluents for Shores and Seas 2016
297 VOLATILIS Origin of volatile elements in the inner Solar System 2017
298 eCraft2Learn Digital Fabrication and Maker Movement in Education: Making Computer-supported Artefacts from Scratch 2017
299 WaterSpy High sensitivity, portable photonic device for pervasive water quality analysis 2016
300 SUREAL-23 Understanding and measuring SUb-23 nm particle emissions from direct injection engines including REAL driving conditions 2016
301 CyBioSys An affordable Cyber Biological System combining swarming biosensors and robotics 2016
302 DPC_REPAIR Mechanism of DNA-protein cross-link repair in S phase 2017
303 LightKone Lightweight Computation for Networks at the Edge 2017
304 GEOWAKI The analysis of geometric non-linear wave and kinetic equations 2017
305 NanoCellActivity Nanoscale live-cell activity sensing using smart probes and imaging 2017
306 AMPHIBIAN Anisometric permanent hybrid magnets based on inexpensive and non-critical materials 2017
307 B-SMART Brain-Specific, Modular and Active RNA Therapeutics 2017
308 HyLEF Hydrodynamic Limits and Equilibrium Fluctuations: universality from stochastic systems 2016
309 2DNANOPTICA Nano-optics on flatland: from quantum nanotechnology to nano-bio-photonics 2017
310 SISCERA Smart Implants from Safe CERAmics 2017
311 CRYSTAL New innovative textile cutting machine 2016
312 RAPID Chromatin dynamics resolved by rapid protein labeling and bioorthogonal capture 2017
313 bioPCET Functional Proton-Electron Transfer Elements in Biological Energy Conversion 2017
314 NanoPhennec Nanophononic devices: from phonon networks to phonon CQED 2017
315 ColOpt Collective effects and optomechanics in ultra-cold matter 2017
316 InteGrid Demonstration of INTElligent grid technologies for renewables INTEgration and INTEractive consumer participation enabling INTEroperable market solutions and INTErconnected stakeholders 2017
317 REMIND The use of computational techniques to Improve compliance to reminders within smart environments 2017
318 INTERWASTE Synergising International Research Studies into the Environmental Fate and Behaviour of Toxic Organic Chemicals in the Waste Stream 2017
319 SPECTRAL low-coSt Printing of high-pErformanCe Thermoplastics foR structurAl appLications 2017
320 RARE Dipolar Physics and Rydberg Atoms with Rare-Earth Elements 2016
321 MIR-BOSE Mid- and far-IR optoelectronic devices based on Bose-Einstein condensation 2017
322 3D-REPAIR Spatial organization of DNA repair within the nucleus 2017
323 SolMAG Unravelling The Structure and Evolution of Solar Magnetic Flux Ropes and Their Magnetosheaths 2017
324 PROBATE Planet ROlling Bearing with Advanced TEchnologies 2017
325 EvoluTEM Illuminating Atomic Scale Processes in Liquids and Gases 2017
326 SURVANT SURveillance Video Archives iNvestigation assisTant 2017
327 MDFT Mathematics of Density Functional Theory 2017
328 GART-PSYSPAC Psychiatric spaces in transition: discourse, dwelling, doing 2017
329 Spiders Fundamental Physics Using Black Widow, Redback and Transitional Pulsar Binaries 2017
330 GenGeoHol Non AdS holography and generalized geometric structures 2017
331 EARTHBLOOM Earth’s first biological bloom: An integrated field, geochemical, and geobiological examination of the origins of photosynthesis and carbonate production 3 billion years ago 2017
332 Biofrigas Turning manure into fuel: a container based LBG plant for small to medium scale farms 2017
333 TOPOQDot A bottom-up topological superconductor based on quantum dot arrays 2017
334 SPINBEYOND Spin Transport Beyond Electrons 2017
335 iShare iShare - a disruptive approach to vehicle sharing 2017
336 RAINOLVE Accurate irrigation controller with multi-sensoring and interactive cloud-based platform to evaluate real plant needs and save up to 80% of water 2017
337 Targeting TopoII Mechanistic studies of metal-dependent DNA cleavage in Type II topoisomerase toward therational design of novel anticancer drugs 2017
338 QSUP Demonstration of Quantum Supremacy in A Photonic Device 2017
339 BRECASTEM Functional and Molecular Characterisation of Breast Cancer Stem Cells 2017
340 VestibVis Visual and vestibular processing in secondary visual cortex 2017
341 DUST-GLASS Improving global dust prediction and monitoring through data assimilation of satellite-based dust aerosol optical depth 2017
342 DENTADFE Dendron and Dendrimer Derived Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters for Solution-Processed Non-Doped Device 2017
343 AutoMonoDroplet Development of a commercially-viable system for the automatic generation of high-throughput well-defined microdroplets 2017
344 MMUSCLES Modification of Molecular structure Under Strong Coupling to confined Light modES 2017
345 NONLINMAT Functional extreme nonlinear nanomaterials 2017
346 ZIPgeting Quantitative understanding of target recognition on DNA based on directional zipping processes 2017
347 POLYAMACHINES The polyA machinery: Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of mRNA polyadenylation, deadenylation and RNA recognition 2017
348 EMES Enhanced Microbial Electrosynthesis and Visualization of Microbial Metabolism 2018
349 HappyFish Understanding the role of the rainbow trout metagenome on growth and health in aquaculturally farmed fish 2018
350 ACRoNNIM Aerosol and Climate Response to NH3 in the NMMB/BSC Inter-Scale Model 2017
351 MetEpiStem Dissecting the crosstalk between metabolism and transcriptional regulation in pluripotent stem cells. 2017
352 OILY MICROCOSM Mechanistic Microscale Approach to the Microbial Degradation of Oil-Droplets in Subsea Crude Oil Releases 2017
353 QUAKE4PRELIMAT Quantum Kinetic Equations for Pre-thermal Light and Matter 2018
354 DisMolGels Dissipative Self-Assembly: A powerful but unexplored tool to create temporary supramolecular hydrogels 2017
355 QAPs G-Quadruplex-associated proteins (QAPs) and their role in transcriptional regulation 2017
356 SABER CULTURAL SAfeguarding Biodiversity and Ecosystem seRvices by integrating CULTURAL values in freshwater management: learning from Māori 2018
357 quasiTENS Quantum Systems Investigated through Tensor Network States 2017
358 AFFINITY Amplitudes and form factors via integrability 2018
359 OceanModes Basin modes of the ocean: their role in the interannual to interdecadal climate variability 2018
360 DropContEvo A droplet microfluidic system for continuous in vivo evolution. 2018
361 PIONEER Peri-Ocularly Navigated Exteroceptive Snake Robot for Novel Retinal Interventions 2017
362 BEQOM Bell Experiment on Quantum Optomechanical Microresonators 2017
363 COTETHERS Molecular characterization of vesicle tethering complexes as novel regulators of collagen trafficking 2017
364 PhARRAO Photo- And Radical induced Reactivity of Atmospheric Oxidants 2017
