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# achronym  title  year 
1 UPWARDS Understanding Planet Mars With Advanced Remote-sensing Datasets and Synergistic Studies 2015
2 EuroMix EuroMix 2015
3 CATCH ME Characterizing Atrial fibrillation by Translating its Causes into Health Modifiers in the Elderly 2015
4 OurFuture European Researchers' Night: Researchers' For a Better Future 2014
5 RoTalkScience RESEARCHERS' NIGHT in ROMANIA. Do you speak science? 2014
6 ULTIMATE Ultra Low emission Technology Innovations for Mid-century Aircraft Turbine Engines 2015
7 AquaSpace Ecosystem Approach to making Space for Aquaculture 2015
8 MORE-CONNECT Development and advanced prefabrication of innovative, multifunctional building envelope elements for MOdular REtrofitting and CONNECTions 2014
9 EXTPRO Quasi-Randomness in Extremal Combinatorics 2015
10 Feed-a-Gene Adapting the feed, the animal and the feeding techniques to improve the efficiency and sustainability of monogastric livestock production systems 2015
11 APERIM APERIM: Advanced bioinformatics platform for PERsonalised cancer IMmunotherapy 2015
12 DYNAHEALTH Understanding the dynamic determinants of glucose homeostasis and social capability to promote Healthy and active aging 2015
13 DiscardLess DiscardLess – Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries 2015
14 SUSFANS Metrics, Models and Foresight for European Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security 2015
15 SHIPS Screening to improve Health In very Preterm infantS in Europe 2015
16 B-CAST Breast CAncer STratification: understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular subtypes 2015
17 PEGASUS Public Ecosystem Goods And Services from land management - Unlocking the Synergies 2015
18 P4SB P4SB – From Plastic waste to Plastic value using Pseudomonas putida Synthetic Biology 2015
19 SOUND Statistical multi-Omics UNDerstanding of Patient Samples 2015
20 EUCLID EU-CHINA Lever for IPM Demonstration 2015
21 MULTIMOT Capture, dissemination and analysis of multiscale cell migration data for biological and clinical applications (MULTIMOT) 2015
22 MedBioinformatics Creating medically-driven integrative bioinformatics applications focused on oncology, CNS disorders and their comorbidities (MedBioinformatics) 2015
23 EMPHASIS Effective Management of Pests and Harmful Alien Species - Integrated Solutions 2015
24 nEUROSTRESSPEP Novel biocontrol agents for insect pests from neuroendocrinology 2015
25 METASPACE Bioinformatics for spatial metabolomics 2015
26 ParaFishControl Advanced Tools and Research Strategies for Parasite Control in European farmed fish 2015
28 CDS-QUAMRI A Clinical Decision Support system based on Quantitative multimodal brain MRI for personalized treatment in neurological and psychiatric disorders 2015
29 VIROGENESIS Virus discovery and epidemic tracing from high throughput metagenomic sequencing 2015
30 TASCMAR Tools And Strategies to access to original bioactive compounds from Cultivation of MARine invertebrates and associated symbionts 2015
32 EDC-MixRisk Integrating Epidemiology and Experimental Biology to Improve Risk Assessment of Exposure to Mixtures of Endocrine Disruptive Compounds 2015
33 BeyondSeq Genomic diagnostics beyond the sequence 2015
34 BRIDGES Breast Cancer Risk after Diagnostic Gene Sequencing (BRIDGES) 2015
35 TRACE Opening the cycling and walking tracking potential 2015
36 PanCanRisk Personalized bioinformatics for global cancer susceptibility identification and clinical management 2015
37 CoachCom2020 CoachCom2020 – a coaching community enhancing impact of the H2020 SME Instrument 2014
38 lightMaterInt Exploiting light and material interaction 2015
39 nextBioPharmDSP Next-generation biopharmaceutical downstream process 2015
40 HIPSTER Deployment of high pressure and temperature food processing for sustainable, safe and nutritious foods with fresh-like quality 2015
41 U-TURN Rethinking Urban Transportation through advanced tools and supply chain collaboration 2015
42 BONVOYAGE From Bilbao to Oslo, intermodal mobility solutions and interfaces for people and goods, supported by an innovative communication network 2015
43 CIRCODE Cell-type specific mechanisms regulating rhythms in leukocyte homing 2015
44 InDeV InDeV: In-Depth understanding of accident causation for Vulnerable road users 2015
45 CITYLAB City Logistics in Living Laboratories 2015
46 TILDA Towards Industrial LES/DNS in Aeronautics – Paving the Way for Future Accurate CFD 2015
47 FLOW Furthering Less Congestion by creating Opportunities for more Walking and cycling 2015
48 ELIPTIC Electrification of public transport in cities 2015
49 INSITER Intuitive Self-Inspection Techniques using Augmented Reality for construction, refurbishment and maintenance of energy-efficient buildings made of prefabricated components 2014
50 Smart-Rail Smart Supply Chain Oriented Rail Freight Services – Smart-Rail 2015
51 ETC The European Travellers Club: Account-Based Travelling across the European Union 2015
52 SENIORS Safety-ENhancing Innovations for Older Road userS 2015
53 EuTravel Optimodal European Travel Ecosystem 2015
54 RCMS Rethinking Container Management Systems 2015
55 WASCOSYS Wavefunctions for strongly correlated systems 2015
56 NeTIRail-INFRA Needs Tailored Interoperable Railway 2015
57 EMPOWER EMPOWERING a reduction in use of conventionally fueled vehicles using Positive Policy Measures. 2015
58 DESTinationRAIL Decision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure Managers 2015
59 SatisFactory A collaborative and augmented-enabled ecosystem for increasing SATISfaction and working experience in smart FACTORY environments 2015
60 FLEXOP Flutter Free FLight Envelope eXpansion for ecOnomical Performance improvement 2015
61 CIPTEC Collective Innovation for Public Transport in European Cities 2015
62 NOVELOG New cooperative business models and guidance for sustainable city logistics 2015
63 DIVERSITY Cloud Manufacturing and Social Software Based Context Sensitive Product-Service Engineering Environment for Globally Distributed Enterprise 2015
64 SAMT Sustainability assessment methods and tools to support decision-making in the process industries 2015
65 STYLE Sustainability Toolkit for easY Life-cycle Evaluation 2015
66 FracRisk Furthering the Knowledge Base For Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Shale Gas Development (FracRisk) 2015
67 MEASURE Metrics for Sustainability Assessment in European Process Industries 2015
68 PREVIEW PREdictiVe system to recommend Injection mold sEtup in Wireless sensor networks 2015
69 C2NET Cloud Collaborative Manufacturing Networks (C2NET) 2015
70 Manutelligence Product Service Design and Manufacturing Intelligence Engineering Platform 2015
71 ProRegio Customer-driven design of product-services and production networks to adapt to regional market requirements 2015
72 realFlow Virtualization of Real Flows for Animation and Simulation 2015
73 CREMA Cloud-based Rapid Elastic MAnufacturing 2015
74 SYMPLEXITY Symbiotic Human-Robot Solutions for Complex Surface Finishing Operations 2015
75 SWIMing Semantic Web for Information Management in Energy Efficient Buildings 2015
76 FoF-Impact Enhanced impact of the Factories of the Future PPP through technology transfer and expanded community 2015
77 ProPAT Robust and affordable process control technologies for improving standards and optimising industrial operations 2015
78 X-probe Advanced XFEL and Synchrotron based Probes of Protein Structure and Dynamics 2015
79 PROGRESS Prediction of Geospace Radiation Environment and solar wind parameters 2015
80 HESPERIA High Energy Solar Particle Events foRecastIng and Analysis 2015
81 HyMoCo Hybrid Node Modes for Highly Efficient Light Concentrators 2015
82 SYMPLECTIC Symplectic Measurements and Hamiltonian Dynamics 2015
83 LUPINROOTS Unravelling cluster root development in white lupin 2015
84 EVERYSOUND Computational Analysis of Everyday Soundscapes 2015
85 GAN Groups, Actions and von Neumann algebras 2015
86 BLOC Mathematical study of Boundary Layers in Oceanic Motions 2015
87 PredicTOOL Nanomethods to understand what makes an endogenous protein immunogenic 2015
88 RelRepDist Relative representation theory and distributions on reductive groups over local fields 2015
89 FunCatDesign Fundamental Studies in Catalysis – Reactivity Design with Experimental and Computational Tools 2015
90 AngioGenesHD Epistasis analysis of angiogenes with high cellular definition 2015
91 NEUROMITO Elucidating Neuronal Susceptibility to Mitochondrial Disease 2015
92 FOC Foundations of Cryptographic Hardness 2015
93 XBCBCAT From Supramolecular Chemistry to Organocatalysis: Fundamental Studies on the Use of Little-Explored Non-Covalent Interactions in Organic Synthesis 2015
94 ENHANCEDQMMR Enhanced Qualitative and Multi-Method Research in Political Science 2015
95 NeurogenesisCode Deciphering the role of adult neurogenesis in hippocampal memory codes by optically imaging neuronal activity in freely behaving mice 2015
96 CIRCUITASSEMBLY Development of functional organization of the visual circuits in mice 2015
97 FIDUCEO Fidelity and Uncertainty in Climate data records from Earth Observations 2015
98 BeeDanceGap Honeybee communication: animal social learning at the height of social complexity 2016
99 CORPNET Corporate Network Governance: Power, Ownership and Control in Contemporary Global Capitalism 2015
100 G4DSB G-quadruplex DNA Structures and Genome Stability 2015
101 OPT4SMART Distributed Optimization Methods for Smart Cyber-Physical Networks 2015
102 Crosstag Unravelling cross-presentation pathways using a chemical biology approach 2015
103 RGGC Random Graph Geometry and Convergence 2015
104 GEM From Geometry to Motion: inverse modeling of complex mechanical structures 2015
105 ComBact How complement molecules kill bacteria 2015
106 CurvedSusy Dynamics of Supersymmetry in Curved Space 2015
107 ExtreFlow Extreme deformation of structured fluids and interfaces. Exploiting ultrafast collapse and yielding phenomena for new processes and formulated products 2015
108 FLUID-INTERFACE Analysis of moving incompressible fluid interfaces 2015
109 BIVAQUM Bivariational Approximations in Quantum Mechanics and Applications to Quantum Chemistry 2015
110 Strained2DMaterials Unlocking new physics in controllably strained two-dimensional materials 2015
111 SENSQUID Scanning SQUID view of emergent states at interfaces 2015
112 SOS Sorting of Self 2015
113 GAIA-CLIM Gap Analysis for Integrated Atmospheric ECV CLImate Monitoring 2015
114 RYSQ Rydberg Quantum Simulators 2015
115 SUNJET II SUstainable Network for Japan-Europe aerospace research and Technology cooperation II 2014
116 DESCRAMBLE Drilling in supercritical geothermal condition 2015
117 DOLFINS Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society 2015
118 GRACeFUL Global systems Rapid Assessment tools through Constraint FUnctional Languages 2015
119 ShaleXenvironmenT Maximizing the EU shale gas potential by minimizing its environmental footprint 2015
120 SolarPredict SolarPredict: An advanced predictive tool and service of the Solar 11-yr Activity Cycle 2015
121 BrainFrame Automated framework for rapid simulations of high-detail brain models 2015
122 CIMPLEX Bringing CItizens, Models and Data together in Participatory, Interactive SociaL EXploratories 2015
123 ThermoDrill Fast track innovative drilling system for deep geothermal challenges in Europe 2015
124 eDrug Drug eDesign: Building the next generation of software solutions for drug design 2015
125 European IPR Helpdesk The European IPR Helpdesk 2015
126 BIOPOL Biochemical and mechanochemical mechanisms in polarized cells 2015
127 ChildBrain Advancing brain research in children’s developmental neurocognitive disorders 2015
128 EWIT EWIT: Developing an e-waste implementation toolkit to support the recycling and the secondary raw material recovery strategies in metropolitan areas in Africa 2015
129 MEDEA Molecular Electron Dynamics investigated by IntensE Fields and Attosecond Pulses 2015
130 WATERINNEU Applying European market leadership to river basin networks and spreading of innovation on water ICT models, tools and data 2015
131 ONCORNET ONCOgenic Receptor Network of Excellence and Training 2015
132 PREDICTABLE Understanding and predicting developmental language abilities and disorders in multilingual Europe 2015
133 Swennis SweNet Innovation Specialist and Key Account Manager Service 2014
134 WAVES Waves and Wave-Based Imaging in Virtual and Experimental Environments 2015
135 5G Wireless Innovative Architectures, Wireless Technologies and Tools for High Capacity and Sustainable 5G Ultra-Dense Cellular Networks 2015
136 NCPs CaRE National Contact Points for Climate action, Raw materials, Environment and Resource Efficiency 2015
137 KINDRA Knowledge Inventory for hydrogeology research 2015
138 SAF21 Social Science Aspects of Fisheries for the 21st Century 2015
139 InnovImp Improving the Innovation Management Capacities of SMEs 2014
140 FREEWAT FREE and open source software tools for WATer resource management 2015
141 MEL-PLEX Exploiting MELanoma disease comPLEXity to address European research training needs in translational cancer systems biology and cancer systems medicine 2014
142 GEO-C Joint Doctorate in Geoinformatics - Enabling Open Cities 2015
143 BlueSCities Blueprints for Smart Cities: Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the integration of the water and waste sectors within the EIP Smart Cities and Communities 2015
144 MET-A-FOR Metabolomic analysis for the forensic detection of drugs of abuse in performance and food producing animals 2015
145 TargetCaRe Targeting Cartilage Regeneration in joint and intervertebral disc diseases 2015
146 BiodivERsA3 Consolidating the European Research Area on biodiversity and ecosystem services 2015
147 I2BENE Innovation and Internationalisation services by BENE – I²BENE 2014
148 TRUSS Training in Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety 2015
149 MUSICARE MUltiSectoral Integrative approaches to CArdiac care 2015
150 VAMOS ¡Viable and Alternative Mine Operating System! 2015
151 COSMOS Complex Oscillatory Systems: Modeling and Analysis 2015
152 EUROLEISH-NET Control of leishmaniasis, from bench to bedside and community 2015
153 eCHO Systems Enhancing CHO by Mammalian Systems Biotechnology (eCHO systems) 2015
154 BIOGEL Engineering responsive and biomimetic hydrogels for biomedical therapeutic and diagnostic applications 2015
155 EpiPredict Epigenetic regulation of endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer: A systems medicine approach to predict treatment outcome 2015
156 MetaRNA RNA-based technologies for single-cell metabolite analysis 2015
157 COLLDENSE Hybrid Colloidal Systems with Designed Response 2015
