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The page lists 1902 projects related to the topic "dynamics".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Science at Aveiro Science@Aveiro, General public and researchers – Closing the Gap. 2014
2 dasQ Atomic-Scale Dynamics of Quantum Materials 2015
3 TRACE Opening the cycling and walking tracking potential 2015
4 DISIRE Integrated Process Control based on Distributed In-Situ Sensors into Raw Material and Energy Feedstock 2015
5 DormantMicrobes Revealing the function of dormant soil microorganisms and the cues for their awakening 2015
6 MAShES Multimodal spectrAl control of laSer processing with cognitivE abilities 2014
7 X-probe Advanced XFEL and Synchrotron based Probes of Protein Structure and Dynamics 2015
8 GADGET Geometry and Anomalous Dynamic Growth of Elastic instabiliTies 2015
9 SYMPLECTIC Symplectic Measurements and Hamiltonian Dynamics 2015
10 META-STRESS Unravelling life-history responses and underlying mechanisms to environmental stress in wild populations 2015
11 BLOC Mathematical study of Boundary Layers in Oceanic Motions 2015
12 NanoSOFT Fluid transport at the nano- and meso- scales : from fundamentals to applications in energy harvesting and desalination process 2015
13 STARLIGHT Steering attosecond electron dynamics in biomolecules with UV-XUV LIGHT pulses 2015
14 HBQFTNCER Holomorphic Blocks in Quantum Field Theory: New Constructions of Exact Results 2015
15 ChromArch Single Molecule Mechanisms of Spatio-Temporal Chromatin Architecture 2015
16 ProbDynDispEq Probabilistic and Dynamical Study of Nonlinear Dispersive Equations 2015
17 Dynamic Nano Dynamic Nanoplasmonics 2015
18 CoordinatedDopamine Coordination of regional dopamine release in the striatum during habit formation and compulsive behaviour 2015
19 Big Splash Big Splash: Efficient Simulation of Natural Phenomena at Extremely Large Scales 2015
20 CRCStemCellDynamics Molecular Subtype Specific Stem Cell Dynamics in Developing and Established Colorectal Cancers 2015
21 MODELAGE Is your heart aging well? A systems biology approach to characterize cardiac aging from the cell to the body surface 2015
22 Human Decisions The Neural Determinants of Perceptual Decision Making in the Human Brain 2015
23 Spray-Imaging Detailed Characterization of Spray Systems using Novel Laser Imaging Techniques 2015
24 new-ppd-environments First-principles global MHD disc simulations: Defining planet-forming environments in early solar systems 2015
25 NeurogenesisCode Deciphering the role of adult neurogenesis in hippocampal memory codes by optically imaging neuronal activity in freely behaving mice 2015
26 aidsocpro Aiding Social Protection: the political economy of externally financing social policy in developing countries 2015
27 EURO-LAB Experiment to Unearth the Rheological Oceanic Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary 2016
28 LimitMDR Utilizing evolutionary interactions to limit multidrug resistance 2015
29 ULEED Observing structural dynamics at surfaces with Ultrafast Low-Energy Electron Diffraction 2015
30 GEM From Geometry to Motion: inverse modeling of complex mechanical structures 2015
31 TIME-BRIDGE Time-scale bridging potentials for realistic molecular dynamics simulations 2015
32 CurvedSusy Dynamics of Supersymmetry in Curved Space 2015
33 FLUID-INTERFACE Analysis of moving incompressible fluid interfaces 2015
34 PlusOne An ultracold gas plus one ion: advancing Quantum Simulations of in- and out-of-equilibrium many-body physics 2015
35 Oscillations Oscillatory signaling dynamics – a quantitative approach to reveal their origin and function in development 2015
36 MIRAGE 20-15 Mid Infra-Red near-field control by Adiabatic frequency Generation Enabling 20fs/15nm resolution 2015
37 BIVAQUM Bivariational Approximations in Quantum Mechanics and Applications to Quantum Chemistry 2015
38 MECTRL Measurement-based dynamic control of mesoscopic many-body systems 2015
39 MESOPROBIO Mesoscopic models for propagation in biology 2015
40 complexNMR Structural Dynamics of Protein Complexes by Solid-State NMR 2015
41 NEURAMORPH Dynamics of Amorphous Semiconductors: Intrinsic Nature and Application in Neuromorphic Hardware 2015
42 RYSQ Rydberg Quantum Simulators 2015
43 A-LIFE Absorbing aerosol layers in a changing climate: aging, lifetime and dynamics 2015
44 BetaDropNMR Ultra-sensitive NMR in liquids 2015
45 AQuS Analog quantum simulators for many-body dynamics 2015
46 SolarPredict SolarPredict: An advanced predictive tool and service of the Solar 11-yr Activity Cycle 2015
47 QUCHIP Quantum Simulation on a Photonic Chip 2015
48 SENSEI Sequence-Enabled Single cEll Identification device 2015
49 MEDEA Molecular Electron Dynamics investigated by IntensE Fields and Attosecond Pulses 2015
50 HPC-LEAP High Performance Computing in Life Sciences, Engineering And Physics 2015
51 COSMOS Complex Oscillatory Systems: Modeling and Analysis 2015
52 PUFF Pulsed valves: Fast Forward 2015
53 Chromatin3D Chromatin Dynamics in Development and Disease 2015
54 IODA Industrial optimal design using adjoint CFD 2015
55 UnCoVerCPS Unifying Control and Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
56 ECOMODE Event-Driven Compressive Vision for Multimodal Interaction with Mobile Devices 2015
57 IMIXSED Integrating isotopic techniques with Bayesian modelling for improved assessment and management of global sedimentation problems 2015
58 PERGAMON PERvasive Serious GAMes suppOrted by Virtual CoachiNg 2015
59 No One Left Behind No One Left Behind 2015
60 TOPWOOD Wood phenotyping tools: properties, functions and quality 2015
61 MAPS-LED Multidisciplinary Approach to Plan Smart Specialisation Strategies for Local Economic Development 2015
62 SMPFv2.0 Next generation single molecule protein fluorescence 2015
63 SINGWAVES Singularity formation in nonlinear evolution equations 2015
64 NANOREACTOR Multiscale modelling of stimuli-responsive nanoreactors 2015
65 CancerHetero Dissection of tumor heterogeneity in vivo 2015
66 SEMICOMPLEX Divide and conquer ab initio semiclassical molecular dynamics for spectroscopic calculations of complex systems 2015
67 MathModExp The Evolution of Competition and Cooperation: how polymorphisms in microbial populations optimise virulence and mediate drug resistance 2015
68 CWASI Coping with water scarcity in a globalized world 2015
70 DYNPOR First principle molecular dynamics simulations for complex chemical transformations in nanoporous materials 2015
71 NChIP Chromatin dynamics during DNA replication 2015
72 3DSPIN 3-Dimensional Maps of the Spinning Nucleon 2015
73 EPAF Role of Epithelial Apoptotic Force in Morphogenesis 2015
74 GraM3 Surface-grafted metallofullerene molecular magnets with controllable alignment of magnetic moments 2015
75 TIAMO Trapping Ions in Atoms and Molecules Optically 2015
76 MEMBRANEFUSION Structure and mechanism of viral and cellular membrane fusion machineries 2015
77 GRANN Graphene Coated Nanoparticles and Nanograins 2015
78 INTERACT Intelligent Non-woven Textiles and Elastomeric Responsive materials by Advancing liquid Crystal Technology 2015
79 STERCP Synchronisation to enhance reliability of climate predictions 2015
80 BIZEB Bio-Imaging of Zoonotic and Emerging Bunyaviruses 2015
81 ISIGrowth Innovation-fuelled, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth 2015
82 Re.Cri.Re. Between the representation of the crisis and the crisis of representation. How crisis changed the symbolic background of European societies and identities. Implication for policies and policy making 2015
83 CULTURALBASE Social Platform on Cultural Heritage and European Identities 2015
84 QuInnE Quality of Jobs and Innovation Generated Employment Outcomes 2015
85 MPerS Sustainable Mixed-ion Layered Perovskite Solar Cells 2015
86 NEXES NEXt generation Emergency Services 2015
87 TARGET Training Augmented Reality Generalised Environment Toolkit 2015
88 SMR Smart Mature Resilience 2015
89 KGBVIFEF Utilizing the fusion machinery of Herpes Simplex Virus to unveil the general process of membrane fusion 2015
90 QUTEMAG Quantum-Enhanced Optical Magnetometers 2016
91 ActiDoC Active Doping in Colloids 2015
92 HoogsCG Development of a multiscale modeling strategy to decipher how hybrid DNA/RNA triplexes and G-quadruplexes affect gene expression regulation 2015
93 Chinese Labour Shifting Dynamics of Chinese Labour in a Global Perspective 2015
94 WITHDRAWAL AFTERMATH The Aftermath of a Drug Withdrawal: Modeling Spillover Effects Across Countries and Across Categories 2015
95 HydroCat Understanding the Collective Behaviour of Catalytically-Driven, Self-Propelled Colloids: From Fine-Grained Hydrodynamic Simulations to Effective Field-Theoretical Descriptions 2015
96 AntWatFre Hydration Dynamics of Antifreeze Proteins 2015
97 ELiQSIR Engineered Light Potentials for Quantum Simulation with Individual-Atom Resolution 2015
98 Q-METAPP Quantum Metrology in Applications 2015
99 EasyEBC Easy-to-Implement Energy-Based Control Design for Systems of Conservation Laws 2015
100 SmartMass Behavioral and cognitive mechanisms promoting collective intelligence in human groups 2015
101 ResolvedJetsHIC Probing the Strongly-Coupled Quark-Gluon Plasma with Jets 2015
102 LDMRD Large Deviations and Measure Rigidity in Dynamics 2015
103 PleisTechnoVar Technological Variability during the Late Pleistocene in Eastern Africa: lithic assemblages as indirect witnesses of past human population dynamics 2015
104 NeoGenHeritage Neotithic transition in the Iberian Peninsula: reviewing an old question from new technological and computational genome wide approaches 2015
105 NNL An exploration into the feasibility of simultaneously achieving ‘No Net Loss’ of biodiversity and ecosystem services, in an uncertain and changing world 2015
106 SmartCloudsODC SmartClouds Orbital Dynamics and Control 2016
107 MeaSuRe Following Protein Diffusion in Photosynthetic Membranes with Super Resolution 2015
108 KinCoop Do plants cooperate in reproduction? The effect of sharing pollination services on plant reproductive strategies 2015
109 DeepTrees Computational modelling of evolutionary dynamics in the deep sea 2015
110 WetCarb Wetland Emissions of Carbon (CO2 and CH4) in China under Climate Change: Analysis, Development and Implementation 2015
111 DiverseRoots Drivers of Root Dynamics in Diverse Plant Communities 2016
112 ImagiNE Imaging Nonlinear Elasticity for seismology 2016
113 TiFuN Tiny Functional Au Nanorods: Novel NIR-Photothermal Nanoprobes for Single-Molecule Tracking at Confined Cellular Environment 2015
115 EnAct Enacting heritage: The aesthetic dynamics of cultural transmission 2016
116 Turb. Bound. Layers Effects of multi-scale rough patches on hydrodynamics and scalar dispersion in turbulent boundary layers 2015
117 QTMODEM Quantitative Motor Control for Decision Making 2016
118 LAGRANGE LAte Glacial RANGe Expansion 2016
119 MecaMorphEME Four-dimensional physical modeling and numerical simulation of the early mouse embryo morphogenesis. 2015
120 VEiL Visualising Engineered Landscapes: an archaeological approach to unlock environmental resilience and sustainability in antiquity 2015
121 IPBMNES Integrated Pedestrian Behavior Modeling under Normal and Evacuation Situations 2017
122 ENIRIS Electrogenic NItrate Reduction In marine Sediments 2016
123 FIRSTBHs The formation of supermassive black holes in the early universe 2015
124 BRANECOSMOLOGY Quantum and String Cosmology with Branes and Fluxes 2015
125 FASTQUANTUM Ultrafast Sepctroscopy of Quantum Structures 2015
126 DC FlexMIL Development and Control of Flexible Mode-locked Integrated Laser 2016
127 StarlightWinds Mass loss in the lives and deaths of massive stars 2015
128 INHABIT Cities Investigating Natural, Historical, And Institutional Transformations - Cities 2015
129 SEAGAS Multi-disciplinary Comparison of Fluid Venting from Gas Hydrate Systems on the Mediterranean and Brazilian Continental Margins over Glacial-Interglacial Timescales 2016
130 RIDEC Rwenzori Ice Dynamics and Environmental Changes 2015
131 VCSD Visualising Chromatin Structure and Dynamics at the Nanometre Scale with Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy 2016
132 REGMat Rotational effects on strongly gravitating systems with matter 2015
133 River-HMV River hydraulics, morphology, and vegetation: A case for improved knowledge and numerical model capabilities 2015
134 nanoCAVa Formation of nano-scale clusters from atmospheric vapors 2015
135 FEEC discretizations Structure-preserving discretization of hierarchically-structured rotating covariant shallow-water equations using finite element exterior calculus 2016
136 CoEvolFramework Unified Framework for the Analysis of Co-evolutionary Systems 2016
137 Repower Democracy Repower Democracy: How grassroots energy initiatives are changing the face of democracy in Europe 2015
138 GRAFLEX Graphene curvature, flexibility and reactivity control by means of external fields: theory and computer simulations 2015
139 NextGen RiBiomics Next Generation Proteomic Analysis of Pre-Ribosomal Proteome Dynamics Coupled to Glucose Metabolism in Caner Cells 2016
140 REVEAL Peering through the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to reveal geology, crustal architecture and tectonic influences on ice sheet dynamics 2015
141 FreeMi Using FREshwater organisms to MItigate the pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis 2015
142 ASTROMULTISCALE Multiscale dynamics of astrophysical plasmas: pressure-anisotropy-driven instabilities and large-scale dynamical processes 2015
143 TRICE QFT TRapped Ion Coherent Execution of Quantum Fourier Transform 2015
144 PEERS Peer effects and endogenous network formation 2015
145 SPECIFIC fMRI From surrogate hemodynamics-based fMRI towards direct functional imaging of neural activity via sensing activity-induced cell swellings and neurotransmitter releases in vivo 2015
146 PATH Pathways to Heritage: Community heritage and the archaeology of movement in the Adelphi Forest, Cyprus 2016
147 SMI REP Investigating eukaryotic replisome dynamics at the single molecule level 2015
148 SpliceosomeStructure Structural role of protein splicing factors in promoting an active configuration of the spliceosome's RNA catalytic core 2016
149 ATTOCHEM Attosecond imaging and control of chemical dynamics 2015
150 OPTIMAL NMR Optimal control methods for biological solid state nuclear magnetic resonance 2015
151 NEUROMITO Mitochondrial Dynamics and Local Protein Synthesis in Dendrites 2016
152 GCP-GEOTARCTIC Geochemical-physical coupled study of the modern Arctic Ocean: GEOTRACES-ARCTIC 2015
153 MIGWAR Investigating the interactions between civil wars and migration. 2015
154 ABRUPT Quantifying Abrupt Biotic Responses to Palaeoclimate Change 2016
155 PEATmod PEATland modelling for global carbon cycle and climate models 2016
156 NESSY NEw Science from the phase space of old stellar SYstems 2015
157 FUTURESYRIA Mapping an uncertain future: Social and spatial change in conflicting Syria 2015
158 NAP-QDYS Nitroaromatics photophysics and photochemistry: a quantum dynamics study 2016
159 SIDEW Seabed Imprint of Dense Shelf Water Cascading 2016
160 NanoSyNNets Nanowires to study single synapses in patterned neuronal networks. 2015
161 THz Photochemistry THz Photochemistry: Biased Proton Transfer by Ultrafast Electric Fields 2015
162 S4ILS Solar Sailing for Space Situational Awareness In the Lunar System 2015
163 OSS Spatio-temporal control of the Src kinase activation through Optogenetics in Cell invasion 2016
164 ACPNMR Structural dynamics of acyl carrier protein complexes through combined solution and solid-state NMR 2015
165 SocForVul The impact of supplementary feeding on the food searching strategies and social behaviour in anendangered top scavenger 2015
166 NANOLASER Dynamics of semiconductor nanoscale lasers 2015
167 BAP A dynamical view of binding affinity 2015
168 INNOVCITIES Institutional Innovation for Adapting to Climate Change in Water Governance within Cities 2015
169 SCEL-TA Surfactant controlled Cation Exchange Lithography - Towards Application 2015
170 QEAH Quantum Entanglement And Holography 2015
171 SN-STM_FM Shot noise scanning probe microscopy: probing the dynamics at the atomic scale 2015
172 ShadOmIC Shadowing, Omega Limit Sets and Internal Chain Transitivity in Dynamical Systems 2015
173 SOUNDCONE Scattering and Amplification of fundamental photonic-hydrodynamic excitations in Kerr non-linear media 2015
174 CYBERNETS Cybernetic Communication Networks: Fundamental Limits and Engineering Challenges 2015
175 URBANRAD Radiative transfer effects on air pollution dispersion in urban areas: from the street scale to the neighbourhood scale 2015
176 cRISys Innovation Systems in Financial Crisis: Technological Dynamics, Industrial Structure and Business Cycles 2015
177 STEPDYN H2 and CH4 Dissociation Dynamics on Stepped Metal Surfaces via First-Principles Simulations 2016
178 MicroFrac Visualization and modelling of fracture at the microscale 2015
179 URBANEPIGENETICS The epigenetic basis of early-life effects in a wild bird exposed to urban environmental stress 2015
180 AdvancedStarForm Global and local star formation with state-of-the-art physics 2015
181 AGEISM Lifelong health, markers of ageing and senescence in a long-lived mammal. 2016
182 HESFIRE Drivers and projections of global fire activity and intensity under future climate and societal changes. 2015
183 DEDMEE Derivation of Effective Dynamics from Microscopic Evolution Equations 2015
184 ExTRyG Excitonic transport in cold Rydberg gases 2015
185 PHAGECOM Complex parasite communities as drivers of bacterial immunity 2016
186 SIAM Sex-Specific Interactions in Arbuscular Mycorrhizas in an Ecological Community Context 2015
187 SAC_EarlyEmbryo SAC robustness in the transition from meiosis to mitosis 2016
188 FLUOROKEF Incorporation of unnatural fluorinated amino acids to probe the function of the bacterial efflux system Kef in a cellular setting. 2015
189 ReaDoubt Reasonable Doubt: An epistemological and psychological approach 2015
190 EpiLIVER Characterization and implications of DNA damage response in liver cancer 2016
191 SpinMan Electrical Spin Manipulation in Atoms and Molecules 2016
192 PopMet Investigating bacterial strain evolution through metagenomic genome assemblies 2015
193 HOOKaWORM Hook a Worm to Catch a Man: Tracking Historical and Recent Human Settlement, Land use and Migration in Neotropical Rainforests using Ecosystem Engineers 2015
194 HAAIV Adaptive evolutionary pathways of highly pathogenic avian H5N1 influenza in humans 2015
195 RyM Experimental Studies of Strongly Interacting Quantum Gases in an Optical Lattice 2015
196 NPA Neurodidactics of Performing Arts: The Impact of Drama Teaching on Second Language Acquisition 2015
197 MALCOD Machine Learning for Computational Dynamics 2015
198 IE2 Inclusive Education for an Inclusive Europe: Examining Social Interactions, Dynamics and Friendship Networks of Students in Mainstream Primary Schools 2015
199 BT-LH Link The consequences of the joint individual variation in size specific life histories and behavioural types 2015
200 PALAEO Palaeolimnological assessment of methane emissions from lakes in changing environment using stable isotopes 2015
201 Re.B.Us Rewiring Brain Units - bridging the gap of neuronal communication by means of intelligent hybrid systems 2016
202 VOLES Is rodenticide use disrupting the natural autoregulation of vole populations? 2015
203 MADDOG Multidisciplinary Adjoint Design Optimisation of Gasturbines 2015
204 GABACODEV Role of GABAergic microcircuits with different embryonic origins in the orchestration of early cortical dynamics in the awake mouse pup 2015
205 ECOHYDRY Advancing dryland ecohydrology: factors and mechanisms determining catastrophic shifts 2016
206 PIOMES Pbx proteins as pioneer factors promoting signal specificity in mesodermal differentiation 2015
207 OceanIS Ocean Interaction with Antarctic Ice Shelves 2016
208 OPTIC BIOEM Toward the comprehension of primary bioelectromagnetic interactions: real time non-linear OPTICal imaging of BIO-samples under ElectroMagnetic exposure 2015
209 DYNECAT Microscopic Surface Dynamics of Pt and Pt Alloy Electrocatalysts under operation conditions 2015
210 MetAccembly Accelerating metal-directed assembly, recognition and catalysis with computational methods 2015
211 virus-DNP-NMR Development of high-field DNP-enhanced MAS NMR techniques for structure determination of viral capsids 2015
212 G4invivo Probing intracellular folding and dynamics of telomeric DNA structures with single-molecule FRET 2016
213 CHAT Control of the Homeostasis of Actin through Time: actin homeostasis during embryonic development by means of single-molecule imaging and simulation in C. elegans 2015
214 NMJALS In vivo analysis of neuromuscular junction stability in zebrafish models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2015
215 CONSCBRAIN How consciousness is shaped by neuronal network dynamics 2015
216 BASILA Identification and characterization of bacterial effectors that interfere with Transcriptional GeneSilencing in Arabidopsis 2015
217 UbiGABA The role of ubiquitination in stability and plasticity of the GABAergic synapse 2015
218 PARACORT The role of macroPARAsite COinfection in Rodent-borne microparasite Transmission 2015
219 COMPLEX-fastMAS-NMR Structure of a large non-crystalline multiprotein assembly by solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance with ultra-fast magic-angle spinning 2016
220 BioStomy Development of manufacturing process for a novel multi-layer film comprising of a water-soluble polymer and a bio-compostable polymer to enable flushable ostomy pouches 2015
221 NO_MORE_FEAR A NOvel FFR Measurement fOR accurate dEtermination of stenosis Functional severity in ischemic hEARt disease 2015
222 ADAPTIVE Industrial implementation of adaptive computational methods for turbulent flow and fluid-structure interaction 2015
223 BioValue Quality determination of solid biofuels in real time 2015
224 i2D i2D – intelligence to drive 2015
225 SOMATCH Support IT solution for creative fashion designers by integrated software systems to collect, define and visualize textile and clothing trends through innovative image analysis from open data 2015
226 3Dconvert The dynamics of the mammalian epigenome during transcription factor-induced cell fate conversion 2015
227 MultiScaleNeurovasc Quantifying the structure-function of the neurovascular interface: from micro-circuits to large-scale functional organization 2015
228 VIBCONTROL Vibronic control of organic electronic devices 2015
229 ZAS Zinc Air Secondary innovative nanotech based batteries for efficient energy storage 2015
230 AEDMOS Attosecond Electron Dynamics in MOlecular Systems 2015
231 QuantumMagnonics Interfacing spin waves with superconducting quantum circuits for single magnon creation and detection 2015
232 ICONICAL In control of exciton and charge dynamics in molecular crystals 2015
233 BioLinX Creating links to speed-up innovation in the bio economy 2015
