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1 ESC European Reseearchers Night: Researchers in Real Life. 2014
2 MIROCALS Efficacy and safety of low-dose IL-2 (ld-IL-2) as a Treg enhancer for anti-neuroinflammatory therapy in newly diagnosed Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients 2015
3 PHOCNOSIS Advanced nanophotonic point-of-care analysis device for fast and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases 2015
4 SENIORS Safety-ENhancing Innovations for Older Road userS 2015
6 Cu4Energy Biomimetic Copper Complexes for Energy Conversion Reactions 2015
7 gRESONANT Resonant Nuclear Gamma Decay and the Heavy-Element Nucleosynthesis 2015
8 NeurogenesisCode Deciphering the role of adult neurogenesis in hippocampal memory codes by optically imaging neuronal activity in freely behaving mice 2015
9 PHySIS Sparse Signal Processing Technologies for HyperSpectral Imaging Systems 2015
10 NEOShield-2 Science and Technology for Near-Earth Object Impact Prevention 2015
11 UPTIME Real-TIME probing of Ultrafast Phenomena 2015
12 BrainFrame Automated framework for rapid simulations of high-detail brain models 2015
13 INTERDOT INTERconnects enhanced by colloidal qDOT based optical amplifiers 2015
14 TWIST Terahertz wireless information systems and technologies 2015
15 CloseWEEE Integrated solutions for pre-processing electronic equipment, closing the loop of post-consumer high-grade plastics, and advanced recovery of critical raw materials antimony and graphite 2014
16 IMPRESS Improved production strategies for endangered freshwater species. 2015
17 PATHway PATHway: Technology enabled behavioural change as a pathway towards better self-management of CVD 2015
18 SAPHELY Self-amplified photonic biosensing platform for microRNA-based early diagnosis of diseases 2015
19 PRISAR Preclinical Intra-Operative Image-Guided Surgery and Post-Operative Radiotherapy of Tumours 2015
20 AquaSmart Aquaculture Smart and Open Data Analytics as a Service 2015
21 EU-XCEL Accelerating Entrepreneurial Learning across European Regions 2015
22 PRISMACLOUD PRIvacy and Security MAintaining services in the CLOUD 2015
23 EurEyeCase Use Case for European Robotics in Ophthalmologic Micro−Surgery 2015
24 iBROW Innovative ultra-BROadband ubiquitous Wireless communications through terahertz transceivers 2015
25 Vaccinesurvey Monitor population immunity against vaccine preventable diseases 2015
26 TUNNELCHEM Atom-Tunneling in Chemistry 2015
27 CSF From Cloud to Star Formation 2015
28 Pro-Staph-ID Clinical biomarker and rapid diagnostic test for Staphylococcus aureus induced ventilator-associated pneumonia 2014
29 QuInnE Quality of Jobs and Innovation Generated Employment Outcomes 2015
30 BRISKEE Behavioural Response to Investment Risks in Energy Efficiency 2015
32 PRIME PRIME (Push Relevantly to Increase Mobile Engagement) 2014
33 PneumoSIP PneumoSIP – a cost-effective solution for the rapid diagnostic of pneumonia 2014
34 GLAD GNSS/INS Low-Cost Attitude Determination System 2014
35 TM Field Analyzer Developing a monitoring system for urban gas pipelines by utilizing state of the art accelerometers, advanced signal processing, and advanced intelligent algorithm based recognition 2014
36 OILMOD Optical Injection Locked Modulator 2014
37 MARGIN Tackle Insecurity in Marginalized Areas 2015
38 HDGAS Heavy Duty Gas Engines integrated into Vehicles 2015
40 BIHC BIHC- Bio-inspired models of human crowds 2015
41 SexDiff Sex differences in expression in the shared genome 2016
42 JELLYPACTS Assessment of Jellyfish Socioeconomic Impacts in the Mediterranean: Implications for Management 2016
43 Next-COMM Next-COMM: Event-driven design approach to achieve maximum energy efficiency for the next generation digital communication circuits” 2015
44 DeepTrees Computational modelling of evolutionary dynamics in the deep sea 2015
45 MYSTICETI The oldest and the rarest - combining insight from both hemispheres to gain a global picture of baleen whale origins and macroevolution 2015
46 EUROLIFE Life histories of the Neolithic Transition: Estimating and modelling European life history events and human fertility rates 2015
47 FIRSTBHs The formation of supermassive black holes in the early universe 2015
48 METENZ To develop a novel class of metalloenzymes for application in novel asymmetric C-H activation chemistry. 2015
49 ASF_SwineResistance African Swine Fever, the Sus scrofa evolutionary genomic response 2015
50 StarlightWinds Mass loss in the lives and deaths of massive stars 2015
51 Ethics and Ageing Ethics and Ageing 2015
52 FUDACT FUll Duplex Active Cancellation for wireless communication and co-exisTence 2015
53 GlidArc Towards a fundamental understanding of a gliding arc discharge for the purpose of greenhouse gas conversion into value-added chemicals 2015
54 SMI REP Investigating eukaryotic replisome dynamics at the single molecule level 2015
55 NICOS Nonlinear optical coatings at high intensities 2015
56 PEARS Predicting the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae 2015
57 SCARtool Scattered radiation reduction tool to improve computer-aided diagnosis performance in digital breast tomosynthesis 2015
58 CRISIS Coastal flood risk in Europe and the socio-economic impacts in a changing climate 2016
59 DAMAGE An avian model for understanding and preventing the negative effects of poor developmental conditions on subsequent health state, fertility and ageing rate 2016
60 HiCapWDM High Capacity WDM System 2015
61 MUCDIFF Competition between the enteric pathogen Clostridium difficile and the commensal members of the gut microbiota for mucosal sugars 2015
62 FertilityPolicies Fertility, Public Policies, and Women in Turkey in Comparative Perspective 2016
63 STOICHIOMET Blending Stoichiometric and Metabolic Theories from Genes to Populations: Resource Stochiometry and Temperature Effects on Consumers with Contrasting Life-history Strategies 2015
64 TMGSiP THz Muti-Gb/s System in Package 2015
65 AFIBROTIC Atrial Fibrillation, Fibrosis and Rotors: New Insights from Imaging and Computational Modeling 2015
67 Graphene Membranes Ultrapermeable Atomically-Thin Membranes for Molecular Separations 2015
68 CYBERNETS Cybernetic Communication Networks: Fundamental Limits and Engineering Challenges 2015
69 YIELDFACTOR Using SP1 to control plastid development and yield in cereals 2016
70 MCMQCT Multi-functional Computational Microscopy for Quantitative Cell Tracking 2015
71 CICCI Characterization of Intestinal Cancer Cell Invasion 2015
72 BactoDrug The Bacteroides dual-pumping membrane-integral pyrophosphatase: a novel drug target 2015
73 REALISM Reducing Early Atrophy with Leucine during Immobilization of Skeletal Muscle 2015
74 ResClust Resonant clustering 2016
75 AGEISM Lifelong health, markers of ageing and senescence in a long-lived mammal. 2016
76 FraxiFam Reconstructing gene family evolution in the ash genus (Fraxinus 2015
77 ACM Cholesterol metabolism as a driver of prostate cancer aggressiveness 2015
78 MOLMIC Molecular Biology of Sulfide-Oxidizing Nitrate-Reducing Microorganisms Involved in Microbiologically-Influenced Corrosion 2016
79 CoopClickCat CoopClickCat 2015
80 OceanIS Ocean Interaction with Antarctic Ice Shelves 2016
81 CortFit Using reaction norms to identify glucocorticoid phenotypes and their relationship to fitness in individuals of a wild vertebrate. 2015
82 NETPAC Microbial networks for PAC cycling in polluted soils 2015
83 NoWork The long-term effects of unemployment on older workers: Studying life-course influences in social context 2016
84 SENSITIVITYMARKERS Clinical validation of prognostic biomarkers of chemotherapy response in liquid biopsies 2015
85 ITECCO Innovative Transport Equipment for Coal, Coke and Ore 2015
86 Bacticon1 BACTerial detection and CONtrol of urinary tract infection 2015
87 EMBRYON EMBRYON - Develop and commercialize a highly innovative diagnostic-imaging product, improving success rates in the Assisted Reproduction IVF sector 2015
88 CarNet Rapid Data Communication Network for Connected Cars 2015
89 CoMPi Coastal and shallow-water monitoring through innovative low-cost technologies for blue growth in the Mediterranean 2015
90 Paediatric LMS Non-Invasive Quantitative Magnetic Resonance for Obese Children – the Paediatric LiverMultiScan Test 2015
91 URO-BEST UROthelial carcinoma Biomarker based diagnostic tEST 2015
92 CLEV Most cost and time efficient EU-wide cross-border automated parcel delivery solution 2015
93 IRIS-1 IRIS Feasibility Study – Phase 1 2015
94 CORE Camelina Oil for Sustainable Salmon Aquafeed 2015
95 Cryoshelter Bringing a new LNG-tank technology to industrial readyness 2015
96 ReDurComp Novel business on DURable and COMPostable products based on REcycled plastic 2015
97 HELMO Cardiovascular Diseases Diagnoses by means of Smart Remote Monitoring System based on known Heart Activity Biomarkers 2015
98 MyNano Towards the design of Personalised Polymer-based Combination Nanomedicines for Advanced Stage Breast Cancer Patients 2015
99 HISER Holistic Innovative Solutions for an Efficient Recycling and Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials from Complex Construction and Demolition Waste 2015
100 MIA Multidisciplinary Institute for Ageing 2015
101 ADaPTIVE Analysing Diversity with a Phenomic approach: Trends in Vertebrate Evolution 2015
102 VITAL The Vitality of Disease - Quality of Life in the Making 2015
103 RESYNTEX A new circular economy concept: from textile waste towards chemical and textile industries feedstock 2015
104 iMETland iMETland: A new generation of Microbial Electrochemical Wetland for effective decentralized wastewater treatment 2015
105 NanoDome Nanomaterials via Gas-Phase Synthesis: A Design-Oriented Modelling and Engineering Approach 2015
106 Microflusa Fabricating colloidal materials with microfluidics 2015
107 Dermtest An empowering toolkit for general practitioners to prevent, detect and treat melanoma (Dermtest) 2015
108 LIQUAM Non-thermal treatment to delay the onset of honey crystallization 2015
109 EcoForm An innovative, energy-efficient two-step manufacturing process, EcoForm, to produce CPET (Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate) trays for use in the food packaging industry. 2015
110 MACROUNCERTINEQ Uncertainty, Risk and Inequality: The Role of Macroeconomic Policies and Institutions 2015
111 PhotoniX PHOtonic Transmitters for Optical Networks and Interconnects in energy-efficient datacentres, supercomputers and homes based on VCSELs 2015
112 IDH Digital Health Hub Europe 2015
114 CliniSenz CliniSenz(TM) - A Cost-effective Biosensor for Automatic Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring 2015
115 4M Development of a Machine for Multi-Material Manufacturing 2015
116 proLungPlasma Validation of a Lung Cancer Plasma Reflex Test Using Epigenetic Biomarker for Cancer Detection 2015
117 VirtuCrete A new integrated process to valorise hazardous leaded glass from CRTs and transform it into high performance geopolymer blocks - VirtuCrete 2015
118 eMurmur eMurmur, a software based, clinically tested medical device for automated heart murmur detection 2015
119 REACH REACH: Risk, Resilience, Ethnicity and AdolesCent Mental Health 2015
120 E-SPACE European Standardised Process Approach to Cognitive Evaluation in older people 2016
121 CHARISMA Converged Heterogeneous Advanced 5G Cloud-RAN Architecture for Intelligent and Secure Media Access 2015
122 FANTASTIC-5G Flexible Air iNTerfAce for Scalable service delivery wiThin wIreless Communication networks of the 5th Generation 2015