158 DISTRO Distributed 3D Object Design 2015
159 InCeM Research Training Network on Integrated Component Cycling in Epithelial Cell Motility 2015
160 InnoChain Building Innovation in the Extended Digital Chain 2015
161 ECMED The Extracellular Matrix in Epileptogenesis 2015
162 SENECA Software ENgineering in Enterprise Cloud Applications systems 2015
163 BRAINVIEW Integrated view on disruptions of early brain development 2015
164 Biorapid Rapid Bioprocess Development 2015
165 QoE-Net innovative Quality Of Experience maNagement in Emerging mulTimedia services 2015
166 Remediate Improved decision-making in contaminated land site investigation and risk assessment 2015
167 UK150330_IMCpilot UK150330_Support to the provision of services Enhancing the innovation managementcapacities of SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in 2014 2014
168 NoHoW Evidence-based ICT tools for weight loss maintenance 2015
169 PT Innovative PT Innovative 2014
170 PROSME-INN PROSME SME- Improving management of innovation processes in SMEs 2014
171 Innovation Denmark Innovation Denmark 2014
172 INNO RO 4 EUROPE Enhancing economic impact in SME's in Romania by building innovation management capacity 2014
173 VEBIN SME “Establishing services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME's in the Enterprise Europe Network” in Flanders 2014
174 INSERV M-V Establishing the new EEN Services for the Enhancing the Innovation Management Capacity of SME's in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2014
175 NORIMS Norwegian Innovation Management Services 2014
176 CESEAND INNO-ASES Enhance innovation management capacities in Andalusian SMEs. 2014
177 HNN 2.0 Improving and professionalizing the Health NCP service across Europe. 2014
178 EURO-HEALTHY Shaping EUROpean policies to promote HEALTH equitY 2015
179 SMART4MD Support, Monitoring and Reminder Technology for Mild Dementia 2015
180 COMPARE COllaborative Management Platform for detection and Analyses of (Re-)emerging and foodborne outbreaks in Europe 2014
181 PROGRESS-TT PROs GRowing Europe through best practice SolutionS for Technology Transfer 2015
182 WOMEN-UP Cost effective self-management of urinary incontinence addressed to women across Europe 2015
183 EMI-TB Eliciting Mucosal Immunity to Tuberculosis 2015
184 myAirCoach Analysis, modelling and sensing of both physiological and environmental factors for the customized and predictive self-management of Asthma 2015
185 InvestHorizon Boosting Investment Readiness of SMEs and Small Midcaps - InvestHorizon 2014
186 ENRICHME Enabling Robot and assisted living environment for Independent Care and Health Monitoring of the Elderly 2015
187 Do CHANGE Do Cardiac Health: Advanced New Generation Ecosystem 2015
188 DanuBalt DanuBalt: Novel Approaches in Tackling the Health Innovation and Research Divide in the Danube and Baltic Sea Region 2015
189 PAL Personal Assistant for healthy Lifestyle (PAL) 2015
190 UnCoVerCPS Unifying Control and Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
191 FIESTA Federated Interoperable Semantic IoT/cloud Testbeds and Applications 2015
192 SWITCH Software Workbench for Interactive, Time Critical and Highly self-adaptive cloud applications 2015
193 CREATe-Network Processing and Characterization of Advanced Nano-Composites for Resource-efficient Applications and Technologies 2015
194 SUPERSEDE SUpporting evolution and adaptation of PERsonalized Software by Exploiting contextual Data and End-user feedback 2015
195 COSSIM A Novel, Comprehensible, Ultra-Fast, Security-Aware CPS Simulator 2015
196 INTO-CPS INtegrated TOol chain for model-based design of CPSs 2015
197 ALIGNED Aligned, Quality-centric Software and Data Engineering 2015
198 CRYDIS Driving innovation in pharmaceuticals: integrated studies of physical dissolution properties of crystalline and amorphous forms using enhanced orthogonal monitoring techniques 2015
199 SAFURE SAFety and secURity by design for interconnected mixed-critical cyber-physical systems 2015
200 IOSTACK Software Defined Storage for Big Data 2015
201 ePlus Ecosystem Fostering Web Entrepreneurship in Europe: e-talent, e-mentoring, e-services and e-capital for e-entrepreneurs 2015
202 Flourish Aerial Data Collection and Analysis, and Automated Ground Intervention for Precision Farming 2015
203 RePhrase REfactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Resource-Aware Applications - a Software Engineering Approach 2015
204 PING Printed Intelligent NFC Game cards and packaging 2015
205 MONROE Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe 2015
206 CPSELabs CPS Engineering Labs - expediting and accelerating the realization of cyber-physical systems 2015
207 MUSA MUlti-cloud Secure Applications 2015
208 EPP - eHealth European Procurers Platform - eHealth - Transforming the market for eHealth Solutions 2015
209 BigDataEurope Integrating Big Data, Software and Communities for Addressing Europe’s Societal Challenges 2015
210 Photonics4All EU-wide outreach for promoting photonics to young people, entrepreneurs and the general public 2015
211 CloudTeams Collaborative Software Development Framework based on Trusted, Secure Cloud-based Pool of Users 2015
212 iART Consumer-oriented ICT Solutions for creative SMEs providing Art in Bespoke Fashion 2015
213 AutoPost Deformable Surface Tracking and Alpha Matting for the Automation of Post-production Workflows 2015
214 MixedEmotions Social Semantic Emotion Analysis for Innovative Multilingual Big Data Analytics Markets 2015
215 SMARTSET High Performance Low Cost Virtual Studios for Creative Industries SMEs 2015
216 AquaSmart Aquaculture Smart and Open Data Analytics as a Service 2015
217 KConnect Khresmoi Multilingual Medical Text Analysis, Search and Machine Translation Connected in a Thriving Data-Value Chain 2015
218 MAMEM Multimedia Authoring and Management using your Eyes and Mind 2015
219 CARDIS Early stage CARdio Vascular Disease Detection with Integrated Silicon Photonics 2015
220 CENTAURO Robust Mobility and Dexterous Manipulation in Disaster Response by Fullbody Telepresence in a Centaur-like Robot 2015
221 VITAL VIrtualized hybrid satellite-TerrestriAl systems for resilient and fLexible future networks 2015
222 DIGISTART Support Ecosystems for Digital Startups 2015
223 SSICLOPS Scalable and Secure Infrastructures for Cloud Operations 2015
224 DICE Developing Data-Intensive Cloud Applications with Iterative Quality Enhancements 2015
225 MusicBricks MusicBricks: Musical Building Blocks for Digital Makers and Content Creators 2015
226 POPART Previz for On-set Production - Adaptive Realtime Tracking 2015
227 IMMORTAL Integrated Modelling, Fault Management, Verification and Reliable Design Environment for Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
228 CYCLONE Complete Dynamic Multi-cloud Application Management 2015
229 FabSurfWAR Design and Fabrication of Functional Surfaces with Controllable Wettability, Adhesion and Reflectivity 2015
230 HUMANE HUMANE: a typology, method and roadmap for HUman-MAchine NEtworks 2015
231 FURNIT-SAVER Smart Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketplace for Furniture Customisation 2015
232 TAPPS Trusted Apps for open CPS 2015
233 CP-SETIS Towards Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Tools Interoperability Standardisation 2015
234 HOLA CLOUD Effective collaboration for European RD and Innovation in software, services and Cloud computing: Knowledge discovery and Roadmapping 2015
235 OrganiCity OrganiCity – Co-creating smart cities of the future 2015
236 MECANEX Multimedia Content Annotations for Rapid Exploitation in Multi-Screen Environments 2015
237 reTHINK Trustful hyper-linked entities in dynamic networks 2015
238 RobDREAM Optimising Robot Performance while Dreaming 2015
239 SSIX Social Sentiment analysis financial IndeXes 2015
240 QT21 QT21: Quality Translation 21 2015
241 U-Test Testing Cyber-Physical Systems under Uncertainty: Systematic, Extensible, and Configurable Model-based and Search-based Testing Methodologies 2015
242 Film265 Improving European VoD Creative Industry with High Efficiency Video Delivery 2015
243 TOPWOOD Wood phenotyping tools: properties, functions and quality 2015
244 BeFOre Bioresources For Oliviculture 2015
245 BESIIICGEM An innovative Cylindrical Gas Electron Multiplier Inner Tracker for the BESIII Spectrometer 2015
246 AMMODIT Approximation Methods for Molecular Modelling and Diagnosis Tools 2015
247 MeTABLE Advanced bioinformatics for genome and metagenome analyses and discovery of novel biocatalists from extremophiles: implications for improving industrial bioprocesses 2014
248 STEER Support Tool for Energy Efficiency pRogrammes in medical centres 2014
249 NonMinimalHiggs Non Minimal Higgs 2015
250 PARTY Participatory Tools for Human Development with the Youth 2015
251 Financial Transparency Platform for the Public Sector 2015
252 MERID Middle East Research and Innovation Dialogue 2015
253 DIGIWHIST The Digital Whistleblower. Fiscal Transparency, Risk Assessment and Impact of Good Governance Policies Assessed 2015
254 SPOOC Automated Security Proofs of Cryptographic Protocols: Privacy, Untrusted Platforms and Applications to E-voting Protocols 2015
255 YDS Your Data Stories 2015
256 I-LINC Platform for ICT learning and inclusion for youth employability and entrepreneurship 2015
257 ERN The European Remanufacturing Network - coordinating and supporting European remanufacturers 2015
258 ERANet SmartGridPlus ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus: support deep knowledge sharing between regional and European Smart Grids initiatives 2015
259 ENATRANS Enabling NAnomedicine TRANSlation 2015
260 ATLASS Advanced high-resolution printing of organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces 2015
261 SeeingNano Developing and Enabling Nanotechnology Awareness-Building through the Creation and Exchange of enhanced Communication and Visualisation Tools and Guidance for ‘Seeing at the Nanoscale’ 2014
262 NOBEL GRID New Cost Efficient Business Models for Flexible Smart Grids 2015
263 STORY STORY- Added value of STORage in distribution sYstems 2015
264 IndustRE Innovative Business Models for Market Uptake of Renewable Electricity unlocking the potential for flexibility in the Industrial Electricity Use 2015
265 SECURECHAIN Securing future-proof environmentally compatible bioenergy chains 2015
266 NETFFICIENT Energy and economic efficiency for today’s smart communities through integrated multi storage technologies 2015
267 SmarterEMC2 Smarter Grid: Empowering SG Market Actors through Information and Communication Technologies 2015
268 Bioenergy4Business Uptake of Solid Bioenergy in European Commercial Sectors (Industry, Trade, Agricultural and Service Sectors) – Bioenergy for Business 2015
269 UPGRID Real proven solutions to enable active demand and distributed generation flexible integration, through a fully controllable LOW Voltage and medium voltage distribution grid 2015
270 PeroxiSystem Systematic exploration of peroxisomal structure and function 2015
271 RICH Research Infrastructures Consortium for Horizon 2020 2014
272 SynChI Striatal cholinergic cell assemblies in movement disorders 2015
273 Euler systems Euler systems and the Birch--Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture 2015
274 CancerHetero Dissection of tumor heterogeneity in vivo 2015
275 MathModExp The Evolution of Competition and Cooperation: how polymorphisms in microbial populations optimise virulence and mediate drug resistance 2015
276 SYMBIOSYS Symbolic Analysis of Temporal and Functional Behavior of Networked Systems 2015
277 RNArepair Site-directed RNA Editing to Manipulate RNA and Protein Function 2015
278 CWASI Coping with water scarcity in a globalized world 2015
279 DYNPOR First principle molecular dynamics simulations for complex chemical transformations in nanoporous materials 2015
280 MODEST Mathematical Optimization for clinical DEcision Support and Training 2015
281 EPAF Role of Epithelial Apoptotic Force in Morphogenesis 2015
282 CosmicDust Lighting up the dark - the evolution of dust throughout cosmic time 2015
283 DiODe Distributed Algorithms for Optimal Decision-Making 2015
284 InvGroGra Asymptotic invariants of discrete groups, sparse graphs and locally symmetric spaces 2015
285 GLYCO-TOOLS Bio-Inspired Tools for Glycoscience 2015
286 TIAMO Trapping Ions in Atoms and Molecules Optically 2015
287 DISTRUCT Structure Theory for Directed Graphs 2015
288 UbiProPox Modulation of the Ubiquitin Proteasome System During Multiple Stages of the Poxvirus Lifecycle 2015
289 NET4SOCIETY4 Transnational network of National Contact Points (NCPs) of Societal Challenge 6 'Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies' (SC6) 2015
290 FIRSTRUN Fiscal Rules and Strategies under Externalities and Uncertainties 2015
291 EUFORIE European Futures for Energy Efficiency 2015
292 IIT Industrial Innovation in Transition 2015
293 FIRES Financial and Institutional Reforms for the Entrepreneurial Society 2015
294 RE-InVEST Rebuilding an Inclusive, Value-based Europe of Solidarity and Trust through Social Investments 2015
295 STEP Societal and political engagement of young people in environmental issues 2015
296 QuInnE Quality of Jobs and Innovation Generated Employment Outcomes 2015
297 EnerGAware Energy Game for Awareness of energy efficiency in social housing communities 2015
298 EnPC-INTRANS Capacity Building on Energy Performance Contracting in European Markets in Transition 2015
299 RentalCal Incentives through Transparency: European Rental Housing Framework for Profitability Calculation of Energetic Retrofitting Investments 2015
300 TRIBE TRaIning Behaviours towards Energy efficiency: Play it! 2015
301 GreenS GreenS – Green public procurement supporters for innovative and sustainable institutional change 2015
302 URBAN LEARNING Integrative energy planning of urban areas: collective learning for improved governance 2015
303 SEI Metrics Developing Sustainable Energy Investment (SEI) metrics, benchmarks, and assessment tools for the financial sector 2015
304 TAIPI Tools and Actions for Impact Assessment and Policy makers Information 2015
305 COMAWARE COMmunication and Assessment With Adaptive Realtime Environments 2014
306 MICROAB Micro machining with abrasive waterjets 2014
307 MIGOSA Modified Internal Gate image sensor for low light optimised Out-door Security surveillance Applications 2014
308 CVDTEU Clinical validation of the DiviTum assay in key European markets 2014
309 Fluorobot Robotic fluorescent microscope for smear slide screening in Tuberculosis Diagnosis 2014
310 ThinkEHR Platform Think!EHR Platform as vendor-neutral, open health data platform, designed for real-time, transactional health data storage enabling to go from idea to application in one hour. 2014
