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1 Light Night Light Night 2015
2 GEOFLUIDS Geometric problems in PDEs with applications to fluid mechanics 2015
3 EuroMix EuroMix 2015
4 DOLORisk DOLORisk: Understanding risk factors and determinants for neuropathic pain 2015
5 B-CAST Breast CAncer STratification: understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular subtypes 2015
6 Prominent Promoting Innovation in the Inland Waterways Transport Sector 2015
7 OPERAM OPtimising thERapy to prevent Avoidable hospital admissions in the Multimorbid elderly 2015
8 nEUROSTRESSPEP Novel biocontrol agents for insect pests from neuroendocrinology 2015
9 PRECIOUS PREvention of Complications to Improve OUtcome in elderly patients with acute Stroke 2015
10 BeyondSeq Genomic diagnostics beyond the sequence 2015
12 WASCOSYS Wavefunctions for strongly correlated systems 2015
13 JSPEC Josephson Junction Spectroscopy of Mesoscopic Systems 2015
14 CREMA Cloud-based Rapid Elastic MAnufacturing 2015
15 ENTANGLED-TM-ALKANE Entangled pincer ligand architectures and their application in the transition-metal-mediated activation of alkanes 2015
16 FlyContext Neural processing of context-dependent innate behavior 2015
17 NanoSOFT Fluid transport at the nano- and meso- scales : from fundamentals to applications in energy harvesting and desalination process 2015
18 STARLIGHT Steering attosecond electron dynamics in biomolecules with UV-XUV LIGHT pulses 2015
19 MetDNASecStr Metabolism of DNA secondary structures and their impact on genome stability 2015
21 CRCStemCellDynamics Molecular Subtype Specific Stem Cell Dynamics in Developing and Established Colorectal Cancers 2015
22 NanoChemBioVision Next Generation Label-free Chemical Nanoscopy for Biomedical Applications 2015
23 SCORA A systematic characterization of human regulatory architectures and their determinants of regulatory activity 2015
24 aLzINK Alzheimer's disease and Zinc: the missing link ? 2015
25 Weakinteract Weak interactions in self-organizations studied by NMR spectroscopy in the supramolecular solid-state 2015
26 ExtreFlow Extreme deformation of structured fluids and interfaces. Exploiting ultrafast collapse and yielding phenomena for new processes and formulated products 2015
27 PRCTOERC Novel Regulatory Principles of Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 2015
28 aSCEND Secure Computation on Encrypted Data 2015
29 NDI Nano-diamond tracers for MRI molecular imaging 2014
30 Net4Mobility Net4Mobility: Network of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions National Contact Points 2015
31 ShaleXenvironmenT Maximizing the EU shale gas potential by minimizing its environmental footprint 2015
32 DREAM-GO Enabling Demand Response for short and real-time Efficient And Market Based smart Grid Operation - An intelligent and real-time simulation approach 2015
33 COSMOS Complex Oscillatory Systems: Modeling and Analysis 2015
34 CHIBOW Children Born of War - Past, Present and Future 2015
35 TREGeneration Repair of tissue and organ damage in refractory chronic graft versus host disease after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation by the infusion of purified allogeneic donor regulatory T lymphocytes 2015
36 J-Age II Coordination Action for implementation and alignment activities of the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) 'More Years – Better Lives – the Challenges and Opportunities of Demographic Change' 2015
37 SUPERSEDE SUpporting evolution and adaptation of PERsonalized Software by Exploiting contextual Data and End-user feedback 2015
39 SIGNAT Evaluation of Plant Signaling Networks in Natural Environments 2015
40 RAIS Scalable, point-of-care and label free microarray platform for rapid detection of Sepsis 2015
41 Muscle stress relief Muscle Stress Relief: An integrated research program linking together basic research on secondary myopathies in stress states to innovative translation in applied myology. 2016
42 EU-GREAT European guide and recommendations for the combined funding of large-scale RDI initiatives 2015
43 SECURECHAIN Securing future-proof environmentally compatible bioenergy chains 2015
44 EXMAG Excitonic Magnetism in Strongly Correlated Materials 2015
45 MathModExp The Evolution of Competition and Cooperation: how polymorphisms in microbial populations optimise virulence and mediate drug resistance 2015
46 ConTExt Connecting the Extreme 2015
47 GROWMOF Modelling of MOF self-assembly, crystal growth and thin film formation 2015
48 Pro-Staph-ID Clinical biomarker and rapid diagnostic test for Staphylococcus aureus induced ventilator-associated pneumonia 2014
49 SPS_TFP_Strut Application of tailored fibre placement technology in integral composite structures for ultra-lightweight space applications 2014
50 FINESSE Feasibility of an INnovative, Efficient, Solid State Energy saving system 2014
51 InnProBio Forum for Bio-Based Innovation in Public Procurement 2015
52 SeaChange Sea Change 2015
53 WISER Wide-Impact cyber SEcurity Risk framework 2015
54 OrganoMag Organometallic Single-Molecule Magnets 2015
55 RESCUE THE HEART Understanding nervous mechanisms of cardioprotection to save the ischaemic and failing hearts 2016
56 SINHOPSI Single-Hole Pumping in Silicon 2016
57 GUIDES GUideline Implementation with DEcision Support systems 2015
58 ACCESS2WM How prior brain states govern access to working memory 2016
59 NeoGenHeritage Neotithic transition in the Iberian Peninsula: reviewing an old question from new technological and computational genome wide approaches 2015
60 SSAR Future bio-pesticides for EU: unlocking the code of Saponin Structure-Activity Relationships for use in pest management 2016
61 MultiFUNGtionality Fungal diversity, ecosystem services and forest management: unravelling the role and dynamics of fungal communities in multifunctional Mediterranean forests. 2016
62 Voice Modulation Faking It: The production, perception, and function of social voice modulation 2016
63 ZEPHYROS The dawn of writing in Western Mediterranean: a comparative approach to the Iberian epigraphic corpus 2015
64 NEXTNANOCELLS Next generation nanowire solar cells 2015
65 AlFHoNSo Analysing Forest Hydrocarbons with Networks of Sensors 2015
66 MecaMorphEME Four-dimensional physical modeling and numerical simulation of the early mouse embryo morphogenesis. 2015
67 ENIRIS Electrogenic NItrate Reduction In marine Sediments 2016
68 KSHV QTV Identification of novel KSHV immune evasion mechanisms using a quantitative temporal viromics analysis 2015
69 MECHANOPROTEASES Single Molecule Study of Protease Mechano-Specificity 2015
70 GLUCOTOX Does reducing β-cell glucotoxicity increase the hyperglycaemia-lowering effect of physical exercise in type 2 diabetes? 2015
71 MRTGS Mechanical regulation of tissue growth and signalling 2016
72 TARGEPILIVER Characterization of Key Epigenetic Targets in Hepatic Fibrosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Development. Generation of New Antifibrotic and Antitumoral Drugs. 2015
73 MEROXRE Understanding the fate of Arctic atmospheric mercury (Hg) deposition – A Hg stable isotope investigation of redox processes and Hg re-emissions 2015
74 MOLCLICK Molecular 'Click-tronics': Surface-based synthesis of single-molecule electronic components 2015
75 DLCHHB Artificial Tissue Actuators by the 3D Printing of Responsive Hydrogels 2015
76 Space-Time from Info Space-Time from Information Flow 2015
77 AsymHalogenation Intermolecular Asymmetric Halogenations of Olefins 2015
78 3D-ADAPT Analysis of tridimensional changes caused by type 2 Diabetes-Associated varianTs 2015
79 WO for solar fuels Integrating molecular water oxidation catalysts with semiconductors for solar fuels generation 2015
80 EVOREL Evolution of Regulatory Landscapes in Chordates 2016
81 GLYCODIS3 Genetic correction of glycogen debranching enzyme deficiency in Glycogen Storage disease III: a proof of concept study 2016
82 jamclay Chemical Tools to Probe the Role of Bromodomains in the Parasite Trypanosoma cruzi 2016
83 Eco-PhyloGeo Linking phylogeography to ecology: extracting rules for butterfly biodiversity at large spatial scale 2015
84 FUNFIT Fungal resistance to antifungals is promoted by cell heterogeneity 2015
85 IPEIBD Identification of promoters and enhancers specific for inflammatory bowel disease and its subtypes 2015
86 CONTESTEDWATERS Contested Waters: Rio de Janeiro’s Public Water Supply and the Social Structuring of the City 2015
87 MCMQCT Multi-functional Computational Microscopy for Quantitative Cell Tracking 2015
88 SeisMo SEismology of the MOon 2016
89 MARSS-5G Modeling and Analysis of Random Spatial Systems for 5G Networks 2015
90 BayesianHumanCortex Bayesian computations in the human neocortex: deciphering the neuronal mechanisms of perceptual and syntactic inferences. 2015
91 depreg Antidepressants during pregnancy: underlying mechanisms associated with neurodevelopmental outcome 2015
92 ICE-OTOPE “Weathering and nutrient export from subglacial environments: A novel stable isotope approach” 2015
93 BT-LH Link The consequences of the joint individual variation in size specific life histories and behavioural types 2015
94 ECOHYDRY Advancing dryland ecohydrology: factors and mechanisms determining catastrophic shifts 2016
95 PIOMES Pbx proteins as pioneer factors promoting signal specificity in mesodermal differentiation 2015
96 Q-MoPS Quantum Molecular Photon Source 2015
97 OPERACQC Operational characterization of quantum correlations 2015
98 QSIPP Exploring bacterial Quorum Sensing Infochemicals and hydrolytic Proteins linked to marine Particle degradation 0
99 CARDIOTOX Predicting Cardiotoxicity Induced by Kinase Inhibitors: From Systems Biology to Systems Pharmacology 2015
100 RACe The impact of climate change on the uptake of arsenic into rice 2016
101 RemoteControl Device Remote Controllable Devices 2015
102 RemBAP Remote Building Analytics platform for Utilities to deliver large-scale efficiency to SMEs and commercial portfolios 2015
103 OLDIAS Online Dialysis Sensor 2015
104 MAMANUCA Microfluidic Advanced Manufacturing of Ultrasound Contrast Agents 2015
105 miRaColl miRNA-activated Scaffold Technologies for Cartilage Regeneration 2015
106 SMART-GRAN Development and Commercialisation of a Self-Guided Fluidised Bed Granulation Solution 2015
107 HYscreen A fast, cost-effective breath analysis technology for Helicobacter pYlori screening at both large and small scale. 2015
108 FGFSTAB Industrial Production of Stable Fibroblast Growth Factors for Broad Therapeutic, Research, and Personal Care Applications 2015
109 Mustang-Pro A Multi-species tracking analyser for natural gas process refinement and optimisation 2015
110 ConnectinGEO Coordinating an Observation Network of Networks EnCompassing saTellite and IN-situ to fill the Gaps in European Observations 2015
111 DRAGON-STAR Plus Dragon - Sustaining Technology And Research Plus (EU-China Collaboration) 2015
112 Lt-AD Low-temperature anaerobic digestion treatment of low-strength wastewaters 2014
113 SEEABLE An Innovative ICT Solution for Providing Bespoke Safety and Health Training to Workers in the Construction and Transportation Sectors. 2015
114 NANOTAM Development and Evaluation of Nanomedicines for Cancer Treatment through Immunomodulation: Targeting Tumor-Associated Macrophages 2015
115 RAd RAd (Responsible Advertising) - An innovative donate-per-view digital video advertising model 2015
116 3Dconvert The dynamics of the mammalian epigenome during transcription factor-induced cell fate conversion 2015
117 HBV1 Innate immune responses to human hepatotropic viral infections 2015
118 HInDI The historical dynamics of industrialization in Northwestern Europe and China ca. 1800-2010: A regional interpretation 2015
119 CODA Custom-Made Ontology Based Data Access 2015
120 NeuroInCellNMR In-cell NMR monitoring of alpha-Synuclein aggregation in neuronal cells 2015
121 ALDof 2DTMDs Atomic layer deposition of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide nanolayers 2015
122 VirtualPatients Effective Clinical reasoning in Virtual Patients 2015
123 PREVENT Prostate cancer extracellular vesicles as biomarkers for nanomedicine treatment 2015
