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H2020 projects about "plants"

The page lists 252 projects related to the topic "plants".

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1 EMPHASIS Effective Management of Pests and Harmful Alien Species - Integrated Solutions 2015
2 CONSENS Integrated Control and Sensing for Sustainable Operation of Flexible Intensified Processes 2015
3 CNIDARIAMICRORNA Elucidation of the evolution of post-transcriptional regulation by characterizing the cnidarian microRNA pathway 2015
4 PROCELLDEATH Unraveling the regulatory network of developmental programmed cell death in plants 2015
5 TIME SCALE Technology and Innovation for Development of Modular Equipment in Scalable Advanced Life Support Systems for Space Exploration 2015
6 flora robotica Flora Robotica: Societies of Symbiotic Robot-Plant Bio-Hybrids as Social Architectural Artifacts 2015
7 CEMCAP CO2 capture from cement production 2015
8 SIGNAT Evaluation of Plant Signaling Networks in Natural Environments 2015
9 PROCROP Harnessing Plant Reproduction for Crop Improvement 2015
10 bi-BLOCK Building and bypassing plant polyspermy blocks 2015
11 ENERWATER Standard method and online tool for assessing and improving the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants 2015
12 OPTIFUEL A reliable and transparent solid biofuels online quality control system 2014
13 HiCompost Novel business based on high efficiency composting technology 2014
15 Bio-Strategies Bio-strategies of mineral nutrient extraction from silicates by selected microorganisms 2015
16 USIFlux Unveiling Stomata 24/7: Using Stable Isotopes and COS to quantify diurnal and nocturnal carbon and water vegetation-atmosphere Fluxes under future climate scenarios 2016
17 FeSensor Finding the iron sensing protein in crop plants 2015
18 WOODSofCHANGE Cambium genetics in Arabidopsis and Aspen: basic science meets wood production 2015
19 ROOT BARRIERS Molecular mechanisms controlling endodermis and exodermis differentiation in tomato roots 2016
20 KinCoop Do plants cooperate in reproduction? The effect of sharing pollination services on plant reproductive strategies 2015
21 InterAcTEV Genome-wide analysis of RNA and protein interacting profiles during a plant virus infection 2015
22 HRPCDMECH Investigating how pathogen effector recognition by the host plant activates cell death 2016
23 ECONOMY Plant Ecology for Nitrous Oxide Mitigation and Sustainable Productivity 2016
24 ChloroQuality Dissecting chloroplast protein quality control specificity for rational plant reprogramming 2016
25 EffectorTargets Development of functional genomic screens to identify conserved host cell processes targeted by fungal effector proteins 2015
26 MelonMixVir Mixed viral infections in melon: disease, vector transmission, RNA silencing suppression and plant defense 2015
27 CHLOROIRIDOIDS Elusive enzymes with biocatalytic potential: chlorinases in the plant kingdom 2015
28 AraMyco Uncovering the molecular dialogue between the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and the non-host plant. 2015
29 PATOX Development of pyrrolizidine alkaloid detection methods for the assessment of food contamination and impact on human and animal health 2016
30 Mycena Unraveling the ecology of a widespread fungal group by genomic, isotopic and physiological analyses 2015
31 EPIMAIZE Understading the Maize Epigenome and its Role in Development 2015
32 SSPinROOTS Small Signalling Peptides for Stimulating Root Growth - a Novel Approach to Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency 2015
33 YIELDFACTOR Using SP1 to control plastid development and yield in cereals 2016
34 CRESWUP Creep resistant steels and welds for ultra supercritical power plants 2015
35 FraxiFam Reconstructing gene family evolution in the ash genus (Fraxinus 2015
36 SIAM Sex-Specific Interactions in Arbuscular Mycorrhizas in an Ecological Community Context 2015
37 FLORALWOOD Selecting non-crop flowering plants for enhancing natural enemies of crop pests in agro ecosystems under climate change perspective 2016
38 PGEPP Are there rules to the game? Patterns of Genome Evolution in Paleopolyploid Plants 2015
39 BASILA Identification and characterization of bacterial effectors that interfere with Transcriptional GeneSilencing in Arabidopsis 2015
40 RiceStyle Carpel evolution: a walk in the rice side 2016