311 NIR-PERFECT Non-contact Near Infra-Red insPEction and monitoRing For Evaluation of ComposiTes 2014
312 Stefy Sensor Technology for Food analYsis 2014
313 BMEVLP Biomarkers for clinical assessment of lungs intended for transplantation 2014
314 CAPTOR cAPTor captures Advanced System Threats 2014
315 ProZero ProZero - Carbon Based fast boats for professional use 2014
316 PILOTS Prototyping Internet Lot of Things Software 2014
317 FACCE-Evolve FACCE-Evolve - Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change Coordination and Support Action 2 2015
318 PLATFORM2 Platform of bioeconomy ERA-NET Actions 2015
319 Hennovation Practice-led innovation supported by science and market-driven actors in the laying hen and other livestock sectors 2015
320 Respon-SEA-ble Sustainable oceans : our collective responsibility, our common interest. Building on real-life knowledge knowledge systems for developing interactive and mutual learning media 2015
321 BioSTEP Promoting stakeholder engagement and public awareness for a participative governance of the European bioeconomy 2015
322 CLEANLIB Cleansing the Library: the Expurgatory Censorship of Books in Europe (Science and Humanities, 16th-18th cent.) 2016
323 STEMCELLTRACK Assessment of Global and Regional Cardiac Functional Improvements in a Murine Model of Myocardial Infarction following Stem Cell Treatments 2015
324 MARGIN Tackle Insecurity in Marginalized Areas 2015
325 GLASS Glass, Faience and Food in Late Bronze Age Societies: An Analysis of the Socio-Economics of Urban Industries in Egyptian and Mesopotamian settlements 2015
326 MICEXPRESS Understanding how selection for body weight in mouse operates at the RNA level 2015
327 DARWIN Expecting the unexpected and know how to respond 2015
328 WISER Wide-Impact cyber SEcurity Risk framework 2015
329 TARGET Training Augmented Reality Generalised Environment Toolkit 2015
330 ESPRIT Easily diStributed Personal RapId Transit 2015
331 Flex-ON Flexible Optical Networks – Time Domain Hybrid QAM: DSP and Physical Layer Modelling 2015
332 ReCRED From Real-world Identities to Privacy-preserving and Attribute-based CREDentials for Device-centric Access Control 2015
333 TYPES Towards transparencY and Privacy in the onlinE advertising businesS 2015
334 LAW-TRAIN Mixed-reality environment for training teams in joint investigative interrogation-Intelligent interrogation training simulator 2015
335 AUGGMED Automated Serious Game Scenario Generator for Mixed Reality Training 2015
336 INDIGO-DataCloud INtegrating Distributed data Infrastructures for Global ExplOitation 2015
337 SMR Smart Mature Resilience 2015
338 GuiDanCe Support the coordination of cities’ activities via the Green Digital Charter 2015
339 VisiOn Visual Privacy Management in User Centric Open Environments 2015
340 Unity Unity 2015
341 Fractional Fractionalized quantum matter: Characterization, realization and generalization 2015
342 WOSCAP Whole-of-Society Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding 2015
343 IMP3rove for Future Adapting and maintaining the innovation management assessment tools and support Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs 2014
344 GLOBIS-B GLOBal Infrastructures for Supporting Biodiversity research 2015
345 OpenMinTeD Open Mining INfrastructure for TExt and Data 2015
346 DecoMP_ECoG Decoding memory processing from experimental and spontaneous human brain activity using intracranial electrophysiological recordings and machine learning based methods. 2015
347 ACTRIS-2 Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure 2015
348 PARTHENOS Pooling Activities, Resources and Tools for Heritage E-research Networking, Optimization and Synergies 2015
349 VULCAN Vulnerability of soil organic carbon to climate change in permafrost and dryland ecosystems 2015
350 LIMB NETWORKS Network Analysis of Musculoskeletal Evolution and Modularity during the Fin-to-Limb Transition 2015
351 EHRI European Holocaust Research Infrastructure 2015
352 AIDA-2020 Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators 2015
353 HNSKMAP High-order Numerical Schemes for Kinetic Models with Applications in Plasma Physics 2016
354 ENVRI PLUS Environmental Research Infrastructures Providing Shared Solutions for Science and Society 2015
355 STR- ESFRI Support to Reinforce the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures 2015
356 QUTEMAG Quantum-Enhanced Optical Magnetometers 2016
357 TentaclesOfVenom Unravelling the enigmatic origin of venom secreting cells in sea anemone 2015
358 GETUI Gestures in Tangible User Interfaces 2015
359 FOC4SIP Functionalised Organic Complexes for rapid Sensing of Industrial Polluters 2015
360 EPOCH GeoChem Early POpulations in Cretan History: Investigating residential mobility in the eastern Mediterranean using isotope GeoChemistry 2016
361 EACISD Embodied and Abstract Concepts in Sensory-motor Deprivation 2015
362 Egg-Juvenate Deciphering the roles of chromatin modifiers in germline aging 2015
363 THALAMODEL Multimodal, high-resolution modeling of the thalamus for neuroimaging studies: application to dyslexia 2015
364 GUIDES GUideline Implementation with DEcision Support systems 2015
365 EPINET Detection of brain patterns for the characterisation of epileptic networks 2015
366 DTI4micro Quantitative characterization of cardiac tissue microstructure from Diffusion Tensor Imaging 2015
367 EXPRESSIONARRATION Narration, linguistic expression and discourse structure: explorations of orality in Occitan and French 2016
368 Q-METAPP Quantum Metrology in Applications 2015
369 EasyEBC Easy-to-Implement Energy-Based Control Design for Systems of Conservation Laws 2015
370 ILDS Integrability and Linearization of Dynamical Systems 2016
371 ReprObesity Overweight-induced Hypogonadism as major factor for the generation and/or perpetuation of Metabolic Co-morbidities of Obesity: Contribution of Epigenetic Regulatory Mechanisms 2016
372 SmartMass Behavioral and cognitive mechanisms promoting collective intelligence in human groups 2015
373 PEDIGREE Pluralistic Economics for Development in Green Economic Enhancement 2016
374 LDMRD Large Deviations and Measure Rigidity in Dynamics 2015
375 ROOT BARRIERS Molecular mechanisms controlling endodermis and exodermis differentiation in tomato roots 2016
376 UltraTherMicroscope Ultra-sensitive Thermal Nanoscale Microscope 2015
377 Inflammafish Cross-talk between inflammation and autophagy in tuberculosis 2016
378 Digiseal Byzantine seals in a digital age: new tools for European research 2015
379 CARDI-ACHE The cardiovascular consequences of endurance exercise 2015
380 CHENGEN An integrated framework to investigate the genetics of changing environments 2015
381 ADRIA Adriatic Perspectives: Memory and Identity on a Transnational European Periphery 2016
382 KinCoop Do plants cooperate in reproduction? The effect of sharing pollination services on plant reproductive strategies 2015
383 DeepTrees Computational modelling of evolutionary dynamics in the deep sea 2015
384 BBLOCK Stereocontrolled synthesis of polypropionates based on building block assembly strategies by lithiation-borylation methodologies 2015
385 Dietary biomarkers Dietary biomarkers and compliance 2016
386 OHPF Optimizing for Happiness in Personal Finance 2015
387 HQSTS High-Quality voice model for STatistical parametric speech Synthesis 2015
388 ImagiNE Imaging Nonlinear Elasticity for seismology 2016
389 InterAcTEV Genome-wide analysis of RNA and protein interacting profiles during a plant virus infection 2015
390 DEMONH DEsign of Multifunctional 2D-OrgaNic Hybrids 2016
391 Quokka Maturation A mature Quokka for everyone – advancing the capabilities and accessibility of numerical solar cell simulations 2016
392 b-lactams C-H activation Discovery of novel β-lactam analogs oriented to control multidrug-resistant bacteria enabled by Pd-catalyzed C–H activation of aliphatic amines 2015
394 FireAndRiskPrevention When the smoke clears: predicting and preventing catastrophic erosion and flooding after wildfires in volcanic terrains 2015
395 CADORS Computer-Aided Design Of Revolutionary Superalloys 2015
396 ViGOTHIC Towards a typology of Visigothic script: the Beatus British Library Add. 11695 and its potential for dating and localising Visigothic script manuscripts 2015
397 IMSTREV Immune modulation by lymph node stromal cell-derived extracellular vesicles 2015
398 IPBMNES Integrated Pedestrian Behavior Modeling under Normal and Evacuation Situations 2017
399 Soft Gluons Soft Gluon Physics and Multi-Loop Calculations 2015
400 ETAB Entangled Twin Atom Beams 2015
401 LQTS-HORSES Platform for diagnosing long QT syndrome in horses - Step II: Identification of long QT syndrome 2015
402 TANYFEEDNEURONS Gliotransmission and shuttling of metabolic signals to feeding neuronal circuits by tanycytes 2015
403 ECONOMY Plant Ecology for Nitrous Oxide Mitigation and Sustainable Productivity 2016
404 Class II PI3K Characterization of the signalling and physiological roles of the class II PI3Ks 2016
405 DEFT Dark energy, non-linearites and effective theories 2015
406 metaC-Hfunct CO2 as a traceless directing group for catalytic meta C-H olefinations 2015
407 NETIA Neolithic textiles and clothing industries in the Aegean 2015
408 SO-CMA Improving the safety of oral immunotherapy for cow's milk allergy in children 2016
409 AluminiumScrapDbase Aluminium Scrap: Open access database for impurity levels-microstructure-property and methods to recover properties in high impurity scrap 2015
410 OATP Operator algebraic approach to topological phases 2015
411 FRAMAB Flood Risk Assessment and mitigation for Masonry Arch Bridges 2015
412 MOCT Spectral Theory of Non-Selfadjoint Markov Processes with Applications in Self-Similarity, Branching Processes and Financial Mathematics 2015
413 CoEvolFramework Unified Framework for the Analysis of Co-evolutionary Systems 2016
414 MIDGESYM Symbiotic bacteria in midges: understanding their role in determining vector competence and transmission of viruses 2015
415 TOP-DOL Topological physics in tunable optical lattices 2015
416 NICOS Nonlinear optical coatings at high intensities 2015
417 Space-Time from Info Space-Time from Information Flow 2015
418 NEUROMITO Mitochondrial Dynamics and Local Protein Synthesis in Dendrites 2016
419 YAKUT Genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics of Yakutian horses, a unique domestic breed adapted to life in the Arctic 2015
420 YAKUT Genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics of Yakutian horses, a unique domestic breed adapted to life in the Arctic 2015
421 MIGWAR Investigating the interactions between civil wars and migration. 2015
422 PREF LEARNHEUR Learning heuristics in preference elicitation tasks: insights from behavioural, computational and neurobiological investigations 2015
423 EM-Pillars Controlled cryo-EM sample preparation through DNA-Origami pillars 2015
425 EMMA European Multimodal Metaphor in Advertising 2015
426 MarkEfficiency Digestive and nutritional indicators of feed efficiency in cattle fed forage-based diets 2015
427 CHLOROIRIDOIDS Elusive enzymes with biocatalytic potential: chlorinases in the plant kingdom 2015
428 FRAMING_EFFECTS Experimental Analysis of Framing Effects via Observation of Decision-Making Processes to Improve the Real-World Applicability of Decision Research in Economics 2015
429 PEMETH Planning and Evaluation Methodologies for Mental Healthcare Buildings 2015
430 AraMyco Uncovering the molecular dialogue between the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and the non-host plant. 2015
431 MitoTAGs Developing next-generation tools for mitochondrial dissection with cell-specific resolution. 2015
432 PromoTeRapy Haploinsufficiency and Intractable Epilepsy Rescue Increasing Endogenous Gene PromoterEfficiency 2016
433 Social Jet Lag Social Jet Lag: Avian Solutions to Misalignment between Circadian Clocks and Social Cues 2016
434 SpikeControl Cerebellar Spiking Model For Real-time Closed-loop Sensorimotor Control 2015
435 VIVO_MECH_COLL_MIGRA Biomechanical analysis of in vivo directional collective migration 2016
436 NextGen Airliners Designing Next-Generation Aircraft via High-Fidelity Computational Models and Optimization 2015
437 GEODEM Geography of Demography: modelling plant population responses to global habitat patterns 2015
438 MediVAC Bio-sustainable production of natural medicines from Vitex 2015
439 BIDAMARK BIg DAta-driven MARKeting for better competitiveness 2015
440 Als-on-a-chip A tissue-on-a-chip platform for systems-level studies of ALS pathology and drug screening 2015
441 MaSCheNav Mass Spectrometry-Based Chemoproteomic Profiling of Nav1.7, a Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel 2015
442 HiPerMeGaFlowS High-Performance Curved Meshing and Unstructured High-Order Galerkin Solvers for High-Fidelity Flow Simulation 2015
443 HEALTHYSYNAPSES Molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic maintenance and rejuvenation 2016
444 MACROIMAGING Specific Fluorogenic Peptides for Imaging Metastasis-associated Macrophages 2015
445 MEBA Molecular epidemiology of Bacillus anthracis: novel data and techniques for local surveillance in Tanzania 2015
446 STOMMAC Stochastic Multi-Scale Modelling for the Analysis of Closed-Loop Interactions among Brain Networks 2015
447 StentFEM Advanced Finite Element Modeling of Arterial Stent Placement Procedures 2015
448 REAP Real-time diagnostics for Enabling Advanced laser-based roll to roll materials Processing 2015
449 Adapting Dickens Dickens, Adaptation, and the Nineteenth-Century European Theatre 2016
450 MaNET Majorana Networks 2015
451 VascColl Temporally controlled delivery of vascular therapeutics from a regenerative template for diabetic wound healing 2015
452 FiBRO Fibroblasts in the Biology of Rectal Cancer Progression 2016
453 ReACT A Realizability Approach to Complexity Theory 2015
454 MARSS-5G Modeling and Analysis of Random Spatial Systems for 5G Networks 2015
455 BARREL Barrel Assemblies of Membrane Active Artificial Foldamers 2015
456 THSExposure Thirdhand Tobacco Smoke: Chemical Characterization, Human Exposure and Urinary Carcinogen Biomarkers 2015
457 BRIDGES Bioinformatic approaches to identify and detect both disease- and drug-related genomic alterations in breast cancer patients 2015
458 NCDIFFGEO Models of noncommutative differential geometries 2016
459 ISPADMEC Integrin specificity in rigidity sensitive proliferation, activation and directional migration of endothelial cells 2015
460 OPTOFRAX Optopharmacological brain mapping of autism mouse models 2015
461 KCs and Gut Antigens Elucidating the role of liver resident Kupffer cells in the regulation of the immune responses to intestinal antigens 2015