124 MIND Development of the safety case knowledge base about the influence of microbial processes on geological disposal of radioactive wastes 2015
126 IC-3i-PhD Institut Curie 3-i PhD Program 2016
127 RAIL Radiomics of lung cancer (RAIL): non-invasive stratification of tumour heterogeneity for personalised cancer therapy 2015
128 RadMag Radical Solutions for Hysteresis in Single-Molecule Magnets 2015
129 SURFINK Functional materials from on-surface linkage of molecular precursors 2015
130 OptoVision Optogenetic investigation of cortical layer-6 neuron contributions to dynamic visual perception 2015
131 EpiTALL Dynamic interplay between DNA methylation, histone modifications and super enhancer activity in normal T cells and during malignant T cell transformation 2015
132 NOVELNOBI Novel Nanoengineered Optoelectronic Biointerfaces 2015
133 ZF-MEL-CHEMBIO Chemical Biology in Zebrafish: Drug-Leads and New Targets in the Melanocyte Lineage and Melanoma 2015
134 MAGIC Monsoons of Asia caused Greenhouse to Icehouse Cooling 2015
135 QuantPalm_immunity Quantitative analysis of protein S-palmitoylation in host resistance to intracellular pathogens. 2015
136 SWORD Advanced Analytics Platform for Stroke Patients Rehabilitation 2015
137 DABCAST Integrated, economical cloud-based service for digital radio broadcasting 2015
138 Opti-LPS Optimal Lightning Protection System 2015
139 SUSTAINABLEOCEAN Accommodating New Interests at Sea: Legal Tools for Sustainable Ocean Governance 2015
140 SENSORTHALAMUS Thalamic control of Neuroplasticity 2015
141 GENEVOSYN Reshuffling genes and genomes: from experimental evolution to synthetic biology in plants 2015
142 ENVIROIMMUNE Environmental modulators of the immune cell balance in health and disease 2015
143 DIVI Direct Visualization of Light-Driven Atomic-Scale Carrier Dynamics in Space and Time 2015
144 ArtifiCell Synthetic Cell Biology: Designing organelle transport mechanisms 2015
145 AutoRE AUTomotive deRivative Energy system 2015
146 MANGO MANGO: exploring Manycore Architectures for Next-GeneratiOn HPC systems 2015
147 TAMING Taming non convexity? 2015
148 CIAO Central Iran Amphibole-bearing Ophiolite 2015
149 MeLiLoN Metabolic Networks that Link Longevity to Reproduction in Response to Nutrition 2015
150 EMBRYOandLATERHEALTH Embryonic origins of cardiovascular health in later life: disentangling early causal pathways in a lifecourse perspective 2015
151 ModLife Advancing Modelling for Process-Product Innovation, Optimization, Monitoring and Control in Life Science Industries 2015
152 ISPIC Image-Guided Surgery (IGS) and Personalised Postoperative Immunotherapy To Improving Cancer Outcome 2016
153 STARRY STARs that 'R' Young : When do stars form in clustered environments? 2016
154 CHESS Connected Health Early Stage Researcher Support System 2015
155 Tendon Therapy Train Engineering in vitro microenvironments for translation of cell-based therapies for tendon repair 2016
156 Perspectival Realism Perspectival Realism. Science, Knowledge, and Truth from a Human Vantage Point 2016
157 iPROTECTION Molecular mechanisms of induced protection against sepsis by DNA damage responses 2015
158 POLITICALMIND Explaining Politicians' and Voters' Behavior 2015
159 EVAg European Virus Archive goes global 2015
160 Amygdala Circuits Amygdala Circuits for Appetitive Conditioning 2016
161 AVATAR Integrating Genomics and Avatar Mouse Models to Personalize Pancreatic Cancer Treatment 2015
162 hybridFRET hybridFRET - deciphering biomolecular structure and dynamics 2015
163 AcTafactors AcTafactors: Tumor Necrosis Factor-based immuno-cytokines with superior therapeutic indexes 2015
164 EAVI2020 European AIDS Vaccine Initiative 2020 2015
165 HTC4WASTE Up-scaling, demonstration and first market application of Loritus’ patented hydrothermal carbonisation as an eco-efficient and cost-effective organic waste processing technology 2015
166 TACTILENet TACTILENet: Towards Agile, effiCient, auTonomous and massIvely LargE Network of things 2016
167 EU ESA Enterprising Students Accreditation Platform for Europe 2015
168 SPIRYT Platform for envIRonmentallY Sustainable Textile processing, to be replicated worldwide in the fashion industry Feasibility Study 2015
169 VALPAS VALidation of human PApilloma virus assays on Self-collected first void urine samples 2015
170 NETIK Smart sensor metering using cloud storage and PLC communication for efficient energy management 2015
171 UP-Drive Automated Urban Parking and Driving 2016
172 ReTAPP Re-Think All Plastic Packaging 2015
173 ONION Operational Network of Individual Observation Nodes 2016
174 WASCOP Water Saving for Solar Concentrated Power 2016
175 COSMO_SIMS Astrophysics for the Dark Universe: Cosmological simulations in the context of dark matter and dark energy research 2016
176 GlucoBeam GlucoBeam: A portable device for pain-free glucose self-monitoring in diabetic patients 2016
177 INNOHEM Innovative 5-part haematology analyser for near-patient diagnostics 2015
178 RemoteMyApp Platform to efficiently stream anything (focusing on games, SME and B2B applications), anywhere (to any mobile device) 2016
179 PhotoMutant Rational Design of Photoreceptor Mutants with Desired Photochemical Properties 2016
180 HoloVision Advanced holographic optical neural stimulation for vision restoration and basic research 2016
181 HemAcure Application of combined gene and cell therapy within an implantable therapeutic device for the treatment of severe hemophilia A 2015
182 AUTOSTEM Development of closed, scalable and AUTOmated robotic systems for therapeutic STEM cell manufacturing: aseptic systems from “Donor-to-Patient” 2016
183 ChiLTERN Children’s Liver Tumour European Research Network 2016
184 Organoid Dissecting microbiome and immune interactions in human intestinal (cancer) organoids 2015
185 ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC implementAtion anD OPeration of the gateway for healTh into BBMRI-ERIC 2015
186 SPEXOR Spinal Exoskeletal Robot for Low Back Pain Prevention and Vocational Reintegration 2016
187 ChainReact Making Supplier Networks Transparent, Understandable and Responsive 2016
188 Endoo Endoscopic versatile robotic guidance, diagnosis and therapy of magnetic-driven soft-tethered endoluminal robots 2015
189 AMOS Additive Manufacturing Optimization and Simulation Platform for repairing and re-manufacturing of aerospace components 2016
190 NANO-SUPREMI “Tracking nano-bioprocesses using Super-Resolution Microscopy Techniques” 2016
191 ePerMed Rise of scientific excellence and collaboration for implementing personalised medicine in Estonia 2016
192 Gene2Skin Gene2Skin - Roadmap for advanced genetic engineering-based skin therapies 2015
193 SIGN-HUB The Sign Hub: preserving, researching and fostering the linguistic, historical and cultural heritage of European Deaf signing communities with an integral resource 2016
194 AGRIDEASCOURSE.TRADE Ideas and Legitimating Discourse in EU and US Agricultural Policy-Making and their Implications for Transatlantic Trade Relations 2016
195 ABRACADABRA Assistant Buildings’ addition to Retrofit, Adopt, Cure And Develop the Actual Buildings up to zeRo energy, Activating a market for deep renovation 2016
196 LIQUISWITCH External Control of Liquid Nanofilms for Switchable Friction and Adhesion 2016
197 Digi-Label Delivering digital Energy Labelling solutions to enable consumer action on purchasing energy efficient appliances 2016
198 AML-VACCiN Clinical development of a dendritic-cell vaccine therapy for acute myeloid leukaemia 2016
199 SEAQUEL Structured Ensembles of Atoms for Quantum Engineering of Light 2016
200 MICROBRADAM Advanced MR methods for characterization of microstructural brain damage 2015
201 TIMEnzyme Implementation of Enzymatic Activity in a Naïve, de novo Designed Protein Scaffold by Rational Design and Laboratory Evolution 2016
202 MY NERVE Translation of a fluorescent MYelin specific peripheral NERVE tracer 2016
203 RELYUBL Regulation of lymphocyte biology by ubiquitin and ubiquitin like modifiers 2016
204 TM-FLPS Bond Activation and Catalysis by Transition Metal Frustrated Lewis Pairs 2016
205 3-5-FIRST Cold atom-semiconductor quantum interface 2016
206 SGSOFT Antimicrobial wound care solution to prevent and cure wound infections and cut health care costs 2016
207 SAL ETHVI Innovative, easily applicable vaccine for poultry industry against five Salmonella serovars: Enteritidis, Typhimurium, Hadar, Virchow and Infantis – SAL ETHVI 2016
208 VIAWORD From speech and print to meaning: an integrated account of word recognition in young and older adults. 2016
209 NeurOLED Organic Light-Emitting Diodes for Optogenetic Control of Neurons 2016
210 REACH2020 Responsive Engagement of the Elderly promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare 2016
211 epiGERMetics Landscape of epigenetic control in early and late germ line development 2016
212 Crossover control New insights into wheat meiosis: Crossover resolution in the absence of the Ph1 locus 2016
213 Icarus Bringing Personalized Knowledge to Students in Public Schools Through Artificial Intelligence in ELearning 2016
214 LATIPP LATIPP: An innovative cloud based Business management system for SMEs in the HORECA sector 2016
215 PROFIT Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability 2016
216 EDOR BOX Electrodermal Orienting Reactivity-based Safeguard System for Early Detection of Suicide Propensity 2016
217 MULTIMAT A multiscale approach towards mesostructured porous material design 2016
218 CASSPIN Comparative Analysis of Social Spaces in Post-Industrial Nations 2016
219 AlterMateria Designer Quantum Materials Out of Equilibrium 2016
220 GeneBodyMethylation Resolving the Nuts and Bolts of Gene Body Methylation 2016
221 COSI Cerebellar modules and the Ontogeny of Sensorimotor Integration 2016
222 QUESS Quantum Environment Engineering for Steered Systems 2017
223 Extinction Genomics Exploring and exploiting the potential of extinct genome sequencing 2016
224 HYMNS High-sensitivitY Measurements of key stellar Nucleo-Synthesis reactions 2016
226 MULTI2DSWITCH MULTIfunctional optoelectronic devices based on hybrid heterostructures of 2D materials and photochromic SWITCHes 2016
227 PhotoSMM Single Molecule Magnets light-switching with photochromic ligands 2016
228 GoldOpera Carlo Goldoni and Europe's New Opera Theatre 2016
229 IMAGINE Widefield Raman imaging probe for intraoperative margin assessment of cancers 2016
230 OXFLUX Oxidised organic vapours in the atmosphere: From fluxes to chemical mechanisms and impacts 2016
231 THE VERBAL APE The primate precursors of human consonants and vowels 2017
232 R2R-3G Towards Roll-to-Roll Production of Third Generation Solar Cells 2016
233 HOMER Hydrocarbon Oxidation Mechanisms Elucidated from Radical scavenging 2016
234 minimal-phagocyte Reconstitution of the basic molecular mechanism of phagocytosis – a bottom-up synthetic biology approach 2016
235 EvoNIN Unraveling key genetic innovations behind the emergence of the root-nodule symbiosis 2017
236 BrainCrossTalk Large-scale cortical communication: Brain oscillatory mechanisms of attention allocation and selective inhibition 2017
237 MCNANO “Multi-component nanoparticles as bimodal contrast agents for MRI and optical detection of tumors and for targeted photodynamic therapy” 2016
238 BraIn Action A New View on Real Actions: Neural Mechanisms of Visuo-Motor Transformations 2016
239 MolecularEVOLUTION Molecular Evolution of the Primary Structure of Single Chain Polymer Nanoparticles via Dynamic Covalent Chemistry 2016
240 NeuroASPECT Neuronal Alternative Splicing and RNA-Editing Crosstalk 2017
241 EquiPE Balancing social equity and biodiversity outcomes in protected area management. 2017
242 BWBN Black Women/Black Nationalism – Feminist Discourses on Nation-building in American and British Literature and Visual Arts 2016
243 REOPTIMIZE REmineralisation, OPTIcs and Marine partIcle siZE 2016
244 GCG-T3 Dyslipidemia Validation and Molecular Characterization of Novel Glucagon-Thyroid Hormone Conjugates for the Efficient Management of Dyslipidemia and Fatty Liver Disease 2016
245 TraumiR microRNAs in susceptibility to traumatic stress 2016
246 Glial Patterning The genetic basis for glial differentiation in the developing zebrafish retina. 2016
