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# achronym  title  year 
1 MyOcean FO Pre-Operational Marine Service Continuity in Transition towards Copernicus 2014
2 MMTech New aerospace advanced cost effective materials and rapid manufacturing technologies 2015
3 SCOPE Screening for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) among Older People across Europe (SCOPE) 2015
4 SILNE-R Enhancing the effectiveness of programs and strategies to prevent youth smoking: a comparative realist evaluation of 7 European cities 2015
5 MoTriColor Molecularly guided trials with specific treatment strategies in patients with advanced newly molecular defined subtypes of colorectal cancer (MoTriColor) 2015
6 LOWBRASYS a LOW environmental impact BRAke SYStem 2015
7 EGSIEM European Gravity Service for Improved Emergency Management 2015
8 ENTANGLED-TM-ALKANE Entangled pincer ligand architectures and their application in the transition-metal-mediated activation of alkanes 2015
9 SILION Design, Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Application of Silyliumylidene Ions 2015
10 META-STRESS Unravelling life-history responses and underlying mechanisms to environmental stress in wild populations 2015
11 MaMMoTH-Up Massively extended Modular Monitoring for Upper Stages 2015
12 TREECLIMBERS Modelling lianas as key drivers of tropical forest responses to climate change 2015
13 STARLIGHT Steering attosecond electron dynamics in biomolecules with UV-XUV LIGHT pulses 2015
14 MoNaLISA Long-term molecular nanoscale imaging of neuronal function 2015
15 LEGALARCHITECTURES Legal Architectures: The Influence of New Environmental Governance Rules on Environmental Compliance 2015
16 NANOGEN Polymer-based piezoelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting 2015
17 aSCEND Secure Computation on Encrypted Data 2015
18 HERITAGE Cultural Heritage and Economic Development in International and European Law 2015
19 NEOShield-2 Science and Technology for Near-Earth Object Impact Prevention 2015
20 SAT406M An EGNSS application providing an end-to-end solution based on the SAR/Galileo service and particularly using the Return-Link-Message (RLM), to improve the mobility and safety of citizens 2015
21 NDI Nano-diamond tracers for MRI molecular imaging 2014
22 COLOStage COLOStage : A new prognosis test for the prediction of metastasis in Colorectal Cancer and Hepatocellular Carcinoma 2015
23 UNMOVED Simultaneous three dimensional multiphoton microscopy without mechanical depth scanning 2015
25 G MOTIT Galileo-Enhanced MOTIT: an electric scooter sharing service for sustainable urban mobility 2015
26 IMCESA Innovation Management Capacity Enhancement of SMEs in Saxony-Anhalt (IMCESA) 2014
27 N-SUPP_INNO Support for Enhancing Innovation Management in SME and Key Account Managementin Niedersachsen 2014
28 Innosupport Innovation Management Support for SMEs 2014
29 KAM EIMC SAXONY Enhancing the innovation management capacities of SAXON SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network SAXONY 2014
30 PT Innovative PT Innovative 2014
33 InnoSME-LV SME Instrument for Innovative Companies from Latvia 2014
34 ESCUDO-CLOUD Enforceable Security in the Cloud to Uphold Data Ownership 2015
35 SUNFISH SecUre iNFormation SHaring in federated heterogeneous private clouds 2015
36 RAIS Scalable, point-of-care and label free microarray platform for rapid detection of Sepsis 2015
37 OrganiCity OrganiCity – Co-creating smart cities of the future 2015
38 Financial Transparency Platform for the Public Sector 2015
39 SENSIBLE Storage-Enabled Sustainable Energy for Buildings and Communities 2015
40 RNArepair Site-directed RNA Editing to Manipulate RNA and Protein Function 2015
41 NChIP Chromatin dynamics during DNA replication 2015
42 REVALUE Recognising Energy Efficiency Value in Residential Buildings 2015
43 LIRON-2020 Disruptive Technology for the Global Laundry Equipment Market 2014
44 VSM Validated Surge Model 2014
45 Stefy Sensor Technology for Food analYsis 2014
46 Global PERES Bringing a breakthrough e-nose solution on global markets for portable and reliable food safety and quality control 2014
47 HEATBOOST Sorption Heat-pump Component Boosting Energy-efficiency in Gas-fired Boilers 2014
48 CLEANLIB Cleansing the Library: the Expurgatory Censorship of Books in Europe (Science and Humanities, 16th-18th cent.) 2016
49 STRESSAGED Molecular Mechanisms Linking Psychological Stress and Ageing-Related Disease 2015
50 C-BORD effective Container inspection at BORDer control points 2015
51 Fractional Fractionalized quantum matter: Characterization, realization and generalization 2015
52 SalHyd5 Characterization of Salmonella enterica hydrogenase-5 biosynthesis for developing novel anti-infective compounds 2015
53 GUIDES GUideline Implementation with DEcision Support systems 2015
54 JUNO Joint Volumetric Reconstruction and Automated Analysis of the Fetal Heart from Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Images 2015
55 Inflammafish Cross-talk between inflammation and autophagy in tuberculosis 2016
56 CARDI-ACHE The cardiovascular consequences of endurance exercise 2015
57 RAVE Rotifers as Vehicles for Epibiotic Bacteria 2015
58 MUGNAIO MUltiplex Government Networks Analysis and InvestigatiOn 2015
59 KinCoop Do plants cooperate in reproduction? The effect of sharing pollination services on plant reproductive strategies 2015
60 ImagiNE Imaging Nonlinear Elasticity for seismology 2016
61 MITONUC The evolutionary and ecological implications of mito-nuclear epistasis 2015
62 GUTWORM Unravelling host intestine-parasite interactions that define immune responses to whipworms 2015
63 RAGES Molecular determination of Rif1-Associated Genomic Elements and their function in regulating genome activity and integrity 2016
64 TANYFEEDNEURONS Gliotransmission and shuttling of metabolic signals to feeding neuronal circuits by tanycytes 2015
65 INSCAPE Imaging Voltage Gated Sodium Channels Using Positron Emission Tomography 2015
66 InterDemo Intercultural Democracies: insights from mining conflicts for environmental justice in plurinational Bolivia and Ecuador. 2015
67 NanoCuI Nano-Copper Iodide: A New Material for High Performance P-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells 2015
68 Behaviour-Connect Behaviour-Connect: Testing hypotheses on the behavioural drivers of connectivity in the marine environment through novel Bayesian models 2016
69 SmartMammaCAD Intelligent Automated System for detecting Diagnostically Challenging Breast Cancers 2015
70 River-HMV River hydraulics, morphology, and vegetation: A case for improved knowledge and numerical model capabilities 2015
71 NITRIDE-SRH Energy losses in nitride light-emitting diodes 2015
72 MRTGS Mechanical regulation of tissue growth and signalling 2016
73 REVEAL Peering through the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to reveal geology, crustal architecture and tectonic influences on ice sheet dynamics 2015
74 InSIght Information from Symbols and Illustrations: how to get it without vision 2015
75 EMoGrIS Ecological Modelling of the Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Ecosystem 2016
76 OPEDGP Omics Phenotyping of Endocrine Disease in the General Population 2015
77 TDL2Ho Thin-disk lasers for the 2-micron spectral range based on Ho-doped monoclinic double-tungstate epitaxial structures 2015
78 ABRUPT Quantifying Abrupt Biotic Responses to Palaeoclimate Change 2016
79 AspSync Unravelling mechanisms controlling asperities synchronization and triggering mega-earthquakes: insights from analog experiments and subduction zone earthquake statistics 2016
80 DAMAGE An avian model for understanding and preventing the negative effects of poor developmental conditions on subsequent health state, fertility and ageing rate 2016
82 TOTIPOTENCY2014 Dissecting the epigenetic control of totipotency. 2016
83 RULE-THERM Real-time up-conversion luminescence thermometry based on lanthanide doped nanodiamonds in a living cell 2016
84 WFL Morphology beyond inflection. Building a wordformation based dictionary for Latin 2015
85 PolAME Polarimetry of Anomalous Microwave Emission: Implication for B-mode Polarization Detection and Galactic Science 2016
86 MARIS Mixotrophy among small marine phytoflagellates – prevalence and impact on prokaryotic communities 2015
87 Helping in Cyanopica Why helping others? The role of direct fitness benefits within the social-networks in cooperatively breeding azure-winged magpies 2015
88 LeSoDyMAS Learning in the Space of Dynamical Models of Adrenal Steroidogenesis “LeSoDyMAS” 2015
89 LEACON LEArning-CONtrol tight interaction: a novel approach to robust execution of mobile manipulation tasks 2016
90 DINO_DON Does vegetation derived organic nitrogen fuel algal blooms in coastal waters of the Baltic Sea? 2016
91 FISHNAV Following a path of breadcrumbs: How fish recognize landmarks during navigation 2015
92 BARREL Barrel Assemblies of Membrane Active Artificial Foldamers 2015
93 SIAM Sex-Specific Interactions in Arbuscular Mycorrhizas in an Ecological Community Context 2015
94 PRe-FActo Periodontal Regeneration through Femtosecond laser Action 2016
95 FreshwaterMPs The environmental fate and effects of microplastics in freshwater ecosystems 2015
96 CONTESSA COuNt data TimE SerieS Analysis: significance tests and sequencing data application 2015
97 OPTWET Finding optimal size and location for wetland restoration sites for best nutrient removal performance using spatial analysis and modelling 2015
98 KCs and Gut Antigens Elucidating the role of liver resident Kupffer cells in the regulation of the immune responses to intestinal antigens 2015
99 Liver Bioengineering Ex vivo Re-vascularization in Porcine Liver Bioengineering - A Critical First Step Towards Effective Transplantation of Bioengineered Livers 2015
100 MolNANOtox Nanomaterial surface interactions at the molecular level and their impact on ecotoxicity 2015
101 SYMULGAS Synthetic magnetism with ultracold Fermi gases of strontium 2015
102 FOLDASYNBIO Bioinspired Nanostructures by Self-assembly of Amphiphilic Non-peptide Helical Foldamers in Aqueous Environment 2015
103 UbiGABA The role of ubiquitination in stability and plasticity of the GABAergic synapse 2015
104 BIOCURE Novel Biomaterial for Improved and Cost-efficient Wound Healing 2015
105 SPACEFIT SPAce-CompatiblE- Filters_in_dIelectric waveguide Technology 2015
106 BrainWorkloadReader Generation of a business plan for the production of a compact and reliable device able to measure in real-time the cerebral workload state of high responsibility operators in the transport domain 2015
107 SINANN Sonar INtegrated Advanced NavigatioN 2015
108 COOL POWER Efficient microgeneration combined with food cooling systems in trade, crafts and service companies 2015
109 MISSION Mid Infrared SpectrometerS by an Innovative Optical iNterferometer 2015
110 AgroPellet Development of a pelletising machine to process multiple-source agricultural mixes 2015
111 HybridMiX Genetic Mapping of Evolutionary Developmental Variation using Hybrid Mouse in vitro Crosses 2015
112 MANGO The determinants of cross-seeding of protein aggregation: a Multiple TANGO 2015
113 VirtualPatients Effective Clinical reasoning in Virtual Patients 2015
114 IntraMEMS Microfluidic platform for intra-operative tumor immunohistochemistry 2015
115 VOXEL volumetric medical x-ray imaging at extremely low dose 2015