365 SedSulphOx Quantification of oxidative sulphur cycling in marine sediments 2017
366 ILCSIGNALLING Deciphering cell-cell and cell-microbiome interactions of innate lymphoid cells at the single cell level 2018
367 DECRON Development of eco-friendly ironmaking processes based onGPU-enhanced DEM-CFD modelling 2017
368 LIsTEN β-Lactams as flaviviral NS3 protease inhibitors 2017
369 PROIRICE Proton-Irradiated Ice: Dynamics and Chemistry from First Principles 2017
370 SELFCONTROLHEALTH Childhood Self-Control, Social Conditions, and Adult Health 2018
371 FOUNDATION Fusarium oxysporum mediated underpinning of cell type-specific modulation in multiple host interaction 2018
372 NEURO_NMD Functional impact of alternative splicing coupled to nonsense-mediated decay in developing neurons 2017
373 PlaN Vibrational Polariton Nonlinear Optics and Chemistry 2017
374 CD4CRISPR A quorum sensing mechanism regulating CD4 T cell proliferation 2017
375 FCSpecTRe Frequency Comb Spectroscopy of Temperature-dependent Reactions 2017
376 PiezoSpin Antiferromagnetic straintronics: towards an non-volatile all-voltage controlled memory device 2017
377 MIDAS Predictive modelling of GPCR druggable allosteric sites 2017
378 EXPHON Exciton-Phonon Coupling from First Principles 2017
379 MMoBEER Mathematical models of bone externally excited remodelling 2017
380 NARCOREADER Novel electrochemical strategies for rapid, on-site multiscreening of illicit drugs 2017
381 No-LIMIT Boosting Photovoltaic Performance by the Synergistic Interaction of Halide Perovskites and Semiconductor Quantum Dots 2017
382 CLIMOD Integrating climate impact and spatial microsimulation modelling for improved climate change adaptation decision-making 2018
383 ANGRAM Antimatter gravity measurement: How does antihydrogen fall? 2017
384 XXQCD Excited and exotic hadron resonances from Quantum Chromodynamics 2017
385 MITODYN Role of calcium fluxes in mitochondrial dynamics 2017
386 PVMINDS Bottom-up PV module energy yield and integrated reliability model for site-specific design optimization 2018
387 QUSON Quantum Sensing with Quantum Optical Networks 2018
388 BeBOP Quantum Dynamics Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Picture: Making the most of wave function and trajectory-based approaches 2017
389 ECOCAT Improving the economic feasibility of the biorefinery through catalysis engineering: enhancing the catalyst performance and optimizing valuable product yields 2018
390 CoupledDB High-Performance Indexing for Emerging GPU-Coupled Databases 2017
391 WASPSNEST Wavelength tunable Advanced Single Photon Sources Non-laboratory Environment Specification and Testing 2017
392 microKIc Microscopic Origins of Fracture Toughness 2017
393 COHSMO (Former Hans Thor Andersen) Inequality, urbanization and Territorial Cohesion: Developing the European Social Model of economic growth and democratic capacity (COSHMO) 2017
394 MajoranaTopIn Majorana Fermions in Topological Insulator Platforms 2017
395 QGP tomography A novel Quark-Gluon Plasma tomography tool: from jet quenching to exploring the extreme medium properties 2017
396 InGRID-2 Integrating Research Infrastructure for European expertise on Inclusive Growth from data to policy 2017
397 NNNPDF Proton strucure for discovery at the Large Hadron Collider 2017
398 QUENOCOBA Quantum Emitters in non-conventional baths 2017
399 TransQ Mass, heat and spin transport in interlinked quantum gases 2017
400 ToSubC Towards Submarine Landslides and Their Consequences 2017
401 PERCAL Chemical building blocks from versatile MSW biorefinery 2017
402 ENVISION Enabling Visual IoT Applications with Advanced Network Coding Algorithms 2018
403 FRAGMENT2DRUG Jigsaw puzzles at atomic resolution: Computational design of GPCR drugs from fragments 2017
404 CONNECTING Nature COproductioN with NaturE for City Transitioning, INnovation and Governance 2017
405 iHEART An Integrated Heart Model for the simulation of the cardiac function 2017
406 EXORICO Exosome and ribosome coupling 2017
407 AAA Adaptive Actin Architectures 2017
408 DNLIBiomed Biomedical Information Synthesis with Deep Natural Language Inference 2017
409 DIAG-PANTOGRAPH Train Pantograph equipped with diagnostic system for reduction of faults and maintenance cost 2017
410 FastFinder Artificial intelligence for automated, standardised interpretation of DNA testing results 2017
411 CoupledNC Coupled Nanocrystal Molecules: Quantum coupling effects via chemical coupling of colloidal nanocrystals 2017
412 INSPYRE Investigations Supporting MOX Fuel Licensing in ESNII Prototype Reactors 2017
413 INSIDER Improved Nuclear SIte characterization for waste minimization in DD operations under constrained EnviRonment 2017
414 Secret Surface The cell surface tetraspanin web drives tumour development and alters metabolic signalling 2017
415 FastMat Fast determination of fatigue properties of materials beyond one billion cycles 2017
416 COS-OCS Carbonyl Sulphide: new ways of Observing the Climate System 2017
417 McSAFE High-Performance Monte Carlo Methods for SAFEty Demonstration- From Proof of Concept to realistic Safety Analysis and Industry-like Applications 2017
418 TERAPOD Terahertz based Ultra High Bandwidth Wireless Access Networks 2017
419 5G-MEDIA Programmable edge-to-cloud virtualization fabric for the 5G Media industry 2017
420 NRG-5 Enabling Smart Energy as a Service via 5G Mobile Network advances (NRG-5) 2017
421 N2N European industrial doctorate for advanced, lightweight and silent, multifunctional composite structures 2018
423 ICO2CHEM From industrial CO2 streams to added value Fischer-Tropsch chemicals 2017
424 SNAPTAG Unique machine to produce a revolutionary RFID TAG 2017
425 CLIMAHAL Climate dimension of natural halogens in the Earth system: Past, present, future 2017
426 CRISBREED Multidimensional CRISPR/Cas mediated engineering of plant breeding 2017
427 DiPaC_MC Direct Pathway Cloning of Neglected Bacteria in the Hunt for Novel (Bio-)Chemistry 2017
428 Biocrete Biocrete – Bio-inspired bacteria-based stress-responsive concrete. 2017
429 Envision ENergy harVesting by Invisible Solar IntegratiON in building skins 2017
430 EMOT Electromagnetic to Optics Transducer 2018
431 TeraApps Doctoral Training Network in Terahertz Technologies for Imaging, Radar and Communication Applications 2018
432 UNFRAUD An advanced online anti-fraud software equipped with deep learning Artificial Intelligence thatcan face and detect, current fraudulent techniques and their continued evolution in a cost effective man 2017
433 CATALYST Converting DCs in Energy Flexibility Ecosystems (CATALYST) 2017
434 COSINE Training network for COmputational Spectroscopy In Natural sciences and Engineering 2018
435 DRIVEMODE Integrated Modular Distributed Drivetrain for Electric/Hybrid Vehicles 2017
