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# achronym  title  year 
1 SUSFANS Metrics, Models and Foresight for European Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security 2015
2 ULTRAPLACAD ULTRAsensitive PLAsmonic devices for early CAncer Diagnosis 2015
3 PHOCNOSIS Advanced nanophotonic point-of-care analysis device for fast and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases 2015
4 PROCROP Professional cross-priming for ovary and prostate cancer 2015
5 HIPSTER Deployment of high pressure and temperature food processing for sustainable, safe and nutritious foods with fresh-like quality 2015
6 TILDA Towards Industrial LES/DNS in Aeronautics – Paving the Way for Future Accurate CFD 2015
7 SocialCar Open social transport network for urban approach to carpooling 2015
8 ComBoNDT Quality assurance concepts for adhesive bonding of aircraft composite structures by advanced NDT 2015
9 SAMT Sustainability assessment methods and tools to support decision-making in the process industries 2015
10 STYLE Sustainability Toolkit for easY Life-cycle Evaluation 2015
11 RECOBA Cross-sectorial real-time sensing, advanced control and optimisation of batch processes saving energy and raw materials 2015
12 MefCO2 Synthesis of methanol from captured carbon dioxide using surplus electricity 2014
13 PRODIAS PROcessing Diluted Aqueous Systems 2015
14 FourByThree Highly customizable robotic solutions for effective and safe human robot collaboration in manufacturing applications 2014
15 EyeRegen Engineering a scaffold based therapy for corneal regeneration 2015
16 GOTOFLY Boosting the European Innovative Satellite Technologies with In-Orbit Demonstrations 2015
17 SYBORG combining SYnthetic Biology and chemistry to create novel CO2-fixing enzymes, ORGanelles and ORGanisms 2015
19 CoordinatedDopamine Coordination of regional dopamine release in the striatum during habit formation and compulsive behaviour 2015
20 HEROIC High-frequency printed and direct-written Organic-hybrid Integrated Circuits 2015
21 XBCBCAT From Supramolecular Chemistry to Organocatalysis: Fundamental Studies on the Use of Little-Explored Non-Covalent Interactions in Organic Synthesis 2015
22 ULEED Observing structural dynamics at surfaces with Ultrafast Low-Energy Electron Diffraction 2015
23 Oscillations Oscillatory signaling dynamics – a quantitative approach to reveal their origin and function in development 2015
24 IRENA International Re-Entry demoNstrator Action 2015
25 NEOShield-2 Science and Technology for Near-Earth Object Impact Prevention 2015
26 TCLS ARM FOR SPACE Feasibility and Definition of a Triple Core Lockstep ARM System-on-Chip for Space Applications 2015
27 SAT406M An EGNSS application providing an end-to-end solution based on the SAR/Galileo service and particularly using the Return-Link-Message (RLM), to improve the mobility and safety of citizens 2015
28 BetaDropNMR Ultra-sensitive NMR in liquids 2015
29 RED-Heat-to-Power Conversion of Low Grade Heat to Power through closed loop Reverse Electro-Dialysis 2015
30 ShaleXenvironmenT Maximizing the EU shale gas potential by minimizing its environmental footprint 2015
31 FLPower Frustrated Power: Proton-Electrolyte-Membrane Hydrogen Fuel Cells Catalyzed by Frustrated Lewis Pairs 2014
32 TheLiRep Exploring the Potential for Therapeutic Lineage Reprogramming of Diabetes 2015
33 CEMCAP CO2 capture from cement production 2015
34 BioStealth Explore the potentialities of biostealth coatings for tissue engineering and reconstructive medicine 2015
35 SmartTap Real-Time Monitoring System for Water Quality 2015
36 WATERINNEU Applying European market leadership to river basin networks and spreading of innovation on water ICT models, tools and data 2015
37 PREDICTABLE Understanding and predicting developmental language abilities and disorders in multilingual Europe 2015
38 INREP Towards Indium free TCOs 2015
39 MAGICBULLET Peptide-Drug Conjugates for Targeted Delivery in Tumor Therapy 2015
40 COSMOS Complex Oscillatory Systems: Modeling and Analysis 2015
41 SELECTA Smart ELECTrodeposited Alloys for environmentally sustainable applications: from advanced protective coatings to micro/nano-robotic platforms 2015
42 N-SUPP_INNO Support for Enhancing Innovation Management in SME and Key Account Managementin Niedersachsen 2014
43 AEOLUS4FUTURE Efficient harvesting of the wind energy 2015
44 ENIGMA Establishing services eNhancing the Innovation MAnagement capacity of SME's in the Enterprise Europe Network in Estonia 2014
45 Magic SWF SMEs Establishing services enhancing the innovation management capacity of South West France SMEs 2014
46 PT Innovative PT Innovative 2014
48 KANT Key Account management and inNovation capacity support services for Triveneto SME’s 2014
50 ALABO Advanced laser ablation barrier films for organic and large area electronic devices 2015
51 fromROLLtoBAG Consumer Driven Local Production with the Help of Virtual Design and Digital Manufacturing 2015
52 PING Printed Intelligent NFC Game cards and packaging 2015
53 ProCAMS Promoting Creativeness in Augmented Media Services 2015
54 AquaSmart Aquaculture Smart and Open Data Analytics as a Service 2015
55 iBROW Innovative ultra-BROadband ubiquitous Wireless communications through terahertz transceivers 2015
56 BESIIICGEM An innovative Cylindrical Gas Electron Multiplier Inner Tracker for the BESIII Spectrometer 2015
57 UNICAT Unique Biomaterial-Drug Solution for Multifunctional Central Venous Catheters 2015
58 GRAGE Grey and green in Europe: elderly living in urban areas 2014
59 PARTY Participatory Tools for Human Development with the Youth 2015
60 TROPSENSE Development of a non-invassive breath test for early diagnosis of tropical diseases 2015
61 WASTCArD Wrist and arm sensing technologies for cardiac arrhythmias detection 2015
62 NanoPilot A Pilot Plant for the Production of Polymer based Nanopharmaceuticals in Compliance with GMP 2015
63 INSPIRED INdustrial Scale Production of Innovative nanomateRials for printEd Devices 2015
64 AURES Auctions for Renewable Energy Support: Effective use and efficient implementation options 2015
65 R2R Biofluidics Large scale micro-and nanofabrication technologies for bioanalytical devices based on R2R imprinting 2015
66 PLATFORM Open access pilot plants for sustainable industrial scale nanocomposites manufacturing based on buckypapers, doped veils and prepregs 2015
67 P2P-SmarTest Peer to Peer Smart Energy Distribution Networks (P2P-SmartTest) 2015
68 ENERGISE ICT-based ENERgy Grid Implementation – Smart and Efficient 2015
69 CWASI Coping with water scarcity in a globalized world 2015
70 SSBD Small Summaries for Big Data 2015
71 InvGroGra Asymptotic invariants of discrete groups, sparse graphs and locally symmetric spaces 2015
72 SUNShINE Save your bUildiNg by SavINg Energy – towards 202020m2 of deeply renovated multifamily residential buildings 2015
73 TherVIS A Thermal-Visual Integrated System Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for 3D energy performance mapping and forecasting and damage evaluation 2014
74 GLAD GNSS/INS Low-Cost Attitude Determination System 2014
75 EFFGT Aurelia Turbines – proof of concept for very high efficient small gas turbine 2014
76 BAG-FS Biopolus Aero Green - Feasibility Study 2014
77 QUALIGRAIN Increasing grain quality through advanced oxidation treatment during storage 2014
78 POLYSOLAR A light weight, recyclable, tracking support system, for solar photovoltaic modules based on inflatable polymer membranes 2014
79 FACCE-Evolve FACCE-Evolve - Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change Coordination and Support Action 2 2015
80 PICOMB Photonic Integrated Comb Source: An Economic Feasibility Study 2014
81 LoCO2Fe Development of a Low CO2 Iron and Steelmaking Integrated Process Route for a Sustainable European Steel Industry 2015
82 QUTEMAG Quantum-Enhanced Optical Magnetometers 2016
83 EuroCirCol European Circular Energy-Frontier Collider Study 2015
84 NANO-Q Cavity Cooling of Nanosilicon for Quantum Interference Experiments 2015
85 Cancer-Drug-Screen High-throughput drug screening for identifying personalized cancer treatments tailored to the particular mutations of the patient’s tumor 2015
87 PALEO-AGRI agroPastoral Activities and effects on Landscapes and ErOsion dynAmics in the alps: a new insight from Geological appRoaches and lake sedIment DNA 2015
88 ATMCinsituNMR Next level real-time characterisation of Li- and Na-ion batteries by – Automatic Tuning Matching Cycler (plus Goniometer) – ATMC(+G) in situ NMR 2015
89 CEFOW Clean energy from ocean waves 2015
90 GutILC3 Cell-cell interactions critical to ILC3 function in the human gut 2015
91 AutismRigidPercept Investigation and modification of atypical dynamic brain activity underlying perceptual inflexibility of autism spectrum disorders 2015
92 SiCWIRE Silicon Carbide Nanowires for Electronic and biosensing applications 2016
93 MOPIGRASFIT Motion Picture Grammatical Rating System for Infants and Toddlers 2015
94 FEEC discretizations Structure-preserving discretization of hierarchically-structured rotating covariant shallow-water equations using finite element exterior calculus 2016
95 PINQUAR Polaritons IN the QUAntum Regime (PINQUAR) 2015
96 BIOeSPUN scaffolds Bioactive glass in electrospun matrices: functionalised smart scaffolds for interface tissue engineering applications 2015
97 ATTOCHEM Attosecond imaging and control of chemical dynamics 2015
98 TDL2Ho Thin-disk lasers for the 2-micron spectral range based on Ho-doped monoclinic double-tungstate epitaxial structures 2015
99 GenSPI Genomic Selection for Potato Improvement 2015
100 MarkEfficiency Digestive and nutritional indicators of feed efficiency in cattle fed forage-based diets 2015
101 SOCUPols Supported organocatalysts and their applications in the upgrade of bioderived polyols: desymmetrisation of glycerol to obtain building blocks for fine and pharmaceutical chemicals prod 2016
102 AraMyco Uncovering the molecular dialogue between the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and the non-host plant. 2015
103 2D Hetero-architecture Engineered two-dimensional hetero-architectures for nanoelectronics 2016
104 MSMART Margination of Microcapsules in Small Arteries 2015
105 GEODEM Geography of Demography: modelling plant population responses to global habitat patterns 2015
106 WISDOM Wavelength conversIon in diSpersion engineereD Optical fibres for Mid-IR applications 2015
107 GroupsComputability Algorithms in algebra and topology 2015
108 SCEL-TA Surfactant controlled Cation Exchange Lithography - Towards Application 2015
109 PREDACTION Prediction and Anticipation of Actions: Modelling How We Foresee the Others 2016
110 INVENTION INnovatiVE cohereNt detecTIon Optical access Networks 2016
111 PAnaMoL Proof-theoretic Analysis of Modal Logics 2015
112 OPTWET Finding optimal size and location for wetland restoration sites for best nutrient removal performance using spatial analysis and modelling 2015
116 Re.B.Us Rewiring Brain Units - bridging the gap of neuronal communication by means of intelligent hybrid systems 2016
117 MADDOG Multidisciplinary Adjoint Design Optimisation of Gasturbines 2015
118 ProLeMAS ProLeMAS: PROcessing LEgal language in normative Multi-Agent Systems 2015
119 OPTIC BIOEM Toward the comprehension of primary bioelectromagnetic interactions: real time non-linear OPTICal imaging of BIO-samples under ElectroMagnetic exposure 2015
120 INDLINK Growth and Diversification in the Presence of Industry Linkages 2015
121 DYNECAT Microscopic Surface Dynamics of Pt and Pt Alloy Electrocatalysts under operation conditions 2015
123 G4invivo Probing intracellular folding and dynamics of telomeric DNA structures with single-molecule FRET 2016
124 ITER Improving Thermal Efficiency of horizontal ground heat exchangers 2015
125 Greenrail Greenrail: sustainability, safety and saving in the the railroad sleeper of tomorrow 2015
126 CFMEBR Carbon fiber microelectrodes for human brain research and clinical applications 2015
127 MIRCAB Validation of diagnostic and/or prognostic miRNAs in triple-negative breast cancer 2015
128 SOMA Analytics Chronic Stress Biomarkers for Early Detection and Prevention of Burnout 2014
129 THEMOTION TheMotion: Revolution in Motion 2015
130 Wavepiston Low price wave energy conversion through force cancellation. 2015
131 HESS Hybrid Energy Storage System 2015
132 Multidyn Patented advanced low-cost multiwell cell-culture system for in-vitro physiologically relevant biomarker screening 2015
133 ECOFLEX Feasibility study of a Eco-friendly, Compact and Flexible System for Post Digital Printing Treatment of Textiles 2015
134 MISSION Mid Infrared SpectrometerS by an Innovative Optical iNterferometer 2015
135 IONOSENSE-POC Exploitation of Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Biological Ionsensing – Proof Of Concept 2015
136 IRWES Integrated Roof Wind Energy System 2015
137 DEFLUG Development of Environmentally Friendly Flue Gas Purification Solution 2015
138 WETPaC Water – Electricity – Telecommunication Package 2015
139 FREEWAY FREEWAY : safely and effortless commute in an urban environment 2015
140 MentorPitch The commercial exploitation of mentorship programme outcome intelligence in the global corporate and university market. 2015
141 XER-HSA Engineered materials scale-up at industrial level for highest energy density ultracapacitors 2015
143 STROBE Sustained Release Ocular Bevacizumab for the treatment of wet acute macular degeneration 2015
144 Efficient Cooking Substainable and efficient food processing and cooking sytem 2015
145 BERTHA-G Bertha G - better enzymes - than gas 2015
146 SWInG Development of thin film Solar cells based on WIde band Gap kesterite absorbers 2015
147 SME CoachLT Establishing services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME's in the Lithuanian Enterprise Europe Network consortia 2014
148 EENHessenInnovation Establishing services enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network: Hessen 2014