116 CHROMAVISION Super-resolution visualisation and manipulation of metaphase chromosomes 2015
117 PreLog Precursors of logical reasoning in human infants 2015
118 OPTIMALZ Optical imaging of ocular pathology in Alzheimer’s disease 2015
119 VirtuCrete A new integrated process to valorise hazardous leaded glass from CRTs and transform it into high performance geopolymer blocks - VirtuCrete 2015
120 CoPIRL CoPIRL: Compact High Power Picosecond Infrared Laser for Scar Free Surgery and Bio-Diagnostics. 2015
121 MELGEN MELanoma GENetics - understanding and biomarking the genetic and immunological determinants of melanoma survival 2015
122 SmartLi Smart Technologies for the Conversion of Industrial Lignins into Sustainable Materials 2015
123 CogNet Building an Intelligent System of Insights and Action for 5G Network Management 2015
124 UPCYCLINGTHEOCEANS High quality clothes made from marine plastic litter 2015
125 FAST-TRACKS Fast rAdio technologieS for uninterrupTed TRAin to traCKside communications 2015
126 INSWITCH InSwitch – Ultra-Compact Electronic Solid-State Device for Induction Motor Starting and Performance Improvement 2015
127 FASTPRK-2 Enhanced on-street parking management system 2015
128 AURA Advanced Uninterrupted RAdio 2015
129 DERMAE Clinical research for the validation of a non-invasive medical imaging device for dermatological diagnoses 2015
130 CRAGSMAN The Impact of Cosmic Rays on Galaxy and Cluster Formation 2016
131 BIOINOHYB Smart Bioinorganic Hybrids for Nanomedicine 2016
132 AVS-ISS Analysis, Verification, and Synthesis for Infinite-State Systems 2015
133 N-Supp_INNO-15 Innovation Enhacement and Key Account Activities iwithin EEEN Niedersachsen 2015-2016 2015
134 CLAPPRO Cloud Protection: Centralized encryption technology for file sharing 2015
135 EEN SACHSEN Specific activities in the context of innovation support (HORIZON 2020) in the Free State Saxony 2015
136 IMCESA2020 Innovation Management Capacity Enhancement of SMEs in Saxony-Anhalt for the period 2015-2020 (IMCESA2020) 2015
137 IMMUNOBIOME Identifying microbiotal triggers of inflammatory bowel disease through the lens of the immune system 2016
138 READEX Runtime Exploitation of Application Dynamism for Energy-efficient eXascale computing 2015
139 Innosupport Innovation Management Support for SMEs 2015
140 AMOR A Mile Of Runway 2015
141 CilDyn Molecular analysis of the Hedgehog signal transduction complex in the primary cilium 2015
142 Com4Com Collective modes in 4d-metal compounds and heterostructures 2016
143 EEN-Innovation PT EEN-Innovation PT 2015
144 Novel asthma therapy Biocompatible nanoparticles for T cell targeted siRNA delivery as novel asthma therapy 2015
145 Troy Stem Cells Troy+ stomach stem cells in homeostasis, repair and pathogenesis 2015
146 MIMESIS Development of biomaterials through mimesis of plant defensive interfaces to fight wound infections 2015
147 MarineIce Ice Nucleating Particles in the Marine Atmosphere 2015
148 UNEXPECTED Uncovering targets for ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem cells to enhance cell therapies of blood disorders 2015
149 UnPrEDICT Uncertainty and Precaution: Environmental Decisions Involving Catastrophic Threats 2015
150 AUROMYC N-Myc and Aurora A: From Protein Stability to Chromosome TopologyN-Myc and Aurora A: From Protein Stability to Chromosome TopologyMyc and Aurora A: From Protein Stability to Chromosome Topology 2015
151 ZAUBERKUGEL Fulfilling Paul Ehrlich’s Dream: therapeutics with activity on demand 2015
152 SMEntorEGE SMEntorEGE 2015
153 PIPPI Protein-excipient Interactions and Protein-Protein Interactions in formulation 2016
154 ambliFibre adaptive model-based Control for laser-assisted Fibre-reinforced tape winding 2015
155 REPHLECT Recovering Europe´s PHotovoltaics LEadership through high Concentration Technology 2015
156 SEDAL Statistical Learning for Earth Observation Data Analysis. 2015
157 Cancer-Recurrence Tumor cell death supports recurrence of cancer 2015
158 SERISS Synergies for Europe's Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences 2015
159 MELIITA Maltese-European Linkages for Internationalisation, Innovation and Technology Transfer 2015
160 AEGIS Accelerated Early staGe drug diScovery 2016
161 WITRO Wind and Turbulence Radar for Offshore wind energy 2015
162 MOMENTUM MOMENTUM - virtual, mobile CFO for small and medium enterprises 2015
163 ULT-NEMS Ultra-Cold Nano-Mechanics: from Classical to Quantum Complexity 2015
164 MMAF Novel multimodal approach to atrial fibrillation risk assessment and identification of targets for prevention by interdisciplinary exploitation of omics, advanced electrocardiography, and imaging 2016
165 EVILTONGUE No Sword Bites So Fiercly as an Evil Tongue?Gossip Wrecks Reputation, but Enhances Cooperation 2015
166 StemNicheOnWaveCrest New therapies for myeloproliferative diseases based on multi-stage and -system analyses of the haematopoietic stem-cell niche 2015
167 ObesityDevelop Effects of maternal gestational adiposity on fetal development and perinatal, postnatal and next generation health. 2015
168 ImmunityByPairDesign Design and redesign of a plant immune receptor complex 2015
169 FINKAMIE2016 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2015-2016 2015
171 InnoSME-LV-2015-2016 Raising Innovation Capacity for Innovative Companies from Latvia (2015-2016) 2015
172 SEEVCA Self-Enforcing Electronic Voting For Commercial Applications 2015
173 MOZART MesopOrous matrices for localiZed pH-triggered releAse of theRapeuTic ions and drugs 2015
174 Tomo-FPS Tomosynthesis is a low-dose alternate to has CT already transformed Breast Imaging, our vision is to reduce the costs, further enhance sensitivity and reduce dose, and transform portability. 2015
175 EO-SLR Enhanced Satellite Laser Ranging System 2015
176 Q-Bot Fast and economic insulation of buildings using robotic systems 2015
177 CHPM2030 Combined Heat, Power and Metal extraction from ultra-deep ore bodies 2016
178 AEROBI AErial RObotic System for In-Depth Bridge Inspection by Contact 2015
179 COGNITUS Converging broadcast and user generated content for interactive ultra-high definition services 2016
180 BREATHE EasyFlow: New asthma monitor to enable the effective control of asthma 2015
182 CHEOPS Production technology to achieve low Cost and Highly Efficient phOtovoltaic Perovskite Solar cells 2016
183 NEWCORT Novel Processes and Equipment in Composite Repair Technology 2016
184 TopDyn Probing topology and dynamics in driven quantum many-body systems 2016
185 SMARTDIAGNOS Next generation sepsis diagnosis 2016
186 C-Heat Condensed Heat - Optimization and scaling up of an energy efficient, long-during biomass condensation boiler with curved heat exchanger 2015
187 FluctEvol Fluctuating selection, evolution, and plasticity in random environments 2016
188 SOLPART High Temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for Industrial Production of Reactive Particulates 2016
189 HurdlingOxoWall Late First-Row Transition Metal-Oxo Complexes for C–H Bond Activation 2016
190 MALIG A mathematical approach to the liquid-glass transition: kinetically constrained models, cellular automata and mixed order phase transitions 2016
191 MacroFuels Developing the next generation Macro-Algae based biofuels for transportation via advanced bio-refinery processes 2016
192 VISION DMD VISION-DMD - Phase 2 Clinical Trials of VBP15: An Innovative Steroid-like Intervention on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 2016
193 GLINT GlucoCEST Imaging of Neoplastic Tumours 2016
194 DUT-signal dUTPase Signalling: from Phage to Eukaryotes 2015
195 TrimBot2020 A gardening robot for rose, hedge and topiary trimming 2016
196 PRUV Preparedness and Resilience to address Urban Vulnerability 2016
197 ISAAC Increasing Social Awarness and ACceptance of biogas and biomethane 2016
198 SoftPro Synergy-based Open-source Foundations and Technologies for Prosthetics and RehabilitatiOn 2016
199 HANK European advanced exoskeleton for rehabilitation of Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) and/or spinal cord injury's patients. 2016
200 QINTERNET Quantum communication networks 2016
201 BIOCURE Novel Biomaterial for Improved and Cost-efficient Wound Healing 2016
202 FourCmodelling Conflict, Competition, Cooperation and Complexity: Using Evolutionary Game Theory to model realistic populations 2016
203 EUROPIUM The origin of heavy elements: a nuclear physics and astrophysics challenge 2016
204 PEPTO1 Feasibility study of a novel treatment for cancer based on a recombinant peptide therapy 2016
205 S-PEEK Simple, immediate and economical access to company credit rating and financial information. 2016
206 microCardio Functional high-throughput analysis of the role of microRNAs in cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury 2016
207 FUNBIT Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Fungal – Bacterial Interplay 2016
208 SEQUNET Semiconductor-based quantum network 2016
209 ECOHERB Drivers and impacts of invertebrate herbivores across forest ecosystems globally. 2016
210 DRIVOME Multi-modal interrogation of instinctive behaviours and intrahypothalamic connectivity 2016
211 PULMO PULMO: Population dynamics, trophic interactions, and human exploitation of a novel nutraceutical and pharmaceutical marine resource: the Mediterranean sea lung jellyfish, Rhizostoma pulmo . 2016
212 Fluid Foil A groundbreaking no contact, roll to roll, modular transportation and fluid delivery technology that enables faster and more uniform chemical reaction of any feature size without risk of damage. 2016
213 SEQOO Single-Emitter Quantum Optics and Optomechanics 2016
214 INTERTRAP Integrated absolute dating approach for terrestrial records of past climate using trapped charge methods 2016
215 NANOthermMA Advanced Simulation Design of Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials with Enhanced Power Factors 2016
216 Autocat Autocatalysis: A bottom-up approach to understanding the origins of life 2016
217 SolarALMA ALMA – The key to the Sun’s coronal heating problem. 2016
218 TRACES Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts: From Intervention to Co-Production 2016
219 MOIPB Multi-modal optical imaging platform for Biology 2017
220 ConAQuMe Quantum Control for Advanced Quantum Metrology 2016
221 ThermalDFT Density-Functional Theory for Thermoelectric Phenomena 2016
222 ECO.G.U.S. ECOsystem services for resilient and sustainable cities: an ecohydrological approach for Green Urban Spaces 2016
223 By-BM By-products for Building Materials 2016
224 THE VERBAL APE The primate precursors of human consonants and vowels 2017
225 FLATOPS Flat bands and topology in superconductive materials 2016
226 MICROARCHAEODUNG Human-animal interactions in early sedentary and urban societies in the Near East and northern Africa: microarchaeology of livestock dung 2016
227 QLO-QG Quasi-local observables in quantum gravity 2016
228 TNS Developing the Next Generation Framework for Testing Nonlinear Dynamic Structures. 2016
229 EBAR Evidence Based Planning of Future Clinical Research 2016
230 ThreatValPun Perceptions of threat to personal values shape punishment judgments through social identity threat 2016
231 FLAMENCO FLAgellated MicroswimmErs’ locomotioN in Confined flOws 2016
232 Glycoli Design of glycan epitope toolbox: a novel pathway for protein N-glycosylation in the E. coli cytosol 2016