123 IRSkin IRSkin provides dermatologists a new dermatoscope, equipped with a software for visual comparisons in the diagnostic phase, performing a content based Image Retrieval from an a-priori built database. 2015
124 ARENA Arena-Master Mobile Solution for Complete Synthetic Turf Recycling On-site 2015
125 Excalibur 2.0 Revolutionary trustworthy platform for seamless authentication of Internet users 2015
127 ENCOMOLE-2i Endoscopic Comprehensive Optical Multimodal Molecular Intelligent Imaging 2016
128 CRAGSMAN The Impact of Cosmic Rays on Galaxy and Cluster Formation 2016
129 DARKHORIZONS Dark Matter and the Early Universe in the LHC Era 2015
130 BioFUNC Maintenance of species diversity and the stability of ecosystem functioning 2016
131 ULTRASUPERTAPE ULTRAfast growth of ultrahigh performance SUPERconducting TAPEs 2015
132 ABCvolume The ABC of Cell Volume Regulation 2015
133 NLAFET Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra for Future Extreme-Scale Systems 2015
134 LAUREN bLadder cAncer URine cEll aNalysis 2015
135 PlugBioIn Plug and play enzymes for an accelerated uptake of Biocatalysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry 2015
136 MICROMIX-ECO-2015 Innovative active-uptake foliar nutrition technology capable of significantly reducing pesticide rates 2015
137 NewEat Transdiagnostic views on eating disorders and obesity and new approaches for treatment 2015
138 ENVIROIMMUNE Environmental modulators of the immune cell balance in health and disease 2015
139 Elephant Project How elephants grow old 2016
140 P-MEM-NMR Structure of paramagnetic integral membrane metalloproteins by MAS-NMR 2015
141 OSIRIS Optimal SIC substR ates for Integrated Microwave and Power CircuitS 2015
142 EFD The e-wallet Fraud Detection 2015
143 DIME Disequilibirum metamorphism of stressed lithosphere 2015
144 BNYQ Breaking the Nyquist Barrier: A New Paradigm in Data Conversion and Transmission 2015
145 Macro Identification New Approaches to the Identification of Macroeconomic Models 2015
146 UPR NEURO The Unfolded Protein Response in Neurodegeneration 2015
147 EVOLPROOF Are HPV vaccines ‘evolution-proof’? Multilevel evolutionary ecology of human oncoviruses 2015
148 SciChallenge Next Generation Science Challenges Using Digital and Social Media to Make Science Education and Careers Attractive for Young People 2015
149 UnPrEDICT Uncertainty and Precaution: Environmental Decisions Involving Catastrophic Threats 2015
150 VARMET Variational Metadynamics 2016
151 WiBEC Wireless In-Body Environment 2016
152 BIGCHEM Big Data in Chemistry 2016
153 OCEANFISH Open Ocean Fish farms 2015
154 CholangioConcept Functional in vivo analysis of cholangiocarcinoma development, progression and metastasis. 2015
155 SYNPRIME Presynaptic Regulatory Principles in Synaptic Plasticity, Neuronal Network Function, and Behaviour 2015
157 ULTIMA ULTrafast Imaging sensor for Medical Applications 2015
158 BIRTH Births, mothers and babies: prehistoric fertility in the Balkans between 10000 – 5000 BC 2015
159 iPROTECTION Molecular mechanisms of induced protection against sepsis by DNA damage responses 2015
160 PALEOSEISQUAKE New approaches in subaqueous PALEOseismology using high‐resolution SEISmics to derive single net paleoearthQUAKEs displacement and to characterize the seismic cycle on active faults 2016
161 M3M Mobile 3D Modeling 2015
162 Colodetect Development of a novel blood-based diagnostic test for colorectal cancer 2015
163 HADES Benthic diagenesis and microbiology of hadal trenches 2016
164 SIMBIONT A data-driven multiscale simulation of organogenesis 2015
165 BioBarPro A Hot-Spot Bio-Barcode Strategy for Prognostic Biomarkers In Colorectal Cancer 2015
166 SEPCELL Title of Proposal: Restoring the immune system homeostasis and organ function in severe community acquired pneumonia- induced sepsis through adipose derived allogeneic stem cells (SEPCELL Proje 2015
167 NEWROFEED Personalized medical device for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD based on EEG biomarkers and Neurofeedback Training 2015
168 BIOVALID Clinical validation of the DiviTum assay in two high profile clinical studies in Europe 2015
169 MUSE Muon campus in US and Europe contribution 2016
170 KareShare KareShare Platform for Effective Collaborative Clinical Care Management 2015
171 VIGI-LEAK A Smart Technology Trained for Preventing Leakages from Sewer Systems 2015
172 SWAPOUT Smart Wireless Access Point with Objective User-Targeting 2015
173 AEROSOL Astrochemistry of old stars: direct probing of unique chemical laboratories 2016
174 ARVisS Augmented Reality Vision for Surgery 2015
175 TELMI Technology Enhanced Learning of Musical Instrument Performance 2016
176 DynaMech Linking Transcription Factor Binding Dynamics to Promoter Output 2016
177 WORKSHOP4.0 Automated real-time production forecasting for industry 2016
178 DryCoolerSeeds Optimum, sustainable solution for seed drying and conservation 2015
179 VasQ An innovative external brace to ensure patency and maturity of arteriovenous fistulas in haemodialysis patients. 2015
180 RNAREG Single molecule observation and manipulation of gene expression dynamics to dissect mechanisms of cell cycle entry 2016
182 InDrive Automotive EGNSS Receiver for High Integrity Applications on the Drive 2016
183 ACOTAAL Automation COncepts and Technologies for Aircraft Assembly Lines in the Aircraft Factory of the Future 2016
184 MAYIM Integrated method for treating a wide range of industrial waste waters based on magnetic settling and catalytic oxidation 2015
185 WD3D Evolution of white dwarfs with 3D model atmospheres 2016
186 TiAlCracks Crack growth threshold analysis in TiAl alloys 2016
187 DARKJETS Discovery strategies for Dark Matter and new phenomena in hadronic signatures with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider 2016
188 RivRNAStructureDecay Investigating the role of in vivo RNA structure in RNA degradation 2016
189 BABET-REAL5 New technology and strategy for a large and sustainable deployment of second generation biofuel in rural areas 2016
190 TEMPDEP Ecological and evolutionary constraints on the temperature dependence of the carbon cycle 2016
191 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
192 CODOVIREVOL Evolution of viral codon usage preferences:manipulation of translation accuracy and evasion of immune response 2016
193 MIB Multi-modal, Endoscopic Biophotonic Imaging of Bladder Cancer for Point-of-Care Diagnosis 2016
194 INTENS INtestinal Tissue ENgineering Solution 2016
195 EvoGenMed Evolutionary genomics: new perspectives and novel medical applications 2016
196 CONQUEST Companion Nanodiagnostics for Quantifying EPR and Stratifying Patients to Targeted Nanotherapies 2016
197 CROWD4ROADS CROWD sensing and ride sharing FOR ROAD Sustainability 2016
199 IMPACTPapeRec Boosting the implementation of participatory strategies on separate paper collection for efficient recycling 2016
200 REScoop Plus REScoop Plus 2016
201 BATMAN Development of Quantitative Metrologies to Guide Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing 2016
202 ENLIVEN Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe 2016
203 Liqbiopsens Reliable Novel Liquid Biopsy technology for early detection of colorectal cancer 2016
204 DEVELOP Developing Careers through Social Networks and Transversal Competencies 2016
205 ENERFUND An ENErgy Retrofit FUNDing rating tool 2016
206 ROC-CO2 Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by rock-derived organic carbon oxidation 2016
207 HEASIT High Efficiency Access Solution for the Internet of Things 2016
208 MDC CNG Fuels- Mother and Daughter CNG Station Concept 2016
209 LASERFIT Laser cladding for the recovery of critical toolsdies 2016
210 SAL ETHVI Innovative, easily applicable vaccine for poultry industry against five Salmonella serovars: Enteritidis, Typhimurium, Hadar, Virchow and Infantis – SAL ETHVI 2016
211 EDEN2020 Enhanced Delivery Ecosystem for Neurosurgery in 2020 2016
212 PROVICOL Using a neonatal immunostimulant to reduce mortality and increase productivity in poultry farms 2016
213 TEMPO Terrestrial vertebrates and the evolutionary origins of morphological diversity 2016
214 RadFeedback The radiative interstellar medium 2016
215 MastCloud Cost-efficient, 35 seconds, comprehensive mastitis management system for dairy farmers and veterinarians 2016
216 FERTISSIMO Oxidative Stress as a biomarker for Embryo Selection in IVF Process 2016
217 SARLEP Simulation and Understanding of the Atmospheric Radical Budget for Regions with Large Emissions from Plants 2016
218 AWESoMeStars Accretion, Winds, and Evolution of Spins and Magnetism of Stars 2016
219 TeX-MEx Time resolved X-ray probing of Matter under Extreme conditions 2016
220 ECOHERB Drivers and impacts of invertebrate herbivores across forest ecosystems globally. 2016
221 EDOR BOX Electrodermal Orienting Reactivity-based Safeguard System for Early Detection of Suicide Propensity 2016
222 PEP-PRO-RNA Peptide-derived bioavailable macrocycles as inhibitors of protein-RNA and protein-protein interactions 2016
223 DIALOY Mosaic loss of chromosome Y (LOY) in blood cells - a new biomarker for risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease in men 2016
224 ApeAttachment Are social skills determined by early live experiences? 2016
225 ENUBET Enhanced NeUtrino BEams from kaon Tagging 2016
226 HYMNS High-sensitivitY Measurements of key stellar Nucleo-Synthesis reactions 2016
227 EVO-MEIO Adaptive evolution of meiosis in response to genome and habitat change 2016
228 ASTRUm Astrophysics with Stored Highy Charged Radionuclides 2016
229 MALORCA Machine Learning of Speech Recognition Models for Controller Assistance 2016
230 THE VERBAL APE The primate precursors of human consonants and vowels 2017
231 BigERRORS Exploring the promise of big data for medical error elimination 2016
232 EpiCDomestic Epigenetics of Canine Domestication from the Upper Paleolithic onwards 2017
233 AlgDates Dating Plastid Endosymbiosis and Diversification in Eukaryotic Algae 2016
234 QUMEC Quantifying urban mines in Europe and related implications for the metal-energy-climate change nexus 2016
235 DNA Pol III How single DNA polymerases make decisions during proofreading 2016
236 NuSiCC Modelling the therapeutic potential of NUAK1 suppression in colorectal cancer 2016
237 Exosomes Regulated secretion and role of urinary nanovesicles 2017
238 Prionomics Systematic profiling of molecular changes during prion disease progression 2016
239 EVOL-WNS Genetic factors contributing to White Nose Syndrome tolerance in North American and European Myotis-bats 2016
240 REOPTIMIZE REmineralisation, OPTIcs and Marine partIcle siZE 2016
241 RATE RATE: Respiratory Acoustics To estimate Energy in wild cetaceans 2017
242 AVISSO Audiovisual Speech Segmentation and Oscillations 2016
243 DUSC3 DUSt, Climate and Carbone Cycle 2016
244 CSA-EU Highly Disruptive and Compact Antenna Systems for Small Satellites with Application to Surveillance, Environmental and Crop-Growth Analysis, Enabling European Union Dominance in the Space Industry 2017
245 MPIPETrace Clinical performance validation of a novel biomarker for quantitative imaging of coronary artery disease. 2015
246 CHAMPIPACK Active packaging for extending lifespan of champignon 2016
247 TAVIguide ICT platform to reduce mortality rates for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) by pre-operative risk management 2016
