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H2020 projects about "signals"

The page lists 130 projects related to the topic "signals".

# achronym  title  year 
1 XCYCLE Advanced measures to reduce cyclists' fatalities and increase comfort in the interaction with motorised vehicles 2015
2 Human Decisions The Neural Determinants of Perceptual Decision Making in the Human Brain 2015
3 TWIST Terahertz wireless information systems and technologies 2015
4 COREGAL Combined Positioning-Reflectometry Galileo Code Receiver for Forest Management 2015
5 MISTRALE Monitoring of SoIl moiSture and wateR-flooded Areas for agricuLture and Environment 2015
6 GMCA GNSS Monitoring for Critical Applications 2015
7 MacSeNet Machine Sensing Training Network 2015
8 CRITICS Critical Transitions in Complex Systems 2015
9 AutoMat Automotive Big Data Marketplace for Innovative Cross-sectorial Vehicle Data Services 2015
10 COCOHA Cognitive Control of a Hearing Aid 2015
11 MAMEM Multimedia Authoring and Management using your Eyes and Mind 2015
12 ARIA-VALUSPA Artificial Retrieval of Information Assistants - Virtual Agents with Linguistic Understanding, Social skills, and Personalised Aspects 2015
13 CosmicDust Lighting up the dark - the evolution of dust throughout cosmic time 2015
14 CITISEX Understanding the role of sensory ecology and species interactions during sexual signal adaptation to an urbanizing world 2015
15 HiDDaProTImA High-dimensional data processing: from theory to imaging applications 2016
16 STOP-Beta Selectively Targeting Oscillations in Parkinson's disease: Causal effects of the beta-rhythm on motor control 2015
18 GTHREG Differential regulation of gonadotropins 2015
19 SPECIFIC fMRI From surrogate hemodynamics-based fMRI towards direct functional imaging of neural activity via sensing activity-induced cell swellings and neurotransmitter releases in vivo 2015
20 ZERO-TRAIN-BCI Combining constrained based learning and transfer learning to facilitate Zero-training Brain-Computer Interfacing 2015
21 CREST UNDER TENSION Mechano-regulation of neural crest cell differentiation. 2015
22 AstroSignals Spatiotemporal dynamics of subcellular energy metabolism in astrocytes 2015
23 VIVO_MECH_COLL_MIGRA Biomechanical analysis of in vivo directional collective migration 2016
24 ROR2BONE Investigating Ror2-dependent non-canonical Wnt signaling in bone remodeling 2015
25 ProactionPerception From oculomotor action to perception 2015
27 VMHCIRCUITS Deciphering central role of VMH circuits in regulating energy balance 2015
28 NewPhysicsInSpace Indirect Probes of New Physical Phenomena in Space 2015
29 CHIRALSENSE CHIRALSENSE : Sensing Chirality using cavity-enhanced polarimetry: advances in sensitivity and time-resolution 2015
31 PrecisionTools4LHC High precision predictions and tools for LHC Physics 2015
32 NEMF21 Noisy Electromagnetic Fields - A Technological Platform for Chip-to-Chip Communication in the 21st Century 2015
33 MISTRANSMITO Tissue-specific mitochondrial signaling and adaptations to mistranslation 2015
34 PLANTMOVE Plant movements and mechano-perception: from biophysics to biomimetics 2015
35 Psychosystems Psychosystems:Consolidating Network Approaches to Psychopathology 2015
36 Nitro Systems Reaching the roots of systemic nitrogen (N) signaling in plants 2015
37 INSULATRONICS Controlling Electric Signals with Insulating Antiferromagnets and Insulating Ferromagnets 2015
38 BNYQ Breaking the Nyquist Barrier: A New Paradigm in Data Conversion and Transmission 2015
39 switchBoard In the eye of the observer: Visual processing at the heart of the retina 2015
40 MOSAIC Multi object spectrometer with an array of superconducting integrated circuits 2016
41 SENSOCOM The tiny and the fast: the role of subcortical sensory structures in human communication 2016
42 ATLAS Bioengineered autonomous cell-biomaterials devices for generating humanised micro-tissues for regenerative medicine 2015
43 BRAVIUS Brain-viscera interactions underlie subjectivity 2015
44 OXYGEN Quantifying the evolution of Earth's atmosphere with novel isotope systems and modelling 2016
