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1 K-TRIO 2 Researchers in the Knowledge Triangle 2014
2 EUthyroid Towards the elimination of iodine deficiency and preventable thyroid-related diseases in Europe 2015
3 MycoSynVac Engineering of Mycoplasma pneumoniae as a broad-spectrum animal vaccine 2015
5 HIGHTS High precision positioning for cooperative ITS applications 2015
6 EXTREME EXTREME Dynamic Loading - Pushing the Boundaries of Aerospace Composite Material Structures 2015
7 GQCOP Genuine Quantumness in Cooperative Phenomena 2015
8 HyMoCo Hybrid Node Modes for Highly Efficient Light Concentrators 2015
9 Highland Connections Remoteness and Connectivity: Highland Asia in the World 2015
10 SLEEPCONTROL The mechanism of sleep control through a sleep-active sleep-promoting neuron 2015
11 CUSTOM-SENSE Custom-made biosensors – Accelerating the transition to a bio-based economy 2015
12 MindBendingGrammars Mind-Bending Grammars: The dynamics of correlated multiple grammatical changes in Early Modern English writers 2015
13 ComBact How complement molecules kill bacteria 2015
14 PLUGIN Payload Universal Geostationary Interface 2015
15 IODISPlay IOD service mISsions PortfoLio 2015
16 IRENA International Re-Entry demoNstrator Action 2015
17 INVEST IN-orbit Validation of European Space Technologies 2015
18 UPTIME Real-TIME probing of Ultrafast Phenomena 2015
19 ContactLube Highly-lubricated soft contact lenses 2015
20 REDSTEM Development of a new plant variety for the Asian market 2015
21 GALENA Galileo-based solutions for urban freight transport 2015
22 G MOTIT Galileo-Enhanced MOTIT: an electric scooter sharing service for sustainable urban mobility 2015
23 COREGAL Combined Positioning-Reflectometry Galileo Code Receiver for Forest Management 2015
24 POSITION POlish Support to Innovation and Technology IncubatiON 2015
25 PROMIS Postgraduate Research on Dilute Metamorphic Nanostructures and Metamaterials in Semiconductor Photonics 2015
26 KINDRA Knowledge Inventory for hydrogeology research 2015
27 InnovImp Improving the Innovation Management Capacities of SMEs 2014
28 ArcInTex ETN ArcInTex ETN 2015
29 VPH-CaSE VPH-Cardiovascular Simulation and Experimentation for Personalised Medical Devices 2015
30 DiCoMo Direct conversion hybrid-organic X-ray detectors on metal oxide backplane 2015
31 5-Alive 5G: A LeadershIp Vision for Europe 2014
32 Road2CPS Strategic action for future CPS through roadmaps, impact multiplication and constituency building 2015
33 MIREGAS Programmable multi-wavelength Mid-IR source for gas sensing 2015
34 ETexWeld Welding of E-Textiles for Interactive Clothing 2015
35 SWEEPER Sweet Pepper Harvesting Robot 2015
36 SMARTER-SI Smart Access to Manufacturing for Systems Integration 2015
37 AutoMat Automotive Big Data Marketplace for Innovative Cross-sectorial Vehicle Data Services 2015
38 FabSurfWAR Design and Fabrication of Functional Surfaces with Controllable Wettability, Adhesion and Reflectivity 2015
39 AppHub AppHub, the European Open Source Marketplace 2015
40 OrganiCity OrganiCity – Co-creating smart cities of the future 2015
41 WeHubs The European network of Women web Entrepreneurs Hubs 2015
42 STORY STORY- Added value of STORage in distribution sYstems 2015
43 ENSCC ERA-NET Smart Cities and Communities 2014
44 DemoWind DemoWind ERA-NET Cofund action - delivering cost reduction in offshore wind 2015
45 CosTesGrav Cosmological Tests of Gravity 2015
46 3D-LEAP 3 Dimensional Light Sensor for Advanced Portable Devices 2014
47 FORCASTER Force, Motion and Positioning of Microtubule Asters 2015
48 NewSpindleForce A new class of microtubules in the spindle exerting forces on kinetochores 2015
49 FNPMLS Fundamental nuclear properties measured with laser spectroscopy 2015
50 Phosphoprocessors Biological signal processing via multisite phosphorylation networks 2015
51 CULTURALBASE Social Platform on Cultural Heritage and European Identities 2015
52 TOPTEN ACT Enabling consumer action towards top energy-efficient products 2015
54 OntoPerson The Ontology of Personal Identity 2015
55 MPSAT Multi-Payload satellite as an innovative service for technology experimentation in space 2014
56 General Purpose DP A Compact Dynamic Positioning System of General Purpose for Marine Units, Crafts and Ships 2014
57 TWIMP Innovative Laser Solution for Cutting Welding TWIP steel with Improved Performance 2014
58 VSM Validated Surge Model 2014
59 MOSART Advanced Automated Process for Low Cost Efficient Custom Mosaic Manufacturing 2014
60 GLAD GNSS/INS Low-Cost Attitude Determination System 2014
61 TISSUE Tissue In Stroke Stratification Using e-ASPECTSTW 2014
62 BAG-FS Biopolus Aero Green - Feasibility Study 2014
63 CAPTOR cAPTor captures Advanced System Threats 2014
64 PILOTS Prototyping Internet Lot of Things Software 2014
65 TRACKANT Mobile Smart Tracking Antenna System for Remotely Piloted Aircrafts 2014
66 CEREBSENSING Cerebellar Distributed Plasticity Towards Active Sensing and Motor Control 2015
67 OMNICS Observing, Modelling and Predicting in situ Petrophysical Parameter Evolution in a Geologic Carbon Storage System 2016
68 ECOCHAMPS European COmpetitiveness in Commercial Hybrid and AutoMotive PowertrainS 2015
69 Phil-Threats The Representation of External Threats in the Configuration of Spanish Power in the Philippines (1600-1800) 2016
70 REAPPAST High-Resolution Approach in Middle and Upper Palaeolithic sites for reconstructing Social dynamic and Technical behaviours 2015
71 EUDAT2020 EUDAT2020 2015
72 SoNDe Solid-State Neutron Detector - A new Neutron Detector for High-Flux Applications 2015
73 EuroCirCol European Circular Energy-Frontier Collider Study 2015
74 ARTE Atomic Research for Topological Engineering 2015
75 Solarfuels Engineering Silicon Carbide Nanowires for Solar Fuels Production 2015
76 SIW-SAT-ANTENNAS Circularly Polarized Antenna Arrays for Broadband Satellite Data Terminals Using Substrate Integrated Waveguides enhanced with Metamaterials 2015
77 THALAMODEL Multimodal, high-resolution modeling of the thalamus for neuroimaging studies: application to dyslexia 2015
78 PreFlexMS Predictable Flexible Molten Salts Solar Power Plant 2015
79 EPINET Detection of brain patterns for the characterisation of epileptic networks 2015
80 SHARE Shared Emotions, Group Membership, and Empathy 2016
81 Walgo What is an Algorithm? Extensional and Intensional Equivalences between Programs 2015
82 PmSust The project of Sustainability: the role of Project Management in developing a more sustainable economy and society 2015
83 GOFAR Galactic Outflows and Feedback in the Astro-H eR 2015
84 NPCChr A role for nuclear pore complexes in chromatin organization during early development? 2016
85 ACCESS2WM How prior brain states govern access to working memory 2016
86 Next-COMM Next-COMM: Event-driven design approach to achieve maximum energy efficiency for the next generation digital communication circuits” 2015
87 DIGIPHASE Development of Maximum Efficiency Phase Contrast Electron Microscopy 2015
88 MultiFUNGtionality Fungal diversity, ecosystem services and forest management: unravelling the role and dynamics of fungal communities in multifunctional Mediterranean forests. 2016
89 InterAcTEV Genome-wide analysis of RNA and protein interacting profiles during a plant virus infection 2015
90 Voice Modulation Faking It: The production, perception, and function of social voice modulation 2016
91 MONASPOWER Monasteries as Institutional Powers in Late Antique and Early Islamic Egypt: Evidence from Neglected Coptic Sources 2016
92 TRANSIT The daily governance of transit migration in Turkey at European Union borders: The two-way influence of Turkish-European Union border and migration management practices 2015
93 RvD3-RAVIS Novel Resolvin D3: its Role and Actions in the Resolution of Aortic Valvular Inflammation and Stenosis 2015
94 CHELALZ Multitarget compounds with therapeutic potential against Alzheimer disease: Design and in vitro studies 2016
95 nanoCAVa Formation of nano-scale clusters from atmospheric vapors 2015
96 GRAFLEX Graphene curvature, flexibility and reactivity control by means of external fields: theory and computer simulations 2015
97 HJMIGRA Single-molecule analysis of Holliday-junction (HJ) migration by the human double-HJ dissolvasome 2015
98 Nu14Mig Generation and Application of Nucleophilic Allylmetal Species by Catalytic 1,4-Metal Migration 2015
99 OUTstandINg Cell-surface immobilized vs. internalized magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia studies 2015
100 HOTSPOT Accessing hot-spots in plasmonic nanoantennas 2015
101 DLCHHB Artificial Tissue Actuators by the 3D Printing of Responsive Hydrogels 2015
102 Space-Time from Info Space-Time from Information Flow 2015
103 EvoNovo Genetic architecture of an evolutionary novelty: the development of the male-specific turban-shaped eyes of Cloeon dipterum 2016
104 ISSVS Immune system involvement in sex-specific vulnerability to prenatal stress 2015
105 NITEC NITEC: a Negative Ion Time Expansion Chamber for directional Dark Matter search 2015
106 ArtOxiZymes Artificial Oxidation Enzymes for Highly Selective Waste Free Hydroxylation of Alkanes 2015
107 CHRISLAS Christian Diversity in Late Antique Sirmium (ca 350 – ca 450): A Historical, Literary and Theological Study 2016
108 ERIN Europe's Reception of the Irish Melodies and National Airs: Thomas Moore in Europe 2015
109 SpikeControl Cerebellar Spiking Model For Real-time Closed-loop Sensorimotor Control 2015
110 ENEFOR Forecasting oil prices, oil price volatility and economic policy uncertainty 2015
111 HAT-MOZ-sphere Identification of genes and pathways regulated by the HAT activity of MOZ 2015
112 GEODEM Geography of Demography: modelling plant population responses to global habitat patterns 2015
113 REZONABLE Regeneration and zonation by ZEB2 of Liver Endothelium 2016
114 FertilityPolicies Fertility, Public Policies, and Women in Turkey in Comparative Perspective 2016
115 MYO-DESMOPLASIA Modulating the behaviour of cancer myofibroblasts to control tumour desmoplasia 2015
116 ATCK-HER Cross-cultural heritage. Understanding cultural heritage in a globalized world 2015
117 MARCS A Markedness Account of Romance Clitic Systems 2016
118 Als-on-a-chip A tissue-on-a-chip platform for systems-level studies of ALS pathology and drug screening 2015
119 BAP A dynamical view of binding affinity 2015
120 INNOVCITIES Institutional Innovation for Adapting to Climate Change in Water Governance within Cities 2015
121 Micro-SOLUTION Micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells based on highly catalytic ceramic oxide thin films nanostructures 2015
122 ShadOmIC Shadowing, Omega Limit Sets and Internal Chain Transitivity in Dynamical Systems 2015
123 SeisMo SEismology of the MOon 2016
124 ExTRyG Excitonic transport in cold Rydberg gases 2015
125 BARREL Barrel Assemblies of Membrane Active Artificial Foldamers 2015
126 NCDIFFGEO Models of noncommutative differential geometries 2016
127 CRYPTRANS Characterization of newly discovered but poorly understood fungal-driven trophic processes in freshwater lake ecosystems by metatranscriptomic 2015
128 HyHeat Profiling gene expression in Hydra vulgaris following Gold Nanoparticle-mediated hyperthermia 2015
129 OPTOFRAX Optopharmacological brain mapping of autism mouse models 2015
130 SynBiol-DynHet Diversity in Synthetic Biological Systems 2015
132 KCs and Gut Antigens Elucidating the role of liver resident Kupffer cells in the regulation of the immune responses to intestinal antigens 2015
133 BIPHA Bio-physical processes around marine snow aggregates 2015
134 IE2 Inclusive Education for an Inclusive Europe: Examining Social Interactions, Dynamics and Friendship Networks of Students in Mainstream Primary Schools 2015
135 VOLES Is rodenticide use disrupting the natural autoregulation of vole populations? 2015
136 CoopClickCat CoopClickCat 2015
137 RLOOP-AS Interconnection between R-loops and co-transcriptional alternative splicing 2015
138 LYMPHOSIGN Integrated study of the role of B-cell receptor signaling in the development of Follicular Lymphoma 2015
139 ALIS Associating Literature and the Imaginary with Science: Early Years Education 2016
140 MetAccembly Accelerating metal-directed assembly, recognition and catalysis with computational methods 2015
141 Global eHealth Creating an evaluation and research strategy and an evidence base for eHealth systems to improve the quality of data collection and care in low and middle income settings 2015
142 TOPOZOO Free-standing three-dimensional topological structures in geometrically confined chiral nematic liquid crystals: fundamentals and applications 2016
143 OPERACQC Operational characterization of quantum correlations 2015
144 BRCA2Interact Structural and biochemical characterization of pre-recombination complexes 2015
145 LearningDeterminants Inter-individual variability in learning: an investigation of its determinants 2015
146 RiceStyle Carpel evolution: a walk in the rice side 2016
147 PE4PPI Peer ethnography for the promotion of patient and public involvement: young people and sexual health service development. 2015
148 ITECCO Innovative Transport Equipment for Coal, Coke and Ore 2015
149 RemoteControl Device Remote Controllable Devices 2015
150 HighPower High Efficiency Distributed Power Plant 2015
151 SPARK Smart PArallel Robotic Kinematics 2015
152 Gait Biometrics 3 Main goal of the project is to create a prototype of the software, which will be able to identify peoplejust based on the way how they walk. 2015
153 VisuaLook Novel clothing e-commerce application for reliable size assignment and realistic fitting visualization 2015
154 Platon software PLATform fOr iNteroperable multiphysics digital mock-up 2015
155 SPARK Cost-effective automated process for producing innovative high-performance electric motors 2015
156 COLOMBUS-1 COmposite repair solutions for aeronautical BUSiness development – Phase 1 2015
157 BIOCURE Novel Biomaterial for Improved and Cost-efficient Wound Healing 2015
158 FlowcusinUp Scale Up of Microencapsulation Systems by using Flow Focusing Technology 2015
159 GroundCLeaner Fast and cost-effective combined remediation technology for the elimination of chlorinated and otherhydrocarbons from soil 2015
160 BilletPro Development of a harvesting machine for short rotation plantations for the production of billets with advantageous properties in terms of handling, drying and storing 2015
161 ServoTec Fast Data Acquisition and Servo Technologies 2015
162 FLOVISP Flow Visualization Based Pressure 2015
163 ACOFORS Launching Acoustic Force Spectroscopy - unlocking the potential of biomolecular bungee jumping 2015
164 Adaptcontrol A modular and compact controller design for light electric vehicles 2015
165 Interactive Video Automatic creation of interactive video to double video advertising revenues whilst decreasing inconvenience for viewers 2015
166 SMART-GRAN Development and Commercialisation of a Self-Guided Fluidised Bed Granulation Solution 2015
167 AINARA Automation and INtelligence solutions for Automated Road trAnsport systems 2015
168 Gamesmondo Gamesmondo Affiliation and Monetisation Ecosystem 2015
169 Smartphone-ANCIH Smartphone A new concept in hearing…”: an interactive real-time embedded audio solution that offers a significant/disruptive change in hearing technology and market. 2015
170 ENAMISS ENAMISS - Energetic Neutral Atoms Monitor on the International Space Station 2015
171 SPM Strawberry Processing Machine 2015
172 VALIDIAG Validation Manager - A disruptive turnkey solution for diagnostic test validations 2015
173 ResMet Resampling methods for nonstationary stochastic processes 2015
174 SmartRay Smart Large Scale Radio Technology for the Tactile Internet 2015
175 DRAGON-STAR Plus Dragon - Sustaining Technology And Research Plus (EU-China Collaboration) 2015
177 MIA Multidisciplinary Institute for Ageing 2015
178 CORSAIR Increasing the quality mindset of COnstruction workers involved in building Refurbishment processes through a Software Application capable of using among others visible or InfraRed pictures of defects 2015
179 RoboExNovo Robots learning about objects from externalized knowledge sources 2015
180 SWOS Satellite-based Wetland Observation Service 2015
181 EVOLHGT Selective Barriers to Horizontal Gene Transfer 2015
182 ORGANO-GOLD CAT Merging organo- and gold-catalysis to design cascade reactions: a shortcut toward molecular complexity 2015
183 ShaMROCK ShaMROCK – Secure professional Mobile Radio Over Commercial networKs 2015
184 ADWICE Advanced Wireless Technologies for Clever Engineering 2015
185 EE-IT EE-IT - Centre of Excellence on Connected Digital Economy 2015
186 WEAR3D-POC Commercialization of Wear3D - Wearable and 3D Display Technology 2015
187 PEGASUS-2 [PEGASUS]², giving wings to your career. 2015
188 EPFL Fellows Experienced Researchers Incoming Fellowship Programme at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 2015
189 HYPAS Next Generation Energy Efficient, Inexpensive Hydropneumatic Hybrid Actuation System 2015
190 3L-HeCoMe Advanced manufacturing process to obtain a partially Bio-Resorbable Adhesive/Non-Adhesive Triple Layer Mesh for intra-peritoneal Hernia Containment 2015
191 Fidzup-Retargeting Physical Retargeting, innovative mobile marketing services for traditional retailers 2015
192 RETYRE Recycling waste tyres into devulcanized rubber 2015
193 TheCityGame pilot TheCityGame; Feasibility study and mini-pilots 2015
194 VOLCAPSE Volcano dome growth, collapse and coupled processes 2015
195 LignoSilva Centre of Excellence of Forest-based Industry 2015
196 RELAX Optimal Person-Machine Sensorimotor Coupler for Application to Micro-Manufacturing 2015
197 FMCONTAINERS Fast Moving Containers Caming Solutions 2015
198 PVPS Powerstar Virtual Power Station (PVPS) solution - Powerstar Virtue 2015