41 TidalHealth Health Condition Monitoring of Small Scale Tidal Generators Using Miniature Torque Sensors 2015
42 TRANSREGEN Portable thermal fluid regeneration system for Solar Thermal Plants 2015
43 DEVULC Novel Devulcanization Machine for Industrial and Tyre Rubber Recycling 2015
44 Hydrofaction Resource and Cost Effective Conversion of Biomass to HydrocarbonTM Oil 2015
45 bionic agitator Feasibility study of a bionic agitator – a prototype of this agitator has shown great potential for energy reduction of agitator technology. 2015
46 TyRec process TyRec process: Whole Tyre Recycling within 30 Minutes with Molten Zinc – towards a circular economy 2015
47 ADD-ON A demonstration plant of enhanced biogas production with Add-On technology 2015
48 POWERSTEP Full scale demonstration of energy positive sewage treatment plant concepts towards market penetration 2015
49 ECOFISH Researches on the potential conversion of conventional fish farms into organic by establishing a model and good practice guide 2015
50 GREENT Greenhouse Gas Mitigation through Advanced Nitrogen Removal Technology 2015
51 PLANTMOVE Plant movements and mechano-perception: from biophysics to biomimetics 2015
52 ValChem ValChem - Value added Chemical building blocks and lignin from wood 2015
53 sRNA-EMB Small RNA regulation of the body plan and epigenome in Arabidopsis embryos 2015
54 StressNetAdapt Understanding evolutionary abiotic stress-network plasticity as foundation for new biotechnological strategies 2015
55 BIOCONT6SS Inter-bacterial competition mediated by the type VI secretion system (T6SS): promising role in the biocontrol properties of Pseudomonas putida 2016
56 GENEVOSYN Reshuffling genes and genomes: from experimental evolution to synthetic biology in plants 2015
57 SEFI Solar Energy for Food Industry 2015
58 Nitro Systems Reaching the roots of systemic nitrogen (N) signaling in plants 2015
59 Predictive Vision Predictive Vision Saving lives in dangerous working environments with Predictive Risk Management software 2015
60 PLANTSTEMS Decoding the Lateral Expansion of Plant Stems 2015
61 MIMESIS Development of biomaterials through mimesis of plant defensive interfaces to fight wound infections 2015
62 AdaptoSCOPE Using cis-regulatory mutations to highlight polygenic adaptation in natural plant systems 2015
63 BestPass Boosting plant-Endophyte STability, compatibility and Performance Across ScaleS 2015
64 IMPROVE Innovative Modeling Approaches for Production Systems to raise validatable efficiency 2015
65 PHOTONET-C4 Characterising the Gene Regulatory Networks Governing Photosynthesis: From Basic Understanding to Targeted Engineering 2015
66 PhyMo Structure function relationships of the phyllosphere microbiota 2015
67 PANDORA Probing safety of nano-objects by defining immune responses of environmental organisms 2016
68 AluSalt Efficient Aluminium Salt cake Recycling Technology 2015
69 PRONTO PRONTO: PROcess NeTwork Optimization for efficient and sustainable operation of Europe’s process industries taking machinery condition and process performance into account. 2016
70 Diversity6continents Ecological determinants of tropical-temperate trends in insect diversity 2015
71 IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY Injection moulding, casting and coating PILOTS for the production of improved components with nano materials for automotive, construction and agricultural machinery. 2015
72 ROBOTGRAFT An integrated high throughput robot and a new multi-rootstock grafting technology to improve plant/crop yield 2015
73 PLICO Plant lipidome remodelling during cold acclimation 2016
74 ENERCOVERY Modular green-energy recovery and business model 2015
75 HELIOtube Inflatable solar collectors for a low cost CSP Plant with irreducibly small carbon footprint 2015
76 p-DRIVE Pyrolysis of Derived Residues of waste, providing Improved gas for Vehicle Engines 2015
77 WASCOP Water Saving for Solar Concentrated Power 2016
78 BABET-REAL5 New technology and strategy for a large and sustainable deployment of second generation biofuel in rural areas 2016
79 CHEMCOMRHIZO Chemical communication in the rhizosphere of plants 2015
81 GAtransport A direct, multi-faceted approach to investigate plant hormones spatial regulation: the case of gibberellins 2016
82 DIMONTEMP Distributed Monitoring of HTF Temperature at Solar Thermal Power Plants 2016