248 OUTERMOST Towards Autonomous Large Area Mass Production Sputtering Plants 2016
249 SiCMetabol Signaling Cascades in Metabolic Diseases 2016
250 RESPONSIVENESS The Microfoundations of Authoritarian Responsiveness: E-Participation, Social Unrest and Public Policy in China 2016
251 iSCAPE Improving the Smart Control of Air Pollution in Europe 2016
252 FTI Cocoon Optimization of the production line of an innovative biodegradable water reservoir to be applied in efficient landscape-scale ecosystem restoration plans 2016
253 DECODE Allele-specific Deconvolution of Tumour DNA Methylation and Expression Data toReveal Underlying Cell Populations 2016
254 HIT-LVAD Understanding blood pressure and vascular haemodynamics in implanted Left Ventricular Assist Device patients. 2016
255 FUTURE-MOBILE Distributed Massive MIMO for Next Generation Wireless Communications 2016
256 ANGIO-IMAGE ANGIO-tracer for immuno-PET imaging: a stratification and monitoring tool for anti-angiogenesis treatment 2016
257 ReArrhenius Re-evaluation of temperature correction in microbial biodegradation kinetics 2016
258 THAWSOME THAWing permafrost: the fate of Soil Organic Matter in the aquatic Environment 2016
259 URBANREC New approaches for the valorisation of URBAN bulky waste into high added value RECycled products 2016
260 SOLCRIMET Solvometallurgy for critical metals 2016
261 DryMIN Mineral weathering in the unsaturated zone from the molecular to macro scale 2017
262 MICCO Monetary Spaces and hierarchies in Europe. Impact of Complementary Currencies 2016
263 CAiPSC Determining centromere assembly mechanisms and improving mitotic fidelity during somatic cell reprogramming 2016
264 CryoProtect A new cryoprotectant formulation for the next generation of high throughput screening toxicology tests 2016
265 HEATEXMOL Control of current-induced heat exchange in molecular junctions by molecular scale design of the electronic properties 2016
266 EpiTarget Epigenome-targeted therapy for cholangiocarcinoma. 2017
267 CSI.interface A molecular interface science approach: Decoding single molecular reactions and interactions at dynamic solid/liquid interfaces 2016
268 DEPP Designing Effective Public Policies 2016
269 iGOLDD Commercialising MR-HIFU: an Image-Guided Local Drug-Delivery Platform 2016
270 DeCISIoN Drug CandIdates ScreenINg 2016
271 SEL 360 Gomins The first holistic mobile game for evaluating and supporting the development of social and emotional skills and competences in childhood 2016
272 UTFebSMEApp UniTuition – Using internet technologies to upgrade and optimize inefficient university tutoring markets. 2016
273 MP-ORIF Innovative biocompatible game changing material for medical implants in trauma 2016
274 ECo Efficient Co-Electrolyser for Efficient Renewable Energy Storage - ECo 2016
275 FITA2.0 A highly innovative size recommendation engine, disrupting the existing online apparel market by using big data and machine-learning algorithms. 2016
276 Cloudfone Cloudfone Visitor Service - a 'roam like a local' Cloud service for mobile operators 2016
277 SP3D Virtual reality fitting simulation for electronic e-commerce 2016
278 EddyEyes Novel System for surface inspection and quality control for steel industries. 2016
279 BISS Biometric Identification Security System 2016
280 3DTTool Next Generation of Cutting Tools Using Additive Manufacturing Technology I, Phase 1 2016
281 RELIABLE Wear Resistant Lightweight Aluminium Brakes for Vehicles 2016
282 INFL New perspectives on inflation 2016
283 GEMH Video games for the prevention of depression and anxiety: A 21st century approach to emotional and mental health in adolescents 2016
284 PhysSF Physics of Star Formation and Its Regulation 2016
285 EXOPLANETBIO Exoplanet atmospheres as indicators of life: From hot gas giants to Earth-like planets 2016
286 GUPPYSEX Evolutionary genetics of guppy sex chromosomes 2016
287 SNAPTRACE Fishing in the dark: unravelling the global trade and traceability of the ‘snappers’ 2016
288 SURE Exploring Subtitle Reading Process with Eyetracking Technology 2016
289 ZESMO ZEolitic reactor hosting Subphthalocyanines and Metal Oxides as photocatalytic system for opto-electronic applications 2016
290 INTHER Clinical validation and commercialization of innovative immunostimulating Interstitial Laser Thermotherapy 2016
291 Project ACT Automated autologous cell therapy system 2016
292 MERCURY Meeting 100Gbps Ethernet Requirements with CMOS Integrated Circuit Chipset to Dramatically Cut Energy Use in Data Centres 2016
294 PAPER-P Unique technology to turn on-site paper waste from the printing industry into high-quality PHA bioplastic 2016
295 CUSTOMI Arch New materials for revolutionary, branched, non-supported stents (CUSTOMI™) for aortic-arch endovascular repair 2016
296 SAKLAS Feasibility of Salmon and Kingfish Land-Based Aquaculture Systems, Phase 1 2016
297 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2016
298 SOcool SunOyster cooling 2016
299 SEQUOIA-DD Boosting productivity and performance in drug discovery with SEQUOIA - Semantic Query of Information Assets 2016
300 ConFluReM Controlling Fluid Resistances at Membranes 2016
301 SQuaPh Scalable Quantum Photonics with Ultra Bright Photon Sources 2016
302 CONCOM Control Over Noisy Communication Media 2016
303 INCLUDE Indigenous Communities, Land Use and Tropical Deforestation 2016
305 MARIPOSAS Macroevolutionary Rates by Integrating Phylogenomics and Ancestral character States - A study on Neotropical butterfly evolution. 2017
306 ISOMET Atmospheric content of the most abundant of 12CH4 isotopologues from ground-based and satellite infrared solar observations and development of a methane isotopic GEOS-Chem module. 2016
307 OTOLOG Otoliths as metabolic loggers: Examining the physiological basis for climate resilience in wild populations of marine fish 2016
308 VEEP Cost-Effective Recycling of CDW in High Added Value Energy Efficient Prefabricated Concrete Components for Massive Retrofitting of our Built Environment 2016
309 NIMBLE Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe 2016
310 MarPipe Improving the flow in the pipeline of the next generation of marine biodiscovery scientists 2016
311 CHEETAH Changing Energy Efficiency Technology Adoption in Households 2016
312 TRACT Training in Cancer Mechanisms and Therapeutics 2016
313 ForZDM Integrated Zero Defect Manufacturing Solution for High Value Adding Multi-stage Manufacturing systems 2016
314 A4BLUE Adaptive Automation in Assembly For BLUE collar workers satisfaction in Evolvable context 2016
315 FBI Multimodal, Functional Bio-Photonic Imaging 2016
316 DeMAnD Dynamic aircraft MAterial property Database 2016
317 SILIKA Silicon-based Ka-band massive MIMO antenna systems for new telecommunication services 2016
318 REVOLVE Radio Technologies for Broadband Connectivity in a Rapidly Evolving Space Ecosystem: Innovating Agility, Throughput, Power, Size and Cost 2017
319 ZAero Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry 2016
320 NITROS Network for Innovative Training on ROtorcraft Safety 2016
321 PoLaRoll Polygon scanner based ultra-short pulse laser processing in roll-to-roll manufacturing 2016
322 ModuLase Development and Pilot Line Validation of a Modular re-configurable Laser Process Head 2016
323 AeroPul Curved profiles for aerospace applications manufactured by Pultrusion 2016
324 OnTrack Innovative solutions for increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impacts of future wood supply 2016
325 OrgaDetect Commercializing NuDev's Organic Permeable Base Transistors (OPBT) in full Organic photodetectors and chip-size spectrometers 2016
326 isitFlutter dIagnoSIs app for regular aTrial arrhytmia like Flutter 2016
327 ANTS A new technology of microthermal sensing for application in microcalorimetry 2017
329 MOFcat Fundamental and Applied Science on Molecular Redox-Catalysts of Energy Relevance in Metal-Organic Frameworks 2017
330 LOLITA Information Theory for Low-Latency Wireless Communications 2017
331 TiMaScan Recirculated tissue macrophages (TiMa) in blood: Novel approach to early diagnosis and treatment monitoring in oncology 2016
332 QROWD QROWD - Because Big Data Integration is Humanly Possible 2016
333 ESOTRAC Hybrid optical and optoacoustic endoscope for esophageal tracking. 2017
334 CANGOPAL Next generation of Carrier Open SaaS for boosting e-Commerce economy 2016
335 THERACAN Novel therapeutic strategies to treat pancreatic and lung cancer 2017
336 MassLOC Massive MIMO Localization for 5G Networks 2017
337 SMART Strong Modular proof Assistance: Reasoning across Theories 2017
338 PREDATORS Plate-rate experimental deformation: Aseismic, transient or seismic fault slip 2017
339 HybridSolarFuels Efficient Photoelectrochemical Transformation of CO2 to Useful Fuels on Nanostructured Hybrid Electrodes 2017
340 OvaRenew OvaRenew as a first-line therapy in impaired egg quality treatment 2016
341 IFM nano thruster A highly efficient propulsion system for micro- and nano-satellites able to double the mission lifetime and to position satellites with unprecedented accuracy 2016
342 ALUFIX Friction stir processing based local damage mitigation and healing in aluminium alloys 2017
343 METACELL-TM METAbolism analysis made easy for CELL Translational Medicine 2016
344 WISH Wearable Integrated System for Early Detection of Preterm Labour 2016
345 IE2advisor Intelligent Energy Efficiency Advisor 2016
346 pCPR Personalized cardiopulmonary resuscitation device for emergency teams 2016
347 MyTherapyTools ABI telerehabilitation system with high impact in patient’s wellbeing at limited cost 2016
348 ImmProDynamics Dissecting the interplay between the dynamics of immune responses and pathogen proliferation in vivo 2017
349 GALAHAD Glaucoma – Advanced, LAbel-free High resolution Automated OCT Diagnostics 2016
350 CO-LAB Improving collaborative working between correctional and mental health services 2017
351 NANOSEPSIS Rapid Magnetic Blood Filtration for the Treatment of Sepsis: a Feasibility Study 2017
352 ESCAPE-NET European Sudden Cardiac Arrest network: towards Prevention, Education and NEw Treatment 2017
353 AMADEUS Next GenerAtion MateriAls and Solid State DevicEs for Ultra High Temperature Energy Storage and Conversion 2017
354 PRECISION Precision measurements to discover new scalar and vector particles 2016
355 TRUE DEPTHS deTeRmine the trUe dEpth of DeEp subduction from PiezobaromeTry on Host –inclusions Systems 2017
356 PAPA-ARTIS Paraplegia Prevention in Aortic Aneurysm Repair by Thoracoabdominal Staging with ‘Minimally-Invasive Segmental Artery Coil-Embolization’: A Randomized Controlled Multicentre Trial 2017
357 CO2Catalyst Pilot scale demonstration of novel CO2 co-polymerisation catalysts in the PU polyol market 2016
358 FORMIT Forming and Modular Integration of Thermoplastics 2016
359 MagBURST Exploding stars from first principles: MAGnetars as engines of hypernovae and gamma-ray BURSTs 2017
360 DMsky Shining through the Galaxy: dark matter signals versus astrophysical backgrounds 2016
361 ADAPTATION Predicting adaptive responses of protected species to environmental changes to optimise conservation management frameworks in Europe 2016
362 LENSD Liquid Exfoliation of Nanomaterials using Spinning Discs 2017
363 MAGNETIC-SPEED-LIMIT Understanding the speed limits of magnetism 2017
364 NEOHIRE NEOdymium-Iron-Boron base materials, fabrication techniques and recycling solutions to HIghly REduce the consumption of Rare Earths in Permanent Magnets for Wind Energy Application 2017
