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H2020 projects about "spatial"

The page lists 182 projects related to the topic "spatial".

# achronym  title  year 
1 METASPACE Bioinformatics for spatial metabolomics 2015
2 SENSKIN ' SENsing SKIN' for Monitoring-Based Maintenance of the Transport Infrastructure (SENSKIN) 2015
3 EQUALIZE Equalizing or disequalizing? Opposing socio-demographic determinants of the spatial distribution of welfare. 2015
4 NanoChemBioVision Next Generation Label-free Chemical Nanoscopy for Biomedical Applications 2015
5 MoNaLISA Long-term molecular nanoscale imaging of neuronal function 2015
6 CHIME The Role of Cortico-Hippocampal Interactions during Memory Encoding 2015
7 COLOUR PATTERN Morphogenesis and Molecular Regulation of Colour Patterning in Birds 2015
8 PHySIS Sparse Signal Processing Technologies for HyperSpectral Imaging Systems 2015
9 Vaccinesurvey Monitor population immunity against vaccine preventable diseases 2015
10 GraM3 Surface-grafted metallofullerene molecular magnets with controllable alignment of magnetic moments 2015
11 CSF From Cloud to Star Formation 2015
12 TherVIS A Thermal-Visual Integrated System Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for 3D energy performance mapping and forecasting and damage evaluation 2014
13 REAPPAST High-Resolution Approach in Middle and Upper Palaeolithic sites for reconstructing Social dynamic and Technical behaviours 2015
14 GLOBIS-B GLOBal Infrastructures for Supporting Biodiversity research 2015
15 HoogsCG Development of a multiscale modeling strategy to decipher how hybrid DNA/RNA triplexes and G-quadruplexes affect gene expression regulation 2015
16 ELiQSIR Engineered Light Potentials for Quantum Simulation with Individual-Atom Resolution 2015
17 3DWISE 3D Full Waveform Inversion on seismic data at the East Pacific Rise 2015
18 PleisTechnoVar Technological Variability during the Late Pleistocene in Eastern Africa: lithic assemblages as indirect witnesses of past human population dynamics 2015
20 AlFHoNSo Analysing Forest Hydrocarbons with Networks of Sensors 2015
21 VEiL Visualising Engineered Landscapes: an archaeological approach to unlock environmental resilience and sustainability in antiquity 2015
22 MagProtoCell Magnetic micromachines based on protocell design and engineering 2015
23 VCSD Visualising Chromatin Structure and Dynamics at the Nanometre Scale with Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy 2016
24 NEW URBAN UNIVERSITY Situating the New Urban University: Higher Education in an Era of Global Urbanization 2015
25 FUTURESYRIA Mapping an uncertain future: Social and spatial change in conflicting Syria 2015
26 MWMI Mesoscopic characterization of human white-matter: a computational in-vivo MRI framework 2015
27 GEODEM Geography of Demography: modelling plant population responses to global habitat patterns 2015
28 MULTISSOUND Multisensory-Based Spatial Sound 2015
29 EPICONNECT Functional brain networks in epilepsy 2016
30 MultiNav Multisensory Navigation: Harnessing the Power of Multisensory Processing Optogenetic Stimulation to Aid The Blind 2015
31 SynBiol-DynHet Diversity in Synthetic Biological Systems 2015
32 CAMP-BIVALENCE Roma, Gypsies and Travellers' social in/exclusion in European urban camps 2016
33 VANGUARD Versatile optomechANical GRaphene Device for bio-tissue engineering 2015
34 NETEEG Spatial super-resolution of electrophysiological measurements 2015
35 ECLAIR Emulation of subgrid-scale aerosol-cloud interactions in climate models: towards a realistic representation of aerosol indirect effect 2015
36 BIODESERT Biological feedbacks and ecosystem resilience under global change: a new perspective on dryland desertification 2016
37 WayTO Wayfinding Through Orientation 2015
38 SynDiv A nanophysics approach to synthetic cell division 2015
39 BIOSTASES BIOdiversity, STAbility and sustainability in Spatial Ecological and social-ecological Systems 2015
40 ReactiveFronts Mixing interfaces as reactive hotspots of porous media flows: theoretical upscaling, experimental imaging and field scale validation 2015
41 STEEPclim Spatiotemporal evolution of the hydrological cycle throughout the European continent during past abrupt climate changes 2015
42 NEURO-PATTERNS How neuronal activity patterns drive behavior: novel all-optical control and monitoring of brain neuronal networks with high spatiotemporal resolution 2015
