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The page lists 441 projects related to the topic "imaging".

# achronym  title  year 
1 UTOFIA Underwater Time Of Flight Image Acquisition system 2015
2 ULTRAPLACAD ULTRAsensitive PLAsmonic devices for early CAncer Diagnosis 2015
3 METASPACE Bioinformatics for spatial metabolomics 2015
4 EYE-RISK Exploring the combined role of genetic and non-genetic factors for developing Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A systems level analysis of disease subgroups, risk factors, and pathways 2015
5 CDS-QUAMRI A Clinical Decision Support system based on Quantitative multimodal brain MRI for personalized treatment in neurological and psychiatric disorders 2015
6 lightMaterInt Exploiting light and material interaction 2015
7 LAkHsMI Sensors for LArge scale HydrodynaMic Imaging of ocean floor 2015
8 MAShES Multimodal spectrAl control of laSer processing with cognitivE abilities 2014
9 Lensless High-resolution microscopy without lenses: a new generation of imaging technology 2015
10 SLEEPCONTROL The mechanism of sleep control through a sleep-active sleep-promoting neuron 2015
11 NanoChemBioVision Next Generation Label-free Chemical Nanoscopy for Biomedical Applications 2015
12 MoNaLISA Long-term molecular nanoscale imaging of neuronal function 2015
13 Spray-Imaging Detailed Characterization of Spray Systems using Novel Laser Imaging Techniques 2015
14 LITHIUM From planetary birth with aperture masking interferometry to nulling with Lithium Niobate technology 2015
15 VisuLive Quantitative Nanoscale Visualization of Macromolecular Complexes in Live Cells using Genetic Code Expansion and High-Resolution Imaging 2015
16 IMAGINE Imaging magnetic fields at the nanoscale with a single spin microscope 2015
17 PHySIS Sparse Signal Processing Technologies for HyperSpectral Imaging Systems 2015
18 NDI Nano-diamond tracers for MRI molecular imaging 2014
19 UNMOVED Simultaneous three dimensional multiphoton microscopy without mechanical depth scanning 2015
20 NANOIMAGER A portable single-molecule fluorescence imager 2014
21 WAVES Waves and Wave-Based Imaging in Virtual and Experimental Environments 2015
22 TargetCaRe Targeting Cartilage Regeneration in joint and intervertebral disc diseases 2015
23 Mid-TECH Infrared sensing made visible: Combining infrared light sources and upconversion sensors for improved sensitivity in medical applications and gas analysis 2015
24 MacSeNet Machine Sensing Training Network 2015
25 PRISAR Preclinical Intra-Operative Image-Guided Surgery and Post-Operative Radiotherapy of Tumours 2015
26 SEERS Snapshot spEctral imagEr for cost effective IR Surveillance 2015
27 I-ALLOW Imaging analysis in all lighting and off weather conditions 2015
28 AXIOM Apertus° eXtendable Integrated Open Modular Cinema Camera 2015
29 CHEQUERS Compact High pErformance QUantum cascadE laseR Sensors 2015
30 Immuno-NanoDecoder Nanostructured molecular decoders for the quantitative, multiplexed, layer-by-layer detection of disease-associated proteins 2015
31 HYMADE Hybrid Drug Delivery Systems upon Mesoporous Materials, Self Assembled Therapeutics and Virosomes 2015
32 PROTINUS PROviding new insighT into INteractions between soil fUnctions and Structure 2015
33 VIVOIMAG Multimodal imaging of the in vivo fate of bone transplants 2015
34 3D-LEAP 3 Dimensional Light Sensor for Advanced Portable Devices 2014
35 OptnanoATcryo Optical nanoscopy at 1 nm resolution: far-field fluorescence control at cryogenic temperatures 2015
36 VIBRA Very fast Imaging by Broadband coherent RAman 2015
37 BIZEB Bio-Imaging of Zoonotic and Emerging Bunyaviruses 2015
38 TISSUE Tissue In Stroke Stratification Using e-ASPECTSTW 2014
39 STEMCELLTRACK Assessment of Global and Regional Cardiac Functional Improvements in a Murine Model of Myocardial Infarction following Stem Cell Treatments 2015
40 iNEXT Infrastructure for NMR, EM and X-rays for translational research 2015
41 DTI4micro Quantitative characterization of cardiac tissue microstructure from Diffusion Tensor Imaging 2015
42 JUNO Joint Volumetric Reconstruction and Automated Analysis of the Fetal Heart from Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Images 2015
43 HiDDaProTImA High-dimensional data processing: from theory to imaging applications 2016
44 UltraTherMicroscope Ultra-sensitive Thermal Nanoscale Microscope 2015
45 DIGIPHASE Development of Maximum Efficiency Phase Contrast Electron Microscopy 2015
46 ImagiNE Imaging Nonlinear Elasticity for seismology 2016
47 SingMet Development of MRI contrast agents based on long-lived singlet states 2015
48 ClOThIlde The Cluster Observations and Theory Intersection: Providing selection functions and scaling relations to set constraints on the physics of the accelerating universe. 2016
49 INSCAPE Imaging Voltage Gated Sodium Channels Using Positron Emission Tomography 2015
50 GOMB-TBI Causes and consequences of alterations in cerebral glucose metabolism in Traumatic Brain Injury 2015
51 GTHREG Differential regulation of gonadotropins 2015
52 NIMBLIS Laser Induced Synthesis of Biocompatible Multifunctional Inorganic Nanoparticles: A Novel Route to Produce Multifunctional Contrast Agents for Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 2016
53 QuantMR7 Quantitative MRI of the brain using magnetic resonance fingerprinting 2016