436 HYBUILD Innovative compact HYbrid electrical/thermal storage systems for low energy BUILDings 2017
437 RECOMS Building Resourceful and Resilient Communities through Adaptive and Transformative Environmental Practice 2018
438 SAFER Selective Agonists For Serotonin Receptors 2017
439 SESPer Solar Energy Storage PERovskites 2017
440 SelforganisingEmbryo Self-organisation across the scales in early mammalian development 2017
441 FUN-PM Fundamental Understanding of Nanoparticle chemistry: towards the prediction of Particulate emissions and Material synthesis 2018
442 BEFINE mechanical BEhavior of Fluid-INduced Earthquakes 2018
443 ETOPEX Engineering Topological Phases and Excitations in Nanostructures with Interactions 2018
444 SNOWISO Signals from the Surface Snow: Post-Depositional Processes Controlling the Ice Core IsotopicFingerprint 2018
445 APES Accuracy and precision for molecular solids 2018
446 ROMSOC Reduced Order Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Coupled systems 2017
447 COUPLED Operationalising telecouplings for solving sustainability challenges related to land use 2018
448 MADONNA Microbial deployment of new-to-nature chemistries for refactoring the barriers between living and non-living matter 2018
449 GET-UP BAT GPCR Exploitation To Unlock the Power of Brown/Beige Adipose Tissue 2017
450 QGP-MYSTERY Demystifying the Quark-Gluon Plasma 2018
451 VIP Véhicule Intelligent et Propre ( Green and Smart Vehicle) 2017
452 ReVolusions Quantifying Recycling Fluxes of Earth Surface Materials and Volatiles in Subduction Zones using Melt Inclusions 2018
453 ROMI RObotics for MIcrofarms 2017
454 MuStMAM Multi State Memory in Artificial Multiferroics 2018
455 STRONG Strong Coupling Between Molecules and Vacuum Fields: New Molecular Properties 2018
456 QuadraComb Quadratic dispersive resonators for optical frequency comb generation 2018
457 LubSat Unravelling Multi-scale Oral Lubrication Mechanisms (macro-to-nano): A Novel Strategy to Target Satiety 2017
458 ODYSSEY Open dynamics of interacting and disordered quantum systems 2018
459 SWFsEUROPE Legitimacy, Financialization, and Varieties of Capitalism: Understanding Sovereign Wealth Funds in Europe 2018
460 TEMPO TEMPerature Optimisation for Low Temperature District Heating across Europe 2017
461 ARTEM Aircraft noise Reduction Technologies and related Environmental iMpact 2017
462 TotalControl Advanced integrated supervisory and wind turbine control for optimal operation of large Wind Power Plants 2018
463 MEDIACHINA Social Media and Traditional Media in China: Political and Economic Effects 2018
464 BILITOLERANCE Control of disease tolerance to infection by Biliverdin Reductase A 2018
465 FLAVE Energetics of natural turbulent flows: the impact of waves and radiation. 2018
466 HHQM Hydrodynamics, holography and strongly-coupled quantum matter 2018
467 GRIEVANCE Gauging the Risk of Incidents of Extremist Violence Against Non-Combatant Entities 2018
468 ORGANOMICS Reconstructing human cortex development and malformation with single-cell transcriptomics 2018
469 1D-Engine 1D-electrons coupled to dissipation: a novel approach for understanding and engineering superconducting materials and devices 2018
470 MarketPlace Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation 2018
471 FunFiCO Fundamental fields and compact objects: theory and astrophysical phenomenology 2017
472 GAMER Game changer in high temperature steam electrolysers with novel tubular cells and stacks geometry for pressurized hydrogen production 2018
473 REFLEX Reversible solid oxide Electrolyzer and Fuel cell for optimized Local Energy miX 2018
474 SiNBioSys Luminescent silicon nanocrystals as bioimaging systems 2017
475 MORPHIC Mems-based zerO-power Reconfigurable PHotonic ICs 2018
476 SUITCEYES Smart, User-friendly, Interactive, Tactual, Cognition-Enhancer that Yields Extended Sensosphere - Appropriating sensor technologies, machine learning, gamification and smart haptic interfaces 2018
477 SmartHeat SmartHeat – An eco-innovative solution towards zero-carbon household heating 2017
478 NYSMART Novel dual-fuel system for modernisation of air-polluting diesel locomotives to clean and efficient gas operation 2017
479 Sana Sleep on Command: a breakthrough technology for sleep, pain relief, enhanced performance and regenerative health. 2017
480 LymphoDrain First subcutaneous implant to treat lymphedema. Definitive solution for chronic lymphedema 2017
481 PATHOLYTIX-GI PATHOLYTIX: Using Artificial Intelligence to Transform Clinical Diagnostic Pathology 2017
482 CyanoKit CyanoKit®, the fastest and easiest test for reliable on-site cyanide detection. 2017
483 SPANC Evolution and Variability of Climate Sensitivity and Polar Amplification during CeNozoic Warm Climates SPANC 2018
484 AFIRMATIVE Acoustic-Flow Interaction Models for Advancing Thermoacoustic Instability prediction in Very low Emission combustors 2018
485 Asterochronometry Galactic archeology with high temporal resolution 2018
486 CellFateTech Biotechnology for investigating cell fate choice 2018
487 SARA Search And Rescue Aid and Surveillance using High EGNSS Accuracy 2018
488 IMCUSTOMEYE IMaging-based CUSTOMised EYE diagnostics 2018
489 Mega-Inliner High tech Inliner for ISO tank containers 2018
490 STEMpop Mechanisms of stem cell population dynamics and reprogramming 2018
491 DarkComb Dark-Soliton Engineering in Microresonator Frequency Combs 2018
492 TRAVIATA Turbine Research for Aerodynamical Vane-frame Improvements in Advanced Two-spool Arrangements 2018
494 GLOMODAT Enhancing data fusion, parallelisation for hydrological modelling and estimating sensitivity to spatialparameterization of SWAT to model nitrogen and phosphorus runoff at local and global scale 2019
495 InnovOleum An innovative business model: turning domestic used cooking oil into renewable “fuel” for education and entrepreneurship 2018
496 cLEvER Lightweight and rEliable Emergency exits and cabin footstep for fast Rotorcraft 2018
497 HARP (Harmonised Amphenol Radiall Project) - A next generation high density modular electrical interconnect solution. 2018
498 ACOSVA Advanced Characterization of Organic-rich Shales using Vapour Adsorption 2018
499 ShaMROCk Superconductive MiR phOton Counter 2018
500 KEROGREEN Production of Sustainable aircraft grade Kerosene from water and air powered by Renewable Electricity, through the splitting of CO2, syngas formation and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis 2018
501 EpiSyStem Epigenetics and System Biology of Stem cells and Reprogramming 2018
502 PI2FA Partial Ionisation: Two-Fluid Approach 2018
503 CC-LEGO CC-LEGO: robust protein blocks to build cages and layers 2018