199 CoDiS Compact, high-power, frequency-converted diode laser systems 2015
200 e-Furnace Intelligent Hot Dip Galvanizing furnace for better energy use, low environmental impact and extended kettle lifespan 2015
201 OptoVision Optogenetic investigation of cortical layer-6 neuron contributions to dynamic visual perception 2015
202 NANOPDICS Optoelectrical Dynamics of Ion channel Activation in Calcium Nanodomains 2015
203 MF-RADAR Multi-frequency RADAR imaging for the analysis of tropical forest structure in the Amazon 2016
204 LIBRA Leading Innovative measures to reach gender Balance in Research Activities 2015
205 ELICOS Enantioselective Light-induced Catalysis for Organic Synthesis 2016
206 HYDRACTVAL Low-energy leak-proof double seat control valve based on a water hydraulic actuator system 2015
207 AMPYXAP3 Commercial introduction of the first Airborne Wind Energy system: Renewable energy at costs below fully depreciated coal fired power plants 2015
208 ERAatUC Enhancing Research in Ageing at the University of Coimbra 2015
209 UFSD Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors: Enabling Discoveries 2015
210 5G NORMA 5G NOvel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture 2015
211 NICENAV NICENAV Navigation-grade ITAR-free Certifiable Equipment for the Navigation of manned and unmanned Air Vehicle, based on FOG technology 2015
212 Social Resp Shopping Creating the first Social Responsibility Shopping platform to link small businesses and local non-profits organizations through an innovative business model leveraging on responsible consumption 2015
213 GSTT GMSPAZIO Satellite Tracking Toolkit 2015
214 DABCAST Integrated, economical cloud-based service for digital radio broadcasting 2015
216 PALADIN Plasma Antenna for secure LAnDIng and Navigation 2015
217 CleanTechBlock CleanTechBlock 2015
218 AURA Advanced Uninterrupted RAdio 2015
219 ACEP Airlander Civil Exploitation Project 2015
220 StreetHopper Disruptive Free Space Optics solution for small cell backhaul 2015
221 DECRESIM A Chemical Approach to Molecular Spin Qubits: Decoherence and Organisation of Rare Earth Single Ion Magnets 2015
222 RotaxHEC Click to Lock: Mechanically Interlocked Architectures as Hydrogen Evolving Catalysts 2015
223 intime Prototyping 'intime' - a NINAAT-based self testing platform to detect infectious diseases 2015
224 RECEPIANCE Molecular reconstitution of epigenetic centromere inheritance 2015
225 DEMOSOFC DEMOnstration of large SOFC system fed with biogas from WWTP 2015
226 APRIL Applications of Personal Robotics for Interaction and Learning 2016
227 SCENEUNDERLIGHT Time-lapse understanding of the static and human scene and its lighting 2015
228 3D-LEAP 3 Dimensional Light sEnsing for Advanced Portable Devices 2015
229 LaForte Large Format Textile Printing 2015
230 Gazelab A precision, computer-vision measurement system for the early diagnosis of schizophrenia 2015
231 InForMed An integrated pilot line for micro-fabricated medical devices 2015
232 CHARME Growing bone fast and cost-effective 2015
233 PLANTSTEMS Decoding the Lateral Expansion of Plant Stems 2015
234 LASERLAB-EUROPE The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures 2015
235 OxygenSensing Molecular mechanisms of acute oxygen sensing. 2015
236 Ro-Boost Inno SMEs Boosting the Innovative Potential of Romanian SMEs 2015
237 CTCPlus Multi-Parameter Monitoring and Control System for Grain Silo Plants (CTC+) 2015
238 MIMESIS Development of biomaterials through mimesis of plant defensive interfaces to fight wound infections 2015
239 HOLOFRENPOSTMOD Un passé qui ne passe pas. The Ethics and Aesthetics of Contemporary French Holocaust Literature 2016
240 IntercommunalSpace Intercommunal Space in Late Antiquity 2016
241 ND4ID New Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases: “ND4ID” 2016
242 BE-OPTICAL Advanced BiomEdical OPTICAL Imaging and Data Analysis 2015
243 MARmaED MARine MAnagement and Ecosystem Dynamics under climate change 2015
244 ETN-FPI European Training Network on Full Parallax Imaging 2015
245 TWIN-CONTROL Twin-model based virtual manufacturing for machine tool-process simulation and control 2015
246 PearlLight+ Increasing the efficiency of LED street lighting by 15% via optical design 2015
248 INFINITE INnovative laser machine For INdustrial engravIng and 3d TExturing 2015
249 PHOTONET-C4 Characterising the Gene Regulatory Networks Governing Photosynthesis: From Basic Understanding to Targeted Engineering 2015
250 BioSmartTrainee Training in Bio-Inspired Design of Smart Adhesive Materials 2015
251 Perspectival Realism Perspectival Realism. Science, Knowledge, and Truth from a Human Vantage Point 2016
252 ICONN European Industrial DoCtorate on Offshore WiNd and Wave ENergy 2015
253 Agro Highway Demonstration of an Innovative concept for high quality Transport of Perishable Agro Food Liquids inducing a Modal shift to Short Sea and River transport 2015
254 CerviVax New Generation Therapeutic vaccine for the Treatment of HPV infections and Cervical Dysplasia 2015
255 ULT-NEMS Ultra-Cold Nano-Mechanics: from Classical to Quantum Complexity 2015
256 Global BioImaging Global BioImaging Project - International imaging infrastructure services for the life science community 2015
257 DFLOW Duality For Logic On Words 2016
258 Colodetect Development of a novel blood-based diagnostic test for colorectal cancer 2015
259 StabilityDTCluster Stability conditions, Donaldson-Thomas invariants and cluster varieties 2015
260 DigiRead Digital readout of protein detection via super rolling circle amplification of DNA tags 2015
261 I4MS-Growth Support and stimulation of dynamic and organic growth of pan European ICT for Manufacturing SME Innovation Ecosystems 2015
262 BigData4Cat Big Data for Catalysis 2015
263 NEWERA Innovative micro-abrasive Water Jet for high precision machining and finishing 2015
265 YODA YOurDigitalAgent: First fully automated tool for the optimisation of digital advertising for drastically increasing SMEs competitiveness and online promotion 2015
266 EU ESA Enterprising Students Accreditation Platform for Europe 2015
267 SPIRYT Platform for envIRonmentallY Sustainable Textile processing, to be replicated worldwide in the fashion industry Feasibility Study 2015
268 tCat WorkStation New adaptable equipment for geometric auscultation of railways and overhead lines 2015
269 MODULAR INNODRIVE MODULAR INNODRIVE Powered Reel Drive in maritime environment 2015
270 Revault Revault - world´s first wearable private cloud. Securely sync and access your files from anywhere without an internet connection. 2015
271 POTENTIATE A Molecular Framework for Plant Cell Totipotency 2015
272 TUMAPOS Using TUnnel Magneto Resistance Technology for MAgnetic POSition MeasurementTUMAPOS 2015
273 TWIMP Innovative Laser Solution for Cutting Welding TWIP steel with IMProved Performance 2015
274 CHRYSOWEB The effect of mixotrophic chrysophytes on secondary productivity in pelagic food webs 2016
275 GN4-1 GN4-1 Research and Education Networking - GÉANT 2015
276 FAST SPECTRO Spatially Multiplexed Spectrophotometry 2015
277 ATHENA Remote Sensing Science Center for Cultural Heritage 2015
278 PROTECTDAIRY-F2F Eco-innovative and fully integrated microbial rapid monitoring system - PROTECTING shelf life, food safety and quality throughout the DAIRY supply chain, from farm to fork. 2015
279 PHANTOM Cross-Layer and Multi-Objective Programming Approach for Next Generation Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Systems 2015
280 TFQD Thin film light-trapping enhanced quantum dot photovoltaic cells: an enabling technology for high power-to-weight ratio space solar arrays. 2016
281 DIMENSION Directly Modulated Lasers on Silicon 2016
282 dReDBox Disaggregated Recursive Datacentre-in-a-Box 2016
283 JOS JOS, the first electrified Energy Surface with high efficiency, high power and high energy savings for the wireless charging of all low voltage devices. 2015
284 MIRPHAB MidInfraRed PHotonics devices fABrication for chemical sensing and spectroscopic applications 2016
285 MIRPHAB MidInfraRed PHotonics devices fABrication for chemical sensing and spectroscopic applications 2016
286 UPTAKE Building Research Excellence in Russian and East European Studies at the Universities of Tartu, Uppsala and Kent 2016
287 SUPERMAT The VIRTUAL Centre for Integration of INNOVATIVE synthesis and Processing methods for SUSTAINABLE advanced Materials operating under Extreme Conditions 2016
288 COCOA CLOUD COllaborative CO-creation of web Applications on the CLOUD 2015
289 IMERSO IMERSO - Virtual Reality System 2015
290 PELLETON PELLETON – a device for production of pellets from biomass and agricultural waste for energy purposes 2015
292 MYBIOASSET My own bio-imprint as asset for competitive advantage 2015
293 WASCOP Water Saving for Solar Concentrated Power 2016
294 MOBNET MOBile NETwork for people's location in natural and man-made disasters 2016
295 WISER WISER – the energy saving and burglar proof window that breathes for enhanced indoor comfort 2015
296 InDrive Automotive EGNSS Receiver for High Integrity Applications on the Drive 2016
297 STREAMS Smart Technologies for eneRgy Efficient Active cooling in advanced Microelectronic Systems 2016
298 GRICAS Galileo MEOSAR RLS Improvement for Better Civil Aviation Security 2016
299 COSMO_SIMS Astrophysics for the Dark Universe: Cosmological simulations in the context of dark matter and dark energy research 2016
300 DemoWind 2 DemoWind 2 ERA-NET Cofund action - delivering cost reduction in offshore wind 2016
301 INSERTRONIC Development of highly-efficient low-emission log wood-fired closed fireplace INSERts thanks to an automated elecTRONIC control system 2016
302 GlucoBeam GlucoBeam: A portable device for pain-free glucose self-monitoring in diabetic patients 2016
303 SMM Power Density improvement demonstrated on a certified engine 2016
304 Fornax Galaxy evolution in dense environments 2016
305 RemoteMyApp Platform to efficiently stream anything (focusing on games, SME and B2B applications), anywhere (to any mobile device) 2016
306 AnTraQuGa Anderson Transition in a Quantum Gas Signatures and Characterization 2016
307 DISCOVERY Dialogues on ICT to Support COoperation Ventures and Europe-North AmeRica (Canada and USA) sYnergies 2016
308 GeoWell Innovative materials and designs for long-life high-temperature geothermal wells 2016
309 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
310 RHINOS RHINOS - Railway High Integrity Navigation Overlay System will define a GNSS-based system to support the localization of trains respecting the challenging requirements of the railway safety standards. 2016
311 EFICONSUMPTION Innovative System for Electrical Energy Efficiency in industrial plants 2016
312 SCANS Social Cognition in Adolescents: Brain Networks and Social Networks 2016
313 SCIDNET DevelopIng Genetic medicines for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) 2016
314 MAGICAL CMOS/magnetoelectronic Integrated Circuits wil Multifunctional Capabilities 2015
315 OptoHear Cochlear Optogenetics for Auditory Research and Prosthetics 2015
316 MIRASYS The diagnostic potential of miRNAs for early diagnosis of Systemic Sclerosis 2016
317 SafeLog Safe human-robot interaction in logistic applications for highly flexible warehouses 2016
318 METRO4-3D Metrology for future 3D-technologies 2016
319 UniServer A Universal Micro-Server Ecosystem by Exceeding the Energy and Performance Scaling Boundaries 2016
320 Digi-NewB Non-invasive monitoring of perinatal health through multiparametric digital representation of clinically relevant functions for improving clinical intervention in neonatal units (Digi-NewB) 2016
321 ROBUST Robotic subsea exploration technologies 2015
322 STEP2DYNA Spatial-temporal information processing for collision detection in dynamic environments 2016
323 TwinnToInfect Unleash IMM’s research excellence in immunity and infection through twinning to infect Lisbon and Portugal with its increase in competitiveness and innovation 2016
324 ESPrIT Strengthening the Occupational Health Expertise and Scientific Capacity of Public Health Institution of Turkey [ESPRIT] 2016
325 CENTRE-PD TWINNING for a Comprehensive Clinical Centre for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Parkinson's Disease 2016
326 BET-EU Materials Synergy Integration for a Better Europe 2016
328 AGRIDEASCOURSE.TRADE Ideas and Legitimating Discourse in EU and US Agricultural Policy-Making and their Implications for Transatlantic Trade Relations 2016
329 TANGO Transparent heterogeneous hardware Architecture deployment for eNergy Gain in Operation 2016
330 GROWTHPATTERN Coordination Of Patterning And Growth In The Spinal Cord 2016
331 ABC DJ Artist-to-Business-to-Business-to-Consumer Audio Branding System 2016
332 PD B2B FS The Planned Departure: B2B Feasibility Study 2015
333 SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 2016
334 Bright Beyond HPC Cluster Managementbeyond High Performance Computing 2016
335 EduMAP Adult Education as a Means for Active Participatory Citizenship 2016
336 C-LEAK Rivers as leak in the terrestrial C sink 2016
337 QINTERNET Quantum communication networks 2016
338 PROMISS PRevention Of Malnutrition In Senior Subjects in the EU 2016
339 MY NERVE Translation of a fluorescent MYelin specific peripheral NERVE tracer 2016
340 BIOCURE Novel Biomaterial for Improved and Cost-efficient Wound Healing 2016
341 MobiLab Development of a mobile device for the quick on-site measurement of soil nutrients 2016
342 EDEN2020 Enhanced Delivery Ecosystem for Neurosurgery in 2020 2016
343 TetraFOOD Marine microalgae-based functional foods and food supplements for the prevention of chronic diseases 2016
344 CMDrive Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbine Drive-Trains via Non-Contact Acoustic Sensors 2016
345 FastFlowSim Fast particle-based time integrator for incompressible flows simulations 2016
346 FANSOC Functionalized carbon-supported Au Nanoparticles for Selective Oxidation Catalysis 2016
347 NanoIntra Multitasking Nanoparticles for Intracellular Bioimaging and Biosensing 2017
348 SATBIOFUN Genome editing for spatiotemporal analysis of centriolar SATellite BIOgenesis and FUNction in cellular stress responses 2016
349 PRISTINE Improved production of low cost silver nanowires 2016
351 SEQOO Single-Emitter Quantum Optics and Optomechanics 2016
352 HiggspT Differential Higgs distributions as a unique window to New Physics at the LHC 2016
353 unLiMIt-2D Unique Light-Matter Interactions with Two-Dimensional Materials 2016
354 PolyDomFormFuncReg Discovering how polycomb domains form and function in gene regulation 2016
355 Quaco QUAdrupoleCOrrector 2016
356 ACCOMPLISSH Accelerate co-creation by setting up a multi-actor platform for impact from Social Sciences and Humanities 2016
357 NIMBqUS Novel Inroads into Many-Body Quantum Systems 2016
358 NIOBE Non-Leptonic Three-Body B Decays: Theory and Phenomenology 2017
359 MULTI2DSWITCH MULTIfunctional optoelectronic devices based on hybrid heterostructures of 2D materials and photochromic SWITCHes 2016
360 SurgASSIST A novel 3D Stereoscopic e-learning SolutIon for theoretical Surgical Training 2016
361 GEOCRETE Long-term performance simulation of geopolymer concrete under coupled carbonation and chloride transport 2016
362 HARA Human-Animal Relationships in Archaeology: World Views of Hunter-gatherers in NorthernEurope 2016
363 Spotifly Genetic paths underlying the convergent evolution of pigmented spots on fly wings 2016
364 SPIN-MA Schizophrenia Psychological Interventions Network Meta-Analysis of randomized evidence 2016
365 LWIMT Main group chemistry, inorganic polymers, catalysis, silicon- and phosphorus-based polymers 2016
366 PHOTO ORGANO-GOLD Driving asymmetric photoreactions by merging organo- and gold-catalysis 2016
367 GranD Cities Green and Diverse Cities. The social impact of urban policies for sustainability in comparative perspective. 2016
368 TOFNITW Transformation of Family Norms in a Transnational World: How LGBT Migrants can Affect Change through Social Remittances 2017
369 MTUB-ANGIO Microtubule Dynamics during angiogenesis 2016
370 CKD AKI Chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury – evaluation of EU and global epidemiology 2016
371 PrecTherLSCC Precision Therapies in Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma 2016
372 Stim-Plast-O Effects of non-invasive brain stimulation on motor learning-related neuroplasticity in healthy older adults 2016
373 CAP-CANCER Cold atmospheric plasma treatment for effective cancer cell apoptosis 2016
374 MAGPLANT Localized Corrosion Studies for Magnesium Implant Devices 2016
375 STILLING Towards improved understanding of the worldwide decline of wind speed in a climate change scenario 2016
376 FFABFORCE The Free French and the British Forces: a case study of transnational military cooperation, 1940-1945 2016
377 Degrees of Belief The Nature of Degrees of Belief 2017
378 HyCoRod Hybrid Co-based nanorods for biosensing and catalysis 2016
379 metaVir-Alp Alpine lakes benthic viral community structure and diversity: a metagenomic and ecological approach 2016
380 QUMEC Quantifying urban mines in Europe and related implications for the metal-energy-climate change nexus 2016
381 FRoST The Foreshock and its Role in Solar-Terrestrial relations 2017
382 SDchirnanocat Sputtering-deposition of metallic nanoparticles onto chiral ionic liquids andapplications in enantioselective hydrogenation 2016
383 SPES Servi Publici: Everybody's Slaves 2016
384 DNA Pol III How single DNA polymerases make decisions during proofreading 2016
385 Ex Anatolia lux Ex Anatolia lux. The Linguistic Origins of Europe: Word-formation and Lexicon in Anatolian and Core Indo-European. 2016
386 UPR Unconditional parental regard: Its nature and its consequences 2016
387 RICC The Application of Advanced Raman Spectroscopies to the Quantitative Analysis of Industrial Chromatography Columns 2016