234 SAMOFAR A Paradigm Shift in Reactor Safety with the Molten Salt Fast Reactor 2015
235 HoNESt History of Nuclear Energy and Society 2015
236 MAGicSky Magnetic Skyrmions for Future Nanospintronic Devices 2015
237 INCEPTION Inclusive Cultural Heritage in Europe through 3D semantic modelling 2015
238 HTMD Feasibility assessment of a cloud application platform for rational drug design using high throughput molecular dynamics 2015
239 MAGnUM A Multiscale and Multimodal Modelling Approach for Green Urban Traffic Management 2015
240 DYNAMO Energy and charge transfer nonadiabatic dynamics in light-harvesting molecules and nanostructures 2015
241 VERTICAL CITY Versatility of scaffold complexes in vivo to control synaptic plasticity 2015
242 SUSPINTRONICS Magnetic, electric-field and light induced control of spin-polarized supercurrents: fundamentals for an offbeat electronics 2015
243 LignoSilva Centre of Excellence of Forest-based Industry 2015
244 QCUMbER Quantum Controlled Ultrafast Multimode Entanglement and Measurement 2015
245 OTTOCONFESSION The Fashioning of a Sunni Orthodoxy and the Entangled Histories of Confession-Building in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire, 15th-17th Centuries 2015
246 EUTHORITY Conflict and Cooperation in the EU Heterarchical Legal System 2015
247 AEROFLEX AEROelastic instabilities and control of FLEXible Structures 2015
248 VARIKIN Cultural Evolution of Kinship Diversity: Variation in Language, Cognition, and Social Norms Regarding Family 2015
249 CLIMSEC Climate Variability and Security Threats 2015
250 NANOPDICS Optoelectrical Dynamics of Ion channel Activation in Calcium Nanodomains 2015
251 DYNADE Dynamics of Development: Understanding Adolescents' Intergroup Attitudes, National Feelings, and Perception of Social Norms 2016
252 GEDII Gender Diversity Impact – Improving research and innovation through gender diversity 2015
253 PRINTEGER Promoting Integrity as an Integral Dimension of Excellence in Research 2015
254 METIS-II Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for Twenty-twenty (2020) Information Society-II 2015
255 GLONEXACO The Global-Local Nexus of Armed Conflicts: The interlinkages between resource-fuelled armed conflicts and the EU’s raw materials supply 2015
256 NANOSHOCK Manufacturing Shock Interactions for Innovative Nanoscale Processes 2015
257 MidFrontalTheta2.0 MidFrontal Cortex Theta Oscillations: Causes and Consequences 2015
258 ACTOMYO Mechanisms of actomyosin-based contractility during cytokinesis 2015
259 FLYghtCaRe Ca2+ feedback control of TRP/TRPL channels in Drosophila photoreceptors 2015
260 BIOSTASES BIOdiversity, STAbility and sustainability in Spatial Ecological and social-ecological Systems 2015
261 ExaFLOW Enabling Exascale Fluid Dynamics Simulations 2015
262 ALLScale An Exascale Programming, Multi-objective Optimisation and Resilience Management Environment Based on Nested Recursive Parallelism 2015
263 SMART DESIGN Spin-orbit mechanism in adaptive magnetization-reversal techniques, for magnetic memory design 2015
264 INTERACT INTerEthnic Relationships in contemporAry CommuniTies: How does ethnoracial diversity affect in- and out-group trust, solidarity, and cooperation 2015
265 Intimacy Doing Intimacy: A Multi-sited Ethnography of Modern Chinese Family Life 2015
266 AUDADAPT The listening challenge: How ageing brains adapt 2016
267 SESE Social Evolution and Social Engineering of bacterial Infections 2015
268 ReactiveFronts Mixing interfaces as reactive hotspots of porous media flows: theoretical upscaling, experimental imaging and field scale validation 2015
269 Elephant Project How elephants grow old 2016
270 P-MEM-NMR Structure of paramagnetic integral membrane metalloproteins by MAS-NMR 2015
271 low Pt loading FCCHP Innovative fuel cell system for CHP application in Low Carbon Buildings 2016
272 MEMDYN Linking the intrinsic protein dynamics to function in glutamate transporters 2016
273 BrightnESS Building a research infrastructure and synergies for highest scientific impact on ESS 2015
274 Gazelab A precision, computer-vision measurement system for the early diagnosis of schizophrenia 2015
275 DATACTIVE Data activism: The politics of big data according to civil society 2015
276 HADE Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations: New Challenges 2015
278 COMNACTSS Controlling micro- and nano-channel transport with selective solvation 2015
279 TARLOOP R-loops as a major modulator of transcription-associated recombination and chromatin dynamics 2015
280 SElySOs Development of new electrode materials and understanding of degradation mechanisms on Solid Oxide High Temperature Electrolysis Cells. 2015
281 SUBITOP Understanding subduction zone topography through modelling of coupled shallow and deep processes 2016
282 SYSTEM-RISK A Large-Scale Systems Approach to Flood Risk Assessment and Management 2016
283 Troy Stem Cells Troy+ stomach stem cells in homeostasis, repair and pathogenesis 2015
284 PhageDiff Distinct Infection Dynamics and Ecological Success among Closely Related Marine Cyanophages: Why the Differences? 2015
285 ProFF Programming in vitro evolution using molecular fitness functions 2015
286 JEWSEAST Jews and Christians in the East: Strategies of Interaction between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean 2015
287 NEURO-PATTERNS How neuronal activity patterns drive behavior: novel all-optical control and monitoring of brain neuronal networks with high spatiotemporal resolution 2015
288 COMPEN Penal Policymaking and the prisoner experience: a comparative analysis 2015
289 dynamicmodifications Complexity and dynamics of nucleic acids modifications in vivo 2015
290 EVOLPROOF Are HPV vaccines ‘evolution-proof’? Multilevel evolutionary ecology of human oncoviruses 2015
291 LineageDiscovery Laying the Biological, Computational and Architectural Foundations for Human Cell Lineage Discovery 2015
292 HySEA Improving Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications (HySEA) through pre-normative research on vented deflagrations 2015
293 ProteinConjugates A training network for the chemical site-selective modification of proteins: Preparation of the next-generation of therapeutic chemically-defined protein conjugates 2015
294 AdaptEconII Adaptation to a New Economic Reality 2015
295 DIAPHORA Diaphora: Philosophical Problems, Resilience and Persistent Disagreement 2016
296 IPPAD Effect of 4500bar injection pressure and super-critical phase change of surrogate and real-world fuels enriched with additives and powering Diesel engines on soot emissions reduction 2015
297 INTESTINANOS Intestinal Lipoidal Nanostructures - A Lipid Bridge to Increased Drug Delivery 2015
298 COSMIC Commitment, maturation and infectivity of sexual stage malaria parasites in natural infections 2015
299 ModCompShock Modelling and Computation of Shocks and Interfaces 2015
300 SPIRE Stars: dynamical Processes driving tidal Interactions, Rotation and Evolution 2015
301 WATER Probing the Structure and Dynamics of Water in its Various States 2015
302 SYNPRIME Presynaptic Regulatory Principles in Synaptic Plasticity, Neuronal Network Function, and Behaviour 2015
303 CVI_ADAPT Unraveling the history of adaptation in an island model: Cape Verde Arabidopsis 2015
304 RuMicroPlas The Plasmidome: a Driving Force of Rumen Microbial Evolution from Birth to Adulthood 2016
305 NeuroPioneers A developmental engram for the organization of adult hippocampal circuits 2015
306 PLASMA Running away and radiating 2015
307 TOPOmics Global dynamics of topoisomerase-induced DNA breaks 2015
308 DOQS Many-Body Physics with Driven Open Quantum Systems of Atoms, Light and Solids 2016
309 ULT-NEMS Ultra-Cold Nano-Mechanics: from Classical to Quantum Complexity 2015
310 chemREPEAT Structure and Dynamics of Low-Complexity Regions in Proteins: The Huntingtin Case 2015
311 EVILTONGUE No Sword Bites So Fiercly as an Evil Tongue?Gossip Wrecks Reputation, but Enhances Cooperation 2015
312 NPTEV-TQP2020 Uncovering New Phenomena at the TeV Scale With Top Quarks 2015
313 ARISE2 Atmospheric dynamics Research InfraStructure in Europe 2015
314 POTI People, objects and technologies at the interface – multiscalar interaction networks in the Aegean Bronze Age (3100-1200 BC) 2016
315 SFSysCellBio Slow-Fast Systems in Cellular Biology 2016
316 NorFish North Atlantic Fisheries: An Environmental History, 1400-1700 2016
317 Con Espressione Getting at the Heart of Things: Towards Expressivity-aware Computer Systems in Music 2016
318 BRAINCOMPATH Mesoscale Brain Dynamics: Computing with Neuronal Pathways 2016
319 BacCellEpi Bacterial, cellular and epigenetic factors that control enteropathogenicity 2015
320 BROADimmune Structural, genetic and functional analyses of broadly neutralizing antibodies against human pathogens 2015
321 hybridFRET hybridFRET - deciphering biomolecular structure and dynamics 2015
322 JPI-EC-AMR ERA-NET for establishing synergies between the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Horizon 2020 2015
323 SOLIRING Solitons and frequency combs in micro-resonators 2016
324 UCoCoS Understanding and controlling complex systems 2016
325 MicroParticleControl Controlled synthesis of particulate matter in microfluidics 2016
326 BREAKBEN Breaking the Nonuniqueness Barrier in Electromagnetic Neuroimaging 2016
327 PoroFrac A high-fidelity isogeometric simulation methodology for fracture in porous media 2016
328 RecRoad From Aquileia to Singidunum (Belgrade), reconstructing the paths of Roman travelers 2016
329 StronGrHEP Strong Gravity and High-Energy Physics 2016
330 DATA4WATER Excellence in Smart Data and Services for Supporting Water Management 2016
331 EDAX Beating Complexity through Selectivity: Excited state Dynamics from Anti-Stokes and non-linear resonant inelastic X-ray scattering 2016
332 DynaMech Linking Transcription Factor Binding Dynamics to Promoter Output 2016
333 RNAREG Single molecule observation and manipulation of gene expression dynamics to dissect mechanisms of cell cycle entry 2016
334 SINCAT Single Nanoparticle Catalysis 2016
335 COSMO_SIMS Astrophysics for the Dark Universe: Cosmological simulations in the context of dark matter and dark energy research 2016
336 INSERTRONIC Development of highly-efficient low-emission log wood-fired closed fireplace INSERts thanks to an automated elecTRONIC control system 2016
337 BILUM Novel applications based on organic biluminescence 2016
338 TopDyn Probing topology and dynamics in driven quantum many-body systems 2016
339 FLIRT Fluid Flows and Irregular Transport 2016
340 FluctEvol Fluctuating selection, evolution, and plasticity in random environments 2016
341 SELFORGANICELL Self-Organization of the Bacterial Cell 2016
342 StableChaoticPlanetM Stable and Chaotic Motions in the Planetary Problem 2016
343 TROCONVEX Turbulent Rotating Convection to the Extreme 2016
344 COAT Collapse Of Atmospheric Turbulence 2016
345 DYNAMIQS Relaxation dynamics in closed quantum systems 2016
346 MACROPMF Macroeconomic Dynamics with Product Market Frictions 2016
347 EINSTAIN Engine INSTallation And INtegration 2016
348 BLUEandGREEN Boosting scientific excellence and innovation capacity in biorefineries based on marine resources 2016
349 TEMPDEP Ecological and evolutionary constraints on the temperature dependence of the carbon cycle 2016
350 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
351 ThDEFINE Re(defining) CD4+ T Cell Identities One Cell at a Time 2016
352 FAMilyDECisions Family formation decisions and gender attitudes in crisis times: an international, historical and longitudinal comparison. 2016
353 Local State State Formation Through the Local Production of Property and Citizenship 2016
354 SyBil-AA Systems Biology of Alcohol Addiction: Modeling and validating disease state networks in human and animal brains for understanding pathophysiolgy, predicting outcomes and improving therapy 2016
355 MARKLIM Markets and their limits 2016
356 ISECO Information services: competition and externalities 2015
357 Mulosige Multilingual locals, significant geographies: a new approach to world literature 2016
358 HYDRA Hydraulics modelling for drilling automation 2016
359 CAT Climbing the Asian Water Tower 2016
360 CFS modelling Chromosomal Common Fragile Sites: Unravelling their biological functions and the basis of their instability 2016
361 assymcurv The influence of the cell membrane asymmetry and curvature on the functioning of membrane proteins and the transport of therapeutic compounds 2016
362 RENOIR Reverse EngiNeering of sOcial Information pRocessing 2016
363 AGRIDEASCOURSE.TRADE Ideas and Legitimating Discourse in EU and US Agricultural Policy-Making and their Implications for Transatlantic Trade Relations 2016
364 GAtransport A direct, multi-faceted approach to investigate plant hormones spatial regulation: the case of gibberellins 2016
365 FEUTURE The Future of EU-Turkey Relations. Mapping Dynamics and Testing Scenarios 2016
366 MULTIATTACK Plant adaptations to unpredictable attack by dynamic insect communities 2016
367 EXO-ATMOS Exploring the Plurality of New Worlds: Their Origins, Climate and Habitability 2016
368 NICH Novel interactions and species’ responses to climate change 2016
369 GROWTHPATTERN Coordination Of Patterning And Growth In The Spinal Cord 2016
370 DYNA-MIC Deep non-invasive imaging via scattered-light acoustically-mediated computational microscopy 2016
371 I-Media-Cities Innovative e-environment for Research on Cities and the Media 2016
372 STRIKE3 Standardisation of GNSS Threat reporting and Receiver testing through International Knowledge Exchange, Experimentation and Exploitation 2016
373 YOUNG_ADULLLT Policies Supporting Young People in their Life Course. A Comparative Perspective of Lifelong Learning and Inclusion in Education and Work in Europe 2016
375 RyD-QMB Rydberg dressed quantum many-body systems 2016
376 FURADO Full Fairing Rotor Head Aerodynamic Design Optimization 2016
377 EcoFunc4Cast Forecasting Change in Vegetation Dependant Ecosystem Functions. 2017
378 SponGES Deep-sea Sponge Grounds Ecosystems of the North Atlantic: an integrated approach towards their preservation and sustainable exploitation 2016
379 SEAQUEL Structured Ensembles of Atoms for Quantum Engineering of Light 2016
380 BIAF Bird Inspired Autonomous Flight 2016
381 RCSB Regulation of cell size and shape in bacteria 2016
382 MAKERS Smart Manufacturing for EU Growth and Prosperity 2016
383 CoEND Correlated Electron-Nuclear Dynamics: A novel mixed quantum-semiclassical approach 2016
384 KeyDynamics Addressing key challenges for forecasting climate change effects on biodiversity: an assessment of dispersal limitation, priority effects and intra-species trait variation in range dynamics 2017
385 NetMoDEzyme Network models for the computational design of proficient enzymes 2016
386 FourCmodelling Conflict, Competition, Cooperation and Complexity: Using Evolutionary Game Theory to model realistic populations 2016
387 AMO-dance Strong Field Dynamics of Atoms and Molecules: History-dependent Functionals and Exact Kohn-Sham Potentials of the Time-dependent (multi-component) Density Functional Theory 2016
388 MatTypeEvol Evolution of fungal mating-type chromosomes 2016
389 ALTERFOR Alternative models and robust decision-making for future forest management 2016
390 ADMEP Dynamics of femtosecond laser ablation of trapped dielectric and metallic nanoparticles 2016
391 FIREFELM Mastering the energetic particle distribution in a magnetohydrodynamic active plasma 2017
392 CARMI Cosmology, Astronomy, and Religion in Medieval India 2017
393 HiggsEFTatNLO Precise Higgs Properties in the LHC Era 2017
394 WideBrainImaging Development of high-speed microscopes to study wide-scale neural activity 2016
395 HISOL High Energy Optical Soliton Dynamics for Efficient Sub-Femtosecond and Vacuum-Ultraviolet Pulse Generation 2016
396 TeX-MEx Time resolved X-ray probing of Matter under Extreme conditions 2016
397 GaugedBH Black holes in gauged Supergravity: Supersymmetric and Holographic properties 2017
398 SOLARACT Solar Dinitrogen Activation 2016
399 PRIMASE_NMR Visualizing Primase Initiating DNA Replication using NMR Spectroscopy 2016
400 PULMO PULMO: Population dynamics, trophic interactions, and human exploitation of a novel nutraceutical and pharmaceutical marine resource: the Mediterranean sea lung jellyfish, Rhizostoma pulmo . 2016
401 ENSAR2 European Nuclear Science and Application Research 2 2016
402 VADEMA Doctoral Industrial School for Vaccine Design through Structural Mass Spectrometry 2016
403 LiKo From Liouville to Kolmogorov: 2d quantum gravity, noise sensitivity and turbulent flows 2016
404 AlterMateria Designer Quantum Materials Out of Equilibrium 2016
405 RespMicroFlows Unravelling respiratory microflows in silico and in vitro: novel paths for targeted pulmonary delivery in infants and young children 2016
406 NEUROGOAL Neuronal Coding of Choice and Action-Selection during Decision-Making in Behaving Mice 2016
407 HeteroDynamic Evolutionary Stability of Ubiquitous Root Symbiosis 2016
408 ChemBioAP Elucidation of autophagy using novel chemical probes 2016
409 DYNAMICSS Labour market dynamics and optimal policies 2016
410 DIPLOFACE Diplomatic Face-Work - between confidential negotiations and public display 2016
411 SIRPOL Strongly interacting Rydberg slow light polaritons 2016
412 CLUSTER Birth of solids: atomic-scale processes in crystal nucleation 2016
413 AROMA-CFD Advanced Reduced Order Methods with Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics 2016
414 PSYCHOCELL Cellular substrate of abnormal network maturation in neuropsychiatric disorders 2016
415 BPI Bayesian Peer Influence: Group Beliefs, Polarisation and Segregation 2016
416 SolarALMA ALMA – The key to the Sun’s coronal heating problem. 2016
417 Virus-X Virus-X: Viral Metagenomics for Innovation Value 2016
418 MOIPB Multi-modal optical imaging platform for Biology 2017
419 NAMDIA NonAdiabatic Molecular Dynamics of organic Intermediates in Atmospheric chemistry 2016
420 MagNem Hydrodynamics of Ferromagnetic Nematic Liquid Crystals 2016
421 Spin1D Spinor Bose Gases in 1D: Equilibrium properties, Dynamics, and Spin-orbit coupling 2016
422 ECO.G.U.S. ECOsystem services for resilient and sustainable cities: an ecohydrological approach for Green Urban Spaces 2016
423 CA3RECURRENTPLASTIC In vivo dynamics and plasticity of networks within CA3 of the hippocampus: effects of optogenetic stimulation and natural learning. 2016
424 Female Empowerment “The Role of Urbanization in Female Empowerment: the Turkish Case in Comparative Perspective” 2016
425 UNRAVEL Understanding the Role of Antisense lncRNA in Vernalization, Memory and Life History 2016
426 DynamAtt Dynamics of Attentional Networks in the Human Brain in Health and Disease: Evidence from Intracerebral and MEG Recordings 2017
427 Cryoetch Computer modelling and experimental validation of plasmas and plasma- surface interactions, for a deep insight in cryogenic etching 2016
428 OEMBS Out-of-equilibrium entangled many-body systems 2016
429 Neighbourhood Change Neighbourhood Change in a Comparative Context: a Social-Mobility Approach 2016
430 EnterTerra Transcriptional regulation and mechanistic insights on the telomeric lncRNA TERRA 2016
431 plaNET-seq Temporal mapping of environmental sensing transcription dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana 2017
432 MTUB-ANGIO Microtubule Dynamics during angiogenesis 2016
433 IFNBetaMito Role of IFN-β in mitochondrial homeostasis and impact on Parkinson Disease 2016
434 ThreatValPun Perceptions of threat to personal values shape punishment judgments through social identity threat 2016
435 FLAVIC DYNAMICS Labeling Flavivirus capsid protein to unravel its dynamics during infection and egress by correlative super-resolution fluorescence and cryo-electron microscopy 2017
436 FLAMENCO FLAgellated MicroswimmErs’ locomotioN in Confined flOws 2016
437 DynOMIS Dynamic Origins of MHC class I Selector function 2016
438 MCANALSMSCA2015 Receptor signalling in space and time - Gaining high-resolution information of the temporal and spatial control of G protein-coupled receptor signalling. 2018
439 ClusterDynamics Characterising the dynamical properties of size-selected supported metal clusters 2017
440 PACE Paleogenetic extraction and analysis from challenging environments 2016
441 metaVir-Alp Alpine lakes benthic viral community structure and diversity: a metagenomic and ecological approach 2016
442 DNA Pol III How single DNA polymerases make decisions during proofreading 2016
443 TOPACT Topological defects in nematic liquid crystals of active colloidal rods 2016
444 Dynamic Perspectives Unravelling perspective-taking: Examining the influence of multiple constraints on perspective selection and multimodal behavior through a dynamical systems' approach 2016
445 Rockslope_failures Improve our understanding of Rock Slope Failures using calving events 2016
446 GROUPNIP Model theory of groups in NIP theories 2017
447 VOLTAIC VOLcanic lighTning: a lAb and fIeld ApproaCh 2016
448 PtoACons Going from Phenomenal to Access Consciousness: Neurobehavioural correlates of visual consciousness development and its underlying cognitive procesess. 2016
449 NeuroASPECT Neuronal Alternative Splicing and RNA-Editing Crosstalk 2017
450 PalmHydraulics Palm hydraulics linking biodiversity and functioning of tropical forests under climate change 2016
451 Prionomics Systematic profiling of molecular changes during prion disease progression 2016
452 XPGCS Single cell profiling of X chromosome reactivation during primordial germ cell specification in vivo 2016
453 FREYA Forecasting RangE dYnamics of Alien species under climate change. 2016
454 DIGDEEP Disclosing the Inner Gaseous Discs of Early Evolved Protostars 2016
455 ITPF Interfaces in Turbulent Premixed Flames (ITPF) 2016
456 REOPTIMIZE REmineralisation, OPTIcs and Marine partIcle siZE 2016
457 TRANSITION-FRICTION Transition Friction in the Ecuadorian Amazon: A Green Economy Ethnography 2017
458 CENTURION Signal proCEssing in optical communication NeTworks Using ReservoIr cOmputiNg 2016
459 DynaSpaCER Molecular Mechanisms of Dynamic and Spatial Control of Eph Receptors clustering 2016
460 eLection Evaluating the performance of local climate policies in Mexico (2009-2018) 2017
461 ZoomInTheDust Zoom-in on the dust-oscured phase of galaxy formation with gravitational lenses 2016
462 COMPLEX Control and Optimization of Energy Flow in Complex Molecular Networks 2016
463 HealingFromEnclosure Healing from Enclosure: A Political Agroecology of a Science-and-Society Potato Controversy in Belgium 2017
464 IDEA Island Diversity from an Eco-evolutionary Approach 2016
465 RESOLVE antibiotic RESistance and mObile genetic eLements dissemination in enVironmEntal conditions 2016
466 DDM-GNI Discrete Dirac Mechanics and Geometric Numerical Integration Methods for Plasma Physics 2016
467 SOSiC Southern Ocean Silicon Cycling: combining views of the past and present using silicon isotopes 2016
468 Lipid and Polarity The diffusion and nanoclustering of a polarity module in the lipid environment 2016
