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H2020 projects about "smart"

The page lists 460 projects related to the topic "smart".

# achronym  title  year 
1 IN2RAIL Innovative Intelligent Rail 2015
2 Smart-Rail Smart Supply Chain Oriented Rail Freight Services – Smart-Rail 2015
3 ETC The European Travellers Club: Account-Based Travelling across the European Union 2015
4 LYNCEUS2MARKET An innovative people localisation system for safe evacuation of large passenger ships 2015
5 SatisFactory A collaborative and augmented-enabled ecosystem for increasing SATISfaction and working experience in smart FACTORY environments 2015
6 ACCEPT Assistant for Quality Check during Construction Execution Processes for Energy-efficienT buildings 2015
7 Co-FACTOR Cooperate, Communicate and Connect to boost smart Components for tomorrows Industry 2015
8 ProPAT Robust and affordable process control technologies for improving standards and optimising industrial operations 2015
9 SmartSpacer Biofouling control in nanofiltration and reverse osmosis processes using a smart polymer approach 2015
10 DREAM-GO Enabling Demand Response for short and real-time Efficient And Market Based smart Grid Operation - An intelligent and real-time simulation approach 2015
11 MICACT MICroACTuators 2015
12 GEO-C Joint Doctorate in Geoinformatics - Enabling Open Cities 2015
13 BlueSCities Blueprints for Smart Cities: Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the integration of the water and waste sectors within the EIP Smart Cities and Communities 2015
14 WIDEST Water Innovation through Dissemination Exploitation of Smart Technologies 2015
15 WDAqua Answering Questions using Web Data 2015
16 iKaaS intelligent Knowledge-as-a-Service Platform 2014
17 FESTIVAL FEderated interoperable SmarT ICT services deVelopment And testing pLatforms 2014
18 KAM2SouthPL Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME’s – new Enterprise Europe Network services for the SMEs in four regions of the Southern Poland 2014
19 BASQUE_SME Support Services to Basque SMEs to Enhance Innovation Management Capacities during 2014 2014
20 RADIO Robots in assisted living environments: Unobtrusive, efficient, reliable and modular solutions for independent ageing 2015
21 ALABO Advanced laser ablation barrier films for organic and large area electronic devices 2015
22 SNIFFPHONE Smart Phone for Disease Detection from Exhaled Breath 2015
23 Road2CPS Strategic action for future CPS through roadmaps, impact multiplication and constituency building 2015
24 Wi-5 What to do With the Wi-Fi Wild West 2015
25 LISTEN Hands-free Voice-enabled Interface to Web Applications for Smart Home Environments 2015
26 DiDIY Digital Do It Yourself 2015
27 smart-MEMPHIS Smart MEMs Piezo based energy Harvesting with Integrated Supercapacitor and packaging 2014
28 CPSELabs CPS Engineering Labs - expediting and accelerating the realization of cyber-physical systems 2015
29 SCISSOR Security In trusted SCADA and smart-grids 2015
30 TIPS Thermally Integrated Smart Photonics Systems 2015
31 AutoMat Automotive Big Data Marketplace for Innovative Cross-sectorial Vehicle Data Services 2015
32 INPUT In-Network Programmability for next-generation personal cloUd service supporT 2015
33 TWEETHER Traveling Wave Tube based W-band Wireless Networks with High Data Rate, Distribution, Spectrum and Energy Efficiency 2015
34 GateOne GateOne - Innovation Service for European Smartization by SMEs 2015
35 SANSA Shared Access Terrestrial-Satellite Backhaul Network enabled by Smart Antennas 2015
36 SEERS Snapshot spEctral imagEr for cost effective IR Surveillance 2015
37 TransFlexTeg Large area transparent thin film thermoelectric devices for smart window and flexible applications 2015
38 TOP HIT Transfer-print operations for heterogeneous integration 2015
39 AXIOM Agile, eXtensible, fast I/O Module for the cyber-physical era 2015
40 MAPS-LED Multidisciplinary Approach to Plan Smart Specialisation Strategies for Local Economic Development 2015
41 PROPHETIC PROPHETIC:An innovating Personal Healthcare Service for a holistic remote management and treatment of Parkinson patients. 2015
42 RISE_BPM Propelling Business Process Management by Research and Innovation Staff Exchange 2015
43 SmartHELMET Intersectoral Network for Innovation on Smart Thermal Solutions for Bicycle Helmets 2015
44 ERANet SmartGridPlus ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus: support deep knowledge sharing between regional and European Smart Grids initiatives 2015
45 ATLASS Advanced high-resolution printing of organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces 2015
46 Flex4Grid Prosumer Flexibility Services for Smart Grid Management 2015
47 ENSCC ERA-NET Smart Cities and Communities 2014
48 CITYKEYS Smart City performance measurement system 2015
49 GrowSmarter GrowSmarter 2015
50 NETFFICIENT Energy and economic efficiency for today’s smart communities through integrated multi storage technologies 2015
51 P2P-SmarTest Peer to Peer Smart Energy Distribution Networks (P2P-SmartTest) 2015
52 SmarterEMC2 Smarter Grid: Empowering SG Market Actors through Information and Communication Technologies 2015
53 TILOS Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage 2015