388 PELIG Characterisation of a Novel Pathway for Lignin Fragment Degradation in Rhodococcus jostii 2016
389 SAGE-CPSoC Self-Aware CPSoCs with Hierarchical Goal Management 2016
390 QUINTESSENS QUantum INTErface between Superconducting circuits and Spin ENSemble 2016
391 InviCitRom Invisible Edges of Citizenship: Re-addressing the position of Romani Minorities in Europe 2017
392 EVOL-WNS Genetic factors contributing to White Nose Syndrome tolerance in North American and European Myotis-bats 2016
393 pPHEV Predictive Energy Management in Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles 2017
394 FREYA Forecasting RangE dYnamics of Alien species under climate change. 2016
395 Ko-Tsah-To Temperatures, ash and soil hydrology: predicting fire impact from plant traits 2016
396 NGUEC Nanostructuring graphene under electrochemical control 2016
397 E-GOS Effective Governance of Open Spatial data 2016
398 MARDIV 'Marriage and Cultural Diversity in the German Empire' 2016
399 PERSIST Systematic identification of (p)ppGpp-dependent multidrug and stress tolerance factors 2016
400 ADHERE Aptamer nanostructures dual-targeted to the HER receptor family for cancer therapy 2016
401 DiMeTrack Assembly-based discovery of uncharacterized human microbiomemembers and their tracking across individuals and time 2016
402 NAMESTRANSIS Nanomechanical spin-to-photon transduction in silicon 2016
403 DrugCrops Drought discovery to improve drought tolerance in crops 2017
404 GENDER-CF Gender-related differences in expression of microRNAs in cystic fibrosis 2017
405 MOCCA Mobile context-aware cross-cultural applications 2016
406 DDM-GNI Discrete Dirac Mechanics and Geometric Numerical Integration Methods for Plasma Physics 2016
407 ADVANTA Toward a new generation of miniature multifrequency antennas using multiresonance platform based on subwavelength structures inspired by advanced metamaterials 2017
408 OPEST Organisational public engagement with science and society (OPEST) 2016
409 TACT Towards an objective and quantitative Assessment of human Corneal Transparency 2017
410 SynBioGABA A new biosynthesis procedure for pharmaceutically active gamma-aminobutyric acids 2016
411 LiveIT x66 optimized APIs real-time transformation in just 4 hours 2016
412 RELOAD REciprocal LOcal ADapatation: the genetic, behavioural and chemical study of the evolutionary maintenance of a mutualism 2016
413 PyroPhosphoProtein Site-selective chemical pyrophosphorylation of proteins using tag-and-modify approach. 2016
415 COSMIC LENS Delivering on the Promise of Measuring Dark Energy from Cosmic Lensing 2016
416 SmartCast Smart casting of concrete structures by active control of rheology 2016
417 CompOLEDs Computational studies on materials for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) 2016
418 DANCING Dualities ANd Correspondences IN algebraic Geometry via derived categories and noncommutative methods 2017
419 VORTSHEET Vortex sheets - from new intuitions to crucial questions. 2017
420 Gamesmondo A Distribution and Monetisation Ecosystem for Mobile Applications, Maximising Market Growth through Affiliation 2016
421 CleanOil Global business challenge: Breaking the oilgas water dependency with a cost-effective no-waste nanomembrane technology for water reuse 2016
422 INTERCLOUDS Using the Magellanic Clouds to Understand the Interaction of Galaxies 2016
423 MAGIC Moving Towards Adaptive Governance in Complexity: Informing Nexus Security 2016
424 MIDOC Multimodal Imaging of Disorders of Consciousness 2016
425 EduHubMig Knowledge migration flows in education hubs: Mobile students enrolled at Indian and British branch campuses in the United Arab Emirates 2017
426 VisNav Vision and Navigation in Mouse Cortex 2016
427 ProPApp New PTFE Production Process for High Value Applications 2016
428 AutoScan AutoScan – Rail inspection by autonomous systems 2016
429 COMPLETE Cloud-MicroPhysics-Turbulence-Telemetry: An inter-multidisciplinary training network for enhancing the understanding and modeling of atmospheric clouds 2016
430 SOGICA Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Claims of Asylum: A European human rights challenge 2016
431 DENSE aDverse wEather eNvironmental Sensing systEm 2016
432 NANOFACTORY Building tomorrow’s nanofactory 2016
433 Magnetic Universe Unveiling interstellar and intergalactic magnetic fields with radio polarimetry and theoretical astrophysics 2017
434 ProGeo ProGeo 2016
435 DySoMa The Dynamics of Solidarity on Madagascar: An Ethnography of Political Conflicts and Appeasement Strategies in the Context of a Pronounced Consens Norm 2016
436 NEUROBUKIMI Affective neurocognitive model for the ‘Uncanny Valley’ 2016
437 GENEVA Unravelling how GENEtic VAriation in attentional control contributes to working memory capacity 2016
438 REPROHEAT Increasing reproductive success in crops under high ambient temperature 2017
440 GeNoSOS Generation of Non-classical States in Optomechanical Systems 2016
441 SOFIA Situated Learning Opportunities fostered by ICT applications in Alternative Agro-Food Networks 2016
442 NATCOOP How nature affects cooperation in common pool resource systems 2016
443 NATURAL_BAT_NAV Neural basis of natural navigation: Representation of goals, 3-D spaces and 1-km distances in the bat hippocampal formation – the role of experience 2016
444 CIL2015 Dissecting the cellular mechanics of contact inhibition of locomotion 2016
445 MAVEN Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network 2016
446 iGOLDD Commercialising MR-HIFU: an Image-Guided Local Drug-Delivery Platform 2016
447 TechTanks Revolutionary rib-welding system for the worldwide first fully automated production of large, high quality, on-site welded tanks, bringing considerable cost savings to drinking water applications 2016
448 W2C Eco-innovative, frameless wood window with premium design, highest energy saving performance and maximum open area 2016
449 Hilet Highly linear efficient technology for wireless data transmission for 4G, 5G, wifi and beyond 2016
450 MP-ORIF Innovative biocompatible game changing material for medical implants in trauma 2016
451 PRODRIVE Production-Ready Oriented Development of Radically Innovative Vehicle Electric drive 2016
452 SDN-Polygraph Cloud-based Monitoring Service for Software Defined Networks 2016
453 EddyEyes Novel System for surface inspection and quality control for steel industries. 2016
454 CANEFF Development of a new palletiser/depalletiser control system for optimum efficiency 2016
455 VDRConnect VDRConnect: VDR-based vessel telematics solution 2016
456 SOLVE new machine tool for SimultaneOus pLate beVElling on all material types 2016
457 BreedIT-FIELD Professional tool to facilitate data collection and digitalization in field trials for plant breeding and seed commercialisation 2016
458 Glucoset Boronic acid hydrogel sensor for intravascular (arterial) blood glucose monitoring 2016
459 SmartRAIN SmartRAIN: an IoT-based solution for real time rain mapping 2016
460 ECOOL Evaporative Cooling Technologies for dry and humid climates 2016
461 WAVEFIL WAvelength VErsatile Pulsed Raman FIbre Lasers 2017
462 LASFIB LAser Systems for Focused Ion and Electron Beams 2016
463 LIBI Lightning Interception Blade Implant 2016
464 JEM Phase 1 JEM: The world safest subcutaneous, enclosed, biocompatible implantable device, attached directly to a AV fistula or graft or vein, for chronic disease patients in need of repetitive vascular access 2016
465 HORTILED Market Opportunity Validation and Business Plan Development for horticulture research LED solution - HORTILED 2016
466 BROKERS Participatory Urban Governance between Democracy and Clientelism: Brokers and (In)formal Politics 2016
467 CentrioleBirthDeath Mechanism of centriole inheritance and maintenance 2017
468 CROSSLOCATIONS Crosslocations in the Mediterranean: rethinking the socio-cultural dynamics of relative positioning 2016
470 AMETIST Advanced III-V Materials and Processes Enabling Ultrahigh-efficiency ( 50%) Photovoltaics 2017
471 REGPROP Regularity properties, definability and combinatorics on the real line. 2017
472 INVERTIDAL Chromosomal rearrangements and diversification on environmental gradients 2016
473 SMILE Slimming and Memory-Booster MIcroaLgae Extract 2016
474 COLOMBUS-2 COmposite repair solutions for aeronautical BUSiness development – Phase 2 2016
476 Homebiogas The Domestic Biogas System - Turning Waste into Value 2016
478 IOTI4.0 Integral Open Technology for Industry 4.0 2016
480 EASYPONIC The unique “Nanny” sensor and app that cares and engages growers through the hydroponic process 2016
481 SmartHeat SmartHeat – An eco-innovative solution towards zero-carbon household heating 2016
482 SMARTCARS Low cots Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): A cost affordable solution for improved road safety 2016
483 NANO-INSITU Nanoscale Chemical Reactions Studied with In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy 2016
484 PrivatePieties Private Pieties, Mundane Islam and New Forms of Muslim Religiosity: Impact on Contemporary Social and Political Dynamics 2016
485 BIOTREM BIOTREM - processing wheat bran into packaging products 2016
486 MAXITHERM Innovatiing textile-based heating system for technical applicatiions with a special focus on Electric Vehicles 2016
487 Qlice Qlice: Environmentally-friendly system to combat sea lice in salmon farms 2016
488 PhySound Physically Based Simulation and Rendering of Thin Shell Sound 2016
489 HEATSENS_S Lab-on-a-chip microfluidic device based on plasmonic driven thermal nanobiosensing for rapid detection of Salmonella in chicken meat. 2016
490 LowCostTracking Low cost tracking and data management solution for biopharma cold chain logistics 2016
491 COSMIC European Training Network for Continuous Sonication and Microwave Reactors 2016
492 REHAP Systemic approach to Reduce Energy demand and CO2 emissions of processes that transform agroforestry waste into High Added value Products. 2016
493 TRACT Training in Cancer Mechanisms and Therapeutics 2016
494 IQCE Improving Quality of Care in Europe 2017
495 HUMAN HUman MANufacturing 2016
496 LoCoMaTech Low Cost Materials Processing Technologies for Mass Production of Lightweight Vehicles 2016
497 SOCRATES European Training Network for the sustainable, zero-waste valorisation of (critical) metal containing industrial process residues 2016
498 RUNIN The Role of Universities in Innovation and Regional Development 2016
499 FIWARE Mexico Enhancing FIWARE collaboration between Europe and Mexico 2016
500 CLUSTERNANOROAD Driving Europe’s NMBP economy - Cross-cluster innovation and value creation through validated NMBP collaborative strategies and roadmap 2016
501 SPM2.0 Scanning probe microscopies for nanoscale fast, tomographic and composition imaging 2017
502 COCOP Coordinating Optimisation of Complex Industrial Processes. 2016
503 ENCOMPASS ENgineering COMPASS 2016
504 OnTrack Innovative solutions for increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impacts of future wood supply 2016
505 SCORE Score board of competitiveness of European transport manufacturing industries 2016
506 EXPAND EXPAND - enhancing co-creation in JPI Urban Europe through widening Member State and stakeholder participation 2016
507 IMPACT The giant impact and the Earth and Moon formation 2016
508 GameofGates Solute carrier proteins as the gates managing chemical access to cells 2016
509 OBSTETRICVIOLENCE Obstetric violence.The new goal for research, policies and human rights on childbirth 2016
510 EXPECTBRAIN How the human brain combines the certainty of prior expectations and the clarity of sensory input during speech perception 2017
511 ConnectedFactories Industrial scenarios for connected factories 2016
512 MIMODETECT Improved detection of underground pipes by Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) radar for The Radar Networks 2016
514 Hidden life Host-microbe interactions involving microbial dark matter: Biology and evolution of a ubiquitous group of intracellular bacteria. 2017
515 Forwarder2020 Smart Forwarder for sustainable and efficient forest operation and management 2016
516 NICENAV Navigation-grade ITAR-free Certifiable Equipment for the Navigation of Air Vehicle, based onFOG technology 2016
517 4D-PET Innovative PET scanner for dynamic imaging 2017
518 inSSIght In-depth support for innovation and exploitation in Smart Systems Integration 2017
519 ToyLabs Enabling an Open Innovation Model for EU Toy Industry SMEs through Co-Creation with FabLabs, Safety Experts and Customer Communities 2017
520 LINCOLN Lean innovative connected vessels 2016
521 Platforms4CPS Creating the CPS Vision, Strategy, Technology Building Blocks and Supporting Ecosystem for Future CPS Platforms 2016
522 EURASTIP Promoting Multi-Stakeholder Contributions to International Cooperation on Sustainable Solutions for Aquaculture Development in South-East Asia 2017
523 VIRT-EU Values and ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in EUrope 2017
524 EUGENIUS European Group of Enterprises for a Network of Information Using Space 2016
525 GamECAR Gamification of EcoDriving Behaviours through Intelligent Management of dynamic car and driver information 2017
526 MUSTANG Multi-scale Star Formation Across Nascent Galaxies 2017
527 MarTERA Maritime and Marine Technologies for a New ERA 2016
528 MOR-PHON Resolving Morpho-Phonological Alternation: Historical, Neurolinguistic, and Computational Approaches 2016
529 TOPEX Philosophical Foundations of Topological Explanations 2016
530 InToTidal Demonstration of Integrated Solution for offshore Tocardo Tidal power plants. 2017
531 SELMUS The Formex® raft: Towards the revolution of the European mussel farming 2016
532 CONQUEST CONQUEST: Enabling advanced medical imaging 2016
533 INJECT Innovative Journalism: Enhanced Creativity Tools 2017
534 EPRISE Empowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe 2017
535 VineScout Intelligent decision from vineyard robots 2016
537 PJ16 CWP HMI Controller Working Position / Human Machine Interface - CWP/HMI 2016
538 MARINE-EO Bridging Innovative Downstream Earth Observation and Copernicus enabled Services for Integrated maritime environment, surveillance and security 2017
539 OPTIMA Towards Demonstration of Photonic Payload For Telecom Satellites 2016
540 AMORE A distributional MOdel of Reference to Entities 2017
541 e-ROSA Towards an e-infrastructure Roadmap for Open Science in Agriculture 2017
542 FashionBrain Understanding Europe’s Fashion Data Universe 2017
543 ESOTRAC Hybrid optical and optoacoustic endoscope for esophageal tracking. 2017
544 PJ15 COSER Common Services 2016
545 MNR4SCell Micro/Nano Robotics for Single Cancer Cells 2017
546 ROSIN ROS-Industrial quality-assured robot software components 2017
547 RISCAPE European Research Infrastructures in the International Landscape 2017
548 ECSASDPE European and Chinese Platform for Stacked Aero-Structure Drilling Process and Equipment 2017
549 WRAM Wave-based Room Acoustics Modeling 2016
550 KRG-250 A fuel saving, emission reducing and cost effective Continuosuly Variable Transmission for European passenger vehicles 2016
551 IFM nano thruster A highly efficient propulsion system for micro- and nano-satellites able to double the mission lifetime and to position satellites with unprecedented accuracy 2016
552 SACCRED Structured ACCREtion Disks: initial conditions for planet formation in the time domain 2017
553 IoF2020 Internet of Food and Farm 2020 2017
554 RMBLStrip Self-adjusting air deflectors for heavy trucks 2016
555 NanoPack Pilot line production of functional polymer nanocomposites from natural halloysite nanotubes: demonstrating controlled release of active antimicrobials in food packaging applications. 2017
557 SPARCLEs Self-assembled Plasmonic Aggregates for Raman sensing and Catalysis in Liquid Environments 2017
558 BinCosmos The Impact of Massive Binaries Through Cosmic Time 2017
559 TREND Transparent and flexible electronics with embedded energy harvesting based on oxide nanowire devices 2017
560 SEPOMO Spins for Efficient Photovoltaic Devices based on Organic Molecules 2016
561 BiofoulRepel Biofoulant-repelling surfaces for catheters and other biomedical devices 2017
562 OCTTIC Open-Centre Tidal Turbine Industrial Capability 2016
564 SAT Phase 1 A study to assess the feasibility of commercialising a new antenna system, currently at TRL7, for the Global mobile user market. 2016
566 InjectoReducer Integrated reducer-filter-injector unit for natural gas engines 2016
567 ADIBAS Auotmatic Digital Biometry Analysis System for musculoskeletal disorders rehabilitation 2017
568 PISPA PISPA – Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics – Testing product market fit for a disruptive Information sharing platform for brands and resellers 2017
569 Force Servo Force Servo 2017
570 Accordion Bioreactor An innovative high capacity Accordion bioreactor technology for high performance and low cost microalgae production 2017
571 HEXKIN Healing Exosomes for sKIN 2016
572 ScaleMazeMap Scaling MazeMap to a global provider of indoor maps 2016
573 OCTOLY REVIEWS Plugin A revolutionary Influencer Marketing solution that creates a new sales channel for SMEs and self-employment opportunities for Social Media influencers 2017
574 JUMPING JIVE Joining up Users for Maximising the Profile, the Innovation and the Necessary Globalisation of JIVE 2016
575 AMICI Accelerator and Magnet Infrastructure for Cooperation and Innovation 2017
576 OptiMalVax Optimizing a deployable high efficacy malaria vaccine 2017
577 GGP-EPI Generations and Gender Programme: Evaluate, Plan, Initiate 2017
578 BYPASSWITHOUTSURGERY Reaching the effects of gastric bypass on diabetes and obesity without surgery 2017
579 TARICA PoliTical And socioinstitutional change in NoRth AfrICA: competition of models and diversity of national trajectories 2017
