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1 NLRN20142015 Netherlands Researchers' Night: using the innovative Discovery Festival to unite separate events under a new national brand with a strong European dimension 2014
2 Prominent Promoting Innovation in the Inland Waterways Transport Sector 2015
3 EMPHASIS Effective Management of Pests and Harmful Alien Species - Integrated Solutions 2015
4 EmPowerPutida Exploiting native endowments by re-factoring, re-programming and implementing novel control loops in Pseudomonas putida for bespoke biocatalysis 2015
5 PrimeFish Developing Innovative Market Orientated Prediction Toolbox to Strengthen the Economic Sustainability and Competitiveness of European Seafood on Local and Global markets 2015
6 DiViNe Sustainable downstream processing of vaccines through incorporation of nanobiotechnologies : novel affinity ligands and biomimetic membranes 2015
7 NeTIRail-INFRA Needs Tailored Interoperable Railway 2015
8 HIGHTS High precision positioning for cooperative ITS applications 2015
9 DormantMicrobes Revealing the function of dormant soil microorganisms and the cues for their awakening 2015
10 SYMPLEXITY Symbiotic Human-Robot Solutions for Complex Surface Finishing Operations 2015
12 REPROWORM Safeguarding Cell Identities: Mechanisms Counteracting Cell Fate Reprogramming 2015
13 CrIC Molecular basis of the cross-talk between chronic inflammation and cancer 2015
14 HBQFTNCER Holomorphic Blocks in Quantum Field Theory: New Constructions of Exact Results 2015
15 new-ppd-environments First-principles global MHD disc simulations: Defining planet-forming environments in early solar systems 2015
16 G4DSB G-quadruplex DNA Structures and Genome Stability 2015
17 NewNGR New frontiers in numerical general relativity 2015
18 SOS Sorting of Self 2015
19 MST Moonshine and String Theory 2015
20 PERSEUS Promoting excellence and recognition seal of European aerospace Universities 2014
21 MONITOR Forecasting and Monitoring Economic Indicators 2015
22 Cancer-Targeted PolyIC Treatment of EGFR over-expressing cancers by targeted non-viral delivery of PolyIC 2015
23 GMCA GNSS Monitoring for Critical Applications 2015
24 ClickGene Click Chemistry for Future Gene Therapies to Benefit Citizens, Researchers and Industry 2015
25 TRUSS Training in Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety 2015
26 COSMOS Complex Oscillatory Systems: Modeling and Analysis 2015
27 INTEGRATE Interdisciplinary Training Network for Validation of Gram-Negative Antibacterial Targets 2015
28 RETHRIM Restoring tissue regeneration in patients with visceral Graft versus Host Disease. 2015
29 iHealth-T2D Family-based intervention to improve healthy lifestyle and prevent Type 2 Diabetes amongst South Asians with central obesity and prediabetes 2015
30 FoodSMART Shaping Smarter Consumer Behaviour and Food Choice 2015
31 SEP Startup Europe Partnership 2015
32 SAGE-CARE SemAntically integrating Genomics with Electronic health records for Cancer CARE 2014
33 WITDOM empoWering prIvacy and securiTy in non-trusteD envirOnMents 2015
34 Photonics4All EU-wide outreach for promoting photonics to young people, entrepreneurs and the general public 2015
35 MusicBricks MusicBricks: Musical Building Blocks for Digital Makers and Content Creators 2015
36 SERECA Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications 2015
37 EDFx European Digital Forum Thought Leadership and Policy Network Exchange 2015
38 ACINO Application Centric IP/Optical Network Orchestration 2015
39 EuDEco Modelling the European data economy 2015
40 Muscle stress relief Muscle Stress Relief: An integrated research program linking together basic research on secondary myopathies in stress states to innovative translation in applied myology. 2016
41 PROCROP Harnessing Plant Reproduction for Crop Improvement 2015
42 RICH Research Infrastructures Consortium for Horizon 2020 2014
43 SynChI Striatal cholinergic cell assemblies in movement disorders 2015
44 CHILE A Comparative History of Insurance Law in Europe 2015
45 NewSpindleForce A new class of microtubules in the spindle exerting forces on kinetochores 2015
46 Protein Lego Protein design from sub-domain sized fragments 2015
47 QLev4G Quantum control of levitated massive mechanical systems: a new approach for gravitational quantum physics 2015
48 SET IT Organization and Delivery of the Italian Presidency Conference on the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) – the SET IT Project 2014
49 ProCold ProCold: Empowering stakeholders to deliver highly energy efficient professional cold products 2015
50 IIT Industrial Innovation in Transition 2015
51 NEGOTIATE Negotiating early job-insecurity and labour market exclusion in Europe 2015
52 BRISKEE Behavioural Response to Investment Risks in Energy Efficiency 2015
53 SmartAct-2-3 Scaling of a midsized patented low energy, light weight, highly efficient actuator to meet the demands of smaller and larger scale functions 2014
54 BeadCAP-DNA BeadCAP-DNA: 30-minute on-site DNA test kit 2014
55 VSM Validated Surge Model 2014
56 CVDTEU Clinical validation of the DiviTum assay in key European markets 2014
57 Briareo Implementation of a vertical axis micro-wind turbine capable of working at high efficiency even at a low wind speed. 2014
58 TRACKANT Mobile Smart Tracking Antenna System for Remotely Piloted Aircrafts 2014
59 FACCE SURPLUS SUstainable and Resilient agriculture for food and non-food systems 2015
60 IMPRECSIM Improving wet plastic recycling through innovative lagrangian particle-fluid simulations 2015
61 eCAIMAN Electrolyte, Cathode and Anode Improvements for Market-near Next-generation Lithium Ion Batteries 2015
62 SPICY Silicon and polyanionic chemistries and architectures of Li-ion cell for high energy battery 2015
63 Phil-Threats The Representation of External Threats in the Configuration of Spanish Power in the Philippines (1600-1800) 2016
64 OPERANDO Online Privacy Enforcement, Rights Assurance and Optimization 2015
65 Unity Unity 2015
66 KGBVIFEF Utilizing the fusion machinery of Herpes Simplex Virus to unveil the general process of membrane fusion 2015
67 EHRI European Holocaust Research Infrastructure 2015
68 TANDEM TransAfrican Network Development 2015
69 HOLES Highly Ordered Light-manipulators by Self-assembly 2015
70 IILSCFLP The Influence of Ionic Liquid Solvation on the Chemistry of Frustrated Lewis Pairs 2015
71 Cdc42Adhere Role of Cdc42 in cancer cell adhesion to endothelial cells and platelets 2015
72 DEMONH DEsign of Multifunctional 2D-OrgaNic Hybrids 2016
73 STEELANOL Production of sustainable, advanced bio-ethANOL through an innovative gas-fermentation process using exhaust gases emitted in the STEEL industry 2015
74 MagProtoCell Magnetic micromachines based on protocell design and engineering 2015
75 MobileLinks Mobile links in fragmented landscapes: implications for biodiversity conservation 2015
76 InterDemo Intercultural Democracies: insights from mining conflicts for environmental justice in plurinational Bolivia and Ecuador. 2015
77 BATTLE The molecular basis of NleB-mediated bacterial virulence 2016
78 Tolltum Role, regulation and targeting of nucleic acid-sensing TLRs within the tumour microenvironment 2015
79 VCSD Visualising Chromatin Structure and Dynamics at the Nanometre Scale with Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy 2016
80 InVivo_DDR_ADPR Decoding the DNA damage signalling in C. elegans by proteomic analyses of ADP-ribosylation 2016
81 ATTOCHEM Attosecond imaging and control of chemical dynamics 2015
82 Intentions in Action Intentions in Action: Establishing the neural causes of intentional action 2015
83 FOREST 3D - ECOCARB Integration of innovative remote sensing techniques for optimum modelling of tropical forest primate habitat and carbon storage 2015
84 Space-Time from Info Space-Time from Information Flow 2015
85 PREF LEARNHEUR Learning heuristics in preference elicitation tasks: insights from behavioural, computational and neurobiological investigations 2015
86 EM-Pillars Controlled cryo-EM sample preparation through DNA-Origami pillars 2015
87 iRhom2 in AD iRhom2 in neuroinflammation and pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease 2015
88 AraMyco Uncovering the molecular dialogue between the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and the non-host plant. 2015
89 NanoSyNNets Nanowires to study single synapses in patterned neuronal networks. 2015
90 Mycena Unraveling the ecology of a widespread fungal group by genomic, isotopic and physiological analyses 2015
91 MaSCheNav Mass Spectrometry-Based Chemoproteomic Profiling of Nav1.7, a Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel 2015
92 OptiMADMix Optimized Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion Mixing 2016
93 Forests and CO Co-Benefits and Conflicts between CO2 sequestration and biodiversity conservation in European Forests 2015
94 MIPZ Functional characterization of the cell division inhibitor MipZ 2015
95 SSPinROOTS Small Signalling Peptides for Stimulating Root Growth - a Novel Approach to Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency 2015
96 SN-STM_FM Shot noise scanning probe microscopy: probing the dynamics at the atomic scale 2015
97 NEURINFDNA Neuronal DNA double strand breaks as novel epigenetic actors: roles in cognition, health and neuro-inflammatory diseases 2016
98 URBANEPIGENETICS The epigenetic basis of early-life effects in a wild bird exposed to urban environmental stress 2015
99 RoleOfNEinPerception The role of noradrenaline in human perception: from single neuron to whole brain and behavior 2015
100 SEEING FROM CONTEXT The neural basis of visual interaction between scenes and objects 2016
101 SymPathInfect Symbiont-mediated defense of amoebae against Legionella pneumophila - molecular mechanisms and pathogen ecology 2015
102 CACOHET “Causes and consequences of pluripotency gene regulatory network member heterogeneity” 2016
103 FeedbackTeamContest FEEDBACK IN TEAM COMPETITIONS 2015
104 distraction Distraction as a Philosophical Concept and a Stylistic Device in France and Italy.17th-19th Centuries 2015
105 GESTATE testinG massivE STar formATion modEis 2015
106 NoWork The long-term effects of unemployment on older workers: Studying life-course influences in social context 2016
107 GroupEstate GroupEstate Feasibility Study 2015
108 BIOCURE Novel Biomaterial for Improved and Cost-efficient Wound Healing 2015
109 SCATMET Developing a multispectral volume scattering meter for measuring the optical properties of sea andocean water 2015
110 ENBIOSURF Enzymatic production of a novel class of nonionic, mild and biobased surfactants 2015
111 PhotonCount Imaging with Photon Counting: Reduced costs, increased dynamic range 2015
112 DSTB Dyadic Secures The Breach 2015
113 Interactive Video Automatic creation of interactive video to double video advertising revenues whilst decreasing inconvenience for viewers 2015
114 FanBrake High heat dissipating Brake for heavy duty vehicles through an enabling annular disc Fan effect (FanBrake) 2015
115 CLINISC Clinical validation of pCO2 sensor system for ischemia detection 2015
116 MentorPitch The commercial exploitation of mentorship programme outcome intelligence in the global corporate and university market. 2015
117 Ecosheet-PRO An Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Plywood made from Co-mingled Waste Plastic 2015
118 EeC WITUR Efficient energy cleaning robotic platform for wind turbines (EeC WITUR) 2015
119 SAFESEAT A new generation car seat for babies 2015
120 NCP ACADEMY National Contact Points for quality standards and horizontal issues 2014
121 ERA-LEARN 2020 Strengthening joint programming in Europe 2015
122 NMP TeAm 3 Improving the services of the NMP NCP Network through Transnational Activities 2015
