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1 MIROCALS Efficacy and safety of low-dose IL-2 (ld-IL-2) as a Treg enhancer for anti-neuroinflammatory therapy in newly diagnosed Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients 2015
2 DOLORisk DOLORisk: Understanding risk factors and determinants for neuropathic pain 2015
3 Feed-a-Gene Adapting the feed, the animal and the feeding techniques to improve the efficiency and sustainability of monogastric livestock production systems 2015
4 EMPHASIS Effective Management of Pests and Harmful Alien Species - Integrated Solutions 2015
5 MoTriColor Molecularly guided trials with specific treatment strategies in patients with advanced newly molecular defined subtypes of colorectal cancer (MoTriColor) 2015
6 SWIMing Semantic Web for Information Management in Energy Efficient Buildings 2015
7 PROGRESS Prediction of Geospace Radiation Environment and solar wind parameters 2015
8 HESPERIA High Energy Solar Particle Events foRecastIng and Analysis 2015
9 PredicTOOL Nanomethods to understand what makes an endogenous protein immunogenic 2015
10 ROBOTAR Robot-Assisted Flexible Needle Steering for Targeted Delivery of Magnetic Agents 2015
11 C4T Climate change across Cenozoic cooling steps reconstructed with clumped isotope thermometry 2015
12 CIRCUITASSEMBLY Development of functional organization of the visual circuits in mice 2015
13 FirstDawn Imaging the cosmic dawn and the first galaxies with 21cm and atomic line intensity mapping 2015
14 STATOPINS Theory of statistical topological insulators 2015
15 GEM From Geometry to Motion: inverse modeling of complex mechanical structures 2015
16 MIND-SETS Mobility Innovations for a New Dawn in Sustainable (European) Transport Systems 2014
17 CRASK Cortical Representation of Abstract Semantic Knowledge 2015
18 COLOStage COLOStage : A new prognosis test for the prediction of metastasis in Colorectal Cancer and Hepatocellular Carcinoma 2015
19 CIMPLEX Bringing CItizens, Models and Data together in Participatory, Interactive SociaL EXploratories 2015
20 BIG4 BIG4 - Biosystematics, Informatics and Genetics of the big 4 insect groups: training tomorrow's researchers and entrepreneurs 2015
21 EpiPredict Epigenetic regulation of endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer: A systems medicine approach to predict treatment outcome 2015
22 SecondHands SecondHands: A Robot Assistant For Industrial Maintenance Tasks 2015
23 SUPERSEDE SUpporting evolution and adaptation of PERsonalized Software by Exploiting contextual Data and End-user feedback 2015
24 GEO-RAMP Geohazards: Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Prevention 2015
25 DIMR Data Intensive Modelling of the Rhizosphere Processes 2015
26 FORCASTER Force, Motion and Positioning of Microtubule Asters 2015
27 imbh Do intermediate-mass black holes exist? 2015
28 MathModExp The Evolution of Competition and Cooperation: how polymorphisms in microbial populations optimise virulence and mediate drug resistance 2015
29 CWASI Coping with water scarcity in a globalized world 2015
30 Brain circRNAs Rounding the circle: Unravelling the biogenesis, function and mechanism of action of circRNAs in the Drosophila brain. 2016
31 MITOsmORFs Identification and analysis of novel mitochondrial proteins encoded by small open reading frames 2015
32 GROWMOF Modelling of MOF self-assembly, crystal growth and thin film formation 2015
33 POLYSOLAR A light weight, recyclable, tracking support system, for solar photovoltaic modules based on inflatable polymer membranes 2014
34 EU-PolarNet Connecting Science with Society 2015
35 OMNICS Observing, Modelling and Predicting in situ Petrophysical Parameter Evolution in a Geologic Carbon Storage System 2016
36 ESPRIT Easily diStributed Personal RapId Transit 2015
37 GLOBIS-B GLOBal Infrastructures for Supporting Biodiversity research 2015
38 HierTough Hierarchical composites for improving toughness: modelling and experimental validation 2015
39 HoogsCG Development of a multiscale modeling strategy to decipher how hybrid DNA/RNA triplexes and G-quadruplexes affect gene expression regulation 2015
40 AdaptClim Genomic and epigenomic signatures of climate-mediated selection in cattle 2015
41 SOS-Nano Structure – Oxidative Stress relationships of metal oxide nanoparticles in the aquatic environment 2015
42 Terra-Micro-Carbo Effect of land use induced shifts in soil microbial diversity and function on carbon cycling in soil 2015
43 CHENGEN An integrated framework to investigate the genetics of changing environments 2015
44 CADORS Computer-Aided Design Of Revolutionary Superalloys 2015
45 QTMODEM Quantitative Motor Control for Decision Making 2016
46 ClOThIlde The Cluster Observations and Theory Intersection: Providing selection functions and scaling relations to set constraints on the physics of the accelerating universe. 2016
47 Soft Gluons Soft Gluon Physics and Multi-Loop Calculations 2015
48 MobileLinks Mobile links in fragmented landscapes: implications for biodiversity conservation 2015
49 SAFE LIB Electro-thermal modelling of lithium-ion battery packs from the safety perspective 2015
50 CHOCOLATE CHanges Of CO2 Levels during pAst and fuTure intErglacials 2015
51 MicroEcoEvol Ecological and evolutionary forces shaping microbial diversity in freshwater blooms 2015
52 Tolltum Role, regulation and targeting of nucleic acid-sensing TLRs within the tumour microenvironment 2015
53 River-HMV River hydraulics, morphology, and vegetation: A case for improved knowledge and numerical model capabilities 2015
54 DC cancer Development and immunological control of dendritic cell cancer 2015
55 MEROXRE Understanding the fate of Arctic atmospheric mercury (Hg) deposition – A Hg stable isotope investigation of redox processes and Hg re-emissions 2015
56 GlidArc Towards a fundamental understanding of a gliding arc discharge for the purpose of greenhouse gas conversion into value-added chemicals 2015
57 tRRACES Resistance and Resilience of Ancient Agricultural Soils 2015
58 SPECIFIC fMRI From surrogate hemodynamics-based fMRI towards direct functional imaging of neural activity via sensing activity-induced cell swellings and neurotransmitter releases in vivo 2015
59 AuNP-PhotoBioDrug Functionalized AuNPs and their use for biological applications 2015
60 TRAIT Exploring the biogeography of thermal acclimation in heterotrophic microbes 2015
61 GCP-GEOTARCTIC Geochemical-physical coupled study of the modern Arctic Ocean: GEOTRACES-ARCTIC 2015
62 SpikeControl Cerebellar Spiking Model For Real-time Closed-loop Sensorimotor Control 2015
63 ENEFOR Forecasting oil prices, oil price volatility and economic policy uncertainty 2015
64 DYS_FUNCTION Novel use of exon skipping technology to study structure-function relationship of dystrophin 2016
65 COCLIMAT Fusion of Alternative Climate Models By Dynamical Synchronization 2015
66 Eco-PhyloGeo Linking phylogeography to ecology: extracting rules for butterfly biodiversity at large spatial scale 2015
67 ExMeCy Cyclone processes leading to extreme rainfall in the Mediterranean region 2016
68 BAP A dynamical view of binding affinity 2015
69 PHLOEMAP Hydraulic functional traits as determinants of forest function and drought responses. Putting xylem and phloem attributes into the functional trait map. 2016
70 STAR An Extended Local Scattering Theory for Acoustic-radiation and Receptivity of Trailing-edge Flows 2016
71 CLEF Conserving the Legacy of Evolution into the Future 2015
72 MicroFrac Visualization and modelling of fracture at the microscale 2015
73 PREDACTION Prediction and Anticipation of Actions: Modelling How We Foresee the Others 2016
74 Consciousness online A real-time, online study of the functions of consciousness 2015
75 SEEING FROM CONTEXT The neural basis of visual interaction between scenes and objects 2016
76 MEMBRANEPROT Membrane proteins – development of new computational approaches and its application to G-Protein Coupled Receptors 2016
77 AGEISM Lifelong health, markers of ageing and senescence in a long-lived mammal. 2016
78 Hi-SynVir High-throughput characterization of host promiscuity for precisely designed synthetic viral capsid 2015
79 MultiNav Multisensory Navigation: Harnessing the Power of Multisensory Processing Optogenetic Stimulation to Aid The Blind 2015
80 FISHDOPA Dopaminergic neurons and the reward system in fish: a functional neuroanatomical multidisciplinary study 2016
81 UNRAVELS UNderstanding, descRibing And Visualizing Electronic charge in noveL oxide heteroStructures 2015
82 NanoERA Nanomaterials Ecological Risk Assessment: A study of the long-term effects and risks of nanoscale Iron Oxide used in plastic composites in the aquatic environment 2015
83 ECOSOUND Ecosystem mechanisms of noise impact on marine fauna 2015
84 STRETCHLENS Deformable platform with thin-film based circuits and ultra-thin Si chips for smart contact lens applications 2016
85 DENDRITESONBORDERS Neuronal and dendritic recruitment on neocortical area borders 2016
86 NEARCONTROL NEARshore geological CONTROL on coastal morphodynamics: monitoring and modelling in high-resolution 2016
87 NETPAC Microbial networks for PAC cycling in polluted soils 2015
88 QSIPP Exploring bacterial Quorum Sensing Infochemicals and hydrolytic Proteins linked to marine Particle degradation 0
90 LearningDeterminants Inter-individual variability in learning: an investigation of its determinants 2015
91 ADDITION Arthritis Differential DIagnostic validaTION 2015
92 SINANN Sonar INtegrated Advanced NavigatioN 2015
93 Phasor The World's first cost effective, electronically steerable, digital, low profile, phased array antenna to enable high speed satellite communications on the move 2015
94 I-WSN Intelligent Wireless Sensor Networks for Asset Integrity Monitoring 2015
95 IRIS-1 IRIS Feasibility Study – Phase 1 2015
96 PREKIND PreEclampsia diagnosis by Early Kidney Injury Detection 2015
97 iBack Individualized treatment planning in chronic back pain patients by advanced imaging and multi-parametric biomechanical models 2015
98 HInDI The historical dynamics of industrialization in Northwestern Europe and China ca. 1800-2010: A regional interpretation 2015
100 ZAS Zinc Air Secondary innovative nanotech based batteries for efficient energy storage 2015
101 A-DIET Metabolomics based biomarkers of dietary intake- new tools for nutrition research 2015
102 MANGO The determinants of cross-seeding of protein aggregation: a Multiple TANGO 2015
103 corr-DFT Improving the accuracy and reliability of electronic structure calculations: New exchange-correlation functionals from a rigorous expansion at infinite coupling strength 2015
104 Pepe-prod Personal perception for predicting product choice 2015