150 KERS-P Development of a universal kit to be installed on existing and new High Tonnage Hot ForgingPresses, for a potential strong reduction of energy consumption of the European installed fleet. 2015
151 IMPRESS New Easy to Install and Manufacture PRE-Fabricated Modules Supported by a BIM based Integrated Design ProceSS 2015
152 Bio-HyPP Biogas-fired Combined Hybrid Heat and Power Plant 2015
153 iMETland iMETland: A new generation of Microbial Electrochemical Wetland for effective decentralized wastewater treatment 2015
154 ECWRTI ECOLORO: Reuse of Waste Water from the Textile Industry 2015
155 SMART GEMS Smart Grids Energy management Staff 2015
156 NANO-CATHEDRAL Nanomaterials for conservation of European architectural heritage developed by research on characteristic lithotypes 2015
157 CutLoops Loop amplitudes in quantum field theory 2015
158 UNBICAT Unconventional Bifunctional Catalysts 2015
159 NOSY New Operational Sensing sYstem 2015
160 SVNanoVax Structural Vaccinology in the design of bionanoparticles with multi-copy antigen display for vaccines with enhanced efficacy 2015
161 HoNESt History of Nuclear Energy and Society 2015
162 Modern2020 Development and Demonstration of monitoring strategies and technologies for geological disposal 2015
163 CENTRIC Centre for ExcelleNce in TerRItorial management and Cadastre 2015
164 nuClock Towards a nuclear clock with Thorium-229 2015
165 RECORD-IT Reservoir Computing with Real-time Data for future IT 2015
166 Phoenix Exploring the Unknown through Reincarnation and Co-evolution 2015
167 Waste to Resource Commercialisation of WarwickFBR™ technology which can recycle Mixed Plastic Waste into a hydrocarbon product, the Plaxx™ 2015
168 DAHDAC DAHDAC project: Disruptive Approach to Highly Distributed Application Creation 2015
169 ECHYNOXE SILICA Innovative long range daylighting system 2015
170 ULTRAQCL Ultrashort Pulse Generation from Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers 2015
172 TGRIP Nanostructured gripping material for clamping complex workpieces 2015
173 S-Gearbox The Development of a »New« Planocentric Gearbox with a Closed Cage and S-gear Tooth Flank 2015
174 VirtuCrete A new integrated process to valorise hazardous leaded glass from CRTs and transform it into high performance geopolymer blocks - VirtuCrete 2015
175 NanoFASE Nanomaterial FAte and Speciation in the Environment 2015
176 OsteomiR OsteomiR-Test – An In-Vitro Test for the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis and associated Fracture Risk 2015
177 Multi-JOBINSEC Micro- and Macro-Level Determinants of Job Insecurity Perceptions: Individual, Organizational and Social Consequences. Multilevel Analysis and Comparisons among Countries 2015
178 INNOVATIVE The Integration of Novel Aerospace Technologies 2016
179 AquaSHIELD Protecting citizens against intentional drinking water contamination with a water quality firewall 2015
180 ValChem ValChem - Value added Chemical building blocks and lignin from wood 2015
181 CogNet Building an Intelligent System of Insights and Action for 5G Network Management 2015
182 CLIPP PLUS Manufacture and commercialization of high quality recycled polyolefin films using an innovative continuous extrusion recycling process assisted by sc-CO2 for printed plastic waste 2015
183 RVT The Reversible Variable Transmission – Visionary Transmission for unprecedented Fuel, CO2 and Cost Savings 2015
184 VOICEGALILEO Navigator and global interface applications for visually impaired people using Galileo satellite technologies 2015
185 E6 Evolution Dual Fuel Euro6 Engine Conversion Feasibility Study 2015
187 BLOSTER Innovative biopesticides production: valorisation of endemic plants and green industrial residues 2015
188 ACHILLES-HEEL Crop resistance improvement by mining natural and induced variation in host accessibility factors 2015
189 AI4REASON Artificial Intelligence for Large-Scale Computer-Assisted Reasoning 2015
190 ExCAPE Exascale Compound Activity Prediction Engine 2015
191 N-Supp_INNO-15 Innovation Enhacement and Key Account Activities iwithin EEEN Niedersachsen 2015-2016 2015
192 COMPOSKE Development of a new technology for production of Skeletons in composite materials for realization of pre-cast tunnel segments. 2015
193 PlugBioIn Plug and play enzymes for an accelerated uptake of Biocatalysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry 2015
194 POSEIDON Market maturation of Floating Power Plant’s Floating Wind- Wave- Energy Device 2015
195 HemNichMDS Functional and Molecular Analyses of the Interplay between Hematopoietic and Mesenchymal Niche Cells in Human Myelodysplastic Syndromes. 2015
196 SPIN-PORICS Merging Nanoporous Materials with Energy-Efficient Spintronics 2015
197 TIPPDECRA Tolerogenic immunotherapy with peptide-pulsed dendritic cells in rheumatoid arthritis 2016
198 COMP-MICR-CROW-MEM Computational Microscopy of Crowded Membranes 2015
199 ExaNeSt European Exascale System Interconnect and Storage 2015
200 InnoHessen2Europe Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity in Hessen 2015
201 SWENNIS2 Services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network 2015
202 MaMs2 Platform for Heterogeneous Integration of NEMS on ICs 2015
203 SMARTCIM Smart interoperable electronic active valve, control eco-system and service to achieve superior building efficiency and user awareness 2015
204 INNMADRIMASD 2 Innovation services for enhancement innovation SMEs capacities in Madrid region 2015
205 INNOVACTIS 2015-2016 INNOVACTIS 2015-2016 2015
206 HOLOFRENPOSTMOD Un passé qui ne passe pas. The Ethics and Aesthetics of Contemporary French Holocaust Literature 2016
207 ZAUBERKUGEL Fulfilling Paul Ehrlich’s Dream: therapeutics with activity on demand 2015
208 iPURXL iPURXL: Scale-Up of Liquid Nano-reactor for the Destruction of Contaminants in Turbid Fluids 2015
209 MAKEOVER MAKEOVER - Innovation MAnagement support and KEy account serVices for Triveneto small and medium EnteRprises 2015
210 INCITE Innovative controls for renewable sources Integration into smart energy systems 2015
211 ANSWER ANtibioticS and mobile resistance elements in WastEwater Reuse applications: risks and innovative solutions 2015
212 HAoS Holistic Approach of Spray Injection through a Generalized Multi-phase Framework 2015
213 Tendon Therapy Train Engineering in vitro microenvironments for translation of cell-based therapies for tendon repair 2016
214 SYMBIOPTIMA Human-mimetic approach to the integrated monitoring, management and optimization of a symbiotic cluster of smart production units 2015
215 IonoChem IonoChem: A new and highly efficient cross membrane drug delivery strategy 2015
216 ModCompShock Modelling and Computation of Shocks and Interfaces 2015
217 SME Coach LT 2015 KAM and innovation management improvement services for Lithuanian SMEs 2015
218 TRAIN-ERS Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Health and Disease 2015
219 ULTIMA ULTrafast Imaging sensor for Medical Applications 2015
220 Scaling up Novihum A Sustainable Soil Solution: Scaling up Novihum, an innovation to convert bad soil into better, make brown coal clean and barren land green, and profitably advance food security in Europe and beyond 2015
221 EMILK Food treatment process based on high voltage nanopulsed electric discharges in liquid phase 2015
222 Post-GFC Monetary Policy Forecast of time-varying effects of post-GFC monetary policy + a novel computing application 2016
223 MAGIC SWF SMEs II Establishing services enhancing the innovation management capacity of South West France SMEs 2015
224 EST-KAM Estonian Key Account Management Services 2015
225 ChemSniff Chemical sniffer device for multi-mode analysis of threat compounds 2015
226 FINKAMIE2016 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2015-2016 2015
227 INNOVIST INcreasing the InNOVation Management Capacity of SMEs in ISTanbul 2015
228 HTC4WASTE Up-scaling, demonstration and first market application of Loritus’ patented hydrothermal carbonisation as an eco-efficient and cost-effective organic waste processing technology 2015
229 ENCASE EnhaNcing seCurity And privacy in the Social wEb: a user centered approach for the protection of minors 2016
230 tCat WorkStation New adaptable equipment for geometric auscultation of railways and overhead lines 2015
232 papabuild Advanced physical-acoustic and psycho-acoustic diagnostic methods for innovation in building acoustics 2016
233 BREAKBEN Breaking the Nonuniqueness Barrier in Electromagnetic Neuroimaging 2016
234 ARMOUR Large-Scale Experiments of IoT Security Trust 2016
235 KAMINO Establishing of EEN-services for supporting the Key Account Management process in the SME-instrument and enhancing the INnOvation management capacities of SMEs – KAMINO 2015
236 NoNaCat Development of Molecular-defined Non-noble Metal Complexes and Nano-structured Materials for Sustainable Redox ReactionsDevelopment of Molecular-defined Non-noble Metal Complexes and Nano-structured 2015
237 VanderSat High Resolution Soil Moisture Mapping 2015
238 MIRPHAB MidInfraRed PHotonics devices fABrication for chemical sensing and spectroscopic applications 2016
239 BIOWYSE Biocontamination Integrated cOntrol of Wet sYstems for Space Exploration 2016
240 MirrorPV MirrorPV - Balanced growth photovoltaic generation with Roof PV mirrors 2015
241 ENERCOVERY Modular green-energy recovery and business model 2015
243 HYBRID_BOATS An innovative hybrid propulsion and generation system for yachts 2015
244 EFFICIENT Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression System for Cargo using Innovative Green Technology 2016
245 SimCoDeQ Simulation tool development for a composite manufacturing process default prediction integrated into a quality control system 2016
246 RESET Re-use of Thermoplastic Composite 2016
247 SMART SMART: Small Medicines Advanced Research Training 2016
248 WASABI Towards the Wider uptake of Arterial Stiffness As a BIomarker for cardiovascular diseases 2015
249 BALANCE Business Aviation Laminar Nacelle 2016
250 IN-SKA Square Kilometre Array: Infrastructure Detailed Design for SKA Phase 1 2016
251 AMaTUC Boosting the scientific excellence and innovation capacity in additive manufacturing of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca 2016
252 SOLPART High Temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for Industrial Production of Reactive Particulates 2016
253 BroadSem Induction of Broad-Coverage Semantic Parsers 2016
254 DevTMF Development of Experimental Techniques and Predictive Tools to Characterise Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Behaviour and Damage Mechanisms 2016
255 TiAlCracks Crack growth threshold analysis in TiAl alloys 2016
256 UMnD Urban modelling in higher dimensions: embedding generalisation of 3D data in a 4D model 2016
257 PhotoFluo Synthesis and photopolymerisation of new fluorinated macromonomers for the obtaining of high performance fluoropolymers 2016
258 STRIGES Escaping from the Franck-Condon region : a theoretical approach to describe molecular STructural ReorganIzation for reversible EnerGy and information storage at the Excited State 2015
259 VINEYARD Versatile Integrated Accelerator-based Heterogeneous Data Centres 2016
260 MacroFuels Developing the next generation Macro-Algae based biofuels for transportation via advanced bio-refinery processes 2016
262 SPARK Spatial Augmented Reality as a Key for co-creativity 2016
263 STARR Decision SupporT and self-mAnagement system for stRoke survivoRs 2016
264 AMOS Additive Manufacturing Optimization and Simulation Platform for repairing and re-manufacturing of aerospace components 2016
265 PELICO Peptidomimetics with photocontrolled biological activity 2016
266 TAIS TES App Issuing Software 2015
267 PEARL Periodically bent crystals for crystalline undulators 2016
268 TOURISM ID Design Innovation Support Scheme for Tourism Industry 2016
269 HNSciCloud Helix Nebula – The Science Cloud 2016
270 NETIM New Tools for Innovation Monitoring (NETIM) 2016
271 BCOOL Barocaloric materials for energy-efficient solid-state cooling 2016
272 INDIGO New generation of Intelligent Efficient District Cooling systems 2016
273 NANOCOMP Complex Dynamics of Clusters in High-Aspect Ratio Hollow Nanostructures:A Nanoscale Platform for High-Performance Computing 2016
274 TOREADOR TrustwOrthy model-awaRE Analytics Data platfORm 2016
275 sqetch Sqetch – easily connecting fashion brands with apparel manufacturers 2016
276 TERAULTRA Terahertz Ultra-Short Pulses from Self-Induced Transparency Modelocked Quantum Cascade Lasers 2016
277 Magintlec Controlling interfacial spin effects in magnetic devices through applied electric fields 2016
278 ENHANCE Engineering the 3D Niche to enHANCE functionality of hepatocytes derived from human iPSCs 2016
279 TFS Tunnel fire stopper or TFS shortly 2016
280 APTASENS A new generation of AptaSensors 2016
281 SOILCARE Soil Care for profitable and sustainable crop production in Europe 2016
282 PROTECT-2 PeRsonnel lOcation and Tracking for safEty of Critical InfrasTructures 2016
284 QuModQu Quantification and modality in the realm of questions 2016
285 MATChING Materials Technologies for performance improvement of Cooling Systems in Power Plants 2016
286 4D4F Data Driven Dairy Decisions 4 Farmers 2016
287 HALO Understanding Halophytes for an Agriculture Worth its Salt 2016
288 MULTI2DSWITCH MULTIfunctional optoelectronic devices based on hybrid heterostructures of 2D materials and photochromic SWITCHes 2016
289 AMINE_REMOVAL Removing of biogenic amines of the wine by selective adsorption on functionalized porous solids 2016
291 MCNANO “Multi-component nanoparticles as bimodal contrast agents for MRI and optical detection of tumors and for targeted photodynamic therapy” 2016
292 HONEYDIAB-8 Characterization of islet-specific CD8 T cells in the honeymoon of type 1 diabetes 2016
293 ANCHOR E3s Anchoring ligandable binding sites at E3 ligase surfaces for plug-and-play PROTACs. 2016