45 HANK European advanced exoskeleton for rehabilitation of Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) and/or spinal cord injury's patients. 2016
46 NeMoFoil NeMoFoil: electronic foil for neuromonitoring 2016
47 DIRECT-fMRI Sensing activity-induced cell swellings and ensuing neurotransmitter releases for in-vivo functional imaging sans hemodynamics 2016
48 MISFIT Mass-Independent SulFate IsoTopes 2016
49 MULTISIMO MULTImodal and MULTIparty Social Interactions MOdelling 2016
50 NeuralCon Connectivity in the neural control of muscles in stroke patients. 2016
51 Feel your Reach Non-invasive decoding of cortical patterns induced by goal directed movement intentions and artificial sensory feedback in humans 2016
52 SINCHAIS In situ analysis of single channel subunit composition in neurons: physiological implication in synaptic plasticity and behavior 2016
54 MYKI A Bidirectional MyoKinetic Implanted Interface for Natural Control of Artificial Limbs 2016
55 PyroPop Mechanisms and regulation of inflammasome-associated programmed cell death 2017
56 FunCapSys Functional Systems of Capsules 2017
57 Detect and React Distracted drivers in autonomous cars: Do drivers safely detect and react to unexpected warning signals? 2016
58 SLAB Signal processing and Learning Applied to Brain data 2016
59 STRAVIR Role of the stroma-derived ‘alarmin’ IL-33 in anti-viral immunity 2016
60 INNOVATION Multi-wavelength regeneration technologies for advanced modulation optical signals 2016
61 ROBOCHIP MicroRobotic toolkit to deliver spatiotemporally resolved physicochemical signals and control cell sociology 2017
62 HOT Hybrid Optomechanical Technologies 2017
63 GRANITE GRAvitational waves from Neutron stars: Investigating Transient Emission 2016
64 NONCODRIVERS Finding noncoding cancer drivers 2016
65 GasPlaNt Gas sensing in plants:Oxygen- and nitric oxide-regulated chromatin modification via a targeted protein degradation mechanism 2017
66 ULTRACHIRAL Ultrasensitive chiral detection by signal-reversing cavity polarimetry: applications to in-situ proteomics, single-molecule chirality, HPLC analysis, medical diagnostics, and atmospheric studies 2017
67 RetroNets Reverse Engineering Gene Regulatory Networks 2017
68 HYDROCARB Hydrogen isotopes in plant-derived organic compounds as new tool to identify changes in the carbon metabolism of plants and ecosystems during the anthropocene 2017
69 RewardedPerception Functional circuits mediating the effects of reward value on perception within and across sensory modalities 2017
70 CTO Com Context- and Task-Oriented Communication 2017
71 MicroCyFly Microcircuitry of the Drosophila visual system 2017
72 PhotonICSWARM Photonic Integrated Circuits using Scattered Waveguide elements in an Adaptive, Reconfigurable Mesh. 2017
73 SunDROPS Self-DRiving hydrOPonic System - Develop automated hydroponic systems that use high frequency pulsing-light and intermittent/alternate nutrient supply to optimize resources and plant adaptation. 2018
74 C18Signaling Regulation of Cellular Growth and Metabolism by C18:0 2017
75 AgroPHYS Understanding how plants overcome drought by controlling stomatal function: applicability and impacts on agriculture 2017
76 ColourFish Zebrafish colour vision: a functional approach to studying outer retinal wiring strategies 2017
77 BNSmergers Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic Counterparts from Generic Binary Neutron Star Systems 2018
78 BrainPredictDynamics Temporal predictions in the auditory cortex: neural mechanisms and their specificity across species and stimulus domains 2018
79 MechanoSystems How to build a brain? Engineering molecular systems for mechanosensation and -protection in neurons 2017
80 STORM Signal Transduction in Organic Materials 2017
81 MEMORIS Maternal Enteric Microbiota for Offspring's Repertoire development and Illness Susceptibility 2017
82 CINK Advancing cancer immunotherapy using natural killer cells for hematological and metastatic cancers 2018
83 V-ChiralSpin Voltage Control of Chiral Spin Structures 2018
