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The page lists 876 projects related to the topic "humans".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Ageing with elegans Validating C. elegans healthspan model for better understanding factors causing health and disease, to develop evidence based prevention, diagnostic, therapeutic and other strategies. 2015
2 EDC-MixRisk Integrating Epidemiology and Experimental Biology to Improve Risk Assessment of Exposure to Mixtures of Endocrine Disruptive Compounds 2015
3 MycoSynVac Engineering of Mycoplasma pneumoniae as a broad-spectrum animal vaccine 2015
4 AGILE Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts 2015
5 FourByThree Highly customizable robotic solutions for effective and safe human robot collaboration in manufacturing applications 2014
6 SYMBIO-TIC Symbiotic Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly: Technologies, Innovations and Competitiveness 2015
7 CSUMECH Cholesterol and Sugar Uptake Mechanisms 2015
8 RevMito Deciphering and reversing the consequences of mitochondrial DNA damage 2015
9 MetDNASecStr Metabolism of DNA secondary structures and their impact on genome stability 2015
10 CONT-ACT Control of contact interactions for robots acting in the world 2015
11 MODELAGE Is your heart aging well? A systems biology approach to characterize cardiac aging from the cell to the body surface 2015
12 MetaFlex Metabolic flexibility: breaking down food effectively to prolong life 2015
13 Autophagy in vitro Reconstituting Autophagosome Biogenesis in vitro 2015
14 ComBact How complement molecules kill bacteria 2015
15 aCROBAT Circadian Regulation Of Brown Adipose Thermogenesis 2015
16 DREAM Deferred Restructuring of Experience in Autonomous Machines 2015
17 MetKnock Precise and non-GMO Engineering of Nutritional Factors for Breeding High Quality Crops 2015
18 flora robotica Flora Robotica: Societies of Symbiotic Robot-Plant Bio-Hybrids as Social Architectural Artifacts 2015
19 TIMESTORM Mind and Time: Investigation of the Temporal Traits of Human-Machine Convergence 2015
20 Fingers4Cure Zinc finger gene therapy in the brain for treating Huntington's disease 2015
21 socSMCs Socialising Sensori-Motor Contingencies 2015
22 SmartTap Real-Time Monitoring System for Water Quality 2015
23 MarineUAS Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems for Marine and Coastal Monitoring 2015
24 BonePain European Training Network on Bone Pain 2015
25 PACE Perception and Action in Complex Environments 2015
26 ENRICHME Enabling Robot and assisted living environment for Independent Care and Health Monitoring of the Elderly 2015
27 CogIMon Cognitive Interaction in Motion 2015
28 HUMANE HUMANE: a typology, method and roadmap for HUman-MAchine NEtworks 2015
29 BISON BIg Speech data analytics for cONtact centres 2015
30 FLOBOT Floor Washing Robot for Professional Users 2015
31 ARIA-VALUSPA Artificial Retrieval of Information Assistants - Virtual Agents with Linguistic Understanding, Social skills, and Personalised Aspects 2015
32 U-Test Testing Cyber-Physical Systems under Uncertainty: Systematic, Extensible, and Configurable Model-based and Search-based Testing Methodologies 2015
33 SoMa Soft-bodied intelligence for Manipulation 2015
34 RINGE3 Structural and mechanistic insights into RING E3-mediated ubiquitination 2015
35 BIZEB Bio-Imaging of Zoonotic and Emerging Bunyaviruses 2015
36 NIR-PERFECT Non-contact Near Infra-Red insPEction and monitoRing For Evaluation of ComposiTes 2014
37 DEVOLEMPA The developmental and evolutionary basis of human intersubjectivity 2015
38 PRDM9Recomb The Evolution of PRDM9 Binding and Genomic Localization of Meiotic Recombination Events 2015
39 OTULINVIVO The role of OTULIN and Met1-linked ubiquitin in immune signaling and host defense in vivo 2015
40 TRYP-QS YAK kinase regulated trypanosome quorum sensing 2015
41 Egg-Juvenate Deciphering the roles of chromatin modifiers in germline aging 2015
42 MENTAL IMAGERY The power of imagination – Breaking through behavioural avoidance in depression with mental imagery 2016
43 BIHC BIHC- Bio-inspired models of human crowds 2015
44 SmartMass Behavioral and cognitive mechanisms promoting collective intelligence in human groups 2015
45 CITISEX Understanding the role of sensory ecology and species interactions during sexual signal adaptation to an urbanizing world 2015
46 PALEO-AGRI agroPastoral Activities and effects on Landscapes and ErOsion dynAmics in the alps: a new insight from Geological appRoaches and lake sedIment DNA 2015
47 SexDiff Sex differences in expression in the shared genome 2016
48 ARBUATEM Antibiotic resistant bacteria and genes, associated with urban agriculture in Low and Middle Income Countries: Ecological and medical perspectives 2015
49 JELLYPACTS Assessment of Jellyfish Socioeconomic Impacts in the Mediterranean: Implications for Management 2016
50 GETAGRIP Evolutionary Trends And GRasping form and function In Primates and other tetrapod lineages 2016
51 LAGRANGE LAte Glacial RANGe Expansion 2016
52 EU-BEADS Early Upper Palaeolithic personal ornaments and behavioural adaptations 2015
53 GUTWORM Unravelling host intestine-parasite interactions that define immune responses to whipworms 2015
54 DDRR Dissecting dsRNA uptake in RNAi-based antiviral immunity 2015
55 CortexVisionBehavior Neocortical circuits underlying visually-guided behaviors in mice. 2016
57 Oncoworm ONCOWORM: Using functional genomics in highly regenerative flatworms to find novel cancer genes 2016
58 SO-CMA Improving the safety of oral immunotherapy for cow's milk allergy in children 2016
59 EffectorTargets Development of functional genomic screens to identify conserved host cell processes targeted by fungal effector proteins 2015
60 HJMIGRA Single-molecule analysis of Holliday-junction (HJ) migration by the human double-HJ dissolvasome 2015
61 DC cancer Development and immunological control of dendritic cell cancer 2015
62 DoRoThy Donating Robots a Theory of Mind 2015
63 MTT How does future thinking work? Uncovering its evolutionary and developmental origins 2015
64 SECOMAP Sexual Commitment of Malaria Parasites: Investigation Into the Epigenetic Control of Plasmodium Gametocytogenesis 2015
65 PEARS Predicting the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae 2015
66 DCmucoHIV HIV/SIV exploits DCs in mucosal infection: mechanisms of transmission and modulation by semen associated factors 2015
67 ARENAVIRUS Molecular mechanisms of arenavirus cell entry and antibody-mediated neutralization 2015
68 Social Jet Lag Social Jet Lag: Avian Solutions to Misalignment between Circadian Clocks and Social Cues 2016
69 PATOX Development of pyrrolizidine alkaloid detection methods for the assessment of food contamination and impact on human and animal health 2016
70 GLYCODIS3 Genetic correction of glycogen debranching enzyme deficiency in Glycogen Storage disease III: a proof of concept study 2016
71 jamclay Chemical Tools to Probe the Role of Bromodomains in the Parasite Trypanosoma cruzi 2016
72 MUSIC How the brain creates Mutual Understanding during Social InteraCtion 2016
73 GROUPIND Collective personalities: from individuals to groups, and back 2015
74 LEACON LEArning-CONtrol tight interaction: a novel approach to robust execution of mobile manipulation tasks 2016
75 ReconsolidationDynamics A Cross-Species Investigation of Memory Replay During Reconsolidation 2015
76 STOMMAC Stochastic Multi-Scale Modelling for the Analysis of Closed-Loop Interactions among Brain Networks 2015
77 ProactionPerception From oculomotor action to perception 2015
78 URBANEPIGENETICS The epigenetic basis of early-life effects in a wild bird exposed to urban environmental stress 2015
80 CL-3DE Choice and learning in a 3-dimensional environment: an investigation of brain and behaviour 2015
81 AGEISM Lifelong health, markers of ageing and senescence in a long-lived mammal. 2016
82 MDR Tuberculosis Evolution and success of the multi-drug resistant M. tuberculosis SIT41 (LAM7-TUR) lineage 2015
83 depreg Antidepressants during pregnancy: underlying mechanisms associated with neurodevelopmental outcome 2015
84 AMIABLE Advanced MIcroscopy of Attine ant BacteriaL Endosymbionts 2015
85 SymPathInfect Symbiont-mediated defense of amoebae against Legionella pneumophila - molecular mechanisms and pathogen ecology 2015
86 PopMet Investigating bacterial strain evolution through metagenomic genome assemblies 2015
87 EmotionalActions Understanding Emotional Actions 2015
88 HAAIV Adaptive evolutionary pathways of highly pathogenic avian H5N1 influenza in humans 2015
89 VOLES Is rodenticide use disrupting the natural autoregulation of vole populations? 2015
90 METAPHOR People, Space and Time: Understanding metaphors in sustaining cultural landscapes 2015
91 CURAS Cetacean Use of Representational Acoustic Signals 2015
92 MAPP Mosquito Antiviral piRNA Pathway 2015
93 ECBStrainShift Identification and characterization of the sex pheromone sensitive response gene(s) in the European Corn Borer males 2015
94 SOCIAL COST Differential costs of social living in nature 2016
95 CONSCBRAIN How consciousness is shaped by neuronal network dynamics 2015
96 LearningDeterminants Inter-individual variability in learning: an investigation of its determinants 2015
97 GENENET Gene networks to investigate lateral gene transfer in parasitic protozoa 2015
98 ADS Project Autonomous Dronistics for Security (ADS): optimized services with fleets of flying robots 2015
99 MIMO A commercial device for mercury isotope monitoring (MIMO) 2015
100 2-NanoSi Ratiometric FRET Based Nanosensors for Trypsin Related Human Recessive Diseases 2015
101 REACTION Evaluation of the efficacy and of the antiviral activity of T-705 (favipiravir) duringEbola virus infection in non-human primates humans 2014
102 MIIMETIQ Telemetry and Telecontrol for the Internet of things (IoT) 2015
103 DEFLUG Development of Environmentally Friendly Flue Gas Purification Solution 2015
104 MentorPitch The commercial exploitation of mentorship programme outcome intelligence in the global corporate and university market. 2015
105 Lipid The untapped potential of omega-3; from fish oil to healthy bowels 2015
106 EcoSpacePropulsion Piloting and upscaling the unique on site and mobile production plants for highly concentrated Hydrogen peroxide (HTP) production for space industry applications 2015
107 ZOONOMARKS Development of simple to use point of care tests for zoonotic pathogens and their validation for use in clinical research setting 2015
108 WONDANTS Wonder Ants — A new eco-friendly-innovation solution to persistent invasive ants. 2015
109 CiWater Feasibility study for water leakage detector CiWater 2015
110 RoboExNovo Robots learning about objects from externalized knowledge sources 2015
111 IDIU Integrated and Detailed Image Understanding 2015
