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1 GalNUC Astrophysical Dynamics and Statistical Physics of Galactic Nuclei 2015
2 Q-CEOM Quantum Cavity Electro- and Opto-Mechanics 2015
3 ExtreFlow Extreme deformation of structured fluids and interfaces. Exploiting ultrafast collapse and yielding phenomena for new processes and formulated products 2015
4 IMAGINE Imaging magnetic fields at the nanoscale with a single spin microscope 2015
5 NEOShield-2 Science and Technology for Near-Earth Object Impact Prevention 2015
6 flora robotica Flora Robotica: Societies of Symbiotic Robot-Plant Bio-Hybrids as Social Architectural Artifacts 2015
7 NANOIMAGER A portable single-molecule fluorescence imager 2014
8 DiDIY Digital Do It Yourself 2015
9 DANCE Dancing in the Dark 2015
10 SynChI Striatal cholinergic cell assemblies in movement disorders 2015
11 BRISKEE Behavioural Response to Investment Risks in Energy Efficiency 2015
12 iMoHEALTH iMoHEALTH: A pan-national collaborative analytics platform for the exploration of population health. 2014
13 ICT4COP Community-Based Policing and Post-Conflict Police Reform 2015
14 LDMRD Large Deviations and Measure Rigidity in Dynamics 2015
16 INHABIT Cities Investigating Natural, Historical, And Institutional Transformations - Cities 2015
17 REDOxHEART The Role of Adipose-Tissue Derived wnt-ligands in the Regulation of Myocardial Redox Signalling 2015
18 CRISIS Coastal flood risk in Europe and the socio-economic impacts in a changing climate 2016
19 FISHARC FISHing Ancient Reasons to address current Concerns 2015
20 ChemoBOOM Development of Palladium-Labile Prodrugs for Bioorthogonally-Activated Chemotherapy 2016
21 SHAPED SpeecH and Auditory Processing: Effects of Development 2015
22 TADFORCE Strengthening and survey beyond the knowledge of the TADF emitters as materials for superefficient OLED devices 2015
23 NEOMEDPOT Technological change at the South-western limits of the Mediterranean basin during Neolithic and early Chalcolithic times: pottery production and consumption 2015
24 COMOVE Exploring the impact of social mobilization on cooperation in community-based natural resource management systems: Insights from water conflicts in Spain and Mexico 2016
25 ICH-Bildung The Impact of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in formal, non-formal and informal education and its contribution to the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning in the EU Reference Framework 2015
26 TWORAINS Winter Rain, Summer Rain: Adaptation, Climate Change, Resilience and the Indus Civilisation 2015
27 NOVELNOBI Novel Nanoengineered Optoelectronic Biointerfaces 2015
28 D-FENS Dicer-Dependent Defense in Mammals 2015
29 BeadDiagnosis Prognosis and Diagnosis of Protein Misfolding Diseases by Seeded Aggregation in Microspheres 2015
30 INQMINDS The Evolutionary and Developmental Origins of Inquiring Minds: Studies of Causal Reasoning; Curiosity and Executive Control 2015
31 WANDERINGMINDS Not all minds that wander are lost: A neurocognitive test of mind-wandering state’s contribution to human cognition. 2015
32 ABANDONMENT People under Pressure: Settlement Abandonment and Human Responses to Environmental and Socio-Economic Stress during the Medieval and Post-Medieval Periods 2016
33 Filmcolors Film Colors. An Interdisciplinary Approach. 2015
34 POLTDES Interacting polaritons in two-dimensional electron systems 2015
35 SEGWAY Study on Environmental and GenomeWide predictors of early structural brain Alterations in Young students 2015
36 QnanoMECA Quantum Optomechanics with a levitating nanoparticle 2015
37 BHstabNL The fate of black holes in high-energy physics -- exploring their dynamical instabilities 2016
38 M3M Mobile 3D Modeling 2015
39 MicrobioS Exploring the human gut microbiome at strain resolution 2016
40 OPENCARE Open Participatory Engagement in Collective Awareness for REdesign of Care Services 2016
41 LUCKY STAR Exploring the outer solar system beyond Neptune using stellar occultations 2015
42 StronGrHEP Strong Gravity and High-Energy Physics 2016
43 NEO-NAT Understanding the mass scales in nature 2015
44 CBTA Feasibility Study for the CBT Academy 2015
45 EXC3ITE EXploring Chemistry, Composition and Circulation in the stratosphere with InnovativeTEchnologies 2016
46 MODULAR Modular mechanical-atomic quantum systems 2016
47 METAWARE Behavioral and neural determinants of metacognition and self-awareness in human adults and infants 2016
48 RyD-QMB Rydberg dressed quantum many-body systems 2016
49 VoidTrap Advanced studies of trapping and rotation of nanoparticles in vacuum 2016
50 CASSPIN Comparative Analysis of Social Spaces in Post-Industrial Nations 2016
51 CLUSTER Birth of solids: atomic-scale processes in crystal nucleation 2016
52 PROJESTOR PROJECTED MEMRISTOR: A nanoscale device for cognitive computing 2016