54 EI-USAXS Imaging ultra-small angle x-ray scattering with edge-illumination: exploiting sub-pixel information in medical diagnostics, materials science and security screening 2015
55 NEUROMITO Mitochondrial Dynamics and Local Protein Synthesis in Dendrites 2016
56 HYPERLIGHT Combining hyperspectral luminescence imaging and mineralogical identification to date mixed-component samples from volcanic eruptions 2015
57 MSMART Margination of Microcapsules in Small Arteries 2015
58 MWMI Mesoscopic characterization of human white-matter: a computational in-vivo MRI framework 2015
59 FUNFIT Fungal resistance to antifungals is promoted by cell heterogeneity 2015
60 MACROIMAGING Specific Fluorogenic Peptides for Imaging Metastasis-associated Macrophages 2015
61 OPTIMAPIC Mapping the neuronal representation in dorsal inferior colliculus through optical imaging, stimulus optimization and optogenetics 2015
62 EPICONNECT Functional brain networks in epilepsy 2016
63 CP-RehOP Responding or not responding to training; prediction of balance rehabilitation outcome from structural and functional brain networks in Cerebral Palsy. 2016
64 FISHDOPA Dopaminergic neurons and the reward system in fish: a functional neuroanatomical multidisciplinary study 2016
65 APTALAPS Investigation of the interaction of mesenchymal stem cells with aptamer modified surfaces using Light-Addressable Potentiometric Sensors (LAPS) 2015
66 TERA-NANO Beam steering, frequency reconfigurable terahertz photomixer array using nano-actuators 2015
67 NanoMATe Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging of Atherosclerosis: from Diagnosis to Treatment 2015
68 GEOCA Geometry and Computational Anatomy 2015
69 IMAGUS Styles of Objectivity: Agency, Alignment, and Automation in Image-Guided Surgery 2015
70 MAMANUCA Microfluidic Advanced Manufacturing of Ultrasound Contrast Agents 2015
71 NO_MORE_FEAR A NOvel FFR Measurement fOR accurate dEtermination of stenosis Functional severity in ischemic hEARt disease 2015
72 XMED Medical Phase Contrast X-ray Imaging with Laser Plasma Accelerator 2015
73 PhotonCount Imaging with Photon Counting: Reduced costs, increased dynamic range 2015
74 ERMOS Enhanced Resolution MRI Ocular Scanner (ERMOS) 2015
75 LOUISA-3D Clinical validation of Laser Optoacoustic Ultrasonic 3D Imaging System Assembly for breast cancer detection and characterization through endogenous biomarkers. 2015
76 GaSeS First low cost handheld infrared camera for fugitive emissions, early detection and location, increasing energy efficiency in industrial plants, infrastructures and utilities 2015
77 MAP-Detector Development of a novel low dose, high resolution, high contrast X-ray detector for medical applications to improve patient diagnoses and reduce the risk of X-radiation induced cancer 2015
78 BRAINSPECT Ultra high resolution Single Photon Computed Emission Tomography for the molecular imaging of brain disease 2015
79 Cydar PaaS Disrupting the real-time medical imaging market, and accelerating innovation, with cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) 2015
80 Myelination Cell biology of myelin wrapping, plasticity and turnover 2015
81 MEDICIS-PROMED MEDICIS-produced radioisotope beams for medicine 2015
82 iBack Individualized treatment planning in chronic back pain patients by advanced imaging and multi-parametric biomechanical models 2015
83 ADaPTIVE Analysing Diversity with a Phenomic approach: Trends in Vertebrate Evolution 2015
84 MultiScaleNeurovasc Quantifying the structure-function of the neurovascular interface: from micro-circuits to large-scale functional organization 2015
85 MULTICONNECT Imaging Brain Circuits to Decode Brain Computations: Multimodal Multiscale Imaging of Cortical Microcircuits to Model Predictive Coding in Human Vision 2015
86 CYTO-WATER Integrated and portable image cytometer for rapid response to Legionella and Escherichia coli in industrial and environmental waters 2015
87 IRIS Infrared imaging and sensing: the single-photon frontier 2015
88 NanoSmell NanoSmells: Artificial remote-controlled odorants 2015
89 VOXEL volumetric medical x-ray imaging at extremely low dose 2015
90 CONQUER Contrast by Quadrupole Enhanced Relaxation 2015
91 CHROMAVISION Super-resolution visualisation and manipulation of metaphase chromosomes 2015
92 RAIL Radiomics of lung cancer (RAIL): non-invasive stratification of tumour heterogeneity for personalised cancer therapy 2015
93 OCAMIR The world’s fastest low noise infrared camera: Optic camera infrared 2015
94 OPTIMALZ Optical imaging of ocular pathology in Alzheimer’s disease 2015
95 Calcivis CAIS Validation of clinical performance and pre-commercial development of a novel diagnostic for dental caries assessment 2015
96 EngineeringPercepts Reverse engineering sensory perception and decision making: bridging physiology, anatomy and behavior 2015
97 NEUROSPECT Neurological application validation for photon counting spectral CT 2015
98 BIOELECPRO Frontier Research on the Dielectric Properties of Biological Tissue 2015
99 CARDYADS Controlling Cardiomyocyte Dyadic Structure 2015
100 DERMAE Clinical research for the validation of a non-invasive medical imaging device for dermatological diagnoses 2015
101 COMBIOSCOPY Computational Biophotonics for Endoscopic Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy 2015
102 ACTOMYO Mechanisms of actomyosin-based contractility during cytokinesis 2015