294 TOPOPOLIS Topological Polaritons in Semiconductor Photonic Crystal Structures: Exotic band structures and topological polariton states for quantum simulation and future optoelectronic devices 2016
295 SelectX Integrated Crossbar of Microelectromechanical Selectors and Non-Volatile Memory Devices for Neuromorphic Computing 2016
296 EVOL-WNS Genetic factors contributing to White Nose Syndrome tolerance in North American and European Myotis-bats 2016
297 ROFeRS Engineering ground-state pair interactions by Rydberg Optical Feshbach Resonance Schemes 2017
298 EXACT Identifying biomarkers of Exposure leading to Lung Cancer with Adductomics 2016
299 INSPUR In-Situ Polyurethane Resins 2016
300 MedTrain Career Development and Mobility Fellowships in Medical Device Research and Development: A CÚRAM Industry-Academia Training Initiative. 2016
301 FINESSS Financing Energy Saving Solutions for SMEs 2016
302 S.M.A.S. Sustainable Modular Architectural System 2016
303 The Invisible Helmet Airbag bicycle helmet based on One Piece Woven technology 2016
304 VaporPV Low cost PV cooling system for ground-mounted and rooftop systems - VaporPV 2016
305 QDM Quantum Decision Making 2016
307 ADAPT Adaptive Decision support for Agents negotiation in electricity market and smart grid Power Transactions 2017
308 IRONLAKE Establishing stable IRON isotopes of laminated LAKE sediments as novel palaeoclimate proxy 2016
309 Dig-For-Arch Digital Forensic Archaeology 2017
310 COLORAMAP Constrained Low-Rank Matrix Approximations: Theoretical and Algorithmic Developments for Practitioners 2016
311 ZPR The Pancreas Regulome: From causality to prediction of non-coding mutations in human pancreatic diseases 2016
312 IL-E-CAT Enhancing electrocatalysis in low temperature fuel cells by ionic liquid modification 2016
313 EMS UHPE Engine Mount System for Ultra High Pass Engine 2016
314 PNOWWA Probabilistic Nowcasting of Winter Weather for Airports 2016
315 MINIMA MItigating Negative Impacts of Monitoring high levels of Automation 2016
316 SmartResilience Smart Resilience Indicators for Smart Critical Infrastructures 2016
317 CHISEL Church Building as Industry in Early Medieval Western Europe 2016
318 MARINA Marine Knowledge Sharing Platform for Federating Responsible Research and Innovation Communities 2016
319 Marine Mammals Using marine mammals for making science education and science careers attractive for young people 2016
320 TECNIOspring PLUS ACCIÓ programme to foster mobility of researchers with a focus in applied research and technology transfer 2016
321 Reminova02 Feasibility Study to Demonstrate Effectiveness and Efficiency of Enamel Remineralisation using Reminova's EAER (Electrically Accelerated Enhanced Remineralisation) Technology for Dental Applications 2016
322 CHESS-SETUP Combined HEat SyStem by using Solar Energy and heaT pUmPs 2016
323 WADI WADI 2016
324 FLOWERED de-FLuoridation technologies for imprOving quality of WatEr and agRo-animal products along the East African Rift Valley in the context of aDaptation to climate change. 2016
325 STAMP Separation Technology for A Million Peaks 2016
326 CHAOS C-H Acids for Organic Synthesis 2016
327 Multi-time Integral Eqs. Interacting relativistic quantum dynamics via multi-time integral equations 2016
328 AutoScan AutoScan – Rail inspection by autonomous systems 2016
329 ENABLE Elucidating natural bilayer lipid environments 2016
330 HERACLES HEritage Resilience Against CLimate Events on Site 2016
331 THaCH The effects of hypercholesterolemia on tendon health (Tendon Health and CHolesterol) 2016
332 SENSE SENSE - a roadmap for the ideal low light level sensor development 2016
333 NANOTER Development of Ultra-Sensitive Nanotherapeutic Anticancer Agents for Boron Neutron CaptureTherapy 2016
334 MOSAIC Evolution of the Ape Forelimb: Evidence from Internal Bone Structure 2016
335 TransPhorm Single molecule imaging of transmembrane protein structure and function in their native state 2016
336 TaCo Take Control 2016
337 NEOBALLAST New high-performant and long-lasting ballast for sustainable railway infrastructures 2016
338 ARGOS Aerospace propeller useful for diesel engines with extreme excitation of vibrations 2016
339 PROPCONEL More electric, advanced hydromechanics propeller control components. 2016
340 CRO-INSPECT Collaborative RObotic Solution for Advanced Inspection of Complex Composite parts 2016
341 HYPERA Affordable Hyperspectral Imaging System for on-line foreign body detection and chemical composition analysis 2016
342 SOS Jelly An advanced biological remedy against jellyfish stings 2016
343 UTFebSMEApp UniTuition – Using internet technologies to upgrade and optimize inefficient university tutoring markets. 2016
344 PRODRIVE Production-Ready Oriented Development of Radically Innovative Vehicle Electric drive 2016
345 SAP-Nano A disruptive technology for vaccines manufacturing based on Self-Assembled Polymeric Nanoparticulate systems 2016
346 COMPASS Competitive Auxiliary Power Units for vehicles based on metal supported stack technology 2016
347 PROTEGO Procedural Tools for Effective Governance (PROTEGO) Patterns, Outcomes and Policy DesignProcedural Tools for Effective Growth: Patterns, Outcomes and policy Design 2016
348 Neurotoxic An Ultra-sensitive Assay to Measure Oligomer Induced Toxicity in Human Cerebrospinal Fluid 2016
349 LIBI Lightning Interception Blade Implant 2016
350 HORTILED Market Opportunity Validation and Business Plan Development for horticulture research LED solution - HORTILED 2016
351 LEASP Learning spatiotemporal patterns in longitudinal image data sets of the aging brain 2016
352 StemHealth Foetal Intestinal Stem Cells in Biology and Health 2016
353 ULT-MAS-DNP Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at ultra-fast sample spinning and ultra-low temperature 2016
355 PERMIDES Personsalised Medicine Innovation through Digital Enterprise Solutions 2016
356 GeCo Data-Driven Genomic Computing 2016
357 ARCHES Accessible Resources for Cultural Heritage EcoSystems 2016
358 CRESUCHIRP Ultrasensitive Chirped-Pulse Fourier Transform mm-Wave Detection of Transient Species in Uniform Supersonic Flows for Reaction Kinetics Studies under Extreme Conditions 2016
359 iPSCAtaxia An induced pluripotent stem cell-based neuronal model of Spinocerebellar ataxia 2016
360 SCOUTFermi2D Strongly correlated ultracold fermions in two-dimensional tailored optical potentials: pairing, superfluidity and disorder 2016
361 Sencell16 Lifecare’s Sencell sensor is an implantable micro-sensor for subcutaneous location, long time, continuous, wireless, real time monitoring of interstitial glucose for diabetes management. 2016
362 FerroHub A modular power electronic inverter based on a local DC nanogrid for solar, storage and smart grids 2016
363 NO-META Feasibility study of a NOvel METAbolic liquid biopsy for cancer therapy monitoring 2016
364 MobileRecycle Green mobile recycling technology for dirty (none-recyclable) plastic waste 2016
365 NANOMAN Nanosensors manufacturing 2016
366 Hazijax Hazard-Sensing, Network Connected Garments for Industrial Safety-Critical Environments 2016
367 tagMDR Identification of Multidrug Resistance for Chemotherapy Guidance in Cancer Using a Lab-on-a-chip Platform 2016
369 ParaplegiaAxonsER Functional interactions between endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria in Drosophila axons 2017
370 E2D3S2 Education and Engagement for inclusive Design and Development of Digital Systems and Services 2016
371 3DSTAR Highly porous collagen scaffolds for building 3D vascular networks: structure and property relationships 2016
372 PHONON-VALVE Designing Novel Phonon Valve Device through Ferroic Domain Wall Engineering 2016
373 AQURI Air Quality at the Urban-Rural Interface 2017
374 HOXA9 degradome Deciphering the machinery involved in stability of the transcription factor HOXA9. 2016
375 FluoroDendriNostic Combined fluorinated polymer and poly-L-lysine dendrimer as new potential contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging 19F 2016
376 BEND Bendable Bioplatform for Electrically stimulated Neuronal Differentiation 2016
377 NIMBLE Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe 2016
378 4DHeart 4D analysis of heart development and regeneration using advanced light microscopy 2017
379 InnoWEE Innovative pre-fabricated components including different waste construction materials reducing building energy and minimising environmental impacts 2016
380 VULKANO Novel integrated refurbishment solution as a key path towards creating eco-efficient and competitive furnaces 2016
381 A4BLUE Adaptive Automation in Assembly For BLUE collar workers satisfaction in Evolvable context 2016
382 DeMAnD Dynamic aircraft MAterial property Database 2016
383 ReWaCEM Ressource recovery from industrial waste water by cutting edge membrane technologies 2016
384 RE4 REuse and REcycling of CDW materials and structures in energy efficient pREfabricated elements for building REfurbishment and construction 2016
385 UPGRADE High efficient Particulate free Gasoline Engines 2016
386 IMCA Immersive Cabin 2016
387 OLFITT O.M.P.M LiferCraft Fabrication Innovative Tool Tail 2016
388 Planheat Integrated tool for empowering public authorities in the development of sustainable plans for low carbon heating and cooling 2016
389 Ascent AM Adding Simulation to the Corporate ENvironmenT for Additive Manufacturing 2016
391 HIPERLAM High Performance Laser-based Additive Manufacturing 2016
392 CarbSens An ultra compact greenhouse gas remote sensing system for ranges between 500 and 2000 m 2017
393 SaferAfrica Innovating dialogue and problems appraisal for a safer Africa 2016
394 NanoMEMC2 NanoMaterials Enhanced Membranes for Carbon Capture 2016
395 GEMex GEMex: Cooperation in Geothermal energy research Europe-Mexico for development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Superhot Geothermal Systems 2016
396 Metacontrol Cognitive control in context: Neural, functional, and social mechanisms of metacontrol 2016
397 FNS-4-NAMOSAT Development of fluorescence nanospectroscopy to elucidate the roles of nanoscale molecular segregation in the activation of T-cells 2016
398 REW-TYRES Innovative and compact process for recycling rubber suitable to improve the environmental footprint of the tyre industry over the life-cycle 2016
399 ELASTEST ElasTest: an elastic platform for testing complex distributed large software systems 2017
400 COEMS Continuous Observation of Embedded Multicore Systems 2016
402 EMEurope ERA-NET Cofund Electric Mobility Europe 2016
403 AiRT Technology transfer of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) for the creative industry 2017
404 SEED Supporting the Recognition of the Silver Economy in Europe in the Digital Era 2016
405 BE-OI Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice 2016
406 PolyTest Ultrasonic Phased Array Non-Destructive Testing and In-Service Inspection System for high integrity Polyethylene Pipe Welds with automated analysis software. 2016
407 D3 Interpreting Drawings for 3D Design 2017
409 eCraft2Learn Digital Fabrication and Maker Movement in Education: Making Computer-supported Artefacts from Scratch 2017
410 WaterSpy High sensitivity, portable photonic device for pervasive water quality analysis 2016
411 MH-MD My Health - My Data 2016
412 RotorDEMO Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution demonstration project 2017
413 mySMARTLife Smart Transition of EU cities towards a new concept of smart Life and Economy 2016
414 HEPHAESTUS Highly automatEd PHysical Achievements and PerformancES using cable roboTs Unique Systems 2017
415 QV-LIFT Q/V band earth segment LInk for Future high Throughput space systems 2016
416 SUREAL-23 Understanding and measuring SUb-23 nm particle emissions from direct injection engines including REAL driving conditions 2016
417 MMpredict Validation of a personalised medicine tool for Multiple Myeloma that predicts treatment effectiveness in patients 2016
418 SHEPHERD Energy-Efficient Activated Sludge Monitoring for Wastewater Treatment Plants 2016
419 RobMoSys Composable Models and Software for Robotics Systems 2017
420 RISCAPE European Research Infrastructures in the International Landscape 2017
421 Storage4Grid Storage4Grid 2016
422 BrainCom High-density cortical implants for cognitive neuroscience and rehabilitation of speech using brain-computer interfaces. 2016
423 GFF Green Fast Ferry - the world’s first 30 knots battery powered Air Supported commuter ferry 2016
424 OvaRenew OvaRenew as a first-line therapy in impaired egg quality treatment 2016
425 IFM nano thruster A highly efficient propulsion system for micro- and nano-satellites able to double the mission lifetime and to position satellites with unprecedented accuracy 2016
426 STARCELL Advanced strategies for substitution of critical raw materials in photovoltaics 2017
427 DataBio Data-Driven Bioeconomy 2017
428 DAFIA Biomacromolecules from municipal solid bio-waste fractions and fish waste for high added value applications. 2017
429 THEMIS Development of a Terahertz Self-Mixing Imaging System 2017
430 SPICOLOST Spin conversion, logic storage in oxide-based electronics 2017
431 A_MADAM Advanced design rules for optimMAl Dynamic properties of Additive Manufacturing products 2017
432 CRYSTAL New innovative textile cutting machine 2016
433 GlucoTab A Novel ICT Assistant Solution for de-Risked Management of Insulin Dosing and Blood Glucose Levels in Hospitalized Patients with Type 2 Diabetes 2016
434 Octopus Technology Octopus Technology: Shale gas and tight oil drilling technology evolution - 100’s micro laterals drilled simultaneously to maximise well productivity 2016
435 MarketStudy-OV Market Research for Oceanvolt zero-carbon emission marine electric propulsion system 2016
436 FLEXPOL Antimicrobial FLEXible POLymers for its use in hospital environments 2017
437 FASTPARSE Fast Natural Language Parsing for Large-Scale NLP 2017