504 CLAReTE Combinatorially Led Advanced Research on Transparent Electrodes 2018
505 BTBnano Do Particle Properties Modulate bioaccumulation, Trophic Transfer and biomagnifications of engineered nanomaterials: Role of Particles size, shape and surface coating? - BTBnano 2018
506 NEQC Noise-Enhanced Quantum Control 2018
507 INTERGLU Dissecting mGlu5 receptor internalization pathways using genetic and pharmacological tools 2018
508 REPLICHROM4D Chromatin organization and mitotic inheritance of epigenetic states: genome-wide dynamics of H3.1 and H3.3 histone variants during DNA replication 2018
509 AutoDropProd Development of a commercially-viable system for the automatic generation of high-throughput well defined single and double microdroplets 2018
510 BioIsoK Mechanisms of K stable isotope fractionation in vertebrates and significance to their energy metabolism 2018
511 ChemRAS Chemical probing of transcriptional RAS effectors 2019
512 D5S Direct Statistical Simulation of the Sun and Stars 2018
513 DYNOS The coupled dynamics of Southern Ocean climate change 2018
514 ElectroNick The Combination of Electrochemistry and Nickel Catalysis: New Bond-Forming Reactions on a Sustainable Platform 2018
515 SaRNAReg Staphylococcus aureus sRNA targetomes and regulatory networks involved in fast adaptive responses: structure, mechanisms and dynamics 2018
516 HybridRetina Hybrid Retinal Prosthesis: High-Resolution Electrode Array Integrated with Neurons for Restoration of Sight 2018
517 Geo-Coat Development of novel and cost effective corrosion resistant coatings for high temperature geothermal applications 2018
518 ICON-BIO Integrated Connectedness for a New Representation of Biology 2018
519 RYD-QNLO Quantum nonlinear optics through Rydberg interaction 2018
520 ANTILEAK Development of antagonists of vascular leakage 2018
521 ANITA Advanced tools for fighting oNline Illegal TrAfficking 2018
522 ACB The Analytic Conformal Bootstrap 2018
523 SVNeuroTrans Mechanisms of neurotransmitter uptake and storage by synaptic vesicles 2018
524 LEGOTOP From Local Elements to Globally Ordered TOPological states of matter 2018
525 DYNAMIN Dynamic Control of Mineralisation 2018
526 ProtonPump Structural mechanism coupling the reduction of oxygen to proton pumping in living cells 2019
527 Re-Leaf Environment-coupled metabolic models for engineering high-temperature and drought REsistant LEAF metabolism. 2018
528 HMAM Healing Multiphysics of Asphalt Materials 2018
529 BioMusic BioMusical Instrument 2018
530 LiveSEN In-Field Live Sensing of Nitrate in Crops for Real-Time Fertilization Adjustment 2018
531 GOLD-ICE Next generation analysis of the oldest ice core layers 2018
532 CLAP Natural Hands for Intuitive Virtual 3D Interaction 2019
533 ISOMAXENT Development of a design-through-analysis methodology based on a coupled isogemetrcic-maximumentropy approach 2018
534 NEOTERP Development of novel synthetic strategies for the synthesis of bioactive meroterpenoids 2018
535 WEBOING UWB wearable apparatus for bone fracture imaging and recovering monitoring 2018
536 OSCBAGDIS Oscillations in Basal Ganglia Disorders 2018
537 H2O-SPLIT Carbon-Oxynitride Coupled Artificial Photosynthesis System For Solar Water Splitting Beyond 600 nm 2019
538 MoonDiff Investigating the formation and early evolution of the Moon with a combined experimental and analytical approach 2018
539 evoDISFOLD Decoding Coupled Folding and Binding via Single-Molecule characterization of Ancient IDP protein-protein Interactions 2019
540 MRI-Turbulent-Disk Turbulence in Accretion Disks – New Perspectives 2018
541 ReSPEc Towards a Remotely sensed estimation of the Photosynthetic Energy balance 2018
542 HTS-STABTHERAPRO High-throughput directed evolution to engineer thermostable therapeutic proteins 2018
543 iCHEMGENODRUGS_TB Chemogenomics and in silico repurposing as an innovative approach for rapid drug discovery in tuberculosis 2018
544 INTENSS INformation-Theoretic analysis of Embodied and Situated Systems 2018
545 InvestorCliques Investor Cliques in Stock Markets 2018
546 HeLLo Heritage energy Living Lab onsite 2018
547 SINDIA Sulphide INclusions in DIAmonds: A Window into The Earth’s Interior Through Time 2019
548 FESTIVAL From boreal spring to summer Tropical Atlantic inter-annual variability 2019
549 MoMenT Modelling and Measurement of Thermal Phenomena in Metal Cutting 2018
550 VACMA Vaccine Media Analytics 2018
551 NSINC Novel Soliton Synchronization and Interactions in Coupled Kerr Combs 2018
552 MULTIPROB Multi-photon probing of complex open quantum systems 2019
553 fastHDX for IDPs Revealing the Transient Structures of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins by Microfluidics-Enabled Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange 2018
554 UNNAMEd-2 Unraveling the conceptional novel ADAM17 regulation by PP2A in metastasis formation. 2019
555 GLYMPHARMA Modulation of the glymphatic system: a novel tool for drug delivery to the central nervous system 2018
556 INSULYSOSOME The role of CD63 in lysosomal degradation of insulin granules in pancreatic beta cells in T2D diabetes 2018
557 NannoChem Using Nannofossil Chemistry to constrain the cellular response of marine phytoplankton to changing carbon dioxide concentrations in the surface ocean 2019
558 FSI in hadron decays Final state interactions in heavy flavour decays 2019
559 OSCILLOGEL An enzyme-based self-oscillating gel 2019
560 MPDCA innovative hot chamber Medium Pressure Die Casting process for Aluminium 2018
561 ENABLEH2 ENABLing cryogEnic Hydrogen based CO2 free air transport (ENABLEH2) 2018
562 ARIAS Advanced Research Into Aeromechanical Solutions 2018
563 TrAM Transport: Advanced and Modular 2018
564 CarE-Service Circular Economy Business Models for innovative hybrid and electric mobility through advanced reuse and remanufacturing technologies and services 2018
565 Couplet Transient climate change in the coupled atmosphere--ocean system 2018
566 OCAL Optimal Control at Large 2018
567 SUPRAWOC Supramolecular Architectures for Ruthenium Water Oxidation Catalysis 2018
568 FORMKIN The formal demography of kinship and family 2018
569 IAXOplus Towards the detection of the axion with the International Axion Observatory 2018
570 CodingHeart Novel Coding Factors in Heart Disease 2019
571 IDIOM2 Unravelling the role of water stress in Mediterranean isoprene emissions to better project future regional climate-air quality interactions 2018
572 MIRed Streak Mid-InfraRed Streak Camera 2018
573 AlloGPCR Allosteric modulation of G-protein Coupled Receptors conformational landscape 2018
574 ErBeStA Error-Proof Optical Bell-State Analyzer 2018
575 FAIR Future Advanced system for an on-demand Insurance Reliable product based on driving behaviour analysis 2018
576 MiCaBra Mitochondrial Cannabinoid Receptors in the Brain 2018