123 PGE-PLANETS Mineral scale platinum-group-element osmium isotope constraints on planet formation ‘late’ accretion 2015
124 PASS Paleozoic Seafloor Spreading 2015
125 QuantGeomLangTFT The Quantum Geometric Langlands Topological Field Theory 2015
126 MenWomenCare Men, Women and Care: The gendering of formal and informal care-giving in interwar Britain 2015
127 ProPlantStress Proteolytic processing in plant stress signal transduction and responses to abiotic stress and pathogen attack 2015
128 CRESCENDO Coordinated Research in Earth Systems and Climate: Experiments, kNowledge, Dissemination and Outreach 2015
129 GREEN-WIN Green growth and win-win strategies for sustainable climate action 2015
130 AQUACROSS Knowledge, Assessment, and Management for AQUAtic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services aCROSS EU policies (AQUACROSS) 2015
131 NanoDome Nanomaterials via Gas-Phase Synthesis: A Design-Oriented Modelling and Engineering Approach 2015
132 corr-DFT Improving the accuracy and reliability of electronic structure calculations: New exchange-correlation functionals from a rigorous expansion at infinite coupling strength 2015
133 CIMEC Cooperative ITS for Mobility in European Cities 2015
134 SOTERIA Safe long term operation of light water reactors based on improved understanding of radiation effects in nuclear structural materials 2015
135 KIOS KIOS Research Center of Excellence for Intelligent Systems and Networks 2015
136 ESSANUF European Supply of SAfe NUclear Fuel 2015
137 REALISE GroLaS Runway independent automatic launch and landing system for civil UAV based on GroLaS 2015
138 N2FEED N2 as Chemical Feedstock – Synthetic Nitrogen Fixation beyond Haber-Bosch 2015
140 OBSERVE Observing Emergence 2015
141 APA Filter-less air pollution abatement system able to clean a wide range of pollutants at ground level for a healthier workplace and more sustainable environment. 2015
142 IDH Digital Health Hub Europe 2015
143 REGiREG Regulating the immune regulators: targeting adaptive immune control 2015
144 DuaLL Duality in Formal Languages and Logic - a unifying approach to complexity and semantics 2015
146 VISUM An IR-spectroscopy-based platform for the rapid integration and customisation of affordable, real-time monitoring solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry 2015
147 EnRRICH Enhancing Responsible Research and Innovation through Curricula in Higher Education (EnRRICH) 2015
148 BioAqua Water as cosubstrate for biocatalytic redox reactions 2015
149 GENEVOSYN Reshuffling genes and genomes: from experimental evolution to synthetic biology in plants 2015
150 ACEP Airlander Civil Exploitation Project 2015
151 RePower Energy and resource surveillance systems without the challenges of batteries 2015
152 StreetHopper Disruptive Free Space Optics solution for small cell backhaul 2015
153 Anyoon Rotary Engine Innovative internal combustion engine that incorporates a unidirectional rotary design and obeys to perfection the Otto cycle giving it an efficiency of 78%. 2015
154 socio-bio interplay It’s not my fault I am aggressive, they picked on me: How early peer relations affect DNA methylation and neurocognitive development in children 2015
155 P-MEM-NMR Structure of paramagnetic integral membrane metalloproteins by MAS-NMR 2015
156 ARTIST Advancing Rechargeable-Batteries Through In Situ Techniques 2015
157 3Ccar Integrated Components for Complexity Control in affordable electrified cars 2015
158 RapidEx Validation of a point-of-care H-FABP test for a rapid exclusion of Acute Myocardial Infarction in patients with cardiac complaints. 2015
159 INTERTWINE Programming Model INTERoperability ToWards Exascale (INTERTWinE) 2015
160 SOUTHPARK SOUTHPARK - SOcial and Universal Technology HelPing to detect ARrivals via sdK 2015
161 FLOWERPOWER Establishing a new generation of horticulturists: Multidisciplinary approach for breeding innovative novelties using classical and biotechnological methods 2016
162 SmartAct-2-3 Scaling of midsized, patented, low energy, light weight, highly efficient actuator to meet the demands of smaller and larger scale applications 2015
163 AutoRecon Molecular mechanisms of autophagosome formation during selective autophagy 2016
164 ROBUSTNET Quantitative developmental genetic analysis of phenotypic buffering and cryptic variation 2015
165 PLANTSTEMS Decoding the Lateral Expansion of Plant Stems 2015
166 LASERLAB-EUROPE The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures 2015
167 Drug-Seq Unravelling the Genomic Targets of Drugs Using High-Throughput Sequencing 2015
168 BCELLMECHANICS Regulation of antibody responses by B cell mechanical activity 2015
169 Titin Signals Molecular dissection of titin-based mechanisms in charge of cardiomyocyte dysfunction in terminal feart failure 2016
170 DNA2REPAIR DNA strand break repair and links to human disease 2015
172 PIPPI Protein-excipient Interactions and Protein-Protein Interactions in formulation 2016
173 AFib-TrainNet EU Training Network on Novel Targets and Methods in Atrial Fibrillation 2015
174 DIAPHORA Diaphora: Philosophical Problems, Resilience and Persistent Disagreement 2016
175 ALKATRAS ALK Activation as a target of TRAanslational Science (ALKATRAS): Break free from cancer 2015
176 MOTOR Multi-ObjecTive design Optimization of fluid eneRgy machines 2015
177 IMPROVE Innovative Modeling Approaches for Production Systems to raise validatable efficiency 2015
178 DUB-DECODE Systematic Decoding of Deubiquitylase-Regulated Signaling Networks 2015
179 BATMAN Feasibility study of a high energy BATtery with novel Metallic lithium ANode 2015
180 MOMENTUM MOMENTUM - virtual, mobile CFO for small and medium enterprises 2015
181 DISABILITY Rethinking Disability: the Global Impact of the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981) in Historical Perspective 2015
182 FamilyComplexity Intergenerational Reproduction and Solidarity in an Era of Family Complexity 2015
183 uPET Molecular imaging and targeted therapy of the aggressive phenotype: development of uPAR theranostics for cancer patients 2015
184 MMUVR Elucidating the role of ultraviolet radiation in melanoma 2016
185 EENINNOAUSTRIA Establishing Services Enhancing the Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network 2015
186 NEURON Cofund ERA NET NEURON in the area of brain-related diseases and disorders of the nervous system 2016
187 LONGTAIL Transforming digital in-content advertising to deliver global scale 2015
189 CANDLE Cancer Diagnosis by Multiplex Protein Epitope Profiling 2015
190 VALPAS VALidation of human PApilloma virus assays on Self-collected first void urine samples 2015
191 FutureAgriculture Transforming the future of agriculture through synthetic photorespiration 2016
192 TELMI Technology Enhanced Learning of Musical Instrument Performance 2016
193 HUNTER Advanced Humidity to Electricity Converter 2015
194 RAAI Whole Life Rail Axle Assessment and Improvement Using Ultrasonic Phased array and Corrosion Inspection Systems 2015
195 DynaMech Linking Transcription Factor Binding Dynamics to Promoter Output 2016
196 UP-GREEN UPscaling GRaphite Electrochemical ExfoliatioN 2016
197 PELLETON PELLETON – a device for production of pellets from biomass and agricultural waste for energy purposes 2015
198 RCC-TEST A breakthrough in Renal Cell Carcinoma: Personalized RCC-Test 2016
199 EONav Earth Observation for Maritime Navigation 2016
200 BiogasAction BiogasAction: Promotion of sustainable biogas production in EU 2016
201 EFFICIENT Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression System for Cargo using Innovative Green Technology 2016
202 NET4TRAIN Revamping trains with the most advanced broadband communication system 2015
203 INSERTRONIC Development of highly-efficient low-emission log wood-fired closed fireplace INSERts thanks to an automated elecTRONIC control system 2016
204 GlucoBeam GlucoBeam: A portable device for pain-free glucose self-monitoring in diabetic patients 2016
205 SUN-to-LIQUID SUNlight-to-LIQUID: Integrated solar-thermochemical synthesis of liquid hydrocarbon fuels 2016
206 SOLPART High Temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for Industrial Production of Reactive Particulates 2016
207 METHID Observation and Modelling of Radiocarbon in Atmospheric Methane for Methane Source Identification 2016
208 SCALEFORES SCALEFORES: Scaling Rules For Ecosystem Service Mapping 2016
209 AcetyLys Unravelling the role of lysine acetylation in the regulation of glycolysis in cancer cells through the development of synthetic biology-based tools 2016
210 CryoHub Developing Cryogenic Energy Storage at Refrigerated Warehouses as an Interactive Hub to Integrate Renewable Energy in Industrial Food Refrigeration and to Enhance PowerGrid Sustainability 2016
211 MigrantParents Reproducing Europe: Migrant Parenting and Questions of Citizenship 2015
212 GLINT GlucoCEST Imaging of Neoplastic Tumours 2016
213 CARAT Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) for Advanced Therapies 2016
214 PIBD-SETQuality Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Network for Safety, Efficacy, Treatment and Quality improvement of care 2016
215 FORCE Imaging the Force of Cancer 2016
216 CONQUEST Companion Nanodiagnostics for Quantifying EPR and Stratifying Patients to Targeted Nanotherapies 2016
217 NanoHybrids New generation of nanoporous organic and hybrid aerogels for industrial applications: from the lab to pilot scale production 2015
219 Climateurope European Climate Observations, Modelling and Services - 2 2015
220 POWER2DM POWER2DM - Predictive model-based decision support for diabetes patient empowerment 2016
221 PEPPER Patient Empowerment through Predictive PERsonalised decision support 2016
222 smarticipate smart services for calculated impact assessment in open governance 2016
223 BESTF3 Bioenergy Sustaining the Future (BESTF) 3 2016
224 EUNPACK Good intentions, mixed results – A conflict sensitive unpacking of the EU comprehensive approach to conflict and crisis mechanisms 2016
225 PremiumLight_Pro Next-level energy efficient lighting systems in the service sector 2016
226 DOMINO DOMINO - Connecting Europe, Saving Energy 2016
227 ERA-GAS ERA-NET for Monitoring and Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases from Agri- and Silvi-Culture 2016
228 Sim4Blocks Simulation Supported Real Time Energy Management in Building Blocks 2016
229 PROMISS PRevention Of Malnutrition In Senior Subjects in the EU 2016
230 BINDING FIBRES Soluble dietary fibre: unraveling how weak bonds have a strong impact on function 2016
231 THALEA II THALEA II - Telemonitoring and Telemedicine for Hospitals Assisted by ICT for Life saving co-morbid patients in Europe As part of a Patient personalised care program of the EU 2016
232 SALSA Small farms, small food businesses and sustainable food security 2016
233 WeGovNow Towards We-Government: Collective and participative approaches for addressing local policy challenges 2016
234 CellStretch A Cardiomyocyte Workout:Using Dielectric Elastomer Actuators for Mechanical Stimulation of in-vitro Cells 2016
235 TERAULTRA Terahertz Ultra-Short Pulses from Self-Induced Transparency Modelocked Quantum Cascade Lasers 2016
236 ASTROCIT Development and validation of an innovative nutritional solution to fight muscle atrophy during human space flights, application of the acquired knowledge to prevent muscle degeneration down on earth 2016
237 S-PEEK Simple, immediate and economical access to company credit rating and financial information. 2016
238 PROVICOL Using a neonatal immunostimulant to reduce mortality and increase productivity in poultry farms 2016
239 NoCut Detection of Chromatin Bridges during Cytokinesis 2016
240 SATBIOFUN Genome editing for spatiotemporal analysis of centriolar SATellite BIOgenesis and FUNction in cellular stress responses 2016