438 GUTPEPTIDES Novel therapeutic approaches to improve gastrointestinal wound healing 2017
439 WoCaFi Unlocking the Entire Wood Matrix for the Next Generation of Carbon Fibers 2017
440 SUPRACOP Systems Chemistry Approach towards Semiconductive Supramolecular Copolymers with Homo- and Heterometallophilic Interactions 2017
441 BiofoulRepel Biofoulant-repelling surfaces for catheters and other biomedical devices 2017
442 INSHIP Integrating National Research Agendas on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes 2017
443 SME 4.0 Industry 4.0 for SMEs - Smart Manufacturing and Logistics for SMEs in an X-to-order and Mass Customization Environment 2017
444 MAGNAMED Novel magnetic nanostructures for medical applications 2017
445 GeoDust Utilization of secondary raw material in geopolymers production 2017
446 ADIBAS Auotmatic Digital Biometry Analysis System for musculoskeletal disorders rehabilitation 2017
447 ExtremoChem Chemically synthesised novel compounds for the stabilisation of biologics 2016
448 RSPDE Regularity and Stability in Partial Differential Equations 2017
449 anTBiotic AnTBiotic – progressing TB drug candidates to clinical proof of concept 2017
450 MSMA Moduli Spaces, Manifolds and Arithmetic 2016
451 ALFA Advanced Low Flying Aircrafts Detection and Tracking 2017
452 ERIDIAN Ensured Randomness Integrity in Device-Independent Networks 2016
453 Cellulose recovery High quality cellulose recovery from AHP: From used diaper to coatings additive 2016
454 EU-SEC The European Security Certification Framework 2017
455 BINCI Binaural Tools for the Creative Industries 2017
456 LLR Laser Lightning Rod 2017
457 PRO-METROFOOD Progressing towards the construction of METROFOOD-RI 2017
458 NO-ICE-ROTOR Development and demonstration of materials and manufacturing process for ultra high reliability electric Anti-ice/De-ice thermal layers for high strain rotor blades and helicopter airframe sections 2017
459 SMILE Synchrotron Miniaturization enabling Innovative Laboratory Equipment in soft x-ray tomography. 2017
460 Advance_eLTER Advancing the European Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and socio-ecological Research Infrastructure towards ESFRI 2017
461 ENFOC Exploiting the Nonlinear Fiber-Optical Channel 2016
462 SOLOMON Self-Organisation and Learning Online in Mobile Observation Networks 2017
463 ODICON-ASMA Optimal Distributed Control and Application to Smart Grids 2017
464 LightFasTR Understanding the light-fastness of heritage Turkey Red textiles through modern dye chemistry and historical dyeing technology to inform sustainable display and access 2017
465 METLAKE Predicting future methane fluxes from Northern lakes 2017
466 smartFEEsh Smart FEEding Systems for Hatcheries: Automatic central feeding system of live food and microdiets for farmed fingerlings 2017
467 BioPackNet Manufacturing of biodegradable and compostable packaging nets through a conventional one-step extrusion process 2017
468 AOrbit Orbiting Journal Bearing Experiment 2017
469 HFLE Hybrid Fixed Leading Edge 2017
470 CHEMMINE Chemical proteome mining for functional annotation of disease relevant proteins 2017
471 UPALET Strong, sustainable and waterproof cardboard pallet that equals load carrying capacity of wooden pallets 2017
472 CBIT Customisable Bioink Technology Platform 2017
473 INNMADRIMASD 3 Innovation services for enhancing SME innovation management capacities in Madrid Region 2017
474 SME Coach LT 2017 Providing Key Account Management services for the SME Instrument beneficiaries and enhancing innovation management capacity services to Lithuanian SMEs in 2017-2018 2017
475 EST-KAM Estonian Key Account Management Services 2017
476 INNOVACTIS 2017-2018 INNOVACTIS 2017-2018 2017
477 BG_CareerDays Bulgarian Days of Career Development and Mobility of Researchers 2017
478 StrainBooster Enforced ATP wasting as a general design principle to rationally engineer microbial cell factories 2017
479 NORIA Numerical Optimal tRansport for ImAging 2017
480 FluCoMa Fluid Corpus Manipulation: Creative Research in Musical Mining of Large Sound/Gesture Datasets through Foundational Access to the Latest Advances of Signal Decomposition. 2017
481 EOW A micro dual-axis vertical wind turbine providing an alternative low carbon energy solution capable of working at high efficiency in low wind speeds for use in urban environments. 2017
482 SMR Seismic Moment and Recurrence (SMR) using Luminescence Dating Techniques 2017
483 DUST-GLASS Improving global dust prediction and monitoring through data assimilation of satellite-based dust aerosol optical depth 2017
484 iGear Intelligent Gearbox for Endurance Advanced Rotorcraft 2017
485 Swennis 2017-2018 Services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network 2017 - 2018 2017
486 Urban Innovation Lab Innovation Associate for Urban Innovation Lab project 2017
487 AqPDRA Industrial research into the properties of molecular capsules in commercially relevant media 2017
488 INNO-CYANO INNOvative mapping, reporting and forecasting of CYANObacteria blooms applying the synergistic use of advanced in situ optical data, satellite imagery and statistical modelling 2017
489 PlasmaSolution Demonstration and implementation of an integrated process for the Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Solution Deposition of PMMA-multicomponent coatings on wood and wood-based substrates 2018
490 Cytokineproteomics Investigating inflammatory signaling by combining phospho- and ubiquitin proteomics with CRISPR/Cas9 technology 2017
491 NANO-DIELECTRICS Nanostructured dielectric platforms for electric and magnetic field-enhanced spectroscopies and nonlinear photonics with low-loss characteristics 2017
492 DENOCS The Double Edged Role of Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide in a Coral Symbiosis 2017
493 GRADIENTSENSING Cellular navigation along spatial gradients 2017
494 MINERVA MIcrobiota-Gut-BraiN EngineeRed platform to eVAluate intestinal microflora impact on brain functionality 2017
495 MULTIPROSMM MULtiple PROperties Single Molecule Magnets 2017
496 KAM2CY3 Key Services for Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs in Cyprus through the local member of Enterprise Europe Network – KAM2CY3 2017
497 FINKAMIE2018 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2017-2018 2017
498 MicroMechCell Precision micromechanical lever for next-generation cell culture systems 2017
499 CaseXtreme ChAnges in the Statistics of EXTremes Events in cliMatE 2017
500 MILC New system for Automatic Music identification of live events and cover versions 2017
501 NEACHA Nanoscale Earth Abundant Catalysts for Hydrosilylation of Alkenes and Industrial applications 2017
502 CriticalGZ Critical Slope Gross-Zagier formula and Perrin-Riou's Conjecture 2017
503 FreezeAlz Theoretical prediction of spectral biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease enabled by highly efficient and adaptable mutli-level response methods 2017
504 quasiTENS Quantum Systems Investigated through Tensor Network States 2017
505 VESPER Volcanoes: eruptive style, pre-eruptive evolution and risk 2018
506 CH4BioVal Biological Valorization of Methane Emissions 2017
507 WELCOME-UNIVERSITY Newcomers at the University. Welcome practices and staff involvement in the UK 2017
508 BROS Blockchain: a new framework for swarm RObotic Systems 2017
509 CAPTIVATE Craft Malting Process Innovation for a Competitive and Collaborative Rural Economy 2017
510 MetaPG Culture-free strain-level population genomics to identify disappearing human-associated microbes in the westernized world 2017
511 InPhoTime Insect Photoperiodic Timer 2017
512 NIBEA Nano Impacts for Biomedical and Environmental Analysis 2017
513 TOXANOID Pharmacological safety testing in human adult stem cell-derived organoids 2017
514 IMPLANTaLive Explore the potentialities of living implants for medical devices 2017
515 CRNPE Chemical Recycling for the New Plastic Economy 2017
516 IPISA Inkjet Printed Sensor Arrays for high efficient, low cost, environmental monitoring 2017
517 AGAGAP Algebraic Group Actions in Geometry, Arithmetic, and Physics 2017
518 BATCA Batteries based on Calcium: from electrolyte development to full cell proof-of-concept 2017
519 HARM High Attenuation Recycling Materials as sustainable barriers for waste disposal sites 2018
520 QuEST Quantum Energy Conditions and Singularity Theorems 2017
521 GEOHEAL Self-healing geological construction materials and structures 2018
522 TENSOROOTS Solving large systems of polynomial equations by using multi-linear algebra tools 2017
523 AttoDNA AttoDNA: how electronic motions affect the photostability of the genomic material 2018
524 CoordPEFC Active-site modulation of metal-ligand Coordinated complex electrocatalysts for PEFCs 2018
525 TeloChromatin Dissecting the chromatin dynamics at telomeres during mouse pre-implantation development. 2017
526 KdpFABC Structure-function relationship of chimeric KdpFABC complex 2017
527 CuMiN Currents and Minimizing Networks 2017
528 SUPER-Lion Surface Promoted Enhanced Transport of Li-ions 2017
529 SmartNurse Bringing persuasive computing training assistance for healthcare personnel from lab experiments to educational practice 2017
530 ROLEDS Highly Efficient Photoemitters for Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Intramolecular Rotation 2017
531 PREFER Patient Preferences in benefit risk assessments during the drug life cycle - Sofia ref.: 115966 2016
532 PHAGO Inflammation and AD: modulating microglia function focussing on TREM2 and CD33 - Sofia ref.: 115976 2016
533 TransQST Translational quantitative systems toxicology to improve the understanding of the safety of medicines - Sofia: 116030 2017
534 AERIALIST AdvancEd aicRaft-noIse-AlLeviation devIceS using meTamaterials 2017
535 E-RIHS PP The European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science Preparatory Phase 2017
536 PEROPTO Single Crystalline Halide Metal Perovskites Based Optoelectronics 2018
537 BIRDBARRIER The Importance of Barriers to Bird Migration 2018
538 FLUID Functional Low-Intensity Light Upconverting Inks for Everyday Applications 2018
539 CENTRELINE ConcEpt validatioN sTudy foR fusElage wake-filLIng propulsioN intEgration 2017
540 NHYTE New Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite Aerostructures manufactured by Out of Autoclave Continuous Automated Technologies 2017
541 AGENT A neuroscience approach to investigating how hierarchy influences moral behaviour 2017
542 FluMToGaC Florinated MOF for toxic gas capture 2018
543 UFICS-QRNG Development of an Ultra-Fast, Integrated, Certified Secure Quantum Random Number Generator for applications in Science and Information Technology 2017
544 ECOCAT Improving the economic feasibility of the biorefinery through catalysis engineering: enhancing the catalyst performance and optimizing valuable product yields 2018
545 Accelerate SUNShINE Save your bUildiNg by SavINg Energy. Begin to move more quickly 2017
546 IMPRiND Inhibiting Misfolded protein PRopagation in Neurodegenerative Diseases - Sofia ref.: 116060 2017
547 ASuMED Advanced Superconducting Motor Experimental Demonstrator 2017
548 CFZEBRA Balancing the immune response in cystic fibrosis: using zebrafish models of infection and inflammation to uncover new therapeutic approaches 2017
549 PPI4HPC Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions for High-Performance Computing 2017
550 NICHOIDS Nichoid: nanoengineered three-dimensional substrate for stem cell expansion 2017
551 FERROVOLT For a better understanding and design of ferroelectric photovoltaics: First-principles study of optical absorption and charge-carrier transport at ferroelectric domain walls in BiFeO3 2017
552 NeMatrix Nematode-based screening technology for next-generation drug discovery 2017
553 HoxyTronic Fuel savings and emissions reduction technology 2017
554 ITERAMS Integrated mineral technologies for more sustainable raw material supply 2017
555 HPC-EUROPA3 Transnational Access Programme for a Pan-European Network of HPC Research Infrastructures and Laboratories for scientific computing 2017
556 N-Supp_INNO-17 Innovation Enhacement Management service and Key Account Management within EEN Niedersachsen 2017-2018 2017
557 MAGIC SWF SMEs 3 Establishing in-depth services enhancing the innovation management capacity of South West of France SMEs in 2017-2018 2017
558 InnoHessen2Europe Innovating Hessian SMEs towards Europe 2017
559 CAMELOT C2 Advanced Multi-domain Environment and Live Observation Technologies 2017
560 KAIROS KAIRÓS - Key Account services and Innovation management support for TRivenetO SME’s 2017
561 SYLFEED From forest to feed: enable the wood industry to bridge the protein gap 2017
562 Rhodoshop Rhodoshop – a pilot programme to facilitate investment in energy efficiency by creation of One-Stop-Shop in Rhodope Region of Bulgaria. 2017
563 GENERALIZED Generalized geometry: 3-manifolds and applications 2018
564 ACFD Acoustical and Canonical Fluid Dynamics in numerical general relativity 2017
565 iBROAD Individual Building (Renovation) Roadmaps 2017
566 MwHresEP Multi-well High-resolution Electrophysiology Platform 2017
567 InnovAfrica Innovations in Technology, Institutional and Extension Approaches towards Sustainable Agriculture and enhanced Food and Nutritional Security in Africa 2017
568 MUSA Microbial Uptakes for Sustainable management of major bananA pests and diseases 2017
569 MAGIC Marginal lands for Growing Industrial Crops: Turning a burden into an opportunity 2017
570 ROBUST Rural-Urban Outlooks: Unlocking Synergies 2017
571 PEFerence From bio-based feedstocks via di-acids to multiple advanced bio-based materials with a preference for polyethylene furanoate 2017
572 GRACE GRowing Advanced industrial Crops on marginal lands for biorEfineries 2017
573 PyroProf Chemical Profiling of Inorganic and Pyrotechnic Explosives 2017
574 TRADE Turbo electRic Aircraft Design Environment (TRADE) 2017
575 HyperDrill High performance laser micro drilling machine for large Hybrid Laminar Flow Control suction panels 2017