462 FORGE From new Objects to new woRds through GEstures: how sensory-motor experiences of objects and tools influence word acquisition in children 2016
463 FISHDOPA Dopaminergic neurons and the reward system in fish: a functional neuroanatomical multidisciplinary study 2016
464 ParaplegiaERDros Roles of spastic paraplegia proteins in organisation of axonal endoplasmic reticulum 2016
465 MALCOD Machine Learning for Computational Dynamics 2015
466 MINERVA Micro-RNAs of neutrophils in renal ANCA-associated vasculitis 2016
467 GABACODEV Role of GABAergic microcircuits with different embryonic origins in the orchestration of early cortical dynamics in the awake mouse pup 2015
468 BACTOSHAPE Single cell biophysics of bacterial cell shape 2015
469 PIOMES Pbx proteins as pioneer factors promoting signal specificity in mesodermal differentiation 2015
470 WntTraffic Characterising the spatial organisation and regulation of the Wnt receptor complex in stem cells and cancer 2016
471 SpTheoryGraphLim Spectral Theory of Graph Limits 2015
472 ID4 Role of Id4 in the adult subventricular zone of normal and injured brain 2015
473 NewPhysicsInSpace Indirect Probes of New Physical Phenomena in Space 2015
474 virus-DNP-NMR Development of high-field DNP-enhanced MAS NMR techniques for structure determination of viral capsids 2015
475 FOLDASYNBIO Bioinspired Nanostructures by Self-assembly of Amphiphilic Non-peptide Helical Foldamers in Aqueous Environment 2015
476 EAVESTROP Eavesdropping on the tropics: assessment of climate change impacts on amphibians through passive acoustic monitoring 2016
477 NETPAC Microbial networks for PAC cycling in polluted soils 2015
479 COSMOS Optical point of care system for heart failure mass screening 2015
480 BinCosmos The impact of Massive Binary Stars through Cosmic Times 2015
481 NMJALS In vivo analysis of neuromuscular junction stability in zebrafish models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2015
482 SOX10mutants Investigating genotype-phenotype correlations in SOX10 neurocristopathies 2015
483 InCisive creTRAP for in situ Characterization of Fibrosis-Promoting Pathways in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 2016
484 EGRET European Glaucoma Research Training Program 2015
486 ID_MOBILE Solution to authenticate and read ID documents using mobile devices at point of origin in real-time, eliminating manual handling and providing better, more secure services. 2015
487 MeshAnalyzer Analysis Tool for Mesh Design of Leading Edge Design of Integrated Circuits 2015
489 Platon software PLATform fOr iNteroperable multiphysics digital mock-up 2015
490 HitSeedSME-1-09-14 HitSeed application for the Horizon 2020 dedicated SME Instrument - Phase 1 2014. September 2014. 2014
491 BIOTIMA Market Opportunity Confirmation for Biomimetic Tissue Matrix Products 2015
492 COLOMBUS-1 COmposite repair solutions for aeronautical BUSiness development – Phase 1 2015
493 Unbabel Unbabel: Scalable, affordable and seamless content globalization using distributed crowd-post editing 2015
494 iLocator iLocator - Map, track and manage point-based-assets 2015
495 MDLab Ginestra A novel characterization- and reliability-oriented simulation software for dielectric-based nano-electronic devices 2015
496 Pathogens detection Antibiotics reduction with early mastitis pathogens detection for @ point of animal care usages 2015
497 SCATMET Developing a multispectral volume scattering meter for measuring the optical properties of sea andocean water 2015
498 ScanZ Point of care medical device enabling patient self-assessment for acne diagnosis support. 2015
499 Multidyn Patented advanced low-cost multiwell cell-culture system for in-vitro physiologically relevant biomarker screening 2015
500 SiMAX SiMAX – translation machine for sign language 2015
501 GY GameYourself - Create a virtual 3D model of a person’s face based on a short video taken with any smartphone cam. 2014
502 GOLFTRACKER Automatic tracking of golf games for improvement and training purposes, using GNSS receivers, wearable sensors and Earth Observation information 2015
503 LEGEND LEGEND, Sport goes viral 2015
504 Timtrace Tracing tropical timber 2015
505 ADAPTIVE Industrial implementation of adaptive computational methods for turbulent flow and fluid-structure interaction 2015
506 MIIMETIQ Telemetry and Telecontrol for the Internet of things (IoT) 2015
508 CoMPi Coastal and shallow-water monitoring through innovative low-cost technologies for blue growth in the Mediterranean 2015
509 HUMICE AXENIS Humanized Mice – Innovation towards industrial scale-up 2015
510 MicroLAB MicroLAB lab-on-a-cartridge, a disruptive concept. Towards an innovative solution for food safety 2015
511 Gamesmondo Gamesmondo Affiliation and Monetisation Ecosystem 2015
512 FREE-D CNC dynamic mold for producing freely curved glass panels 2015
513 BrainPEER Brain Performance Enhancement Revolution - Advanced Cognitive Training System for Football Players 2015
514 NZE Buildings Developing replicable and cost effective Nearly Zero-Energy' building solutions for small builders in Europe 2015
515 MILANO ROBOT Minimal Invasive Light Automatic Natural Orifice Robotic Platform 2015
516 PCMPS Precision Cancer Medicine Pipeline and Services 2015
517 eKuore eKoure: the world´s first wireless stethoscope of the mhealth market. 2015
519 SDN-Polygraph Cloud-based Visibility Service for Software Defined Networks 2015
520 OPTILIFT OPTILIFT offshore lifting and logistics 2015
521 ResMet Resampling methods for nonstationary stochastic processes 2015
522 PolyHalter Development of Polymer Halter for Oil Filters 2015
523 EFFECTIVE Exploiting Factory of the Future projects through Enhanced Clustering towards Technology Transfer, Innovation and Value creation for European industry. 2015
524 PETRA PETRA - Photonic Environment moniToring Risk Assessment 2015
525 Enabling Excellence Graphene-based nanomaterials for touchscreen technologies: Comprehension, Commerce and Communication 2015
526 SME CoachLT Establishing services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME's in the Lithuanian Enterprise Europe Network consortia 2014
527 UNCAP Ubiquitous iNteroperable Care for Ageing People 2015
528 PROEIPAHA PROEIPAHA: Coordination, Support and Promotion activities in favour of EIPAHA 2015
529 SOMATCH Support IT solution for creative fashion designers by integrated software systems to collect, define and visualize textile and clothing trends through innovative image analysis from open data 2015
530 DRAGON-STAR Plus Dragon - Sustaining Technology And Research Plus (EU-China Collaboration) 2015
531 ERA-LEARN 2020 Strengthening joint programming in Europe 2015
532 NMP TeAm 3 Improving the services of the NMP NCP Network through Transnational Activities 2015
533 OPTi OPTiOptimisation of District Heating Cooling systems 2015
534 ProBIO Professional support to the uptake of bioeconomy RD results towards market, further research and policy for a more competitive European bioeconomy 2015
535 AARC Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration (AARC) 2015
536 ENTRUST Energy System Transition Through Stakeholder Activation, Education and Skills Development 2015
537 ISO-COLD Integrated SOlution to enhance COLD chain and logistic tracking 2015
538 MASSIVE Multinationals, Institutions and Innovation in Europe 2015
539 PrecisionTools4LHC High precision predictions and tools for LHC Physics 2015
540 iTampon Intimate, home-diagnostic tools for women 2015
541 IMPRESS New Easy to Install and Manufacture PRE-Fabricated Modules Supported by a BIM based Integrated Design ProceSS 2015
542 BERTIM Building energy renovation through timber prefabricated modules 2015
543 TOSSIBERG Theory of Stein Spaces in Berkovich Geometry 2015
544 iBack Individualized treatment planning in chronic back pain patients by advanced imaging and multi-parametric biomechanical models 2015
545 ADaPTIVE Analysing Diversity with a Phenomic approach: Trends in Vertebrate Evolution 2015
546 DecentLivingEnergy Energy and emissions thresholds for providing decent living standards to all 2015
547 MultiScaleNeurovasc Quantifying the structure-function of the neurovascular interface: from micro-circuits to large-scale functional organization 2015
548 LIFES 50plus Qualification of innovative floating substructures for 10MW wind turbines and water depths greater than 50m. 2015
549 CENTAUR Cost Effective Neural Technique for Alleviation of Urban Flood Risk 2015
550 RESYNTEX A new circular economy concept: from textile waste towards chemical and textile industries feedstock 2015
551 iMETland iMETland: A new generation of Microbial Electrochemical Wetland for effective decentralized wastewater treatment 2015
552 AQUACROSS Knowledge, Assessment, and Management for AQUAtic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services aCROSS EU policies (AQUACROSS) 2015
553 BAMB Buildings as Material Banks: Integrating Materials Passports with Reversible Building Design to Optimise Circular Industrial Value Chains 2015
554 ECWRTI ECOLORO: Reuse of Waste Water from the Textile Industry 2015
556 NANORESTART NANOmaterials for the REStoration of works of ART 2015
557 iBUS iBUS – an integrated business model for customer driven custom product supply chains 2015
558 NANO-CATHEDRAL Nanomaterials for conservation of European architectural heritage developed by research on characteristic lithotypes 2015
559 AEDMOS Attosecond Electron Dynamics in MOlecular Systems 2015
560 CODA Custom-Made Ontology Based Data Access 2015
561 QUANTUMMETALINK Quantum Metamaterials: A Theoretical and Computational Approach Towards Seamlessly Integrated Hybrid Classical/Quantum Nano-structures 2015
562 IQFT Integrable Structures in Quantum Field Theory 2015
563 RESIN Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructures 2015
564 BODEGA BOrdDErGuArd - Proactive Enhancement of Human Performance in Border Control 2015
565 EU-CIRCLE A panEuropean framework for strengthening Critical Infrastructure resilience to climate change 2015
566 MAGIC Middleware for collaborative Applications and Global vIrtual Communities 2015
567 germcells A platform for the generation of human gametes in vitro 2016
568 SAMOFAR A Paradigm Shift in Reactor Safety with the Molten Salt Fast Reactor 2015
569 SOTERIA Safe long term operation of light water reactors based on improved understanding of radiation effects in nuclear structural materials 2015
570 sCO2-HeRo The supercritical CO2 Heat Removal System 2015
571 SPRINT SNETP Programming for Research and Innovation in Nuclear Technology 2015
572 IVMR In-Vessel Melt Retention Severe Accident Management Strategy for Existing and Future NPPs 2015
573 IBSEN Bridging the gap: from Individual Behaviour to the Socio-tEchnical MaN 2015
574 MMAC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Computing 2015
575 NEMF21 Noisy Electromagnetic Fields - A Technological Platform for Chip-to-Chip Communication in the 21st Century 2015
576 DEDALE Data Learning on Manifolds and Future Challenges 2015
577 DigiArt The Internet Of Historical Things And Building New 3D Cultural Worlds 2015
578 INCEPTION Inclusive Cultural Heritage in Europe through 3D semantic modelling 2015
579 CIRCLE Coordinating European Research on Molecular Communications 2015
580 Dermtest An empowering toolkit for general practitioners to prevent, detect and treat melanoma (Dermtest) 2015
581 JFB Jellyfish Barge - A floating greenhouse 2015
582 ECO - ENGAGE GreenApes Sustainability Software Service: Employee Engagement for Eco-innovation 2015
583 DAHDAC DAHDAC project: Disruptive Approach to Highly Distributed Application Creation 2015
584 Respiratory Analyzer Validation of calibrated RIP (respiratory inductive plethysmography) based biomarker for diagnosis of SDB (sleep-disordered breathing) and the identification of an accessible screening solution 2015
585 VitiPrecision 2020 VitiPrecision 2020 2015
586 P3DNavitech Novel navigation system for arthroscopy that uses solely the endoscopic video to perform measurements inside the joints and provide the necessary guidance to the surgeon. 2015
587 PROVIDE PROVIding smart DElivery of public goods by EU agriculture and forestry 2015
588 ER_disease Defining hormonal cross-talk and the role of mutations in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer 2015
589 S4F Setting the Stage for Solar System Formation 2015
590 QCUMbER Quantum Controlled Ultrafast Multimode Entanglement and Measurement 2015
591 GRAVITATE Geometric Reconstruction And noVel semantIc reunificaTion of culturAl heriTage objEcts 2015
592 ALISE Advanced Lithium Sulphur battery for xEV 2015
593 QualiLine-C-2.0 Quality and Production Control with Integrated Machine Vision 2015
594 INTRANSYS Delivering next generation Transport Management System to European transport SMEs 2015
595 NanoFASE Nanomaterial FAte and Speciation in the Environment 2015
596 eMurmur eMurmur, a software based, clinically tested medical device for automated heart murmur detection 2015
597 EngineeringPercepts Reverse engineering sensory perception and decision making: bridging physiology, anatomy and behavior 2015
598 SURFINK Functional materials from on-surface linkage of molecular precursors 2015
599 LITTLE TOOLS Enacting the Good Economy: Biocapitalization and the little tools of valuation 2015
600 CONC-VIA-RIEMANN High-Dimensional Convexity, Isoperimetry and Concentration via a Riemannian Vantage Point 2015
601 PNANOMED Personalized Nanomedicines for Leukemia Patients 2015
602 DEMSEC Democratic Secrecy: A Philosophical Study of the Role of Secrecy in Democratic Politics 2015
603 MELGEN MELanoma GENetics - understanding and biomarking the genetic and immunological determinants of melanoma survival 2015
605 TCBL TCBL – Textile and Clothing Business Labs Transformative Business Models for the Textile Clothing Sector 2015
606 THREEDCELLPHYSICS The physics of three dimensional chromosome and protein organisation within the cell 2015
607 PANDEM Pandemic Risk and Emergency Management 2015
608 TRECKQUITY Social equity goals in conservation interventions: a system thinking approach to track progress at global level 2015
609 Water Coalitions Water Coalitions: A Comparative Analysis of Agenda Implementation Strategies in Peru and Brazil through the Study of Basin Councils. 2015
610 BIWAS Biological Water Alarm System (BiWAS) for protection of urban drinking water infrastructure against CBRN threats 2015
611 INNOVATIVE The Integration of Novel Aerospace Technologies 2016
612 PRINTEGER Promoting Integrity as an Integral Dimension of Excellence in Research 2015
613 ScalinGreen Innovative solutions to scale-up urban green surfaces across Europe 2015