105 PreventSepticShock Bioactive AdrenoMedullin is a Novel Outstanding Marker to Predict and Prevent Septic Shock 2015
106 ESSANUF European Supply of SAfe NUclear Fuel 2015
108 Fidzup-Retargeting Physical Retargeting, innovative mobile marketing services for traditional retailers 2015
109 RETYRE Recycling waste tyres into devulcanized rubber 2015
110 OsteomiR OsteomiR-Test – An In-Vitro Test for the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis and associated Fracture Risk 2015
111 RABIOPRED RABIOPRED - Clinical validation of BIOmarker assay to PREDict treatment response in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients 2015
112 PROTEOMICAN Discovery of breast cancer aggressiveness markers using topo-proteomics mapping 2015
113 DARKHORIZONS Dark Matter and the Early Universe in the LHC Era 2015
114 BIOSTASES BIOdiversity, STAbility and sustainability in Spatial Ecological and social-ecological Systems 2015
115 GV-FLU A Genetic View of Influenza Infection 2015
116 MaGic The Materials Genome in Action 2015
117 SOUTHPARK SOUTHPARK - SOcial and Universal Technology HelPing to detect ARrivals via sdK 2015
118 COTURB Coherent Structures in Wall-bounded Turbulence 2016
119 BayesianMarkets Bayesian markets for unverifiable truths 2016
120 ESTUARIES Estuaries shaped by biomorphodynamics, inherited landscape conditions and human interference 2015
121 MANTIS Cyber Physical System based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance 2015
122 BCELLMECHANICS Regulation of antibody responses by B cell mechanical activity 2015
123 EXCILIGHT Donor-Acceptor light emitting exciplexes as materials for easily to tailor ultra-efficient OLED lighting 2015
124 INSPIRATION Managing soil and groundwater impacts from agriculture for sustainable intensification 2016
125 BtRAIN Brain barriers training 2015
126 ambliFibre adaptive model-based Control for laser-assisted Fibre-reinforced tape winding 2015
127 GDC A Genetic Data CUBE - An innovative business model applied to predictive and prescriptive analytics, exploring Big Data and empowering cloud-services and urgent computation 2015
128 SENSOILS Sensing soil processes for improved crop nitrogen bioavailability 2015
129 RATCHETCOG The Cog in the Ratchet: Illuminating the Cognitive Mechanisms Generating Human Cumulative Culture 2015
130 MyFUN Myopia: Fundamental understanding needed 2016
131 WITRO Wind and Turbulence Radar for Offshore wind energy 2015
132 EPIGEN EPIGEN: A New Predictive Response Test for Non Small Cells Lung Cancer Treatment 2015
133 STEMCARDIORISK Stem Cells for Cardiac Arrhythmia Risk Assessment 2015
134 CVI_ADAPT Unraveling the history of adaptation in an island model: Cape Verde Arabidopsis 2015
135 SIZE Size matters: scaling principles for the prediction of the ecological footprint of biofuels 2015
136 NOVEL Emergence of novel phenotypes in co-evolving biological systems: allelic diversification and dominance at the Self-incompatibility locus in Arabidopsis. 2015
137 eMicrobevol Early Microbial Evolution 2015
138 AMPLify Allocation Made PracticaL 2016
139 MYCOCHASSIS Engineering of a minimal bacterial therapeutic chassis 2015
140 NOMA-MRI Novel materials to improve magnetic resonance imaging 2015
141 SocioSmell Social Chemosignaling as a Factor in Human Behavior in both Health and Disease 2015
142 EPOCH28 Epigenetic Profiling of Chemotherapy Efficacy 2015
143 MapCOM Geographic mapping of radio signals 2016
144 PEPTICAPS Design of polyPEPTIdes diblock copolymers as emulsifiers to produce safe, controlled and reliable novel stimuli-responsive nanoCAPSules for skin care applications 2015
145 PreventIT Early risk detection and prevention in ageing people by self-administered ICT-supported assessment and a behavioural change intervention delivered by use of smartphones and smartwatches 2016
146 COAT Anti-reflection coatings from solution-processable, high-refractive index inorganic/organic hybrid materials 2015
147 FrailSafe Sensing and predictive treatment of frailty and associated co-morbidities using advanced personalized patient models and advanced interventions 2016
148 WASABI Towards the Wider uptake of Arterial Stiffness As a BIomarker for cardiovascular diseases 2015
149 COAT Collapse Of Atmospheric Turbulence 2016
150 BroadSem Induction of Broad-Coverage Semantic Parsers 2016
151 DevTMF Development of Experimental Techniques and Predictive Tools to Characterise Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Behaviour and Damage Mechanisms 2016
152 PhotoMutant Rational Design of Photoreceptor Mutants with Desired Photochemical Properties 2016
153 ISSELUB Innovative sealing and sensing technologies for extended life of lubricated elements. 2016
154 ThDEFINE Re(defining) CD4+ T Cell Identities One Cell at a Time 2016
155 HERCULES Comprehensive characterization and effective combinatorial targeting of high-grade serous ovarian cancer via single-cell analysis 2016
156 RELENT RELapses prevENTion in chronic autoimmune disease: common mechanisms and co-morbidities 2015
157 FORCE Imaging the Force of Cancer 2016
158 SyBil-AA Systems Biology of Alcohol Addiction: Modeling and validating disease state networks in human and animal brains for understanding pathophysiolgy, predicting outcomes and improving therapy 2016
159 ALLEGRO unrAvelLing sLow modE travelinG and tRaffic: with innOvative data to a new transportation and traffic theory for pedestrians and bicycles 2015
160 PAAL-POC Practical Approximation Algorithms - Proof of Concept 2015
161 DESIREE Decision Support and Information Management System for Breast Cancer 2016
162 FutForm Future Formulations: Developing Future Pharmaceuticals Through Advanced Analysis and Intersectoral Exchange 2016
163 GEO-SAFE Geospatial based Environment for Optimisation Systems Addressing Fire Emergencies 2016
164 BET-EU Materials Synergy Integration for a Better Europe 2016
165 PReDicT Predicting Response to Depression Treatment 2015
166 NICH Novel interactions and species’ responses to climate change 2016
167 QINTERNET Quantum communication networks 2016
168 IMAGE Innovative Management of Genetic Resources 2016
169 TAIAC Breaking the paradigm: A new approach to understanding and controlling combustion instabilities 2016
170 MyToolBox Safe Food and Feed through an Integrated ToolBox for Mycotoxin Management 2016
171 MicroPEAT Microbial communities of Temperate, Artic and Tropical peatlands and their role in the response of carbon storage function to global change 2016
172 BATH A Probe for Environment Properties in Open Quantum Systems: Accessing Spectral Densities with Multi-Dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy 2017
173 FLEXTURBINE Flexible Fossil Power Plants for the Future Energy Market through new and advanced Turbine Technologies 2016
174 InstaGreen Bringing Local and Sustainable Produce Back to the City 2016
175 ADMEP Dynamics of femtosecond laser ablation of trapped dielectric and metallic nanoparticles 2016
176 HYBOCOMIX Hydrogen bonds in diblock copolymer/ homopolymer melt 2016
177 PEARRL Pharmaceutical Education And Research with Regulatory Links: Innovative drug development strategies and regulatory tools tailored to facilitate earlier access to medicines 2016
178 TEMPO Terrestrial vertebrates and the evolutionary origins of morphological diversity 2016
179 ATLAS A Trans-AtLantic Assessment and deep-water ecosystem-based Spatial management plan for Europe 2016
180 BIGCODE Learning from Big Code: Probabilistic Models, Analysis and Synthesis 2016
181 FUNBIT Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Fungal – Bacterial Interplay 2016
182 DIRECT-fMRI Sensing activity-induced cell swellings and ensuing neurotransmitter releases for in-vivo functional imaging sans hemodynamics 2016
183 NEURO-AGE Addressing Neural Declines to Promote Healthy Ageing 2017
185 Subfailtec Operation Optimization and Improved Reliability Solution for Electrical Substations 2016
186 G-Valve Unraveling the mechanobiology of tissue growth in native and tissue-engineered heart valves 2016
187 RespMicroFlows Unravelling respiratory microflows in silico and in vitro: novel paths for targeted pulmonary delivery in infants and young children 2016
188 BARCODE DIAGNOSTICS Next-Generation Personalized Diagnostic Nanotechnologies for Predicting Response to Cancer Medicine 2016
189 ANGI Adaptive significance of Non Genetic Inheritance 2016
190 PreventStoCan Understanding microbe-induced stomach cancer – the key to a workable strategy for worldwide prevention 2016
191 TARG-SUP Targeting TGF-β activation, likely the core mechanism of immunosuppression by human regulatory T cells. 2016
193 ThermalDFT Density-Functional Theory for Thermoelectric Phenomena 2016
194 CLIMIFUN Climatic and temporal control on microbial diversity-ecosystem functioning: insights from a novel conceptual model (CLIMIFUN). 2016
195 MARKTHEPIG Applied phenomics to identify biomarkers in pigs for new concepts in precision livestock farming 2016
196 OFBioSens-MIP Optical fibre biomimetic sensors based on Lossy Mode Resonances with Molecularly Imprinted Polymers 2016
197 TNS Developing the Next Generation Framework for Testing Nonlinear Dynamic Structures. 2016
198 iGEMMdev Development and Characterisation of New Immunogenic GEMMs of Lung Cancer 2017
199 WaterfallModel3D Controls on knickpoint migration and consequences for landscape evolution: experimental and numerical modelling 2016
200 DynOMIS Dynamic Origins of MHC class I Selector function 2016
201 TICKLE ME Self and others in the sensorimotor system: a computational neuroanatomy of sensory attenuation 2017
202 metaVir-Alp Alpine lakes benthic viral community structure and diversity: a metagenomic and ecological approach 2016
203 Dynamic Perspectives Unravelling perspective-taking: Examining the influence of multiple constraints on perspective selection and multimodal behavior through a dynamical systems' approach 2016
204 MolecularEVOLUTION Molecular Evolution of the Primary Structure of Single Chain Polymer Nanoparticles via Dynamic Covalent Chemistry 2016
205 PalmHydraulics Palm hydraulics linking biodiversity and functioning of tropical forests under climate change 2016
206 EVOL-WNS Genetic factors contributing to White Nose Syndrome tolerance in North American and European Myotis-bats 2016
207 NanoTrIAL NanoTribochemical Investigation of Advanced Lubricants 2016
208 Ko-Tsah-To Temperatures, ash and soil hydrology: predicting fire impact from plant traits 2016
209 FIRE-PLUME-SENSE Developing new drone-based gas sensing technology to characterise fire emission plumes by miniature low cost sensors 2017
210 SFM4VOT Building a computational basis for the brain response in the left ventral occipito-temporal cortex: Understanding the Sparse Familiarity Model of visual word recognition 2016