53 EnterTerra Transcriptional regulation and mechanistic insights on the telomeric lncRNA TERRA 2016
54 JUSECON Legal rights and the political economy of debt and austerity in Europe 2017
55 HURIME Human Rights in the Post-Uprisings Middle East: Emerging Discourses and Practices inEgypt and Tunisia 2017
56 EpiCDomestic Epigenetics of Canine Domestication from the Upper Paleolithic onwards 2017
57 Integrating Memories Integrating memories: Exploring knowledge integration enhancement at the intersection of education and neuroscience 2016
58 CUISINE An innovative approach for the study of culinary practices in past societies 2017
59 Gut-InflammAge Age-associated signatures in the composition and pro-inflammatory status of the gut microbiome in humans and mice, and the impact of a periodic fasting intervention to promote healthy aging 2016
60 INVISIBLE WATERS Visualizing aquifers: sustainable water use in the Atacama Desert and beyond 2017
61 FAHMRRR Focus alternatives in the human mind: Retrieval, representation, and recall 2016
62 QOM3D Quantum Optomechanics in 3D 2016
63 SYNVIA Synthetic viability of homologous recombination-deficient cancers 2016
64 PLANTCULT Identifying the food cultures of ancient Europe: an interdisciplinary investigation of plant ingredients, culinary transformation and evolution through time 2016
65 MatEnSAP Semi-Artificial Photosynthesis with Wired Enzymes 2016
66 ESTIA Exponential sums, translation invariance, and applications 2016
67 CADENT Competitive Advantage for the Data-driven ENTerprise 2016
68 METODA Methodological Explorations between Design and Social Sciences 2016
69 MATTERDESIGN New Science and Technology of Artificial Layered Structures and Devices 2016
70 LUMINOUS Studying, Measuring and Altering Consciousness through information theory in the electrical brain 2016
71 DYNAMAG Exploring high-frequency DYNAmics in artificial MAGnetic frustrated systems 2016
72 LiRichFCC A new class of powerful materials for electrochemical energy storage: Lithium-rich oxyfluorides with cubic dense packing 2016
73 Gen-Epix Genetic Determinants of the Epigenome 2016
74 BloodStemPLUS Commercial feasibility study of a technology that multiplies blood stem cells to increase the success of transplants for cancer treatment 2016
75 CarbonOrO CarbonOrO 2016
76 SUSCAT New Directions in Sustainable Catalysis by Metal Complexes 2016
77 CentrioleBirthDeath Mechanism of centriole inheritance and maintenance 2017
78 GroundForce GroundForce: Grounding Natural Language Semantics in Video Games 2016
79 RespeCT Respiratory Disease Screening with Dark-Field Computed Tomography 2016
80 TAROX Targeting oxidative repair proteins for treatment of cancer and inflammation 2016
81 NARRATIVENSCIENCE Narrative Ordering and Explanation in the Sciences: Historical Investigations and Perspectives 2016
82 ProCovar Exploring new applications of amino acid covariation analysis in modelling proteins and their complexes 2016
83 NET4IQ Network Techniques for Interaction Quenches 2016
84 NonVisNumCog The role vision plays in shaping the representation of numbers. 2017
85 PSINFONI Particle-Surface Interactions in Near Field Optics: Spin-orbit Effects of Light and Optical/Casimir Forces 2017
86 HOT Hybrid Optomechanical Technologies 2017
87 CyBioSys An affordable Cyber Biological System combining swarming biosensors and robotics 2016
88 3D-Plant2Cells Exploring the Impact of Pesticide on the 3D Metabolome and the Microbiota from the Whole Plant to the Cell Scale 2017
89 OPREP Operator Based Representations for Geometry Processing 2017
90 NanoPhennec Nanophononic devices: from phonon networks to phonon CQED 2017
91 PRE-EST Preparatory Phase for the European Solar Telescope 2017
92 Bio-ICD Biological auto-detection and termination of heart rhythm disturbances 2017
93 CAPABLE Chemical Composition characterization of air pollution (aerosols and gases) on the basis of nonlinear multi-channel lidar experiments 2017
94 MAGNETIC-SPEED-LIMIT Understanding the speed limits of magnetism 2017
95 GIANTCLIMES Giants through Time: Towards a Comprehensive Giant Planet Climatology 2017
96 Habitat-OASIS Habitability of Oceans and Aqueous Systems on Icy Satellites 2017
97 Mobilising Archives Mobilising Archives: photography in Southwest Angola 2017
98 WILDCAT Wildcat Economics: Informal Mining and Gold from the Global Margins in Contemporary Latin America 2017
99 TURKEY Uncovering the Transatlantic History of Turkey Husbandry and Breeding using a Multi-Disciplinary Approach 2017
100 DESYNE Development of synaptic networks in songbirds 2018
101 REMES Regulation and Metabolic Engineering of Saponins for use as bio-pesticides. 2017
102 TIMING Time-Resolved Nonlinear Ghost Imaging 2017
103 ChildEmp Understanding children's empathy: an ethnographic study among the indigenous Runa of the Ecuadorian Amazon 2018