84 MMoBEER Mathematical models of bone externally excited remodelling 2017
85 MITOMAD Functional characterisation of mitochondrial metabolic adaptations to innate sensing in dendritic cell subsets 2017
86 NeuroBaBEL Whispering the language of the neurons to restore vision 2017
87 GLUCOTANYCYTES Glucotanycytes: a role for hypothalamic barriers in the control of metabolism by peripheral glucose 2017
88 INTUMORX Elucidation of intratumoral heterogeneity in Kras-driven cancers 2017
89 PACS Pantograph Active Control System for e-Highways 2017
90 ADAPT ADvanced Aeroacoustic Processing Techniques 2017
91 BrainConquest Boosting Brain-Computer Communication with high Quality User Training 2017
92 AUTOCOMPLEMENT The role of complement in the induction of autoimmunity against post-translationally modified proteins 2017
95 ISOBOREAL Towards Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Eurasian Boreal Forests: a Novel Stable Isotope Approach 2018
96 ZULF Zero and ultra-low field nuclear magnetic resonance 2018
97 SBS3-5 Stimulated Brillouin Scattering based RF to Optical Signal Transduction and Amplification 2018
98 FACESYNTAX Computing the Face Syntax of Social Communication 2018
99 activeFly Circuit mechanisms of self-movement estimation during walking 2017
100 iMove Translating rewards to eye movements 2018
101 CANCER-DC Dissecting Regulatory Networks That Mediate Dendritic Cell Suppression 2018
102 PredictingPain Deconstructing pain with predictive models: from neural architecture to pain relief 2018
103 CELL HORMONE Bringing into focus the cellular dynamics of the plant growth hormone gibberellin 2018
104 VHIALab Vision and Hearing In Action Laboratory 2018
105 FunFiCO Fundamental fields and compact objects: theory and astrophysical phenomenology 2017
106 PhytlSigns Real-time plant monitoring based on bioelectrical signals 2017
107 COFBMIX Cortical feedback in figure background segregation of odors. 2018
108 CLLCLONE Harnessing clonal evolution in chronic lymphocytic leukemia 2018
109 DiSect The Tumour Stroma as a Driver of Clonal Selection 2018
110 LEDVAR-Z A New Paradigm for Efficient and Modern Rail Signalling 2018
111 InflamCellDeath Mechanism and function of gasdermin-induced inflammatory cell death 2018
112 TOPNIN Tracing of pulmonary neuro-immune networks 2018
113 DYCOCIRC Basal ganglia circuit mechanisms underlying dynamic cognitive behavior 2018
114 GEOCLIME Climate change and Geodetic deformation 2019
115 TREMOR TRemor as Eruption MOnitoR 2019
116 AI-CU Automated Improvement of Continuous User interfaces 2018
117 TCELLTIGIT Structural characterization of immune signaling protein TIGIT using x-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy 2019
118 GOLD-ICE Next generation analysis of the oldest ice core layers 2018
119 MAGMATS The effects of magmatic systems maturation on geophysical signals recorded in volcanic areas. 2018
120 Flat_Leaf How to grow a flat leaf? 2019
121 UVSIGNAL Unravelling the mechanisms underlying the evolution of ultraviolet signals 2018
122 simpetmr Development of quantification procedures for simultaneous PET-MR data for human brain imaging 2018
123 RhizoTalk Decrypting the role of bacterial signals in microbial interactions to enhance Lysobacter establishment in the rhizosphere 2018
124 GutMIND Gut microbiota-Microglia Interactions in NeuroDevelopment 2018
125 VOLCANOWAVES State of unrest of active VOLCANOes through advanced seismic WAVES analysis - An application to eruption forecast modelling. 2018
126 MECHEMGUI The integration of mechanical and chemical signals in neuronal guidance 2018
127 FunMagResBeacons Functionalized Magnetic Resonance Beacons for Enhanced Spectroscopy and Imaging 2018
128 NeuroStemCircuit Neural Circuit Regulation of Adult Brain Stem Cells 2018
129 BASILIC Decoding at systems-level the crosstalk between the T cell antigen receptor, the CD28 costimulator and the PD-1 coinhibitor under physiological and pathological conditions. 2018
130 S2S Signals to Solutions: a change of paradigm in predictive maintenance market 2018