83 MULTIATTACK Plant adaptations to unpredictable attack by dynamic insect communities 2016
84 MediHealth Novel natural products for healthy ageing from Mediterranean diet and food plants of other global sources 2016
85 EASY Pv EGNSS high Accuracy SYstem improving PhotoVoltaic plants maintenance 2016
86 FLEXTURBINE Flexible Fossil Power Plants for the Future Energy Market through new and advanced Turbine Technologies 2016
87 EKO_MEMOF Ekoservis Membrane Modular Filtration system 2016
88 MinWaterCSP MinWaterCSP - Minimized water consumption in CSP plants 2016
89 DARES Associational resistance and neighbor recognition of in common dandelion roots 2016
91 HARVEST Plant foods in human evolution: Factors affecting the harvest of nutrients from the floral environment 2017
92 HeteroDynamic Evolutionary Stability of Ubiquitous Root Symbiosis 2016
93 RAISELIFE Raising the Lifetime of Functional Materials for Concentrated Solar Power Technology 2016
94 MATChING Materials Technologies for performance improvement of Cooling Systems in Power Plants 2016
95 reSGulating Functional analysis of Stress Granules formation in plant adaptation to stress 2017
96 Trans-Plant Transistor sensors for in-vivo sucrose monitoring in plants 2016
97 plaNET-seq Temporal mapping of environmental sensing transcription dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana 2017
98 EvoNIN Unraveling key genetic innovations behind the emergence of the root-nodule symbiosis 2017
99 NANOREM A novel isotope tool to assess nanoparticle toxicity in wetland plants 2016
100 CHERI Chromatin targeting and remodelling by bacterial effectors in plant immunity 2016
101 PINBAC Characterising plant interactions with bacteria that promote the uptake of nitrogen and sulphur from organic sources 2016
102 PalmHydraulics Palm hydraulics linking biodiversity and functioning of tropical forests under climate change 2016
103 Ko-Tsah-To Temperatures, ash and soil hydrology: predicting fire impact from plant traits 2016
104 DrugCrops Drought discovery to improve drought tolerance in crops 2017
105 BuildingControls Efficient Grid Connected Buildings: A Distributed Control Framework for Managing Flexible Loads 2016
106 InnoPellet Self-supporting biofuel sludge pellet producing system for small and medium sized sewage plants 2016
107 COCOAPRO COCOA In Vitro PROpagation 2016
108 SenSOP-II Novel sensor based soil-plant-climate control system for European smart farming 2016
109 B-Ecolyol Improving the productivity of Biodiesel plants through their adaptation for the production of polyols 2016
110 OUTERMOST Towards Autonomous Large Area Mass Production Sputtering Plants 2016
111 RELOAD REciprocal LOcal ADapatation: the genetic, behavioural and chemical study of the evolutionary maintenance of a mutualism 2016
112 AS-ABA Alternative splicing and SR proteins in ABA-mediated plant stress responses 2017
113 INCOVER Innovative Eco-Technologies for Resource Recovery from Wastewater 2016
114 SMART-Plant Scale-up of low-carbon footprint material recovery techniques in existing wastewater treatment plants 2016
115 HyBurn Enabling Hydrogen-enriched burner technology for gas turbines through advanced measurement and simulation 2016
116 ProGeo ProGeo 2016
117 ANSWER Adaptive Nozzle valve system for Solar Water powered desalination 2016
118 F2F Fusion-to-Fossil Heat Exchanger for Supercritical Power Plants 2016
119 EddyEyes Novel System for surface inspection and quality control for steel industries. 2016
120 T-Rex Clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants: mechanistic insight into the TPLATE REcycling compleX and its interplay with AP-2 2016
121 SEEGLASS Glass Recovering Revolution: High performance Optical Sorter for glass collection from Waste 2016
122 CoolFarm CoolFarm – The intelligent and flexible system that provides to plants what they need, when theyneed it! 2016
123 IsoMet Bacterial isoprene metabolism: a missing link in a key global biogeochemical cycle 2016
124 Naturbo Naturbo, the first air purification technology using a patented process of biotransformation to transform bad indoor air into healthy, fresh, and natural air. 2016
125 Revolution Regulation and Evolution of C4 photosynthesis 2016
126 DILIPHO Diffusional limitations to C4 photosynthesis 2017
127 transcriPTIon Understanding transcriptional regulation in plant PAMP-triggered immunity 2016