233 BosQuanTran Quantum simulation of transport properties in arbitrary shaped potential landscapes with ultracold bosonic atoms 2016
234 GLOBALTOX Toxicity of anthropogenic multi-stressed soils under a global warming perspective 2017
235 PyroMOF2cat Metal Organic Framework mediated synthesis for novel catalysts in the Fischer Tropsch synthesis. 2016
236 CaLiAT A novel pathway for generation of building blocks for antibiotic biosynthesis 2016
237 PepPtNPAntiCan Peptide Coated Platinum Nanoparticles as Antitumor Agents 2016
238 FORGENET A novel approach for detecting polygenic adaptation applied to FORest tree candidate GEne NETworks 2017
239 cOMPoSe Optical Metamaterials by Polymer Self-assembly 2016
240 Coupled Constitutive and numerical modelling of saturated and unsaturated soils 2017
241 European early warning system for systemic risk. 2016
242 DIVERGE Diverging Destinies: Introducing the Role of Social Environment and Genetic Sensitivity in the Effects of Family Instability 2016
243 LAWINE Links between warming Arctic and climate extremes in northern Eurasia 2017
244 JHSIGNAL Modulation of juvenile hormone signaling by receptor phosphorylation 2017
246 EggPlant A feasibility study, to investigate and verify the commercial and industrial viability of a wastewater processing solution to generate bioplastics from agri-food and municipal wastewater sources. 2016
247 OptiGRID Smart-grid optimisation using rate of change of frequency (RoCoF) to rapidly balance power grid network frequency - enabling more widespread use of unpredictable renewables and minimising blackouts 2016
248 QUANTUM LOOP Quantum Light Spectroscopy of Polariton Lasers 2016
249 BoostR Engineering disease resistance gene networks: synthetic helpers for expanded sensors 2016
250 GeneREFORM Genetically Encoded Multicolor Reporter Systems For Multiplexed MRI 2016
251 BRISC Bounded Rationality in Sensorimotor Coordination 2016
252 BRISC Bounded Rationality in Sensorimotor Coordination 2016
253 BRISC Bounded Rationality in Sensorimotor Coordination 2016
254 QOM3D Quantum Optomechanics in 3D 2016
255 iSCAPE Improving the Smart Control of Air Pollution in Europe 2016
256 iTRACK Integrated system for real-time TRACKing and collective intelligence in civilian humanitarian missions 2016
257 ATENA Advanced Tools to assEss and mitigate the criticality of ICT compoNents and their dependencies over Critical InfrAstructures 2016
258 CORA Copper Acquisition 2016
259 AGERISK Neurocomputational mechanisms underlying age-related performance changes in goal-directed decisions from experience 2016
260 Quartzene Quartzene - Market uptake of the world's first low cost aerogel-type nano-material 2016
261 STEFY Sensor Technology for Food analYsis 2016
262 NoAW Innovative approaches to turn agricultural waste into ecological and economic assets 2016
263 BeLEADFREE High Strength Bearing for Large-Bore LEAD FREE Engines 2016
264 neuroXscales Microtechnology and integrated microsystems to investigate neuronal networks across scales 2016
265 pArg_deg_signal No stress with pArg: Mechanisms of a distinct phospho-mark to coordinate stress response and protein quality control 2016
266 Toxoplasma sensing Cytoplasmic sensing of Toxoplasma gondii infection and host cell programmed necrosis 2016
267 PANDORA Platelets: at the nexus of brain aneurysm 2016
268 MERC Molecular mechanisms regulating cardiovascular remodeling by Adamts1 2016
269 TOXIC-RISK Systematic investigation of the spatiotemporal variability of TOXIC hydrogen sulphide events and their potential RISKs for the Namibian fishing and aquaculture industry 2016
270 Goal Attribution in Groups Perceiving the intentions of the weakest link: How attributed individual and collective goals impact reactions to low performers in groups 2016
271 LSD-CortLVPC Applying voltage-imaging techniques to visualise the effect of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) on cortical layer V pyramidal cells and its adaptation during tolerance development 2016
272 MACROTRADE Research on Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Trade 2016
273 SOFTCHARGE Charge Carrier Transport in Soft Matter: From Fundamentals to High-Performance Materials 2016
274 MOTO the embodied reMOte Tower 2016
275 LAPARTS LArge Passenger Aircraft Reliable Touch Screen. 2016
276 ANSWER Adaptive Nozzle valve system for Solar Water powered desalination 2016
277 Born-Immune Shaping of the Human Immune System by Primal Environmental Exposures In the Newborn Child 2016
278 ResolutioNet Resolving the Tussle in the Internet: Mapping, Architecture, and Policy Making 2017
279 GravBHs A New Strategy for Gravity and Black Holes 2016
280 ConnectProtect A total cyber protection service to Small Businesses operating critical infrastructure and Residential customers 2016
281 JEM Phase 1 JEM: The world safest subcutaneous, enclosed, biocompatible implantable device, attached directly to a AV fistula or graft or vein, for chronic disease patients in need of repetitive vascular access 2016
282 PRIZM2016 Soft launch for the first thinbking music player 2016
283 TagIt A Minimal-Tag Bioorthogonal Labelling Approach to Protein Uptake, Traffic and Delivery 2016
284 EDWEL Empirical Demand and Welfare Analysis 2016
285 ULT-MAS-DNP Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at ultra-fast sample spinning and ultra-low temperature 2016
286 GEMH Video games for the prevention of depression and anxiety: A 21st century approach to emotional and mental health in adolescents 2016
287 ARCHES Accessible Resources for Cultural Heritage EcoSystems 2016
289 MemoryDynamics Writing and editing of memories from acquisition to long-term consolidation 2016
290 FOODHABITS Empirical evidence on the formation of habits, self-control and non-separabilities in food choices 2016
291 RespeCT Respiratory Disease Screening with Dark-Field Computed Tomography 2016
292 3DPLASTICITY Plasticity of dendritic computations during active network states 2017
293 GBM-CPP Developing an anti-Myc cell-penetrating peptide for cancer treatment 2016
294 EVERLASTING Electric Vehicle Enhanced Range, Lifetime And Safety Through INGenious battery management 2016
295 MILQAS Milk quality antibiotics sensor 2016
296 FAST-BM FAST-BM: FibroSelect: delivering A Step-change in Biotherapeutic Manufacturing 2016
297 DEBS Dall Energy Biomass System 2016
298 ABC-S Acoustic Blood Cells Sorter 2016
299 SIAN Sense, Inform, Act, Notify - Commercialisation of the world's smallest, easiest to use, most reliable, longest lasting, Semiconductor based Wireless Sensors 2016
300 Paybon Paybon - disrupting the massive global meal voucher market with a smartphone delivery system 2016
301 ASSIMILES Advanced Spectroscopy and Spectrometry for Imaging Metabolism using Isotopically-Labeled Endogenous Substrates 2016
302 STRESNET Stress Resilience and Network-Feedback Training 2016
303 THERMCP Construction of microcompartments in thermophilic Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius as nano-bioreactors for advanced biofuels production at high temperature 2016
304 Neobetacell Neogenesis of new functional Beta Cells through Modulation of Neurogenin-3 Expression to provide Regenerative Therapy for Diabetes Patients 2016
305 LYSOSOMICS Functional Genomics of the Lysosome 2016
306 TGDNL Mechanisms of cellular fatty acid homeostasis 2017
307 Pectin The microbial degradation and utilization of complex pectins by Bacteroides in the human intestine 2016
308 IQCE Improving Quality of Care in Europe 2017
309 CONSEED CONSumer Energy Efficiency Decision Making 2016
310 1toStopVax RNA virus attenuation by altering mutational robustness 2016
311 1toStopVax RNA virus attenuation by altering mutational robustness 2016
312 TAVAC Technologies for Active Vibration and Acoustic Comfort 2016
313 eHealth Hub eHealth Hub, The European Hub for eHealth Business Support 2016
314 MacAGE Macrophage aging and rejuvenation 2017
315 NOMBIS Nano-OptoMechanical Systems for Biological Sensors 2016
316 EMODI Epithelial resistance modulation to treat disease 2016
317 MAGIC Metal Assisted chemical etching of Gratings for X-ray InterferometriC systems 2016
318 NanoMEMC2 NanoMaterials Enhanced Membranes for Carbon Capture 2016
319 MicroContact Microcontact. Language variation and change from the Italian heritage perspective. 2017
320 QUATERMAIN Quaternary Amino Acids on Scale for Medicine and Agroscience 2016
321 CONSTAMIS Connecting Statistical Mechanics and Conformal Field Theory: an Ising Model Perspective 2017
322 XF-ACTORS Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy 2016
323 MarTERA Maritime and Marine Technologies for a New ERA 2016
324 MAStErS Making Sense of Education and Skills in a World of Super-Mobility 2016
325 MINOTOR MagnetIc NOzzle thruster with elecTron cyclOtron Resonance 2017
326 MUTR Multipurpose test rig for transmissions gearboxes. 2016
327 TiMaScan Recirculated tissue macrophages (TiMa) in blood: Novel approach to early diagnosis and treatment monitoring in oncology 2016
328 IACG-QFIIs Institutional Activism in Corporate Governance: Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors in China 2016
329 BITCAT Blocking Inhibition of T-cell Co-stimulation for Anti-tumour Therapy 2017
330 e-Sides Ethical and Societal Implications of Data Sciences 2017
331 Co4Robots Achieving Complex Collaborative Missions via Decentralized Control and Coordination of Interacting Robots 2017
332 PJ15 COSER Common Services 2016
333 SONNET Self-OrganizatioN towards reduced cost and eNergy per bit for future Emerging radio Technologies 2017
334 MULTIFUNSOME Anti-EGFR Monoclonal Antibody Conjugated Thermoresponsive Liposome for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Thermo-Chemotherapy 2017
335 PHENOSPACE Quantifying behavioural phenotype space: chemistry-to-gene screens and combination therapies 2016
336 INFO-LEG Understanding information for legal protection of people against information-induced harms 2017
337 ZIKAction ZIKAction: Preparedness, research and action network on maternal-paediatric axis of ZIKV infection in Latin America and the Caribbean 2016
338 GUTPEPTIDES Novel therapeutic approaches to improve gastrointestinal wound healing 2017
339 SOLARIS Large-Scale Learning with Deep Kernel Machines 2017
340 OPREP Operator Based Representations for Geometry Processing 2017
341 BEAM-EDM Unique Method for a Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Search using a Pulsed Beam 2017
342 SOCIALBOND Social integration and boundary making in adolescence 2017
344 CONIN Effects of confinement on inhomogeneous systems 2017
345 D-SPA Diamond-based nanomaterials and nanostructures for advanced electronic and photonic applications 2017
346 SAT Phase 1 A study to assess the feasibility of commercialising a new antenna system, currently at TRL7, for the Global mobile user market. 2016
347 NOTID Novel treatment of inflammatory diseases 2016
348 COSMOS Control and measurement of single macromolecules in space and time 2018
349 Market Design Market Design: Theory and Applications in Development 2016
350 Laser-Bioprint Laser-Based Bioprinter 2016
351 OPTICON Optical Infrared Coordination Network for Astronomy 2017
352 AddMan Innovative Re-Design and Validation of Complex Airframe Structural Components Formed by Additive Manufacturing for Weight and Cost Reduction 2017
353 HyperMu Hyperfine splittings in muonic atoms and laser technology 2017
354 NESPINT NEutron Spectrometry to Prevent Illicit Nuclear Trafficking 2017