241 SEQOO Single-Emitter Quantum Optics and Optomechanics 2016
242 EVI1inCancer Overcoming the epigenetic and therapeutic barrier of EVI1-overexpressing cancers 2016
243 DoRES Direct measurements of key nuclear Reactions for the creation of Elements in Stars 2016
244 ChemBioAP Elucidation of autophagy using novel chemical probes 2016
245 PRILA Prisons: the Rule of Law, Accountability and Rights 2016
246 SNSNEWS The new flow of news : how social network sites transform news organization and citizens political behavior 2016
247 ExtremeQuantum Quantum materials under extreme conditions 2016
248 ANGI Adaptive significance of Non Genetic Inheritance 2016
249 TERAMAG Ultrafast spin transport and magnetic order controlled by terahertz electromagnetic pulses 2016
250 NIMBqUS Novel Inroads into Many-Body Quantum Systems 2016
251 G4-PTROs Regulatory network of G-quadruplex dependent Post-Transcriptional mRNA Operons (PTROs) 2016
252 TRIA Transitivity in Indo-Aryan: A diachronic syntactic data base of valence-changing categories 2017
253 PAEDS Prevalence and Experience of Diagnostic Shifts in Youth Mental Healthcare 2017
254 minimal-phagocyte Reconstitution of the basic molecular mechanism of phagocytosis – a bottom-up synthetic biology approach 2016
255 MAGPLANT Localized Corrosion Studies for Magnesium Implant Devices 2016
256 Glycoli Design of glycan epitope toolbox: a novel pathway for protein N-glycosylation in the E. coli cytosol 2016
257 FOIPO Functional optical probes for otology 2017
258 InfGroups Foundations for computing with infinite linear groups 2016
259 ENART Engagement Art: Regional Islamic and Global Pragmatist Aesthetics 2016
260 HairGen Genetics of human hair form diversity 2016
261 EquiPE Balancing social equity and biodiversity outcomes in protected area management. 2017
262 DIVERGE Diverging Destinies: Introducing the Role of Social Environment and Genetic Sensitivity in the Effects of Family Instability 2016
263 IRS-PEC Elucidating the water photo-oxidation mechanism by infrared spectroscopy 2017
264 PRONKJEWAIL Protecting patients with enhanced susceptibility to infections 2016
265 CCP Feasibility assessment on sustainable bulk products, made from coconut fibers 2016
266 TAVIguide ICT platform to reduce mortality rates for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) by pre-operative risk management 2016
267 RESPONSIVENESS The Microfoundations of Authoritarian Responsiveness: E-Participation, Social Unrest and Public Policy in China 2016
268 VISONby3DSTIM Restoration of visual perception by artificial stimulation performed by 3D EAO microscopy 2016
269 GCB-PRID Post-transcriptional Regulation of Germinal Center B Cell Responses in Immunity and Disease 2016
270 PNOWWA Probabilistic Nowcasting of Winter Weather for Airports 2016
271 ESPREssO Enhancing Synergies for disaster PRevention in the EurOpean Union 2016
272 PlantCellMech Quantification of the role of mechanical stresses in plant cell morphogenesis. 2016
273 GTR Dissecting gamma-TuRC composition and activity by Single Molecule Pull-down 2017
274 NNI Neuroscience and Narratives of Intimacy 2016
275 EpiHope Epigenetic biomarkers for prediction of vascular complications and response to treatment in subjects with diabetes 2016
276 OPTEX Costs and optimality of gene expression levels in Escherichia coli 2017
277 POSEC Postsecular Conflicts and the role of Russian Orthodoxy in the transnational alliances of moral conservative traditionalists 2016
278 SafeShore System for detection of Threat Agents in Maritime Border Environment 2016
279 GUIDESIGINT Competitive assembly dynamics of the DCC receptor with its guidance cues integrates signals for cellular steering 2017
280 Sense of Commitment An Integrative Framework for Modeling the Sense of Commitment 2016
281 QSpec-NewMat Quantum Spectroscopy: exploring new states of matter out of equilibrium 2016
282 SEA-More-Yield Sea-More-Yield: A Blue Biotechnology Solution for the Reduction of Pod Shatter in Bio-Oil Producing Crops 2016
283 INNEQUAL Interactions between von Neumann algebras and quantum algebras 2016
284 SPICE Spintronic-Photonic Integrated Circuit platform for novel Electronics 2016
285 MemoSleep Longing for a good night's sleep: A memory-based mechanism to improve sleep and cognitive functioning. 2016
286 PeptiCrad Personalized oncolytic vaccines for cancer immunotherapy 2016
287 POLICYAID Policy, practice and patient experience in the age of intensified data sourcing 2016
288 CHILDROBOT Children and social robots: An integrative framework 2017
289 DEMETINL Decisions in metabolic inflammation of the liver: Adhesive interactions involved in leukocyte retention and resolution of inflammation in metabolic-inflammatory liver disease 2017
290 MOTO the embodied reMOte Tower 2016
291 CREATIVITY European Researcher's Night in France 2016
292 HYPERA Affordable Hyperspectral Imaging System for on-line foreign body detection and chemical composition analysis 2016
293 Ugypsum Up-cycling manufacturing waste from the composite industry 2016
294 SOLIS An innovative Solar Lighting System to replace artificial lighting in all types of indoor spaces with free and healthy sunlight. 2016
295 Scubacraft Submersible vessel used for multi-purpose sub-aqua applications to enhance marine life, environment conservation and structural integrity of offshore installations. 2016
296 SpaceInvader SpaceInvader – Gain value from empty and unused cargo space 2016
297 Tom PIT Studio Tom PIT Studio - platform for designing information systems 2016
298 ZeoBio-NG Innovative biogas upgrading system based on novel Zeolite adsorbent technology for producing Bio-based Natural Gas 2016
299 VDRConnect VDRConnect: VDR-based vessel telematics solution 2016
300 ETI Epistemic Transitions in Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science: From the 12th to the 19th Century 2016
301 Immune-senescence Dual targeting of senescence and tumor immunity for cancer therapy 2016
302 JEM Phase 1 JEM: The world safest subcutaneous, enclosed, biocompatible implantable device, attached directly to a AV fistula or graft or vein, for chronic disease patients in need of repetitive vascular access 2016
303 FAST Functionality by Structure 2016
304 CBTC The Resurgence in Wage Inequality and Technological Change: A New Approach 2016
305 PERCEPT The mind's eye: How expectation and attention shape perception 2016
306 K3CRYSTAL Moduli of Crystals and K3 Surfaces 2016
307 AEOLIX Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange 2016
308 Descent Control of Action Diversification by Descending Motor CircuitsControl of action diversification by descending motor circuits 2016
309 LEAPS Light effected autonomous molecular pumps: Towards active transporters and actuating materials 2016
310 CDK6-DrugOpp CDK6 in transcription - turning a foe in a friend 2016
311 IsoMet Bacterial isoprene metabolism: a missing link in a key global biogeochemical cycle 2016
312 PolEc The Political Economy of Power Relations 2016
313 SIDSCA Defective DNA Damage Responses in Dominant Neurodegenerative Diseases 2016
314 ILC_REACTIVITY Biological Determinants of ILC Reactivity for Immune Responses in Health and Disease 2016
315 NOVAMOX Novel niches for anaerobic methane oxidation and their biogeochemical sigificance 2016
316 QED-PROTONSIZE The Proton Size Puzzle: Testing QED at Extreme Wavelengths 2016
317 IGNIS Reuse of Tyre Fibres for Fire-Spalling-Proof Concrete 2016
318 UniPAT Universal Pulses for Parallel Transmission and Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2016
319 e-Gates Precision diagnostics using electrogating of liquids in capillary-driven microfluidics 2016
320 4DGenomeReg Predictive modelling of 3D genome topology during progressive stages of embryonic development 2017
321 ID-Lyme A novel immunity-based test for early diagnosis of Lyme disease 2016
322 MILQAS Milk quality antibiotics sensor 2016
323 King of App Launching the First Open Source Mobile Content Management System for Apps 2016
325 Reedsy Connecting authors and publishers with the world`s best publishing professionals to create high-quality books 2016
326 FAST-BM FAST-BM: FibroSelect: delivering A Step-change in Biotherapeutic Manufacturing 2016
327 MOON-MEMS speaker Development of the most advanced audio systems enabling the production of a revolutionary generation of MEMS micro speakers that will be deployed in the world's top mobile applications 2016
328 PDZnet Unraveling Principles of PDZ-mediated Cell Signaling 2016
329 EPIScOPE Reversing the epigenetic state of oligodendrocyte precursors cells in multiple sclerosis 2016
330 NANO-INSITU Nanoscale Chemical Reactions Studied with In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy 2016
331 DYCON Dynamic Control and Numerics of Partial Differential Equations 2016
332 VERDI polyValent mEsopoRous nanosystem for bone DIseases 2016
333 ADC Next-Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugates for safer and more effective cancer therapies 2016
334 Lampack A new method for separation full recovery of multilayer packaging waste to create high value materials - LAMPACK 2016
335 VEEP Cost-Effective Recycling of CDW in High Added Value Energy Efficient Prefabricated Concrete Components for Massive Retrofitting of our Built Environment 2016
336 NMP TeAm 4 Improving the services of the NMP NCP Network through Transnational Activities 4 2017
337 ENABLE European Academy for Biomedical Science 2016
338 CHEETAH Changing Energy Efficiency Technology Adoption in Households 2016
339 EMMC-CSA European Materials Modelling Council 2016
340 Foie Gras Bioenergetic Remodeling in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 2017
341 TRAIN Tribbles Research and Innovation Network 2016
342 CONTEXT COllaborative Network for Training and EXpertise in psychoTraumatology 2016
343 EC4SafeNano European Centre for Risk Management and Safe Innovation in Nanomaterials Nanotechnologies 2016
344 CohesinMolMech Molecular mechanisms of cohesin-mediated sister chromatid cohesion and chromatin organization 2016
345 RePower RePower: Maintenance-free and cost-efficient fuel for wireless sensors to energy- and resource-saving solutions 2016
346 BRAIN REPEATS Repeat polymorphisms as genetic modifiers of brain function in healthy subjects and Huntington disease mutation carriers 2016
347 PigHeat Utilizing Pig By-products as Heat Source to Save Recycling and Energy Cost. 2016
348 PHOSPHOR Synthesis of Novel Phosphor Sensor Particles for Advanced Flame Diagnostics 2017
349 SIRCAH Secretariat for the International Research Consortium on Animal Health 2016
350 SUSFOOD2 ERA-Net Cofund on Sustainable Food production and consumption (SUSFOOD2) 2017
351 HDHL-INTIMIC ERA-Net on INtesTInal MICrobiomics, diet and health, implementing JPI HDHL objectives 2016
352 Blue-Action Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate 2016
353 MUSTANG Multi-scale Star Formation Across Nascent Galaxies 2017
354 MarTERA Maritime and Marine Technologies for a New ERA 2016
355 iMuSciCA Interactive Music Science Collaborative Activities 2017
356 TiMaScan Recirculated tissue macrophages (TiMa) in blood: Novel approach to early diagnosis and treatment monitoring in oncology 2016
357 DBL-OA Living in the diffusive boundary layer of seaweeds a potential refuge habitat from oceanacidification 2017
358 COLIBRI Carrier-selective contacts for silicon photovoltaics based on broadband-transparent oxides 2016
359 2O2ACTIVATION Development of Direct Dehydrogenative Couplings mediated by Dioxygen 2017
360 HOT Hybrid Optomechanical Technologies 2017
361 MOON Multi-modal Optical Diagnostics for Ocular and Neurodegenerative Disease 2016
362 SMARTSAND Transforming fly ash waste from coal-fired power plants into lightweight engineered sand formultiple applications 2016