211 ElectroMAD The Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation: a sensitive and objective approach to identify early cognitive markers of AD 2016
212 MPIPETrace Clinical performance validation of a novel biomarker for quantitative imaging of coronary artery disease. 2015
213 BIOFOSTE Clinical validation of a BIOmarker panel For OSTEoarthritis diagnosis: BIOFOSTE 2016
214 LDMBI Low dose Molecular Breast Imaging for improved cancer detection in dense breast tissue. 2016
215 ZPR The Pancreas Regulome: From causality to prediction of non-coding mutations in human pancreatic diseases 2016
216 EvoStruc The physics of antibiotic resistance evolution in spatially-structured multicellular assemblies 2016
217 NuBSM From Fermi to Planck : a bottom up approach 2016
218 SHIELD Securing against intruders and other threats through a NFV-enabled environment 2016
219 Future4Oceans Window to the future: Understanding and assessing the vulnerability of marine biodiversity to ocean acidification 2016
220 DecodeRemapping Decoding the neural mechanism of human spatial cognition using behavioural and hemodynamic signals 2017
221 EpiHope Epigenetic biomarkers for prediction of vascular complications and response to treatment in subjects with diabetes 2016
222 iEcoH Integrating Ecosystem Heterogeneity to Enhance ESM Performance 2016
223 DynaOmics From longitudinal proteomics to dynamic individualized diagnostics 2016
224 NanoThermo Energy Conversion and Information Processing at Small Scales 2016
225 LHCDMTOP Novel Dark Matter Searches with Top Quarks at the Large Hadron Collider 2016
226 TRANSEP Flow physics and interaction of laminar-turbulent transition and flow separation studied by direct numerical simulations 2016
227 ReArrhenius Re-evaluation of temperature correction in microbial biodegradation kinetics 2016
228 nextDART Next-generation Detection of Antigen Responsive T-cells 2016
229 PaDyFlow Particle dynamics in the flow of complex suspensions 2016
230 SNDUST Supernova dust: production and survival rates 2016
231 MILEPOST Microscale Processes Governing Global Sustainability 2016
232 DryMIN Mineral weathering in the unsaturated zone from the molecular to macro scale 2017
233 NUTS Nuclei Using Topological Solitons 2016
234 VAMOS The value of mothers to society: responses to motherhood and child rearing practices in prehistoric Europe 2016
235 iRELaTE Immune Response and Social Cognition in Schizophrenia 2016
236 CSI.interface A molecular interface science approach: Decoding single molecular reactions and interactions at dynamic solid/liquid interfaces 2016
237 EVOLOR Cognitive Ageing in Dogs 2016
239 VegAlert Low cost, early Phytosanitary monitoring and alert service for horticultural farmers 2016
241 MINDPICS When a Profile is worth more than a Thousand of Hashtags: Automatic Inference of Personality Traits based on Images Shared in Social Networks 2016
242 Born-Immune Shaping of the Human Immune System by Primal Environmental Exposures In the Newborn Child 2016
243 GC2.0 Global Change 2.0: Unlocking the past for a clearer future 2016
244 Smartphon Small - and nano - scale soft phononics 2016
245 DisWildPop Impacts of Diseases on Wild Bird Populations 2017
246 PhotoCloth PhotoCloth: A framework to synthesize real-time photorealistic cloth animation from video input. 2016
247 PERCEPT The mind's eye: How expectation and attention shape perception 2016
248 SHAPE Shape Understanding: On the Perception of Growth, Form and Process 2016
249 RESPONDER Resolving subglacial properties, hydrological networks and dynamic evolution of ice flow on the Greenland Ice Sheet 2016
250 BrainModes Personalized whole brain simulations: linking connectomics and dynamics in the human brain 2016
251 BIO4SELF Biobased self-functionalised self-reinforced composite materials based on high performance nanofibrillar PLA fibres 2016
252 Gradual_Change Gradual and abrupt environmental change: connecting physiology, evolution and community composition 2016
253 NEUROPOP Large-scale analysis of neuronal population activity 2016
254 DYNURBAN Urban dynamics: learning from integrated models and big data 2016
255 CC-TOP Cryosphere-Carbon on Top of the Earth (CC-Top):Decreasing Uncertainties of Thawing Permafrost and Collapsing Methane Hydrates in the Arctic 2016
256 DAWNDINOS Testing the locomotor superiority hypothesis for early dinosaurs 2016
257 NewLightScalar Search for a new light scalar particle in the K+→π+χ decay at the NA62 experiment at CERN 2017
258 dsRNAEnvFate Environmental fate of double stranded RNA (dsRNA) from RNA interference crop protection technology in agricultural systems: A systematic assessment of dsRNA hydrolysis, adsorption, and photolysis 2016
259 4DGenomeReg Predictive modelling of 3D genome topology during progressive stages of embryonic development 2017
260 AngioResist Coordinated Development of Inhibitors and Biomarkers for Resistance to Antiangiogenics in Cancer - AngioResist 2016
261 STRESNET Stress Resilience and Network-Feedback Training 2016
262 PROBIt Identifying Predictors of Risk and Resilience for poor neuropsychological Outcome following childhood Brain InsulTs (PROBIt) 2016
263 PRIORS Neural circuit dynamics underlying expectation and their impact on the variability of perceptual choices 2016
264 LYSOSOMICS Functional Genomics of the Lysosome 2016
265 STRATIFY Brain network based stratification of mental illness 2016
266 OTOLOG Otoliths as metabolic loggers: Examining the physiological basis for climate resilience in wild populations of marine fish 2016
267 PROSIT Integration of a property simulation tool for virtual design and manufacturing of forged disks for aero engine applications 2016
268 EAGLE Efficient Additivated Gasoline Lean Engine 2016
269 Z-Fact0r Zero-defect manufacturing strategies towards on-line production management for European factories 2016
270 STREAM-0D Simulation in Real Time for Manufacturing with Zero Defects 2016
271 EFFORTE Efficient forestry by precision planning and management for sustainable environment and cost-competitive bio-based industry 2016
272 ROSSINI Radial cOmpresSor Surge INception Investigation 2016
273 IN2SMART Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2016
274 IMPACT The giant impact and the Earth and Moon formation 2016
275 PEGASUS Renewable Power Generation by Solar Particle Receiver Driven Sulphur Storage Cycle 2016
276 NLO-CO Large scale structure of the Universe and fundamental physics 2017
277 GRAPHEEN Green and straightforward process for the synthesis of Graphene-based nanomaterials. 2016
278 MapMe Mapping metabolic regulators at a genome-scale to switch bacteria from growth to overproduction of chemicals 2017
279 CC4SOL Towards chemical accuracy in computational materials science 2017
280 ENVISAGE ENhance VIrtual learning Spaces using Applied Gaming in Education 2016
281 Plan4Act Predictive Neural Information for Proactive Actions: From Monkey Brain to Smart House Control 2017
282 Blue-Action Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate 2016
283 GoSAFE RAIL GoSAFE RAIL – Global Safety Management Framework for RAIL Operations 2016
284 D3 Interpreting Drawings for 3D Design 2017
285 CHEOPS Consortium for Hall Effect Orbital Propulsion System 2016
286 Nexus The Nexus: an experimental system to study marine larval dispersal 2017
287 MMpredict Validation of a personalised medicine tool for Multiple Myeloma that predicts treatment effectiveness in patients 2016
288 LiftTrain Aerodynamic Lift force of Trains subjected to cross winds—get it right! 2016
289 DeeBMED Deep learning and Bayesian inference for medical imaging 2016
290 EVOIMMECH The evolutionary ecology of bacterial immune mechanisms 2017
291 HPSuper High-Pressure High-Temperature Superconductivity 2017
292 OPENREQ Intelligent Recommendation Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering 2017
293 IMAGINE Robots Understanding Their Actions by Imagining Their Effects 2017
294 PREDATORS Plate-rate experimental deformation: Aseismic, transient or seismic fault slip 2017
295 PHENOSPACE Quantifying behavioural phenotype space: chemistry-to-gene screens and combination therapies 2016
296 InStance Intentional stance for social attunement 2017
297 GREENDC Sustainable energy demand side management for GREEN Data Centers 2017
298 MABVOC Modelling Arctic Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds emissions (MABVOC) 2016
299 TEACHERSCAREERS Cultural roots and institutional transformations of teachers’ careers and the teaching profession in Europe 2017
300 ROBUST Robust Mechanism Design and Robust Prediction in Games 2016
301 METACELL-TM METAbolism analysis made easy for CELL Translational Medicine 2016
302 POLG Testing and scaling of an electro-magnetic power on line generator for remote areas 2016
303 XSPECT Expecting Ourselves: Embodied Prediction and the Construction of Conscious Experience 2017
304 SCOOBA Symbiotic COOperation and Boring Activity of Cliona sponges under a climate change context 2017
305 CLIP Comprehensive Lifestyle Intervention Project (CLIP) 2017
306 WeThaw Mineral Weathering in Thawing Permafrost: Causes and Consequences 2017
307 SPONGE ENGINE Fast and efficient sponge engines drive and modulate the food web of reef ecosystems 2017
308 AlgTateGro Constructing line bundles on algebraic varieties -- around conjectures of Tate and Grothendieck 2016
309 REDOX SHIELDS Protection of Redox Catalysts for Cathodic Processes in Redox Matrices. 2017
310 HiFreq Smart high-frequency environmental sensor networks for quantifying nonlinear hydrological process dynamics across spatial scales 2016
311 RSPDE Regularity and Stability in Partial Differential Equations 2017
312 STIPED Transcranial brain stimulation as innovative therapy for chronic pediatric neuropsychiatric disorder – STIPED 2017
313 anTBiotic AnTBiotic – progressing TB drug candidates to clinical proof of concept 2017
314 PECSYS Technology demonstration of large-scale photo-electrochemical system for solar hydrogen production 2017
315 EUSCREEN Implementation of cost-optimized childhood vision and hearing screening programmes in middle-income countries in Europe 2017
316 SiLAS SiliconLaser 2017
317 MAGCOW The Magnetised Cosmic Web 2017
318 ChangeBehavNeuro Novel Mechanism of Behavioural Change 2017
319 RetroNets Reverse Engineering Gene Regulatory Networks 2017
320 PROBATE Planet ROlling Bearing with Advanced TEchnologies 2017
321 DMsky Shining through the Galaxy: dark matter signals versus astrophysical backgrounds 2016
322 FIBER Understanding soil fertility impacts on terrestrial biomass production in a changing environment 2017
323 DynamicBrainStates Monitoring changes in brain states using dynamical causal networks 2017
324 XYL-EID Determinants of Xylella fastidiosa host specificity 2016