469 OPTBIOMAN Optimal Decision Making under Uncertainty in Biomanufacturing Operations 2016
470 PW Your digital source for medication awareness : “Your health is a choice, choose to know” 2015
471 t-Clinic An innovative medical device for early diagnosis based on a disruptive body temperature monitoring and analysis scheme-t-Clinic 2016
472 ZephyCloud Making Wind Energy More Bankable…Faster! 2016
473 Desolenator Green and Affordable Water Supply for All 2016
474 PSYCHOCONTEXT Contextualising psychosocial wellbeing and mental health within sociocultural dynamics 2016
475 DELTAS The dynamics and rheology of self-assembled empty liquids: from patchy toy models to anisotropic realistic systems 2016
476 MID Molecular Information Dynamics 2016
477 QUANTUM LOOP Quantum Light Spectroscopy of Polariton Lasers 2016
478 QDM Quantum Decision Making 2016
480 TraCTUs Tracing European Copper Age Social Dynamics through Pottery Technology and Use 2016
481 ForestRege Tree generation replacement in a European natural forest– unravelling the role of canopy gaps using a spatially explicit approach 2016
482 TF3C_EM Structure-function studies of the general transcription factor IIIC (TFIIIC) 2017
483 PATH PAssive Tracking of people and things for physical beHavior analysis 2016
484 AggregationKinetics Emergence of Large Particles in Cluster-Cluster Aggregation 2017
485 CHROMATIX Role of epigenetic mechanisms in random X chromosome inactivation in vivo. 2016
486 ChondUb Identification and characterisation of novel WWP2 substrates and their role in chondrogenesis and osteoarthritis 2016
487 INVISIBLE WATERS Visualizing aquifers: sustainable water use in the Atacama Desert and beyond 2017
488 GutBCells Cellular Dynamics of Intestinal Antibody-Mediated Immune Response 2016
489 FoodTransforms Transformations of Food in the Eastern Mediterranean Late Bronze Age 2016
490 UrbanOccupationsOETR Industrialisation and Urban Growth from the mid-nineteenth century Ottoman Empire to Contemporary Turkey in a Comparative Perspective, 1850-2000 2016
492 eLightning Lightning propagation and high-energy emissions within coupled multi-model simulations 2016
493 FLUDYCO Fluid dynamics of planetary cores: formation, heterogeneous convection and rotational dynamics 2016
494 ErgComNum Ergodic theory and additive combinatorics 2016
495 QBox Quantum Gas in a Box 2016
496 TIMED Testing the role of Mediterranean thermohaline circulation as a sensor of transient climate events and shaker of North Atlantic Circulation 2017
497 iSCAPE Improving the Smart Control of Air Pollution in Europe 2016
498 ICARUS Integrated Climate forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems 2016
499 ENSUF ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures 2016
500 SmartCast Smart casting of concrete structures by active control of rheology 2016
501 OMNES Open Many-body Non-Equilibrium Systems 2016
502 COCONIS Coherent multidimensional spectroscopy of controlled isolated systems 2016
503 SOLMAG Solar magnetic field and its influence on solar variability and activity 2016
504 DYNAMOX Charge carrier dynamics in metal oxides 2016
505 FLAME Fragility and Geopolitics in the Middle East and North Africa 2016
506 AMUSIC nonlineAr Multimode and mUlticore optical fiberS for multIple appliCations 2016
507 Super-DENSE Superfluid dynamics of neutron star crusts and cores 2016
508 INSTINCT Inhibiting Stress in the Construction Industry 2017
509 SAMA Spaces of Anti-Muslim Acts in the Greater Paris and Greater London regions 2016
510 GTR Dissecting gamma-TuRC composition and activity by Single Molecule Pull-down 2017
511 MIGRADAPT An avian model for understanding adaptations and modulatory drivers of avian migration 2017
512 MedCoRes Mediterranean Coastal Resources: benefits and constraints for Prehistoric hunters-gatherers 2017
513 BIJOU Biomolecular Identification of Ornaments 2017
514 VORTSHEET Vortex sheets - from new intuitions to crucial questions. 2017
515 PainDynamics PainDynamics: Research on the dynamics of attention bias for pain in daily life. 2016
516 NeuralCoding Probing principles of neural coding with all-optical interrogation in behaving mice 2017
517 AGORAs AGeing effects on human aORta: from shApe to flowS 2016
518 Ubl-Code Revealing the ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like modification landscape in health and disease 2016
519 SPRINT Ultra-Short Pulse laser Resonators IN the Terahertz 2016
520 CGCglasmaQGP The nonlinear high energy regime of Quantum Chromodynamics 2016
521 Virocellsphere Host-virus chemical arms race during algal bloom in the ocean at a single cell resolution 2016
522 DYNAPORE Dynamic responsive porous crystals 2016
523 TRANSEP Flow physics and interaction of laminar-turbulent transition and flow separation studied by direct numerical simulations 2016
524 GUIDESIGINT Competitive assembly dynamics of the DCC receptor with its guidance cues integrates signals for cellular steering 2017
525 Multi-time Integral Eqs. Interacting relativistic quantum dynamics via multi-time integral equations 2016
526 EPIDYN Life on a leaf: species interactions and community dynamics in epiphyll communities 2016
527 COMPLETE Cloud-MicroPhysics-Turbulence-Telemetry: An inter-multidisciplinary training network for enhancing the understanding and modeling of atmospheric clouds 2016
528 T6S Multi-scale model of bacterial cell-cell interactions 2017
529 SACRIMA The Normativity of Sacred Images in Early Modern Europe 2016
530 ATUNE Attenuation Tomography Using Novel observations of Earth's free oscillations 2016
531 HyBurn Enabling Hydrogen-enriched burner technology for gas turbines through advanced measurement and simulation 2016
532 bioSPINspired Bio-inspired Spin-Torque Computing Architectures 2016
533 FIRSTORM Modeling first-order Mott transitions 2016
534 NUHGD Non Uniform Hyperbolicity in Global Dynamics 2016
535 QSpec-NewMat Quantum Spectroscopy: exploring new states of matter out of equilibrium 2016
536 GoCADiSC Genomics of Chromosome Architecture and Dynamics in Single Cells 2017
537 LAWALISI Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shi'ite Islam 2016
538 ENABLE Elucidating natural bilayer lipid environments 2016
539 GRADIENT Understanding fire, weather and land cover interactions from long-term terrestrial observations and satellite data in a north to south transect in Europe and North Africa 2016
540 DYNAMAG Exploring high-frequency DYNAmics in artificial MAGnetic frustrated systems 2016
541 LiRichFCC A new class of powerful materials for electrochemical energy storage: Lithium-rich oxyfluorides with cubic dense packing 2016
542 DySoMa The Dynamics of Solidarity on Madagascar: An Ethnography of Political Conflicts and Appeasement Strategies in the Context of a Pronounced Consens Norm 2016
543 HEATEXMOL Control of current-induced heat exchange in molecular junctions by molecular scale design of the electronic properties 2016
544 INTFACDYN Studying Interfacial Dynamics by Interferometric Scattering 2016
545 SOFIA Situated Learning Opportunities fostered by ICT applications in Alternative Agro-Food Networks 2016
546 CSI.interface A molecular interface science approach: Decoding single molecular reactions and interactions at dynamic solid/liquid interfaces 2016
547 NATCOOP How nature affects cooperation in common pool resource systems 2016
548 MagnonCircuits Nano-Scale Magnonic Circuits for Novel Computing Systems 2016
549 COMPASS Control for Orbit Manoeuvring through Perturbations for Application to Space Systems 2016
550 TRANSREG Structural and biochemical studies on the regulation of transcription during elongation 2016
551 EpiMech Epithelial cell sheets as engineering materials: mechanics, resilience and malleability 2016
552 CIL2015 Dissecting the cellular mechanics of contact inhibition of locomotion 2016
553 SOFTCHARGE Charge Carrier Transport in Soft Matter: From Fundamentals to High-Performance Materials 2016
554 DAMOCLES Simulating Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Atmospheric Multicomponent Clusters 2016
555 FASTEEL Disruptive innovation through new tool steels with unique thermo-mechanical performance for material forming applications 2016
556 CoupledIceClim Coupled climate and Greenland ice sheet evolution:past, present and future 2016
557 ABSOLUTESPIN Absolute Spin Dynamics in Quantum Materials 2016
558 CityNet Cities in Global Financial Networks: Financial and Business Services and Developmentin the 21st Century 2016
559 INFL New perspectives on inflation 2016
560 HawkEye Vision-based Guidance and Control in Birds, with Applications to Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft 2016
561 T-Rex Clathrin-mediated endocytosis in plants: mechanistic insight into the TPLATE REcycling compleX and its interplay with AP-2 2016
562 CorPain Dissection of a cortical microcircuit for the processing of pain affect 2016
563 PyroPop Mechanisms and regulation of inflammasome-associated programmed cell death 2017
564 GravBHs A New Strategy for Gravity and Black Holes 2016
565 MATRIX Anthropogenic units detected by rare earth elements (REE) soil analysis in archaeological strata. 2016
566 DisWildPop Impacts of Diseases on Wild Bird Populations 2017
567 SPCOLPS Self-propelled colloidal particles: single particle motion and collective behavior 2016
568 ConnectProtect A total cyber protection service to Small Businesses operating critical infrastructure and Residential customers 2016
569 MARCAN Topographically-driven meteoric groundwater – An important geomorphic agent 2017
570 CBTC The Resurgence in Wage Inequality and Technological Change: A New Approach 2016
571 LEASP Learning spatiotemporal patterns in longitudinal image data sets of the aging brain 2016
572 REALISM Reproducing EArthquakes in the Laboratory: Imaging, Speed and Mineralogy 2016
573 OCLD Tracking the Dynamics of Human Metabolism using Spectroscopy-Integrated Liver-on-Chip Microdevices 2016
574 REVOLINC Revolutionizing Insect Control 2016
575 EXCITERS Extreme Ultraviolet Circular Time-Resolved Spectroscopy 2016
576 MOLEQULE Unraveling molecular quantum dynamics with accelerated ab initio algorithms 2016
577 TurboNoiseBB Validation of improved turbomachinery noise prediction models and development of novel design methods for fan stages with reduced broadband noise 2016
578 MESOPP Mesopelagic Southern Ocean Prey and Predators 2016
579 NMDADYN NMDA receptor diversity: from molecular dynamics to synaptic physiopathology 2016
580 ILID Ionic Liquid Interface Dynamcis 2016
582 IFAMID Institutional Family Demography 2016
583 HITSUPERJU Higher-dimensional topological solids realized with multiterminal superconducting junctions 2016
584 PROWAT Proton conduction in structured water 2016
585 NEUROPOP Large-scale analysis of neuronal population activity 2016
586 RicciBounds Metric measure spaces and Ricci curvature — analytic, geometric, and probabilistic challenges 2016
587 CROSSLOCATIONS Crosslocations in the Mediterranean: rethinking the socio-cultural dynamics of relative positioning 2016
588 CUNDA Causality Relations Using Nonlinear Data Assimilation 2016
589 EntangleGen Entanglement Generation in Universal Quantum Dynamics 2016
590 PolEc The Political Economy of Power Relations 2016
592 RitualModes Divergent modes of ritual, social cohesion, prosociality, and conflict. 2016
593 INTEGRAL Signal Integration by Gene Regulatory Landscapes 2016
594 AdOMiS Adaptive Optical Microscopy Systems: Unifying theory, practice and applications 2016
595 InPairs In Silico Pair Plasmas: from ultra intense lasers to relativistic astrophysics in the laboratory 2016
596 ExtendGlass Extending the range of the glassy state: Exploring structure and property limits in metallic glasses 2016
597 PETRIFYING WEALTH Petrifying Wealth. The Southern European Shift to Masonry as Collective Investment in Identity, c.1050-1300 2017
598 INDUCE The Innovation, Dispersal and Use of Ceramics in NW Eurasia 2016
599 HOLOGRAM Holomorphic Dynamics connecting Geometry, Root-Finding, Algebra, and the Mandelbrot set 2016
601 SNAPTRACE Fishing in the dark: unravelling the global trade and traceability of the ‘snappers’ 2016
602 PREKARN The learning of prehistory of knapping stone 2016
603 EPP-Am The Early Peopling of Amazonia and the Beginning of Plant Domestication 2016
604 SoftRyd Soft-matter collective phenomena in Rydberg gases 2016
605 MARS Mechanism of allosteric regulation of SHP2 phosphatase and its role in cancer and geneticdiseases: a multidisciplinary computational, structural and biological approach 2017
606 4DGenomeReg Predictive modelling of 3D genome topology during progressive stages of embryonic development 2017
607 6D STRINGS Tensionless strings of six-dimensional superconformal theories 2016
608 PROCEEDS Probing Complex Dynamical Structures in Three Dimensions 2016
609 SMILE Slimming and Memory-Booster MIcroaLgae Extract 2016
611 STRESNET Stress Resilience and Network-Feedback Training 2016
612 PrivatePieties Private Pieties, Mundane Islam and New Forms of Muslim Religiosity: Impact on Contemporary Social and Political Dynamics 2016
613 ConFluReM Controlling Fluid Resistances at Membranes 2016
614 PreMotive Beyond the blob: characterizing Prefrontal Cortex networks in prediction and motivation with simultaneous EEG-fMRI recordings 2016
615 StatusCities Migrant legal STATUS diversity and diversity dynamics in European CITIES 2017
616 CoCa Collagen in Cancer: from the regulatory fibril forming function of collagen V in development to its implication in tumor progression 2016
617 INCLUDE Indigenous Communities, Land Use and Tropical Deforestation 2016
618 TransMID Translational and Transdisciplinary research in Modeling Infectious Diseases 2016
619 AstroWireSyn Wiring synaptic circuits with astroglial connexins: mechanisms, dynamics and impact for critical period plasticity 2016
620 PRIORS Neural circuit dynamics underlying expectation and their impact on the variability of perceptual choices 2016
621 MARIPOSAS Macroevolutionary Rates by Integrating Phylogenomics and Ancestral character States - A study on Neotropical butterfly evolution. 2017
622 ExSIDE Expectations and Social Influence Dynamics in Economics 2017
623 CANOBLE CAbin NOise from Boundary Layer Excitation 2016
624 IMPACT The giant impact and the Earth and Moon formation 2016
625 COSMIC-DANCE Unraveling the origin of the Initial Mass Function 2016
626 NEWBITS NEW Business models for ITS 2016
627 SARAH Increased Safety and robust certification for ditching of aircrafts and helicopters 2016
629 HyperQC Hyper Quantum Criticality 2016
630 RACE Rate of Adaptation in a Changing Environment 2017
631 FNS-4-NAMOSAT Development of fluorescence nanospectroscopy to elucidate the roles of nanoscale molecular segregation in the activation of T-cells 2016
632 MUSES Towards middle-range theories of the co-evolutionary dynamics of multi-level social-ecological systems 2017
633 OpenMaker Harnessing the power of Digital Social Platforms to shake up makers and manufacturing entrepreneurs towards a European Open Manufacturing ecosystem 2016
634 14Constraint Radiocarbon constraints for models of C cycling in terrestrial ecosystems: from process understanding to global benchmarking 2016
635 ELE Evolving Language Ecosystems 2016
636 NET4IQ Network Techniques for Interaction Quenches 2016
637 DalitzCPviolation Understanding matter-antimatter asymmetries in B meson decays to three particles 2016
638 CL-Windcon Closed Loop Wind Farm Control 2016
639 DIAL Dynamics of Inequality Across the Life-Course: structures and processes 2016
640 BIOFAGE Interaction Dynamics of Bacterial Biofilms with Bacteriophages 2017
641 CPSwarm CPSwarm 2017
642 USEMITE Ultimate growth characterization for development of new semiconductor technologies 2016
643 Q-DIM-SIM Quantum spin simulators in diamond 2017
644 GreenOnWaterCat Unravelling the Nature of Green Organic “On-Water” Catalysis via Novel Quantum Chemical Methods 2017
645 SYNC_DEV The importance of transcriptional coordination during development 2017
646 E-motion Electro-motion for the sustainable recovery of high-value nutrients from waste water 2016
647 MH-MD My Health - My Data 2016
648 ODYCCEUS Opinion Dynamics and Cultural Conflict in European Spaces 2017
649 INSULCLOCK Empowered control of drugs’ dosage in chronic diseases 2016
650 DYNAFREIGHT Innovative technical solutions for improved train DYNAmics and operation of longer FREIGHt Trains 2016
651 REINVENT Realising Innovation in Transitions for Decarbonisation 2016
652 Nexus The Nexus: an experimental system to study marine larval dispersal 2017
653 LiftTrain Aerodynamic Lift force of Trains subjected to cross winds—get it right! 2016
654 SYRIANBORDERS The Fall of a Colonial Legacy: A Modern History of Syrian Borders (1920-2015) 2016
655 HHGhole2 High-harmonic spectroscopy for core-hole dynamics 2016
656 PaNDA Paleo-nutriet dynamics in the Eurasian Arctic Ocean 2016
657 EVOIMMECH The evolutionary ecology of bacterial immune mechanisms 2017
658 SEIC Setting Earth's Initial Conditions: A fluid dynamics study of core-mantle differentiation 2017
659 MULTIDRONE MULTIple DRONE platform for media production 2017
660 Data-driven research addressing aviation safety intelligence 2016
661 GEOWAKI The analysis of geometric non-linear wave and kinetic equations 2017
662 VADEMECOM VAlidation driven DEvelopment of Modern and Efficient COMbustion technologies 2017
663 SMILE Statistical Mechanics of Learning 2017
664 NanoCellActivity Nanoscale live-cell activity sensing using smart probes and imaging 2017
665 CROME Crossed Memories, Politics of Silence: The Colonial-Liberation Wars in Postcolonial Times 2017
666 Quasicrystal An Optical Quasicrystal for ultracold atoms 2017
667 UfastU Theory of ultra-fast dynamics in correlated multi-band systems 2017
668 BrainCom High-density cortical implants for cognitive neuroscience and rehabilitation of speech using brain-computer interfaces. 2016
669 CoTraDy Combinatorics in Transcendental Dynamics 2017
670 MABVOC Modelling Arctic Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds emissions (MABVOC) 2016
671 CollectSwim Individual and Collective Swimming of Active Microparticles 2017
672 Extreme An Exascale aware and Un-crashable Space-Time-Adaptive Discontinuous Spectral Element Solver for Non-Linear Conservation Laws 2017
673 TRIPOD The transition to a renewable electricity system and its interactions with other policy aims 2017
674 HyLEF Hydrodynamic Limits and Equilibrium Fluctuations: universality from stochastic systems 2016
675 DiGGeS Discrete Groups and Geometric Structures 2017
676 TraX Stability and Transitions in Physical Processes 2017
677 CoBeN Novel Network-Based Approaches for Studying Cognitive Dysfunction in Behavioral Neurology 2017
678 SaaStified Simulation-as-a-Service Tool for Industrial Furnaces Innovative Engineering Design (SaaStified) 2016
679 INNOLABS INNOvative LABS for leveraging cross capacity building between ICT, Health, BIO and Medicine sectors for new emerging industries in personalized health 2017
680 DisCont Discontinuities in Household and Family Formation 2017
681 INHIBITHUMAN Dis-inhibitory circuits in the human cerebral cortex 2016
682 ImmProDynamics Dissecting the interplay between the dynamics of immune responses and pathogen proliferation in vivo 2017
683 TRADENET Firm-to-Firm Trade Networks 2017
684 WeThaw Mineral Weathering in Thawing Permafrost: Causes and Consequences 2017
685 IlluMitoDNA Illuminating the mechanisms of mitochondrial DNA quality control and inheritance 2017
686 LIFE synapses Long-term Investigation of Functional Excitatory Synapses: Linking Plasticity, Network Wiring andMemory Storage 2017
687 RAPID Chromatin dynamics resolved by rapid protein labeling and bioorthogonal capture 2017
688 GasPlaNt Gas sensing in plants:Oxygen- and nitric oxide-regulated chromatin modification via a targeted protein degradation mechanism 2017
689 NanoPhennec Nanophononic devices: from phonon networks to phonon CQED 2017
690 GALFOR The formation of the Galaxy: constraints from globular clusters 2017
691 OPTRASTOCH Optimal Transport and Stochastic Dynamics 2017
692 SOCIALBOND Social integration and boundary making in adolescence 2017
693 MedPub Medieval Publishing from c. 1000 to 1500 2017
694 ColOpt Collective effects and optomechanics in ultra-cold matter 2017
695 FluoSurf FLUOrinated SURFactant formulations for droplet-based microfluidics 2016
696 INCAT Innovative production system for work boat catamarans 2016
697 COSMOS Control and measurement of single macromolecules in space and time 2018
698 MERA Mechanism of Enzyme Rhodopsin Activation 2016
699 FlexNanoFlow Ultra-flexible nanostructures in flow: controlling folding, fracture and orientation in large-scale liquid processing of 2D nanomaterials 2017
700 IllegalPharma Competitive Dynamics in the Informal Economy: The case of Illegal Pharmaceutical Drugs 2017
701 IniReg Mechanisms of Regeneration Initiation 2017
702 SNABO Self-calibrating nanobolometer based on superconductor–normal-metal hybrids 2016
703 NEIGHBOURCHANGE Social innovation and urban revitalization in hyperdiverse local societies 2017
704 Circdyn Optical Interrogation of Hippocampal Dentate Granule Circuit Dynamics in Health and Disease 2017
705 MODMAT Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory: From models to materials 2017
706 NeuroAgents Neuromorphic Electronic Agents: from sensory processing to autonomous cognitive behavior 2017
707 SolMAG Unravelling The Structure and Evolution of Solar Magnetic Flux Ropes and Their Magnetosheaths 2017
708 OMCIDC Optical Manipulation of Colloidal Interfaces, Droplets and Crystallites 2017
709 PROBATE Planet ROlling Bearing with Advanced TEchnologies 2017
710 DRAMATIC Development of Relevant Approaches to Mathematically Model Increasingly Complex Microbially-driven Processes 2017
711 PhotoPHYTOMICS Photosynthesis in PHYTOplankton Mixtures to Investigate Community Structuration. 2017
712 BeStMo Beyond Static Molecules: Modeling Quantum Fluctuations in Complex Molecular Environments 2017
713 MacroReflEx Macro Experiments on Reflexivity and Economic Crises 2016
714 MUP-Trans-Zagros Tracking the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in the Kermanshah Valley, West Central Zagros Mountains, Iran. 2016
715 SUPRACELL_COMMUN_CCT Supracellular contractility dynamics and cell communication during collective chemotaxis. 2016
716 CoCo Construct and Collapse: Self-emergence and dynamics under global-change scenarios of mutualistic systems 2017
717 ADAPTATION Predicting adaptive responses of protected species to environmental changes to optimise conservation management frameworks in Europe 2016
718 DRANOEL Deciphering RAdio NOn-thermal Emission on the Largest scales 2017
719 ProcessCitizenship Processing Citizenship: Digital registration of migrants as co-production of citizens, territory and Europe 2017
720 MecMy Mechanisms of Myelination – Elucidating the Diversity of Oligodendroglial Precursors and their Local Axon-Glia Interactions 2017