355 Safe2LPG Device for safety and security in liquid petroleum gas systems 2017
356 NanoToX Does climate change enhance the nanoparticle toxicity of freshwater biofilms? 2017
357 INISH MINI-BAR Inish Mini for On-Site Rapid Detection of Bacteria in Beer Directly from the Tap 2017
358 TechPolChange Technology and Political Change: Nuclear Power in the Post-Soviet Union 2017
359 PDClungSME1 A therapeutic vaccine candidate for lung cancer based on an exclusive cell line of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells (PDC*line) 2016
360 HYDRUS high-pressure HYdrogen booster for DistRibUted small-medium refuelling Stations 2017
361 SEALTEX Oleophobic Elastomeric Gaskets made through Known Biomimetic Micro-Nano Surface Textures used for Automotive Seals in Contact with Oil or Fuels 2017
362 ENERGIZE Efficient Energy Management for Greener Aviation 2017
363 COLGENES Defining novel mechanisms critical for colorectal tumourigenesis 2017
364 FEMTOTERABYTE Spinoptical nanoantenna-assisted magnetic storage at few nanometers on femtosecond timescale 2017
365 PRECISE Pulsed eddy current inspection system for pipeline health monitoring 2017
366 BINGO Bio-INspired GOld metamaterials 2017
367 COEXIST Confined, Optically Enhanced, X-ray Imaging Source for Tomography 2017
368 JUSTAM Justice, Morality, and the State in Amazonia 2017
369 SMEntorEGE SMEntorEGE 2017
370 ChiPyrNMR Better tools for combating insect borne diseases by understanding influences on the fate of common pesticides in paint formulations 2017
371 Plat-IL-1 Pathophysiology of platelet-derived Interleukin 1 2017
372 ROSALIND Investigating fibROmuscular dysplasia and spontaneous coronary Artery dissection using genetic and functionaL genomics to decipher the origIN of two female specific cardiovascular Diseases 2017
373 InnoSME-LV-2017-2018 Raising Innovation Capacity for Innovative Companies from Latvia (2017-2018) 2017
374 RepliStressTiming Impact of replicative stress on DNA replication timing control 2017
375 POSEIDoN Atlantidae: Predators at the Ocean SurfacE as InDicators of chaNge. 2017
376 ACRoNNIM Aerosol and Climate Response to NH3 in the NMMB/BSC Inter-Scale Model 2017
377 XeMoon Sources and sinks for excess Xe and Ar on the Moon 2018
378 SuperSpinHyMol Modelling superconductivity and spin-related effects in hybrid molecular/two-dimensional materials 2017
379 ECOSEA Effects of contaminants on seabirds: an energetics approach 2017
380 ROMA Resource AuctiOning Engine for the Mobile Digital MArket 2017
381 Global India Explaining Global India: a multi-sectoral PhD training programme analysing the emergence of India as a global actor 2017
382 FINKAMIE2018 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2017-2018 2017
383 EPILIPIN Deciphering the role of oxylipins in the epigenetic mechanisms controlling plant immunization. 2018
384 TAML-ArM Development of an artificial alkane monooxygenase: A leap in bioinspired oxidation catalysis 2017
385 VAIM Stereoregular Inorganic Polymer Analogues of Polyolefins 2017
386 SIMOF Single-Molecule Spintronics: a Coordination Chemistry Approach to Quantum Computing 2017
387 WHITELIGHT White Light Emitting Lanthanide Metal Complexes for Electroluminescent Materials 2018
388 Apricale The impact of literary translation funding on the transnational mobility of minor European literatures. 2017
389 HIPPOCRATE Hybrid Imaging of PET and PrOmpt gamma for preCision RAnge- and biological- guidance in proton ThErapy 2017
390 MoveAGAIN Movement restoration with Adaptive EEG And Immersive Neurofeedback 2018
391 MICROS Probing local ROS distributions in Calcium signaling microdomains after myocardial infarction 2017
392 WallWatchers Plant cell wall communication and remodelling: the wall watchers. 2017
393 SOFT-PHOTOCONVERSION Solar Energy Conversion without Solid State Architectures: Pushing the Boundaries of Photoconversion Efficiencies at Self-healing Photosensitiser Functionalised Soft Interfaces 2017
394 StrongCoPhy4Energy Strongly Correlated Physics and Materials for Energy Technology 2017
395 MYRiCE The church of the Holy Apostles at Constantinople: the MYth and its Reception across the CEnturies 2017
396 Co-tRiP Dolphinfish living in a warming ocean: How global climate change is reshaping the distribution, physiology and behaviour of marine migratory species and their associated fisheries. 2018
397 M-TRAIT Modelling Tree Response to Aridity Increase with Traits 2018
398 BEING Behavioural Economics in Network Games 2017
399 D BIOME Deep Biosignatures on Mars and Earth 2017
400 INSPirAUTOR Understanding how Inositol Polyphosphates regulate autophagy and lipid body formation in photosynthetic organisms: crosstalk with TOR signaling. 2018
401 UCHIRAL Ultrafast opto-electronic twists: Controlling the chirality of electrons and extreme-UV photons by ultrafast laser pulses (UCHIRAL). 2017
402 FILODIAG Ultra-Fast Molecular Filovirus Diagnostics - Sofia ref.: 115844 2015
403 ACCLIM Acclimatization scenarios and early warning system of temperature-related mortality in Europe 2017
404 TENGEAD Tribo-Electric-Nanogenerator for Energy Autonomous Devices 2017
405 EXPOZOL Exposure of aquatic ecosystems to antifungal azoles : assessment of occurence and fate in sediment, water and aquatic organisms 2017
406 GaSLS The Role of Global and Sectoral Factors in Labour Share Fluctuations 2017
407 CINK Advancing cancer immunotherapy using natural killer cells for hematological and metastatic cancers 2018
408 VASCFORM Deformable vascular registration for co-mapping altered hemodynamics with vascular responses,and for introducing a new measure for aneurysm rupture risk assessment: the local surfacegrowth 2018
409 EaRL Expert Rule? Judges, Lawyers, and the Practices of Interpretation in International Criminal Law 2018
410 MUC The microbial degradation and utilization of mucin by Bacteroides in ulcerative colitis 2017
411 SAVE Shear Stress Induced Arterial and Venous Specification through Piezo1 2018
412 INTER Innovative Neutron source for non destructive TEsting and tReatments 2017
413 NavigationCircuits Neural circuits for route planning in goal-directed spatial navigation 2017
414 SMITE Social Mobility and Inequality across Italy and Europe: 1300-1800 2017
415 CAD WALK CAD WALK: Enabling Computer Aided Diagnosis of Foot Pathologies through the use of Metric Learning 2017
416 NATRICINE Phenotypic and lineage diversification of natricine snakes 2017
417 MEMENTO MEMory processing in the human ENTOrhinal cortex 2017
418 protonCBCT Proton CT reconstruction with a Cone Beam CT prior 2017
419 SAFER-LC SAFER Level Crossing by integrating and optimizing road-rail infrastructure management and design 2017
420 TheONE The Janus-face of the localized carrier in cuprates: Generating the pseudogap and high temperature superconductivity 2017
421 FIRE-IN FIRE-IN - Fire and Rescue Innovation Network 2017
422 IoMUT The Internet of Musical Things - An ecosystem of interoperable devices connecting performers and audiences 2017
423 CTCapture_2.0 Advanced platform for profiling of therapeutic targets and functional analysis of circulating tumour cells in cancer patients 2017
424 NanoMOFdeli Design of NanoMOFs Capsules for Drug Delivery and Bioimaging. 2017
425 MELIITA 2 Maltese-European Linkages for Internationalisation, Innovation and Technology Transfer 2 [Innovation services] 2017
426 3DviralRNA Structural and functional characterization of large viral and human non-coding RNA motifs involved in HIV infection 2018
427 TreasureDrop Directed Evolution of Enzyme for Applied Biocatalysis at Ultrahigh Throughput in Picoliter Droplets 2017
428 DEEP-EST DEEP - Extreme Scale Technologies 2017
430 EUROLITHIC The Linguistic Roots of Europe's Agricultural Transition 2017
431 N-Supp_INNO-17 Innovation Enhacement Management service and Key Account Management within EEN Niedersachsen 2017-2018 2017
432 Innosupport Innovation Management Support for SMEs 2017
433 IMCESA2017-18 Innovation Management Capacity Enhancement of SMEs in Saxony-Anhalt for the period 2017-2018 2017
434 M and M Generalization in Mind and Machine 2017
435 EEN SACHSEN Specific activities in the context of innovation support (HORIZON 2020) in the Free State Saxony 2017
437 QUCLN Quantum control of levitated nanoparticles 2017
438 ELECTROCAT Novel water splitting catalysts for efficient alkaline electrolyzers 2017
439 RAVEN Real Time Access To Virtual Earth Observation Network 2017
440 DELTA-FLU Dynamics of avian influenza in a changing world 2017
441 ARENA Aligned Roll-to-Roll Shear Coating of Nanotubes 2017
442 EEN-Innovate PT EEN-Innovate PT 2017
443 MetaboMARKER A metabolism-based prognostic biomarker for prostate cancer 2017
444 BreathSpec A rapid, non-invasive, cost-effective, analytical device for bacterial or viral infection diagnosis through ultra-high sensitivity breath analysis. 2017
445 INNOFIXX Development of a high quality stainless steel dowel for easy renovation and construction in façades, thermal insulation and solar panels sub-sectors 2017
446 MEDIVAC Machine learning software to design personalized neoantigen vaccines tailored to specific vaccine delivery systems 2017
447 EMODHEBREW The emergence of Modern Hebrew as a case-study of linguistic discontinuity 2017
448 GENIORS GEN IV Integrated Oxide fuels recycling strategies 2017
449 TeaM Cables European Tools and Methodologies for an efficient ageing management of nuclear power plant Cables 2017
450 ENERGY ETHICS The Ethics of Oil: Finance Moralities and Environmental Politics in the Global Oil Economy 2017
451 EU-JUSTICE Building EU civil justice: challenges of procedural innovations bridging access to justice 2017
452 EEN Scotland EIMC EEN Scotland EIMC 2017
453 ADSNeSP Active and Driven Systems: Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics 2017
454 EXOCONDENSE Climate Dynamics of Exoplanets with Condensible Atmospheres 2017
455 COS-OCS Carbonyl Sulphide: new ways of Observing the Climate System 2017
456 USE User behavior Simulation in built Environments 2017
457 Umem4QC Ultrafast charge density wave memory for quantum computing 2017
458 MECHADIAN Mechanobiology of the cellular circadian clock 2018
459 OR-HMC Assay for cancer diagnostics by quantification of 5hmC 2017
460 PlasmaCellControl Transcriptional control of plasma cell development and function 2018
461 SAGRIS Sentinels-based Agriculture Information Service Component 2017
462 ShipShape Bottom-up Energy Efficient Emulsification and Structured Materials 2017
463 TOLERANCE FOOTPRINT Clonal Deletion versus Clonal Diversion: Footprints of Self-Tolerance in the T CellRepertoire 2017
464 ElectroBee Mechanisms of electroreception in bees and other terrestrial animals 2017
465 DiPaC_MC Direct Pathway Cloning of Neglected Bacteria in the Hunt for Novel (Bio-)Chemistry 2017
466 ACOSA Breaking the Ice: INGOs as Arctic Council Observer Status Applicants 2018
467 EPPN European Network for Pilot Production Facilities and Innovation Hubs 2017
468 ECCO Energy Efficient Coil Coating Process 2017
469 DocksTheFuture Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the clustering, monitoring and evaluation of results of actions under the Ports of the Future topic 2018
470 ECO-RIVEST An innovative ECO inteRnal coverIng for metal and plastic conVEntionalS conTainers 2017
471 TIN-ACT Research School for TINnitus Assessment, Causes and Treatments 2017
472 EmpoweredLifeYears The Demography of Sustainable Human Wellbeing 2017
473 FLASH Far-infrared Lasers Assembled using Silicon Heterostructures 2017
