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1 YorNight York: City of the Past, City of the Future 2014
2 ULTIMATE Ultra Low emission Technology Innovations for Mid-century Aircraft Turbine Engines 2015
3 PEGASUS Public Ecosystem Goods And Services from land management - Unlocking the Synergies 2015
4 dasQ Atomic-Scale Dynamics of Quantum Materials 2015
5 PHOCNOSIS Advanced nanophotonic point-of-care analysis device for fast and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases 2015
6 BIOCASCADES BIOCASCADES- Sustainable and Scalable Biocatalytic Cascade Reactions Training Network 2015
7 GLORIA Comparing the effectiveness and safety of additional low-dose glucocorticoid in treatment strategies for elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis 2015
8 SUCCESS Strategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector 2015
9 TRACE Opening the cycling and walking tracking potential 2015
10 PRISM Ice-binding proteins: from antifreeze mechanism to resistant soft materials 2015
11 FLEXOP Flutter Free FLight Envelope eXpansion for ecOnomical Performance improvement 2015
12 EDEN ISS Ground Demonstration of Plant Cultivation Technologies and Operation in Space for Safe Food Production on-board ISS and Future Human Space Exploration Vehicles and Planetary Outposts 2015
13 FALCON Feedback mechanisms Across the Lifecycle for Customer-driven Optimization of iNnovative product-service design 2015
14 HESPERIA High Energy Solar Particle Events foRecastIng and Analysis 2015
15 GQCOP Genuine Quantumness in Cooperative Phenomena 2015
16 ERC-EuropePMC-2-2014 Extracting funding statements from full text research articles in the life sciences 2014
17 ThermoTex Woven and 3D-Printed Thermoelectric Textiles 2015
18 RevMito Deciphering and reversing the consequences of mitochondrial DNA damage 2015
19 Highland Connections Remoteness and Connectivity: Highland Asia in the World 2015
20 EQUALIZE Equalizing or disequalizing? Opposing socio-demographic determinants of the spatial distribution of welfare. 2015
21 WAPITI Water-mass transformation and Pathways In The Weddell Sea: uncovering the dynamics of a global climate chokepoint from In-situ measurements 2015
22 ENHANCEDQMMR Enhanced Qualitative and Multi-Method Research in Political Science 2015
23 GalNUC Astrophysical Dynamics and Statistical Physics of Galactic Nuclei 2015
24 NeurogenesisCode Deciphering the role of adult neurogenesis in hippocampal memory codes by optically imaging neuronal activity in freely behaving mice 2015
25 STATOPINS Theory of statistical topological insulators 2015
26 Q-CEOM Quantum Cavity Electro- and Opto-Mechanics 2015
27 AIDA An Illumination of the Dark Ages: modeling reionization and interpreting observations 2015
28 CORPNET Corporate Network Governance: Power, Ownership and Control in Contemporary Global Capitalism 2015
29 Nano Harvest Flexible nanowire devices for energy harvesting 2015
30 ALH Alternative life histories: linking genes to phenotypes to demography 2015
31 ExtreFlow Extreme deformation of structured fluids and interfaces. Exploiting ultrafast collapse and yielding phenomena for new processes and formulated products 2015
32 COFLeaf Fuel from sunlight: Covalent organic frameworks as integrated platforms for photocatalytic water splitting and CO2 reduction 2015
33 PlusOne An ultracold gas plus one ion: advancing Quantum Simulations of in- and out-of-equilibrium many-body physics 2015
34 MIRAGE 20-15 Mid Infra-Red near-field control by Adiabatic frequency Generation Enabling 20fs/15nm resolution 2015
35 NANOGEN Polymer-based piezoelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting 2015
36 InfoInt An Information Theory of Simple Interaction 2015
37 IMAGINE Imaging magnetic fields at the nanoscale with a single spin microscope 2015
38 BASTION Leveraging Binary Analysis to Secure the Internet of Things 2015
39 NEOShield-2 Science and Technology for Near-Earth Object Impact Prevention 2015
40 NDI Nano-diamond tracers for MRI molecular imaging 2014
41 DESCRAMBLE Drilling in supercritical geothermal condition 2015
42 COSIP Clarifying Optimal Sodium Intake Project 2015
43 DOLFINS Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society 2015
44 VEST Virtual Environments for Social Training 2015
45 flora robotica Flora Robotica: Societies of Symbiotic Robot-Plant Bio-Hybrids as Social Architectural Artifacts 2015
47 QUCHIP Quantum Simulation on a Photonic Chip 2015
48 QUIC Quantum simulations of insulators and conductors 2015
49 ContactLube Highly-lubricated soft contact lenses 2015
50 FlowMachines Flow Machines 2015
51 NANOIMAGER A portable single-molecule fluorescence imager 2014
52 MAGICBULLET Peptide-Drug Conjugates for Targeted Delivery in Tumor Therapy 2015
53 MINATURA 2020 Developing a concept for a European minerals deposit framework 2015
54 SELECTA Smart ELECTrodeposited Alloys for environmentally sustainable applications: from advanced protective coatings to micro/nano-robotic platforms 2015
55 DanuBalt DanuBalt: Novel Approaches in Tackling the Health Innovation and Research Divide in the Danube and Baltic Sea Region 2015
56 ProsocialLearn ProsocialLearn - Gamification of Prosocial Learning for Increased Youth Inclusion and Academic Achievement 2015
57 SAPHELY Self-amplified photonic biosensing platform for microRNA-based early diagnosis of diseases 2015
58 DiDIY Digital Do It Yourself 2015
59 MONROE Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe 2015
60 EPP - eHealth European Procurers Platform - eHealth - Transforming the market for eHealth Solutions 2015
61 CREA Network of summer academies for the improvement of entrepreneurship in innovative sectors 2015
62 DANCE Dancing in the Dark 2015
63 CRIC Cultural Narratives of Crisis and Renewal 2015
64 SALEACOM Overcoming Inequalities in Schools and Learning Communities: Innovative Education for a New Century 2015
65 GoMyTri Golden Mycological Triangle – joining forces to exploit mycological biodiversity for novel anti-infectives and other beneficial metabolites 2015
66 Financial Transparency Platform for the Public Sector 2015
67 MACIVIVA MAnufacturing process for Cold-chain Independent VIrosome-based VAccines 2015
68 EMPOWER Local Electricity retail Markets for Prosumer smart grid pOWER services 2015
69 EXMAG Excitonic Magnetism in Strongly Correlated Materials 2015
70 SynChI Striatal cholinergic cell assemblies in movement disorders 2015
71 CHILE A Comparative History of Insurance Law in Europe 2015
72 MobiliSense Air pollution and noise exposure related to personal transport behaviour: short-term and longer-term effects on health 2015
73 SEMICOMPLEX Divide and conquer ab initio semiclassical molecular dynamics for spectroscopic calculations of complex systems 2015
74 SYMBIOSYS Symbolic Analysis of Temporal and Functional Behavior of Networked Systems 2015
75 DYNPOR First principle molecular dynamics simulations for complex chemical transformations in nanoporous materials 2015
76 3DSPIN 3-Dimensional Maps of the Spinning Nucleon 2015
77 ConTExt Connecting the Extreme 2015
78 MITOsmORFs Identification and analysis of novel mitochondrial proteins encoded by small open reading frames 2015
79 TIAMO Trapping Ions in Atoms and Molecules Optically 2015
80 QLev4G Quantum control of levitated massive mechanical systems: a new approach for gravitational quantum physics 2015
81 UbiProPox Modulation of the Ubiquitin Proteasome System During Multiple Stages of the Poxvirus Lifecycle 2015
82 InnoSI Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening communities in Europe (InnoSI) 2015
83 MOVE Mapping mobility – pathways, institutions and structural effects of youth mobility in Europe 2015
84 HERA JRP UP HERA Joint Research Programme Uses of the Past 2015
85 BUILD UPON A multi-stakeholder Regional Action Network as a living structural base to effectively help define and implement deep energy efficient building renovation at local, national and European level. 2015
86 BRISKEE Behavioural Response to Investment Risks in Energy Efficiency 2015
87 bettervest Crowdfunding for a low carbon energy system: addressing major challenges for EU-wide public and private investments in energy and carbon saving measures 2014
88 iMoHEALTH iMoHEALTH: A pan-national collaborative analytics platform for the exploration of population health. 2014
89 AGRISPIN Space for Agricultural Innovation 2015
90 CONFAM Confronting sexual pluralism: the regulatory dilemmas and policy challenges of non-monogamous family formations 0
91 USIFlux Unveiling Stomata 24/7: Using Stable Isotopes and COS to quantify diurnal and nocturnal carbon and water vegetation-atmosphere Fluxes under future climate scenarios 2016
92 SMR Smart Mature Resilience 2015
93 ICT4COP Community-Based Policing and Post-Conflict Police Reform 2015
94 Aggregation selection Genome-wide screen of aggregation selection 2015
95 GLOBIS-B GLOBal Infrastructures for Supporting Biodiversity research 2015
96 OTULINVIVO The role of OTULIN and Met1-linked ubiquitin in immune signaling and host defense in vivo 2015
97 SCIMOD Scientific Models, Fiction and Imagination 2015
98 VULCAN Vulnerability of soil organic carbon to climate change in permafrost and dryland ecosystems 2015
99 EHRI European Holocaust Research Infrastructure 2015
100 AIDA-2020 Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators 2015
101 ARTE Atomic Research for Topological Engineering 2015
102 LDMRD Large Deviations and Measure Rigidity in Dynamics 2015
103 NLRs Mechanisms of natural auto immunity triggered by plant NLR immune receptors 2015
104 ROOT BARRIERS Molecular mechanisms controlling endodermis and exodermis differentiation in tomato roots 2016
105 NNL An exploration into the feasibility of simultaneously achieving ‘No Net Loss’ of biodiversity and ecosystem services, in an uncertain and changing world 2015
106 HISTHEOL History and Theology 2015
107 CONSCRISIS Households’ Consumption during the Great Recession: A structural analysis on the role of expectations 2015
108 Voice Modulation Faking It: The production, perception, and function of social voice modulation 2016
110 DRYFUN Linking plant functional diversity to ecosystem multifunctionality in arid systems worldwilde 2015
111 SynOptic Synthetic Gauge Fields in Quantum Optics 2015
113 DEALS Deaf life narratives in times of transition. 2015
114 GUTWORM Unravelling host intestine-parasite interactions that define immune responses to whipworms 2015
115 SF-magnetic-stars The impact of superfluidity and superconductivity on the magneto-thermal evolution and X-ray observations of neutron stars. 2015
116 Transnat_farright Transnational nationalism. Far-Right Nationalist Groups in East Central Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries 2015
117 ESAIRE Engaging Citizens in Science: Promoting the Viability of Participatory Sensing for Monitoring Air and Environmental Quality 2015
118 KSHV QTV Identification of novel KSHV immune evasion mechanisms using a quantitative temporal viromics analysis 2015
119 EARLYSTART Short and long-term consequences of the early environment 2015
120 INHABIT Cities Investigating Natural, Historical, And Institutional Transformations - Cities 2015
121 TEMPEA Temporality of permanence –material and socio-spatial practices in African urbanism 2015
122 Class II PI3K Characterization of the signalling and physiological roles of the class II PI3Ks 2016
123 INVLOCCY Invariants of local Calabi-Yau 3-folds 2015
124 FUDACT FUll Duplex Active Cancellation for wireless communication and co-exisTence 2015
125 REDOxHEART The Role of Adipose-Tissue Derived wnt-ligands in the Regulation of Myocardial Redox Signalling 2015
126 Exo-C Insights into cloudy exoplanet atmospheres 2016
127 TEACHPOL Freedom of Teaching and Political Control: The Case of Thomas Aquinas’ Assimilation in William of Peter Godin’s Lectura Thomasina (14th C.) 2015
128 CompositeSPTphases Composite-particle approach to Symmetry Protected Topological Phases 2015
129 STROMAMECH Targeting stromal cells to modify tumor mechanical microenvironment and optimize drug delivery 2015
130 EWTEK Empowering Women with Traditional Ecological Knowledge 2015
131 ICONOPHILIA Religion, Politics and the Arts in Early Medieval Italy Against the Background of the ‘Image Struggle’ (680-850) 2015
132 MOLCLICK Molecular 'Click-tronics': Surface-based synthesis of single-molecule electronic components 2015
133 TRICE QFT TRapped Ion Coherent Execution of Quantum Fourier Transform 2015
134 ICSIS The interaction and clearance of senescent vascular cells by the innate immune system 2015
135 GLOBALGLASS Global Glass Adornments Event Horizon in the Late Iron Age and Roman Period Frontiers (100 BC - AD 250) 2015
136 CaMILLET Application of crop genetics to improve Calcium content in millets and other crops for promoting health benefits in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis 2015
137 TOP-DOL Topological physics in tunable optical lattices 2015
138 MelonMixVir Mixed viral infections in melon: disease, vector transmission, RNA silencing suppression and plant defense 2015
139 TRAIT Exploring the biogeography of thermal acclimation in heterotrophic microbes 2015
140 LOBFRAM Lobbying and framing in foreign policy. EU and member states’ foreign policies towards Israel and Palestine 2015
141 RareFunctions RAREFUNCTIONS: The causes and consequences of spatial and temporal variation in rare traits. 2016
142 CRISIS Coastal flood risk in Europe and the socio-economic impacts in a changing climate 2016
143 FISHARC FISHing Ancient Reasons to address current Concerns 2015
144 MarkEfficiency Digestive and nutritional indicators of feed efficiency in cattle fed forage-based diets 2015
145 FUTURESYRIA Mapping an uncertain future: Social and spatial change in conflicting Syria 2015
146 BIOCLIMA Microbial BIOdiversity – CLIMAte feedbacks during environmental crises in semi-enclosed basins: lessons from the Late Miocene (Messinian) 2016
147 QuantuM-nano Quantum Measurements with Bose-Einstein condensates strongly coupled to nanophotonic structures 2015
148 NBSC Neural basis of semantic control 2016
149 NANOSPHERE NANOStructure Photochemistry via Hot Electron driven REactions 2015
150 MINOTAUR Metabolic interactions in oceanic photosymbioses 2016
151 ROR2BONE Investigating Ror2-dependent non-canonical Wnt signaling in bone remodeling 2015
152 EUMIGRE New European Mobilities at times of Crisis: Emigration Aspirations and Practices of Young Greek Adults 2015
153 ChemoBOOM Development of Palladium-Labile Prodrugs for Bioorthogonally-Activated Chemotherapy 2016
154 MYO-DESMOPLASIA Modulating the behaviour of cancer myofibroblasts to control tumour desmoplasia 2015
155 OSS Spatio-temporal control of the Src kinase activation through Optogenetics in Cell invasion 2016
156 NANOLASER Dynamics of semiconductor nanoscale lasers 2015
157 HEALTHYSYNAPSES Molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic maintenance and rejuvenation 2016
158 SHAPED SpeecH and Auditory Processing: Effects of Development 2015
159 TADFORCE Strengthening and survey beyond the knowledge of the TADF emitters as materials for superefficient OLED devices 2015
160 FREE_TEEN_DESIRE Contributing to identify causes of gender violence among teenagers 2015
161 CYBERNETS Cybernetic Communication Networks: Fundamental Limits and Engineering Challenges 2015
162 HELICOMBX Quantum spin Hall insulator with two dimensional crystals 2015
163 NEOMEDPOT Technological change at the South-western limits of the Mediterranean basin during Neolithic and early Chalcolithic times: pottery production and consumption 2015
164 Transnational Localism Transnational Localism and Music after the two World Wars: the case of Francis Poulenc 2015
165 cRISys Innovation Systems in Financial Crisis: Technological Dynamics, Industrial Structure and Business Cycles 2015
166 SCIL The role of social cues for infant word learning 2016
167 ProactionPerception From oculomotor action to perception 2015
168 MaNET Majorana Networks 2015
169 LANDS Large Area Nanoparticle Deposition System 2015
170 ENGAGE Encouraging Network Generation’s Accountability and Global Engagement 2015
171 BactoDrug The Bacteroides dual-pumping membrane-integral pyrophosphatase: a novel drug target 2015
172 PREDACTION Prediction and Anticipation of Actions: Modelling How We Foresee the Others 2016
173 SeisMo SEismology of the MOon 2016
174 SkillUp Skill development and firm upgrading to sustain the competitiveness of the EU manufacturing sector 2015
175 COMOVE Exploring the impact of social mobilization on cooperation in community-based natural resource management systems: Insights from water conflicts in Spain and Mexico 2016
176 SIAM Sex-Specific Interactions in Arbuscular Mycorrhizas in an Ecological Community Context 2015
177 S-OS Exosomes as microenvironmental cue for engaging mesenchymal stem cells in osteosarcoma progression 2016
178 EPICONNECT Functional brain networks in epilepsy 2016
179 CACOHET “Causes and consequences of pluripotency gene regulatory network member heterogeneity” 2016
180 PopMet Investigating bacterial strain evolution through metagenomic genome assemblies 2015
181 NoBios No Biofouling Surfaces 2015
182 FOMBIST Fibre-Optic Multi-parametric BIochemical Sensing Technology 2015
183 PARADOXGREATLAKES Security Paradoxes in the Great Lakes: Between the Military-Capable and the Good-Governed State 2015
184 HUMANITECH Humanitarian Technology Interventions 2015
185 CortFit Using reaction norms to identify glucocorticoid phenotypes and their relationship to fitness in individuals of a wild vertebrate. 2015
186 TePaChe Temperature, Pathogens and Chemicals: Stressors in a Changing World 2015
187 SYMULGAS Synthetic magnetism with ultracold Fermi gases of strontium 2015
188 METAPHOR People, Space and Time: Understanding metaphors in sustaining cultural landscapes 2015
189 REBuILD Exploring the role of TFEB in exosome biology and in novel approaches for treatment of lysosomal diseases 2016
190 EAVESTROP Eavesdropping on the tropics: assessment of climate change impacts on amphibians through passive acoustic monitoring 2016
191 NEARCONTROL NEARshore geological CONTROL on coastal morphodynamics: monitoring and modelling in high-resolution 2016
192 ICH-Bildung The Impact of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in formal, non-formal and informal education and its contribution to the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning in the EU Reference Framework 2015
193 HumEnBody Responding to the Trend of Human Enhancement Drugs: the Case of Drug-Free Bodybuilding Culture in European Context 2015
194 IMAGUS Styles of Objectivity: Agency, Alignment, and Automation in Image-Guided Surgery 2015
195 IMAGINACTIVISM Cultural production, social movements and virtuous spirals; Using cultural production to influence social transformation. An ethnographic case study of a transmedia and translocal experiment. 2015
196 LacDetect A truly-rapid, one-minute test system for the dairy industry to assess raw milk quality, detect sub-clinical mastitis and monitor udder health, reducing antibiotic usage and environmental impact 2015
197 GDAPIV Genomics Data Analysis Pipelines with Interactive Visualizations 2015
198 GroupEstate GroupEstate Feasibility Study 2015
199 SAFETY4WORKERS Breakthrough for outdoor autonomous heavy machines: Safety-directed collision avoidance system for workers based on UWB radios with performance level 2015
200 ServoTec Fast Data Acquisition and Servo Technologies 2015
203 MultiRev Multi-revolution non-volatile magnetic sensors 2016
204 2D-Ink Ink-Jet printed supercapacitors based on 2D nanomaterials. 2015
205 TONALITy commercialisation TridimensiOnal Nanoporous ALumIna Templates 2015
206 GReen Desalination GReen Desalination: A closed-loop technology for full recovery of water and raw materials from the wastewater effluent 2015
207 NOVENA Exploiting an unusual polyketide chain release mechanism for production of novel enacyloxin antibiotic analogues 2015
208 eStandards eHealth Standards and Profiles in Action for Europe and Beyond 2015
209 E-JADE Europe-Japan Accelerator Development Exchange Programme 2015
210 ERA-LEARN 2020 Strengthening joint programming in Europe 2015
211 SEDEUF Sedicii Innovative Authentication 2014
212 SEEABLE An Innovative ICT Solution for Providing Bespoke Safety and Health Training to Workers in the Construction and Transportation Sectors. 2015
213 RAd RAd (Responsible Advertising) - An innovative donate-per-view digital video advertising model 2015
214 CREATE Congestion Reduction in Europe : Advancing Transport Efficiency (CREATE) 2015
215 PersoNews Profiling and targeting news readers – implications for the democratic role of the digital media, user rights and public information policy 2015
216 SPECTRUM Spectral theory of random operators 2015
217 PRIMAVERA PRocess-based climate sIMulation: AdVances in high resolution modelling and European climate Risk Assessment 2015
218 IMPREX IMproving PRedictions and management of hydrological EXtremes 2015
219 ICONICAL In control of exciton and charge dynamics in molecular crystals 2015
220 LIVIN Light-Vapour Interactions at the Nanoscale 2015
221 SUPER-2D Many-body physics and superconductivity in 2D materials 2015
222 TWORAINS Winter Rain, Summer Rain: Adaptation, Climate Change, Resilience and the Indus Civilisation 2015
223 SOTERIA Safe long term operation of light water reactors based on improved understanding of radiation effects in nuclear structural materials 2015
224 NORTEXCEL2020 Creating a Centre of Excellence on Medical Devices in the Norte Region to boost RDI excellence 2015
225 MRG-GRammar Massive Reverse Genomics to Decipher Gene Regulatory Grammar 2015