103 ENCOMOLE-2i Endoscopic Comprehensive Optical Multimodal Molecular Intelligent Imaging 2016
104 Nano-xfield-1000 nanotech x-ray tube 2015
105 FibreRemodel Frontier research in arterial fibre remodelling for vascular disease diagnosis and tissue engineering 2015
106 CardioFunXion Towards a novel paradigm for cardiac function assessment from imaging 2015
107 MaTissE Magnetic approaches for Tissue Mechanics and Engineering 2015
108 SYNTOH Synthetic Optical Holography 2016
109 3D-LEAP 3 Dimensional Light sEnsing for Advanced Portable Devices 2015
110 EXIST Extended Image Sensing Technologies 2015
111 BNYQ Breaking the Nyquist Barrier: A New Paradigm in Data Conversion and Transmission 2015
112 NANOBUBBLE Laser-induced vapour nanobubbles for intracellular delivery of nanomaterials and treatment of biofilm infections 2015
113 MOPHIMPOC Optical Ultrasound Imaging for Real-time Guidance of Intracardiac Procedures 2015
114 GLIOMARK Validation of blood-brain-barrier permeability as a glioma biomarker by means of the radiotracer 99mTc-tetrofosmin and single-photon emission computer tomography 2015
115 OMA Optimization of Medical Accelerators 2016
116 BE-OPTICAL Advanced BiomEdical OPTICAL Imaging and Data Analysis 2015
117 ETN-FPI European Training Network on Full Parallax Imaging 2015
118 SMARTLENS Reconfigurable smart lens for adaptive imaging 2015
119 piur tUS A cost effective 3D tomographic ultrasound technology for vascular diagnostics 2015
120 LeukoTheranostics Harnessing Targeted Nanotheranostics to Reprogram Activated Leukocytes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2015
121 SENSOILS Sensing soil processes for improved crop nitrogen bioavailability 2015
122 STREAM Smart Sensor Technologies and Training for Radiation Enhanced Applications andMeasurements 2016
123 ULTIMA ULTrafast Imaging sensor for Medical Applications 2015
124 NED- Nano Eye Device THE NANO EYE DEVICE 2015
125 Virtual Optics Virtual Optics - A software revolution in the optical industry 2015
126 NOVLASE Novel light sources for biomedical-imaging applications 2015
127 IXSI3D Translating Hybrid Imaging for Interventions: Intra-operative Guidance and Evaluation using 2D and 3D Interventional X-ray Scintigraphy Imaging 2015
128 MMAF Novel multimodal approach to atrial fibrillation risk assessment and identification of targets for prevention by interdisciplinary exploitation of omics, advanced electrocardiography, and imaging 2016
129 Global BioImaging Global BioImaging Project - International imaging infrastructure services for the life science community 2015
130 uPET Molecular imaging and targeted therapy of the aggressive phenotype: development of uPAR theranostics for cancer patients 2015
131 NOMA-MRI Novel materials to improve magnetic resonance imaging 2015
132 5HTCircuits Modulation of cortical circuits and predictive neural coding by serotonin 2016
133 Tomo-FPS Tomosynthesis is a low-dose alternate to has CT already transformed Breast Imaging, our vision is to reduce the costs, further enhance sensitivity and reduce dose, and transform portability. 2015
134 MaXIMA Three dimensional breast cancer models for X-ray Imaging research 2016
135 SUPERTWIN All Solid-State Super-Twinning Photon Microscope 2016
136 BREAKBEN Breaking the Nonuniqueness Barrier in Electromagnetic Neuroimaging 2016
137 SBSI Structure-based subwavelength imaging 2015
138 HoloMedical3D Holographic 3D Display for visualising volumetric images from medical scanners 2015
139 RNAREG Single molecule observation and manipulation of gene expression dynamics to dissect mechanisms of cell cycle entry 2016
140 iMPACT innovative Medical Protons Achromatic Calorimeter and Tracker 2016
141 QDLight Quantum-dot doped polymer fibers for cheap and bright light sources. 2016
142 ElastoCardioScope An innovative tool for non-invasive evaluation of myocardial stiffness 2015
143 HYPERDIAMOND The Diamond Revolution in Hyperpolarized MR Imaging – Novel Platform and Nanoparticle Targeted Probe 2016
144 HYPMED Digital Hybrid Breast PET/MRI for Enhanced Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 2016
145 MIB Multi-modal, Endoscopic Biophotonic Imaging of Bladder Cancer for Point-of-Care Diagnosis 2016
146 FORCE Imaging the Force of Cancer 2016
147 IDentIFY Improving Diagnosis by Fast Field-Cycling MRI 2016
148 SPCCT In Vivo Spectral Photon Counting CT Molecular Imaging in Cardio- and Neuro-Vascular Diseases 2016
149 Click-It “In Vivo Click PET Imaging Agents”: Improving clinical companion diagnostics 2016
150 NVS Nano Voltage Sensors 2016
151 CONQUEST Companion Nanodiagnostics for Quantifying EPR and Stratifying Patients to Targeted Nanotherapies 2016
152 INNODERM Innovative Dermatology Healthcare based on Label-Free Spectral Optoacoustic Mesoscopy 2016
153 MURAB MRI and Ultrasound Robotic Assisted Biopsy 2016
154 CARTHER Carbon-based nano-materials for theranostic application 2016
155 ALT Adaptation, learning and training for spatial hearing in complex environments 2016
156 CerISMA Cerenkov Imaging for Surgical Margin Assessment 2015
157 CRADL Continuous Regional Analysis Device for neonate Lung 2016
158 DYNA-MIC Deep non-invasive imaging via scattered-light acoustically-mediated computational microscopy 2016
159 SMARTool Simulation Modeling of coronary ARTery disease: a tool for clinical decision support 2016