325 LEAF-FALL What makes leaves fall in autumn? A new process description for the timing of leaf senescence in temperate and boreal trees 2017
326 MGUS screening RCT Screening for monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance: A population-based randomized clinical trial 2017
327 GIANTCLIMES Giants through Time: Towards a Comprehensive Giant Planet Climatology 2017
328 STRUGGLE Statistical physics of immune-viral co-evolution 2017
329 VascArbor Vascular Tree Formation in Multi-Structural Tissue Engineering 2017
330 MECHANICS Mechanics of cells: the role of intermediate filaments 2017
331 METLAKE Predicting future methane fluxes from Northern lakes 2017
332 SpheroPredict A 3D advanced test for prediction of drug response in secondary liver cancer 2017
333 NEW-AGE A next-generation platform for catalysing pre-clinical development of drugs against Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases of old-age 2017
334 Adaptive Simulations Bringing to market an open source CFD framework as a fully automated simulation service with high performance computing cloud-based access 2016
335 Trafisense Trafisense is a real-time monitoring and early-warning service for high-risk situations in dry-type distribution and power transformers based on proprietary machine-learning technology. 2017
336 iTRUST iTRUST: In-time TReatment of acUte ischaemic STroke 2017
337 LiveJourney LiveJourney 2017
338 X-Pulse ZNMF Pulsed Jet-based Active Flow Control of the UHBR-induced Flow through High Fidelity CFD 2017
339 TICOAJO TItanium COmposite Adhesive JOints 2017
340 BACCO Bias and Clustering Calculations Optimised: Maximising discovery with galaxy surveys 2017
341 MICROGLIA-CIRCUIT Microglia action towards neuronal circuit formation and function in health and disease 2017
342 PREDICT PREcision medicine Drug combination testing In neuroblastoma organoids to guide Clinical Trials 2017
343 COMPLEX The Degradation of Complex Modern Polymeric Objects in Heritage Collections: A System Dynamics Approach 2017
344 GLYCONTROL Understanding and Controlling Glycosylation Reactions 2017
345 INFRAVEC2 Research Infrastructures for the control of vector-borne diseases 2017
346 AVAST Advanced Volcanic Ash characteriSaTion 2017
347 PolySolv Polymer Solvation with COSMO-RS 2017
348 MMUSCLES Modification of Molecular structure Under Strong Coupling to confined Light modES 2017
349 DiGe Ethnobotany of divided generations in the context of centralization 2017
350 ONCOmetENHANCERS Elucidating the Role of Enhancer Methylation Variation in Cancer and Developing Enhancer-based Markers and Targets for Precision Medicine 2017
351 DISFILM Fluorescent-based innovative measure in thin liquid films: A way to understand stability and energy dissipation in foams and emulsions 2017
352 CHROMONUMBER Chromosome number variations in vivo: probing mechanisms of genesis and elimination 2017
353 PROZE Using a protein approach with Waddlia chondrophila and zebrafish as model organisms to conquer the female tubal factor subfertility market 2017
354 TheranOMICS Integration of high resolution -OMICS datasets towards personalized therapy in bladder cancer 2017
355 AgentSeal Movement of Harbour seals: an individual-based modelling framework as a reliable management tool 2018
356 HiddenLife Understanding the role of environmental and climatic changes in shaping subterranean diversity to preserve Europe’s unique hidden biodiversity 2017
357 NETBIO-GE Quantitative brain network biomarkers for patient-specific diagnostics in idiopathic generalized epilepsy 2017
358 AgroPHYS Understanding how plants overcome drought by controlling stomatal function: applicability and impacts on agriculture 2017
359 InvasiveSDM Frontiers in invasive species distribution modelling: incorporating human-associations and intraspecific niche structure to improve risk predictions. 2017
360 PODARCIS Potential Oxygen Limitation of Distributions And Responses to Changing Climates In Ectotherms 2017
361 ECOSEA Effects of contaminants on seabirds: an energetics approach 2017
362 GeoElectricMixing Geophysical Signature of Subsurface Reactive Mixing 2017
363 BEHAVE New discrete choice theory for understanding moral decision making behaviour 2017
364 HISTONEMEMORY New and Old Histones in Epigenetic Cell Memory 2017
365 MetEmbed Addressing metalloenzymes for clean energy production with advanced embedding schemes and quantum mechanical methods 2018
366 FIRESCAPE Firescape genomics: predicting plant responses to changing fire regimes 2018
367 INoVA Geochemical Controls on the Ice Nucleating Efficiency of Volcanic Ash 2018
368 TIMPANI Test, Predict, and Improve Musical Scene Perception of Hearing-Impaired Listeners 2018
369 VESPER Volcanoes: eruptive style, pre-eruptive evolution and risk 2018
370 DUF Deep Learning UAV Networks for Autonomous Forest Firefighting 2017
371 BioMedBC Molecular profiling of Bladder Cancer to support personalized medicine 2017
372 ARTEMIS Assessment of Reserve: Translational Evaluation of Medical Images and Statistics-Prediction models for outcomes of brain health 2017
373 INTERCELLAR The role of the symplast in host-pathogen interactions – how does the symplastic, intercellular exchange of molecules regulate the outcomes of defence and infection? 2017
374 EXPECTATION Emerging Visual Expectation in the Brain 2018
375 ForbMod Forbush decrease model for expanding CMEs affecting Earth and Mars 2017
376 PhARRAO Photo- And Radical induced Reactivity of Atmospheric Oxidants 2017
377 CoordPEFC Active-site modulation of metal-ligand Coordinated complex electrocatalysts for PEFCs 2018
378 SAMNets Investigation of adaptive design and rewiring of Survival-Apoptosis-Mitogenic (SAM) signalling transduction network 2017
379 DEBBIE A database of experimental biomaterials and their biological effect 2018
380 SexSelec_Invasion Understanding sexual selection to help controlling an invasive pest species 2018
381 EcoEvoProspectS Ecology and Evolution of Prospecting Strategies 2017
382 MOOAC Multi-compartmental Organ-on-a-Chip 2018
383 MoniTank Underground Storage Tanks Risk Mitigation System for petrol fuel stations 2017
384 PRISM Psychiatric Ratings using Intermediate Stratified Markers - Sofia ref.: 115916 2016
385 IB4SD-TRISTAN Imaging Biomarkers (IBs) for Safer Drugs: Validation of Translational Imaging Methods in Drug Safety Assessment - Sofia ref.: 116106 2017
386 RACE Rheumatoid Arthritis Caught Early: investigating biological mechanisms preceding chronification of joint inflammation to identify patients prior to presentation of classic chronic arthritis 2017
387 INCEPTION Incremental Nonlinear flight Control supplemented with Envelope ProtecTION techniques 2017
388 DysTrack Brain-speech tracking in noisy conditions: towards the identification and remediation of dyslexia. 2017
389 PRISM PRobabilistic PRedictIon for Smart Mobility under stress scenarios 2017
390 CALLIRHEO Multi-scale computational hemodynamics in obese children and adolescents: enabling personalised prediction of cardiovascular disease 2018
391 GrIS-Melt Impacts of Greenland Ice Sheet melt on primary productivity and carbon cycling in Greenland coastal ecosystems 2017
392 ACTICIPATE Action understanding in human and robot dyadic interaction 2017
393 PlateletLiquidBiopsy Exploring the cellular heterogeneity underlying 'tumor-educated' platelets 2017
394 Hepatocarcinoma IVM Spatiotemporal dynamics of CD8+ T cell responses to hepatocellular carcinoma 2017
395 IndiviStat Individualizing statin therapy by using a systems pharmacology decision support algorithm 2017
396 PHRD The development of Personalised Host Response Diagnostic kit 2017
397 PROFILE How should automated profiling be regulated? 2018
398 PVMINDS Bottom-up PV module energy yield and integrated reliability model for site-specific design optimization 2018
399 protonCBCT Proton CT reconstruction with a Cone Beam CT prior 2017
400 iAML-lncTARGET Targeting the transcriptional landscape in infant AML 2017
401 BEAT The functional interaction of EGFR and beta-catenin signalling in colorectal cancer: Genetics, mechanisms, and therapeutic potential. 2017
402 microKIc Microscopic Origins of Fracture Toughness 2017
403 FOROIL Objective-based forecast evaluations for crude oil volatility. 2017
404 NEUROMODEL Statistical Modelling for relating multimodal neuroimaging to clinical outcomes in order to predict patient response to depression therapy. 2017
405 UNREDE Understanding Non-Photochemical Quenching Regulation in a Dynamic Environment. 2018
406 REINVENT REsummation-Improved moNtecarlo eVEnt geNeraTor 2017
407 GEOSTICK Morphodynamic Stickiness: the influence of physical and biological cohesion in sedimentary systems 2017
408 HOPE Humans On Planet Earth - Long-term impacts on biosphere dynamics 2018
409 NeuroBaBEL Whispering the language of the neurons to restore vision 2017
410 HoxyTronic Fuel savings and emissions reduction technology 2017
411 DrugComb Informatics approaches for the rational selection of personalized cancer drug combinations 2017
412 MINIMAL Characterization and Modelling of dislocation-INterface Interactions in MetAllic Laminates at multiple scales 2018
413 DSSC Data Science and Systems Complexity Research Training Programme 2017
415 EU-China-Safe Delivering an Effective, Resilient and Sustainable EU-China Food Safety Partnership 2017
416 COMPASS COMPASS: Climate-relevant Ocean Measurements and Processes on the Antarctic continental Shelf and Slope 2017
417 WACSWAIN WArm Climate Stability of the West Antarctic ice sheet in the last INterglacial (WACSWAIN) 2017
418 MIDA Modelling and Imaging Development for precision Agriculture 2017
419 V-LAP Saving millions of lives by enabling an effective treatment for Heart Failure patients; V-LAP, a revolutionary, miniaturized implant and its dedicated wearable device. 2017
420 PACS Pantograph Active Control System for e-Highways 2017
421 Domo4mAI Domo4m: Scalable Intelligent home office automation for energy savings 2017
422 JETSCREEN JET Fuel SCREENing and Optimization 2017
423 DEVBRAINTRAIN Neurocognitive mechanisms of inhibitory control training and transfer effects in children 2017
424 SPACE Space-time structure of climate change 2017
425 FATE Functional Biology of Hepatic CD8+ T cells 2017
426 Honeyguides-Humans How a mutualism evolves: learning, coevolution, and their ecosystem consequences in human-honeyguide interactions 2017
427 SPIDI Star-Planet-Inner Disk Interactions (SPIDI): unveiling the formation and evolution of inner planetary systems 2018
428 STAMP Stratified turbulence and mixing processes 2017
429 EASY Ejection Accretion Structures in YSOs (EASY) 2017
430 McSAFE High-Performance Monte Carlo Methods for SAFEty Demonstration- From Proof of Concept to realistic Safety Analysis and Industry-like Applications 2017