43 POTI People, objects and technologies at the interface – multiscalar interaction networks in the Aegean Bronze Age (3100-1200 BC) 2016
44 CellViewer CellViewer: super-resolution systems microscopy to assess pluripotency and differentiation of stem cells at single cell level 2016
45 APOLLO Advisory platform for small farms based on earth observation 2016
46 STREAMS Smart Technologies for eneRgy Efficient Active cooling in advanced Microelectronic Systems 2016
47 SPCCT In Vivo Spectral Photon Counting CT Molecular Imaging in Cardio- and Neuro-Vascular Diseases 2016
48 CAT Climbing the Asian Water Tower 2016
49 SEAQUEL Structured Ensembles of Atoms for Quantum Engineering of Light 2016
50 ADMEP Dynamics of femtosecond laser ablation of trapped dielectric and metallic nanoparticles 2016
51 AQUISS Air Quality Information Services 2016
52 MolMap From Tissues to Single Molecules: High Content in Situ Super-Resolution imaging with DNA-PAINT 2016
53 REFLEX Studying the role of the retrosplenial cortex in flexible learning 2016
54 MultiCellSysBio Deconstructing complexity to reveal quantitative systems-level principles that enable multicellular systems to coordinately regulate genes over space and time 2016
55 CONTEXTVISION Visual perception in Context 2016
56 TissueMaps Integrating spatial and genetic information via automated image analysis and interactive visualization of tissue data 2016
57 SCouT Sparse Composite Likelihood Inference in Count Time Series 2016
58 MCANALSMSCA2015 Receptor signalling in space and time - Gaining high-resolution information of the temporal and spatial control of G protein-coupled receptor signalling. 2018
59 Dynamic Perspectives Unravelling perspective-taking: Examining the influence of multiple constraints on perspective selection and multimodal behavior through a dynamical systems' approach 2016
60 Rockslope_failures Improve our understanding of Rock Slope Failures using calving events 2016
61 REINVENT Re-inventory-ing Heritage: Exploring the potential of public participation GIS to capture heritage values and dissonance 2016
62 E-GOS Effective Governance of Open Spatial data 2016
63 DynaSpaCER Molecular Mechanisms of Dynamic and Spatial Control of Eph Receptors clustering 2016
64 IN VIVO MOSSY Is the hippocampal mossy fiber synapse a detonator in vivo? 2016
65 ForestRege Tree generation replacement in a European natural forest– unravelling the role of canopy gaps using a spatially explicit approach 2016
67 DECOR Decorative Principles in late Republican and early Imperial Italy 2016
68 EvoStruc The physics of antibiotic resistance evolution in spatially-structured multicellular assemblies 2016
69 SIM4NEXUS Sustainable Integrated Management FOR the NEXUS of water-land-food-energy-climate for a resource-efficient Europe 2016
70 MuCellWall Seed mucilage envelope as a new structural model in cell wall research 2016
71 SAMA Spaces of Anti-Muslim Acts in the Greater Paris and Greater London regions 2016
72 DecodeRemapping Decoding the neural mechanism of human spatial cognition using behavioural and hemodynamic signals 2017
73 NETS Networks in Time and Space 2016
74 REPAiR REPAiR - REsource Management in Peri-urban AReas: Going Beyond Urban Metabolism 2016
75 STAMP Separation Technology for A Million Peaks 2016
76 MobileKids Children in multi-local post-separation families 2016
77 GoCADiSC Genomics of Chromosome Architecture and Dynamics in Single Cells 2017
78 SYSDYNET Data-driven Modelling in Dynamic Networks 2016
79 PHOSPhOR Photonics of Spin–Orbit Optical Phenomena 2016
80 VISMEM Visualising memories of violence in urban places: gender and wellbeing in Istanbul 2016
81 ADMIN Interaction between posterior parietal and prefrontal cortices with occipital visual cortex in visual attention and perceptual decision making. 2017
82 RESOLVE REalistic Simulations and ObservationaL Validation of small-scale Energy channels on the Sun 2017
83 INTFACDYN Studying Interfacial Dynamics by Interferometric Scattering 2016
84 NATURAL_BAT_NAV Neural basis of natural navigation: Representation of goals, 3-D spaces and 1-km distances in the bat hippocampal formation – the role of experience 2016
85 COTCA Cultures of Occupation in Twentieth-century Asia 2016
86 DYNURBAN Urban dynamics: learning from integrated models and big data 2016
87 ASSIMILES Advanced Spectroscopy and Spectrometry for Imaging Metabolism using Isotopically-Labeled Endogenous Substrates 2016