576 BreathSpec A rapid, non-invasive, cost-effective, analytical device for bacterial or viral infection diagnosis through ultra-high sensitivity breath analysis. 2017
577 SmartNiBP SmartNiBP: Non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring during surgery 2017
578 SECURE the new gold standard for nondestructive testing in industry, using next generation electromagnetic induction techniques 2017
579 KERASTOP A big jump in preventing problems in refractive surgery for myopia 2017
580 MCodaq Mcodaq is a new benchtop instrument for fraud detection in cosmetics, perfumes, candles and other consumer products, based on NMR and used by technicians without specific analytical chemistry skills 2017
581 XUV-COMB High Resolution Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Spectroscopy 2017
582 GEMMA GEneration iv Materials MAturity 2017
583 HILOGEAR High load gear and bearings materials 2017
584 ECOSHEET-PRO An Eco-Innovative Alternative to Plywood 2017
585 NO-ESKAPE Addressing Antibiotic Resistance: New Strategies for Overcoming the ESKAPE Pathogens 2017
586 THUNDERR Detection, simulation, modelling and loading of thunderstorm outflows to design wind-safer and cost-efficient structures 2017
587 X-Imaging MRI diagnosis using a single-shot imaging technique with unprecedented robustness to field inhomogeneities 2017
588 AlForAMA Innovative Al alloy For aircraft structural parts using Additive MAnufacturing technology 2017
589 DP Renewables A range of economically viable, innovative and proven HydroKinetic turbines that will enable users to exploit the huge potential of clean, predictable energy in the world’s rivers, canals and estuarie 2017
590 HYDROBLOOD Innovative processing plant for optimal production of Decolourised Hydrolysed Protein (DHP). A secure, cost-effective and eco-friendly blood by-product solution. 2017
591 FEWFAST Few-Cycle Electric Field Waveforms for Advanced Science and Technology 2017
592 D-PAL Innovative DePaLletiser for the automated feeding of signatures in the bookbinding industry 2017
593 NEUROCLOUD A neural network builder with remotely controlled parallel computing 2017
594 LOWCAT Low Cost Material for Exhaust Catalysis (LowCat) 2017
595 PropSafe Disruptive design innovation for safe and lower cost implementation of the alternative to the ozone-depleting gases in the heat pump heating and cooling systems 2017
596 IFM Micro Thruster The unique modular propulsion system suitable for all small satellites from 1 to 500 kg 2017
597 METAMAPPER Super-resolution genomic mapping for the microbiome 2017
598 Nano4 Providing the New Generation of Nano-Based Molecular Technology for the Early Detection of Bacteria, Viruses and Cancer at the Point of Care 2017
599 Prisma Innovative and highly-efficient solar thermal collector for Building façades 2017
600 PROBIOTEARS Probiotic-based Ophtalmologic treatment for Bacterial and Allergic Conjunctivitis 2017
601 RECOTRANS Integrated manufacturing of REciclable hybrid metalthermoplastic COmposites for the TRANSport sector. 2017
602 SOMBOT Soft Micro Robotics 2017
603 STEPUP Synthetic DCs for a T cEll ProdUction Platform 2017
604 CartiLube Lubricating Cartilage: exploring the relation between lubrication and gene-regulation to alleviate osteoarthritis 2017
605 EEN-Ukraine Innovation capacity building in Ukrainian SMEs and enhancing cooperation with European SMEs 2017
606 EEN Northern NL EEN Northern Netherlands: enhancing the innovation capacity of SMEs 2017
607 BIOPANELS Biocomposite panels for transportation 2017
608 SYN1002 A New Therapeutic Option to Protect Central Nervous System against Acute Ischemic Stroke 2017
609 TeraApps Doctoral Training Network in Terahertz Technologies for Imaging, Radar and Communication Applications 2018
610 vCare Virtual Coaching Activities for Rehabilitation in Elderly 2017
611 ASPIN Antiferromagntic spintronics 2017
612 CITCOM A Complimentary Inspection Technique based on Computer Tomography and Plenoptic Camera for MEMS Components 2017
613 COPAC Coherent Optical Parallel Computing 2017
614 EndoSearch A unique noninvasive diagnostic test based on endometrium tissue analysis, which assesses the presence or absence of endometriosis without surgery, helping the physician to make his diagnosis rapidly 2017
615 INTAC The International Register of Academic Job Categories. Facilitating Careers in the European Research Area 2017
616 P-TEV Personalized Tissue-Engineered Veins as the first Cure for Patients with Chronic Venous Insufficiency 2017
617 INCOVID Inpainting-based Compression of Visual Data 2017
618 InterAccent Human interaction and the evolution of spoken accent 2017
619 PHONUIT Phononic Circuits: manipulation and coherent control of phonons 2018
620 HiCoS Higher Co-dimension Singularities: Minimal Surfaces and the Thin Obstacle Problem 2018
621 ALGOCom Novel Algorithmic Techniques through the Lens of Combinatorics 2018
622 HyFlexFuel Hydrothermal liquefaction: Enhanced performance and feedstock flexibility for efficient biofuel production 2017
623 CLEANKER CLEAN clinKER production by Calcium looping process 2017
625 Spine Open source toolbox for modelling integrated energy systems 2017
626 INNO GREEN Encouraging INNOvation for development of GREEN jobs 2017
627 AIM Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem improvement 2017
628 RTCure Rheuma Tolerance for Cure 2017
629 SoftBeam Modular Platform for Controlled Ion Beam Generation 2018
630 ETALON Energy harvesTing for signAlLing and cOmmunicatioN systems 2017
631 BioNanoPattern Protein nano-patterning using DNA nanotechnology; control of surface-based immune system activation 2018
632 TOPP Topological phononics through nano-optomechanical interactions 2018
633 SuperEH Super Variable Vector Combination Energy Saving Hub 2017
634 EUROMIX Regulating mixed intimacies in Europe 2017
635 MNEMONIC Magnetic Enzyme Metal Organic Framework Composites 2017
636 SONGBIRD SOphisticated 3D cell culture scaffolds for Next Generation Barrier-on-chip In vitro moDels 2018
637 SVIS Supervised Verification of Infinite-State Systems 2018
638 ReUseHeat Recovery of Urban Excess Heat 2017
639 COOL DH Cool ways of using low grade Heat Sources from Cooling and Surplus Heat for heating of Energy Efficient Buildings with new Low Temperature District Heating (LTDH) Solutions. 2017
640 TEMPO TEMPerature Optimisation for Low Temperature District Heating across Europe 2017
641 PARE Perspectives for the Aeronautical Research in Europe 2017
642 iModBatt Industrial Modular Battery Pack Concept Addressing High Energy Density, Environmental Friendliness, Flexibility and Cost Efficiency for Automotive Applications 2017
643 SWINOSTICS Swine diseases field diagnostics toolbox 2017
644 VIVALDI Veterinary Validation of Point-of-Care Detection Instrument 2018
645 NEXUS Towards Game-changer Service Operation Vessels for Offshore Windfarms 2017
646 TechTIDE Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Effects 2017
647 BigDataGrapes Big Data to Enable Global Disruption of the Grapevine-powered Industries 2018
648 New Chol Development of New therapies against cholangiopathies. 2017
649 EREMOZ Effect of rare-earth doping elements on the mechanical and oxidation resistance performance of silicon carbide coated carbon fibre / zirconium carbide composites for high temperature applications 2018
650 VegProtein Vegetable proteins: a novel source of next generation functional hydrolysates 2017
651 COMPAR-EU Comparing effectiveness of self-management interventions in 4 high priority chronic diseases in Europe 2018
652 EU-TRAIN The EUropean TRAnsplantation and INnovation (EU-TRAIN) consortium for improving diagnosis and risk stratification in kidney transplant patients 2018
653 3DCellPhase- In situ Structural Analysis of Molecular Crowding and Phase Separation 2018
654 PANBioRA Personalized And/Or Generalized Integrated Biomaterial Risk Assessment 2018
655 TRUFUS MAZARO’s innovative transmissions for unrivalled electricity and fuel savings in transport 2017
656 ESBO DS European Stratospheric Balloon Observatory Design Study 2018
657 FutureTPM Future Proofing the Connected World: A Quantum-Resistant Trusted Platform Module 2018
658 SPIRIT A software framework for the efficient setup of industrial inspection robots 2018
659 ComSos Commercial-scale SOFC systems 2018
660 OxiGEN Next-generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stack and hot box solution for small stationary applications 2018
661 EPICA EPICA - Strategic partnership for the co-design of an innovative and scalable eportfolio ecosystem to improve the quality and visibility of skills 2018
662 FotoInMotion Repurposing and enriching images for immersive storytelling through smart digital tools 2018
663 PROMETHEUS PRivacy preserving pOst-quantuM systEms from advanced crypTograpHic mEchanisms Using latticeS 2018
664 PICTURE High Performance and High Yield Heterogeneous III-V/Si Photonic Integrated Circuits using a Thin and Uniform Bonding Layer 2018
665 COTTON Capacity Optimisation in TrajecTory-based OperatioNs 2018
667 BADGER CalScreener® – an innovative device for Bacterial Analysis and Diagnostics through Growth and Energy-release in Real-time 2017
668 AITEP Accurate Intravenous Therapy for Every Patient 2017
669 Lambda lambda -- full colour, energy efficient, ultra-thin and bendable reflective display. 2017
671 Glyco-DeCon Decontamination by glycosylation based wipes 2018
672 CELION Circular Economy applied to LI-ION batteries for smart electric mobility in cities 2017
673 CyanoKit CyanoKit®, the fastest and easiest test for reliable on-site cyanide detection. 2017
674 HEMERA Integrated access to balloon-borne platforms for innovative research and technology 2018
675 ELEXIS European Lexicographic Infrastructure 2018
676 HIV ECLIPSE HIV-1 acquisition and the future of prevention strategies: deciphering the eclipse phase through modelling and phylogenetics 2018
677 NanoTextSurf Nanotextured surfaces for membranes, protective textiles, friction pads and abrasive materials 2017
678 COMANFLO Computation and analysis of statistical solutions of fluid flow 2018
679 NewtonStrat Newton strata - geometry and representations 2018
680 CoCoSym Symmetry in Computational Complexity 2018
681 CLLCLONE Harnessing clonal evolution in chronic lymphocytic leukemia 2018
682 SMAC-MC Small Molecule Activation by Main-Group Compounds 2018
683 HAPPEN Holistic AProach and Platform for the deep renovation of the med residential built ENvironment 2018
684 S-PARCS Envisioning and Testing New Models of Sustainable Energy Cooperation and Services in Industrial Parks 2018
685 VISTA Vision-based Inspection Systems for automated Testing of Aircraft interiors 2018
686 ECOLAND Development of ECO-friendly protection procedures for LANDing gear aluminium alloys 2018
687 RAISE Reliable Aircraft electrical Insulation System sElection 2018
688 IMASAT IMA (Integrated Modular Avionics) for Small Air Transport 2018
689 MEMBRASENZ Breakthrough of Hydrogen Energy and Hydrogen Mobility by Utilisation of MEMBRASENZ Membranes 2018
691 SensUS SensUS: A non-invasive and quantitative ultrasound (QUS) device for an objective monitoring of the childbirth labour process. 2018
692 SolidCool Cost-efficient, solid-state refrigeration technology for cold storage 2018
693 LABOR Lean robotized AssemBly and cOntrol of composite aeRostructures 2018
694 PRODIGE PRediction of aerOdynamics and hinge moment loaDs at hIgh mach and fliGht rEynolds number 2018
695 AFPMeT Automatic Fiber Placement Metitalia Tooling 2018
696 OASIS Optimisation of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and Laser Beam Welding (LBW) for assembly of structural aircraft parts 2018
697 KEEP-IT-UP KEEP-IT-UP: Redefining shelf life monitoring in the global food industry with a new intelligent Time-Temperature Indicator for perishable products 2018
699 POWERSWAP Fully robotic system for swapping electric car batteries within 3 minutes. 2018
700 INDI INDI, world’s first 100% dairy free, soy-free infant-formula. 2018
701 ACOSVA Advanced Characterization of Organic-rich Shales using Vapour Adsorption 2018
702 NAIL Adsorption and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids on Surfaces in Ionic Liquid Environment 2018
703 EpiLog The Unknown Science: Understanding the Epistemology of Logic through Practice 2018
704 ABC-SALT Advanced Biomass Catalytic Conversion to Middle Distillates in Molten Salts 2018
705 iSPY Immobilized proteins in porous materials – Structural studies by Pulse EPR dipolar spectroscopY 2018
706 NEQC Noise-Enhanced Quantum Control 2018
707 SomaGrapeGenome Fast-forward genomics of somatic variants adaptable to climate change for cultivar innovation in grapevine 2018
708 HiBriCarbon Mixed Biotic and abiotic functionalysed electrodes for Plant Microbial Fuel Cells applications 2018
709 BIOGEOS Bio-mediated Geo-material Strengthening for engineering applications 2018
710 BOLD-NMR Biomolecular structures elucidated by cOLD magic angle spinning NMR with dynamic nuclear polarization 2018
711 CASE-CO2 Carbon Accumulation over Succession to Enhance mitigation of CO2 emissions 2018
712 CHEM2D Chemistry of 2D materials: Intercalation and surface functionalization 2019
713 COLOSSEO Seismogenic COmpression in southern Italy? – High-resolution topography (Lidar) and mOrphotectonic analySis to test the active nature of the Southern ApenninE Outer Thrust Front 2018
714 DYCODE The Dynamics of Constructive Deliberation 2018
715 E-SCENT Epidermal sensors as personal chemical environmental monitoring tools 2018
716 ECHO Harmonization of Regulation of Abusive Non-Judicial Debt Collection in the European Union: Models, Benefits and Challenges 2019
717 EMISSR Efficient Multibody Interactive Simulation for Soft Robotics 2019
718 NEURODIAM High density full diamond cortical implant for long life time implantation 2018
719 SEA-TITAN SEA-TITAN: Surging Energy Absorption Through Increasing Thrust And efficieNcy 2018