577 DAMIC-M Unveiling the Hidden: A Search for Light Dark Matter with CCDs 2018
578 Mol-2D Molecule-induced control over 2D Materials 2018
579 QBH Structure The Quantum Structure of Black Holes and the Recovery of Information 2019
580 HyArchi Targeting Root Hydraulic Architecture to improve Crops under Drought 2018
581 FOOD 2030 FLAGSHIP FOOD 2030 Flagship Conference on Research and Innovation for Food and Nutrition Security and Quality Empowerment 2017
582 Nomoko A Digital Copy of the Earth 2018
583 KOBOLD The first Local Production Unit allowing Printing of Complex Multi-material Objects Remotely 2018
584 PICARD Disruptive GPCR Lead Discovery Platform Delivering New and Safer Therapeutics 2018
585 BSLchlamy Understanding the essential function of the conserved plant-specific protein phosphatase family BSL 2018
586 HyMethShip Hydrogen-Methanol Ship propulsion system using on-board pre-combustion carbon capture 2018
587 AQUA-REUSE ReAl-time online QUality Assurance for REUSE of water 2018
588 OpenRIs RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURES FLAGSHIP CONFERENCE Enhancing Long Term Sustainability and Opening Up RIs to Society and Industry 2017
589 MOVARC Modified Vacuum Rankine Cycle 2018
590 SLAMseq SLAMseq: Temporal resolution in gene expression profiling across multiple platforms 2019
591 S2QUIP Scalable Two-Dimensional Quantum Integrated Photonics 2018
592 CoLLaboratE Co-production CeLL performing Human-Robot Collaborative AssEmbly 2018
593 LoCoMacro Local Control of Macroscopic Properties in Isolated Many-body Quantum Systems 2019
594 SkinTrmDeep Tissue Resident Memory (Trm) CD8+ T cells: Genome-wide dissection of cellular differentiation and heterogeneity 2019
595 Tips in SCQFT Lattice gauge theories studies of timely theoretical and phenomenological questions in strongly coupled quantum field theories. 2019
596 FlyGutHomeostasis Identification of paracrine and systemic signals controlling adult stem cell activity and organ homeostasis 2019
597 HALT Hydrodynamical approach to light turbulence 2019
598 ANGULON Angulon: physics and applications of a new quasiparticle 2019
599 CartographY Mapping Stellar Helium 2019
600 FACT Factorizing the wave function of large quantum systems 2019
601 ECORISK2050 Effects of global change on the emission, fate, effects and risks of chemicals in aquatic ecosystems 2018
602 PhoG Sub-Poissonian Photon Gun by Coherent Diffusive Photonics 2018
603 PIONEER Plasma catalysis for CO2 recycling and green chemistry 2019
604 CAFE Climate Advanced Forecasting of sub-seasonal Extremes 2019
605 AxScale Axions and relatives across different mass scales 2018
606 TMCS Topological Matter and Crystal Symmetry: From Microscopic Structure to Phenomenology 2019
607 DEFTPORE Deformation control on flow and transport in soft porous media 2019
608 Topo2DEG Topological states in superconducting two-dimensional electron gases 2019
609 FITGEN Functionally Integrated E-axle Ready for Mass Market Third GENeration Electric Vehicles 2019
610 ANACO Advance Nacelle Aerodynamic Optimisation 2018
611 InsideChromatin Towards Realistic Modelling of Nucleosome Organization Inside Functional Chromatin Domains 2019
612 OldCO2NewArchives CO2 reconstruction over the last 100 Myr from novel geological archives 2019
614 UPSCALE Upscaling Product development Simulation Capabilities exploiting Artificial inteLligence for Electrified vehicles 2018
615 IPOG Improving Pregnancy Outcomes Gloablly 2018
616 EMBEDDIA Cross-Lingual Embeddings for Less-Represented Languages in European News Media 2019
617 SunHorizon Sun coupled innovative Heat pumps 2018
618 Norrdigi NorrDigi revolutionary Energy Saver 2018
619 Caladan Micro assembled Terabit/s capable optical transceivers for Datacom applications 2019
620 CityxChange Positive City ExChange 2018
621 SPECTROINLETS The first equipment to enable real-time liquid analysis for mass spectrometers 2018
622 Dust2Planets Unveiling the role of X-rays in protoplanetary disks via laboratory astrophysics 2020
623 Smart Cylinder Smart Cylinder: Breakthrough hydraulic solution to boost productivity, increase energy efficiency and lower emissions in heavy-duty industrial applications 2018
625 Orgasome Protein synthesis in organelles 2019
626 CTS Enertechnos Capacitive Transfer System for efficient electricity transmission and distribution. 2018
627 LightCoce Building an Ecosystem for the up-scaling of lightweight multi-functional concrete and ceramic materials and structures 2019
628 VOGAS Screening of Gastric Cancer via Breath volatile organic compounds by Hybrid Sensing Approach 2019
629 HQMAT New Horizons in Quantum Matter: From Critical Fluids to High Temperature Superconductivity 2019
630 SCENE Smart City on the Edge Network Enhancements 2018
631 FeatureCloud Privacy preserving federated machine learning and blockchaining for reduced cyber risks in a world of distributed healthcare 2019
632 HiDALGO HPC and Big Data Technologies for Global Systems 2018
633 BrEATHE high capacity planet BEAring Technology for High Efficiency gearbox 2019
634 The MATRIX Inflammatory resolution and remodelling of the adipose extracellular matrix: key determinants of a metabolically healthy phenotype? 2019
635 GEoREST predictinG EaRthquakES induced by fluid injecTion 2019
636 IMMCEPTION Nociception and sensory nerves as regulators of type 2 immunity and skin inflammation 2019
637 ASTROFLOW The influence of stellar outflows on exoplanetary mass loss 2019
638 NeuroMag The Neurological Basis of the Magnetic Sense 2019
639 LRC Laser Resonance Chromatography of Superheavy Metals 2019
640 Atto-Zepto Ultrasensitive Nano-Optomechanical Sensors 2019
641 GLADIATOR Next-generation theranostics of brain pathologies with autonomous externally controllable nanonetworks: a trans-disciplinary approach with bio-nanodevice interfaces 2019
642 IQubits Integrated Qubits Towards Future High-Temperature Silicon Quantum Computing Hardware Technologies 2019
643 PRODUCE-H2 PROtotype Demonstration Using low-cost Catalysts for Electrolysis to H2 2019
644 UpTEMPO Ultrafast tunneling microscopy by optical field control of quantum currents 2019
645 M2O MAke RAil The HOpe for protecting Nature 2 future OPERATION 2018
646 Embryospin Increasing IVF success rate through the first magnetic resonance system for embryonic quantitative analysis at the cell scale 2018
647 MARSoluT Managed Aquifer Recharge Solutions Training Network 2019
648 APOSITE Apoptotic foci: composition, structure and dynamics 2019
649 SPINAPSE Creating complexity: toward atomic spin-based neural hardware 2019
650 IS-ENES3 Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System modelling - Phase 3 2019
651 EJP RD European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases 2019