54 UPGRID Real proven solutions to enable active demand and distributed generation flexible integration, through a fully controllable LOW Voltage and medium voltage distribution grid 2015
55 ENERGISE ICT-based ENERgy Grid Implementation – Smart and Efficient 2015
56 FLEXMETER Flexible smart metering for multiple energy vectors with active prosumers 2015
57 Triangulum Triangulum: The Three Point Project / Demonstrate. Disseminate. Replicate. 2015
58 AnyPLACE Adaptable Platform for Active Services Exchange 2015
59 OCTAVE Objective Control for TAlker VErification 2015
60 SUPERCELL Single-Use paPER-based fuel CELLs 2015
61 R4E Roadmaps for Energy 2015
62 SMART-UP Vulnerable consumer empowerment in a smart meter world 2015
63 EnerGAware Energy Game for Awareness of energy efficiency in social housing communities 2015
64 General Purpose DP A Compact Dynamic Positioning System of General Purpose for Marine Units, Crafts and Ships 2014
65 GEOAPPS APPS for geotechnical field work 2014
66 SmartAct-2-3 Scaling of a midsized patented low energy, light weight, highly efficient actuator to meet the demands of smaller and larger scale functions 2014
67 AirWatt Feasibility study of a microturbine for delocalized electrical energy, off-grid generation 2014
68 INCH INteractive CHarging 2014
69 SKLCarbon Development of CDC production technologies for the next generation of supercapacitors, feasibility study 2014
70 OPTEMUS Optimised Energy Management and Use 2015
71 PRIVACY FLAG Enabling Crowd-sourcing based privacy protection for smartphone applications, websites and Internet of Things deployments 2015
72 GRENHAS Green and Smart Communications with Energy Harvesting: A Signal Processing Approach 2015
73 SMARTLAW Towards a regulatory framework for climate smart agriculture 2016
74 MAPS Millimeter Wave Massive Arrays enabling RFID/Radar Applications on 5G Smartphones 2015
75 STRETCHLENS Deformable platform with thin-film based circuits and ultra-thin Si chips for smart contact lens applications 2016
76 Project Sense Enforcement of the environmental regulations on sulphur emissions from ships using drone technology. 2015
77 Smartlifts Making Lifts Smart for More Connected and Intelligent Services. 2015
78 NEW ARYEL Advanced Solution for Smart Telemetry Machine-To-Machine applications 2015
79 SMART-GRAN Development and Commercialisation of a Self-Guided Fluidised Bed Granulation Solution 2015
80 NZE Buildings Developing replicable and cost effective Nearly Zero-Energy' building solutions for small builders in Europe 2015
81 MICROBAT Wireless devices for smart energy management systems 2015
82 NIRIS Non-Intrusive Resident Identification Sensor 2015
83 NewMoon NewMoon - Smart Garments in Newborns and Babies Monitoring 2015
84 INNOEM Innovative energy management technology for smart energy decisions 2015
85 HIQ-Home Advanced System for Eco, Energy and Cost Efficient, Comfortable and Secure Smart Homes 2015
86 Virtual Private Home Virtual Privte Home - Privacy-by-design Home Energy Efficiency Platform 2015
87 FACTS4WORKERS Worker-Centric Workplaces in Smart Factories 2014
88 ROLL-OUT High-performance, Flexible, AUTOnomous Systems manufactured with Unique, Industrial ROLL-to-roll equipments 2015
89 SMART GEMS Smart Grids Energy management Staff 2015
90 City.Risks Avoiding and mitigating safety risks in urban environments 2015
91 ADWICE Advanced Wireless Technologies for Clever Engineering 2015
92 ICRI-BioM International Centre for Research on Innovative Bio-based Materials 2015
93 PlantaSYST Establishment of a Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology for the translation of fundamental research into sustainable bio-based technologies in Bulgaria 2015
95 SMART LOIRE VALLEY SMART LOIRE VALLEY: Curiosity, Imagination and Intuition 2015
96 OKIDOKEYS New electro-mechanic access system with dematerialized keys for residential market 2015
97 INSULCLOCK Empowered control of drugs's dosage in chronic diseases. 2015
98 Respiratory Analyzer Validation of calibrated RIP (respiratory inductive plethysmography) based biomarker for diagnosis of SDB (sleep-disordered breathing) and the identification of an accessible screening solution 2015
99 PROVIDE PROVIding smart DElivery of public goods by EU agriculture and forestry 2015
100 RISE Research Centre in Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies 2015
101 Smart firearm safety Project iP9 Smart firearm safetyIntroduction of the first smart firearm safety to the institutional market (police) 2015
102 PVPS Powerstar Virtual Power Station (PVPS) solution - Powerstar Virtue 2015
104 SmaRMS COM Smart Road Modular Sensor (SmaRMS) Prototype Testing and Commercialization Viability 2015
105 CITYCoP Citizen Interaction Technologies Yield Community Policing 2015
106 UFPC Technology Hybrid Ultra Flexible Printed Circuits combining flexible and low-cost printed electronics with high performance traditional silicon components. 2015
107 smaRtAIL Smart protective coatings on classic materials for a new generation of ecologically sustainable ‛green’ railway vehicles 2015
108 FASTPRK-2 Enhanced on-street parking management system 2015
109 R2POWER300 Preparing R2 extension to 300mm for BCD Smart Power 2015
110 SMART-POM Artificial-Intelligence Driven Discovery and Synthesis of Polyoxometalate Clusters 2015
111 SMART FIRE BARRIER Innovative Forest Fires Prevention Infrastructure for Residential Areas, Forestry and Critical Infrastructures 2015