128 CoPro Improved energy and resource efficiency by better coordination of production in the process industries 2016
129 Innova MicroSolar Innovative Micro Solar Heat and Power System for Domestic and Small Business Residential Buildings 2016
130 WOODnat Second generation of planted hardwood forests in the EU 2016
131 IDRICA Improving Drought Resistance in Crops and Arabidopsis 2016
132 MSLOOP 2.0 Molten Salt Loop 2.0: key element for the new solar thermal energy plants. 2016
133 PERVOL Perception of Plant Volatiles 2017
134 SMARTSAND Transforming fly ash waste from coal-fired power plants into lightweight engineered sand formultiple applications 2016
135 SPACE-O Space Assisted Water Quality Forecasting Platform for Optimized Decision Making in Water Supply Services 2016
136 SHEPHERD Energy-Efficient Activated Sludge Monitoring for Wastewater Treatment Plants 2016
137 Biofficiency Highly-efficient biomass CHP plants by handling ash-related problems 2016
138 SYNERGY Plugplay gasification plant for onsite conversion of otherwise unusable waste into renewable energy 2016
139 MABVOC Modelling Arctic Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds emissions (MABVOC) 2016
141 3D-Plant2Cells Exploring the Impact of Pesticide on the 3D Metabolome and the Microbiota from the Whole Plant to the Cell Scale 2017
142 GasPlaNt Gas sensing in plants:Oxygen- and nitric oxide-regulated chromatin modification via a targeted protein degradation mechanism 2017
143 FALCON Fuel and chemicals from lignin through enzymatic and chemical conversion 2017
144 CPB 4.0 Worldwide unique, resource-conserving and energy-efficient treatment of industrial wastewater polluted by oils and heavy metals for implementing the EU Water Framework Directive in a company 2017
145 POWERICE Organic Rankine Cycle Cogeneration Plant of one-farm size using rice straw as single fuel 2017
146 GATEKEEPER Keeping insects out of the greenhouse gate with odor-masking natural extracts 2017
147 FOMN The impact of fertilisation on mutualistic network structure 2017
148 HYDROCARB Hydrogen isotopes in plant-derived organic compounds as new tool to identify changes in the carbon metabolism of plants and ecosystems during the anthropocene 2017
149 C2B Carbon 2 Butanol, a breakthrough technology in eco-innovation that cuts GHG emissions byconverting industrial waste gases into chemicals and biofuel. 2017
150 FLORADAPT Plant resilience and floral adaptation to pollinator change during a range expansion 2016
151 TORPEDO Understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling the orientation of plant cell divisions 2017
152 PCBRec PCBRec process: Waste Printed Circuit Board (WPCB) Recycling with Molten Salts 2017
153 Biofrigas Turning manure into fuel: a container based LBG plant for small to medium scale farms 2017
154 DePharm A cost-effective and energy-efficient water treatment technology to remove pharmaceutical pollutants from urban wastewater 2016
155 BactiLine BactiLine at-line system for automatic monitoring of microbial bacteria in water 2017
156 DUSTCOMB A Novel Method to Reduce Industrial Dust Pollution of Respirable Air 2017
157 MYCROPHOS The genetic bases of mycorrhizal root responses to phosphate 2017
158 Nod2Root Keeping nodules in check: Interplay of rhizobial and host factors controlling nodule morphogenesis and identity in legume plants. 2017
159 SunDROPS Self-DRiving hydrOPonic System - Develop automated hydroponic systems that use high frequency pulsing-light and intermittent/alternate nutrient supply to optimize resources and plant adaptation. 2018
160 DiGe Ethnobotany of divided generations in the context of centralization 2017
161 Epi-Somaclone Epigenetically Stable Cloned Plants: Increasing The Epigenetic and Phenotypic Diversity of Plants through Tissue-Specific Regeneration 2017
162 HIVOL Herbivore-induced emissions of biogenic volatiles from arctic plants under climate warming 2018
163 AgroPHYS Understanding how plants overcome drought by controlling stomatal function: applicability and impacts on agriculture 2017
164 MIREDI Mechanisms of Immune Receptor Diversification in Cereals 2017
165 AFRI-SKYFOR African Sky Forests: services, threats and management recommendations 2017
166 LakeMP Spatial and temporal biotransformation of micropollutants in a lake ecosystem 2017
167 GREEN-SPECIALISTS Specialised plant cell types via developmentally-controlled gene knockouts: a key step towards fully customised plants 2018
