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# achronym  title  year 
1 Let's Do The Science Life is Science, Science is Life: LET'S DO THE SCIENCE! 2014
2 ESC European Reseearchers Night: Researchers in Real Life. 2014
3 FAWORIT 2014-2015 Looking over the Horizon - horizontal priorities in research and in everyday challenges of the researchers' career! 2014
4 BS_Night_140926_150925 Crossing Borders - In jedem steckt ein Forscher / European Researchers Night 2014 + 2015 2014
5 YorNight York: City of the Past, City of the Future 2014
6 ScienceCity ScienceCity Szczecin 2014
8 ARTofscience Activities Releated to Science 2014
9 NEWHORIZONS New Horizons Festival 2014
10 PRO-CF-MED Clinical Proof of concept for a RNA-targeting Oligonucleotide for a Cystic fibrosis-F508del MEDication 2015
11 Ageing with elegans Validating C. elegans healthspan model for better understanding factors causing health and disease, to develop evidence based prevention, diagnostic, therapeutic and other strategies. 2015
12 LIFEPATH Lifecourse biological pathways underlying social differences in healthy ageing 2015
13 SHIPS Screening to improve Health In very Preterm infantS in Europe 2015
14 OPERAM OPtimising thERapy to prevent Avoidable hospital admissions in the Multimorbid elderly 2015
16 OPTIMUM Multi-source Big Data Fusion Driven Proactivity for Intelligent Mobility 2015
17 WRIST Innovative Welding Processes for New Rail Infrastructures 2015
18 DESTinationRAIL Decision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure Managers 2015
19 EDEN ISS Ground Demonstration of Plant Cultivation Technologies and Operation in Space for Safe Food Production on-board ISS and Future Human Space Exploration Vehicles and Planetary Outposts 2015
20 Manutelligence Product Service Design and Manufacturing Intelligence Engineering Platform 2015
22 META-STRESS Unravelling life-history responses and underlying mechanisms to environmental stress in wild populations 2015
23 ISIFit Individualised and self-adapting sound processing for cochlear implants 2015
24 BREATHE Biochemically modified messenger RNA encoding nucleases for in vivo gene correction of severe inherited lung diseases 2015
25 ALH Alternative life histories: linking genes to phenotypes to demography 2015
26 Rethyming Rebuilding the human thymus to create a tolerising system for allogeneic tissue and organ transplantation 2015
27 MESOPROBIO Mesoscopic models for propagation in biology 2015
28 TIME SCALE Technology and Innovation for Development of Modular Equipment in Scalable Advanced Life Support Systems for Space Exploration 2015
29 VEST Virtual Environments for Social Training 2015
30 SmartTap Real-Time Monitoring System for Water Quality 2015
31 GEO-C Joint Doctorate in Geoinformatics - Enabling Open Cities 2015
32 FESTIVAL FEderated interoperable SmarT ICT services deVelopment And testing pLatforms 2014
33 RAPID Radio technologies for 5G using advanced photonic infrastructure for dense user environments 2014
34 SMART4MD Support, Monitoring and Reminder Technology for Mild Dementia 2015
35 RAMCIP Robotic Assistant for MCI patients at home 2015
36 IN LIFE INdependent LIving support Functions for the Elderly 2015
37 WOMEN-UP Cost effective self-management of urinary incontinence addressed to women across Europe 2015
38 GrowMeUp GrowMeUp 2015
39 ENRICHME Enabling Robot and assisted living environment for Independent Care and Health Monitoring of the Elderly 2015
40 PD_manager mhealth platform for Parkinson’s disease management 2015
41 RADIO Robots in assisted living environments: Unobtrusive, efficient, reliable and modular solutions for independent ageing 2015
42 eNHANCE eNHANCE - intention based enhancement of reaching and grasping in physically disabled people - personalized to maximize user performance 2015
43 Geopark Geoparks: Heritage, Education and Sustainable Development - an Innovative Methodology for Southern Countries. Case Study in Morocco (Atlas Mountains, Marrakech) 2015
45 EPP - eHealth European Procurers Platform - eHealth - Transforming the market for eHealth Solutions 2015
46 RIFE architectuRe for an Internet For Everybody 2015
47 RETRAINER REaching and grasping Training based on Robotic hybrid AssIstance for Neurological patients: End users Real life evaluation 2015
48 COCOHA Cognitive Control of a Hearing Aid 2015
49 LIGHT2015 The International Year of Light in Europe 2015 2015
50 HUMANE HUMANE: a typology, method and roadmap for HUman-MAchine NEtworks 2015
51 SUPERCONCRETE SUstainability-driven international/intersectoral Partnership for Education and Research on modelling next generation CONCRETE 2015
52 Sustain-Owner Sustainable Design and Management of Industrial Assets through Total Value and Cost of Ownership 2015
53 MACIVIVA MAnufacturing process for Cold-chain Independent VIrosome-based VAccines 2015
54 NETFFICIENT Energy and economic efficiency for today’s smart communities through integrated multi storage technologies 2015
55 TRACES Tracing ancient microbial cells embedded in silica 2015
56 CHILE A Comparative History of Insurance Law in Europe 2015
57 DiODe Distributed Algorithms for Optimal Decision-Making 2015
58 PARTISPACE Spaces and Styles of Participation. Formal, non-formal and informal possibilities of young people’s participation in European cities. 2015
59 OrbEEt ORganizational Behaviour improvement for Energy Efficient adminisTrative public offices 2015
60 COMAWARE COMmunication and Assessment With Adaptive Realtime Environments 2014
61 iMUC Improving the Management of Unexplained Chest-pain 2014
62 USIFlux Unveiling Stomata 24/7: Using Stable Isotopes and COS to quantify diurnal and nocturnal carbon and water vegetation-atmosphere Fluxes under future climate scenarios 2016
63 PoetEleg Aestheticization of Life and Cosmopolitan Modernity: The Poetics of Elegance in the Long 19th Century 2016
64 COMMANDEER COMMANDEER: Disrupting microbial resistance using rationally designed signalling molecules 2015
65 CheliceLand Molecular palaeobiology and comparative genomics of chelicerate terrestrialisation 2015
66 MONASPOWER Monasteries as Institutional Powers in Late Antique and Early Islamic Egypt: Evidence from Neglected Coptic Sources 2016
67 EUROLIFE Life histories of the Neolithic Transition: Estimating and modelling European life history events and human fertility rates 2015
68 DISAGROUP The Role of Groups in Complex Disagreement 2016
69 DEALS Deaf life narratives in times of transition. 2015