160 MICROBRADAM Advanced MR methods for characterization of microstructural brain damage 2015
161 MY NERVE Translation of a fluorescent MYelin specific peripheral NERVE tracer 2016
162 HEMOTECT Hemozoin Detection using Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in Diamond 2016
163 ARIADNE ARgon ImAging DetectioN chambEr 2016
164 OptiQ-CanDo Hybrid Optical Interferometry for Quantitative Cancer Cell Diagnosis 2016
165 FUNBIT Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Fungal – Bacterial Interplay 2016
166 NanoIntra Multitasking Nanoparticles for Intracellular Bioimaging and Biosensing 2017
167 WideBrainImaging Development of high-speed microscopes to study wide-scale neural activity 2016
168 MolMap From Tissues to Single Molecules: High Content in Situ Super-Resolution imaging with DNA-PAINT 2016
170 HyGlio Theranostic Injectable Hydrogel for Glioblastoma 2016
171 DEEPVISION Information-age microscopy for deep vision imaging of biological tissue 2016
172 TissueMaps Integrating spatial and genetic information via automated image analysis and interactive visualization of tissue data 2016
174 MOIPB Multi-modal optical imaging platform for Biology 2017
175 GSAORI Guide Stars Adaptive Optics for Retinal Imaging 2016
176 MTUB-ANGIO Microtubule Dynamics during angiogenesis 2016
177 Stim-Plast-O Effects of non-invasive brain stimulation on motor learning-related neuroplasticity in healthy older adults 2016
178 MCNANO “Multi-component nanoparticles as bimodal contrast agents for MRI and optical detection of tumors and for targeted photodynamic therapy” 2016
179 MCANALSMSCA2015 Receptor signalling in space and time - Gaining high-resolution information of the temporal and spatial control of G protein-coupled receptor signalling. 2018
180 RETICULUS Integration of retinal inputs by distinct collicular cell types 2017
181 CCDSA Control of cell division in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius 2017
182 FOIPO Functional optical probes for otology 2017
183 Thalamic Circuits Circuit analysis of thalamic visual processing and its modulation by long-range projections 2017
184 NIR-BIO-FLU Bio-conjugatable and Bio-responsive Near Infrared Fluorochromes 2016
185 THERAGEL Development of a chemotherapeutic gel for glioblastoma multiforme treatment 2016
186 ADHDLightUp Circuit-based deconstruction of Attention deficit and Hyperactive disorder with optogenetic Light control 2016
187 HeteroCancerInvasion Effect of heterogeneity of cancer cells on collective invasion 2016
188 nanoOIPC Surface characterization of nano-particle embedded organic ionic plastic crystals and ionic liquid using advance 3D high resolution optical and electrochemical imaging 2016
189 TACT Towards an objective and quantitative Assessment of human Corneal Transparency 2017
190 MPIPETrace Clinical performance validation of a novel biomarker for quantitative imaging of coronary artery disease. 2015
191 GutBCells Cellular Dynamics of Intestinal Antibody-Mediated Immune Response 2016
192 GeneREFORM Genetically Encoded Multicolor Reporter Systems For Multiplexed MRI 2016
193 SEEWHI Solar Energy Enabled for the World by High-resolution Imaging 2016
194 NanoPokers Deciphering cell heterogeneity in tumors using arrays of nanowires to controllably poke single cells in longitudinal studies 2016
195 MATRIX MAchine for Time Reversal and Immersive wave eXperimentation 2016
196 DecodeRemapping Decoding the neural mechanism of human spatial cognition using behavioural and hemodynamic signals 2017
197 NeuralCoding Probing principles of neural coding with all-optical interrogation in behaving mice 2017
198 PET3D PET Imaging in Drug Design and Development 2016
199 CLIM Computational Light fields IMaging 2016
200 MIDOC Multimodal Imaging of Disorders of Consciousness 2016
201 ASTONISH Advancing Smart Optical Imaging and Sensing for Health 2016
202 IMAGIT Information gain in Multi-pixel Acquisition Ghost Imaging Techniques 2017
203 NanoSCAN Developing multi-modality nanomedicines for targeted annotation of oncogenic signaling pathways 2016
204 FONT Functional Optoacoustic Neuro-Tomography 2016
205 FRAME Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures 2016
206 HYPERA Affordable Hyperspectral Imaging System for on-line foreign body detection and chemical composition analysis 2016
207 MP-ORIF Innovative biocompatible game changing material for medical implants in trauma 2016
208 SYNAPLAST MR Imaging synaptic plasticity by ultra-high field magnetic resonance spectroscopy in health and psychiatric disease 2016
209 C-SENSE Exploiting low dimensional models in sensing, computation and signal processing 2016
210 HIPPOGRIFFE Hybrid simulations of flow properties using atomistic – fluctuating hydrodynamics modelling for nanoconfined water 2016
211 SensoNMDA Impact of NMDA receptor diversity in sensory information processing 2016
212 COHERENCE Exploiting light coherence in photoacoustic imaging 2016
213 KERNEL Ultimate Angular Resolution Astrophysics with kernel-phase and full-aperture interferometry 2016
214 BrainModes Personalized whole brain simulations: linking connectomics and dynamics in the human brain 2016
215 GlobalBioIm Global integrative framework for Computational Bio-Imaging 2016
216 COREMA Cell division and the origin of embryonic aneuploidy in preimplantation mouse development 2017
217 CoBCoM Computational Brain Connectivity Mapping 2016