112 REGROUND Colloidal Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for the REclamation of Toxic Metal Contaminated GROUNDwater Aquifers, Drinking Water Wells, and River Bank Filtrations 2015
113 AfricanBioServices Linking biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services in the Great Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem (GSME) - drivers of change, causalities and sustainable management strategies 2015
114 SVNanoVax Structural Vaccinology in the design of bionanoparticles with multi-copy antigen display for vaccines with enhanced efficacy 2015
115 Phoenix Exploring the Unknown through Reincarnation and Co-evolution 2015
116 CIRDvalid CIRDvalid – Clinical validation of a set of 11 biomarkers and a system of diagnostic and therapeutical devices for the resuscitation of patients suffering from long-lasting cardiac arrest 2015
117 RISE Research Centre in Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies 2015
118 WayTO Wayfinding Through Orientation 2015
119 PERSYST Generation and maintenance of long-lived memory T cells in humans 2015
120 METALS Formation and Characterization of Protein Post-Translational Modifications and Assessment of Cellular Responses by Application of Metals in Biological Systems 2015
121 CSC-IS Development of a more effective and safer therapeutic antibody for cancer treatment with a dual mechanism of action to eliminate CSCs and reactivate the tumour’s immune system. 2015
122 ENCOMOLE-2i Endoscopic Comprehensive Optical Multimodal Molecular Intelligent Imaging 2016
123 AI4REASON Artificial Intelligence for Large-Scale Computer-Assisted Reasoning 2015
124 AUDADAPT The listening challenge: How ageing brains adapt 2016
125 RSM Rich, Structured Models for Scene Recovery, Understanding and Interaction 2015
126 Elephant Project How elephants grow old 2016
127 MAFRI Molecular Ancient Fish Remains Identification 2016
128 SOUTHPARK SOUTHPARK - SOcial and Universal Technology HelPing to detect ARrivals via sdK 2015
129 INQMINDS The Evolutionary and Developmental Origins of Inquiring Minds: Studies of Causal Reasoning; Curiosity and Executive Control 2015
130 LocalAdaptation Detecting Local Adaptation with Climate-Informed Spatial Genetic Models 2015
131 COMSTAR The effects of early-life adversity on cognition: A comparative approach. 2015
132 MetAGEn Metabolic and Genetic Regulation of Ageing 2015
133 MeLiLoN Metabolic Networks that Link Longevity to Reproduction in Response to Nutrition 2015
134 MIMESIS Development of biomaterials through mimesis of plant defensive interfaces to fight wound infections 2015
135 APOLs Role of Apolipoproteins L in immunity and disease 2015
136 ANSWER ANtibioticS and mobile resistance elements in WastEwater Reuse applications: risks and innovative solutions 2015
137 HHFDWC The History of Human Freedom and Dignity in Western Civilization 2016
138 OCEANFISH Open Ocean Fish farms 2015
139 OPATHY From Omics to Patient: Improving Diagnostics of Pathogenic Yeasts 2015
140 KINSHIP How do humans recognise kin? 2015
141 WipeOutFear How the Brain Learns to Forget - The Neural Signature of Fear Memory Erasure 2015
142 Oligomers Characterising protein oligomers and their role in neurodegenerative disease in humans 2015
143 MotMotLearn Motivating Motor Learning: The Role of Reward, Punishment and Dopamine 2015
144 ACTINIT Brain-behavior forecasting: The causal determinants of spontaneous self-initiated action in the study of volition and the development of asynchronous brain-computer interfaces. 2015
145 MYOP-PATH Towards solving myopia: from genes to pathways using an integrated approach 2015
146 EVILTONGUE No Sword Bites So Fiercly as an Evil Tongue?Gossip Wrecks Reputation, but Enhances Cooperation 2015
147 RegEvolve Comparative analysis of planarian regeneration - why some worms regenerate while others don’t 2015
148 CsnCRL The molecular basis of CULLIN E3 ligase regulation by the COP9 signalosome 2016
149 FATHER TRIALS Father Trials: Hormonal and Behavioral Experiments on Prenatal and Postnatal Parenting 2016
150 NorFish North Atlantic Fisheries: An Environmental History, 1400-1700 2016
151 ObesityDevelop Effects of maternal gestational adiposity on fetal development and perinatal, postnatal and next generation health. 2015
152 SocioSmell Social Chemosignaling as a Factor in Human Behavior in both Health and Disease 2015
153 MMUVR Elucidating the role of ultraviolet radiation in melanoma 2016
154 HORSE Smart integrated Robotics system for SMEs controlled by Internet of Things based on dynamic manufacturing processes 2015
155 JPI-EC-AMR ERA-NET for establishing synergies between the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Horizon 2020 2015
156 INVASIoN Impact of invasive alien true bug species in native tropich webs 2016
157 PRETREAT PRoteome-based assessment of vascular disease for the Establishment of a Translational REsearch plATform 2016
158 DE-ENIGMA DE-ENIGMA: Multi-Modal Human-Robot Interaction for Teaching and Expanding Social Imagination in Autistic Children 2016
159 C-Levitonics Classical Levitonics: transposing quantum levitons to classical waves for single side band wireless data transmissions 2015
160 ColRobot Collaborative Robotics for Assembly and Kitting in Smart Manufacturing 2016
161 DATA4WATER Excellence in Smart Data and Services for Supporting Water Management 2016
162 ACOTAAL Automation COncepts and Technologies for Aircraft Assembly Lines in the Aircraft Factory of the Future 2016
163 BroadSem Induction of Broad-Coverage Semantic Parsers 2016
164 SCALEFORES SCALEFORES: Scaling Rules For Ecosystem Service Mapping 2016
165 REGENETHER Modeling and treating retinal degenerative disease 2015
166 HIV1ABTHERAPY Antibody-Mediated Therapy of HIV-1 Infection 2016
167 OscillatoryVision The retinae as windows to the brain: An oscillatory vision 2016
168 CODOVIREVOL Evolution of viral codon usage preferences:manipulation of translation accuracy and evasion of immune response 2016
169 METAWARE Behavioral and neural determinants of metacognition and self-awareness in human adults and infants 2016
170 THYRAGE Resetting the THYRoid axis for prevention of AGE-related diseases and co-morbidities 2016
171 SyBil-AA Systems Biology of Alcohol Addiction: Modeling and validating disease state networks in human and animal brains for understanding pathophysiolgy, predicting outcomes and improving therapy 2016
172 StemBAT New players in human BAT differentiation and activation: a human PSC-derived BAT approach combined with state of the art genome engineering and –omics based methodologies 2016
173 ActiveCortex Active dendrites and cortical associations 2016
174 CONQUEST Companion Nanodiagnostics for Quantifying EPR and Stratifying Patients to Targeted Nanotherapies 2016
175 SafeLog Safe human-robot interaction in logistic applications for highly flexible warehouses 2016
176 STARS4ALL A Collective Awareness Platform for Promoting Dark Skies in Europe 2016
177 miRNA-DisEASY microRNA biomarkers in an innovative biophotonic sensor kit for high-specific diagnosis 2015
178 ALT Adaptation, learning and training for spatial hearing in complex environments 2016
179 RNAEPIGEN Mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance by short RNAs 2016
180 War and Supernature War and the Supernatural in Early Modern Europe 2016
181 SAL ETHVI Innovative, easily applicable vaccine for poultry industry against five Salmonella serovars: Enteritidis, Typhimurium, Hadar, Virchow and Infantis – SAL ETHVI 2016
182 Bots2ReC Robots to Re-Construction 2016
183 PULMO PULMO: Population dynamics, trophic interactions, and human exploitation of a novel nutraceutical and pharmaceutical marine resource: the Mediterranean sea lung jellyfish, Rhizostoma pulmo . 2016
184 MICRO4BEE A sustainable organic solution for bees decline 2016
185 INTEGHER Integration of herpesvirus into telomeres: From the mechanism of genome integration and mobilization to therapeutic intervention 2016
186 ApeAttachment Are social skills determined by early live experiences? 2016
187 Optimal-Immunity Optimal diversity in immunity – to overcome pathogens and maximize fitness; moving from correlative associations to a more mechanistic understanding using wild songbirds. 2016
188 TARG-SUP Targeting TGF-β activation, likely the core mechanism of immunosuppression by human regulatory T cells. 2016
189 OPRAS Olfactory processing of repellent and attractive stimuli in the brain of Drosophila 2017
190 MICRO-MACRO-ILC Dissecting the human microbiota-macrophage-innate lymphoid cell crosstalk in the lung 2016
191 SocialBrain Brain growth under social pressure: mathematical modelling of brain growth when individuals face social challenges 2016
192 NPTC New Perspectives in Tropospheric Chemistry 2016
193 THE VERBAL APE The primate precursors of human consonants and vowels 2017
194 EYEPOD The vision-strike conversion: Neural control of the predatory strike behavior in stomatopods 2016
195 BIASTRESS Neural mechanisms of cognitive bias and its role in the triggering of the stress response in zebrafish 2016
196 LIPID IMMUNITY Regulation of lipid-mediated immunity in the intestine 2016
197 PACE Paleogenetic extraction and analysis from challenging environments 2016
198 EpiCDomestic Epigenetics of Canine Domestication from the Upper Paleolithic onwards 2017
199 CraNOC Cracking the Nucleo-Olivary Code 2016
200 MYCLIMATE Methodologies Yielding CLimate IMpact Assessments Through Economics 2017
201 DEEPCEPTION Visual perception in deep neural networks 2016
202 CaLiAT A novel pathway for generation of building blocks for antibiotic biosynthesis 2016
203 KILLINGTYPHI Identification of host-factors restricting Salmonella Typhi 2016
204 DYNAMO Characterization of the diversity and function of plankton associated microbiota 2016
205 ECogNeT Embodied Cognitive Neuromorphic Technology 2016
206 ZF-ILC Characterization of zebrafish innate lymphoid cells and IL-22 2017
207 EBOPATH Evaluation of species-specific ebolavirus pathophysiology in xenochimeric mice 2016
208 POL2-TFIID The impact of TFIID on the transcription initiation machinery – a structural perspective. 2016
209 INTERHYTHM Rhythms In Social Interaction 2016
210 REP-EAT Food quality and food innovative strategies to prevent reproductive and eating disorders 2016
211 CRESO Cognition and Representation of Self and the Other in North African Rock Art 2017
212 INVISIBLE WATERS Visualizing aquifers: sustainable water use in the Atacama Desert and beyond 2017
213 Expectancy learning Enhancing expectancy formation in healthy aging through statistical and sensorimotor learning 2016
214 SOCIAL ROBOTS Mechanisms and Consequences of Attributing Socialness to Artificial Agents 2016
215 GeneREFORM Genetically Encoded Multicolor Reporter Systems For Multiplexed MRI 2016
216 BRISC Bounded Rationality in Sensorimotor Coordination 2016