721 LEAF-FALL What makes leaves fall in autumn? A new process description for the timing of leaf senescence in temperate and boreal trees 2017
722 THz-FRaScan-ESR THz Frequency Rapid Scan – Electron Spin Resonance spectroscopy for spin dynamics investigations of bulk and surface materials (THz-FRaScan-ESR) 2018
723 MAGNETIC-SPEED-LIMIT Understanding the speed limits of magnetism 2017
724 IMMUNE CELL SWARMS Innate Immune Cell Swarms: Integrating and Adapting Single Cell and Population Dynamics in Inflamed and Infected Tissues 2017
725 MultiSense Multisensory signal processing: From brain-wide neuronal circuits to behavior 2017
726 EURECON The Making of a Lopsided Union: Economic Integration in the European Economic Community, 1957-1992 2017
727 PROCSYS Towards programmable cyber-physical systems: a symbolic control approach 2017
728 SuperRepel Superslippery Liquid-Repellent Surfaces 2017
729 Adaptive Simulations Bringing to market an open source CFD framework as a fully automated simulation service with high performance computing cloud-based access 2016
730 X-Pulse ZNMF Pulsed Jet-based Active Flow Control of the UHBR-induced Flow through High Fidelity CFD 2017
731 ACOC Integrated Air Cooling Oil Cooled System 2017
732 AQSuS Analog Quantum Simulation using Superconducting Qubits 2017
733 CancerFluxome Cancer Cellular Metabolism across Space and Time 2017
734 GlassUniversality Universal explanation of low-temperature glass anomalies 2017
735 Spontaneous ZeBrain Whole-brain dynamics underlying self-generated behaviour 2017
736 DUSTCOMB A Novel Method to Reduce Industrial Dust Pollution of Respirable Air 2017
737 Targeting TopoII Mechanistic studies of metal-dependent DNA cleavage in Type II topoisomerase toward therational design of novel anticancer drugs 2017
738 Mitomorphosis Metabolic regulation of mitochondrial morphology 2017
739 Waterscales Mathematical and computational foundations for modeling cerebral fluid flow. 2017
740 MICROGLIA-CIRCUIT Microglia action towards neuronal circuit formation and function in health and disease 2017
741 BabyVir The role of the virome in shaping the gut ecosystem during the first year of life 2017
742 FLUFLUX Fluvial Meta-Ecosystem Functioning: Unravelling Regional Ecological Controls Behind Fluvial Carbon Fluxes 2017
743 COMPLEX The Degradation of Complex Modern Polymeric Objects in Heritage Collections: A System Dynamics Approach 2017
744 TwoCompQuaGas Dynamics of two-component quantum gases 2017
745 metabolicomp Computational dynamics studies of drug metabolism by P450 enzymes 2017
747 MMUSCLES Modification of Molecular structure Under Strong Coupling to confined Light modES 2017
748 STREAM The spatio-temporal representational architecture of memory 2017
749 CANCERSCREEN Screening for cancer in the post-genomic era: diagnostic innovation and biomedicalisation in comparative perspective 2017
750 Survive Surviving metabolism: acid handling and signalling 2017
751 MacroStability Stability and dynamics at different spatial scales: From physiology to Alzheimer's degeneration 2017
753 NET Nanoreactivity at drastically Extended Timescales 2017
754 EROSIVE The influence of Earth-surface processes on solid-Earth, ice-sheet, and sea-level interactions for Scandinavian Ice-Sheet collapse 2018
755 DyNAmics Dynamic synthetic molecular duplexes 2017
756 AfriVeg Assessment of African Vegetation Resources: New Perspectives from Satellite Passive Microwave Datasets 2018
757 MSIOAM Multifocal structured illumination optoacoustic microscopy 2018
758 LandsOfMeaning Lands of Meaning. A Geographical Information System Study of Space and Social Praxis in Ancient Attika, Greece, from the Mycenaean Age to the birth of Democracy (1200-480 BC) 2017
759 AGORA Alternative Grassroots Organizations as a Response to Austerity: perspectives from Southern Europe 2017
760 RhoSNATCH Dissecting Rho GTPase signalling networks through acute perturbation techniques 2017
761 MYSOBIO MYcenaean SOcial BIOarchaeology: Deciphering the interplay of funerary treatment and social dynamics in the Mycenaean period 2018
762 DENOCS The Double Edged Role of Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide in a Coral Symbiosis 2017
763 MicroMod-PSII Microscopic modelling of the highly efficient intra- and inter-antennae energy transfer to the reaction centre in plant photosystem II 2017
764 TeenEduGoals Adolescents’ education transitions: Multiple insights into the process dynamics of goal-construction and youth actions over time 2017
765 SCAVENGER Determining the drivers and importance of scavenging behaviors in a changing world using agent based modeling approaches. 2017
766 TEROPPLATE Testing the role of thermo-chemical piles in the generation and continuation of plate tectonics 2018
767 NpQFT-NEq New non perturbative methods for out-of-equilibrium quantum field theory 2017
768 NAPANODE Molecular Foundation of Structural and Dynamic Transformations in Novel Sodium-Ion Battery Materials 2017
769 NETBIO-GE Quantitative brain network biomarkers for patient-specific diagnostics in idiopathic generalized epilepsy 2017
771 FASTR 3D SIM Focus on Advancing Spatial and Temporal Resolution of 3D Structured Illumination Microscopy 2017
772 PODARCIS Potential Oxygen Limitation of Distributions And Responses to Changing Climates In Ectotherms 2017
773 GeoElectricMixing Geophysical Signature of Subsurface Reactive Mixing 2017
774 PaCDoC Electric field driven propulsion and collective dynamics of homogeneous and patchy colloidal capsules. 2017
775 SIFINS Stable isotope signatures in dorsal fin spines as a non-invasive and non-lethal alternative to otoliths for reconstructing fish life and environmental history 2017
776 DrugSearchTool Innovative FRET-based toolkit for screening of drugs to fight miRNA-related diseases and its use in the development of cancer treatment with miRNA-96 as a therapeutic target 2018
777 EXPERTISE models, EXperiments and high PERformance computing for Turbine mechanical Integrity and Structural dynamics in Europe 2017
778 PROGLUTASIS Protection of cardiometabolic inflammation by modulation of myeloid glutamine homeostasis 2017
779 QuPoPCoRN Quantum Particles on Programmable Complex Reconfigurable Networks 2017
780 OILY MICROCOSM Mechanistic Microscale Approach to the Microbial Degradation of Oil-Droplets in Subsea Crude Oil Releases 2017
781 DREMATURE DNA repair mechanisms and therapy resistance of BRCA2-deficient cancers 2018
782 BMC-SVAR Developing a Bayesian technique to evaluate the validity of economic models: two applications to the Euro Area 2017
783 XQCDBaryons Baryons in extreme QCD matter 2017
784 QUAKE4PRELIMAT Quantum Kinetic Equations for Pre-thermal Light and Matter 2018
785 ACTIVEMOTION3D Experimental Study of Three-dimensional Dynamics of Active Particles 2017
786 MetEmbed Addressing metalloenzymes for clean energy production with advanced embedding schemes and quantum mechanical methods 2018
788 TcCFT Tools to Carve out Conformal Field Theories 2017
789 QAPs G-Quadruplex-associated proteins (QAPs) and their role in transcriptional regulation 2017
790 EU-Drones The European Commission in Drone Community: a New Cooperation Area in the Making 2017
791 SamSD Theoretical insides in endohedral metallofullerene based Self-Assembled Monolayers: Statics and Dynamics. 2017
792 SURGE Social Sustainability and Urban Regeneration Governance: An International Perspective 2017
793 ASSP Advanced Self-sorting and Supramolecular Polymers 2017
794 PHOTORNA Development of photoswitchable ligands for the reversible and selective assembly with RNA 2017
795 OceanModes Basin modes of the ocean: their role in the interannual to interdecadal climate variability 2018
796 IAUVcontrol Force/position control system to enable compliant manipulation from a floating I-AUV 2017
798 FRAGMENTOME FRAGMENT screening from advanced-sampling molecular dynamics simulations on a proteOME scale. 2017
799 MICROS Probing local ROS distributions in Calcium signaling microdomains after myocardial infarction 2017
800 StrongCoPhy4Energy Strongly Correlated Physics and Materials for Energy Technology 2017
801 PICKLE Planetary Interiors Constrained by Key Laboratory Experiments 2017
802 PhaseAge The chemistry and physics of RNP granules: how they form, age and cause disease 2017
803 IMPLANTaLive Explore the potentialities of living implants for medical devices 2017
804 INDIV-STAT Statistical learning and second language acquisition: individual differences and neurobiological underpinning. 2017
805 MSCHIPBIO Multiscale computational modelling for natural hip biomechanics and tribology 2017
806 Gal-HD Our Galaxy at full HD 2018
807 ATLANTIC_ANGOLA Race, Church, and Colonial Government in the Atlantic: the case of Angola in the age of Enlightenment 2017
808 OUTNANO Out-of-equilibrium nanophotonics 2017
809 HIVGAYM Analysing the migration choices of HIV-positive gay men in England and France 2018
810 DNAmod_PROPAGATION Propagating DNA Modifications Across the Cell Cycle 2018
811 RNAatHD Development of a high-resolution method to monitor structural changes of regulatory RNAs and therapeutic oligo-nucleotides directly in-cell. 2017
812 ReMix Christian-Muslim families dealing with religious pluralism in everyday family lifeReligious reconstruction in religiously mixed marriages 2018
813 BEING Behavioural Economics in Network Games 2017
814 AttoDNA AttoDNA: how electronic motions affect the photostability of the genomic material 2018
815 EcoEvoClim Ecological and Evolutionary consequences of predator-prey phenological match-mismatch driven by climate change 2017
816 DECRON Development of eco-friendly ironmaking processes based onGPU-enhanced DEM-CFD modelling 2017
817 DiskTorqueOnPlanets New Frontiers in Modeling Planet-Disk Interactions: from Disk Thermodynamics to Multi-Planet Systems 2017
818 PROIRICE Proton-Irradiated Ice: Dynamics and Chemistry from First Principles 2017
819 GaMePLAY Gut microbiota impact on brain development and plasticity. 2017
820 MetEpiClock Circadian Control of Histone Methylation Dynamics through the Fine-tuning of Methionine Metabolic Flux 2017
821 RE-mapping Tackling early school leaving and low school performance through working with students’ representational spaces. The case of 15 years old students in France, Italy and Greece. 2017
822 BrainPredictDynamics Temporal predictions in the auditory cortex: neural mechanisms and their specificity across species and stimulus domains 2018
823 GLAZE The use of glazing traditions to examine the dynamics of interaction between cultures in contact: A case study of Cypriot glazed wares from the 11th to 17th centuries AD 2017
824 CDSANAB Complex Dynamics and Strange Attractors through Non-Autonomous Bifurcations 2018
825 NEURO_NMD Functional impact of alternative splicing coupled to nonsense-mediated decay in developing neurons 2017
826 NanoVoltSens Voltage-sensing nanorods for super-resolution voltage imaging in neurons 2017
827 EGap Epistemological Gaps in Cultural Theories of the Soviet East and Democratic West in the 1960s and 1970s 2017
828 SexSelec_Invasion Understanding sexual selection to help controlling an invasive pest species 2018
829 UCHIRAL Ultrafast opto-electronic twists: Controlling the chirality of electrons and extreme-UV photons by ultrafast laser pulses (UCHIRAL). 2017
830 PlaN Vibrational Polariton Nonlinear Optics and Chemistry 2017
831 EcoEvoProspectS Ecology and Evolution of Prospecting Strategies 2017
832 ACTrans Accelerating Clinical Translation. Charting the Politics of Translation in the European Union 2018
833 GEOTRIBE Generation and Evolution Of Transform-Ridge Interaction and Behavior on Earth 2018
834 AMYPAD Amyloid imaging to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease – Sofia ref.: 115952 2016
835 INTERESTS Lost in Transition? Multiple Interests in Contexts of Education, Leisure and Work 2017
836 SmartCells Smart Lab-On-Chips for the Real -Time Control of Cells 2017
837 CODE4Vision Computational Dissection of Effective Circuitry and Encoding in the Retina for Normal and Restored Vision 2017
838 PlasmoCycle DNA dynamics in the unusual cell cycle of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum 2017
839 Starflict Conflicts in start-ups: coping with stress and conflicts to promote well-being and entrepreneurial success 2018
840 CHIRALQUBIT Antiferromagnetic spin-chiral triangles as decoherence-free qubits 2017
841 GaSLS The Role of Global and Sectoral Factors in Labour Share Fluctuations 2017
842 IMMUNFUNC Female immune function in compensation for polyandry 2017
843 VHPC Optical valley Hall effect in gapped graphene for infrared and terahertz light photodetection 2017
844 PiezoSpin Antiferromagnetic straintronics: towards an non-volatile all-voltage controlled memory device 2017
845 MIDAS Predictive modelling of GPCR druggable allosteric sites 2017
846 RAD-FIRE Efficient methods for radiative heat transfer analysis in fires and water sprays for fire suppression 2017
847 SynPCP Synapse formation and maturity through planar cell polarity pathway 2018
848 funcSOFI-PD Quantitative super-resolution optical fluctuation and phase microscopy for structural and functional imaging of Parkinson's disease 2017
849 Road Diplomacy Road Diplomacy: International Infrastructure and Ethnography of Geopolitics in 21st Century Asia 2018
850 REBUILD Mechanisms of sarcomeric protein homeostasis during physical exercise and ageing 2017
851 CHAOSPIN Chaos-based information processing using spintronic nano-oscillators 2018
852 INFPROBES Microscopic Probes of Inflationary Cosmology 2017
853 FAST Fast electronics with Antiferromagnetic SpinTronics 2017
854 MixAmox Understanding nitrogen metabolic interactions in mixed anammox-based microbial communities 2017
855 DYNAMO Structural Dynamics of Membrane Receptors at native-like conditions 2018
856 Hepatocarcinoma IVM Spatiotemporal dynamics of CD8+ T cell responses to hepatocellular carcinoma 2017
857 NavigationCircuits Neural circuits for route planning in goal-directed spatial navigation 2017
858 FLUOSWITCH Pushing the frontiers of biological imaging with genetically encoded fluorescence switches 2017
859 ReservoirDOCs The evolutionary dynamics of pathogen emergence and establishment: from Reservoir Detection to Outbreak Control 2017
860 UVdynamicsProtection Aligning pigmentation and repair: a holistic approach for UV protection dynamics 2017
861 MITODYN Role of calcium fluxes in mitochondrial dynamics 2017
862 EpiRetention Mechanisms of selective transmission of epigenetic marks through the male germ line 2017
863 QUSON Quantum Sensing with Quantum Optical Networks 2018
864 MEMENTO MEMory processing in the human ENTOrhinal cortex 2017
865 BeBOP Quantum Dynamics Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Picture: Making the most of wave function and trajectory-based approaches 2017
866 Neuronal MRI Neuronal MRI: Harnessing chemical exchange between N-Acetylaspartate and water for functional imaging of neural activity 2017
867 TeloHOOK Nuclear envelope attachment and dynamics of Human telomeres - unravelling nuclear organization 2017
868 CHROMADAPT The role of chromatin in the long-term adaptation of plants to abiotic stress 2017
869 microKIc Microscopic Origins of Fracture Toughness 2017
870 AlgoFinance Algorithmic Finance: Inquiring into the Reshaping of Financial Markets 2017
871 Opto-Sleep All-optical deconstruction of thalamic control of sleep-wake states. 2017
872 EPPIC Emitter-mediated Photon-Phonon InteraCtion 2017
873 POEECCP Processes and Outcomes of Educational Evaluation from a Cross-Cultural Perspective 2018
874 REGAIN REGionalism And INstututional dynamics in the EU 2017
875 ENDODEP Molecular mechanisms of endosome departure from the spindle in asymmetric cell division 2017
876 FRAGCLIM The Combined Effects of Climatic Warming and Habitat Fragmentation on Biodiversity, Community Dynamics and Ecosystem Functioning 2017
877 DDD Diffusive Droplet Dynamics in multicomponent fluid systems 2017
878 HOPE Humans On Planet Earth - Long-term impacts on biosphere dynamics 2018
879 CREAM4 Chemical Reaction Engineering by Additive Manufacturing of Mesoscale MetaMaterials 2017
880 OMPorg Spatiotemporal organisation of bacterial outer membrane proteins 2017
881 EpiTrack Single-cell temporal tracking of epigenetic DNA marks 2017
882 IRONCOMM Investigating the role of bacteria-produced siderophores in satisfying diatom Fe requirements. 2017
883 MOBILIMA Mobility in situ: Debating emigration and return in Western Mali 2017
884 SECOPS An Integrated Security Concept for Drone Operations 2017
885 TryptoBoost Boosting tryptophan fluorescence with optical nanoantennas to watch label-free protein dynamics with single molecule resolution at high concentration 2017
886 CAM-RIG ConfocAl Microscopy and real-time Rheology of dynamIc hyroGels 2017
887 eQG Exceptional Quantum Gravity 2017
888 MAP Mapping Ancient Polytheisms Cult Epithets as an Interface between Religious Systems and Human Agency 2017
889 QUENOCOBA Quantum Emitters in non-conventional baths 2017
891 SQH Superconducting quantum heat engines and refrigerators 2017
892 TransQ Mass, heat and spin transport in interlinked quantum gases 2017
893 SMALLOSTERY Single-molecule spectroscopy of coordinated motions in allosteric proteins 2017
894 DYNAMINT Dynamics of Probed, Pulsed, Quenched and Driven Integrable Quantum Systems 2017
895 ToSubC Towards Submarine Landslides and Their Consequences 2017
896 MIMICS Electromyography-driven musculoskeletal modelling for biomimetic myoelectric control of prostheses with variable stiffness actuators 2018
897 MMXVI Minimal Model for Pox-Virus Infection 2017
898 MoWE Mooring of floating wave energy converters:numerical simulation and uncertainty quantification 2017
899 ACFD Acoustical and Canonical Fluid Dynamics in numerical general relativity 2017
900 LiquidHouseCycle A Unified Framework of Business Cycles and Household Portfolios: Income Risks, Asset Liquidity, and Inequality 2017
901 BuddhistRoad Dynamics in Buddhist Networks in Eastern Central Asia, 6th-14th Centuries 2017
902 MolStrucDyn Ultrafast Molecular Structural Dynamics 2017
903 VALUMICS Understanding food value chains and network dynamics 2017
904 SURE-Farm Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems 2017
905 DELTA-FLU Dynamics of avian influenza in a changing world 2017
906 PIGSs Program for Innovative Global Prevention of Streptococcus suis. 2017
907 COPMAT Full-scale COmputational design of Porous mesoscale MATerials 2017
908 iHEART An Integrated Heart Model for the simulation of the cardiac function 2017
909 PATHS The Paths of International Law: Stability and Change in the International Legal Order 2017
910 HCG Honour in classical Greece: esteem, status, identity, and society in ancient Greek literature, life, and thought 2018
911 COMPASS COMPASS: Climate-relevant Ocean Measurements and Processes on the Antarctic continental Shelf and Slope 2017
912 AAA Adaptive Actin Architectures 2017
913 F-IMAGE Seismic Functional Imaging of the Brittle Crust 2017
914 BaSaR Beyond the Silk Road: Economic Development, Frontier Zones and Inter-Imperiality in the Afro-Eurasian World Region, 300 BCE to 300 CE 2017
915 WoodNanoTech Wood Nanotechnology for Multifunctional Structures 2017
916 DSGE-RD Estimating a DSGE Model with Rare Disasters 2017
917 TEC1p Big-Data Analytics for the Thermal and Electrical Conductivity of Materials from First Principles 2017
918 CoupledNC Coupled Nanocrystal Molecules: Quantum coupling effects via chemical coupling of colloidal nanocrystals 2017
919 ENERGY ETHICS The Ethics of Oil: Finance Moralities and Environmental Politics in the Global Oil Economy 2017
920 MECHIDENT Who is that? Neural networks and mechanisms for identifying individuals 2017
921 FATE Functional Biology of Hepatic CD8+ T cells 2017
922 FastMat Fast determination of fatigue properties of materials beyond one billion cycles 2017
923 NoiseRobustEvo Noise and robustness in the evolution of novel protein phenotypes 2017
924 ADSNeSP Active and Driven Systems: Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics 2017
925 EXOCONDENSE Climate Dynamics of Exoplanets with Condensible Atmospheres 2017
927 AXION Axions: From Heaven to Earth 2017
928 HBEAM Probing chemical dynamics at surfaces with ultrafast atom pulses 2017
929 MECSPEC Interaction and feedback between cell mechanics and fate specification in vertebrate gastrulation 2017
930 STAMP Stratified turbulence and mixing processes 2017
931 CHIMO Chiral Morphogenesis - Physical Mechanisms of Actomyosin-Based Left/Right Symmetry Breaking in Biological Systems 2018
932 AMPLIPORE Understanding negative gas adsorption in highly porous networks for the design of pressure amplifying materials 2017
933 AEMS-IdFit Aircraft Electrical Model Simulation Identification and Fitting Toolbox 2017
934 INOVER21 Mass-customisation of custom-made medical implants 2017
935 IPV_Tanzania Investigating the predictors of intimate partner violence: a mixed method longitudinal study in Tanzania 2017
936 MAGTOPRECON Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy: from Topological Defects to Reconfigurable Magnetic Devices 2018
937 MCircuits Connectivity, plasticity and function of an olfactory memory circuit 2017
938 NATVIS Characterizing neural mechanisms underlying the efficiency of naturalistic human vision 2017
939 SAGRIS Sentinels-based Agriculture Information Service Component 2017
940 ERA Earth Resilience in the Anthropocene (ERA)Integrating non-linear biophysical and social determinantsof Earth-system stability for global sustainabilitythrough a novel community modelling platform 2017
941 BrainDrain Translational implications of the discovery of brain-draining lymphatics 2017
942 ConFlex Control of flexible structures and fluid-structure interactions 2017
943 DoDyNet Double Dynamics for design of new responsive polymer networks and gels 2017
944 EmpoweredLifeYears The Demography of Sustainable Human Wellbeing 2017
945 ParDHonS_FFs.TMDs Parton Dynamics in QCD Hadron Structure: collinear FFs and unpolarized TMDs 2018
946 SFICAM SFICAM: Ultrafast Fiber-Based Single-Photon Camera for Advanced Microscopy 2017
947 STIMULATE Simulation in multiscale physical and biological systems 2018
948 URBAN_CHINA Urbanization in China's South-western Borderlands. The case of Jinghong, Xiguangbanna 2018
949 BURSTREG Single-molecule visualization of transcription dynamics to understand regulatory mechanisms of transcriptional bursting and its effects on cellular fitness 2018
950 ISOBOREAL Towards Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Eurasian Boreal Forests: a Novel Stable Isotope Approach 2018
951 FUN-PM Fundamental Understanding of Nanoparticle chemistry: towards the prediction of Particulate emissions and Material synthesis 2018
952 CAstRA Comet and Asteroid Re-Shaping through Activity 2018
953 MIDNIGHT Neural mechanism underlying vocal interactions in duetting nightingales 2018
954 PRO_PHAGE Impact and interaction of prophage elements in bacterial host strains of biotechnological relevance 2018
955 CHROMATADS Chromatin Packing and Architectural Proteins in Plants 2018