218 RespeCT Respiratory Disease Screening with Dark-Field Computed Tomography 2016
219 AdOMiS Adaptive Optical Microscopy Systems: Unifying theory, practice and applications 2016
221 LASER-HISTO In vivo histology using femtosecond laser multiphoton tomograph for the early diagnosis of skin cancer and corneal diseases while simultaneously reducing Europe’s health care costs 2016
222 QUIBIM QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medice 2016
223 SLAB Signal processing and Learning Applied to Brain data 2016
224 ASSIMILES Advanced Spectroscopy and Spectrometry for Imaging Metabolism using Isotopically-Labeled Endogenous Substrates 2016
225 NANO-INSITU Nanoscale Chemical Reactions Studied with In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy 2016
226 OPTOACOUSTOGENETICS Hybrid Volumetric Optoacoustic-Ultrasound Tomography for Noninvasive Large-Scale Recording of Brain Activity with High Spatiotemporal Resolution 2016
227 STRATIFY Brain network based stratification of mental illness 2016
228 FluoroDendriNostic Combined fluorinated polymer and poly-L-lysine dendrimer as new potential contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging 19F 2016
229 TRACT Training in Cancer Mechanisms and Therapeutics 2016
230 4DHeart 4D analysis of heart development and regeneration using advanced light microscopy 2017
231 DEMO Dementia modelling 2016
232 FBI Multimodal, Functional Bio-Photonic Imaging 2016
233 SPM2.0 Scanning probe microscopies for nanoscale fast, tomographic and composition imaging 2017
234 ENIGMA European training Network for In situ imaGing of dynaMic processes in heterogeneous subsurfAce environments 2017
235 SUPUVIR SUPercontinuum broadband light sources covering UV to IR applications 2016
236 ImageInLife Training European Experts in Multilevel Bioimaging, Analysis and Modelling of Vertebrate Development and Disease 2017
237 reLIVE Unraveling complex organ regeneration through live imaging and molecular profiling approaches 2017
238 MAGIC Metal Assisted chemical etching of Gratings for X-ray InterferometriC systems 2016
239 PULSE Perception Ultrasound by Learning Sonographic Experience 2016
240 NEIL Nanoscale Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids 2016
241 SYNC_DEV The importance of transcriptional coordination during development 2017
242 MultimodalCellTrack Multimodal preclinical imaging probes to evaluate the safety and efficacy of regenerative medicine therapies 2016
243 MOUSIE Multi-Organ UltraSound-based Inborn Evaluation 2016
244 CONQUEST CONQUEST: Enabling advanced medical imaging 2016
245 HYPERTRANS HYPERTRANS: Transport of hyperpolarized substrates for metabolic MR imaging 2016
246 PAMMOTH Photoacoustic/Ultrasound Mammoscopy for evaluating screening-detected abnormalities in the breast 2017
247 HypoSens Nano-confined photonic system for detection of breast cancer spread to the lymph nodes 2016
248 MOON Multi-modal Optical Diagnostics for Ocular and Neurodegenerative Disease 2016
249 HHGhole2 High-harmonic spectroscopy for core-hole dynamics 2016
250 DeeBMED Deep learning and Bayesian inference for medical imaging 2016
251 CVENT Risk assessment of plaque rupture and future cardiovascular events (CVENT) by multi-spectral photoacoustic imaging 2016
252 SOLUS Smart optical and ultrasound diagnostics of breast cancer 2016
253 ESOTRAC Hybrid optical and optoacoustic endoscope for esophageal tracking. 2017
254 BrainBIT All-optical brain-to-brain behaviour and information transfer 2016
255 NanoCellActivity Nanoscale live-cell activity sensing using smart probes and imaging 2017
256 ECSTATIC Electrostructural Tomography – Towards Multiparametric Imaging of Cardiac Electrical Disorders 2017
257 SWEETBULLETS Sweet Theranostics in Bitter Infections - Seek and Destroy 2017
258 DeepLight Deep imaging with time-reversed light 2017
259 THEMIS Development of a Terahertz Self-Mixing Imaging System 2017
260 PREMSOT Precision Multi-Spectral Optoacoustic Tomography for Discovery Diagnosis and Intervention 2017
261 Neuroheart Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging for Personalized Tailored Treatment 2017
262 ANATOMY-FOUND Novel Imaging of the heart for new structural and metabolic diagnosis 2017
263 HP4all Persistent and Transportable Hyperpolarization for Magnetic Resonance 2017
264 NANOGLU Enlightening synaptic architecture: nanoscale segregation of glutamate receptor subtypes 2017
265 SIMULTAN Aging-related changes in brain activation and deactivation during cognition: novel insights into the physiology of the human mind from simultaneous PET-fMRI imaging 2017
266 GlycoImaging Imaging and detection of tumor-associated glycan structures on tumor cells 2017
267 CrystalEyes Rapid crystallization design platform based on a novel stereo-imaging probe with anti-fouling system 2017
268 Lifebrain Healthy minds from 0-100 years: Optimising the use of European brain imaging cohorts 2017
269 FREEMIND FREE the MIND: the neurocognitive determinants of intentional decision 2017
270 ColdNano-X ZnO-nanotech cold cathode x-ray tube for the security market 2016
271 TICASS Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art, and Social Sciences 2017
272 EvoluTEM Illuminating Atomic Scale Processes in Liquids and Gases 2017
273 SMILE Synchrotron Miniaturization enabling Innovative Laboratory Equipment in soft x-ray tomography. 2017