217 TRANSGENE Medical translation in the history of modern genomics 2016
218 CHAMELEON Intuitive editing of visual appearance from real-world datasets 2016
219 ATTO A new concept for ultra-high capacity wireless networks 2017
220 PMTFOS Plant metallothioneins as potential players in food security 2017
221 PaleoMicroBot Palaeolithic Micro-botanical remains as a proxy for Human Occupation Intensities 2017
222 DecodeRemapping Decoding the neural mechanism of human spatial cognition using behavioural and hemodynamic signals 2017
223 AGE-MEMORY Identification of insulin signalling factors that delay age-related memory impairment 2016
224 CAMERA Characterizing Adaptation and Migration Events with Modern and Ancient Genomes 2016
225 COPPOLa Complex photon-phonon coupling 2016
226 MultisensoryIntegration Multisensory Integration in Time and Space 2016
227 nextDART Next-generation Detection of Antigen Responsive T-cells 2016
228 Sense of Commitment An Integrative Framework for Modeling the Sense of Commitment 2016
229 YEASTMEMORY Memory in biological regulatory circuits 2016
230 DENOVOMUT An integrated approach to understanding the impact of de novo mutations on the mammalian genome 2017
231 pArg_deg_signal No stress with pArg: Mechanisms of a distinct phospho-mark to coordinate stress response and protein quality control 2016
232 SpiL Spillover of Leptospira in island populations of the Channel Island fox 2017
233 Toxoplasma sensing Cytoplasmic sensing of Toxoplasma gondii infection and host cell programmed necrosis 2016
234 SugarBlock Unraveling the protein glycosylation of Plasmodium falciparum is crucial for development of novel therapeutics against malaria 2016
235 MOSAIC Evolution of the Ape Forelimb: Evidence from Internal Bone Structure 2016
236 MemoSleep Longing for a good night's sleep: A memory-based mechanism to improve sleep and cognitive functioning. 2016
237 BBRhythms Brain and body rhythms: on the relationship between movement and percept 2016
238 Outgroup Consequences of out-group conflict 2016
239 CRO-INSPECT Collaborative RObotic Solution for Advanced Inspection of Complex Composite parts 2016
240 ECO-TURBINE Development of lamella type of wind turbine made of bio composite polymers 2016
241 ImmunoBile Bile acid, immune-metabolism, lipid and glucose homeostasis 2016
242 Microbes4U Study of the therapeutic potential of an Akkermansia muciniphila-based products in subjects with an increased cardio-metabolic risk. 2016
243 NLPRO Natural Language Programming: Turning Text into Executable Code 2016
244 MORALSELF Unravelling the moral self 2016
245 LANGBOOT Language bootstraps cognitive complexity 2017
246 ZMOD Blood Vessel Development and Homeostasis: Identification and Functional Analysis of Genetic Modifiers 2016
247 100 Archaic Genomes Genome sequences from extinct hominins 2016
248 SIDSCA Defective DNA Damage Responses in Dominant Neurodegenerative Diseases 2016
249 ILC_REACTIVITY Biological Determinants of ILC Reactivity for Immune Responses in Health and Disease 2016
251 PemredTech Innovative Particle Emissions Reduction device for internal combustion engines, facilitating compliance with the present and future automotive particle emissions regulations. 2016
252 BactInd Bacterial cooperation at the individual cell level 2016
253 ASSIMILES Advanced Spectroscopy and Spectrometry for Imaging Metabolism using Isotopically-Labeled Endogenous Substrates 2016
254 B-response Memory and innate-like B-cell subsets: deciphering a multi-layered B-cell response in mice and humans 2016
255 HypoFlam Targeting hypothalamic inflammation in obesity and diabetes 2016
256 TRIGEM Unlocking Triterpenoid Structural Diversity and Bioactivity through Genome Mining 2016
257 GRO-BAT Growth hormone: an endocrine factor that integrates thermogenic and circadian signals to regulate brown adipose tissue activity. 2016
258 EYEGET Gene therapy of inherited retinal diseases 2017
259 INTERCOGAM Information Theoretic Evaluation of Random Content Generation in Games 2016
260 COROMA Cognitively enhanced robot for flexible manufacturing of metal and composite parts 2016
261 HUMAN HUman MANufacturing 2016
262 A4BLUE Adaptive Automation in Assembly For BLUE collar workers satisfaction in Evolvable context 2016
263 MANUWORK Balancing Human and Automation Levels for the Manufacturing Workplaces of the Future 2016
264 DISRUPT Decentralised architectures for optimised operations via virtualised processes and manufacturing ecosystem collaboration 2016
265 THOMAS Mobile dual arm robotic workers with embedded cognition for hybrid and dynamically reconfigurable manufacturing systems 2016
266 TEMPERA Teaching Emerging Methods in Palaeoproteomics for the European Research Area 2017
267 Neurogenesis Exploration and promotion of neurogenesis in the adult brain 2016
268 NeuroSyntax The cerebral representation of sequences and roles : investigating the origins of human uniqueness. 2016
269 CIRDinnova Shifting the limits of resuscitation with “CIRD Controlled Integrated Resuscitation Device” 2016
270 EvolAge Experimental Evolution of Aging: the genetic link between lifespan, nutrient sensing and fat metabolism 2017
271 MUSES Towards middle-range theories of the co-evolutionary dynamics of multi-level social-ecological systems 2017
272 HOM Homo Mimeticus: Theory and Criticism 2016
274 REELER Responsible Ethical Learning with Robotics 2017
275 Plan4Act Predictive Neural Information for Proactive Actions: From Monkey Brain to Smart House Control 2017
276 MH-MD My Health - My Data 2016
277 VERSATILE Innovative robotic applications for highly reconfigurable production lines - VERSATILE 2017
278 PATHAD Pathways to Alzheimer's disease 2016
279 AMORE A distributional MOdel of Reference to Entities 2017
280 CALC Computer-Assisted Language Comparison: Reconciling Computational and Classical Approaches in Historical Linguistics 2017
281 An.Dy Advancing Anticipatory Behaviors in Dyadic Human-Robot Collaboration 2017
282 CERBERO Cross-layer modEl-based fRamework for multi-oBjective dEsign of Reconfigurable systems in unceRtain hybRid envirOnments 2017
283 ORCA Orchestration and Reconfguration Control Architecture 2017
284 IMAGINE Robots Understanding Their Actions by Imagining Their Effects 2017
285 Dreams4Cars Dream-like simulation abilities for automated cars 2017
286 MONICA Management Of Networked IoT Wearables – Very Large Scale Demonstration of Cultural Societal Applications 2017
287 InStance Intentional stance for social attunement 2017
288 BrainCom High-density cortical implants for cognitive neuroscience and rehabilitation of speech using brain-computer interfaces. 2016
289 PLATYPUS PLAsticiTY of Perceptual space Under Sensorimotor interactions 2017
290 TILC Targeting Innate Lymphoid Cells 2017
291 ULPIoT Ultra-Low Power and Highly-Scalable Interfaces for the Internet of Things 2017
292 Xepholution Artificial General Intelligence software enabling workforce relief for optimised results and increased efficiency 2016
293 whyBOTher Why does Clostridium botulinum kill? – In search for botulinum neurotoxin regulators 2017
294 PREMSOT Precision Multi-Spectral Optoacoustic Tomography for Discovery Diagnosis and Intervention 2017
295 MANNA MacroAutophagy and Necrotic Neurodegeneration in Ageing 2017
296 BeyondBlackbox Data-Driven Methods for Modelling and Optimizing the Empirical Performance of Deep Neural Networks 2017
297 GlycoImaging Imaging and detection of tumor-associated glycan structures on tumor cells 2017
298 ILIAD Intra-Logistics with Integrated Automatic Deployment: safe and scalable fleets in shared spaces 2017
299 HbMP-700 The World's First Safe and Efficacious Human Blood Substitute: HbMP-700, a Haemoglobin based oxygen carrier, based on bovine blood. 2017
300 HEXKIN Healing Exosomes for sKIN 2016
302 ZIKAVAX Fast track development of a Zika vaccine based on measles vector 2016
303 anTBiotic AnTBiotic – progressing TB drug candidates to clinical proof of concept 2017
304 MultiViVax Development of Effective Vaccines against Multiple Lifecycle Stages of Plasmodium vivax malaria 2017
305 AMPLIFY Amplifying Human Perception Through Interactive Digital Technologies 2016
306 Mini Brains Cerebral organoids: human mini brains in a dish open up new possibilities for drug development in neurodegenerative and developmental diseases 2017
307 EU-SEC The European Security Certification Framework 2017
308 ZIKAlliance A global alliance for Zika virus control and prevention 2016
309 HONOURs Host switching pathogens, infectious outbreaks and zoonosis; a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Training Network 2017
310 CholeraIndex Pathoecology of Vibrio cholerae to better understand cholera index cases in endemic areas 2018
311 RewardedPerception Functional circuits mediating the effects of reward value on perception within and across sensory modalities 2017
312 MYCONEUTROPHILS Elucidating the involvement of neutrophils in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis using a zebrafish model 2017
313 PIMS Mechanistic studies of long chain omega-3 fatty acid supplementation and inflammation in metabolic syndrome. 2017
314 SymMech Unravelling the mechanisms behind bacterial symbiosis in insects 2017
315 GLYCONEOBRAIN Exploring glycosidic neo-epitopes of degenerative hippocampal granules in aged mice and humans: implications for ageing and dementia 2017
316 CHEMO-RISK Chemometers for in situ risk assessment of mixtures of pollutants 2017
317 DarkMix Illuminating the dark side of surface meteorology: creating a novel framework to explain atmospheric transport and turbulent mixing in the weak-wind boundary layer 2017
318 VIVAVE Viral Vaccine Vectors in Personalized Medicine 2017
319 ARMeD_free Antibiotic resistance-free meat and dairy products 2017
320 EURECA Enhanced Human Robot cooperation in Cabin Assembly tasks 2017
321 EMTECH Emotional Machines:The Technological Transformation of Intimacy in Japan 2017
322 STONECULT Do early stone tools indicate a hominin ability to accumulate culture? 2017
323 EmbodiedTech Can humans embody augmentative robotics technology? 2017
324 Renaparin Improving kidney transplantation outcome with Renaparin® for patients with End-Stage Renal Disease by attenuating graft ischemia reperfusion injury 2017
325 HOOKIE A Customizable Robot to Include Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 2017
326 SULIPRO A scientifically proven, safe, naturally derived drug for the effective treatment of liver damage - an innovative solution for a significant unmet medical need 2017
327 CARBOFLU Chemoenzymatic synthesis of complex glycans to decipher the interactions between them and Influenza A virus 2017
328 Mitomorphosis Metabolic regulation of mitochondrial morphology 2017