88 HoTRiverS Heterogeneity of Temperature in Rivers and Streams 2017
89 GEOFIN Western banks in Eastern Europe: New geographies of financialisation 2016
90 TRuStEE Training on Remote Sensing for Ecosystem modElling 2016
91 THERMOS THERMOS (Thermal Energy Resource Modelling and Optimisation System) 2016
92 RELOCAL Resituating the local in cohesion and territorial development 2016
93 IMAJINE Integrative Mechanisms for Addressing Spatial Justice and Territorial Inequalities in Europe 2017
94 FNS-4-NAMOSAT Development of fluorescence nanospectroscopy to elucidate the roles of nanoscale molecular segregation in the activation of T-cells 2016
95 MF-Synapse Presynaptic calcium channels distribution and impact on coupling at the hippocampal mossy fiber synapse 2017
96 INSPEX Integrated Smart Spatial Exploration System 2017
97 ECoLaSS Evolution of Copernicus Land Services based on Sentinel data 2017
98 NanoCellActivity Nanoscale live-cell activity sensing using smart probes and imaging 2017
99 PLATYPUS PLAsticiTY of Perceptual space Under Sensorimotor interactions 2017
100 NANOGLU Enlightening synaptic architecture: nanoscale segregation of glutamate receptor subtypes 2017
101 HiFreq Smart high-frequency environmental sensor networks for quantifying nonlinear hydrological process dynamics across spatial scales 2016
102 SmartCore Smart Core/shell nanorod arrays for artificial skin 2016
103 CO-CREATION The Cohesive City: Addressing Stigmatisation in Disadvantaged Urban Neighbourhoods 2017
104 ADVANTAG5 Advanced Wide-Band Transceiver Architectures for Beyond 5G Wireless Systems 2017
106 3D_Tryps The role of three-dimensional genome architecture in antigenic variation 2017
107 VestibVis Visual and vestibular processing in secondary visual cortex 2017
108 EDST Economic Development and Structural Transformation 2017
109 3DQuant Understanding long-range transcriptional regulation in the context of the 3D genome organization 2017
110 NanoEAscopy Mapping Nanoscale Charge Separation at Heterojunctions with Ultrafast Electroabsorption Microscopy 2017
111 FASTR 3D SIM Focus on Advancing Spatial and Temporal Resolution of 3D Structured Illumination Microscopy 2017
112 GeoElectricMixing Geophysical Signature of Subsurface Reactive Mixing 2017
113 RSCHD Functional dissection of the head-direction circuit in mouse retrosplenial cortex. 2017
114 OCEANURB the unseen spaces of extended urbanization in the North Sea 2017
115 GeoMOP Modern Geospatial Practices for Ancient Movement Praxis 2018
116 Justhood (Un)Just NeighbourhoodsSocio-Spatial Justice in Urban Neighbourhoods 2018
117 NMRNTECH NMR-based Sensor Technology at Nanoscale 2017
118 HousePoetics House Poetics. An 'assemblage' approach to the production and transmission of value in Bronze Age Crete. 2017
119 SDD Spirits of Displacement and Diaspora 2017
120 PLANAFFHO PLANAFFHO - PLANning for AFFordable HOusing 2018
121 NavigationCircuits Neural circuits for route planning in goal-directed spatial navigation 2017
122 ReservoirDOCs The evolutionary dynamics of pathogen emergence and establishment: from Reservoir Detection to Outbreak Control 2017
123 REGAIN REGionalism And INstututional dynamics in the EU 2017
124 COHSMO (Former Hans Thor Andersen) Inequality, urbanization and Territorial Cohesion: Developing the European Social Model of economic growth and democratic capacity (COSHMO) 2017
125 FERROVOLT For a better understanding and design of ferroelectric photovoltaics: First-principles study of opticalabsorption and charge-carrier transport at ferroelectric domain walls in BiFeO3 2017
126 CellTrack Cellular Position Tracking Using DNA Origami Barcodes 2017
127 2DNanoSpec Nanoscale Vibrational Spectroscopy of Sensitive 2D Molecular Materials 2017
128 SPACE Space-time structure of climate change 2017
129 FINEPRINT Spatially explicit material footprints: fine-scale assessment of Europe’s global environmental and social impacts 2017
130 EASY Ejection Accretion Structures in YSOs (EASY) 2017
131 CRESTING CiRcular Economy: SusTainability Implications and guidING progress 2018
132 SIADE SaaS SIADE SaaS: Spatial Decision Support System for Transportation Planning 2017
133 STEMS Spatiotemporal multimode complex optical systems 2017
134 GEM Generalised Entropy Models for Spatial Choices 2017
135 ARTIST Artificial cell-cell interactions for light switchable cell organization and signaling 2018