247 ULKCOND Zero damage Ultra-Low-K etch using the precursor CONDensation technique 2016
248 GallBiome Characterization of the Human Gallbladder Microbiome 2016
249 EC GNG metabolism Endothelial Gluconeogenesis: a novel target for tumor anti-angiogenesis? 2017
250 SynBioGABA A new biosynthesis procedure for pharmaceutically active gamma-aminobutyric acids 2016
251 PRONKJEWAIL Protecting patients with enhanced susceptibility to infections 2016
252 LCCMcons Using Land Cover Change Models to Address Important Conservation Issues 2016
253 CHODIA Cultural Heritage of Dictatorship in Albania 2016
254 MITOCHONTACTS Mitochondrial membrane contact sites 2016
255 MODEM Multipoint Optical DEvices for Minimally invasive neural circuits interface 2016
256 MIRACLS Multi Ion Reflection Apparatus for Collinear Laser Spectroscopy of radionuclides 2017
257 QOM3D Quantum Optomechanics in 3D 2016
258 GCB-PRID Post-transcriptional Regulation of Germinal Center B Cell Responses in Immunity and Disease 2016
259 SUMOWO Surface modulation of wounds: heal by inhalants!Novel drug-based treatment for excessive scars and chronic wounds. 2016
260 pre-FAB Prenylated-flavins: Application and Biochemistry 2016
261 ATM4E Air Traffic Management for environment 2016
262 collActionStatus We are the 1%, we stand with the 99%: reactions of high-status groups faced with social change attempts from low-status groups 2016
263 NNI Neuroscience and Narratives of Intimacy 2016
264 iEcoH Integrating Ecosystem Heterogeneity to Enhance ESM Performance 2016
265 BEYONDCO Using fine structure line emission to observe the life-cycle of molecular clouds 2016
266 METODA Methodological Explorations between Design and Social Sciences 2016
267 AGERISK Neurocomputational mechanisms underlying age-related performance changes in goal-directed decisions from experience 2016
268 2MoveMate4Melanoma A treatment for BRAF inhibitor resistant melanoma 2016
269 KILLCANCER Nanobody-targeted photodynamic therapy to kill cancer 2016
270 HOW2WALKAGAIN Mechanisms of recovery after severe spinal cord injury 2016
271 AD-gut Alzheimer Disease - gut connection 2016
272 ANYWHERE EnhANcing emergencY management and response to extreme WeatHER and climate Events 2016
273 CD4DNASP Cell intrinsic control of CD4 T cell differentiation by cytosolic DNA sensing pathways 2016
274 nextDART Next-generation Detection of Antigen Responsive T-cells 2016
275 bioSPINspired Bio-inspired Spin-Torque Computing Architectures 2016
276 MILEPOST Microscale Processes Governing Global Sustainability 2016
277 CoSMaS Developing an interdisciplinary Collaborative Self-Management Support model: behavioural and communication tools for integrated care 2017
278 Toxoplasma sensing Cytoplasmic sensing of Toxoplasma gondii infection and host cell programmed necrosis 2016
279 RRI-Practice Responsible Research and Innovation in Practice 2016
280 5HT-DREADD In vivo pharmacogenetic investigation of 5-HT mechanisms in emotional learning 2016
281 DEBUNKER The Problem of European Misperceptions in Politics, Health, and Science:Causes, Consequences, and the Search for Solutions 2016
282 SUMPs-Up European Programme for Accelerating the Take up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans 2016
283 ToxoPersist Molecular Basis of Toxoplasma gondii Encystation and Persistence 2016
284 GroutTube DMC grouting tube system 2016
285 AFTAT “Animal-Free Testing for Acute Toxicity” 2016
286 SIAM Source Integration for Agriculture Management 2016
287 CYPRESS CYprus Promotes RESearch and Science 2016
288 STEM-BCPC Signal Transduction and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Breast Cell Plasticity and Cancer 2016
289 WAVEFIL WAvelength VErsatile Pulsed Raman FIbre Lasers 2017
290 SHARPER SHAring Researchers’ Passion for Engagement and Responsibility 2016
291 BUNGEE-TOOLS Building Next-Generation Computational Tools for High Resolution Neuroimaging Studies 2016
292 PERCEPT The mind's eye: How expectation and attention shape perception 2016
293 MAPLE Measuring and Analysing the Politicisation of Europe before and after the Eurozone Crisis 2016
294 VITAL MEDIA Vision, Insights and Trends for Awareness and Leadership in Media 2016
295 MMDYNASYS Molecular Motors, powering dynamic functional molecular systems 2016
297 Autonomous CLL-BCRs Role of autonomous B cell receptor signalling and external antigen in the pathogenesis of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) 2016
298 SIDSCA Defective DNA Damage Responses in Dominant Neurodegenerative Diseases 2016
299 FunCapSys Functional Systems of Capsules 2017
300 SNAPTRACE Fishing in the dark: unravelling the global trade and traceability of the ‘snappers’ 2016
301 SoftRyd Soft-matter collective phenomena in Rydberg gases 2016
302 ScanZ Digital acne assessment tool enabling acne diagnosis in cost and time efficient way 2016
303 EPIScOPE Reversing the epigenetic state of oligodendrocyte precursors cells in multiple sclerosis 2016
304 PABIR Policy analysis with beliefs about identifying restrictions 2016
305 HypoFlam Targeting hypothalamic inflammation in obesity and diabetes 2016
306 TransSplicHD Single-Cell Transcriptomics and Spliceosome analysis to uncover new mechanisms of neuronal vulnerability to Huntington’s Disease. 2016
307 HBP SGA1 Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 1 2016
308 LowCostTracking Low cost tracking and data management solution for biopharma cold chain logistics 2016
309 INTERLEARN Individualised Interventions in Learning: Bridging Advanced Learning Science and 21st Century Technology 2016
311 GEM-STONES Globalisation, Europe and Multilateralism - Sophistication of the Transnational Order, Networks and European Strategies 2016
312 DEMETER Demonstrating more efficient enzyme production to increase biogas yields 2016
313 LIBRE Lignin Based Carbon Fibres for Composites 2016
314 AM-motion A strategic approach to increasing Europe’s value proposition for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities 2016
315 PROTECTED PROTECTion against Endocrine Disruptors; Detection, mixtures, health effects, risk assessment and communication. 2017
316 EMOTIVE Emotive Virtual cultural Experiences through personalized storytelling 2016
317 DN-CARTILOGEL Design of double network polycarbonate-based hydrogels by simultaneous reactions: scaffolds for load-bearing soft tissue regeneration 2016
318 EXPECTBRAIN How the human brain combines the certainty of prior expectations and the clarity of sensory input during speech perception 2017
320 Zoovel-UC Inaudible SMART CROWDS SECURITY through existing loudspeakers” 2016
321 DecodePL Perceptual learning as optimized decoding: from maps to mechanisms 2017
322 COEMS Continuous Observation of Embedded Multicore Systems 2016
323 INLIFE Incubate a New Learning and Inspiration Framework for Education 2016
324 ERQUAF Entanglement and Renormalisation for Quantum Fields 2017
325 Gaming Horizons Gaming Horizons 2016
326 QUESTDO Quantum electronic states in delafossite oxides 2017
327 I3DS Integrated 3D Sensors suite 2016
328 e-Sides Ethical and Societal Implications of Data Sciences 2017
329 PJ16 CWP HMI Controller Working Position / Human Machine Interface - CWP/HMI 2016
330 ALZSYN Imaging synaptic contributors to dementia 2016
331 EXNADMINA EXercise as a regulator of hepatic NAD metabolism and MItochondrial function in Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease 2016
332 FatemapB High Resolution Mapping of Fetal and Adult B Cell Fates During Ontogeny 2017
333 PaPaAlg Pareto-Optimal Parameterized Algorithms 2017
334 DPC_REPAIR Mechanism of DNA-protein cross-link repair in S phase 2017
335 ORCA Orchestration and Reconfguration Control Architecture 2017
336 ACTiCLOUD ACTivating resource efficiency and large databases in the CLOUD 2017
337 MassLOC Massive MIMO Localization for 5G Networks 2017
338 QCDforfuture QCD for the Future of Particle Physics 2017
339 WRAM Wave-based Room Acoustics Modeling 2016
340 Rafts4Biotech Synthetic bacterial lipid rafts to optimize industrial bioprocesses 2017
341 INpaCT An interdisciplinary approach to uncover the mechanisms of progression of cartilage damage at the cellular and tissue levels 2017
342 RMBLStrip Self-adjusting air deflectors for heavy trucks 2016
343 Agroptima FM Innovative interconnected farm management App and software for precision farming 2016
344 GEOTHERMICA GEOTHERMICA - ERA NET Cofund Geothermal 2017
345 SPanD Stellar Populations and Dynamics: a comprehensive IMF analysis 2017
346 SPONGE ENGINE Fast and efficient sponge engines drive and modulate the food web of reef ecosystems 2017
347 SUPRACOP Systems Chemistry Approach towards Semiconductive Supramolecular Copolymers with Homo- and Heterometallophilic Interactions 2017
349 ACrossWire A Cross-Correlated Approach to Engineering Nitride Nanowires 2017
350 TKI resistance Resistance mechanisms to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in solid tumors 2016
351 PVCLOUD Innovative Cloud-Based PV Workflow for Semiconductor Foundries 2017
352 SAT Phase 1 A study to assess the feasibility of commercialising a new antenna system, currently at TRL7, for the Global mobile user market. 2016
353 NOC Nerve-on-Chips 2016
354 FlexBuild Market maturation of innovative Flexible modules for temporary sealing of construction Buildings 2016
355 LIFECYCLE Early-life stressors and LifeCycle health 2017
356 SUMCASTEC Semiconductor-based Ultrawideband Micromanipulation of CAncer STEm Cells 2017
357 beAWARE Enhancing decision support and management services in extreme weather climate events 2017
358 HPHS The History and Politics of Human Shields 2018
359 RandMat Spectral Statistics of Structured Random Matrices 2017
360 MAGCOW The Magnetised Cosmic Web 2017
361 CLLS Analysing coherence in law through legal scholarship 2017
362 RetroNets Reverse Engineering Gene Regulatory Networks 2017
363 PhotoPHYTOMICS Photosynthesis in PHYTOplankton Mixtures to Investigate Community Structuration. 2017
364 SmartGuide Smart Biopsy Tool for Real-Time Cancerous Cell Characterization at the Tip of the Needle 2017
365 TEN-COMPLEX Teneurin interactions in the neuronal synapse 2017
366 GLYCONEOBRAIN Exploring glycosidic neo-epitopes of degenerative hippocampal granules in aged mice and humans: implications for ageing and dementia 2017
367 THz-FRaScan-ESR THz Frequency Rapid Scan – Electron Spin Resonance spectroscopy for spin dynamics investigations of bulk and surface materials (THz-FRaScan-ESR) 2018
368 INNOVENTUALLY INNOVENTUALLY, One-stop source for innovation” — A PaaS (Platform as a Service) for the management of Open Innovation Challenges and Needs. 2017
369 Augmented Commerce Augmented Commerce, a game-changing augmented reality-based sales experience to disrupt the e-commerce industry 2017
370 BioPackNet Manufacturing of biodegradable and compostable packaging nets through a conventional one-step extrusion process 2017
371 AOrbit Orbiting Journal Bearing Experiment 2017
372 X-Pulse ZNMF Pulsed Jet-based Active Flow Control of the UHBR-induced Flow through High Fidelity CFD 2017
373 3D-BioMat Deciphering biomineralization mechanisms through 3D explorations of mesoscale crystalline structure in calcareous biomaterials 2017
374 LamelliActin Mechanical Adaptation of Lamellipodial Actin Networks in Migrating Cells 2017
375 NeuroModSense Peptidergic Neuromodulation of Sensory Representation in the Brain 2017
376 PROFOLIG Covalent-ligation-assisted elucidation of protein-aromatic foldamer interactions 2017
377 ONCOmetENHANCERS Elucidating the Role of Enhancer Methylation Variation in Cancer and Developing Enhancer-based Markers and Targets for Precision Medicine 2017
378 GlucoBeam GlucoBeam: A portable device for pain-free glucose self-monitoring in diabetic patients 2017
379 EGGR EGGR - becoming the Eggspert in egg based bioreactors 2017
380 TeleoLogic Logical and Psychological Foundations for a Teleosemantic Theory of Productivity 2017
381 Hy-solFullGraph New hybrid-nanocarbon allotropes based on soluble fullerene derivatives in combination with carbon nanotubes and graphene. Application in organic solar cells and biomaterials. 2017
382 IRWIC Influence of Insecticide Resistance, Wolbachia and their Interaction on Chikungunya transmission 2017