70 NSCaging Behavior and molecular signature of Neural Stem Cells, and changes occurring during aging 2016
71 SO-CMA Improving the safety of oral immunotherapy for cow's milk allergy in children 2016
72 NBUCA Neural and behavioral underpinnings of contextual modulations in Autism 2015
73 InSIght Information from Symbols and Illustrations: how to get it without vision 2015
74 BioFrost Life at its Extremes: Biodiversity and Activity of Microorganisms in deep Permafrost 2015
75 SMI REP Investigating eukaryotic replisome dynamics at the single molecule level 2015
76 FOODWASTE Food Waste In Denmark and Sweden - Understanding Household Consumption Practices to develop Sustainable Food Care 2016
77 YAKUT Genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics of Yakutian horses, a unique domestic breed adapted to life in the Arctic 2015
78 CHLAMYS Chlamys: The cultural biography of a garment in Hellenistic Egypt 2015
79 DAMAGE An avian model for understanding and preventing the negative effects of poor developmental conditions on subsequent health state, fertility and ageing rate 2016
80 BIOCLIMA Microbial BIOdiversity – CLIMAte feedbacks during environmental crises in semi-enclosed basins: lessons from the Late Miocene (Messinian) 2016
81 ClimatCon Climate-resilient pathways for the development of concrete infrastructure: adaptation, mitigation and sustainability 2015
82 Mycena Unraveling the ecology of a widespread fungal group by genomic, isotopic and physiological analyses 2015
83 OLIGOBINPRO Non-canonical nucleoside incorporation into synthetic RNA-oligonucleotides: investigations towards the discovery of selective RNA-binding proteins 2015
84 HistoricEpi Quantiative Study of Major Historic Epidemics and Transitions to longer, healthier lives 2015
85 FCSM Human myosins 2015
86 URBANEPIGENETICS The epigenetic basis of early-life effects in a wild bird exposed to urban environmental stress 2015
87 HCAPT High Current All Printed Transistors 2015
88 MEMOTION Changing the course of cognitive decline in normal aging with positive emotions by training brain plasticity 2016
89 CP-RehOP Responding or not responding to training; prediction of balance rehabilitation outcome from structural and functional brain networks in Cerebral Palsy. 2016
90 BT-LH Link The consequences of the joint individual variation in size specific life histories and behavioural types 2015
91 VIOLA Variability's Influence on Language Acquisition 2015
92 NanoERA Nanomaterials Ecological Risk Assessment: A study of the long-term effects and risks of nanoscale Iron Oxide used in plastic composites in the aquatic environment 2015
93 ECOSOUND Ecosystem mechanisms of noise impact on marine fauna 2015
94 NoWork The long-term effects of unemployment on older workers: Studying life-course influences in social context 2016
95 GDAPIV Genomics Data Analysis Pipelines with Interactive Visualizations 2015
96 Visualfy Visual Notify - Improving Deaf People's Life 2015
97 RoadCast Dynamic Road Sign Casting 2015
98 NEUMARQ Neurodegenerative disease biomarkers based on high quality wireless EEG. 2015
99 Cardiacom IMPLANT Intelligent human diagnostic and therapy platform 2014
100 D-Orbit Smart propulsive device for controlled satellite reentry and reorbit.Type of funding scheme: SME Instrument 2015
101 VR-Suit VR-Suit : MultiModal experiences in a Virtual World 2015
102 Ecosheet-PRO An Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Plywood made from Co-mingled Waste Plastic 2015
103 NewMoon NewMoon - Smart Garments in Newborns and Babies Monitoring 2015
105 WeForYou Meet and learn What Excellent science does FOR YOU and the society 2014
106 HISER Holistic Innovative Solutions for an Efficient Recycling and Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials from Complex Construction and Demolition Waste 2015
107 SLA-Ready SLA-Ready: Making Cloud SLAs readily usable in the EU private sector 2015
108 MIA Multidisciplinary Institute for Ageing 2015
109 SEXSEA Origin and evolution of the sexes and reproductive systems: novel insights from a distant eukaryotic lineage 2015
110 VITAL The Vitality of Disease - Quality of Life in the Making 2015
111 WeChangEd Agents of Change: Women Editors and Socio-Cultural Transformation in Europe (1710-1920) 2015
112 PreventSepticShock Bioactive AdrenoMedullin is a Novel Outstanding Marker to Predict and Prevent Septic Shock 2015
113 QUANTEXBIO Quantitative and Experimental Biology 2015
114 DECI Digital Environment for Cognitive Inclusion 2015
115 LITTLE TOOLS Enacting the Good Economy: Biocapitalization and the little tools of valuation 2015
116 C-POC Hyper/Hypo Coagulability Assessment Photonic Integrated Chip based Point of Care 2015
117 LESA Laser bonding of linear edged super-abrasive blades 2015
118 Intimacy Doing Intimacy: A Multi-sited Ethnography of Modern Chinese Family Life 2015
119 AUDADAPT The listening challenge: How ageing brains adapt 2016
120 Elephant Project How elephants grow old 2016
121 COMP-MICR-CROW-MEM Computational Microscopy of Crowded Membranes 2015
122 MONOFFSHORE Autonomous Monitoring Unit for Offshore Applications 2015
123 BayesianMarkets Bayesian markets for unverifiable truths 2016
124 COMSTAR The effects of early-life adversity on cognition: A comparative approach. 2015
125 OxygenSensing Molecular mechanisms of acute oxygen sensing. 2015
126 CogSoCoAGE Tracking the cognitive basis of social communication across the life-span 2015
127 DynaSens Understanding the neural mechanisms of multisensory perception based on computational principles 2015
128 EMBRYOandLATERHEALTH Embryonic origins of cardiovascular health in later life: disentangling early causal pathways in a lifecourse perspective 2015
129 IntercommunalSpace Intercommunal Space in Late Antiquity 2016
130 EcOILogy Microbial life in oil 2015
131 VI-SEEM VRE for regional Interdisciplinary communities in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean 2015
132 ModLife Advancing Modelling for Process-Product Innovation, Optimization, Monitoring and Control in Life Science Industries 2015
133 AFib-TrainNet EU Training Network on Novel Targets and Methods in Atrial Fibrillation 2015
134 BioExcel Centre of Excellence for Biomolecular Research 2015
135 SINGEK Promoting SINgle cell GEnomics to explore the ecology and evolution of hidden microeuKaryotes 2016
136 CHESS Connected Health Early Stage Researcher Support System 2015
137 BIGCHEM Big Data in Chemistry 2016