112 SmartMic Smart Multimodal Microscopy for High-Throughput Developmental Biology in Real-Time 2015
113 LASSO Learning, Analysis, SynthesiS and Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
114 SMS SMS - Safety Micro Sensor 2015
115 SMARTMEM Stimuli-responsive Membranes for consumer goods sustainability 2016
116 SCENEUNDERLIGHT Time-lapse understanding of the static and human scene and its lighting 2015
117 SMARTCIM Smart interoperable electronic active valve, control eco-system and service to achieve superior building efficiency and user awareness 2015
118 SmartAct-2-3 Scaling of midsized, patented, low energy, light weight, highly efficient actuator to meet the demands of smaller and larger scale applications 2015
119 InForMed An integrated pilot line for micro-fabricated medical devices 2015
120 EXIST Extended Image Sensing Technologies 2015
121 ADMONT Advanced Distributed Pilot Line for More-than-Moore Technologies 2015
122 AEROGLASS Augmented reality aerial navigation for a safer and more effective aviation 2015
123 Ro-Boost Inno SMEs Boosting the Innovative Potential of Romanian SMEs 2015
124 Synchronverter Smart Synchronous inverter for grid’s stability 2015
125 REnnovates Flexibility Activated Zero Energy Districts 2015
126 KAM2SouthPL2 ‘Key account management’ for the SME Instrument beneficiaries and ‘Enhancing SME innovation management capacity’ as new proinnovative services for SMEs in the regions of Southern Poland 2015
127 STREAM Smart Sensor Technologies and Training for Radiation Enhanced Applications andMeasurements 2016
128 THUNDHUB ThunderMaps HomeHub 2015
129 SMART GROUND SMART data collection and inteGRation platform to enhance availability and accessibility of data and infOrmation in the EU territory on SecoNDary Raw Materials 2015
130 ERIGrid European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid Systems Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out 2015
131 M3M Mobile 3D Modeling 2015
132 KAM2EastPoland Enhancing the innovation management capacities of SMEs in East Poland 2015
133 BEinCPPS Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems 2015
134 HORSE Smart integrated Robotics system for SMEs controlled by Internet of Things based on dynamic manufacturing processes 2015
135 URBAVENTO An innovative, small footprint, vertical axis wind turbine for decentralized energy-production designed for urban areas, which is cheap to maintain and ensures energy production even at low wind speed 2015
136 ISPNET Intelligent System for Pressure Networks 2015
137 Smart Ski Smart Ski 2015
138 SMART Guide Guided dental surgery fitting into daily clinical routine 2015
139 PROMETHEUS-IOT a versatile Platform foR delivering incremental, scalable and cOst-effective ad-hoc services froM hETErogeneoUS and collaborating objects in the Internet Of Things 2015
140 TAG Crowd-Sourcing technology to change how people and cars move in cities 2015
141 INCH INteractive CHarging 2015
143 GREAT heteroGeneous integRated magnetic tEchnology using multifunctional standardized sTack (MSS) 2016
144 EMBERS Enabling a Mobility Back-End as a Robust Service 2015
145 DATA4WATER Excellence in Smart Data and Services for Supporting Water Management 2016
146 LEDILSol Multipurpose Cloud-Based Control PlatformHigh Performance LED Lighting Solution for Smart Cities 2015
147 OPERA lOw Power heterogeneous architecture for nExt generation of smaRt infrastructure and platforms in industrial and societal Applications 2015
148 Sir-Park Smart Integrated system for Reliable Parking information, search and guidance. 2015
149 USharePark USharePark: smart secUres system to SHARE PARKing places in private garages 2015
150 BEACON Hybrid Digital-Analog Networking under Extreme Energy and Latency Constraints 2016
151 TwinPV Stimulating scientific excellence through twinning in the quest for sustainable energy (TwinPV) 2016
152 RISEN Rail Infrastructure Systems Engineering Network 2016
153 ESPRESSO Systemic standardisation approach to empower smart cities and communities 2016
154 EFICONSUMPTION Innovative System for Electrical Energy Efficiency in industrial plants 2016
155 COEL Cognitive Electronics 2015
156 SMARTBUY Enhanced Buying Experiences in SMART CITIES 2016
157 symbIoTe Symbiosis of smart objects across IoT environments 2016
158 ETNA 2020 European Transport Network Alliance 2020 2016
159 SMARTER TOGETHER Smart and Inclusive Solutions for a Better Life in Urban Districts 2016
160 DOMINO DOMINO - Connecting Europe, Saving Energy 2016
161 SHAR-LLM Sharing Cities 2016
162 EDI-Net EDI-NET – The Energy Data Innovation Network; using smart meter data, campaigns and networking to increase the capacity of public authorities to implement sustainable energy policy 2016
163 SOPHIA Securing Software against Physical Attacks 2016
164 REPLICATE REnaissance of Places with Innovative Citizenship and TEchnolgy 2016
165 PVSITES Building-integrated photovoltaic technologies and systems for large-scale market deployment 2016
166 SmartEnCity Towards Smart Zero CO2 Cities across Europe 2016
167 PEAKapp Personal Energy Administration Kiosk application: an ICT-ecosystem for Energy Savings through Behavioural Change, Flexible Tariffs and Fun 2016
168 GRACE Integrated oil spill response actions and environmental effects 2016