383 MILORD Managing trIplets for fLuorescence in ORganics: Towards a predictive moDel (MILORD) 2017
384 IMMUNO_CRC Microbiota-immune interaction in colorectal cancer 2017
385 ECOSEA Effects of contaminants on seabirds: an energetics approach 2017
386 CerebellumTherapy Sensorimotor plasticity in the cerebellar microcircuit and its therapeutic potential 2017
387 NEEDS Dynamic Urban Environmental Exposures on Depression and Suicide 2017
388 BYONIC Beyond the Iron Curtain 2017
389 PROGLUTASIS Protection of cardiometabolic inflammation by modulation of myeloid glutamine homeostasis 2017
390 DUALITY Theoretical Foundations of Memory Micro-Insertions in Wireless Communications 2017
391 OILY MICROCOSM Mechanistic Microscale Approach to the Microbial Degradation of Oil-Droplets in Subsea Crude Oil Releases 2017
392 GOLDENSENS Intrinsically chiral gold nanoclusters as enantiodiscriminating sensors for methamphetamines. 2017
393 QAPs G-Quadruplex-associated proteins (QAPs) and their role in transcriptional regulation 2017
394 TRIBBLES Characterizing the clinical relevance and the mechanism underlying TRIB2-mediated drug resistance to MEK inhibitiors in the context of melanoma 2018
395 SABER CULTURAL SAfeguarding Biodiversity and Ecosystem seRvices by integrating CULTURAL values in freshwater management: learning from Māori 2018
396 MSCFate Fate of mammary stem cells during tumorigenesis and clinical implications 2017
397 OPN-Can Investigating the role of OPN-CD44 in mechanosensitive tumour invasion using biomimetic models 2017
398 WILDGUT GUT biota indices: a new tool for WILD animal conservation 2017
399 SIRFUNCT Chemical Tools for Unravelling Sirtuin Function 2017
400 INTERCELLAR The role of the symplast in host-pathogen interactions – how does the symplastic, intercellular exchange of molecules regulate the outcomes of defence and infection? 2017
401 CRNPE Chemical Recycling for the New Plastic Economy 2017
402 Act-EPR Active Resonator Development for nano-EPR of single crystal proteins 2017
403 GEOHEAL Self-healing geological construction materials and structures 2018
404 KdpFABC Structure-function relationship of chimeric KdpFABC complex 2017
405 NanoLabels Labelling of engineered nanomaterials for nanosafety tracing 2018
406 MOBER Maternal Obesity and Epigenetic Reprogramming: from Gametogenesis to Early Embryonic Development 2017
407 Philosophy Forcing Forcing in Contemporary Philosophy of Set Theory 2017
408 CMRPredict Patient specific magnetic resonance image guided biomechanical modelling of the heart – Anovel tool towards personalized medicine in heart failure 2017
409 METMEL Long range-acting drivers of premetastatic niches in melanoma 2017
410 CompAd Complementary Adhesive Coatings based on Molecular Association 2017
411 ARTEFACT The Global as Artefact: Understanding the Patterns of Global Political History Through an Anthropology of Knowledge -- The Case of Agriculture in Four Global Systems from the Neolithic to the Present 2017
412 CHI-ZEF Cdon-Hh Interaction: functional in vivo analysis in zebrafish 2017
413 IMMUNFUNC Female immune function in compensation for polyandry 2017
414 DIVA Disentangling variation: A crosslinguistic investigation of bilingualism and non-standardization 2017
415 CRYO-EM TRPV5 Structure-function analysis of the calcium channel TRPV5 2017
416 EaRL Expert Rule? Judges, Lawyers, and the Practices of Interpretation in International Criminal Law 2018
417 DIGESTIVO The DIffuse Galaxy Expansion SignaTures In Various Observables project: understanding the emergence of diffuse, low surface brightness galaxies and the link to their dark matter haloes 2018
418 HBVssNMR Investigating the structural role of the Hepatitis B virus core protein C-terminal domain in assembly and maturation using solid-state NMR 2017
419 EVACUATION Testing communication strategies to save lives in emergency evacuation 2018
420 PI3K-VAs Activation of PI3K signalling in the pathogenesis of Vascular Anomalies 2018
421 funcSOFI-PD Quantitative super-resolution optical fluctuation and phase microscopy for structural and functional imaging of Parkinson's disease 2017
422 PEROPTO Single Crystalline Halide Metal Perovskites Based Optoelectronics 2018
423 REBUILD Mechanisms of sarcomeric protein homeostasis during physical exercise and ageing 2017
424 SAREE The Social Anthropology of Rabies Epidemiology and Elimination 2018
425 OPTiAGE The trade-off between longevity and reproduction: optimal control of aging 2018
426 FAST Fast electronics with Antiferromagnetic SpinTronics 2017
427 DRiveR How does dopamine link QMP with reproductive repression to mediate colony harmony and productivity in the honeybee? 2018
428 Tau Seeding Identification and validation of human proteins that control tau seeding in cell-based and in vivo models 2017
429 InnoMedia InnoMedia 2017
430 FunKeyGut Illuminating Functional Networks and Keystone Species in the Gut 2017
431 RESCUE Interdependent Challenges of Reliability, Security and Quality in Nanoelectronic Systems Design 2017
432 CLCLCL Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law: Consonance, Divergence and Transformation in Western Europe from the late eleventh to the thirteenth centuries 2017
433 ILMET Metabolic characterization of ILCs under homeostatic or stress conditions. 2017
434 HEGEMONIC HEpatocellular carcinoma GErmline MutatiONs ImpaCt (HEGEMONIC) 2017
435 SUPER2D Superlattices and proximity effects in 2D materials/molecules hybrid van der Waals heterostructures 2017
436 MRI-STRUCTURE MRI Signal To Recover Unique Cerebral TissUe Response to changEs 2018
437 WASPSNEST Wavelength tunable Advanced Single Photon Sources Non-laboratory Environment Specification and Testing 2017
438 ENDODEP Molecular mechanisms of endosome departure from the spindle in asymmetric cell division 2017
439 NewHoRRIzon Excellence in science and innovation for Europe by adopting the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation 2017
440 TryptoBoost Boosting tryptophan fluorescence with optical nanoantennas to watch label-free protein dynamics with single molecule resolution at high concentration 2017
441 GOCART Gauging Ocean organic Carbon fluxes using Autonomous Robotic Technologies 2017
442 The European watch on cybersecurity privacy 2017
443 Cosmic_Gas Mapping the Cosmic Gas Supply with ALMA 2017
444 FORTIKA FORTIKA - Cyber Security Accelerator for trusted SMEs IT Ecosystems 2017
445 DOC The Dawn of Organic Chemistry 2017
446 EnTIRE Mapping Normative Frameworks for EThics and Integrity of REsearch 2017
447 BIOSMART Bio-based smart packaging for enhanced preservation of food quality. 2017
448 StressPFCog Mechanisms of stress-induced cognitive deficits : Role of the glucocorticoid receptor and its partners in the regulation of PFC function. 2018
449 C2C-NewCap Towards a safe, reliable and cost competitive transport sector in Europe 2017
450 UNIGEM Next Generation ‘Unified Guest Engagement System’ for Smart Hospitality Services and Unparalleled Guest Loyalty. 2017
451 BETACONTROL Control of amyloid formation via beta-hairpin molecular recognition features 2017
452 Climate-fit.City Pan-European Urban Climate Services 2017
453 BARCODED-CELLTRACING Endogenous barcoding for in vivo fate mapping of lineage development in the blood and immune system 2017
454 MediaRoad MediaRoad – European Media Ecosystem for Innovation 2017
455 EUNORS Enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs in Republika Srpska 2017
456 HApi HApi - Hyperthermia in Apculture - A new product against the Deformed Wing Virus of honey bees. 2017
457 OHT A hydraulic collection tower, with a novel energy storage device for wave energy arrays 2017
458 MEDIVAC Machine learning software to design personalized neoantigen vaccines tailored to specific vaccine delivery systems 2017
459 IMOVE Unlocking Large-Scale Access to Combined Mobility through a European MaaS Network 2017
460 SCOTT Secure COnnected Trustable Things 2017
461 Productive4.0 Electronics and ICT as enabler for digital industry and optimized supply chain management covering the entire product lifecycle 2017
462 CIMNAS Corrosion Initiation Mechanisms at the Nanometric/Atomic Scale 2017
463 ImmuneCheckpointsAD Immune checkpoint blockade for fighting Alzheimer’s disease 2017
464 FINDER Fossil Fingerprinting and Identification of New Denisovan remains from Pleistocene Asia 2017
465 FEAR-SAP Function and Evolution of Attack and Response Strategies during Allelopathy in Plants 2018
466 GESTIMAGE Gestures in nonhuman and human primates, a landmark of language in the brain? Searching for the origins of brain specialization for language 2017
467 Super-Vaccine Exploring the potential applications of live viral vaccine encoded small-hairpin-RNAs in improving both vaccine safety and efficacy through RNA-interference and stimulation of the innate immune system 2018
468 WORTECS Wireless Optical/Radio TErabit Communications 2017
469 FuturePulse FuturePulse: Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Recommendation Services for the Music Industry 2017
470 MAGTOPRECON Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy: from Topological Defects to Reconfigurable Magnetic Devices 2018
471 ResearchProof An online digital logbook to protect and prove authorship, and to share scientific results 2017
472 SocialDiabetes Hack your Diabetes Experience 2017
473 XANA Innovative Wearable and Open Platform for a Personalized Treatment of Stress 2017
474 Biocrete Biocrete – Bio-inspired bacteria-based stress-responsive concrete. 2017
475 Crux Agribotics Crux Agribotics: The future of cucumbers harvesting - robot for automated agriculture labors 2017
476 Uno-sport Delivering contextual information in a hands-free experience, optimized for users engaged inaction sports 2017
477 ASSTRA Advanced Solid State Transformers 2018
478 ASSEMBLE Plus Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories Expanded 2017
479 CITCOM A Complimentary Inspection Technique based on Computer Tomography and Plenoptic Camera for MEMS Components 2017
480 Corvid AI-based autonomous flight control for the electric passenger aircraft of the nearest future 2017
482 ETVAX ETVAX – the first oral vaccine for protection against traveller’s diarrhoea caused by ETEC 2017
483 FlexNanoOLED ITO-free multi-coloured nanoscale engineered OLEDs for large-area flexible lighting and full-colour active-matrix displays 2017
484 MATURATION Age at maturity in Atlantic salmon: molecular and ecological dissection of an adaptive trait 2017
485 PreCoM Predictive Cognitive Maintenance Decision Support System 2017
486 TB-EPF Enhanced Place Finding (EPF) of TB transmission hotspots 2017
487 InterAccent Human interaction and the evolution of spoken accent 2017
488 SelforganisingEmbryo Self-organisation across the scales in early mammalian development 2017
489 PRe-ART Predictive Reagent Antibody Replacement Technology 2017
490 RESPOND RESPOND: Multilevel Governance of Mass Migration in Europe and Beyond 2017
491 RTCure Rheuma Tolerance for Cure 2017
492 LIFEGATE Holographic super-resolution micro-endoscopy for in-vivo applications 2017
493 DecodingInfection Decoding the host-pathogen interspecies crosstalk at a multiparametric single-cell level 2017
494 deFIBER Dissecting the cellular and molecular dynamics of bone marrow fibrosis for improved diagnostics and treatment 2018
495 ARTIST Artificial cell-cell interactions for light switchable cell organization and signaling 2018
496 3DMOSHBOND Three-Dimensional Mapping Of a Single Hydrogen Bond 2018
497 NanoVirus Deciphering virus-host interactions using correlated confocal-atomic force microscopy 2018
498 ASYMMEM Lipid asymmetry: a cellular battery? 2018
499 GUPPYCon Genomic basis of convergent evolution in the Trinidadian Guppy 2018
500 RECONFMATTER From colloidal joints to reconfigurable matter 2017
501 CHAOS-PIQUANT Universality and chaos in PT-symmetric quantum systems 2018
502 CORFRONMAT Correlated frontiers of many-body quantum mathematics and condensed matter physics 2018
503 EXPROTEA Exploring Relations in Structured Data with Functional Maps 2018
504 SOFTWATER Soft Water: understanding what makes a fluid behave like water 2018