138 Symbionica SYMBIONICA - Reconfigurable Machine for the new Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing of next generation fully personalized bionics and smart prosthetics 2015
139 ambliFibre adaptive model-based Control for laser-assisted Fibre-reinforced tape winding 2015
140 MOEEBIUS Modelling Optimization of Energy Efficiency in Buildings for Urban Sustainability 2015
141 TWIN-CONTROL Twin-model based virtual manufacturing for machine tool-process simulation and control 2015
142 SiGrAM Pre-Commercial Production Demonstration of Very High Capacity Silicon Anode for High Performance and Low Cost Li-Ion Batteries 2015
143 ELIXIR-EXCELERATE ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: Fast-track ELIXIR implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences. 2015
144 Time2Life Advanced signal processing of time-domain data in mass spectrometry to leverage life sciences 2015
145 DIA-VIT DIA-VIT, a non-invasive glucose self-monitoring device for diabetes patients 2015
146 TransCTNeurodev Transgenerational transmission of maternal childhood trauma and its sequelae – Altered maternal physiology during pregnancy and implications for newborn neurodevelopment 2015
147 SEGWAY Study on Environmental and GenomeWide predictors of early structural brain Alterations in Young students 2015
148 DISLIFE Liveable disabilities: Life courses and opportunity structures across time 2016
149 WEY-CRISP Well-being among European youth: The contribution of student teacher relationships in the secondary-school population 2016
150 MALMECC Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures: Towards a Trans-Disciplinary and Post-National Cultural Poetics of the Performative Arts 2016
151 sustainablySMART Sustainable Smart Mobile Devices Lifecycles through Advanced Re-design, Reliability, and Re-use and Remanufacturing Technologies 2015
152 HORSE Smart integrated Robotics system for SMEs controlled by Internet of Things based on dynamic manufacturing processes 2015
153 NISCI Antibodies against Nogo-A to enhance plasticity, regeneration and functional recovery after acute spinal cord injury, a multicenter European clinical proof of concept trial 2016
154 ACTICAPS Actiwhey based microencapsulation solution for sustainable food manufacturing 2015
155 JPM Jensen Predictive Maintenance (JPM System) of district heating pipes 2015
156 LUCY Early detector of comorbid depression 2015
157 WalkableFUTURE Lightweight Active Orthosis for kids who are unable to walk due to brain damage 2015
158 PreventIT Early risk detection and prevention in ageing people by self-administered ICT-supported assessment and a behavioural change intervention delivered by use of smartphones and smartwatches 2016
159 PIX4LIFE Silicon Nitride Photonic Integrated Circuit Pilot line for Life Science Applications in the Visible Range 2016
160 VaVeL Variety, Veracity, VaLue: Handling the Multiplicity of Urban Sensors 2015
161 NEWTON Networked Labs for Training in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication 2016
162 RESET Re-use of Thermoplastic Composite 2016
163 GlucoBeam GlucoBeam: A portable device for pain-free glucose self-monitoring in diabetic patients 2016
164 SOLPART High Temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for Industrial Production of Reactive Particulates 2016
165 FREEZEMUD Demonstration and development of the next generation technology for environmental dredging basedon an innovative and energy-efficient freeze technology 2015
166 ISSELUB Innovative sealing and sensing technologies for extended life of lubricated elements. 2016
167 CCT The psychology and neurobiology of cognitive control training in humans 2015
168 MEDIT-AGEING Investigating the impact of meditation training on mental health and wellbeing in the ageing population 2016
169 PIBD-SETQuality Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Network for Safety, Efficacy, Treatment and Quality improvement of care 2016
170 INTENS INtestinal Tissue ENgineering Solution 2016
171 MIRASYS The diagnostic potential of miRNAs for early diagnosis of Systemic Sclerosis 2016
172 OXYGEN Quantifying the evolution of Earth's atmosphere with novel isotope systems and modelling 2016
173 CAREGIVERSPRO-MMD Self-management interventions and mutual assistance community services, helping patients with dementia and caregivers connect with others for evaluation, support and inspiration to improve the care experience 2016
174 EPIC Exploiting Protein Complexes that Induce Cell-death 2016
175 Errspitals A knowledge transfer and sharing action for developing A new integrative approach to mitigating errors in hospitals: Resolving tensions in error research 2016
176 DREAM Social Participation for improving emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing in independently living older adults 2016
177 CARDIALLY Capturing and quantitative analysis of multi-scale multi-channel diagnostic data. 2015
178 SIGN-HUB The Sign Hub: preserving, researching and fostering the linguistic, historical and cultural heritage of European Deaf signing communities with an integral resource 2016
179 PReDicT Predicting Response to Depression Treatment 2015
181 YOUNG_ADULLLT Policies Supporting Young People in their Life Course. A Comparative Perspective of Lifelong Learning and Inclusion in Education and Work in Europe 2016
182 LEFAPO Lead free automotive SLI power 2015
183 THALEA II THALEA II - Telemonitoring and Telemedicine for Hospitals Assisted by ICT for Life saving co-morbid patients in Europe As part of a Patient personalised care program of the EU 2016
184 War and Supernature War and the Supernatural in Early Modern Europe 2016
185 FUTURA FUTUre RAil freight transport: cost-effective, safe, quiet and green! 2016
186 RICHFIELDS Research Infrastructure on Consumer Health and Food Intake using E-science with Linked Data Sharing 2015
187 SWARM Software driven Smart Antenna powered by RF MEMS Technology 2016
188 cleanMOULD Oil, fat and contaminant free moulding through advanced low friction and fretting-resistant coating solution 2016
189 RecessionsHealth Recessions, labour-market uncertainty and health 2016
190 ComplexSwimmers Biocompatible and Interactive Artificial Micro- and Nanoswimmers and Their Applications 2016
191 ApeAttachment Are social skills determined by early live experiences? 2016
192 WINDMIL Smart Monitoring, Inspection and Life-Cycle Assessment of Wind Turbines 2016