274 TEMPTATION Thermometry and Photoacoustic-Imaging Outstanding Nanoprobes 2017
275 QuantSURG Quantitative Surgical Guidance for Colorectal Surgery using Endogenous Molecular Contrast 2017
276 COEXIST Confined, Optically Enhanced, X-ray Imaging Source for Tomography 2017
277 MELODIC Molecule for low diffusion TPCs for rare event searches 2017
278 NORIA Numerical Optimal tRansport for ImAging 2017
279 SMARTIES Scattering Media as a Resource Towards Information Processing and Sensing 2017
280 LATO Large-Area Transparent Opto-Electronics using 2D Materials 2017
281 InstantScope Development of high-resolution, high-throughput microscopy 2017
282 3DPD PhD position in commercial environment: cancer immunotherapy drug screening in 3D 2017
283 ZINCLAPS Light-addressable potentiometric sensors (LAPS) for zinc imaging with high spatiotemporalresolution for elucidating the role of zinc in age related macular degeneration. 2017
284 Lightsheetelegans In-toto imaging of C. elegans larval development using adaptive optics light-sheet microscopy 2017
285 LACRYMOSA Designing Multifunctional Self-Limiting Assembled Nanocrystal Superstructures and Monitoring their Self-Assembly at High Spatiotemporal Resolution 2017
286 MSIOAM Multifocal structured illumination optoacoustic microscopy 2018
287 MATESI Multi-modal Approaches for Treatment and Evaluation of Swallowing Insufficiencies 2018
288 FASTR 3D SIM Focus on Advancing Spatial and Temporal Resolution of 3D Structured Illumination Microscopy 2017
289 ISPEC Imaging SPECtral deconvolution specialist 2017
290 PhoRAu Photochemistry and radiolabelling of gold(III) anticancer prodrugs 2018
291 ColourFish Zebrafish colour vision: a functional approach to studying outer retinal wiring strategies 2017
292 BIO-CAPTURE Biomechanical Characterization of Carotid Plaque Rupture 2017
293 RF-MAFS Novel RF Driven MRI Magnet for Imaging Enhancement 2017
294 HIPPOCRATE Hybrid Imaging of PET and PrOmpt gamma for preCision RAnge- and biological- guidance in proton ThErapy 2017
295 zelig Matched Sampling Approaches for Statistical Inference in Large-Scale Clinical Neuroimaging Studies 2017
296 NMRNTECH NMR-based Sensor Technology at Nanoscale 2017
297 Photosense Photoacoustic and fluorescence imaging platform for biosensing applications: An innovative approach for the study of disease-related biomarkers 2017
298 DESYNE Development of synaptic networks in songbirds 2018
299 NanoVoltSens Voltage-sensing nanorods for super-resolution voltage imaging in neurons 2017
300 CMRPredict Patient specific magnetic resonance image guided biomechanical modelling of the heart – Anovel tool towards personalized medicine in heart failure 2017
301 AMYPAD Amyloid imaging to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease 2016
302 BEAt-DKD Biomarker Enterprise to Attack DKD - Sofia ref.: 115974 2016
303 IB4SD-TRISTAN Imaging Biomarkers (IBs) for Safer Drugs: Validation of Translational Imaging Methods in Drug Safety Assessment (IB4SD-TRISTAN) 2017
304 MicroCONtACT Microglial control of neuronal activity in the healthy and the injured brain 2017
305 TIMING Time-Resolved Nonlinear Ghost Imaging 2017
306 SUBDECODE Dendritic encoding of movement in space 2017
307 ME-Optogen Micro-endoscopes for in-depth high-resolution optogenetics 2017
308 MUSICAL Chip-based MUSICAL nanoscopy for imaging endocytosis pathways of phage viruses in liver sinusoidal endothelial cells 2017
309 funcSOFI-PD Quantitative super-resolution optical fluctuation and phase microscopy for structural and functional imaging of Parkinson's disease 2017
310 SODIUMMRI-4-EU Unlocking the potential of ultrahigh field 23Na magnetic resonance to quantify tissue sodium content for probing viability of the heart: where physics, biology and medicine meet 2018
311 POLAR-EM Automated tools for atomic resolution mapping of electrostatic fields in the electron microscope 2017
312 INTER Innovative Neutron source for non destructive TEsting and tReatments 2017
313 FLUOSWITCH Pushing the frontiers of biological imaging with genetically encoded fluorescence switches 2017
314 LIVERZAP Live, In vivo Visualisation of liver Regeneration in Zebrafish After Photoablation of hepatocytes 2018
315 protonCBCT Proton CT reconstruction with a Cone Beam CT prior 2017
316 QUSMI Translating quantum sensing into cost-effective molecular imaging 2017
317 NEUROMODEL Statistical Modelling for relating multimodal neuroimaging to clinical outcomes in order to predict patient response to depression therapy. 2017
318 NEST Nanoengineering of radioactive seeds for cancer therapy and diagnosis 2017
319 VirtualSeis Virtual Seismology: monitoring the Earth's subsurface with underground virtual earthquakes and virtual seismometers 2017
320 SMART Scattering Matrix Approach in Reflection applied to Turbid media 2017
321 Light AIOL Light-engaged Accommodating IOL 2018
322 AdaSmartRes Adapter for a commercial grade camera or a smart phone to perform depth resolved imaging 2017
323 F-IMAGE Seismic Functional Imaging of the Brittle Crust 2017
325 HoldCancerBack What Holds Cancer Cells Back? 2017
326 MEDIRAD Implications of Medical Low Dose Radiation Exposure 2017
327 PIUR tUS Tomographic 3D Ultrasound for Safe and More Cost Effective Vascular Diagnostics andTreatment Planning 2017
328 CHEMREACTIONSCAN Scanner for novel chemical reactions 2017
329 CYCLODE Cyclical and Linear Timing Modes in Development 2017