363 ROPOD Ultra-flat, ultra-flexible, cost-effective robotic pods for handling legacy in logistics 2017
364 PJ06 ToBeFREE Trajectory based Free Routing 2016
365 Nexus The Nexus: an experimental system to study marine larval dispersal 2017
366 MASHQI Making Books Talk: The Material Evidence of Manuscripts of the Kitab al-Shifa by Qadi Iyad (d.1149) for the Reception of an Andalusian Biography of the Prophet between 1100 and 1900 2017
367 TERPENECAT Bridging the gap between supramolecular chemistry and current synthetic challenges: Developing artificial catalysts for the tail-to-head terpene cyclization 2016
368 SupraCarrier Supramolecular hydrogels as local controlled drug delivery carriers 2017
369 SLB-DES Second Life Batteries for Domestic Electricity Storage 2016
370 SUITS Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems: Transferable tools for authorities 2016
371 CaBiS Chemistry and Biology in Synergy - Studies of hydrogenases using a combination of synthetic chemistry and biological tools 2017
372 InStance Intentional stance for social attunement 2017
373 ECSTATIC Electrostructural Tomography – Towards Multiparametric Imaging of Cardiac Electrical Disorders 2017
374 BRAINBELIEFS Proving or improving yourself: longitudinal effects of ability beliefs on neural feedback processing and school outcomes 2017
375 Neuroheart Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging for Personalized Tailored Treatment 2017
376 LCLW Literary Communities and Literary Worlds 2017
377 HP4all Persistent and Transportable Hyperpolarization for Magnetic Resonance 2017
378 EVOMICROCOMM Evolving interactions in microbial communities 2017
379 PUNCA Preparing for Unveiling the Nature of the Cosmic Acceleration 2017
380 CREATE Critical Raw materials Elimination by a top-down Approach To hydrogen and Electricity generation 2017
381 TESTBED Testing and Evaluating Sophisticated information and communication Technologies for enaBling a smartEr griD 2017
382 ELG-blocks Sustainable production of lightweight thermal concretes and concrete blocks with use of recycled industrial waste for construction of energy-efficient and/or highly seismic-safe masonry buildings 2017
383 NOTID Novel treatment of inflammatory diseases 2016
384 PISPA PISPA – Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics – Testing product market fit for a disruptive Information sharing platform for brands and resellers 2017
385 IFASA Insects For a Sustainable Aquaculture 2017
386 SHiELD European Security in Health Data Exchange 2017
387 AQUACOSM Network of Leading European AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Mountains to Oceans from the Arctic to the Mediterranean 2017
388 MUSIC Multisystem Cell Therapy for Improvement of Urinary Continence 2017
389 NICEDROPS Precise and smart nanoengineered surfaces: Impact resistance, icephobicity and dropwise condensation 2017
390 MultipleMS Multiple manifestations of genetic and non-genetic factors in Multiple Sclerosis disentangled with a multi-omics approach to accelerate personalised medicine 2017
391 KM3NeT - INFRADEV Astroparticle and Oscillations Research with Cosmics in the Abyss (ARCA and ORCA) 2017
392 chromo-SUMMIT Decoding dynamic chromatin signaling by single-molecule multiplex detection 2017
393 TOOP The Once Only Principle Project 2017
394 RewardedPerception Functional circuits mediating the effects of reward value on perception within and across sensory modalities 2017
395 QSave QUAKE SAVER: Emergency System for Door opening in any critical condition. 2017
396 CHEMBIOHISTONE Expanding the chemical biology toolkit for the studies of histone post-translational modifications (PTMs) 2016
397 FANCODRUG Reactivation of the Fanconi anemia-BRCA pathway in cells carrying patient-derived missense mutations: finding a drug to cure Fanconi anemia 2017
398 GRAVIBONE How Bone Adapts to Heavy Weight?Bone Morphological and Microanatomical Adaptation to the Mechanical Constraints Imposed by Graviportality 2017
399 DEEPVIEW High accuracy error detection in curved (prismatic) surfaces at high manufacturing speed 2017
400 GrapheneSens Development of Graphene based Contact Position Sensors 2017
401 TOPOQDot A bottom-up topological superconductor based on quantum dot arrays 2017
402 3D-BioMat Deciphering biomineralization mechanisms through 3D explorations of mesoscale crystalline structure in calcareous biomaterials 2017
403 Sure-Rider Boats Boats with revolutionary Hull design for safer and more comfortable cruising. 2017
404 LentiFactory MAGIC (MAnufacturing of Gene delivery tools for Industrial and Clinical applications) 2017
405 PHOTO-BORAD Boron chemistry in a new light: exploring the radical reactivity of boronate complexes through photochemical strategies 2017
406 QSUP Demonstration of Quantum Supremacy in A Photonic Device 2017
407 TexMeroe Archaeology of Textile Production in the Kingdom of MeroeNew approaches to cultural identity and economics in ancient Sudan and Nubia 2018
408 REJUVENATION Repair of Junctional Atrioventricular Conduction and Impulse Formation 2017
409 PREDICT PREcision medicine Drug combination testing In neuroblastoma organoids to guide Clinical Trials 2017
410 OXIDISE Interaction and Kinetics of Oxidative Biomass Degrading Enzymes Resolved by High-Resolution Techniques 2017
411 NanoComSol Nanocomposite Solutions 2017
412 C18Signaling Regulation of Cellular Growth and Metabolism by C18:0 2017
413 MaintainMeth Quantitative analysis of DNA methylation maintenance within chromatin 2017
414 GlucoBeam GlucoBeam: A portable device for pain-free glucose self-monitoring in diabetic patients 2017
415 PROZE Using a protein approach with Waddlia chondrophila and zebrafish as model organisms to conquer the female tubal factor subfertility market 2017
416 DataSci4Tapoi Data Science for Tapoi 2017
417 EROSIVE The influence of Earth-surface processes on solid-Earth, ice-sheet, and sea-level interactions for Scandinavian Ice-Sheet collapse 2018
418 HeRstory Holistic Research into the story of buildings, objects and people in the high medieval period of Ireland, Britain and France from a gendered perspective 2017
419 HiPArtDoc Between Evidence and Representation: History of Performance Art Documentation from 1970 to 1977 2017
420 MiMEtiC Molecular mechanisms of the mechanical interaction between the cell nucleus and the actin cytoskeleton 2017
421 LPEMM Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy of Magnetite 2017
422 ZeoPoreDiff Linking Zeolite Porosity to Molecular Diffusion at the Single Crystal Level 2017
423 FusionPAMPs New generation of chimeric TLR2-NOD agonist compounds for vaccine adjuvants 2017
424 SynID Activity-dependent modulation of synapse identity 2017
425 FreezeAlz Theoretical prediction of spectral biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease enabled by highly efficient and adaptable mutli-level response methods 2017
426 TELOSPERM Sperm telomere length as a mediator of paternal effects 2017
427 DisMolGels Dissipative Self-Assembly: A powerful but unexplored tool to create temporary supramolecular hydrogels 2017
428 SupaSteD Suppresion of adaptive immunity by the Salmonella effector SteD 2017
429 DIRECtA Targeting the Endocannabinoid System within Islets of Langerhans to Protect against Immune Destruction. 2018
430 ARTFUL Structure-activity relationships of an emerging family of fungal lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases 2017
431 GLIOMA Targeting Glioblastoma using Combinatorial Therapeutic Nanovaccine 2017
432 BROAD Learning to bracket broadly 2017
433 MoveAGAIN Movement restoration with Adaptive EEG And Immersive Neurofeedback 2018
434 MetaBiota Crosstalk between microbiota metabolites and immune cells, the missing link to brain damage. 2017
435 ARTEMIS Assessment of Reserve: Translational Evaluation of Medical Images and Statistics-Prediction models for outcomes of brain health 2017
436 AppSAM A Flexible Platform for the Application of SAM-dependent enzymes 2017
437 AveTransRisk Average - Transaction Costs and Risk Management during the First Globalization (Sixteenth-Eighteenth Centuries) 2017
438 HARM High Attenuation Recycling Materials as sustainable barriers for waste disposal sites 2018
439 AGenDA Civil society organizations and the politics of long-term care reform: coalitions and multiple inequalities 2018
440 FISHODOR Integrating conspecific odors into tilapia reproductive behaviour 2017
441 BEING Behavioural Economics in Network Games 2017
442 PROIRICE Proton-Irradiated Ice: Dynamics and Chemistry from First Principles 2017
443 KdpFABC Structure-function relationship of chimeric KdpFABC complex 2017
444 FireCracker Reuse of Waste Materials for Fire-Spalling-Proof and Crack-Resistant Sustainable Concrete 2017
445 FLIGHT The true costs of bird flight: From the laboratory to the field 2017
446 SENSIS The Senses of Islam: A Cultural History of Perception in the Muslim World 2017
447 CONPLEX The Constitutional Place of Expertise 2018
448 OPTiAGE The trade-off between longevity and reproduction: optimal control of aging 2018
449 DYNAMO Structural Dynamics of Membrane Receptors at native-like conditions 2018
450 BRASILIAE Indigenous Knowledge in the Making of Science: Historia Naturalis Brasiliae (1648) 2018
451 BRAINCODES Brain networks controlling social decisions 2017
452 EBM The evolvability of bacterial multicellularity 2018
453 FCFP FRIAS COFUND Fellowship Programme for Junior and Senior Researchers - Phase 2 2017
454 IV-BWTS In-Voyage Ballast Water Treatment System 2017
455 HERPES Herpesvirus Effectors of RNA synthesis, Processing, Export and Stability 2017
456 ESIT European School for Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Research 2017
457 EuroBioTox European programme for the establishment of validated procedures for the detection and identification of biological toxins 2017
458 ILEAnet Innovation by Law Enforcement Agencies networking 2017
459 SAVES2 Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings 2 2017
460 hyControl Coherent optical control of multi-functional nano-scale hybrid units 2017
461 TreasureDrop Directed Evolution of Enzyme for Applied Biocatalysis at Ultrahigh Throughput in Picoliter Droplets 2017
462 NEWCOM New competence for building professionals and blue collar workers – certified qualification schemes to upgrade the qualification for building nZEBs 2017
464 EpiFAT Epigenomic Reprogramming of Adipose Tissue Function and Energy Metabolism in Type 2 Diabetes 2017
465 Cosmic_Gas Mapping the Cosmic Gas Supply with ALMA 2017
466 eNOTICE European Network Of CBRN TraIning CEnters 2017
467 VISAGE Visible Attributes through Genomics: Broadened Forensic Use of DNA for Constructing Composite Sketches from Traces 2017
468 MoQuOS Molecular Quantum Opto-Spintronics 2017
469 PHAROS Photocatalytic Generation of CarbAnions for Organic Synthesis 2017
470 ToDL Systems Chemistry: Steps Towards De-Novo Life 2017
471 ABACUS Algae for a biomass applied to the production of added value compounds 2017
472 ENVISION Enabling Visual IoT Applications with Advanced Network Coding Algorithms 2018
473 MMXVI Minimal Model for Pox-Virus Infection 2017
474 WESTRAT Western Strategies in East Asia. The Reconfiguration of US, British and French security policies in the Pacific Century 2017
475 StressPFCog Mechanisms of stress-induced cognitive deficits : Role of the glucocorticoid receptor and its partners in the regulation of PFC function. 2018
476 BITRECS Biomedicine international training research programme for excellent clinician-scientists 2017
477 SOLIS An Innovative Solar Lighting System to replace artificial lighting in all types of indoor spaces withfree and healthy sunlight. 2017
478 iMEC Industrial Micro Electrochemical Cell sensors for real-time quantification of H2S in wastewater 2017