193 Autocat Autocatalysis: A bottom-up approach to understanding the origins of life 2016
194 APPELS A Probe of the Periodic Elements for Life in the Sea 2016
195 EnerTwin EnerTwin: A different approach to micro CHP 2016
196 AsLife Life in Arsenic rich environments: a challenge or an opportunity? 2016
197 UrbPOLS Assessing urban impacts on wildlife using the pace-of-life framework 2016
198 Hi-Life Damage mechanism of High Frequency Mechanical Impact (HFMI) Treated Welded Structures under Service Loading to Increase the Fatigue Life for Lightweight Design 2017
199 NanoSiAl Silica and alumina nanophases – the building blocks for the ground under our feet. 2017
200 plaNET-seq Temporal mapping of environmental sensing transcription dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana 2017
201 FLAVIC DYNAMICS Labeling Flavivirus capsid protein to unravel its dynamics during infection and egress by correlative super-resolution fluorescence and cryo-electron microscopy 2017
202 HippBoundariesPE Identifying the building blocks of episodic memory: how the hippocampus parses boundless experience into discrete events 2016
203 POLAR Synthetic Mimicry of Cellular Polarisation 2017
204 SPARk Adding Pieces to the Puzzle of Sexual Differentiation In P. falciparum: A Systematic Analysis of RNA Processing 2016
205 ANOXIA-MEM Probing the Memory of Earth Anoxia: New Stable Isotope Constraints on the Rise of Oxygen 2016
206 ADVANTA Toward a new generation of miniature multifrequency antennas using multiresonance platform based on subwavelength structures inspired by advanced metamaterials 2017
207 FreshProof A real-time forecast decision support system for the food supply chain 2017
208 DIFIE Direct and Indirect mechanisms of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2017
209 BEST Postdoctoral Programme in Bioengineering Excellence Scientific Training 2017
210 FRESHRAP Feasibility study for an innovative “Regenerative Atmosphere Packaging” for fresh chicken 2016
211 AUTOREVAL Automotive Residue Valorization 2016
212 CALBATT - ASSET Advanced Solutions for Smart Energy storage and electric Transportation 2016
213 BIOFOSTE Clinical validation of a BIOmarker panel For OSTEoarthritis diagnosis: BIOFOSTE 2016
214 INDSOC Individualising Socialism. Individual Agency and Social Change in Socialist Yugoslavia's Periphery, 1950s-1970s 2017
215 BiCyHePepDi Bicyclic hetero peptidimer - a novel molecule format for therapeutic peptides 2016
217 Feel your Reach Non-invasive decoding of cortical patterns induced by goal directed movement intentions and artificial sensory feedback in humans 2016
218 HGTCODONUSE The evolutionary significance of synonymous variations: Can codon usage preferences drive the propagation of antibiotic resistance? 2016
219 ELSi Industrial scale recovery and reuse of all materials from end of life silicon-based photovoltaic modules 2016
220 DivMeanBody Divergent Meanings: understanding the postmortem fate of human bodies found in Neolithic settlements from the Balkan area in light of interdisciplinary data 2016
221 PrinTeam Political knowledge as teamwork: The Academy of Zamość print shop (1594-1627) 2016
222 MEMORAGE Attention and memory components in every-day cognitive problems in aging 2017
223 MESO-JBIR-102 Development of the aza-Prins reaction; synthesis and biological evaluation of JBIR-102 2016
224 HOW2WALKAGAIN Mechanisms of recovery after severe spinal cord injury 2016
225 SMART-Plant Scale-up of low-carbon footprint material recovery techniques in existing wastewater treatment plants 2016
226 YouthCult The Cultural Experience of International Students: Narratives from North and South Europe 2016
227 RISEWISE RISEWISE -RISE Women with disabilities In Social Engagement 2016
228 OpenUP OPENing UP new methods, indicators and tools for peer review, impact measurement and dissemination of research results 2016
229 BIOCOMPLACK Eco-friendly food packaging with enhanced barrier properties 2016
230 PrenatStressAging Prenatal Stress and Programming of Newborn and Infant Telomere Biology and Cellular Aging 2016
231 HOMInG The Home-Migration Nexus: Home as a Window on Migrant Belonging, Integration and Circulation 2016
232 ORACLE Origins of Alzheimer's disease across the life-course 2016
233 Bionic Aircraft Increasing resource efficiency of aviation through implementation of ALM technology and bionic design in all stages of an aircraft life cycle 2016
234 LT2016 Researchers' Night: It's Your Friday to Discover! 2016
235 SCILIFE Science in everyday life 2016
236 GEOPET “Ecological, sustainable and economical non woven acoustic insulating felts for automotive industry 2016
237 Giantleap Giantleap Improves Automation of Non-polluting Transportation with Lifetime Extension of Automotive PEM fuel cells 2016
238 Dycare Dynamic Care Solutions for clinical assessment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders 2016
239 Brainwaves City Campus meets Illuminale 2016 / 2017 2016
240 SciFe Science for Life 2016
241 STMS Smart Tyre Management System for Safer, Greener and More Economic Transport through Innovative Technology for Smart Infrastructure from Silent Sensors Limited. 2016
242 Born-Immune Shaping of the Human Immune System by Primal Environmental Exposures In the Newborn Child 2016
243 Tamed Cancer Personalized Cancer Therapy by Model-based Optimal Robust Control Algorithm 2016
244 Gap2bridge Bridging the gap: an evolutionary genomics approach to illuminate the prokaryote-to-eukaryote transition. 2017
245 DisWildPop Impacts of Diseases on Wild Bird Populations 2017
246 SHARPER SHAring Researchers’ Passion for Engagement and Responsibility 2016
247 JEM Phase 1 JEM: The world safest subcutaneous, enclosed, biocompatible implantable device, attached directly to a AV fistula or graft or vein, for chronic disease patients in need of repetitive vascular access 2016
248 Teraki Making Big Data Small for the Internet of Things 2016
249 PERFORMART Promoting, Patronising and Practising the Arts in Roman Aristocratic Families (1644-1740). The Contribution of Roman Family Archives to the History of Performing Arts 2016
250 MoralisingMisfortune Moralising Misfortune: A comparative anthropology of commercial insurance 2016
251 MO-TRAYL Mobility trajectories of young lives: Life chances of transnational youths in Global South and North 2017
252 HOLISHIP HOLIstic optimisation of SHIP design and operation for life cycle 2016