956 IneqPol Inequality - Public Policy and Political Economy 2018
957 SELFOR How our adaptive immune system separates “self” from “foreign” – a physicochemical study of binding in cell contacts 2018
958 ProteinDynamics Visualizing the Conformational Dynamics of Proteins by Time-Resolved Electron Microscopy 2018
959 LightDyNAmics DNA as a training platform for photodynamic processes in soft materials 2018
960 CINCHRON Comparative INsect CHRONobiology 2018
961 DeLIVER Super-resolution optical microscopy of nanosized pore dynamics in endothelial cells 2018
962 ZULF Zero and ultra-low field nuclear magnetic resonance 2018
963 POP-R Parallel Orthographic Processing and Reading 2017
964 Group-Dynamics-TCB Effects of group dynamics on selection, development and demography in cooperative vertebrates 2018
965 ARTIST Artificial cell-cell interactions for light switchable cell organization and signaling 2018
966 MEMETRE From processes to modelling of methane emissions from trees 2018
967 RetinalRepurposing Deciphering the computations underlying visual processing: Repurposing of retinal cells and how they are decoded by the visual thalamus 2017
968 4D-GenEx Spatio-temporal Organization and Expression of the Genome 2018
969 UFOS Unveiling Planet Formation by Observations and Simulations 2018
970 PrecisionNuclei Strong interactions for precision nuclear physics 2018
971 MESG Past and Present Musical Encounters across the Strait of Gibraltar 2018
972 ASYMMEM Lipid asymmetry: a cellular battery? 2018
973 SeeSuper Probing nanoscale and femtosecond fluctuations in high temperature superconductors 2017
974 VARIAMOLS VAriable ResolutIon Algorithms for macroMOLecular Simulation 2018
975 MemoMOFEnergy Constructing polar rotors in metal-organic frameworks for memories and energy harvesting 2018
976 COLD Climate Sensitivity of Glacial Landscape Dynamics 2018
977 TOPP Topological phononics through nano-optomechanical interactions 2018
978 ADMIRE A holographic microscope for the immersive exploration of augmented micro-reality 2017
979 InTo Intergroup toleration: It’s Nature, Processes, and Consequences for Culturally Diverse Societies 2017
980 SCALAR Scaling up behavior and autonomous adaptation for macro models of climate change damage assessment 2018
981 CASTLES Charge And Spin in TopologicaL Edge States 2018
982 FLOS Florilegia Syriaca. The Intercultural Dissemination of Greek Christian Thought in Syriac and Arabic in the First Millennium CE 2018
983 CFT-MAP Charting the space of Conformal Field Theories: a combined nuMerical and Analytical aPproach 2018
984 MIGRADEMO Migration and Democratic Diffusion: Comparing the Impact of Migration on Democratic Participation and Processes in Countries of Origin 2018
985 CLOTHILDE CLOTH manIpulation Learning from DEmonstrations 2018
986 HopeQNet Hopfield neural network dynamics in open quantum systems 2017
987 TTNPred Development of novel computational biology pipeline for the efficient classification of titin SNPs for clinical use 2018
988 HD-App New horizons in homogeneous dynamics and its applications 2018
989 ENERGYA ENERGY use for Adaptation 2018
990 LubSat Unravelling Multi-scale Oral Lubrication Mechanisms (macro-to-nano): A Novel Strategy to Target Satiety 2017
991 NEWTON NEw Windown inTO Earth's iNterior 2018
992 ODYSSEY Open dynamics of interacting and disordered quantum systems 2018
993 sCENT Cryptophane-Enhanced Trace Gas Spectroscopy for On-Chip Methane Detection 2018
994 EPIC Energy transfer Processes at gas/wall Interfaces under extreme Conditions 2017
995 activeFly Circuit mechanisms of self-movement estimation during walking 2017
996 TRANS-URBAN-EU-CHINA Transition towards urban sustainability through socially integrative cities in the EU and in China 2018
997 OACTIVE Advanced personalised, multi-scale computer models preventing OsteoArthritis 2017
998 EIRENE Post-war trasistions in gendered perspective: the case of the North-Eastern Adricatic Region 2017
1000 INVASIMMUN The unseen adaptation of a non-native: A unique spatiotemporal study of infection dynamics and immunogenetics at a bioinvasion front 2018
1001 MECODIHR MEchanisms of Coupling of Ocean Dynamics and Intermediate trophic levels: High Resolution study 2018
1002 WACO West African Coastal Ocean - Finescale physics, biogeochemistry and climate change 2018
1003 TransTurb Large Deviations and Rare Transitions in Turbulent flows 2017
1004 PLASREVOLUTION Understanding the evolution of plasmid-mediated antibiotic resistance in real life scenarios 2018
1005 HamInstab Instabilities and homoclinic phenomena in Hamiltonian systems 2018
1006 Life-Cycle Life-like Supramolecular Materials based on Reaction Cycles with Designed Feedback 2018
1007 CHROMDOM Chromosomal domain formation, compartmentalization and architecture 2018
1008 NanoFLP Nanoparticles as Partners in Frustrated Lewis Pairs: Boosting the Surface Reactivity of Inorganic Nanoparticles 2018
1009 HHQM Hydrodynamics, holography and strongly-coupled quantum matter 2018
1010 SOLARX Photon Management for Solar Energy Harvesting with Hybrid Excitonics 2018
1011 BSP Belief Systems Project 2018
1012 LANGARCHIV Hausa and Kanuri languages as archive for the history of Sahara and Sahel in 18th and 19th century 2018
1013 START Spatio-Temporal Attention and Representation Tracking: the precise neural architecture of conscious object perception 2018
1014 StemCellHabitat Metabolic and Timed Control of Stem Cell Fate in the Developing Animal 2018
1015 ReSEED Rescuing seeds’ heritage: engaging in a new framework of agriculture and innovation since the 18th century 2018
1016 CROSS-MIGRATION Current European and Cross-National Comparative Research and Research Actions on Migration 2018
1017 ReSOMA Research Social platform On Migration and Asylum 2018
1018 NOISE Noise-Sensitivity Everywhere 2018
1019 InSilc InSilc: In-silico trials for drug-eluting BVS design, development and evaluation 2017
1020 SMEthod Methodology for efficient segmenting innovating SMEs based on lifecycles, represented sectors and regional characteristics 2017
1021 EURHISFIRM Historical high-quality company-level data for Europe 2018
1022 FunFiCO Fundamental fields and compact objects: theory and astrophysical phenomenology 2017
1023 RESISTANCE Rebellion and Resistance in the Iberian Empires, 16th-19th centuries 2018
1024 ReIReS Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies 2018
1025 HIV ECLIPSE HIV-1 acquisition and the future of prevention strategies: deciphering the eclipse phase through modelling and phylogenetics 2018
1026 BETWEEN THE TIMES “Between the Times”: Embattled Temporalities and Political Imagination in Interwar Europe 2018
1027 SECCOPA The socio-economic consequences of temporary employment: A comparative panel data analysis 2018
1028 ParallelMemories Cooperative and competitive parallel memory units for choice behaviors 2018
1029 DyVirt Dynamic virtualisation: modelling performance of engineering structures 2018
1030 PolSymAGA Polarity and Central-Symmetry in Asymptotic Geometric Analysis 2018
1031 COMPLEX-FISH Complex eco-evolutionary dynamics of aquatic ecosystems faced with human-induced and environmental stress 2018
1032 DYNACQM Dynamics of Correlated Quantum Matter: From Dynamical Probes to Novel Phases of Matter
1033 EXOKLEIN The Climates and Habitability of Small Exoplanets Around Red Stars 2018
1034 INTERACTION Cloud-cloud interaction in convective precipitation 2018
1035 JetDynamics High precision multi-jet dynamics at the LHC 2018
1036 UFLNMR Ultrafast Laplace NMR 2018
1037 ScaleCell Scalable Kinetic Models: From Molecular Dynamics to Cellular Signaling 2018
1038 BHSandAADS The Black Hole Stability Problem and the Analysis of asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetimes 2018
1039 Morpheus Morphogenesis of photo-mechanized molecular materials 2018
1040 CellFateTech Biotechnology for investigating cell fate choice 2018
1041 NEUROFISH Whole-brain circuits controlling visuomotor behavior 2018
1042 STEMpop Mechanisms of stem cell population dynamics and reprogramming 2018
1043 DyNET Dynamical river NETworks: climatic controls and biogeochemical function 2018
1044 MICROCRYO Microsystems for Cryomicroscopy 2019
1045 ATTOLIQ Attosecond X-ray spectroscopy of liquids 2018
1046 MOTIVE Multi-physics mOdelling of high Temperature engIne ValvEs 2018
1047 SUPERMIN Correlative Super Resolution Imaging of the Collagen Mineralization Process 2018
1048 TUVOLU Tundra biogenic volatile emissions in the 21st century 2018
1049 QSIMCORR Quantum Simulation of Strongly-Correlated Systems 2018
1050 RIFT-O-MAT Magma-Assisted Tectonics: two-phase dynamics of oceanic and continental rifts 2019
1051 CoreSat Dynamics of Earth’s core from multi-satellite observations 2018
1052 QUEM-CHEM Time- and space- resolved ultrafast dynamics in molecular-plasmonic hybrid systems 2018
1053 PALACE Pump Architecture Linked to Aircraft Cooling Expectations 2018
1054 SELEs Stochastic Ericksen-Leslie Equations 2019
1055 CHARISMA CHARge transport in Intermediate-Sized Molecules on Attosecond time scales 2018
1056 ATTOPIE Attosecond plasmon imaging with electrons 2018
1057 CHILECTO Measuring Convergence and Divergence in Varieties of Chinese: A Lectometric Approach 2018
1058 LIDOS Light-Induced Spin Switch using Dynamic Organic Species 2018
1059 GOKNOT Modelling the formation of a gordian knot in Human Ubiquitin Hydrolase 2018
1060 NAIL Adsorption and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids on Surfaces in Ionic Liquid Environment 2018
1061 AFFIRMATIVE Affirmative Post-Cinema: Narrative and Aesthetic Responses to Gender and Power 2018
1062 CIVICS Criminality, Victimization and Social Interactions 2018
1063 PI2FA Partial Ionisation: Two-Fluid Approach 2018
1064 WoMoGeS Women’s movements and gestational surrogacy: engaging, debating and policy making 2018
1065 ReCitYu Reclaiming the Cities in the post-Yugoslav space 2018
1066 REJREG Rejection Regimes: An Ethnographic Study of the Social Life of Intra-EU Border Regimes 2018
1067 FemTHEATRE Through Her Own Looking Glass: Rethinking ‘Woman’ in Italian Feminist Dramaturgy 2018
1068 iSPY Immobilized proteins in porous materials – Structural studies by Pulse EPR dipolar spectroscopY 2018
1069 TNFL-TMML Topological New Fermions under Laser and New Topological Material Exploring via Machine Learning 2018
1070 DREAMY Disrupting Aberrant Protein–Protein Interactions with Conformationally Constrained Hydrocarbon α-Helical Mimetics 2018
1071 SPITFIRE SPatial variability and Implications of the Timing of FIsh Responses to the Environment 2018
1072 MarginScapes Long-term land use and water management strategies in arid margin landscapes 2018
1073 NEQC Noise-Enhanced Quantum Control 2018
1074 StrongLights Controlling Photoinduced Transitions with Strong Light Pulses in Condensed Matter. 2018
1075 CULTRAMACY Normalizing a Difficult Past? Cultural trauma and collective memory in Austria and Croatia 2019
1076 CROSSGRASS Cross-border analysis of grassland greenness in Asia: Climate variations, grazing pressure, and land policy change 2018
1077 ROCKSOFT Rho GTPase cross-talk with syndecan-4 regulates pro-fibrotic mechanotransduction in the heart 2019
1078 CaLecLig Calcium-dependent Lectins in Human Pathogenic Infections: From Atomistic Understanding to Ligand Design 2018
1079 NEUROGUIDE Study of neuronal sensing and migration/guidance dynamics in neurodevelopmental disorders by nano-engineered chips 2018
1080 TiPS-DNA Transcription-induced Plectonemic Supercoiled DNA 2018
1081 AxiBAU Axions as the Origin of the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe 2019
1082 PROTECT Propagation of atmospheric ROssby waves - connection to prEdictability of Climate exTremes 2018
1083 SPIKE Specialization in the Knowledge Economy 2018
1084 REPLICHROM4D Chromatin organization and mitotic inheritance of epigenetic states: genome-wide dynamics of H3.1 and H3.3 histone variants during DNA replication 2018
1085 NEW_WAY New speakers and use of Russian in the Northern Norway 2018
1087 CAPSICE CAPSizing ICE caps: identifying tipping points through global modelling 2019
1088 AXO-MATH Imaging and analyzing dynamics of reward-related long-range axons during decision-making in behaving mice 2018
1089 BIF-SCV Bifurcations in Several Complex Variables 2018
1090 BioIsoK Mechanisms of K stable isotope fractionation in vertebrates and significance to their energy metabolism 2018
1091 BRIDGING The function of membrane tethering in plant intercellular communication 2018
1092 BROWSE_PLUS Beam-steered Reconfigurable Optical-Wireless System for Energy-efficient communication – Proving the Concept 2018
1093 BUDDHISMAFRICA East-Asian Buddhism in Post-Apartheid South Africa 2018
1094 CabaKarst Between degradation and conservation: The carbon balance of the Chinese karst ecosystem 2018
1095 CASCADE-X CO2 to light olefins conversion by cascade reactions over bifunctional nanocatalysts: an ‘all X-ray’ approach 2018
1096 CLAIMS CLAIMing land in early medieval localitieS: an interdisciplinary study of land claims and property regimes in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula (9th-11th) 2019
1097 COBOM Convective Boundary Mixing in Stars 2018
1098 COINE Counterfeiting Empire: Money, Crime, and Politics in the British Atlantic World 2018
1099 CORNEA Controlling evolutionary dynamics of networked autonomous agents 2018
1100 DESlRE Data-Efficient Scalable Reinforcement Learning for Practical Robotic Environments 2018
1101 Divided communities Communities Under Siege: Everyday Challenges in the Divided City of Jerusalem 2018
1102 DSMFACIL Facilitating a digital single market in Europe through cross-border alliances 2018
1103 DYNAMET Interplay of plant one-carbon metabolism and redox homeostasis in the context of dynamic DNA methylation (DYNAMET) 2018
1104 DYCOCIRC Basal ganglia circuit mechanisms underlying dynamic cognitive behavior 2018
1105 DYNOS The coupled dynamics of Southern Ocean climate change 2018
1106 E-SPECTR Excitation Spectroscopy Sensor 2018
1107 EMISSR Efficient Multibody Interactive Simulation for Soft Robotics 2019
1108 ENCORE Exploring Neutrinos: Cosmology, Oscillations, REactors 2018
1109 SaRNAReg Staphylococcus aureus sRNA targetomes and regulatory networks involved in fast adaptive responses: structure, mechanisms and dynamics 2018
1110 NeuroRemod Mechanisms of neuronal network remodeling in the adult mammalian brain 2018
1111 LASER OPTIMAL Laser Ablation: SElectivity and monitoRing for OPTImal tuMor removAL 2018
1112 COGOV Co Production and Co Governance: Strategic Management, Public Value and Co Creation in the Renewal of Public Agencies across Europe 2018
1113 DC_Nutrient Investigating nutrients as key determinants of DC-induced CD8 T cell responses 2018
1114 EE-Dynamics Dynamics of eco-evolutionary systems 2018
1115 NOMLI NanoOptoMechanics in classical and quantum Liquids 2018
1116 AMPERE Accounting for Metallicity, Polarization of the Electrolyte, and Redox reactions in computational Electrochemistry 2018
1117 NEMO New states of Entangled Matter Out of equilibrium 2018
1118 NeoplAT Neoplatonism and Abrahamic Traditions. A Comparative Analysis of the Middle East, Byzantium and the Latin West (9th-16th Centuries) 2018
1119 HydroSocialExtremes Uncovering the Mutual Shaping of Hydrological Extremes and Society 2018
1120 TRECEPTORS Transport and Receptor Mechanisms of Human Solute Carriers 2018
1121 SPICE Spectroscopy in cells with tailored in-vivo labelling strategies and multiply addressable nano-structural probes 2018
1122 MultiphysMicroCaps Multiphysics study of the dynamics, resistance and targeted therapy potential of deformable Micro-Capsules 2018
1123 LASSO Layered semiconductors and hybrid systems for quantum optics and opto-valleytronics 2019
1124 OPEN3GEN Opening the Third Generation: The Search for Long-Lived Fundamental Particles 2019
1125 TRANSHOLOMORPHIC New transversality techniques in holomorphic curve theories 2018
1126 SONORA The Spatial Dynamics of Room Acoustics 2018
1127 DISC Evolutionary diversification across scales 2018
1128 SCIREA Science4Refugees in Aegean Archipelago 2018
1129 SOIL-4-CONTROL Linking plant-soil feedbacks to aboveground-belowground interactions for noxious weed control 2019
1130 LIFETimeS Light-Induced Function: from Excitation to Signal through Time and Space 2018
1131 REALM Re-inventing Ecosystem And Land-surface Models 2018
1132 MarHIST Historical dynamics of coastal and marine ecosystem services. 2018
1133 PORTWINGS Decoding the Nature of Flapping Flight by port-Hamiltonian System Theory 2018
1134 NUCLITEX Producing transnational nuclear expertise in Italy (1955-1987): a historical-ethnographic approach 2019
1135 RECGLYCANMR Breaking the limits in glycan recognition by NMR 2018
1136 SISCODE Society in Innovation and Science through CODEsign 2018
1137 NEMO Network Motion 2019
1138 REPROGRAMIT Control of T cell differentiation and plasticity through mitochondrial reprogramming 2019
1139 GOLD-ICE Next generation analysis of the oldest ice core layers 2018
1140 InCell High speed AFM imaging of molecular processes inside living cells 2018
1141 Stress Granules Using Reconstituted Stress Granules to Gain Insight into the Molecular Pathology of Neurodegenerative Diseases 2019
1142 SOURCES Sources of rationality: arousal and the use of rational and heuristic decision strategies 2018
1143 SURFInG StructURal and Functional dynamics of BrassIca napus polyploid Genome 2018
1144 MitoScaling Mitotic scaling to cell size diversity during vertebrate embryonic development 2019
1145 IceDynamO The dynamics of sea ice variability – role of the oceans 2018
1146 Ancestral Structural and biochemical studies of an ancestral enzyme with dual dehalogenase and luciferase activity 2018
1147 PHYTOPHONUS From male-killers to plant pathogens: Investigation of cross-kingdom host-symbiont interactions in the Arsenophonus clade” 2018
1148 STALDYS Statistical Learning for Dynamical Systems 2019
1149 HI-SiMed Hemodynamics in an Infarcted heart: from multi-physics Simulations to Medical analysis 2019
1150 GraFrontLev A theoretical, experimental and numerical study of the formation of coarse dry granular fronts and spontaneously self-channelizing levees in debris flows 2018
1151 Meta-Origami Metabolic engineering of Ustilago trichophora: an isotope-assisted metabolomics approach for the improvement of malate production from glycerol 2019
1152 ADCLICH Climate change and evolution: effects on phenotypic plasticity and genetic pattern 2018
1153 STiMUL Controlled Space-Time dynamics in nonlinear Multimode fiber with gain for the next generation of high power Ultrafast fiber Lasers 2019
1154 MIMOP Modelling Ice-shelf Melting and ice-Ocean Processes via the phase-field method and direct numerical simulation 2018
1155 ALPINE Ultrastructural analysis of phosphoinositides in nerve terminals: distribution, dynamics and physiological roles in synaptic transmission 2018
1156 HIV VCC Interference Characterisation of single molecule dynamics within HIV-1 reservoirs as a target for interference with virus persistence and immune evasion 2019
1157 ODYSSEA Population Dynamics in the Southeast European Neolithic: Prehistoric Archaeology and Palaeogenomics 2018
1158 Med-N-Change Assessing the Interactive Effects on N Addition and Climate Change on Soil Processes through the Biological Soil Crust in Mediterranean Ecosystems 2019
1159 MONSOON Monsoons and climate change: roles of atmospheric and oceanic processes 2018
1160 M-INHIB Non-linear temporal dynamics of mutually inhibiting pyramidal cells: underlying mechanism for bi-stable perception and disambiguation 2018
1161 MUST Magnetoelectric Ultra-low-power Spin-wave Transducers 2018
1162 HOMERICS The History of Merging Compact-Object Binaries 2018
1163 DancingGalaxies Dancing with giants: dynamics of dwarf satellite galaxies 2019
1164 IVSTED In vivo super-resolution imaging of synapses in the hippocampus 2019
1165 ReaDy-NMR Relativistic and Dynamic effects in Computational NMR Spectroscopy of transition-metal complexes 2019
1166 evoDISFOLD Decoding Coupled Folding and Binding via Single-Molecule characterization of Ancient IDP protein-protein Interactions 2019
1167 Radio-NP Computational characterisation of radiosensitising nanoparticles and their properties 2019
1168 SpaceUseDrivers Unravellling the biological determinants of space use patterns in animals 2019
1169 FORWARD Exploring the drivers of tropical forest responses to variability of water availability in space and time through a model-data fusion cycle 2018
1170 MOVEMED Linking Human Mobility and Marine Megafauna Movement in the Mediterranean Sea for a better integration of Blue Growth 2019
1171 MRI-Turbulent-Disk Turbulence in Accretion Disks – New Perspectives 2018
1172 NMRSIGN NMR insights on the soluble Guanylyl Cyclase conformational dynamics to illuminate the SIGNaling pathway 2018
1173 InDyMag Internal Dynamics and Magnetic field generation in rocky bodies: planets and large moons in the solar system 2019
1174 FUNDra Remote sensing to model spatiotemporal distribution of functional diversity in the tundra 2018
1175 ADAPT An adaptation-based approach to understand resilience after job loss: Identifying the underlying mechanisms leading to adaptive coping and re-employment 2019
1176 TransWNV A transcriptomic approach to understand the avian genetic susceptibility to West Nile Virus infection 2018
1177 INTSYS Algebraic, Geometric, and Field-Theoretic Aspects of Integrable Many-Body Systems 2018
1178 HOPE HOminin Proteomes in human Evolution 2018
1179 INTIMIZ Interracial intimacy in Africa: Afro-European couples, cross cultural transactions, and social changes in Islamic Zanzibar 2018
1180 OilandEmp Crude Empire. British 'Oil Imperialism' and the making of the modern Middle East (c.1901-c.1935). 2019
1181 EXTINCT The interaction of environmental conditions and species traits as drivers of species extinctions and community homogenisation 2019
1182 WONT-HATE Online Hate against European Women Leaders: a Corpus-Assisted Multimodal Critical Analysis 2019
1183 Mesophotic Past and present mesophotic coral ecosystems as a predictor for survival of coral reefs in an era of climate change 2018
1184 InvestorCliques Investor Cliques in Stock Markets 2018
1185 STRIAVISE How the striatum contributes to visual-selection 2018
1186 COAGULANT CK2-dependent cytoskeletal regulation and molecular signaling of Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) formation 2018
1187 MECEDGE Transgenic dissection of the neural circuitry of memory and dementia 2018
1188 GlycoPCs How do Pharmacological Chaperones work? Molecular basis of the actions of glycomimetics on keyglycosidases involved in lysosomal storage disorders 2018
1189 SOT-2DvdW Spin-Orbit Torque in 2D van der Waals Heterostructures 2018
1190 ENGEMED Simulating the dynamics of viral evolution: A computer-aided study toward engineering effective vaccines 2018
1191 MultiNetMetrics Multiplex Network Econometrics 2018
1192 TRENGO Temperature reconstruction in Europe using cosmogenic noble gas observations 2019
1193 ARC-for-CORE Artificial Compartment for Coenzyme Regeneration 2019