652 ARREST-TB Accurate, Rapid, Robust and Economical diagnostic technoliogieS for Tuberculosis 2019
653 STEADIEST Design, development and flight qualification of a supercritical composite shaft drive line for tiltrotor main drive system 2019
654 H2S Analyzer Market launch of an autonomous and online based hydrogen sulfide (H2S) Analyzer for the implementation of IIoT - digitalization of the sewer system 2019
655 RAINOLVE Accurate irrigation controller with multi-sensoring and interactive cloud-based platform to evaluate real plant needs and save up to 80% of water 2019
656 SinFonia Synthetic biology-guided engineering of Pseudomonas putida for biofluorination 2019
657 MECATESTERS Micro mEchanical Characterization of A ThErmoplastic Co-conSolidated / welded joinT for usE in aiRcraft fuSelages 2019
658 MY-CUBE 3D integration of a logic/memory CUBE for In-Memory-Computing 2019
659 ESTRO Experimental and theoretical aSsessmenT of laminaR flow rObusteness at high mach and reynolds numbers 2019
660 DELTA Development and Execution of innovative test procedures for vaLidation of Thermoplastic Aircraft fuselage panels 2019
661 VOLTAYRE Valves for OiL regulaTion with High AccuracY and REliability 2019
662 RTFT Random Tensors and Field Theory 2019
663 SCAMPICITY cAMP-dependend plasticity of striatal projection neurons in health and disease 2019
664 X2Rail-3 Advanced Signalling, Automation and Communication System (IP2 and IP5) – Prototyping the future by means of capacity increase, autonomy and flexible communication 2018
665 RESWITCH Redox-Controlled Resistive Switching in Hybrid Metal-Organic Thin Films towards Neuromorphic Computing 2019
666 NeuCoDe Neural & Computational Principles of Multisensory Integration during Active Sensing and Decision-Making 2019
667 CoVes Communicating Vesicles 2019
668 GPCR-MS Molecular Details of Membrane Protein Receptor Dynamics 2019
670 PCinBC Plasma cell heterogeneity and dynamics in patient tumors 2019
671 MSOPGDM Mechanistic studies of prokaryotic genome defense mechanisms 2019
672 StringyGeometry Stringy geometry: quantum corrections and the fate of string compactifications from spacetime and the worldsheet 2020
673 Microbial-light Illuminating black boxes in the nitrogen cycle 2019
674 SpinScreen Screening of an electron spin by an epitaxial superconducting island in a semiconductor nanowire 2019
675 VESYNECH Determination of bacterial vesicles interactions in the most abundant marine cyanobacteria and its potential applications 2019
676 BIONA4ART BIO-inspired NAcre-like materials FOR the next generation of conservation treatments in stone ART works 2019
677 HyCARE An innovative approach for renewable energy storage by a combination of hydrogen carriers and heat storage 2019
678 SolBio-Rev Solar-Biomass Reversible energy system for covering a large share of energy needs in buildings 2019
679 MERIR Methane related iron reduction processes in sediments: Hidden couplings and their significance for carbon and iron cycles 2019
680 ESCAPE Exploring Shortcuts for the Characterization of the Atmospheres of Planets similar to Earth 2019
681 DC Metabolism Metabolic Regulation of Conventional Dendritic Cell Development and Function 2020
682 GROWING Geophysical Roots Observation for Water savING in arboriculture, viticulture and agronomy 2020
683 DECODE Decoding Context-Dependent Genetic Networks in vivo 2019
684 SafePASS Next generation of life Saving appliances and systems for saFE and swift evacuation operations on high capacity PASSenger ships in extreme scenarios and conditions 2019
685 MOVINGRAIL MOving block and VIrtual coupling New Generations of RAIL signalling 2018
686 BALANCE Mapping Dispersion Spectroscopically in Large Gas-Phase Molecular Ions 2019
687 HIGHWAVE Breaking of highly energetic waves 2019
688 STRATASCAPE Modelling and inverting the deep marine sedimentary record to constrain Atlantic Passive Margin landscape evolution 2019
689 SO-CUP Southern Ocean Carbon Uptake 2020
690 VOLCPRO Volcanic Forcing in Climate Model Projections: Towards a New Paradigm. 2020
691 PoSHGOAT Potential-dependent Second-Harmonic Generation in Optical Antennas measured Time-resolved 2020
692 CHES Resilience of Coastal Human-Environment Systems 2020
693 PENFIX Plasma efficient nitrogen fixation 2019
694 BacDrug Bacterial membrane vesicles a novel delivery system for the treatment of multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacterial infections. 2020
695 OXWALD 2D Oxide and van der Waals layered devices 2019
696 SUMAC Interplay between High-Temperature Superconductivity, Magnetism and Composition in Doped Cuprates 2020
697 REaCHeS References to Environs are Coordinated to be Heard and Seen (REaCHeS): an investigation of multimodal spatial referencing in Eastern Chatino 2019
698 EvoPlans The Evolution of Terrestrial Planets: Insights from Models of Planetary Evolution with Coupled Internal, Atmospheric/Surface Development 2020
699 EMPaTHY use of multiscale modElling to Minimize coke ProducTion during the methanol-to- HYdrocarbon process 2019
700 ASTRALIS ASTRocyte Adrenoceptors: Light on Intracellular Signaling 2019
701 MULTIPIR Multiscale modelling of migration of pollutant particles in rivers 2020
702 HIFIG High-Fidelity Photonic Quantum Gates 2020
703 SQSig Oligo-Squaramide Rigid-Rods for Artificial Transmembrane Signaling 2020
704 B2B-sync Brain to Brain Synchronization and the role of the shared semantics 2019
705 RecPAIR Genetic landscape of the homology search 2019
706 RC-PV/T A Novel Integration of Radiative Cooling into Photovoltaic/Thermal Panel in Buildings by Applying a Spectrally Selective Micro/Nano Coating 2019
707 UCSMT Unconventional Superconductivity at Microkelvin Temperatures 2019
708 MUSICA Origin of Magnetic strUctureS in the ISM obscuring the Cosmic DAwn 2020
709 CompNanozymes Metal-dependent catalysis of nanozymes: First steps towards computational nanoenzymology 2019
710 3D NKCC1 Interdisciplinary approach to characterize the structure and the ion transport mechanism of NKCC1, a key target for brain disorders. 2019
711 IFSSOC Coming together or doing it for themselves? The apparent paradox of social information and individuality in foraging 2020
712 GenDels Development of a new CRISPR-Cas3-based tool for large genomic deletions 2019
713 MODFaBe Modelling individual farmer behaviours in Coupled Human Natural Systems under changing climate and society 2020
714 Origins From Planet-Forming Disks to Giant Planets 2019
715 ChemicalWalks Reactive Transport and Mixing in Heterogeneous Media: Chemical Random Walks under Local Non-equilibrium 2019
716 THERM Transport of Heat in hEteRogeneous Media 2020
717 HoloLif Lifshitz holography: hydrodynamics and the large-D limit 2019