253 RAGTIME Risk based approaches for Asset inteGrity multimodal Transport Infrastructure ManagEment 2016
254 SHIPLYS Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions 2016
255 RUC-APS Enhancing and implementing Knowledge based ICT solutions within high Risk and Uncertain Conditions for Agriculture Production Systems 2016
256 INDUCE The Innovation, Dispersal and Use of Ceramics in NW Eurasia 2016
257 IGNIS Reuse of Tyre Fibres for Fire-Spalling-Proof Concrete 2016
258 ID-Lyme A novel immunity-based test for early diagnosis of Lyme disease 2016
259 RN1617 Researchers4Humanity 2016
260 EVERYDAYNIGHT Wielkopolska Researchers’ Night welcomes - Let the experience of the Night last every day! 2016
261 CardAPcells Cell therapy for patients with chronic heart failure with proprietary cardiac-derived cells (CardAP cells) – “From the Heart to the Heart” 2016
262 ICE2LAST Innovative stunning technology based on a natural anesthetizing agent in ice to improve animal welfare and extend shelf-life of farmed fish 2016
264 BeyondtheElite Beyond the Elite: Jewish Daily Life in Medieval Europe 2016
265 EFIResources Resource efficient construction towards Sustainable Design 2016
266 CERAMENT-BC A novel bone implant with enhanced bone healing capacity 2016
267 CAPRI Children and Adolescents with PaRental mental Illness: Understanding the ‘who’ and ‘how’ of targeting interventions 2016
268 Babylearn Neural mechanisms of learning in the infant brain : from Statistics to Rules and Symbols 2016
269 AffecTech Personal Technologies for Affective Health 2017
270 ENABLE European Academy for Biomedical Science 2016
271 SOLAR-TRAIN Photovoltaic module life time forecast and evaluation 2016
272 4DHeart 4D analysis of heart development and regeneration using advanced light microscopy 2017
273 TREATMENT Training European Network: Metabolic Dysfunctions associated with Pharmacological Treatment of Schizophrenia 2017
274 BIOCLEAN BIOfilm management and CLEANing by leveraging fundamental understanding of biological, chemical and physical combined approaches 2016
275 CATCH Cancer: Activating Technology for Connected Health 2016
276 PROTECTED PROTECTion against Endocrine Disruptors;Detection, mixtures, health effects, risk assessment and communication. 2017
277 4RinEU Robust and Reliable technology concepts and business models for triggering deep Renovation of Residential buildings in EU 2016
278 9eGEN 9eGEN - Development of innovative lightweight HVDC 9-phase Brushless/Generator for Clean Sky Rotorcraft 2016
279 EURYKA Reinventing Democracy in Europe: Youth Doing Politics in Times of Increasing Inequalities 2017
280 TRAPRODIG Trauma Studies in the Digital Age: The Impact of Social Media on Trauma Processing in Life Narratives and in Trauma Literature: the Case of Hungary 2016
281 Q-RAPIDS Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development 2016
282 DIAL Dynamics of Inequality Across the Life-Course: structures and processes 2016
283 BIOFAGE Interaction Dynamics of Bacterial Biofilms with Bacteriophages 2017
284 ARTISYM Artificial endosymbiosis 2017
285 CrackEpitranscriptom Cracking the epitranscriptome 2016
286 FLAME Facility for Large-scale Adaptive Media Experimentation 2017
287 CResPace Adaptive Bio-electronics for Chronic Cardiorespiratory Disease 2017
288 PhasmaFOOD Portable photonic miniaturised smart system for on-the-spot food quality sensing 2017
289 MMpredict Validation of a personalised medicine tool for Multiple Myeloma that predicts treatment effectiveness in patients 2016
290 FatemapB High Resolution Mapping of Fetal and Adult B Cell Fates During Ontogeny 2017
291 CYBERLEGs Plus Plus The CYBERnetic LowEr-Limb CoGnitive Ortho-prosthesis Plus Plus 2017
292 Storage4Grid Storage4Grid 2016
293 ACTIVAGE ACTivating InnoVative IoT smart living environments for AGEing well 2017
294 ECO CARS Device for reduction of emissions and fuel consumption, optimizing combustion by treatment of fuel on the vehicle 2016
295 DisCont Discontinuities in Household and Family Formation 2017
296 Baby DCs Age-dependent Regulation of Dendritic Cell Development and Function 2017
297 ILIAD Intra-Logistics with Integrated Automatic Deployment: safe and scalable fleets in shared spaces 2017
298 MILEAGE Microelements in Life Expectancy and Aging 2017
300 ECOMOBI Eco-friendly Modification of Bitumen (ECOMOBI) - Recycling end of life tyres into an efficient bitumen modifier 2016
301 My-qup New biodegradable anal plug to manage Faecal Incontinence 2017
302 ReGenHeart Clinical development and proof of principle testing of new regenerative VEGF-D therapy for cost-effective treatment of refractory anginaA phase II randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study 2017
303 KidsAP The artificial pancreas in children aged 1 to 7 years with type 1 diabetes 2017
305 LIFECYCLE Early-life stressors and LifeCycle health 2017
306 TISuMR Integrated Tissue Slice Culture and NMR Metabolomics – A Novel Approach Towards SystemicUnderstanding of Liver Function And Disease 2017
307 HIVACAR Evaluating a Combination of Immune-based Therapies to Achieve a Functional Cure of HIV Infection 2017
308 RECAP RECAP: Research on European Children and Adults born Preterm 2017
309 EARTHBLOOM Earth’s first biological bloom: An integrated field, geochemical, and geobiological examination of the origins of photosynthesis and carbonate production 3 billion years ago 2017
310 VIVAVE Viral Vaccine Vectors in Personalized Medicine 2017
311 FRESHTRAY New corrugated cardboard for active packaging to extend shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables 2017
312 GrapheneSens Development of Graphene based Contact Position Sensors 2017
313 BioPackNet Manufacturing of biodegradable and compostable packaging nets through a conventional one-step extrusion process 2017
314 HEGEL High Cycle Fatigue Prediction Methodology for Fibre Reinforced Laminates for Aircraft Structures in CROR Environment – Development and Validation 2017
315 CIC Context, Identity and Choice: Understanding the constraints on women's career decisions 2017
316 CG-100 A next generation medical device that enhances patient care and treatment following colorectal surgery 2017
317 ImmerDrive Virtual IMMERsion for DRIVEr training and evaluation 2017
318 CBIT Customisable Bioink Technology Platform 2017
319 ENCIRCLE Enhancing Research Careers and mobility in Macedonia 2017
320 RHYTHMSYNC Rhythm synchronization between music and spoken language 2017