169 TrafficFlow TrafficFlow - Analytics for Smarter Cities 2016
170 SMART Fertigation Subarea specific irrigation system for pivot- and linear fertigation techniques (SMART Fertigation) 2016
171 bIoTope Building an IoT OPen innovation Ecosystem for connected smart objects 2016
172 WearMark New approach to Wearable devices wireless performance testing 2016
173 WEKIT Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training 2015
174 Smart-AKIS European Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) towards innovation-driven research in Smart Farming Technology 2016
175 1D-Neon 1D Nanofibre Electro-Optic Networks 2016
176 Smart Colour Remotely Adjustable Structural Plasmonic Colour 2016
177 IminoBoron Iminoboronate polymers as dynamic smart materials 2016
178 BIDMAG Biological detection with functionalized Magnetic Sensor 2016
179 smartCC Designing novel smart sensor interfaces based on a biologically abundant peptide motif: coiled-coils 2017
180 ECogNeT Embodied Cognitive Neuromorphic Technology 2016
181 MOCCA Mobile context-aware cross-cultural applications 2016
182 QuardCard Powered smart card with a biometric one time password system 2016
183 Smart Library The Smart Digital Library of Edutainment by Smile and Learn 2016
184 OptiGRID Smart-grid optimisation using rate of change of frequency (RoCoF) to rapidly balance power grid network frequency - enabling more widespread use of unpredictable renewables and minimising blackouts 2016
185 ADAPT Adaptive Decision support for Agents negotiation in electricity market and smart grid Power Transactions 2017
186 MEAN4SG Metrology Excellence Academic Network for Smart Grids 2016
187 BOOST Biomimetic trick to re-balance Osteblast-Osteoclast loop in osteoporoSis treatment: a Topological and materials driven approach 2016
188 SmartGraphene Graphene based smart surfaces: from visible to microwave 2016
189 CONNECARE Personalised Connected Care for Complex Chronic Patients 2016
190 ENSUF ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures 2016
191 SmartResilience Smart Resilience Indicators for Smart Critical Infrastructures 2016
192 AMUSIC nonlineAr Multimode and mUlticore optical fiberS for multIple appliCations 2016
193 FLUORODRUGS Smart Theranostic Agents for the Tumour Microenvironment 2017
194 SMART-map RoadMAPs to Societal Mobilisation for the Advancement of Responsible Industrial Technologies 2016
195 ONLINE-S3 ONLINE Platform for Smart Specialisation Policy Advice 2016
196 OneCard Increasing the security of access to urban critical infrastructure with a Near Field Communication micro SD smart card for mobile devices using on-chip state of the art technology 2016
197 SMART-Plant Scale-up of low-carbon footprint material recovery techniques in existing wastewater treatment plants 2016
198 SUCCESS Securing Critical Energy InfrastructuresSUCCESS - Securing Critical Energy Infrastructures 2016
199 DENSE aDverse wEather eNvironmental Sensing systEm 2016
200 ENABLE-S3 European Initiative to Enable Validation for Highly Automated Safe and Secure Systems 2016
201 SemI40 Power Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing 4.0 2016
202 ASTONISH Advancing Smart Optical Imaging and Sensing for Health 2016
203 EnSO Energy for Smart Objects 2016
204 MAVEN Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network 2016
205 iCARE MobIle health-Care system for monitoring toxicity and symptoms in cAncer patients ReceivingdiseasE-oriented therapy 2016
206 CALIPRI Smart CALIPRI Smart - the easy to use and failsafe handheld optical gauge for 2D-profiles. 2016
210 STMS Smart Tyre Management System for Safer, Greener and More Economic Transport through Innovative Technology for Smart Infrastructure from Silent Sensors Limited. 2016
211 SMAPP Smart room and Mobile APPlication Development Suite for hospitality 2016
212 SMART BIKING Safe parking system for bicycles 2016
213 FreshInk2 Colour-code labelling for continuous monitoring of quality and safety of packed chicken meat 2016
215 PRIZM2016 Soft launch for the first thinbking music player 2016
216 REFERENCE Rf Engineered substrates to FostER fEm performaNCE 2015
217 HIOS Highly Integrated Optoelectronic Sensor 2016
218 SMARTHE Smart thermostat èvolution 2016
219 FerroHub A modular power electronic inverter based on a local DC nanogrid for solar, storage and smart grids 2016
220 RemoTech Remote technical assistance for field service operators 2016
221 LOOP Disrupting Logistics in Smart Cities and Regions through an Advanced Logistics Platform. 2016
222 ECGGFS Energy Consumption Gamified - Greenely Feasibility Study 2016
223 ERYTHROAG A new ICT-based device (RHEO-01) for fast point-of-care analysis of acute ischemic stroke and other emergency situations. 2016
224 Hazijax Hazard-Sensing, Network Connected Garments for Industrial Safety-Critical Environments 2016
225 SmartHeat SmartHeat – An eco-innovative solution towards zero-carbon household heating 2016
226 NanoSil4Cancer Smart Multifunctional silica-based Nanoparticles for Targeted Therapy 2016
227 SANZ Clima SANZ Telematics: Wireless Innovation for Smart Maintenance in Industrial Vehicles 2016
228 City Platform as a Service - Integrated and Open 2016
229 SAFIRE Cloud-based Situational Analysis for Factories providing Real-time Reconfiguration Services 2016