365 TERAWI-LESS TERAWI-LESS : A New Ultra High Speed Network 2017
366 IoT4ALL Global cellular connectivity for small and medium-sized IoT device makers 2017
367 SEALTEX Oleophobic Elastomeric Gaskets made through Known Biomimetic Micro-Nano Surface Textures used for Automotive Seals in Contact with Oil or Fuels 2017
368 smartFEEsh Smart FEEding Systems for Hatcheries: Automatic central feeding system of live food and microdiets for farmed fingerlings 2017
369 HoplaCare Advanced e-marketplace for a new way of purchasing and sharing Home Care Services and Assisted Living Technologies 2017
371 TICOAJO TItanium COmposite Adhesive JOints 2017
372 QuantSURG Quantitative Surgical Guidance for Colorectal Surgery using Endogenous Molecular Contrast 2017
373 ProDairyWelfare smaXtec 4.0 – multifunctional Dairy Cattle Sensor System for a proactive productivity and health management in Dairy Farming 2017
374 Curtana Patented small molecule therapeutics that target cancer stem cells for the treatment of glioblastoma and other brain cancers 2017
375 WECARMON Wearable Cardiorespiratory Monitor 2017
376 TERA Coding for terabit-per-second fiber-optical communications 2017
377 OXIDISE Interaction and Kinetics of Oxidative Biomass Degrading Enzymes Resolved by High-Resolution Techniques 2017
378 SHARKS-XT Shark extinctions: past and present 2018
379 EPICC Experimental Programme Investigating Cumulative Culture 2017
380 MacroStability Stability and dynamics at different spatial scales: From physiology to Alzheimer's degeneration 2017
381 TEA Theory and Empirics of Asymmetry 2017
382 EXCITING-CT Excellent lung cancer imaging and tumour identification using next generation computed tomography 2017
383 NAPANODE Molecular Foundation of Structural and Dynamic Transformations in Novel Sodium-Ion Battery Materials 2017
384 GeoElectricMixing Geophysical Signature of Subsurface Reactive Mixing 2017
385 SCOOTER Silicon-Organic Hybrid Transceivers for Terabit/s Data Network 2017
386 MIREDI Mechanisms of Immune Receptor Diversification in Cereals 2017
387 DUALITY Theoretical Foundations of Memory Micro-Insertions in Wireless Communications 2017
388 kiNESIS NovEl Strategies for treatIng tendon-to-bone injurieS - kiNESIS 2017
389 ISPEC Imaging SPECtral deconvolution specialist 2017
390 OILY MICROCOSM Mechanistic Microscale Approach to the Microbial Degradation of Oil-Droplets in Subsea Crude Oil Releases 2017
391 ISEBI Individual Specialisation in Established Biological Invasions: importance and Ecological Impact 2017
392 BIRTHBRAZIL Birthing Abolition: Reproduction and the Gradual End of Slavery in Brazil 2017
393 TRIBBLES Characterizing the clinical relevance and the mechanism underlying TRIB2-mediated drug resistance to MEK inhibitiors in the context of melanoma 2018
394 MONSTAA Metabolism of Novel Strains of Arctic Algae 2017
395 LakeMP Spatial and temporal biotransformation of micropollutants in a lake ecosystem 2017
396 H2Bio2Energy Operando FTIR spectro-electrochemistry of hydrogenases: unraveling the basis of biological H2 production for innovative clean energy technologies 2018
397 GlimS Patient-specific tumour growth model for quantification of mechanical 'markers' in malignant gliomas: Implications for treatment outcomes. 2017
398 MicroPhan Rol of obligate bacterial symbiosis in the diversification of a globally distributed aphid genus 2018
399 PhARRAO Photo- And Radical induced Reactivity of Atmospheric Oxidants 2017
400 SedSulphOx Quantification of oxidative sulphur cycling in marine sediments 2017
401 HIVGAYM Analysing the migration choices of HIV-positive gay men in England and France 2018
402 ReMix Christian-Muslim families dealing with religious pluralism in everyday family lifeReligious reconstruction in religiously mixed marriages 2018
403 SELFCONTROLHEALTH Childhood Self-Control, Social Conditions, and Adult Health 2018
404 StoiCa Resilience of Soil Stoichiometry in subartic soils under Temperature-Induced Soil Carbon Losses: Where does the N go? 2017
405 Brain_stability Elucidating novel post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms in neural development 2017
406 PHEMDD Phosphate homeostasis and energy metabolism in Dictyostelium discoideum 2017
407 METMEL Long range-acting drivers of premetastatic niches in melanoma 2017
408 HARMONY Healthcare Alliance for Resourceful Medicines Offensive against Neoplasms in HematologY - Sofia ref.: 116026 2017
409 MoNIfly Mobile-Network Infrastructure for Cooperative Surveillance of low flying drones 2017
410 Prolifimeter Growth detection and quantification (GDQ) 2017
411 FCSpecTRe Frequency Comb Spectroscopy of Temperature-dependent Reactions 2017
412 DeepIMPACT Deep Investigation on Molecular Processes At early Cosmic Times 2018
413 CINK Advancing cancer immunotherapy using natural killer cells for hematological and metastatic cancers 2018
414 EVACUATION Testing communication strategies to save lives in emergency evacuation 2018
415 CALLIRHEO Multi-scale computational hemodynamics in obese children and adolescents: enabling personalised prediction of cardiovascular disease 2018
416 CARING CARe in an INterGenerational contextHow do changes in family formation trajectories reflect in later intergenerational relations? A three-generations perspective 2017
417 MELCA Molecular evolution in the double-clonal longhorn crazy ant 2018
418 GrIS-Melt Impacts of Greenland Ice Sheet melt on primary productivity and carbon cycling in Greenland coastal ecosystems 2017
419 PaVeCo Parametrised Verification and Control 2017
420 ChEATAX Cross-Cultural Experimental Analyses of Tax Morale 2017
421 PROFILE How should automated profiling be regulated? 2018
422 NATRICINE Phenotypic and lineage diversification of natricine snakes 2017
423 PVMINDS Bottom-up PV module energy yield and integrated reliability model for site-specific design optimization 2018
424 ECOCAT Improving the economic feasibility of the biorefinery through catalysis engineering: enhancing the catalyst performance and optimizing valuable product yields 2018
425 PINQS Photonic integrated quantum transceivers 2017
426 cTerF Realizing a development platform for sustainable sun powered production of intermediates for chemical industry. 2018
427 LUMABS Therapeutic antibody drug monitoring using bioluminescent sensors proteins and a smartphone 2017
428 HOPE Humans On Planet Earth - Long-term impacts on biosphere dynamics 2018
429 META-DORM Mechanobiology of METAstatic and DORMant cancer cells in bone marrow lesions 2018
430 3DviralRNA Structural and functional characterization of large viral and human non-coding RNA motifs involved in HIV infection 2018
431 SMuPhoS Solid-State Multi-Photon Sources for Larger-Scale Quantum Optics and Photonics 2017
432 SuPERPORES Structure-performance relationships in porous carbons for energy storage 2017
433 INFRAMIX Road Infrastructure ready for mixed vehicle traffic flows 2017
434 CoEXist 'AV-Ready' transport models and road infrastructure for the coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles 2017
435 MedAID Mediterranean Aquaculture Integrated Development 2017
436 FUSION The effects of financial capital accumulation on employment and wealth distribution 2017
439 RGH2 OSOD system OSOD - 1 step process hydrogen generator for highly efficient, safe and cost competitive production and storage of hydrogen 2017
440 Laelia Due A smart pellet stove that combines efficient heat generation with IoT 2017
441 MEDAS MedAS: a Machine learning enabled Clinical Decision Support System to prevent prescription errors and improve patient safety 2017
442 Nutri4g A disruptive nutrigenetic solution for ageing well 2017
443 Big Mac Microfluidic Approaches mimicking BIoGeological conditions to investigate subsurface CO2 recycling 2017
444 MUSA Microbial Uptakes for Sustainable management of major bananA pests and diseases 2017
446 PAPERCHAIN New market niches for the Pulp and Paper Industry waste based on circular economy approaches 2017
447 PlastiCircle Improvement of the plastic packaging waste chain from a circular economy approach 2017
448 NonSequeToR Non-sequence models for tokenization replacement 2017
449 UMWP-CHIP Universal microwave photonics programmable processor for seamlessly interfacing wireless and optical ICT systems 2017
450 HyperDrill High performance laser micro drilling machine for large Hybrid Laminar Flow Control suction panels 2017
451 ZIRONITRO Constructed wetland to produce high-quality drinking water free from nitrates 2017
452 MOTIONPult Advanced composites for lightweighting land transport structures using pultrusion process 2017
453 PET-Yield A new manufacturing method, monitoring platform and material equipment to carry out a more efficient production of plastic bottles, reducing its waste. 2017
454 MASS Micro AIS Shore Station - MASS 2017
455 TransAID Transition Areas for Infrastructure-Assisted Driving 2017
456 CAPITA CAPITA: Child Abuse Prevention International Training and Access 2017
457 NoiseRobustEvo Noise and robustness in the evolution of novel protein phenotypes 2017
458 HBEAM Probing chemical dynamics at surfaces with ultrafast atom pulses 2017
459 STAMP Stratified turbulence and mixing processes 2017
460 CyberGenetics Cybergenetics: Theory and Design Tools for Biomolecular Control Systems 2017
461 WORTECS Wireless Optical/Radio TErabit Communications 2017
462 SmartEEs SMART Emerging Electronics Servicing DIH 2017
463 5GCITY 5GCITY 2017
464 TERRANOVA Terabit/s Wireless Connectivity by TeraHertz innovative technologies to deliver Optical Network Quality of Experience in Systems beyond 5G 2017
465 5G-PHOS 5G integrated Fiber-Wireless networks exploiting existing photonic technologies for high-density SDN-programmable network architectures 2017
466 CompactDating A compact radioisotope dating device for rapid sample analysis 2017
467 IFM Micro Thruster The unique modular propulsion system suitable for all small satellites from 1 to 500 kg 2017
468 INCAP Infusion Cap Technology for a healthy nutrition on-the-go produced in a fully automated single-step process 2017
469 IPV_Tanzania Investigating the predictors of intimate partner violence: a mixed method longitudinal study in Tanzania 2017
470 MATRIX CHARGING Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles 2017
471 Morse Model-based optimisation for efficient use of resources and energy 2017
472 RECOTRANS Integrated manufacturing of REciclable hybrid metalthermoplastic COmposites for the TRANSport sector. 2017
473 REZBUILD REfurbishment decision making platform through advanced technologies for near Zero energy BUILDing renovation 2017
475 FONTE Fibre optic nonlinear technologies 2018
476 Fertissimo A ground-breaking medical system selecting the most viable embryo for successful IVF pregnancy 2017
477 HARMONI Harmonised assessment of regulatory bottlenecks and standardisation needs for the process industry 2017
478 TURBO-REFLEX TURBOmachinery REtrofits enabling FLEXible back-up capacity for the transition of the European energy system 2017
479 iDESIGN Delivering Better Starting Points for Drug Discovery: New Compound Libraries Driven By Intelligent Design 2018
480 INTAC The International Register of Academic Job Categories. Facilitating Careers in the European Research Area 2017
481 MACULA2 Commercialising a novel diagnostic panel for patient stratification in Age-related MACULAr Degeneration 2017
482 NUOVOpb A unique Lead Acid Battery (LAB) recycling technology to reduce CO2 emissions by 89%, reduce waste by 81%, and transform the battery recycling industry 2017