226 CONQUER Contrast by Quadrupole Enhanced Relaxation 2015
227 PreventSepticShock Bioactive AdrenoMedullin is a Novel Outstanding Marker to Predict and Prevent Septic Shock 2015
228 Solvatten_agri-bus Feasibilty study to determine market entrance for the Solvatten green technology into the agri-business value chains in Eastern Africa 2015
229 PROVIDE PROVIding smart DElivery of public goods by EU agriculture and forestry 2015
230 TopFront Expanding the Topological Frontier in Quantum Matter: from Concepts to Future Applications 2015
231 DYNAMO Energy and charge transfer nonadiabatic dynamics in light-harvesting molecules and nanostructures 2015
232 ER_disease Defining hormonal cross-talk and the role of mutations in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer 2015
233 LITTLE TOOLS Enacting the Good Economy: Biocapitalization and the little tools of valuation 2015
234 NOVELNOBI Novel Nanoengineered Optoelectronic Biointerfaces 2015
235 GREENT Greenhouse Gas Mitigation through Advanced Nitrogen Removal Technology 2015
236 TCBL TCBL – Textile and Clothing Business Labs Transformative Business Models for the Textile Clothing Sector 2015
237 MAGIC Monsoons of Asia caused Greenhouse to Icehouse Cooling 2015
238 Water Coalitions Water Coalitions: A Comparative Analysis of Agenda Implementation Strategies in Peru and Brazil through the Study of Basin Councils. 2015
239 YbQuantumSim Quantum simulation of novel many-body phenomena with Ytterbium atoms in optical lattices 2015
240 MorePheno Collider Phenomenology and Event Generators 2015
241 TransGeno The ERA Chair for Translational Genomics and Personalized Medicine 2015
242 MPCPRO Better MPC Protocols in Theory and in Practice 2015
243 FRESCO Efficient, Flexible Synthesis of Molecules with Tailored Shapes: from Photo-switchable Helices to anti-Cancer Compounds 2015
244 PROTEOMICAN Discovery of breast cancer aggressiveness markers using topo-proteomics mapping 2015
245 ACTOMYO Mechanisms of actomyosin-based contractility during cytokinesis 2015
246 D-FENS Dicer-Dependent Defense in Mammals 2015
247 FLYghtCaRe Ca2+ feedback control of TRP/TRPL channels in Drosophila photoreceptors 2015
248 BIOSTASES BIOdiversity, STAbility and sustainability in Spatial Ecological and social-ecological Systems 2015
249 NEXTGenIO Next Generation I/O for Exascale 2015
250 NLAFET Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra for Future Extreme-Scale Systems 2015
251 Polydome Proposal for innovative and sustainable polyculture greenhouse system Polydome 2015
252 GREYZONE Illuminating the 'Grey Zone': Addressing Complex Complicity in Human Rights Violations 2015
253 SMART DESIGN Spin-orbit mechanism in adaptive magnetization-reversal techniques, for magnetic memory design 2015
254 AYURYOG Medicine, Immortality, Moksha: Entangled Histories of Yoga, Ayurveda and Alchemy in South Asia 2015
255 ENVIROIMMUNE Environmental modulators of the immune cell balance in health and disease 2015
256 socio-bio interplay It’s not my fault I am aggressive, they picked on me: How early peer relations affect DNA methylation and neurocognitive development in children 2015
257 DECRESIM A Chemical Approach to Molecular Spin Qubits: Decoherence and Organisation of Rare Earth Single Ion Magnets 2015
258 MaTissE Magnetic approaches for Tissue Mechanics and Engineering 2015
259 ISOTOP Interactions, Spins and Edges in Optical Lattices with Topological Band Structures 2016
260 BeadDiagnosis Prognosis and Diagnosis of Protein Misfolding Diseases by Seeded Aggregation in Microspheres 2015
261 MANGO MANGO: exploring Manycore Architectures for Next-GeneratiOn HPC systems 2015
262 ART Feasibility assessment on Alarm Resolution Technology, using X-Ray Echo Methodology 2015
263 EMSODEV EMSO implementation and operation: DEVelopment of instrument module 2015
264 STARS Strategies Targeting Thyroid Hormone in Athrophy Related Syndromes 2015
265 INQMINDS The Evolutionary and Developmental Origins of Inquiring Minds: Studies of Causal Reasoning; Curiosity and Executive Control 2015
266 WANDERINGMINDS Not all minds that wander are lost: A neurocognitive test of mind-wandering state’s contribution to human cognition. 2015
267 PLANTSTEMS Decoding the Lateral Expansion of Plant Stems 2015
268 multiBB Boron-boron multiple bonding 2016
269 ABANDONMENT People under Pressure: Settlement Abandonment and Human Responses to Environmental and Socio-Economic Stress during the Medieval and Post-Medieval Periods 2016
270 CogSoCoAGE Tracking the cognitive basis of social communication across the life-span 2015
271 MetAGEn Metabolic and Genetic Regulation of Ageing 2015
272 Macro Identification New Approaches to the Identification of Macroeconomic Models 2015
273 NEURO-PATTERNS How neuronal activity patterns drive behavior: novel all-optical control and monitoring of brain neuronal networks with high spatiotemporal resolution 2015
274 NEGEVBYZ Crisis on the margins of the Byzantine Empire: A bio-archaeological project on resilience and collapse in early Christian development of the Negev Desert 2015
275 COMPEN Penal Policymaking and the prisoner experience: a comparative analysis 2015
276 HOLOFRENPOSTMOD Un passé qui ne passe pas. The Ethics and Aesthetics of Contemporary French Holocaust Literature 2016
277 EcOILogy Microbial life in oil 2015
278 PHII PTX3 in Humoral Innate Immunity 2015
279 CHROMOREP Reconstitution of Chromosome Replication and Epigenetic Inheritance 2015
280 HySEA Improving Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications (HySEA) through pre-normative research on vented deflagrations 2015
281 EXCILIGHT Donor-Acceptor light emitting exciplexes as materials for easily to tailor ultra-efficient OLED lighting 2015
282 DIAPHORA Diaphora: Philosophical Problems, Resilience and Persistent Disagreement 2016
283 MicroArctic Microorganisms in Warming Arctic Environments 2016
284 ChromoCellDev Chromosome Architecture and the Fidelity of Mitosis during Development 2015
285 OPATHY From Omics to Patient: Improving Diagnostics of Pathogenic Yeasts 2015
286 DNAmics DNA mimetics: Synthetic molecular duplexes 2016
287 AMORPHORM New stability testing method to predict the performance of amorphous formulations 2016
288 Filmcolors Film Colors. An Interdisciplinary Approach. 2015
289 POLTDES Interacting polaritons in two-dimensional electron systems 2015
290 INNOWEST Development of standardised innovation services through peer learning to efficiently increase innovation management capacity among SMEs 2015
291 EMILK Food treatment process based on high voltage nanopulsed electric discharges in liquid phase 2015
292 Virtual Optics Virtual Optics - A software revolution in the optical industry 2015
293 SCENT SCENT: Hybrid Gels for Rapid Microbial Detection 2015
294 RuMicroPlas The Plasmidome: a Driving Force of Rumen Microbial Evolution from Birth to Adulthood 2016
295 BIRTH Births, mothers and babies: prehistoric fertility in the Balkans between 10000 – 5000 BC 2015
296 SEGWAY Study on Environmental and GenomeWide predictors of early structural brain Alterations in Young students 2015
297 SHARECITY SHARECITY: Assessing the practice and sustainability potential of city-based food sharing economies 2015
298 GENESIS GENEtic DiSsection of Innate Immune Sensing and Signalling 2015
299 QnanoMECA Quantum Optomechanics with a levitating nanoparticle 2015
300 XChromosome Functions of the X chromosome in the mammalian germ line 2015
301 EQuO Electron Quantum optics in quantum Hall edge channels 2015
302 resistance evolution Bacterial evolution of hypersensitivity and resistance against antimicrobial peptides 2015
303 EVILTONGUE No Sword Bites So Fiercly as an Evil Tongue?Gossip Wrecks Reputation, but Enhances Cooperation 2015
304 CARISMAND Culture And RISkmanagement in Man-made And Natural Disasters 2015
305 BHstabNL The fate of black holes in high-energy physics -- exploring their dynamical instabilities 2016
306 M3M Mobile 3D Modeling 2015
307 PERFORM Participatory Engagement with Scientific and Technological Research through Performance 2015
308 MALMECC Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures: Towards a Trans-Disciplinary and Post-National Cultural Poetics of the Performative Arts 2016
309 SCALE Scalable Quantum Photonic Networks 2015
310 MicrobioS Exploring the human gut microbiome at strain resolution 2016
311 HADES Benthic diagenesis and microbiology of hadal trenches 2016
312 BacCellEpi Bacterial, cellular and epigenetic factors that control enteropathogenicity 2015
313 LightNet LightNet - Tracking the Coherent Light Path in Photosynthetic Networks 2016
314 ELFBAD L-form bacteria, biotechnology and disease 2015
315 XPRESS Exploring mechanisms of gene repression and escape during X-chromosome inactivation 2015
316 READ Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents 2016
317 CAMUT Culture Aware Music Technologies 2015
318 Peer-BIT Peer learning in business innovation tools for SMEs 2015
319 TB and Tobacco Tobacco cessation within TB programmes: A ‘real world’ solution for countries with dual burden of disease 2015
320 FRESH AIR Free Respiratory Evaluation and Smoke-exposure reductionby primary Health cAre Integrated gRoups 2015
321 RESSTORE REgenerative Stem cell therapy for STroke in Europe 2015
322 BetaCellTherapy Beta Cell Generation by Stem Cell-Derived Implants in Diabetes 2015
323 SKHINCAPS SKin Healthcare by Innovative NanoCAPsuleS 2015
324 OPENCARE Open Participatory Engagement in Collective Awareness for REdesign of Care Services 2016
325 JobCity JobCity: addressing global youth unemployment by revolutionising psychometrics to enable Multiple Mass Psychometric Testing (MMPT) through online gamification 2015
326 FishDirector Automatic Scalable VM Management for Data Centre Optimisation 2015
327 OMIS Optical Mid Infrared Spectrometer 2015
328 Pgreek Plant-made GREEn Kit 2015
329 VALPAS VALidation of human PApilloma virus assays on Self-collected first void urine samples 2015
330 FutureAgriculture Transforming the future of agriculture through synthetic photorespiration 2016
331 LUCKY STAR Exploring the outer solar system beyond Neptune using stellar occultations 2015
332 WhoLoDancE Whole-Body Interaction Learning for Dance Education 2016
333 StronGrHEP Strong Gravity and High-Energy Physics 2016
334 SORBET Spin Orbitronics for Electronic Technologies 2015
335 NEO-NAT Understanding the mass scales in nature 2015
336 MeloVDU A new architecture for visual display technology based upon recent advances in our understanding of visual physiology. 2015
337 INNOVA_MEASURE 2 Statistical analyses and composite indicators in research and innovation 2015
338 PICs4All Photonic Integrated Circuits Accessible to Everyone 2016
339 CONNECT CarbON Nanotube compositE InterconneCTs 2016
341 CBTA Feasibility Study for the CBT Academy 2015
342 ERC-OAPEN-2015 Support towards the OAPEN initiative (2015-2016) 2015
343 SINCAT Single Nanoparticle Catalysis 2016
344 ESOF2016 EuroScience Open Forum 2016 (Manchester) 2015
345 NOVOFLOP Non-Volatile Magnetic Flip Flop 2016
346 F-CCW Functional Cell Culture Ware (F-CCW) : Technical and Commercial feasible? 2015
347 GSOP-SC Feasibility assessment on the GreenFlux Service Operations Platform for Smart Charging (GSOP-SC) 2015
349 EXC3ITE EXploring Chemistry, Composition and Circulation in the stratosphere with InnovativeTEchnologies 2016
350 ImMoRiSt Immune Monitoring for RIsk STratification in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients 2016
351 ORISON Innovative infrastructure for astronomical research based on stratospheric balloons 2016
352 MODULAR Modular mechanical-atomic quantum systems 2016
353 NanoPacks NanoPacks: Assembling nanoparticles via evaporation-driven droplet collapse for ultrasensitive detection techniques 2016
354 ARCFIRE Large-scale RINA benchmark on FIRE 2016
355 MACROPMF Macroeconomic Dynamics with Product Market Frictions 2016
356 CODIC COmmercializing first-in-class dCTPase Inhibitors for treatment of hematological Cancers 2016
357 TopInSy Novel phases of matter emerging from topology, interactions, and symmetries 2016
358 MALIG A mathematical approach to the liquid-glass transition: kinetically constrained models, cellular automata and mixed order phase transitions 2016
359 MigrantParents Reproducing Europe: Migrant Parenting and Questions of Citizenship 2015
360 P450RESIST Understanding and exploiting the insect P450 resistome 2016
361 METAWARE Behavioral and neural determinants of metacognition and self-awareness in human adults and infants 2016
362 HUMO What is everybody doing? Social prediction, categorization, and monitoring in the Prefrontal Cortex of the Macaque adopting a new human-monkey (H-M) interactive paradigm. 2016
363 Angiolnc Endothelial long non-coding RNAs 2016
364 CoSTREAM Common mechanisms and pathways in Stroke and Alzheimer's disease. 2015
365 EPIROSE Self-Organising Capacity of Stem Cells during Implantation and Early Post-implantation Development: Implications for Human Development 2016
366 BRAVIUS Brain-viscera interactions underlie subjectivity 2015
367 Lost Frontiers Europe’s Lost Frontiers: exploring climate change, settlement and colonisation of the submerged landscapes of the North Sea basin using ancient DNA, seismic mapping and complex systems modelling 2015
368 WebMAT Web-based system for multi-arrangement task for rapid acquisition of subjectivejudgements. 2016
369 TrimBot2020 A gardening robot for rose, hedge and topiary trimming 2016
371 hackAIR Collective awareness platform for outdoor air pollution 2016
372 MIN-GUIDE Minerals Policy Guidance for Europe 2016
373 NANO-SUPREMI “Tracking nano-bioprocesses using Super-Resolution Microscopy Techniques” 2016
374 COMPASS Colloidal Nanomaterials for Smart Applications 2016
375 NHQWAVE Non-Hermitian Quantum Wave Engineering 2016
376 SIGN-HUB The Sign Hub: preserving, researching and fostering the linguistic, historical and cultural heritage of European Deaf signing communities with an integral resource 2016
377 Dymant-bm Disrupting luxury craftsmanship through innovation : An innovative model for a traditional sector 2016
378 NICH Novel interactions and species’ responses to climate change 2016
379 SIREN Securing Internet Routing from the Ground Up 2016
380 FAB-MOVE For a Better Tomorrow: Social Enterprises on the Move 2016
381 RyD-QMB Rydberg dressed quantum many-body systems 2016
383 BCOOL Barocaloric materials for energy-efficient solid-state cooling 2016
384 STRONG-Q Strong single-photon radiation-pressure coupling for quantum optomechanics 2016
385 SEAQUEL Structured Ensembles of Atoms for Quantum Engineering of Light 2016
386 EUROPIUM The origin of heavy elements: a nuclear physics and astrophysics challenge 2016
387 MECHANOGENOMICS Unravelling mammalian mechanosensor diversity by functional genomics 2016
388 Sea Litter Critters A compact, unmanned, renewables-powered and self-sufficient vessel able to pick up marine litter and to treat it on board for volume reduction and energy recovery 2016
389 ARIADNE ARgon ImAging DetectioN chambEr 2016
390 SIMRA Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas 2016
391 PERFORM Calibration and integration of peripheral and foveal information in human vision 2016
392 INTUIT Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance 2016
393 DIPPHASE Exotic quantum phases with dipolar Fermi gases of spin-polarized Erbium atoms in reduced dimensions 2016
394 ProNeurons Transcription Factor-mediated Neuronal Cell Fate Programming in Human Stem Cells 2016
395 ReProCounters ‘Reciprocal Encounters’ - Young Adults Leaving Care 2016
396 Crossover control New insights into wheat meiosis: Crossover resolution in the absence of the Ph1 locus 2016
397 VoidTrap Advanced studies of trapping and rotation of nanoparticles in vacuum 2016
398 IrisPhone A novel and intuitive communication interface providing life enriching experiences for users in risk of social exclusion 2016
399 ICARO Colloidal Inorganic Nanostructures for Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy 2016
400 PAPAstudy Podocyte Adaptation Proliferation and Ageing 2016
401 TeX-MEx Time resolved X-ray probing of Matter under Extreme conditions 2016
402 MISFIT Mass-Independent SulFate IsoTopes 2016
403 LDC4PCaTher BMX-targeted ligand-drug conjugates for prostate cancer therapy 2016
404 HEFTinLOOPS Effective Field Theory predictions for Higgs production processes at the Large Hadron Collider 2017
405 SEQOO Single-Emitter Quantum Optics and Optomechanics 2016
406 CMIL Crosstalk of Metabolism and Inflammation 2016
407 CASSPIN Comparative Analysis of Social Spaces in Post-Industrial Nations 2016
408 BioCircuit Programmable BioMolecular Circuits: Emulating Regulatory Functions in Living Cells Using a Bottom-Up Approach 2016
409 Hidden Galleries Creative Agency and Religious Minorities: ‘hidden galleries’ in the secret police archives in 20th Century Central and Eastern Europe 2016
410 AlterMateria Designer Quantum Materials Out of Equilibrium 2016
411 TOTAL Technology transfer between modern algorithmic paradigms 2016
412 TranslationRegCode Cracking the Translation Regulatory Code 2016
413 Token Communities Token Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean 2016
414 PLASMIC Plasmonically-enhanced III-V nanowire lasers on silicon for integrated communications 2016
416 GeneBodyMethylation Resolving the Nuts and Bolts of Gene Body Methylation 2016
417 SNSNEWS The new flow of news : how social network sites transform news organization and citizens political behavior 2016
418 DIPLOFACE Diplomatic Face-Work - between confidential negotiations and public display 2016
419 QuModQu Quantification and modality in the realm of questions 2016
420 SIRPOL Strongly interacting Rydberg slow light polaritons 2016
421 CLUSTER Birth of solids: atomic-scale processes in crystal nucleation 2016
422 BPI Bayesian Peer Influence: Group Beliefs, Polarisation and Segregation 2016
423 APPELS A Probe of the Periodic Elements for Life in the Sea 2016
424 PreventStoCan Understanding microbe-induced stomach cancer – the key to a workable strategy for worldwide prevention 2016
425 PROJESTOR PROJECTED MEMRISTOR: A nanoscale device for cognitive computing 2016
426 TARG-SUP Targeting TGF-β activation, likely the core mechanism of immunosuppression by human regulatory T cells. 2016
427 Virus-X Virus-X: Viral Metagenomics for Innovation Value 2016
428 CritCat Towards Replacement of Critical Catalyst Materials by Improved Nanoparticle Control and Rational Design 2016
429 MAST4HEALTH Mastiha treatment for healthy obese with NAFLD diagnosis (MAST4HEALTH). 2016
430 hRBP-virion Comprehensive identification of host factors involved in the early steps of HIV infection. 2017
431 TheGayVoice Beyond “Straight Talking”: The Consequences of Vocal Cues to to Sexual Identity for Modern Prejudice 2016
432 AsLife Life in Arsenic rich environments: a challenge or an opportunity? 2016
433 SF-QFT Fundamental physics with intense laser fields 2016
434 BigERRORS Exploring the promise of big data for medical error elimination 2016
435 DynamAtt Dynamics of Attentional Networks in the Human Brain in Health and Disease: Evidence from Intracerebral and MEG Recordings 2017
436 TOFNITW Transformation of Family Norms in a Transnational World: How LGBT Migrants can Affect Change through Social Remittances 2017
437 AGENTSEGET Itinerant Cultural Agents in Early Modern Europe and the Scotsman Thomas Seget: A Case-Study 2016
438 EnterTerra Transcriptional regulation and mechanistic insights on the telomeric lncRNA TERRA 2016
439 Ex-SPACE Exploring Social Permeability in Ancient Communities of Europe 2016
440 JUSECON Legal rights and the political economy of debt and austerity in Europe 2017
441 PEACH Parental Employment and Child Investments 2017
442 OFBioSens-MIP Optical fibre biomimetic sensors based on Lossy Mode Resonances with Molecularly Imprinted Polymers 2016
443 HURIME Human Rights in the Post-Uprisings Middle East: Emerging Discourses and Practices in Egypt and Tunisia 2017
444 WaterfallModel3D Controls on knickpoint migration and consequences for landscape evolution: experimental and numerical modelling 2016
445 DipInQuantum Dipolar quantum gases of Dysprosium 2016
446 CAP-CANCER Cold atmospheric plasma treatment for effective cancer cell apoptosis 2016
447 Glycoli Design of glycan epitope toolbox: a novel pathway for protein N-glycosylation in the E. coli cytosol 2016
448 SELDOM SElective Deposition Of 2D Materials 2016
449 EpiCDomestic Epigenetics of Canine Domestication from the Upper Paleolithic onwards 2017
450 EStoPARENTING Individual Differences in Environmental Sensitivity to Parenting 2016
451 Integrating Memories Integrating memories: Exploring knowledge integration enhancement at the intersection of education and neuroscience 2016
452 CUISINE An innovative approach for the study of culinary practices in past societies 2017
453 NOFLAME Flame retardant Nanocontainers 2016
454 Exile and Technology Austro-German exile in America 1930-45: interrogating the relationship between science, technology and modern selfhood in cultural and musical discourses. 2016
455 Rockslope_failures Improve our understanding of Rock Slope Failures using calving events 2016
456 PEARLE Peers in ECEC centres: who are they and do they matter? An empirical analysis on ECEC group composition, its drivers and its effects 2016
457 PELIG Characterisation of a Novel Pathway for Lignin Fragment Degradation in Rhodococcus jostii 2016
458 NeuroASPECT Neuronal Alternative Splicing and RNA-Editing Crosstalk 2017
459 PalmHydraulics Palm hydraulics linking biodiversity and functioning of tropical forests under climate change 2016
460 NARS Novel ecological adsorbent using Schwertmannite material for Removal of Selenate and Selenite from contaminated water 2016