614 CySTEM Cyprus Solar Thermal Energy Chair for the Eastern Mediterranean 2015
615 EnvMetaGen Capacity Building at InBIO for Research and Innovation Using Environmental Metagenomics 2015
616 BioEcon New Strategies on Bio-Economy in Poland 2015
617 CEITER Cross-Border Educational Innovation thru Technology-Enhanced Research 2015
618 DuaLL Duality in Formal Languages and Logic - a unifying approach to complexity and semantics 2015
619 SONATA Service Programing and Orchestration for Virtualized Software Networks 2015
620 5GEx 5G Exchange 2015
621 TEST-IC Integrated Cicuit Testing Software 2015
622 Salesdat Unlock the full power of your Point of Sales 2015
623 FASTPRK-2 Enhanced on-street parking management system 2015
624 BlindShell BlindShell - making smart phones accessible for the visually impaired 2015
625 AppIOS AppIOS: Platform for Building Next Generation Enterprise Software 2015
626 SUSTAINABLEOCEAN Accommodating New Interests at Sea: Legal Tools for Sustainable Ocean Governance 2015
627 TRUST Creating and enhancing TRUSTworthy, responsible and equitable partnerships in international research 2015
628 EnRRICH Enhancing Responsible Research and Innovation through Curricula in Higher Education (EnRRICH) 2015
629 NANOSHOCK Manufacturing Shock Interactions for Innovative Nanoscale Processes 2015
630 CALIPRI CALIPRI - an easily customisable all purpose optical gauge for 2D-profiles. 2015
631 SERVIOPTIMAL The Global Marketplace for Optimized Field Work Delivery 2015
632 TEC_Pro Molecular control of self-renewal and lineage specification in thymic epithelial cell progenitors in vivo. 2015
633 ACCORD Algorithms for Complex Collective Decisions on Structured Domains 2015
634 RENOIR RENal prOgenItoRs as tools to understand kidney pathophysiology and treat kidney disorders 2015
635 AVS-ISS Analysis, Verification, and Synthesis for Infinite-State Systems 2015
636 R2POWER300 Preparing R2 extension to 300mm for BCD Smart Power 2015
637 ConservaTEAM Evaluating the conservation effectiveness of alternative land management scenarios using a state-of-the-art eco-evolutionary modelling platform 2015
638 VIRMETAL Virtual Design, Virtual Processing and Virtual Testing of Metallic Materials 2015
639 NEXTGenIO Next Generation I/O for Exascale 2015
640 NLAFET Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra for Future Extreme-Scale Systems 2015
641 ORCHEXTRA A disruptive innovation in mobile marketing and business intelligence for drastically increasing SMEs competitiveness 2015
642 PLUSH Platform Universal Self Hosting, a hybrid-cloud Platform as a Service reducing web application development cost by 40% for SMEs 2015
643 DSLIGHT Advanced Lighting Management System for film production, smart lighting and creative industry 2015
644 eCAP Easy Connections Assessment Portal 2015
645 PEMP Political Economy with Many Parties: Strategic Electorate and Strategic Candidates 2015
646 FICKLEFORMS Fickle Formulas. The Political Economy of Macroeconomic Measurement 2015
647 TB-ACCELERATE Integrating genomics, epidemiology and evolution to accelerate tuberculosis eradication 2015
648 SYMCAR Symbolic Computation and Automated Reasoning for Program Analysis 2016
649 HIDDEN FOODS Plant foods in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic societies of SE Europe and Italy 2015
650 ToxicExpertise Toxic Expertise: Environmental Justice and the Global Petrochemical Industry 2015
651 REFRESH Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain 2015
652 CardioFunXion Towards a novel paradigm for cardiac function assessment from imaging 2015
653 ARTECHNE Technique in the Arts. Concepts, Practices, Expertise (1500-1950) 2015
654 CORBEL Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science services 2015
655 MaGic The Materials Genome in Action 2015
656 RegulHox Topological organization of vertebrate regulatory landscapes: The Hox genes paradigm 2015
657 LASSO Learning, Analysis, SynthesiS and Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
658 SAGE SAGE 2015
659 EXDCI European eXtreme Data and Computing Initiative 2015
660 EXTRA Exploiting eXascale Technology with Reconfigurable Architectures 2015
661 READEX Runtime Exploitation of Application Dynamism for Energy-efficient eXascale computing 2015
662 WARNTRAK Rail track monitoring system - Wireless Autonomous On-Board System measuring vibration with continuous reporting to reduce maintenance costs and enhance reliability and safety. 2015
663 InnoMan_NRW_2 Establishing Services Enhancing the Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 2015
664 E-LOCKS Electronic security for OIL/LPG tanks 2015
665 INNO EEN-M Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs through the Enterprise Europe Network in Macedonia (INNO EEN-M) 2015
666 SWENNIS2 Services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network 2015
667 BrightnESS Building a research infrastructure and synergies for highest scientific impact on ESS 2015
668 EFD The e-wallet Fraud Detection 2015
670 Fishtimator Continual Acoustic Based Multifunctional Cage Mounted Fish estimator Deigned To Reduce Feed Waste, Fish Mortality, and Predator and Fish Escape Control 2015
671 DATACTIVE Data activism: The politics of big data according to civil society 2015
672 EXODUS Light induced spatially EXact and genetically encoded labeling of immune cells for monitoring of lOng Distance and Ultra-compartment Shuttling during autoimmunity and chronic inflammation 2015
673 HADE Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations: New Challenges 2015
674 SESAME thermal hydraulics Simulations and Experiments for the Safety Assessment of MEtal cooled reactors 2015
675 INQMINDS The Evolutionary and Developmental Origins of Inquiring Minds: Studies of Causal Reasoning; Curiosity and Executive Control 2015
676 LocalAdaptation Detecting Local Adaptation with Climate-Informed Spatial Genetic Models 2015
677 IPERION CH Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage 2015
678 WEIGHTANDVALUE Weight metrology and its economic and social impact on Bronze Age Europe, West and South Asia 2015
679 EPN2020-RI EUROPLANET 2020 Research Infrastructure 2015
680 I2 BENE 2015-2016 Innovation Internationalisation services by BENE 2015-2016 – I²BENE 2015-2016 2015
681 SYSTEM-RISK A Large-Scale Systems Approach to Flood Risk Assessment and Management 2016
682 spim4You spim4You: customised solutions for light sheet microscopes and imaging data analysis. 2015
683 HomeoBalanceExcInh Homeostatic balancing of excitation and inhibition in vivo 2015
684 WATU Wave turbulence: beyond weak turbulence 2015
685 ProFF Programming in vitro evolution using molecular fitness functions 2015
686 NEURO-PATTERNS How neuronal activity patterns drive behavior: novel all-optical control and monitoring of brain neuronal networks with high spatiotemporal resolution 2015
687 Titin Signals Molecular dissection of titin-based mechanisms in charge of cardiomyocyte dysfunction in terminal feart failure 2016
689 CREATIONS CREATIONS - Developing an Engaging Science Classroom 2015
690 QUEST Quantum Algebraic Structures and Models 2015
691 UnPrEDICT Uncertainty and Precaution: Environmental Decisions Involving Catastrophic Threats 2015
692 BRAIN2MIND_NEUROCOMP Developing and delivering neurocomputational models to bridge between brain and mind. 2016
693 HySEA Improving Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications (HySEA) through pre-normative research on vented deflagrations 2015
694 INNO DK Innovation Denmark 2015-2016 2015
695 VEBIN SME 2.0 Delivering services on behalf of H2020 for enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in Flanders 2015
696 SMEntorEGE SMEntorEGE 2015
697 EES Innovation CSA EES Innovation CSA 2015
698 KAMWAL 2.1 EEN Advanced Support Services for Walloon SMEs 2015-2016 2015
699 NoNoMeCat Non-Noble Metal Catalysis - NoNoMeCat 2016
700 PIPPI Protein-excipient Interactions and Protein-Protein Interactions in formulation 2016
701 EVOluTION European Vascular Interventions and Therapeutic Innovation Network 2016
702 INSPIRATION Managing soil and groundwater impacts from agriculture for sustainable intensification 2016
703 VI-SEEM VRE for regional Interdisciplinary communities in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean 2015
704 MASSTRPLAN MASS Spectrometry TRaining network for Protein Lipid adduct ANalysis 2015
705 ESiWACE Excellence in SImulation of Weather and Climate in Europe 2015
706 ModLife Advancing Modelling for Process-Product Innovation, Optimization, Monitoring and Control in Life Science Industries 2015
707 AFib-TrainNet EU Training Network on Novel Targets and Methods in Atrial Fibrillation 2015
708 ND4ID New Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases: “ND4ID” 2016
709 EDISON Education for Data Intensive Science to Open New science frontiers 2015
710 AMVA4NewPhysics Advanced Multi-Variate Analysis for New Physics Searches at the LHC 2015
711 BE-OPTICAL Advanced BiomEdical OPTICAL Imaging and Data Analysis 2015
712 IPPAD Effect of 4500bar injection pressure and super-critical phase change of surrogate and real-world fuels enriched with additives and powering Diesel engines on soot emissions reduction 2015
713 ANSWER ANtibioticS and mobile resistance elements in WastEwater Reuse applications: risks and innovative solutions 2015
714 BtRAIN Brain barriers training 2015
715 BioExcel Centre of Excellence for Biomolecular Research 2015
716 PROFILE Innovative training network: Immunoprofile-directed stratification of patients with the autoimmune disorder thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura 2015
717 SINGEK Promoting SINgle cell GEnomics to explore the ecology and evolution of hidden microeuKaryotes 2016
718 TERRE Training Engineers and Researchers to Rethink geotechnical Engineering for a low carbon future 2015
719 ARCADES Algebraic Representations in Computer-Aided Design for complEx Shapes 2016
720 STARRY STARs that 'R' Young : When do stars form in clustered environments? 2016
721 OpenDreamKit Open Digital Research Environment Toolkit for the Advancement of Mathematics 2015
722 MuG Multi-Scale Complex Genomics 2015
723 NoMaD The Novel Materials Discovery Laboratory 2015
724 EoCoE Energy oriented Centre of Excellence for computer applications 2015
725 TOPAs Tools for cOntinuous building Performance Auditing 2015
726 JOIN-EM JOINing of copper to aluminium by ElectroMagnetic fields 2015
727 CerAMfacturing Development of ceramic and multi material components by additive manufacturing methods for personalized medical products 2015
728 MAYA Multi-disciplinArY integrated simulAtion and forecasting tools, empowered by digital continuity and continuous real-world synchronization, towards reduced time to production and optimization 2015
729 MOTOR Multi-ObjecTive design Optimization of fluid eneRgy machines 2015
730 ambliFibre adaptive model-based Control for laser-assisted Fibre-reinforced tape winding 2015
731 PRINTCR3DIT Process Intensification through Adaptable Catalytic Reactors made by 3D Printing 2015
732 SYMBIOPTIMA Human-mimetic approach to the integrated monitoring, management and optimization of a symbiotic cluster of smart production units 2015
733 MODER Mobilization of innovative design tools for refurbishing of buildings at district level 2015
734 NewTREND New integrated methodology and Tools for Retrofit design towards a next generation of ENergy efficient and sustainable buildings and Districts 2015
735 MOEEBIUS Modelling Optimization of Energy Efficiency in Buildings for Urban Sustainability 2015
736 IbD Intensified by Design® for the intensification of processes involving solids handling 2015
737 MAESTRI Energy and resource management systems for improved efficiency in the process industries. 2015
738 BuildHEAT Standardised approaches and products for the systemic retrofit of residential Buildings, focusing on HEATing and cooling consumptions attenuation. 2015
739 OptEEmAL Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform for Refurbishment at District Level 2015
740 HIT2GAP Highly Innovative building control Tools Tackling the energy performance GAP 2015
741 TWIN-CONTROL Twin-model based virtual manufacturing for machine tool-process simulation and control 2015
742 ReCaM Rapid Reconfiguration of Flexible Production Systems through Capability-based Adaptation, Auto-configuration and Integrated tools for Production Planning 2015
743 SHAREBOX Secure Management Platform for Shared Process Resources 2015
744 RoVi Robotic manipulator with visuo-haptic sensing 2015
745 p38Cure New breast cancer therapies based on available p38 MAPK inhibitors 2015
746 OCEANFISH Open Ocean Fish farms 2015
747 NANO Intelligent Low-Cost Real-Time Nanomagnetooptical Integrity Monitoring and Sensing System for Asset Integrity Management 2015
748 AIRS Advanced Intelligent Raman System for detection of explosives and harmful substances at urban soft targets 2015
749 NANO2ALL Nanotechnology Mutual Learning Action Plan For Transparent And Responsible Understanding Of Science And Technology 2015
750 GDC A Genetic Data CUBE - An innovative business model applied to predictive and prescriptive analytics, exploring Big Data and empowering cloud-services and urgent computation 2015
751 INTESTINANOS Intestinal Lipoidal Nanostructures - A Lipid Bridge to Increased Drug Delivery 2015
752 OPATHY From Omics to Patient: Improving Diagnostics of Pathogenic Yeasts 2015
753 ERVE Systematic discovery of functional elements in RNA virus genomes: an Encyclopedia of RNA Virus Elements 2015
754 EdGe The molecular genetic architecture of educational attainment and its significance for cognitive health 2015
755 Cancer-Recurrence Tumor cell death supports recurrence of cancer 2015
756 MASAM New tools for key questions in plant development: using qualitative and quantitative proteomics for direct determination of the set of DNA and RNA-binding factors regulating single copy genes 2015
757 CyberCare Integrated Sensing Architectures and Tools for Health Care 2016
758 INFANT EARTH The Making of the Earth – Reading the Geochemical Code from Meteorites and the Earth’s Oldest Rocks 2015
759 VegaAlga Sustainable agricultural eco-system: business and technological solution for eco-conscious vegetable cultivation using on-site produced algae fertilizer 2015
760 EGRET-Plus European Glaucoma Research Training Program-Plus 2016
761 VIPER VIbro-acoustics of PERiodic media 2016
762 TRAIN-ERS Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Health and Disease 2015
763 SyMBioSys Systematic Models for Biological Systems Engineering Training Network 2015
764 ELIXIR-EXCELERATE ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: Fast-track ELIXIR implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences. 2015