230 CLUSTERNANOROAD Driving Europe’s NMBP economy - Cross-cluster innovation and value creation through validated NMBP collaborative strategies and roadmap 2016
231 Factory2Fit Empowering and participatory adaptation of factory automation to fit for workers 2016
232 Wise-IoT Worldwide Interoperability for SEmantics IoT 2016
233 SmartSDK A FIWARE-based SDK for developing Smart Applications 2016
234 UHPE Integrated Intelligent Bearing Systems for UHPE Ground Test Demo (I²BS) 2016
235 ASPIRE Advanced Smart-grid Power dIstRibution systEm 2016
236 enCOMPASS Collaborative Recommendations and Adaptive Control for Personalised Energy Saving 2016
237 AUTOWARE Wireless Autonomous, Reliable and Resilient ProductIon Operation ARchitecture for Cognitive Manufacturing 2016
238 ECOVAPOR Cost-effective High-efficiency Smart Steam Boiler of Low Emission technology 2016
239 Eye-O-T Cyber security system with a high IoT network visibility and fast vulnerability detection for Smart Homes. 2016
240 SCREEN Synergic Circular Economy across European Regions 2016
241 INSPEX Integrated Smart Spatial Exploration System 2017
242 inSSIght In-depth support for innovation and exploitation in Smart Systems Integration 2017
243 LUVMI Lunar Volatiles Mobile Instrument 2016
244 SMART Smart Automation of Rail Transport 2016
246 DITAS DITAS: Data-intensive applications Improvement by moving daTA and computation in mixed cloud/fog environmentS 2017
247 Plan4Act Predictive Neural Information for Proactive Actions: From Monkey Brain to Smart House Control 2017
248 CPSwarm CPSwarm 2017
249 GATES Applying GAming TEchnologies for training professionals in Smart Farming 2017
250 PhasmaFOOD Portable photonic miniaturised smart system for on-the-spot food quality sensing 2017
251 INSULCLOCK Empowered control of drugs’ dosage in chronic diseases 2016
252 Ruggedised Rotterdam, Umea and Glasgow: Generating Exemplar Districts In Sustainable Energy Deployment 2016
253 GOFLEX Generalized Operational FLEXibility for Integrating Renewables in the Distribution Grid 2016
254 EnergyKeeper Keep the Energy at the right place! 2017
255 mySMARTLife Smart Transition of EU cities towards a new concept of smart Life and Economy 2016
256 SmartLife Smart Clothing Gamification to promote Energy-related Behaviours among Adolescents 2017
257 SLB-DES Second Life Batteries for Domestic Electricity Storage 2016
258 LYT SONIC Smart Home security device based on infrasound detection technology 2016
259 WEAR Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation 2017
260 frontierCities2 frontierCities2 - Another Level of Impact 2016
261 SMART Strong Modular proof Assistance: Reasoning across Theories 2017
262 SWEETBULLETS Sweet Theranostics in Bitter Infections - Seek and Destroy 2017
263 PENTAGON Unlocking European grid local flexibility trough augmented energy conversion capabilities at district-level 2016
264 INVADE Smart system of renewable energy storage based on INtegrated EVs and bAtteries to empower mobile, Distributed and centralised Energy storage in the distribution grid 2017
265 ACTIVAGE ACTivating InnoVative IoT smart living environments for AGEing well 2017
266 B-SMART Brain-Specific, Modular and Active RNA Therapeutics 2017
267 Smart-4-Fabry Smart multifunctional GLA-nanoformulation for Fabry disease 2017
268 SENSIBLE SENSors and Intelligence in BuLt Environment 2017
269 E-SHUTTER A novel Smart Glass integrating multi-zone switchable glass and touch panel control functions into adurable and sustainable insulated glazing to provide energy-efficiency and privacy in buildings 2016
271 INTEGRID An INTEgral optimisation toolbox for smart GRID data communication network design and planning 2016
273 NanoPack Pilot line production of functional polymer nanocomposites from natural halloysite nanotubes: demonstrating controlled release of active antimicrobials in food packaging applications. 2017
274 CableSENS Underground power cables remote monitoring by a smart control system based on a novel optical sensor platform 2016
275 Noke A ground-breaking smart-lock for industrial storage, utilizing patented technology through Bluetooth 4.0, mobile apps, and a cloud platform. 2016
277 TESTBED Testing and Evaluating Sophisticated information and communication Technologies for enaBling a smartEr griD 2017
278 REMIND The use of computational techniques to Improve compliance to reminders within smartenvironments 2017
279 SME 4.0 Industry 4.0 for SMEs - Smart Manufacturing and Logistics for SMEs in an X-to-order and Mass Customization Environment 2017
280 Smart OEE Universal PlugPlay OEE Data Capture Equipment to improve the efficiency of industrial processes 2016
281 SAT Phase 1 A study to assess the feasibility of commercialising a new antenna system, currently at TRL7, for the Global mobile user market. 2016
282 GRAILS-SWE Greater RAIL Safety using the Smart Washer Ecosystem 2017
283 Windtree Nature inspired energy generation system for urban distributed power 2016
284 ESSI Developing the EFAS Smart Services Initiative to introduce a game -changer in the digital tachograph market 2016
285 SMILE Smart Measuring and Inspection for industrial Legacy Equipment 2016
286 SMART.MET PCP for Water Smart Metering 2017
287 ART Development of an Anger Regulation Tool for Hand-Held Devices 2017
288 NICEDROPS Precise and smart nanoengineered surfaces: Impact resistance, icephobicity and dropwise condensation 2017