720 H3PS H3PS – High Power High Scalability Aircraft Hybrid Powertrain 2018
721 SEA The Social Epistemology of Argumentation 2018
722 ECOBREED Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of organic crop breeding 2018
723 FatTryp Exploring the hidden life of African trypanosomes: parasite fat tropism and implications for disease 2018
724 SPICE Spectroscopy in cells with tailored in-vivo labelling strategies and multiply addressable nano-structural probes 2018
725 INNOSETA Accelerating Innovative practices for Spraying Equipment, Training and Advising in European agriculture through the mobilization of Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems 2018
726 Sialoglycan Array Generation of a Cell-Based Sialoglycan Array to Decipher Biological Interactions and Functions of the Human Sialome 2018
727 COSMICLENS Cosmology with Strong Gravitational Lensing 2018
728 GENESIS Generic semiclassical transport simulator for new generation thermoelectric materials 2018
729 NegCap Negative capacitor based on a ferroelectric nano-dot 2018
730 OPTOSENSE Optical sensing of relative humidity using photoswitchable molecules 2018
731 MINIRES A Minimalist Peptide Elastomer 2018
732 PolyHeal Autonomously Healable Thermoplastic Polymer Coatings based on Cooperative Interactions 2018
733 RuZn Ru–Zn Heterobimetallic Complexes 2018
734 H2O-SPLIT Carbon-Oxynitride Coupled Artificial Photosynthesis System For Solar Water Splitting Beyond 600 nm 2019
735 USFAOD Understanding soot formation using advanced optical diagnostics 2018
736 LIMO Light Driven Stomatocyte Nanomotors 2018
737 Primer Predicting the impacts of climate change and management actions for the invasiveness of alien species in Europe 2019
738 STELLAR multireSponsive hybrid Transition mEtaL dichaLcogenides-bAsed optoelectRonics – A European Fellowship for career development 2018
739 FATarget Drugs targets in sympathetic neurons controlling adiposity. 2019
740 LOWCOST-PBI-HTPEMFC Novel binder-ionomer-free electrodes enable ultra-low Pt loading electrodes for low cost High Temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells based in phosphoric acid-doped polybenzimidazole membranes 2018
741 COAGULANT CK2-dependent cytoskeletal regulation and molecular signaling of Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) formation 2018
742 HEALSEA Innovative indicators of resilience to protect the health status of seagrass meadows: from ecological theory to conservation 2018
743 PLIMPine Pine protection against Pitch canker through genetic resistance and plant immunization 2018
744 MECHANOIDS Probing and controlling the three-dimensional organoid mechanobiology 2019
746 PLaTONE PLasmonics@Transparent cONductive oxidEs 2018
747 SafePack Assessing safety of food packaging through computational toxicology 2018
748 HyThermEl Hybrid Thermoelectrics: From Model to Device 2019
749 SUPER Synthetic Utilization of Photoredox-generated Electrophilic Radicals 2018
750 MONMETAL Generation of monolayer thin 2D nanosheets of noble/semi-noble metals: Investigation of their structural, electronic and catalytic properties 2018
751 GRAINS Gravitation of Rubble-pile Asteroid with Internal N-body Structure 2018
752 COGNAESTHSYMP A Cognitively Inflected Aesthetics of the Greek Symposion 2019
753 UVALITH Continuous Wave, Tunable Monolithic Frequency Converter 2018
754 KEMISTATIC New ElectroSTATIC Spraying Process of Two-Component, Solvent-Free, Fast-Curing, Liquid Resins 2018
755 Hot chips Waste heat recovery for industrial heat intensive processes 2018
756 SALUS Portable, high-performance, and all-in-one digital data recovery lab for digital forensics to greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2018
757 HARVEST Hierarchical multifunctional composites with thermoelectrically powered autonomous structural health monitoring for the aviation industry 2018
758 The Blue Growth Farm Development and demonstration of an automated, modular and environmentally friendly multi-functional platform for open sea farm installations of the Blue Growth Industry 2018
759 iDev40 Integrated Development 4.0 2018
760 PREMOL At the crossroad of molecular physics, quantum optics and spectroscopy:ultra-high-precision molecular spectroscopy for fundamental physics 2018
761 GemX Towards a ton-scale Ge-76 observatory for neutrinoless double beta decay 2018
762 FunMagResBeacons Functionalized Magnetic Resonance Beacons for Enhanced Spectroscopy and Imaging 2018
763 PALGLAC Palaeoglaciological advances to understand Earth’s ice sheets by landform analysis 2018
764 OCAL Optimal Control at Large 2018
765 SUPRAWOC Supramolecular Architectures for Ruthenium Water Oxidation Catalysis 2018
766 AUTO NERVE Tracers for targeting nerves in the autonomic nervous system 2018
767 TCBI Tracking children in their best interests: electronic monitoring in three European juvenile justice systems 2018
768 NanoTBTech Nanoparticles-based 2D thermal bioimaging technologies 2018
769 VES4US Extracellular vesicles from a natural source for tailor-made nanomaterials 2018
770 cGEM the Center for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine 2018
771 EUCP European Climate Prediction system 2017
772 EVERYWH2ERE Making hydrogen affordable to sustainably operate Everywhere in European cities 2018
773 ComFyt ComFyt, the revolution in compression therapy. A novel Electro-Active Polymers technology applied to a smart stocking that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates the blood flow. 2018
774 VOLTCLOUD VoltCloud: Bringing the power of the Cloud to a revolutionary renewable home battery 2018
775 STETHOTELEPHONE Device for improving the value of the Classic/Mechanic stethoscope – An innovative device for improvement, digitization and recording of the sound. 2018
776 Aqua Gratis Development and commercialisation of cost effective, easy to use, fit and maintain domestic greywater reuse system 2018
777 DEGCAE DryGro: Efficient Growth of Crops in Arid Environments (DEGCAE) 2018
778 Ligninpolymers Transformation of kraft lignin into a biodegradable biopolymer 2018
779 Teraloop ESS A highly scalable grid-scale energy storage system utilising 3rd generation flywheel technology for effective integration of renewable energy. 2018
780 SEEVIX Phase-1 Spidersilk fibers as scaffold for tissue engineering: skin regeneratin and wound healing 2018
781 INNOWIND Low-cost and low-maintenance innovative mid-power horizontal axis wind turbine operable with low winds and small installation areas. 2018
782 GoSleep Global scale-up of GoSleep Pods more than a seat 2018
783 NPS Demonstration of a novel and scalable, compact air purification module for HVAC systems and ducts – the Nano Purifying System 2018
784 LEAD Miniature colon spectral scanner that gives real-time automatic alerts for pathological findings. 2018
785 TRILLIO TRILLIO, a porTable pRescription assistant Improving heaLth of Europeans citizens by increasing therapeutic adherence in eLderly people and in patIents affected by chrOnic diseases 2018
786 AQUA PUR TM Development and market penetration of an innovative water purification technology for industrial applications 2018
787 E-DURA Commercialization of novel soft neural interfaces 2018
788 NAVSCIN High Accuracy Navigation under Scintillation Conditions 2018
789 ALS2 AcidLess Separation 2.0 2018
790 Nano4 Colorimetric Precision Nanodiagnostics made Fast and Affordable 2018
791 ALOEco ALOe vera Edible Coating: effective, safe and sustainable post-harvest treatment to enhance shelf-life of vegetables 2018
792 STET CLEAN Disinfecting the Stethoscope membrane through a hi-tech UV device 2018
793 CreamOlive Industrial scale-up of the first all-natural solid fat based on olive oil to produce healthier bakery foods 2018
794 PTC Machine-Learning Technology for Digital Marketing 2018
795 EMPLOBOT The First Recruitment Bot to Integrate Labour Market in the EU 2018
796 SOLIMER Low cost, water Soluble, Injection Moulded polyvinyl alcohol polymer for laundry detergent capsules 2018
797 Slim plus Reduced platform lift enhancing accessibility for disable citizens 2018
799 Rotation Heat Pump ROTATION HEAT PUMP – the refrigerant free highly-efficient heat pump for industrial use 2018
800 oilywatertreat The most effective and economically attractive solution for treating oily waste water on vessels and keeping our oceans cleaner 2018
801 ESKAM Electric Scalable Axle Module for e-Mobility 2018
802 MARS ModulAR Plug-in Mechatronic DeviceS for vibration suppression in manufacturing equipment 2018
803 VIPRISCAR Validation of an industrial process to manufacture isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) at pilot level 2018
804 UNRAVEL UNique Refinery Approach to Valorise European Lignocellulosics 2018
805 DeCAS The first real-time monitoring device able to determine the impact area of space vehicles’ fragments during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and minimize risks for people and property 2018
806 FESTA Flexible Euv SpecTrometer for Attosecond science 2018
807 Milis Milis, a novel sweet protein for use as flavouring in the food and beverage industry 2018
809 OAlipotherapy Long-retention liposomic drug-delivery for intra-articular osteoarthritis therapy 2018
811 TrueProactive ROMAD TrueProactive - a next generation cyber defence software for European SMEs 2018
812 ONCOSMART ONCOlogic patient profiling and personalized treatment through SMART bedside diagnostics 2018
813 collectiveQCD Collectivity in small, srongly interacting systems 2019
814 OrganoVIR Organoids for Virus Research - An innovative training-ETN programme 2019
816 ReduceSearch Rigorous Search Space Reduction 2019
817 SQUARE Scalable Rare Earth Ion Quantum Computing Nodes 2018
818 ATTRACT breAkThrough innovaTion pRogrAmme for a pan-European Detection and Imaging eCosysTem 2018
819 REFIND Remote strategies for fossil finding: multispectral images and species distributional modelling applications for large-scale palaeontological surveys. 2018
820 EVOdrops directed EVOlution in DROPS 2018
821 DUSTBUSTERS Dust and gas in planet forming discs 2019
822 IAWAS Innovative Aluminium filler Wires for Aircraft Structures 2018
823 Airmee Optimizing Logistic Fleets with Machine Learning to Enable Sustainable On-Demand Deliveries in Cities 2018
824 MaMBoQ Macroscopic Behavior of Many-Body Quantum Systems 2019
825 iConsensus Integrated control and sensing platform for biopharmaceutical cultivation process high-throughput development and production 2018
826 AgroBioHeat Promoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating in European rural areas 2019
827 InterActive Interacting with Active Particles 2019
828 5D-NanoTrack Five-Dimensional Localization Microscopy for Sub-Cellular Dynamics 2018
829 ACHILES Advanced Architectures Chassis/Traction concept for Future Electric vehicles 2018
830 SULACHANGE Microplastic-free Sulapac-material challenges plastic 2018
831 MesuR Metric-measure inequalities in sub-Riemannian manifolds 2019
832 MOAB Miniaturised optically accessible bioreactor for drug discovery and biological research 2018
833 SHIVADHARMA Translocal Identities. The Åšivadharma and the Making of Regional Religious Traditions in Premodern South Asia 2018
834 5GENESIS 5th Generation End-to-end Network, Experimentation, System Integration, and Showcasing 2018
835 RedStroke Smart ICT-solution to cost-efficiently detect atrial fibrillation to Reduce Europe’s burden of Stroke 2018
836 PhoQuS Photons for Quantum Simulation 2018
837 REACT Renewable Energy for self-sustAinable island CommuniTies 2019
838 SPARTAN Smart multilevel Power conditioning for AeRonautical elecTricAl uNits 2018
839 ANALYST EM compatibility ANALYsis Statistical Techniques in aeronautics 2018
840 EPOQUE Engineering post-quantum cryptography 2018
841 E-MAGIC European Magnesium Interactive Battery Community 2019
842 EVC1000 Electric Vehicle Components for 1000 km daily trips (EVC1000). 2019
844 E-BRAKE Design, Manufacturing and Qualification up to TRL5 of Innovative Electro-Mechanical BRAKE actuation System for SAT Application 2018
845 OPERA Space Qualification and Validation of High Performance European Rad-Hard FPGA 2019
846 IPAC The first insulating, loadbearing cardboard material for construction applications 2018
847 PIPPI Platform for Innovation of Procurement and Procurement of Innovation 2018
848 PRIMAGE PRedictive In-silico Multiscale Analytics to support cancer personalized diaGnosis and prognosis, Empowered by imaging biomarkers 2018
849 ENDOSCAPE ENDOSCAPE, a clinically applicable non-viral gene delivery technology 2019
850 PROTECT Personnel Location and Tracking for Safety, Security and Protection 2018
851 CONAN II CONAN II - COmplete Nucleic acid ANalysis at genome scale at ultra-high throughput Phase 2 2018
852 DELPHI Computing Answers to Complex Questions in Broad Domains 2019
853 Vinarom Development of an innovative and resource-efficient starter culture for the baking industry to enhance flavour diversity 2018
854 ERGO Breaking down the wall between human health and environmental testing of endocrine disrupters: EndocRine Guideline Optimisation 2019
856 HYDROGO Energy from water in motion: efficient, customisable off-grid hydro-electricity for rural areas with stream access 2018
857 MOCEAN INTELLIGENCE Empowering SMEs to take part in the Ocean Industry with an Intelligent Platform that will support their Business decisions 2018
858 Skye Redefining Drone Safety and Autonomous Operation for Indoor Commercial Applications 2018
859 ReSurface A combined developmental cell biology and tissue engineering approach to repair the articular surface of synovial joints 2019
860 RADAR-AD Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse – Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
861 BeforeHand Boosting Performance of Phase Change Devices by Hetero- and Nano-Structure Material Design 2019
862 HiMISER High resolution Miniature Implantable nerve Stimulator for Electroceutical Research (HiMISER) 2019
