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H2020 projects about "throughput"

The page lists 78 projects related to the topic "throughput".

# achronym  title  year 
1 BeyondSeq Genomic diagnostics beyond the sequence 2015
2 SAT406M An EGNSS application providing an end-to-end solution based on the SAR/Galileo service and particularly using the Return-Link-Message (RLM), to improve the mobility and safety of citizens 2015
3 INSPIRED INdustrial Scale Production of Innovative nanomateRials for printEd Devices 2015
4 SMPFv2.0 Next generation single molecule protein fluorescence 2015
5 R2R Biofluidics Large scale micro-and nanofabrication technologies for bioanalytical devices based on R2R imprinting 2015
6 C-BORD effective Container inspection at BORDer control points 2015
7 InterAcTEV Genome-wide analysis of RNA and protein interacting profiles during a plant virus infection 2015
8 smSTRUCT Fuse smFRET and modeling to a new structural biology method and solve the functional ESCRT assembly structure 2016
10 CONSTRAINTS Ecophysiological and biophysical constraints on domestication in crop plants 2015
11 WiVi-2020 Wireless Visionaries for 2020 2015
12 Microflusa Fabricating colloidal materials with microfluidics 2015
13 NanoPoreFab On-chip fabrication of solid state nanopores for high throughput single molecule analysis 2015
14 HTMD Feasibility assessment of a cloud application platform for rational drug design using high throughput molecular dynamics 2015
15 VIDOCK 2D Conformal mapping of protein surfaces: applications to VIsualization and DOCKing software 2015
16 HighTPSAFM High throughput spectroscopy atomic force microscopy for the foot printing of bacteria and cellular organelle 2016
17 Invest INtelligent Video analytics to analyse complex scenes and Enhance Security of critical infrastructure and urban soft Targets 2015
18 MIMIC Mimicking organs on chips for high throughput drug screening and basic research 2016
19 NeuroNanoChip A Nano-electrode chip for high-resolution/high-throughput cellular assays in cultured neurons including synaptic tranmission 2015
20 LEONID Lung cancEr fusiOn geNes: a new dIagnostic Device 2015
21 PearlLight+ Increasing the efficiency of LED street lighting by 15% via optical design 2015
22 EU-ToxRisk An Integrated European ‘Flagship’ Program Driving Mechanism-based Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment for the 21st Century 2016
23 CellViewer CellViewer: super-resolution systems microscopy to assess pluripotency and differentiation of stem cells at single cell level 2016
24 PROSEQO PROtein SEQuencing using Optical single molecule real-time detection 2016
25 NanoPP Large Scale Protein Library Screening Biosensor 2016
26 ICT-STREAMS Silicon Photonics Transceiver and Routing technologies for High-End Multi-Socket Server Blades with Tb/s Throughput interconnect interfaces 2016
27 ultraSURFACE Ultra Dynamic Optical Systems for High Throughput Laser Surface Processing 2016
28 EPIC Exploiting Protein Complexes that Induce Cell-death 2016
29 PolyDrug Discovery Discovery of anticancer polymeric drugs that mimic the action of TRAIL 2016
30 HEMOTECT Hemozoin Detection using Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in Diamond 2016
31 TresClean High ThRoughput lasEr texturing of Self-CLEANing and antibacterial surfaces 2016
32 Cells-in-drops High throughput screening of single-cells using droplet microfluidics 2016
33 CAMEOS Cardiac micro-engineered tissue for high-throughput screening 2016
34 MID Molecular Information Dynamics 2016
35 VIBRANT-BIO High-throughput vibrational fingerprinting by nanoplasmonics for disease biology 2017
36 METAFLUIDICS Advanced toolbox for rapid and cost-effective functional metagenomic screening - microbiology meets microfluidics. 2016