479 SIRMIO Small animal proton Irradiator for Research in Molecular Image-guided radiation-Oncology 2017
480 BETACONTROL Control of amyloid formation via beta-hairpin molecular recognition features 2017
481 GenTORE Genomic management Tools to Optimise Resilience and Efficiency 2017
482 SURE-Farm Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems 2017
483 AIAS-COFUND II AIAS-COFUND II Fellowship Programme 2017
485 RESPEC Reconstruction of Pollinator-Mediated Speciation by Identification and Substitution of Causative Mutations 2017
486 CLUNATRA Discovering new Catalysts in the Cluster-Nanoparticle Transition Regime 2017
487 NOMAD Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) System for the Inspection of Operation-Induced Material Degradation in Nuclear Power Plants 2017
488 ADVISE ADVanced Inspection of Complex StructurEs 2017
489 ALLERGUT Mucosal Tolerance and Allergic Predisposition: Does it all start in the gut? 2017
490 REALTA Challenging Hypertension Through Novel Medical Device Development 2017
491 MEDIRAD Implications of Medical Low Dose Radiation Exposure 2017
492 IoRL Internet of Radio Light 2017
493 watersplit Producing hydrogen by water splitting 2017
494 ENABLE European Network for Alloys Behaviour Law Enhancement 2018
495 EExres Estonian Presidency Research Policy Conference ‘European Research Excellence - Impact and Value for the Society’ 2017
496 MINIMA Introducing the next computing power revolution: Minima microprocessor technology to reduce the energy need of digital computing by 20 times. 2017
497 EEN Normandie h2020 Enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs under H2020 programme in the Enterprise Europe Network Normandie 2017
498 TX3 High speed and high torque electric transaxle enabling unprecedented use in agricultural applications 2017
499 MAT_STOCKS Understanding the Role of Material Stock Patterns for the Transformation to a Sustainable Society 2018
500 MUSTEC Market uptake of Solar Thermal Electricity through Cooperation 2017
501 Nano4 Providing the New Generation of Nano-Based Molecular Technology for the Early Detection of Bacteria, Viruses and Cancer at the Point of Care 2017
502 RECODE Recycling carbon dioxide in the cement industry to produce added-value additives: a step towards a CO2 circular economy 2017
503 SENSE Affordable CFD simulation software for SMEs in the transportation industry 2017
504 SLICE3D Slovenian Centre of Excellence on 3D geodata 2017
505 SYNEME Systems Neuroscience of Metabolism 2017
506 BIOPOLIS Teaming to Upgrade Excellence in Environmental Biology, Ecosystem Research and AgroBiodiversity 2017
507 Auto-Anode Automated Anode Fork Repair System for the Aluminium Rodding Plant 2017
508 Therapnea Therapnea: Novel Therapy to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea based on Thomas Oro-Pharyngeal Stent 2017
509 TRANSVAC2 European Vaccine Research and Development Infrastructure 2017
510 Tumor-Treg-Targeting Training Network for the education of the next generation scientist in targeting the supressive capacity of regulatory T-cells specifically within tumours 2018
511 Uno-sport Delivering contextual information in a hands-free experience, optimized for users engaged inaction sports 2017
512 WinWind Winning social acceptance for wind energy in wind energy scarce regions 2017
513 ASSEMBLE Plus Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories Expanded 2017
514 BiggerDecisions Data-driven decision making for a more efficient society 2017
515 FEEdBACk Fostering Energy Efficiency and BehAvioural Change through ICT 2017
516 FogGuru FogGuru: Training the Next Generation of European Fog Computing Experts 2017
517 i-vSAVE Intelligent Vessels using space technology for Safety on board. 2017
518 PD UpReg Gene knock-up via 3’UTR targeting to treat Parkinson’s disease 2017
519 ADVANCEFUEL Facilitating market roll-out of RESfuels in the transport sector to 2030 and beyond 2017
520 COUPLED Operationalising telecouplings for solving sustainability challenges related to land use 2018
521 CINCHRON Comparative INsect CHRONobiology 2018
522 CONTRA Computational ONcology TRaining Alliance 2018
523 FR8HUB Real time information applications and energy efficient solutions for rail freight 2017
524 CONNECTIVE Connecting and Analysing the Digital Transport Ecosystem 2017
525 SENTIFLEX Fluorescence-based photosynthesis estimates for vegetation productivity monitoring from space 2018
526 DecodingInfection Decoding the host-pathogen interspecies crosstalk at a multiparametric single-cell level 2017
527 HYPER-INSIGHT Hypermutated tumors: insight into genome maintenance and cancer vulnerabilities provided by an extreme burden of somatic mutations 2018
528 MalPar.NET Malaria Parasite Networking: Discovering Modes of Cell-Cell Communication 2017
529 Meta_Mind The workings of metacognition in decision-making 2018
530 BugTheDrug Predicting the effects of gut microbiota and diet on an individual’s drug response and safety 2018
531 MuDiLingo A Multiscale Dislocation Language for Data-Driven Materials Science 2017
532 HypoRuLight Hypoxic Tumour Models for Photoactivatable Ruthenium-based Chemotherapy 2017
533 openEO openEO - a common, open source interface between Earth Observation data infrastructures and front-end applications 2017
534 AMBROSIA Aquaporin-Inside™ Membranes for Brackish water Reverse Osmosis Application 2017
535 REF-MIG Refugees are Migrants: Refugee Mobility, Recognition and Rights 2018
536 CSI-Fun Chronic Systemic Inflammation: Functional organ cross-talk in inflammatory disease and cancer 2018
537 EXPRESS From the Expression of Disagreeement to New Foundations for Expressivist Semantics 2018
538 BioCatPolymers Sustainable and efficient bio-chemical catalytic cascade conversion of residual biomass to high quality biopolymers 2018
539 ARTEM Aircraft noise Reduction Technologies and related Environmental iMpact 2017
540 TRANS-URBAN-EU-CHINA Transition towards urban sustainability through socially integrative cities in the EU and in China 2018
541 CTFF Control of turbulent friction force 2017
542 AirKit Citizen Sense Air Monitoring Kit 2019
543 SmartCow SmartCow: an integrated infrastructure for increased research capability and innovation in the European cattle sector 2018
544 NanoCommons The European Nanotechnology Community Informatics Platform: Bridging data and disciplinary gaps for industry and regulators (NanoCommons) 2018
545 SAVEBRAIN Proof of principle for a first in class neuroprotective therapy in stroke and other acute neurodegenerative conditions 2018
546 CLIM4CROP Climate monitoring and seasonal forecast for global crop production 2018
547 ViMoAct Modelling cortical information flow during visuomotor adaptation as active inference in the human brain 2017
548 ChromoCats The geometry of chromatic categories 2018
549 MCDS-Therapy Repurposing of carbamazepine for treatment of skeletal dysplasia 2017
550 TRACE Transfer of multivirus-specific T-cells following transplantation 2018
551 PROTEUS Paradoxes and Metaphors of Time in Early Universe(s) 2018
552 CANCER-DC Dissecting Regulatory Networks That Mediate Dendritic Cell Suppression 2018
553 GRIEVANCE Gauging the Risk of Incidents of Extremist Violence Against Non-Combatant Entities 2018
554 SPEEDER Supercapacitive Polymer Electrodes for Directing Epithelial Repair 2018
555 RAINDROPS Resilience and Adaptation in Drylands. Identifying past water management practices for drought-resistant crops 2018
556 MATUROLIFE Metallisation of Textiles to make Urban living for Older people more Independent Fashionable 2018
557 IMPETUS Pilot line for paper based electrochemical test strips dedicated to quantitative biosensing in liquids 2018
558 ViDaR ViDaR: R-enabled large-scale data analytics in ViDa 2018
559 CROSS-MIGRATION Current European and Cross-National Comparative Research and Research Actions on Migration 2018
561 ZEFER Zero Emission Fleet vehicles For European Roll-out 2017
562 ANCHOR Articular cartilage regeneration through the recruitment of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells into extracelluar matrix derived scaffolds anchored by 3D printed polymeric supports 2018
563 Drug the bug Identification of novel inhibitors to prevent microbial production of pro-diabetic metabolites 2017
564 ePersonam The simplest and most efficient platform to unify medical records and manage health careprofessionals. 2017
565 GameInfluencer Launching the GameInfluencer Marketing Platform to Connect Game Publishers With The Best Matching Influencers Who Create the Most Effective Let’s Plays 2018
566 CleanCoat Development of eco-friendly architectural coil coatings for clean buildings and pollution-free air 2017
567 HDBAT High Density Batteries for e-Mobility and Industrial Automated Guided Vehicles. 2017
568 SINUSLIGHT Laser-spectroscopic sensing device for diagnostic assessment of sinusitis 2018
569 SRE Smart roof edge technology 2017
570 EpiCBiome Development of an innovative Airway-on-Chip microbiome cell culture model to investigate host-microbiome interactions at the airway epithelial surface 2018
571 NovAnI Indentification and optimisation of novel anti-infective agents using multiple hit-identification strategies 2018
572 MRS in diabetes Novel methods in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to investigate mechanisms underlying metabolic disease 2018
573 SHINE Seeing hydrogen in matter 2018
574 DynaMO_TB Spatiotemporal regulation of localization and replication of M. tuberculosis in humanmacrophages 2018
575 LACOPAROM Lewis acid promoted copper catalysis to functionalise and dearomatise arenes 2018
576 EMERGE Epigenetic and metabolic regulation of endothelial heterogeneity 2018
577 easyCOPRO Open book EPC for Brussels’ condominiums 2018
578 E-FIX Developing and transferring an innovative Energy FInancing miX in order to activate private sector finance for increased investments in sustainable energy projects 2018
579 M-Benefits Valuing and Communicating Multiple Benefits of Energy-Efficiency Measures 2018
580 ShellJeTTPlus Automated System for Total Fouling Removal of Heat Exchangers 2018
581 GREEN BOARD Sustainable Production of High-End Wood Products Using Recycled and Environmentally FriendlyMaterials 2018
582 CAALA CAALA - Computer Aided Architectural Life-cycle Assessment 2018
583 conVIRgens De- and reconstructing virulence strategies of fungal plant pathogens 2018
584 QuCIP Qur'anic Commentary: An Integrative Paradigm 2018
585 FRECOM Nonlinear-Distortion Free Communication over the Optical Fibre Channel 2018
586 UTERUS Unravelling gamma delta T cell emergence and responses in the uterus 2018
587 StringHom String topology and group (co)homology 2018
588 WAI Wiraya Activation Intelligence 2018
589 quMercury Ultracold mercury for a measurement of the EDM 2018
590 EnSurf Enantioselectivity at surfaces: covalent grafting as new tool for chiral surface modifications 2018
591 DeepRNA Discovering functional protein-RNA interactions through data integration and machine learning. 2018
592 ProphARG Evolution of Prophages that carry Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGs) and their host-bacteria in response to antibiotics and increased lytic activity 2018
593 APA Filter-less water-based Air Pollution Abatement system 2018
594 AutoClean Cell-free reconstitution of autophagy to dissect molecular mechanisms 2018
595 ORIGINSOFTRUST The Psychological Origins of Trust-Based Cooperation 2018
596 DIRECTION Deciphering of Root and Rhizosphere microbiome to increase host fitness in the Fusarium oxysporum- plant interaction 2018
597 GoJelly GoJelly - A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution 2018
598 B-SMART Biomaterials derived from food waste as a green route for the design of eco-friendly, smart and high performance cementitious composites for the next generation multifunctional built infrastructure 2018