1194 JUMP JUpiter Modeling Platform 2018
1195 P-MaleReg Establishment of P-element silencing in Drosophila simulans dysgenic males 2019
1196 ORBETEC ORganisational BEhaviour with new TEChnologies: a human resources management model for industry 4.0 2018
1197 PBDM Payoff-Based Decision-Making 2018
1198 MDCRC Metabolic Dynamics in Colorectal Cancer 2018
1199 RESOLVE Remote sensing of photosynthetic traits for high latitude plant productivity modelling 2018
1200 MicroMAM The mammalian intracellular response to Microsporidia infection 2019
1201 INRES Inquiring gaps, discrepancies and contradictions in response to domestic gender-based violence. Gender relationships, practical norms and public services in Senegal. 2018
1202 MIDIDP Modeling Infectious Diseases in Dynamic Populations with Relocation and Refugeeism 2018
1203 SYMMUNITY SYMbiosis, Microbiota and immUNITY 2019
1204 FFP-BSS How to steal food from predators – behavioural strategies of a scavenger 2019
1205 FASTMAGNETS Ultrafast Demagnetization Dynamics Using Novel Table-top X-ray Source 2018
1206 MOFdynamics Investigating metal-organic frameworks using excited-state dynamics and theoretical spectroscopy 2018
1207 PATCHES Protein Adsorption onTo CHarged surfacES 2018
1208 TEMPNET Climate change and phenology: long-term temporal dynamics of mutualistic ecological networks 2018
1209 TOMMY Tomography of the Milky waY 2018
1210 MULTIPROB Multi-photon probing of complex open quantum systems 2019
1211 RydSpin Nonequilibrium many-body spin dynamics in strongly interacting Rydberg systems 2018
1212 YAP MECHANO Elucidating the mechanism of mechanotransduction through YAP and TAZ 2019
1213 EpiTFeb Deciphering the Transcriptional Logic of TFEB activation in cell identity and cancer 2018
1214 ItohRibo Structural study on mitochondrial ribosome assembly in human cells 2018
1215 QuESt Quantum Enhanced Organic Photovoltaics by Strong Coupling of IR Vibrations to an Optical Cavity 2018
1216 ULTRACONTROL Ultra-low cost orbit transfer and orbit control for future libration point missions 2019
1217 MessCa The Messina Case: Mafia-type Organised Crime in the Province of Messina 2018
1218 GlobaLISe Global Value Chains and Local Innovation Systems in Southern Europe:The Coevolution of Technology, Trade and Finance, and the Technological Divide 2018
1219 GRAINS Gravitation of Rubble-pile Asteroid with Internal N-body Structure 2018
1220 MiniBRAIN Investigating the pathogenic mechanisms underlying TUBB2B-related brain malformations using induced pluripotent stem cells and cerebral organoids. 2019
1221 TOPOREF The Effect of DNA Topology on Eukaryotic Replication 2018
1222 RoadNet_Andes Road networks and territorial dynamics: a geospatial approach to Andean cultural heritage in motion between the Altiplano and the Pacific coast 2018
1223 ESCAPE-2 Energy-efficient SCalable Algorithms for weather and climate Prediction at Exascale 2018
1224 Quake QBeast Utility Analysis to marKet and Enterprise 2018
1225 COASTAL Collaborative lAnd Sea inTegration pLatform 2018
1226 SHui Soil Hydrology research platform underpinning innovation to manage water scarcity in European and Chinese cropping systems 2018
1227 QuanTII Quantitative T cell Immunology and Immunotherapy 2018
1228 HOMER Holistic Optical Metrology for Aero-Elastic Research 2018
1229 DEMOBLACK Demography of black hole binaries in the era of gravitational wave astronomy 2018
1230 WELL-BEING The dynamics underlying Well-being; Understanding the Exposome-Genome interplay 2018
1231 MECHEMGUI The integration of mechanical and chemical signals in neuronal guidance 2018
1232 EdiCitNet Edible Cities Network Integrating Edible City Solutions for social resilient and sustainably productive cities 2018
1233 ThermoQuantumImage Thermal imaging of nano and atomic-scale dissipation in quantum states of matter 2018
1234 NEEM The New Ecology of Expressive Modes in Early Modern South India 2018
1235 IFDG INNOVATION, FIRM DYNAMICS AND GROWTH: what do we learn from French firm-level data? 2018
1236 TRENSCRYBE TRapped ENSembles of Circular RYdBErg atoms for quantum simulation 2018
1237 HOWPER An open or closed process: Determining the global scheme of perception 2018
1238 C-CLEAR Complement: to clear or not to clear 2018
1239 PALGLAC Palaeoglaciological advances to understand Earth’s ice sheets by landform analysis 2018
1240 Dyn-Syn-Mem Dynamic mechanisms and functional roles of synaptic plasticity in memory 2019
1241 4DBIOSERS Four-Dimensional Monitoring of Tumour Growth by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering 2018
1242 UltraLVP Chemistry and transport properties of bridgmanite controlling lower-mantle dynamics 2018
1243 INTEXseas An integrated weather-system perspective on the characteristics, dynamics and impacts of extreme seasons 2018
1244 IRMIDYN Iron mineral dynamics in redox-affected soils and sediments: Pushing the frontier toward in-situ studies 2018
1245 FORMKIN The formal demography of kinship and family 2018
1246 TRANSFORMER Structural transformations and phase transitions in real-time 2018
1247 HITSCIL How intraflagellar transport shapes the cilium: a single-molecule systems study 2018
1248 ValueChange Design for changing values: a theory of value change in sociotechnical systems 2018
1249 INPHORS Intracellular phosphate reception and signaling: A novel homeostatic system with roles for an orphan organelle? 2018
1250 NANO-MEMEC Membrane-based nano-mechanobiology: Role of mechanical forces in remodelling the spatiotemporal nanoarchitecture of the plasma membrane 2018
1251 M4D Metal Microstructures in Four Dimensions 2018
1252 XRayProton Ultrafast Structural Dynamics of Elementary Water-Mediated Proton Transport Processes 2018
1253 CODE Coincidence detection of proteins and lipids in regulation of cellular membrane dynamics 2019
1254 COLMIN A Google Earth Approach to Understanding Collagen Mineralization 2019
1255 3DEpi Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of chromatin states : the role of Polycomb and 3D chromosome architecture 2018
1256 CoMoQuant Correlated Molecular Quantum Gases in Optical Lattices 2019
1258 MolNanoTribology Tuning molecular friction and adhesion by atomic/chemical design 2018
1259 MIRed Streak Mid-InfraRed Streak Camera 2018
1260 LiguSTAR Ligustinus Project: New Survey Techniques for an Ancient Riparian Landscape. 2019
1261 AlloGPCR Allosteric modulation of G-protein Coupled Receptors conformational landscape 2018
1262 ECODIS Effects of co-infections on the emergence of an avian disease Mycoplasma gallisepticum 2018
1263 B2B Modeling spontaneous Breast cancer metastasis TO the Bone with a first-of-its-kind 3D device that recapitulates physiological tissue-level complexity. 2018
1264 H-Reality Mixed Haptic Feedback for Mid-Air Interactions in Virtual and Augmented Realities 2018
1265 CUDAN Cultural Data Analytics 2019
1266 IPaDEGAN Integrable Partial Differential Equations: Geometry, Asymptotics, and Numerics. 2018
1268 BASILIC Decoding at systems-level the crosstalk between the T cell antigen receptor, the CD28 costimulator and the PD-1 coinhibitor under physiological and pathological conditions. 2018
1269 EvoTrap Mechanisms to emerge and replicate the first sequence information of life in geothermal microfluidics of early Earth 2018
1270 MOLUSC Molecules under Light-Matter Strong Coupling 2018
1271 DYNACOTINE Signal transduction and allosteric modulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors:from ion channel electrophysiology to atomic 3D structures 2019
1272 REPLICHROMA Eukaryotic DNA replication: a single-molecule approach to the study of yeast replication on chromatin 2018
1273 EditMHC How MHC-I editing complexes shape the hierarchical immune response 2019
1274 eDrop Droplet Photoelectron Imaging 2018
1275 QBH Structure The Quantum Structure of Black Holes and the Recovery of Information 2019
1276 COEXIST Bacteria-phage-antibiotic interactions in variable environments: a community ecology perspective 2018
1277 ACROSS Australasian Colonization Research: Origins of Seafaring to Sahul 2018
1278 ONDINE Development of the first Water-based industrial chiller cooled by ambient air 2018
1279 WindiBox A novel shrouded vertical axis wind turbine for power generation in buildings 2018
1280 AIRM A Novel Bottom-Up Sales Channel Between Travelers and Airlines 2018
1281 NS System A real-time and continuous brain monitoring system to record and track brain activity and extract biomarkers for neurological conditions 2018
1282 UltraLiquid Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Ultradilute Liquids 2019
1283 Qosmology Quantum Effects in Early Universe Cosmology 2018
1284 DUSTCOMB A Novel Technology to Reduce Industrial Dust Pollution and to Enable Most Efficient Energy Recovery 2018
1286 CircaCHIP Development of Circadian Rhythms on Chip 2018
1287 uEcologies Urban Ecologies: governing nonhuman life in global cities 2018
1288 SCENT Smart Cities EMC Network for Training 2018
1289 ZoomDeep Zooming in on the core-mantle boundary 2019
1291 HyGate Hydrophobic Gating in nanochannels: understanding single channel mechanisms for designing better nanoscale sensors 2019
1292 LoCoMacro Local Control of Macroscopic Properties in Isolated Many-body Quantum Systems 2019
1293 PANTHER Performant Alternative to Nickel-based alloys for Turbine of Helicopter Engine Replacement 2019
1294 StrEnQTh Strong Entanglement in Quantum many-body Theory 2018
1295 REPLISOMEBYPASS Challenges on the road to genome duplication: Single-molecule approaches to study replisome collisions 2019
1296 ENTRAPMENT Septins: from bacterial entrapment to cellular immunity 2019
1297 MODES Multimode light shaping: from optical fibers to nanodevices 2018
1298 E-CLIPS Effects of Cross-Linguistic Interactions on Perception of Speech 2019
1299 mP-CSE Micro-physiological circadian platform for safety and efficacy assessment of drugs and cosmetics 2018
1300 Dielec2DNanoLiquids Dielectric measurement of two-dimensional nanoconfined liquids 2018
1302 HISTOID A Human iPS Cell-Derived Artificial Skeletal Muscle for Regenerative Medicine, Disease Modelling and Drug Screening 2018
1303 Self-Control Interplay between genetic control and self-organization during embryo morphogenesis 2018
1304 MaMBoQ Macroscopic Behavior of Many-Body Quantum Systems 2019
1305 DYMOCHRO Dynamics of modified chromatin domains 2019
1306 PartonicNucleus Understanding the Quark and Gluon Structure of the Nucleus 2018
1307 ASTERIQS Advancing Science and TEchnology thRough dIamond Quantum Sensing 2018
1308 REVFAIL FAILURE: Reversing the Genealogies of Unsuccess, 16th-19th centuries 2019
1310 LINKS Kick-starting global cLimate Investments:uncovering hidden liNks in climate finance and exploring dynamic evolution of investment networKs for policy deSign 2019
1311 TEMPORE Self-Regulating Porous Nano-Oscillators: from Nanoscale Homeostasis to Time-Programmable Devices 2018
1312 InterActive Interacting with Active Particles 2019
1313 5D-NanoTrack Five-Dimensional Localization Microscopy for Sub-Cellular Dynamics 2018
1314 ANGULON Angulon: physics and applications of a new quasiparticle 2019
1315 ACHILES Advanced Architectures Chassis/Traction concept for Future Electric vehicles 2018
1316 ENCOUNTER Demography, Cultural change, and the Diffusion of Rice and Millet during the Jomon-Yayoi transition in prehistoric Japan 2019
1317 ModGravTrial Modified Gravity on Trial 2019
1318 OceaNice Paleoceanography of the Ice-proximal Southern Ocean during Past Warm Climates 2019
1320 WARMCOASTS Sea level and extreme waves in the Last Interglacial 2019
1321 LaGaTYb Exploring lattice gauge theories with fermionic Ytterbium atoms 2019
1322 SINDAM Sunlight-Induced Nonadiabatic Dynamics of Atmospheric Molecules 2019
1323 RockDEaF Dynamics of rock deformation at the brittle-plastic transition and the depth of earthquake faulting 2019
1324 PhoG Sub-Poissonian Photon Gun by Coherent Diffusive Photonics 2018
1325 MesuR Metric-measure inequalities in sub-Riemannian manifolds 2019
1326 EffectiveTG Effective Methods in Tame Geometry and Applications in Arithmetic and Dynamics 2018
1327 MOAB Miniaturised optically accessible bioreactor for drug discovery and biological research 2018
1328 NONABVD Nonadiabaticity in Biomolecular Vibrational Dynamics 2019
1329 AdaptiveResponse The evolution of adaptive response mechanisms 2018
1330 3D-PXM 3D Piezoresponse X-ray Microscopy 2019
1331 TerAqua Compact and powerful strong-field terahertz light source for exploring water in new regimes 2019
1332 MetaboliQs Leveraging room temperature diamond quantum dynamics to enable safe, first-of-its-kind, multimodal cardiac imaging 2018
1333 EcoBox Ecosystem in a box: Dissecting the dynamics of a defined microbial community in vitro 2019
1334 PARAMIR Investigating micro-RNA Dynamics using Paramagnetic NMR Spectroscopy 2019
1335 MCS-MD The Molecular Dynamics of Membrane Contact Sites 2019
1336 FEASIBLe Finding how Earthquakes And Storms Impact the Building of Landscapes 2019
1337 Stardust-R Stardust Reloaded 2019
1338 NEODYNE Decision making: from neurochemical mechanisms to network dynamics to behaviour 2018
1340 RECENT-TO-REMOTE Remote Memory Consolidation Based on Activity, Connectivity and Stability; Contribution of Neurons and Astrocytes. 2018
1341 AXPLAST Deep brain imaging of cellular mechanisms of sensory processing and learning 2018
1342 MitoGuide Integration and adaptation of impaired mitochondrial fitness in orchestrating T cell dysfunction in the tumor microenvironment 2019
1343 SAPIENS Shaping the social brain through early interactions 2019
1344 SKYTOP Skyrmion-Topological insulator and Weyl semimetal technology 2018
1345 DIAMOND Revealing fair and actionable knowledge from data to support women’s inclusion in transport systems 2018
1346 GROWINPRO Growth Welfare Innovation Productivity 2019
1347 GLORIA Global Industrial Research & Innovation Analyses 2018
1348 MapProdIGI Microdata analysis for Policies for Productivity, Innovation, Growth and Inclusion 2018
1349 vmRail The on-board railway track & vehicle monitoring system 2018
1350 CORolla "CORolla® - a disruptive ""spring like"" metallic device for permanent treatment of diastolic heart failure." 2018
1351 PROVENANCE Providing Verification Assistance for New Content 2018
1352 BioExcel-2 BioExcel-2 Centre of Excellence for Computational Biomolecular Research 2019
1353 ATM2BT Atomistic to Molecular to Bulk Turbulence 2019
1354 MIICT ICT Enabled Public Services for Migration 2018
1355 ARBODYNAMIC Coupling dynamic population immunity profiles and host behaviours to arboviral spread 2019
1356 GANGS Gangs, Gangsters, and Ganglands: Towards a Global Comparative Ethnography 2019
1357 MacroEntrepreneurs Entrepreneurs, Firms and the Macroeconomy 2018
1358 RUSTRANS The Dark Side of Translation: 20th and 21st Century Translation from Russian as a Political Phenomenon in the UK, Ireland, and the USA 2019
1359 MULTIPALEOIBERIA Population dynamics and cultural adaptations of the last Neandertals and first Modern humans in inland Iberia: a multi-proxy investigation 2019
1360 3D-FIREFLUC Taming the particle transport in magnetized plasmas via perturbative fields 2019
1361 BROKEX Brokering China’s Extraversion: An Ethnographic Analysis of Transnational Arbitration 2019
1362 FIT2GO A toolbox for fitness landscapes in evolution 2019
1363 TransTempoFold A need for speed: mechanisms to coordinate protein synthesis and folding in metazoans 2019
1364 ASIMIA Advanced High-Order Simulation Methods for Industrial Applications 2019
1365 DAFINET Dynamic Attitude Fixing: A novel theory of opinion dynamics in social networks and its implications for computational propaganda in hybrid social networks (containing humans and bots) 2018
1366 QUEST QUality and Effectiveness in Science and Technology communication 2019
1367 CriticalMaaS Concepts, theories and models for planning , operating and evaluating the dynamics of Mobility as a Service 2019
1369 COMPLEXDYNAMICS-PHIM On the Origin of Complex Dynamics in Multi-strain Models: Insights for Public Health Intervention Measures 2019
1370 CRACK Cracking the neural code of human object vision 2019
1371 SYNPATH Regulation of synaptic development and plasticity by molecular pathways linked to human evolution 2019
1372 Orgasome Protein synthesis in organelles 2019
1373 AutoCPS Automated Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems: A Compositional Approach 2019
1374 StratifiedGRANULAR Modelling of rheologically stratified granular flows by a multi-layer depth-averaged approach 2019
1375 RISIS 2 European Research Infrastructure for Science, technology and Innovation policy Studies 2 2019
1376 B Massive Binary massive black hole astrophysics 2019
1377 RADDICS Reliable Data-Driven Decision Making in Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
1378 TORCH ThermoacOustic instabilities contRol in sequential Combustion cHambers 2019
1379 EXPLO Exploring the dynamics and causes of prehistoric land use change in the cradle of European farming 2019
1380 ACEPOL Agent-based Computational Economics for Policy Analysis 2019
1381 Liquid2DM Two-dimensional liquid cell dielectric microscopy 2019
1382 DYNAPOL Modeling approaches toward bioinspired dynamic materials 2019
1384 DEADSEA_ECO Modelling Anthropocene Trophic Cascades of the Judean Desert Ecosystem: A Hidden Dimension in the History of Human-Environment Interactions 2019
1385 TIGER Tidal marshes: bio-geomorphic self-organization and its implications for resilience to sea level rise and changing sediment supply 2019
1386 LORAX The Lorax Project: Understanding Ecosystemic Politics 2019
1387 BABE Why is the world green: testing top-down control of plant-herbivore food webs by experiments with birds, bats and ants 2018
1389 KETJU Post-Newtonian modelling of the dynamics of supermassive black holes in galactic-scale hydrodynamical simulations (KETJU) 2019
1390 EcoSpy Leveraging the potential of historical spy satellite photography for ecology and conservation 2018
1391 WAAXT Wave-modulated Arctic Air-sea eXchanges and Turbulence 2019
1392 CLIOARCH Cliodynamic archaeology: Computational approaches to Final Palaeolithic/earliest Mesolithic archaeology and climate change 2019
1393 NARCISO NAtuRal instability of semiConductors thIn SOlid films for sensing and photonic applications 2019
1394 WelfareStruggles Welfare for Migrant Factory Workers: Moral Struggles and Politics of Care under Market Socialism 2019
1395 MHDiscs From non-ideal magnetohydrodynamics to the structure and evolution of protoplanetary discs 2019
1396 Emergence Emergence of wild differentiable dynamical systems 2019
1397 PrefrontalMap Organization and learning-associated dynamics of prefrontal synaptic connectivity 2019
1398 EXCHANGE Dynamic Complexes and Allosteric Regulation of Small Molecule Transporters 2019
1399 SensAtouch Grasper Safe and Sensible Tissue Graspers for Pediatric and (Mini-)Laparoscopic Surgery 2019
1400 QuantumBirds Radical pair-based magnetic sensing in migratory birds 2019
1401 ECOFEED Altered eco-evolutionary feedbacks in a future climate 2019
1402 LymphMap Navigating lymphatic formation and function in health and disease 2019
1403 F-BioIce Fundamentals of Biological Ice Nucleation 2019
1404 CANCEREVO Deciphering and predicting the evolution of cancer cell populations 2019
1405 FanCY Flow and Deformation of Cancer tumours near Yielding 2019
1406 UpTEMPO Ultrafast tunneling microscopy by optical field control of quantum currents 2019
1407 PHOTOMASS Imaging Biomolecular Self-Assembly with a Molecular Photonic Scale 2019
1408 CORKtheCAMBIA Thickening of plant organs by nested stem cells 2019
1409 WHOLE SUN The Whole Sun Project: Untangling the complex physical mechanisms behind our eruptive star and its twins 2019
1410 EMC2 Extreme-scale Mathematically-based Computational Chemistry 2019
1411 YMPACT The Yamnaya Impact on Prehistoric Europe 2019
1412 4-D nanoSCOPE Advancing osteoporosis medicine by observing bone microstructure and remodelling using a four-dimensional nanoscope 2019
1413 ENFORCE ENgineering FrustratiOn in aRtificial Colloidal icEs:degeneracy, exotic lattices and 3D states 2020
1414 INEXTVIR Innovative Network for Next Generation Training and Sequencing of Virome 2019
1415 IGOC Interactions between Groups, Orbits, and Cartans 2019
1416 APOSITE Apoptotic foci: composition, structure and dynamics 2019
1417 GMGalaxies Understanding the diversity of galaxy morphology in the era of large spectroscopic surveys 2019
1418 SPINAPSE Creating complexity: toward atomic spin-based neural hardware 2019
1419 BrightEyes Multi-Parameter Live-Cell Observation of Biomolecular Processes with Single-Photon Detector Array 2019
1420 LINCHPIN A platform to LINk between CHemistry and PhysIcs of colloidal Nanomaterials 2020
1421 CellularLogistics Cellular Logistics: Form, Formation and Function of the Neuronal Microtubule Cytoskeleton 2019
1422 DEChriM Deconstructing Early Christian Metanarratives: Fourth-Century Egyptian Christianity in the Light of Material Evidence 2019
1423 LArcHer Breaking barriers between Science and Heritage approaches to Levantine Rock Art through Archaeology, Heritage Science and IT 2019
1424 TIMP Ultrahigh-speed nanometer-scale microscopy 2019
1425 INSCONS Addressing Global Challenges through International Scientific Consortia (INSCONS); Case studies in biomedicine, the geosciences, and nuclear fusion research 2019
1426 Piko Revealing the adaptive internal organization and dynamics of bacteria and mitochondria 2019
1427 DeCoCt Knowledge based design of complex synthetic microbial communities for plant protection 2019
1428 EFESTO European Flexible hEat Shields: advanced TPS design and tests for future in-Orbit demonstration 2019
1429 MicroMotors The most advanced micromotors in the world 2019
1430 SINUSHUNT SinuShunt – New disruptive medical device for treatment of hydrocephalus 2019
1431 IMAGINE Geographical imaginations and the (geo)politics of volcanic risk: cultures, knowledges, actions 2019
1432 DISINTEGRATION The Mass Politics of Disintegration 2019
1433 NatDyReL Utilizing Natural Dynamics for Reliable Legged Locomotion 2019
1434 ScarLessWorld A WORLD WITHOUT SCARS: Regenerating wounded skin rather than patching with scars 2019
1435 ReligSpace The Effect of Manifestations of Religion in the Public Space on Sociopolitical Integration of Minority-Religion Immigrants 2019
1436 BioDisOrder Order and Disorder at the Surface of Biological Membranes. 2019
1437 IntratumoralNiche Defining heterocellular signalling within the intratumoral stem cell niche of colorectal cancer 2019
1438 BRAINSYNC Brain-environment synchrony and the auditory perception problem 2019
1439 FOXON Functionality of Oxide based devices under Electric-field: Towards Atomic-resolution Operando Nanoscopy 2018
1440 ESTiMatE Emissions SooT ModEl 2018
1441 SOMA Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis 2018
1442 VESSEL CO-COPTION Vessel co-option and radioresistance in glioblastoma 2019
1443 QuNeS Quantum Networks in Space-Time 2020
1444 GLU-IMAGE Glutamate dynamics during visual stimulation and ketamine challenge in the human brain 2019