329 SUCCESS The earliest migration of Homo sapiens in Southern Europe: understanding the biocultural processes that define our uniqueness 2017
330 TSH The Spirited Horse: Human-equid relations in the Bronze Age Near East 2017
331 BRAVEST Boosting Reward-based Attention through VEstibular STimulation 2018
332 EPICC Experimental Programme Investigating Cumulative Culture 2017
333 ChiPyrNMR Better tools for combating insect borne diseases by understanding influences on the fate of common pesticides in paint formulations 2017
334 DIGEST The impact of seed-dispersal by animals on plant distributions: an experimental and modelling approach 2017
335 DiGe Ethnobotany of divided generations in the context of centralization 2017
336 INNO-CYANO INNOvative mapping, reporting and forecasting of CYANObacteria blooms applying the synergistic use of advanced in situ optical data, satellite imagery and statistical modelling 2017
337 STARNANO Spheroids as a Tool to Assess Realistic long term effects of mixtures of nanomaterials and chemicals 2018
338 HumanUniqueness Does the temporal cortex make humans special? What comparing the human and great ape brain can tell us about cognitive evolution 2017
339 ThReDS A Theory of Reference for Distributional Semantics 2017
340 MAP Inside the Mind of Ancient People: the tangible and constructed landscape of the western Delta in the Late Period (664-332BC) 2017
341 ISEBI Individual Specialisation in Established Biological Invasions: importance and Ecological Impact 2017
342 COV RESTRIC Unravelling species barriers of coronaviruses 2017
344 MORPHOLITHEX Morphology of Lithic Artifacts: Experimental and Morphometric Approaches 2017
345 DCBIO In vivo functions of nuclear envelope rupture and antiviral specialization in dendritic cells 2018
346 WILDGUT GUT biota indices: a new tool for WILD animal conservation 2017
347 EVORULES The cultural evolution and ecology of institutions: An integrated evolutionary approach to the interrelated rules that regulate human social organization and cooperation 2017
348 PIONEER The effect of seagrass bed habitat quality on selected ecosystem services 2018
349 MArylAND At the host-bacteria interface: Modulation of the intestinal microbiota and its metabolic activity by Card9 signalling in health and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 2017
350 LARMAR Land Use and Resource Management at the Agricultural - Forest Frontier 2017
351 TURKEY Uncovering the Transatlantic History of Turkey Husbandry and Breeding using a Multi-Disciplinary Approach 2017
352 BrainPredictDynamics Temporal predictions in the auditory cortex: neural mechanisms and their specificity across species and stimulus domains 2018
353 INSPirAUTOR Understanding how Inositol Polyphosphates regulate autophagy and lipid body formation in photosynthetic organisms: crosstalk with TOR signaling. 2018
354 HousePoetics House Poetics. An 'assemblage' approach to the production and transmission of value in Bronze Age Crete. 2017
355 Demeco Default meanings in compound interpretation 2017
356 MOOAC Multi-compartmental Organ-on-a-Chip 2018
357 ENTIMENT Industrial Exploitation and Market Uptake of a Temporal Cognition Toolbox for Commercial Robots 2017
358 VSV-EBOVAC Vaccine safety and immunogenicity signatures of human responses to VSV-ZEBOV – Sofia ref.: 115842 2015
359 EBOVAC2 Development of a Prophylactic Ebola Vaccine Using an Heterologous Prime-Boost Regimen: Phase II - Sofia ref.: 115861 2014
360 EBOVAC1 Development of a Prophylactic Ebola Vaccine Using an Heterologous Prime-Boost Regimen – Sofia ref.: 115854 2014
361 PERISCOPE PERtussIS COrrelates of Protection Europe - Sofia ref.: 115910 2016
362 IB4SD-TRISTAN Imaging Biomarkers (IBs) for Safer Drugs: Validation of Translational Imaging Methods in Drug Safety Assessment - Sofia ref.: 116106 2017
363 IBiDT Individualized Binaural Diagnostics and Technology 2018
364 SmartCells Smart Lab-On-Chips for the Real -Time Control of Cells 2017
365 SELFCEPTION Robotic self/other distinction for interaction under uncertainty 2017
366 GrapheneBiosensor Electrochemical Graphene Sensors as Early Alert Tools for Algal Toxin Detection in Water 2017
367 TEI Development of a model system to study the role of chromatin factors during transgenerational epigenetic inheritance (TEI) in C. elegans 2017
368 OVinE Ovine origins and diversity in north-eastern Europe 2017
369 SAREE The Social Anthropology of Rabies Epidemiology and Elimination 2018
370 PALAEO-ENEO Genomic and proteomic analysis of Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age humans from Central-Southern Italy 2017
371 BioALFA The effect of pro-aging and pro-youthful blood factors in normal ageing and Alzheimer’s disease: a multimodal approach 2018
372 ACTICIPATE Action understanding in human and robot dyadic interaction 2017
373 DSMT16 Deciphering causes and consequences of inflammation in subtypes of sporadic intestinal cancer 2018
374 CHIROGLU Comparative genomics of sugar-eating bats: Implications for the genetics of glucose metabolism and diabetes 2017
375 TEMUBLYM Teleost mucosal B1-like lymphocytes at the crossroad of tolerance and immunity 2017
376 BRAINCODES Brain networks controlling social decisions 2017
377 NEUROABSTRACTION Abstraction and Generalisation in Human Decision-Making 2017
378 AGENT A neuroscience approach to investigating how hierarchy influences moral behaviour 2017
379 ONCOGENEVOL The evolutionary history of oncogenic and non-oncogenic papillomaviruses 2017
380 EpiRetention Mechanisms of selective transmission of epigenetic marks through the male germ line 2017
381 MEMENTO MEMory processing in the human ENTOrhinal cortex 2017
382 IMPRiND Inhibiting Misfolded protein PRopagation in Neurodegenerative Diseases - Sofia ref.: 116060 2017
383 NEST Nanoengineering of radioactive seeds for cancer therapy and diagnosis 2017
384 COGTOM Cognitive tomography of mental representations 2017
385 HOPE Humans On Planet Earth - Long-term impacts on biosphere dynamics 2018
386 altEJrepair Characterisation of DNA Double-Strand Break Repair by Alternative End-Joining: Potential Targets for Cancer Therapy 2017
387 JOINTATT The evolutionary and developmental origins of Joint Attention: a longitudinal cross-species and cross-cultural comparison 2017
388 REPRODAMH Extra-gonadal roles of Anti-Müllerian Hormone in the aetiology of polycystic ovary syndrome: the domino effect to reproductive neuroendocrine dysfunctions 2017
389 EpiFAT Epigenomic Reprogramming of Adipose Tissue Function and Energy Metabolism in Type 2 Diabetes 2017
390 MAP Mapping Ancient Polytheisms Cult Epithets as an Interface between Religious Systems and Human Agency 2017
392 DATASOUND DATASOUND: Understanding data with sound 2017
393 PALAEOSILKROAD A Silk Road in the Palaeolithic: Reconstructing Late Pleistocene Hominin Dispersals and Adaptations in Central Asia 2017
394 PIGSs Program for Innovative Global Prevention of Streptococcus suis. 2017
395 NonSequeToR Non-sequence models for tokenization replacement 2017
396 ACETOGENS Acetogenic bacteria: from basic physiology via gene regulation to application in industrial biotechnology 2017
397 IMMOVA Novel Immunotherapeutic Vaccine for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease 2017
398 SOCIORATS Social Distress Response in the Context of Empathy in Rats 2017
400 FINDER Fossil Fingerprinting and Identification of New Denisovan remains from Pleistocene Asia 2017
401 GESTIMAGE Gestures in nonhuman and human primates, a landmark of language in the brain? Searching for the origins of brain specialization for language 2017
402 FastBio A genomics and systems biology approach to explore the molecular signature and functional consequences of long-term, structured fasting in humans 2017
403 MECHIDENT Who is that? Neural networks and mechanisms for identifying individuals 2017
404 INtheSELF Inside the Self: from interoception to self- and other-awareness 2017
405 ReCAP Repair capacity and genome diversity in mammals 2017
406 Honeyguides-Humans How a mutualism evolves: learning, coevolution, and their ecosystem consequences in human-honeyguide interactions 2017
407 OVO-GROWTH Oogenesis spotlighted: making mature human oocytes 2017
408 SELFIEv2.0 Identifying the neuronal basis of self-concept in the human medial prefrontal and medial temporal brain regions 2018
409 CGM A next generation nanomedia that can be tailored to capture and recycle specific micropollutants in contaminated industrial waste discharge 2017
410 IMGENE Improving Genome Editing Efficiency (IMGENE) 2017
411 TYPHI From Typhoid Fever to Antimicrobial Mechanisms 2017
412 GeoViSense GeoViSense: Towards a transdisciplinary human sensor science of human visuo-spatial decision making with geographic information displays 2017
413 ElectroBee Mechanisms of electroreception in bees and other terrestrial animals 2017
414 BEEOXAL Treatment against honeybee varroosis based on highly effective application of oxalic acid through sublimation 2017
415 TeraApps Doctoral Training Network in Terahertz Technologies for Imaging, Radar and Communication Applications 2018
416 EUROFLOW A EUROpean training and research network for environmental FLOW management in river basins 2017
417 FRONTHAL Specificity of cortico-thalamic interactions and its role in frontal cortical functions 2017
418 KDD-CHASER Knowledge Discovery in Data as Collaboration of Human and Software Actors 2018
419 MAGISTER Machine learning for Advanced Gas turbine Injection SysTems to Enhance combustoR performance. 2017
420 NeuroQure Neuroprotective human antibodies to the flexible tail of the prion protein 2017
421 PAY-ME-ATTENTION Disrupting the Communication between Humans and Computers - Understanding the Key Message in Simultaneous Conversations Through Voice Biometrics 2017
422 PD UpReg Gene knock-up via 3’UTR targeting to treat Parkinson’s disease 2017
423 SAHR Skill Acquisition in Humans and Robots 2017
424 ErasmusBlink ErasmusBlink: A low cost and easy to use measurement system for medical research with diagnostic potential 2017
425 InterAccent Human interaction and the evolution of spoken accent 2017
426 EVWRIT Everyday Writing in Graeco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt (I - VIII AD). A Socio-Semiotic Study of Communicative Variation 2018
427 Daphne Circuits of Visual Attention 2017
428 MIDNIGHT Neural mechanism underlying vocal interactions in duetting nightingales 2018
429 Waves Waves of history in the South Pacific: A gene-culture coevolutionary approach 2018
430 ANTHUSIA Anthropology of Human Security in Africa 2018
431 EPIDIVERSE Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology 2017
432 CARTNET Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance Training Network 2018
433 CURE Constructing a ‘Eubiosis Reinstatement Therapy’ for Asthma 2017
434 ANTHEM ANTHEM: A Novel Tolerogenic vaccine for the treatment of antibodies in HaEMophilia 2017