431 NewLoops Higher-loop amplitudes on the sphere: a new approach to the perturbative expansion of quantum field theories 2017
432 VNL Virtual NanoLab (VNL), a Cross-disciplinary Open Nanotechnology Simulation Platform 2017
433 Z-BRE4K Strategies and Predictive Maintenance models wrapped around physical systems for Zero-unexpected-Breakdowns and increased operating life of Factories 2017
434 CLIMAHAL Climate dimension of natural halogens in the Earth system: Past, present, future 2017
435 BAM Becoming A Minority 2017
436 DISCO Decoding planetary compositions using observations and modelling of planet-forming disks 2017
437 EXCELSIOR ERATOSTHENES: Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment 2017
438 Fertissimo A ground-breaking medical system selecting the most viable embryo for successful IVF pregnancy 2017
439 ANNULIGhT Annular Instabilities and Transient Phenomena in Gas Turbine Combustors 2017
440 ATHOR Advanced THermomechanical mOdelling of Refractory linings 2017
441 EASITrain European Advanced Superconductivity Innovation and Training 2017
442 Evolchip EVOLchip - predicting antibiotic resistance for sustainable antibiotic stewardship 2017
443 MAGISTER Machine learning for Advanced Gas turbine Injection SysTems to Enhance combustoR performance. 2017
444 MP-ORIF Innovative biocompatible game changing material for medical implants in trauma 2017
445 PreCoM Predictive Cognitive Maintenance Decision Support System 2017
446 DIAGRASS Differential adaptation capacity of dryland grasses to directional changes in water availability (DIAGRASS). 2018
447 ISOBOREAL Towards Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Eurasian Boreal Forests: a Novel Stable Isotope Approach 2018
448 COSMOS Computational Simulations of MOFs for Gas Separations 2017
449 FUN-PM Fundamental Understanding of Nanoparticle chemistry: towards the prediction of Particulate emissions and Material synthesis 2018
450 CoMMaD Computational Molecular Materials Discovery 2018
451 EPIDIVERSE Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology 2017
452 PREDICT A new era in personalised medicine: Radiomics as decision support tool for diagnostics and theragnostics in oncology 2017
453 CURE Constructing a ‘Eubiosis Reinstatement Therapy’ for Asthma 2017
454 AEROFLEX Aerodynamic and Flexible Trucks for Next Generation of Long Distance Road Transport 2017
455 RESOLVD Renewable penetration levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution grids 2017
456 Imaging-XChem Imaging-XChem: A computational package for ultrafast electronic control in chemistry 2017
457 NewPhysLat Search for new physics through lattice simulations 2017
458 DISCOVER Design of Mixed Anion Inorganic Semiconductors for Energy Conversion 2018
459 SOFTWATER Soft Water: understanding what makes a fluid behave like water 2018
460 COLD Climate Sensitivity of Glacial Landscape Dynamics 2018
461 WATER4AGRI Securing water for food and safety with the world's most advanced soil moisture information derived from satellites 2017
462 ALGOA Novel algorithm for treatment planning of patients with osteoarthritis 2018
463 FattyCyanos Fatty acid incorporation and modification in cyanobacterial natural products 2018
464 Plume Air Cloud Plume Air Cloud – Air Quality Data Crowdsourcing Platform for Environmentally-friendly Cities 2017
465 TECNEC Preclinical concept validation of tumor endothelial cell metabolism for novel anti-angiogenic therapy 2017
466 SUGARSmart SUGARSmart: Smart design of recombinant antibody fragments specific for carbohydrate molecules 2018
467 Back-UP Personalised Prognostic Models to Improve Well-being and Return to Work After Neck and Low Back Pain 2018
468 OACTIVE Advanced personalised, multi-scale computer models preventing OsteoArthritis 2017
469 BOUNCE Predicting Effective Adaptation to Breast Cancer to Help Women to BOUNCE Back 2017
470 CROWDBOT Safe Robot Navigation in Dense Crowds 2018
471 PARTNERS Tracking and evaluating social relations and potential partners in infancy 2018
472 TransTurb Large Deviations and Rare Transitions in Turbulent flows 2017
473 iMove Translating rewards to eye movements 2018
474 COGNAP To nap or not to nap? Why napping habits interfere with cognitive fitness in ageing 2018
475 ATMO Atmospheres across the Universe 2018
476 TRIBAL A TRranslational approach to Identify Biomarkers for Asthma and Lung function impairment 2017
477 HHQM Hydrodynamics, holography and strongly-coupled quantum matter 2018
478 AltCheM In vivo functional screens to decipher mechanisms of stochastically- and mutationally-induced chemoresistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia 2018
479 PIVOTAL Predictive Memory Systems Across the Human Lifespan 2018
480 ReSHEALience Rethinking coastal defence and Green-Energy Service infrastructures through enHancEd-durAbiLIty high-performance fiber reinforced cement-based materials. 2018
481 PANBioRA Personalized And/Or Generalized Integrated Biomaterial Risk Assessment 2018
482 nTRACK Multimodal nanoparticles for structural and functional tracking of stem cell therapy on muscle regeneration 2017
483 STriTuVaD In Silico Trial for Tuberculosis Vaccine Development 2018
484 WISH WISH – Wearable Integrated System for Early Detection of Preterm Labour 2017
485 ReTV Enhancing and Re-Purposing TV Content for Trans-Vector Engagement 2018
486 ADAPT Advanced prediction models for flexible trajectory-based operations 2018
487 PREDESA Non-invasive technology for remote screening and personalised therapy of sleeping disorders: EU piloting and commercialisation project 2017
488 Tremipen The first simple monitoring device for Parkinson and other Tremor diseases 2017
489 ECO-Thrust Green Reaction Control System (RCS) 2017
490 SIRI Serendipity in Research and Innovation 2018
491 MMAMA Microwave Microscopy for Advanced and Efficient Materials Analysis and Production 2017
492 REFINE Regulatory Science Framework for Nano(bio)material-based Medical Products and Devices 2017
493 MIRA Microbe induced Resistance to Agricultural pests 2017
494 DYNACQM Dynamics of Correlated Quantum Matter: From Dynamical Probes to Novel Phases of Matter
495 PROMOFS Nanoengineering and Processing of Metal-Organic Framework Composites for Photonic Sensors 2018
496 EXOKLEIN The Climates and Habitability of Small Exoplanets Around Red Stars 2018
497 IceCommunities Reconstructing community dynamics and ecosystem functioning after glacial retreat 2018
498 MicroCaT Micro-tumor Guided Cancer Therapy Selection MicroCaT 2018
499 PROTEUS Development of simulation methods and tools to predict the idle and sub-idle behavior of future large Very High Bypass Ratio geared civil turbofan engines. 2018
500 ICTUS Instrumented engine Cradle for the TUrboprop demonstrator ground teSt 2018
502 3Bee Hive-Tech 3Bee Hive-Tech 2018
503 Wave Predictor Wave Predictor 2018
504 DOVER Methodology Development and Validation of WEight Optimized Stiffeners Run-Out Design for Future Composite Wings 2018
505 SEMS Smart Energy Management System 2018
506 ForceMorph The integration of cell signalling and mechanical forces in vascular morphology 2018
507 NOCO2 Novel CO2 condensation and separation in supersonic flows contributing to carbon capture and storage (CCS) 2019
508 ANAFAUNA Implementation of soil fauna effects into the forest ecosystem model ANAFORE 2019
509 ProphARG Evolution of Prophages that carry Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGs) and their host-bacteria in response to antibiotics and increased lytic activity 2018
510 UPWARDS Understanding of the Physics of Wind Turbine and Rotor Dynamics through an Integrated Simulation Framework 2018
511 STREAM Statistical Tools for Reaction Efficacy AssessMent: Prediction and Understanding in Organocatalyst Discovery 2018
512 LandFlux Quantifying landslide activity and contribution to sediment fluxes with cosmogenic radionuclides and grain-size distributions 2018
513 INDECRUST Integrative ecological indicators of global change based on biocrust tissue traits 2018
514 PROTECT Propagation of atmospheric ROssby waves - connection to prEdictability of Climate exTremes 2018
515 SPECTROCHEM First-Principles Spectroscopies in Realistic Electrochemical Environments 2018
516 Cross-CPP Ecosystem for Services based on integrated Cross-sectorial Data Streams from multiple Cyber Physical Products and Open Data Sources 2017
517 BEHAVFRICTIONS Behavioral Implications of Information-Processing Frictions 2018
518 BioVOLHum An understated player of Climate Change - increased air humidity - impact on volatile signaling compound emission at northern forests 2019
519 BRAIN Bacterial regulation of Apis neurophysiology 2018
520 BriCoFra New ideas for the Variational Approach to Brittle and Cohesive Fracture 2018
521 CAYMAN Illuminating Ultra-Slow Spreading Centres: a seismic approach to the Cayman Trough 2019
522 CHROMABOLISM Chromatin-localized central metabolism regulating gene expression and cell identity 2018
523 CIOP Centrifugal Instability in the Orkney Passage 2018
524 COGBIAS Neural circuitry and health consequences of cognitive bias 2019
525 COMEX COmputational Modelling for EXtreme conditions 2018
526 DAMA Extreme-Scale Data Management 2018
527 DCI A new method for theoretical spectroscopy of strongly correlated materials - dynamical configuration interaction 2018
528 DEBT Eliciting Preferences over Saving and Borrowing 2018
529 DMSWet Microbial Dimethylsulfide Degradation in Anoxic Wetland Sediments 2019
530 LASER OPTIMAL Laser Ablation: SElectivity and monitoRing for OPTImal tuMor removAL 2018
531 PhenoSwitch Phenotype switching: plasticity and/or differentiation of stromal cells and their progenitors within the tumour microenvironment regulate tumour fate. 2018
532 MultiphysMicroCaps Multiphysics study of the dynamics, resistance and targeted therapy potential of deformable Micro-Capsules 2018
533 MicroC Agent-Based Modelling of Gene Networks to model clonal selection in the tumour microenvironment and predict therapeutic resistance 2018
534 NISIHealth Digital Nudges, Incentives and Social Influence in Habit Formation of a Global Health Behaviour 2019
535 EUVSBSMP Early Universe Vacuum Stability and Beyond the Standard Model Physics 2019
536 MMED Development of a Microfluidic Microbial Ecology Device and Mathematical Model to Study Antibiotic Response of Individual Cells 2019
537 TC-Evo Molecular and functional evolution of human CD8+ T cell repertoires 2018
538 GAP Global dynamics of mountain diversification and persistence 2019
539 FunGraW Fundamental physics in the era of gravitational-wave astronomy 2019
540 TurbDDT Predicting flame acceleration and deflagration to detonation transition in industrial scale explosions incorporating the turbulence effects 2018
541 PERSONALMOVE Uncovering determinants of animal personalities using movement data 2018