1445 INHuMAN Intra-tumoral heterogeneity in NRAS-driven metastatic melanoma 2019
1446 ULTIMATE ULtra-ThIck Multi-mAterial baTtery Electrodes 2019
1447 perovskites-NMR Atomic-level characterization of multi-component perovskite materials for optoelectronic applications 2019
1448 HOEMEV Hierarchical Optimal Energy Management of Electric Vehicles 2019
1449 CoSiLiS Developement of compact single-cycle light sources 2019
1450 IceMelt3D Tracking 3-D meltwater production and runoff from glacial bare-ice surfaces 2020
1451 LIMES The Hardening and Softening of Borders: Challenges for Europe and the World 2019
1452 The Damned Algeria, antifascism, and Third Worldism: An anticolonial genealogy of the Western European New Left (Algeria, France, Italy, 1957-1975) 2020
1453 Coevolution The genomic signature of rapid coevolution within a wild host-parasite system 2019
1454 ArCarib Archaeology of Informal Maritime Commerce in the Colonial Caribbean 2019
1455 GPCR-MS Molecular Details of Membrane Protein Receptor Dynamics 2019
1456 Centromere Stability Mechanisms that maintain centromere DNA repeats stability in human cells. 2020
1457 OpenWave Validation and Optimization of an Open-Source Novel Nonlinear Froude-Krylov Model for Advanced Design of Wave Energy Converters 2019
1458 TRACERxTME Constructing an evolutionary atlas of the immune landscape in lung cancer 2019
1459 3D-FOGROD Understanding forest growth dynamics using novel 3D measurements and modelling approaches 2019
1460 GraFludicDevices Realization of water permeation kinetics in two-dimensional nanocapillaries to develop desalination and energy harvesting membranes 2019
1461 CLEAN Well-Confined Mucosal LasEr Ablation with a Negative Pressure Based Endoscopy Capsule 2019
1462 E-PILOTS Evolution of cockPIt operations Levering on cOgnitive compuTing Services 2019
1463 TLRstorm Spatial and temporal control of self/non-self discrimination in innate immunity 2019
1464 BCLLatlas Single-cell genomics to comprehensively understand healthy B-cell maturation and transformation to chronic lymphocytic leukemia 2019
1465 SOIROpenVenus SOIR instrument Open science of the Venus upper atmosphere 2020
1466 GRINP Action-based routes for numbers: unveiling the core networks of reaching, grasping and number processing in brain damaged and healthy individuals. 2019
1467 BIOVIB Electric Interactions and Structural Dynamics of Hydrated Biomolecules Mapped by Ultrafast Vibrational Probes 2019
1468 DRYSOM Unraveling long-term soil organic matter dynamics under drought in forest soils and their link to ecosystem properties 2019
1469 SUaaVE SUpporting acceptance of automated VEhicle 2019
1470 RICONTRANS Visual Culture, Piety and Propaganda: Transfer and Reception of Russian Religious Art in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean (16th to early 20th Century) 2019
1471 LUBARTWORLD Migration and Holocaust: Transnational Trajectories of Lubartow Jews Across the World (1920s-1950s) 2019
1472 MOCHA Understanding and leveraging ‘moments of change’ for pro-environmental behaviour shifts 2019
1473 PAVITRA GANGA Unlocking wastewater treatment, water re-use and resource recovery opportunities for urban and peri-urban areas in India 2019
1474 ACES Antarctic Cyclones: Expression in Sea Ice 2019
1475 STAND4HERITAGE New STANDards for seismic assessment of built cultural HERITAGE 2019
1476 DOUBLE-TROUBLE Replaying the ‘genome duplication’ tape of life: the importance of polyploidy for adaptation in a changing environment 2020
1477 CrossLingference Cross-Linguistic statistical inference using hierarchical Bayesian models 2019
1478 CLaQS Correlations in Large Quantum Systems 2019
1479 SO-ReCoDi Spectral and Optimization Techniques for Robust Recovery, Combinatorial Constructions, and Distributed Algorithms 2019
1480 STEP Solving The Entrainment Puzzle 2019
1481 XYL-SPIT Understanding the relationship between Xylella fastidiosa and the meadow spittlebug Philaenus spumarius for a sustainable bacterial-mediated diseases control 2020
1482 DIEinPEACE Double Incremental Expansion in Potential Energies from Automized Computational Exploration 2019
1483 CAOS Containment, Avalanches and Optimisation in Spreading-processes 2019
1484 DEBOGAS Dilute Bose Gases at Positive Temperature 2019
1485 EndoPos Endosome positioning in tumour-stroma interactions 2019
1486 TackTDEs Tackling the complexity of Tidal Disruption Events 2020
1487 D3AiSF Screening Database to Discover Donor-Acceptor copolymers for intramolecular Singlet Fission 2020
1488 OakMycEvo Functional ecology of the plant-fungus interface: Harnessing evolutionary genomics, transcriptomics and experimental ecology to dissect communication and nutrient exchange in a mutualistic symbiosis 2019
1489 EMAGICS Atomistic spin dynamics and spectroscopic investigation of spin-induced magnetoelectric multiferroic materials 2019
1490 BICE Circuit mechanisms for behavioral choice from complete CNS activity and connectivity maps 2019
1491 SUMAC Interplay between High-Temperature Superconductivity, Magnetism and Composition in Doped Cuprates 2020
1492 EvoPlans The Evolution of Terrestrial Planets: Insights from Models of Planetary Evolution with Coupled Internal, Atmospheric/Surface Development 2020
1493 HARBOR HARBOR. Humanitarianism and Refugees at the Border: A Transnational Feminist Analysis of Nonprofit Organizations 2019
1494 MolecularControl Harvesting out-of-equilibrium forces for molecular control 2020
1495 EMPaTHY use of multiscale modElling to Minimize coke ProducTion during the methanol-to- HYdrocarbon process 2019
1496 IRIOA Interactions between reversible and irreversible Operator Algebras. 2019
1497 ZANBA Zooarchaeology of the Nuragic Bronze Age 2020
1498 OCPSTRUCTDYNAMICS Structural dynamics essential for photosynthetic adaptation and survival of cyanobacteria in fluctuating light intensities 2020
1499 CarbEx Tracing carbon exchanges/fluxes between Arctic and Atlantic basins 2019
1500 ReFraMed Histories Rewriting and (Re-)Framing Memory in Late Medieval Historiography. The Case of Brabant (14th-15th c.) 2019
1501 STOICISM Stochastic Communication Inside Cortical Microcolumns 2019
1502 ASTRALIS ASTRocyte Adrenoceptors: Light on Intracellular Signaling 2019
1503 CODEV Co-diversification and co-evolution of human populations and cereals in Africa 2019
1504 TPOINT Parasitism and climate change: A tipping point for blue mussel populations? 2019
1505 PlantSoilGradients Plant-soil feedback and local adaptation along soil fertility gradients 2020
1507 EXPAND Examining pan-neotropical diasporas 2019
1508 UNMACRODYN Uncertainty shocks, inflation dynamics and monetary policy 2019
1509 STRomA Novel Matrix Stiffness-regulated Genes in Lymphangiogenesis and Angiogenesis 2019
1510 ARIADNE Structure and dynamics in active glass-forming liquids 2019
1511 MEMORIGHTS Cultural Memory in LGBT Activism for Rights 2019
1512 MULTIPIR Multiscale modelling of migration of pollutant particles in rivers 2020
1513 PanILC Deciphering type 2 innate lymphoid cell/epithelial progenitor cell crosstalk in pancreas regeneration and neoplasia 2019
1514 GRISOTO GRaphene-Interfaced heterostructures for Spin Orbit TOrques 2020
1515 ConscBreathDynamics Breathing dynamics in health and disease: how consciousness shape respiratory patterns 2020
1516 TOK The Creation of Tokens in Late Antiquity. Religious 'tolerance' and 'intolerance' in Fourth and Fifth Centuries AD 2019
1517 NeT-HiDeA New Times at Work. Rethinking History and Politics through Delay and Anticipation 2020
1518 AGENT Ancient genetics (AGENT): Capturing signatures of nutrient stress tolerance from extant landraces to unlock the production potential of marginal lands 2020
1519 CLIMB Calibrating and Improving Mechanistic models of Biodiversity 2019
1520 TEAMS Modelling Trust-based Evolutionary Dynamics in Signed Social Networks 2020
1521 COHESiV Coherent Optomechanical and Hyperfine interactions Engineering with Silicon-Vacancy impurities in diamond for quantum networks 2020
1522 SENSE BioSensing and rhizospherE – eNdosphere geochemical microprofiling of polychlorinated byphenils degradation by Soil microbiota upon stimulation of root Exudates 2019
1523 CHIRALSCOPY Probing Ultrafast Stereochemical Dynamics by Femtosecond Electronic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy 2019
1524 CONPARA Control parametric resonance of wave energy conversion systems 2019
1525 JOLI Using the jellyfish Clytia hemisphaerica to explore the first steps of meiosis by live-imaging. 2019
1526 InnoDAF Innovative model-based design and operational optimization of Dissolved Air Flotation 2019
1527 CoralChange How will coral reefs look like in the future? Adaptive mechanisms and sublethal effects in corals under global change 2020
1528 PiQiMosqBite Understanding the roles of pathogen infection and sensory cue integration in mosquito blood-feeding behavior 2019
1529 CausalBoost Using causal discovery algorithms to boost subseasonal to seasonal forecast skill of Mediterranean rainfall 2020
1530 INCLUDED Intercultural Digital Media Education for Social Inclusion of Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Youth in the Urban Migration Society 2019
1531 RecPAIR Genetic landscape of the homology search 2019
1532 SPELEOTOLIA Holocene climate reconstructions from western Anatolia based on speleothem data 2019
1533 HYMNS Hypothalamic Modulation of Neocortical States 2020
1534 MYTH Making national identity. The construction of Germanic Mythology in 19th century. 2020
1535 ATTO-CONTROL Attosecond X-ray Molecular Dynamics and Strong-Field Control 2019
1536 ChromaSTORM Visualising how proteins fold DNA into topologically associating domains in single human cells 2020
1537 PocketLight Compact all-fibre nonlinear resonators as technological platform for a new generation of miniaturised light sources. 2020
1538 PROSPER Politics of Rulemaking, Orchestration of Standards, and Private Economic Regulations 2019
1539 InWAS Non-linear, control-informed optimisation of innovative wave absorbing structures using highly-efficient numerical methods 2020
1540 CompNanozymes Metal-dependent catalysis of nanozymes: First steps towards computational nanoenzymology 2019
1541 WMBH Waves, mean flows and black holes 2020
1542 PMLingAML Using PML nuclear body biology to identify potential AML treatment targets 2020
1543 VorDIST Quantum transport in a disordered two-dimensional ultracold Fermi gas 2019
1544 BIOMOSAIC From Biopigments to BIOelectronics: MOdelling Semiconducting EumelAnin-based InterfaCes 2020
1545 CLEANERFLAMES CompLex thErmoAcoustic iNteraction mEchanisms in spRay Flames in Low-nox Annular coMbustion chambErS 2019
1546 EpiEcoMod Through the eye of a mosquito: theoretical modelling of vector-borne zoonotic pathogens 2020
1547 GAiNS Gibberellic acid signaling and dynamics during arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and rhizobial-legume symbiosis 2020
1548 SEDILAND Sediment regime disturbance of river catchments in a changing land cover context: Geoenvironmental and population dynamics 2019
1549 iNet Unraveling interaction networks of ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizing microorganisms 2020
1550 Tumor microbiome The tumor microbial communities: Characterization, effects and translational opportunities 2019
1551 BactRNA Bacterial small RNAs networks unravelling novel features of transcription and translation 2019
1552 MATRIX Novel mitochondria-targeted therapies for cancer treatment-induced cardiotoxicity 2019
1553 RememberEx Human Subcortical-Cortical Circuit Dynamics for Remembering the Exceptional 2019
1554 SubNano Computational Photochemistry in the Long Timescale: Sub-ns Photoprocesses in DNA 2019
1555 Origins From Planet-Forming Disks to Giant Planets 2019
1556 ChloroMito Chloroplast and Mitochondria interactions for microalgal acclimation 2020
1557 HomDyn Homogenous dynamics, arithmetic and equidistribution 2019
1558 FORESIGHT Advanced cyber-security simulation platform for preparedness training in Aviation, Naval and Power-grid environments 2019
1559 ScalableControl Scalable Control of Interconnected Systems 2019
1560 MiniEmbryoBlueprint The mammalian body plan blueprint, an in vitro approach 2019
1561 ILSAINC Mapping and theorising the global International Large-Scale Assessment industry 2019
1562 MitoQuant Development of Deep-UV Quantitative Microscopy for the Study of Mitochondrial Dysfunction 2019
1563 MarshFlux The effect of future global climate and land-use change on greenhouse gas fluxes and microbial processes in salt marshes 2020
1564 ChemicalWalks Reactive Transport and Mixing in Heterogeneous Media: Chemical Random Walks under Local Non-equilibrium 2019
1565 HoloLif Lifshitz holography: hydrodynamics and the large-D limit 2019
1566 VISUAL The Visual Politics of Recognition: Understanding the Role of Images in Recognition Encounters 2020
1567 nanoCellSense A nanotechnology-based approach for label-free single-cell analysis of cytoplasmic proteome 2019
1568 EstAMR Estimating the Prevalence of AntiMicrobial Resistance 2020
1569 Q-Skyrmions Engineering the dynamics of magnetic skyrmions using non-equilibrium protocols 2019
1570 VIR MAXIMUS Moral & Intellectual Qualities of the Political Man in the Translations of Gracián's Work (XVII-XXI cent.) 2019
1571 RegADyn In vivo characterization of novel actin dynamic regulators during cell migration 2020
1572 CROWDY Toward the microscopic simulations of cell-like environments. 2019
1573 STUDYES Structure and Ultrafast Dynamics in Deep Eutectic Solvents 2019
1574 BrownianReactivation Neural stochasticity and criticality in memory replay 2019
1575 POLARISO A new isotope-enabled climate model dedicated to polar studies, to reconstruct Antarctic climate variability and improve sea level rise projections 2019
1576 Magik Star MAGnetic fIeld and Kinematic coupling for massive STAR formation 2019
1577 WetSlide WEaThering in bedrock landSLIDE deposits 2019
1578 SIPODET Simultaneous imaging using planar optode and diffusive equilibrium in thin-film (DET) 2020
1579 DIGDEEP Digging deeper into genes to track infectious disease outbreaks 2020
1580 GentriHealth Gentrification processes and neighborhood liveability in Madrid and Brisbane: impact on population health and development of urban policy recommendations 2020
1581 LinkFM Linking Functional impact and Microstructural properties of fiber tract demyelination and remyelination in a rodent model of multiple sclerosis 2019
1582 SENTIMOUV Spatial and demographic dynamics of disease transfer at the wildlife-human interface 2020
1583 PulsatERK Intracellular ERK signalling dynamics mediated epidermal stem cell fate control 2019
1584 SocioEcoFrontiers Frontiers in social-ecological research: achieving the promise of integration in Marine Spatial Planning for resilient social and environmental outcomes 2020
1585 HomoPolitics Greek Homonationalism: Entanglement of Sexual Politics with Issues of Race and Nationalism in the Case of Lesbian and Gay Movements and Queer Activist Groups in Greece 2019
1586 OPTIMISE Dissecting the molecular pathogenesis of Legionella spp. in human lung models 2019
1587 VDGSEGUR Gender Violence and Security in the Interoceanic Industrial Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec: A Critical Examination of Policies and Practices 2019
1588 PolyPath Insights from within-host dynamics on the coexistence of antibiotic resistant and sensitive pathogens 2019
1589 UnravelOxStress Oxygen, telomeres and sex: experimental elucidation of oxidative stress effects in life history evolution 2020
1590 HomicidesLACcities Understanding the drivers and impacts of homicides in 4 major Latin American cities. 2020
1591 BrainInformationFlow Principles underlying information flow across the entire brain of the zebrafish 2020
1592 TyphiNET A global multi-institutional Typhoid fever genomic surveillance network to improve global public health outcomes 2020
1593 LongPlaNet Long-Range Plasticity of Neuronal Networks in the Adult Brain 2019
1594 StressOME Defining and modulating the stress granule proteome as a therapeutic strategy in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2019
1595 JDIL Joint Dynamics During Infant Learning 2020
1596 DendritesInVivo Prediction and validation of in vivo dendritic processing 2020
1597 COMLIB Communists into Liberals: The Transformation and Demise of the Left as Precursor to the Illiberal Turn in Poland 2019
1598 POLARC High Arctic Polynyas in a Changing Climate 2019
1599 SymCO Asymptotic Symmetries: from Concepts to Observations 2020
1600 SANDLINKS Framing sand sustainability in a telecoupled world 2019
1601 METACURIO What makes us curious? The role of metacognition. 2019
1602 ECO-DEKS External knowledge sourcing strategies for environmental innovation in the industrial sector of Nigeria 2019
1603 LitRivus Assessment of riverine litter (plastics) inputs to the marine environment 2020
1604 AFactory THE FUTURE OF FOOD: Disrupting protein production with microalgae 2019
1605 ParaResWEC Nonlinear Rock and Roll - Modelling and Control of Parametric Resonance in Wave Energy Converters 2019
1606 LC-FMRI Deciphering the effects of locus coeruleus activity on whole-brain dynamics and neurovascular coupling 2019
1607 B-different The RNA-Binding Protein ZFP36L1 regulates the terminal differentiation of B lymphocytes 2020
1608 AVIATOR Assessing aViation emission Impact on local Air quality at airports: TOwards Regulation 2019
1610 SLOWD Sloshing Wing Dynamics 2019
1611 HARMONY Title: Holistic Approach for Providing Spatial & Transport Planning Tools and Evidence to Metropolitan and Regional Authorities to Lead a Sustainable Transition to a New Mobility Era 2019
1613 EXCALIBUR Exploiting the multifunctional potential of belowground biodiversity in horticultural farming 2019
1614 GENE-SWitCH The regulatory GENomE of SWine and CHicken: functional annotation during development 2019
1615 FF-IPM In-silico boosted, pest prevention and off-season focused IPM against new and emerging fruit flies ('OFF-Season' FF-IPM) 2019
1616 SO-CHIC Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate 2019
1617 SHELTER Sustainable Historic Environments hoListic reconstruction through Technological Enhancement and community based Resilience 2019
1618 DIGI-B-CUBE Digital Enterprise Innovations for Bioimaging, Biosensing and Biobanking Industries 2019
1619 AMAREC Amenability, Approximation and Reconstruction 2019
1620 PonD Particles-on-Demand for Multiscale Fluid Dynamics 2019
1621 YoctoLHC Yoctosecond imaging of QCD collectivity using jet observables 2019
1622 PROTEUS Predicting Routes Of Tumour Evolution driven by Unstable genomes and Selection 2019
1623 CENGIN Deciphering and engineering centriole assembly 2019
1624 VAPP Virtual Anthropology of Prehistoric Portugal 2020
1625 Mitobetes The role of Von Willebrand Domain-containing Protein 8 in mitochondrial physiology 2020
1626 INNERVATE Investigating the functional impact of neurodegeneration-causing rare variants in the teleost model zebrafish 2020
1627 DOCC Dynamics of Complex Continua 2019
1628 AVEHIL A modern professional race car simulator for racing teams and individuals 2019
1629 TACITROOTS The Accademia del Cimento in Florence: tracing the roots of the European scientific enterprise 2019
1630 SAPPHIRE South American population history revisited: multidisciplinary perspectives on the Upper Amazon 2019
1631 Nanostress Probing stresses at the nanoscale 2019
1632 CIFTRESS Climatic Impact on Food Trade RESilience and Security 2019
1633 InsoFeet Cutting-edge insoles with advanced characteristics for medical and sports applications 2019
1634 DEXSAGE Daily Experiences of Successful Ageing 2019
1635 NASALFLOW A medical device for airflow simulation of the human upper airways 2019
1636 DYNNET Opinion Dynamics 2018
1637 GREATDIGINTHESKY Accelerating Galactic Archaeology 2019
1638 HYSOTIB Global dynamics of hydro-sociality in river heritage landscapes of the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau. 2020
1639 NETCONTROLOGY Controllability of biological networks 2020
1640 DRmov Deciphering the RBPome in mosquitoes during virus infection 2020
1641 ADAPT2FLOW Adaptive and maladaptive endothelial cell dynamics during blood flow-driven vascular patterning 2019
1642 mRNAstress Investigating the molecular mechanisms of translational reprogramming during cellular stress 2020
1643 QuSLAM Quantum simulation of strong interaction of light and matter 2019
1644 WildRice Wild Rice Culture and Indigenous Food Sovereignty in North America 2020
1645 STOCHELEC Stochastic electrochemistry for catalysis and analysis of carboneous bio-electrodes. 2020
1646 BUNT Colorful Indications of (Ex)Change. 2020
1647 G20LAP G20 Legitimacy and Policymaking 2019
1648 DyCLE Dynamics of Cadmium concentrations in Leaves in response to a challenging Environment 2019
1649 NanoPSYCH Neuropsychiatric disorders are a heterogeneous group of mental pathologies that demand prolonged and treatments that are frequently ineffective. Elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms under 2019
1650 coldbihot Cold Books in Hot Lands: Winning and Losing of Hearts and Minds in the Middle East 2019
1651 ZES opportunity Zones for innovation EcosystemS governance 2019
1652 CLOCK Characterization of the circadian chromatin landscape using a novel CRISPR/Cas9-guided proximity-labelling technique 2020
1653 TiMoleS Time-resolved Molecular Selfies (TiMoleS): Visualising molecular dynamics in real time 2020
1654 DynaLight Light-driven atomic dynamics in solids and liquids – from fundamentals of optics to engineering of novel photonics technologies 2019
1655 C-Pre Seeing is predicting: Testing a predictive coding account of visual perception involving saccadic eye movements 2020
1656 TOPOGRAPHYSENSING Effects of 3D topographies on mechanosensing in intestine epithelial architecture and dynamics 2019
1657 SchiSTOP Beyond mass drug administration: understanding Schistosomiasis dynamics to STOP transmission 2020
1658 MAFIn Module for Aberration Correction and Fast Volumetric Imaging in a Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope 2019
1659 POPGEO_BG Population Geography of Bulgaria, 1500- 1920: A Historical Spatial Analysis 2019
1660 Formulate Artificial Intelligence SaaS for prescribing optimal retail merchandising decisions 2019
1661 Plant-FATE Predicting global vulnerability of forests to drought using plant functional trait evolution 2019
1662 BATNMR Development and Application of New NMR Methods for Studying Interphases and Interfaces in Batteries 2019
1663 DynamicAssemblies Conformational studies of highly dynamic viral replication complexes 2019
1664 PALAEOCON Conservation palaeobiology of terrestrial and marine carbon sinks 2019
1665 NaviFlu Navigating the evolutionary routes of influenza viruses 2019
1666 DEEPFIELD DeepField- Deep Learning in Field Robotics: from conceptualization towards implementation 2019
1667 InSoMa Feasibility study for lancing an innovative software tool based on mathematical methods in the B2B market 2019