863 DigitalHealthEurope DigitalHealthEurope: Support to a Digital Health and Care Innovation initiative in the context of Digital Single Market strategy 2019
864 StratifiedGRANULAR Modelling of rheologically stratified granular flows by a multi-layer depth-averaged approach 2019
865 TIL-FIT Increasing the fitness of tumor-infiltrating T cells for cellular immunotherapy 2019
866 TRIFECTs Trions and sp3-Defects in Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes for Optoelectronics 2019
867 HQMAT New Horizons in Quantum Matter: From Critical Fluids to High Temperature Superconductivity 2019
868 SCALE-HALO Multiscale chemical engineering of functional metal halides 2019
869 IONPEN Trapped-ion quantum information in 2-dimensional Penning trap arrays 2019
870 Repair3D Recycling and Repurposing of Plastic Waste for Advanced 3D Printing Applications 2019
871 CAPSEL Cellulose Aluminium Polymer multi-ions composite Solid-electrolyte 2019
872 UNICORE A Common Code Base and Toolkit for Deployment of Applications to Secure and Reliable Virtual Execution Environments 2019
873 SPECTRACON Materials Engineering of Integrated Hybrid Spectral Converters for Next Generation Luminescent Solar Devices 2019
874 INCYPRO A Technology for the Generation of Stable Enzymes 2019
875 INITIO INnovative chemIcal sensors for enanTioselective detectIon of chiral pOllutants 2019
876 IQubits Integrated Qubits Towards Future High-Temperature Silicon Quantum Computing Hardware Technologies 2019
877 MELIITA 3 H2020 Maltese-European Linkages for Internationalisation, Innovation and Technology Transfer [3] 2019
878 KAM2CY4 Provision of services for enhancing innovation management capacity of the Cypriot SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network Cyprus 2019
880 SWCSP - Solar Water Creating sustainable fresh water from desalinating seawater using Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) 2019
881 Nubart7 From museums to everywhere: Nubart's highly innovative audio guides are looking for new verticals 2019
882 One4Two All-in-one genetic test for fast and accurate diagnosis of the causes of infertility 2019
883 Carbon8 Capturing and adding value to CO2 & hazardous waste to produce valuable aggregates for construction 2019
884 INNOVACTIS 2019 INNOVACTIS 2019 2019
885 FINKAMIE2019 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2019 2019
886 SPIRE A Photovoltaic Plant with thermal co-generation 2019
887 INNOVACCION Supporting Innovation actions in SMEs 2019
888 ESCulab European Screening Centre; Unique Library for Attractive Biology 2018
889 PROBIM PRO Business Innovation Moldova 2019
890 EST-KAM19 Estonian Key Account Management Services 2019 2019
891 Embryospin Increasing IVF success rate through the first magnetic resonance system for embryonic quantitative analysis at the cell scale 2018
892 BoostCrop Boosting Crop Growth using Natural Product and Synthesis Enabled Solar Harvesting 2019
893 THOR TeraHertz detection enabled by mOleculaR optomechanics 2019
894 FeMiT Ferrites-by-design for Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Technologies 2019
895 CiliaTubulinCode Self-organization of the cilium: the role of the tubulin code 2019
896 MAIL Identifying Marginal Lands in Europe and strengthening their contribution potentialities in a CO2sequestration strategy 2019
897 DIAdIC Evaluation of Dyadic Psychoeducational Interventions for People with Advanced Cancer and their Informal Caregivers (DIAdIC): An international randomized controlled trial 2019
898 Swennis 2019 Services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network 2019 2019
899 InnoHessen2Europe_19 Innovating Hessian SMEs towards Europe 2019
900 MAGIC SWF SMES 2019 Establishing in-depth services enhancing the innovation management capacity of South West ofFrance SMEs in 2019 2019
901 LACRYS Light Assisted-CRYStallization 2019
902 CHBTECH Sulphur-free production method for non-food biopolymers (dissolving pulp, hemicellulose and lignin) 2019
903 ELECTRA Efficient and Light Electrical Compressor for Tilt-Rotor Aircraft 2019
904 SPECTROPLAST Introducing silicone to the world of additive manufacturing 2019
905 SpecEMS Spectral Energy Management System for appliance-level analytics, control, and microgrid renewables trading. 2019
906 SCOPE Surface-COnfined fast-modulated Plasma for process and Energy intensification in small molecules conversion 2019
907 CaLA The Capillary Lock Actuator: A novel bistable microfluidic actuator for cost-effective high-density actuator arrays suitable for large-scale graphical tactile displays 2019
908 SonicScan Innovative quality inspection methods for CFRP primary structural parts 2019
909 INNOTOOL 4.0 INNOvative RTM TOOLing FOR CFRP primary structural parts 2019
910 Cryo-SECOM Unlocking the potential of cryo-electron tomography by simplification of the sample preparation workflow 2018
911 MATRIX improved Method to Analyze composite materials suiTable for SLP structures with the aim of Reducing the Impact on the required eXperimental testing campaign 2019
913 inCREASE Coding for Security and DNA Storage 2019
914 CapBed Engineered Capillary Beds for Successful Prevascularization of Tissue Engineering Constructs 2018
915 PsychAID Psychiatric Disorders: ATX-inhibiting drugs as a new therapeutic option: Proof-of-Concept 2019
916 POEMS Physics of Extreme Massive Stars 2019
917 PLASA-2 Smart Planning and Virtual Certification 2018
918 FANVIS Development of new optical absorption filters for application in Night Vision Imaging Systems 2018
919 BioNeedit New biological control agents against European fruit tree canker disease (Neonectria ditissima) in apple: from microbiome analysis towards product development 2019
920 X2Rail-3 Advanced Signalling, Automation and Communication System (IP2 and IP5) – Prototyping the future by means of capacity increase, autonomy and flexible communication 2018
921 Amazonart Conquering Self-Representation: A Collaborative Approach to the Aesthetical-Political Dimension of Amazonian Contemporary Art 2019
922 CoSolCat Surfactant-free Colloidal Solutions for nano-Catalysts with enhanced properties 2020
923 TER4RAIL Transversal Exploratory Research Activities for Railway 2018
924 HOEMEV Hierarchical Optimal Energy Management of Electric Vehicles 2019
925 MechanoGenetic Role of mechanical forces in cell-matrix adhesion sites 2019
926 RAISD Reshaping Attention and Inclusion Strategies for Distinctively vulnerable people among the forcibly displaced 2019
927 DiPipe Direct remote C-H functionalization in piperidine derivatives 2019
928 FALCon Formation flight for in-Air Launcher 1st stage Capturing demonstration 2019
929 Safe4RAIL-2 Safe architecture for Robust distributed Application Integration in roLling stock 2 2018
930 WavyRibbons Wavy N-doped Graphene Nanoribbons for Single Molecule Electronics 2019
931 SolBio-Rev Solar-Biomass Reversible energy system for covering a large share of energy needs in buildings 2019
932 X-MIXING Efficient mixing method at the microscale for Time-Resolved Serial Femtosecond Crystallography 2019
933 ECLIPSE Towards Efficient Production of Sustainable Solar Fuels 2019
934 STRATOS SOCP-Tailored Real-time Algorithm for Trajectory Onboard Synthesis 2020
935 PROTOBAC Engineering of complex protocells by micro-compartmentalization of living bacteria 2019
936 WoodSpec Rapid quality assessment of wood-based materials through spectroscopy 2019
937 LieLowerBounds Lower bounds for partial differential operators on compact Lie groups 2019
938 HUNG Hunger Bonds: Food Banks, Families and the Feeding of Poverty 2019
939 SemioMaths Towards a theory of mathematical signs based on the automatic treatment of mathematical corpora 2019
940 TOPCHEM Topological Chemistry in Ternary Compunds 2019
941 eBAT Enhancing brown adipose tissue through NAD+ precursors: a new approach to treat cardiometabolic disease 2019
942 CLIMB Calibrating and Improving Mechanistic models of Biodiversity 2019
943 CRISPR-KissCas9 Challenging the KNDy Hypothesis Using CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing: Evaluation of the Role of Neurokinin B and Dynorphin in Kiss1 neurons in the Control of Fertility 2020
944 MODSIM Modelling of Twin Screw Granulation on Micro-Macro Scales 2019
945 Print2fly Can we print an aircraft at room temperature? 2019
946 OMECRY Organic Mesocrystals: Formation and controlling of oriented nanoparticles of molecular solids for drug development 2019
947 DynaPIC Dynamic bonds and polyion complex (PIC) nanoparticles for targeted intracellular peptide delivery 2020
948 TTMCC Tropical tree mortality in a changing climate 2019
949 LUCENT superbright, photostabLe and mUlticolour novel fluoresCent mEtal quaNtum clusters for super-resoluTion imaging 2019
950 LOTUS LOw-cost innovative Technology for water quality monitoring and water resources management for Urban and rural water Systems in India 2019
951 TRUflow Thrust Reverser Unit flow visualization 2019
952 CURSOR Coordinated Use of miniaturized Robotic equipment and advanced Sensors for search and rescue OpeRations 2019
953 WomInPubS The modes and outcomes of interaction of (im) mobile Kurdish women with public space: a cross-cultural comparative study of different urban contexts 2019
954 ALGOCERT Devising certifiable and explainable algorithms for verification and planning in cyber-physical systems 2019
955 BIOnTop Novel packaging films and textiles with tailored end of life and performance based on bio-based copolymers and coatings 2019
957 SiGNATURE Selection of human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes by sinGle cell geNe expression and pAtch clamp for a maTUre caRdiac modEl 2020
958 LION L'industrie oubliée de Néandertal - The forgotten industry of Neanderthal 2019
959 inTECH Eco-innovative technologies for sustainable exploitation of macromolecules from insects as alternative resource in bioeconomy 2019
960 3D-PRESS 3D-PRintable glass-based Electrolytes for all-Solid-State lithium batteries 2020
961 ETE SPEAKER Robust End-To-End SPEAKER recognition based on deep learning and attention models 2019
962 SuperVGE Supersonic Variable Geometry Turbine Expanders for High-Efficiency, High Temperature, Organic Rankine Cycle Applications 2019
963 SmOoC Smart organ-on-chip platform based on higher order multimode acoustic Lamb waves 2020
964 BITFORM Multiplexed biosensing and tissue-on-a-chip integrated platform for breast cancer biomarkers monitoring 2019
965 H. Pylori-Scopy Biophotonic Spectroscopic tool for Helicobacter Pylori diagnosis - a pathway for low cost clinical robotic device 2019
966 IMPRESS Integrated Modular Power Conversion for Renewable Energy Systems with Storage 2019
967 SMEmPower Efficiency A holistic framework for Empowering SME's capacity to increase their energy efficiency 2019
968 Ren-on-Bill Residential Building Energy Renovations with On-Bill Financing 2019
969 Teraloop EES A scalable and sustainable grid-scale energy storage system utilising 3rd generation flywheel technology for effective integration of renewable energy. 2019
970 Green Drop New Digital Pigment Printing System for every Surface, for every Industry, faster, with less energy requirements and with no water needs 2019
971 WaMoS Wastewater Treatment Monitoring and Advisory System 2019
972 EVAPO-CONTROL EVAPO-CONTROL: System for avoiding evaporation losses in Agriculture dedicated water reservoirs 2019
973 ION4RAW Ionometallurgy of primary sources for an enhanced raw materials recovery 2019
974 SoildiverAgro Soil biodiversity enhancement in European agroecosystems to promote their stability and resilience by external inputs reduction and crop performance increase 2019
975 ARCH Advancing Resilience of Historic Areas against Climate-related and other Hazards 2019
976 ConcePTION Building an ecosystem for better monitoring and communicating of medication safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding: validated and regulatory endorsed workflows for fast, optimised evidence generation 2019
977 Arrowhead Tools Arrowhead Tools for Engineering of Digitalisation Solutions 2019
978 H2LSPC High-Voltage High-Current Lightweight Solid-State Protection Circuit for Avionic Applications 2019
979 POLAR Polarization and its discontents: does rising economic inequality undermine the foundations of liberal societies? 2020
980 EYELETS A regenerative medicine approach in diabetes. 2020
981 PERICLeS PERovskIte Coherent Light Sources 2020
982 LIV-AD-ON-CHIP Unmasking insulin resistance triggering mechanisms using microphysiological two-organ systems as in vitro disease models of metabolic syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease 2020
983 IDR TOOLKIT Inclusive Design Rating (IDR) Toolkit. The design and assessment tool for tailoring environments for everyone. 2020
985 SPEEDIER SME Program for Energy Efficiency through Delivery and Implementation of EneRgy Audits 2019
986 indepenDent The first Colour Denture Printer 2019
987 HEMOSNOW HEMOSNOW: A revolution in haemostatic technology to stop bleeding in delicate surgery and enhance patient recovery 2019
988 AVEHIL A modern professional race car simulator for racing teams and individuals 2019
989 Tactronik Next-generation haptic platform for advanced driver-assistance and mitigation of car accidents 2019
990 PERISCOPE Perioperative infection prediction 2019
991 T-Sense Development of temperature sensitive labels for products in cold supply chain 2019
992 HARPER Home based Augmented Reality Platform for Efficient Rehabilitation of stroke patients 2019
993 ZeNewCardio ZeNewCardio: Discovering Heart Regeneration Therapies Through Zebrafish 2019
994 GHZ-BURST Industrial GHz repetition rate, burst mode, ultrashort pulsed fiber laser for high speed volume-ablation micromachining applications 2019
995 NUTREPHEALTH Effect of polyinsatured fatty acids omega-3 (PUFAS n-3) supplementation during early embryo development on embryo viability in (mammals) sheep. 2020
996 NETCONTROLOGY Controllability of biological networks 2020