542 NuWeld Integrated Modelling and Analysis of Multiple Component Carbides in Welded hardfacings 2018
543 NoSoilPV Novel Soiling Identification Logics for Photovoltaics 2018
544 TLIINCSEFFR Towards Low Impact and Innovative New Concrete Structures: Exploitation of FRP Fabric Reinforcement 2018
545 gaitDCODE Decoding impairments of gait and balance from local field potentials in patients with Parkinson's disease. 2018
546 MIDAS Microbial Degradation of Jellyfish-Derived Substrates 2018
547 TROPHY The consequences of temperature-resource interactions for the future of marine phytoplankton communities 2018
548 DancingGalaxies Dancing with giants: dynamics of dwarf satellite galaxies 2019
549 FORWARD Exploring the drivers of tropical forest responses to variability of water availability in space and time through a model-data fusion cycle 2018
550 PS Predicting Suicide 2018
551 Primer Predicting the impacts of climate change and management actions for the invasiveness of alien species in Europe 2019
552 ReCiModel Multimodal characterization of the visual word form area: An integrative computational model 2018
553 urbanbird Social life in the city: how urbanization affects cooperation and competition among social birds 2018
554 Mesophotic Past and present mesophotic coral ecosystems as a predictor for survival of coral reefs in an era of climate change 2018
555 OXIREC Modelling of Oxide Interfacial Reconstruction 2018
556 Hot-TEA Hot Terrestrial Exo-planet Atmospheres: preparing new generation instrument observations with a global climate model 2018
557 WIDEA Wave-based Inspection for Damage Evaluation in structurally-Advanced composites 2019
558 TRuST TRanscriptomic analysis improving models to predict microbial SafeTy of ready-to-eat foods 2019
559 EvolBehavGenArch The composition and evolution of C. elegans behavioural genetic architectures 2018
560 MECHANOSITY Mechanical regulation of cellular behaviour in 3D viscoelastic materials 2019
561 SafePack Assessing safety of food packaging through computational toxicology 2018
562 SASC Synergies in the Acquisition of Syntactic Categories 2018
563 ML Potentials Constructing Intermolecular Potentials by Combining Physics and Machine Learning 2018
564 MOrPhEM Mechanics of Programmable Matter 2019
565 PERIL Post ERuption Incision of Landscapes (PERIL) 2019
566 HyFiSyn Hybrid Fibre-reinforced composites: achieving Synergetic effects through microstructural design and advanced simulation tools 2018
567 MUSIC-haic 3D MUltidisciplinary tools for the Simulation of In-flight iCing due to High Altitude Ice Crystals 2018
568 DEMOBLACK Demography of black hole binaries in the era of gravitational wave astronomy 2018
569 CharFL Characterizing the fitness landscape on population and global scales 2019
570 MECHEMGUI The integration of mechanical and chemical signals in neuronal guidance 2018
571 BiomeRiskFactors Discovering microbiome-based disease risk factors 2019
572 PALGLAC Palaeoglaciological advances to understand Earth’s ice sheets by landform analysis 2018
573 Ecol of interactions Developing the predictive ecology of plant-animal interactions across space and time 2018
574 IAXOplus Towards the detection of the axion with the International Axion Observatory 2018
575 pBioStrat-for-PDA Use of PAP as a biomarker and stratifier of pancreatic cancer to improve patient management 2018
576 SENSITIVE Early Detection of cancer onset based on sensing field cancerization at the organ level 2018
577 HERCULES towards geoHazards rEsilient infRastruCtUre under changing cLimatES 2018
578 Aladin Aladin: A Smart Home-Care Solution for the Elderly. 2018
579 HypoSkin Unique breakthrough ex vivo human skin model to predict efficacy and toxicity of subcutaneous drugs 2018
580 REPLICATE The Revolutionary Tooth Replacement System for Minimally Invasive Immediate Dental Implants 2018
581 EndoTrainer EndoTrainer - A revolution in non-invasive surgery training 2018
582 Mimica Touch Bioreactive food expiry label that mimics the actual decay of food for a reliable and accurate method of reducing food waste 2018
583 ASSYSt A reliable CXCL4 biomarker assay to improve diagnosis and treatment of Systemic Sclerosis 2018
584 MOOD Feasibility Study for the introduction into pre-clinical study domain of the first-of-a-kind Multi Organ On Device (MOOD) technology 2018
585 RE-WATER REvitalising tap WATER for reduced consumption of plastic water bottles 2018
586 MOTIONMAPPER A real-time slope stability and subsidence monitoring service to improve productivity and to prevent catastrophic events in the mining industry 2018
587 HarvestAll Development of multi-source micro energy harvesting power management devices 2018
588 HepatoPredict A decision tool for Liver Transplantation based on molecular signature 2018
589 TreeVoice Artificial Intelligence and IoT for tree health monitoring 2018
590 SenolT Fast and effective diagnostic test for the early detection of residual tumours to prevent cancer recurrence 2018
591 PreSpeech Predicting speech: what and when does the brain predict during language comprehension? 2018
592 V-LAP A revolutionary direct, daily heart monitoring platform for long-term tailored treatment of Heart Disease patients. 2018
593 Klimator-RSI Connected cars for real time smart road maintenance and increased driving safety 2018
594 DeCAS The first real-time monitoring device able to determine the impact area of space vehicles’ fragments during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and minimize risks for people and property 2018
595 CircaCHIP Development of Circadian Rhythms on Chip 2018
596 PaSION A longitudinal assessment of treatment experience, symptoms and potential associations with biomarkers in cancer patients undergoing immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy 2018
597 Motorlisten AI-based acoustic condition monitoring of industrial machinery 2018
598 HARMONIC Discrete harmonic analysis for computer science 2019
599 MatheGram Multiscale Analysis of Thermomechanical Behaviour of Granular Materials 2019
600 CHANGE Cultural Heritage Analysis for New GEnerations 2019
602 PANTHER Performant Alternative to Nickel-based alloys for Turbine of Helicopter Engine Replacement 2019
603 PRESEISMIC Exploring the nucleation of large earthquakes: cascading and unpredictable or slowly driven and forecastable 2019
604 GECO Geothermal Emission Gas Control 2018
605 COTOFLEXI Computational Modelling, Topological Optimization and Design of Flexoelectric Nano Energy Harvesters 2019
606 MechanoSignaling Predicting cardiovascular regeneration: integrating mechanical cues and signaling pathways 2019
607 Trop-ClOC Quantifying the impact of Tropospheric Chlorine Oxidation Chemistry 2019
608 KG Pro 2.0 The world’s first remote, automated training tool and autonomous diagnostics solution for independent and OEM car dealerships and automotive education centers 2018
609 SINDAM Sunlight-Induced Nonadiabatic Dynamics of Atmospheric Molecules 2019
610 MatMech Live Tapings of Material Formation: Unravelling formation mechanisms in materials chemistry through Multimodal X-ray total scattering studies 2019
611 EcoBox Ecosystem in a box: Dissecting the dynamics of a defined microbial community in vitro 2019
612 TERIFIC Targeted Experiment to Reconcile Increased Freshwater with Increased Convection 2018
613 Stardust-R Stardust Reloaded 2019
615 MEGANTE MEasuring the Gravitational constant with Atom interferometry for Novel fundamental physics TEst 2019
616 RHUMBO modelling and pRedicting Human decision-making Using Measures of subconscious Brain processes through mixed reality interfaces and biOmetric signals 2018
617 INFORE Interactive Extreme-Scale Analytics and Forecasting 2019
618 RYTHMS ReliabilitY of opto-Transceivers for Health Monitoring Systems 2018
619 SunHorizon Sun coupled innovative Heat pumps 2018
620 BEACON Boosting Agricultural Insurance based on Earth Observation data 2019
621 VirtualBrainCloud Personalized Recommendations for Neurodegenerative Disease 2018
622 PERDY Perceptually-Driven Optimizations of Graphics Content for Novel Displays 2019
623 CROSSONT CROwned Spline Surface Optimization using New Treatments 2019
624 TUMOURPRINT High Throughput Bioprinting of Tumour Models for Drug Development and Oncology Research 2018
625 CRISP Cognitive Aging: From Educational Opportunities to Individual Risk Profiles 2019
626 SCREENED A multistage model of thyroid gland function for screening endocrine-disrupting chemicals in a biologically sex-specific manner 2019
627 BRuSH Oral bacteria as determinants for respiratory health 2019
629 ONCOBIOME Gut OncoMicrobiome Signatures (GOMS) associated with cancer incidence, prognosis and prediction of treatment response. 2019
630 BacterialCORE Widespread Bacterial CORE Complex Executes Intra- and Inter-Kingdom Cytoplasmic Molecular Trade 2019
631 CITISENSE Evolving communication systems in response to altered sensory environments 2019
632 ESCALON European-Latin American network for the assessment of biomarkers to predict and diagnose hepatobiliary malignancies and characterization of risk factors for cancer development 2019
633 TIL-FIT Increasing the fitness of tumor-infiltrating T cells for cellular immunotherapy 2019
634 i-TRIBOMAT Intelligent Open Test Bed for Materials Tribological Characterisation Services 2019
635 Liquid2DM Two-dimensional liquid cell dielectric microscopy 2019
636 FormPlanet Sheet metal forming testing hub 2019
637 BrEATHE high capacity planet BEAring Technology for High Efficiency gearbox 2019
638 MULT2D Multiscale Mechanics of Bone Fragility in Type-2 Diabetes 2019
639 ContentMAP Contentotopic mapping: the topographical organization of object knowledge in the brain 2019
640 GEoREST predictinG EaRthquakES induced by fluid injecTion 2019
641 NEUROPRECISE Precision medicine in traumatic brain injury using individual neurosteroid response 2019
642 FTHPC Fault Tolerant High Performance Computing 2019
643 FREIA Female Reproductive toxicity of EDCs: a human evidence-based screening and Identification Approach 2019
644 Fish-AI Developing an Artificial Intestine for the sustainable farming of healthy fish 2019
645 PUPILTRAITS Biomarkers of individual differences in human cortical visual processing 2019
646 MHDiscs From non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics to the structure and evolution of protoplanetary discs 2019
647 Emergence Emergence of wild differentiable dynamical systems 2019
648 Algo-Grid Platform for Operations and Maintenance Management of Power Smart Grids based on advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence 2019
649 Fine Birth Diagnosis of preterm birth risk and success of induced labour 2019
650 ECOFEED Altered eco-evolutionary feedbacks in a future climate 2019