461 XPGCS Single cell profiling of X chromosome reactivation during primordial germ cell specification in vivo 2016
462 DYNAMO Characterization of the diversity and function of plankton associated microbiota 2016
463 CHIMMM Discovery of novel chiral magnetic molecular materials for the study of magnetochiral effects 2016
464 EquiPE Balancing social equity and biodiversity outcomes in protected area management. 2017
465 Gut-InflammAge Age-associated signatures in the composition and pro-inflammatory status of the gut microbiome in humans and mice, and the impact of a periodic fasting intervention to promote healthy aging 2016
466 MECHANOCHECK ATR-mediated mechanotransduction and connections with the actin cytoskeleton 2016
467 AVISSO Audiovisual Speech Segmentation and Oscillations 2016
468 ASRD Acoustic species recognition in delphinids 2016
469 MetricIMo The Econometrics of Intergenerational Mobility 2017
470 DASCE Dissecting specific amygdala-striatal circuits for exploration 2017
471 MOCCA Mobile context-aware cross-cultural applications 2016
472 MANAN Mannan-related enzymes of wheat endosperm 2016
473 DCNextEve LV DC microgrids for evolved energy communities 2016
474 EC GNG metabolism Endothelial Gluconeogenesis: a novel target for tumor anti-angiogenesis? 2017
475 OCEAN-IDs OCEAN in-situ Isotope and Dissolved gas sensing 2016
476 FabricMetrics Computer-Aided Fashion with Yarn-Level Fabric Models 2017
477 OMIS Feasibility study on Opto-Magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy for cancer screening 2016
478 CCP Feasibility assessment on sustainable bulk products, made from coconut fibers 2016
479 Be-novative A social application, which helps to generate ideas, solve problems while using the cyber-space and cyber-society 2016
480 PSYCHOCONTEXT Contextualising psychosocial wellbeing and mental health within sociocultural dynamics 2016
481 EUICIT EU Intersex Citizenship 2016
482 INVISIBLE WATERS Visualizing aquifers: sustainable water use in the Atacama Desert and beyond 2017
483 DIET-SEX-GENOMICS Linking genotype to phenotype - Role of diet on sex-specific reproduction 2016
484 SOCIAL ROBOTS Mechanisms and Consequences of Attributing Socialness to Artificial Agents 2016
485 FAHMRRR Focus alternatives in the human mind: Retrieval, representation, and recall 2016
486 TibArmy The Tibetan Army of the Dalai Lamas (1642-1959) 2016
487 Dynasore Dynamical magnetic excitations with spin-orbit interaction in realistic nanostructures 2016
488 QOM3D Quantum Optomechanics in 3D 2016
489 SYNVIA Synthetic viability of homologous recombination-deficient cancers 2016
490 VIBRANT-BIO High-throughput vibrational fingerprinting by nanoplasmonics for disease biology 2017
491 REPSUMODDT Mechanisms and regulators coordinating replication integrity and DNA damage tolerance. 2016
492 EvoStruc The physics of antibiotic resistance evolution in spatially-structured multicellular assemblies 2016
493 PLANTCULT Identifying the food cultures of ancient Europe: an interdisciplinary investigation of plant ingredients, culinary transformation and evolution through time 2016
494 MatEnSAP Semi-Artificial Photosynthesis with Wired Enzymes 2016
495 WATERSPOUTT Water - Sustainable Point-Of-Use Treatment Technologies 2016
496 CLAiR-CITY Citizen Led Air pollution Reduction in Cities 2016
497 OMNES Open Many-body Non-Equilibrium Systems 2016
498 NuBSM From Fermi to Planck : a bottom up approach 2016
499 pre-FAB Prenylated-flavins: Application and Biochemistry 2016
500 ESTIA Exponential sums, translation invariance, and applications 2016
501 ATM4E Air Traffic Management for environment 2016
502 FLAME Fragility and Geopolitics in the Middle East and North Africa 2016
503 PrinTeam Political knowledge as teamwork: The Academy of Zamość print shop (1594-1627) 2016
504 EDU-DEM Democratization through Education? The role of education in strengthening civil agency and voice in Sub-Saharan Africa. (Case study: Uganda) 2016
505 CADENT Competitive Advantage for the Data-driven ENTerprise 2016
506 LEaDing Fellows LEaDing Fellows 2017
507 METODA Methodological Explorations between Design and Social Sciences 2016
508 FUTURE-MOBILE Distributed Massive MIMO for Next Generation Wireless Communications 2016
509 COMPASS Evidence and opportunities for responsible innovation in SMEs 2016
510 POSEC Postsecular Conflicts and the role of Russian Orthodoxy in the transnational alliances of moral conservative traditionalists 2016
511 EpigenomeProgramming An experimental and bioinformatic toolbox for functional epigenomics and its application to epigenetically making and breaking a cancer cell 2016
512 MATTERDESIGN New Science and Technology of Artificial Layered Structures and Devices 2016
513 CHESS-SETUP Combined HEat SyStem by using Solar Energy and heaT pUmPs 2016
514 FACTORY New paradigms for latent factor estimation 2016
515 DAFNE DAFNE: Use of a Decision-Analytic Framework to explore the water-energy-food NExus in complex and trans-boundary water resources systems of fast growing developing countries. 2016
516 TReX Transient Relativistic eXplosions 2016
517 YouthCult The Cultural Experience of International Students: Narratives from North and South Europe 2016
518 MAtISSE Multichannel Investigation of Solar Modulation Effects in Galactic Cosmic Rays 2016
519 GECEM Global Encounters between China and Europe: Trade Networks, Consumption and Cultural Exchanges in Macau and Marseille (1680-1840) 2016
520 GPSART Geometric aspects in pathwise stochastic analysis and related topics 2016
521 LUMINOUS Studying, Measuring and Altering Consciousness through information theory in the electrical brain 2016
522 PAThs Tracking Papyrus and Parchment Paths: An Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature. Literary Texts in their Geographical Context: Production, Copying, Usage, Dissemination and Storage 2016
523 PHOSPhOR Photonics of Spin–Orbit Optical Phenomena 2016
524 NANOFACTORY Building tomorrow’s nanofactory 2016
525 GRADIENT Understanding fire, weather and land cover interactions from long-term terrestrial observations and satellite data in a north to south transect in Europe and North Africa 2016
526 CoSMaS Developing an interdisciplinary Collaborative Self-Management Support model: behavioural and communication tools for integrated care 2017
527 VISMEM Visualising memories of violence in urban places: gender and wellbeing in Istanbul 2016
528 DYNAMAG Exploring high-frequency DYNAmics in artificial MAGnetic frustrated systems 2016
529 OpenUP OPENing UP new methods, indicators and tools for peer review, impact measurement and dissemination of research results 2016
530 LiRichFCC A new class of powerful materials for electrochemical energy storage: Lithium-rich oxyfluorides with cubic dense packing 2016
531 GENEVA Unravelling how GENEtic VAriation in attentional control contributes to working memory capacity 2016
532 FOODEV Food and Gastronomy as leverage for local development 2016
533 Yeast-Glyco Nucleocytoplasmic O-glycosylation in Yeast 2016
534 REPROHEAT Increasing reproductive success in crops under high ambient temperature 2017
535 TMS_ATT Brain stimulation of attention networks: examining old principles and developing new clinical applications 2016
536 DISPMIC Dispersal limitation and colonization of new land by symbiotic microorganisms 2016
537 SOFIA Situated Learning Opportunities fostered by ICT applications in Alternative Agro-Food Networks 2016
538 EPOC Understanding the molecular basis of stochastic bi-stable obesity 2016
539 NanOQTech Nanoscale Systems for Optical Quantum Technologies 2016
540 VAMOS The value of mothers to society: responses to motherhood and child rearing practices in prehistoric Europe 2016
541 POLICYAID Policy, practice and patient experience in the age of intensified data sourcing 2016
542 2D-CHEM Two-Dimensional Chemistry towards New Graphene Derivatives 2016
543 FRAME Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures 2016
544 Gen-Epix Genetic Determinants of the Epigenome 2016
545 MOTO the embodied reMOte Tower 2016
546 SAMSON SAMSON: Integrating computational nanoscience 2016
547 reSEARCH Re(search) 2016
548 FUSION2NIGHT Follow your scientific passion and join us tonight on Researchers’ Night. 2016
550 BloodStemPLUS Commercial feasibility study of a technology that multiplies blood stem cells to increase the success of transplants for cancer treatment 2016
551 CarbonOrO CarbonOrO 2016
552 CHEMCHECK CHECKPOINTS IN CHECK: Novel Chemical Toolbox for Local Cancer Immunotherapy 2016
553 VERTEBRATE HERBIVORY Evolution of herbivory in vertebrates: developing combined isotope (Ca, Sr) and dental surface texture analysis as deep time diet proxies 2016
554 ComparingCopperbelt Comparing the Copperbelt: Political Culture and Knowledge Production in Central Africa 2016
555 Valleys Valley and spin devices based on two-dimensional semiconductors 2016
556 PyroPop Mechanisms and regulation of inflammasome-associated programmed cell death 2017
557 SUSCAT New Directions in Sustainable Catalysis by Metal Complexes 2016
558 EMoBookTrade The Early Modern Book Trade: An Evidence-based Reconstruction of the Economic and Juridical Framework of the European Book Market 2016
559 MeerTRAP Discovering Fast Transients and Pulsars with MeerKAT for Cosmology and to Test the Laws of Gravity 2016
560 MEDIA4SEC The emerging role of new social media in enhancing public security 2016
561 WAVEFIL WAvelength VErsatile Pulsed Raman FIbre Lasers 2017
562 BioMIC-FUEL Bio-inspired photonics for enhanced microalgal photosynthesis in biofuels 2017
563 CONMIC Concrete micromolds for microinjection molding 2016
564 Miniature Robots Commercialisation of new miniaturised, automated robots for high throughput training and assessment of dexterity in rats and mice. 2016
565 LipVerify Feasibility study on the development of LipVerify - a new viseme based user authentication service. 2016
566 Teraki Making Big Data Small for the Internet of Things 2016
567 MORALSELF Unravelling the moral self 2016
568 CentrioleBirthDeath Mechanism of centriole inheritance and maintenance 2017
569 NMDADYN NMDA receptor diversity: from molecular dynamics to synaptic physiopathology 2016
570 GroundForce GroundForce: Grounding Natural Language Semantics in Video Games 2016
571 BodyCapital The healthy self as body capital: Individuals, market-based societies and body politics in visual twentieth century Europe. 2016
572 SIDSCA Defective DNA Damage Responses in Dominant Neurodegenerative Diseases 2016
573 RespeCT Respiratory Disease Screening with Dark-Field Computed Tomography 2016
574 TAROX Targeting oxidative repair proteins for treatment of cancer and inflammation 2016
575 ExtendGlass Extending the range of the glassy state: Exploring structure and property limits in metallic glasses 2016
576 PETRIFYING WEALTH Petrifying Wealth. The Southern European Shift to Masonry as Collective Investment in Identity, c.1050-1300 2017
577 SCOUTFermi2D Strongly correlated ultracold fermions in two-dimensional tailored optical potentials: pairing, superfluidity and disorder 2016
578 6D STRINGS Tensionless strings of six-dimensional superconformal theories 2016
580 Sniper-ARM High-Speed Architectural Simulation of ARM-based Systems 2016
581 BrainControl Stable Brain-Machine control via a learnable standalone interface 2016
582 PROCEEDS Probing Complex Dynamical Structures in Three Dimensions 2016
583 optiTruck optimal fuel consumption with Predictive PowerTrain control and calibration for intelligent Truck 2016
584 StartInnShop StartInnShop - Startup Innovation goes to market 2016
585 SURGIS Open Platform for X-Ray robotics medical imaging and surgical navigation 2016
586 Quality2Cells TimeLapseReader for Quality Control of Immune Cells used for Cell-Based Therapies 2016
587 sSM Sensefinity Social Machines 2016
588 eForcis eForcis and BeForcis, Wave Energy Generators for marine buoys and devices. 2016
589 QCALL Quantum Communications for ALL 2016
590 BactInd Bacterial cooperation at the individual cell level 2016
591 NARRATIVENSCIENCE Narrative Ordering and Explanation in the Sciences: Historical Investigations and Perspectives 2016
592 ParaplegiaAxonsER Functional interactions between endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria in Drosophila axons 2017
593 HoTRiverS Heterogeneity of Temperature in Rivers and Streams 2017
594 HumAn Humanizing Antiquity: Biocultural Approaches to Identity Formation in Ancient Boeotia, central Greece 2016
595 PolyP-FXII in cancer The polyphosphate/factor-XII pathway in cancer-driven thrombosis and tumor growth 2017
596 TCR Feasibility Assessment on Thermal Catalytical Reforming 2016
597 LoC The Logic of Conceivability: Modelling Rational Imagination with Non-Normal Modal Logics 2017
598 IN-TOUCH IN-TOUCH: Digital Touch and Communication 2016
599 PROBIt Identifying Predictors of Risk and Resilience for poor neuropsychological Outcome following childhood Brain InsulTs (PROBIt) 2016
600 ProCovar Exploring new applications of amino acid covariation analysis in modelling proteins and their complexes 2016
601 SURE Safe Unmanned Robotic Ensembles 2016
602 MarPipe Improving the flow in the pipeline of the next generation of marine biodiscovery scientists 2016
603 UTOPIAE Uncertainty Treatment and OPtimisation In Aerospace Engineering 2017
604 AM-motion A strategic approach to increasing Europe’s value proposition for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities 2016
605 RUNIN The Role of Universities in Innovation and Regional Development 2016
606 4PHOTON Novel Quantum Emitters monolithically grown on Si, Ge and III-V substrates 2017
607 UPGRADE High efficient Particulate free Gasoline Engines 2016
608 CHEurope Critical Heritage Studies and the Future of Europe_Towards an integrated, interdisciplinary and transnational training model in cultural heritage research and management 2016
609 ETHOS Towards a European THeory Of juStice and fairness 2017
610 ENLARGE ENLARGE – ENergies for Local Administrations: Renovate Governance in Europe 2016
611 WYRED netWorked Youth Research for Empowerment in the Digital society 2016
612 SCORE Score board of competitiveness of European transport manufacturing industries 2016
613 4PRIMA Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area 2016
614 VINCAT A Unified Approach to Redox-Neutral C-C Couplings: Exploiting Vinyl Cation Rearrangements 2017
615 DanioPattern Development and Evolution of Colour Patterns in Danio species 2016
616 Burst3D Type I bursts in 3D 2016
617 MEDICINE MEDICINE. Indigenous concepts of health and healing in Andean populations: understanding the relevance of traditional MEDICINE in a changing world. 2016
620 14Constraint Radiocarbon constraints for models of C cycling in terrestrial ecosystems: from process understanding to global benchmarking 2016
621 NET4IQ Network Techniques for Interaction Quenches 2016
622 CombiCat Combined Catalysis: Enhancing Asymmetric Synthesis 2016
623 TIPA Tidal Turbine Power Take-Off Accelerator 2016
624 HOM Homo Mimeticus: Theory and Criticism 2016
625 GENOMIS Illuminating GENome Organization through integrated MIcroscopy and Sequencing 2018
626 NonlinearMeta Controlling optical nonlinearity with plasmonic metamaterials 2017
627 C2Phase Closure of the Cloud Phase 2017
628 DRY-2-DRY Do droughts self-propagate and self-intensify? 2017
629 PLASMECS NanoPlasmoMechanical Systems 2016
630 CA-RES3 Concerted Action supporting the transposition and implementation of Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (RES Directive) 2016
631 CEASELESS Copernicus Evolution and Aplications with Sentinel Enhancements and Land Effluents for Shores and Seas 2016
632 SYNC_DEV The importance of transcriptional coordination during development 2017
633 NonVisNumCog The role vision plays in shaping the representation of numbers. 2017
634 SIPEA Social Investment Perspective in Work-Family Reconciliation Measures in Europe and East Asia 2016
635 PSINFONI Particle-Surface Interactions in Near Field Optics: Spin-orbit Effects of Light and Optical/Casimir Forces 2017
636 TopoCold Manipulation of topological phases with cold atoms 2017
637 Data Pitch Accelerating data to market 2017
638 HOT Hybrid Optomechanical Technologies 2017
639 TRANSNATIONALaw Transnationalism and Unofficial Law: The Case of Kurds in Turkey and Germany 2017
640 CyBioSys An affordable Cyber Biological System combining swarming biosensors and robotics 2016
641 SmartLife Smart Clothing Gamification to promote Energy-related Behaviours among Adolescents 2017
642 PEGASUS The makeup of the modern horse: a history of the biological changes introduced by human management 2016
643 CaBiS Chemistry and Biology in Synergy - Studies of hydrogenases using a combination of synthetic chemistry and biological tools 2017
644 SMILE Statistical Mechanics of Learning 2017
645 InStance Intentional stance for social attunement 2017
646 INFO-LEG Understanding information for legal protection of people against information-induced harms 2017
647 BrainCom High-density cortical implants for cognitive neuroscience and rehabilitation of speech using brain-computer interfaces. 2016
648 GHaNA The Genus Haslea, New marine resources for blue biotechnology and Aquaculture 2017
649 TILC Targeting Innate Lymphoid Cells 2017
650 AtoFun Atomic Scale Defects: Structure and Function 2017
651 TRIPOD The transition to a renewable electricity system and its interactions with other policy aims 2017
652 DAFIA Biomacromolecules from municipal solid bio-waste fractions and fish waste for high added value applications. 2017
653 SAFE-Aqua SustainAble Farming for Effective Aquaculture 2017
654 CoBeN Novel Network-Based Approaches for Studying Cognitive Dysfunction in Behavioral Neurology 2017
655 INTEGRAL INitiative to bring the 2nd generation of ThermoElectric Generators into industrial ReALity 2016
656 NONCODRIVERS Finding noncoding cancer drivers 2016
657 whyBOTher Why does Clostridium botulinum kill? – In search for botulinum neurotoxin regulators 2017
658 3D-Plant2Cells Exploring the Impact of Pesticide on the 3D Metabolome and the Microbiota from the Whole Plant to the Cell Scale 2017
659 BinCosmos The Impact of Massive Binaries Through Cosmic Time 2017
660 GUTPEPTIDES Novel therapeutic approaches to improve gastrointestinal wound healing 2017
661 PHONOMETA Frontiers in Phononics: Parity-Time Symmetric Phononic Metamaterials 2016
662 OPREP Operator Based Representations for Geometry Processing 2017
663 Chi2-Nano-Oxides Second-Order Nano-Oxides for Enhanced Nonlinear Photonics 2017
664 NanoPhennec Nanophononic devices: from phonon networks to phonon CQED 2017
666 ColOpt Collective effects and optomechanics in ultra-cold matter 2017
667 INTERFUTURE From microbial interactions to new-concept biopesticides and biofertilizers 2016
668 BiofoulRepel Biofoulant-repelling surfaces for catheters and other biomedical devices 2017
669 eMobilita Electromobility in urban transport: a multi-dimensional innovation (socio-economic and environmental effects) 2017
671 AMPLIFY Amplifying Human Perception Through Interactive Digital Technologies 2016
672 VitruVius The Genetics and Physiology of Growth and Size Determination 2017
673 TRANSPOS-X Transposable elements, their controllers and the genesis of human-specific transcriptional networks 2017
674 BIOSEC Biodiversity and Security: understanding environmental crime, illegal wildlife trade and threat finance. 2016
675 THZCALORIMETRY Time Resolved THz Calorimetry explores Molecular Recognition Processes 2016
677 TARICA PoliTical And socioinstitutional change in NoRth AfrICA: competition of models and diversity of national trajectories 2017
678 CaPE The International Court of Justice and the Preservation of Peace in the 21st Century: Global Governance in Action 2016
679 BONEPHAGY Defining the role of the FGF – autophagy axis in bone physiology 2017
680 SPACEVAR Quantitative analysis of variability and robustness in spatial pattern formation 2017
681 FlexNanoFlow Ultra-flexible nanostructures in flow: controlling folding, fracture and orientation in large-scale liquid processing of 2D nanomaterials 2017
682 FREEMIND FREE the MIND: the neurocognitive determinants of intentional decision 2017
683 IDEAAL International Development of gAnil-spirAL2 2017
684 ORTHOUNION ORTHOpedic randomized clinical trial with expanded bone marrow MSC and bioceramics versus autograft in long bone nonUNIONs 2017
685 PRE-EST Preparatory Phase for the European Solar Telescope 2017
686 DNA TRUSTAG DNA TRUSTAG - A paradigm shift in authentication technologies 2017
687 EXPOVIBE Exposure to Political Violence and Individual Behavior 2017
688 Bio-ICD Biological auto-detection and termination of heart rhythm disturbances 2017
689 GlobalCitizenshipLaw Global Citizenship Law: International Migration and Constitutional Identity 2017
690 ADJUV-ANT VACCINES Elucidating the Molecular Mechanisms of Synthetic Saponin Adjuvants and Development of Novel Self-Adjuvanting Vaccines 2017
691 SURVANT SURveillance Video Archives iNvestigation assisTant 2017
692 BIOSENSIZE SIZE selective optical SENsing of BIOmolecules with functionalized porous photonic structures 2016
693 CoCo Construct and Collapse: Self-emergence and dynamics under global-change scenarios of mutualistic systems 2017
694 CAPABLE Chemical Composition characterization of air pollution (aerosols and gases) on the basis of nonlinear multi-channel lidar experiments 2017
695 NARMESH Narrating the Mesh: Ecology and the Non-Human in Contemporary Fiction and Oral Storytelling 2017
696 MAGNETIC-SPEED-LIMIT Understanding the speed limits of magnetism 2017
697 EURECON The Making of a Lopsided Union: Economic Integration in the European Economic Community, 1957-1992 2017