997 PATGlycoPrint Development of a new process analytical technology based on an innovative nanoplasmonic detection array for monitoring glycosylation of monoclonal antibodies 2019
998 ICELEARNING Artificial Intelligence techniques for ice core analyses 2020
999 ZES opportunity Zones for innovation EcosystemS governance 2019
1000 PoInt Principles of Integrin Mechanics and Adhesion 2019
1001 MultiSeaSpace Developing a unified spatial modelling strategy that accounts for interactions between species at different marine trophic levels, and different types of survey data. 2019
1002 history textbooks Stereotypes in History Textbooks: A Study of their Origins and Continuity 2020
1003 Monopoly Baeyer Villiger Monooxygenases as Biocatalytic Parts for Monomers of New Lactone-based Polymeric Materials 2019
1004 Mars through time Modeling the past climates of planet Mars to understand its geology, its habitability and its evolution 2019
1005 HECARRUS Hybrid ElectriC smAll commuteR aiRcraft conceptUal deSign 2019
1006 NewLiEP Injecting New Life into Cellulosic Ethanol Production 2019
1007 ZENEO ZENEO® Adrenaline Needle-free adrenaline pre-filled autoinjector rescues you from an anaphylactic shock 2019
1008 TEMPIX A miniaturized system to secure the cold chain 2019
1009 Batista Blade Tip Timing System Validator 2019
1010 pvDesign pvDesign® accelerates and optimises the Design of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic plants 2019
1011 AQUA4D AQUA4D, for an efficient use of irrigation water 2019
1012 Terrabio The first portable genetic analyser for crop pathogen detection 2019
1013 HYGGii The therapist in your pocket - AI assisted ecosystem for enabling a patient-centric approach to mental health 2019
1014 CSMS Smart, energy efficient air-condition 2019
1015 Cardio-kit A disruptive medical device to enable proton therapy as non-invasive and automated treatment of heart arrhythmias 2019
1016 Cumucore An innovative virtual software-defined mobile packet core to enable optimized and flexible user-centric services for next generation mobile networks 2019
1017 AstaFerm A natural and high quality ingredient for dietary supplement derived from yeast fermentation to reduce oxidative stress and promote health and wellbeing 2019
1019 IMMUNOTRAP Diagnosis test for immuno-oncology therapies. 2019
1020 DiurnalHealth The circadian clock in day-active species: preserving our health in modern society 2019
1021 BOB Business Opportunities in Biotech: Innovation Associate to leverage cell-free synthetic biology 2019
1022 SIRA A disruptive machine to enable mass production of composite parts 2019
1023 Saraswati 2.0 Identifying best available technologies for decentralized wastewater treatment and resource recovery for India 2019
1024 DROP-IT DRop-on demand flexible Optoelectronics & Photovoltaics by means of Lead-Free halide perovskITes 2019
1025 RSENSE Revolutionizing disease and environmental detection with portable optoacoustic sensing 2020
1026 FATMOLS FAult Tolerant MOLecular Spin processor 2020
1027 ORIGENAL Origami electronics for three dimensional integration of computational devices 2019
1028 MONPLAS The training of early stage researchers for the development of technologies to monitor concentrations of micro and nanoplastics in water for their presence, uptake and threat to animal and human life. 2020
1029 CYPNASH Validation of a novel class of cyclophilin inhibitors for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis 2019
1030 PRIMOGAIA Prepolarized MRI at Earth Field to seek new contrasts linked to molecular events for very early detection of pathologies 2019
1031 DigiJourney Digital transformation journey for SMEs 2019
1032 T-CUBE Theoretical Chemistry of Unbound Electrons 2020
1033 DISPLAYGHT DISPLAY backliGHT illumination by femtosecond laser micromachining 2019
1034 AuDACE Attosecond Dynamics in Advanced Materials 2020
1035 CONICALM Chemistry in Optical Nano Cavities: Designing Photonic Reagents and Light-Matter Materials 2020
1036 ESDCI KOBRA encrypted storage device for classified information KOBRA Drive / KOBRA Stick 2019
1037 MFreePEC Controlled Growth of Lightweight Metal-Free Materials for Photoelectrochemical Cells 2020
1038 LearnBugs Learning to Find Software Bugs 2020
1039 Pilot3 A software engine for multi-criteria decision support in flight management 2019
1040 MOTHIF Model Testing of High Lift system 2020
1041 ComBioTES Compact bio-based thermal energy storage for buildings 2019
1042 AUTO-MEA AUTOmated Manufacturing of wound components for next generation Electrical mAchines 2019
1043 APRICOT Anatomically Precise Revolutionary Implant for bone Conserving Osteoarthritis Treatment 2019
1044 ADDIMOT ADDitively manufactured limited angle torque MOTor for Smart Active Inceptors 2019
1045 RECYCLES Recovering carbon from contaminated matrices by exploiting the nitrogen and sulphur cycles 2020
1046 SPRING Scalable Production and Integration of Graphene 2019
1047 ADAPTOS ADAPTOS - Changing the way bone voids are treated 2019
1048 GIGSTATS Real-time economic statistics tool for measuring the online gig economy 2020
1049 EPICA Improved Credentialess and Secure Cloud Access 2019
1051 Ocean-DAS Ocean-Bottom Distributed Acoustic Sensors: new tools for Underwater Seismology 2020
1053 RETROFEED Implementation of a smart RETROfitting framework in the process industry towards its operation with variable, biobased and circular FEEDstock 2019
1054 COALA COALA - Cloud-based AI-driven and Language-agnostic Customer Support Assistant 2019
1055 CoFBAT Advanced material solutions for safer and long-lasting high capacity Cobalt Free Batteries for stationary storage applications 2019
1056 ConflictResolution Transcription-replication conflicts in disease and development 2020
1057 Cenya Ex vivo cell labelling for in vivo imaging applied to cell therapeutics 2019
1058 ECO-POL Greening the polyurethane industry through versatile and low cost eco-polyols 2019
1060 EGO Portable EGO Portable: A Portable, small size, modular solar water heater suitable for different applications with do-it yourself installation 2019
1061 BioFuel Fab Biogas production from non-food lignocellulosic biomass waste. 2019
1062 KRAKEN Brokerage and market platform for personal data 2019
1063 SURPRISE SUper-Resolved comPRessive InStrument in the visible and medium infrared for Earth observation applications 2020
1064 EARLYDETECT Development of an accurate, early diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer 2020
1065 GRECA GRECA: Revolution in corporate transactions 2019
1066 MiChomAbs Synthetic Mini-Chromosomes for Antibody Production 2019
1067 HUPLE Huple movement and coordination development tool 2019
1068 ECOWEC Erosion Control Oscillating Wave Energy Converter 2019
1069 TECHEYE Artificial Intelligence beyond quality 2019
1070 CHERRIES Constructing Healthcare Environments through Responsible Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategies 2020
1071 SOLiDIFY Liquid-Processed Solid-State Li-metal Battery: development of upscale materials, processes and architectures 2020
1072 BALIHT Development of full lignin based organic redox flow battery suitable to work in warm environments and heavy multicycle uses. 2019
1073 TrackCycle.2P Exploring Visual Processes with Two-Photon Ophthalmoscopy 2020
1074 SME Coach LT 2020-21 Key Account Management Services and Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity Services for Lithuanian SMEs in 2020-2021 2020
1075 EST-KAM20-21 Estonian Key Account Management Services 2020-2021 2020
1077 SUBLIME Supporting Understanding of Boundary Layer Ingesting Model Experiment 2019
1078 InterTAU Integrative structural biology of pathological tau protein, an appealing therapeutic target for Alzheimer´s disease modifying drugs 2020
1079 TECTONIC TEchnological Consortium TO develop sustaiNabIlity of underwater Cultural heritage 2020
1080 DBScontrol Implementation and preclinical testing of a closed-loop control system for deep brain stimulation 2020
1081 RLICS Robust Lightweight Cardan Shaft 2019
1082 Cancersensing A multi-cancer screening platform for fast and accurate early stage cancer detection from urine samples 2019
1083 Colourganisms Microbial production of custom-made, pure and sustainable anthocyanins 2020
1084 Hastlayer Hastlayer - turning software into hardware for faster computing 2020
1086 AMPLITUDE Advanced Multimodal Photonics Laser Imaging Tool for Urothelial Diagnosis in Endoscopy 2020
1087 RoBUTCHER A Robust, Flexible and Scalable Cognitive Robotics Platform 2020
1088 PREMSTEM Brain injury in the premature born infant: stem cell regeneration research network 2020
1089 DPR-VAX Dipeptide-Repeat Vaccine to prevent ALS and FTD in C9orf72 mutation carriers 2020
1090 PICOMB Photonic Integrated Comb Source 2020
1091 NanoDrip Revolutionary Nanodrip printing technology for industrial scale manufacturing enabling the next generation of high-end devices Type of funding scheme: SME Instrument 2019
1092 NanoCooling Graphene-based nanofluid for advanced thermal properties 2020
1093 Mag-Spin A novel material for watch crystals and watch cases: Mg-spinel transparent ceramics 2019
1094 Reexen Ultra-low cost & ultra-high efficiency AI processor for enabling fast and cost-effective deployment of edge-computing applications 2020
1095 BATT3RY The first integral repairing method for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries which considers their full life-cycle 2020
1096 QSPainRelief Effective combinational treatment of chronic pain in individual patients, by an innovative quantitative systems pharmacology pain relief approach. 2020
1097 PERCISTAND Development of all thin-film PERovskite on CIS TANDem photovoltaics 2020
1098 NextMGT Next Generation of Micro Gas Turbines for High Efficiency, Low Emissions and Fuel Flexibility 2020
1099 AIMed Antimicrobial Integrated Methodologies for orthopaedic applications 2020
1100 SEE_QPT Imaging phase transitions in quantum materials 2020
1101 RAGT Robust Algorithmic Game Theory 2020
1102 CREMLINplus Connecting Russian and European Measures for Large-scale Research Infrastructures - plus 2020
1103 PREP-IBISBA Industrial Biotechnology Innovation and Synthetic Biology Accelerator Preparatory Phase 2020
1104 MAGIC SWF SMEs 20-21 Establishing in-depth services enhancing the innovation management capacity of South West of France SMEs in 2020-2021 2020
1105 DECODE reDucing the health and Economic COst of Diagnostic uncErtainty: launch and randomized control trial of the first validated bacterial versus viral test 2020
1106 FINKAMIE2021 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2020-21 2020
1107 Light-COAT Visible Light-Activated Photoinitiators for Applications in Domestic Coatings 2020
1108 INMANCAP 2020_21 Enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs in the Netherlands in 2020-2021 2020
1109 INNOVACTION 2020-21 Actions in support of innovation in SMES 2020
1110 INNOVACTIS 2020-2021 INNOVACTIS 2020-2021 2020
1111 InnoHessen2Europe Innovating Hessian SMEs towards Europe 2020
1112 PROBIM PRO Business Innovation Moldova 2020
1113 AVeriTeC Automated Verification of Textual Claims 2020
1114 ICE_PACK Polymer Materials for Cryogenic Storage and Distribution of Biologics 2020
1115 KAM2CY5 Provision of services for enhancing innovation management capacity of the Cypriot SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network Cyprus 2020
1116 LEAFHOUND Leader-follower hybrid control and task planning for multi-agent systems under spatiotemporal logic specifications 2020
1118 BiFlowFilter Bidirectional flow filter: microfluidic device for separation of biomolecules 2020
1120 ALCO2-FUNC A Remote-carboxylation Strategy for Alcohols via a Dual-catalytic System 2020
1121 DIFFER Determinants of genetic diversity: Important Factors For Ecosystem Resilience 2020
1122 ROCOCO2HP Real-time optimal control of the CO2 heat pump system for residential use 2020
1123 IRPV Chalcopyrite-perovskites for infrared photovoltaics 2020
1124 TAVI4Life A lifelong transcatheter aortic valve prosthesis 2020
1125 TReSFiDS Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Strong-Field-Driven Solids 2021
1126 BlochTG Bloch Oscillations, Wannier-Stark Localisation and Coherent Terahertz Emission in Twisted Graphene Superlattices 2020
1127 CriLiN An Atomic Quantum Simulator with long-range, multi-body interactions 2020
1128 CATKERB Total Syntheses of Catharanthine and Keramaphidin B by an Iridium-Catalyzed Reductive Cyclization Cascade 2020
1129 MinusMicro Biopolymer Assisted Remediation of Microplastics from Fresh and Saline Water Environments using an Integrated Technology of Coagulation-Ultrasonication/Cavitation 2020
1130 RECYCALYSE New sustainable and recyclable catalytic materials for proton exchange membrane electrolysers 2020
1131 BiLamVesicles Novel bi-lamellar lipid vesicles for studying double-membrane transenvelope proteins 2020
1132 CHLARE CHromospheric magnetic fields in fLAREs and their evolution 2021
1133 3D MAGiC Three-dimensional magnetization textures: Discovery and control on the nanoscale 2020
1134 PROMET-H2 Cost-effective PROton Exchange MEmbrane WaTer Electrolyser for Efficient and Sustainable Power-to-H2 Technology 2020
1135 DiverseNile Cultural diversity in the Middle Nile Valley. Reconstructing biographies in the periphery of urban centres in northern Sudan during the Bronze Age 2020
1136 SmartSAST Non-covalent photoresponsive tags for photoacoustic imaging: Giving voice to living matter 2020
1137 DIM-CrIC Decreasing Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma-related Inflammation using small molecule inhibitors of STING 2020
1138 Pept-AGE Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of age-related muscle loss to inform Artificial Intelligence-based discovery of novel peptide therapeutics for sarcopenia. 2020
1139 MATBFOB MAThematical modelling of Biofilm FOrmation on Biomaterials 2020
1140 CAPRI Treating the Chronic Pain Patient earlier in the Pathway 2020