505 HORNEAST Horn and Crescent. Connections, Mobility and Exchange between the Horn of Africa and the Middle East in the Middle Ages 2017
506 RESUSCITATION Bacterial persister regrowth 2018
507 HopeQNet Hopfield neural network dynamics in open quantum systems 2017
508 TTNPred Development of novel computational biology pipeline for the efficient classification of titin SNPs for clinical use 2018
509 ERACHRON Eradicating Chronic Infections 2018
510 Multicellularity The genetic basis of the convergent evolution of fungal multicellularity 2018
511 ENTRAINER Enhancing brain function and cognition via artificial entrainment of neural oscillations 2018
512 SEnECA Strengthening and Energizing EU-Central Asia relations 2018
513 OPTIYARD Optimised Real-time Yard and Network Management 2017
514 DIDO-MS Commercialization of a first in class multiple sclerosis drug 2018
515 cleanMOULD CleanMOULD: Advanced low friction and fretting-resistant diamond-like coating solution 2017
516 Sense2SurviveSalt Surviving salinity: How do plants sense Na+? 2018
517 TotalControl Advanced integrated supervisory and wind turbine control for optimal operation of large Wind Power Plants 2018
518 New Chol Development of New therapies against cholangiopathies. 2017
519 PRECONFIG Learning and PREdiction based on the PREnatal CONnectome FInGerprint 2018
520 GEMS The World of the Gáidhealtachd and the origins of the Early Modern British State, 1513-1594. 2018
521 TransTurb Large Deviations and Rare Transitions in Turbulent flows 2017
522 HIT-CF Personalised Treatment For Cystic Fibrosis Patients With Ultra-rare CFTR Mutations (and beyond) 2018
523 CureCN Adeno-Associated Virus Vector-Mediated Liver Gene Therapy for Crigler-Najjar Syndrome 2018
524 FLAVE Energetics of natural turbulent flows: the impact of waves and radiation. 2018
525 DUST Data Assimilation for Agent-Based Models: Applications to Civil Emergencies 2018
526 MUSE Multi-perspective Ultrasound Strain Imaging & Elastography 2018
527 EpComp Competence and Success in Epistemology and Beyond 2018
528 AltCheM In vivo functional screens to decipher mechanisms of stochastically- and mutationally-induced chemoresistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia 2018
529 SECLI-FIRM The Added Value of Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Integrated Risk Management Decisions 2018
530 CANCER Personalised Postoperative Immunotherapy To Improving Cancer Outcome and improving quality of life 2018
531 CRESCENDO Critical Raw material ElectrocatalystS replacement ENabling Designed pOst-2020 PEMFC 2018
532 FENTEC Functional Encryption Technologies 2018
533 Access2Europe Help startups to scale by leveraging the access to European markets offered by four major startup hubs 2018
534 MIRACLE Mid-infrared arthroscopy innovative imaging system for real-time clinical in depth examination and diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases 2018
535 OncoSeq OncoSeq: an innovative single-cell system for immunomonitoring 2017
536 AUTTO Unlocking intelligent workflow automation for the SME market through AUTTO, an AI powered micro-automation SaaS Platform 2017
537 Sea2Cloud Are marine living microorganisms influencing clouds? 2018
538 HINBOTS Highly Integrated Nanoscale Robots for Targeted Delivery to the Central Nervous System 2018
539 XHaLe Hanover experimental lung research project 2018
540 DarkSERS Harvesting dark plasmons for surface-enhanced Raman scattering 2018
541 CohesinLooping Cohesin-mediated chromosomal looping: From linear paths to 3D effects 2018
542 Morpheus Morphogenesis of photo-mechanized molecular materials 2018
543 BigMedilytics Big Data for Medical Analytics 2018
544 HAPPI Housing Association’s Energy Efficiency Process Planning and Investments 2018
545 Pavnext NextGen Road Safety for smarter cities 2018
546 Multi-AD Feasibility High performance MULTIphase Anaerobic Digester for agroindustrial wastewater treatment 2018
547 InnoForESt Smart information, governance and business innovations for sustainable supply and payment mechanisms for forest ecosystem services 2017
548 MICROCRYO Microsystems for Cryomicroscopy 2019
549 ImmunoFit Harnessing tumor metabolism to overcome immunosupression 2018
550 SALAMANDER Soakback Assessment using LAttice Boltzmann Method and Aerothermal Nodal-network for the Design of the Engine-bay Region 2018
551 OASIS Optimisation of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and Laser Beam Welding (LBW) for assembly of structural aircraft parts 2018
552 OPTOvanderWAALS Optoelectronics with Complex van der Waals Heterostructures 2018
553 Acclimatize Hypothalamic mechanisms of thermal homeostasis and adaptation 2018
554 nanoAXON Nano-physiology of small glutamatergic axon terminals 2018
555 EnSurf Enantioselectivity at surfaces: covalent grafting as new tool for chiral surface modifications 2018
556 Re-MAPMATH Re-Mapping the Numerical Brain. 2018
557 CF3-DIAZOMETHYLATOR Photocatalytic C–H Bond CF3-diazomethylation 2018
558 EpiLog The Unknown Science: Understanding the Epistemology of Logic through Practice 2018
559 SmallDrugRheuma Discovery of Immune Therapeutic Targets and Immunomodulators for the Development of Novel Therapies in Rheumatoid Arthritis. 2018
560 LINKSPM Linking atomic-scale properties of 2D correlated materials with their mesoscopic transport and mechanical response 2018
561 LiLa Linking Latin. Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin 2018
562 CLAReTE Combinatorially Led Advanced Research on Transparent Electrodes 2018
563 MeloCRISP Implementation of CRISPR/Cas9 technology in melon to edit fruit ripening and CMV resistant genes 2018
564 HYDRA Enhanced under water superoleophobicity by micro/nano topography and hydrophilic polymer brushes for high efficiency oil-water emulsion separation 2019
565 FlowAct Flow Chemistry for C-H Activation 2018
566 MarginScapes Long-term land use and water management strategies in arid margin landscapes 2018
567 EFHHBBBMS Endothelial Hedgehog autocrine signaling at the Blood Brain Barrier controls inflammatory CentralNervous System lesion size and severity through Gas1 co-receptor modulation. 2019
568 GoJelly GoJelly - A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution 2018
569 BAHCI Bringing a health claim to information: Measuring the impact of health data on the health outcomes of European citizens 2018
570 BEMAR Protection-induced selection and evolution of behavior within marine reserves and the impact on fisheries sustainability 2018
571 BIOGEOS Bio-mediated Geo-material Strengthening for engineering applications 2018
572 COMFECTION Communication for Food Protection 2019
573 COMPRESS NETS Compressed Sensing Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks 2018
574 CONSYN Contextualizing biomolecular circuit models for synthetic biology 2018
575 DeciGUT A Grand Unified Theory of Decidability in Logic-Based Knowledge Representation 2018
576 DiverseJust Addressing Diversity: How Immigration Shapes Criminal Justice and Welfare Policies 2019
577 EcoGemCoat Smart anticorrosion coatings based on nanocontainers loaded with novel, eco-friendly cationic gemini surfactants as efficient corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel in seawater. 2018
578 SMARTEES Social innovation Modelling Approaches to Realizing Transition to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 2018
579 COGOV Co Production and Co Governance: Strategic Management, Public Value and Co Creation in the Renewal of Public Agencies across Europe 2018
580 RYD-QNLO Quantum nonlinear optics through Rydberg interaction 2018
581 ASIAPAST From herds to empire: Biomolecular and zooarchaeological investigations of mobile pastoralism in the ancient Eurasian steppe 2018
582 ANTILEAK Development of antagonists of vascular leakage 2018
583 RUBIZMO Replicable business models for modern rural economies 2018
584 DELTA Future tamper-proof Demand rEsponse framework through seLf-configured, self-opTimized and collAborative virtual distributed energy nodes 2018
585 ExtComb Extremal Combinatorics: existence, counting and typical structure 2019
586 Sialoglycan Array Generation of a Cell-Based Sialoglycan Array to Decipher Biological Interactions and Functions of the Human Sialome 2018
587 LIV.IN LIVING INNOVATION - Implementing RRI through co-creation of smart futures with industry and citizens 2018
588 HMAM Healing Multiphysics of Asphalt Materials 2018
589 DOVuFRIS Detecting Ocean Variability under Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf 2018
590 Stress Granules Using Reconstituted Stress Granules to Gain Insight into the Molecular Pathology of Neurodegenerative Diseases 2019
591 SURFInG StructURal and Functional dynamics of BrassIca napus polyploid Genome 2018
592 GOPV Global Optimization of integrated PhotoVoltaics system for low electricity cost 2018
593 ProDelSys Processing Systems with Optical Delay 2018
594 MHCIbiopic MHC-I biogenesis and degradation at the endoplasmic reticulum membrane 2019
595 PHYTOPHONUS From male-killers to plant pathogens: Investigation of cross-kingdom host-symbiont interactions in the Arsenophonus clade” 2018
596 FunGraW Fundamental physics in the era of gravitational-wave astronomy 2019
597 NOISE NOise Impacts of whale-watching boatS on cEtaceans 2018
598 4D STENT 4D shape memory polymers via microstereolithography for production of thermally responsive stents 2018
599 ALATA The Making of Angels in Late Antiquity: Theology and Aesthetics 2018
600 MONSOON Monsoons and climate change: roles of atmospheric and oceanic processes 2018
601 NEUROTARGET Treatment of traumatic brain injury using dye-loaded polymeric nanoparticles 2018
602 TROPHY The consequences of temperature-resource interactions for the future of marine phytoplankton communities 2018
603 OESOPHAGEAL FATE Epithelial/Mesenchymal Cross-talk in response to injury and early tumorigenesis; a spatiotemporal perspective 2019
604 SPECADIS Speciation and bioavailability of heavy metal cadmium (Cd) in the soil-plant system: a novel approach combining stable isotope geochemistry and experimental spectroscopy. 2019
605 SCOUT Supporting Causal Conclusions from Observational Survival Studies 2018
606 TCDL Topological Colloidal Double Layers 2018
607 ADAPT An adaptation-based approach to understand resilience after job loss: Identifying the underlying mechanisms leading to adaptive coping and re-employment 2019
608 VitC Structural studies of the full-length human Vitamin C transporters: unravelling Vitamin C transport across the membrane 2018
609 RNAfate Identifying RNA fate checkpoints by resolving the high-resolution spatiotemporal binding dynamics of CBC containing complexes 2019
610 NeuroVU NeuroVU: Real-time Sensing in Microfluidic Models of the Neurovascular Unit 2018
611 NEUROTILES Bioengineered hippocampal organoids for epilepsy treatment 2018
612 NanoPyroMat ZnS Wurtzite Nanotextured Ceramic Materials for Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting 2018
613 SZFunc Functional Analysis of Schizophrenia Risk Gene RBM12 2018
614 EPCFG Understanding globalization outside 'global cities': European provincial cities in the first globalization, 1880-1914 2018
615 MATHCOV Maternal temperature history controls progeny vigour 2018
616 MIMe The multisensory dimension of memory, from single neuron to neural network. A multiscale electrophysiological approach to reveal the mechanism of face-voice association for person identity recognition 2018
617 HiMIN Histone H3.3 oncogenic mutations: a role in genome instability through altered DNA repair and replication fork stability? 2018
618 TOMACOP Copper homeostasis and the effects of copper deficiency on tomato plants and fruit quality 2019
619 3D-SITS 3D Stretchable Inductive Tactile Sensors for Soft Artificial Touch 2018
620 SUPER Synthetic Utilization of Photoredox-generated Electrophilic Radicals 2018
621 HG-Emo How sociocultural forces shape the emotion lexicon in hunter-gatherer languages 2018
622 Quake QBeast Utility Analysis to marKet and Enterprise 2018
623 SHOGANAI World´s first real-time solution for controlling airplane operating costs 2018
624 Farmers Pride Networking, partnerships and tools to enhance in situ conservation of European plant genetic resources 2017