474 MACULA2 Commercialising a novel diagnostic panel for patient stratification in Age-related MACULAr Degeneration 2017
475 MAESTRO MAking pErovskiteS TRuly explOitable 2017
476 METEOR Recruiting electronic researcher to develop a predictive sensor to prevent frost on sensitive equipment 2017
477 MP-ORIF Innovative biocompatible game changing material for medical implants in trauma 2017
478 NanoStencil Nanoscale self-assembled epitaxial nucleation controlled by interference lithography 2017
479 PASTRES Pastoralism, Uncertainty and Resilience: Global Lessons from the Margins 2017
480 PhD4GlycoDrug Multidisciplinary European Joint Doctorate in the Design and Development of Glyco Drugs 2017
481 POWERSTORE MikroMasch Powerstore for renewables microgeneration: scaling up the next generation battery technology for residential and commercial energy storage systems 2017
482 STIMULATE Simulation in multiscale physical and biological systems 2018
483 MONSON Ultrathin Mixed Matrix Membranes (MMMs) Derived from Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Nanosheets for Organic Solvent Nanofiltration (OSN) 2017
484 EVICARE Extracellular Vesicle-Inspired CArdiac Repair 2017
485 MOLEMAT Molecularly Engineered Materials and process for Perovskite solar cell technology 2017
486 BEFINE mechanical BEhavior of Fluid-INduced Earthquakes 2018
487 LEDA The challenging quest for low-mass dark structures 2018
488 ALGOCom Novel Algorithmic Techniques through the Lens of Combinatorics 2018
489 S4CE Science for Clean Energy 2017
490 EURITO EU Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, Trusted, and Open Research Innovation Indicators 2018
491 DarkGRA Unveiling the dark universe with gravitational waves: Black holes and compact stars as laboratories for fundamental physics 2017
492 MalPar.NET Malaria Parasite Networking: Discovering Modes of Cell-Cell Communication 2017
493 COLD Climate Sensitivity of Glacial Landscape Dynamics 2018
494 AV-SMP Algorithmic Verification of String Manipulating Programs 2017
495 FAITh Fighting Anxiety with Importin-based Therapeutics 2017
496 NanoC4 Autonomous Nanosatellite-Clusters Control, Coordination and Communication Software 2017
497 AMBROSIA Aquaporin-Inside™ Membranes for Brackish water Reverse Osmosis Application 2017
498 REVERSEAUTISM Probing the Reversibility of Autism Spectrum Disorders by Employing in vivo and in vitro Models 2017
499 AstroNeuroCrosstalk Astrocyte-Neuronal Crosstalk in Obesity and Diabetes 2018
500 GOEASY GalileO-based trustEd Applications for health and SustainabilitY 2017
501 TRAUMA_CONTEXT Looking at it from a different angle: The role of viewpoint-dependency in traumatic intrusions. 2018
502 UPRECON Ultrafast photonics for the detection and recognition of toxic spine-structures of amyloid aggregates linked to neurodegenerative disease 2018
503 NANOCARGO Photo/magnetic stimulated nanocargos for superior cancer treatments 2018
504 MyPeBS International Randomized Study Comparing personalized, Risk-Stratified to Standard Breast Cancer Screening In Women Aged 40-70 2018
505 NoTape Measuring with no tape 2017
506 FODEX Tropical Forest Degradation Experiment 2018
507 CHIPS Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Acrylamide on Health: Prospective Biomarker-Based Studies 2018
508 GEODESI Theoretical and observational consequences of the Geometrical Destabilization of Inflation 2018
509 NoMADS Nonlocal Methods for Arbitrary Data Sources 2018
510 EMERTOX Emergent Marine Toxins in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean: New Approaches to Assess their Occurrence and Future Scenarios in the Framework of Global Environmental Changes. 2018
511 Wat-Qual Water Quality in Drinking Water Distribution Systems. 2018
512 WISH WISH – Wearable Integrated System for Early Detection of Preterm Labour 2017
513 PRODEMOS Prevention of Dementia using Mobile phone Applications 2018
514 PRETZEL Novel modular stack design for high pressure PEM water electrolyzer technology with wide operation range and reduced cost 2018
515 BUCKLING BRIDGES Smart wavy patterned implants with instructive properties for tissue regeneration by controlling the degree of fibers buckling. 2018
516 EMPHASIS EMPowering Heterogeneous Aviation through cellular SIgnalS 2018
517 Andromeda Predictive Maintenance for railway switches. Smart sensor networks on a machine learninganalytics platform 2017
518 Genomcore Identity Genomcore Identity: databank proxy for DNA fingerprinting from whole exome/genome for biometric identifica-tion 2018
519 ZAP ZAPINAMO – Affordable, future-proof rapid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles from stored[clean and economical] energy 2017
520 Sana Sleep on Command: a breakthrough technology for sleep, pain relief, enhanced performance and regenerative health. 2017
521 EcoFeel An all-in-one monitoring device for measuring the energy consumption of household appliances and providing real-time feedback to reduce environmental impact. 2017
522 NovAnI Indentification and optimisation of novel anti-infective agents using multiple hit-identification strategies 2018
523 MAIDEN Masses, isomers and decay studies for elemental nucleosynthesis 2018
524 SULFOSOL Sulfur-based solutions for the selective functionalization of organic substrates 2018
525 LENSNOVA Cosmic Fireworks Première: Unravelling Enigmas of Type Ia Supernova Progenitor and Cosmology through Strong Lensing 2018
526 EeDaPP Energy efficiency Data Protocol and Portal 2018
527 ANTICSS ANTICSS - ANTI-Circumvention of Standards for better market Surveillance 2018
528 ClearRing An innovative, minimally invasive medical device used for treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia symptoms. 2018
529 FREEDD A real-time answer to environmental heavy metal contamination 2018
530 NCN Nite Carbon Nanoclusters, a natural antioxidant for the food industry made from agricultural waste 2018
532 Kjuicer Knowledge Juicer: Readers get Superpowers 2018
533 CLAUSTRUM The Claustrum: A Circuit Hub for Attention 2018
534 QUEM-CHEM Time- and space- resolved ultrafast dynamics in molecular-plasmonic hybrid systems 2018
535 inhibitAUTO Towards a New Frontier in Autophagy Inhibition: The Development of a Novel Class of ChemicalProbes and Identification of Their Associated Biological Target 2018
536 SmallDrugRheuma Discovery of Immune Therapeutic Targets and Immunomodulators for the Development of Novel Therapies in Rheumatoid Arthritis. 2018
537 ZIDOMS Using Zebrafish as a novel tool to Improve the Diagnosis and Outcome of Marfan Syndrome 2018
538 Selfish discourse Underspecification in spoken and written discourse: interpretation, compensation and cognitive implications 2019
539 REMIX Effects of rewiring microexons (REMIX) on tissue-specific signaling networks 2018
540 SoRoHuMI Soft Robotic Human-Machine Interfaces for Rehabilitation 2019
541 xFATE The Fate of Excitation Energy in Photoinhibited Chloroplasts 2018
542 BLINK Blingual Literacy and Input Knowledge Outcomes: Tracing Heritage Language Bilingual Development 2018
543 Safer ACC ACC – An efficient harmless Plant Growth Regulator for fruit/vegetables RIPENING 2018
544 CABUM An investigation of the mechanisms at the interaction between cavitation bubbles and contaminants 2018
545 ComBIOsites Reversibly photocrosslinked BIO-based composites with barrier properties from industrial by-products 2018
546 COSMIC-LITMUS Turning cosmic shear into a litmus test for the standard model of cosmology 2018
547 CRISPR-GQ Identifying the Capabilities and Limitations of CRISPR in Targeting G-quadruplex Forming Sequences: From Target Recognition to Gene Expression Regulation 2018
549 DualDur DualDur: A Disruptive Diagnostic Technology that Enables for the First Time an Early and Accurate Diagnosis of the tick-borne Lyme Disease. 2018
550 DUST.ES Addressing key uncertainties in mineral DUST EmiSsion modelling to better constrain the global dust cycle 2018
551 EmorphProject Reconstructing habitat type and mobility patterns of Rangifer tarandus during the Late Pleistocene in Southwestern France: an ecomorphological study. 2018
552 SynBioBrain Building biological computers from bacterial populations 2018
553 Amitochondriates Life without mitochondrion 2018
554 NEW_ABC New issues in the Analysis of Business Cycles 2018
555 SuPerCom Sustainable Performance for High-Performance Embedded Computing Systems 2018
556 GlacialLegacy Glacial Legacy on the establishment of evergreen vs. summergreen boreal forests 2018
557 ANTILEAK Development of antagonists of vascular leakage 2018
559 VERA VERA: Extracellular VEsicles, miRNAs and particulate Air pollution: developing a new tool to identify subjects with high exposure-associated cardiovascular risk 2018
560 AMBH Ancient Music Beyond Hellenisation 2018
561 GENESIS Generic semiclassical transport simulator for new generation thermoelectric materials 2018
562 DYNAMIN Dynamic Control of Mineralisation 2018
563 EPICE Emergent Properties to Improve Climate projections over Europe 2018
564 Mtb CoaBC CoaBC from the Coenzyme A pathway of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as an antimicrobial drug target 2018
565 TREMOR TRemor as Eruption MOnitoR 2019
566 ORANG ORogenic cycle revised: Post-subduction tectonics at A contineNtal marGin 2019
567 WEAPON Warrior Elites: Assessing their Presence and Organisational identity in Neolithic Europe 2019
568 PixCell Photonics Cellulose Pigments 2018
569 UTILIUM Unraveling The Immune Landscape In Uveal Melanoma 2018
570 MachineCat Machine Learning for Catalytic Carbon Dioxide Activation 2018
571 FunGraW Fundamental physics in the era of gravitational-wave astronomy 2019
572 ADCLICH Climate change and evolution: effects on phenotypic plasticity and genetic pattern 2018
573 4D STENT 4D shape memory polymers via microstereolithography for production of thermally responsive stents 2018
574 PABLO Power Amplifier Design Through Behavioural Modelling 2019
575 ORTHOCAT Bioorthogonal Photocatalytic Activation of Metal-Based Prodrugs 2018
576 EUTERPE Estimation of the term premium in Euro Area government bonds 2018
577 TRANS-END Transgender and Intersex protection from gender-based violence: exploring new directions 2018
578 ErMIR Mid-infrared erbium cascade lasers for the remote detection of carbon dioxide 2018
579 PREMNEC PReterm Enteroids to determine the Mechanism of Necrotising EnteroColitis 2018
580 SinMolTermination Single-molecule visualisation of eukaryotic DNA replication termination to uncover novel mechanisms of replication stress 2019
581 MSP Magnetite surface properties in the various conditions of power plant water steam cycle 2018
582 Entero3D In situ 3D structures of viral replication complexes: cryo-electron tomography of enterovirus-infected cells 2019
583 MediterraneanGypsies Mediterranean Gypsies. A forgotten history beyond diaspora, nomadism, marginality in three Western Mediterranean areas of the Spanish Crown (Andalusia, Sicily, Sardinia, 16th- early 18th century) 2018
584 MITOPOMPE Targeting mitochondrial defects and oxidative stress in Pompe Disease: from pathogenesis to therapy 2019
585 iNtoPoreAge Assessing transcriptional and nuclear pore aging in age-equivalent and rejuvenated induced neurons from Alzheimer patients 2019
586 PBDM Payoff-Based Decision-Making 2018
587 TRuST TRanscriptomic analysis improving models to predict microbial SafeTy of ready-to-eat foods 2019