136 SUNMAG SUNMAG: Understanding magnetic-field-regulated heating and explosive events in the solar chromosphere 2018
137 IntScOmics A single-cell genomics approach integrating gene expression, lineage, and physical interactions 2018
138 ENERGYA ENERGY use for Adaptation 2018
139 PerceptiveSentinel Perceptive Sentinel – BIG DATA knowledge extraction and re-creation platform 2018
140 MINERGRACE Graphene-based High Resolution Neural Interfaces for ICT-inspired Neuro-treatment 2018
141 AgeCogCity How visual perception shapes our cities: a cognitive model of ageing population 2018
142 moreSense The Motor Representation of Sensory Experience 2018
143 ESBO DS European Stratospheric Balloon Observatory Design Study 2018
144 NEXIS Next generation X-ray imaging system 2018
145 ProstOmics 'Tissue is the issue': a multi-omics approach to improve prostate cancer diagnosis 2018
146 LSO Liver Spatial Omics 2018
147 APOGEE Atomic-scale physics of single-photon sources. 2018
148 METACELL Metabolism of a cell pictured by single-cell approach 2018
149 FFSize Why farm and field size matters: Exploring their role for food security and sustainable agriculture in South America 2018
150 nanoAXON Nano-physiology of small glutamatergic axon terminals 2018
151 QUEM-CHEM Time- and space- resolved ultrafast dynamics in molecular-plasmonic hybrid systems 2018
152 ATTOPIE Attosecond plasmon imaging with electrons 2018
153 CROSSGRASS Cross-border analysis of grassland greenness in Asia: Climate variations, grazing pressure, and land policy change 2018
154 Plasmonic Reactor Super-resolution mapping of hot carriers on plasmonic nanoparticles for enhanced photochemistry. 2018
155 ToPSeCRET Topological properties of sub-wavelength crystalline metamaterials 2018
156 MappingSpatialVision Linking the perceptual and neural mechanisms of human spatial perception using behavioral and ultra-high field fMRI signals 2019
157 BorGal Borelli Galaxy. Visualizing Galileo's Heritage (1635-1700 ca.) 2018
158 DC-SIGN-MFN Dissecting Multivalent Viral Receptor-carbohydrate Interactions Using Polyvalent Multifunctional Glycan-Quantum Dot 2018
159 reFUEL Going global? Renewable fuel trade and social land-use restrictions in a low-carbon energy system 2018
160 NEMO New states of Entangled Matter Out of equilibrium 2018
161 SONORA The Spatial Dynamics of Room Acoustics 2018
162 Interfaces Manipulating Acoustic wavefronts using metamaterials for novel user interfaces 2018
163 IN-Fo-trace-DG Role of GABAergic interneurons in the formation of new memory traces in the Dentate Gyrus ofbehaving mice 2018
164 STARFLOOD Space-Time scAling of the Rainfall to FLOOD transformation 2018
165 POLARSENSE Polarimetry with spatially coherent detection for ultrasensitive detection 2018
166 SHARE_WW Spatial organization and Horizontal gene transfer of Antibiotic Resistance by ESBL in WasteWater 2018
167 VirtualSync An embodied perspective on anosognosia 2018
168 MOVEMED Linking Human Mobility and Marine Megafauna Movement in the Mediterranean Sea for a better integration of Blue Growth 2019
169 FUNDra Remote sensing to model spatiotemporal distribution of functional diversity in the tundra 2018
170 MATISSE Post-crisis urban transformations in Madrid and Athens; a comparative approach 2018
171 REMEDHY Researching Environments that Magnify Health Everyday (REMEDHY) 2018
172 RE-HOUSING The Refugees’ Right To Housing: State Policies and Housing Commons in Istanbul, Athens and Belgrade 2018
173 PERSEUS A New Perspective On Star Formation and Spiral Structure in Our Home Galaxy 2018
174 MECEDGE Transgenic dissection of the neural circuitry of memory and dementia 2018
175 ITS A DIVE Individual Three-dimensional Spatial Auditory Displays for Immersive Virtual Environments 2019
176 ESCAPE-2 Energy-efficient SCalable Algorithms for weather and climate Prediction at Exascale 2018
177 LANDSUPPORT Development of Integrated Web-Based Land Decision Support System Aiming Towards the Implementation of Policies for Agriculture and Environment 2018
178 LICCI Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts. The Contribution of Local Knowledge to Climate Change Research 2018
179 INTEXseas An integrated weather-system perspective on the characteristics, dynamics and impacts of extreme seasons 2018
180 NanoTBTech Nanoparticles-based 2D thermal bioimaging technologies 2018
181 COEXIST Bacteria-phage-antibiotic interactions in variable environments: a community ecology perspective 2018