625 QuanTII Quantitative T cell Immunology and Immunotherapy 2018
626 ARIAS Advanced Research Into Aeromechanical Solutions 2018
627 MECHEMGUI The integration of mechanical and chemical signals in neuronal guidance 2018
628 HiPERFORM High performant Wide Band Gap Power Electronics for Reliable, energy eFficient drivetrains and Optimization thRough Multi-physics simulation 2018
629 iDev40 Integrated Development 4.0 2018
630 MAGNETO Multimedia Analysis and Correlation Engine for Organised Crime Prevention and Investigation 2018
631 E-DESIGN Artificial designer materials 2018
632 NANO-MEMEC Membrane-based nano-mechanobiology: Role of mechanical forces in remodelling the spatiotemporal nanoarchitecture of the plasma membrane 2018
633 XRayProton Ultrafast Structural Dynamics of Elementary Water-Mediated Proton Transport Processes 2018
634 FirstGalaxies Finding the most distant galaxies with NIRSpec guaranteed time on the James Webb Space Telescope 2020
635 AUTO NERVE Tracers for targeting nerves in the autonomic nervous system 2018
636 NUMERICS International PhD programme in NUMERICal Simulation 2018
637 H-Reality Mixed Haptic Feedback for Mid-Air Interactions in Virtual and Augmented Realities 2018
638 HiggsSelfCoupling Uncovering the Origins of Mass: Discovery of the di-Higgs Process and Constraints on the Higgs Self-Coupling 2019
639 EditMHC How MHC-I editing complexes shape the hierarchical immune response 2019
640 HyArchi Targeting Root Hydraulic Architecture to improve Crops under Drought 2018
641 ReCaP Regeneration of Articular Cartilage using Advanced Biomaterials and Printing Technology 2018
642 PITBUL Point-of-Care implementation of TB testing with ultra-fast Local Heating PCR 2017
643 IVS Affordable airless packaging system to disrupt the airless packaging market 2018
644 ProbeFix ProbeFix: an Innovative MedTech Solution to improve the use of ultrasound for better Cardiac diagnosis in the EU 2018
645 F3D-Fastsight-PoC We enable safe and smarter urban transportation with laser imaging of surroundings, avoiding collisions with pedestrians and enabling autonomous navigation. Our single chip implementation delivers 2018
646 AIC24 Sustainable Datacenters Through Immersed Computing 2018
647 KOBOLD The first Local Production Unit allowing Printing of Complex Multi-material Objects Remotely 2018
648 ASSYSt A reliable CXCL4 biomarker assay to improve diagnosis and treatment of Systemic Sclerosis 2018
649 NAVSCIN High Accuracy Navigation under Scintillation Conditions 2018
650 plasmaCare A small, portable cold plasma device for the treatment of chronic and acute wounds. 2018
651 BrainBase Knowledge management platform for clinical use of brain data 2018
652 HemoScreen Point-of-care hematology analyser based on visco-elastic focusing, digital imaging, image processing and machine learning 2018
653 Rosalind Scale-up for Next Generation Enzymatic DNA Synthesis 2018
654 SHoW SHARED WORLDS: revealing prehistoric shared worlds along Europe´s Atlantic Façade 2019
655 ADAFARM Small scale farmers’ sustainable adaptation strategies to climate change based on ecosystem services 2018
656 EUREMnext Taking European EnergyManagers to next efficiency levels by implementing energy audit recommendations 2018
657 Qosmology Quantum Effects in Early Universe Cosmology 2018
658 GLOBESCAPE Enabling transformation: Linking design and land system science to foster place-making in peri-urban landscapes under increasing globalization 2018
659 Airline Team xStream Airspace User Support to Arrival Management 2018
660 RAPID RNA particles for Preparedness against Infectious Diseases 2018
661 HUMAN_ERA Night European Researchers' Night in Cyprus: The Human Era 2018
662 PaSION A longitudinal assessment of treatment experience, symptoms and potential associations with biomarkers in cancer patients undergoing immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy 2018
663 SPRS Stochastic Processes on Random Surfaces 2019
664 PERICO Peroxisome Interactions and Communication 2018
665 SIRIUS Simulations for Inertial Particle Microfluidics 2019
666 UNBRACE Investigating the Role of the Unfolded Protein Response as a Novel Targetable Pathway in BRAF Mutant Colorectal Cancer 2019
667 PEQEM Photonics for engineered quantum enhanced measurement 2019
668 EntangleUltraCold Entanglement in Strongly Correlated Quantum Many-Body Systems with Ultracold Atoms 2019
669 COYOTE Coherent Optics Everywhere: a New Dawn for Photonic Networks 2019
670 QUANTEDA User-Friendly Software For the Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data 2018
671 TerraNova The European Landscape Learning Initiative: Past and Future Environments and Energy Regimes shaping Policy Tools 2019
672 BrokenGenome Breaking and rebuilding the genome: mechanistic rules for the dangerous game of sex. 2019
673 mP-CSE Micro-physiological circadian platform for safety and efficacy assessment of drugs and cosmetics 2018
674 NMR-DisAgg The Dynamic Composition of the Protein Chaperone Network: Unraveling Human Protein Disaggregation via NMR Spectroscopy 2018
675 ProtoMet Protometabolic pathways: exploring the chemical roots of systems biology 2018
676 SKOPA Skin friction and fiber-optics-based surface pressure measurements for aircraft applications 2018
677 RESPONSIBILITY The Roots of Responsibility: Metaphysics, Humanity, and Society 2018
678 AD Detect-Prevent Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Detect & Prevent - Presymptomatic AD detection and prevention 2018
679 MLFPM2018 Machine Learning Frontiers in Precision Medicine 2019
680 POWER4BIO emPOWERing regional stakeholders for realising the full potential of european BIOeconomy 2018
681 OXIGENATED Hemoglobin based Protein Nanocarriers for Tumour Oxygenation and a more effective Photodynamic Therapy 2019
682 Trop-ClOC Quantifying the impact of Tropospheric Chlorine Oxidation Chemistry 2019
683 FACT Factorizing the wave function of large quantum systems 2019
684 STINTS Skin Tissue INTegrity under Shear 2019
685 PEP-NET Predictive Epigenetics: Fusing Theory and Experiment 2018
686 BestTreat BestTreat – Building a Gut Microbiome Engineering Toolbox for In-Situ Therapeutic Treatments for Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 2018
687 STACCATO European Industrial Doctorate for enhancing upstream biopharmaceutical manufacturing process development through single cell analysis 2019
688 SusDrug Sustainable Approach to Drug Discovery 2019
689 Stardust-R Stardust Reloaded 2019
690 ENHANCE ENHANCing Human Performance in Complex Socio-Technical SystEms 2019
691 NEODYNE Decision making: from neurochemical mechanisms to network dynamics to behaviour 2018
692 CAFYR Constructing Age for Young Readers 2019
693 ImmunoCode Digital Single Cell Immunology: Decoding Cellular Interactions for Improved Immunotherapy 2018
694 PANDA Powerfull Advanced N-Level Digitalization Architecture for models of electrified vehicles and their components 2018
695 TOCHA Dissipationless topological channels for information transfer and quantum metrology 2019
698 ADVANCE ADVANCE: Sophisticated experiments and optimisation to advance an existing CALPHAD database for next generation TiAl alloys 2018
699 CIRCLES Controlling mIcRobiomes CircuLations for bEtter food Systems 2018
700 iProg Tailored cell-based therapies for frontotemporal dementia and related genetically defined CNS orphan indications 2018
701 NanoMed-CKD Feasibility of mCura1: A kidney-targeted nanomedicine that promotes self-healing of Chronic Kidney Disease with messenger RNA. 2018
702 EDCMET Metabolic effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: novel testing METhods and adverse outcome pathways 2019
703 ALEX ALgorithms EXposed. Investigating Automated Personalization and Filtering for Research and Activism 2018
704 FIT2GO A toolbox for fitness landscapes in evolution 2019
705 SCREENED A multistage model of thyroid gland function for screening endocrine-disrupting chemicals in a biologically sex-specific manner 2019
706 BE OPEN European forum and oBsErvatory for OPEN science in transport 2019
707 eolACC Advanced wireless system for predictive monitoring of structural wind turbine components 2018
708 WHO-PENatScale Scaling up the WHO-PEN package for diabetes and hypertension in Swaziland: a nation-wide cluster-randomised evaluation of three strategies in Swaziland (WHO-PEN@Scale) 2019
709 D-TRUCK The first effective, remotely-controlled, and environmentally-friendly in-built food-transport sanitisation system 2018
710 Orgasome Protein synthesis in organelles 2019
711 OpenInnoTrain Open Innovation – Research Translation and Applied Knowledge Exchange in Practice through University-Industry-Cooperation 2019
712 PANACEA Protection and privAcy of hospital and health iNfrastructures with smArt Cyber sEcurity and cyber threat toolkit for dAta and people 2019
713 PillSense Accelerating market introduction of the first real-time diagnistic and monitoring device for upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB) 2019
714 CITISENSE Evolving communication systems in response to altered sensory environments 2019
716 GIOTTO Active aGeIng and Osteoporosis: The next challenge for smarT nanobiOmaterials and 3D technologies 2019
717 C123 Methane oxidative conversion and hydroformylation to propylene 2019
718 WEAR Behaviour Phenotyping using Inertial Sensors 2019
719 PUReSmart PolyUrethane Recycling towards a Smart Circular Economy 2019
720 LIMBo Zooming the link between diet and brain health: how phenolic metabolites modulate brain inflammation 2019
721 TORCH ThermoacOustic instabilities contRol in sequential Combustion cHambers 2019
722 NoLiMiTs Novel Lifesaving Magnetic Tentacles 2019
723 MechanoTubes Supramolecular machineries with life-like mechanical functions 2019
724 MAMMO1 Deep learning for mammography: Improving accuracy and productivity in breast cancer diagnosis. 2019
725 GEMMA Genome, Environment, Microbiome & Metabolome in Autism: an integrated multi-omic systems biology approach to identify biomarkers for personalized treatment and primary prevention of Autism Spectr 2019
726 Atlas Atlas 2019
727 The MATRIX Inflammatory resolution and remodelling of the adipose extracellular matrix: key determinants of a metabolically healthy phenotype? 2019
728 EnDeCAD Enhancers Decoding the Mechanisms Underlying CAD Risk 2019
729 INFOSAMPLE Information Sampling in Multiattribute Choice 2018
730 SafeFate Safeguarding Cell Fate by Terminal Repression during Development and Disease 2019
731 MaMiLabor Macro- and Microeconomic Analyses of Heterogeneous Labor Market Outcomes 2019
732 MILESTONE From mineral inclusions in zircon to continents: An in situ isotopic perspective on the evolution of the continental crust, the onset of plate tectonics and the development of a habitable Earth 2019
733 TransReg Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of cardiac regenerative capacity in the zebrafish 2019
734 TopSpec Next generation precision antibody profiling - from science fiction to reality 2019
735 IQubits Integrated Qubits Towards Future High-Temperature Silicon Quantum Computing Hardware Technologies 2019
736 MesoPhone Vibrating carbon nanotubes for probing quantum systems at the mesoscale 2019
737 ECOFEED Altered eco-evolutionary feedbacks in a future climate 2019
738 OPTIMA PrOcess intensification and innovation in olefin ProducTIon by Multiscale Analysis and design 2019
739 FanCY Flow and Deformation of Cancer tumours near Yielding 2019
740 XEND Clinical assessment of PILA PHARMA’s TRPV1 antagonist, XEN-D0501, as a novel type of oral anti-diabetic agent 2019
741 ESCulab European Screening Centre; Unique Library for Attractive Biology 2018
742 SCAUT Ser-Col; from finger to laboratory; personalized and automated serum collection for laboratory diagnostics 2019
743 ArthritisHeal Establishing the molecular fundamentals of arthritic diseases – a step forward to Heal Arthritis 2019
744 APOSITE Apoptotic foci: composition, structure and dynamics 2019
745 ViroPedTher Oncolytic viruses for the treatment of pediatric brain tumors: An integrated clinical and lab approach 2019
746 METABODY METABODY: Body Metacognition, Mentalization and Metamorphosis 2019
747 ReNewHydrides Renewable Hydride Donors and Their Utilization in Catalytic Reduction and Deoxygenation Reactions 2019