765 CONDUCT Cost efficient thermal management in motors using next generation nanomaterials 2016
766 INNOWEST Development of standardised innovation services through peer learning to efficiently increase innovation management capacity among SMEs 2015
767 AMPED AlphaSense Market Penetration and European market Development 2015
769 UTOUCH Universal mid-air haptic feedback 2015
771 SEMERGY Energy efficient and sustainable building planning 2015
772 CVI_ADAPT Unraveling the history of adaptation in an island model: Cape Verde Arabidopsis 2015
773 SCENT SCENT: Hybrid Gels for Rapid Microbial Detection 2015
774 PROMISE Origins of the Molecular Cloud Structure 2016
775 REGMAMKID How to regenerate the mammalian kidney 2015
776 GlassRoutes Mapping the First Millennium Glass Economy 2015
777 TOPOmics Global dynamics of topoisomerase-induced DNA breaks 2015
778 DOQS Many-Body Physics with Driven Open Quantum Systems of Atoms, Light and Solids 2016
779 chemREPEAT Structure and Dynamics of Low-Complexity Regions in Proteins: The Huntingtin Case 2015
780 MMAF Novel multimodal approach to atrial fibrillation risk assessment and identification of targets for prevention by interdisciplinary exploitation of omics, advanced electrocardiography, and imaging 2016
781 resistance evolution Bacterial evolution of hypersensitivity and resistance against antimicrobial peptides 2015
782 EVILTONGUE No Sword Bites So Fiercly as an Evil Tongue?Gossip Wrecks Reputation, but Enhances Cooperation 2015
783 FOREMAT Finding a needle in a haystack: efficient identification of high performing organic energy materials 2015
784 FASTNET FAST Nuclear Emergency Tools (FASTNET) 2015
785 PLOTINA Promoting gender balance and inclusion in research, innovation and training 2016
786 ReaDMe Readout of DNA methylation 2016
787 NuQFT The Hall Plateau Transition and non-unitary Quantum Field Theory 2015
788 SM-GRAV Gravity, Holography and The Standard Model 2016
789 AMPLify Allocation Made PracticaL 2016
790 MYCOCHASSIS Engineering of a minimal bacterial therapeutic chassis 2015
791 uPET Molecular imaging and targeted therapy of the aggressive phenotype: development of uPAR theranostics for cancer patients 2015
792 BRAINCOMPATH Mesoscale Brain Dynamics: Computing with Neuronal Pathways 2016
793 PRION2020 Function and malfunction of the prion protein 2015
794 XPRESS Exploring mechanisms of gene repression and escape during X-chromosome inactivation 2015
795 Airport IQ Situation-Aware Mobile Platform for Airport Collaborative Decision-Making 2015
796 READ Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents 2016
797 OPTIMISED Operational Planning Tool Interfacing Manufacturing Integrated Simulations with Empirical Data 2015
798 BioBarPro A Hot-Spot Bio-Barcode Strategy for Prognostic Biomarkers In Colorectal Cancer 2015
799 Peer-BIT Peer learning in business innovation tools for SMEs 2015
800 EU-ToxRisk An Integrated European ‘Flagship’ Program Driving Mechanism-based Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment for the 21st Century 2016
801 BIOVALID Clinical validation of the DiviTum assay in two high profile clinical studies in Europe 2015
802 PROCETS PROtective composite Coatings via Electrodeposition and Thermal Spraying 2016
803 OPENCARE Open Participatory Engagement in Collective Awareness for REdesign of Care Services 2016
804 pp2EMBRC European Marine Biology Resource Centre preparatory phase 2 2015
805 PRETREAT PRoteome-based assessment of vascular disease for the Establishment of a Translational REsearch plATform 2016
806 NANOGENTOOLS Developing and implementation of a new generation of nanosafety assessment tools 2016
807 ExpoSEED Exploring the molecular control of seed yield in crops 2016
808 ERROR A pEdiatRic dosimetRy personalized platfORm based on computational anthropomorphic phantoms 2016
810 RecoveriX Motor Recovery with Paired Associative Stimulation (RecoveriX) 2016
811 RoadWriter Computer-aided road marking machine - RoadWriter 2015
812 LUCY Early detector of comorbid depression 2015
813 TELEOLIVA Real time and online monitoring of the debittering stage in the table olive processing 2015
814 IMPACT Integrated Mobile Platform for Activity Commoditisation in the Travel market (IMPACT) 2015
815 AEROSOL Astrochemistry of old stars: direct probing of unique chemical laboratories 2016
816 EXCELL Actions for Excellence in Smart Cyber-Physical Systems applications through exploitation of Big Data in the context of Production Control and Logistics 2016
817 WIDENLIFE Widening the Scientific Excellence for Studies on Women’s and Fetal Health and Wellbeing 2016
818 UCoCoS Understanding and controlling complex systems 2016
819 its4land Geospatial technology innovations for land tenure security in East Africa 2016
820 BrainHack BrainHack: Bringing the arts and sciences of brain and neural computer interface together 2016
821 MAGNEURON Hijacking cell signalling pathways with magnetic nanoactuators for remote-controlled stemcell therapies of neurodegenerative disorders 2016
822 GOTSolar New technological advances for the third generation of Solar cells 2016
823 KAMINO Establishing of EEN-services for supporting the Key Account Management process in the SME-instrument and enhancing the INnOvation management capacities of SMEs – KAMINO 2015
824 RADIOFOREGROUNDS Ultimate modelling of Radio foregrounds: a key ingredient for cosmology 2016
825 PTAL Planetary Terrestrial Analogues Library 2016
826 SAFEPOWER Safe and secure mixed-criticality systems with low power requirements 2016
827 RespiceSME Regional, National and European Support for Photonics Innovation Clusters enhancing SMEs Innovative Potential 2016
828 WhoLoDancE Whole-Body Interaction Learning for Dance Education 2016
829 EndoNaut EndoNaut Delivery Platform 2016
830 AFEL AFEL - Analytics For Everyday Learning 2015
831 ProNANO Protein-based functional nanostructures 2016
832 InVID In Video Veritas – Verification of Social Media Video Content for the News Industry 2016
833 HIPERDIAS HIgh throughPut LasER processing of DIamond and Silicon 2016
834 PHANTOM Cross-Layer and Multi-Objective Programming Approach for Next Generation Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Systems 2015
835 TRIANGLE 5G Applications and Devices Benchmarking 2016
836 HPC4E HPC for Energy 2015
837 ASTROSTAT Development of Novel Statistical Tools for the Analysis of Astronomical Data 2016
838 SBNAF Small Bodies: Near and Far 2016
839 PIX4LIFE Silicon Nitride Photonic Integrated Circuit Pilot line for Life Science Applications in the Visible Range 2016
840 EUROPRACTICE 2016 EUROPRACTICE training, CAD and prototyping services for European universities and research institut 2016
841 NEWTON Networked Labs for Training in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication 2016
842 HAMLET Heterogeneous Advancement and hybrid integration of polymer and tripLEx platform for Integrated Microwave PhoTonics 2015
843 ColRobot Collaborative Robotics for Assembly and Kitting in Smart Manufacturing 2016
844 SUPERMAT The VIRTUAL Centre for Integration of INNOVATIVE synthesis and Processing methods for SUSTAINABLE advanced Materials operating under Extreme Conditions 2016
845 REMINDER Revolutionary embedded memory for internet of things devices and energy reduction 2016
846 BEACONING Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gameful Learning (BEACONING) 2016
847 PresConfLuxDec Innovative Enterprise Conference on Circular Economy and Access to Risk Finance 2015
848 EO4wildlife Platform for wildlife monitoring integrating Copernicus and ARGOS data 2016
849 Bsmart - Pro Smart integrated digital contents and educational platform 2015
851 Respiratory-ImmunoDx Clinical validation of host biomarker signature for distinguishing bacterial versus viral lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) in adults at the point-of-need 2015
852 EONav Earth Observation for Maritime Navigation 2016
853 Body Interact Body Interact - Training skills environment to improve patient safety and medical education 2015
854 BrakeDiam BRAKE DIsc for AutoMotive - performance enhancement by insertion of diamond particles 2015
855 CHiPS CHallenges in Preservation of Structure 2016
856 MEDEAS Guiding European Policy toward a low-carbon economy. Modelling Energy system Development under Environmental And Socioeconomic constraints 2016
857 BiogasAction BiogasAction: Promotion of sustainable biogas production in EU 2016
858 CESEAND InnoAses2 Enhance innovation management capacities in Andalusian SMEs. CESEAND InnoAses 2015-16. 2015
859 INSTRUCTIVE INfrared STRUctural monitoring of Cracks using Thermoelastic analysis In production enVironmEnts 2016
860 ASPIRE Aerodynamic and acouStic for high-by-Pass ratIo tuRbofan intEgration 2016
861 DISTRACTION Design against DISTortion of metallic aerospace parts based on combination of numeRical modelling ACTivities and topology optimisatION 2016
862 REDISH CROR Engine Debris Impact SHielding. Design, manufacturing, simulation and Impact test preparation 2016
863 REEEM Role of technologies in an energy efficient economy – model-based analysis of policy measures and transformation pathways to a sustainable energy system 2016
864 NOVOFLOP Non-Volatile Magnetic Flip Flop 2016
865 AlmaCrypt Algorithmic and Mathematical Cryptology 2016
866 INSERTRONIC Development of highly-efficient low-emission log wood-fired closed fireplace INSERts thanks to an automated elecTRONIC control system 2016
867 TagItSmart TagItSmart! - Smart Tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects 2016
868 EXC3ITE EXploring Chemistry, Composition and Circulation in the stratosphere with InnovativeTEchnologies 2016
869 SMARTDIAGNOS Next generation sepsis diagnosis 2016
870 MULTIPLY MULTIscale SENTINEL land surface information retrieval PLatform 2016
871 OCProDx Strategic planning for commercialisation of a multiplexed protein diagnostic (Dx) blood test for Organ-Confined Prostate cancer: OCProDx 2016
872 WD3D Evolution of white dwarfs with 3D model atmospheres 2016
873 StableChaoticPlanetM Stable and Chaotic Motions in the Planetary Problem 2016
874 DEMOS Developing advanced Engine Multi-disciplinary Optimization Simulations (DEMOS) 2016
875 STAQAMOF Statistical modelling across price and time scales: a quantitative approach to modern financial regulation 2016
876 OptArch Optimization Driven Architectural Design of Structures 2016
877 ComMUnion Net-shape joining technology to manufacture 3D multi-materials components based on metal alloys and thermoplastic composites 2015
878 PHOBIC2ICE Super-IcePhobic Surfaces to Prevent Ice Formation on Aircraft 2016
879 TAX4INNO OECD Study on the Incidence and Impact of Tax Support for Research and Innovation 2016
880 Temporal Coding Do behaving animals extract information from precise spike timing? – The use of temporal codes 2016
881 WIPE Wafer scale Integration of Photonics and Electronics 2016
882 ImmersiaTV Immersive Experiences around TV, an integrated toolset for the production and distribution of immersive and interactive content across devices. 2016
883 ModRed The geometry of modular representations of reductive algebraic groups 2016
884 RemoteMyApp Platform to efficiently stream anything (focusing on games, SME and B2B applications), anywhere (to any mobile device) 2016
885 PhotoMutant Rational Design of Photoreceptor Mutants with Desired Photochemical Properties 2016
886 ARCTIC Advanced Bearing Technologies to Increase Capabilities 2016
887 MACROPMF Macroeconomic Dynamics with Product Market Frictions 2016
888 AcetyLys Unravelling the role of lysine acetylation in the regulation of glycolysis in cancer cells through the development of synthetic biology-based tools 2016
889 Cloud-LSVA Cloud Large Scale Video Analysis 2016
890 STRIGES Escaping from the Franck-Condon region : a theoretical approach to describe molecular STructural ReorganIzation for reversible EnerGy and information storage at the Excited State 2015
891 F-Interop FIRE+ online interoperability and performance test tools to support emerging technologies from research to standardization and market launch The standards and innovations accelerating tool 2015
892 GeoWell Innovative materials and designs for long-life high-temperature geothermal wells 2016
893 SWEETOOLS Smart Biologics: Developing New Tools in Glycobiology 2016
894 CRISPAIR Study of the interplay between CRISPR interference and DNA repair pathways towards the development of novel CRISPR tools 2016
895 MagneticYSOs Interpreting Dust Polarization Maps to Characterize the Role of the Magnetic Field in Star Formation Processes 2016
896 P450RESIST Understanding and exploiting the insect P450 resistome 2016
897 DROSADAPTATION New approaches to long-standing questions: adaptation in Drosophila 2016
898 SCANS Social Cognition in Adolescents: Brain Networks and Social Networks 2016
899 PanCaT Next-generation in vivo models for improved pancreatic cancer therapies 2016
900 BATCure Developing new therapies for Batten disease 2016
901 EuroPOND Data-driven models for Progression Of Neurological Disease 2016
902 T2DSystems Development of a systems biomedicine approach for risk identification, prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes 2016
903 Angiolnc Endothelial long non-coding RNAs 2016
904 COSYN Comorbidity and Synapse Biology in Clinically Overlapping Psychiatric Disorders 2016
905 CoCA Comorbid Conditions of Attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder 2016
906 INHERIT INter-sectoral Health Environment Research for InnovaTions 2016
907 HERCULES Comprehensive characterization and effective combinatorial targeting of high-grade serous ovarian cancer via single-cell analysis 2016
908 HemAcure Application of combined gene and cell therapy within an implantable therapeutic device for the treatment of severe hemophilia A 2015
909 CARAT Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) for Advanced Therapies 2016
910 GALAXY GALAXY: Gut-and-liver axis in alcoholic liver fibrosis 2016
911 ChiLTERN Children’s Liver Tumour European Research Network 2016
912 TECHNOBEAT Tools and TECHNOlogies for Breakthrough in hEArt Therapies 2016
913 COEL Cognitive Electronics 2015
914 MARKLIM Markets and their limits 2016
915 RMGPP Productivity and Development: The Ready-made Garment Productivity Project 2015
916 ALLEGRO unrAvelLing sLow modE travelinG and tRaffic: with innOvative data to a new transportation and traffic theory for pedestrians and bicycles 2015
917 StemBAT New players in human BAT differentiation and activation: a human PSC-derived BAT approach combined with state of the art genome engineering and –omics based methodologies 2016
918 NVS Nano Voltage Sensors 2016
919 ISECO Information services: competition and externalities 2015