321 BabyVir The role of the virome in shaping the gut ecosystem during the first year of life 2017
322 GlucoBeam GlucoBeam: A portable device for pain-free glucose self-monitoring in diabetic patients 2017
323 ELEMIN How the earliest life on Earth became mineralized 2017
324 PRENUCRNA Prebiotic Synthesis of Pyrimidine Nucleosides: New Insights into RNA Evolution 2017
325 SIFINS Stable isotope signatures in dorsal fin spines as a non-invasive and non-lethal alternative to otoliths for reconstructing fish life and environmental history 2017
326 TIM-Adrastea “Thinking in Images. Herder’s Adrastea from 1801-03 up to nowadays” 2017
327 NEEDS Dynamic Urban Environmental Exposures on Depression and Suicide 2017
328 UNEARTH Uranium isotope fractionation: a novel biosignature to identify microbial metabolism on early Earth 2017
329 QSB Quantum Sensing for Biology 2017
331 TRANSRISK Vulnerability and risk assessment of transportation systems of assets (SoA) exposed to geo-hazards 2017
332 LEAF-OF-LIFE Photosynthetic energy balance, chloroplast integrity, carbon flow and epigenetic regulation of isoprenoid biosynthesis during leaf development and senescence 2017
333 InSpeCo Inside Speakers' Corner. Late Medieval Italian Anchoresses in European Context. 2017
334 NanoALS Nanoparticle-based immunization, a novel therapeutic strategy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2018
335 ARTEMIS Assessment of Reserve: Translational Evaluation of Medical Images and Statistics-Prediction models for outcomes of brain health 2017
336 PARK-IT 2.0 Unobtrusive, Continuous and Quantitative Assessment of Parkinson’s disease: Hard Evidence for Optimal Disease Management with Information Technologies 2017
337 MSCHIPBIO Multiscale computational modelling for natural hip biomechanics and tribology 2017
338 ReMix Christian-Muslim families dealing with religious pluralism in everyday family lifeReligious reconstruction in religiously mixed marriages 2018
339 D BIOME Deep Biosignatures on Mars and Earth 2017
340 IAPEMIDE Impact of Intrapartum Antimicrobial Prophylaxis as an early determinant in Microbiome Development 2017
341 ARTENGINE Artificial Life TodayAnthropological and Sociological Analysis of Life Engineering 2017
342 SELFCONTROLHEALTH Childhood Self-Control, Social Conditions, and Adult Health 2018
343 SmartNurse Bringing persuasive computing training assistance for healthcare personnel from lab experiments to educational practice 2017
344 PREFER Patient Preferences in benefit risk assessments during the drug life cycle 2016
345 HARMONY Healthcare Alliance for Resourceful Medicines Offensive against Neoplasms in HematologY 2017
346 FUNCOPLAN Functions of plasticity in adult-born neurons 2017
347 MEMORIS Maternal Enteric Microbiota for Offspring's Repertoire development and Illness Susceptibility 2017
348 nanoPhotoMat Development of nano-Photocatalytic Materials for Indoor Air Purification and Odour Elimination 2017
349 HBVssNMR Investigating the structural role of the Hepatitis B virus core proteinC-terminal domain in assembly and maturation using solid-stateNMR 2017
350 CARING CARe in an INterGenerational contextHow do changes in family formation trajectories reflect in later intergenerational relations? A three-generations perspective 2017
351 PhotoHeatEffect Heat Transport and its Effects on the Performance of Nanostructured, Photonic Materials 2017
352 funcSOFI-PD Quantitative super-resolution optical fluctuation and phase microscopy for structural and functional imaging of Parkinson's disease 2017
353 SusFRPRC Sustainable Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Concrete (FRP-RC) Structures 2017
354 LIFEINEQ Lifespan Inequalities: Why the age-at-death distribution varies between countries and socioeconomic groups 2017
355 NHYTE New Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite Aerostructures manufactured by Out of Autoclave Continuous Automated Technologies 2017
356 ESCAPE_COPD Elimination of Senescent Cells Approach for treatment of COPD 2017
357 STressD Stressfully Transmitted Diseases: How your partner’s past stress affects your current and future health 2017
358 CFZEBRA Balancing the immune response in cystic fibrosis: using zebrafish models of infection and inflammation to uncover new therapeutic approaches 2017
359 STAR-ProBio Sustainability Transition Assessment and Research of Bio-based Products 2017
360 AIM Adaptive Imaging Microscopy 2017
361 DEFENDER Defending the European Energy Infrastructures 2017
362 DOC The Dawn of Organic Chemistry 2017
363 CRAVEzero Cost Reduction and market Acceleration for Viable nearly zero-Energy buildings 2017
364 ToDL Systems Chemistry: Steps Towards De-Novo Life 2017
366 ROMEO Reliable OM decision tools and strategies for high LCoE reduction on Offshore wind 2017
367 BIOSMART Bio-based smart packaging for enhanced preservation of food quality. 2017
368 Fresh Solutions Fresh Solutions –‘A fresh approach to food packaging’ 2017
369 B-shelf Edible coating for preventing loss of water and fungi proliferation in fruits and vegetables 2017
371 iHEAR Investigating the meanings and mechanisms of psychotic experiences in young people: a novel, mixed-methods approach 2017
372 BioBarr New bio-based food packaging materials with enhanced barrier properties – BioBarrier 2017
373 REFUCOAT Full recyclable food package with enhanced gas barrier properties and new functionalities by the use of high performance coatings 2017
374 V-LAP Saving millions of lives by enabling an effective treatment for Heart Failure patients; V-LAP, a revolutionary, miniaturized implant and its dedicated wearable device. 2017
375 FIBRESHIP Engineering, production and life‐cycle management for the complete construction of large‐length FIBRE‐based SHIPs 2017
376 NIRSort Development and Market Replication of novel NIR-transparent polymer colourants to replace carbon black, and allow the sorting of black and coloured polymers from mixed waste streams 2017
378 FastMat Fast determination of fatigue properties of materials beyond one billion cycles 2017
379 StressGene The Genetics of Morbidity and Survival in Response to Significant Life Stressors 2017
380 SMARTSOUND Pre-Commercialisation of Sound Recognition for Surveillance Applications 2017
381 QoLRO Measuring Quality of Life in the general population and Roma minority in Romania: implications for health policies and economic evaluations 2017
382 NOVITREP Novel viral therapy through targeting DNA repair 2017