435 LIFEGATE Holographic super-resolution micro-endoscopy for in-vivo applications 2017
436 MalPar.NET Malaria Parasite Networking: Discovering Modes of Cell-Cell Communication 2017
437 ImPRESS Imaging Perfusion Restrictions from Extracellular Solid Stress 2018
438 DORMANTOOCYTE Understanding the Balbiani body: A super-organelle linked to dormancy in oocytes 2018
439 soundproof4win Soundproof window with ventilation function 2017
440 MULTIEPIGEN Ancestral environmental exposures and offspring health – a multigenerational epidemiologic cohort study across 3 generations 2017
441 INVICTUS IN VItro Cavitation Through UltraSound 2017
442 CELLNAIVETY Deciphering the Molecular Foundations and Functional Competence of Alternative Human Naïve Pluripotent Stem Cells 2017
443 CLOTHILDE CLOTH manIpulation Learning from DEmonstrations 2018
444 PhonPred Constructing a theory of phonotactic processing during speaking 2018
445 NANOELECTROCHEM Electrocatalytic Nanoreactors for Absorption, Detection and Decontamination of Hazardous Compounds 2017
446 ENTRAINER Enhancing brain function and cognition via artificial entrainment of neural oscillations 2018
447 iNanoBIT Integration of Nano- and Biotechnology for beta-cell and islet Transplantation 2017
448 STARSTEM NanoSTARS imaging for STEM cell therapy for arthritic joints 2018
449 SilkFUSION Genetically engineered human pluripotent stem cells, functionalized silk-fibroin platforms and bio-inks: a novel solution for large-scale ex-vivo platelet production, transfusion and drug research 2017
450 CROWDBOT Safe Robot Navigation in Dense Crowds 2018
451 CANITEST CANITEST: Proof-Of-Concept of a PCR test designed to identify the dogs carrying the more virulent strains of Capnocytophaga canimorsus 2017
452 GeroProtect Developing Geroprotectors to Prevent Polymorbidity 2017
453 ErasingFear Understanding the Stability and Plasticity of Emotional Memory 2018
454 SICK OF NOISE SICK OF NOISE - Effects of noise pollution on marine invertebrate health and species interactions 2018
455 UshTher Clinical trial of gene therapy with dual AAV vectors for retinitis pigmentosa in patients with Usher syndrome type IB 2018
456 CLINGLIO A Clinical Phase IIB trial with 2OHOA in patients with newly-diagnosed malignant glioma. 2017
457 NoTape Measuring with no tape 2017
458 MEMCIRCUIT Deconstruction of a neural circuit for working memory: hubs, coding mechanisms, and signal routing 2018
459 MicroBar Microsatellite Barcoding: reconstructing the family tree of hematopoietic cells 2018
460 CHIPS Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Acrylamide on Health: Prospective Biomarker-Based Studies 2018
461 THEMPO The missing link between Perception and Cognition: The case of multiple-person scenarios 2018
462 STRATO Stress as a modifier of atherosclerosis - Novel mechanistic insights and therapeutic avenues - 2018
463 AfricanNeo The African Neolithic: A genetic perspective 2017
464 Drug the bug Identification of novel inhibitors to prevent microbial production of pro-diabetic metabolites 2017
465 GRADE GNSS Solutions for Increased GA and Rotorcraft Airport Accessibility Demonstration 2018
466 N-IF The N-IF mouse – a new and unique fibrosis model for preclinical efficacy studies 2017
467 PestiSi Cost effective solution against insects in long-term grain storage by natural diatomaceous earth 2017
468 OPTOFORCE Robot Learning for Unprecedented Quality and Efficiency Improvements in the Manufacturing Industry 2017
469 DOMESTICATION Domestication in Action - Tracing Archaeological Markers of Human-Animal Interaction 2018
470 NovAnI Indentification and optimisation of novel anti-infective agents using multiple hit-identification strategies 2018
471 MRS in diabetes Novel methods in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to investigate mechanisms underlying metabolic disease 2018
472 DeepSPIN Deep Learning for Structured Prediction in Natural Language Processing 2018
473 4DRepLy Closing the 4D Real World Reconstruction Loop 2018
474 INBOTS Inclusive Robotics for a better Society (INBOTS) 2018
475 Wardiam Perimeter An innovative intruder detection hidden technology based on Controlled Magnetic Fields able to detect threats before happening 2018
476 TARASOL TARASÓL - The pioneering bio-marine liposomal Sunscreen released to the skin upon sunlight exposure 2018
477 FREEDD A real-time answer to environmental heavy metal contamination 2018
478 TrueTalent TrueTalent - Creating the new artist economy 2018
479 BotsAndUS BotsAndUS - First Assistant Robot For Retail And Hospitality 2018
480 BTech Novel human neurodegenerative disease specific 3D cell-models with applications in drug development and toxicity testing 2018
481 PALEoRIDER Human health and migration in prehistory 2018
482 UTERUS Unravelling gamma delta T cell emergence and responses in the uterus 2018
483 NovInDXS Development of novel inhibitors of the anti-infective target DXS using dynamic combinatorial chemistry (DCC) 2018
484 PiedPiper PiedPiper®: smart pest control 2018
485 CLAUSTRUM The Claustrum: A Circuit Hub for Attention 2018
486 CALLAX What is the role of the axonal connections between the hemispheres in sensory processing? 2018
487 Freq4Num The neural signature of numerosity: Tracking the cerebral correlates of numerical and continuous magnitude extraction with a frequency-based approach 2018
488 PROTECTNICHE Understanding the role of intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of loss in species niches, to inform conservation planning under climate change 2019
489 VisualGrasping Visually guided grasping and its effects on visual representations 2018
490 ORIGINSOFTRUST The Psychological Origins of Trust-Based Cooperation 2018
491 SoRoHuMI Soft Robotic Human-Machine Interfaces for Rehabilitation 2019
492 BRONC Behavioral demand-driven dynamic reorganisation of cortical networks revealed by simultaneous wide-field optical imaging and optogenetic stimulation mapping in task-performing mice 2018
493 aWARE West Africa's Role in Human Evolution 2018
495 BioAXOS A novel cost-efficient process to produce best-in-class prebiotics from side-products of the bioethanol industry 2018
496 CGM A next generation nano media tailored to capture and recycle hazardous micropollutants in contaminated industrial wastewater. 2018
497 DIM Decoding ISGylation events in Macrophages 2018
498 DNAcheck Mechanistic analysis of DNA damage signaling and bypass upon replication of damaged DNA template in human cells. 2018
499 DYNAFLUORS Dynamic Activatable Fluorophores 2018
500 EARLYRIDERS Tracking the temporal and geographic origins of modern domestic horses 2018
501 ECOFOULPEST From marine molecules to eco-friendly tools for agriculture 2018
502 EMISSR Efficient Multibody Interactive Simulation for Soft Robotics 2019
503 TrueBrainConnect Advancing the non-invasive assessment of brain communication in neurological disease 2019
504 OPTIMIZERR Errors as cost-optimizing decisions? Redefining the origin and nature of human decision errors in light of associated neural computations 2018
505 SOUNDSCENE How does the brain organize sounds into auditory scenes? 2018
506 HydroSocialExtremes Uncovering the Mutual Shaping of Hydrological Extremes and Society 2018
507 Reprogram-Diabetes In vivo drug discovery for cellular reprogramming to β-cells – towards a future regenerative therapy for diabetes 2018
508 SuPerCom Sustainable Performance for High-Performance Embedded Computing Systems 2018
509 MOSAIC Relationship of Somatic Structural Variation Mosaicism to Aging and Disease Phenotypes 2019
510 HYDROUSA Demonstration of water loops with innovative regenerative business models for the Mediterranean region 2018
511 SECurITY Social-ECological Interdependencies in TransboundarY water resources systems 2019
512 MarHIST Historical dynamics of coastal and marine ecosystem services. 2018
513 ROBOTGENSKILL Generalizing human-demonstrated robot skills 2018
514 N6MeA ChemSeq Development of chemical methods for DNA N6-methyladenine mapping 2018
515 MAGIC Multimodal Agents Grounded via Interactive Communication 2018
516 SOURCES Sources of rationality: arousal and the use of rational and heuristic decision strategies 2018
517 NINEDOMA New insights into the ecology of the dodo using a multidisciplinary approach 2018
518 TC-Evo Molecular and functional evolution of human CD8+ T cell repertoires 2018
520 GAE Genomics of Ageing in Elephants: Genomic architecture of senescence in a long-lived mammal 2018
521 ErMIR Mid-infrared erbium cascade lasers for the remote detection of carbon dioxide 2018
522 PPRdesign Engineering synthetic pentatricopeptide repeat proteins for the site-specific genetic manipulation of plant organelles 2018
523 FriendCoop The role of friendship in cooperation: a comparative and cross-cultural developmental approach 2019
524 PREMEDiCARE PREcision MEDicine with induced pluripotent stem cells for Cardiac Arrhythmias Risk Evaluation 2018
525 SNANeB At the roots of Spatial Numerical Association: from behavioural observation to Neural Basis 2018
526 SiPoMorph Genetic control and molecular mechanisms of cell wall modifications during sieve pore morphogenesis in the phloem of the plant vascular system 2019
527 TransWNV A transcriptomic approach to understand the avian genetic susceptibility to West Nile Virus infection 2018
528 CORVISDEC Cortical circuits underlying visual decision-making behaviors in mice 2018
529 NACHO Nicotine actions on beta cell function in health and disease 2018
530 VitC Structural studies of the full-length human Vitamin C transporters: unravelling Vitamin C transport across the membrane 2018
531 TeSP Temporal Structure of Perception and Neuronal Stimulus Processing 2018
532 NEMoCuRe Role of S-Nitrosylation of epigenetic modifiers in vascular regeneration 2018
533 MicroMAM The mammalian intracellular response to Microsporidia infection 2019
534 NonlinearEBM Nonlinearity of Key Economic and Environmental Variables in Coastal/Marine Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) 2018
535 SiBaToGA The influence of stress in the bones and teeth of great apes 2018
536 GEMZ Genetic Epilepsy Models in Zebrafish 2019
537 INSULYSOSOME The role of CD63 in lysosomal degradation of insulin granules in pancreatic beta cells in T2D diabetes 2018
538 NINTCORDEV NIPBL and Integrator function and dysfunction in human cortical development 2018
539 PreSTO Pilot scale hybrid Photocatalytic Processes for the simultaneous removal of Pathogens and Pharmaceuticals from wastewaters 2018
540 MECHPREDPRO Cellular mechanisms of predictive processing and its effects on perception 2018
541 TOMACOP Copper homeostasis and the effects of copper deficiency on tomato plants and fruit quality 2019
542 3D-SITS 3D Stretchable Inductive Tactile Sensors for Soft Artificial Touch 2018
543 QPlay Playing Quantum 2018