698 Becoming Social Social Interaction Perception and the Social Brain Across Typical and Atypical Development 2017
699 GIANTCLIMES Giants through Time: Towards a Comprehensive Giant Planet Climatology 2017
700 Habitat-OASIS Habitability of Oceans and Aqueous Systems on Icy Satellites 2017
701 HEINSOL Hierarchically Engineered Inorganic Nanomaterials from the atomic to supra-nanocrystalline level as a novel platform for SOLution Processed SOLar cells 2017
702 SuperRepel Superslippery Liquid-Repellent Surfaces 2017
703 OrbEx Innovative Low-Mass Tanks for a Low-Cost European Micro-Launch Vehicle 2017
704 TICOAJO TItanium COmposite Adhesive JOints 2017
705 CancerFluxome Cancer Cellular Metabolism across Space and Time 2017
706 DIFFINCL Differential Inclusions and Fluid Mechanics 2017
707 EspLORE Extending the science perspectives of linear wires of carbon atoms from fundamental research to emerging materials 2017
708 PLANETESYS The next-generation planet formation model 2017
709 PhotonICSWARM Photonic Integrated Circuits using Scattered Waveguide elements in an Adaptive, Reconfigurable Mesh. 2017
710 IDEM In Defence of Experimental Medicine: Emotional Appeals and Medical Didacticism in Germany,Britain and North America, 1870-1914 2017
711 MDRZYMES Multidrug resistance gene regulators as scaffolds for the design and evolution of artificial metalloenzymes 2017
712 BePreSysE Beyond Precision Cosmology: dealing with Systematic Errors 2017
713 RE-FASHIONING Re-fashioning the Renaissance: Popular Groups, Fashion and the Material and Cultural Significance of Clothing in Europe, 1550-1650 2017
714 VehmeLit Legal Cultures and Literary Trials in the Age of Goethe. The Vehmic Court Motif in Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspective 2018
716 BRAVEST Boosting Reward-based Attention through VEstibular STimulation 2018
717 FEM1970 The Discovery of Pleasure. Female Sexuality and Value Change in West Germany and Italy in the Long Seventies 2017
718 Austere Reasons Do Desires, and only Desires, Justify Action? Evaluating a Radical Version of 'Internalism about Reasons' 2017
719 HyQuIP Hybrid Quantum Integrated Photonics 2017
720 INWELCHAV Intersectional Analyses of Welfare Chauvinism in Europe 2017
721 PROFOLIG Covalent-ligation-assisted elucidation of protein-aromatic foldamer interactions 2017
722 WARCAP Fiscal capacity and warfare in Europe and Latin America in the long nineteenth century (1789-1913). 2017
723 metabolicomp Computational dynamics studies of drug metabolism by P450 enzymes 2017
724 ROSALIND Investigating fibROmuscular dysplasia and spontaneous coronary Artery dissection using genetic and functionaL genomics to decipher the origIN of two female specific cardiovascular Diseases 2017
725 NONLINMAT Functional extreme nonlinear nanomaterials 2017
726 SMARTIES Scattering Media as a Resource Towards Information Processing and Sensing 2017
727 ONCOmetENHANCERS Elucidating the Role of Enhancer Methylation Variation in Cancer and Developing Enhancer-based Markers and Targets for Precision Medicine 2017
728 FRAME Framework for the Analysis of Research and Adoption Activities and their Macroeconomic Effects 2017
729 HORA EST Humanitarian Optimization through Research by Argusi – Envisioning Shorter Times of delivery 2017
730 TeleoLogic Logical and Psychological Foundations for a Teleosemantic Theory of Productivity 2017
731 Mobilising Archives Mobilising Archives: photography in Southwest Angola 2017
732 MILORD Managing trIplets for fLuorescence in ORganics: Towards a predictive moDel (MILORD) 2017
733 SPEAKER DICE Robust SPEAKER DIariazation systems using Bayesian inferenCE and deep learning methods 2017
734 UBIMAPS Ubiquitin-dependent regulation of the microtubule cytoskeleton 2017
735 DOC Dark Ocean Cosmeceuticals -DOC-: The Cosmetical and Pharmaceutical Potential of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter 2017
736 SCAVENGER Determining the drivers and importance of scavenging behaviors in a changing world using agent based modeling approaches. 2017
737 HiddenLife Understanding the role of environmental and climatic changes in shaping subterranean diversity to preserve Europe’s unique hidden biodiversity 2017
738 ColoFILM Multifunctional polymeric film-based drug delivery system for oral anti-TNF-alpha-based inflammatory bowel disease therapy 2017
739 2D-COF-WS Designing and screening two dimensional covalent organic frameworks for effective water splitting 2017
740 sharpEDGE From Bulk to Edge: Realization and Characterization of Fractionalized Quantum Matter 2017
741 T.A.MA 'Sharing without Solidarity: Politics, Heritage and Pilgrimage in a Divided European Society' 2017
742 MetEpiStem Dissecting the crosstalk between metabolism and transcriptional regulation in pluripotent stem cells. 2017
743 DUALITY Theoretical Foundations of Memory Micro-Insertions in Wireless Communications 2017
744 FEMTOCOLORS Femtosecond Temporally Coherent Supercontinuum Fiber Laser for Multi-Photon Microscopy 2017
745 MILC New system for Automatic Music identification of live events and cover versions 2017
746 Renaissance Idiocy Representing Idiocy and Intellectual Disability in Early Modern English Literature, 1500-1640 2017
747 ACTIVEMOTION3D Experimental Study of Three-dimensional Dynamics of Active Particles 2017
748 CriTiClean Supercritical carbon dioxide for delipidation of soft tissue - Suppressing transplant rejection. 2017
749 SupaSteD Suppresion of adaptive immunity by the Salmonella effector SteD 2017
750 FABCARB Fermentation And behaviour of carbohydrates in the colon 2017
751 Robust OTFT sensors Ultra-robust, flexible organic sensors for application in lactic acid sensing and selective biosensing 2017
752 GeoMOP Modern Geospatial Practices for Ancient Movement Praxis 2018
753 PERIGROWTH States, firms and, sustainable economic growth: A view from the periphery 2018
754 PLOMAT Plotting the material flows of commonplace Late Bronze Age Seals in Western Eurasia 2018
755 Justhood (Un)Just Neighbourhoods Socio-Spatial Justice in Urban Neighbourhoods 2018
756 EPIRIDE Riding to extinction: epigenomics of the Ice Age horses 2018
757 SHAPPI Scaffold hybridization approach targeting PPIs 2017
758 Apricale The impact of literary translation funding on the transnational mobility of minor European literatures. 2017
759 CH4BioVal Biological Valorization of Methane Emissions 2017
760 ISONEO Isotopic evidence for diet and mobility during the Neolithic transition to farming in the Near East 2017
761 COGNAC NeuroCOGNitive impact of Air pollution exposures in Childhood: Assessment of air pollution effects on the development of cognition and behaviour in children 2017
762 CoPOWER Government of Life and Death: The Rise of Coercive Power in European Late Prehistory 2017
763 HIPPOCRATE Hybrid Imaging of PET and PrOmpt gamma for preCision RAnge- and biological- guidance in proton ThErapy 2017
764 MIND THE GUT Mind the Gut: Molecular Markers of Microbiome Evolution 2017
765 ABISSE AB Initio Simulations for Super-Earths 2017
766 MORPHOLITHEX Morphology of Lithic Artifacts: Experimental and Morphometric Approaches 2017
767 MigSol Migration Solidarity and Acts of Citizenship along the Balkan Route 2017
768 LIVEWELL Living Well: Provisioning Systems for Sustainable Resource Use and Human Well-Being 2017
769 WILDGUT GUT biota indices: a new tool for WILD animal conservation 2017
770 SOLSTORE Solid-state reactions for thermal energy storage 2017
771 MoveAGAIN Movement restoration with Adaptive EEG And Immersive Neurofeedback 2018
772 DEMETS Impact of Environmental Tobacco Smoke on Incidence and Outcomes of Dementia. 2018
773 CC4M Innovation through co-creation in contemporary mining relations: a new paradigm for stakeholder engagement at resource extraction project 2017
774 ENERGYMAPS Revealing the electronic energy landscape of multi-layered (opto)electronic devices 2017
775 SOFT-PHOTOCONVERSION Solar Energy Conversion without Solid State Architectures: Pushing the Boundaries of Photoconversion Efficiencies at Self-healing Photosensitiser Functionalised Soft Interfaces 2017
776 Mideast Med A regional history of medicine in the modern Middle East, 1830-1960 2017
777 METROMOD Relocating Modernism: Global Metropolises, Modern Art and Exile 2017
778 SYMCELLS Resolving the molecular mechanisms of intracellular coral-algal symbiosis 2017
779 InPhoTime Insect Photoperiodic Timer 2017
780 COEXIST Coexistence on the boundary of chaos 2017
781 LARMAR Land Use and Resource Management at the Agricultural - Forest Frontier 2017
782 GEOHEAL Self-healing geological construction materials and structures 2018
783 PhARRAO Photo- And Radical induced Reactivity of Atmospheric Oxidants 2017
784 AFOREST Effects of common European tree species on interactions between C and N processes in soil and soil biota 2018
785 BogomolovMultiplier Bogomolov Multiplier 2017
786 ProFrost Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of Antifreeze and Ice Nucleator Proteins:Coarse-Grain Approach for Multiscale Study and Bio-Engineering 2018
787 WILDCAT Wildcat Economics: Informal Mining and Gold from the Global Margins in Contemporary Latin America 2017
788 TISSUENEU Role of infiltrating neutrophils in tissue homeostasis 2017
789 TURKEY Uncovering the Transatlantic History of Turkey Husbandry and Breeding using a Multi-Disciplinary Approach 2017
790 DESYNE Development of synaptic networks in songbirds 2018
791 COMPEL COsts and Mechanisms of Personalised Exercise and Education for chronic Low back pain 2018
792 GLAZE The use of glazing traditions to examine the dynamics of interaction between cultures in contact: A case study of Cypriot glazed wares from the 11th to 17th centuries AD 2017
793 HousePoetics House Poetics. An 'assemblage' approach to the production and transmission of value in Bronze Age Crete. 2017
794 IGR-IDS Intergovernmental relations in divided societies 2018
795 SLLB Sacred Landscapes in Late Byzantium 2018
796 REMES Regulation and Metabolic Engineering of Saponins for use as bio-pesticides. 2017
797 ONCOPHAGY Novel Atg4B-inhibitors and dual [Atg4B-carbonic anhydrase]inhibitors for interfering with cytoprotective mechanisms of cancercells in the acidic tumor micro-environment. 2017
798 Anti-CRISPR Uncovering viral sabotage of host CRISPR-Cas immune systems 2018
799 eSEAS Enhancing Seafood Ethics and Sustainability: A Values and Ecosystem-based Management Approach 2017
800 UPtoPARIS PhD Programme of Advanced Research in Interdisciplinary Science at ESPCI Paris 2018
801 TIMING Time-Resolved Nonlinear Ghost Imaging 2017
802 QuStA Quantum State Assembler 2017
803 ZVW Evaluation of the side effects of Virtual Reality technology on young peoples' bodies and minds to create an innovative solution to a nascent problem 2017
804 BBEB Barbara Bodichon's Epistolary Bildung 2017
805 ChildEmp Understanding children's empathy: an ethnographic study among the indigenous Runa of the Ecuadorian Amazon 2018
806 CINK Advancing cancer immunotherapy using natural killer cells for hematological and metastatic cancers 2018
807 VHPC Optical valley Hall effect in gapped graphene for infrared and terahertz light photodetection 2017
808 TherSpinMol Exploring Thermoelectric and Spintronic properties of Molecular Devices 2017
809 PiezoSpin Antiferromagnetic straintronics: towards an non-volatile all-voltage controlled memory device 2017
810 MIDAS Predictive modelling of GPCR druggable allosteric sites 2017
811 REFOREST The Role of extreme drought and legacy EFfects of long-term manipulatiOn of water availability on growth and REproduction of ScoTs pine REFOREST 2017
812 CARING CARe in an INterGenerational contextHow do changes in family formation trajectories reflect in later intergenerational relations? A three-generations perspective 2017
813 PI3K-VAs Activation of PI3K signalling in the pathogenesis of Vascular Anomalies 2018
814 V-ChiralSpin Voltage Control of Chiral Spin Structures 2018
815 MOOC_DaSI Patterns of diffusion and social implications of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): A comparative study between United States and Europe 2017
816 SAREE The Social Anthropology of Rabies Epidemiology and Elimination 2018
817 ECO_REBUS Profiting from ECO-innovation: the RolE of BUSiness model 2017
818 BRASILIAE Indigenous Knowledge in the Making of Science: Historia Naturalis Brasiliae (1648) 2018
819 AGENT A neuroscience approach to investigating how hierarchy influences moral behaviour 2017
820 FLASH Heterogeneous Effects of Fiscal Consolidation on Firms' Balance Sheets 2017
821 MRI-STRUCTURE MRI Signal To Recover Unique Cerebral TissUe Response to changEs 2018
822 MITODYN Role of calcium fluxes in mitochondrial dynamics 2017
823 ONCOGENEVOL The evolutionary history of oncogenic and non-oncogenic papillomaviruses 2017
824 TICOH Taming Irregular Computations On Heterogeneous processors 2017
825 SASPAT Smart Alloys Surface Patterning for Properties Tuning 2017
826 protonCBCT Proton CT reconstruction with a Cone Beam CT prior 2017
827 eAXON Electronic AXONs: wireless microstimulators based on electronic rectification of epidermically applied currents 2017
828 POLBUSNETWORKS Political and Business Networks 2017
829 PATHORISC Reprogramming of small RNA function in plant-pathogen interactions 2017
830 FastProof Fast Proof Reading and Correction of Complex Delineations 2018
831 MARISA Maritime Integrated Surveillance Awareness 2017
832 LogCorRM Log Correlations and Random Matrices 2017
833 PATECH Public Administration and Technology 2017
834 UNREDE Understanding Non-Photochemical Quenching Regulation in a Dynamic Environment. 2018
835 NICHOIDS Nichoid: nanoengineered three-dimensional substrate for stem cell expansion 2017
836 C-JOINTS Composite joints for improved mechanical and electrical performance 2017
837 ULP.PILAEMA Urban Landscapes of Power in the Iberian Peninsula from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages 2018
838 MajoranaTopIn Majorana Fermions in Topological Insulator Platforms 2017
839 SAN-ICE Seismic Ambient Noise as a proxy to investigate ICE in polar regions 2018
840 GLUCOTANYCYTES Glucotanycytes: a role for hypothalamic barriers in the control of metabolism by peripheral glucose 2017
841 META-DORM Mechanobiology of METAstatic and DORMant cancer cells in bone marrow lesions 2018
842 IRONCOMM Investigating the role of bacteria-produced siderophores in satisfying diatom Fe requirements. 2017
843 DrugComb Informatics approaches for the rational selection of personalized cancer drug combinations 2017
844 European Unions Labour Politics and the EU's New Economic Governance Regime 2017
845 AgriLink AgriLink. Agricultural Knowledge: Linking farmers, advisors and researchers to boost innovation. 2017
846 BRISK II Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge II 2017
847 eQG Exceptional Quantum Gravity 2017
848 ENCOPOL Encoding information into polymers 2017
849 NewWorlds Magnetic Fields and the Formation of New Worlds 2017
850 GeoBrown Brownian geometry: at the interface between probability theory, combinatorics and mathematical physics. 2017
851 NEDAG New Directions in Derived Algebraic Geometry 2017
852 ORION Open Responsible research and Innovation to further Outstanding kNowledge. 2017
853 ToDL Systems Chemistry: Steps Towards De-Novo Life 2017
854 QUENOCOBA Quantum Emitters in non-conventional baths 2017
855 SMALLOSTERY Single-molecule spectroscopy of coordinated motions in allosteric proteins 2017
856 iBROAD Individual Building (Renovation) Roadmaps 2017
857 IMPETUS Information Management Portal to Enable the inTegration of Unmanned Systems 2017
858 MICROMETABOLITE “MICROMETABOLITE” – Research Training Network on the Microbial Enhancement of Bioactive Secondary Metabolite Production in Plants 2017
859 LIVESEED Improve performance of organic agriculture by boosting organic seed and plant breeding efforts across Europe 2017
860 PALE-Blu Understanding pathogen, livestock, environment interactions involving bluetongue virus 2017
861 COPMAT Full-scale COmputational design of Porous mesoscale MATerials 2017
862 MDDS Mechanism Design for Data Science 2017
863 SOURCE Self Organization in Competition and Diversity 2017
864 Group Agency The Normative and Moral Foundations of Group Agency 2017
865 ACETOGENS Acetogenic bacteria: from basic physiology via gene regulation to application in industrial biotechnology 2017
866 PHOTMAT Photonically fused molecular materials 2017
867 GeoLocLang GeoLocLang 2017
868 EUNORS Enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs in Republika Srpska 2017
869 SOCIORATS Social Distress Response in the Context of Empathy in Rats 2017
870 FEAR-SAP Function and Evolution of Attack and Response Strategies during Allelopathy in Plants 2018
871 GESTIMAGE Gestures in nonhuman and human primates, a landmark of language in the brain? Searching for the origins of brain specialization for language 2017
872 FastBio A genomics and systems biology approach to explore the molecular signature and functional consequences of long-term, structured fasting in humans 2017
873 ReCAP Repair capacity and genome diversity in mammals 2017
874 OVO-GROWTH Oogenesis spotlighted: making mature human oocytes 2017
875 RELATE Environmental Spaces and the Feel-Good Factor: Relating Subjective Wellbeing to Biodiversity 2017
876 4-TOPS Four experiments in Topological Superconductivity. 2017
877 MECSPEC Interaction and feedback between cell mechanics and fate specification in vertebrate gastrulation 2017
878 STAMP Stratified turbulence and mixing processes 2017
879 AMPLIPORE Understanding negative gas adsorption in highly porous networks for the design of pressure amplifying materials 2017
880 QoLRO Measuring Quality of Life in the general population and Roma minority in Romania: implications for health policies and economic evaluations 2017
881 Super-Vaccine Exploring the potential applications of live viral vaccine encoded small-hairpin-RNAs in improving both vaccine safety and efficacy through RNA-interference and stimulation of the innate immune system 2018
882 NOVITREP Novel viral therapy through targeting DNA repair 2017
883 SmartEEs SMART Emerging Electronics Servicing DIH 2017
884 ImAc Immersive Accessibility 2017
885 INNOVA_MEASURE_III Econometric analyses and indicators on the impact of Research and Innovation 2017
886 NEUROCLOUD A neural network builder with remotely controlled parallel computing 2017
887 KETBIO KETBIO: A novel cluster model to bring KEY ENABLING BIOTECHNOLOGY research closer to markets and society 2017
888 KuRx Ku-Band Satellite Receiver 2017
889 LeMO Leveraging Big Data to Manage Transport Operations 2017
890 MAGTOPRECON Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy: from Topological Defects to Reconfigurable Magnetic Devices 2018
891 MUSTEC Market uptake of Solar Thermal Electricity through Cooperation 2017
892 PRIMATE-TE-IMPACT Mapping the retrotransposon-mediated layer of neuronal gene regulation in the human genome 2017
893 ShipShape Bottom-up Energy Efficient Emulsification and Structured Materials 2017
894 ThermalMR Thermal Magnetic Resonance: A New Instrument to Define the Role of Temperature in Biological Systems and Disease for Diagnosis and Therapy 2018
895 EVOCLIM Behavioral-evolutionary analysis of climate policy: Bounded rationality, markets and social interactions 2018
896 FIBRACEP “Valorization of European onion waste by-products into dietary fibre-based formula with hypocholesterolemic, hypoglycemic, and antioxidant effects” 2017
897 UbiCODE European Research Training to Decipher The Ub Code : identification of potential biomarkers and drug targets 2018
898 UtilitEE Utility Business Model Transformation through human-centric behavioural interventions and ICT tools for Energy Efficiency 2017
899 ASPIN Antiferromagntic spintronics 2017
900 CADENCE Catalytic Dual-Function Devices Against Cancer 2017
901 DeAge Deconstructing Ageing: from molecular mechanisms to intervention strategies 2017
902 GendeResearchIreland Exploring gender equality in Irish higher education: Qualitative case-study research into the response to, and process of Athena SWAN 2018
903 HERA-JRP-PS HERA Joint Research Programme Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe 2017
904 HiReach High reach innovative mobility solutions to cope with transport poverty 2017
905 KTX-20 Mass production platform for L-EVs 2017
906 MEMO Mechanics with Molecules 2017
907 METEOR Recruiting electronic researcher to develop a predictive sensor to prevent frost on sensitive equipment 2017
908 META-CAN Targeting the metabolism-immune system connections in Cancer 2017
909 MY-ATRIA MultidisciplinarY training network for ATrial fibRillation monItoring, treAtment and progression 2017
910 PASTRES Pastoralism, Uncertainty and Resilience: Global Lessons from the Margins 2017
911 PhotoBioCat Light-driven sustainable biocatalysis training network 2018
912 SUDOCHIP New antiperspirant efficacy evaluation techniques based on a disruptive microfluidic technology 2017
913 SmartPhoneSmartAging Smartphones, Smart Ageing and mHealth 2017
914 UneqDems Unequal Democracies 2017
915 NTSC New Techniques for Secure Computation 2017
916 DIAGRASS Differential adaptation capacity of dryland grasses to directional changes in water availability (DIAGRASS). 2018
917 ENTPAR Entangled Parliamentarisms: Constitutional Practices in Russia, Ukraine, China and Mongolia, 1905–2005 2018
918 Daphne Circuits of Visual Attention 2017
919 IneqPol Inequality - Public Policy and Political Economy 2018
920 ETOPEX Engineering Topological Phases and Excitations in Nanostructures with Interactions 2018
921 PARATOP New paradigms for correlated quantum matter:Hierarchical topology, Kondo topological metals, and deep learning 2018