383 ENENplus Attract, Retain and Develop New Nuclear Talents Beyond Academic Curricula 2017
384 NEUROON-MED NEUROON-MED – the future of at-home diagnosis of sleep disorders 2017
385 ComFyt The revolution of the Compression Therapy Market: an easy-to-wear and comfortable compression stocking based on Electro-Active Polymers technology. 2017
386 BigData@Heart Big Data @ Heart 2017
387 PROTECTOR Improving resource efficiency through a protective film for hose reel irrigation 2017
388 Back4Future Back for the Future 2017
389 CECM Centre for New Methods in Computational Diagnostics and Personalised Therapy 2017
390 CleanPack UltraCLEAN thermoforming equipment for food PACKaging, a cost-effective alternative to clean rooms 2017
391 vCare Virtual Coaching Activities for Rehabilitation in Elderly 2017
392 ECO-DRILLING Environmentally efficient full profile drilling solution 2017
393 ECOMOBI Eco-friendly Modification of Bitumen (ECOMOBI). Recycling end of life tyres into an efficient bitumen modifier 2017
394 EmpoweredLifeYears The Demography of Sustainable Human Wellbeing 2017
395 FreeBC_Orgs The Freebird Club organisational membership portal 2017
396 MATURATION Age at maturity in Atlantic salmon: molecular and ecological dissection of an adaptive trait 2017
397 Ovage OvAge: an innovative, user-friendly digital methodology that quantifies ovarian reserve by integratingclinical, biochemical and 3D-sonographic data to help decision-making in all phases of woman life 2017
398 PreCoM Predictive Cognitive Maintenance Decision Support System 2017
399 SmartPhoneSmartAging Smartphones, Smart Ageing and mHealth 2017
400 EuroAgeism An international, multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral training network on ageism 2017
401 EPIDIVERSE Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology 2017
402 MOTION Mobile Technology for Infant Social-Cognitive Neuroscience: Interdisciplinary Training Networkfor Innovative Infancy Research 2018
403 INCLUSION Towards more accessIble and iNCLUSIve mObility solutions for EuropeaN prioritised areas 2017
404 LIFEGATE Holographic super-resolution micro-endoscopy for in-vivo applications 2017
405 ABIOS ABIOtic Synthesis of RNA: an investigation on how life started before biology existed 2018
406 NeMoSanctI New Models of Sanctity in Italy (1960s-2010s).A Semiotic Analysis of Norms, Causes of Saints, Hagiography, and Narratives 2018
407 PUNCTUATION Pervasive Upstream Non-Coding Transcription Underpinning Adaptation 2018
408 ORISPECIFICATION Molecular and structural mechanisms for metazoan replication origin specification 2018
409 Meta_Mind The workings of metacognition in decision-making 2018
410 Aural Paris Aural Paris: The Changing Identities of The City of Sound in Music, Film and Literature, 1870-1940. 2018
411 COMICS Children in Comics: An Intercultural History from 1865 to Today 2018
412 ANIMA Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches 2017
413 TRANS-URBAN-EU-CHINA Transition towards urban sustainability through socially integrative cities in the EU and in China 2018
415 IRIS Integrated and Replicable Solutions for Co-Creation in Sustainable Cities 2017
416 CISTEM Heart On chip based on induced pluripotent Stem cell Technology for personalized Medicine 2018
417 cleanMOULD CleanMOULD: Advanced low friction and fretting-resistant diamond-like coating solution 2017
418 PRESTIGE-AF PREvention of STroke in Intracerebral haemorrhaGE survivors with Atrial Fibrillation 2017
419 CONVINCE The Comparison of High-Dose Heamodiafiltration (HDF) versus Haemodialyse 2018
420 TRACE Transfer of multivirus-specific T-cells following transplantation 2018
421 TRIBAL A TRranslational approach to Identify Biomarkers for Asthma and Lung function impairment 2017
422 Life-Cycle Life-like Supramolecular Materials based on Reaction Cycles with Designed Feedback 2018
423 SCHOOLPOL The Transformation of Post-War Education: Causes and Effects 2018
424 STROMATA Micro-pyrites associated with organic material in ancient stromatolites: a new proxy attesting for their biogenicity 2018
425 BETLIV Returning to a Better Place: The (Re)assessment of the ‘Good Life’ in Times of Crisis 2018
426 EnDurCrete New Environmental friendly and Durable conCrete, integrating industrial by-products and hybrid systems, for civil, industrial and offshore applications – EnDurCrete 2018
427 ReSHEALience Rethinking coastal defence and Green-Energy Service infrastructures through enHancEd-durAbiLIty high-performance fiber reinforced cement-based materials. 2018
428 XDC eXtreme DataCloud 2017
429 CareHD Patient Centered Connected Health Model of Care for Huntingtons Disease 2018
430 RECOVER-E LaRge-scalE implementation of COmmunity based mental health care for people with seVere and Enduring mental ill health in EuRopE 2018
431 IMPULSE Implementation of an effective and cost-effective intervention for patients with psychotic disorders in low and middle income countries in South Eastern Europe 2018
432 Mont-Blanc 2020 Mont-Blanc 2020, European scalable, modular and power efficient HPC processor 2017
433 PROMETHEUS PRivacy preserving pOst-quantuM systEms from advanced crypTograpHic mEchanisms Using latticeS 2018
434 SUITCEYES Smart, User-friendly, Interactive, Tactual, Cognition-Enhancer that Yields Extended Sensosphere - Appropriating sensor technologies, machine learning, gamification and smart haptic interfaces 2018
435 OmnImmune Manufacturing and testing of an allogeneic gamma delta T cell therapy for the treatment of cancer 2017
436 PRECOPAL Zero Corrosion Sheet Pile Elements with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars 2017
438 OxTube The smartest non-energy aeration system for water cleaning facilities 2017
439 CELION Circular Economy applied to LI-ION batteries for smart electric mobility in cities 2017
440 EXOKLEIN The Climates and Habitability of Small Exoplanets Around Red Stars 2018
441 DICTATOREXPERIENCE Dictatorship as experience: a comparative history of everyday life and the 'lived experience' of dictatorship in Mediterranean Europe (1922-1975) 2018
442 GlycoSkin Dissection of Glycan Function by Engineered Tissue Models 2018
443 OSTOF Ostoform; Using advanced material combinations to improve ostomy skin health. 2018
445 AuriMod From pills to bio-electronics: a wearable anti-inflammatory treatment for prevention of Peripheral Arterial Disease. 2018
447 CAPABLE Enhancing Capabilities? Rethinking Work-life Policies and their Impact from a New Perspective 2018