718 NeuroMath Acquisition of Mathematical Concepts in the Human Brain 2020
719 SolarFUEL Gas Diffusion Electrodes and Flow Cells for Photoelectrochemical CO2 Conversion into Multicarbon Alcohols 2020
720 SUPERBRAIN Magneto-Plasmonic, Raman active Nanocapsules for Superior Pediatric Brain Cancer Therapy 2020
721 POLARISO A new isotope-enabled climate model dedicated to polar studies, to reconstruct Antarctic climate variability and improve sea level rise projections 2019
722 Magik Star MAGnetic fIeld and Kinematic coupling for massive STAR formation 2019
723 XmonMASER Josephson maser and heat transport in dissipative open quantum systems 2019
724 LEANOR Detecting Low-Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos with KM3NeT/ORCA: the Transient Neutrino Sky at the GeV Scale 2019
725 signalling dynamics Bridging biophysics and cell biology: The role of G protein-coupled receptor conformations in signalling 2020
726 GPCR-Sensor GPCR-based biosensor for synthetic biology applications 2020
727 POLARC High Arctic Polynyas in a Changing Climate 2019
728 MechanoMVP Mechanosensing and Mitral Valve Prolapse: from the Molecular Mechanisms to the Progression of the Disease 2019
729 QuanToPol Quantum Topological Polaritonics 2020
730 CitizEE Scaling up Public Energy Efficiency Investments via Standardising Citizen Financing Schemes 2019
731 LIBSED Libiguins: a remedy for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions 2019
733 SCOREwater Smart City Observatories implement REsilient Water Management 2019
734 PARIS REINFORCE Delivering on the Paris Agreement: A demand-driven, integrated assessment modelling approach 2019
735 4C Climate-Carbon Interactions in the Current Century 2019
736 HYPERION Development of a Decision Support System for Improved Resilience & Sustainable Reconstruction of historic areas to cope with Climate Change & Extreme Events based on Novel Sensors and Modelling Tools 2019
737 e-NeuroPharma Electronic Neuropharmacology 2019
738 IQubitNet Integrated multi-qubit devices for scalable quantum networks 2019
739 KW Rebel Integration The International Rebel Integration Toolkit Revisited: What Approaches Work for the Successful and Sustainable Incorporation of Former Rebel Groups after Civil War? 2019
740 MegaBiCycle The role of megafauna in biogeochemical cycles and greenhouse gas fluxes: implications for climate and ecosystems throughout history 2019
742 PROTEUSS Pressurised Rotational Oil Transfer – Experimental Unit & System 2019
743 GPCR Transcriptomics Exploring the role of GPCR expression diversity in receptor physiology and drug response 2019
744 QuSLAM Quantum simulation of strong interaction of light and matter 2019
745 ASSEMBLY Advancing Synthethic Supramolecular chemical biology 2019
746 TRI-HP Trigeneration systems based on heat pumps with natural refrigerants and multiple renewable sources. 2019
747 DynaLight Light-driven atomic dynamics in solids and liquids – from fundamentals of optics to engineering of novel photonics technologies 2019
748 MEDIVAC Machine learning software to design personalized neoantigen vaccines tailored to specific vaccine delivery systems 2019
749 TACTILITY TACTIle feedback enriched virtual interaction through virtual realITY and beyond 2019
750 PRESENT Photoreal REaltime Sentient ENTity 2019
751 BATNMR Development and Application of New NMR Methods for Studying Interphases and Interfaces in Batteries 2019
752 SPELITEC Sequence sPecific ELImination of shiga-Toxin E. Coli 2019
753 SInnoPSis ERA-Chair in Science and Innovation Policy and Studies 2019
754 Undersee Enabling Precision Aquaculture with multi-variable real-time sensing and Copernicus Earth Observation data 2019
755 iNNOGING Remote and Offline Ultrasound Image Analysis Platform 2019
756 EXTRIDIM Exploring Triterpene Diversity in Monocots 2020
757 UNIFY UNconventional Integrated quantum nanophotonic sources From spontaneous sYmmetry breaking 2019
758 BIOGRAPHENE Producing graphene from biogas: an innovative, renewable and cost-effective value-chain for industrialising the material of the future 2019
759 MechanoGPER Development of GPER agonists as a novel therapeutic option for pancreatic cancer 2019
760 AntiHelix DNA helicases in genome maintenance: from molecular and cellular mechanisms to specific inhibitors as potential drugs 2019
761 MagnEFi Magnetism and the effects of Electric Field 2019
762 SMARTINCS Self-healing, Multifunctional, Advanced Repair Technologies IN Cementitious Systems 2019
763 LNETN Legitimation of Newness and Its Impact on EU Agenda for Change 2020
764 TReSPAsS-ETN TRaining in Secure and PrivAcy-preserving biometricS 2020
765 QUDOT-TECH Quantum Dots for Photonic Quantum Information Technologies 2020
767 SCAN and WORK Full Stack Digital Plant Scan and Work 2019
768 ONCORNET2.0 ONCOgenic Receptor Network of Excellence and Training 2.0 2020
769 PROCOMM Commercialisation of Proteus 2019
770 AngstroCAP Fundamental and Applied Science using Two Dimensional Angstrom-scale capillaries 2020
771 CONICALM Chemistry in Optical Nano Cavities: Designing Photonic Reagents and Light-Matter Materials 2020
772 Windrone Zenith Autonomous & Intelligent UAV-based Wind Turbine Inspection System for Cost-effective, Reliable, Safe and Actionable Blade Fault Detection and Prediction 2019
773 ATTILA Advanced Testbed for TILtrotor Aeroelastics 2019
775 ASTRODUST The Heliosphere and the Dust: Characterization of the Solar and Interstellar Neighbourhood 2020
776 PULSE-COM Photo-Piezo-ActUators based on Light SEnsitive COMposite 2019
777 SmaCS Smart Cabin System for cabin readiness 2019
778 PHAROS Physical Architecture Optimization System 2019
779 NIFTI Non-Intrusive Flow distortion measurements within a Turbofan Intake 2020
780 SweetBrain A new perspective on the metabolic pathway to neuronal dysfunction: Using organs on a chip to elucidate the role of the brain microvasculature 2020
781 QUNET A quantum network for distributed quantum computation 2019
782 QUIST Quantum information transfer between hole spins and topological states 2019
783 Cell-Lasers Intracellular lasers: Coupling of optical resonances with biological processes 2020
784 Light-DYNAMO Light driven hybrid nanocrystal TMDC capacitors 2020
785 RadSpec A New Strategy for Vibronic Spectroscopy of Radicals 2020
786 ChromoSOMe Canonical and Non-canonical modes of Chromosome Segregation in Oocyte Meiosis 2020
787 PADICTON Part distortion prediction, design for minimized distortion, additive manufactured polymer aerospace parts 2019
788 MEDICAL Medical Treatments in Medieval Leprosaria. Exploring Healing Remedies through Dental Calculus Analysis 2020
789 123STABLE Towards Nanostructured Electrocatalysts with Superior Stability 2020
790 ANHARMONIC Anharmonic Semiconductors 2019