588 MDCRC Metabolic Dynamics in Colorectal Cancer 2018
589 GLIAMAC Uncovering Enteric GLIA-MACrophage communication in the intestinal homeostasis and inflammation 2018
590 GEMZ Genetic Epilepsy Models in Zebrafish 2019
591 CORLID Cortical markers of L-DOPA-induced dyskinesias 2019
592 M-Lysosomes Identification of a novel function of lysosomes in mitosis for cancer therapy 2019
593 LIAE Laughing in an Emergency: Humour, Cultural Resilience and Contemporary Art 2018
594 PATGOV The governance of the European patent system 2018
595 SafePack Assessing safety of food packaging through computational toxicology 2018
596 QuESt Quantum Enhanced Organic Photovoltaics by Strong Coupling of IR Vibrations to an Optical Cavity 2018
597 SKin SCiENCE Skin Keratinocyte Stem CEll proliferatioN in field CancErisation 2018
598 SECCON Security controversies: exploring the governance of knowledge, innovation and techno-scientific risks 2018
599 VEILA Identifying the source of unknown volcanic eruptions in Late Antiquity 2019
600 PERIL Post ERuption Incision of Landscapes (PERIL) 2019
601 ICU-CARE Delivering BEACON Caresystem – a ground-breaking ICT-enabled ICU bed-side assistant providing recommenda-tions for critical mechanical ventilation support for better care and reduced costs. 2018
602 Innovators2B Integrated approach to first time innovators – assisting SMEs in transition of their potential to actual innovation 2018
603 Green-linker Innovative eco-friendly crosslinker for leather and textile finishing 2018
604 EMERALD ElectroMagnetic imaging for a novel genERation of medicAL Devices 2018
605 FOCUS Fiber Optic Cable Use for Seafloor studies of earthquake hazard and deformation 2018
606 BiomeRiskFactors Discovering microbiome-based disease risk factors 2019
607 GemX Towards a ton-scale Ge-76 observatory for neutrinoless double beta decay 2018
608 ProMotion Probing Majorana quasi-particles and ballistic spin-momentum locking in topolocical insulatornanostructures 2018
609 MedPlant Harnessing the Molecules of Medicinal Plants 2018
610 CoHuBiCoL Counting as a Human Being in the Era of Computational Law 2019
611 IAXOplus Towards the detection of the axion with the International Axion Observatory 2018
612 EQFT Emergence from Quantum Frustration and Topology 2018
613 ACCUPOL Unlimited Growth? A Comparative Analysis of Causes and Consequences of Policy Accumulation 2018
614 QuantCom Ubiquitous Quantum Communications 2018
615 FirstGalaxies Finding the most distant galaxies with NIRSpec guaranteed time on the James Webb Space Telescope 2020
616 KID KiD: A low-cost KInematic Detector to assist early diagnosis and objective profiling of ASD 2018
617 CERVINO Can human embryo-released extracellular vesicles govern endometrial receptivity and inform on vanguard embryo diagnostics and fertility therapeutics? 2018
618 HOPE Host Protective Engineering of Cancer Immunity by Targeting the Intracellular Immune Checkpoint NR2F6 2018
619 ONE-MIX Mid-infrared optical dual-comb generation and spectroscopy with one unstabilized semiconductor laser 2019
620 COVOPRIM A Comparative Study of Voice Perception in Primates 2019
621 ComFyt ComFyt, the revolution in compression therapy. A novel Electro-Active Polymers technology applied to a smart stocking that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates the blood flow. 2018
623 GI-BCT Disruptive imaging technology for accurate and painless breast cancer diagnosis 2018
624 PUPILOSCOPE Pupiloscope, a Neuro-Critical Care Device, Enabling Quantitative, Real-Time, Pupillary Monitoring and Assessment of Patients with Neurotrauma and Head Injuries. 2018
625 Ligninpolymers Transformation of kraft lignin into a biodegradable biopolymer 2018
626 Clean City Improve urban cleanliness while optimising resources and environmental footprint 2018
627 BONE-JOINT-MORPH Mechanobiology of Proprioceptive Regulation of Bone and Joint Morphogenesis 2018
629 FuseX Novel device for simple and effective prevention of post-surgical adhesion build up. 2018
630 AORTA 2 Alginor's Ocean Refining Total utilisation Application 2018
631 Composite Gloves Protective Composite Gloves for Health Care 2018
632 CYTAMED A unique and universal antibacterial coating for prevention of hospital acquired infections associated with the use of medical devices 2018
633 PAMPAS Productionisation of Advanced Modular Passenger Autonomous Seating 2018
634 Rosalind Scale-up for Next Generation Enzymatic DNA Synthesis 2018
635 AbCURE_COPD Antibody mediated clearance of senescent cells for treatment of COPD 2018
636 IM2S Inspection Magnetique de Surface (Contacless magnetic inspection) 2018
637 eDCaseMAN Defendable legal cases through an affordable, easy, integrated and reliable case management software 2018
638 PANDA The Game Changer of Physiotherapy towards Arthrosis Prevention 2018
639 Milis Milis, a novel sweet protein for use as flavouring in the food and beverage industry 2018
640 DECENTER Decentralised technologies for orchestrated cloud-to-edge intelligence 2018
641 SYST-iMYC Development of an effective and safe systemic Myc inhibitor for the treatment of multiple cancer types. 2018
642 GLOWING Spatio-temporal measurement and plasma-based control of crossflow instabilities for drag reduction 2019
643 PECREGEN Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production from H2S in a Regenerative Scrubber 2019
644 ViewGas ViewGas – Patented gas vision system for a safe and fast detection of gas leaks 2018
645 UniEqTURB Universal Equilibrium and Beyond - Challenging the Richardson-Kolmogorov Paradigm 2019
646 SkinTrmDeep Tissue Resident Memory (Trm) CD8+ T cells: Genome-wide dissection of cellular differentiation and heterogeneity 2019
647 MicroQC Microwave driven ion trap quantum computing 2018
648 NMR-DisAgg The Dynamic Composition of the Protein Chaperone Network: Unraveling Human Protein Disaggregation via NMR Spectroscopy 2018
649 QDOOZ An innovative digital crowdsourced platform to foster soft skills development to boost Europe’s productivity and economic growth. 2018
650 BloodVariome Genetic variation exposes regulators of blood cell formation in vivo in humans 2018
651 ComAir Investigation of cabin ventilation strategies impact on aircraft cabin air quality and passengers’ comfort and wellbeing through subject study in realistic aircraft environment 2018
652 FlyGutHomeostasis Identification of paracrine and systemic signals controlling adult stem cell activity and organ homeostasis 2019
653 FLEX Flexible RTM tool with automated distortion correction 2018
655 FutureArctic A glimpse into the Arctic future: equipping a unique natural experiment for next-generation ecosystem research 2019
656 FAIRshare FAIRshare. Farm Advisory digital Innovation tools Realised and Shared 2018
657 REACT REsponsive theranostic nanosystems for Advanced Cancer Treatment 2019
658 SPA4AstroQIT Broadband Quantum-Limited Parametric Amplifier for Astronomy and Quantum Information Technology 2019
659 SAS Safer Autonomous Systems 2018
660 PhoG Sub-Poissonian Photon Gun by Coherent Diffusive Photonics 2018
661 iqClock Integrated Quantum Clock 2018
662 FLAMMINGGOS Functional Links in Avian, Microbial, Macrophyte, and INvertebrate Greenhouse Gas Output Stimulation 2018
663 RxmiRcanceR Tumor suppressive microRNAs for cancer therapy 2018
664 AxScale Axions and relatives across different mass scales 2018
665 FEASIBLe Finding how Earthquakes And Storms Impact the Building of Landscapes 2019
666 MultiCycle Advanced and sustainable recycling processes and value chains for plastic-based multi-materials 2018
667 SPARKs Static Analysis for the VErification of Spreadsheets 2019
668 QUICK Quick Disconnect System 2018
669 FIBROHALT Advancing a novel peptide-based therapeutic for pancreatic cancer 2018
670 BioFlex Second life of wood: technology to dissolve waste wood to get raw materials 2018
671 HERMES Hybrid Enhanced Regenerative Medicine Systems 2019
672 OSCAR Open ScienCe Aeronautic & Air Transport Research 2019
673 MARTE Medically Assisted Reproduction: The Effects on Children, Adults and Families 2019
674 TopSurgeons Understanding the influence of human and organizational factors on surgeon performance to enhance patient outcomes: experimental evaluation of a customized coaching program 2019
675 ANTI-ATOM Many-body theory of antimatter interactions with atoms, molecules and condensed matter 2019
676 T-REX Developing healthy crops for EU: T3SS-Recognition EXploration (T-REX) for plant immunity against bacteria 2019
678 AutoCAb Automated computational design of site-targeted repertoires of camelid antibodies 2019
679 POLYMMUNE Off-the-Shelf Polypeptide-based Immunotherapy for Advanced Melanoma Treatment 2019
680 PillSense Accelerating market introduction of the first real-time diagnistic and monitoring device for upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB) 2019
681 COBAFRA Combatting Banking Fraud with SiS-id: A unique solution for preventing corporate payments fraud using AI and blockchain 2019
682 LISA Lithium sulphur for SAfe road electrification 2019
683 DaPhNIs Role of the Maternal Gut Microbiota in Immune Activation at the Maternal-Foetal Interface: Impact on Preeclampsia and Offspring's Immune Development 2019
684 TRIFECTs Trions and sp3-Defects in Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes for Optoelectronics 2019
685 IMAGINE Non-Invasive Imaging of Nanoscale Electronic Transport 2019
686 PASS Program Analysis for Safe and Secure Software Evolution 2019
687 MIGHTY_RNA Repurposing small RNA from ciliates for genome editing: single-molecule study 2019
688 TREG TREG – innovative cell therapy targeting Diabetes Type 1 2018
689 CARe Career Advancement for Refugee Researchers in Europe 2019
690 Atlas Atlas 2019
691 EXTREME The Rise and Fall of Populism and Extremism 2019
692 VARME Varieties of Media Effects 2019
693 IMMCEPTION Nociception and sensory nerves as regulators of type 2 immunity and skin inflammation 2019
694 NU-SPINE Training innovative future leaders in research and development of materials and implants for the spine 2019
695 LEON Compact THz lasers based on graphene quantum dots 2019
696 SafeWaterpark Ensuring the safest conditions in waterparks, public pools and hotel pools and facilitating crowd-based prevention across the world 2019
698 SCrIPT Stable Chromium Isotopes as a Productivity Tracer 2019
699 N-Supp_INNO-19 Services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME's and Key Account Management in Niedersachsen 2019
700 ReSpire Respirable Advanced Therapeutics for Cystic Fibrosis & other Lung Diseases 2019
701 MIX2FIX Hybrid, organic-inorganic chalcogenide optoelectronics 2019
702 FINKAMIE2019 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2019 2019
703 SMEntorEGE SMEntorEGE 2019
704 ImmunoBioSynth Synergistic engineering of anti-tumor immunity by synthetic biomaterials 2019
705 DEChriM Deconstructing Early Christian Metanarratives: Fourth-Century Egyptian Christianity in the Light of Material Evidence 2019
706 ImmunoStem Dissecting and Overcoming Innate Immune Barriers for Therapeutically Efficient Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene Engineering 2019
707 FIAT The Foundations of Institutional AuThority: a multi-dimensional model of the separation of powers 2020
708 EEN SACHSEN Specific activities in the context of innovation support (HORIZON 2020) in the Free State Saxony 2019 2019
709 IMCESA2019 Innovation Management Capacity Enhancement of SMEs in Saxony-Anhalt for the period2019 2019