599 Bits2Cosmology Time-domain Gibbs sampling: From bits to inflationary gravitational waves 2018
600 CHROMABOLISM Chromatin-localized central metabolism regulating gene expression and cell identity 2018
601 CONSEQUENT Coherent Optomechanical Nonlinear Systems for Evolving Quantum and Electronic Nano- Technologies 2018
602 Cosmo-Blow-Up Deflating the blow-up: controlling infinities in cosmic fluid descriptions 2018
603 CYMEIT Cyanated macrocycles for electron and ion transport 2018
604 DC-SIGN-MFN Dissecting Multivalent Viral Receptor-carbohydrate Interactions Using Polyvalent Multifunctional Glycan-Quantum Dot 2018
605 DeciGUT A Grand Unified Theory of Decidability in Logic-Based Knowledge Representation 2018
606 DYNAMET Interplay of plant one-carbon metabolism and redox homeostasis in the context of dynamic DNA methylation (DYNAMET) 2018
607 JUSTEMOTIONS The construction of objectivity - An international perspective on the emotive-cognitive process of judicial decision-making 2018
608 PhenoSwitch Phenotype switching: plasticity and/or differentiation of stromal cells and their progenitors within the tumour microenvironment regulate tumour fate. 2018
609 SOCSEMICS Socio-Semantic Bubbles of Internet Communities 2018
610 INTRANSITION Development of Identity and Relationships during Transitions in Adolescence 2018
611 CYBERWISER.EU Civil Cyber Range Platform for a novel approach to cybersecurity threats simulation and professional training 2018
612 IMMIGINTEGR The Role of the Welfare State in the Integration of Immigrants: Comparative Analysis of Latino Communities in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States 2018
613 Lingua The Early Romantic Theory of Language: Experimental linguistics around 1800 2019
614 RRING Responsible Research and Innovation Networked Globally 2018
615 REvolTURN Managing Migrant Return through 'Voluntariness' 2018
616 HEIREC HEI10-mediated elevations in bread wheat recombination 2018
617 NOISE NOise Impacts of whale-watching boatS on cEtaceans 2018
618 Tracer-T Analysis of the effect of the tumour microenvironment on T cell functional phenotype 2018
619 EUTERPE Estimation of the term premium in Euro Area government bonds 2018
620 MIDAS Microbial Degradation of Jellyfish-Derived Substrates 2018
621 SUPRAforORGANS Synthetic supramolecular polymers as artificial extracellular matrix for stem cell expansion towards organoids. 2019
622 REPTOL Pre-leukemic B cell repertoire alterations in patients with familial chronic lymphocytic leukemia: looking for evidence of a genetically-inherited defect in tolerance induction 2019
623 NEUROTARGET Treatment of traumatic brain injury using dye-loaded polymeric nanoparticles 2018
624 Supra-Nat A principal-based EU challenge to East Central European judicial interpretation of constitutional identity 2019
625 VIAR Virus-induced autophagy restriction 2018
626 HOPE HOminin Proteomes in human Evolution 2018
627 HYBRICYL Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Heterojunctions in Extremely Thin Absorber Solar Cells Based on Arrays of Parallel Cylindrical Nanochannels 2018
628 VitC Structural studies of the full-length human Vitamin C transporters: unravelling Vitamin C transport across the membrane 2018
629 FIRE Fighting Insurgency, Ruining the Environment: towards an understanding of the causal relationship between conflict and forest fires 2018
630 STRIAVISE How the striatum contributes to visual-selection 2018
631 COAGULANT CK2-dependent cytoskeletal regulation and molecular signaling of Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) formation 2018
632 Flat_Leaf How to grow a flat leaf? 2019
633 HEALSEA Innovative indicators of resilience to protect the health status of seagrass meadows: from ecological theory to conservation 2018
634 FERROENERGY Integrated ferroelectric oxides for energy conversion devices 2019
635 MECHANOIDS Probing and controlling the three-dimensional organoid mechanobiology 2019
636 EStages.UK EStages.UK. Spanish theatre in United Kingdom (1982-2019) 2019
637 EPCFG Understanding globalization outside 'global cities': European provincial cities in the first globalization, 1880-1914 2018
638 VISSATO Visual Search and Cognitive Control of the Speed-Accuracy Trade-off 2018
639 TOMMY Tomography of the Milky waY 2018
640 UNNAMEd-2 Unraveling the conceptional novel ADAM17 regulation by PP2A in metastasis formation. 2019
641 ESSINDEX Essential Indexicality 2019
642 ESCAPE-2 Energy-efficient SCalable Algorithms for weather and climate Prediction at Exascale 2018
643 HelpUS Pioneering focused Ultrasounds as a new non-invasive deep brain stimulation for a causal investigation of empathy related brain processes in moral learning and decision making 2018
644 HyFiSyn Hybrid Fibre-reinforced composites: achieving Synergetic effects through microstructural design and advanced simulation tools 2018
645 O.M.J. Origin and Magnetization of astronomical Jets 2018
646 PACIFIC Passive seismic techniques for environmentally friendly and cost efficient mineral exploration 2018
647 EdiCitNet Edible Cities Network Integrating Edible City Solutions for social resilient and sustainably productive cities 2018
648 IMI-PainCare Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain 2018
649 ThermaSMART Smart thermal management of high-power microprocessors using phase-change 2017
650 GemX Towards a ton-scale Ge-76 observatory for neutrinoless double beta decay 2018
651 GrowCELL The smallest of the small: determining size through cell number 2018
652 TRANSFORMER Structural transformations and phase transitions in real-time 2018
653 M4D Metal Microstructures in Four Dimensions 2018
654 BactoBubble Microscale investigation of key bacterial phenotypes enhancing collection by rising bubbles and aerial dispersal 2018
655 ErBeStA Error-Proof Optical Bell-State Analyzer 2018
656 MS SPIDOC Mass Spectrometry for Single Particle Imaging of Dipole Oriented protein Complexes 2018
657 IFatULB Individual Fellowships at the Université libre de Bruxelles 2018
658 MiCaBra Mitochondrial Cannabinoid Receptors in the Brain 2018
659 AngioMature Mechanisms of vascular maturation and quiescence during development, homeostasis and aging 2018
660 SelectiveTGFb-inhib Pro-tumorigenic effects of TGFb - elucidation of mechanisms and development of selective inhibitors 2018
661 MolMacIP Molecular Machines with Integrated Parts 2019
662 QBH Structure The Quantum Structure of Black Holes and the Recovery of Information 2019
663 NextGen Towards a next generation of water systems and services for the circular economy. 2018
664 Haptictouch Introducing the world’s first system for in-air haptic feedback, through ultrasound MEMs arrays 2018
665 TS3.0 New Technology for Multi-Axial, Slim and High Performance Timber Structures 2018
666 Sensa Effortlessly Diagnosing Sleep Apnea with the Sensa Platform 2018
667 E-DURA Commercialization of novel soft neural interfaces 2018
668 TherGelFas Novel nanometrically structured therapeutic hydrogel as injectable for fascial tissues surrounding the nerves intended for preventive treatment of chronic pain 2018
669 Phytoponics A sustainable, affordable scalable hydroponic system for large-scale agriculture 2018
670 GRoW The first high-performance robotic system for automated harvesting of vegetables greenhouses 2018
671 RE-WATER REvitalising tap WATER for reduced consumption of plastic water bottles 2018
672 SensaSticker Improving the global cold chain with cutting-edge temperature monitoring solution 2018
673 OptimalFetch Highly scalable, easily integrated pre-fetching technology that provides instant content while saving on battery, data and bandwidth usage. 2018
674 Stibiox Innovative antimony recovery process from lead and plastics wastes. 2018
675 PISPA Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics 2018
676 PureWater Feasibility study for industrial scale-up of the novel high-efficiency biocompatible and easy-to-operate water treatment membrane. 2018
677 M-H70 M-H70 2.0 Hydrogen pressure gas regulators specifically designed for Fuel Cell Vehicles 2018
678 PlantEmulGel Emulsions in Plant-based Edible Cellulose Microfibril Gels: Structure, Texture and Stability 2018
679 MEsHH DNA MEthylation for HPV-related disease among women living with HIV 2018
680 EUREMnext Taking European EnergyManagers to next efficiency levels by implementing energy audit recommendations 2018
681 MycoRailway Discovery and molecular investigation of mycobacterial transporters responsible for iron acquisition 2018
682 POMOC Charles IV and the power of marvellous objects 2019
683 oilywatertreat The most effective and economically attractive solution for treating oily waste water on vessels and keeping our oceans cleaner 2018
684 ERC-OAPEN-2017 Support towards the OAPEN initiative (2018-2019) 2018
685 Biomode Diagnosing Pathogen Bacteria Earlier and More Accurately with Biomode’s Probe4@ Rapid Diagnostic Kits 2018
686 ChromaChron Development and commercialisation of a new purification system for contaminant-free radiocarbon dating 2019
687 VitaminBlock Development of antibacterial compounds that block essential transport function 2018
689 SAMCAPS Self-Assembled MicroCAPSules: Synthesis, Characterization, and Eco-friendly Application in Home Care Products 2018
690 COMNFT Communication Using the Nonlinear Fourier Transform 2019
691 LOGIC LAB Molecular logic lab-on-a-vesicle for intracellular diagnostics 2018
692 ChromDesign Chromatin architecture and Design 2018
693 TRUST Truth and Semantics 2018
694 EPIMARK Commercial feasibility of a kit for the identification of epigenetic markers in farmed fish 2018
695 WAI-Guide Authoritative Implementation Guidance and International Cooperation to Support Training, Awareness Raising, and Capacity Building 2019
696 WeldGalaxy Digital Dynamic Knowledge Platform for Welding in Manufacturing Industries 2018
697 AquapHOx The first high-performance, all-in-one optical sensor technology to monitor the health of our oceans 2018
698 5G-DRIVE 5G HarmoniseD Research and TrIals for serVice Evolution between EU and China 2018
699 iFishIENCi Intelligent Fish feeding through Integration of ENabling technologies and Circular principle 2018
700 MIDNP Metal Ions Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Novel Route for Probing Functional Materials with Sensitivity and Selectivity 2019
701 MgSafe Promoting patient safety by a novel combination of imaging technologies for biodegradable magnesium implants 2018
702 BonePainII A European Training Network to Combat Bone Pain 2019
703 SexMeth Establishment, modulation and inheritance of sexual lineage specific DNA methylation in plants 2018
704 ZeroR Resistance-free charge spreading for LEDs and solar cells 2019
705 RxmiRcanceR Tumor suppressive microRNAs for cancer therapy 2018
706 PROVEC Promoting Osteogenesis through Vascular Endothelial Cells 2019
707 QIA Quantum Internet Alliance 2018
708 pHioniC pH and Ion Transport in Pancreatic Cancer 2018
709 EURAKNOS Connecting Thematic Networks as Knowledge Reservoirs: towards a European Agricultural Knowledge Innovation Open Source System 2019
710 RODIN RObotics Digital Innovation Network 2018
711 TerrACE Terrace Archaeology and Culture in Europe 2018
712 CONNECT Connecting neural networks: Nervous-system-on-Chip Technology 2019
713 iProg Tailored cell-based therapies for frontotemporal dementia and related genetically defined CNS orphan indications 2018
714 p38_InTh Innovative therapeutic tools to ameliorate chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity 2018
715 EDCMET Metabolic effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: novel testing METhods and adverse outcome pathways 2019
716 SYNCHROS SYNergies for Cohorts in Health: integrating the ROle of all Stakeholders 2019