168 WallWatchers Plant cell wall communication and remodelling: the wall watchers. 2017
169 INTERCELLAR The role of the symplast in host-pathogen interactions – how does the symplastic, intercellular exchange of molecules regulate the outcomes of defence and infection? 2017
170 DECRON Development of eco-friendly ironmaking processes based onGPU-enhanced DEM-CFD modelling 2017
171 REMES Regulation and Metabolic Engineering of Saponins for use as bio-pesticides. 2017
172 COPE-50 Global Climate change impact on phenOtype and ePigenomE stability: Accessing plant adaptability through a 2050 simulation model 2017
173 CYCLOMB Disruptive Cyclone-based technology for effective and affordable particulate matter emission reduction in biomass combustion systems 2017
174 PFIMDULA Post-translational modifications during floral initiation: molecular dissection of the UFO-dependent LFY activation 2017
175 CHROMADAPT The role of chromatin in the long-term adaptation of plants to abiotic stress 2017
176 EpiAGPs Breaking frontiers in plant reproduction: understanding the roles of AGPs and epigenetics regulating male-female crosstalk towards fertilization 2017
177 COMPCON Competition under (niche) construction 2017
178 ZERO BRINE Re-designing the value and supply chain of water and minerals: a circular economy approach for the recovery of resources from saline impaired effluent (brine) generated by process industries 2017
179 ALGAMATER Using microalgae bioreactor technology to deliver the world’s most cost-effective, energy-efficient and adaptable system for the treatment of toxic industrial and landfill wastewater 2017
181 BUNGEE Directed crop breeding using jumping genes 2017
182 ZIRONITRO Constructed wetland to produce high-quality drinking water free from nitrates 2017
184 XTOnE Use of Extremophile Bacterium XT1 in Biological Approach to Promote Plant Growth and Tackle Pathogens 2017
185 ATLASplus Advanced Structural Integrity Assessment Tools for Safe Long Term Operation 2017
186 FEAR-SAP Function and Evolution of Attack and Response Strategies during Allelopathy in Plants 2018
187 ROBIOT Improving the sustainability of bioenergy production with a Robot for Biomass Quality Management 2017
188 ComPreValRther Computational Prediction and Validation of RNA thermometer at transcriptome-wide scale in living cell 2017
189 TURBO-REFLEX TURBOmachinery REtrofits enabling FLEXible back-up capacity for the transition of the European energy system 2017
190 ETAP Tracing Evolution of Auxin Transport and Polarity in Plants 2018
191 Plant.ID Molecular Identification of Plants 2018
192 PUMP-HEAT Performance Untapped Modulation for Power and Heat via Energy Accumulation Technologies 2017
194 CHROMATADS Chromatin Packing and Architectural Proteins in Plants 2018
195 RobustHormoneTrans Robustness and specialization among hormone transporters: Redundant and unique roles 2018
196 EPIDIVERSE Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology 2017
197 MossTech Advanced use of mosses for biotechnological solutions 2017
198 SENTIFLEX Fluorescence-based photosynthesis estimates for vegetation productivity monitoring from space 2018
199 MUBIC Mushroom and biogas production in a circular economy 2017
200 NATEDE Nature, Technology and Design 2017
201 PVCI Photovoltaic Control and Integration 2017
202 SuperGenE Supergene evolution in a classic plant system - bringing the study of distyly into the genomic era 2018
203 CLAIM Cleaning Litter by developing and Applying Innovative Methods in european seas 2017
204 Sense2SurviveSalt Surviving salinity: How do plants sense Na+? 2018
205 Trans C4 Deciphering Regulatory DNA and Transcription Factor Binding Sites in C3 and C4 Species with Varying Water Use Efficiencies 2018
206 CELL HORMONE Bringing into focus the cellular dynamics of the plant growth hormone gibberellin 2018
207 Newcotiana Developing Multipurpose Nicotiana Crops for Molecular Farming using New Plant Breeding Techniques 2018
208 FENIX Future business models for the Efficient recovery of Natural and Industrial secondary resources in eXtended supply chains contexts 2018
209 MEMBER Advanced MEMBranes and membrane assisted procEsses for pre- and post- combustion CO2 captuRe 2018
210 HYFLIERS HYbrid FLying-rollIng with-snakE-aRm robot for contact inSpection 2018