580 CaPE The International Court of Justice and the Preservation of Peace in the 21st Century: Global Governance in Action 2016
581 STRUCTURALISM The Roots of Mathematical Structuralism 2017
582 SPACEVAR Quantitative analysis of variability and robustness in spatial pattern formation 2017
583 PATRIMONIVM Geography and economy of the imperial properties in the Roman World (from Augustus to Diocletian). 2017
584 DEGOO Degoo backup – the first back-up service based on dynamic routing of transfer data to data centres 2016
585 CAPID Capacitive Identification Tokens 2017
586 Levitate Levitation with localised tactile and audio feedback for mid-air interactions 2017
587 Circdyn Optical Interrogation of Hippocampal Dentate Granule Circuit Dynamics in Health and Disease 2017
588 GENECLOCKS Reconstructing a dated tree of life using phylogenetic incongruence 2017
589 NZi-VITAL Novel Smart Motorcycle helmet with integrated health monitoring system, accident detection and eCall compliance. 2017
590 AFloWTest Wind tunnel test for flow control at the engine/pylon with a representative aircraft configuration under fully realistic flow conditions 2017
591 CEBRABIC Centre for Europe-Brazil Business and Innovation Cooperation 2017
592 BIOSENSIZE SIZE selective optical SENsing of BIOmolecules with functionalized porous photonic structures 2016
593 BIOMODULAR A Biomimetic Learning Control Scheme for control of Modular Robots 2017
594 CATHDFENS CATHode Development For Enhanced iNterfacial Studies (CATH-DFENS) 2016
595 GSTHgNDD Role of GST gene variation in susceptibility to mercury (Hg)-induced neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) in zebrafish 2017
596 NinZA Theranostic molecular zipper based switchable nanomedicine for overcoming drug resistance 2017
597 CUTACOMBS Cuts and decompositions: algorithms and combinatorial properties 2017
598 InnoSpace Revolutionizing fibre-wireless communications through space-division multiplexed photonics 2017
599 EMPIRE Galaxy Evolution in the ALMA Era - The Baryon Cycle and Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies 2017
600 RocketChip High Speed, Cost Effective Optical Communications Module Enabling the Next Generation of Ethernet 400 GbE 2016
601 NANO-GROWTH An innovative, non-invasive and de-risked system to enable the transdermal delivery of fragile therapeutic compounds for a better management of painful diseases 2017
602 CryoBiopsy CryoBiopsy: a bi-modal temperature sample preservation device for standardized breast cancer biopsy 2017
603 UltraBio Recovery of nutrients from agricultural residues and improved dewatering through ultrasound technology 2017
604 Enerstor Introduction of an electric energy power storage levelling module in the machine tools industry to unleash the enormous energy savings potential and significantly relieve the European power grid 2017
605 FLIpER The first on-board automatic ship hull management cleaning system for hull fouling prevention towards maritime eco-efficiency 2017
606 Augmented Commerce Augmented Commerce, a game-changing augmented reality-based sales experience to disrupt the e-commerce industry 2017
607 GrapheneSens Development of Graphene based Contact Position Sensors 2017
608 MotionMapper A real-time ground motion disaster mitigation system based on satellite, drone and ground radar images for industry safety and efficiency 2017
609 HORTOMOLD Valorization of rice crops by-products into compostable food packaging 2017
610 MYSIS A novel weaning diet to optimize performance of farmed shrimp larvae 2017
612 IMCoLoR Injection Moulding with Continuous Local Reinforcements 2017
613 BACCO Bias and Clustering Calculations Optimised: Maximising discovery with galaxy surveys 2017
614 Pitstop PLUS RFID-based feeder for giving dairy cows access to additional mineral supplements in a restricted and targeted way during the critical transition period of the lactation cycle 2017
615 YawSTOP First stabilisation device to enable rotation-free and rotation-controlled lifting and loading of cargo and goods by cranes or helicopters to make transportation more efficient, reliable and safe 2017
616 Ro-Boost Inno SMEs RO-Boost Inno SMEs – Boosting the Innovative Potential of Romanian SMEs 2017
617 SUCCESS The earliest migration of Homo sapiens in Southern Europe: understanding the biocultural processes that define our uniqueness 2017
618 RoboCat Molecular Robotics for Synthesis and Catalysis 2017
619 PGOLDCAT Polynuclear Gold Cluster Catalysis 2017
620 CAlCULUS Causes And ConseqUences of Low Urban accessibility. Defining proper policy responses 2017
621 PlantaSYST Establishment of a Center of Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology for the translation of fundamental research into sustainable bio-based technologies in Bulgaria 2017
622 SMASH Smart Sharing 2017
623 GlucoBeam GlucoBeam: A portable device for pain-free glucose self-monitoring in diabetic patients 2017
624 BRINE MINING Applying circular economy solutions in industrial wastewater management: request of SME Associate to develop the necessary energy simulation tools for recovery of waste heat from industrial operations 2017
625 TreatStroke arTificial neuRal nEtwork prediction of hAemorrhagic Transformation in STROKE. 2017
626 PROZE Using a protein approach with Waddlia chondrophila and zebrafish as model organisms to conquer the female tubal factor subfertility market 2017
627 MULTIDET Multiplex qPCR detection and chemical analysis towards multifunctional diagnosis 2017
628 ADMS Proof of Concept – Arctic Data Management System Beta version – capacity building for interpretation and data management system of the Arctic-related data and knowledge (Arctic Data Management System) 2017
629 CMI2T IA Harmless Clostridium bacteria as a highly targeted, continuous delivery system for immunomodulatory anti-cancer drugs 2017
630 BrainChip Human on Chip : Microsensor unit and control algorithm integration for brain on a chip drug testing applications and development 2017
631 SimVisTec Validation of SimVis Technology 2017
632 D3NAs Coping with Inhospitable Sweetness: Insights from a (Diversity)^3 Study of Nectar Acinetobacters 2017
633 iPILs4Bionics Innovative Biodegradable Poly(ionic liquid)s for Bioelectronics 2018
634 BCSC-ST Breast cancer stem-like cells specific vulnerabilities: focus in HER2 over-expression and protein glycosylation 2017
635 HeRstory Holistic Research into the story of buildings, objects and people in the high medieval period of Ireland, Britain and France from a gendered perspective 2017
636 VINe Social Vulnerability and its Intersections: The role of gender in a comparative perspective 2017
637 CAP-SAliPharm Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) sterilization of powdered products: optimization and validation at alimentary and pharmaceutical levels 2018
638 EDAPOL The Epistemic and Dynamic Aspects of Polarization. 2018
639 BRAINHIB Integrated drug discovery approach to generate brain-penetrant inhibitors of glioblastoma cell proliferation 2018
640 TeenEduGoals Adolescents’ education transitions: Multiple insights into the process dynamics of goal-construction and youth actions over time 2017
641 CONSUMEHealth Using consumer science to improve healthy eating habits 2017
642 CombLimit Limit Theory in Combinatorics 2017
643 GOSSAN GOethite in Supergene Systems: ANalysing trace element substitution goethite and related iron oxides and oxyhydroxides. 2017
644 LINKIP Linking time domain spectral IP to hydraulic properties for environmental and engineering applications 2018
645 SIFINS Stable isotope signatures in dorsal fin spines as a non-invasive and non-lethal alternative to otoliths for reconstructing fish life and environmental history 2017
646 TIM-Adrastea “Thinking in Images. Herder’s Adrastea from 1801-03 up to nowadays” 2017
647 DrugSearchTool Innovative FRET-based toolkit for screening of drugs to fight miRNA-related diseases and its use in the development of cancer treatment with miRNA-96 as a therapeutic target 2018
648 ITC Revolutionary instant thread colouring technology for industrial embroidery 2017
649 GeoMeG Geometry of Metric groups 2017
650 GRADIENTSENSING Cellular navigation along spatial gradients 2017
651 MicroMechCell Precision micromechanical lever for next-generation cell culture systems 2017
652 FEMTOCOLORS Femtosecond Temporally Coherent Supercontinuum Fiber Laser for Multi-Photon Microscopy 2017
653 Envisage ENVISAGE (Development of Environmentally-friendly Innovative Solutions for Affected Grounds and Ecosystems) 2017
654 AssAZAx AssAZAx: Innovation Methodology for Ground Subsidence Monitoring (The Assessment of small displacements Along Zed Axis) 2017
655 FLUOROCROSS A Catalytic Method to Form Carbon–Carbon Bonds by Coupling Two Carbon–Fluorine Bonds. 2018
656 HISTPLAY The History Play and the British Enlightenment, 1750-1815 2017
657 HRMN Human Rights, Memorialization and Nationalism 2017
658 Cynthetica Development of tools to increase product yields in cyanobacteria using a synthetic biology approach 2017
659 HumRobManip Robotic Manipulation Planning for Human-Robot Collaboration on Forceful Manufacturing Tasks 2017
660 Basquesmith Ironworking technology and social complexity of rural comunities during the Early Medieval Ages 2017
661 PhoCuS-Flow Photocatalysis induced by copper complexes supported on Silica materials-Study in Flow processes 2018
662 TcCFT Tools to Carve out Conformal Field Theories 2017
663 QAPs G-Quadruplex-associated proteins (QAPs) and their role in transcriptional regulation 2017
664 Mitogression Generating yeast biodiversity by mitochondrial introgression for wine innovation 2017
665 EU-Drones The European Commission in Drone Community: a New Cooperation Area in the Making 2017
666 ECO-H-MEM Advanced Ecosystem for Broad Heterogeneous Memory Usage 2018
667 SYMBODIN The Symbolism of the Body in Northern Europe. Cognitive Metaphors and Old Norse Myth from the Viking Age to Late Medieval Times 2018
668 ISONEO Isotopic evidence for diet and mobility during the Neolithic transition to farming in the Near East 2017
669 ExItALS RNA-mediated intercellular miscommunication: role of extracellular vesicle cargos in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2017
670 RMTBRC Redox-responsive Magnetic Materials based on Polynuclear Organometallics 2017
671 TRANSCLASS Transnational meanings and makings of class: Polish labour, capital and the state 2017
672 MetaPG Culture-free strain-level population genomics to identify disappearing human-associated microbes in the westernized world 2017
673 NascenTomiX Ribosome inhibition by nascent or antimicrobial peptides 2017
674 AGAGAP Algebraic Group Actions in Geometry, Arithmetic, and Physics 2017
675 MSCHIPBIO Multiscale computational modelling for natural hip biomechanics and tribology 2017
676 ATLANTIC_ANGOLA Race, Church, and Colonial Government in the Atlantic: the case of Angola in the age of Enlightenment 2017
677 PerovSiC Synergistic Resistive Switching of Perovskite and Silicon Carbide materials for Advanced ReRAM micro Devices 2017
678 HSPLS Highly symmetric partial linear spaces 2017
679 BIOSTASIS BIOlogical SignaTures of AnhydrobioSIS via comparative transcriptomics on different evolutionary lineages within tardigrades 2018
680 ILCSIGNALLING Deciphering cell-cell and cell-microbiome interactions of innate lymphoid cells at the single cell level 2018
681 TOOLBOX Treatment of contaminated land using a biochar/media mixture 2017
682 DesProtDNA Computational design of proteins binding nucleosomal DNA with specificity for therapeutic applications 2017
683 KdpFABC Structure-function relationship of chimeric KdpFABC complex 2017
684 MetEpiClock Circadian Control of Histone Methylation Dynamics through the Fine-tuning of Methionine Metabolic Flux 2017
685 JTIM Biodegradable Water-Soluble Cylindrical Block Copolymer Micelles and their Applications in Nanomedicine 2018
686 COMPEL COsts and Mechanisms of Personalised Exercise and Education for chronic Low back pain 2018
687 GASAC Gender Aspects of Screen Adaptations of the British Nineteenth-Century Female Literary Canon 2017
688 TinPSC Towards Stable and Highly Efficient Tin-based Perovskite Solar Cells 2018
689 IGR-IDS Intergovernmental relations in divided societies 2018
690 Hybrid Conflicts Speciation and hybridization: a sex chromosome perspective 2018
691 ADAPT-SMART Accelerated Development of Appropriate Patient Therapies: a Sustainable, Multi-stakeholder Approach from Research to Treatment-outcomes - Sofia ref.: 115890 2015
692 RACE Rheumatoid Arthritis Caught Early: investigating biological mechanisms preceding chronification of joint inflammation to identify patients prior to presentation of classic chronic arthritis 2017
693 QuStA Quantum State Assembler 2017
694 MCD 2017 Researchers without borders 2017
695 THEMIS Protecting Human Rights and Public Health in Global Pandemics: A Map of the Standards Applied by EU and US Courts 2018
696 IMMUNFUNC Female immune function in compensation for polyandry 2017
697 NeoLaS Novel High-Power Single-Frequency Neodymium-Doped Fibre Lasers 2017
698 REBUILD Mechanisms of sarcomeric protein homeostasis during physical exercise and ageing 2017
699 CAR ART Chimeric Antigen Receptor to generate Alloantigen-specific Regulatory T cells and promote allograft tolerance 2017
700 SOLISYNTH Synthesis of Low Noise Microwaves Using Solitons Locked to an Ultra-Stable Cavity 2017
701 POLAR-EM Automated tools for atomic resolution mapping of electrostatic fields in the electron microscope 2017
702 NavigationCircuits Neural circuits for route planning in goal-directed spatial navigation 2017
703 MFreeB Membrane-Free Redox Flow Batteries 2017
704 M-DrivE Metabolic Drivers of Epigenetic Modifications: metabolic inducers of histone post-translational modifications in a biological setting 2018
705 ANGRAM Antimatter gravity measurement: How does antihydrogen fall? 2017
706 SUPER2D Superlattices and proximity effects in 2D materials/molecules hybrid van der Waals heterostructures 2017
707 Trust Radius The radius of Generalized Trust among different educational groups: Are those 'most people' out-groups? 2018
708 LIVERZAP Live, In vivo Visualisation of liver Regeneration in Zebrafish After Photoablation of hepatocytes 2018
709 ReconTEP (Re)Conceptualizing teacher educator professionalism 2017
710 BilProcess French-English bilinguals' processing of morphosyntactic structures: the case of cross-linguistic transfer 2017
711 QUSMI Translating quantum sensing into cost-effective molecular imaging 2017
712 FOROIL Objective-based forecast evaluations for crude oil volatility. 2017
713 RURECO Institutions for Resilient Groundwater Dependent Rural Economies 2018
714 PHOTON-NeuroCom Photonic-assisted Neuromorphic Computing system 2017
715 SAVES2 Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings 2 2017
716 MyTherapyTools SME Innovation Associate: matching MyTherapyTools up with a talented researcher 2018
717 CREAM4 Chemical Reaction Engineering by Additive Manufacturing of Mesoscale MetaMaterials 2017
718 IRONCOMM Investigating the role of bacteria-produced siderophores in satisfying diatom Fe requirements. 2017
719 UBIGNSS GNSS for mass-market Internet-of-Things tracking applications 2017
720 METACHROM Establishment and maintenance of gene expression by heterochromatin factors 2017
721 CellTrack Cellular Position Tracking Using DNA Origami Barcodes 2017
722 SYSTEMIC Systemic large scale eco-innovation to advance circular economy and mineral recovery from organic waste in Europe 2017
723 AEGIS Accelerating EU-US DialoGue for Research and Innovation in CyberSecurity and Privacy 2017
724 VirtualSeis Virtual Seismology: monitoring the Earth's subsurface with underground virtual earthquakes and virtual seismometers 2017
725 QUCLN Quantum control of levitated nanoparticles 2017
727 TranSim The Next Generation Simulation-Based Training System for Optimal Transportation Systems 2017
728 PROOFY Protecting Creations Made Easy. Unique Innovative solution to protect intellectual property of original works in digital format in an easy and cost-effective way 2017
729 GLOBALFIRMS Global Firms and Global Value Chains: Measurement and Mechanisms 2018
730 Eat2beNICE Effects of Nutrition and Lifestyle on Impulsive, Compulsive, and Externalizing behaviours 2017
731 CONNECTING Nature COproductioN with NaturE for City Transitioning, INnovation and Governance 2017
732 TAKEMI5 Technology Advances and Key Enablers for Module Integration for 5 nm 2017
733 AutoDrive Advancing fail-aware, fail-safe, and fail-operational electronic components, systems, and architectures for fully automated driving to make future mobility safer, affordable, and end-user acceptable. 2017
734 NonSequeToR Non-sequence models for tokenization replacement 2017
735 EPiR The Chemical Basis of RNA Epigenetics 2017
736 BIKE Bioconductive Iongels for Cutaneous Electrophysiology 2018
737 EuroTechPostdoc International Network of Excellence in Science Technology 2017
738 ALSiment Transforming the hazardous waste of the metallurgical industry into a valuable raw material 2017
739 WIONM A novel solution to eliminate long wires during Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring [WIONM] - Phase 1 2017
740 PACS Pantograph Active Control System for e-Highways 2017
741 OSMOFOOD Eco-innovative high efficient process for the concentration of fruit juice using forward osmosis. 2017
742 milkGUARD milkGUARD – a continuous whole milk disinfection system for calf feeding on-farm 2017
743 POLYWOOD Combining wood and polymers to produce a translucent, reinforced and ecological material 2017
744 FormulaGP FormulaGP - Recruitment plan for a skilled associate to help developing the patent pending IRIS GreenPlasma device 2017
745 CRiSTA Multifunctionnal Cabin ReST Area 2017