791 PANTHEON Novel Approaches for Plant Health Monitoring 2019
792 ChronicPain New Target and Drug Candidates for Alleviating Chronic Pain 2019
793 CoFBAT Advanced material solutions for safer and long-lasting high capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for stationary storage applications 2019
794 PRD-Trigger Precipitation triggered rock dynamics: the missing mesoscopic link 2020
795 NeurONN Two-Dimensional Oscillatory Neural Networks for Energy Efficient Neuromorphic Computing 2020
796 3DPartForm 3D-printing of PARTiculate FORMulations utilizing polymer microparticle-based voxels 2020
797 5GZORRO Zero-touch security and trust for ubiquitous computing and connectivity in 5G networks. 2019
798 KRAKEN Brokerage and market platform for personal data 2019
799 EUHFORIA_2.0 EUropean Heliospheric FORecasting Information Asset 2.0 2019
800 SPECK Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk for Increased Traffic Safety at Uncontrolled Crossings 2019
801 VARIXIO Medical Device for automatic preparation of high quality foam for sclerotherapy of varicose veins 2019
802 TECHEYE Artificial Intelligence beyond quality 2019
803 NORATEST NORATEST: An e-Health solution for a better Alzheimer's diagnosis and management 2019
804 AUTHEVOO DNA-Authenticity & Traceability for Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Τrust the DNA, the label. 2019
805 SIAM Scaling Up Innovation through Analogy Mining 2020
806 P4 Plight of Pelagic Primary Producers in a Changing Marine Environment 2020
807 YADES Improved Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Areas to cope with Climate Change and Other Hazards based on Innovative Algorithms and Modelling Tools 2020
808 MACADAMIA Machine learning Augmented Computational Analysis of composite panels: new insights into DAmage Mechanisms In Aerospace structures with nanoparticles 2020
809 ErgThComplexSys Ergodic theory for complex systems: a rigorous study of dynamics on heterogeneous networks 2020
810 OpenDR Open Deep Learning Toolkit for Robotics 2020
811 BRAV3 Computational biomechanics and bioengineering 3D printing to develop a personalized regenerative biological ventricular assist device to provide lasting functional support to damaged hearts 2020
812 FURTHER-FC Further Understanding Related to Transport limitations at High current density towards future ElectRodes for Fuel Cells 2020
813 EMPOWER European methanol powered fuel cell CHP 2020
814 Mendi Neurofeedback The world’s most powerful brain training device for home use. 2019
815 SENSES Making Sense of Electrical Noise by Simulating Electrolyte Solutions 2020
816 NP-QFT Non-perturbative dynamics of quantum fields: from new deconfined phases of matter to quantum black holes 2020
817 EXACTC Solving gauge theories in 4D: Exact correlation functions from integrability 2020
818 uNIQUE NanophononIcs for QUantum information procEssing 2020
819 SUPERGRAPH Topological Superconductivity in Graphene 2020
820 M6AQuantKit Development and commercialization of kit for quantitative interrogation of a key RNA modification 2020
822 MYCOREV A Mycorrhizal Revolution: The role of diverse symbiotic fungi in modern terrestrial ecosystems 2020
823 QUREP Quantum Repeater Architectures Based on Quantum Memories and Photonic Encoding 2020
824 urbisphere urbisphere - coupling dynamic cities and climate 2020
825 SCFTAlg Algebraic Foundations of Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theory 2020
826 e-MICROBe Energizing microbes with redox mediators for new bioproductions 2020
827 CAC-seq. Chemical assisted enrichment of 5-carboxycytosine that also allows for DNA sequencing at single base resolution. 2020
828 SCALES Multiferroic phase field models of the coupled dynamics of bismuth ferrite 2021
829 NanoLight-QD Novel molecular spectroscopies by nanoconfined light shaping and ab initio quantum dynamics 2020
830 NEMOSID Next-generation Modeling of Sedimentary Ice-sheet Dynamics 2020
831 Tac1-Ovulation Addressing the Roles of Tachykinins in the Control of Ovulation: Focus on the Substance-P/Tachykinin Receptor Type 1 (Tac1/Tacr1) System 2020
832 MAESTRO Magneto-Acoustically Engineered Steerable Robots 2020
833 SoBigData-PlusPlus SoBigData++: European Integrated Infrastructure for Social Mining and Big Data Analytics 2020
834 POLAR-4DSpace 4DSpace: integrated study for space weather at high latitudes 2020
835 MicroILCs "MicroILCs: Deciphering how the gut Microbiota influences Innate Lymphoid Cells in obesity""" 2021
836 LEAF-2-TBM From LEAF to Terrestrial Biosphere Model: Integrating multi-scale observations of highly diverse tropical ecosystems for global scale simulations 2020
837 feelware Computational Design Solutions for Touch Interfaces 2020
838 PIANISM Prefrontal Cortex Circuit Dynamics underlying Working Memory and its Serotonin Modulation 2020
839 POL2-TERM Structural basis of co-transcriptional pre-mRNA 3’-end processing 2020
840 STOPATT Stochastic pattern formation in biochemical systems 2020
841 TOC-maker The assembly and structure of the chloroplast protein import machinery in plants 2020
842 ExIQ Exponentially Improved Quantum memory 2020
843 PROMET-H2 Cost-effective PROton Exchange MEmbrane WaTer Electrolyser for Efficient and Sustainable Power-to-H2 Technology 2020
844 ARMISTICE Analysis and Risk Mitigation measures for Induced Seismicity in supercriTICal gEothermal systems 2021
845 PhotoSoftMat Photo-controlled two-dimensional soft materials from microgel particles at liquid interfaces 2020
846 REWA Resource wars in an unequal world: international law and beyond 2020
847 SPATULA Sensitive, spatially resolved U-Th dating approach using LA-ICPMS 2020
848 Glueballs at BESIII Search for the scalar glueball in a coupled channel amplitude analysis of J/psi decays with the BESIII experiment 2020
849 DEFORM Dead or Alive: Finding the Origin of Caldera Unrest using Magma Reservoir Models 2020
850 SHINE Chemical Approach to Scalable Fabrication of Hybrid Plasmonic Materials in the Strong-Coupling Regime 2020
851 SANDS Stars, plANets, and Discs in multiple Systems 2020
852 SUBIMAP SUBduction Initiation at Magma-poor rifted margins: an Atlantic Perspective 2021
853 INSANE Joint Species And Niche Evolution 2020
854 POTION Photodiode integration on silicon nitride 2020
855 USOME Advanced Analysis of Polymersome and Exosome Hybrids for Potential Application in Therapeutics and Diagnostics 2020
856 DJINN Decrease Jet-Installation Noise 2020
857 HT4PD The role of the serotonin 5-HT4 receptor in motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease 2021
858 ExoMAC Exoplanets Molecular Atmospheric Composition 2020
859 COUPE COUPE - COUPling Excitations 2020
860 ALGALVANISE ALGAL biorefinery of biogas digestate to high VAlue fuNctional IngredientS through circular approachEs 2020