920 MyeliNANO Myelinic nanochannels in neurodegenerative diseases 2016
921 HYDRA Hydraulics modelling for drilling automation 2016
922 CoVeCe Coinduction for Verification and Certification 2016
923 CFS modelling Chromosomal Common Fragile Sites: Unravelling their biological functions and the basis of their instability 2016
924 QUANTUM Quality management for building performance - improving energy performance by life cycle quality management 2016
925 PAAL-POC Practical Approximation Algorithms - Proof of Concept 2015
926 EHVA European HIV Vaccine Alliance (EHVA): a EU platform for the discovery and evaluation of novel prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine candidates 2016
927 VEGAS Validation of European high capacity rad-hard FPGA and software tools 2016
928 WAZIUP Open Innovation Platform for IoT-Big Data in Sub-Sahara Africa 2016
929 ORPHEUS Object-based broadcasting – for European leadership in next generation audio experiences 2015
930 REPLICATE cReative-asset harvEsting PipeLine to Inspire Collective-AuThoring and Experimentation 2016
931 MAZI A DIY networking toolkit for location-based collective awareness 2016
932 mHealth4Afrika Community-based ICT for Maternal Healthcare in Africa 2015
933 AGILE Adoptive Gateways for dIverse muLtiple Environments 2016
934 SUMMA Scalable Understanding of Multilingual Media 2016
936 SavingFood An innovative solution to tackle food waste through the collaborative power of ICT networks 2016
937 METRO4-3D Metrology for future 3D-technologies 2016
938 SEE.4C SpatiotEmporal ForEcasting: Coopetition to meet Current Cross-modal Challenges 2016
939 hackAIR Collective awareness platform for outdoor air pollution 2016
940 AudioCommons Audio Commons: An Ecosystem for Creative Reuse of Audio Content 2016
941 Making Sense Making Sense 2015
942 netCommons network infrastructure as commons 2016
943 U_CODE Urban Collective Design Environment: A new tool for enabling expert planners to co-create and communicate with citizens in urban design 2016
944 IMAGE Innovative Methodologies and technologies for reducing Aircraft noise Generation and Emission 2016
945 MSP-REFRAM Multi-Stakeholder Platform for a Secure Supply of Refractory Metals in Europe 2015
946 SYSMICS Syntax Meets Semantics: Methods, Interactions, and Connections in Substructural logics. 2016
947 Flintstone2020 Next generation of superhard non-CRM materials and solutions in tooling 2016
948 NEVERMIND NEurobehavioural predictiVE and peRsonalised Modelling of depressIve symptoms duriNg primary somatic Diseases with ICT-enabled self-management procedures 2016
949 City4Age Elderly-friendly City services for active and healthy ageing 2015
950 ProACT Integrated Technology Ecosystem for ProACTive Patient Centred Care 2016
951 UNEXMIN Autonomous Underwater Explorer for Flooded Mines 2016
952 DESIREE Decision Support and Information Management System for Breast Cancer 2016
953 POLYCARE POLY-stakeholders for integrated CARE for chronic patients in acute phases 2016
954 ETNA 2020 European Transport Network Alliance 2020 2016
955 miRNA-DisEASY microRNA biomarkers in an innovative biophotonic sensor kit for high-specific diagnosis 2015
956 MIREL MIREL - MIning and REasoning with Legal texts 2016
958 FutForm Future Formulations: Developing Future Pharmaceuticals Through Advanced Analysis and Intersectoral Exchange 2016
959 RENOIR Reverse EngiNeering of sOcial Information pRocessing 2016
960 GEO-SAFE Geospatial based Environment for Optimisation Systems Addressing Fire Emergencies 2016
961 AniAge High Dimensional Heterogeneous Data based Animation Techniques for Southeast Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage Digital Content 2016
962 Biomasud Plus Developing the sustainable market of residential Mediterranean solid biofuels. 2016
963 MEDGENET Medical Genomics and Epigenomics Network 2016
964 SynaNet Neurologic and Psychiatric Disorders: from synapses to networks 2016
965 E2District Energy Efficient Optimised District Heating and Cooling 2016
966 CerISMA Cerenkov Imaging for Surgical Margin Assessment 2015
967 Dymant-bm Disrupting luxury craftsmanship through innovation : An innovative model for a traditional sector 2016
968 GAtransport A direct, multi-faceted approach to investigate plant hormones spatial regulation: the case of gibberellins 2016
969 RNAEPIGEN Mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance by short RNAs 2016
970 RECAP Personalised public services in support of the implementation of the CAP 2016
971 PUBLENEF Supporting PUBLic Authorities for Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies 2016
972 StarFormMapper A Gaia and Herschel Study of the Density Distribution and Evolution of Young Massive Star Clusters 2016
973 CRADL Continuous Regional Analysis Device for neonate Lung 2016
974 NICH Novel interactions and species’ responses to climate change 2016
975 Playfields Playfields: Prototyping a location based game for higher education. 2016
976 ArchAIDE Archaeological Automatic Interpretation and Documentation of cEramics 2016
977 OpenGovIntelligence Fostering Innovation and Creativity in Europe through Public Administration Modernization towards Supplying and Exploiting Linked Open Statistical Data 2016
978 WaterWatt Improvement of energy efficiency in industrial water circuits using gamification for online self-assessment, benchmarking and economic decision support 2016
979 START2ACT Engaging European Start-ups and Young SMEs for Action for Sustainable Energy 2016
980 VIP4SME Value Intellectual Property for SMEs 2015
981 ABC DJ Artist-to-Business-to-Business-to-Consumer Audio Branding System 2016
982 AstroMetrix Precision tracking with tools from Astrophysics 2016
983 smarticipate smart services for calculated impact assessment in open governance 2016
984 EE-METAL Applying energy efficient measures for metal and metalworking SMEs and industry 2016
985 SEAF Standardisation and Communication of Sustainable Energy Asset Evaluation Framework 2016
986 REScoop Plus REScoop Plus 2016
987 CSA Oceans 2 Coordination action in support of the implementation of the Joint Programming Initiative on 'Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans' 2016
988 PD B2B FS The Planned Departure: B2B Feasibility Study 2015
989 SuFoRun Models and decision SUpport tools for integrated FOrest policy development under global change and associated Risk and UNcertainty 2016
990 COHESIFY The Impact of Cohesion Policy on EU Identification 2016
991 SMART Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade 2016
992 NETIM New Tools for Innovation Monitoring (NETIM) 2016
993 AGENT Adaptive self-Governed aerial Ecosystem by Negotiated Traffic 2016
994 HANK European advanced exoskeleton for rehabilitation of Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) and/or spinal cord injury's patients. 2016
995 Emergent-BH Emergent spacetime and maximally spinning black holes 2016
996 FURADO Full Fairing Rotor Head Aerodynamic Design Optimization 2016
997 DEVELOP Developing Careers through Social Networks and Transversal Competencies 2016
998 Digi-Label Delivering digital Energy Labelling solutions to enable consumer action on purchasing energy efficient appliances 2016
999 SMARTool Simulation Modeling of coronary ARTery disease: a tool for clinical decision support 2016
1000 ALGAE4A-B Development of Microalgae-based novel high added-value products for the Cosmetic and Aquaculture industry 2016
1001 SPQRel Entanglement distribution via Semiconductor-Piezoelectric Quantum-Dot Relays 2016
1002 SponGES Deep-sea Sponge Grounds Ecosystems of the North Atlantic: an integrated approach towards their preservation and sustainable exploitation 2016
1003 EDI-Net EDI-NET – The Energy Data Innovation Network; using smart meter data, campaigns and networking to increase the capacity of public authorities to implement sustainable energy policy 2016
1004 BUILDINTEREST Improving the attractiveness of investments in energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings 2016
1005 IMAGE Innovative Management of Genetic Resources 2016
1006 TAIAC Breaking the paradigm: A new approach to understanding and controlling combustion instabilities 2016
1007 TAPAS Tools for Assessment and Planning of Aquaculture Sustainability 2016
1008 GoodBerry Improving the stability of high-quality traits of berry in different environments and cultivation systems for the benefit of European farmers and consumers 2016
1009 INNO-4-AGRIFOOD Capitalising the full potential of on-line collaboration for SMEs innovation support in the Agri-Food ecosystem 2016
1010 SELECT for Cities SELECT for Cities (Standardized, opEn, data-driven, service-oriented user-centric pLatform Enabling large-scale Co-creation, Testing validation of IoE services for Cities) 2015
1012 EMPATTICS EMpowering PAtients for a BeTTer Information and improvement of the Communication Systems 2016
1013 INDIGO New generation of Intelligent Efficient District Cooling systems 2016
1014 EuroDairy A Europe-wide thematic network supporting a sustainable future for EU dairy farmers 2016
1015 HNV-Link High Nature Value Farming: Learning, Innovation and Knowledge. 2016
1016 VIVALDI Preventing and mitigating farmed bivalve diseases 2016
1017 MycoKey Integrated and innovative key actions for mycotoxin management in the food and feed chain 2016
1018 AGRIFORVALOR Bringing added value to agriculture and forest sectors by closing the research and innovation divide 2016
1019 POWER2INNO Building competences for empowerment of small and micro companies’ for innovative entrepreneurship 2016
1020 SALSA Small farms, small food businesses and sustainable food security 2016
1021 Open4Citizens Empowering citizens to make meaningful use of open data 2016
1022 REPLICATE REnaissance of Places with Innovative Citizenship and TEchnolgy 2016
1023 PVSITES Building-integrated photovoltaic technologies and systems for large-scale market deployment 2016
1024 WeGovNow Towards We-Government: Collective and participative approaches for addressing local policy challenges 2016
1025 ENERFUND An ENErgy Retrofit FUNDing rating tool 2016
1026 HRE Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE): Building the knowledge, skills, and capacity required to enable new policies and encourage new investments in the heating and cooling sector 2016
1027 GOLDCLUSTER Polynuclear Gold Catalysis 2016
1028 HEMOTECT Hemozoin Detection using Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in Diamond 2016
1030 EVER-EST European Virtual Environment for Research - Earth Science Themes 2015
1031 GenTree Optimising the management and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe 2016
1032 CERES Climate change and European aquatic RESources 2016
1033 Co-ReSyF Coastal Waters Research Synergy Framework 2016
1034 MICA Mineral Intelligence Capacity Analysis 2015
1035 BD2Decide Big Data and models for personalized Head and Neck Cancer Decision support 2016
1036 HiTech AlkCarb New geomodels to explore deeper for High-Technology critical raw materials in Alkaline rocks and Carbonatites 2016
1037 EXCHANGE-Risk EXperimental Computational Hybrid Assessment of Natural Gas pipelines Exposed to Seismic Risk 2016
1038 FabSpace 2.0 The Fablab for geodata-driven innovation - by leveraging Space data in particular, in Universities 2.0 2016
1039 EU-MERCI EU-MERCI - EU coordinated MEthods and procedures based on Real Cases for the effective implementation of policies and measures supporting energy efficiency in the Industry 2016
1040 QFluctTrans Thermodynamics of Quantum Transport 2016
1041 LASERFIT Laser cladding for the recovery of critical toolsdies 2016
1042 Bots2ReC Robots to Re-Construction 2016
1043 ODEON Online DEposition over OceaNs: Modeling the effect of air pollution on ocean bio-geochemistryin an Earth System Model 2016
1044 FIREFELM Mastering the energetic particle distribution in a magnetohydrodynamic active plasma 2017
1045 INTEL-1 Intelligent investment analysis of early-stage companies 2016
1046 MAKE-IT Understanding Collective Awareness Platforms with the Maker Movement 2016
1047 INTUIT Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance 2016
1048 FastFlowSim Fast particle-based time integrator for incompressible flows simulations 2016
1049 TEXTUAL NETWORKS Transtextual Networks in the European Middle Ages: A Digital Corpus of the Trojan Narrative in Latin Manuscripts 2016
1050 HiggsEFTatNLO Precise Higgs Properties in the LHC Era 2017
1051 STEMM-CCS Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage 2016
1052 SENSE-Cog Ears, Eyes and Mind: The ‘SENSE-Cog Project’ to improve mental well-being for elderly Europeans with sensory impairment 2016
1053 PEARRL Pharmaceutical Education And Research with Regulatory Links: Innovative drug development strategies and regulatory tools tailored to facilitate earlier access to medicines 2016
1054 LONGPOP Methodologies and Data mining techniques for the analysis of Big Data based on Longitudinal Population and Epidemiological Registers 2016
1055 EVODIS Exploiting vortices to suppress dispersion and reach new separation power boundaries 2016
1056 HetScaleNet Analysis and control of large scale heterogeneous networks: scalability, robustness and fundamental limits 2016
1057 AIRMES Airline Maintenance Operations implementation of an E2E Maintenance Service Architecture and its enablers 2015
1058 NanoIntra Multitasking Nanoparticles for Intracellular Bioimaging and Biosensing 2017
1059 Icarus Bringing Personalized Knowledge to Students in Public Schools Through Artificial Intelligence in ELearning 2016
1060 Mass-Customization Mass-customization of implants: the business model 2016
1061 APTASENS A new generation of AptaSensors 2016
1062 QUASIFT Quantum Algebraic Structures In Field Theories 2016
1063 G2P-SOL Linking genetic resources, genomes and phenotypes of Solanaceous crops 2016
1064 TROJANANOHORSE Hybrid immune-eluding nanocrystals as smart and active theranostic weapons against cancer 2016
1065 MolMap From Tissues to Single Molecules: High Content in Situ Super-Resolution imaging with DNA-PAINT 2016
1066 ECOHERB Drivers and impacts of invertebrate herbivores across forest ecosystems globally. 2016
1067 PROFIT Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability 2016
1068 LPGPU2 Low-Power Parallel Computing on GPUs 2 2016
1069 FERTINNOWA Transfer of INNOvative techniques for sustainable WAter use in FERtigated crops 2016
1070 VERAM Vision and Roadmap for European Raw Materials 2015
1071 PARTAKE cooPerative depArtuRes for a compeTitive ATM networK sErvice. 2016
1072 Fluid Foil A groundbreaking no contact, roll to roll, modular transportation and fluid delivery technology that enables faster and more uniform chemical reaction of any feature size without risk of damage. 2016