651 CANCEREVO Deciphering and predicting the evolution of cancer cell populations 2019
652 dataFlow dataFlow: A Data-driven Fluid Flow Solving Platform 2019
653 QUCUBE 3D integration technology for silicon spin qubits 2019
654 ANTICIPATE Anticipatory Human-Computer Interaction 2019
655 DYNASNET Dynamics and Structure of Networks 2019
656 NanoInformaTIX Development and Implementation of a Sustainable Modelling Platform for NanoInformatics. 2019
657 APACHE Active & intelligent PAckaging materials and display cases as a tool for preventive conservation of Cultural Heritage. 2019
658 bECOMiNG spontaneous Evolution and Clonal heterOgeneity in MoNoclonal Gammopathies: from mechanisms of progression to clinical management 2019
659 ImmuNiche Identifying spatial determinants of immune cell fate commitment 2019
660 MICROB-PREDICT MICROBiome-based biomarkers to PREDICT decompensation of liver cirrhosis and treatment response 2019
661 GUDGET GUst generators and model DesiGn for transonic wind tunnel tEsTs 2019
662 Oximonitor The first portable monitoring medical device providing accurate prognosis for patients with circulatory failure 2019
663 MEFISTO MEFISTO - Meniscal functionalised scaffold to prevent knee Osteoarthritis onset after meniscectomy 2019
664 iPC individualizedPaediatricCure: Cloud-based virtual-patient models for precision paediatric oncology 2019
665 ASSALA Advanced Simulation Solutions Applied to Quality Control of Laser Deposited Metals 2019
666 CancerFingerPrints Identification of nano-mechanical fingerprints as a biomarker for cancer treatment prognosis 2019
667 ACCENTO ACCENTO (Active Clearence Contol dEsigN and characTerizatiOn). Advanced investigations on different Low Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control (LPTACC) system by means of CFD and experiments. 2019
668 HIVACS High Voltage Aerospace Cable System 2019
669 VibSEA SEA Applied to the Prediction of High Frequency Vibrations in Aircraft Engines 2019
670 BRAINSYNC Brain-environment synchrony and the auditory perception problem 2019
671 ReCoDE Reshaping cortical circuits to decrease binge eating 2019
672 ATLANTIC Advanced theoretical network for modeling light matter interactIon 2019
673 LifeTime Revolutionizing Healthcare by Tracking and Understanding Human Cells during Disease 2019
674 QoSIoTSmartCities Quality of Service for the Internet of Things in Smart Cities via Predictive Networks 2019
675 GlyCANswer Decoding the Cancer Glycoproteome Driven Immune Response 2019
676 ChOLLATERAL Generation of an adverse outcome pathway network on cholestatic liver injury for mechanism-based in vitro testing of chemicals. 2019
677 PCinBC Plasma cell heterogeneity and dynamics in patient tumors 2019
678 New GeneSS New Generation Design Methods for Stainless Steel Structures 2019
679 DECODE Decoding Context-Dependent Genetic Networks in vivo 2019
680 SESAME Sex-specific and multi-generational effects of an optimized diet 2020
681 STAND4HERITAGE New STANDards for seismic assessment of built cultural HERITAGE 2019
682 PROMINENT Solar prominences: unraveling the ultimate condensation catastrophe 2019
683 MICROPATH The fate and persistence of microplastics and associated pathogens in lowland rivers 2020
684 anti-CRISPR Selection and evolution of phage-encoded anti-CRISPR genes 2019
685 SO-CUP Southern Ocean Carbon Uptake 2020
686 POPMET Large-scale identification of secondary metabolites, metabolic pathways and their genes in the model tree poplar 2019
687 DiMaS Retrospective genomic analyses of shortfin Mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) using DNA from archived jaws 2019
688 SYMBIO-INC Mechanisms of symbiotic incompatibility in the arbuscular mycorrhizal association 2020
689 ExTaSea EXtreme upper TAil of SEA level rise: constraints from geological records 2020
690 SELPH2D Spin Electron-Phonon in 2D materials 2019
691 TPOINT Parasitism and climate change: A tipping point for blue mussel populations? 2019
692 PSF-2-PREDICT Predicting when plant-soil feedbacks promote or prevent alien plant invasion. 2020
693 PlantSoilGradients Plant-soil feedback and local adaptation along soil fertility gradients 2020
694 MutANTs Mutation rate evolution in attine ants 2020
695 MULTIPIR Multiscale modelling of migration of pollutant particles in rivers 2020
696 CutGrow A CutFEM Paradigm for Surgical Guided Growth of Bone Joints 2020
697 PRESQUE A predicting platform for designing semiconductor quantum devices 2019
698 Strong_Link Integrated Advanced Experimental and Data-Led Materials and Process Development for Advanced Stainless Steels and Hybrid Materials Joints with Nanostructures 2019
699 CLOSeR Contribution of Land water stOrage to Sea-level Rise 2019
700 IDEAL Inhibitor of DUX4-IGH to Erase Acute lymphoblastic Leukaemia 2020
701 JAL Uncovering the Behavioural and Neural Correlates of Joint Action Learning 2020
702 FIT-SEP Fully integrated technology for predictive diagnosis of sepsis 2020
703 CLEANERFLAMES CompLex thErmoAcoustic iNteraction mEchanisms in spRay Flames in Low-nox Annular coMbustion chambErS 2019
704 LightBosons Search for Higgs boson decays into Light Bosons in Boosted Hadronic final states 2019
705 FISHSCALE Disentangling Cross-Scale Drivers of Coral Reef Fish Community Structure for Ecosystem-Based Management 2020
706 NeuroTick The neuroscience of tickling: cerebellar mechanisms and sensory prediction 2019
707 FaultScan Passive seismic scanning of the preparation phase of damaging earthquakes 2019
708 DISCONNECTOME Brain connections, Stroke, Symptoms Predictions and Brain Repair 2019
709 UreaCa Deciphering the metabolic roles of the urea-cycle pathway in carcinogenesis for improving diagnosis and therapy 2019
710 CancerADAPT Targeting the adaptive capacity of prostate cancer through the manipulation of transcriptional and metabolic traits 2019
711 SUPERMODEL Development and verification of microstructure, residual stress and deformation simulation capability for additive free-form direct deposition using multiple superalloys 2019
712 Origins From Planet-Forming Disks to Giant Planets 2019
713 MMQIP Molecular Magnets: Coordination Cages, Frameworks and Multifunctional Materials 2020
714 BioGeoMetal Nutrients in anoxic oceans – Trace metals in modern and ancient environments 2019
715 RIPARIONS Transferring hydrological and biogeochemical concepts from boreal to Mediterranean RIPARian zones: developing a broad knowledge framework across ecoregIONS 2020
716 MitoWild Counting the cost of living: mitochondrial efficiency, environmental conditions, and performance in the wild 2019
717 BioSIGNAL Biological pump Sensitivity and climate change: InterroGatiNg past environmentAL perturbations 2019
718 ECAW-ISO Past, present and future Exchanges of CArbon and Water between the vegetation and the atmosphere: new insights from analysis and modelling of stable carbon ISOtope data 2019
719 FUNTRICAN Functional analysis of thyroid hormone nuclear receptors TRs in human Intestinal Cancer stem cells 2019
720 techFRONT Novel techniques for quantitative behaviour of convection-diffusion equations 2020
721 HealinguFE Development of an in silico model for prediction of in vivo human bone fracture healing using micro-finite element analysis 2020
722 HYDROBLOCK Discrete Multi-physics modeling of hydrate blockage in pipelines 2020
723 GenSPaD Genomic Selection for Pasture Digestibility 2020
724 PolyPath Insights from within-host dynamics on the coexistence of antibiotic resistant and sensitive pathogens 2019
725 VINCI The Value of Information and Choice to Improve Control. 2020
726 MEGAFAUNA Detecting, Predicting and Protecting Pelagic Megafauna Hotspots in the Coral Sea 2020
727 DendritesInVivo Prediction and validation of in vivo dendritic processing 2020
728 POLARC High Arctic Polynyas in a Changing Climate 2019
729 GeneLifeCard Genetic and lifestyle regulators of cardiometabolic risk in individuals gaining weight 2020
730 RESIST Resolving Effects of particle Shape and Inertia in Scalar Transport 2019
731 MIRACLE Metabolic Imaging with RF Antennas to predict Chemotherapy Efficacy 2019
732 KATA The therapy app for more air and health 2019
733 MOBILISE-D Connecting digital mobility assessment to clinical outcomes for regulatory and clinical endorsement 2019
734 4D_REEF Past, present and future of turbid reefs in the Coral Triangle 2019
736 GLASST Global and Local Health Impact Assessment of Transport: methods for prioritising model development 2019
737 INVITE INnovations in plant VarIety Testing in Europe to foster the introduction of new varieties better adapted to varying biotic and abiotic conditions and to more sustainable crop management practices 2019
738 EXHAUSTION Exposure to heat and air pollution in EUrope – cardiopulmonary impacts and benefits of mitigation and adaptation 2019
739 FlexMod A Flexible, Data-driven Model Framework to Predict Soil Responses to Land-use and Climate Change 2020
740 ASSO Adhesive Connection for Secondary Structures in Offshore Wind Installations 2019
741 MALAGA Applying Machine Learning to Cyber Risk Analysis and Mitigation 2019
742 hivepoll Polling beehives to monitor parasitic infestations and gather pollination information 2019
743 UDE Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for real-time diagnosis of public spaces 2019
744 PERISCOPE Perioperative infection prediction 2019
745 ANISOPTER ANISOPTER: The Affordable Optimization Solution for Anisogrid Structures 2019
746 WearHealth Worker 4.0 – Connected. Empowered. Safe and Healthy. The first intelligent and interoperable platform based on AI and wearable/IoT devices for real-time workers safety and health monitoring 2019
747 ScleroTest A rapid and cost-effective point-of-care diagnostic kit able to predict treatment response for appropriate Multiple Sclerosis management 2019
748 PREDICT Big Data EEG-Analysis for Advanced Personalised Medicine in Depression 2019
749 DINEMOS Discovery of New Molecular Semiconductors 2019
750 G20LAP G20 Legitimacy and Policymaking 2019
751 ConfliGram Conflicting Grammars: Gender among bilinguals in Mesoamerica and the Caucasus 2019
752 MultiSeaSpace Developing a unified spatial modelling strategy that accounts for interactions between species at different marine trophic levels, and different types of survey data. 2019
753 iTrust In-time TReatment of acUte ischaemic STroke 2019
754 Plant-FATE Predicting global vulnerability of forests to drought using plant functional trait evolution 2019
755 NaviFlu Navigating the evolutionary routes of influenza viruses 2019
756 SiNfONiA Safety in NanOmaterials & NAnotechnology 2019
757 EnergyShield Integrated Cybersecurity Solution for the Vulnerability Assessment, Monitoring and Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructures 2019