104 TherSpinMol Exploring Thermoelectric and Spintronic properties of Molecular Devices 2017
105 ECO_REBUS Profiting from ECO-innovation: the RolE of BUSiness model 2017
106 PATHORISC Reprogramming of small RNA function in plant-pathogen interactions 2017
107 UNREDE Understanding Non-Photochemical Quenching Regulation in a Dynamic Environment. 2018
108 META-DORM Mechanobiology of METAstatic and DORMant cancer cells in bone marrow lesions 2018
109 ENCOPOL Encoding information into polymers 2017
110 PALE-Blu Understanding pathogen, livestock, environment interactions involving bluetongue virus 2017
111 Group Agency The Normative and Moral Foundations of Group Agency 2017
112 ImAc Immersive Accessibility 2017
113 NEUROCLOUD A neural network builder with remotely controlled parallel computing 2017
114 ASPIN Antiferromagntic spintronics 2017
115 GendeResearchIreland Exploring gender equality in Irish higher education: Qualitative case-study research into the response to, and process of Athena SWAN 2018
116 KTX-20 Mass production platform for L-EVs 2017
117 METEOR Recruiting electronic researcher to develop a predictive sensor to prevent frost on sensitive equipment 2017
118 Daphne Circuits of Visual Attention 2017
119 IneqPol Inequality - Public Policy and Political Economy 2018
120 RUN2Rail Innovative RUNning gear soluTiOns for new dependable, sustainable, intelligent and comfortable RAIL vehicles 2017
121 Group-Dynamics-TCB Effects of group dynamics on selection, development and demography in cooperative vertebrates 2018
122 TRIPLECON Triple negative breast cancer control through synergistic inhibition of EGFR and CDK9 signaling 2017
123 MoThal Functional exploration of the contributions of brainstem-motor thalamic pathways to motor execution and learning 2018
124 SOLARX Photon Management for Solar Energy Harvesting with Hybrid Excitonics 2018
125 LANGARCHIV Hausa and Kanuri languages as archive for the history of Sahara and Sahel in 18th and 19th century 2018
126 PRO GAIT Physiological and Rehabilitation Outcomes: Gains from Automated Interventions in stroke Therapy (PRO GAIT) 2018
127 PalREAD Country of Words: Reading and Reception of Palestinian Literature from 1948 to the Present 2018
128 THE FALL The Fall of 1200BC: The role of migration and conflict in social crises at end of the Bronze Age in South-eastern Europe 2018
129 GHOST Geographies and Histories of the Ottoman Supernatural TraditionExploring Magic, the Marvelous, and the Strange in Ottoman Mentalities 2018
130 SINCERE Spurring INnovations for Forest ECosystem SERvices in Europe 2018
131 SINCERE Spurring INnovations for Forest ECosystem SERvices in Europe 2018
132 WISDOM The autonomous floral pathway: a WIndow to Study the tight link between non-coDing RNA and chrOMatin regulation 2018
133 COQUDDE Cooperative Quantum Dynamics of Dipolar Ensembles 2018
134 MetaBil Metacognition and bilingualism in linguistic and non-linguistic domains 2018
135 DEMAIRPO Association of air pollution with dementia risk: is it confounded and mediated by environmental tobacco smoke and consumption of fish? 2018
136 CRISPR-EVOL The eco-evolutionary costs and benefits of CRISPR-Cas systems, and their effect on genome diversity within populations 2018
137 DESlRE Data-Efficient Scalable Reinforcement Learning for Practical Robotic Environments 2018
138 RYD-QNLO Quantum nonlinear optics through Rydberg interaction 2018
139 TouchDesign A Computational Design Approach to Haptic Synthesis 2018
140 EUVSBSMP Early Universe Vacuum Stability and Beyond the Standard Model Physics 2019
141 VSC_CAT Vibrational Strong Coupling for Organic Chemistry and Catalysis 2018
142 Learn2 Learning and Being in Sport: A Phenomenological Investigation 2019
143 UTILIUM Unraveling The Immune Landscape In Uveal Melanoma 2018
144 MapDung Dung as Construction Material During the Emergence of Animal Domestication: A Multi-Proxy Approach 2018
145 PolyBact Identifying Chemical Cues in the Polymer-Mediated Engineering of Microorganisms 2019
146 TCDL Topological Colloidal Double Layers 2018
147 SCIMOD Foundations of Model Based Science 2018
148 PhaseControl How cellular suicide programmes control phase transitions in fatty liver disease and liver cancer 2018
149 TRENSCRYBE TRapped ENSembles of Circular RYdBErg atoms for quantum simulation 2018
150 IntraGutSex Sex differences in intestinal plasticity 2018
151 E-DUALITY Exploring Duality for Future Data-driven Modelling 2018
152 INNOVATION Innovation and opportunity in the evolution of life 2018
153 Topo Ins Laser Topological Insulator Laser 2018
154 EvoTrap Mechanisms to emerge and replicate the first sequence information of life in geothermal microfluidics of early Earth 2018
155 Topics in Behavioral Topics in Behavioral-Economics Theory 2018