710 HEAT High Efficiency heAt pipes using hierarchical nano Tubes 2019
711 SettleMint The distributed Blockchain middleware that allows business worldwide to build business solutions with Blockchain technology 2019
712 MyKite Fly with Big Data 2019
713 IPC Intelligent Pest Control – a first-line defence system against rats’ infestation 2019
715 InnoSME-LV-2019 Raising Innovation Capacity for Innovative Companies from Latvia (2019) 2019
716 INNMADRIMASD 4 Innovation services for enhancement innovation SMEs capacities in Madrid region in 2019 2019
717 ECMO-BIOMARKER Delivering ECMO-BIOMARKER – a ground-breaking ICT-enabled ECMO Biomarker system providing clinicians with bedside decision support for better care and reduced costs of severe ICU patients 2019
718 VITAL Vaccines and Infectious Diseases in the Ageing PopuLation 2019
719 BIONICbacteria Integrating a novel layer of synthetic biology tools in Pseudomonas, inspired by bacterial viruses 2019
720 Cosmoglobe Cosmoglobe -- mapping the universe from the Milky Way to the Big Bang 2019
721 SCAMPICITY cAMP-dependend plasticity of striatal projection neurons in health and disease 2019
722 UncoveRNAi Deciphering the mechanisms of antiviral RNA interference in mammals 2019
723 PhotoArM Directed Evolution of Photoredox Powered Artificial Metalloenzymes for Stereodivergent Catalysis 2019
724 CVD_CysSSSCys Investigating the Therapeutic Potential of Persulfides: Implications of their Roles in Cardiovascular Disease 2019
725 WEAVERBIRD_DEFENCE Unravelling an extended phenotype: sexual selection and the evolution of nest architecture in weaverbird defence against brood parasitism 2019
726 DiPipe Direct remote C-H functionalization in piperidine derivatives 2019
727 REAP Repair of DNA lesions induced by platinum drugs 2019
728 OptoTransport Light-enabled transport phenomena in van der Waals heterostructures 2019
729 New GeneSS New Generation Design Methods for Stainless Steel Structures 2019
730 ESCAPE Exploring Shortcuts for the Characterization of the Atmospheres of Planets similar to Earth 2019
731 X-MIXING Efficient mixing method at the microscale for Time-Resolved Serial Femtosecond Crystallography 2019
732 RAMBEA Realistic Assessment of Historical Masonry Bridges under Extreme Environmental Actions 2019
733 MEDIATOR MEdiating between Driver and Intelligent Automated Transport systems on Our Roads 2019
734 ElectroThermo New Paradigm in Electrolyte Thermodynamics 2019
735 NPsVLCD Natural Product-Inspired Therapies for Leishmaniasis and Chagas Disease 2019
736 MsgRNA Modification of single guide (sg) RNA in CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing Tool 2019
737 PinCER Personality in Community Ecology Responses: Integrating the behaviour and species interactions of a marine invader 2020
738 pyrroQuin Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Pyrroquinoline Pseudo-Natural Products 2020
739 PersVR Unraveling the persuasive power of 360º-video Virtual Reality narratives 2019
740 MagnetoVirology Diamond Magnetometry: A Versatile Tool for Virology and Medicine 2019
741 WoodSpec Rapid quality assessment of wood-based materials through spectroscopy 2019
742 ProResA The time course of pronoun resolution in post-stroke and progressive aphasia 2020
743 SUMAC Interplay between High-Temperature Superconductivity, Magnetism and Composition in Doped Cuprates 2020
744 PullEd-MS Finding unknown endocrine disrupting compounds through target pull-down assay filtration, effect direct analysis and ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry for a comprehensive efficient workflow. 2019
745 EPIOBESITY Unravelling the hypothalamic epigenetic code behind obesity. 2020
746 STOICISM Stochastic Communication Inside Cortical Microcolumns 2019
748 DIRAE A new edition and commentary on the pseudo-Virgilian Dirae 2019
749 ConscBreathDynamics Breathing dynamics in health and disease: how consciousness shape respiratory patterns 2020
750 PALEOCARBON PALEOcene greenhouse climate and the effect of basalt weathering on CARBON sequestration 2019
751 CLIMB Calibrating and Improving Mechanistic models of Biodiversity 2019
752 InvADeRS Investigating the Activity of transposon Derived Regulatory Sequences in the placenta 2019
753 SWEET-PI Aromatic stacking in Glycochemistry: can glycosidations be tamed? 2020
754 MARS Versatile mass and rheological sensing platform 2020
755 INFORM Innovative Electrochemical Multiplex Biosensor for Detection and Quantification of Clinically Relevant Circulating miRNAs 2020
756 X-SUGRA eXceptional Solutions and U-folds in quantum GRAvity 2020
757 IFSSOC Coming together or doing it for themselves? The apparent paradox of social information and individuality in foraging 2020
758 LICONAMCO Light-controlled nanomagnetic computation schemes 2019
759 SEDILAND Sediment regime disturbance of river catchments in a changing land cover context: Geoenvironmental and population dynamics 2019
760 BACTEPEA Unraveling the molecular dialogue in microbial-assisted plant growth in the presence of heavy metals 2020
761 PREVENT PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport 2019
762 ImmUne Towards identification of the unifying principles of vertebrate adaptive immunity 2019
763 DIVE into AD Study of tau strains to understand the phenotypic diversity of Alzheimer’s disease: A step toward personalized therapies 2020
764 SUPERBRAIN Magneto-Plasmonic, Raman active Nanocapsules for Superior Pediatric Brain Cancer Therapy 2020
765 ESCAPE Abandoning ship – sex and dormancy strategies in Daphnia 2019
766 GentriHealth Gentrification processes and neighborhood liveability in Madrid and Brisbane: impact on population health and development of urban policy recommendations 2020
767 TargetGBM Generating a targeted, brain-permeable and stable polymeric nanoparticle for systemic gene delivery to glioblastoma 2019
768 NeuroFreezing Biophysical Properties of the Neuronal Cytosol and their Dynamics upon Nutrient Starvation, Aging, and in Neurodegenerative Diseases. 2019
769 SMOLAC Theoretical design of non-fullerene small molecule acceptors for organic solar cells with improved efficiency. 2019
770 RHODOCAR Global and local impacts on Atlantic RHODOlith beds: Implications for estimates of blue CARbon ecosystem services 2019
771 MAPS A Multifactorial Analysis of Possessive Structures: Mapping the Interaction of Language, Culture, and Cognition 2020
772 MIRAGE Measuring Interstellar Reactions of Aromatics by Gas-phase Experiments 2019
773 CoNTESTA A geologic approach to resolving critical uncertainties in the impact of geomagnetic variance on in-situ cosmogenic nuclide production 2019
774 LongPlaNet Long-Range Plasticity of Neuronal Networks in the Adult Brain 2019
775 POLARC High Arctic Polynyas in a Changing Climate 2019
776 MAX-BAS Magnetic cross-modal brain activity scanner MAX-BAS 2019
777 CHARM-Vis Chromatin accessibility landscape and transcription changes in recognition memory after visual imprinting in chicks 2019
778 ABA-GrowthBalance Growth balance regulation by SnRK1 under ABA-stress conditions 2019
779 RIVELIN-CLO The Ultimate Therapy for the Oral Lichen Planus 2019
780 HARNESS Harnessing experimental evolution of rhizobia for an integrative view of endosymbiosis 2019
781 BESTMAP Behavioural, Ecological and Socio-economic Tools for Modelling Agricultural Policy 2019
782 InnoVar Next generation variety testing for improved cropping on European farmland 2019
783 CompBioMed2 A Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine 2019
784 STRATCAT-CO2 Surface functionalization with thiols: a novel strategy in catalyst design for the efficient reduction of CO2 to C2 products 2019
785 ARDRE Ageing, Regeneration, and Drug Research 2019
786 iLCA Intelligent Live Cell Analysis [iLCA] to transform disease management through faster, and more regulatory robust, discovery, manufacture and monitoring of biologic drugs & cell therapies 2019
787 PercPad The first Percutaneous Paddle Lead for Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) 2019
788 His-Li mouse His-Li mouse, the unique humanized mouse model resembling human liver and immune systems 2019
789 EDULIBERA Education as an instrument for liberation in Mozambique and Timor-Leste — histories of solidarity and contemporary reflections 2019
791 GAIA-Health GAIA-Health: microbiome suite for personalized medicine 2019
792 OroraTech The first commercial CubeSat Constellation for early detection and real time monitoring of wildfires across the entire globe 2019
793 HERC HERC Chip for More Efficient Natural Gas Based Industrial Heating Systems 2019
794 Multicursor Feasibility study for Multicursor - a non-contact sensor for curing quality control 2019
795 RV by RE Rabbit-View by Rabbit-Eyes 2019
796 EAR Audio-based Mobile Health Diagnostics 2019
797 ZAPIENS Collective intelligence to disrupt the knowledge management 2019
798 DIABETESMART The first Clinically Validated AI-powered Diabetes Assistant 2019
799 NASALFLOW A medical device for airflow simulation of the human upper airways 2019
800 SILK-EYE Silk-based ocular implants: treating eye conditions at the interface of photonics and biology 2020
801 DRmov Deciphering the RBPome in mosquitoes during virus infection 2020
802 EpiSeq Single molecule sequencing and biophysical properties of oxidized genomic DNA using magnetic tweezers. 2019
803 SCHENGEN-ROOT 'Filling the gaps' in the Schengen pathway for plant root Casparian strip integrity 2020
804 BriFace Novel assessment of bridge retrofitting measures through Interface Efficiency Indices (InterFeis) using a Guided Wave-based monitoring method 2019
805 XMOS Multimodal context and voice recognition for seamless voice control technology interfaces with low upfront cost 2019
806 FibroFix FibroFix™Cartilage, an innovative implant for cartilage repair and regeneration, introducing a new paradigm in osteoarthritis (OA) treatment. 2019
807 MaxiMem Dramatic hardware and energy savings in computer servers by doubling memory capacity and bandwidth using novel general-purpose compression 2019
808 CO2Fokus CO2 utilisation focused on market relevant dimethyl ether production, via 3D printed reactor- and solid oxide cell based technologies 2019
809 EvolSexChrom Testing new hypotheses on the evolution of sex-related chromosomes 2019
810 Plant-FATE Predicting global vulnerability of forests to drought using plant functional trait evolution 2019
811 DEMETER Building an Interoperable, Data-Driven, Innovative and Sustainable European Agri-Food Sector 2019
812 APAC Advanced Pain Control – An innovation in pain control for those suffering from secondary bone cancer 2019
813 UNIFIER19 Community Friendly Miniliner 2019
814 PYRATEX Natural, health-benefiting fabrics to protect our skin from external agents 2019
815 COBRAS COvariance Based RAman Spectrometer (COBRAS) 2019
816 OPIOIDREWARD How distress alters opioid drug effects and abuse liability 2019
817 ADRONE4LIFE An electronic drone pilot and cargo custodian for blood and medical courier services 2019
818 PWS Polyurethane Window System: energy efficient monolithic windows towards Europe’s energy transition 2019
819 Food Monitor Inline real-time 4.0 quality monitoring in food production 2019
820 QUESTPAIR Pairing Business with Scientific Expertise 2019
821 EXTRIDIM Exploring Triterpene Diversity in Monocots 2020
822 NeuroSoNew Portable EEG-based screening of social predispositions in newborns 2019