758 VIEW-AHEAD Virtual Image Holographic Optical Elements for Windscreens, Enabling the Next Generation of Automobile Head-up Displays 2019
759 PANTROP Biodiversity and recovery of forest in tropical landscapes 2019
760 Regen-membrane Pulsed Electrophoretic Deposition to give Membranes for Regenerative Medicine 2019
761 PyroSafe Integration of new nano-engineered safe energetic layers with Sensors and Electronics to manufacture Safety-Critical Microsystems 2019
762 NoMaMemo Non-Markovian Memory-Based Modelling of Near- and Far-From-Equilibrium Dynamical Systems 2019
763 Angio-NYT Investigating the crosstalk between Notch and YAP/TAZ in sprouting angiogenesis 2020
765 NZERO protecting the environment from oil-based lubricants 2019
766 AnchorGuardian AnchorGuardian, providing safety during anchoring by monitoring the position and absolute movement of a ships anchor. 2019
767 Mari.Time Dissecting the mechanistic basis of moon-controlled monthly timing mechanisms in marine environments 2020
768 Cortx Intelligent debt recovery platform. 2019
769 S2S-Future SIGNAL PROPAGATION IN SOURCE TO SINK for the FUTUre of earth Ressources and Energies 2020
770 hSAI Predictive and adaptative algorithms for Smart cities, HR and Finance Industries 2019
771 SINERGIA advanced technologieS for drug dIscovery and precisioN mEdicine: in vitRo modellinG human physiology and diseAse 2019
772 MOSAICS Hearing Matters: European Industrial Doctorate to train experts in auditory implants for minimised outcome spread and maximized participation in society 2019
773 MENELAOS_NT European Training Network (ETN) on Multimodal Environmental Exploration Systems – Novel Technologies 2020
774 InVIGO INtake Vortex Ingestion on Ground Operations 2019
775 3DCanPredict Predicting clinical response to anticancer drugs using 3D-bioprinted tumor models for personalized therapy 2019
776 LEVEL-UP Protocols and Strategies for extending the useful Life of major capital investments and Large Industrial Equipment 2019
778 RTExD Intelligent acoustic sensor for real-time monitoring of large infrastructures 2019
779 EOLOGIX The first wireless wind turbine blade sensor for automatic, real-time condition-based monitoring 2019
781 GW4SHM Guided Waves for Structural Health Monitoring 2020
782 DELTA AI Enabled Managemement of Patients at Risk of Diabetic Foot Ulcer 2019
783 STREAM Simulation of Turbulence and RoughnEss in Additive Manufactured parts 2019
784 PACE The leading manufacturer-independent connected-car platform, disrupting value creation and customer communication in the automotive aftermarket 2019
785 PRISME PRogram for ISolation Manufacturing in Europe (PRISME) 2019
786 ConsQuanDyn Constrained Quantum Dynamics 2020
787 OASyS Overall Air Transport System Vehicle Scenarios 2019
788 HEATforecast Dynamical constraints for the predictability of heat waves in current and future climates 2020
789 TOX-ANT Toxin-antidote selfish elements in animals: from gene drive to speciation 2020
790 MUCUS Modelling revolUtion for Complex flUid flow over Surfaces and walls 2020
791 U-CROSS Early detection and progress monitoring and prediction of corrosion in aeronautic Al alloys through calibrated Ultrasonic CorROSion Sensors application 2019
793 NOVACHIP Novel vascular-like BBB-on-a-chip 2020
794 E-DIRECT Evolution of Direct Reciprocity in Complex Environments 2020
795 MAGIC Architectured Soft Magnetoactive Materials: Beyond Instabilities 2020
796 Corr-NEQM Correlated Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter: Fundamentals and Applications to Nanoscale Systems 2019
797 GEOPRO Accurate Geofluid Properties as key to Geothermal Process Optimisation 2019
798 NeurONN Two-Dimensional Oscillatory Neural Networks for Energy Efficient Neuromorphic Computing 2020
799 VIRTUOUS Virtual tongue to predIct the oRganoleptic profile of mediterranean IngredienTs and their effect on hUman hOmeostasis by means of an integrated compUtational multiphysicS platform 2019
800 QUALITOP Monitoring multidimensional aspects of QUAlity of Life after cancer ImmunoTherapy - an Open smart digital Platform for personalized prevention and patient management 2020
801 CompBat Computer aided desing for next generation flow batteries 2020
802 Waste reduction Freshness and expiration date measurement 2019
803 MUNDFAB Modeling Unconventional Nanoscaled Device FABrication 2020
804 CLARIFY Cancer Long Survivors Artificial Intelligence Follow Up 2020
805 PERSIST Patients-centered SurvivorShIp care plan after Cancer treatments based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies 2020
806 FAITH a Federated Artificial Intelligence solution for moniToring mental Health status after cancer treatment 2020
807 FASTCORR Ultrafast dynamics of correlated electrons in solids 2020
808 DecodeDegRNA Post-transcriptional regulation of RNA degradation in early zebrafish development 2020
809 ySKILLS Youth Skills 2020
810 PAGER Prediction of Adverse effects of Geomagnetic Storms and Energetic Radiation 2020
811 SPECK Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk for Increased Traffic Safety at Uncontrolled Crossings 2019
812 GRECA GRECA: Revolution in corporate transactions 2019
813 uHeart A beating Heart-on-Chip for pre-clinical early detection of drugs cardiac safety 2019
814 EDAS HEALTHCARE AI-based infectious diseases diagnosis in seconds 2019
816 FIDELITY Full field Imaging for Damage Evaluation in Lightweight structures under Impact TYpe Loading 2020
817 UNITI Unification of treatments and Interventions for Tinnitus patients 2020
818 SUBLIME Supporting Understanding of Boundary Layer Ingesting Model Experiment 2019
820 SensorM3D Artificial Intelligence and Privacy Enabled Multi-Sensor Smart Cameras for 3D Analytics 2019
821 MACADAMIA Machine learning Augmented Computational Analysis of composite panels: new insights into DAmage Mechanisms In Aerospace structures with nanoparticles 2020
822 ErgThComplexSys Ergodic theory for complex systems: a rigorous study of dynamics on heterogeneous networks 2020
823 SMA-TB A novel Stratified Medicine Algorithm to predict treatment responses to host-directed therapy in TB patients. 2020
825 HAP2 Host-targeted Approaches for the Prevention and the treatment of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia 2020
828 EPIDEMIC Experimental Epidemiology in Ant Societies 2020
829 MUSMICRO Causes and consequences of variation in the mammalian microbiota 2020
830 ADAM Autonomous Discovery of Advanced Materials 2020
831 I.AM. Impact Aware Manipulation by Dexterous Robot Control and Learning in Dynamic Semi-Structured Logistic Environments 2020
832 REMEDIA Impact of exposome on the course of lung diseases 2020
833 PROFID Implementation of personalised risk prediction and prevention of sudden cardiac death after myocardial infarction 2020
835 QSPainRelief Effective combinational treatment of chronic pain in individual patients, by an innovative quantitative systems pharmacology pain relief approach. 2020
836 PSYDISC Developing and Testing the Psychological Distance to Science Model 2020
837 SENSES Making Sense of Electrical Noise by Simulating Electrolyte Solutions 2020
838 inhibiTOR Novel selective mTORC1 inhibitors 2020
839 ebalance-plus Energy balancing and resilience solutions to unlock the flexibility and increase market options for distribution grid 2020
840 SPATEMP From spatial relationships to temporal correlations: New vistas on predictive coding 2020
841 Niche4NbS Beyond assuming co-benefits in Nature-based Solutions: Applying the niche concept for optimizing social and ecological outcomes 2020
842 DIANA Organ-on-a-chip Drug screenIng device to tArget braiN diseAse 2020
843 CompHematoPathology Computational Hematopathology for Improved Diagnostics 2020
844 CHAMELEON Virtual Laboratories for Exoplanets and Planet Forming Disks 2020
845 NeuroTrans NEUROtransmitter TRANSporters: from single molecules to human pathologies 2020
846 INTERACT International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic 2020
847 GLOBAL Tropical rain forest diversification: a GLOBAL approach 2020
849 ExpoBiome Deciphering the impact of exposures from the gut microbiome-derived molecular complex in human health and disease 2020
851 Bio-LP-1 A novel rapid environmental test for the human pathogen Legionella 2020
852 TAXi-ch Determination of transcription factor cooperativity driving expression from the inactive X chromosome 2020
853 PLECTRA Revealing mechanisms of plant-soil feedback in search of trait indicators 2020
854 ClimateWeb The Effects Of Climate Change on the Web of Life 2020
855 METABONE A new approach of metastatic bone fracture prediction using a patient-specific model including metastatic tissue, daily-life activities and local failure criteria 2020
856 FuturePowerFlow Exploiting the full integration potential of fluctuating renewable energies in power grid operation by new predictive technologies 2020
857 Geowox A platform supercharging residential property valuations. 2020
858 RNADOMAIN Computational genomics of long noncoding RNA domains across metazoans 2021
859 MALDIP Machine Learning in Disordered Photonics 2020
860 INTEGRATE Personalised Medicine for Intervertebral Disc Regeneration- Integrating Profiling, Predictive Modelling and Gene Activated Biomaterials 2020
861 DEAllAct Dissecting and Engineering Allosteric Activation in a Biosynthetic Enzyme 2020
862 DYNAMOD-VACCINE-DATA A new method for dynamic opinion modelling of surveys applied to vaccine hesitancy data 2020
863 THEOCORPES Theoretical Methods for Better Core Level Photoelectron Spectroscopy 2021
864 SmartHeart SmartHeart, a 3D in vitro assay for improved assessment of cardiac drug efficacy and toxicity 2020
865 GUT3D-PLATE Ready-to-use cell culture plates for gut 3D models 2020
866 CO2Polymerisation Conversion of CO2/H2O to Polyethylene through Cascade Electro-reduction–Polymerisation Catalysis 2020
867 RegARcis Role of the SWI/SNF complex in the Androgen Receptor cistrome regulation 2020
868 NuMagLongRx Nuclear magnetic long-lived state relaxation 2020
869 ReReDMFT Development and implementation of reduced density matrix functionals for relativistic quantum chemistry. 2021
870 BEEP Biodiversity Erosion in European medicinal Plants 2020
871 TRADEOFF Deciphering fundamental constraints on pathogen adaptation 2021
872 OxyTempFish The Metabolic Niche Framework – Linking Metabolic Changes and Behavioural Responses of Fishes to Climate Change. 2021
873 FISHEARS Enigmatic fish ears: solving a sensory biology riddle with bioengineering and Artificial Intelligence 2020
874 HEARTguide Disruptive personalized pre-operative planning tool for transcatheter procedures 2019
875 DJINN Decrease Jet-Installation Noise 2020
876 SILVERPATH A silver path to a new generation of quantum materials. 2020