922 BioMeTRe Biophysical mechanisms of long-range transcriptional regulation 2018
923 EuroAgeism An international, multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral training network on ageism 2017
924 MOTION Mobile Technology for Infant Social-Cognitive Neuroscience: Interdisciplinary Training Network for Innovative Infancy Research 2018
925 COSY-BIO Control Engineering of Biological Systems for Reliable Synthetic Biology Applications 2017
926 PLANET Planning and operational tools for optimising energy flows and synergies between energy networks 2017
927 RUN2Rail Innovative RUNning gear soluTiOns for new dependable, sustainable, intelligent and comfortable RAIL vehicles 2017
928 NebuFlox Making it happen - Scalable biphasic reactions using a nebulizer-driven continuous flow reactor 2018
929 Imaging-XChem Imaging-XChem: A computational package for ultrafast electronic control in chemistry 2017
930 Group-Dynamics-TCB Effects of group dynamics on selection, development and demography in cooperative vertebrates 2018
931 DarkGRA Unveiling the dark universe with gravitational waves: Black holes and compact stars as laboratories for fundamental physics 2017
932 OrFuNCo Organic Functionalisation of N2 Using Metal-Main Group and Metal-Metal Cooperativity 2018
933 ODDSUPER New mechanisms and materials for odd-frequency superconductivity 2018
934 ARTIST Artificial cell-cell interactions for light switchable cell organization and signaling 2018
935 CGinsideNP Complexity Inside NP - A Computational Geometry Perspective 2018
936 NewPhysLat Search for new physics through lattice simulations 2017
937 DISCOVER Design of Mixed Anion Inorganic Semiconductors for Energy Conversion 2018
938 QGP-MYSTERY Demystifying the Quark-Gluon Plasma 2018
939 AfricanWomen Women in Africa 2018
940 TOPP Topological phononics through nano-optomechanical interactions 2018
941 TRIPLECON Triple negative breast cancer control through synergistic inhibition of EGFR and CDK9 signaling 2017
942 ADMIRE A holographic microscope for the immersive exploration of augmented micro-reality 2017
943 VIDEO Versatile and Innovative Detector for Electron Optics 2018
944 HiRISE High-Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopy of Exoplanets 2017
945 CASTLES Charge And Spin in TopologicaL Edge States 2018
946 CoSpaDD Competition for Space in Development and Diseases 2018
947 CFT-MAP Charting the space of Conformal Field Theories: a combined nuMerical and Analytical aPproach 2018
948 CellKarma Dissecting the regulatory logic of cell fate reprogramming through integrative and single cell genomics 2018
949 SUPREMA SUpport for Policy RElevant Modelling of Agriculture 2018
950 SOPHIE Seas, Oceans and Public Health in Europe (SOPHIE): a Strategic Research Agenda for Europe and Beyond 2017
951 REF-MIG Refugees are Migrants: Refugee Mobility, Recognition and Rights 2018
952 IntScOmics A single-cell genomics approach integrating gene expression, lineage, and physical interactions 2018
953 SUGARSmart SUGARSmart: Smart design of recombinant antibody fragments specific for carbohydrate molecules 2018
954 MoThal Functional exploration of the contributions of brainstem-motor thalamic pathways to motor execution and learning 2018
955 MEMORISING Remembering the Sound of Images: Cross-cultural study of rock art soundscapes and knowledge transmission in the New and Old Worlds. 2018
956 OOID The Ocean's Oxygen Isotopes Deciphered: Combining Observations, Experiments and Models 2018
957 NANONC Nanomaterials in Oncology: Exploiting the Intrinsic Cancer-Specific Toxicity of Nanoparticles. 2018
958 LightCrypt New Directions in Lightweight Cryptanalysis 2017
959 NEWTON NEw Windown inTO Earth's iNterior 2018
960 ODYSSEY Open dynamics of interacting and disordered quantum systems 2018
961 NEBULAR Novel Blueprints for the Visible-Light-Mediated Assembly of C–N Bonds via Nitrogen Radicals 2018
962 NEIMO Neuronal regulation of immunity 2017
963 sCENT Cryptophane-Enhanced Trace Gas Spectroscopy for On-Chip Methane Detection 2018
964 Desert Networks Into the Eastern Desert of Egypt from the New Kingdom to the Roman period 2017
965 EMPATHIC Empathic, Expressive, Advanced Virtual Coach to Improve Independent Healthy-Life-Years of the Elderly 2017
966 CEASEVAL Evaluation of the Common European Asylum System under Pressure and Recommendations for Further Development 2017
967 SIRIUS Skills and Integration of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Applicants in European Labour Markets 2018
968 Data4Impact Big DATA approaches FOR improved monitoring of research and innovation performance and assessment of the societal IMPACT in the Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing Societal Challenge 2017
969 THOR TeraHertz quasiOptical Receiver 2017
970 ProteaseNter Disseminating N-terminomics to Advance Protease Research 2018
971 TERRINet The European Robotics Research Infrastructure Network 2017
972 New Chol Development of New therapies against cholangiopathies. 2017
973 TRANSGANG Transnational Gangs as Agents of Mediation: Experiences of Conflict Resolution in Street Youth Organizations in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Americas 2018
974 LUCCA Land Use and Climate Change Attribution for biodiversity impact assessments 2018
975 DARWIN Dual capillary waveguide endoscope 2018
976 PRESTIGE-AF PREvention of STroke in Intracerebral haemorrhaGE survivors with Atrial Fibrillation 2017
977 MESI-STRAT Systems Medicine of Metabolic-Signaling Networks: A New Concept for Breast Cancer Patient Stratification 2018
978 CoQuake Controlling earthQuakes 2018
979 THEKAISERSMOSQUES Islamic architecture and Orientalizing style in Habsburg Bosnia, 1878-1918 2018
980 EpComp Competence and Success in Epistemology and Beyond 2018
981 CANCER-DC Dissecting Regulatory Networks That Mediate Dendritic Cell Suppression 2018
982 SOLARX Photon Management for Solar Energy Harvesting with Hybrid Excitonics 2018
984 TissueLymphoContexts Tissue-resident Lymphocytes: Development and Function in “real-life” Contexts 2018
985 ANTIViR Molecular mechanisms of interferon-induced antiviral restriction and signalling 2017
986 MODVASC Endothelial RNA Modifications in Vascular Homeostasis and Disease 2018
987 STRATO Stress as a modifier of atherosclerosis - Novel mechanistic insights and therapeutic avenues - 2018
988 LONGSPIN Long-range coupling of hole spins on a silicon chip 2018
989 LANGARCHIV Hausa and Kanuri languages as archive for the history of Sahara and Sahel in 18th and 19th century 2018
990 DualRP Exploring cell interactions in the tumor microenvironment with dual ribosome profiling 2018
991 InnovaConcrete Innovative materials and techniques for the conservation of 20th century concrete-based cultural heritage 2018
992 COACCH CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange costs 2017
993 ROSEWOOD European Network of Regions On SustainablE WOOD mobilisation 2018
994 S2S4E Sub-seasonal to Seasonal climate forecasting for Energy 2017
995 DEEP-HybridDataCloud Designing and Enabling E-infrastructures for intensive Processing in a Hybrid DataCloud 2017
996 CE-IOT A Framework for Pairing Circular Economy and IoT: IoT as an enabler of the Circular Economy circularity-by-design as an enabler for IoT (CE-IoT) 2018
997 PRO GAIT Physiological and Rehabilitation Outcomes: Gains from Automated Interventions in stroke Therapy (PRO GAIT) 2018
998 COLING Minority Languages, Major Opportunities. Collaborative Research, Community Engagement and Innovative Educational Tools 2018
999 CATALOG Computational catalog of multiscale materials: a plugin library for industrial finite element codes 2018
1000 Mont-Blanc 2020 Mont-Blanc 2020, European scalable, modular and power efficient HPC processor 2017
1001 BUCKLING BRIDGES Smart wavy patterned implants with instructive properties for tissue regeneration by controlling the degree of fibers buckling. 2018
1002 MindsEyeBCI Reading the mind’s eye at 7 Tesla - A fMRI-based communication brain-computer interface for severely motor-impaired patients 2018
1003 TheyBuyForYou Enabling procurement data value chains for economic development, demand management, competitive markets and vendor intelligence 2018
1004 DSISCALE Supporting the scale and growth of Digital Social Innovation in Europe through coordination of Europe’s DSI and CAPS Networks 2018
1005 Drug the bug Identification of novel inhibitors to prevent microbial production of pro-diabetic metabolites 2017
1006 COTTON Capacity Optimisation in TrajecTory-based OperatioNs 2018
1007 Avionero Avionero – a new standard in flight search 2017
1008 Genomcore Identity Genomcore Identity: databank proxy for DNA fingerprinting from whole exome/genome for biometric identifica-tion 2018
1009 Day-by-day Day-by-Day Short-Term Traffic Forecasts for Road Concessions (top app) 2017
1010 TBornotTB What is Tuberculosis? Challenging the Current Paradigm of Tuberculosis Natural History using Mathematical Modelling Techniques 2018
1011 ProstOmics 'Tissue is the issue': a multi-omics approach to improve prostate cancer diagnosis 2018
1012 PalREAD Country of Words: Reading and Reception of Palestinian Literature from 1948 to the Present 2018
1013 UNIVERSAL HEALTH Engaged Universals: Ethnographic explorations of ‘Universal Health Coverage’ and the public good in Africa 2018
1014 IPTheoryUnified Inverse boundary problems: toward a unified theory 2018
1015 SULFOSOL Sulfur-based solutions for the selective functionalization of organic substrates 2018
1016 NonChroRep Investigating the role of the long noncoding transcriptome in chromatin replication 2018
1017 LOQO-MOTIONS Local quantum operations achieved through the motion of spins 2018
1018 QUANtIC Quantum Nanowire Integrated Photonic Circuits 2019
1019 ASA Understanding Statehood through Architecture: a comparative study of Africa's state buildings 2018
1020 HiPhore High-temperature Thermophoresis using advanced optical microscopies 2018
1021 THE FALL The Fall of 1200BC: The role of migration and conflict in social crises at end of the Bronze Age in South-eastern Europe 2018
1022 EMERGE Epigenetic and metabolic regulation of endothelial heterogeneity 2018
1023 V4Design Visual and textual content re-purposing FOR(4) architecture, Design and video virtual reality games 2018
1024 HAPPEN Holistic AProach and Platform for the deep renovation of the med residential built ENvironment 2018
1025 FIPS Filter Integrated single-Photon Sources 2018
1026 Skypull Harnessing the power of high altitude winds - the biggest energy resource yet unexploited by humankind 2017
1027 RemoRehab Empowering the society with a cost-effective solution for remote rehabilitation 2018
1028 FITT-iN Fast IoT market take-up through The Things Networks 2018
1029 PALEoRIDER Human health and migration in prehistory 2018
1030 GHOST Geographies and Histories of the Ottoman Supernatural Tradition Exploring Magic, the Marvelous, and the Strange in Ottoman Mentalities 2018
1031 SINCERE Spurring INnovations for Forest ECosystem SERvices in Europe 2018
1032 NovInDXS Development of novel inhibitors of the anti-infective target DXS using dynamic combinatorial chemistry (DCC) 2018
1033 PolymersForSolarFuel Conjugated Polymers for Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution from Water 2018
1034 ProTeAN Production and Testing of humAn-derived Neurons and brain organoids: advanced model probing in neurodevelopmental disorders 2018
1035 CLAUSTRUM The Claustrum: A Circuit Hub for Attention 2018
1036 GenTime Temporal structures of gender inequalities in Asian and Western welfare regimes 2018
1037 RNActivate Optochemical control of cell fate by activation of mRNA translation 2018
1038 TeraSHAPE Terahertz Waveform Synthesis and Analysis Using Hybrid Photonic-Electronic Circuits 2018
1039 SINCERE Spurring INnovations for Forest ECosystem SERvices in Europe 2018
1040 BCPPlus New directions in bicyclopentane research 2018
1041 InfoSeekDev Nurturing the Development of Information Seeking Skills 2018
1042 SaveHER The inhibition of sorting proteins as a therapeutic avenue in HER2 positive breast cancer 2018
1043 OptiSeLL Optimizing Second Language Learning: An Examination of Individual Differences in Speech Processing and their Role in Language Learning 2019
1044 LIDOS Light-Induced Spin Switch using Dynamic Organic Species 2018
1045 SYNFOS Synthetic toolkit for fragment oriented synthesis 2018
1046 pERFEcTO EmpoweRing FundamEntal physics and Technology with quantum Optomechanics 2018
1047 BiomCatOx Biomimetic Dicopper Architecture for Catalytic Oxygen Activation 2018
1048 SUccESS Exploring pathways for transformation to sustainability using the safe and just operating space concept at the regional level 2019
1049 AFFIRMATIVE Affirmative Post-Cinema: Narrative and Aesthetic Responses to Gender and Power 2018
1050 WISDOM The autonomous floral pathway: a WIndow to Study the tight link between non-coDing RNA and chrOMatin regulation 2018
1051 MISFIRES Misfires and Market Innovation: Toward a Collaborative Turn in Organising Markets 2018
1052 COQUDDE Cooperative Quantum Dynamics of Dipolar Ensembles 2018
1053 MetaBil Metacognition and bilingualism in linguistic and non-linguistic domains 2018
1054 Black Cinema-Going Black Cinema-Going in New York of the Interwar Period 2018
1055 ARTES AntifeRromagnetic spin Transport and Switching 2019
1056 DREAMY Disrupting Aberrant Protein–Protein Interactions with Conformationally Constrained Hydrocarbon α-Helical Mimetics 2018
1057 MarginScapes Long-term land use and water management strategies in arid margin landscapes 2018
1058 ECOMAT Encapsulation and contacting of two-dimensional materials 2018
1059 AxiBAU Axions as the Origin of the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe 2019
1060 SURVIVOR Historic response of a wide-ranging carnivore to climate change 2018
1061 Peripheality Exploring the function of peripheral vision in humans using virtual reality 2018
1062 PROTECT Propagation of atmospheric ROssby waves - connection to prEdictability of Climate exTremes 2018
1063 REPLICHROM4D Chromatin organization and mitotic inheritance of epigenetic states: genome-wide dynamics of H3.1 and H3.3 histone variants during DNA replication 2018
1064 DEMAIRPO Association of air pollution with dementia risk: is it confounded and mediated by environmental tobacco smoke and consumption of fish? 2018
1065 PartAct Partial actions of monoids and partial reflections 2019
1066 NeuroBid Inside the bi-dialectal mind and brain: An electrophysiological study on executive functions 2018
1067 aWARE West Africa's Role in Human Evolution 2018
1068 BOMB Multi-scale BiOmechanical characterization of peri-iMplant Bone tissue: influence of the environment 2018
1069 BriCoFra New ideas for the Variational Approach to Brittle and Cohesive Fracture 2018
1070 CABUM An investigation of the mechanisms at the interaction between cavitation bubbles and contaminants 2018
1071 ChildPro Child prodigies: on giftedness and child celebrities in modern France 2019
1072 CL_Exocytosis “Molecular dissection of cytotoxic lymphocyte exocytosis 2019
1073 COMEX COmputational Modelling for EXtreme conditions 2018
1074 CorticalSpaceShift How altered sensory experience changes the cortex: plasticity processes in the visual cortex and their relation to ecological real-life events under shifted perception condition 2018
1075 covtrans Functional/Harmonic Analysis of Covariant Transforms 2019
1076 CRISPR-EVOL The eco-evolutionary costs and benefits of CRISPR-Cas systems, and their effect on genome diversity within populations 2018
1077 CrysPINs Crystal structures of PIN proteins - CrysPINs 2018
1078 cureCD Function of long non-coding RNA in Crohn Disease Ulcer Pathogenesis 2018
1079 DARKHIGGS Dark Higgs Hunting at the Large Hadron Collider 2018
1080 DeepSym Understanding the drivers of the genetic and functional structure of deep-sea sponge symbiont communities 2018
1081 DESlRE Data-Efficient Scalable Reinforcement Learning for Practical Robotic Environments 2018
1082 DIET Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer in advanced anaerobic digestion system for gaseous transport biofuel production 2018
1083 DiverseJust Addressing Diversity: How Immigration Shapes Criminal Justice and Welfare Policies 2019
1084 DYNaMIC DiarY by Nurses' iMplemented in the Intensive Care unit 2018
1085 EAR-DNA childrEn and Adults heaRing in noise: individual Differences in the Neurophysiology of Audition 2019
1086 EATing more Enhancing Engulfment of Apoptotic cells: basic biology to Therapy 2018
1087 ECHO Harmonization of Regulation of Abusive Non-Judicial Debt Collection in the European Union: Models, Benefits and Challenges 2019
1088 ECHOE An Electronic Corpus of Anonymous Homilies in Old English 2018
1089 ENCORE Exploring Neutrinos: Cosmology, Oscillations, REactors 2018
1090 ReConAg Rethinking Conscious Agency 2018
1091 COGOV Co Production and Co Governance: Strategic Management, Public Value and Co Creation in the Renewal of Public Agencies across Europe 2018
1092 RYD-QNLO Quantum nonlinear optics through Rydberg interaction 2018
1093 DREAM Drafting and Enacting the Revolutions in the Arab Mediterranean.In search of Dignity, from the 1950’s until today 2018
1094 NeoplAT Neoplatonism and Abrahamic Traditions. A Comparative Analysis of the Middle East, Byzantium and the Latin West (9th-16th Centuries) 2018
1095 HydroSocialExtremes Uncovering the Mutual Shaping of Hydrological Extremes and Society 2018
1096 SpaceLaw Law, Governance and Space: Questioning the Foundations of the Republican Tradition 2018
1097 SPICE Spectroscopy in cells with tailored in-vivo labelling strategies and multiply addressable nano-structural probes 2018
1098 TouchDesign A Computational Design Approach to Haptic Synthesis 2018
1099 GlacialLegacy Glacial Legacy on the establishment of evergreen vs. summergreen boreal forests 2018
1100 MagTendon Magnetically Assisted Tissue Engineering Technologies for Tendon Regeneration 2018
1101 ANTILEAK Development of antagonists of vascular leakage 2018
1102 IONOS An iono-electronic neuromorphic interface for communication with living systems 2018
1104 SCALMS Engineering of Supported Catalytically Active Liquid Metal Solutions 2018
1105 EUVSBSMP Early Universe Vacuum Stability and Beyond the Standard Model Physics 2019
1106 SOIL-4-CONTROL Linking plant-soil feedbacks to aboveground-belowground interactions for noxious weed control 2019
1107 MMED Development of a Microfluidic Microbial Ecology Device and Mathematical Model to Study Antibiotic Response of Individual Cells 2019
1108 WaSH-UPP Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in sub-Saharan Africa: Understanding Policy and Practice 2018
1109 Interfaces Manipulating Acoustic wavefronts using metamaterials for novel user interfaces 2018
1110 RiConfigure Reconfiguring Research and Innovation Constellations 2018
1111 SCALINGS Scaling up Co-creation: Avenues and Limits for Integrating Society in Science and Innovation 2018
1112 DeepInternal Going Deep and Blind with Internal Statistics 2018
1113 SAFVEN West meets East in Venice: Cross-cultural interactions and reciprocal influences between theSafavids and Venetians 2019
1114 LiveSEN In-Field Live Sensing of Nitrate in Crops for Real-Time Fertilization Adjustment 2018
1115 PARSe Program Analysis and Reorganization, as a Service 2018
1116 WEAPON Warrior Elites: Assessing their Presence and Organisational identity in Neolithic Europe 2019
1117 SOURCES Sources of rationality: arousal and the use of rational and heuristic decision strategies 2018
1118 VSC_CAT Vibrational Strong Coupling for Organic Chemistry and Catalysis 2018
1119 Learn2 Learning and Being in Sport: A Phenomenological Investigation 2019
1120 UTILIUM Unraveling The Immune Landscape In Uveal Melanoma 2018
1121 ProDelSys Processing Systems with Optical Delay 2018
1122 KeepTimeWithTheHeat Keeping in time with the heat: how oscillating temperatures set the plant circadian clock 2018
1123 Ancestral Structural and biochemical studies of an ancestral enzyme with dual dehalogenase and luciferase activity 2018
1124 Particle-bound ROS Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in atmospheric aerosols: exploring formation, sources and dynamics of a new air pollution toxicity metric 2018
1125 TropicalModuli Foundations and applications of tropical moduli theory 2018
1126 NeuPES Inducing Neural Plasticity Using Electrical Stimulation Delivered by Nano-Structured Electrodes: A Critical Step Toward Post-Stroke Recovery 2018
1127 QTherm-2D Development of a new first-principle Framework for Quantum Thermoelectricity — Application to 2D materials 2018
1128 NAMISTMem Nanoscale Analytical Methods to gain insight into the Initiation of Short-Term Memory 2018
1129 STiMUL Controlled Space-Time dynamics in nonlinear Multimode fiber with gain for the next generation of high power Ultrafast fiber Lasers 2019
1130 MARKS-MEDICI Marks and the Medici: Branding and Trademarks in Renaissance Global Business 2019
1131 ALATA The Making of Angels in Late Antiquity: Theology and Aesthetics 2018
1132 TRANS-END Transgender and Intersex protection from gender-based violence: exploring new directions 2018
1133 HIV VCC Interference Characterisation of single molecule dynamics within HIV-1 reservoirs as a target for interference with virus persistence and immune evasion 2019
1134 MICROBE Metagenomic Investigation of Cow Reproductive Biology and Ecology 2018
1135 GAE Genomics of Ageing in Elephants: Genomic architecture of senescence in a long-lived mammal 2018
1136 TokAthe Tokens and their Cultural Biography in Athens from the Classical Age to the End of Antiquity 2018
1137 LIMO Light Driven Stomatocyte Nanomotors 2018