330 BrainEnergy Control of cerebral blood flow by capillary pericytes in health and disease 2017
331 HYBRID Innovative Training Network towards raising and supporting the next generation of creative and entrepreneurial cross-speciality imaging experts 2017
332 IT-DED3 Integrated Training in Dry Eye Disease Drug Development (IT-DED3) 2018
333 MUMMERING MUltiscale, Multimodal and Multidimensional imaging for EngineeRING 2018
334 NanoMAPs High performance algorithms for high precision GPS and cloud solutions for super resolution microscopy 2017
335 Photoclin Advanced clinical photoacoustic imaging systems based on optical microresonator detection 2017
336 QUIBIM Precision QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medicine 2017
337 RealVision Hyperrealistic Imaging Experience 2018
338 CuHypMECH New Nuclear Medicine Imaging Radiotracer 64Cu(II) for diagnosing Hypoxia Conditions Based on the Cellular Copper Cycle 2017
339 TRABIT Translational Brain Imaging Training Network 2017
340 DeLIVER Super-resolution optical microscopy of nanosized pore dynamics in endothelial cells 2018
341 PREDICT A new era in personalised medicine: Radiomics as decision support tool for diagnostics and theragnostics in oncology 2017
342 TWIST TOF PET With Strip SiPMs 2018
343 LIFEGATE Holographic super-resolution micro-endoscopy for in-vivo applications 2017
344 MIRA Next Generation Machine Intelligence for Medical Image Representation and Analysis 2018
345 RetinalRepurposing Deciphering the computations underlying visual processing:Repurposing of retinal cells and how they are decoded by the visual thalamus 2017
346 ImPRESS Imaging Perfusion Restrictions from Extracellular Solid Stress 2018
347 HiRISE High-Resolution Imaging and Spectroscopy of Exoplanets 2017
348 InsularAnxiety Insular cortical circuits controlling fear and anxiety 2018
349 SUNMAG SUNMAG: Understanding magnetic-field-regulated heating and explosive events in the solar chromosphere 2018
350 mrSANE Magnetic Resonance Shimming Applications with Near-magnet Equipment 2017
351 SUGARCODING The neuroenergetics of memory consolidation – hybrid PET/MR imaging of the default mode network 2018
352 iNanoBIT Integration of Nano- and Biotechnology for beta-cell and islet Transplantation 2017
353 STARSTEM NanoSTARS imaging for STEM cell therapy for arthritic joints 2018
354 MACUSTAR Develop and validate appropriate and acceptable outcome measures in intermediate age-related macular degeneration for future interventional clinical trials - Sofia ref.: 116076 2017
355 DARWIN Dual capillary waveguide endoscope 2018
356 NANOCARGO Photo/magnetic stimulated nanocargos for superior cancer treatments 2018
357 R-LiNK Optimizing response to Li treatment through personalized evaluation of individuals with bipolar I disorder: the R-LiNK initiative 2018
358 LIMA Liquid biopsies and Imaging for improved cancer care 2018
359 MUSE Multi-perspective Ultrasound Strain Imaging & Elastography 2018
360 nTRACK Multimodal nanoparticles for structural and functional tracking of stem cell therapy on muscle regeneration 2017
361 OpenGTN Open Ground Truth Training Network : Magnetic resonance image simulationfor training and validation of image analysis algorithms 2018
362 IMCUSTOMEYE IMaging-based CUSTOMised EYE diagnostics 2018
363 SiNBioSys Luminescent silicon nanocrystals as bioimaging systems 2017
364 NEXIS Next generation X-ray imaging system 2018
365 MERLIN Multi-modal, multi-scale retinal imaging 2017
366 ProstOmics 'Tissue is the issue': a multi-omics approach to improve prostate cancer diagnosis 2018
367 IPTheoryUnified Inverse boundary problems: toward a unified theory 2018
368 DynaMO_TB Spatiotemporal regulation of localization and replication of M. tuberculosis in humanmacrophages 2018
369 NEUROFISH Whole-brain circuits controlling visuomotor behavior 2018
370 IMCUSTOMEYE IMaging-based CUSTOMised EYE diagnostics 2018
371 PICOPROP4CT Commercial feasibility assessment of the first single-photon detector for CT 2018
372 METACELL Metabolism of a cell pictured by single-cell approach 2018
373 ImageToSim Multiscale Imaging-through-analysis Methods for Autonomous Patient-specific Simulation Workflows 2018
374 CIDAR Combustion species Imaging Diagnostics for Aero-engine Research 2018
375 ACOUSTIC Assessment of cardiac function by new ultrasound imaging strategies: towards a reliable clinicalroutine 2018
376 ATTOPIE Attosecond plasmon imaging with electrons 2018
377 MouseDepthPrey The role of depth perception during prey capture in the mouse 2018
378 Exoplanet Finder Blazing the Trail: Enabling Exoplanet Imaging in the Habitable Zone with the European Extremely Large Telescope 2018
379 MicroMOUPE Microscopy - Making optimal use of photons and electrons 2018
380 EFHHBBBMS Endothelial Hedgehog autocrine signaling at the Blood Brain Barrier controls inflammatory CentralNervous System lesion size and severity through Gas1 co-receptor modulation. 2019
381 CAPPERAM Contrast Agents for Protontherapy PET Range Monitoring 2018
382 CellularNanoMachines Development of Stimuli-Responsive Nanoparticle-carrying T lymphocytes in the Fight against Cancer 2018
383 COSMIC-LITMUS Turning cosmic shear into a litmus test for the standard model of cosmology 2018
384 DYNAFLUORS Dynamic Activatable Fluorophores 2018
385 NeuroRemod Mechanisms of neuronal network remodeling in the adult mammalian brain 2018