544 SMARCOS Smart Modular Actuator for Robotic Compliant Systems 2018
545 OSTEOproSPINE Novel Bone Regeneration Drug Osteogrow: Therapeutic Solution for Lumbar Back Pain 2018
546 HelpUS Pioneering focused Ultrasounds as a new non-invasive deep brain stimulation for a causal investigation of empathy related brain processes in moral learning and decision making 2018
547 BIORIMA BIOmaterial RIsk MAnagement 2017
548 VIRTUAL Open access virtual testing protocols for enhanced road users safety 2018
549 DRONETHICS Emergent Ethics of Drone Violence: Toward a Comprehensive Governance Framework 2018
550 SympatimmunObesity Sympathetic and immune mechanisms underlying obesity 2019
551 SCATTERERID Analysis and synthesis of wideband scattered signals from finite-size targets – aspect-independent RF analog footprint 2018
552 eCAPE New energy Consumer roles and smart technologies – Actors, Practices and Equality 2018
553 IslamAnimals Animals in the Philosophy of the Islamic World 2018
554 UPRmt The Mitochondrial Unfolded Protein Response 2018
555 MedPlant Harnessing the Molecules of Medicinal Plants 2018
556 CALCULUS Commonsense and Anticipation enriched Learning of Continuous representations sUpporting Language UnderStanding 2018
557 SENSATIONAL TETHERS Tethers for sensory mechanotransduction: from molecules to perception 2018
558 FairSocialComputing Foundations for Fair Social Computing 2018
559 RespViRALI Structural and functional insights into the assembly of respiratory complexes by a novel putative chaperone 2019
560 HEALIGRAFT Synergistic growth factor microenvironments for veterinary bone regeneration. 2018
561 ECODIS Effects of co-infections on the emergence of an avian disease Mycoplasma gallisepticum 2018
562 SENSITIVE Early Detection of cancer onset based on sensing field cancerization at the organ level 2018
563 cGEM the Center for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine 2018
564 COVOPRIM A Comparative Study of Voice Perception in Primates 2019
565 ENVISION Novel mechanisms of early defense against virus infections 2018
566 SELF-UNITY The Unity of the Bodily Self 2019
567 ACROSS Australasian Colonization Research: Origins of Seafaring to Sahul 2018
569 PROTECTA Pathogen-informed Resistance to Oomycete diseases in Ecosystems, Agriculture and Aquaculture 2018
570 CerebralHominoids Evolutionary biology of human and great ape brain development in cerebral organoids 2018
571 LIGHTUP Turning the cortically blind brain to see: from neural computations to system dynamicsgenerating visual awareness in humans and monkeys 2018
572 AnisakFree NIRs computer vision system for detecting Anisakis in fish industrial processing lines 2018
573 Medika Commercialisation of dental medical device for measuring salivary pH 2018
574 Materialize.X Smart Bio Adhesives for the Wood Industry Powered by Machine Learning 2018
575 OxygeAte First long-lasting super-oxygenated water to promote post-exercise recovery and plant health, boosting crop yields sustainably 2018
576 A2MIRO Airbone Asset Management Inspection Robot - Offshore 2018
577 AI4EMS Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Medical Services: a smart digital assistant for faster and more accurate cardiac arrest recognition during emergency calls 2018
578 CB1-18 CB1-18 Chatbot tool for automatic job interview 2018
579 HOL-DEEP-SENSE Holistic Deep Modelling for User Recognition and Affective Social Behaviour Sensing 2018
580 Global Horizons Global Horizons in Pre-Modern Art 2018
581 MycoRailway Discovery and molecular investigation of mycobacterial transporters responsible for iron acquisition 2018
582 M-P Communication Maternal-paternal communication in cattle: understanding how male-induced environmental changes in the female reproductive tract influence reproductive success 2018
583 GLOBESCAPE Enabling transformation: Linking design and land system science to foster place-making in peri-urban landscapes under increasing globalization 2018
584 INPERIO Non-invasive solution for periodontal and peri-implant diseases 2018
585 MolPredict Neural-based solution to boost drug preclinical research success 2018
586 ChromaChron Development and commercialisation of a new purification system for contaminant-free radiocarbon dating 2019
587 M-Sec Multi-layered Security technologies to ensure hyper connected smart cities with Blockchain, BigData, Cloud and IoT 2018
588 ReConNeCt Research, Connections, Networks and Culture 2018
589 HUMAN_ERA Night European Researchers' Night in Cyprus: The Human Era 2018
590 NUTRI-NEED Final development, clinical validation and launch preparation of NL01, an innovative health ingredient for supplements, food products and foods for special medical purposes 2018
591 uEcologies Urban Ecologies: governing nonhuman life in global cities 2018
592 SECReTE Enhancing biological drug production through protein secretion 2018
593 CATPERCCOL Perception of signals under varying conditions: implications of proportional processing of signal magnitude for signal design 2019
594 VacPath Novel vaccine vectors to resist pathogen challenge 2019
595 HEARTLAND Health, Environment, Agriculture, Rural development: Training network for LAND management 2019
597 AQUABIOPROFIT AQUAculture and Agriculture BIOmass side stream PROteins and bioactives for Feed, FITness and health promoting nutritional supplements 2018
598 REFIND Remote strategies for fossil finding: multispectral images and species distributional modelling applications for large-scale palaeontological surveys. 2018
599 ORISEM Sources of Meaning: Grounding Formal Semantics 2019
600 TerraNova The European Landscape Learning Initiative: Past and Future Environments and Energy Regimes shaping Policy Tools 2019
601 DISARM Disseminating Innovative Solutions for Antibiotic Resistance Management 2019
602 mP-CSE Micro-physiological circadian platform for safety and efficacy assessment of drugs and cosmetics 2018
603 ARTTOUCH Generating artificial touch: from the contribution of single tactile afferents to the encoding of complex percepts, and their implications for clinical innovation 2019
604 HR-Recycler Hybrid Human-Robot RECYcling plant for electriCal and eLEctRonic equipment 2018
605 BloodVariome Genetic variation exposes regulators of blood cell formation in vivo in humans 2018
606 ROSSINI RObot enhanced SenSing, INtelligence and actuation to Improve job quality in manufacturing 2018
607 NEUME Neuroplasticity and the Musical Experience 2018
608 MgSafe Promoting patient safety by a novel combination of imaging technologies for biodegradable magnesium implants 2018
609 BREAK BIOFILMS Breaking Bad Biofilms. Innovative Analysis and Design Rules for Next-Generation Antifouling Interfaces 2019
610 FitteR-CATABOLIC Survival of the Fittest: On how to enhance recovery from critical illness through learning from evolutionary conserved catabolic pathways 2018
611 OXYGEN SENSING Acute oxygen sensing and oxygen tolerance in C. elegans 2019
612 FunDiT Functional Diversity of T cells 2019
613 NeuTouch Understanding neural coding of touch as enabling technology for prosthetics and robotics 2019
614 PARAMIR Investigating micro-RNA Dynamics using Paramagnetic NMR Spectroscopy 2019
615 ENHANCE ENHANCing Human Performance in Complex Socio-Technical SystEms 2019
616 BioMedaqu Aquaculture meets Biomedicine: Innovation in Skeletal Health research. 2018
617 MORPHEUS Deciphering Bacteria-induced Morphogenesis and Protection in marine Eukaryotes 2019
618 AIMS-2-TRIALS Autism Innovative Medicine Studies – 2 – Trials 2018
619 SkewPref Skewness Preferences – Human attitudes toward rare, high-impact risks 2019
621 MASTER Microbiome Applications for Sustainable food systems through Technologies and EnteRprise 2019
622 BGV1 New vaccine for a paradigm shift in Brucellosis 2018
623 CORolla "CORolla® - a disruptive ""spring like"" metallic device for permanent treatment of diastolic heart failure." 2018
625 WeNet WeNet - The Internet of US 2019
626 Neuro-UTR Mechanism and functional impact of ultra-long 3’ UTRs in the Drosophila nervous system 2019
627 OptiMEMS The world’s highest Signal-to-Noise ratio MEMS microphone 2018
628 Smart2Go Smart and Flexible Energy Supply Platform for Wearable Electronics 2019
629 MULTIPALEOIBERIA Population dynamics and cultural adaptations of the last Neandertals and first Modern humans in inland Iberia: a multi-proxy investigation 2019
630 TUMOURPRINT High Throughput Bioprinting of Tumour Models for Drug Development and Oncology Research 2018
631 EXPC Challenging and extending predictive coding as an account of brain function 2019
632 EWGB2000 Ekowasher Graffiti Blaster - A Closed-loop system for Environmentally Optimized Cleaning and Decontamination 2018
633 RIVERS Water/human rights beyond the human?Indigenous water ontologies, plurilegal encounters and interlegal translation 2019
634 Sugar-Enable Influenza Virus - Sugar Interactions, From Glycan Arrays To Better Vaccines 2018
635 NOAM Navigation of a mind-space. The spatial organization of declarative knowledge 2019
636 Limbic An API for Emotional Intelligence 2018
637 T-REX Developing healthy crops for EU: T3SS-Recognition EXploration (T-REX) for plant immunity against bacteria 2019
638 ERGO Breaking down the wall between human health and environmental testing of endocrine disrupters: EndocRine Guideline Optimisation 2019
639 SYNPATH Regulation of synaptic development and plasticity by molecular pathways linked to human evolution 2019
640 HiMISER High resolution Miniature Implantable nerve Stimulator for Electroceutical Research (HiMISER) 2019
641 INSTABRIQ Resource-efficient Machine for the Recycling of coal dust into High-calorie Briquettes 2018
642 OS for Ind robots Disrupting industrial robots with AI software - how new AI-driven software can be used to program industrial robots to do new tasks faster, resulting in massive productivity savings 2019
643 NEUROEPIGENETHICS Epigenetics, Experience and Responsibility: Implications for neurodevelopmental disorders 2019
644 EVPRO EVPRO - Development of Extracellular Vesicles loaded hydrogel coatings with immunomodulatory activity for Promoted Regenerative Osseointegration of revision endoprosthesis 2019
645 WEAR Behaviour Phenotyping using Inertial Sensors 2019
647 MycoVAP Bacterial chassis for treating ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) 2019
648 CoPAN From Mimicry to Trust: A Tinbergian Approach 2019
650 ZebraZoom ZebraZoom: Kinematic analysis for drug and genetic screening in zebrafish 2018
651 SELECTIONDRIVEN Gaining insights into human evolution and disease prevention from adaptive natural selection driven by lethal epidemics 2019
652 KryptonInt Erasing the superintegron to understand the role of chromosomal integrons in bacterial evolution 2019
653 TechChild Just because we can, should we? An anthropological perspective on the initiation of technology dependence to sustain a child’s life 2019