211 reNEW Sustainable cleaning agent and organic fertilizer recovery from sewage sludge 2017
212 BIOGASTIGER BIOGASTIGER® system – turning global organic waste streams into smart and clean energy 2017
213 W2O Demonstration of the economic feasibility of a wave-powered desalination system 2018
214 PhytlSigns Real-time plant monitoring based on bioelectrical signals 2017
215 DeepSolar Artificial Intelligence-based diagnostic system for Solar PV Plants 2017
216 Spectrophotometer The proposal is an introduction to an innovative measurement device that can detect deficiency or excess of nutrients in plants by harnessing light spectra 2018
217 FlyInGS Flywheel energy storage for Increased Grid Stability 2017
218 MIRA Microbe induced Resistance to Agricultural pests 2017
219 IceCommunities Reconstructing community dynamics and ecosystem functioning after glacial retreat 2018
220 PRS PRS, a disruptive technology for the industrial repair of large series of reusable plastic articles in the circular economy 2018
221 GEODEPOWER Cutting-edge deep geothermal system and drilling technology suitable for all users and locations 2018
222 LIPOFABRIK LIPOFABRIK: A ground-breaking biomolecular production platform for safer, more efficient and sustainable pest control and crop health management. 2018
223 Hollandplug Pioneering Sustainable Substrate for Accelerated Quality Cultivation 2018
224 AlkFood A disruptive cost-efficient industrial technology using bioreactor to boost compounds yields in roots, shoots, leaves for agri-food, flavors, biopesticides 2018
225 MYCOMOSS Mosses as a gateway of nitrogen into northern ecosystems 2018
226 HydroFlex Increasing the value of Hydropower through increased Flexibilty 2018
227 POLYPHEM Small-Scale Solar Thermal Combined Cycle 2018
228 MeloCRISP Implementation of CRISPR/Cas9 technology in melon to edit fruit ripening and CMV resistant genes 2018
229 BRIDGING The function of membrane tethering in plant intercellular communication 2018
230 CRoSh “Chromatin Re-organization during Shade Avoidance” 2019
231 CVVOC The ecological consequences of chemotypic variation of damage-induced volatile organic compounds in sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) 2018
232 ECOMIG Ecological Migration During High Imperialism. German Qingdao As Meeting Point of International Species, 1898-1914. 2019
233 EmBd Unravelling the molecular mechanisms of monocot embryogenesis 2019
234 Re-Leaf Environment-coupled metabolic models for engineering high-temperature and drought REsistantLEAF metabolism. 2018
235 GuEst New Directions in Guaranteed Estimation of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Their Applications toChemical Engineering Problems 2018
236 KeepTimeWithTheHeat Keeping in time with the heat: how oscillating temperatures set the plant circadian clock 2018
237 Green-DROP Precise subarea specific irrigation and fertilization system 2018
238 ODYSSEA Population Dynamics in the Southeast European Neolithic: Prehistoric Archaeology and Palaeogenomics 2018
239 Small-scale CSP Numerical and experimental analysis of a novel thermal energy storage for a small-scale concentrated solar power plant 2018
240 NLR_NLR-ID power NLR-ID diversity, mechanism and functionality upon transfer between species 2018
241 GENOMINT Biogeography and natural hybridization in the genus Mentha 2019
242 SUBTOL Understanding seaweed submergence tolerance mechanisms and translating them into land plants 2018
243 PotatoMASH Potato Multi-Allele Scanning Haplotags – a low cost, genome-scanning marker system for use in potato breeding 2018
244 INTERSPREC Investigation of interspecific pollen tube reception 2018
245 Ecol of interactions Developing the predictive ecology of plant-animal interactions across space and time 2018
246 MedPlant Harnessing the Molecules of Medicinal Plants 2018
247 LEAP-EXTREME Local Edaphic Adaptation in Plants through Leveraging an Extremophile Model 2018
248 OCONTSOLAR Optimal Control of Thermal Solar Energy Systems 2018
249 HyPhOE Hybrid Electronics based on Photosynthetic Organisms 2018
250 AGRISCENTS Scents and sensibility in agriculture: exploiting specificity in herbivore- and pathogen-induced plant volatiles for real-time crop monitoring 2018
251 Pirocrack Integrated pyrolisis and thermal cracking technology to revolutionise the MSW treatment market 2018
252 DEBS Significantly cheaper and cleaner energy from biomass combustion 2018