386 TARGETMENISCUS Targeting Meniscus Degradation in Osteoarthritis 2018
387 SOUNDSCENE How does the brain organize sounds into auditory scenes? 2018
388 ResolveStroke Stroke diagnostic imaging performed with ultrafast ultrasound localization microscopy (uULM) 2018
389 SELECT SEmiconductor disk Lasers for EffiCient Terahertz generation 2019
390 Nano-Chip Affordable photonic-chip based optical nanoscopy 2018
391 InCell High speed AFM imaging of molecular processes inside living cells 2018
392 FUNNANO Functional Nanoscale Imaging: New Techniques to Probe Living Cells 2018
393 THESIS The Single Optical Fibre Scalpel 2018
394 TheraSonix Ultrasonic Imaging and Drug Propulsion Into Tumors Using Genetically Encoded Gas Nanostructures 2018
395 WEBOING UWB wearable apparatus for bone fracture imaging and recovering monitoring 2018
396 NanoFEITH Nanoparticles for Fluorescence-Enhanced Imaging and Therapy of Breast Cancer 2018
397 ILBAB The interoceptive link between anxiety and breathing perception 2018
398 INTOM Infant Theory of Mind 2019
399 Upbiosens Near-infrared nucleic acids sensing and imaging using lanthanide-based nanoparticles capped with DNA 2019
400 IVSTED In vivo super-resolution imaging of synapses in the hippocampus 2019
401 AdaptiveSTED Real-time automatic aberration correction for easy high-resolution imaging in complex specimens, by STED and other point-scanning microscopy techniques 2019
402 AMNEsIA Interactions of amyloid peptides with the neuronal membrane interface: molecular mechanisms involved in Alzheimer’s disease 2018
403 PREMNEC PReterm Enteroids to determine the Mechanism of Necrotising EnteroColitis 2018
404 ONCOTHERANOSTICS Advanced Theranostic Nanomedicines for Oncology. Development of new combinatorial therapies for primary and metastatic Breast Cancer. 2019
405 LowD-CT Low-dose Computed Tomography for pediatric applications 2019
406 HYPTEMPCELL Local hyperthermia cancer treatment studies using a new temperature-imaging-hyperthermia-microscopy instrument 2018
407 GRACE hiGh-Resolution imAging of the barrel CortEx through VSD and LFP recordings 2019
408 Ring-STORM Mechanically-Interlocked Ring-on-Thread Molecules for Super-Resolution Imaging 2018
409 OPVANOX-ARDS Advanced pulmonary vascular monitoring for optimum Nitric Oxide delivery in acute respiratory distress syndrome. Expanding Nitric Oxide applications 2018
410 simpetmr Development of quantification procedures for simultaneous PET-MR data for human brain imaging 2018
412 Human Glymphatics Effects of sleep deprivation and adrenergic inhibition on glymphatic flow in humans 2018
413 WORM_SLEEP Sleep homeostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans 2018
414 RydSpin Nonequilibrium many-body spin dynamics in strongly interacting Rydberg systems 2018
415 HI-PHRET High-resolution Imaging with Phase Retrieved Tomography 2019
416 ICOFAS Improved Coherence Fast Swept Source Lasers for Optical Imaging Applications 2019
417 MEDISS MEDical Imaging with Superconducting Sensors 2018
418 EMERALD ElectroMagnetic imaging for a novel genERation of medicAL Devices 2018
419 SWIRup HOT III-V II-VI Focal Plane Arrays for Space Applications in the Upper SWIR Band 2018
420 SILICOFCM In Silico trials for drug tracing the effects of sarcomeric protein mutations leading to familial cardiomyopathy 2018
421 GLIOGUIDE Commercialising a novel glioblastoma targeted therapy and a companion diagnostic compound 2018
422 POSITION-II A pilot line for the next generation of smart catheters and implants 2018
423 ThermoQuantumImage Thermal imaging of nano and atomic-scale dissipation in quantum states of matter 2018
424 FunMagResBeacons Functionalized Magnetic Resonance Beacons for Enhanced Spectroscopy and Imaging 2018
425 Dyn-Syn-Mem Dynamic mechanisms and functional roles of synaptic plasticity in memory 2019
426 NanoBioNext Nanoscale Biomeasurements of Nerve Cells and Vesicles: Molecular Substructure and the Nature of Exocytosis 2018
427 EPOCHS The Formation of the First Galaxies and Reionization with the James Webb Space Telescope 2019
428 RadioClick A versatile ultrafast Click platform for antibody based radio diagnostics 2018
429 AUTO NERVE Tracers for targeting nerves in the autonomic nervous system 2018
430 SUPERTED Thermoelectric detector based on superconductor-ferromagnet heterostructures 2018
431 NICI Non-Invasive Chemistry Imaging in the whole human body 2018
432 EDIT Novel precision technological platforms to promote non-invasive early diagnosis, eradicationand prevention of cancer relapse: proof of concept in the bladder carcinoma. 2018
433 NanoMAGIQ Nanoscale magnetic imaging with quantum sensors 2018
434 NanoTBTech Nanoparticles-based 2D thermal bioimaging technologies 2018
435 SENSITIVE Early Detection of cancer onset based on sensing field cancerization at the organ level 2018
436 MS SPIDOC Mass Spectrometry for Single Particle Imaging of Dipole Oriented protein Complexes 2018
437 RETINAL Retinal imaging prevention and early detection of chronic diseases 2018
438 eDrop Droplet Photoelectron Imaging 2018
439 TEMPORAL TEMPORAL IMG: Temporal radiation imager for nuclear equipment dismantling and nuclear medicine 2018
440 GI-BCT Disruptive imaging technology for accurate and painless breast cancer diagnosis 2018
441 LiveCODIM New Super Resolution microscopy solution for living cell imaging 2018