654 INFOSAMPLE Information Sampling in Multiattribute Choice 2018
655 SYNTHESYS PLUS Synthesis of systematic resources 2019
656 BARINAFLD Using Bariatric Surgery to Discover Weight-Loss Independent Mechanisms Leading to the Reversal of Fatty Liver Disease 2018
657 GESTURALORIGINS Gestural Origins: Linguistic Features of pan-African Ape Communication 2019
658 AncientAdhesives Ancient Adhesives - A window on prehistoric technological complexity 2019
659 EMPORIGIN What are the origins of empathy? A comparative developmental investigation 2019
660 VarPL Specificity or generalization? Neural mechanisms for perceptual learning with variability 2019
661 HOLI Deep Learning for Holistic Inference 2019
662 TransReg Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of cardiac regenerative capacity in the zebrafish 2019
663 BeeHome Automated beekeeping platform powered by AI that increases honey production by 50%, reduces labour use by 90%, and reduces colony loss by 80%. 2019
664 MoonVision 2.0 Using AI Computer Vision 2.0 for Visual Inspection in the Industry 2019
665 ARCHEIS Understanding the onset and impact of Aquatic Resource Consumption in Human Evolution using novel Isotopic tracerS 2019
666 IndiGene Genetics of Individuality 2019
667 ArpComplexity Defining the role of Arp2/3 complex diversity at multiple scales of biology 2019
668 HBP SGA2 Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 2 2018
669 Rhythm and Brains How musical rhythm moves humans: functionalmechanisms of entrainment and perception-action coupling 2019
670 MetAction The motor hypothesis for self-monitoring: A new framework to understand and treat metacognitive failures 2019
671 BRITE Elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying brite adipocyte specification and activation 2019
672 ActionContraThreat Action selection under threat: the complex control of human defense 2019
673 EngineeringBAP Engineering brain activity patterns for therapeutics of neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders 2019
674 SUBSILIENCE Subsistence and human resilience to sudden climatic events in Europe during MIS3 2019
675 makingtheretina Principles of retinal neuronal lamination from zebrafish to humans 2019
676 LArcHer Breaking barriers between Science and Heritage approaches to Levantine Rock Art through Archaeology, Heritage Science and IT 2019
677 NewHuman Pathways to humanity: Adaptive niche diversity at the origins of the human lineage 2019
678 GOLIATH Beating Goliath: Generation Of NoveL, Integrated and Internationally Harmonised Approaches for Testing Metabolism Disrupting Compounds 2019
679 Joey Democratizing humanoid robots in customer service 2019
680 DESSA DEcision Support system for Smart Agriculture 2019
681 SCAI Smart Contract Analytics using Artificial Intelligence 2019
682 SteriWeed The first bioherbicide blocking germination of herbicide-resistant weeds 2019
683 ScarLessWorld A WORLD WITHOUT SCARS: Regenerating wounded skin rather than patching with scars 2019
684 GREENER InteGRated systems for Effective ENvironmEntal Remediation 2019
685 ComfDemo COMFort in the cabin DEMOnstrator 2019
686 ReCoDE Reshaping cortical circuits to decrease binge eating 2019
687 CoDisEASe Communicable Disease in the Age of Seafaring 2018
688 GoURMET Global Under-Resourced MEedia Translation 2019
689 PATRES-MDS Pathogenesis and treatment of splicing factor mutant myelodysplastic syndromes 2019
690 NewSense Perception with New Sensory Signals 2019
691 TRANSLIGHT Light-dependent composition of transcriptional complexes in plants 2019
692 FORSEES Perspective of a real-time structural analysis tool assistant based on Computer Vision and Human Intuition 2019
693 TRACE-AD Tracking the Effects of Amyloid and Tau Pathology on Brain Systems and Cognition in Early Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
694 COMPLIMB A computational tool to elucidate the mechanobiological regulation of limb development 2019
695 PreNeolithicMalaria Evolutionary history of the sickle cell trait among Central African hunter-gatherers and farmers 2019
696 CUSP Cementochronology Unravels Seasonality in Prehistory 2019
697 Neu-i-Gut Neural regulation of the immune system in the Gut 2020
698 ReMyelin The Cell Biology of Remyelination 2019
699 PCinBC Plasma cell heterogeneity and dynamics in patient tumors 2019
700 EcoFRUIT Pheromones for ecologically friendly pest control in fruit orchards (EcoFruit) 2019
701 Humane AI Toward AI Systems That Augment and Empower Humans by Understanding Us, our Society and the World Around Us 2019
702 Natural BionicS Natural Integration of Bionic Limbs via Spinal Interfacing 2019
703 LipTransProMet The multi-omics role of lipid transfer proteins in lipid metabolism 2019
704 TRANSITIONS The skeletal effects of historical transitions in lifestyle 2019
705 HUMANE Transcriptional characterization of human postnatal and adult neural progenitors and of the stem cell niches. 2020
706 EROS ExploRing the surface slopes Of aSteroids 2020
707 EPIOBESITY Unravelling the hypothalamic epigenetic code behind obesity. 2020
708 SOLFORPLAS A solution for plastic waste pollution 2019
709 eBAT Enhancing brown adipose tissue through NAD+ precursors: a new approach to treat cardiometabolic disease 2019
710 EpimiRTherapy Using human tissue to translate microRNA-based therapies for epilepsy 2019
711 MutANTs Mutation rate evolution in attine ants 2020
712 AMYGDALA-ELECTROPHYS Interrogating Basolateral Amygdala Activity during Social Behaviour at Single-Cell and Population Levels 2019
713 TFZN Understanding the mechanisms that govern organ morphostasis and repair 2019
714 InvADeRS Investigating the Activity of transposon Derived Regulatory Sequences in the placenta 2019
715 SCSC The molecular diversity of regeneration in the zebrafish spinal cord 2020
716 EDGE Cutting edge technology: understanding Palaeolithic stone tool design and use from a modern mechanical engineering perspective 2020
717 JAL Uncovering the Behavioural and Neural Correlates of Joint Action Learning 2020
718 Adductomics Novel DNA adductomics methodological developments for research in colon cancer 2019
719 EpiEcoMod Through the eye of a mosquito: theoretical modelling of vector-borne zoonotic pathogens 2020
720 LactaDiff Assessing cellular compartmentation of brain lactate using diffusion MR spectroscopy in vivo 2019
721 RememberEx Human Subcortical-Cortical Circuit Dynamics for Remembering the Exceptional 2019
722 ChloroMito Chloroplast and Mitochondria interactions for microalgal acclimation 2020
723 GUARD A cybersecurity framework to GUArantee Reliability and trust for Digital service chains 2019
724 ROXANNE Real time network, text, and speaker analytics for combating organized crime 2019
725 ImmUne Towards identification of the unifying principles of vertebrate adaptive immunity 2019
726 MINERVA Mid-Pleistocene environments of the lower Vaal River 2019
727 FARMYNG FlAgship demonstration of industrial scale production of nutrient Resources from Mealworms to develop a bioeconomY New Generation 2019
728 COSuccess Testing the importance of oxidative stress and dietary antioxidants in linking cognitive traits and fitness in free living animals 2020
729 LION L'industrie oubliée de Néandertal - The forgotten industry of Neanderthal 2019
730 NeuroMath Acquisition of Mathematical Concepts in the Human Brain 2020
731 CaRe-Space Cajal-Retzius cells role in the development of the spatial navigation system 2020
732 THE CROSSMODAL BRAIN Neural mechanisms of crossmodal activity in blind and sighted individuals 2020
733 PhenAnOx New Chemical Synthetic Methods for Reacting Phenols Selectively with Different Molecules and With Itself: Use of Electricity as a Sustainable, Economic and Traceless Reagent. 2020
734 MemTrain Cell Membrane Training to Advance Industrial Processes 2019
735 Furhat The Human Face of AI 2019
736 NeoCellBank A revolutionary regenerative therapy for management of chronic inflammatory diseases based on neonatal Mesenchymal Stem Cells 2019
737 MEC Mercury Emissions Control (MEC) technology to enable thorough assessment of combustion and waste incineration plants to meet upcoming legislation directives for the reduction of mercury emissions 2019
738 INFarm A unique, interferon-based veterinary therapy to minimize antimicrobial overuse in cattle and tackle the societal global problem of antimicrobial resistance 2019
739 HELP Collaboration for innovation: Establishment of a pan-nematode drug development platform 2019
740 ANTHROPOID Great ape organoids to reconstruct uniquely human development 2019
741 UWB-IODA SF-PC Ultra Wide Band Integrated Optical-and-Digital Approach for Smart Factory and Perceptive Car 2020
742 VAPP Virtual Anthropology of Prehistoric Portugal 2020
743 mAMBo The role of ASCL1 and MYCN in human brain development 2019
744 CausalBrain Dynamic directed functional connectivity of causal learning 2019
745 STRELECOID Stretchable mesh-electrodes interfacing human iPSC brain organoids 2019
746 BodyDMI Development of deuterium metabolic imaging to map body biochemistry with MRI 2019
747 VECTRACK Earth observation service for preventive control of insect disease vectors 2019
748 RAID Veterinary Decision Support System by Rapid Bacterial Infection Detection (RAID) 2019
749 PestiSi Cost effective solution against insects in long-term grain storage by natural diatomaceous earth 2019
750 Clockstop A Fast Throughput Drosophila Model to Identify Drug Treatments for Age-related Hearing Loss (ARHL) 2019
751 PnuBioVax PnuBioVax™: next-generation vaccine for a personalised and effective immune response against Streptococcus pneumoniae. 2019
752 His-Li mouse His-Li mouse, the unique humanized mouse model resembling human liver and immune systems 2019
753 P-appetite Dissecting how the Drosophila brain regulates behavioral sequences of feeding to ensure protein homeostasis 2019
754 ZeNewCardio ZeNewCardio: Discovering Heart Regeneration Therapies Through Zebrafish 2019
755 BIOSPACE Monitoring Biodiversity from Space 2019
756 RealHands Revolutionize the way humans interact with technology 2019
757 Nadam-G Nanocoating deposition of anti-fingerprint and fluorine free material on glass for optical lenses and solar panels industry 2019
758 ARCHCAUCASUS Technical and Social Innovations in the Caucasus: between the Eurasian Steppe and the Earliest Cities in the 4th and 3rd millennia BC 2019
759 M-Runners Modal Nonlinear Resonance for Efficient and Versatile Legged Locomotion 2019
760 CLOCK Characterization of the circadian chromatin landscape using a novel CRISPR/Cas9-guided proximity-labelling technique 2020
761 C-Pre Seeing is predicting: Testing a predictive coding account of visual perception involving saccadic eye movements 2020
762 NUAGE Nucleolar regulation of longevity 2020