746 EPIC Enabling Practical Wireless Tb/s Communications with Next Generation Channel Coding 2017
747 HDR4EU Enabling End-to-End HDR Ecosystem 2017
748 PercEvite PercEvite - Sense and avoid technology for small drones 2017
749 MobiLab Development of a mobile device for the quick on-site measurement of soil nutrients 2017
750 NEUROCLOUD A neural network builder with remotely controlled parallel computing 2017
751 SMARTCARS Low Cost Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): A cost affordable solution for improved road safety 2017
752 SMART BIKING Safe parking system for bicycles 2017
753 MINIMA Introducing the next computing power revolution: Minima microprocessor technology to reduce the energy need of digital computing by 20 times. 2017
754 CompactDating A compact radioisotope dating device for rapid sample analysis 2017
755 Precision4Life Precision mass spectrometry to leverage applications in life and environmental sciences 2017
756 QUARRYSMART Smart software platform for the economic and sustainable exploitation of dimension stone quarries 2017
757 ePatriot Evolved Sky Patriot – Phase 1 Feasibility Study 2017
758 W2W - Wind and Solar Innovative system for medium scale water desalination 100% powered by renewable energies 2017
759 DABCAST Digital radio game changer 2017
760 IFM Micro Thruster The unique modular propulsion system suitable for all small satellites from 1 to 500 kg 2017
761 Lyfta Lyfta: an immersive educational storyworld platform 2017
762 MammoWave The first ultra-high sensitive breast imaging device based on non-ionizing safe microwave 2017
763 MARCONI Multimedia and Augmented Radio Creation: Online, iNteractive, Individual 2017
764 MetaTox-HS Advanced Solutions for High Sensitivity Metabolism and Toxicity Assays 2017
765 Railscope Improving Railway Safety Through Innovative Sensor System 2017
766 RICAIP Research and Innovation Centre on Advanced Industrial Production 2017
767 SHARK Laser surface engineering for new and enhanced functional performance with digitally enabled knowledge base 2017
768 ShipShape Bottom-up Energy Efficient Emulsification and Structured Materials 2017
769 SLO-ACE Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Sciences 2017
770 BAM Becoming A Minority 2017
771 BrainDrain Translational implications of the discovery of brain-draining lymphatics 2017
772 ACROSS Centre of Excellence for Autonomous and Cooperative Robotic Systems 2017
773 EXCELSIOR ERATOSTHENES: Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment 2017
774 DEMETO Modular, scalable and high-performance DE-polymerization by MicrowavE TechnolOgy 2017
775 I4MS-Go I4MS Going to Market Alliance 2017
776 DocksTheFuture Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the clustering, monitoring and evaluation of results of actions under the Ports of the Future topic 2018
777 CryO2 Telemetric control of oxygen delivery for therapy optimization and adherence 2017
778 A-FOD SAFER and TIMELY FLIGHTS with Automated Foreign Object Detection System 2017
779 TAPAS TArgeting Platelet Adhesion receptors in thrombosiS 2018
780 TRACS Commercialisation of TRACS, An Artificial Intelligence Inspired, Text Response Automation system for Customer Support 2017
781 BioMechMeniscus A biomechanically driven, patient specific pre-planning and surgical tool to optimize placement of a novel meniscus prosthesis 2017
782 CAPTAIN Coach Assistant via Projected and Tangible Interface 2017
783 FuSuMaTech Future Superconducting Magnet Technology 2017
784 GendeResearchIreland Exploring gender equality in Irish higher education: Qualitative case-study research into the response to, and process of Athena SWAN 2018
785 i-vSAVE Intelligent Vessels using space technology for Safety on board. 2017
786 IGNITE Comparative genomics of non-model invertebrates 2018
787 InnoDC Innovative tools for offshore wind and DC grids 2017
788 MAESTRO MAking pErovskiteS TRuly explOitable 2017
789 METEOR Recruiting electronic researcher to develop a predictive sensor to prevent frost on sensitive equipment 2017
790 ProTechTion Industrial decision-making on complex production technologies supported by simulation-based engineering 2018
791 SOcool SunOyster cooling (SOcool) 2017
792 SPINNER SPINe: Numerical and Experimental Repair strategies 2018
793 SelforganisingEmbryo Self-organisation across the scales in early mammalian development 2017
794 ISOBOREAL Towards Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Eurasian Boreal Forests: a Novel Stable Isotope Approach 2018
795 LEDA The challenging quest for low-mass dark structures 2018
796 COUPLED Operationalising telecouplings for solving sustainability challenges related to land use 2018
797 GET-UP BAT GPCR Exploitation To Unlock the Power of Brown/Beige Adipose Tissue 2017
798 TWIST TOF PET With Strip SiPMs 2018
799 CRIMTANG Criminal Entanglements.A new ethnographic approach to transnational organised crime. 2018
800 TRACT TRAvelling Ceramic Technologies as markers of human mobility in the Aegean 2017
801 2D-TOPSENSE Tunable optoelectronic devices by strain engineering of 2D semiconductors 2018
802 ARMOR-T Armoring multifunctional T cells for cancer therapy 2018
803 deFIBER Dissecting the cellular and molecular dynamics of bone marrow fibrosis for improved diagnostics and treatment 2018
804 CM3 Controlled Mechanical Manipulation of Molecules 2018
805 HYPER-INSIGHT Hypermutated tumors: insight into genome maintenance and cancer vulnerabilities provided by an extreme burden of somatic mutations 2018
806 3DMOSHBOND Three-Dimensional Mapping Of a Single Hydrogen Bond 2018
807 ImPRESS Imaging Perfusion Restrictions from Extracellular Solid Stress 2018
808 FarCatCH Innovative Strategies for Unprecedented Remote C-H bond Functionalization by Catalysis 2018
809 IPCCAR6 Support for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to facilitate the preparation of its Sixth Assessment Report 2017
810 EcoBlade Eco-efficient decommissioning of wind turbine blades through on-site material shredding and separation 2017
811 InSightPro Commercialising an Innovative and Autonomous Analytical Solution Combining On-Line Measurements with Intelligent Cloud Functionalities for Adding Value to Dairy Products. 2017
812 GALERACLUSTER Galera Cluster: World’s Most Advanced Technology to Protect Against Data Loss 2017
813 soundproof4win Soundproof window with ventilation function 2017
815 BOND Bringing Organisations and Network Development to higher levels in the farming sector in Europe 2017
816 RISE Research Center on Interactive Media, Smart System and Emerging Technologies 2017
817 MuStMAM Multi State Memory in Artificial Multiferroics 2018
818 ODYSSEY Open dynamics of interacting and disordered quantum systems 2018
819 NEIMO Neuronal regulation of immunity 2017
820 CARBAFIN Carbohydrate-based fine chemicals: Development of a glycosylation platform cell factory and optimization of downstream processing for the sustainable production of glycosides. 2018
821 ICARe International Cooperation in Aviation Research 2017
822 Hi-FLY High-Speed Integrated Satellite Data Systems For Leading EU IndustrY 2018
823 GOEASY GalileO-based trustEd Applications for health and SustainabilitY 2017
824 ENSPACE Enhanced Navigation in Space 2017
825 AIOSAT Autonomous Indoor Outdoor SafetyTracking system 2017
826 MASTER Multiple ASpects TrajEctoRy management and analysis 2018
827 NextPho21 Developing and implementing the Next European Photonics21 industrial PPP Strategy 2018
828 MINERGRACE Graphene-based High Resolution Neural Interfaces for ICT-inspired Neuro-treatment 2018
829 BIOSIM Accelerating the commercialisation of a disruptive analytical technology which enables the biopharmaceutical industry to manufacture drugs faster, cheaper and with greater regulatory confidence 2017
830 SCCD Structure and classification of C*-dynamics 2018
831 INVASIMMUN The unseen adaptation of a non-native: A unique spatiotemporal study of infection dynamics and immunogenetics at a bioinvasion front 2018
832 GEMS The World of the Gáidhealtachd and the origins of the Early Modern British State, 1513-1594. 2018
833 CLIMB Development of a Cavity Supported Lipid Membranes Biomimetic drug permeability models (CLIMB) 2018
834 NEWMAN NExt-generation WDM Metro and Access Networks 2018
835 FATHERCHILD The role of the father in child development and the intergenerational transmission of inequality: Linking sociological stratification questions to developmental psychology research 2018
836 SUPERSTARS Type Ia supernovae: from explosions to cosmology 2018
837 transtryp Structural differences in mRNA translation machineries between eukaryotic pathogens and their mammalian hosts 2018
838 MODVASC Endothelial RNA Modifications in Vascular Homeostasis and Disease 2018
839 Newcotiana Developing Multipurpose Nicotiana Crops for Molecular Farming using New Plant Breeding Techniques 2018
840 FENIX Future business models for the Efficient recovery of Natural and Industrial secondary resources in eXtended supply chains contexts 2018
841 H2H EGNSS Hull-to-Hull 2017
842 PLANMAP Planetary Mapping 2018
843 RECOVER-E LaRge-scalE implementation of COmmunity based mental health care for people with seVere and Enduring mental ill health in EuRopE 2018
844 ComSos Commercial-scale SOFC systems 2018
845 SARAS Smart Autonomous Robotic Assistant Surgeon 2018
846 3eFERRO Energy Efficient Embedded Non-volatile Memory Logic based on Ferroelectric Hf(Zr)O2 2018
847 SmartHeat SmartHeat – An eco-innovative solution towards zero-carbon household heating 2017
848 Net4MobilityPlus Network of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action National Contact Points for the mobile scientific and innovation community 2018
849 Novel Jack Automatic Hydraulic Jack with improved capacity, safety and efficiency for agricultural implements 2017
850 HomeEnergyStorage Cost-effective battery for storage of locally produced Photovoltaic energy at residential buildings 2017
851 Charity 24-7 A social based online survey platform 2017
852 GT POSITION High precision and scalable indoor positioning system 2017
853 STIM-MC Sacrificial Thermoplastic Injection Moulding platform for manufacturing small and complex metal and ceramic components 2017
854 Timber Shuttle The novel wood-harvesting system for mechanical steep-slope logging 2017
856 OSAS Olmedo Smart Ambulance real-time diagnosis System 2017
857 BATTERY PLUS High performing batteries for accelerated uptake of hybrid and electric vehicles 2018
858 NovAnI Indentification and optimisation of novel anti-infective agents using multiple hit-identification strategies 2018
859 e-See Single electron detection in Transmission Electron Microscopy 2018
860 ICARe International Cooperation in Aviation Research 2017
861 PICOMETRICS Picometer metrology for light-element nanostructures: making every electron count 2018
862 PolarizeMe Feeling Polarity: Integrating intracellular mechanics and forces for a biophysical understanding of epithelial polarity 2018
863 NonChroRep Investigating the role of the long noncoding transcriptome in chromatin replication 2018
864 SMAC-MC Small Molecule Activation by Main-Group Compounds 2018
865 PEGASUS PEMFC based on platinum Group metAl free StrUctured cathodeS 2018
866 ICTUS Instrumented engine Cradle for the TUrboprop demonstrator ground teSt 2018
867 AccuWater High accuracy water leakage and apparent loss detection 2018
868 SCAN-TMS Scalable and Customizable Power Transformer Monitoring System 2018
870 SeQfood Cost-Efficient Network for the Genetic Certification of Food Quality 2018
871 NOXTEK NOx-Mitigation Technology for Retrofitting Diesel Engines 2018
872 FITT-iN Fast IoT market take-up through The Things Networks 2018
873 STEMpop Mechanisms of stem cell population dynamics and reprogramming 2018
874 DarkComb Dark-Soliton Engineering in Microresonator Frequency Combs 2018
875 AMuLET Advanced Control Unit for Morphing Leading Edge Management 2018
876 ASTRO Assembly Tooling for the Fast Rotorcraft Project 2018
877 SI Structural and functional characterization of the ICOS/ICOSL immune complex 2018
878 UTERUS Unravelling gamma delta T cell emergence and responses in the uterus 2018
879 StringHom String topology and group (co)homology 2018
880 PiedPiper PiedPiper®: smart pest control 2018
881 Perfect Fresh Intelligent storage and transport solutions with integrated monitoring to optimize the international fresh produce supply chain, significantly increasing shelf life and preventing food waste 2018
882 ChronosAntibiotics Exploring the bacterial cell cycle to re-sensitize antibiotic-resistant bacteria 2018
883 nanoAXON Nano-physiology of small glutamatergic axon terminals 2018
884 EnSurf Enantioselectivity at surfaces: covalent grafting as new tool for chiral surface modifications 2018
885 NOCO2 Novel CO2 condensation and separation in supersonic flows contributing to carbon capture and storage (CCS) 2019
886 CHILECTO Measuring Convergence and Divergence in Varieties of Chinese: A Lectometric Approach 2018
887 PHOTOCHIRO Photocatalysis to crop protection: asymmetric cascades for chiral heterocycles 2018
888 FERHAZ Multiscale Investigations on Si-integrable Ferroelectric Hafnia-Zirconia Systems: From Fundamental Understanding to Everyday Electronics 2018
889 NAIL Adsorption and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids on Surfaces in Ionic Liquid Environment 2018
890 MulArEffect Theoretical description of the multifaceted aromaticity and resonance effects in the ground- and excited-state molecular systems 2018
891 CitySleep SLEEP IN THE CITY: How does artificial light at night affect EEG-based measures of sleep? 2018
892 ALBORA Next-generation navigation technologies for autonomous vehicles 2018
893 INSPIRE Instrument Shape Sensing for Minimally Invasive Interventions 2018
894 FemTHEATRE Through Her Own Looking Glass: Rethinking ‘Woman’ in Italian Feminist Dramaturgy 2018
895 ConnectExAct-Age Brain Connectivity for Executive Control over Action in Ageing 2018
896 SPECTRE SPEciation and dynamiCs of TRace Elements 2018
897 SURVIVOR Historic response of a wide-ranging carnivore to climate change 2018
898 FINDER FINDER: FIghtiNg DEngue viRus, a novel strategy for the development of fully protective antiviralsthat act by disrupting the DENV NS3/NS5 interaction 2018
899 NeCOL NeCOL: An Innovative Methodology for Building Better Deep Learning Tools for Real Word Applications 2018
900 CAPSICE CAPSizing ICE caps: identifying tipping points through global modelling 2019
901 eyecontrol EyeControl 2018
902 BIVIUM Standing at the Crossroads: Doubt in Early Modern Italy (1500-1560) 2018
903 CaMMEgy Christians among Muslims in Medieval Egypt 2018
904 CASE-CO2 Carbon Accumulation over Succession to Enhance mitigation of CO2 emissions 2018
905 CellularNanoMachines Development of Stimuli-Responsive Nanoparticle-carrying T lymphocytes in the Fight against Cancer 2019
906 CHANCE Climate cHange mitigAtioN poliCies and Equality: distributional implications for different socio-economic groups 2019
907 CHROMREP An integrative approach linking chromosomal evolution and biodiversity in reptiles from Madagascar 2018
908 COINE Counterfeiting Empire: Money, Crime, and Politics in the British Atlantic World 2018
910 CommGenRwa Genocide Commemoration in the Rwandan Diaspora 2018
911 ComRad Combining MIMO Radar with MU-MIMO Communications: More than Coexistence (ComRad) 2018
912 CONSYN Contextualizing biomolecular circuit models for synthetic biology 2018
913 covtrans Functional/Harmonic Analysis of Covariant Transforms 2019
914 CuCAN Asymmetric Copper Catalyzed Multicomponent Coupling 2018
915 DIET Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer in advanced anaerobic digestion system for gaseous transport biofuel production 2018
916 Divided communities Communities Under Siege: Everyday Challenges in the Divided City of Jerusalem 2018
917 DNAProteinCrossRep Identification of DNA-Protein-Crosslink Repair Factors 2018
918 DYCODE The Dynamics of Constructive Deliberation 2018
919 DYNOS The coupled dynamics of Southern Ocean climate change 2018
920 EcoGemCoat Smart anticorrosion coatings based on nanocontainers loaded with novel, eco-friendly cationic gemini surfactants as efficient corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel in seawater. 2018
921 ENAMARE Enactive model of aesthetic perception through rhythm and entrainment 2018
922 ENCORE Exploring Neutrinos: Cosmology, Oscillations, REactors 2018
923 H3PS H3PS – High Power High Scalability Aircraft Hybrid Powertrain 2018
924 PneumoCaTChER The role of cell-to-cell variability in pneumococcal virulence and antibiotic resistance 2018
925 SuperPests Innovative tools for rational control of the most difficult-to-manage pests (super pests) and the diseases they transmit 2018
926 NanoMop Smart Cholesterol-Mopping Polymer Nanoparticles in Niemann-Pick Disease Type C 2018
927 SOIL-4-CONTROL Linking plant-soil feedbacks to aboveground-belowground interactions for noxious weed control 2019
928 SECurITY Social-ECological Interdependencies in TransboundarY water resources systems 2019
929 POLY-SAAR Conjugated Hybrid Polymers from Unsaturated Heavier Group 14 Building Blocks 2019
930 MarHIST Historical dynamics of coastal and marine ecosystem services. 2018
931 GODELIANA The Gödel Enigma: Unveiling a Hidden Logical Heritage 2018
932 RECGLYCANMR Breaking the limits in glycan recognition by NMR 2018
933 GRANDPA GeometRic ANalysis of Dilute PlasmAs 2018
935 Learn2 Learning and Being in Sport: A Phenomenological Investigation 2019
936 UTILIUM Unraveling The Immune Landscape In Uveal Melanoma 2018
937 NEOTERP Development of novel synthetic strategies for the synthesis of bioactive meroterpenoids 2018
938 ProDelSys Processing Systems with Optical Delay 2018
939 TC-Evo Molecular and functional evolution of human CD8+ T cell repertoires 2018