289 SmartCore Smart Core/shell nanorod arrays for artificial skin 2016
290 VAHVISTUS Integrative development of smart drug-vector nanostructures for adaptive delivery to target cells 2017
291 ENHANCE Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Self-Powered Automotive Sensors: from Advanced Lead-Free Materials to Smart Systems 2017
292 AWARENET The World´s First Application-Aware Network: Enabling Dynamic Bandwidth Management and Guaranteed Data Connection Quality in Mobile Networks 2017
293 SOLOMON Self-Organisation and Learning Online in Mobile Observation Networks 2017
294 ODICON-ASMA Optimal Distributed Control and Application to Smart Grids 2017
295 SmartSense New Method of Magnetic Field Integration and its Smart Grid and Industrial Applications 2017
296 ECOLUP Smart collect points as an innovative logistic solution to shorten fruit and vegetables supply chain 2017
297 E-APIS A smart, energy autonomous, universal and cost-effective dynamic passenger information system 2017
298 INSTEP INnovative SmarT Electric Power Distribution 2017
299 SOCOSYS Sensors for Oil COoling SYStem 2017
301 iShare iShare - a disruptive approach to vehicle sharing 2017
302 Steora Steora - next step to a smart city 2017
303 Ro-Boost Inno SMEs RO-Boost Inno SMEs – Boosting the Innovative Potential of Romanian SMEs 2017
304 KAM2SouthPL2 ‘Key account management’ for the SME Instrument beneficiaries and ‘Enhancing SME innovation management capacity’ as new proinnovative services for SMEs in the regions of Southern Poland 2017
305 SmaMoMeMoDs Smart Modulation Methods for Energy Efficient Operation and Health Monitoring of Future Motor Drives 2017
306 ICE Intelligent Control of Energy Storage for Smart Buildings and Grids 2017
307 InnoRenew CoE Renewable materials and healthy environments research and innovation centre of excellence 2017
308 SMASH Smart Sharing 2017
309 HISMACITY-pro Historical Small Smart City Protocol for integrated interventions. 2017
310 SRec BIPV Smart Reconfigurable photovoltaic modules for Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic applications 2018
311 MAESDOSO Maximize Energy Saving and Deliver Comfort by Innovative Switchable Light Transmittance Technology 2017
312 Smart Library Smart Library of Edutainment: technology and gamification at the service of Education 2017
313 S-OMMs Smart Optical Metamaterials: A route towards electro-tuneable fast-reversible self-assembly of nanoparticles at controlled electrochemical interfaces 2018
314 SMART-WORKFLOW Development of a smart workflow based on high resolution mass spectrometry for the assessment of the performance of wastewater treatment technologies 2018
315 ADAPT-SMART Accelerated Development of Appropriate Patient Therapies: a Sustainable, Multi-stakeholder Approach from Research to Treatment-outcomes 2015
316 STORM Signal Transduction in Organic Materials 2017
317 SMS Smart Morphing and Sensing 2017
318 ProbSenS Probabilistic neuromorphic architecture for real-time Sensor fusion applied to Smart, water quality monitoring systems 2017
319 SASPAT Smart Alloys Surface Patterning for Properties Tuning 2017
321 SAFER-LC SAFER Level Crossing by integrating and optimizing road-rail infrastructure management and design 2017
322 GEOCOG Cognitive Geometry: Deciphering neural concept spaces and engineering knowledge to empower smart brains in a smart society 2017
323 SAVES2 Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings 2 2017
324 SMILE SMart IsLand Energy systems 2017
325 MoRE2020 Mobility for Regional Excellence 2020 2017
327 GHOST Safe-Guarding Home IoT Environments with Personalised Real-time Risk Control 2017
328 SMART Scattering Matrix Approach in Reflection applied to Turbid media 2017
329 BIOSMART Bio-based smart packaging for enhanced preservation of food quality. 2017
330 3D-SMoHC 3D SMART MODELS FOR HERITAGE CONSERVATION An Open Science project for documentation, management and representation of Cultural Heritage 2017
331 GOT ENERGY GOT ENERGY TALENT. Attracting Talented Researchers within the Spanish Campus of International Excellence ‘Smart Energy’ and the region of Madrid. 2017
332 AdaSmartRes Adapter for a commercial grade camera or a smart phone to perform depth resolved imaging 2017
333 QuardCard Powered smart card with a biometric one time password system 2017
334 IMPETUS Information Management Portal to Enable the inTegration of Unmanned Systems 2017
335 MossTree A new smart city climate infrastructure with a capacity for reducing air pollution equivalent to 275 normal trees 2017
337 pHenom A cost effective, smart, calibration free, low maintenance pH sensor providing an integrated approach to monitoring sea and drinking water, facilitating improvements in ocean, animal and human health. 2017
338 Laelia Due A smart pellet stove that combines efficient heat generation with IoT 2017
339 5G STEP FWD 5G System Technological Enhancements Provided by Fiber Wireless Deployments 2017
340 InnovAfrica Innovations in Technology, Institutional and Extension Approaches towards Sustainable Agriculture and enhanced Food and Nutritional Security in Africa 2017
341 ROBUST Rural-Urban Outlooks: Unlocking Synergies 2017
342 UNALAB Urban Nature Labs 2017
343 CONNECT Innovative smart components, modules and appliances for a truly connected, efficient and secure smart grid. 2017