717 SAPHIRE Securing Adoption of Personalised Health in REgions 2018
718 ENDOSCAPE ENDOSCAPE, a clinically applicable non-viral gene delivery technology 2019
719 MiCREATE Migrant Children and Communities in a Transforming Europe 2019
720 MARTE Medically Assisted Reproduction: The Effects on Children, Adults and Families 2019
721 EU-VNP-Net EU Valuing Nature Programme and Network 2018
722 BUBBLE CURE Targeted microbubble vibrations to accurately diagnose and treat cardiac device-related bacterial biofilm infections 2019
723 inCITe Seeing Citrulline: A Molecular Toolbox for Peptidyl Arginine Deiminases 2019
724 COSMHYC XL COmbined hybrid Solution of Metal HYdride and mechanical Compressors for eXtra Large scale hydrogen refuelling stations 2019
725 ENUF Evaluation of Novel Ultra-Fast selective III-V Epitaxy 2019
726 ELSAH Electronic smart patch system for wireless monitoring of molecular biomarkers for healthcare and well-being 2019
727 NanoSolveIT Innovative Nanoinformatics models and tools: towards a Solid, verified and Integrated Approach to Predictive (eco)Toxicology (NanoSolveIT) 2019
728 PT-SMS Novel structural monitoring solution for safe and sustainable post-tensioned infrastructure 2019
729 MIGHTY_RNA Repurposing small RNA from ciliates for genome editing: single-molecule study 2019
730 ENGAGES Next generation algorithms for grabbing and exploiting symmetry 2019
731 SmartEater Enhancing recovery from eating and weight disorders using mHealth and psychological theory 2019
732 TRIGGER TRends In Global Governance and Europe’s Role 2018
733 Revotree An automated, machine learning, IoT agronomic platform for optimal irrigation, pesticide and fertilizer utilization at farms. 2018
734 CIVITAS ELEVATE CIVITAS ELEVATE - CIVITAS 2020 Coordination and Support Action 2019
735 HYPROTIN Hyperpolarized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for Time-Resolved Monitoring of Interactions of Intrinsically Disordered Breast-Cancer Proteins 2019
736 MaMiLabor Macro- and Microeconomic Analyses of Heterogeneous Labor Market Outcomes 2019
737 EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE Ensuring long-term sustainability of excellence in chemical biology within Europe and beyond 2019
738 PATHOS Photonic and nAnomeTric High-sensitivity biO-Sensing 2019
739 DirectThalamus How the human thalamus guides navigation and memory: a common coding framework built on direct thalamic recordings 2019
740 DCRIDDLE A novel physiological role for IRE1 and RIDD..., maintaining the balance between tolerance and immunity? 2019
741 QuantumBirds Radical pair-based magnetic sensing in migratory birds 2019
742 SCAUT Ser-Col; from finger to laboratory; personalized and automated serum collection for laboratory diagnostics 2019
743 BoostCrop Boosting Crop Growth using Natural Product and Synthesis Enabled Solar Harvesting 2019
744 ANTICIPATE Anticipatory Human-Computer Interaction 2019
745 ENTRI Enteric-nervous-system-mediated regulation of intestinal inflammation 2019
746 4-D nanoSCOPE Advancing osteoporosis medicine by observing bone microstructure and remodelling using a four-dimensional nanoscope 2019
747 MARSoluT Managed Aquifer Recharge Solutions Training Network 2019
748 CoPathoPhage Pathogen-phage cooperation during mammalian infection 2019
749 TechChange Technological Change: New Sources, Consequences, and Impact Mitigation 2019
750 makingtheretina Principles of retinal neuronal lamination from zebrafish to humans 2019
751 DrivenByPollinators Driven by mutualists: how declines in pollinators impact plant communities and ecosystemfunctioning 2019
752 DiSeTCom Dirac Semimetals based Terahertz Components 2019
753 ARREST-TB Accurate, Rapid, Robust and Economical diagnostic technoliogieS for Tuberculosis 2019
754 MindGAP Bridging the gap between Mind, Brain and Body: exosome role and monitoring 2019
755 T-GRAND-SLAM Translating the Global Refined Analysis of Newly transcribed RNA and Decay rates by SLAM-seq 2019
756 STOP-COPD PulseHaler™: A Novel Treatment Device for COPD. 2019
757 TRUTHCHECK Fake News Recognition applying Service-based Cross-Media Analytics 2019
758 DuraCap The first ultra-thin, flexible and durable pseudocapacitor fully integrated in a device for low power applications 2019
760 SCOPE Surface-COnfined fast-modulated Plasma for process and Energy intensification in small molecules conversion 2019
761 CaLA The Capillary Lock Actuator: A novel bistable microfluidic actuator for cost-effective high-density actuator arrays suitable for large-scale graphical tactile displays 2019
762 VITAL Vaccines and Infectious Diseases in the Ageing PopuLation 2019
763 EMP European Microkelvin Platform 2019
764 COMBO3D Composite mould tool based on 3D printing 2019
765 RecoverInFlame T cell-driven inflammatory mechanisms promote recovery after acute brain injury 2018
766 eOutboard High Performance Electric Outboard Motor System and Supply Chain Innovation 2018
768 FOCUS Forced displacement and refugee-host community solidarity 2019
769 Geo-Drill Development of novel and cost-effective drilling technology for Geothermal Systems 2019
770 INHuMAN Intra-tumoral heterogeneity in NRAS-driven metastatic melanoma 2019
771 SYNKIT Synthetic Natural Killer Cells for Immunotherapy 2020
772 LOWCOST-IC Low Cost Interconnects with highly improved Contact Strength for SOC Applications 2019
773 RESIST3D Targeting drug resistance in ovarian cancer through large-scale drug-response profiling in physiologically relevant cancer organoids 2020
774 GPCR-MS Molecular Details of Membrane Protein Receptor Dynamics 2019
775 GuideArtifEvol Tracking and guiding artificial enzyme evolution via landscape inference 2019
776 Microbial-light Illuminating black boxes in the nitrogen cycle 2019
777 BIONA4ART BIO-inspired NAcre-like materials FOR the next generation of conservation treatments in stone ART works 2019
778 LIMEN Legal Liminality: An Inquiry Into the Cognitive Foundations of the Law 2019
780 NPsVLCD Natural Product-Inspired Therapies for Leishmaniasis and Chagas Disease 2019
781 HUNG Hunger Bonds: Food Banks, Families and the Feeding of Poverty 2019
782 MetaTarGet Targeting metabolic regulation in metastasis formation 2019
783 OPTIMAL-D Development and Application of Mass Spectrometry Methods for Analysis of Optimal Vitamin D 2019
784 ReMedIt Between rediscovery and recreation: Renaissance accounts of medieval Italian vernacular literary tradition (1476-1530) 2019
786 INTERFAT Elucidating the impact of the microbiome on adipose tissue immune cell interactions during obesity 2019
787 OMECRY Organic Mesocrystals: Formation and controlling of oriented nanoparticles of molecular solids for drug development 2019
788 NeuroSens Neuromodulation of Sensory Processing 2019
789 TOPLASMON Experimental study of plasmon polaritons in topological insulators and Weyl Semi-Metals. 2019
790 LEVERAGE mRNA Laboratory Evolution of Virus-likE pRotein cAGes for Eukaryotic mRNA delivery 2019
791 SUPERMODEL Development and verification of microstructure, residual stress and deformation simulation capability for additive free-form direct deposition using multiple superalloys 2019
792 BuildERS Building European Communities' Resilience and Social Capital 2019
793 VEHICLE Valorise Extensive quantities of HemIcellulosic and Cellulosic sugars from Lignocellulosic biomass into high-value End products 2019
794 TEMPO Combining Tectonics and Machine Learning to Constrain Plate Reconstruction Models Through Time 2019
795 REVERE Revisiting the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters 2019
796 GenSPaD Genomic Selection for Pasture Digestibility 2020
797 CATALYSTNH3SYNTHESIS Synthetically Tuned Atomic Ordering and Electronic Properties of Nano-Intermetallic Compounds for the Ammonia Synthesis. 2019
798 TargetGBM Generating a targeted, brain-permeable and stable polymeric nanoparticle for systemic gene delivery to glioblastoma 2019
799 SMOLAC Theoretical design of non-fullerene small molecule acceptors for organic solar cells with improved efficiency. 2019
800 METACURIO What makes us curious? The role of metacognition. 2019
801 Utilizing Urban Tech to Power Smarter Cities 2019
802 INFarm A unique, interferon-based veterinary therapy to minimize antimicrobial overuse in cattle and tackle the societal global problem of antimicrobial resistance 2019
803 FS-UNIT FS-UNIT: Light-weight, portable medical Field Suction Unit to disrupt the pre-hospital market 2019
804 ISACS Improving Safety and comfort for kidney transplanted patients by enabling Accurate therapeutic drug monitoring through quantitative Capillary home Sampling 2019
805 LASH FIRE Legislative Assessment for Safety Hazards of Fire and Innovations in Ro-ro ship Environment 2019
806 AGILE 4.0 AGILE 4.0: Towards cyber-physical collaborative aircraft development 2019
807 PROMPT PRemature Obsolescence Multi-Stakeholder Product Testing Program 2019
808 CONSTRAIN Constraining uncertainty of multi decadal climate projections 2019
809 TARANTULA Recovery of Tungsten, Niobium and Tantalum occurring as by-products in mining and processing waste streams 2019
810 INSTRUCT Information structures in consumer markets 2019
811 PrISMoID Photonic Structural Materials with Controlled Disorder 2019
812 ExCOM-cCEO Extremely Coherent Mechanical Oscillators and circuit Cavity Electro-Optics 2019
813 STRATCAT-CO2 Surface functionalization with thiols: a novel strategy in catalyst design for the efficient reduction of CO2 to C2 products 2019
814 MALAGA Applying Machine Learning to Cyber Risk Analysis and Mitigation 2019
815 STRELECOID Stretchable mesh-electrodes interfacing human iPSC brain organoids 2019
816 WATERSIGN WATERSIGN: Smart Water Monitoring & Leakage Detection 2019
817 BRAIN Building a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Network 2019
818 GREATDIGINTHESKY Accelerating Galactic Archaeology 2019
819 FictDial What do we learn from dialogues in fiction? 2020
820 TOMORROW TOwards Multi-stakehOldeRs transition ROadmaps With citizens at the centre 2019
821 EPSTech Elevated Pressure Sonication (EPS) for the non-thermal processing of new Extended Shelf Life products for adding value in the Dairy industry 2019
822 NewSiest Enhancement of UV stability of thermally modified wood through envelope impregnation with nano-based stabilisers 2019
823 T-NHL SUPRESSORS Tumor suppressor pathways counteracting oncogenic immune receptor signaling in T-Cell Lymphoma 2019
824 MitoCRISTAE Mitochondrial Cristae Biogenesis 2019
825 SPE Silicon-Carbide-Fiber Pilot-production in Europe 2019
826 TODO Twinning Open Data Operational 2019
827 OXIFLOW Next Generation Flow Diverter for the Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms Delivering Improved Patient Outcomes and Healthcare Cost Savings 2019
828 ExPaNDS EOSC Photon and Neutron Data Services 2019
829 BIOPOLIS Teaming to Upgrade to Excellence in Environmental Biology, Ecosystem Research and AgroBiodiversity 2019
830 EXPERT EXpanding Platforms for Efficacious mRNA Therapeutics 2019
831 TROPIBIO Expanding potential in TROPIcal BIOdiversity and ecosystem research towards sustainable life on land 2019
832 PREDICT The Future of Prediction: The Social Consequences of Algorithmic Forecast in Insurance, Medicine and Policing 2020
833 AGRICAM AGRICAM – reducing the usage of antibiotics and increasing animal welfare through advanced thermal imaging system for detecting early cases of mastitis in dairy cows 2019
834 TWO-BIRDS A feasibility study for SYT-510, a first-in-class drug to treat neuropsychiatric disorders through restoring overall balance in brain chemistry 2019
835 HELoS Health.E Lighthouse Support Initiative 2019
836 AnchorGuardian AnchorGuardian, providing safety during anchoring by monitoring the position and absolute movement of a ships anchor. 2019
837 PlaMES Integrated Planning of Multi-Energy Systems 2019