483 PUMP-HEAT Performance Untapped Modulation for Power and Heat via Energy Accumulation Technologies 2017
484 REACT Optimising Radiomics for MRI-based personalised cancer treatment 2017
485 REWAM Next generation renewable energy portfolio asset management based on predictive analytics 2017
486 SFICAM SFICAM: Ultrafast Fiber-Based Single-Photon Camera for Advanced Microscopy 2017
487 Smartify A global platform for discovery and sharing of art 2017
488 INCOVID Inpainting-based Compression of Visual Data 2017
489 ETOPEX Engineering Topological Phases and Excitations in Nanostructures with Interactions 2018
490 ANTHUSIA Anthropology of Human Security in Africa 2018
491 EPIDIVERSE Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology 2017
492 MossTech Advanced use of mosses for biotechnological solutions 2017
493 WhiskTrackGP Real-time tracking of whisker kinematics for closed-loop neuroscientific experiments 2017
494 Torqway Hybrid Safe personal transportation that makes you healthier. 2017
495 PAMDORA Planetary accretion and migration in discs over all ages 2018
496 NewPhysLat Search for new physics through lattice simulations 2017
497 ModelGenomLand Modelling the genomic landscapes of selection and speciation 2018
498 Q-ROOT Quantum optomechanics at ROOm Temperature 2018
499 SOFTWATER Soft Water: understanding what makes a fluid behave like water 2018
500 AfricanWomen Women in Africa 2018
501 COLD Climate Sensitivity of Glacial Landscape Dynamics 2018
502 TeRrIFIC Training in Quantum Photonics Design Fabrication and Characterisation 2018
503 TRANSDESIGN Design of Phase Transition Kinetics in Non-Equilibrium Metals 2018
504 PURPOSE Opening a new route in solid mechanics: Printed protective structures 2018
505 TreeMort Redefining the carbon sink capacity of global forests: The driving role of tree mortality 2018
506 AdAI Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Solution for Managing and Optimising Google AdWords 2017
507 ALDREN ALliance for Deep RENovation in buildings (ALDREN) Implementing the European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme, as back-bone along the whole deep renovation process 2017
508 CARMOF CARMOF: New process for efficient CO2 capture by innovative adsorbents based on modified carbon nanotubes and MOF materials 2018
509 ENGICOIN Engineered microbial factories for CO2 exploitation in an integrated waste treatment platform 2018
510 NEWBIE New Entrant netWork: Business models for Innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience in European agriculture 2018
511 Hi-FLY High-Speed Integrated Satellite Data Systems For Leading EU IndustrY 2018
512 DIDO-MS Commercialization of a first in class multiple sclerosis drug 2018
513 EDIReX EurOPDX Distributed Infrastructure for Research on patient-derived cancer Xenografts 2018
514 MOODSTRATIFICATION Immune Signatures for Therapy Stratification in Major Mood Disorders 2018
515 CONVINCE The Comparison of High-Dose Heamodiafiltration (HDF) versus Haemodialyse 2018
516 CLINGLIO A Clinical Phase IIB trial with 2OHOA in patients with newly-diagnosed malignant glioma. 2017
517 HEFT Hidden Emissions of Forest Transitions: GHG effects of socio-metabolic processes reducingpressures on forests 2018
518 MATUROLIFE Metallisation of Textiles to make Urban living for Older people more Independent Fashionable 2018
519 Smart Exploration Sustainable mineral resources by utilizing new Exploration technologies 2017
520 MySustainableForest Operational sustainable forestry with satellite-based remote sensing 2017
521 COLLECTORS waste COLLECTiOn systems assessed and good pRacticeS identified 2017
522 plaCMOS Wafer-scale, CMOS integration of photonics, plasmonics and electronics devices for mass manufacturing 200Gb/s non-return-to-zero (NRZ) transceivers towards low-cost Terabit connectivity in Data Centers 2017
523 MRP autonomous Multi-electric Recycling Process line 2017
524 ISSD The Implantable Subcutaneous String Defibrillator, an innovative subcutaneous cardioverterdefibrillator for a new paradigm in cardiac rhythm management. 2017
526 SOFT SOFT, the first camera-based colorectal cancer screening test to detect occult blood in faeces immediately and with no lab analysis. 2017
527 EyeWideVision An assessment and treatment tool for visual dysfunctions in children 2017
528 EO-ALERT Next Generation Satellite Processing Chain for Rapid Civil Alerts 2018
529 ULTRA Increasing the Spatial Correlation of Logical Units of Data to Enable an Ultra-Low Latency Internet 2018
530 MAGMA Melting And Geodynamic Models of Ascent 2018
531 NEPTUNE Next Generation PEM Electrolyser under New Extremes 2018
532 CRREM Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor - Framework for science based decarbonisation pathways, toolkit to identify stranded assets and push sustainable investments 2018
533 geoBone geoBone: A Unique Mineral Supplement for Bone Health and Prevention of Osteoporosis SustainablyProduced from Geothermal Resources through a Ground-breaking Process. 2018
535 ODALISS Optical Data Payload for Small Satellites – A complete satellite platform with integrated optical communications system for increased data transfer rates. 2018
536 DifMATRIX Ground breaking 3D cell culture platform to eliminate animal testing in pharmaceuticals 2018
538 FRECOM Nonlinear-Distortion Free Communication over the Optical Fibre Channel 2018
539 LIMA Controlling light-matter interactions by quantum designed 2D materials 2018
540 REMATCH Image-based analysis for drug discovery and repurposing 2018
541 GrowthControl Mechanical and systemic control of growth during Drosophila abdominal development 2018
542 INVISIBLE WINDOW An innovative, low-carbon window characterised by ultra-high thermal performance created using the most sustainable and energy efficient manufacturing processes. 2018
543 gridBox A smart energy management system for energy transfers and improved grid efficiency 2018
544 TUVOLU Tundra biogenic volatile emissions in the 21st century 2018
545 TeraSHAPE Terahertz Waveform Synthesis and Analysis Using Hybrid Photonic-Electronic Circuits 2018
546 MYCOMOSS Mosses as a gateway of nitrogen into northern ecosystems 2018
547 mABSPN Antibody-based therapy against Streptococcus pneumoniae 2018
548 HydroFlex Increasing the value of Hydropower through increased Flexibilty 2018
549 CC-LEGO CC-LEGO: robust protein blocks to build cages and layers 2018
550 PROTECTNICHE Understanding the role of intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of loss in species niches, to inform conservation planning under climate change 2019
551 MARCUS Mapping Reaction Pathways Using Transient Ultrafast Spectroscopies: Kinetic and Mechanistic Investigation of Photoredox Catalysed Reactions 2018
552 LandFlux Quantifying landslide activity and contribution to sediment fluxes with cosmogenic radionuclides and grain-size distributions 2018
553 NEQC Noise-Enhanced Quantum Control 2018
554 INDECRUST Integrative ecological indicators of global change based on biocrust tissue traits 2018
555 MAPGenome Mapping migration and adaptation in genomes 2018
556 DryCoolerSeeds Optimum, sustainable solution for seed drying and conservation 2018
557 AutoDropProd Development of a commercially-viable system for the automatic generation of high-throughput well defined single and double microdroplets 2018
558 BioIsoK Mechanisms of K stable isotope fractionation in vertebrates and significance to their energy metabolism 2018
559 CAYMAN Illuminating Ultra-Slow Spreading Centres: a seismic approach to the Cayman Trough 2019
560 ClinGen-PsychTx Identifying Clinical, Demographic, and Genomic Risk Factors for Treatment-Resistant Psychiatric Disorders 2018
561 Competing Forecasts Comparing the Predictive Ability of Forecasting Models 2018
562 CulTech Cultural transmission and technological evolution in southernmost Africa c. 44 – 12 kcal. BP 2019
563 DYNAFLUORS Dynamic Activatable Fluorophores 2018
564 TriboKey Deformation Mechanisms are the Key to Understanding and Tayloring Tribological Behaviour 2018
565 PneumoCaTChER The role of cell-to-cell variability in pneumococcal virulence and antibiotic resistance 2018
566 RAVEN Rapid mass loss of debris covered glaciers in High Mountain Asia 2018
567 FOLDOUT Through-foliage detection, including in the outermost regions of the EU 2018
568 WESREF-IU Welcoming Syrian Refugees to Ä°stanbul University: Improving Capacity and Knowledge Sharing 2018
569 CARENET Content-Aware Wireless Networks: Fundamental Limits, Algorithms, and Architectures 2018
570 Work-STeP Workforce Sustainability Testing Platform 2018
571 DOVuFRIS Detecting Ocean Variability under Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf 2018
572 VSC_CAT Vibrational Strong Coupling for Organic Chemistry and Catalysis 2018
573 GENIUS Gaussian entropic inequalities and uncertainty relations for communication and secure quantum key distribution 2018
574 MIMOP Modelling Ice-shelf Melting and ice-Ocean Processes via the phase-field method and direct numerical simulation 2018
575 EUTERPE Estimation of the term premium in Euro Area government bonds 2018
576 MICROBE Metagenomic Investigation of Cow Reproductive Biology and Ecology 2018
577 SUPERS Unmasking the Progenitors and Energy Sources of Superluminous Supernovae 2018
578 GENOMINT Biogeography and natural hybridization in the genus Mentha 2019
579 WET MARS Hydrological processes on late Mars: water under the telescope and under the microscope 2018
580 ReCurse Beyond Resource Curse: examining the socio-environmental impact of the mining boom in Colombia in a context of EU energy import dependency 2018
581 ADAPT An adaptation-based approach to understand resilience after job loss: Identifying the underlying mechanisms leading to adaptive coping and re-employment 2019
582 HTS-STABTHERAPRO High-throughput directed evolution to engineer thermostable therapeutic proteins 2018
583 Primer Predicting the impacts of climate change and management actions for the invasiveness of alien species in Europe 2019
584 EXTINCT The interaction of environmental conditions and species traits as drivers of species extinctions and community homogenisation 2019
585 iCHEMGENODRUGS_TB Chemogenomics and in silico repurposing as an innovative approach for rapid drug discovery in tuberculosis 2018
586 PFC-AMY Functional networks underlying emotion processing 2018
587 REHEAL Rethinking the Health Experience and Active Lifestyles of Chinese Students 2019
588 MAPNET Mathematical Modelling and Optimization of Programmable 5G Networks 2019
589 ENERYARN Nanostructured Yarn Composites for Structural Energy Storage 2018
590 COLOVOC Reliable and specific urinary biomarkers for colorectal cancer 2019
591 KILNEV Killing Senescent Cells as a Novel Method to Eliminate Nevi 2018
592 QuESt Quantum Enhanced Organic Photovoltaics by Strong Coupling of IR Vibrations to an Optical Cavity 2018
593 NannoChem Using Nannofossil Chemistry to constrain the cellular response of marine phytoplankton to changing carbon dioxide concentrations in the surface ocean 2019
594 2STOP_TBE Structural Openings to Understand and Prevent Tick Borne Encephalitis 2018
595 PERIL Post ERuption Incision of Landscapes (PERIL) 2019
596 QuanTII Quantitative T cell Immunology and Immunotherapy 2018
597 SuCoHS Sustainable and Cost Efficient High Performance Composite Structures demanding Temperature and Fire Resistance 2018
598 STRATOFLY Stratospheric Flying Opportunities for High-Speed Propulsion Concepts 2018