940 pANUCSTR Study of the distribution of gluons and quarks inside the nucleon through ultra-peripheral collisions 2018
942 TheraSonix Ultrasonic Imaging and Drug Propulsion Into Tumors Using Genetically Encoded Gas Nanostructures 2018
943 GenderQuotas Gender Quotas and the Democratic Quality of Local Decision-Making Processes in Clientelistic Regimes 2018
944 FIAGES Feminist Institutionalist Approach to Gender Equality in STEMM 2019
945 MIMOP Modelling Ice-shelf Melting and ice-Ocean Processes via the phase-field method and direct numerical simulation 2018
946 AirSens High-Accuracy Indoor Tracking and Augmented Sensing using Swarms of UAVs 2018
947 LowDegModCurve Low Degree Points on Modular Curves 2018
948 InflaBoot Bootstrapping Inflationary Cosmology 2018
949 MICROBE Metagenomic Investigation of Cow Reproductive Biology and Ecology 2018
950 ADMEHE Mental health advocacy: Reassessing the history of mental health organizations in the second half of the twentieth century 2019
951 RCADE Reversible causally-consistent debugging of concurrent programs 2018
952 NMRSIGN NMR insights on the soluble Guanylyl Cyclase conformational dynamics to illuminate the SIGNaling pathway 2018
953 MOFUS Metal Oxide Functionalized carbon nanostrUctures for photonic gas Sensors 2018
954 STELLAR multireSponsive hybrid Transition mEtaL dichaLcogenides-bAsed optoelectRonics – A European Fellowship for career development 2018
955 Predict-Plan-Control Integrating robotic control and planning with human activity prediction for efficient human robot collaboration 2018
956 InTheMLLrBALL Innovative Therapeutic Strategies for Mixed Lineage Leukemia-rearranged B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 2018
957 ET-PHOTOX Functionalization of ethereal C-O Bonds Enabled by Metallaphotoredox Catalysis 2018
958 NORMAL-LOAD NORmalize MusculoskeletAL LOadings to Avoid bony Deformities in children with cerebral palsy 2018
959 MIONIÑO Resolving the debate on a permanent El Niño-like state in the late Miocene: establishing equatorial Pacific conditions, driving forces and global impacts. 2019
960 Spectro-Metrics Advanced Data Mining Procedures Applied to Raman Spectroscopy Investigations of Interactions between Drugs and Cells. 2018
961 PHOTO-FLUOR Enantioselective Carbon-Fluorine Bond Formation: A Molecular Editing Approach toward Drug Discovery 2018
962 PERSEUS A New Perspective On Star Formation and Spiral Structure in Our Home Galaxy 2018
963 MECEDGE Transgenic dissection of the neural circuitry of memory and dementia 2018
964 COHEMEX Molecular mechanisms controlling exit from mitosis 2018
965 PISA Political Instruction in the Soviet Armed Forces: Civil-Military Relations in War and Socialist Construction, 1918-1942 2018
966 HeLLo Heritage energy Living Lab onsite 2018
967 JUMP JUpiter Modeling Platform 2018
968 iNtoPoreAge Assessing transcriptional and nuclear pore aging in age-equivalent and rejuvenated induced neurons from Alzheimer patients 2019
969 MoMenT Modelling and Measurement of Thermal Phenomena in Metal Cutting 2018
970 Top-Higgs coupling Measurement of the top Yukawa coupling with the ATLAS detector 2018
971 Multiple Sclerosis Development of a Functionalised Biomaterial Scaffold to Treat Multiple Sclerosis 2018
972 SKIN SUBSTITUTE Development of hybrid artificial skin substitute for chronic diabetic wounds 2018
973 FastMeasure Development and industry transfer of new techniques: full characterization of vector ultrashort pulsed laser beams 2018
974 MAJORdom Intersections of class and ethnicity in paid domestic and care work: theoretical development and policy recommendations based on the study of 'majority workers' in Italy and in the USA 2018
975 PALMERA Low Power and Fault Tolerant Cache Memory Design through a Combination of Hardware and Software Approaches 2019
976 ReMorphOPV Recombination in Organic Photovoltaics: Impact of Morphology and Long-Range Non-Equilibrium Transport 2019
977 PORTAL Personalized oncology for refractory and relapsed lymphoma using humanized patient derived othotopic xenografts (ImmunePDOX) 2018
978 FUCTURE Fucosylated Clusterin: a novel mechanism of tumor escape from immune response 2018
979 kANNa Knowledge graph completion using Artificial Neural Networks for Herb-Drug Interaction discovery 2019
980 HYSCALA Hybrid SCAlable sparse matrix Linear Algebra for industrial applications 2018
981 HPC-rotors Disrupting the global e-mobility sector by production of application-specific rotors for the automotive industry with an innovative and unique vertical laminar squeeze-casting process 2018
982 HCR Market maturation of the first on-board autonomous biofouling cleaning system to keep ship’s hull clean at all times 2018
983 SEQURE Targeted complete next-generation sequencing for companion diagnostics and personalized treatment of cancer 2018
984 EuroXpand EUROpean clinical validation of a new ex vivo eXpanded stem cell theraPy for cArdiac regeNeration after acute myocarDial infarction: EUROXPAND 2018
985 OSCCAR Future Occupant Safety for Crashes in Cars 2018
986 HOMER Holistic Optical Metrology for Aero-Elastic Research 2018
987 FORCe Forensic Culture. A Comparative Analysis of Forensic Practices in Europe, 1930-2000 2018
988 CLEVER Cities CLEVER Cities - Co-designing Locally tailored Ecological solutions for Value added, socially inclusivE Regeneration in Cities 2018
989 ThermaSMART Smart thermal management of high-power microprocessors using phase-change 2017
990 OCEAN12 Opportunity to Carry European Autonomous driviNg further with FDSOI technology up to 12nm node 2018
991 POSITION-II A pilot line for the next generation of smart catheters and implants 2018
992 AFarCloud Aggregate Farming in the Cloud 2018
993 TAPES3 Technology Advances for Pilotline of Enhanced Semiconductors for 3nm 2018
994 MaCoTech Material counting technologies in numerical cognition 2018
995 BioMet Selective Functionalization of Saturated Hydrocarbons 2018
996 POLICE The PIDDosome in Centrosome and Ploidy-Surveillance 2018
997 MENTICA The Middle East Neolithic Transition: Integrated Community Approaches 2018
998 QUANTUM-N Quantum Mechanics in the Negative Mass Reference Frame 2018
999 MicroWars The Evolution of Bacterial Warfare 2018
1000 E-DESIGN Artificial designer materials 2018
1001 HITSCIL How intraflagellar transport shapes the cilium: a single-molecule systems study 2018
1002 FirstGalaxies Finding the most distant galaxies with NIRSpec guaranteed time on the James Webb Space Telescope 2020
1003 NUMERICS International PhD programme in NUMERICal Simulation 2018
1005 NEWTON-g New Tools for Terrain Gravimetry 2018
1006 J. Heyrovsky Chair ERA Chair at J. Heyrovsky institute Institute of Physical chemistry AS CR – The institutional approach towards ERA 2018
1007 SimEA Modeling and Simulation for Engineering Applications 2019
1008 QuantOCancer Leveraging the unique organismic approach to health and disease of the Champalimaud Foundation through the inception of a quantitative biomedicine research programme focused on cancer 2018
1009 LAMatCU Establishing Laboratory of Advanced Materials at the Comenius University 2018
1010 CUDAN Cultural Data Analytics 2019
1011 LIPOMET Dietary Influences on Metastasis: How, When, and Why 2018
1012 ENPMUC Elites, networks, and power in modern urban China (1830-1949). 2018
1013 REPLICHROMA Eukaryotic DNA replication: a single-molecule approach to the study of yeast replication on chromatin 2018
1014 RV001 RV001: An anti-metastatic cancer vaccine 2018
1015 SSR Smart Shoot Remover 2018
1016 PreciSen PreciSen, the next generation of position sensing technology 2018
1017 REPLICATE The Revolutionary Tooth Replacement System for Minimally Invasive Immediate Dental Implants 2018
1018 Lab-on-Skin Lab-on-Skin: A wearable medical device for improved clinical trial monitoring 2018
1019 LIGHTSENSE Breakthrough Laser Technology for Dermatologic Healthcare 2018
1020 RheumArth New drug for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis 2018
1021 CerebralHominoids Evolutionary biology of human and great ape brain development in cerebral organoids 2018
1022 BONE-JOINT-MORPH Mechanobiology of Proprioceptive Regulation of Bone and Joint Morphogenesis 2018
1023 CAtALySt NeurescueTM: Computer- controlled aortic occlusion device for the treatment of cardiac arrest 2018
1024 Pozyx RTLS An ultra-wideband-based location system that allows highly accurate positioning in indoor environments. 2018
1025 PAH-HOPE New hope for the PAH patient: A Novel Therapeutic for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) 2018
1026 PROTECTOR Improving resource efficiency through a protective film for hose reel irrigation 2018
1027 DAYUSE DAYUSE: the European game changer that creates a disruptive value-adding exploitation model for Hotels. 2018
1028 AnisakFree NIRs computer vision system for detecting Anisakis in fish industrial processing lines 2018
1029 SMART TRAWLING Next-generation control system to enhance performance of commercial fishing trawlers 2018
1030 TRANSDAT From the space communication to the drone industry 2018
1031 ECOWIFI Cooperative, Greener, Multivendor Cognitive Software to Maximize the Performance of Next-Generation Wireless Networks 2018
1032 MOTIONMAPPER A real-time slope stability and subsidence monitoring service to improve productivity and to prevent catastrophic events in the mining industry 2018
1033 BUTANOVA Novel technology for biobutanol production 2018
1034 DEMS Data Excellence Management System 2018
1035 MilkGuard A continuous milk disinfection system for calf feeding on-farm 2018
1036 Hybrid Drive The worldwide first hybrid multi-functional municipal vehicle for a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, fine particles and noise pollution in cities 2018
1037 freeCr6plat Chrome plating without toxic Cr(VI). An ecofriendly electroplating for automotive plastic parts. 2018
1038 VirtualGrasp Speeding up the virtual reality revolution with realistic & real-time animation of hand-to-object interaction 2018
1039 LONGRIDER Long Autonomy E-bike through enhanced Regenerative Braking 2018
1040 POFSensor Novel polymer optical fiber sensors for structural engineering 2018
1041 DRAMS Drone-based Radio Aid Measuring System 2018
1042 AlchemyML AlchemyML, The “One-Click Data-In Model-Out” 2018
1043 MENUTECH MENUTECH: Automated allergen labeling and translation for restaurant menus 2018
1044 Safe-Blood A cost and time effective blood test to detect multiple bloodborne diseases 2018
1045 LocateIT Locate IT - accurate self-learning IoT asset tracking 2018
1046 KAM Patch KAM Patch, the Smart Sweat Patch: a breakthrough platform for hydration monitoring 2018
1047 MOMENTS Multi-sensory experiences for in-home therapy and entertainment 2018
1048 Stibiox Innovative antimony recovery process from lead and plastics wastes. 2018
1049 PISPA Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics 2018
1050 EGgPLANT Sustainable and carbon-efficient mono-Ethylene Glycol generation in demonstration PLANT 2018
1051 TriSol System A heart valve prosthesis and delivery system intended to replace damaged tricuspid valves and prevent right ventricle dysfunction 2018
1052 AFISYS The new generation of Automated active Fire Protection Systems 2018
1053 Triboconditioning Development of an innovative and cost-efficient process for friction and wear reduction 2018
1054 ULTRAWAT Ultrapure Water Technology - nanoparticle free water for the advanced nanoelectronics industry enabling further miniaturization of electronic devices 2018
1055 SRIMEM Super-Resolution Imaging and Mapping of Epigenetic Modifications 2018
1056 FeCHACT Catalytic Csp3-H functionalization via carbene insertion meets sustainability: Developing an unprecedented Iron methodology 2019
1057 CircuBED Circular Built Environment Design - Applying the Circular Economy to the Design of Social Housing 2018
1058 SIMREC Simulating Roman Economies. Studying the Roman Economy through computational network modelling and archaeological big data 2019
1059 OmniBot OmniBot: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Bot platform 2018
1060 OR4.0 Development of an intelligent and multi-hospital end-to-end surgical process management system 2018
1061 twiner An open, global, business directory with social networking tools for advanced leads discovery and online visibility in B2B digital marketing 2018
1062 OneSkyConnect Providing air traffic data for the drone revolution 2018
1063 POM: Peace of Mind for everyone's invoice administration 2018
1064 Free-AI Free AI-assisted customer service for small businesses 2018
1065 Bio-LP-1 Bio-LP-1 - A novel technology for water safety and surveillance testing 2018
1066 CRAM Crosstalk Analysis for Microchips – a New Market Need 2018
1069 COLLHEAR 3D printed COLLagen type I-Hydroxyapatite prostheses for the middle EAR 2018
1070 AirPlatform An open integration platform for professional displays 2018
1071 ACORN Nanoparticle-Based Therapeutic Applications and Detection of Carbon Monoxide Releasing Molecules 2018
1072 Promised Promoting Archaeological Science in the eastern Mediterranean 2018
1073 AROBMACH Cognibotics: driving the revolution in accurate robotic machining 2018
1074 collectiveQCD Collectivity in small, srongly interacting systems 2019
1075 QNets Open Quantum Neural Networks: from Fundamental Concepts to Implementations with Atoms and Photons 2019
1076 Cleopatra Cross-lingual Event-centric Open Analytics Research Academy 2019
1077 ViewGas ViewGas – Patented gas vision system for a safe and fast detection of gas leaks 2018
1078 SolvoLig2Chem Design of selective lignin depolymerization routes by the means of biphasic solothermolysis. 2018
1079 PHAGOVET A cost-effective solution for controlling Salmonella and Escherichia coli in poultry production 2018
1080 SOMIT Leveraging a novel platform technology to develop a first-in-class immunotherapy for Celiac Disease 2018
1081 MAREITA Mapping Remediation in Italian Literature Beyond the Digital Revolution 2018
1082 aQUARiUM QUAntum nanophotonics in Rolled-Up Metamaterials 2019
1083 OptiVerter Solving the triangle for solar mass adoption – Cost, Efficiency and Simplicity 2018
1084 Chairless Chair The worldwide first exoskeleton for the creation of ergonomic, age-neutral and low-fatigue workplaces in industry and for the reduction of physical strains in the ageing workforce 2018
1085 DYMOCHRO Dynamics of modified chromatin domains 2019
1086 CL-IO Commercial feasibility of non-pathogenic Clostridium-Mediated Cancer Immunotherapy: leveraging the presence of tumour hypoxia & necrosis 2018
1087 sosclimatewaterfront Linking Research and Innovation on Waterfront through Technology for Excellence of Resilience to face Climate Change 2019
1088 PREFET Proactive FET Observatory for early trends, project building and social responsibility 2018
1089 CellsBox CellsBox: a modular system for automated cell imaging experiments 2019
1090 WINDMIL RT-DT An autonomous Real-Time Decision Tree framework for monitoring and diagnostics on wind turbines 2018
1091 UNIFLUVAC A novel universal influenza vaccine targeting epitopes of limited variability 2018
1092 MIGPACT The impact of neighbourhoods, peers and families on psychiatric disorders, substance usedisorders and crime in first- and second-generation immigrants 2018
1093 GREAT Grating Reflectors Enabled laser Applications and Training 2019
1094 Macro-EpiK The macroevolutionary impact of epigenetics and lateral gene transfer on eukaryotic genomes 2019
1095 5GENESIS 5th Generation End-to-end Network, Experimentation, System Integration, and Showcasing 2018
1096 H-Unique In search of uniqueness - harnessing anatomical hand variation 2019
1097 SUSTINNO Sustainability Innovations in Global Production Networks – Addressing Socio-Ecological Challenges in the Global Economy 2018
1098 BlueBio ERA-NET Cofund on Blue Bioeconomy - Unlocking the potential of aquatic bioresources 2018
1099 CHARMING Chemical Engineering Immersive Learning 2018
1100 QFlag Quantum Technology Flagship Coordination and Support Action 2019
1101 NeEDS Research and Innovation Staff Exchange Network of European Data Scientists 2019
1102 VITAE VIrTual BrAin PErfusion: Assessing cerebrovascular function by High Performance Computing from 3D brain vessel network data for vascular-targeted drug development in neurodegenerative diseases. 2018
1103 PCSCT Photon Counting Spectral Computed Tomography 2018
1104 NeuHeart A neuroprosthesis to restore the vagal-cardiac closed-loop connection after heart transplantation 2019
1105 NextGen IO Exploiting the hypoxia response in T cells for Next-Generation Immuno-Oncology 2019
1106 INFORE Interactive Extreme-Scale Analytics and Forecasting 2019
1107 EULOSAM II EUropean LOw Speed Aircraft Model at high Reynolds II 2018
1108 IMPRESSIVE Integrated Marine Pollution Risk assessment and Emergency management Support Service In ports and coastal enVironmEnts 2018
1109 HPC-GIG High Performance Computing Governance Intelligence Gathering 2018
1110 GLORIA Global Industrial Research & Innovation Analyses 2018
1111 FIBROHALT Advancing a novel peptide-based therapeutic for pancreatic cancer 2018
1112 MagnoBeads Removing endotoxins during sepsis: a blood purification platform using magnetic nanoparticles 2018
1113 MMT Moving Marketing Technology (MMT) – Autonomous infotainment display that creatively combines digital media with robotics to produce innovative public engagement 2018
1114 gSKIN BodyTemp Integration of Heat flux sensor in (wrist) wearable devices for accurately and non-invasively continuous monitoring of core body temperature (CBT) for the early detection of health-related disorders 2018
1115 MarginGuide The MarginGuide: a medical device to improve the results of cancer surgery 2018
1116 ACOUPLASMA Market maturation of a blood plasma separation module enabling plasma based diagnostic point-of-care devices 2018
1117 TRICARIX Minimally invasive transcatheter system for tricuspid heart valve replacement 2018