748 CREATIVE IPR The History of Intellectual Property Rights in the Creative Industries 2019
749 SCHIZTYPE Brain cell type-specific interactions and schizophrenia 2019
750 FIAT The Foundations of Institutional AuThority: a multi-dimensional model of the separation of powers 2020
751 EpiRIME Epigenetic Reprogramming, Inheritance and Memory: Dissect epigenetic transitions at fertilisation and early embryogenesis 2019
752 GOLIATH Beating Goliath: Generation Of NoveL, Integrated and Internationally Harmonised Approaches for Testing Metabolism Disrupting Compounds 2019
753 MyPal MyPal: Fostering Palliative Care of Adults and Children with Cancer through Advanced Patient Reported Outcome Systems 2019
754 SIWI Automatic Hitching for theTotal Safety of the Farmers when Coupling machinery 2019
755 DIAIoT An e-Health expert system for diagnosis and treatment of diabetics to reduce the risk of skin breakdown and co-existing foot diseases 2019
756 Joey Democratizing humanoid robots in customer service 2019
757 Sound Health Acoustic Intelligence and AI, the Next Frontier. Listen, detect, predict. 2019
758 DISINTEGRATION The Mass Politics of Disintegration 2019
759 DELTA Development and Execution of innovative test procedures for vaLidation of Thermoplastic Aircraft fuselage panels 2019
760 CONMECH Nonsmooth Contact Dynamics 2019
761 FOCUS Forced displacement and refugee-host community solidarity 2019
762 Biosensor Design Engineering Chemotactic Biosensors for a Diverse Spectrum of Metastatic Markers 2020
763 NeuCoDe Neural & Computational Principles of Multisensory Integration during Active Sensing and Decision-Making 2019
764 scTALLmap Single-cell map of the composition and evolution of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia 2019
765 Mi-DOG The “parasitism-readers” of the world’s most damaging plant-parasitic nematode Meloidogyne incognita: new avenues to address food global security. 2020
766 RNA-Rep Repeating cycles of chemically-driven RNA replication within model protocells 2019
767 I-AM-GUT Impact of maternal Adrenomedullin on the Microbiome and Gut health: insights into preventing chronic intestinal disorders 2019
768 TERMINATOR Ribosomal frameshifts as a novel mechanism to control RNA turnover in stress 2019
769 MorphIRe Morphologically-informed representations for natural language processing 2019
770 TRACERxTME Constructing an evolutionary atlas of the immune landscape in lung cancer 2019
771 CINEMA Creating an Infrastructure for the Numerical Exploration of Metallurgical Alloys 2019
772 SUNRISE Solar Energy for a Circular Economy 2019
773 EVOMET The rise and fall of metastatic clones under immune attack 2019
774 SeCRT Uncover mechanisms of unconventional secretion of tau using functional CRISPR screens - From basic discoveries to neurodegenerative disease therapeutics 2019
775 enzymeCOMP Phase-separated block copolymer nanoparticles for spatial organization of enzymes: A new strategy to control enzyme cascade reactions 2019
776 BIOIMPROVE Improvement of food safety applied biosensors by protein engineering 2019
777 PETRA Deciphering the magnetic record of planetary rocks using spacecraft and laboratory measurements 2019
778 LIMEN Legal Liminality: An Inquiry Into the Cognitive Foundations of the Law 2019
779 SOLID Policy Crisis and Crisis Politics. Sovereignty, Solidarity and Identity in the EU post 2008. 2019
780 ElectroThermo New Paradigm in Electrolyte Thermodynamics 2019
781 BiREDOX Bi(III)/Bi(V) Redox Catalysis for Organic Synthesis 2019
782 D3AiSF Screening Database to Discover Donor-Acceptor copolymers for intramolecular Singlet Fission 2020
783 LONGFLOW Role of CONSTANS in flower longevity 2019
784 uTSSreg Regulation of mammalian genes by new classes of promoter proximal transcription start sites 2020
785 MAP Music-assisted programmes: Developing communication in autism spectrum disorder through music making 2019
786 FEM-RESIST Women, Photography and Resistance in Transnational Perspective 2019
787 NOCEANIC Key factors driving particulate organic matter fluxes and related nitrogen losses in the main anoxic oxygen minimum zones of the world oceans 2019
788 TPOINT Parasitism and climate change: A tipping point for blue mussel populations? 2019
789 SemioMaths Towards a theory of mathematical signs based on the automatic treatment of mathematical corpora 2019
790 EXPAND Examining pan-neotropical diasporas 2019
791 STRomA Novel Matrix Stiffness-regulated Genes in Lymphangiogenesis and Angiogenesis 2019
792 CLIMB Calibrating and Improving Mechanistic models of Biodiversity 2019
793 RESTRICTIONAPP A multilinear approach to the restriction problem with applications to geometric measure theory, the Schrödinger equation and inverse problems 2019
794 WMM Women Making Memories: Liturgy and the Remembering Female Body in Medieval Holy Women’s Texts 2019
795 ATTO-CONTROL Attosecond X-ray Molecular Dynamics and Strong-Field Control 2019
796 DREGS Deciphering archaeological Residues to understand the history of European Grape cultivation and winemaking Societies 2019
797 3D NKCC1 Interdisciplinary approach to characterize the structure and the ion transport mechanism of NKCC1, a key target for brain disorders. 2019
798 AmnioticID Understanding the identity of the amniotic fluid stem cells 2019
799 GEOMED Geodynamics of the Central Mediterranean: A multidisciplinary investigation of the Sicily Channel region 2019
800 AMPLE A Study of the Notion of Ampleness in Model Theory and Tits Buildings 2019
801 EpiEcoMod Through the eye of a mosquito: theoretical modelling of vector-borne zoonotic pathogens 2020
802 INTENDeD INTegration of EmotioNs During Decision-Making 2020
803 SEDILAND Sediment regime disturbance of river catchments in a changing land cover context: Geoenvironmental and population dynamics 2019
804 iEXTRACT Information Extraction for Everyone 2019
805 iProcureNet innovation by developing a European Procurer Networking for security research services 2019
806 SYNTISU Remotely-controlled functional synthetic tissues 2019
807 ILSAINC Mapping and theorising the global International Large-Scale Assessment industry 2019
808 FARMYNG FlAgship demonstration of industrial scale production of nutrient Resources from Mealworms to develop a bioeconomY New Generation 2019
809 BioSIGNAL Biological pump Sensitivity and climate change: InterroGatiNg past environmentAL perturbations 2019
810 COSuccess Testing the importance of oxidative stress and dietary antioxidants in linking cognitive traits and fitness in free living animals 2020
811 DIVE into AD Study of tau strains to understand the phenotypic diversity of Alzheimer’s disease: A step toward personalized therapies 2020
812 NEUROSHELL Advancing knowledge and acquiring expertise in shellfish research by investigating environmental, neuroendocrine and endocrine control of key stages in oyster aquaculture, using a rhythmic approach 2019
813 NotToKill-NotToDie Unrevealing dry season Plasmodium falciparum replication biology 2019
814 WetSlide WEaThering in bedrock landSLIDE deposits 2019
815 FAB Functional Agricultural Biodiversity : Optimising ecosystem service provision via functional agricultural biodiversity 2019
816 FEN INHIBITORS Development of Kinetoplastida Flap Endonuclease Inhibitors in Search for Novel Therapeutics 2020
817 BabyBayes Bayesian Learning in the Infant Brain 2019
818 NeuroFreezing Biophysical Properties of the Neuronal Cytosol and their Dynamics upon Nutrient Starvation, Aging, and in Neurodegenerative Diseases. 2019
819 TWISTM Strongly correlated phenomena in twisted bilayers of graphene and transition metal dichacogenides 2020
820 Gentime Eschatological time as women’s time? Gendered temporality and female holiness in Early Christianity and Byzantium 2019
821 VINCI The Value of Information and Choice to Improve Control. 2020
822 PaintOdor “Intoxicated by turpentine”: An Olfactory History of Painting (1750-1939) 2019
823 RTTOPHAGY """Investigating autophagy enhancement as a therapeutic approach for the treatment of Rett syndrome.""" 2019
824 PARTOWNEU The dark side of partial ownership and financial investment in Europe: What price to pay for consumers and society? 2019
825 FLEXBUILD Market maturation of innovative Flexible modules for temporary sealing of construction Buildings 2019
826 RIVELIN-CLO The Ultimate Therapy for the Oral Lichen Planus 2019
827 3DAddChip Additive manufacturing of 2D nanomaterials for on-chip technologies 2019
828 RECEIPT REmote Climate Effects and their Impact on European sustainability, Policy and Trade 2019
829 DWC - Leading urban water management to its digital future 2019
830 HYPERION Development of a Decision Support System for Improved Resilience & Sustainable Reconstruction of historic areas to cope with Climate Change & Extreme Events based on Novel Sensors and Modelling Tools 2019
831 FORCeS Constrained aerosol forcing for improved climate projections 2019
832 InnoRate Data-driven tools for supporting and improving the decision-making processes of investors for financing innovative SMEs 2019
833 UEMHP Unravelling Earth’s magnetic history and processes 2019
834 CanISeeQG Can I see Quantum Gravity? 2019
835 CHyMERA Monitoring cancer heterogeneity based on the dynamic assessment of the Warburg effect under metabolic perturbation 2019
836 EMB3Rs User-driven Energy-Matching & Business prospection tool for industrial Excess heat/cold Reduction, Recovery and Redistribution 2019
837 HARMONIC Health effects of cArdiac fluoRoscopy and MOderN radIotherapy in paediatriCs 2019
838 EuReCa Institut Curie EuReCa PhD Programme 2020
839 iLCA Intelligent Live Cell Analysis [iLCA] to transform disease management through faster, and more regulatory robust, discovery, manufacture and monitoring of biologic drugs & cell therapies 2019
840 PERISCOPE Perioperative infection prediction 2019
841 Dignum Innovative toilet assistive device enabling people with reduced mobility to become independent 2019
842 DEVOCEAN Impact of diatom evolution on the oceans 2019
843 INSPECTr Intelligence Network and Secure Platform for Evidence Correlation and Transfer (INSPECTr) 2019
844 HaLO How Language Oppresses 2019
845 DATENE Defect Analysis and Thermal Effects of Nanolasers and Emitters 2020
846 PhotoXLink Development of biomolecular tools for the spatiotemporal photocontrol of AMPA receptors mobility 2019
847 ProTeCT Proteasome as a target to combat trichomoniasis 2019
848 TRIC-TB Boosting Ethionamide efficacy and lowering the dose with a small molecule transcriptional modulators, to overcoming MDR-TB infections and define a new place for Ethionamide in 1st-line TB treatments. 2019
849 5G-TOURS SmarT mObility, media and e-health for toURists and citizenS 2019
850 Hybead Hybrid Bead Adsorbents 2019
851 EarWay EarWay: a simple, safe and efficient medical device for earwax removal 2019
852 Wave Scale Bringing wave power to a cost competitive level and commercial scale 2019
853 TACTILITY TACTIle feedback enriched virtual interaction through virtual realITY and beyond 2019
854 BIOAVENGER The first and ultimate bio-solution to Europe’s mould and rot fungi! 2019
855 RetroChrom Deciphering the molecular mechanisms of HIV DNA nuclear import and the impact of 3D genome organization on integration site selection 2019
856 CATCH-22 High temperature superconductivity and the Catch-22 conundrum 2019
858 BiomStrip Over-The-Counter Test Strip for Early-Stage Cancer Screening 2019
859 INVADERS Mucus-Penetrating Microbiota: Characterization, Mechanism and Therapeutic in Metabolic Disease 2019
860 DEEPFIELD DeepField- Deep Learning in Field Robotics: from conceptualization towards implementation 2019
862 DiCED Digital Campaigning and Electoral Democracy 2020
863 IMAGE-IN Imaging infections: integrated, multiscale visualization of infections and host response 2020
864 EMME-CARE Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East – Climate and Atmosphere Research Centre 2019
865 Sano Centre for New Methods in Computational Diagnostics and Personalised Therapy 2019
866 CMMI – MaRITeC-X Marine and Maritime Research, Innovation, Technology Centre of Excellence 2019
867 EQUIVert Worldwide unique biofeedback system for non-invasive vertigo therapy and fall prevention 2019