344 R3-PowerUP 300mm Pilot Line for Smart Power and Power Discretes 2017
345 ESTEEM Advanced Energy STorage and Regeneration System for Enhanced Energy Management 2017
346 Smart4Europe Catalysing Digitisation throughout Europe 2017
347 NOLEAK Self-powered system for leakage detection in water pipes and self-sealing fissures with natural products 2017
348 Anapphylaxis The first Integrated m-Health solution for anaphylaxis management. 2017
349 SCCS Smart City Control System (SCCS) For Green Lighting 2017
350 NINA 2.0 Changing the rules of domestic gas metering 2017
351 I-MECH Intelligent Motion Control Platform for Smart Mechatronic Systems 2017
352 SILENSE (Ultra)Sound Interfaces and Low Energy iNtegrated SEnsors 2017
353 SLICENET End-to-End Cognitive Network Slicing and Slice Management Framework in Virtualised Multi-Domain, Multi-Tenant 5G Networks 2017
354 SMART BIKING Safe parking system for bicycles 2017
355 INDTECH2018 INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - innovative industries for smart growth 2017
356 InnoITeam Centre of Excellence in IT Science and Technology 2017
357 iReact-NG iReact-NG 2017
358 MARITEC-X Marine and Maritime Research, Innovation, Technology Centre of Excellence 2017
359 MedSTACH Eastern Mediterranean Science and Technology Center of Excellence for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage 2017
360 NanoBeat Developing Smart 3D Scaffolds based on Conductive Polymers and Carbon Nanotubes for Cardiac Tissue Engineering 2018
361 NOBEL Mobilising the European nano-biomedical ecosystem 2017
362 PROGRAMS PROGnostics based Reliability Analysis for Maintenance Scheduling 2017
363 Pydro Turbine Energy-Recovery Turbine for Water Pipes 2017
364 SAGRIS Sentinels-based Agriculture Information Service Component 2017
366 Autonomous Autonomous – Novel Smart Home and facility management solution from embedded robots and indoor navigation 2017
368 HPCForEVs High Power Charger For Electric Vehicles 2017
369 DSS Deaf Smart Space 2017
370 DeviceHub The next generation of internet-of-thing (IoT) connectivity. 2017
371 UtilitEE Utility Business Model Transformation through human-centric behavioural interventions and ICT tools for Energy Efficiency 2017
372 VisIoN European Training Network on Visible light based Interoperability and Networking 2017
373 GridEye For a rapid transition to Smart Grids 2017
374 HEART Holistic Energy and Architectural Retrofit Toolkit 2017
375 SAFERUP Sustainable, Accessible, Safe, Resilient and Smart Urban Pavements 2018
376 SCORES Self Consumption Of Renewable Energy by hybrid Storage systems 2017
377 SIADE SaaS SIADE SaaS: Spatial Decision Support System for Transportation Planning 2017
378 iDistributedPV Solar PV on the Distribution Grid: Smart Integrated Solutions of Distributed Generation based on Solar PV, Energy Storage Devices and Active Demand Management 2017
379 Eco-Bot Personalised ICT-tools for the Active Engagement of Consumers Towards Sustainable Energy 2017
380 IMPACT-2 Indicator Monitoring for a new railway PAradigm in seamlessly integrated Cross modalTransport chains – Phase 2 2017
381 IN2STEMPO Innovative Solutions in Future Stations, Energy Metering and Power Supply 2017
382 RUN2Rail Innovative RUNning gear soluTiOns for new dependable, sustainable, intelligent and comfortable RAIL vehicles 2017
383 SWAMP Smart Water Management Platform 2017
384 WATER4AGRI Securing water for food and safety with the world's most advanced soil moisture information derived from satellites 2017
385 SMARTELECTRODES Multiscaled Smart Metallic and Semiconductor Electrodes for Electrochemical Processing and Devices 2018
386 Plume Air Cloud Plume Air Cloud – Air Quality Data Crowdsourcing Platform for Environmentally-friendly Cities 2017
387 RISE Research Center in Interactive Media, Smart System and Emerging Technologies 2017
389 IRIS Integrated and Replicable Solutions for Co-Creation in Sustainable Cities 2017
390 AirQast A commercial platform providing operational Air Quality services using EO data 2017
391 Go SIV Support SMEs innovation and initiatives within Smart Industrial Villages (SIV), an approach for renovating traditional urban industrial areas 2017
392 IoTCrawler IoTCrawler 2018
393 SciRoc European Robotics League plus Smart Cities Robot Competitions 2018
394 INLINETEST In-line quality inspection system for smart production of micro and nanoelectronic components 2018
395 BIOELE Functional Biointerface Elements via Biomicrofabrication 2018
396 EnDurCrete New Environmental friendly and Durable conCrete, integrating industrial by-products and hybrid systems, for civil, industrial and offshore applications – EnDurCrete 2018
397 IoT4Win Internet of Thing for Smart Water Innovative Networks 2018
398 RESPOND RESPOND: integrated demand REsponse Solution towards energy POsitive NeighbourhooDs 2017
399 Net2DG Leveraging Networked Data for the Digital electricity Grid 2018
400 EN SGplusRegSys A European joint programming initiative to develop integrated, regional, smart energy systems enabling regions and local communities to realize their high sustainable energy ambitions 2018
401 ReaLsMs Real Smart City 2017
402 SealedGRID Scalable, trustEd, and interoperAble pLatform for sEcureD smart GRID 2018