1138 TENUMECA The technopolitics of nuclear megaproject pathologies, economic controversies and varieties of socioeconomic appraisal 2019
1139 PREMNEC PReterm Enteroids to determine the Mechanism of Necrotising EnteroColitis 2018
1140 MapDung Dung as Construction Material During the Emergence of Animal Domestication: A Multi-Proxy Approach 2018
1141 QQT Identification of quantum resources in thermodynamic systems 2018
1142 MOVEMED Linking Human Mobility and Marine Megafauna Movement in the Mediterranean Sea for a better integration of Blue Growth 2019
1143 PolyBact Identifying Chemical Cues in the Polymer-Mediated Engineering of Microorganisms 2019
1144 PHANTOM Phenotypic screening the host antimicrobial responses towards the eradication of Mycobacterium tubercuosis 2018
1145 InDyMag Internal Dynamics and Magnetic field generation in rocky bodies: planets and large moons in the solar system 2019
1146 TCDL Topological Colloidal Double Layers 2018
1147 HOPE HOminin Proteomes in human Evolution 2018
1148 Predict-Plan-Control Integrating robotic control and planning with human activity prediction for efficient human robot collaboration 2018
1149 RE-HOUSING The Refugees’ Right To Housing: State Policies and Housing Commons in Istanbul, Athens and Belgrade 2018
1150 HYPTEMPCELL Local hyperthermia cancer treatment studies using a new temperature-imaging-hyperthermia-microscopy instrument 2018
1151 FIRE Fighting Insurgency, Ruining the Environment: towards an understanding of the causal relationship between conflict and forest fires 2018
1152 SEMSUBSET The Grammar of Inclusion: Exploring the Boundaries of Linguistic Competence 2019
1153 SYMOBLIGA Comparative genomics of host-symbiont dependency 2018
1154 PathAutoBIO Uncovering the pathway of DNA-induced autophagy and its biological functions in viral central nervous system infection 2018
1155 Hot-TEA Hot Terrestrial Exo-planet Atmospheres: preparing new generation instrument observations with a global climate model 2018
1156 PolArist The Fragmentary Constitutions of Aristotle 2019
1157 WIDEA Wave-based Inspection for Damage Evaluation in structurally-Advanced composites 2019
1158 5G-DRIVE 5G DRIVEn Resource Efficient Mobile Aggregation Networks 2018
1159 FERROENERGY Integrated ferroelectric oxides for energy conversion devices 2019
1160 KinoRoot Digging out Kinorhynch Roots 2019
1161 FIBROSIS Fibroproliferative Invasive Fibroblasts in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis 2018
1162 ORBETEC ORganisational BEhaviour with new TEChnologies: a human resources management model for industry 4.0 2018
1163 PLIMPine Pine protection against Pitch canker through genetic resistance and plant immunization 2018
1164 Striking streaks Invariant Natural Killer T-cells in atherogenesis 2018
1165 NanoPyroMat ZnS Wurtzite Nanotextured Ceramic Materials for Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting 2018
1166 EUSKOR Europe, the United States and the Crisis on the KORean Peninsula: Between a Rock and a Hard Place 2018
1167 GEOBACTICON The efficiency of bio-self-healing concrete within ground conditions 2018
1168 MINERVA Mapping intentionality: demonstrating innovation in Neolithic pottery uptake in the Eastern Balkans. 2018
1169 ZELDA Investigating the mechanism of spatiotemporal control over genome activation by Zelda in an in vitro reconstituted system 2019
1170 MULTIPROB Multi-photon probing of complex open quantum systems 2019
1172 VARIO The influence of natural pH VARIability on ecosystem response to Ocean acidification 2019
1173 FaMInART “Family Making in India through Adoption or Reproductive Technology ” An interdisciplinary investigation of preference of Indian couples experiencing infertility regarding means of family formation 2019
1174 ISOPATH Multi-isotopic tracing of human and animal mobility in lowland Europe 2019
1175 TWODPS TWO-Dimensional nanomaterial-based metasurfaces for enhanced Plasmonic Sensing 2018
1176 Neuronetmir Role of miR-129-5p and Rbfox1 crosstalk in neural network homeostasis 2018
1177 ESSINDEX Essential Indexicality 2019
1178 Smart BioSense Smart engineered Bioreceptors for developing BioSensors 2018
1179 PerMet Role of peroxisomal fatty acid β-oxidation in vessel sprouting 2018
1180 NEVULA Understanding selective neuronal vulnerability in Alzheimer’s disease 2018
1181 SECCON Security controversies: exploring the governance of knowledge, innovation and techno-scientific risks 2018
1182 OliveFlyBacteria New Bacterial Pathogens and Endosymbionts of the Olive Fly, Bactrocera oleae, for the Development of Innovative Fruit Fly Biocontrol Strategies 2019
1183 SATYRANDO Insults in Italian City States.Criminal Literary History 2019
1184 IDEAA Techniques, methods and tools for Issue-Driven European Arena Analytics: supporting citizens to easily explore the trove of publicly available data to build a viewpoint on a specific issue. 2018
1185 EthnoCODICES Oracles of the Other World: Using Ethnography to Study Depictions of Human Remains in Mexican Precolonial Codices 2018
1186 ProMeta Non-histone protein acetylation targets of KAT2A in AML 2018
1187 SCIMOD Foundations of Model Based Science 2018
1188 GlobalP3HS SSPH+ Global PhD Programme in Public Health Sciences 2018
1189 Quake QBeast Utility Analysis to marKet and Enterprise 2018
1190 InnTense Development of new approach for supporting the application of the Open Innovation in SMEs through the Peer-to-Peer leering 2018
1191 RELACS Replacement of Contentious Inputs in organic farming Systems 2018
1192 EMBED Embedded Markets and the Economy 2018
1193 HelpUS Pioneering focused Ultrasounds as a new non-invasive deep brain stimulation for a causal investigation of empathy related brain processes in moral learning and decision making 2018
1194 ENABLEH2 ENABLing cryogEnic Hydrogen based CO2 free air transport (ENABLEH2) 2018
1195 CHIEF Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe's Future 2018
1196 PhaseControl How cellular suicide programmes control phase transitions in fatty liver disease and liver cancer 2018
1197 INSCRIBE INvention of SCRIpts and their BEginnings 2018
1198 DOUBLE EXPRESS Gene expression level as a keystone to understanding gene duplication: evolutionary constraints, opportunities, and disease 2019
1199 GENPARENT Revealing Sources of Gendered Parenthood: A multi-method comparative study of the transition to parenthood in same-sex and different-sex couples 2018
1200 TICTOCGRAV Exploring Gravity with Ultracold Cadmium and Strontium Optical Clocks and Bragg Interferometers 2018
1201 NEOGENE Archaeogenomic analysis of genetic and cultural interactions in Neolithic Anatolian societies 2018
1202 ReCiPSS Resource-efficient Circular Product-Service Systems 2018
1203 EdiCitNet Edible Cities Network Integrating Edible City Solutions for social resilient and sustainably productive cities 2018
1204 Hypo-RESOLVE Hypoglycaemia - REdefining SOLutions for better liVEs 2018
1205 GYPWORLD A global initiative to understand gypsum ecosystem ecology 2018
1206 ChildRescue ChildRescue - Collective Awareness Platform for Missing Children Investigation and Rescue 2018
1207 SAFEDRONE Activities on drone integration and demonstration in VLL operations 2018
1208 NEEM The New Ecology of Expressive Modes in Early Modern South India 2018
1209 VANDER Search for New Phenomena, Materials and Applications Using Van Der Waals Assembly of Individual Atomic Planes 2019
1210 IFDG INNOVATION, FIRM DYNAMICS AND GROWTH: what do we learn from French firm-level data? 2018
1211 IslamAnimals Animals in the Philosophy of the Islamic World 2018
1212 G-Statistics Foundations of Geometric Statistics and Their Application in the Life Sciences 2018
1213 TRENSCRYBE TRapped ENSembles of Circular RYdBErg atoms for quantum simulation 2018
1214 IntraGutSex Sex differences in intestinal plasticity 2018
1215 COCAN Complexity and Condition in Algebra and Numerics 2019
1216 SUPRAWOC Supramolecular Architectures for Ruthenium Water Oxidation Catalysis 2018
1217 E-DUALITY Exploring Duality for Future Data-driven Modelling 2018
1218 CardHeal Novel strategies for mammalian cardiac repair 2018
1219 INNOVATION Innovation and opportunity in the evolution of life 2018
1220 INPHORS Intracellular phosphate reception and signaling: A novel homeostatic system with roles for an orphan organelle? 2018
1221 SYNMAT Synthesis of Functional Multi-Component Supramolecular Systems and Materials 2018
1222 MSTAR Massive Star Formation through the Universe 2018
1223 EQFT Emergence from Quantum Frustration and Topology 2018
1224 3DEpi Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of chromatin states : the role of Polycomb and 3D chromosome architecture 2018
1225 ELVER Engineering with Logic and Verification: Mathematically Rigorous Engineering for Safe and Secure Computer Systems 2018
1226 Topo Ins Laser Topological Insulator Laser 2018
1227 HEALIGRAFT Synergistic growth factor microenvironments for veterinary bone regeneration. 2018
1228 GENHIS-AFRICA Rethinking African Gender Histories: Time, Change, and the Deeper Past in Northern Mozambique 2019
1229 mTORmorS Role of mTOR signaling dysregulation in the tumor suppressor networks in hepatocellular carcinoma 2019
1230 AlloGPCR Allosteric modulation of G-protein Coupled Receptors conformational landscape 2018
1231 CoDEC Decoding the development of physiologic and epileptic cognitive neural networks 2018
1232 BioWings Bio-compatible electrostrictive smart materials for future generation of medical micro-electro- mechanical systems 2018
1233 Hermes SR Hermes Super Resolution microscopy system 2018
1234 cGEM the Center for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine 2018
1235 QuantOCancer Leveraging the unique organismic approach to health and disease of the Champalimaud Foundation through the inception of a quantitative biomedicine research programme focused on cancer 2018
1236 HiggsSelfCoupling Uncovering the Origins of Mass: Discovery of the di-Higgs Process and Constraints on the Higgs Self-Coupling 2019
1237 EvoTrap Mechanisms to emerge and replicate the first sequence information of life in geothermal microfluidics of early Earth 2018
1238 CRYOSOCIETIES Suspended Life: Exploring Cryopreservation Practices in Contemporary Societies 2019
1239 Mol-2D Molecule-induced control over 2D Materials 2018
1240 MOLUSC Molecules under Light-Matter Strong Coupling 2018
1241 Topics in Behavioral Topics in Behavioral-Economics Theory 2018
1242 CTCFStableGenome CTCF control of genome stability in ageing 2019
1243 COSMOS COSMOS: Computational Shaping and Modeling of Musical Structures 2019
1244 RG.BIO Renormalization group approach to the collective behaviour of strongly correlated biological systems 2018
1245 ENVISION Novel mechanisms of early defense against virus infections 2018
1246 SPAGAD Speech Acts in Grammar and Discourse 2019
1247 ELHO The Age of Hostility: Understanding the Nature, Dynamics, Determinants, and Consequences of Citizens' Electoral Hostility in 27 Democracies 2019
1248 REPLISTRESS DNA Replication: From Physiology to Replication Stress in Human Cancer 2018
1249 PRECRIME Self-assessment Oracles for Anticipatory Testing 2019
1250 CF SEDSS II Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector (CF SEDSS) Phase II 2017
1251 ProbeFix ProbeFix: an Innovative MedTech Solution to improve the use of ultrasound for better Cardiac diagnosis in the EU 2018
1252 DEGCAE DryGro: Efficient Growth of Crops in Arid Environments (DEGCAE) 2018
1253 Teraloop ESS A highly scalable grid-scale energy storage system utilising 3rd generation flywheel technology for effective integration of renewable energy. 2018
1254 GRoW The first high-performance robotic system for automated harvesting of vegetables greenhouses 2018
1255 Bob Creating the French Dyson: European leader on home appliances for tomorrow’s households. 2018
1256 SIESTA-PRO Advance atomic-scale simulation solutions 2018
1257 ExitAplasia Reg-X310: new disruptive medicine for faster exit from aplasia afetr agressive chemotherapy of hematologic malignancies 2018
1258 LocateIT Locate IT - accurate self-learning IoT asset tracking 2018
1259 MycoRailway Discovery and molecular investigation of mycobacterial transporters responsible for iron acquisition 2018
1260 SECOONDO Second Order nano-Oxide Nonlinear Disordered phOtonics 2018
1261 SIMREC Simulating Roman Economies. Studying the Roman Economy through computational network modelling and archaeological big data 2019
1262 SAPTOS SuperAbsorbent Polymers Through Oxidized Starch 2018
1263 MSCA 2018 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Beyond 2020 2018
1264 FREESPACE Free-space optical transmission links with unprecedented receiver sensitivity 2018
1265 M-Sec Multi-layered Security technologies to ensure hyper connected smart cities with Blockchain, BigData, Cloud and IoT 2018
1266 VitaminBlock Development of antibacterial compounds that block essential transport function 2018
1267 SOCIETY How do you spell RESEARCH? SOCIETY - Science, histOry, Culture, musIc, Environment, arT, technologY 2018
1268 FUTURES FUTURES: Create. Imagine. Explore. 2018
1269 QriUS Come and Play Science at European Researchers` Night 2018
1270 Wanderlust The desire of explore to reach new frontiers 2018
1271 ANYON Engineering and exploring anyonic quantum gases 2019
1272 QNets Open Quantum Neural Networks: from Fundamental Concepts to Implementations with Atoms and Photons 2019
1273 ChemLife Artificial micro-vehicles with life-like behaviour 2018
1274 QIP Towards a Quantitative Theory of Integer Programming 2019
1275 ORISEM Sources of Meaning: Grounding Formal Semantics 2019
1276 LiDeNiAc Ligand Design for Nitrogen Activation 2018
1277 MiniMasonryTesting Seismic Testing of 3D Printed Miniature Masonry in a Geotechnical Centrifuge 2019
1278 RenalToolBox Developing novel tools and technologies to assess the safety and efficacy of cell-based regenerative medicine therapies, focusing on kidney disease 2018
1279 Microrobots Engineering Biohybrid MicroRobots from Magnetic Swimmers and S-layers 2018
1281 ICC Institutions in Consumer Credit 2018
1282 CICURE Increasing complex I stability as a cure for mitochondrial diseases 2018
1283 ElectroPros Training research pioneers by utilizing and validating the promise of electroporation for minimal invasive oncological treatments. 2019
1285 Self-Control Interplay between genetic control and self-organization during embryo morphogenesis 2018
1286 aQUARiUM QUAntum nanophotonics in Rolled-Up Metamaterials 2019
1287 BloodVariome Genetic variation exposes regulators of blood cell formation in vivo in humans 2018
1288 PhotUntangle Rendering the opaque transparent: Untangling light with bespoke optical transforms to see through scattering environments 2018
1289 STARNEL supracellular contractility of myofibroblasts in gut homeostasis and cancer invasion 2018
1290 LINKS Kick-starting global cLimate Investments:uncovering hidden liNks in climate finance and exploring dynamic evolution of investment networKs for policy deSign 2019
1291 TEMPORE Self-Regulating Porous Nano-Oscillators: from Nanoscale Homeostasis to Time-Programmable Devices 2018
1292 QUANT A Quantitative Approach to Neolithic Plant-working Techniques: From Assessing Tool Use to Modelling Human Dispersals 2018
1293 REMESH Research Network on Emergency Resources Supply Chain 2019
1295 THEMISS Thermal Evolution Modeling of Icy objects in the Solar System 2019
1296 MIDNP Metal Ions Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Novel Route for Probing Functional Materials with Sensitivity and Selectivity 2019
1297 LeviTeQ Levitated Nanoparticles for Technology and Quantum Nanophysics: New frontiers in physics at the nanoscale. 2019
1298 RiboLife Resurrecting LUCA - Engineering of RNA-encoded Cellular Life Using Dual Evolution and Intergenomic Transplantation 2019
1299 ProtCap Protein Capsules 2018
1300 PATHWISE Pathwise methods and stochastic calculus in the path towards understanding high-dimensional phenomena 2019
1301 UCOM Ultrasound Cavitation in Soft Materials 2018
1302 EuroPLEx European network for Particle physics, Lattice field theory and Extreme computing 2019
1304 AxScale Axions and relatives across different mass scales 2018
1305 STIMUNO Searching for novel strategies improving cancer immunotherapy 2019
1306 EURAKNOS Connecting Thematic Networks as Knowledge Reservoirs: towards a European Agricultural Knowledge Innovation Open Source System 2019
1307 3D Cer-Met 3D Thin-Walled Ceramic and Ceramic-Metal Components using Electrolytic Plasma Processing 2019
1308 TOPCL Table-top cathodoluminescence microscope 2019
1309 COR1-TCELL Analysis of the role for coronin 1-dependent cell density signalling in T-cell homeostasis 2019
1310 BrainNanoFlow Nanoscale dynamics in the extracellular space of the brain in vivo 2018
1311 FEASIBLe Finding how Earthquakes And Storms Impact the Building of Landscapes 2019
1312 Stardust-R Stardust Reloaded 2019
1313 VITAE VIrTual BrAin PErfusion: Assessing cerebrovascular function by High Performance Computing from 3D brain vessel network data for vascular-targeted drug development in neurodegenerative diseases. 2018
1314 PGEN Automated evaluation and correction of generation bias in immune receptor repertoires 2019
1315 ImAgine Exploring the link between innate Immunity and cellular Aging 2019
1316 GrowBot Towards a new generation of plant-inspired growing artefacts 2019
1317 EPOQUE Engineering post-quantum cryptography 2018
1318 ACDC Artificial Cells with Distributed Cores to Decipher Protein Function 2019
1319 NextGen IO Exploiting the hypoxia response in T cells for Next-Generation Immuno-Oncology 2019
1320 DUNES Sea, Sand and People. An Environmental History of Coastal Dunes 2018
1321 LEMON Lidar Emitter and Multispecies greenhouse gases Observation iNstrument 2019
1323 TECHNEQUALITY Technological inequality – understanding the relation between recent technological innovations and social inequalities 2019
1324 GLOBALINTO Capturing the value of intangible assets in micro data to promote the EU's growth and competitiveness 2019
1325 Mingei Representation and Preservation of Heritage Crafts 2018
1326 iProg Tailored cell-based therapies for frontotemporal dementia and related genetically defined CNS orphan indications 2018
1327 sustAGE Smart environments for person-centered sustainable work and well-being 2019
1328 CONQR Translation and Commercialization of a QSOX1-inhibitory Antibody Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment in Breast Cancer 2018
1329 NGI_TRUST Partnership for innovative technological solutions to ensure privacy and enhance trust for the human-centric Internet 2018
1331 MANAGLOBAL Globalised governance norms and local management and business practices in Africa and on the Arab peninsula 2019
1332 ADVANCE Addressing Verification and Validation Challenges in Future Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
1333 TELL Towards a fast-uptake of mEdium/Low-voltage eLectric power trains 2018
1334 EventRights Addressing inequality, enhancing diversity and facilitating greater dialogue in the hosting of sporting mega events. 2018
1335 ARBODYNAMIC Coupling dynamic population immunity profiles and host behaviours to arboviral spread 2019
1336 B2C Beasts to Craft: BioCodicology as a new approach to the study of parchment manuscripts 2018
1337 GANGS Gangs, Gangsters, and Ganglands: Towards a Global Comparative Ethnography 2019
1338 RUSTRANS The Dark Side of Translation: 20th and 21st Century Translation from Russian as a Political Phenomenon in the UK, Ireland, and the USA 2019
1339 EU-VNP-Net EU Valuing Nature Programme and Network 2018
1340 DIGITENS DIGITal ENcyclopedia of European Sociability 2019
1341 TransTempoFold A need for speed: mechanisms to coordinate protein synthesis and folding in metazoans 2019
1342 DAFINET Dynamic Attitude Fixing: A novel theory of opinion dynamics in social networks and its implications for computational propaganda in hybrid social networks (containing humans and bots) 2018
1343 COSMOLOCALISM Design Global, Manufacture Local: Assessing the Practices, Innovation, and Sustainability Potential of an Emerging Mode of Production 2019
1344 NOAM Navigation of a mind-space. The spatial organization of declarative knowledge 2019
1345 Combat_ALS Development of new chemical tools to combat ALS 2019
1346 MegaALS Unravelling the Interplay between Metabolism, Gut Microbiome and Adaptive Immunity in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2018
1347 inCITe Seeing Citrulline: A Molecular Toolbox for Peptidyl Arginine Deiminases 2019
1348 TripIod Development of Triptycene-Based New Hypervalent Iodine Reagents for Selective Organic Synthesis 2019
1349 FURTHER Focused Ultrasound and RadioTHERapy for Noninvasive Palliative Pain Treatment in Patients with Bone Metastasis 2019
1350 Digital Good The Digital Disruption of Health Research and the Common Good. An Empirical-Philosophical Study 2019
1351 WEAR Behaviour Phenotyping using Inertial Sensors 2019
1352 VERICOMP Foundations of Verifiable Computing 2019
1353 TRIFECTs Trions and sp3-Defects in Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes for Optoelectronics 2019
1354 NonlinearTopo Nonlinear Optical and Electrical Phenomena in Topological Semimetals 2019
1355 IMAGINE Non-Invasive Imaging of Nanoscale Electronic Transport 2019
1356 BDE Beyond Distance Estimates: A New Theory of Heuristics for State-Space Search 2019
1357 SomSOM Self-organisation of microbial soil organic matter turnover 2019
1358 NoLiMiTs Novel Lifesaving Magnetic Tentacles 2019
1359 KryptonInt Erasing the superintegron to understand the role of chromosomal integrons in bacterial evolution 2019