868 MoVEMENT Mobility of Volatiles in the Earth’s Mantle by Experimental and Numerical Technics 2020
869 Fluidly Intelligent cashflow management and forecasting platform providing insights for financial decision making of SMEs 2019
870 EXTRIDIM Exploring Triterpene Diversity in Monocots 2020
871 GWAS2FUNC From GWAS to functional studies: Tackling the complex nature of brain disorders 2019
872 UNIFY UNconventional Integrated quantum nanophotonic sources From spontaneous sYmmetry breaking 2019
873 COMBIVET Setting up the ERA Chair of Comparative Medicine in the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences of the Estonian University of Life Sciences 2019
874 Pythia Artificial Intelligence to predict and control the behavior even in the most complex industrial processes 2019
875 ADDEGE Dramatically improving chronic knee pain from osteoarthritis using an active steering telescopic microcatheter device in conjunction with a new ultra-low friction hydrophilic coating 2019
876 GOODMOD Generic phOtOnic Design MODules 2019
877 TechnoC-Cap Technological Cultures in Capuchin Monkeys: an Archeological and Behavioural exploration 2020
878 MagnEFi Magnetism and the effects of Electric Field 2019
879 SINERGIA advanced technologieS for drug dIscovery and precisioN mEdicine: in vitRo modellinG human physiology and diseAse 2019
880 INNOADDITIVE INNOADDITIVE: Innovation Challenges for Additive Manufacturing 2019
881 FAIRWORK FAIRWORK: Building a Fairwork Foundation 2019
882 RCT4MANU Test an innovative support scheme for manufacturing SMEs and accelerate the use of RCTs in innovation agencies 2019
883 QUDOT-TECH Quantum Dots for Photonic Quantum Information Technologies 2020
884 P4PLAY People, Place, Policy and Practice for Play 2020
885 TanazaOS Tanaza OS: the operating system for open Wi-Fi networking devices 2019
886 CORVOS COmplement Regulation and Variations in Opportunistic infectionS 2019
887 AutoCapSyn Capsule based machines for the automated synthesis of organic molecules for drug discovery and medicinal chemistry 2019
888 SAFEBIO Safe and Complete Algorithms for Bioinformatics 2020
889 MOBI Modern Bigness : Challenges for European Competition Law 2020
890 NeuSoSen Neural Computations Underlying Social Behavior in Complex Sensory Environments 2020
891 FNS-Cloud Food Nutrition Security Cloud 2019
892 PACE The leading manufacturer-independent connected-car platform, disrupting value creation and customer communication in the automotive aftermarket 2019
893 LearnBugs Learning to Find Software Bugs 2020
894 GLAD Global Lagrangian Cloud Dynamics 2020
895 SyNET From Network Verification to Synthesis: Breaking New Ground in Network Automation 2019
896 NEQuM Non-Ergodic Quantum Matter: Universality, Dynamics and Control 2020
897 FERTIMANURE Innovative nutrient recovery from secondary sources – Production of high-added value FERTIlisers from animal MANURE 2020
898 BA-AC Cloud-based Airport Operations Planning tool with holistic forecasting of airport allocation planning. 2019
899 STRAIN2EXTREME Straining electromechanical coupling in layered crystals to new extremes 2019
900 CERES advanCEd REar end Structural test program – low level tests 2020
901 FunBlocks Fundamental Building Blocks – Understanding plasticity in complex crystals based on their simplest, intergrown units 2020
902 MEImpact The Consequences of Mismeasuring Economic Activity 2019
903 CARAMEL Artificial Intelligence based cybersecurity for connected and automated vehicles 2019
904 NIFTI Non-Intrusive Flow distortion measurements within a Turbofan Intake 2020
905 QUNET A quantum network for distributed quantum computation 2019
906 FutureLSS Fundamental physics from the large-scale structure of the Universe 2020
907 NANOCELL A DNA NANOtechology toolkit for artificial CELL design 2020
908 MOLEC ANTI-ARRHYT Resilience and Trigger Factors in Cardiac Arrhythmia: Risk Stratification and Drug Design 2020
909 SongNeuroGen Species discrimination in birds: A behavioural-neurogenomics approach to auditory learning 2019
910 MEDICAL Medical Treatments in Medieval Leprosaria. Exploring Healing Remedies through Dental Calculus Analysis 2020
911 DyNAmecs Early embryonic events, life-long consequences: DNA methylation dynamics in mammalian development 2020
912 PRD-Trigger Precipitation triggered rock dynamics: the missing mesoscopic link 2020
913 EM4FIT Entrepreneurial Management for Fostering Innovation and Talents 2020
914 MACBETH Membranes And Catalysts Beyond Economic and Technological Hurdles 2019
915 ONCORELIEF A digital guardian angel enhancing cancer patient’s wellbeing and health status improvement following treatment. 2020
916 QUABODYP QUAntum Black hOle DYnamics and Phenomenology 2020
917 SCALE Projecting global biodiversity responses from first biological principles 2019
918 DIPVAR Digital Platforms: Pricing, Variety and Quality Provision 2020
919 VULNER Vulnerabilities under the Global Protection Regime: how does the law assess, address, shape, and produce the vulnerabilities of protection seekers? 2020
920 EARLYDETECT Development of an accurate, early diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer 2020
921 BioPP BioProtect Paper: Off-line machine for advanced bio-coating paper 2019
922 MIDEBT The Micro-foundations of Debt Crises 2020
923 RECOGNISED Retinal and cognitive dysfunction in type 2 diabetes: unraveling the common pathways and identification of patients at risk of dementia 2020
924 REVERT taRgeted thErapy for adVanced colorEctal canceR paTients 2020
925 ThinkAhead Thinking Ahead: human planning from a predictive processing perspective 2020
926 DEXIM Deeply Explainable Intelligent Machines 2019
929 MEPHOS Shaping the Mechano-Pharmacological properties of Microparticles and Extracellular Vesicles for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis 2020
930 YADES Improved Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Areas to cope with Climate Change and Other Hazards based on Innovative Algorithms and Modelling Tools 2020
931 TOPOCELL A cell separation microfabricated platform for cell migration and invasion assays 2020
932 Xtend "Xtend - ""Extending Reality Skywards""" 2020
933 CRUCIAL MiCrovasculaR rarefaction in vascUlar Cognitive Impairement and heArt faiLure 2020
934 REFLECT Redefining geothermal fluid properties at extreme conditions to optimize future geothermal energy extraction 2020
935 PlasmoniAC Energy- and Size-efficient Ultra-fast Plasmonic Circuits for Neuromorphic Computing Architectures 2020
936 LONGITOOLS Dynamic longitudinal exposome trajectories in cardiovascular and metabolic non-communicable diseases 2020
937 IMOTHEP Investigation and Maturation of Technologies for Hybrid Electric Propulsion 2020
938 RePLAy Reinventing bioplastic: CO2 + sunlight = PLA 2019
939 INNOGAIT Innovative Reflex-based Gait Rehabilitation 2020
940 ENDOWAVE ENDObronchial microWAVE Ablation for the minimally invasive treatment of lung cancer 2019
941 NSC-Reconstruct Novel Strategies for Cell-based Neural Reconstruction 2020
942 FluxWIN The role of non-growing season processes in the methane and nitrous oxide budgets in pristine northern ecosystems 2020
943 EPOCHAL Beyond seasonal suffering: Effects of Pollen on Cardiorespiratory Health and Allergies 2020
944 IDEA-FAST Identifying Digital Endpoints to Assess FAtigue, Sleep and acTivities in daily living in Neurodegenerative disorders and Immune-mediated inflammatory diseases 2019
945 SUPERGRAPH Topological Superconductivity in Graphene 2020
946 iNEXT-Discovery Infrastructure for transnational access and discovery in structural biology 2020
947 Project Tracworx Tracworx is a data analytics tool that allows you to establish bottlenecks in your patient flow, while understanding your efficiencies and ultimately your true capacity. 2019
948 ZENITH ZEbrafish Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Training Hub 2019
949 PP-MAGIC (Photo-)Control of Persisters: Targeting the Magic Spot 2020
950 PoreDetect Bench-top system for detection and analysis of miRNA using solid-state nanopores 2020
951 PEC_Flow Continuous-flow Photoelectrochemical Cells for Carbon Dioxide Valorization 2020
952 ThoriumNuclearClock Thorium nuclear clocks for fundamental tests of physics 2020
953 INTEGRATE An Integrated View on Coupled Aerosol-Cloud Interactions 2020
954 SpaTe Spatio-Temporal Methods for Data-driven Computer Animation and Simulation 2020
955 EPN-2024-RI Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure 2020
956 DEEP-MAPS Deep Earth Mantle Phase Transition Maps: Studied by Time-Resolved Experiments 2020
957 TRANSLATIONAL A new translational strategy for tailored treatment of type 2 diabetes 2020
958 SILENT Seismic Isolation of Einstein Telescope 2020
959 Bio-LP-1 A novel rapid environmental test for the human pathogen Legionella 2020
960 QUANTUMGRAIN Quantum Chemistry on Interstellar Grains 2020
961 WLEP White Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Organometal Halide Perovskites 2021
962 STEMMS Storage and Eruption of Mushy Magma Systems 2020
963 EvolInfome The sources of historical signal in the genomes of birds 2021
964 NanoMagnO Nano-Magnetic Oscillators 2020
965 SERWOM Understanding Serotonergic Regulation of Working Memory 2020
966 TeamUp Understanding and improving team decision making in uncertain environments 2020
967 MingleIFT Multi-color and single-molecule fluorescence imaging of intraflagellar transport in the phasmid chemosensory cilia of C. Elegans 2020
968 AIDE Archaeology, Inequalities and DiEt (AIDE) : Archaeology assisted by stable isotopes 2020
969 DELIGHT DissEcting caLcium sIgnalinG in cHloroplasTs 2021
970 ECOGAL Understanding our Galactic ecosystem: From the disk of the Milky Way to the formation sites of stars and planets 2020
971 INTEGRATE Personalised Medicine for Intervertebral Disc Regeneration- Integrating Profiling, Predictive Modelling and Gene Activated Biomaterials 2020
972 PLanTra Plain language for financial content: Assessing the impact of training on students' revisions and readers' comprehension 2020
973 ciTTub Molecular Basis of Tubulin Transport During Cilium Formation 2020
974 GlioTarget Inflaming the microenvironment of glioblastoma tumors by ADAR1 inhibition: a two-hit approach for the treatment of brain cancer. 2021
975 BeamSense Making more with less: intelligent wavefront design to enable high resolution images of unstable samples. 2020
976 THEOCORPES Theoretical Methods for Better Core Level Photoelectron Spectroscopy 2021
977 UViMCA Utility and Usership in Virtual Museums of Contemporary Art 2020
978 GRAPHEME Graphene and related materials membranes for efficient removal of toxic cations from water 2020
979 CIRCULAR X Experimenting with Circular Service Business Models 2020
980 ComBATageing Exploiting superlongevous model mammals to explore new links between protein and organelle homeostasis and lifespan extension 2021
981 ECURES Encouraging CUlture of REsponsible RoboticS 2021
982 PDASwITch Super-enhancer modules controlling plasticity and response to therapy in pancreatic cancer 2020
983 PhotoSoftMat Photo-controlled two-dimensional soft materials from microgel particles at liquid interfaces 2020
984 HABISS Eco-hydrodynamics of cold water coral habitats across integrated spatial scales 2020
985 NEUROPREG Eating patterns in pregnancy: unraveling the underlying neurocircuits and its deleterious metabolic consequences 2021
986 EURO IMJIN European Literature and the “First East Asian War” of 1592-1598 (EURO-IMJIN) 2020
987 DIM-CrIC Decreasing Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma-related Inflammation using small molecule inhibitors of STING 2020
988 DeFacto Design Automation for Smart Factories 2020
989 ADGENTHE-CDA Advances in the Diagnosis and Gene Therapy of Congenital dyserythropoietic Anemia 2020
990 TETCOLON Dissecting the role of the epigenetic regulator TET2 in colorectal cancer 2020
991 CellMechSensE Cell mechanosensing in the extracellular matrix 2020
992 EcoScan guano-based monitoring of ecosystems – a novel approach to capture ecological processes underlying ecosystem health 2020
993 ALGALVANISE ALGAL biorefinery of biogas digestate to high VAlue fuNctional IngredientS through circular approachEs 2020