823 InBPSOC Increases biomass production and soil organic carbon stocks with innovative cropping systems under climate change 2020
824 AGRICAM AGRICAM – reducing the usage of antibiotics and increasing animal welfare through advanced thermal imaging system for detecting early cases of mastitis in dairy cows 2019
826 MATE The First Industrial-Scale Commercially Viable & Environmentally Sensitive System For Empty Fruit Bunch Waste Disposal 2019
827 GOODMOD Generic phOtOnic Design MODules 2019
828 SYNPEP Synthetic biology of non-ribosomal peptide synthetases to generate new peptides 2019
829 DosiKit DosiKit, a first portable field medical device for fast triage of people after external irradiation 2019
830 Create4value Creative collaboration to provide value for first time innovators - effective engagement of stakeholders and users in co-creation processes in SMEs. 2019
831 SharingGains Sharing Gains from Trade: Global Markets and Farmers Welfare in Developing Countries 2019
832 QUDOT-TECH Quantum Dots for Photonic Quantum Information Technologies 2020
833 3DCanPredict Predicting clinical response to anticancer drugs using 3D-bioprinted tumor models for personalized therapy 2019
834 DOC-Stim Communication and rehabilitation for people with Disorders of consciousness via Brain-Computer Interfaces 2020
835 MOAMMM Multi-scale Optimisation for Additive Manufacturing of fatigue resistant shock-absorbing MetaMaterials 2020
836 UncorrelaTEd Solid-liquid thermoelectric systems with uncorrelated properties 2020
837 EoPPP A Global Comparative Ethnography of Parliaments, Politicians and People: representation, relationships and ruptures 2019
838 ClearRing An innovative, minimally invasive medical device used for treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia symptoms 2019
839 GLAD Global Lagrangian Cloud Dynamics 2020
840 MATPASE Developing new MATerial solutions for cardiac PAce lead and SEnsor encapsulation 2019
841 GLIMPSE2050 Global Impact Assessment of Regulations and Policies for Sustainable Aviation by 2050 2019
842 ATCO2 Automatic collection and processing of voice data from air-traffic communications 2019
843 AWE Harvesting Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) using Rigid Kites 2019
844 RV001 RV001: An anti-metastatic cancer vaccine 2019
845 NIFTI Non-Intrusive Flow distortion measurements within a Turbofan Intake 2020
846 QUNET A quantum network for distributed quantum computation 2019
847 Aware Aiding Antibiotic Development with Deep Analysis of Resistance Evolution 2019
848 YEELP Youth Engagement in European Language Preservation, 1900-2020 2019
849 ABODYFORCE High Throughput Microfluidic Cell and Nanoparticle Handling by Molecular and Thermal Gradient Acoustic Focusing 2019
850 VIA LACTEA Numerical Simulations of the Milky Way's Accretion History 2020
851 PADICTON Part distortion prediction, design for minimized distortion, additive manufactured polymer aerospace parts 2019
852 ReconCycle Self-reconfiguration of a robotic workcell for the recycling of electronic waste 2020
853 Corr-NEQM Correlated Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter: Fundamentals and Applications to Nanoscale Systems 2019
854 NanoEX Nanoextraction, separation and detection of micropollutants in one single and simple step 2019
855 GEMS Genetically Evolving Models of Science 2019
856 BOSADMIX Genetic admixture and its impact on domestication in the Bos genus: a model for genetic improvement of livestock 2020
857 ECO2LIB Ecologically and Economically viable Production and Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries 2020
858 STAREX STARs at the EXtreme 2020
859 AETHER Air-breathing Electric THrustER 2019
861 KiCloud Intelligent and serverless, cloud-based infrastructure for medical diagnostic devices 2019
862 SOLiDIFY Liquid-Processed Solid-State Li-metal Battery: development of upscale materials, processes and architectures 2020
863 SafeGlov Safety Gloves for Protection of Health Care Professionals 2019
864 TrackCycle.2P Exploring Visual Processes with Two-Photon Ophthalmoscopy 2020
865 InnoSME-LV-2020-2021 Raising Innovation Capacity for Innovative Companies from Latvia (2020-2021) 2020
866 MindBot Mental Health promotion of cobot Workers in Industry 4.0 2020
868 MOFCTP Micro-scale optofludics control based on thermoplasmonic effect of nanoparticle arrays 2020
869 BehavIndividuality Uncovering the basis of behavioral individuality across developmental time-scales 2019
870 SOAR Solitude: Alone but Resilient 2020
871 IPN-Bio Integrated Photonic-Nano Technologies for Bioapplications 2020
872 RESBIOS RESponsible research and innovation grounding practices in BIOSciencies 2020
873 SIROCO Sparing gene therapy for Inherited ROd COne dystrophies 2019
874 PROTECHT Providing RObust high TECHnology Tags based on linear carbon nanostructures 2020
875 TRANSIT Train pass-by noise source characterization and separation tools for cost-effective vehicle certification 2019
876 Gasgon Development of a Novel Medical Device to Remove Air Bubbles from Medicines, Which Will Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Costs of IV Infusion 2020
877 DD-SCAN DD-SCAN – AI-based language and multimedia bias checker for corporate communication content 2019
878 WorkFREE Slavery, Work and Freedom: What Can Cash Transfers Contribute to the Fight for Decent Work? 2020
879 QUALI-DEC Appropriate use of Caesarean section through QUALIty DECision-making by women and providers 2020
880 SMA-TB A novel Stratified Medicine Algorithm to predict treatment responses to host-directed therapy in TB patients. 2020
881 4-IN THE LUNG RUN 4-IN THE LUNG RUN: towards INdividually tailored INvitations, screening INtervals, and INtegrated co-morbidity reducing strategies in lung cancer screening 2020
882 STRATIFY Diagnostic autoantibody assay to stratify bone marrow failure diseases 2020
883 EEN SACHSEN Specific activities in the context of innovation support in the Free State Saxony 2020-21 2020
884 EEN Scotland EIMC EEN Scotland EIMC 2020
885 WireVision Intelligent electronic automotive systems repair support tool for auto repair technicians 2020
886 PROFID Implementation of personalised risk prediction and prevention of sudden cardiac death after myocardial infarction 2020
887 ESPACE Human Cell Atlas of the Pancreas 2020
888 PRIVATETRACK PRIVATETRACK: Privacy-friendly, low-power intelligent room occupancy detection and people counting. 2019
889 CLAUSTROFUNCT Claustrum function in cortical processing and putative claustral dysfunction in schizophrenia 2020
890 PDPcardio Protein phosphatase 1-disrupting peptides: Scope and mechanism of action in the treatment of heart insufficiency 2020
891 uNIQUE NanophononIcs for QUantum information procEssing 2020
892 inhibiTOR Novel selective mTORC1 inhibitors 2020
893 METAFOAM Towards acoustic metafoams for broad-range sound insulation 2020
894 ELISA The Emergence of Language in Social Interaction 2020
895 InfoNet Informational properties of networks under communication constraints 2020
896 TANDEng Engineering catalyst interoperability in next-generation tandem reactions for intensified chemical processes 2020
897 N-Supp_INNO-20-21 Services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME's and Key Account Management in Niedersachsen / Lower-Saxony 2020
898 FINKAMIE2021 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2020-21 2020
899 INNMADRIMASD5 Innovation services for enhancement innovation SMEs capacities in Madrid region in 2020-2021 2020
900 Worlds of Lithium A multi-sited and transnational study of transitions towards post-fossil fuel societies 2020
901 SPEAR Standard model Precision Electroweak tests at Acute Rapidities 2020
902 MELIITA 4 Maltese-European Linkages for Internationalisation, Innovation and Technology Transfer 4 2020
903 IMCESA-2021 Innovation Management Capacity Enhancement of SMEs in Saxony-Anhalt for the period 2020-21 2020
904 Fluodamage Fluorescent Molecules to see when and where Molecules Break during Mechanical Fatigue 2020
905 HumanPlacenta Human Placental Development and the Uterine Microenvironment 2020
906 QuinaWorld Tracking Neanderthals in Time and Space: was the “Quina World” the first regional cultural entity in the history of Europe? 2020
907 Green-MIQUEC Low-powered microwave quantum-enhanced communication: conceptualisation and preliminary design 2020
908 ExploDProteins Exploiting the DNA damage response to induce degradation of proteins 2020
909 CISBOOM Convergence of Information from Separate Brain Areas to Orchestrate Orienting Movements 2021
910 GONOGO Multi-layered integration of motivated actions and their outcomes in basal ganglia circuits 2020
911 LINKER Elucidating transcriptional rewiring on hematological malignancies via computational methods 2020
912 FatTFIso Characterizing the roles of transcription factor isoforms in rewiring gene regulatory networks during adipogenesis 2020
913 ARCTIC Air Transport as Information and Computation 2020
914 BeePath Impact of vector-mediated transmission on the evolution and ecology of a bee virus 2020
915 DeepSeep Deep Serpentinization, H2, and high-pressure abiotic CH4 2021
916 SNeX The origins of thermonuclear supernova explosions 2020
917 SynWaiXen Total Synthesis of Waixenicin A and Xenibellol A 2020
918 CODer The molecular basis and genetic control of local gene co-expression and its impact in human disease 2020
919 NANOMORT Development of a novel and ecologic mortar based on nanoparticles of lime and organic additives for the repair of Built Heritage and new construction 2020
920 MY MITOCOMPLEX Functional relevance of mitochondrial supercomplex assembly in myeloid cells 2021
921 OXYGEN The redox evolution of arc magmas: from the oxygenation of the Earth’s atmosphere to the genesis of giant hydrothermal ore deposits 2020
922 cONCReTE DevelOpmeNt of Cancer RNA TherapEutics 2020
923 PROMISES Properties of nanomaterials made from misfit-layered compounds revealed by electron microscopy and simulations 2021
924 BRAVO Establishing Blend Repair limit of blisks –from A perspective of Vibration amplificatiOn 2020
925 TecWell Digital Technology Use and Teen Wellbeing in Context: An Ethnographic Investigation 2021
926 VacTrack Dissecting the protection mechanism of new generation vaccines by synchronizing systems biology with in vivo imaging 2021
927 QuLeeYang Lee-Yang theory of phase transitions in interacting quantum many-body systems 2020
928 SWaG Freshwater production from seawater and atmospheric moisture enabled by a solar-driven water generator 2020
929 GLoopID Mechanisms underlying regulation and removal of G-quadruplex/R-loop transcription-replication conflicts 2021
930 AscNet Favorable Conditions of the Spread of the Cult of Asclepius across the Transportation Network of the Roman Mediterranean: A Quantitative Evaluation 2020
931 ONCO-VAX A multifaceted cancer immunotherapy based on an immune checkpoint-modulating chimeric oncolytic virus vector in combination with a dendritic cell vaccine 2020
932 ARMISTICE Analysis and Risk Mitigation measures for Induced Seismicity in supercriTICal gEothermal systems 2021
933 SIGNAL Sensing Neuro-immune Activation in the Lung microenvironment 2020
934 RW3D-US Lagrangian Modeling of Denitrification and Nitrous Oxide Production in Soils 2021
935 HYPERDIVERSE Keys to evolutionary success: untangling drivers of hyperdiversification 2020
936 CellMechSensE Cell mechanosensing in the extracellular matrix 2020