1118 CONQR Translation and Commercialization of a QSOX1-inhibitory Antibody Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment in Breast Cancer 2018
1119 NEXTS Next Europractice eXtended Technologies and Services: “The access point for the future generation of electronic components and systems” 2019
1120 RADIATE Research And Development with Ion Beams – Advancing Technology in Europe 2019
1121 PROTECT Personnel Location and Tracking for Safety, Security and Protection 2018
1122 GANGS Gangs, Gangsters, and Ganglands: Towards a Global Comparative Ethnography 2019
1123 MULTIPALEOIBERIA Population dynamics and cultural adaptations of the last Neandertals and first Modern humans in inland Iberia: a multi-proxy investigation 2019
1124 NestIOr Who gets to live forever? Toward an Institutional Theory on the Decline and Death of International Organisations 2019
1125 i-HeCoBatt Intelligent Heating and Cooling solution for enhanced range EV Battery packs 2019
1126 Wotan One orchestrator for all kinds of clouds 2018
1127 LIGHTMATT-EXPLORER Experimental determination of the paraxial-vectorial limit of light-matter interactions 2019
1128 THEAC 25 From heat to cold with THEAC-25®, the Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter. 2019
1129 FatiguEvoPro Quasistatic evolution problems for material failure due to fatigue 2019
1130 SmartVista Smart Autonomous Multi Modal Sensors for Vital Signs Monitoring 2019
1131 AERO Improving jet fuel efficiency through automated, high-precision and performance of engine manufacturing 2018
1132 SmartCrys Advanced intelligence and close-loop control for Crystallisation of API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) 2019
1133 VRespect.Me Virtual Environments for Rehabilitation of Gender Violence Offenders 2019
1134 4DPHOTON Beyond Light Imaging: High-Rate Single-Photon Detection in Four Dimensions 2019
1135 LIMBo Zooming the link between diet and brain health: how phenolic metabolites modulate brain inflammation 2019
1136 NoLiMiTs Novel Lifesaving Magnetic Tentacles 2019
1137 IONPEN Trapped-ion quantum information in 2-dimensional Penning trap arrays 2019
1138 VerifiedID The online platform for Identity Verification that gives back personal data ownership to the citizens 2018
1139 CFA The Clinical Flexible Analyzer- a new generation IVD testing device aimed to increase the competitiveness of local healthcare vs. large laboratories 2018
1140 WEARPLEX Wearable multiplexed biomedical electrodes 2019
1141 CardioReGenix CardioReGenix: Development of Next-Generation Gene Therapies for Cardiovascular Disease 2019
1142 MapModern Social Networks of the Past: Mapping Hispanic and Lusophone Literary Modernity, 1898-1959 2018
1143 NemHatch Unlocking mechanisms of cyst Nematode Hatching for sustainable cyst nematode control 2019
1144 BABE Why is the world green: testing top-down control of plant-herbivore food webs by experiments with birds, bats and ants 2018
1145 CONCISE Communication role on perception and beliefs of EU Citizens about Science 2018
1146 CLIOARCH Cliodynamic archaeology: Computational approaches to Final Palaeolithic/earliest Mesolithic archaeology and climate change 2019
1147 BrightnESS-2 Bringing together a neutron ecosystem for sustainable science with ESS (BrightnESS-2) 2019
1148 MagentiqEye Automatic Polyp Detection System 2019
1149 INCYPRO A Technology for the Generation of Stable Enzymes 2019
1150 DampSpring Affordable, Adaptable and Self-Centering Anti-Seismic Device for Safeguarding Structures. 2018
1151 SoFiA Soap Film based Artificial Photosynthesis 2019
1152 SHERO Self-HEaling soft RObotics 2019
1153 A-FRO Actively Frozen - contextual modulation of freezing and its neuronal basis 2019
1154 BITNET-INNOSUP Improvement of Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs from Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019
1155 GuidedNW-PV High-Voltage Micro-Photovoltaic Cells and Photodetectors Based on Guided Nanowires for On-Chip Powering of Autonomous Microsystems 2019
1156 DELPHIS Disrupting ELectrochemical Processes with HIgh-Performance Power Supplies 2018
1157 Sibiu HCEV Sibiu HCEV: an Intelligent Hybrid High Capacity Electric Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle 2019
1158 LUMIDUCT Transparent PV that regulates indoor climate 2019
1159 RayVS1 A unique radar sensor system to monitor movement and vital signs for elderly people in care homes 2019
1160 SoftHandler Commercial feasibility of an integrated soft robotic system for industrial handling 2019
1161 ECO-Pet Eco-friendly, safe and highly-absorbent wood pellets for animal bedding and litter, produced by an optimized cost-efficient energy process 2019
1162 APPS Assembly guided by particle position and shape 0
1163 DigitalComp Algorithms, Digital Platforms and Competition 2019
1164 EpiCrest2Reg From Epigenetics of Cranial Neural Crest Plasticity to Intervertebral Disc Regeneration 2019
1165 makingtheretina Principles of retinal neuronal lamination from zebrafish to humans 2019
1166 ReadCalibration Phonemic representations in speech perception and production: Recalibration by readingacquisition 2019
1167 DIAdIC Evaluation of Dyadic Psychoeducational Interventions for People with Advanced Cancer and their Informal Caregivers (DIAdIC): An international randomized controlled trial 2019
1168 MUMVIP Metabolic Profiling of the Vaginal Microbiome for Reproductive Health 2019
1169 OpticalSpaceLink Optical link for free space laser communication to satellites. 2019
1170 Racefox Making better runners & cross-country skiers by real-time AI coaching 2019
1171 STIM-MC Sacrificial Thermoplastic Injection Moulding platform for manufacturing small and complex metal and ceramic components 2019
1172 INVIOO INVIOO – data-driven decision-making apps for everyon 2019
1173 ARCHITECHTURES Empowering building design professionals through Artificial Intelligence on the cloud 2019
1174 XSOCCER Real Time Soccer Analysis System 2019
1175 COOL-SENS Advanced monitoring solution to prevent losses and assure full transparency along the cold chain 2019
1176 UrbanDynamics Changing the world of urban mobility thanks to Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence 2019
1178 KIProtect KIProtect: The security layer for data science and artificial intelligence 2019
1179 Archii Unrivalled AI powered document handling and data extraction system 2019
1180 ARFM Automated Remote Foetal Monitoring 2019
1181 RO-BOOST INNO SMES 3 RO-Boost Inno SMEs – Boosting the Innovative Potential of Romanian SMEs 2019
1182 NatDyReL Utilizing Natural Dynamics for Reliable Legged Locomotion 2019
1183 2D4QT 2D Materials for Quantum Technology 2019
1184 ELCOCOS Enhanced Low-cost COmplex COmposite Structures 2019
1185 TRIcEPS Tilt Rotor Integrated Air Intake and Engine Protection Systems 2019
1186 AIRSEAL Airflow characterization through rotating labyrinth seal 2019
1188 SQP Opening new markets for Single Quantum Photodetectors 2019
1190 ERGOVIAkinematix New wearable measurement devices for Industry 4.0 based on gaming motion-capture system 2018
1191 20SInhibitor Selective 20S proteasome inhibition for multiple myeloma therapy 2019
1192 EnviroCaps Enabling a future of safer laundry products and cleaner oceans 2019
1193 BioNeedit New biological control agents against European fruit tree canker disease (Neonectria ditissima) in apple: from microbiome analysis towards product development 2019
1194 HighThroughFROGS Reviving ghosts of taxonomy past: Identifying cryptic species using high-throughput sequencing of historical museum specimens for Asian ranids with gastromyzophorous tadpoles 2020
1195 CoSolCat Surfactant-free Colloidal Solutions for nano-Catalysts with enhanced properties 2020
1196 DNA-bots Enzyme-powered DNA nanorobotic devices 2019
1197 HepEDOT Conductive, self-doping and biodegradable oligoEDOT-heparin biomaterial for improved electromechanical coupling, cardiac cell retention and delivery of paracrine factors 2019
1198 Solar Cofund 2 SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 2 2018
1199 NESSC Local training network: Netherlands Earth System Science Centre: “NESSC” 2019
1200 ReduceFear Fear reduction strategies relevant for exposure therapy: Devaluation and extinction learning in anxiety disorder patients and their neurobiological basis 2019
1201 I-AM-GUT Impact of maternal Adrenomedullin on the Microbiome and Gut health: insights into preventing chronic intestinal disorders 2019
1202 WiPASS Wireless Power for Autonomous Sensor Systems 2019
1203 AEROSIMULAT High-performance aerodynamics and aeroacoustics simulations of the new generation of high-speed gas turbines via high-order Galerkin methods 2020
1204 PETRA Deciphering the magnetic record of planetary rocks using spacecraft and laboratory measurements 2019
1205 RoboTexTherapy Textile-based Wearable Mechanotheraphy Device with Liquid/Vapor Phase Change Actuation 2019
1206 ZWIPE Zwipe is a technology provider that enables ultra-low-power biometric authentication solutions for Financial Services. Mission is to “Make Convenience Secure” for banks, merchants and consumers. 2019
1207 THERMES A new generation high temperature phase change microemulsion for latent thermal energy storage in dual loop solar field 2019
1208 MinSol-PDEs Minimal solutions to nonlinear systems of PDEs 2019
1209 TANBCPdyes Triggerable, Anchoring Novel Block Copolymer Dyes for Use in Inkjet Printing 2020
1210 ACES Antarctic Cyclones: Expression in Sea Ice 2019
1211 RuCat New Horizons in C–H Activation: the ‘Real-World Molecules’ Challenge 2019
1212 TRANSITIONS The skeletal effects of historical transitions in lifestyle 2019
1213 XYL-SPIT Understanding the relationship between Xylella fastidiosa and the meadow spittlebug Philaenus spumarius for a sustainable bacterial-mediated diseases control 2020
1214 VOLCPRO Volcanic Forcing in Climate Model Projections: Towards a New Paradigm. 2020
1215 PinCER Personality in Community Ecology Responses: Integrating the behaviour and species interactions of a marine invader 2020
1216 AR-DDR Co-targeting androgen receptor signalling and DNA damage repair for precision therapy in advanced prostate cancer 2019
1217 ACTAN Automatic Control of Anaesthesia 2019
1218 BICACH Novel bifunctional HAT catalysts for site-divergent C-H functionalizations mediated by photoredox catalysis 2019
1219 PB_dormancy Insertional mutagenesis to identify molecular mechanisms of breast cancer dormancy and metastasis 2020
1220 SYMBIO-INC Mechanisms of symbiotic incompatibility in the arbuscular mycorrhizal association 2020
1221 MaritimeImagination Maritime Imagination: A Cultural Oceanography of The Netherlands 2019
1222 FEM-RESIST Women, Photography and Resistance in Transnational Perspective 2019
1223 SNDTD Resolving the origins of supernovae: constraining progenitors with integral field spectroscopy 2019
1224 EMOF Synthesizing and Investigating the Exotic Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Frameworks 2020
1225 PhotoWann Bulk Photovoltaic effect via Wannier functions 2019
1226 IRIOA Interactions between reversible and irreversible Operator Algebras. 2019
1227 5G-ACE Beyond 5G: 3D Network Modelling for THz-based Ultra-Fast Small Cells 2019
1228 EpimiRTherapy Using human tissue to translate microRNA-based therapies for epilepsy 2019
1229 QIPID Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ion Qudits 2020
1230 PRESQUE A predicting platform for designing semiconductor quantum devices 2019
1231 GlucOrigami Modular DNA Origami Platform for the Design of Tunable Glucose Biosensor 2020
1232 ViSionRF ViSionRF: Vital Signal Monitoring using Radio-Frequency Technologies – Standard IF-RI 2019
1233 FUSEDESIGN Model-guided design of a stabilized pre-fusion class III viral fusogen, rabies virus glycoprotein 2019
1234 IA-NANO Albumin particles for intra-articular delivery of celecoxib to treat osteoarthritic inflammation. 2019
1235 BODICON BODIes of CONtact: Identity negotiations and biocultural effects in the Roman colonies of Macedonia, Greece 2020
1237 CEED Circular Economy Entrepreneurship in Denmark 2019
1238 CausalBoost Using causal discovery algorithms to boost subseasonal to seasonal forecast skill of Mediterranean rainfall 2020
1239 ANAT-MEC Developing 2-photon optical imaging for neural-network studies in medial entorhinal cortex of freely moving mice 2019
1240 GOLDEN Gold-Functionalized Devices and Engineered Nanoparticles: Bioorthogonal Tools for Unprecedented Biomedical Applications 2019
1241 RecPAIR Genetic landscape of the homology search 2019
1242 IaM NUBIAN Identity and Memory in Christian Nubia: A study on strategies of (self-)presentation and preservation of the past in medieval African society 2019
1243 Coh2Shape Modeling of partially spatially coherent distributed sources: derivation of an extended reciprocity theorem, creation of a numerical tool and experimental validation. 2019
1244 Print2fly Can we print an aircraft at room temperature? 2019
1245 PepDNA-4D Four-dimensional self-assembly from peptides and DNA 2019
1246 SingCelCD Single Cell approaches for the study of oncogenic processes during coeliac disease. 2019
1247 TRIMANUAL TRIMANUAL coordination assistance for hemiplegic stroke individuals 2019
1248 UNI4ST University education as a driver for sustainability transitions 2020
1249 LIPPS Literacy’s influence on the production and perception of speech 2020
1250 PHOTOCYLINDER Photodynamic therapy enabled DNA-fork-binding metallo-cylinders: drugs and release triggers 2019
1251 AnalysisAtInfinity Analysis at Infinity: Integral Equations, Limit Operators and Beyond 2019
1252 SEDILAND Sediment regime disturbance of river catchments in a changing land cover context: Geoenvironmental and population dynamics 2019
1253 BeyondOpposition Opposing Sexual and Gender Rights and Equalities: Transforming Everyday Spaces 2019
1254 HoloFlat Holography for Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes 2019
1255 RIPARIONS Transferring hydrological and biogeochemical concepts from boreal to Mediterranean RIPARian zones: developing a broad knowledge framework across ecoregIONS 2020
1256 OncoViroMRI Brain Cancer Therapy Monitoring using a Novel Quantitative and Rapid Magnetic Resonance Imaging-based Method 2019
1258 triloci-seq Triloci-seq - Dechipering the triple helix code 2020
1259 techFRONT Novel techniques for quantitative behaviour of convection-diffusion equations 2020
1260 CHROME Linking Chemical diversity and Reactivity of Arctic dissolved Organic Matter for its integration in Earth system models 2020
1261 MAIRWEN Mapping Argument Structure in Early Irish and Welsh 2019
1262 CaRe-Space Cajal-Retzius cells role in the development of the spatial navigation system 2020
1263 YARNSCAPE YARNSCAPE: Ecological Economies of Ancient Textiles 2020
1264 REVERE Revisiting the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters 2019
1265 POLARISO A new isotope-enabled climate model dedicated to polar studies, to reconstruct Antarctic climate variability and improve sea level rise projections 2019
1266 Cyanide Evolution EVOLUTION OF CYANIDE METABOLIMS IN APOSEMATIC BUTTERFLIES: from gene characterization to community ecology 2020
1267 INdifference The Interpretation of Differentia during Late Antique and Early Christian Thought 2020
1268 HAMA New insights on Earth’s formation and differentiation processes from in situ analyses of halogens (F, Cl, Br and I) in meteorites and mantle samples 2019
1269 MEGAFAUNA Detecting, Predicting and Protecting Pelagic Megafauna Hotspots in the Coral Sea 2020
1270 Language Use Languages and Language Use 2019
1271 VOLATILES_MERCURY The fate of volatiles in magma on Mercury 2019
1272 PARTOWNEU The dark side of partial ownership and financial investment in Europe: What price to pay for consumers and society? 2019
1273 CLEAN Carbon fracturing and storage in shale with wellbore infrastructure monitoring 2019
1274 LEKAEH A novel, cost-, time- and energy-efficient, electric hammer to replace the traditional hydraulic hammer 2019
1275 CHARM-Vis Chromatin accessibility landscape and transcription changes in recognition memory after visual imprinting in chicks 2019
1276 RAPID The first effective remedy for acute pancreatitis disease 2019
1277 MathematicsAnalogies Mathematics Analogies 2019
1279 UltimateGaN Research for GaN technologies, devices, packages and applications to address the challenges of the future GaN roadmap 2019
1280 VIREVOL Cells and giant viruses: a win-win co-evolution 2019
1281 PonD Particles-on-Demand for Multiscale Fluid Dynamics 2019
1282 GlycoMabs Chemoenzymatic glyco-engineering of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies 2019
1283 Career-FIT PLUS Career Development Fellowships in the National Technology Centre Programme 2019
1284 QUSTEC QUSTEC: international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral doctoral programme in Quantum Science and Technologies 2019
1285 SCANRESIST Reversal of anti-cancer drug resistance 2019
1286 Forsway Next Gen Hybrid Networks for Global Internet Access 2019
1287 Fleximodo Feasibility Study for Fleximodo – Smart IoT Sensors with Software for Parking Management 2019
1288 PRO-SCT PROducing Stem Cells for improved Treatment of patients 2019
1289 RV by RE Rabbit-View by Rabbit-Eyes 2019
1290 VRTK Vision enhanced RTK: Deep integration of Real Time Kinematics (RTK) GNSS Positioning and Computer Vision 2019
1291 PRO2EUK Exploring Asgard archaea to illuminate the prokaryote-to-eukaryote transition 2019
1292 DIRNDL Directions in Development 2019
1293 5G!Drones Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Vertical Applications' Trials Leveraging Advanced 5G Facilities 2019
1294 AmInnovation Disruptive Innovation to Treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases: new target, new patented drug, new therapeutic strategy. 2019