763 VACCIBIOME Cancer Vaccines and Gut Microbiome: a rational approach to optimize cancer immunotherapy 2019
764 TOPAS Exploiting the Tumor Proteome Activity Status for Future Cancer Therapies 2019
765 SPELITEC Sequence sPecific ELImination of shiga-Toxin E. Coli 2019
766 CompuLaw Computable Law 2019
767 OPIOIDREWARD How distress alters opioid drug effects and abuse liability 2019
768 PANDa Portable ANalyser for Detection of metal micropollutants in water 2019
769 COMBIVET Setting up the ERA Chair of Comparative Medicine in the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences of the Estonian University of Life Sciences 2019
771 H2COLOR-AUX An innovative polymer particle used for textile dying which massively reduces water and energy consumption 2019
772 TechnoC-Cap Technological Cultures in Capuchin Monkeys: an Archeological and Behavioural exploration 2020
773 DeMol Deconstructing the past: Modelling the locomotion of Miocene hominoids through computational techniques 2020
774 Malaria POC Ultrasensitive detection of transmissible malaria 2019
775 Shape-IT Supporting the interaction of Humans and Automated vehicles: Preparing for the EnvIronment of Tomorrow 2019
776 KnowGraphs Knowledge Graphs at Scale 2019
777 UPTEKO First Fully Integrated Drone System for Maritime Operations 2019
778 BioSolar Leaf A sustainable highly efficient cultivation system that produces plant-based, organic, and healthy food ingredients 2019
779 DiurnalHealth The circadian clock in day-active species: preserving our health in modern society 2019
780 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
781 PUSHH Palaeoproteomics to Unleash Studies on Human History 2020
782 preSENSE IoT-ready radar sensors with micrometer-level accuracy for safe human-machine collaboration 2019
783 BICAEHFID Biogeographic and cultural adaptations of early humans during the first intercontinental dispersals 2019
784 ECRC Developing a diverse portfolio of vaccine candidates for Rift Valley Fever, Chikungunya and Ebola 2019
785 LASTJOURNEY The End of the Journey: The Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene Colonisation of South America 2019
786 INTUITIVE INnovative Network for Training in ToUch InteracTIVE Interfaces 2019
787 BEEP Bio-inspired and bionic materials for enhanced photosynthesis 2020
788 Dryode Innovative, preparation-free, bio-electrodes for next-generation wearable devices 2019
789 CellSex The importance of cellular sex in physiology and the underlying mechanisms 2020
790 Didimo Humanity in Digital Communication 2019
791 UpTrop Fundamental understanding of reactive nitrogen in the global upper troposphere 2019
792 AVANT Alternatives to Veterinary ANTimicrobials 2020
793 LearnBugs Learning to Find Software Bugs 2020
794 IsoCAN Isolation and Evolution in Oceanic Islands: the human colonisation of the Canary Islands 2020
795 ReconCycle Self-reconfiguration of a robotic workcell for the recycling of electronic waste 2020
796 Corr-NEQM Correlated Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter: Fundamentals and Applications to Nanoscale Systems 2019
797 DEMETER Eight millennia of changes in domestic plants and animals: understanding local adaptation under socio-economic and climatic fluctuations 2020
798 NoBiasFluors Non-biased fluorescent dyes as markers of drugs for optical in cellulo and in vivo imaging 2020
799 AGRICON Ancient genomic reconstruction of convergent evolution to agriculture 2019
800 AQUAGARLIC An innovative dual action (antimicrobial & immunomodulator) product for the aquaculture feed additives market 2019
801 AiforCancerDX Deep learning AI in cancer diagnostics 2019
802 TEACHING A computing toolkit for building efficient autonomous applications leveraging humanistic intelligence 2020
803 ECOLBEH The Ecology of Collective Behaviour 2020
804 uHeart A beating Heart-on-Chip for pre-clinical early detection of drugs cardiac safety 2019
805 TECHEYE Artificial Intelligence beyond quality 2019
806 SafeGlov Safety Gloves for Protection of Health Care Professionals 2019
807 NeuroPa Targeting the brain sigma-1 receptor: A paradigm shift for the treatment of neuro-degenerative disorders 2019
808 EDAS HEALTHCARE AI-based infectious diseases diagnosis in seconds 2019
809 PainFACT Molecular Mechanisms Associating Chronic Pain with Fatigue, Affective Disorders, Cardiovascular Disease and Total Comorbidity 2020
810 FORCE-UI Force-responsive Deformable User Interfaces 2020
811 ThinkAhead Thinking Ahead: human planning from a predictive processing perspective 2020
812 GALIRUMI Galileo-assisted robot to tackle the weed Rumex obtusifolius and increase the profitability and sustainability of dairy farming 2019
813 PROTEOFIT Adapting protein fate for muscle function and fitness 2019
814 SOAR Solitude: Alone but Resilient 2020
815 DEXIM Deeply Explainable Intelligent Machines 2019
816 DBScontrol Implementation and preclinical testing of a closed-loop control system for deep brain stimulation 2020
818 SOUNDTILES SOUNDTILES business strategy definition 2019
819 CardioProtectMI A New Drug Therapy for the treatment of ST Elevated Myocardial Infarction 2019
820 PRIME Prevention and Remediation of Insulin Multimorbidity in Europe 2020
821 SOPHIA Socio-physical Interaction Skills for Cooperative Human-Robot Systems in Agile Production 2019
822 SPRING Socially Pertinent Robots in Gerontological Healthcare 2020
823 AERIAL-CORE AERIAL COgnitive integrated multi-task Robotic system with Extended operation range and safety 2019
824 SHOP4CF Smart Human Oriented Platform for Connected Factories 2020
825 MInfla-Tilc Generation of therapeutic antibodies targeting type 2 Innate Lymphoid cells in asthma 2020
826 READY Getting ready to treat human patients with nanobody-targeted photodynamic therapy 2020
827 Plural AI The knowledge engine for finance 2019
828 CONBOTS CONnected through roBOTS: physically coupling humans to boost handwriting and music learning 2020
829 ESPACE Human Cell Atlas of the Pancreas 2020
831 EVOMENS The evolution of menstruation in primates 2020
832 AgingTimer Systems biology of the individual stochastic timer of aging 2020
833 NanoGlia Understanding the impact of nanoplastics on the development of neurological disorders 2020
834 EERAdata Towards a FAIR and open data ecosystem in the low carbon energy research community 2020
835 BayesianGDPR Bayesian Models and Algorithms for Fairness and Transparency 2020
836 SPATEMP From spatial relationships to temporal correlations: New vistas on predictive coding 2020
837 Niche4NbS Beyond assuming co-benefits in Nature-based Solutions: Applying the niche concept for optimizing social and ecological outcomes 2020
838 mARs mARs: Mobile DNA driven antibiotic resistance spreading: molecular strategies, control and evolution for broad distribution 2021
839 DURARE DYNAMICS OF THE DURABLE. A History of Making Things Last in the Visual and Decorative Arts. 2020
840 SleepEpisMemory Sleep and episodic memory consolidation: ‘No-report’ paradigms, brain mechanisms, and dementia 2020
841 MacinNASH Revealing the contribution of liver macrophage populations to NASH in insulin resistance 2020
842 SURE 3-D Super resolution Ultrasound Real time imaging of Erythrocytes 2020
843 NICHEADAPT Deciphering the niche adaptations of a gut commensal involved in educating the host immune system 2021
844 learNoise The neurobiological and computational origins of behavioral variability 2020
845 BGV1 New vaccine for a paradigm shift in Brucellosis, one of the world’s most widespread zoonotic diseases affecting humans 2020
846 REPLAY The Function of Hippocampal and Cortical Memory Replay in Humans 2020
847 AMI Animals Make identities. The Social Bioarchaeology of Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic Cemeteries in North-East Europe 2020
848 FACEDIFF Individual differences in facial expressivity: Social function, facial anatomy and evolutionary origins 2020
849 ADDITIVES Exposure to ‘cocktails’ of food additives and chronic disease risk 2020
850 WildFishGenes New insights into the genetic mechanisms underlying behavioural variation in wild marine fish 2020
851 NEUSEQBOT NEUro cerebellar recurrent network for motor SEQuence learning in neuroroBOTics 2020
852 EXPLOSIA EXpansion and Phenotype Loss Of SMCs In Atherosclerosis: Causal effects and therapeutic possibilities 2020
853 MechanoSelfFate Role of Tissue Mechanics in Embryonic Self-Organization and Cell Fate Plasticity 2020
854 MICRODEV Microplastics: morphological and genetic developmental effects in a marine invertebrate. 2021
855 OMIT The role of microbial Oxylipins in the MIcrobe-hosT dialogue 2020
856 The Others in Me The Others in Me: the Impact of Others on Self-Conscious Emotions and Self-Understanding 2020
857 MicroILCs "MicroILCs: Deciphering how the gut Microbiota influences Innate Lymphoid Cells in obesity""" 2021
858 3DFOSSILDIET Tracing the Ontogenetic Evolution of Diet and Behavior in Neandertals and Anatomically Modern Humans in the Franco-Cantabrian Region. An Integrative study of 3D Tooth Wear Patterns 2020
859 Alloem Maternal immune response to allogeneic embryos 2020
860 CooPMacaque Why do individuals cooperate? Exploring the behavioural, cognitive, and hormonal mechanisms governing cooperation in macaques. 2020
861 Trojan Redefining Tsetse symbiont bacteria: A Trojan horse against Trypanosome transmission 2020
862 NEANDER-TALe Origins and Evolution of the Neanderthal Cranial Morphology 2021
863 SocialNAc Circuit and synaptic plasticity mechanisms of approach and avoidance social behavior. 2020
864 RENOPROTECT Targeting tubular reabsorption for kidney protection 2020
865 UNCARIA UNCARIA: UNcertainty estimation in CARdiac Image Analysis 2020
866 COVADIS Deciphering the Code of Value Signals in the Human Brain 2020
867 CATKERB Total Syntheses of Catharanthine and Keramaphidin B by an Iridium-Catalyzed Reductive Cyclization Cascade 2020
868 ECURES Encouraging CUlture of REsponsible RoboticS 2021
869 SOCIAL MATCH The role of social behaviour in mate choice 2021
870 PFCsByPlasCat Perfluorinated Organic Compounds (PFCs) Degradation using Non-Thermal Plasma Enhanced by Boron Doped Graphene Oxide as Catalyst 2020
871 WAVES TRAVELING WAVES: Defining the mechanisms allowing attention to occur in space and in time 2020
872 CANALS Changing Water Cultures 2021
873 NEUROPREG Eating patterns in pregnancy: unraveling the underlying neurocircuits and its deleterious metabolic consequences 2021
874 Pept-AGE Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of age-related muscle loss to inform Artificial Intelligence-based discovery of novel peptide therapeutics for sarcopenia. 2020
875 ANEUPLOIDY Molecular origins of aneuploidies in healthy and diseased human tissues 2020
876 STAR Sensing and Sensibility - Transcending Disciplines for a Responsible Future 2020