448 MARSI Disruptive technologies for effectively rehabilitating chronic ambulatory disability 2018
449 DIS-ABLED Past Lifeways and Deathways of the Disabled in 14th-18th Century Central Europe: an Interdisciplinary Study 2018
450 iaFRET An amplified signal imaging software for prognosis of cancer enabling the evaluation of clinicalefficiency of personalised cancer treatments to an unprecedented level. 2018
451 TechNovatorXE TechNovator XE remote wireless charging 2017
452 GenTime Temporal structures of gender inequalities in Asian and Western welfare regimes 2018
453 METAGE Metamorphosis as a re-set mechanism of the ageing clock: is early-life stress bypassed by morphogenesis? 2019
454 The Human Imprint The Human Imprint: Western and Chinese Anthropocene Fictions 2018
455 Peripheality Exploring the function of peripheral vision in humans using virtual reality 2018
456 OptimisingIDS Optimisation of the linguistic input in the first years of life 2018
457 BOMB Multi-scale BiOmechanical characterization of peri-iMplant Bone tissue: influence of the environment 2018
458 C-POS Children's Palliative care Outcome Scale 2018
459 CoM_n_Play-Science Learning science the fun and creative way: coding, making, and play as vehicles for informal science learning in the 21st century 2018
460 CorticalSpaceShift How altered sensory experience changes the cortex: plasticity processes in the visual cortex andtheir relation to ecological real-life events under shifted perception condition 2018
461 CPA-EST Mind-wandering in everyday event comprehension: Memory, attention, and the brain 2018
462 DenCity Density assemblages: intensity and the city in a global urban age 2018
463 DualDur DualDur: A Disruptive Diagnostic Technology that Enables for the First Time an Early and Accurate Diagnosis of the tick-borne Lyme Disease. 2018
464 FutureHealth Global future health: a multi-sited ethnography of an adaptive intervention 2018
465 Geo-Coat Development of novel and cost effective corrosion resistant coatings for high temperature geothermal applications 2018
466 FatTryp Exploring the hidden life of African trypanosomes: parasite fat tropism and implications for disease 2018
467 SuPerCom Sustainable Performance for High-Performance Embedded Computing Systems 2018
468 NovelExperiSENSE How experience shapes brain specializations 2018
469 NanoMop Smart Cholesterol-Mopping Polymer Nanoparticles in Niemann-Pick Disease Type C 2018
470 LIGHTCODESWORDS Illuminating every sound with lasers, coding words and complex sounds with light. 2018
471 FUNNANO Functional Nanoscale Imaging: New Techniques to Probe Living Cells 2018
472 PHYTOPHONUS From male-killers to plant pathogens: Investigation of cross-kingdom host-symbiont interactions in the Arsenophonus clade” 2018
473 PERSONALMOVE Uncovering determinants of animal personalities using movement data 2018
474 GAE Genomics of Ageing in Elephants: Genomic architecture of senescence in a long-lived mammal 2018
475 ArcticLabourTime Investing in the Arctic: the affective and temporal contradictions of work, mobility and inequality in northern peripheries 2018
476 Gal3-BrainMets A novel immunotherapy against brain metastasis: Anti-Galectin-3 2019
477 HoBi Hegel's Philosophy of Biology 2018
478 MIGREMOV Movements, Migration and Emotion: East/West Mobility, Transnational Bonding, and Political Identities in Polish Activists' Biographies 2018
479 SYMMUNITY SYMbiosis, Microbiota and immUNITY 2019
480 SiBaToGA The influence of stress in the bones and teeth of great apes 2018
481 SABIR Dynamic sustainability assessment tool for the case studies of biorefinery supply chains from agricultural wastes 2018
482 ProLung The role of maternal microbiota in offspring lung development and function 2019
483 SQoL School for Quality of Life. Policy, practice and theory for a quality of life approach in Europeanschool systems. 2018
484 EyeTREAT Innovative tool for personalized treatment of patients with neovascular age-macular degeneration: dosage optimization for long term efficacy treatment 2018
485 ICE2LAST Innovative technology based on the integration of natural substances in ice to improve animal welfare and extend shelf-life of farmed fish 2018
486 ENSEMBLE ENabling SafE Multi-Brand pLatooning for Europe 2018
487 ENABLEH2 ENABLing cryogEnic Hydrogen based CO2 free air transport (ENABLEH2) 2018
488 ICEBERG Exploration below the tip of the microtubule 2018
489 CIRCUSOL Circular business models for the solar power industry 2018
490 HOUSEFUL Innovative circular solutions and services for new business opportunities in the EU housing sector 2018
491 PRECISE4Q Personalised Medicine by Predictive Modeling in Stroke for better Quality of Life 2018
492 Hypo-RESOLVE Hypoglycaemia - REdefining SOLutions for better liVEs 2018
493 PIONEER Prostate Cancer DIagnOsis and TreatmeNt Enhancement through the Power of Big Data in EuRope 2018
494 RECAGE How to best meet the needs of people with dementia with severe behavioural disturbances. Toward a respectful and cost-effective model 2018
495 iDev40 Integrated Development 4.0 2018
496 eCAPE New energy Consumer roles and smart technologies – Actors, Practices and Equality 2018
497 G-Statistics Foundations of Geometric Statistics and Their Application in the Life Sciences 2018
498 MENTICA The Middle East Neolithic Transition: Integrated Community Approaches 2018
499 UPRmt The Mitochondrial Unfolded Protein Response 2018
500 FORMKIN The formal demography of kinship and family 2018
501 MicroLightProtoCell Microfluidics-assisted design and construction of light-responsive protocells 2018
502 LABPATCH Lab-in-a-patch for PKU self-assessment 2018
503 Resolve High-performance, affordable super-resolution platform for the life sciences 2018
504 CRYOSOCIETIES Suspended Life: Exploring Cryopreservation Practices in Contemporary Societies 2019
505 ECO GAM 2018 Eco-Design Transverse Activity GAM 2018 2018
506 ComFyt ComFyt, the revolution in compression therapy. A novel Electro-Active Polymers technology applied to a smart stocking that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates the blood flow. 2018
507 ZYMVOLVER Launching A Unified Cloud-Based Platform for Next Generation Protein Editing 2018
508 LiveCODIM New Super Resolution microscopy solution for living cell imaging 2018
509 3DBattery 3DBattery µBattery innovative thin-film flexible Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing 2018