599 AIRPOXY ThermoformAble, repaIrable and bondable smaRt ePOXY based composites for aero structures 2018
600 O.M.J. Origin and Magnetization of astronomical Jets 2018
601 5G_GaN2 Advanced RF Transceivers for 5G base stations based on GaN Technology. 2018
602 IRMIDYN Iron mineral dynamics in redox-affected soils and sediments: Pushing the frontier toward in-situ studies 2018
603 EPOCHS The Formation of the First Galaxies and Reionization with the James Webb Space Telescope 2020
604 INNOVATION Innovation and opportunity in the evolution of life 2018
605 LEAP-EXTREME Local Edaphic Adaptation in Plants through Leveraging an Extremophile Model 2018
606 ACCUPOL Unlimited Growth? A Comparative Analysis of Causes and Consequences of Policy Accumulation 2018
607 ESCADA Energy-optimized Symmetric Cryptography by Algebraic Duality Analysis 2018
608 FirstGalaxies Finding the most distant galaxies with NIRSpec guaranteed time on the James Webb Space Telescope 2020
609 Hi-FrED High-Frequency Spin Entanglement Generation in Diamond 2018
610 BactoBubble Microscale investigation of key bacterial phenotypes enhancing collection by rising bubbles and aerial dispersal 2018
611 SPRINT Ultra-versatile Structural PRINTing of amorphous and tuned crystalline matter on multiple substrates 2018
612 NORMOPERF Normothermic Perfusion Device for Renal and Hepatic Preservation and Viability Assessment 2018
613 CyCAT Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency 2018
614 GNU200 Innovative Solution in Microbiome Modulation to Benefit Infant Healthy growth 2018
616 HiggsSelfCoupling Uncovering the Origins of Mass: Discovery of the di-Higgs Process and Constraints on the Higgs Self-Coupling 2019
617 GENESIS GEnerating extreme NEutrons for achieving controlled r-process nucleosyntheSIS 2019
618 PITBUL Point-of-Care implementation of TB testing with ultra-fast Local Heating PCR 2017
619 Aladin Aladin: A Smart Home-Care Solution for the Elderly. 2018
620 UNIVO-NG Driving greater business value by unleashing hidden capacity of mobile systems 2018
621 EVE Eve – From ‘black box’ to yellow box: full insight technology for chicken hatcheries 2018
622 LimuleX A bio-identical and non-animal replacement for the quality control reagent of pyrogen testing in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. 2018
624 EpiGlioT Epigenetic Glioblastoma Therapeutics 2018
625 PROCEED Proteomics for Chronic Kidney Disease Therapy 2018
626 CAtALySt NeurescueTM: Computer- controlled aortic occlusion device for the treatment of cardiac arrest 2018
627 e4SME Utilities engaging SMEs with end-to-end Energy Management Experiences 2018
628 AuriGen Next Generation Left Atrial Appendage Implant to Treat Persistent Atrial Fibrillation 2018
629 AQUA4D AQUA4D - For an efficient use of irrigation water 2018
630 A2MIRO Airbone Asset Management Inspection Robot - Offshore 2018
631 CV4RE Computer vision with an eye For Real Estate 2018
633 HistologTM Scanner Intra-operative microscope for tumor margin assessment 2018
634 MAGDEx Unmet MAGnetic properties in micro and nano-particles by synthesis through gas-diffusion electrocrystallisation (GDEx) 2018
635 IRISTICK Enabling supply chain 4.0: Iristick smart safety eyewear 2018
636 QuickMIC QuickMIC™ - an ultra-rapid diagnostic system for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) 2018
637 EQUALITY Efficient QUantum Light for TechnologY 2018
638 UpSurgeOn Academy UpSurgeOn Academy: A multilevel educational platform for neurosurgical training. 2018
639 Simecos A New Adjuvant Nutraceutical from the North Atlantic Ocean for Breast, Lung and Pancreatic Cancer Patients 2018
640 Kissmybike No more stress about bicycle theft 2018
641 SmartDtd Smart Household Waste Management 2018
642 Bio-LP-1 Bio-LP-1 - A novel technology for water safety and surveillance testing 2018
643 CRAM Crosstalk Analysis for Microchips – a New Market Need 2018
644 ProtectedDairy Protected starter cultures for the dairy industry 2018
645 VeCoScan Development of a Multispectral, Versatile Film Scanner 2018
646 POWERSPIN Low-power spin-wave-based computing 2018
647 Milis Milis, a novel sweet protein for use as flavouring in the food and beverage industry 2018
648 ISSD The Implantable Subcutaneous String Defibrillator (ISSD), an innovative subcutaneous cardioverter defibrillator for a new paradigm in cardiac rhythm management. 2018
649 REAL-NET REAL-time monitoring and mitigation of nonlinear effects in optical NETworks 2019
650 Ammune Mitigating botnet DDoS attacks with an artificial intelligence powered solution 2018
651 Anaergy Ultra-efficient Multi-phase Sequential Waste Water Treatment Technology 2018
652 GlucoSet Microsensor for continuous arterial blood glucose monitoring 2018
653 VillageInvest Village Invest: Low Cost Loans for Unbanked People in Risky Political Economies 2018
654 COINFLIP Coupled Organic Inorganic Nanostructures for Fast, Light-Induced Data Processing 2019
655 COMNFT Communication Using the Nonlinear Fourier Transform 2019
656 Growth regulation The wide-spread bacterial toxin delivery systems and their role in multicellularity 2019
657 DISARM Disseminating Innovative Solutions for Antibiotic Resistance Management 2019
658 Eternum A Novel Wine Elaboration Process 2018
659 Airmee Optimizing Logistic Fleets with Machine Learning to Enable Sustainable On-Demand Deliveries in Cities 2018
660 KlotoDx KlotoDx A quick and cost-effective near-patient tool to identify sepsis-related bacteria and antibiotic resistances 2018
661 CICURE Increasing complex I stability as a cure for mitochondrial diseases 2018
663 PIcelles Penetration-promoting and Imageable Polymeric Micelles as a Platform Technology for Individualized and Improved Tumor-targeted Drug Delivery 2018
664 Mind-Gap Bridging the treatment gap for mild and moderate anxiety and depression across EU 2018
665 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2018
666 GenCoder The first MPEG-G compliant software tools for efficient compression, storage, transport and analysis of genomic data enabling systems interoperability 2018
667 MuFLOART Microbiological fluorescence observatory for antibiotic resistance tracking 2018
668 ComAir Investigation of cabin ventilation strategies impact on aircraft cabin air quality and passengers’ comfort and wellbeing through subject study in realistic aircraft environment 2018
669 PhotUntangle Rendering the opaque transparent: Untangling light with bespoke optical transforms to see through scattering environments 2018
670 CL-IO Commercial feasibility of non-pathogenic Clostridium-Mediated Cancer Immunotherapy: leveraging the presence of tumour hypoxia & necrosis 2018
671 CytoPro A breakthrough cancer diagnostic instrument to save 3000 years of human lives annually and up 2018
672 Lung EpiCheck Blood Samples and DNA-an Innovative Technique for Lung Cancer Diagnostics 2018
673 RISeR Rates of Interglacial Sea-level Change, and Responses 2019
674 WARMCOASTS Sea level and extreme waves in the Last Interglacial 2019
675 MicroTher MicroTher: Drug Discovery from the Microbiota 2018
676 BREAK BIOFILMS Breaking Bad Biofilms. Innovative Analysis and Design Rules for Next-Generation Antifouling Interfaces 2019
677 QRANGE Quantum Random Number Generators: cheaper, faster and more secure 2018
678 LIFT Liquid Foam Therapy (LIFT) for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) 2018
679 COMBUSS Composite tooling for business jet lower wing stiffened panel manufacturing 2018
680 AQTION Advanced quantum computing with trapped ions 2018
681 LIBERATE Lignin Biorefinery Approach using Electrochemical Flow 2018
682 SIMPLIFY Sonication and Microwave Processing of Material Feedstock  2018
683 RETINA Miniaturised Photonics Enabled Next Generation SAR 2018
684 3D-FNPWriting Unprecedented spatial control of porosity and functionality in nanoporous membranes through 3D printing and microscopy for polymer writing 2019
685 TOCHA Dissipationless topological channels for information transfer and quantum metrology 2019
686 REDDCopernicus Capacity for Copernicus REDD+ and Forest Monitoring Services 2019
687 PULSE High-Power Ultrafast LaSErs using Tapered Double-Clad Fibre 2019
688 TECHNEQUALITY Technological inequality – understanding the relation between recent technological innovations and social inequalities 2019
690 Cyanobacteria Developing a process for the production of an organic hydroponic fertilizer using nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria 2018
691 EVERBONE Mechano-activated Extracellular Vesicle Based Repair of Bone 2019
692 CUSTODIAN Customized photonic devices for defectless laser based manufacturing 2018
693 kW-flexiburst Ultrashort pulsed kW-class laser with unprecedented flexible GHz burst operation for high precision high-throughput industrial manufacturing 2019
694 PROMETHEUS Pulsed Rapid ultra-short laser surface texturing for Manufacture of FlexiblE and CusTomisEd ProdUctS 2019
695 ACCWA Accounting for Climate Change in Water and Agriculture management 2019
696 SPLEEN Secondary and Leakage Flow Effects in High-SPeed Low-PrEssurE TurbiNes 2018
697 TUMOURPRINT High Throughput Bioprinting of Tumour Models for Drug Development and Oncology Research 2018
698 Dust2Planets Unveiling the role of X-rays in protoplanetary disks via laboratory astrophysics 2020
699 CLASSIC Clusters of Aerospace Suppliers Share Innovation Capabilities 2018
700 BEBOP Bacterial biofilms in porous structures: from biomechanics to control 2019
701 ANTI-ATOM Many-body theory of antimatter interactions with atoms, molecules and condensed matter 2019
702 COSMHYC XL COmbined hybrid Solution of Metal HYdride and mechanical Compressors for eXtra Large scale hydrogen refuelling stations 2019
703 WIISAS Plug and play LED lighting control and monitoring system for new and existing installations 2018
704 HYDROSOL-beyond Thermochemical HYDROgen production in a SOLar structured reactor:facing the challenges and beyond 2019
705 ALL Animated Language Learning Ltd 2018
706 NEXT Neutron-rich, EXotic, heavy nuclei produced in multi-nucleon Transfer reactions 2019
707 FURTHER Focused Ultrasound and RadioTHERapy for Noninvasive Palliative Pain Treatment in Patients with Bone Metastasis 2019
708 LEGACy CeLac and European consortium for a personalized medicine approach to Gastric Cancer 2019
709 CLOSER Childhood Leukemia: Overcoming distance between South America and Europe Regions 2019
710 DURAFRESH Advanced multi effect device to prevent fruit and vegetables ripening 2019
711 KING An avant-garde measuring principle based on the potentiometric method using signals from the kidney to monitor hospitalised patients water-volemic state 2018
712 ELIOT Enhance Lighting for the Internet of Things 2019
713 LAA-START Left Atrial Appendage Electrical Isolation via Bio-photonic Optical Confirmation to Treat Persistent Atrial Fibrillation 2019
714 Panda Guide Panda Guide 2019
715 DNA Funs DNA-based functional lattices 2019
716 4DPHOTON Beyond Light Imaging: High-Rate Single-Photon Detection in Four Dimensions 2019
717 SomSOM Self-organisation of microbial soil organic matter turnover 2019
718 NoLiMiTs Novel Lifesaving Magnetic Tentacles 2019
719 AI-MICADIS Artificial Intelligence System for Multi-Cancer Detection Support 2019
720 MAMMO1 Deep learning for mammography: Improving accuracy and productivity in breast cancer diagnosis. 2019
721 GRAPH-IC Silicon-Integrated Graphene Photodetectors for Future Photonic Integrated Circuits – Graph-IC 2019
722 TCRabX Structural basis for the therapeutic efficiency of optimal-affinity T cell receptors 2019