403 ENGIMA Engineering of Nanostructures with Giant Magneto-Piezoelectric and Multicaloric Functionalities 2017
404 IDEAL-CITIES Intelligence-Driven Urban Internet-of-Things Ecosystems for Trustworthy and Circular Smart Cities 2018
405 Signa2.0 Signaturit 2018
406 Smart-Trust Smart Trust: Secure Mobile ID for Trusted Smart Borders 2018
407 REFLEX Reversible solid oxide Electrolyzer and Fuel cell for optimized Local Energy miX 2018
408 SecureIoT Predictive Security for IoT Platforms and Networks of Smart Objects 2018
409 SerIoT Secure and Safe Internet of Things 2018
410 SEMIoTICS Smart End-to-end Massive IoT Interoperability, Connectivity and Security 2018
411 ENACT Trustworthy and Smart Actuation in IoT systems 2018
412 FABULOS Pre-Commercial Procurement of Future autonomous bus urban level Operation Systems 2018
413 SAUCE Smart Asset re-Use in Creative Environments 2018
414 BOOST 4.0 Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0 2018
415 SmartHeat SmartHeat – An eco-innovative solution towards zero-carbon household heating 2017
416 PhytlSigns Real-time plant monitoring based on bioelectrical signals 2017
418 HomyHub Unlocking the full potential of grarages and paving the way for 21st century garage 2017
419 SMART-DNA Single Molecule Analytical Raman Tools based on DNA nanostructures 2018
420 SEMIoTICS Smart End-to-end Massive IoT Interoperability, Connectivity and Security 2018
421 BOOST 4.0 Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0 2018
422 Smart Cooking Low energy, infrared oven for an improved automated cooking 2018
423 SENSEI Optimizing Retail Operation With Real-Time Customer Activity Intelligence 2018
424 HOLOBALANCE HOLOgrams for personalised virtual coaching and motivation in an ageing population with BALANCE disorders 2017
425 BOOST 4.0 Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0 2018
426 ENIGMA Supervisor Control for ENhanced electrIcal enerGy MAnagement 2018
427 ELECTRO-POM From discovery to scale up of cluster based electrolytes for Ultra-high energy storage flow batteries 2018
429 PowerBrise Smart Photovoltaic Façades for Self-Powered Buildings 2018
430 SEMS Smart Energy Management System 2018
431 POWERSWAP Fully robotic system for swapping electric car batteries within 3 minutes. 2018
432 BOOST 4.0 Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0 2018
433 CHESTER Compressed Heat Energy Storage for Energy from Renewable sources 2018
434 PEP2D Printable Electronics on Paper through 2D materials based inks 2018
435 CellFreeImplant Cell-free Ti-based Medical Implants due to Laser-induced Microstructures 2018
436 EcoGemCoat Smart anticorrosion coatings based on nanocontainers loaded with novel, eco-friendly cationic gemini surfactants as efficient corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel in seawater. 2018
437 ESC2RAD Enabling Smart Computations to study space RADiation effects 2018
438 CARE4C Carbon smart forestry under climate change 2018
439 SPEAR SPEAR: Secure and PrivatE smArt gRid 2018
440 PDP4E Methods and tools for GDPR compliance through Privacy and Data Protection Engineering 2018
441 NEWSENs eNergy nEutral Wireless SEnsor Networks 2019
442 AnticipatoryLedgers Anticipatory design and ethical framework for Distributed Ledger Technologies (blockchain or DAG) and applications (smart contracts, IoTs and supply chain) 2018
443 GFSMART Design and Integration of Graphene Fibre Based Antennas for Smart Textiles 2018
444 QPARK A Quantitative Approach for Smart Parking 2018
445 INSYLO Disruptive IoT solution for optimising the animal feed supply chain 2018
446 SMARTFAN Smart by Design and Intelligent by Architecture for turbine blade fan and structural components systems 2018
447 MEISTER Mobility Environmentally-friendly, Integrated and economically Sustainable Through innovative Electromobility Recharging infrastructure and new business models 2018
448 REACTION first and euRopEAn siC eigTh Inches pilOt liNe 2018
449 OCEAN12 Opportunity to Carry European Autonomous driviNg further with FDSOI technology up to 12nm node 2018
450 POSITION-II A pilot line for the next generation of smart catheters and implants 2018
451 FITOPTIVIS From the cloud to the edge - smart IntegraTion and OPtimization Technologies for highly efficient Image and VIdeo processing Systems 2018
452 HiPERFORM High performant Wide Band Gap Power Electronics for Reliable, energy eFficient drivetrains and Optimization thRough Multi-physics simulation 2018
453 WAKeMeUP Wafers for Automotive and other Key applications using Memories, embedded in Ulsi Processors 2018
454 BioWings Bio-compatible electrostrictive smart materials for future generation of medical micro-electro- mechanical systems 2018
455 Mol-2D Molecule-induced control over 2D Materials 2018
456 BRAIN-IoT model-Based fRamework for dependable sensing and Actuation in INtelligent decentralized IoT systems 2018
457 ComFyt ComFyt, the revolution in compression therapy. A novel Electro-Active Polymers technology applied to a smart stocking that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates the blood flow. 2018
458 AgrowFab Far Infrared Radiation Smart Fabric Heating Element for GreenHouses 2018
459 Roksnet e-Society Interconnections Software 2018
460 3DBattery 3DBattery µBattery innovative thin-film flexible Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing 2018