1360 DEADSEA_ECO Modelling Anthropocene Trophic Cascades of the Judean Desert Ecosystem: A Hidden Dimension in the History of Human-Environment Interactions 2019
1361 CEAD Contextualizing Evidence for Action on Diabetes in low-resource Settings: A mixed-methods case study in Quito and Esmeraldas, Ecuador. 2019
1362 NEUROPRECISE Precision medicine in traumatic brain injury using individual neurosteroid response 2019
1363 CONCISE Communication role on perception and beliefs of EU Citizens about Science 2018
1364 MEUS Multi-Religious Encounters in Urban Settings 2019
1365 NeuroMag The Neurological Basis of the Magnetic Sense 2019
1366 Atto-Zepto Ultrasensitive Nano-Optomechanical Sensors 2019
1367 UCTIL Urban Chemical Threat Location and Identification 2019
1369 Quromorphic Neuromrophic Quantum Computing 2019
1370 DIFFOP Nonlinear Data and Signal Analysis with Diffusion Operators 2019
1371 MesoPhone Vibrating carbon nanotubes for probing quantum systems at the mesoscale 2019
1372 HydraMechanics Mechanical Aspects of Hydra Morphogenesis 2019
1373 SCrIPT Stable Chromium Isotopes as a Productivity Tracer 2019
1374 CELL-in-CELL Understanding host cellular systems that drive an endosymbiotic interaction 2019
1375 LAAA Late Antiquity After Antiquity: The Last of the Ancient Platonists in the Early Modern Period 2019
1376 DISEASE Disease Risk And Immune Strategies In Social Insects 2019
1377 Epilepsy_Core The core and effects of epilepsy: from chronic disease to curable disorder through innovative guided surgery 2019
1378 DHARMA The Domestication of ‘Hindu’ Asceticism and the Religious Making of South and Southeast Asia 2019
1379 DYNASNET Dynamics and Structure of Networks 2019
1380 WATCH Well-Aging and the Tanycytic Control of Health 2019
1381 PROTONMBRT Spatial fractionation of the dose in proton therapy: a novel therapeutic approach 2019
1382 TheHiggsAndThe7Tops Mirror Mirror on the Wall, which Higgs is the oddest of them all: Exploring the Top-Higgs Interconnection with ATLAS 2019
1383 SUBSILIENCE Subsistence and human resilience to sudden climatic events in Europe during MIS3 2019
1384 V-ECHO Revealing hidden volcanic triggers for global environmental change events in Earth’s geological past using mercury (Hg) 2019
1385 TechChange Technological Change: New Sources, Consequences, and Impact Mitigation 2019
1386 DigitalValues The Construction of Values in Digital Spheres 2019
1387 makingtheretina Principles of retinal neuronal lamination from zebrafish to humans 2019
1388 ReadCalibration Phonemic representations in speech perception and production: Recalibration by readingacquisition 2019
1389 CellularLogistics Cellular Logistics: Form, Formation and Function of the Neuronal Microtubule Cytoskeleton 2019
1390 AFRISCREENWORLDS African Screen Worlds: Decolonising Film and Screen Studies 2019
1391 Agglomerates Infinite Protein Self-Assembly in Health and Disease 2019
1392 DrivenByPollinators Driven by mutualists: how declines in pollinators impact plant communities and ecosystemfunctioning 2019
1393 LArcHer Breaking barriers between Science and Heritage approaches to Levantine Rock Art through Archaeology, Heritage Science and IT 2019
1394 ADIMMUNE Decoding interactions between adipose tissue immune cells, metabolic function, and the intestinal microbiome in obesity 2019
1395 FeMiT Ferrites-by-design for Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Technologies 2019
1396 T2DCP Development of Thiophene Based Conjugated Polymers in Two Dimensions 2019
1397 DEVORHBIOSHIP The Developmental Origins of Health: Biology, Shocks, Investments, and Policies 2019
1398 PINT Ultrastrong Composites through Polymers Interlocked with carbon NanoTubes 2019
1399 MyKite Fly with Big Data 2019
1400 Bitwala Next generation banking tools for the blockchain economy 2019
1401 Eddie Eddie – smart neurorehabilitation software 2019
1402 MAKERSITE Makersite - The Product Intelligence Platform 2019
1403 Urban MAESTRO URBAN DESIGN GOVERNANCE - Exploring formal and informal means of improving spatial quality in cities across Europe and beyond 2018
1404 MICTEST Biocontamination survey for Microbially Influenced Corrosion exposure TEST 2019
1405 Diverge Generation of ultra-deep libraries of transcriptional activators for gene therapy 2019
1407 i-Weld Integration of advanced experiments, computation and data for Duplex Stainless Steel joininginnovation 2019
1408 FISHSkin Developing Fish Skin as a sustainable raw material for the fashion industry 2019
1409 AIRWAVES Automated high resolution water sampler for environmental monitoring 2019
1410 skILL Intracellular signalling by modified lipopolysaccharide 2019
1411 PRO-TOOLKITS Programmable nucleic acid toolkits for cell-free diagnostics and genetically encoded biosensing 2019
1412 RATIOS Regional Aircraft breakThrough InteriOr Solution 2019
1413 QuNeS Quantum Networks in Space-Time 2020
1414 Amazonart Conquering Self-Representation: A Collaborative Approach to the Aesthetical-Political Dimension of Amazonian Contemporary Art 2019
1415 UncoveRNAi Deciphering the mechanisms of antiviral RNA interference in mammals 2019
1416 MAYURB Understanding ancient urbanism: site planning and unintended consequences of the Classic Maya city as a model 2020
1417 CNSOL Carbon Nanomembranes with Sub-Nanometer Channels for Molecular Separation in Organic Liquids 2019
1418 RENASCENCE The Role of European National Health Services in the enhancement of sustainable food systems 2019
1419 Extending MEDT Extending the Molecular Electron Density Theory 2019
1420 CoordiNet Large scale campaigns to demonstrate how TSO-DSO shall act in a coordinated manner to procure grid services in the most reliable and efficient way 2019
1421 GlyCANswer Decoding the Cancer Glycoproteome Driven Immune Response 2019
1422 TERMINATOR Ribosomal frameshifts as a novel mechanism to control RNA turnover in stress 2019
1423 MorphIRe Morphologically-informed representations for natural language processing 2019
1424 CHAiRLIFT Compact Helical Arranged combustoRs with lean LIFTed flames 2019
1425 INFLOW Finding Flow: Negotiating diverse temporalities in migrant family life 2020
1426 CApaCITy CAncer Stem Cell Imunoreceptors as potential Targets for skin Squamous cell carcinoma 2019
1427 SPORTDIPL Postcolonial Diplomacy and the Public Culture of Sport: Britain and India, 1946-1996 2019
1428 Neu-i-Gut Neural regulation of the immune system in the Gut 2020
1429 OptoTransport Light-enabled transport phenomena in van der Waals heterostructures 2019
1430 REFINTEG The Canadian model of the public-private sponsorship for the integration of refugees: the case of Syrians and possible application in EU countries 2019
1431 DICE Dynamic Interconnections for the Cellular Ecosystem 2019
1432 ONTOP On-demand Non-hermitian TOPology 2019
1433 VESYNECH Determination of bacterial vesicles interactions in the most abundant marine cyanobacteria and its potential applications 2019
1434 WALCHEMY Early Modern Women and Alchemy, 1550-1700 2019
1435 N-STRAINED Nitrogen-Radical-Based Radical Strain-Release Strategies for the Divergent Assembly of Polyfunctionalized 3D-Building Blocks 2019
1436 HyCARE An innovative approach for renewable energy storage by a combination of hydrogen carriers and heat storage 2019
1437 FR and ENG Petrarch Translational Traditions and Imaginaries: A Comparative History of Petrarch’s Canzoniere in French and English 2019
1438 METAPoF Metaphor as the Purpose of the Firm 2019
1439 NanoMechShape Molecular control of actin network architecture and mechanics during cell shape changes 2019
1440 NEWCOMERS New Clean Energy Communities in a Changing European Energy System (NEWCOMERS) 2019
1441 X-MIXING Efficient mixing method at the microscale for Time-Resolved Serial Femtosecond Crystallography 2019
1442 ImagiDem Imagi(ni)ng Democracy: European youth becoming citizens by visual participation 2019
1443 LUBARTWORLD Migration and Holocaust: Transnational Trajectories of Lubartow Jews Across the World (1920s-1950s) 2019
1444 PICASSO Project on Integrated Assessment model-based Scenarios for Sustainable development Objectives 2019
1445 MOCHA Understanding and leveraging ‘moments of change’ for pro-environmental behaviour shifts 2019
1446 ANDLICA Anderson Localization of Light by Cold Atoms 2019
1447 EDSP Engineered dissipation using symmetry-protected superconducting circuits 2019
1448 HIGHWAVE Breaking of highly energetic waves 2019
1449 BiREDOX Bi(III)/Bi(V) Redox Catalysis for Organic Synthesis 2019
1450 MOPPEX MOlecules as Probes of the Physics of EXternal galaxies 2020
1451 EngPTC2 Exploring new technologies for the next generation pulse tube cryocooler below 2K 2019
1452 AN-ICON An-Iconology: History, Theory, and Practices of Environmental Images 2019
1453 anti-CRISPR Selection and evolution of phage-encoded anti-CRISPR genes 2019
1454 FORMSofLABOUR Forms of Labour: Gender, Freedom and Experience of Work in the Preindustrial Economy 2019
1455 OSeaIce Two-way interactions between ocean heat transport and Arctic sea ice 2019
1456 Foldmetcat Bioinspired Catalytic Metallofoldamers 2019
1457 NucSat Satellites and nuclear information. Production, communication and reception of nuclear-related information generated with satellites. 2019
1458 SUBNETVIS Identifying subtype specific networks involved in sensory representation in mouse primary visual cortex 2020
1459 HEGS Hydrologic Extremes at the Global Scale: teleconnections, extreme-rich/poor periods, climate drivers and predictability 2019
1460 kelbus2 Experimental and numerical study of long runout landslides 2020
1461 MsgRNA Modification of single guide (sg) RNA in CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing Tool 2019
1462 ULTRA-OLEO Ultrasonic standing waves as a new tool for improved oleogels 2020
1463 DISMAC-Y State disintegration in the context of macroeconomic crisis - the case of Yugoslavia 2019
1464 CHROMPART Partition calculus on graphs, digraphs and hypergraphs with uncountable chromatic number 2020
1465 EDIFOU Foucault's manuscripts on phenomenology (1950s) at BnF archive: a digital approach to the edition 2019
1466 pyrroQuin Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Pyrroquinoline Pseudo-Natural Products 2020
1467 QuantGMC Quantum Field Theory with Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos 2020
1468 SpeSex Does natural selection align with sexual selection to promote reproductive isolation in different environments? An experimental approach 2020
1469 EMAGICS Atomistic spin dynamics and spectroscopic investigation of spin-induced magnetoelectric multiferroic materials 2019
1470 ReproDev Reprogramming plant development with microbial organic volatile compounds for sustainable food production 2020
1471 BRAINY The role of behavioural flexibility on the generation and maintenance of diversity 2020
1472 REaCHeS References to Environs are Coordinated to be Heard and Seen (REaCHeS): an investigation of multimodal spatial referencing in Eastern Chatino 2019
1473 DECEYEDE The effects of aging in the control of eye movements and its relation to perceptual and motor decisions 2020
1474 PIL Construction of porous ionic liquids based on coordination cages 2019
1475 LIBED-PDs Light Induced Bipolar Electrochemical Doping in Perovskite Devices 2020
1476 TEXDANCE TEXtiles in Etruscan DANCE (8th-5th centuries BC) 2019
1477 MetaTarGet Targeting metabolic regulation in metastasis formation 2019
1478 DIRAE A new edition and commentary on the pseudo-Virgilian Dirae 2019
1479 ARIADNE Structure and dynamics in active glass-forming liquids 2019
1480 AtropFluoPhoto Stereoselective Synthesis of Atropisomeric Fluorophores for Asymmetric Photocatalysis 2019
1481 Makyaverri Machiavelli and Machiavellism in Japan: 1868-1968. For an Intellectual History of Realism from its Outskirts 2020
1482 SymAcc Symmetries and Degrees of Freedom in Cosmic Epochs of Accelerated Expansion 2019
1483 GANDALF Gamification and Datafication towards Learning Forecasting 2019
1484 TEAMS Modelling Trust-based Evolutionary Dynamics in Signed Social Networks 2020
1485 BICE Behavioural Individuality in C. elegans 2020
1486 BODICON BODIes of CONtact: Identity negotiations and biocultural effects in the Roman colonies of Macedonia, Greece 2020
1488 BioFlot Critical metal recovery from industrial wastewater by bioflotation using surface active siderophores 2019
1489 DIS2 Disability and Disease during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic: Implications for Preparedness Policies 2019
1490 WIRED Wired: The Role of Infrastructure in the Tibetan Buddhist Revival in Contemporary China 2019
1491 Migration Ethics Migration Ethics 2019
1492 ECO-BROKER Beyond Ecosystem Services: Brokering Agrobiodiversity Management Enterprises in Europe and Internationally (ECO-BROKER) 2019
1493 SPELEOTOLIA Holocene climate reconstructions from western Anatolia based on speleothem data 2019
1494 DREGS Deciphering archaeological Residues to understand the history of European Grape cultivation and winemaking Societies 2019
1495 INF-CVD Chronic inflammation and cardiovascular risk 2019
1496 CAR-OAC Carotid-artery-on-a-chip device to model thromboembolisms induced by vascular lesions and perform drug screenings 2020
1497 VorDIST Quantum transport in a disordered two-dimensional ultracold Fermi gas 2019
1498 Living in the media Analysing the Impact of Media Tourism on Locals’ Identities and Sense of Belonging 2020
1499 BeBamb Beyond the Bamboo Hypothesis. A microscopic exploration of plant processing practices in prehistoric Palawan, Philippines, and their relationship to lithic technology. 2019
1500 LIPPS Literacy’s influence on the production and perception of speech 2020
1501 FOFC Function and Organization of Feedback Connections 2019
1502 CULTUS Public Cults in Private Hands: the Appropriation of cult sites from the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD 2019
1503 PALP Pathiana Archaeological Landscapes Project 2019
1504 TUNICS The expression of cultural cross-fertilization in Egyptian clothing of the 7th-10th centuries AD. 2019
1505 ConceptNet Using Network Science to Study Children’s Conceptual Development 2019
1506 Food-PPP-NAFLD Discovery and characterization of food bioactive compounds modulating the Pentose Phosphate Pathway against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 2019
1507 UreaCa Deciphering the metabolic roles of the urea-cycle pathway in carcinogenesis for improving diagnosis and therapy 2019
1508 CARDIATEAM CARdiomyopathy in type 2 DIAbetes mellitus 2019
1509 AGRUMIG ‘Leaving something behind’ - Migration governance and agricultural & rural change in ‘home’ communities: comparative experience from Europe, Asia and Africa 2019
1510 MMQIP Molecular Magnets: Coordination Cages, Frameworks and Multifunctional Materials 2020
1511 PISCO Photochromic Solar Cells: Towards Photovoltaic Devices with Variable and Self-Adaptable Optical Transmission 2019
1512 SLIPPED Maintenance and relapse in long-term desistance from crime and recovery from addiction 2019
1513 SYNTISU Remotely-controlled functional synthetic tissues 2019
1514 SUMMIT Novel roles of dimethylated sulphur in marine microbial interactions 2019
1515 MINERVA Mid-Pleistocene environments of the lower Vaal River 2019
1516 Theatre ReDefined Redefining the Agency: Post-1989 Crises of Czech and Former East German Theatre 2019
1517 Rewarding Stereotype The reward value of stereotypes: Evaluating the contribution of the neural reward circuitry to the persistence of stereotypes 2019
1518 HoloLif Lifshitz holography: hydrodynamics and the large-D limit 2019
1519 techFRONT Novel techniques for quantitative behaviour of convection-diffusion equations 2020
1520 microPhage Automated microfluidic phage display through non-fouling droplet-based technologies 2020
1521 TargetDUBs Targeting ubiquitin processing in cancer and fibrosis: novel probes for the Ubiquitin Carboxy-Terminal Hydrolases 2019
1522 BrownianReactivation Neural stochasticity and criticality in memory replay 2019
1523 TamCatHoly Becoming a Martyr in Early Modern South India: The Memory of Tēvacakāyam between Jesuit Mission and Tamil Popular Culture. 2020
1524 CATALYSTNH3SYNTHESIS Synthetically Tuned Atomic Ordering and Electronic Properties of Nano-Intermetallic Compounds for the Ammonia Synthesis. 2019
1525 SAIFIA Strong Axioms of Infinity: Frameworks, Interactions and Applications 2020
1526 SHINE The impact of the socio-economic crisis on student well-being and happiness in Greece and Cyprus 2019
1527 SUPERTEFF A new paradigm in boosting orphan crops to super grains: Linking metabolomics and gene editing to improve Teff for global food security and sustainable agriculture 2020
1528 DIGDEEP Digging deeper into genes to track infectious disease outbreaks 2020
1529 SENTIMOUV Spatial and demographic dynamics of disease transfer at the wildlife-human interface 2020
1530 TRR Exploring Tribal Representation across American Indian-produced radio in US Reservation and Urban Contexts 2019
1531 ETE SPEAKER Robust End-To-End SPEAKER recognition based on deep learning and attention models 2019
1532 SocioEcoFrontiers Frontiers in social-ecological research: achieving the promise of integration in Marine Spatial Planning for resilient social and environmental outcomes 2020
1533 CID Cuban-Irish Diasporas: Gender, Race and Ethnic Whitening Strategies 2020
1534 HomoPolitics Greek Homonationalism: Entanglement of Sexual Politics with Issues of Race and Nationalism in the Case of Lesbian and Gay Movements and Queer Activist Groups in Greece 2019
1535 IUCCF An intelligent design of user-centric cell-free massive MIMO: A deep learning approach 2020
1536 TECh-MoDE Nanoscale-enhanced Spectroscopies in Electrochemically-Gated Single-Molecule Devices 2019
1537 TOPOMIE Active topological photonic insulators based on Mie-resonators 2020
1538 ASSESSnet Language assessment in virtual mobility initiatives at tertiary level – teachers’ beliefs, practices and perceptions 2019
1539 HoMe Historical Grounding of Migration Decisions of the People at Environmental Risks 2020
1540 Biogas2Syngas Rational Design for Coke-resistant Dry Reforming Catalyst using Combined Theory and Operando Raman Experiments 2019
1541 PARTOWNEU The dark side of partial ownership and financial investment in Europe: What price to pay for consumers and society? 2019
1542 KiT-FIG Kidney Transplantation - Functional ImmunoGenomics 2019
1543 SPECIMEN Depicting Species: The Role of the Image in Modern Biology 1750-1950 2019
1544 3DX-LIGHT 3D X-ray Light-Field: low-dose X-ray imaging with X-ray wavefront sensors 2019
1545 STOPTHEFRAUDINOLIVEO Fighting counterfeiting in Olive Oil with blockchain - a working product has arrived 2019
1546 DEEPLEARNRBP Using Deep Learning to understand RNA Binding Protein binding characteristics 2019
1547 ANTHROPOID Great ape organoids to reconstruct uniquely human development 2019
1548 ENLIGHTEM European Training Network in Low-energy Visible Light IoT Systems 2019
1549 MEESO Ecologically and economically sustainable mesopelagic fisheries 2019
1550 EVOMORPHYS Identifying how Evolution exploits physical properties of tissues to generate the complexity and diversity of Life 2019
1551 CENGIN Deciphering and engineering centriole assembly 2019
1552 ExCOM-cCEO Extremely Coherent Mechanical Oscillators and circuit Cavity Electro-Optics 2019
1553 mAMBo The role of ASCL1 and MYCN in human brain development 2019
1554 atoGRAPH Near-Infrared Optoelectronic Devices with Atomically Controlled Graphene Nanostructures 2020
1555 GlycoMabs Chemoenzymatic glyco-engineering of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies 2019
1556 CANSAS Clustering functional connectivity alterations in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2020
1557 DIMAF Direct Imaging and Manipulation of Antiferromagnets 2019
1558 EMB3Rs User-driven Energy-Matching & Business prospection tool for industrial Excess heat/cold Reduction, Recovery and Redistribution 2019
1559 ARDRE Ageing, Regeneration, and Drug Research 2019
1560 3DSCAN Commercialisation of novel ultra-fast 3D laser scanning technology 2019
1561 ANISOPTER ANISOPTER: The Affordable Optimization Solution for Anisogrid Structures 2019
1562 SensStabComp Sensitivity, Stability, and Computation 2019
1563 DIATOMIC Untangling eco-evolutionary impacts on diatom genomes over timescales relevant to current climate change 2019
1564 ProgNanoRobot Programmable NanoRobotics for Controlled Manipulation of Molecular Cargoes 2019
1565 UHMob Ultra-high Charge Carrier Mobility to Elucidate Transport Mechanisms in Molecular Semiconductors 2019
1567 DINEMOS Discovery of New Molecular Semiconductors 2019
1568 GenPercept Spatio-temporal mechanisms of generative perception 2019
1569 INO3D Mechanism of ATP Dependent Chromatin Modelling and Editing by INO80 Remodellers 2019
1570 DISKtoHALO From the accretion disk to the cluster halo: the multi-scale physics of black hole feedback 2019
1571 WildRice Wild Rice Culture and Indigenous Food Sovereignty in North America 2020
1572 NanoPSYCH Neuropsychiatric disorders are a heterogeneous group of mental pathologies that demand prolonged and treatments that are frequently ineffective. Elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms under 2019
1573 MESSIAH Authoritarianism and Messianic Conceptions of Politics in Turkey 1850-2015 2019
1574 Exa-FireFlows Exascale framework for supporting high-fidelity simulations of multiphase reacting flows in complex geometries 2019
1575 UNITE Unification Through Law: The Court of Justice of the European Union as Cultural-Moral Agent 2019
1576 MEMORIES Mapping dEndritic inforMation prOcessing in behaving mice using simultaneous spatio-tempoRal voltage and calcium Imaging and wholE-cell electrophySiology 2020