723 WAAXT Wave-modulated Arctic Air-sea eXchanges and Turbulence 2019
724 CeraText Tailoring Microstructure and Architecture to Build Ceramic Components with Unprecedented Damage Tolerance 2019
725 ASTROFLOW The influence of stellar outflows on exoplanetary mass loss 2019
726 ProteoNE_dynamics Surveillance mechanisms regulating nuclear envelope architecture and homeostasis 2019
727 ChipAI Energy-efficient and high-bandwidth neuromorphic nanophotonic Chips for Artificial Intelligence systems 2019
728 FRINGE Fluorescence and Reactive oxygen Intermediates by Neutron Generated electronic Excitation as a foundation for radically new cancer therapies 2019
729 MoonVision 2.0 Using AI Computer Vision 2.0 for Visual Inspection in the Industry 2019
730 Fine Birth Diagnosis of preterm birth risk and success of induced labour 2019
731 ReSpire Respirable Advanced Therapeutics for Cystic Fibrosis & other Lung Diseases 2019
733 Embryospin Increasing IVF success rate through the first magnetic resonance system for embryonic quantitative analysis at the cell scale 2018
734 MARSoluT Managed Aquifer Recharge Solutions Training Network 2019
735 MAGNESIA The impact of highly magnetic neutron stars in the explosive and transient Universe 2019
736 ProDAP Protein Dynamics in Antiviral Processes 2019
737 FICOMOL Field Control of Cold Molecular Collisions 2019
738 EQOP Socioeconomic gaps in language development and school achievement: Mechanisms of inequality and opportunity 2019
739 MarsFirstWater The physicochemical nature of water on early Mars 2019
740 FirmIneq Wage inequality within and across firms: The role of market forces, government and firm policies 2019
741 CRYSTAL CLEAR CRYSTAL CLEAR: determining the impact of charge on crystal nucleation 2019
742 THERA Timing of Holocene volcanic eruptions and their radiative aerosol forcing 2019
743 MUMVIP Metabolic Profiling of the Vaginal Microbiome for Reproductive Health 2019
744 T-GRAND-SLAM Translating the Global Refined Analysis of Newly transcribed RNA and Decay rates by SLAM-seq 2019
745 STV Seeing the View 2019
746 AURORAX Advancing cancer detection through metabolism-based diagnostics 2019
747 OMNIUS SaaS platform for automated categorisation and mapping of digitised documents using machine intelligence semantic extraction 2019
748 Doraya Doraya is an innovative catheter device for treating patients resistant to diuretics with Acute Heart Failure (AHF) condition. 2019
749 Change Dyslexia Development and scale-up of cognitive detection and stimulation platform for dyslexia by using automatic learning and scientific validations in educational environments 2019
750 MECATESTERS Micro mEchanical Characterization of A ThErmoplastic Co-conSolidated / welded joinT for usE in aiRcraft fuSelages 2019
751 CULTSONG Culture as an evolutionary force: Does song learning accelerate speciation in a bat ring species? 2019
752 NADiA Novel Air Distribution Approaches 2019
753 NEEDbioWash Natural Enzymes for Ecological Detergents to improve biologically certified Washing products 2019
754 COMBO3D Composite mould tool based on 3D printing 2019
755 VOILA Validation of Innovative Lipopeptide Antibiotics 2019
757 IceAGenT Ice Age Genomic Tracking of Refugia and Postglacial Dispersal 2019
758 CoSiLiS Developement of compact single-cycle light sources 2019
759 IceMelt3D Tracking 3-D meltwater production and runoff from glacial bare-ice surfaces 2020
760 TRACE-AD Tracking the Effects of Amyloid and Tau Pathology on Brain Systems and Cognition in Early Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
761 RACOON High-reliability Low-latency Communications with Network Coding 2019
762 EcoFRUIT Pheromones for ecologically friendly pest control in fruit orchards (EcoFruit) 2019
763 ADOQ Adaptive Optics for Quantum Communication 2019
764 QSHvar Quantitative stochastic homogenization of variational problems 2019
765 THERAPROBES Biodegradable fluorescent nanoprobes for early detection of (pre)malignant lesions of the gastrointestinal tract 2019
766 ACES Antarctic Cyclones: Expression in Sea Ice 2019
767 EMERGE Reconstructing the emergence of the Milky Way’s stellar population with Gaia, SDSS-V and JWST 2019
768 RuCat New Horizons in C–H Activation: the ‘Real-World Molecules’ Challenge 2019
769 MICROPATH The fate and persistence of microplastics and associated pathogens in lowland rivers 2020
770 High-Risk-No-Gain A new approach to design wireless receivers 2019
771 EndoPos Endosome positioning in tumour-stroma interactions 2019
772 PLPUK Parental leave policies in the UK: an intersectional analysis of policy development and use 2020
773 BRAINY The role of behavioural flexibility on the generation and maintenance of diversity 2020
774 PRINT-CHEMO To develop 3D bioPRINTed osteoinductive constructs that deliver CHEMOtherapeutics within large bone defects that are surgically created when removing bone tumours. 2019
775 BI-SDMoF Bit-interleaved sigma-delta modulation over fiber 2019
776 EPIOBESITY Unravelling the hypothalamic epigenetic code behind obesity. 2020
777 SOLFORPLAS A solution for plastic waste pollution 2019
778 GENDANGERED Measuring GENomic diversity change over time in avian enDANGERED species 2020
779 CLIMB Calibrating and Improving Mechanistic models of Biodiversity 2019
780 BioFlot Critical metal recovery from industrial wastewater by bioflotation using surface active siderophores 2019
781 PhotoCatRed Visible-light-driven Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction to Solar fuels by multinary N-Graphene based Heterostructure Composites 2019
782 Lac-TB Dissecting the impact of Lactate in Tuberculosis 2020
783 ANTICE Antarctic Ice Sheet Response to Past Warmer than Present climates 2019
784 OMECRY Organic Mesocrystals: Formation and controlling of oriented nanoparticles of molecular solids for drug development 2019
785 GLYCOMENDO Non-invasive clinical markers for diagnosis of endometriosis 2019
786 EpiEcoMod Through the eye of a mosquito: theoretical modelling of vector-borne zoonotic pathogens 2020
787 EPIC Evolution of Planktonic Gastropod Calcification 2019
788 KIDS Kinetics and Dynamics at Surfaces 2019
789 MitoWild Counting the cost of living: mitochondrial efficiency, environmental conditions, and performance in the wild 2019
790 MarshFlux The effect of future global climate and land-use change on greenhouse gas fluxes and microbial processes in salt marshes 2020
791 ChemicalWalks Reactive Transport and Mixing in Heterogeneous Media: Chemical Random Walks under Local Non-equilibrium 2019
792 SiGNATURE Selection of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes by sinGle cell geNe expression and pAtch clamp for a maTUre caRdiac modEl 2020
793 PERFoRM Passive layER FailuRe Mechanisms for Steel Embedded in Alkali-Activated Slag Materials 2019
794 SUPERBRAIN Magneto-Plasmonic, Raman active Nanocapsules for Superior Pediatric Brain Cancer Therapy 2020
795 Magik Star MAGnetic fIeld and Kinematic coupling for massive STAR formation 2019
796 WetSlide WEaThering in bedrock landSLIDE deposits 2019
797 SHINE The impact of the socio-economic crisis on student well-being and happiness in Greece and Cyprus 2019
798 SENTIMOUV Spatial and demographic dynamics of disease transfer at the wildlife-human interface 2020
799 UnsatPorMix Impact of structural heterogeneity on solute transport and mixing in unsaturated porous media 2019
800 IUCCF An intelligent design of user-centric cell-free massive MIMO: A deep learning approach 2020
801 NeuroFreezing Biophysical Properties of the Neuronal Cytosol and their Dynamics upon Nutrient Starvation, Aging, and in Neurodegenerative Diseases. 2019
802 BITFORM Multiplexed biosensing and tissue-on-a-chip integrated platform for breast cancer biomarkers monitoring 2019
803 IRONBIND The influence of ocean acidification on phytotransferrin-mediated iron uptake rates in phytoplankton 2019
804 CrowdLawLab CrowdLaw: Towards a More Inclusive Lawmaking Through Technology 2020
805 MIRAGE Measuring Interstellar Reactions of Aromatics by Gas-phase Experiments 2019
806 CoNTESTA A geologic approach to resolving critical uncertainties in the impact of geomagnetic variance on in-situ cosmogenic nuclide production 2019
807 RESIST Resolving Effects of particle Shape and Inertia in Scalar Transport 2019
808 CitizEE Scaling up Public Energy Efficiency Investments via Standardising Citizen Financing Schemes 2019
809 Ren-on-Bill Residential Building Energy Renovations with On-Bill Financing 2019
810 Furhat The Human Face of AI 2019
812 CB-103 First effective targeted therapy for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) and other NOTCH pathway driven cancers 2019
814 SimplyData Unlocking unstructured data towards intelligent wotk automation for the banking industry 2019
815 IBL-302 Inflection Bioscience unique dual mechanism, small molecule, orally available therapeutic targeting major unmet medical needs in breast cancer 2019
816 EXHAUSTION Exposure to heat and air pollution in EUrope – cardiopulmonary impacts and benefits of mitigation and adaptation 2019
817 RECEIPT REmote Climate Effects and their Impact on European sustainability, Policy and Trade 2019
818 REACT REcycling of waste ACrylic Textiles 2019
819 NONTOX Removing hazardous substances to increase recycling rates of WEEE, ELV and CDW plastics 2019
820 BIORECOVER Development of an innovative sustainable strategy for selective biorecover of critical raw materials from Primary and Secondary sources 2019
821 TARANTULA Recovery of Tungsten, Niobium and Tantalum occurring as by-products in mining and processing waste streams 2019
822 UWB-IODA SF-PC Ultra Wide Band Integrated Optical-and-Digital Approach for Smart Factory and Perceptive Car 2020
823 StepUP Solutions and Technologies for deep Energy renovation Processes UPtake 2019
824 Aseptic Smart World’s first unmanned, fully aseptic multi-functional commercial filling line for the bio-/pharmaceutical industry 2019
825 DCP Design Challenge Pilot 2019
826 PnuBioVax PnuBioVax™: next-generation vaccine for a personalised and effective immune response against Streptococcus pneumoniae. 2019
827 ONCOTECT Early detection of tumor DNA in liquid biopsies as a biomarker of cancer recurrence 2019
828 MACCO Bring social robots into reality with the first real world leading bartender (MACCO) 2019
830 O-POINTED Osteoarthritis patient cohorts in the dish - personalised cellular drug development tools for osteoarthritis precision medicine 2019
832 ONCO-BOOST Boosting immuno-oncology strategies with innovative immuno-stimulants derived from bacteria, to be administrated in combination with therapeutic monoclonal antibodies 2019
833 dreaMS Digital biomarkers and treatment personalisation in multiple sclerosis 2019
834 SaPhaDe Know your enemy: systematic discovery of Salmonella anti-Phage Defences for the improved design of phage therapeutics 2019
835 3DPRINTEDOPTICS 3D printed micro- and nano-optics for future integrated vision and endoscopy systems 2019
836 3DBrainStrom Brain metastases: Deciphering tumor-stroma interactions in three dimensions for the rational design of nanomedicines 2019
837 ANAERGY Advanced Multistage Sequential Wastewater Treatment Technology 2019
838 VELLO CMC VELLO BIKE+ Connected Multimodal Commuting for Greener Cities 2019
839 PREDICT Big Data EEG-Analysis for Advanced Personalised Medicine in Depression 2019
840 CTI A novel, efficient and minimally invasive medical procedure to treat anastomotic leakage during colorectal cancer surgery. 2019