1295 GOLIATH PRO The first portable and automated milling robot tool enabling professional manufacturers to produce large-size objects in whatever place 2019
1296 fonYou Technology platform for telecom carriers to identify and predict mobile user behaviour by means of analytics and deep learning 2019
1297 RESTORE RESTORE Health by Advanced Therapies (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products and Biologized Medical Devices) – ALL for Advanced Therapies – with Passion – For Patients 2019
1298 INO3D Mechanism of ATP Dependent Chromatin Modelling and Editing by INO80 Remodellers 2019
1299 EpiSeq Single molecule sequencing and biophysical properties of oxidized genomic DNA using magnetic tweezers. 2019
1300 DyCLE Dynamics of Cadmium concentrations in Leaves in response to a challenging Environment 2019
1301 QuaIL Quantum Information Learning 2020
1302 NanoPSYCH Neuropsychiatric disorders are a heterogeneous group of mental pathologies that demand prolonged and treatments that are frequently ineffective. Elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms under 2019
1303 CNM-MOVES Consensual Non-Monogamies and Social Movements: A Comparative Study of Activism in Portugal and the UK 2019
1304 MASMA Magnetic measurement with Absolute Single digit Micron Accuracy 2019
1305 VagX Diagnostic tool for Vaginitis 2019
1306 SIMICA Site-selective protein-modification chemistries for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) 2019
1307 SInnoPSis ERA-Chair in Science and Innovation Policy and Studies 2019
1308 SiNfONiA Safety in NanOmaterials & NAnotechnology 2019
1309 Chaperon ERA Chair Position for Excellent Research in Oncology 2019
1310 PhoMEC Photonic Integrated Microcombs as Multi-wavelength Sources for Edge Data Centers 2019
1311 MIA-Portugal Multidisciplinary Institute of Ageing - Portugal 2020
1312 ECePS ERA Chair in E-Governance and Digital Public Services 2019
1313 SolarTwins Solar Twinning to Create Solar Research Twins 2020
1314 SfaxForward Cultural heritage in South Tunisia. A twinning project promoting interdisciplinary and participatory sciences for an inclusive society. 2019
1315 EmPower EmPowering electricity access in off-grid areas with a portable battery pack with Internet of Things connectivity 2019
1316 EQUIVert Worldwide unique biofeedback system for non-invasive vertigo therapy and fall prevention 2019
1317 DEEPTIME Probing the history of matter in deep time 2020
1318 Wirecath Novel Catheter for the Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease 2019
1319 EpiShuttle 2.0 EpiShuttle: Isolation and Transportation of Infectious Disease Patients 2019
1320 SPARC First chemical free, sustainable & scalable disinfection system for intense agriculture in greenhouse facilities 2019
1321 DATACONTROL DataControl: Reliable, Secure and Comprehensive cloud backup as a service solution 2019
1322 REAL local Renewable-based Energy Autonomy from the transformation of solid recovery fueL 2019
1323 CERES Cognitive Empowerment Resulting in Environmental Sustainability Improvement (CERES+). Human-Machine interaction in Industrial Vehicles through an innovative Augmented Reality System. 2019
1324 GAZIMO Autonomous sensorized rollers for industrial conveyors for failure early detection 2019
1325 AnchorGuardian AnchorGuardian, providing safety during anchoring by monitoring the position and absolute movement of a ships anchor. 2019
1326 Mari.Time Dissecting the mechanistic basis of moon-controlled monthly timing mechanisms in marine environments 2020
1327 BEMYEYES Specialized Help from Be My Eyes – harnessing technology to connect companies directly with their blind and visually impaired users 2019
1328 CRESCENT CRESCENT: Adaptive hands-free controller for people with disabilities 2019
1329 SPOT Smart Process Optimised Tool (SPOT), an Industry 4.0 world first approach for reliable and repeatable crimping and cutting hand tool technology 2019
1330 Archimede An Archimedes-inspired sit-to-stand desk to tackle workplace sedentarism 2019
1331 ATLANT3D ATomic LAyer NanoprinTer, for rapid micro- and nanoprototyping of complex multi-material 2D/3D structures with high-resolution 2019
1332 EXCELSIOR ERATOSTHENES: Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment 2019
1333 OPENQKD Open European Quantum Key Distribution Testbed 2019
1334 ENSEMBLE3 Centre of ExcelleNce for nanophotonicS, advancEd Materials and novel crystal growth-Based technoLogiEs 2019
1335 InnovationOrigin Assessment of Zoan products as biomaterials for 3D printing in health care 2019
1336 Smart Tracker First wearable sensor for real-time monitoring and optimisation of sport training 2019
1337 NPP NanoPowder Plant – Metal nanopowders for a world of great opportunities 2019
1338 BOB Business Opportunities in Biotech: Innovation Associate to leverage cell-free synthetic biology 2019
1339 TargetSME Proactive communication and marketing measures for SMEs 2019
1340 CVTVT A Non-Surgical Treatment to Restore Heart Valve Function 2019
1341 SPIAKID SpectroPhotometric Imaging in Astronomy with Kinetic Inductance Detectors 2020
1342 DOC-Stim Communication and rehabilitation for people with Disorders of consciousness via Brain-Computer Interfaces 2020
1343 IQLev Inertial Sensing Based on Quantum-Enhanced Levitation Systems 2020
1344 SNIPER Water Mist Fire Protection Systems for Engine Compartments in Buses and Coaches 2019
1345 TaMIE Targeting MarA to Inhibit Efflux 2019
1346 euSNN European School of Network Neuroscience 2019
1347 PeptiCHIP PEPTICHIP: Streamlined identification of tumour neoantigens for personalised anti-cancer immunotherapy 2019
1348 AAT Appraising and accelerating theoretical progress in memory modification research with meta-science, Bayesian statistics, and an open-collaborative approach. 2020
1349 FUELING-TRANSPORT Deciphering the Role of Huntingtin in Energy Supply for Axonal Transport in Health and Huntington’s Disease 2020
1350 AgRefine A Disruptive Innovative Cooperative Entrepreneurial (DICE) education, training and skills development programme rolling out the next generation of Agri Biorefinery and Valorisation Bioeconomy leaders 2019
1351 PexyEazy PexyEazy® - an innovative surgical device for treatment of haemorrhoids. 2019
1352 EoPPP A Global Comparative Ethnography of Parliaments, Politicians and People: representation, relationships and ruptures 2019
1353 FORESTMAP Quick and cost-effective integrated web platform for forest inventories 2019
1354 WoRShIP Wearable chemical sensors for public health-based business models 2019
1355 EDGE ADL monitoring of Elderly in homes using Gas sensors 2019
1356 GRANROSE Using a blood cell-based approach to determine gluten responsiveness and to bring a novel, less invasive assay on the market to diagnose celiac disease. 2019
1357 Met_Cav Metal-Functionalized Cavitands for a Site-Selective C-H hydroxylation of Aliphatic Compounds 2019
1358 ClearRing An innovative, minimally invasive medical device used for treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia symptoms 2019
1359 SAND Secretion, Autophagy and their role in Neurodegeneration 2019
1360 BRAVE VD-1: World's first autonomous blood drawing device 2020
1361 AT2 Asynchronous Trustworthy Transactions 2019
1362 AIRE AIRE_ Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting Europe + 2019
1363 ASTORIA Advanced Steady and unsTeady distORtion sImulAtor 2019
1364 ATCO2 Automatic collection and processing of voice data from air-traffic communications 2019
1365 NNEOS Nacelle cowl NExt generation Opening System 2019
1366 PARMESCAN Parmesan Cheese Quality Inspection via CAT Scanner and Robotic Arm 2019
1367 Movi Player SDK New mobile video platform technology for interactive experiences and added-value from video distribution 2019
1368 SUNSTONE OMTLAB’s Real time positioning system for smart & flexible manufacturing 2019
1369 NanoGraphy Plasmon Enhanced Photocatalytic Nano Lithography 2020
1370 MAGLEV Measurement and Analysis of Generator bearing Loads and Efficiency with Validation 2019
1371 NANO4LIFE High-throughput 4D imaging for nanoscale cellular studies 2020
1372 FutureLSS Fundamental physics from the large-scale structure of the Universe 2020
1373 OZeye Developing Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for best-quality and cost-effective live sports production and distribution 2019
1374 PeVSPACE Direct Detection of TeV--PeV Cosmic Rays in Space 2020
1375 CN Identity Comprehensive anatomical, genetic and functional identification of cerebellar nuclei neurons and their roles in sensorimotor tasks 2019
1378 SCORE Signal Correction to Reveal other Earths 2020
1379 InPreSS International Pregnancy Safety Study 2020
1380 CMD-COAT Bioactive coating to prevent catheter infection and thrombosis 2019
1381 3DPartForm 3D-printing of PARTiculate FORMulations utilizing polymer microparticle-based voxels 2020
1382 SPACE END Endeavour Space Hub 2019
1383 ART-AI AI-powered Adaptive radiation dosimetry: An innovative solution for safer and precise MRI guided RadioTherapy 2019
1384 QUABODYP QUAntum Black hOle DYnamics and Phenomenology 2020
1385 CoachingRituals Coaching as a social ritual: acting on people in a liberal-individualistic society (parenting, education, mental health care) 2020
1386 SMARTLABCAM Engineering and commercialization of a smart camera with on-chip image processing for head- and eye-tracking in laboratory animals 2020
1387 SSR Voltage Shield Stabilizer Regulator 2019
1388 Miiskin ML-powered app and platform to identify skin changes over time 2019
1389 KYKLOS 4.0 An Advanced Circular and Agile Manufacturing Ecosystem based on rapid reconfigurable manufacturing process and individualized consumer preferences 2020
1390 HECAT Disruptive Technologies Supporting Labour Market Decision Making 2020
1391 PAWES Predictive Analysis on the Worlwide Energy Sector 2019
1392 TECHEYE Artificial Intelligence beyond quality 2019
1393 3beLiEVe Delivering the 3b generation of LNMO cells for the xEV market of 2025 and beyond 2020
1394 COBRA CObalt-free Batteries for FutuRe Automotive Applications 2020
1395 Demos Design Principles of Branching Morphogenesis 2020
1396 PEPPER Industrial-scale plant-based protein production in a cell-free platform 2019
1397 stalkIT NB-IoT Robust Tracking and Monitoring Solution 2019
1398 BATTERY PLUS High performing batteries for accelerated uptake of hybrid and electric vehicles 2019
1399 SUBLIME Supporting Understanding of Boundary Layer Ingesting Model Experiment 2019
1400 RhabdoEvo Deciphering the cellular origin and evolution of malignant rhabdoid tumors 2019
1401 SENSE Sterile neutrino search in tritium beta decay 2020
1402 DEXIM Deeply Explainable Intelligent Machines 2019
1403 PREPARE Ships PREParE SHIPS - PREdicted Positioning based on Egnss for SHIPS 2019
1404 C-stemGMP c-GMP compliance of C-stem, an IPSc based cell therapies production technology 2019
1406 Gasgon Development of a Novel Medical Device to Remove Air Bubbles from Medicines, Which Will Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Costs of IV Infusion 2020
1407 LONGRUN Development of efficient and environmental friendly LONG distance powertrain for heavy dUty trucks aNd coaches 2020
1408 Codasip RISC-V Digital Architecture for the Next Generation of Connected Era 2020
1409 Plural AI The knowledge engine for finance 2019
1410 INNOGAIT Innovative Reflex-based Gait Rehabilitation 2020
1411 NanoFLUX Revolutionary nano coatings, for enhanced heat transfer in heating and cooling applications 2020
1412 EVERCAM Intelligent Vision System for Improved Communication and Higher Productivity in Construction 2020
1413 DISCOvERIE Development, dIagnostic and prevention of gender-related Somatic and mental COmorbitiEs in iRritable bowel syndrome In Europe 2020
1414 OnTarget Deciphering the principles governing robust targeting of proteins to organelles 2020
1415 eSSIF-Lab European Self Sovereign Identity Framework Laboratory 2019
1416 Ro-Boost Inno SMEs 4 RO-Boost Inno SMEs – Boosting the Innovative Potential of Romanian SMEs 2020
1417 FLUSPEC Analysis of geometry-driven phenomena in fluid mechanics, PDEs and spectral theory 2021
1418 GloQur The Global Qur’an. Shared Traditions, Imperial Languages and Transnational Actors 2020
1419 UNITY A Single-Photon Source Featuring Unity Efficiency And Unity Indistinguishability For Scalable Optical Quantum Information Processing 2020
1420 QS2DM Quantum sensing of two-dimensional magnets 2021
1421 LASERLAB-EUROPE The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures 2019
1422 M6AQuantKit Development and commercialization of kit for quantitative interrogation of a key RNA modification 2020
1423 PHYRIST Physiological roles of the Ribotoxic Stress Response 2020
1424 ImpHandRehab The development and validation of a hand-based stroke rehabilitation product 2020
1425 PEC_Flow Continuous-flow Photoelectrochemical Cells for Carbon Dioxide Valorization 2020
1426 GUT-SEQ Single-cell analysis of intestinal lymphocytes reveals targets for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease 2020
1427 AntiViralEvo Unravelling the evolution of antiviral sensors and response systems in animals using the phylum Cnidaria 2020
1428 AimingT6SS Mechanisms of dynamic localization of the bacterial Type 6 secretion system assembly 2020
1429 UV-LASE Out of the blue: membrane-based microcavity lasers from the blue to the ultraviolet wavelength regime 2020
1430 NIMBUS4CIP Effective management of pregnant cancer patients through a cloud-based integrative and highly specialized advisory board platform 2020
1431 SCFTAlg Algebraic Foundations of Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theory 2020
1432 DiSSCo Prepare Distributed System of Scientific Collections - Preparatory Phase Project 2020
1433 CollectiveDynamics Collective signaling oscillations in embryonic patterning – revealing underlying principles 2020
1434 EXTREMA Engineering Extremely Rare Events in Astrodynamics for Deep-Space Missions in Autonomy 2020
1435 ATRONICS Creating building blocks for atomic-scale electronics 2020
1436 EPN-2024-RI Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure 2020
1437 RECYPION Resurrecting the Carboxyl Polyether Ionophores 2020
1438 TMIM Textiles and the Making of Israeli Modernism: From the Zionist Bauhuas to Feminist Art 2020
1439 Urb-TWin Urban air temperature and wind speed variability: Empirical modeling to improve planning applications 2020
1440 MelImmuneOrg Deciphering the tumor-immune-microenvironment profile and organization within the tumors of melanoma patients undergoing immunotherapy 2020
1441 SHADE Spin Hall-Based Analog to Digital Encoder for Ultra-Compact Sensor Nodes 2020
1442 GONOGO Multi-layered integration of motivated actions and their outcomes in basal ganglia circuits 2020
1443 H2O-SurfaceProbe High Throughput Second Harmonic Method to Probe Biological Surfaces at Real-World Conditions 2020
1444 BraINstorm Engineered nanocarriers for simultaneous anticancer immune response and “switching” of tumor-associated macrophages for intranasal glioblastoma treatment 2020
1445 NEUSEQBOT NEUro cerebellar recurrent network for motor SEQuence learning in neuroroBOTics 2020
1446 PHOTO-CYCLE Photocatalysis in Drug Discovery - Asymmetric Preparation of Bioactive Chiral Lactones and Cyclohexanols 2020
1447 SRCV Molecular Device for Optical Monitoring of Self-Replication in Compartments 2020
1448 Project Racoon Ultra-Fast Reliable Radio Control Systems for Avionics 2020
1449 CellSorb Cost-efficient and safe cellulosic food pad 2020
1450 READESCARTES Reading Descartes: A Reassessment of the Shaping and Transmission of Knowledge in the Seventeenth Century 2021
1451 IRPV Chalcopyrite-perovskites for infrared photovoltaics 2020
1452 DEAllAct Dissecting and Engineering Allosteric Activation in a Biosynthetic Enzyme 2020
1453 LACONIA Living Alone CONsumption ImpAct 2020
1454 BeamSense Making more with less: intelligent wavefront design to enable high resolution images of unstable samples. 2020
1455 CHRONOTRADE Clock-mediated modulation of growth-defense trade-offs and its potential as a biotechnological tool 2020
1456 ISOMOD Modeling Prey Isocapes in the North Atlantic for Advancement in Predator Ecology 2020
1458 RECYCALYSE New sustainable and recyclable catalytic materials for proton exchange membrane electrolysers 2020
1459 FASTKiT Fully Adaptive Simulation Tool for Kinetic Theory 2020
1460 REALMAX Replenishing the limited Aluminium reservoir of MAX phase coatings in harsh environments 2020
1461 APOCRYPHA Storyworlds in Transition: Coptic Apocrypha in Changing Contexts in the Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods 2020
1463 BEEP Biodiversity Erosion in European medicinal Plants 2020
1464 SM-SPAD Single-molecule imaging with SPAD array detection 2021
1465 Xerobranching Xero-Branching: discovering how plant roots adapt to reduced water availability 2021
1466 SandMan Shapes and Meaning. The matt-painted pottery of the North-Lucanian district: culture, identity, symbols and Gender. An interdisciplinary study of a local community in Southern Italy. 2021
1467 AIforUTracking Artificial Intelligence methods for Underwater target Tracking 2020
1468 SHINE Chemical Approach to Scalable Fabrication of Hybrid Plasmonic Materials in the Strong-Coupling Regime 2020
1469 PiQ Poverty in the Qur’ān: Medieval Islamic Interpretations and Uses 2020
1470 RW3D-US Lagrangian Modeling of Denitrification and Nitrous Oxide Production in Soils 2021
1471 IRTEMS Instantaneous Road Traffic Emissions Modelling System for cities 2020
1472 SCIFY Self-Calibrated Interferometry for Exoplanet Spectroscopy 2020
1473 PRODIGI Digital Lemmatized Edition of Prose 2 (Franco-Italian prosification of Benoît de Sainte-Maure's Roman de Troie) 2020
1474 SILVERPATH A silver path to a new generation of quantum materials. 2020
1475 antiCSC Targeting the cancer stem cell (CSC) metabolism with designed, reactive metal complexes 2020