1577 SIMULTANEOUS DBTMI Preclinical and Pilot Co-Clinical Evaluation of Simultaneous Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Mechanical Imaging 2019
1578 5G-SMART 5G for Smart Manufacturing 2019
1579 Hybead Hybrid Bead Adsorbents 2019
1580 CO2Fokus CO2 utilisation focused on market relevant dimethyl ether production, via 3D printed reactor- and solid oxide cell based technologies 2019
1581 T-NHL SUPRESSORS Tumor suppressor pathways counteracting oncogenic immune receptor signaling in T-Cell Lymphoma 2019
1582 iv4XR Intelligent Verification/Validation for Extended Reality Based Systems 2019
1583 STUDIOTEC Film Studios: Infrastructure, Culture, Innovation in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, 1930-60. 2019
1584 RetroChrom Deciphering the molecular mechanisms of HIV DNA nuclear import and the impact of 3D genome organization on integration site selection 2019
1585 UNILIB Universal regulatory library for any cell type 2019
1586 BATNMR Development and Application of New NMR Methods for Studying Interphases and Interfaces in Batteries 2019
1587 CATCH-22 High temperature superconductivity and the Catch-22 conundrum 2019
1588 NaviFlu Navigating the evolutionary routes of influenza viruses 2019
1589 PULCHRA Science in the City: Building Participatory Urban Learning Community Hubs through Research and Activation 2019
1590 TODO Twinning Open Data Operational 2019
1591 AB-DiRecT Antibiotic Distribution and Recovery in Tissue 2019
1592 FRESCO FeRroElectric control of Spin-charge interCOnversion 2020
1593 SlaveVoices Slave Testimonies in the Abolition Era. European Captives, African Slaves and Ottoman servants in 19th century North Africa 2019
1594 RAPTOR Research of Aviation PM Technologies, mOdelling and Regulation 2019
1595 REPLAY_DMN A theory of global memory systems 2019
1596 Keenious Keenious - Recommendation Engine Research Tool 2019
1597 EUFORPP Developing a European Forum on Paradox and Pluralism 2019
1598 Minor Universality Minor Universality. Narrative World Productions After Western Universalism 2019
1599 PIX The Process Improvement Explorer: Automated Discovery and Assessment of Business Process Improvement Opportunities 2019
1600 VW Glare control with media functionality - VideowindoW 2019
1601 QUESTPAIR Pairing Business with Scientific Expertise 2019
1602 SHRED Survival of Hadean REmnants in a Dynamic mantle 2020
1603 SpreadMRI Ultra-Fast, Spread-Spectrum Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2019
1604 DEMOSERIES Shaping Democratic Spaces: Security and TV Series 2020
1605 NeuroSoNew Portable EEG-based screening of social predispositions in newborns 2019
1606 MULTITOUCH Multimodal haptic with touch devices 2020
1607 BIOGRAPHENE Producing graphene from biogas: an innovative, renewable and cost-effective value-chain for industrialising the material of the future 2019
1608 DIHnamic Digital Innovation Hubs: dynamic facilitation and thrust from regional innovation agencies 2019
1609 IL7RsignaTHER Antibody-based IL-7R targeted therapies 2020
1610 NanoPhosTox Nanocomposite Engineered Particles for Phosphorus Recovery and Toxicological Risk Assessment for the Aquatic Environment 2020
1611 ELIT Empirical study of Literature Training Network 2020
1612 ArtMoMa Artificial Molecular Machines 2020
1613 INODE INODE - Intelligent Open Data Exploration 2019
1614 INSIGHT EU INSIGHT FOR EYESIGHT – Novel mRNA medicines for eye disease 2019
1615 EcoFLEXY Innovative nanocellulose bioplastic film from fruit waste 2019
1616 BatteryCheck Take the mystery out of battery life. 2019
1617 KissAndSpitRhoptry Unravelling the secretion machinery for virulence factors in apicomplexan parasites 2020
1618 SUPERGALAX Highly sensitive detection of single microwave photons with coherent quantum network of superconducting qubits for searching galactic axions 2020
1619 SafeNet Safe Networks using P4 Programs 2019
1620 DOC-Stim Communication and rehabilitation for people with Disorders of consciousness via Brain-Computer Interfaces 2020
1621 FUNGAR Fungal architectures 2019
1622 SuperMaMa Superconducting Mass Spectrometry and Molecule Analysis 2020
1623 QLUSTER Many-photon quantum entanglement 2019
1624 PROCOMM Commercialisation of Proteus 2019
1625 EndoMapper EndoMapper: Real-time mapping from endoscopic video 2019
1626 BOHEME Bio-Inspired Hierarchical MetaMaterials 2020
1627 TACK Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and its Ways of Knowing 2019
1628 CLIPE Creating Lively Interactive Populated Environments 2020
1629 PeptiCHIP PEPTICHIP: Streamlined identification of tumour neoantigens for personalised anti-cancer immunotherapy 2019
1630 TRANSFORM Trafficking transformations: objects as agents in transnational criminal networks 2020
1631 WAY2GO Expedited emerge of Connected Car data ecosystems in Europe 2019
1632 AngstroCAP Fundamental and Applied Science using Two Dimensional Angstrom-scale capillaries 2020
1633 EoPPP A Global Comparative Ethnography of Parliaments, Politicians and People: representation, relationships and ruptures 2019
1634 EDGE ADL monitoring of Elderly in homes using Gas sensors 2019
1636 SAND Secretion, Autophagy and their role in Neurodegeneration 2019
1637 HEINE Hybrid Electrocatalysts Inspired by the Nitrogenase Enzyme 2019
1638 LINGUINDIC Linguistics from India: new ideas for modern linguistics from ancient India 2020
1639 Phyron Phyron platform for automated production of top-quality customizable product videos with 80% higher conversion rate for a fraction of today`s cost 2019
1640 RRUSHES-5 Commodity & land rushes and regimes: Reshaping five spheres of global social life 2019
1642 DISTRACT The Political Economy of Distraction in Digitized Denmark 2020
1643 ASTRODUST The Heliosphere and the Dust: Characterization of the Solar and Interstellar Neighbourhood 2020
1644 SpinENGINE Harnessing the Emergent Properties of Nanomagnet Ensembles for Massively Parallel Data Analysis 2020
1645 PULSE-COM Photo-Piezo-ActUators based on Light SEnsitive COMposite 2019
1646 TeraSlice Terahertz Analogue-to-Digital Conversion Using Photonic Chipscale Soliton Frequency Combs and Massively Parallel Spectrally Sliced Detection 2020
1647 CL Platform Powering simplified and scalable mortgage application processing. 2019
1648 STRAIN2EXTREME Straining electromechanical coupling in layered crystals to new extremes 2019
1649 THEIA Design and engineering of porous nitride-based materials as a platform for CO2 photoreduction 2020
1650 YEELP Youth Engagement in European Language Preservation, 1900-2020 2019
1651 IsoCAN Isolation and Evolution in Oceanic Islands: the human colonisation of the Canary Islands 2020
1652 RadSpec A New Strategy for Vibronic Spectroscopy of Radicals 2020
1653 E-DIRECT Evolution of Direct Reciprocity in Complex Environments 2020
1654 VIA LACTEA Numerical Simulations of the Milky Way's Accretion History 2020
1655 FC2DMOF Development of Functional Conjugated Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Frameworks 2020
1656 DEVMEM Learning to remember: the development of the neural mechanisms supporting memory processing. 2020
1657 EvoMotion Moving around without a brain: Evolution of basal cognition in single-celled organisms 2020
1658 NanoEX Nanoextraction, separation and detection of micropollutants in one single and simple step 2019
1659 FEDD Fruits of Eurasia: Domestication and Dispersal 2020
1660 SCORE Signal Correction to Reveal other Earths 2020
1661 SUMiDENTITY Deconstructing the role of SUMO on chromatin in cell identity and tissue repair 2020
1662 MEDICAL Medical Treatments in Medieval Leprosaria. Exploring Healing Remedies through Dental Calculus Analysis 2020
1663 GEOPRO Accurate Geofluid Properties as key to Geothermal Process Optimisation 2019
1664 ANIMATE Adaptive Immunity in Human Atherosclerosis: Understanding its Cellular Basis to Define Novel Immunomodulatory Therapies 2020
1665 CELLPHASE_AD Genetics to understand cellular components of Alzheimer Disease pathogenesis 2019
1666 STAREX STARs at the EXtreme 2020
1667 RESSPICAC Rational Engineering of Synthetic Systems for Propagation of Information via Catalytic Assembly of Copies 2019
1668 SWING Signals, Waves, and Learning: A Data-Driven Paradigm for Wave-Based Inverse Problems 2020
1669 MOVE Modelling to Optimize Vector Elimination: Destabilising mosquito populations 2020
1670 HSD Homeomorphisms in symplectic topology and dynamics 2020
1671 ADEPTNESS Design-Operation Continuum Methods for Testing and Deployment under Unforeseen Conditions for Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems 2020
1672 VIROME Shaping of long term innate immunity by viral education of bone marrow monocytes 2020
1673 MELON Memristive and multiferroic materials for emergent logic units in nanoelectronics 2020
1674 HumMingBird Enhanced migration measures from a multidimensional perspective 2019
1675 WorkYP Working, Yet Poor 2020
1676 BREAK Blue light remote analgesia with K+ channels 2019
1677 HyperBiota Exploring the diet-microbiota axis for immunomodulation and organ protection in hypertension 2020
1678 inDemand-RCT Demand-driven and business co-creation for a new innovation business model 2019
1679 OptimHist Optimization and historical contingency in living systems: a biophysical approach 2020
1680 AMASS Acting on the Margins: Arts as Social Sculpture 2020
1681 DUET Digital Urban European Twins for smarter decision making 2019
1682 SMARTDEST Cities as mobility hubs: tackling social exclusion through ‘smart’ citizen engagement 2020
1683 ARTIS Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies 2020
1684 PJ18-W2 4D Skyways 4D Skyways 2019
1685 REINFORCE REsearch INfrastructures FOR Citizens in Europe 2019
1686 ParCos Participatory Communication of Science 2020
1687 TrackCycle.2P Exploring Visual Processes with Two-Photon Ophthalmoscopy 2020
1688 POLIVERNACULARS India's Politics in Its Vernaculars 2020
1689 HADRIAN Holistic Approach for Driver Role Integration and Automation Allocation for European Mobility Needs 2019
1690 PALAEOFARM Linking livestock genetic diversity with three thousand years of agricultural crises and resilience 2020
1691 REBOUND An algorithmic framework for reducing bias and polarization in online media 2020
1692 ATTOSTRUCTURA Structured attosecond pulses for ultrafast nanoscience 2020
1694 P4 Plight of Pelagic Primary Producers in a Changing Marine Environment 2020
1695 BehavIndividuality Uncovering the basis of behavioral individuality across developmental time-scales 2019
1696 PAVax A training network for the design of new synthetic carbohydrate-based vaccines to combat antibiotic resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa 2020
1697 EduSelect Edu*Select: Developing a Commercial Platform to Deliver Teacher Selection Tools 2019
1698 NGTax Next Generation Taxonomy: Ciliophora and their bacterial symbionts as a proof of concept 2020
1699 Bio-TUNE Fine tune of cellular behavior: multifunctional materials for medical implants 2020
1700 CSI-COP Citizen Scientists Investigating Cookies and App GDPR compliance 2020
1701 RLICS Robust Lightweight Cardan Shaft 2019
1702 AI-Inspect AI-Inspect - an artificial intelligence tool for instant inspection of commercial properties 2020
1703 HDM-FUN Host directed medicine in invasive fungal infection 2020
1704 ALERT Action Leveraging Evidence to Reduce perinatal morTality and morbidity in sub-Saharan Africa 2020
1705 NUCDDR Nucleolar Responses to DNA Damage: rDNA, an emerging hub of genome instability 2020
1706 APCG Arabic Poetry in the Cairo Genizah 2020
1707 FORESTDIET Reinterpreting how forests support people's dietary quality in low-income countries 2020
1708 READY Getting ready to treat human patients with nanobody-targeted photodynamic therapy 2020
1709 MAGSHAKE Shaken and stirred: Terahertz electric field control of magnetism 2020
1710 EvoBias Sex-specific demography and the evolution of gender-biased harmful cultural practices 2020
1711 TINTIN Visual narratives as a window into language and cognition 2020
1712 MEEP The MareNostrum Experimental Exascale Platform 2020
1713 State Silence The Silence of States in International Law 2020
1714 POPULIZATION Behavioral Foundations of Populism and Polarization 2020
1715 DECOLMAD Decolonising madness? Transcultural psychiatry, international order and the birth of a global psyche in the aftermath of the Second World War 2020
1716 AGEMEC Age-dependent mechanisms of sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease in patient-derived neurons 2020
1717 EPOCHAL Beyond seasonal suffering: Effects of Pollen on Cardiorespiratory Health and Allergies 2020
1718 SingStocDispDyn Singular Stochastic Dispersive Dynamics 2020
1719 nbPTMs A multifaceted platform for exploring nucleotide-based post-translational modifications 2021
1720 MetalloRadiCat Metalloradical Catalysis - From Fundamental Studies to Applications 2020
1721 NP-QFT Non-perturbative dynamics of quantum fields: from new deconfined phases of matter to quantum black holes 2020
1722 KnowStudents From East to West, and Back Again: Student Travel and Transcultural Knowledge Production in Renaissance Europe (c. 1470- c. 1620) 2020
1723 SEE_QPT Imaging phase transitions in quantum materials 2020
1724 FRRAnt Ordering, Constructing, Empowering: Fragments of the Roman Republican Antiquarians 2020
1725 PURE Prototyping emerging bio-based products from lignocellulose by zero-waste pathways 2020
1726 Apollo Apollo: developing a powerful and easy to use platform for choice model estimation and application with full user-customisation 2020
1727 METAFOAM Towards acoustic metafoams for broad-range sound insulation 2020
1728 TORYD TOpological many-body states with ultracold RYDberg atoms 2020
1729 Ports Between Sea and City: Ethnographic explorations of infrastructure, work, and place around leading urban container ports 2020
1730 DigitalGovernance Governing with Data: Local Experimentation in Authoritarian China 2020
1731 InfoNet Informational properties of networks under communication constraints 2020
1732 ForM-SMArt Formal Methods for Stochastic Models: Algorithms and Applications 2020
1733 EERAdata Towards a FAIR and open data ecosystem in the low carbon energy research community 2020
1734 BayesianGDPR Bayesian Models and Algorithms for Fairness and Transparency 2020
1735 Worlds of Lithium A multi-sited and transnational study of transitions towards post-fossil fuel societies 2020
1736 MAD Mechanisms of Apomictic Developments 2020
1737 DURARE DYNAMICS OF THE DURABLE. A History of Making Things Last in the Visual and Decorative Arts. 2020
1738 CHAMELEON Virtual Laboratories for Exoplanets and Planet Forming Disks 2020
1739 emergenTopo Emergent topology in photon fluids 2020
1740 COALA COpernicus Applications and services for Low impact agriculture in Australia 2020
1741 RNAVirFitness The dark side of evolution: the deleterious mutational landscape of RNA viruses 2020
1742 ALTER-brain Metastasis-associated altered molecular patterns in the brain 2020
1743 H I C I Transcriptional and epigenetic control of tissue regenerative HB-EGF in autoimmune CNS inflammation 2020
1744 NANOVR Nanoscale Design using Virtual Reality 2020
1745 PreventALL Prevention of childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia immunology links oncology 2020
1746 SEED Solvated Ions in Solid Electrodes: Alternative routes toward rechargeable batteries based on abundant elements 2020
1747 RECYPION Resurrecting the Carboxyl Polyether Ionophores 2020
1748 Phonon-ART Uncovering Phonon Dynamics by Advanced Raman Techniques 2020
1749 CLEAN Clean evidence on dirty deeds 2020
1750 ISICD Exploring the identity construction of IS members through linguistic markers in online discourse 2020
1751 NEMABOX Deciphering the cyst nematode parasitic program by uncovering how their virulence is orchestrated 2020
1752 SIMIS Strongly Interacting Mass Imbalanced Superfluid with ultracold fermions 2020
1753 SPINHALL Computing with mutually synchronized topological insulator based spin Hall nano-oscillators 2020
1754 ASTRA ASsembly and phase Transitions of Ribonucleoprotein Aggregates in neurons: from physiology to pathology. 2020
1755 BraINstorm Engineered nanocarriers for simultaneous anticancer immune response and “switching” of tumor-associated macrophages for intranasal glioblastoma treatment 2020
1756 DeepNOE DeepNOE: Leveraging deep learning for protein structure solving at ultra-high resolution on the basis of NMR measurements with exact nuclear Overhauser enhancement 2020
1757 SMART POP SMART POwder and Products 2020
1758 MicroMix Microbial Conlonization in Confined Chaotic Mixtures 2020
1759 IRPV Chalcopyrite-perovskites for infrared photovoltaics 2020
1760 NanoscAM Nanoscale active matter to power microstructures 2020
1761 PropRT Property-Based Modulable Timing Analysis and Optimization for Complex Cyber-Physical Real-Time Systems 2020
1762 StressRhomboid Trapping intramembrane protease substrates in living cells: focus on RHBDL4 role in ERAD 2020
1763 HollidayTrack Tracking the movement and dynamics of Holliday junctions 2020
1764 FINSEIS Quantitative analysis of the structural controls of faults on induced seismicity magnitude 2021
1765 TReSFiDS Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Strong-Field-Driven Solids 2021
1766 Absent Presences Absent Presences: an ethnographic study of the uncounted lives of people affected by leprosy in Latin America 2020
1767 SSFI Spin-resolved strong field ionisation 2021
1768 NONORMOPERA Sexual and Gender Non-Normativity in Opera after the Second World War 2021
1769 SOJUFOW Social Justice and the Future of Work 2020
1770 EVENTS Affective work-related daily events, and changing characteristics of the work context: New challenges for management practices to deliver employees’ well-being and workplace performance 2020
1771 DEAllAct Dissecting and Engineering Allosteric Activation in a Biosynthetic Enzyme 2020
1772 AquaLub A new high-performance aqueous lubricant formulation for soft bio-contact surfaces 2020
1773 VegSciLif The Emergence of a Science of Vegetation in Early Modern Natural Philosophy and the Sciences of Life: From Cesalpino to Malpighi 2021
1774 PICTURING Post-Industrial Chimneys seen Through Urban Regeneration Imaginaries: toward a Networked GeoHumanities 2020
1775 STIMULATE STING signalling modulation via the Electron Transport Chain 2021
1776 TGF-BTB Transforming Growth Factor – Bench To Bedside. Towards a better understanding of TGF-β isoform specific signalling in health and disease 2020
1777 PlaGE Playing at the Gateways of Europe: theatrical languages and performatives practices in the Migrants' Reception Centres of the Mediterranean Area 2020
1778 DJMI Zouj: Dynamic Jewish-Muslim Interaction in Popular Maghribi Comedic Performance Culture since the 1920s 2021
1779 CitIndus The ‘Citizenship Industry’: Commodified citizenship, the corporate sector and global inequality 2020
1780 ERoDES Examination of the recent past and future Response of coastal Dunes to Extreme storms and Sea level rise 2021
1781 WiseWomen Wise Women: Beliefs and Networks of Female Spiritual Figures in Central European Vernacular Religion 2020
1782 GUT3D-PLATE Ready-to-use cell culture plates for gut 3D models 2020
1783 RENOPROTECT Targeting tubular reabsorption for kidney protection 2020
1784 PFCmap Development of neural circuits in the prefrontal cortex 2020
1785 ChRONAM-H Chromatin Regulation Of Normal And Malignant Haematopoiesis 2020
1786 ReMiCom The Challenges of Return Migration in Africa in the Age of Complex Emergencies: Comparing Multilevel Governance Systems in Ethiopia and Nigeria 2020
1787 SOCIAL MATCH The role of social behaviour in mate choice 2021
1788 2DTriCat4Energy 2D Trifunctional Catalysts for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage 2020
1789 POLINFO Information encoding to polymers 2020
1790 ReReDMFT Development and implementation of reduced density matrix functionals for relativistic quantum chemistry. 2021
1791 PhotoBoost A holistic approach to improve the photosynthetic perfromance and productivity of C3 crops under diverse environmental conditions 2020
1792 DiverseNile Cultural diversity in the Middle Nile Valley. Reconstructing biographies in the periphery of urban centres in northern Sudan during the Bronze Age 2020
1793 MaP Material properties in the strong light-matter coupling regime 2021
1794 SURGE Sinofinancialization and urban change in Addis Ababa and Nairobi: an ethnography of private Chinese capital in African cities. 2020
1795 PCPPP Poverty, Child Protection and Parents' Participation 2020
1796 Xerobranching Xero-Branching: discovering how plant roots adapt to reduced water availability 2021
1797 BioScal Monitoring functional traits by combining multi-scale and multi-temporal remote sensing data to assess biodiversity across Europe 2021
1798 LyrA Lyric Authority: Editing and Rewriting Dante’s Lyric Poetry (14th – 16th c.) 2020
1799 REPTARQ Ecstatic Utopias: Reorienting audiovisual Evocations of Place Towards A Relational Queer future 2021
1800 SHINE Chemical Approach to Scalable Fabrication of Hybrid Plasmonic Materials in the Strong-Coupling Regime 2020
1802 NOSCAR decipheriNg Oncogenic SIgnalling patterns to break CAncer drug Resistance 2020
1803 BALTIC Machine learning based analytics for bacteria cell cycle characterization using super resolution microscopy 2020
1804 EcoScan guano-based monitoring of ecosystems – a novel approach to capture ecological processes underlying ecosystem health 2020
1805 RASATaC Regulating RAS Activity to Target RAS-Driven Cancers 2020
1806 antiCSC Targeting the cancer stem cell (CSC) metabolism with designed, reactive metal complexes 2020
1807 MAP-IN-HEART Computed tomography targets for efficient guidance of catheter ablation in ventricular tachycardia 2020