841 NUTREPHEALTH Effect of polyinsatured fatty acids omega-3 (PUFAS n-3) supplementation during early embryo development on embryo viability in (mammals) sheep. 2020
842 TRIC-TB Boosting Ethionamide efficacy and lowering the dose with a small molecule transcriptional modulators, to overcoming MDR-TB infections and define a new place for Ethionamide in 1st-line TB treatments. 2019
843 QuinADAR1 Protection from malaria in the Fulani ethnic group of West Africa involves reduced levels of A-to-I RNA editing by ADAR1 2019
844 Invoice Exchange Invoice Exchange, safe digital peer-to-peer banking for SMEs 2019
845 Stoli Catalysts Disrupting fine chemicals manufacturing with catalyst-coated tube reactors 2019
846 Anti-L1CAM Anti-L1CAM antibody: A novel efficacious immunotherapy for pancreatic and ovarian cancer patients 2019
847 RumenShield Dairy RumenShield Dairy - Non-Medicated Feed Additive to Improve Milk Yield in Dairy Cows 2019
848 eCARE Digital solutions supporting continuum of care for frailty prevention in old adults 2019
850 PhoMEC Photonic Integrated Microcombs as Multi-wavelength Sources for Edge Data Centers 2019
851 Keenious Keenious - Recommendation Engine Research Tool 2019
852 HIVE-TECH Artificial Intelligence revolution in beekeeping sector: the “Internet of Bees” 2019
853 MoVEMENT Mobility of Volatiles in the Earth’s Mantle by Experimental and Numerical Technics 2020
854 RDS Artificial Intelligence Powered Fashion Insights and Personal Styling Solutions 2019
855 DECONIZER Disrupting the food safety chain. The decontamination unit that removes more than 99% of pathogenic bacteria during poultry meat slaughtering and processing 2019
856 FANO Fano Photonics 2019
857 INJURMET Impact of tissue injury induced by diagnostic biopsies and surgery on cancer metastasis 2019
858 ReStoRe Integrated Refractory and Steel Recovery 2019
859 AQUA4D AQUA4D, for an efficient use of irrigation water 2019
860 ImmunoGrow Making life-saving cancer therapies more widely available by simplifying production processes, reducing costs and enhancing patient safety through its patent-protected biomimicking mesh material. 2019
861 Medusa Innovative technology for Geomechanical and Geophysical Stability Analysis in Tailings Dams 2019
862 Presque Smart Nursing Bra 2019
863 ALGABOOSTER Marine microalgae immunostimulant complex to boost the competitiveness of the EU aquaculture sector 2019
864 VOTIS Vascular Optical Tomographic Imaging System” We help diabetics keep their feet 2019
865 GOODMOD Generic phOtOnic Design MODules 2019
866 DCS-iSMEs Design Customized Support for Innovative SMEs 2019
867 BIKEINSIDE Automated modular vertical parking for bicycles: guard your bike inside! 2019
868 AORTYX Revolutionary vascular repair patch to treat aortic dissections 2019
869 LIQUAM High-Power Ultrasound technology to disrupt the honey industry and revolutionize beekeeping sector 2019
870 SECRET Exploitation of the SECRETory pathway for cancer therapy to address European research 2019
871 SINERGIA advanced technologieS for drug dIscovery and precisioN mEdicine: in vitRo modellinG human physiology and diseAse 2019
872 DT4BIOMASS Digital twin for biomass boilers 2019
873 MyWave Efficient Millimetre-Wave Communications for mobile users 2019
874 MINTS Millimeter-wave Networking and Sensing for Beyond 5G 2019
875 BeatsDigTherapeutics Project SCALE: Tailored Digital Therapeutics for Neurological and Brain Disorders 2019
876 Schrott24 Leveraging online services to enhance the efficiency and transparency of recycling and trading of metal throughout the EU. 2019
877 VETEX Deep Vein Thrombosis; A Paradigm Change in Treatment through Drug-Free Clot Removal 2019
878 JUSTINMIND-XR Justinmind XR: The First Code-Free Rapid Prototyping Platform for eXtended Reality (VR/AR/MR) and Spatial Computing 2019
879 QUARTET Quantum readout techniques and technologies 2019
880 BIOREMIA BIOfilm-REsistant Materials for hard tissue Implant Applications 2020
881 SYGMA Synthetic photobiology for light controllable active matter 2019
882 RECycle Plastics Real-time Evaluation and Classification of Plastics 2019
883 DustOrigin The origin of cosmic dust in galaxies 2020
884 GLISS Gliding epitaxy for inorganic space-power sheets 2020
885 SmartMap Technology maturation of global first-movers in automated indoor map generation 2019
886 Phyron Phyron platform for automated production of top-quality customizable product videos with 80% higher conversion rate for a fraction of today`s cost 2019
888 ICED Impact of climate on mountain denudation 2019
889 APRICOT Anatomically Precise Revolutionary Implant for bone Conserving Osteoarthritis Treatment 2019
890 COOLER Climatic Controls on Erosion Rates and Relief of Mountain Belts 2020
891 YEELP Youth Engagement in European Language Preservation, 1900-2020 2019
892 DynaGrow Dynamic Growth and Replication in Coacervate Protocells 2020
893 SAFE-CAB Laser-Assisted Surgical System to Revolutionize Cardiac Bypass Surgeries 2019
894 Bug-Flash Coherent Back-Lasing from Atmospheric Insects 2020
895 GAIA A Genomic and Macroevolutionary Approach to Studying Diversification in an Insect-Plant Arms Race 2020
896 AlgoQIP Beyond Shannon: Algorithms for optimal information processing 2020
897 AGRICON Ancient genomic reconstruction of convergent evolution to agriculture 2019
898 UNITY Linking ecology, enzymes and ecosystems in the global nitrogen cycle 2020
899 PEVAP Planet Evaporation as a Window into Exoplanetary Origins 2020
900 Neuron-AFib Commercialising cardiac autonomic modulation to treat Atrial Fibrillation 2019
901 Piomic Empowering homecare solutions in advanced wound care 2019
902 BioTrace World's First Real-Time Monitoring System for Ablation Procedures 2019
903 SynaptoEnergy Molecular physiology of nerve terminal bioenergetics 2020
904 PROSCOPE Point-of-care instrument for diagnosis and image-guided intervention of Colo-Rectal Cancer 2020
905 MAARvEL A Missing Key Property in Atmospheric AeRosol ChEmistry: the Laplace Pressure 2020
906 TheCoroRevolution The Coro: a revolutionary product to bring breastfeeding into the 21st century 2019
907 CLARIFY Cancer Long Survivors Artificial Intelligence Follow Up 2020
908 VEMoS Virtual eye model system for personalised refractive surgery treatment 2019
909 AiforCancerDX Deep learning AI in cancer diagnostics 2019
910 OffshoreMuster An integrated emergency response decision support system for enhancing workers’ safety in offshore oil & gas operations 2019
911 Obsidian Obsidian Anastomotic SafeGuard – A powerful and efficient tissue sealant method for reducing the anastomotic leak rate in colorectal surgery 2019
913 rumicon The first holistic & preventive monitoring system of dairy cows’ health 2019
914 B6VitaStat A diagnostic device for personalized determination of vitamin B6 status and health 2019
915 INNTERESTING Innovative Future-Proof Testing Methods for Reliable Critical Components in Wind Turbines 2020
917 FEST Future Experiments seek Smart Technologies 2020
918 Cancersensing A multi-cancer screening platform for fast and accurate early stage cancer detection from urine samples 2019
919 Tolka Pro Manual Assistant (hand for upper limb disability) – a new approach designed to restore user's manual capabilities. 2019
920 STI-001 Turn Cancer Immunotherapy Effective in Most Patients 2019
921 InVivoRuBisCO In vivo Directed Evolution of Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using an Orthogonal DNA Replication System 2020
922 4-IN THE LUNG RUN 4-IN THE LUNG RUN: towards INdividually tailored INvitations, screening INtervals, and INtegrated co-morbidity reducing strategies in lung cancer screening 2020
923 NEFERTITI A Novel Eco-Friendly, dually Efficient and Resistance-free Treatment of vaginITIs 2020
924 Elektrosens Wearable Sweat-based painless and continuous glucose monitoring device for diabetic people 2019
925 TETHYS The evolution and regulation of major transitions in sexual systems: new insights from the brown algae 2020
926 IMPACT Industrial Manufacturing Process for A high temperature superconducting Coated conductors Technology 2020
927 e-port Drive your Electric Vehicle with the Power of the sun 2020
928 SELECTCO2 Selective Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to High Value Chemicals 2020
929 GyroSCoPe Geomorphic and Sedimentary responses to Climate Periodicity 2020
930 TANDEng Engineering catalyst interoperability in next-generation tandem reactions for intensified chemical processes 2020
931 DYNOME Barcoding gene expression dynamics at single-molecule resolution 2020
932 MyeRIBO Deconstructing the Translational Control of Myelination by Specialized Ribosomes 2020
933 HUMANeye Implantable titanium net to combat pathological corneal shape deformations 2019
934 RNAVirFitness The dark side of evolution: the deleterious mutational landscape of RNA viruses 2020
935 ALTER-brain Metastasis-associated altered molecular patterns in the brain 2020
936 SURE 3-D Super resolution Ultrasound Real time imaging of Erythrocytes 2020
937 HarmHoney HeAlth Regulation by the gut Microbiota in the Honey bee 2020
938 FI4P Flow and Iron for Pharma 2020
939 IC-CCD-qHSC Intrapopulation communication and collective cell decisions of hematopoietic stem cells 2020
940 SNeX The origins of thermonuclear supernova explosions 2020
941 DIFFER Determinants of genetic diversity: Important Factors For Ecosystem Resilience 2020
942 MaCDAC Machining and Commercialising Diamond Anvil Cells 2020
943 Micro-GIFT Microrobotic Gamete/Zygote IntraFallopian Transfer 2020
944 PostGro Towards a postgrowth economics: A viable postgrowth economy without increasing inequality 2020
945 MICRODEV Microplastics: morphological and genetic developmental effects in a marine invertebrate. 2021
946 Absent Presences Absent Presences: an ethnographic study of the uncounted lives of people affected by leprosy in Latin America 2020
947 MiMoZa Microbiota modulation through horizontal gene transfer. 2020
948 SMArT Switch-Mode Analog Signal Processing for Integrated 5G Transceivers 2020
949 ComBATageing Exploiting superlongevous model mammals to explore new links between protein and organelle homeostasis and lifespan extension 2021
950 PSust-MOF Metal-Organic Frameworks as multifunctional materials toward P-sustainability 2020
951 BiLamVesicles Novel bi-lamellar lipid vesicles for studying double-membrane transenvelope proteins 2020
952 HI-ACCURACY High-ACCuracy printed electronics down to µm size, for Organic Large Area Electronics (OLAE) Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and Display Applications. 2020
953 PhotoBoost A holistic approach to improve the photosynthetic perfromance and productivity of C3 crops under diverse environmental conditions 2020
954 MaP Material properties in the strong light-matter coupling regime 2021
955 DEMOcrises Demographic consequences of humanitarian crises in Latin America 2020
956 OMR X-Ray Fluorescence, Shape recognition & Machine Learning for Efficient and Economic Recycling of Mixed Metals from Co-mingled Waste. 2020
957 DEMED Directed Evolution of Metalloenzymes through Electrochemical Droplet Microarrays 2020
958 TroPeaCC Tropical Peatlands and the Carbon Cycle 2020
959 MICROSCOPE Molecular dIffusion of organiCs in secondaRy Organic aeroSols and impaCts On Particle chEmistry 2020
960 ANEMONE Evolving a Home for Nemo: Genomic Consequences and Convergence in a Model Marine Mutualism 2020
961 UTPE PEB Ultrahigh-throughput protein evolution for polyethylene biodegradation 2020