838 INSECT DOCTORS A joint doctoral program to educate tomorrow’s insect pathologists: Solving disease problems in the upcoming insect rearing industry. 2019
839 INsTRuCT INnovative Training in Myeloid Regulatory Cell Therapy 2020
840 RCT4MANU Test an innovative support scheme for manufacturing SMEs and accelerate the use of RCTs in innovation agencies 2019
841 INSPIRE INnovation in Safety Pharmacology for Integrated cardiovascular safety assessment to REduce adverse events and late stage drug attrition. 2020
842 SCilS Studying Ciliary Signaling in Development and Disease 2020
843 RSVTriVax Development of a trivalent epitope-focused RSV vaccine to boost pre-existing immunity 2019
844 PreMeDosE Precision Medicine via Diagnostic Enzyme Activity Testing 2020
845 Saraswati 2.0 Identifying best available technologies for decentralized wastewater treatment and resource recovery for India 2019
846 DOC-Stim Communication and rehabilitation for people with Disorders of consciousness via Brain-Computer Interfaces 2020
847 EMOTION Enhanced Mould for Thermoplastic Fuselage in and out of Autoclave Consolidation 2019
848 POSEIDON NanoPhOtonic devices applying SElf-assembled colloIDs for novel ON-chip light sources 2020
849 QuanTELCO Quantum Emitters for Telecommunication in the O-Band 2019
850 PeptiCHIP PEPTICHIP: Streamlined identification of tumour neoantigens for personalised anti-cancer immunotherapy 2019
851 Ethno-ISS ETHNO-ISS: An Ethnography of an Extra-terrestrial Society: the International Space Station 2019
852 W2W Waste to Wealth (W2W): A total solution for municipal solid waste incinerated ash in geopolymer concrete 2020
853 WAVESCOPE Wavefront shaping system for nonlinear fiber-based microscopy and endoscopy 2019
854 GRANROSE Using a blood cell-based approach to determine gluten responsiveness and to bring a novel, less invasive assay on the market to diagnose celiac disease. 2019
855 G125 A minimally invasive, outpatient treatment for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), resulting in permanent relief from both GERD symptoms and life-long drug dependency 2019
856 HEATforecast Dynamical constraints for the predictability of heat waves in current and future climates 2020
857 TERAmeasure Non-contact millimeter and Terahertz frequency measurement paradigm for instrumentation and sensing applications unlocking metrology-grade results 2019
858 TeraSlice Terahertz Analogue-to-Digital Conversion Using Photonic Chipscale Soliton Frequency Combs and Massively Parallel Spectrally Sliced Detection 2020
859 FunBlocks Fundamental Building Blocks – Understanding plasticity in complex crystals based on their simplest, intergrown units 2020
860 SweetBrain A new perspective on the metabolic pathway to neuronal dysfunction: Using organs on a chip to elucidate the role of the brain microvasculature 2020
861 QUIST Quantum information transfer between hole spins and topological states 2019
862 GuMeCo Gut-Brain Communication in Metabolic Control 2020
863 CoEvolve Deconstructing and rebuilding the evolution of cell and tissue mechanoadaptation 2020
864 SAFE-CAB Laser-Assisted Surgical System to Revolutionize Cardiac Bypass Surgeries 2019
865 MIX-UP MIXed plastics biodegradation and UPcycling using microbial communities 2020
866 ActiDrops Synthetic Active Droplets Inspired by Life 2020
867 SSHARE Self-sufficient humidity to electricity Innovative Radiant Adsorption System Toward Net Zero Energy Buildings 2019
868 CAPARDUS Capacity-building in Arctic standardisation develoment 2019
869 FORCOAST Earth Observation Services for Fishery, Bivalves Mariculture and Oysterground Restoration along European Coasts 2019
870 Nanodink Quantum Photonic Digital-Ink Solution for Large Format Displays 2019
871 Waste reduction Freshness and expiration date measurement 2019
872 CADISS A medical device for the selective dissection of pathological tissues and fibrosis 2019
873 mfloDx Adaptable Multiflow Diagnostic Platform to Genetically Identify Drug Resistant Infection 2019
874 SynaptoEnergy Molecular physiology of nerve terminal bioenergetics 2020
875 PROSCOPE Point-of-care instrument for diagnosis and image-guided intervention of Colo-Rectal Cancer 2020
876 MAARvEL A Missing Key Property in Atmospheric AeRosol ChEmistry: the Laplace Pressure 2020
877 QUABODYP QUAntum Black hOle DYnamics and Phenomenology 2020
878 SmartCulTour Smart Cultural Tourism as a Driver of Sustainable Development of European Regions 2020
879 HyperBiota Exploring the diet-microbiota axis for immunomodulation and organ protection in hypertension 2020
880 KYKLOS 4.0 An Advanced Circular and Agile Manufacturing Ecosystem based on rapid reconfigurable manufacturing process and individualized consumer preferences 2020
881 UNICOM Up-scaling the global univocal identification of medicines 2019
882 ROSA Religion and Its Others in South Asia and the World: Communities, Debates, Freedoms 2019
883 TiGRE Trust in Governance and Regulation in Europe 2020
884 ADAMO Robot The future of precise personalised robotic physiotherapy 2019
885 StrataGRT An innovative topical drug delivery system for improving chronic wound healing 2019
886 SIBMOB Social Class Mobility in Comparative Perspective: Bringing Siblings In 2021
887 N-EXTLAW Law as Vehicle for Social Change: Mainstreaming Non-Extractive Economic Practices 2020
888 SHARE-COHESION Cohesion in further developing and innovating SHARE across all 28 member countries 2019
889 EHRI-PP European Holocaust Research Infrastructure Preparatory Phase 2019
890 GRoW Greenhouse Robotic Worker - The first high-performance robotic system for automated harvesting of vegetables in greenhouses 2019
891 GALIRUMI Galileo-assisted robot to tackle the weed Rumex obtusifolius and increase the profitability and sustainability of dairy farming 2019
892 RNPdynamics Multivalent interactions driving RNP dynamics in development and disease 2020
893 TESTBED2 Testing and Evaluating Sophisticated information and communication Technologies for enaBling scalablE smart griD Deployment 2020
894 WeCount WeCount: Citizens Observing UrbaN Transport 2019
895 SINO-EU-PerMed Widening Sino‐EU policy and research cooperation in Personalised Medicine 2020
896 HEATILE An innovative, thin and quick-to-install prefabricated Prefabricated ‘click-in’ underfloor heating system capable to be installed directly on the existing floor and connectable to the radiator system. 2019
897 MyGoalMEDAL META DATA ANALYSIS LAB to Enhance Training Quality 2019
898 BornToGetThere Implementation of early detection and early intervention service delivery in infants at risk for cerebral palsy to promote infants’ psychomotor development and maternal health 2020
899 FORESTDIET Reinterpreting how forests support people's dietary quality in low-income countries 2020
900 discovAIR Discovering the cellular landscape of the airways and the lung 2020
901 EPHOR Exposome project for health and occupational research 2020
902 GREAT Greener Air Traffic Operations 2020
903 MycoProScale MycoProScale – Creating global markets with a unique large-scale Mycorrhiza production method 2020
904 GET LOCAL Unified digital booking platform promoting local tourist services 2020
905 NewSOC Next Generation solid oxide fuel cell and electrolysis technology 2020
906 TINTIN Visual narratives as a window into language and cognition 2020
907 REANIMA New-generation cardiac therapeutic strategies directed to the activation of endogenous regenerative mechanisms 2020
908 EMPOCI Governing sustainable energy-mobility transitions: multi-level policy mixes, transformative capacities and low-carbon innovations 2020
909 AdjustNet Self-Adjusting Networks 2020
910 FEVER Flexible Energy Production, Demand and Storage-based Virtual Power Plants for Electricity Markets and Resilient DSO Operation 2020
911 QS2DM Quantum sensing of two-dimensional magnets 2021
912 LASERLAB-EUROPE The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures 2019
913 NanoGlia Understanding the impact of nanoplastics on the development of neurological disorders 2020
914 Glue2Degrade Therapeutic hijacking of E3 Ligases 2020
915 CORAL COntrolling network RAndom Lasers on chip 2020
916 ATTEST Advanced Tools Towards cost-efficient decarbonisation of future reliable Energy SysTems 2020
917 PIVOT2 Performance Improvement for Vehicles on Track 2 2019
918 Brillouin4Life Development of advanced optical tools for studying cellular mechanics at high spatial and temporal resolution 2020
919 eLTER PPP eLTER Preparatory Phase Project 2020
920 ConPhoNo Next Generation of Concentrated Photovoltaics Using Node Concentrators 2020
921 CarbOcean An integrative approach to unravel the ocean's biological carbon pump 2020
922 TNT Truth-not-Trust 2020
923 CELLULO-EPI Celluloepidemiology: a novel paradigm for modeling T-cell responses on a population level. 2020
924 MacinNASH Revealing the contribution of liver macrophage populations to NASH in insulin resistance 2020
925 NanoFabNet NanoFabNet - International Hub for sustainable industrial-scale Nanofabrication 2020
926 CrioFlex Cri/oFlex: The missing link towards large scale quantum computing 2020
927 SURE 3-D Super resolution Ultrasound Real time imaging of Erythrocytes 2020
928 e-MICROBe Energizing microbes with redox mediators for new bioproductions 2020
929 CYBER-PDR Disempowering Cyber-Attackers 2020
930 CTS-TEs-ADprogress Cell type-specific molecular analysis of epigenetic changes and transposable element derepression in Alzheimer's disease progression 2020
931 Materials 4.0 Advancing materials design by high-accuracy finite-temperature first principles calculations accelerated by machine learning potentials 2021
932 COCONUTE COmpound COatings NUrturing applications in Tissue Engineering 2020
933 SynWaiXen Total Synthesis of Waixenicin A and Xenibellol A 2020
934 NSTree Understanding substrate delivery for cell wall biosynthesis in plants 2020
935 SICNET Statistical Inference of the Cerebellar Network 2020
936 RENEW Renewable Energy through New Electrolysis catalysts for Water splitting 2020
937 ECCSELERATE ECCSEL ERIC – accelerating user access, growing the membership and positioning internationally to ensure long-term sustainability 2020
938 EnergUP Development of alga-based photovoltaic devices: Electron transport from photosynthesis via the cell wall to electrodes 2020
939 MiNeMI Micronnedle-assisted nanovector skin patch for immunomodulation of the inflammatory response upon occurrence of myocardial infarction injury (MiNeMi) 2020
940 VisPrepMem I have seen that before: Pattern completion in the human visual system and its role for memory 2020
941 ChiCC Chirality via Cross-Coupling: New Asymmetric C-C Bond Formations Driven by Atom and Step Economy 2020
942 StressRhomboid Trapping intramembrane protease substrates in living cells: focus on RHBDL4 role in ERAD 2020
943 GRAPHEME Graphene and related materials membranes for efficient removal of toxic cations from water 2020
944 DINAMIC A digestion and absorption mimicking bench-top intestinal model 2020
945 MacrophageEGR Egr1 and Egr2 regulate opposite transcriptional programs in macrophages 2021
946 EMOFORTE Emotions in the Foreign Policy of Turkey towards the European Union 2021
947 ERA Epigenetic Regulation in Acinetobacter baumannii 2020
948 PresentingParliament Presenting Parliament: Parliamentarians' visions of the communication and role of parliament within the mediated democracies of Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands, 1844-1995 2020
949 GUTMAPS Cellular cartography of the intestine in health and inflammation 2021
950 QLIMIT Challenging The Limits Of Molecular Quantum Interference Effects 2020
951 MAP-AD A multimodal approach to accelerate drug discovery and development in Alzheimer’s disease 2021
952 NeuroVascOme Gut microbiota-Neurovascular Interactions in Early Life 2020