1668 COLLEXISM Collisional excitation of interstellar molecules: towards reactive systems 2019
1669 REPLAY_DMN A theory of global memory systems 2019
1670 CATANA Composite AeroelasTics ANd Aeroacoustics 2019
1671 NoChaPFI Novel Characterisation Platform for Formulation Industry 2020
1672 RDS Artificial Intelligence Powered Fashion Insights and Personal Styling Solutions 2019
1673 NeuroCompSkill A neuro-computational account of success and failure in acquiring communication skills 2019
1674 ICARUS Information Content of locAlisation: fRom classical to qUantum Systems 2020
1675 MERCURYREFINEMENT Refining our view on planet Mercury, in anticipation for the BepiColombo mission. 2020
1676 Angio-NYT Investigating the crosstalk between Notch and YAP/TAZ in sprouting angiogenesis 2020
1677 COMMIOS Communities and Connectivities: Iron Age Britons and their Continental Neighbours 2019
1678 EvolSpliceKinetics From co-transcriptional splicing kinetics to the evolutionary impact of exon and intron definition 2020
1679 DYNACLIM Ocean DYNAmics reconstruction using remotely sensed variables in two CLIMate hotspots 2019
1680 DeMol Deconstructing the past: Modelling the locomotion of Miocene hominoids through computational techniques 2020
1681 PlatOne PLATform for Operation of distribution NEtworks 2019
1682 Pacefish GPU-accelerated CFD software - Highest accuracy in unparalleled speed 2019
1683 SMART-X Study of carrier transport in MAterials by time-Resolved specTroscopy with ultrashort soft X-ray light 2020
1684 DT4BIOMASS Digital twin for biomass boilers 2019
1685 PROVA Pitot probe for non-ideal compressible flows of organic fluids for renewable energy applications 2019
1686 THREAD Joint Training on Numerical Modelling of Highly Flexible Structures for Industrial Applications 2019
1687 ASCenSIon Advancing Space Access Capabilities - Reusability and Multiple Satellite Injection 2020
1688 SUPERGALAX Highly sensitive detection of single microwave photons with coherent quantum network of superconducting qubits for searching galactic axions 2020
1689 BICAEHFID Biogeographic and cultural adaptations of early humans during the first intercontinental dispersals 2019
1690 DREAM The Brainstem-Hippocampus Network Uncovered: Dynamics, Reactivation and Memory Consolidation 2019
1691 zEPHYR Towards a more efficient exploitation of on-shore and urban wind energy resources 2019
1692 euSNN European School of Network Neuroscience 2019
1693 AutoCapSyn Capsule based machines for the automated synthesis of organic molecules for drug discovery and medicinal chemistry 2019
1694 STREAM Simulation of Turbulence and RoughnEss in Additive Manufactured parts 2019
1695 SpectraHow SpectraHow. Smart Raman sensor to speed up biopharma manufacture 2019
1696 WAY2GO Expedited emerge of Connected Car data ecosystems in Europe 2019
1697 DimorphicCircuits Elucidating the development of sexually-dimorphic circuits: from molecular mechanisms to synapses and behavior 2019
1698 ContraVib Chemical Control of Vibronic Coupling for Magnetic Materials 2020
1699 EpiRep Mechanism of nucleosome assembly during DNA replication 2019
1700 T-CUBE Theoretical Chemistry of Unbound Electrons 2020
1701 AuDACE Attosecond Dynamics in Advanced Materials 2020
1702 RHIZOCARBON Forest belowground carbon transport: From rhizosphere fluxes to physiological drivers 2019
1703 SPINRG Renormalisation, dynamics, and hyperbolic symmetry 2020
1704 AngstroCAP Fundamental and Applied Science using Two Dimensional Angstrom-scale capillaries 2020
1705 PACE The leading manufacturer-independent connected-car platform, disrupting value creation and customer communication in the automotive aftermarket 2019
1706 MEMO The Memory of Solitons 2020
1707 NEMOCRYS Next Generation Multiphysical Models for Crystal Growth Processes 2020
1708 NEQuM Non-Ergodic Quantum Matter: Universality, Dynamics and Control 2020
1709 ConsQuanDyn Constrained Quantum Dynamics 2020
1710 OASyS Overall Air Transport System Vehicle Scenarios 2019
1711 ATTILA Advanced Testbed for TILtrotor Aeroelastics 2019
1712 RRUSHES-5 Commodity & land rushes and regimes: Reshaping five spheres of global social life 2019
1713 THEIA Topographic effects in planetary fluid cores: application to the Earth-Moon system 2020
1714 HEATforecast Dynamical constraints for the predictability of heat waves in current and future climates 2020
1715 ASTRODUST The Heliosphere and the Dust: Characterization of the Solar and Interstellar Neighbourhood 2020
1716 SHIFTFEEDBACK Ecosystem response to drought: unravelling the unexplored role of plant-soil feedback 2020
1717 CSI AurkA-MYC Conformational Shift Inducers (CSI): An atomistic level investigation of Aurora kinase A (AurkA)–MYC interaction and its distortion by CSI compounds 2019
1718 3D-loop Mechanism of homology search and the logic of homologous chromosome pairing in meiosis 2020
1719 TailSurf Rear End Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Studies 2019
1720 TerreStriAL Terrestrialization: Stress Signalling Dynamics in the Algal Progenitors of Land Plants 2019
1721 NANO4LIFE High-throughput 4D imaging for nanoscale cellular studies 2020
1722 HoloHair Information Encoding in Quantum Gravity and the Black Hole Information Paradox 2020
1723 PLANMod Regulation of extreme plasticity in planarian stem cells by mRNA modifications 2019
1724 RadSpec A New Strategy for Vibronic Spectroscopy of Radicals 2020
1725 E-DIRECT Evolution of Direct Reciprocity in Complex Environments 2020
1726 SignalingDynamics Signaling dynamics in the control of cell proliferation and differentiation during development and homeostasis 2020
1727 CoEvolve Deconstructing and rebuilding the evolution of cell and tissue mechanoadaptation 2020
1728 SafeNcy SafeNcy - the safe emergency trajectory generator 2019
1729 LeMo Learning Mobility for Real Legged Robots 2020
1730 SYSAGING A platform for rapidly mapping the molecular and systemic dynamics of aging 2020
1731 SCORE Signal Correction to Reveal other Earths 2020
1732 SUMiDENTITY Deconstructing the role of SUMO on chromatin in cell identity and tissue repair 2020
1733 ANHARMONIC Anharmonic Semiconductors 2019
1734 GAIA A Genomic and Macroevolutionary Approach to Studying Diversification in an Insect-Plant Arms Race 2020
1735 BOSADMIX Genetic admixture and its impact on domestication in the Bos genus: a model for genetic improvement of livestock 2020
1736 PRD-Trigger Precipitation triggered rock dynamics: the missing mesoscopic link 2020
1737 LIP-ATG The missing link: how do membrane lipids interplay with ATG proteins to instruct plant autophagy 2020
1738 ALPHA Assessing Legacies of Past Human Activities in Amazonia 2020
1739 NeurONN Two-Dimensional Oscillatory Neural Networks for Energy Efficient Neuromorphic Computing 2020
1740 SUSTEUS Assessing the socio-economic impact of environmentally sustainable redevelopment plans on communities housed in social housing estates in EU and US cities 2020
1741 Ph.D. Phase map of dynamic, adaptive colloidal crystals far from equilibrium 2019
1742 B-DOMINANCE B Cell Immunodominance in Antiviral Immunity 2019
1743 STAREX STARs at the EXtreme 2020
1744 MOVE Modelling to Optimize Vector Elimination: Destabilising mosquito populations 2020
1745 TACCAMA Atomic-Scale Motion Picture: Taming Cluster Catalysts at the Abyss of Meta-Stability 2020
1746 HSD Homeomorphisms in symplectic topology and dynamics 2020
1747 QUABODYP QUAntum Black hOle DYnamics and Phenomenology 2020
1748 DIPVAR Digital Platforms: Pricing, Variety and Quality Provision 2020
1749 FASTCORR Ultrafast dynamics of correlated electrons in solids 2020
1750 HumMingBird Enhanced migration measures from a multidimensional perspective 2019
1751 BIGPROD Addressing productivity paradox with big data: implications to policy making 2019
1752 PAGER Prediction of Adverse effects of Geomagnetic Storms and Energetic Radiation 2020
1753 SafeSpace Radiation Belt Environmental Indicators for the Safety of Space Assets 2020
1754 NQTPS Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport, Probes and Simulations 2019
1755 TIMECODE How does the brain code time? 2020
1756 EvoCellMap Tracing the origin and early evolution of animal cell type regulation with genomics and single-cell approaches 2020
1757 PolicyCLOUD Policy Management through technologies across the complete data lifecycle on cloud environments. 2020
1758 PREVEX Preventing Violent Extremism in the Balkans and the MENA: Strengthening Resilience in Enabling Environments 2020
1759 DiCE Differentiation: Clustering Excellence 2020
1760 UNCHARTED UNCHARTED: Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture 2020
1761 SPECK Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk for Increased Traffic Safety at Uncontrolled Crossings 2019
1762 CHROMREP Dissecting the chromatin response to DNA damage in silenced heterochromatin regions 2019
1763 Demos Design Principles of Branching Morphogenesis 2020
1764 EJCM Early Jewish and Christian Magical Traditions in Comparison and Contact 2020
1765 RNPdynamics Multivalent interactions driving RNP dynamics in development and disease 2020
1766 P4 Plight of Pelagic Primary Producers in a Changing Marine Environment 2020
1767 RhabdoEvo Deciphering the cellular origin and evolution of malignant rhabdoid tumors 2019
1768 BLACKJACK Fast Monte Carlo integration with repulsive processes 2020
1769 BANYAN Big dAta aNalYtics for radio Access Networks 2019
1771 OWHEEL Benchmarking of Wheel Corner Concepts Towards Optimal Comfort by Automated Driving 2020
1772 SBTech Innovative Stirring Blade Technology to increase profitability in the industry of algae culture based on CFD techniques (SBTech) 2019
1773 ErgThComplexSys Ergodic theory for complex systems: a rigorous study of dynamics on heterogeneous networks 2020
1774 EPIDEMIC Experimental Epidemiology in Ant Societies 2020
1775 MAGSHAKE Shaken and stirred: Terahertz electric field control of magnetism 2020
1776 HEAAT Historical East African Archaeology and Theory: A framework for historical archaeology and identity formation 2020
1777 ATTIDA Attosecond space-time imaging of coherent quantum dynamics 2020
1778 OrgMIGRANT How Work Organizations Shape Ethnic Stratification across Immigrant Generations: Assimilation, Segregation, and Workplace Contexts 2020
1779 NeoliberalTerror Neoliberal Terror: The Radicalisation of Social Policy in Europe 2020
1780 FluxWIN The role of non-growing season processes in the methane and nitrous oxide budgets in pristine northern ecosystems 2020
1781 INVISIHIST Challenging the Liberal World Order from Within: The Invisible History of the United Nations and the Global South 2020
1782 EVOMENS The evolution of menstruation in primates 2020
1783 EMPOCI Governing sustainable energy-mobility transitions: multi-level policy mixes, transformative capacities and low-carbon innovations 2020
1784 GRACEFUL Probing the deep Earth's interior by synergistic use of observations of the magnetic and gravity fields, and of the rotation of the Earth. 2020
1785 STUOD Stochastic Transport in Upper Ocean Dynamics 2020
1786 LIFEPLAN A Planetary Inventory of Life – a New Synthesis Built on Big Data Combined with Novel Statistical Methods 2020
1787 SENSES Making Sense of Electrical Noise by Simulating Electrolyte Solutions 2020
1788 GloQur The Global Qur’an. Shared Traditions, Imperial Languages and Transnational Actors 2020
1789 SingStocDispDyn Singular Stochastic Dispersive Dynamics 2020
1790 ATTO-GRAM Attosecond Gated Holography 2020
1791 DYNANSE Righting the Wrongs. A Life Course Dynamics Approach for Non-Standard Employment 2020
1792 PODCAST Predictions and Observations for Discs: Planetary Cores and dust Aggregates from non-ideal MHD Simulations with radiative Transfer. 2020
1793 HEALIN Healthy lifespan inequality: Measurement, trends and determinants 2020
1794 PERSISMO Predicting Energy Release in fault Systems: Integrating Simulations, Machine learning, Observations 2020
1795 nanoDNArepair Next Generation Nanofluidic Devices for Single Molecule Analysis of DNA Repair Dynamics 2020
1796 FRRAnt Ordering, Constructing, Empowering: Fragments of the Roman Republican Antiquarians 2020
1797 ZENITH ZEbrafish Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Training Hub 2019
1798 Ports Between Sea and City: Ethnographic explorations of infrastructure, work, and place around leading urban container ports 2020
1799 DYNOME Barcoding gene expression dynamics at single-molecule resolution 2020
1800 MultiSense Nanoplasmonic sensing of multi-molecular protein interactions at physiological conditions 2020
1801 WACONDY Waves and concentration dynamics in biology 2021
1802 CompHematoPathology Computational Hematopathology for Improved Diagnostics 2020
1804 MARIX Methane and Ammonium Removal In redoX transition zones 2020
1805 urbisphere urbisphere - coupling dynamic cities and climate 2020
1806 NeuroTrans NEUROtransmitter TRANSporters: from single molecules to human pathologies 2020
1807 emergenTopo Emergent topology in photon fluids 2020
1808 OPTIMAL Coming-of-age of Process Research: Connecting Theory with Measurement and Modelling 2020
1809 INTEGRATE An Integrated View on Coupled Aerosol-Cloud Interactions 2020
1810 CollectiveDynamics Collective signaling oscillations in embryonic patterning – revealing underlying principles 2020
1811 AUTONORMS Transforming Norms Research through Practices: Weaponised Artificial Intelligence, Norms, and Order 2020
1812 DEEP-MAPS Deep Earth Mantle Phase Transition Maps: Studied by Time-Resolved Experiments 2020
1813 NANOVR Nanoscale Design using Virtual Reality 2020
1814 Proteomes-in-3D Three-dimensional dynamic views of proteomes as a novel readout for physiological and pathological alterations 2020
1815 SILENT Seismic Isolation of Einstein Telescope 2020
1816 Phonon-ART Uncovering Phonon Dynamics by Advanced Raman Techniques 2020
1818 TANQ Taming Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter 2020
1819 QUANTUMGRAIN Quantum Chemistry on Interstellar Grains 2020
1820 RTTT Real-Time ThermoTronics: handling fluctuations, dynamics and dissipation for smart radiative thermal management 2020
1821 SIMIS Strongly Interacting Mass Imbalanced Superfluid with ultracold fermions 2020
1822 OLEA Olea expansion and mosaic Landscape formation in an island Environment since human Arrival 2020
1823 SCALES Multiferroic phase field models of the coupled dynamics of bismuth ferrite 2021
1824 TESTIMONY Tumor Endothelial Cells: Gatekeepers Of Anti-Tumor Immunity 2020
1825 ARCTIC Air Transport as Information and Computation 2020
1826 EQUATE Bridging Europe: A Quaternary Timescale For The Expansion And Evolution Of Humans 2020
1827 PeSD-NeSL Photo-excited State Dynamics and Non-equilibrium States under Laser in Van der Waals Stacked Two-dimensional Materials 2020
1828 BRCAstem Monitoring cancer stem cell dynamics and therapeutic response in BRCA2-deficient breast tumour cells 2020
1829 DeepNOE DeepNOE: Leveraging deep learning for protein structure solving at ultra-high resolution on the basis of NMR measurements with exact nuclear Overhauser enhancement 2020
1830 NEUSEQBOT NEUro cerebellar recurrent network for motor SEQuence learning in neuroroBOTics 2020
1831 SpaTime_AnTB Single-cell spatiotemporal analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis responses to antibiotics within host microenvironments 2020
1832 Cartesian Networks Cartesian Networks in Early Modern Europe: A Quantitative and Interdisciplinary Approach 2020
1833 SUPERB StructUral ProtEins foR Biomedical materials 2020
1834 BioTempSense Understanding the thermodynamic and mechanistic basis of a model biological temperature sensor 2021
1835 PRETZEL Dynamics of photoinduced resonant energy transfer characterized at the single molecule level. 2020
1836 SuprAtom Boosting Cation Exchange in Self-Assembled Supraparticles through Advanced Electron Tomography Techniques 2020
1837 NanoLight-QD Novel molecular spectroscopies by nanoconfined light shaping and ab initio quantum dynamics 2020
1838 MingleIFT Multi-color and single-molecule fluorescence imaging of intraflagellar transport in the phasmid chemosensory cilia of C. Elegans 2020
1839 MicroMix Microbial Conlonization in Confined Chaotic Mixtures 2020
1840 NanoscAM Nanoscale active matter to power microstructures 2020
1841 POLAR-4DSpace 4DSpace: integrated study for space weather at high latitudes 2020
1842 LISEDIDYS Limit sets of discrete dynamical systems 2020
1843 TReSFiDS Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Strong-Field-Driven Solids 2021
1844 SSFI Spin-resolved strong field ionisation 2021
1845 DEAllAct Dissecting and Engineering Allosteric Activation in a Biosynthetic Enzyme 2020
1846 BRAVO Establishing Blend Repair limit of blisks –from A perspective of Vibration amplificatiOn 2020
1847 GEOLAKE Exploring the onset of Anthropocene in the Upper Jordan valley (Hula lake) 2020
1848 SOLVE Stratospheric Ozone Loss from Volcanic Eruptions 2021
1849 PAST Phytolith Analysis and Stone Tools: A socio-ecological analysis of stone tools assemblage of North-Western South Asia 2020
1850 DYNAMOD-VACCINE-DATA A new method for dynamic opinion modelling of surveys applied to vaccine hesitancy data 2020
1851 JQ4LHC Jet quenching for heavy-ion collisions at the LHC 2021
1852 CooPMacaque Why do individuals cooperate? Exploring the behavioural, cognitive, and hormonal mechanisms governing cooperation in macaques. 2020
1853 MapInCSC Mapping the Interaction between Semantic Representation and Control Systems: The Controlled Semantic Cognition 2020
1854 EPmIC Controlling the susceptibility of biological cells to pulsed electric field treatment by using ion channel modulators 2021
1855 STARSS Super Time-resolved Fluorescence Anisotropy with Switchable States 2020
1856 STMICRO Space-time visualization of microelectronic chip operation with femtosecond electron microscopy 2020
1857 DJMI Zouj: Dynamic Jewish-Muslim Interaction in Popular Maghribi Comedic Performance Culture since the 1920s 2021
1858 DINAMIC A digestion and absorption mimicking bench-top intestinal model 2020
1859 URPEACE The peace-building agency of stigmatized civilian actors in European cities dealing with the consequences of terrorist violence 2021
1860 TUECS The Uberization of Europol's Cybercrime Strategy: An Innovative Governance Model on Public-Private Partnership 2020
1861 C[Au]PSULE Crystal phase engineering of Au nanoparticles for enhanced solar fuel generation 2020
1862 EUDIC EU Foreign Policy Differentiation and Integration: Informal Groups in EU Approach to Conflicts and Crises 2021
1863 CO2Polymerisation Conversion of CO2/H2O to Polyethylene through Cascade Electro-reduction–Polymerisation Catalysis 2020
1864 RL-ASTROPRO Building blocks of the molecular universe: A coordinated laboratory and theoretical study of elemental C2X (X=N, O, Si, S) molecules 2020
1865 CP-FTmmW Aminogen Chemistry and structure of aminogen radicals using chirped-pulse Fourier transform (sub)millimeter rotational spectroscopy 2020
1866 ReMiCom The Challenges of Return Migration in Africa in the Age of Complex Emergencies: Comparing Multilevel Governance Systems in Ethiopia and Nigeria 2020
1867 MFILAMUXIAML Metal flow in laser additive manufacturing using x-ray imaging and machine learning 2020
1868 FairPersonalization Personalized commercial practices and digital market manipulation: enhancing fairness in consumer protection 2020
1869 cRETMS Cerebellar Rhythmic Entrainment with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A new approach for the study of cerebellar connections with the cortex. 2020
1870 WAVES TRAVELING WAVES: Defining the mechanisms allowing attention to occur in space and in time 2020
1871 NuMagLongRx Nuclear magnetic long-lived state relaxation 2020
1872 BRICDOQ Bridging Integrability and Chaos to Decipher Out-of-equilibrium Quantum Matter 2020
1873 InProSMod Cholinergic and NMDAR-dependent recruitment of Layer 1 Interneuron shapes cortical motor Processing through network States Modulation 2021
1874 AscNet Favorable Conditions of the Spread of the Cult of Asclepius across the Transportation Network of the Roman Mediterranean: A Quantitative Evaluation 2020
1875 SURGE Uncapping subglacial eruption dynamics and glacier response 2021
1876 SPHERES Lipid droplet hypertrophy : the link between adipocyte dysfunction and cardiometabolic diseases 2020
1877 3D MAGiC Three-dimensional magnetization textures: Discovery and control on the nanoscale 2020
1878 Financing_Entrep Financing Frictions in High-Potential Entrepreneurship 2020
1879 PLIM-G4 Long-lived optical probes to image G-quadruplex DNA in live cells 2021
1880 SmartSAST Non-covalent photoresponsive tags for photoacoustic imaging: Giving voice to living matter 2020
1881 HABISS Eco-hydrodynamics of cold water coral habitats across integrated spatial scales 2020
1882 RESCATA Species Responses to Climate Change in the Amazon To Andes region 2020
1883 SandMan Shapes and Meaning. The matt-painted pottery of the North-Lucanian district: culture, identity, symbols and Gender. An interdisciplinary study of a local community in Southern Italy. 2021
1884 MEM-ENTO Tracing memory formation in a behaving animal: analysis of learning-induced morpho-functional plasticity along the bee’s olfactory system 2020
1885 OPEN P-CAN Dissecting the role of mitochondrial dynamics in pancreatic carcinogenesis 2020
1886 DEFORM Dead or Alive: Finding the Origin of Caldera Unrest using Magma Reservoir Models 2020
1887 BoRiS uncovering the anatomical archive of annual RINGS to understand abiotic and biotic drivers of SHRUB growth at the range BORDER 2020
1888 SMILIES Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides as Charge Transporting Layers for High Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells 2020
1889 SANDS Stars, plANets, and Discs in multiple Systems 2020
1890 NOSCAR decipheriNg Oncogenic SIgnalling patterns to break CAncer drug Resistance 2020
1891 RECOMBINE RE-assembly and COMpetition during Biotic INterchangEs: consequences of old invasions on the evolutionary and ecological history of biotas 2021
1892 MRTFSen MRTF/SRF signalling in regulation of cell senescence and melanoma progression 2020
1893 INSANE Joint Species And Niche Evolution 2020
1894 PAST Paleoenvironmental Assessment of climate and other STressors on long-term dynamics of waterbird populations. 2020
1895 QFluidsNano Structural and thermophysical properties of quantum fluids adsorbed on nanostructured surfaces 2020
1896 MATBFOB MAThematical modelling of Biofilm FOrmation on Biomaterials 2020
1897 DJINN Decrease Jet-Installation Noise 2020
1898 POPP Putting Offence Prevention into Practice 2020
1899 HYPERDIVERSE Keys to evolutionary success: untangling drivers of hyperdiversification 2020
1900 SecondCANCERinKIDS What causes therapy-related malignancies in childhood cancer survivors? Dissecting the etiology of second cancers 2020
1901 CiliaCircuits Molecular Principles of Mammalian Axonemal Dynein Assembly 2020
1902 TweeTERS Coupling of Optical tweezers with Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for single-molecule investigation of supramolecular systems 2020