37 YRNAcleave Sequence and structural requirements for Y RNA cleavage 2016
38 Antibodyomics Vaccine profiling and immunodiagnostic discovery by high-throughput antibody repertoire analysis 2016
39 WhiteBox EEG Big Data EEG Recording and Analysis platform 2016
40 LIQUIDMASS High throughput mass spectrometry of single proteins in liquid environment 2016
41 Fabriscale Fabric management for the software defined data centre 2016
42 COSMIC European Training Network for Continuous Sonication and Microwave Reactors 2016
43 PJ28 IAO Integrated Airport Operations 2016
44 CARBOMET Metrology of Carbohydrates for Enabling European Bioindustries 2017
45 PJ02 EARTH Increased Runway and Airport Throughput 2016
46 Prometeo Complete Automatization of Tissue Microarray Systems: Unleashing High-Throughput in Pathology Diagnosis, Prognosis and Anticancer Therapy 2016
47 NeuronAgeScreen A Drug Discovery and Target Identification Screening Platform for Age-Associated Neurodegenerative Disorders 2017
48 OMICS Origami-based Microfluidic Interface for Cell Signalling 2017
49 DrugSearchTool Innovative FRET-based toolkit for screening of drugs to fight miRNA-related diseases and its use in the development of cancer treatment with miRNA-96 as a therapeutic target 2018
50 DUALITY Theoretical Foundations of Memory Micro-Insertions in Wireless Communications 2017
51 AEGILWHEAT Widening gene pool of bread wheat by hybridization with Aegilops biuncialis supported by advanced genetic and chromosome genomic approaches 2017
52 DNAmethAML Investigation of aberrant DNA methylation in malignant haematopoiesis 2018
53 DropContEvo A droplet microfluidic system for continuous in vivo evolution. 2018
54 FRAGMENTOME FRAGMENT screening from advanced-sampling molecular dynamics simulations on a proteOME scale. 2017
55 IMforFUTURE Innovative training in methods for future data 2017
56 SCRIBE Reading the genetic history of parchment manuscripts. 2017
57 ACtIVAtE The virulence potential of human pathogens: how Acinetobacter baumannii survives Acanthamoeba castellanii predation 2018
58 MUTAnTS A microfluidic high throughput approach to helicase biophysics 2018
60 Anti-CRISPR Uncovering viral sabotage of host CRISPR-Cas immune systems 2018
61 ARENA Aligned Roll-to-Roll Shear Coating of Nanotubes 2017
62 SystGeneEdit Dissecting quantitative traits and their underlying genetic interactions via systematic genome editing 2017
63 MetalJet Liquid-metal jet X-ray source for high performance non-destructive testing 2017
64 ANALYTICS All-electrical analytic platform for digital fluidics 2017
65 OR-HMC Assay for cancer diagnostics by quantification of 5hmC 2017
66 CodeSphere CodeSphere - Discovering Therapeutic Nanoparticles by Molecular Encoding 2017
67 CellPrintArray CellPrintArray – on-demand nano-scale printing of live cells and compounds for miniaturized cell screening applications 2017
68 ORGANOMICS Reconstructing human cortex development and malformation with single-cell transcriptomics 2018
69 OncoSeq OncoSeq: an innovative single-cell system for immunomonitoring 2017
70 EO-ALERT Next Generation Satellite Processing Chain for Rapid Civil Alerts 2018
71 METACELL Metabolism of a cell pictured by single-cell approach 2018
72 CLAReTE Combinatorially Led Advanced Research on Transparent Electrodes 2018
73 ChemRAS Chemical probing of transcriptional RAS effectors 2019
74 IN-3D-CAN Instrumented 3D-Printed Miniature Muscles for Cardiotoxicity Screens of Cancer Therapies 2018
75 PROCHIP Chromatin organization PROfiling with high-throughput super-resolution microscopy on a CHIP 2018
76 ProgrES Programmable Enzymatic Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds 2018
77 Sage2 Percipient Storage for Exascale Data Centric Computing2 2018
78 CHIRON Spin Wave Computing for Ultimately-Scaled Hybrid Low-Power Electronics 2018