1073 EDOR BOX Electrodermal Orienting Reactivity-based Safeguard System for Early Detection of Suicide Propensity 2016
1074 Fundsphere Terms FST Reshaping the Asset Management Industry by commercialising the first digital solution to automate preparation of legal agreements that will increase the growth of registered funds on global markets. 2016
1075 ERA-PLANET The European network for observing our changing planet 2016
1076 ENSAR2 European Nuclear Science and Application Research 2 2016
1077 HyGlio Theranostic Injectable Hydrogel for Glioblastoma 2016
1078 MULTIMAT A multiscale approach towards mesostructured porous material design 2016
1079 ReachingCompleteness The Molecular Basis of Somatic Nuclear Reprogramming 2016
1080 LiKo From Liouville to Kolmogorov: 2d quantum gravity, noise sensitivity and turbulent flows 2016
1081 BioCircuit Programmable BioMolecular Circuits: Emulating Regulatory Functions in Living Cells Using a Bottom-Up Approach 2016
1082 TOTAL Technology transfer between modern algorithmic paradigms 2016
1083 INTEGHER Integration of herpesvirus into telomeres: From the mechanism of genome integration and mobilization to therapeutic intervention 2016
1084 GRAPHCPX A graph complex valued field theory 2016
1085 HUNAYNNET Transmission of Classical Scientific and Philosophical Literature from Greek into Syriac and Arabic 2016
1086 ProFoundNet Probabilistic Foundations for Networks 2016
1087 GeneBodyMethylation Resolving the Nuts and Bolts of Gene Body Methylation 2016
1088 WINDMIL Smart Monitoring, Inspection and Life-Cycle Assessment of Wind Turbines 2016
1089 UAAWORM Establishing genetic code expansion as a tool to study neuronal circuit function in an animal 2016
1090 BARCODE DIAGNOSTICS Next-Generation Personalized Diagnostic Nanotechnologies for Predicting Response to Cancer Medicine 2016
1091 GrDyAp Groups, Dynamics, and Approximation 2016
1092 SIRPOL Strongly interacting Rydberg slow light polaritons 2016
1093 BPI Bayesian Peer Influence: Group Beliefs, Polarisation and Segregation 2016
1094 TransModal Translating from Multiple Modalities into Text 2016
1095 CATA-LUX Light-Driven Asymmetric Organocatalysis 2016
1096 AMSEL Atomic Force Microscopy for Molecular Structure Elucidation 2016
1097 STEMBAR Mechanisms and functional significance of diffusion barriers for asymmetric segregation of age in neural stem cells 2016
1098 SolarALMA ALMA – The key to the Sun’s coronal heating problem. 2016
1099 BOPNIE Boundary value problems for nonlinear integrable equations 2016
1100 HIGGSBNDL Higgs bundles: Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and Geometry 2016
1101 TOCNeT Teaching Old Crypto New Tricks 2016
1102 TARG-SUP Targeting TGF-β activation, likely the core mechanism of immunosuppression by human regulatory T cells. 2016
1103 CONSERVATION The Economics and Politics of Conservation 2016
1104 RustBelt Logical Foundations for the Future of Safe Systems Programming 2016
1105 HISENTS High level Integrated SEnsor for NanoToxicity Screening 2016
1107 DD-DeCaF Bioinformatics Services for Data-Driven Design of Cell Factories and Communities 2016
1108 CanPathPro Generation of the CanPath prototype - a platform for predictive cancer pathway modeling 2016
1109 ERA4CS European Research Area for Climate Services 2016
1110 REFLEX Analysis of the European energy system under the aspects of flexibility and technological progress 2016
1111 DANDELION Promoting EU-funded projects of inclusive, innovative and reflective societies 2016
1112 ODYSSEE-MURE ODYSSEE-MURE, a decision support tool for energy efficiency policy evaluation. 2016
1113 4D4F Data Driven Dairy Decisions 4 Farmers 2016
1114 RETINA Resilient Synthetic Vision for Advanced Control Tower Air Navigation Service Provision 2016
1115 SCouT Sparse Composite Likelihood Inference in Count Time Series 2016
1116 SurgASSIST A novel 3D Stereoscopic e-learning SolutIon for theoretical Surgical Training 2016
1117 ISLANDPALECO Tracking past human impact on islands by improving palaeoecological reconstructions with PalEnDNA analysis 2016
1118 EngageME Automated Measurement of Engagement Level of Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions during Human-robot Interaction 2016
1119 NAMDIA NonAdiabatic Molecular Dynamics of organic Intermediates in Atmospheric chemistry 2016
1120 LODIS Looking Through Disorder 2016
1121 OptoNMDA Optical strategies to investigate NMDA receptor functional diversity and its therapeutic potential 2016
1122 ThermalDFT Density-Functional Theory for Thermoelectric Phenomena 2016
1123 ECO.G.U.S. ECOsystem services for resilient and sustainable cities: an ecohydrological approach for Green Urban Spaces 2016
1124 AmpiDots Exponential Amplification and Rapid Detection of miRNAs using DNA-Quantum Dot Bioconjugates for Disease Diagnostics 2017
1125 BiMetArylation Bimetallic catalytic arylation of simple arenes 2016
1126 EVIDENCITY Documenting Sarajevo: City and Society During and After the War 2016
1127 URBANet Urban networks: multidisciplinary research into the formation of early urban societies in Campania (Italy) 2016
1128 SNSM Spectral synthesis of multidimensional supernova explosion models 2016
1129 OEMBS Out-of-equilibrium entangled many-body systems 2016
1130 Trans-Plant Transistor sensors for in-vivo sucrose monitoring in plants 2016
1131 MARKTHEPIG Applied phenomics to identify biomarkers in pigs for new concepts in precision livestock farming 2016
1132 FORECAST Fluorescence lifetime optical biopsy system 2017
1133 PlaEndo The Remote Control of Maternal Metabolism by the Placenta 2016
1134 BIASTRESS Neural mechanisms of cognitive bias and its role in the triggering of the stress response in zebrafish 2016
1135 Bioinformatics4Breeding Harnessing the power of bioinformatic analysis to improve genetic selection for fertility in dairy cows 2016
1136 FLAVIC DYNAMICS Labeling Flavivirus capsid protein to unravel its dynamics during infection and egress by correlative super-resolution fluorescence and cryo-electron microscopy 2017
1137 FLAMENCO FLAgellated MicroswimmErs’ locomotioN in Confined flOws 2016
1138 MIRNANO Multifunctional miRNA-targeting nanodevices for pluripotent cancer theranostics 2017
1139 NanoORC Nanofluids as working fluids for organic Rankine cycles 2017
1140 TwUnaGas Two-dimensional Uniform Gas with tunable interactions 2016
1141 CraNOC Cracking the Nucleo-Olivary Code 2016
1142 Dynamic Perspectives Unravelling perspective-taking: Examining the influence of multiple constraints on perspective selection and multimodal behavior through a dynamical systems' approach 2016
1143 ICDSpec Interatomic Coulombic Decay in nanodroplets: towards a novel spectroscopy 2016
1144 CONJUGATION Synthesis of CONJUGAted Two-DimensIonal Supramolecular POlymers for ElectroNics 2016
1145 Mapping Anna The Politics of Cultural Exchange: Anna of Denmark and the Uses of European Identity 2017
1146 FREYA Forecasting RangE dYnamics of Alien species under climate change. 2016
1147 MAIT Evolutionary conserved T cells specific for a microbial metabolite: deciphering their development in the thymus and mapping their interactions with the gut microbiota in vivo. 2016
1148 ROFeRS Engineering ground-state pair interactions by Rydberg Optical Feshbach Resonance Schemes 2017
1149 PMOHR Probabilistic modelling of electronic health records 2016
1150 European early warning system for systemic risk. 2016
1151 DynaSpaCER Molecular Mechanisms of Dynamic and Spatial Control of Eph Receptors clustering 2016
1152 DiMeTrack Assembly-based discovery of uncharacterized human microbiomemembers and their tracking across individuals and time 2016
1153 ARGUE_WEB Probabilistic Argumentation on the Web 2016
1154 PERICYTEStroma Pericyte-derived tumor stroma – a target for cancer therapy 2016
1155 EARTHSCAPES From Landscapes to Earthscapes: Understanding Visual Cultures of Global Environmental Crisis and the Making of Global Environmental Images, 1945-present (EARTHSCAPES) 2017
1156 Perceptual Dominancy Using Psychophysical And Neuroimaging Tools To Identify The Mechanism Underlying Perceptual Dominancy In Vision 2016
1157 ANOXIA-MEM Probing the Memory of Earth Anoxia: New Stable Isotope Constraints on the Rise of Oxygen 2016
1158 BAYESLAND Community Assembly on Islands: A phylogenetic Bayesian approach 2016
1159 SustUrbanFoods Integrated sustainability assessment of social and technological innovations towards urban food systems 2016
1160 POMEGRANATE Practice-Oriented Security Models and Granular Designs for Future-Proof Authenticated Encryption 2017
1161 BuildingControls Efficient Grid Connected Buildings: A Distributed Control Framework for Managing Flexible Loads 2016
1162 STrkB The structural biology of TrkB-BDNF signalling 2017
1163 OPTBIOMAN Optimal Decision Making under Uncertainty in Biomanufacturing Operations 2016
1164 LoGIcInMAS Logics and Games for Imperfect Information in Multi-Agent Systems 2016
1165 SRR Sovereignty and the Right to Regulate 2017
1166 SURVEIRON SURVEIRON: Advanced surveillance system for the protection of urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures 2016
1167 OneClickLCA One Click LCA – transforming the construction industry through automated, affordable and scalable solution for assessing and improving the environmental impacts of construction projects and products 2016
1168 ELR1K Enhancing Large-scale chemical Reactions based on Elementary Kinetics 2016
1169 FUNDCELERATOR FUND raising acCELERATOR for long time-to-market path SMEs 2016
1170 SenSOP-II Novel sensor based soil-plant-climate control system for European smart farming 2016
1171 ZephyCloud Making Wind Energy More Bankable…Faster! 2016
1172 LINGOKIDS LINGOKIDS: Adaptive mobile platform for language learning for early age children 2016
1173 DAPS Drone Alarm and Protection System 2016
1174 SLMK The Scope and Limits of Mathematical Knowledge 2016
1175 CYgnaling Probing the role of orphan Cytochrome P450 oxygenases in signaling compounds biosynthesis in plants by a comparative genomics and gene conservation approach 2016
1176 LCCMcons Using Land Cover Change Models to Address Important Conservation Issues 2016
1177 DIET-SEX-GENOMICS Linking genotype to phenotype - Role of diet on sex-specific reproduction 2016
1178 MODEM Multipoint Optical DEvices for Minimally invasive neural circuits interface 2016
1179 NeuroVisEco Zebrafish vision in its natural context: from natural scenes through retinal and central processing to behaviour. 2016
1180 Age Asymmetry Age-Selective Segregation of Organelles 2016
1181 TRANSGENE Medical translation in the history of modern genomics 2016
1182 RESHAPE REstoring the Self with embodiable HAnd ProsthesEs 2016
1183 FLEXOCOMP Enabling flexoelectric engineering through modeling and computation 2016
1184 COLORAMAP Constrained Low-Rank Matrix Approximations: Theoretical and Algorithmic Developments for Practitioners 2016
1185 MOPSA Modular Open Platform for Static Analysis 2016
1186 Tolerome Evolution of antibiotic tolerance in the 'wild': A quantitative approach 2016
1187 TSGPs-of-CFSs Role of Tumour Suppressor Gene Products of Common Fragile Sites in Human Diseases 2016
1188 xPRINT 4-Dimensional printing for adaptive optoelectronic components 2016
1189 VIBRANT-BIO High-throughput vibrational fingerprinting by nanoplasmonics for disease biology 2017
1190 REPSUMODDT Mechanisms and regulators coordinating replication integrity and DNA damage tolerance. 2016
1191 NanoPokers Deciphering cell heterogeneity in tumors using arrays of nanowires to controllably poke single cells in longitudinal studies 2016
1192 ONCOINTRABODY Targeting common oncogenes with intracellular monobodies 2016
1193 Skye A programming language bridging theory and practice for scientific data curation 2016
1194 VISONby3DSTIM Restoration of visual perception by artificial stimulation performed by 3D EAO microscopy 2016
1195 PLANTCULT Identifying the food cultures of ancient Europe: an interdisciplinary investigation of plant ingredients, culinary transformation and evolution through time 2016
1196 illumizymes Illuminating aptamers and ribozymes for biomolecular tagging and fluorogen activation 2016
1197 SmartGraphene Graphene based smart surfaces: from visible to microwave 2016
1198 SKYOPENER SKYOPENER - establishing new foundations for the use of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems for civilian applications. 2016
1199 SIM4NEXUS Sustainable Integrated Management FOR the NEXUS of water-land-food-energy-climate for a resource-efficient Europe 2016
1200 CONNECARE Personalised Connected Care for Complex Chronic Patients 2016
1201 ICARUS Integrated Climate forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems 2016
1203 AMASS Architecture-driven, Multi-concern and Seamless Assurance and Certification of Cyber-Physical Systems 2016
1204 3DAM 3D Advanced Metrology and materials for advanced devices 2016
1205 GravityLS Large Scale Structure Constraints of General Relativity 2016
1206 ENSUF ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures 2016
1207 SUPRABIOTICS Supramolecular Protective Groups Enabling Antibiotics and Bioimaging 2016
1208 DYNAMOX Charge carrier dynamics in metal oxides 2016
1209 MINIMA MItigating Negative Impacts of Monitoring high levels of Automation 2016
1210 PROTECTIVE Proactive Risk Management through Improved Cyber Situational Awareness 2016
1211 RESCCUE RESCCUE - RESilience to cope with Climate Change in Urban arEas - a multisectorial approach focusing on water 2016
1212 RAMSES Internet Forensic platform for tracking the money flow of financially-motivated malware 2016
1213 DANTE Detecting and ANalysing TErrorist-related online contents and financing activities 2016
1214 CIPSEC Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Protection with innovative SECurity framework 2016
1215 ATENA Advanced Tools to assEss and mitigate the criticality of ICT compoNents and their dependencies over Critical InfrAstructures 2016
1216 Strengthening the Capabilities and Training Curricula for Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Personnel with ICT-based Collaboration and Knowledge Approaches 2016
1217 SmartResilience Smart Resilience Indicators for Smart Critical Infrastructures 2016
1218 CITADEL Critical Infrastructure Protection using Adaptive MILS 2016
1219 DiSIEM Diversity Enhancements for SIEMs 2016
1220 CompOLEDs Computational studies on materials for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) 2016
1221 PrinTeam Political knowledge as teamwork: The Academy of Zamość print shop (1594-1627) 2016
1222 MEMORAGE Attention and memory components in every-day cognitive problems in aging 2017
1223 DANCING Dualities ANd Correspondences IN algebraic Geometry via derived categories and noncommutative methods 2017
1224 PIEZOMACH Piezoelectric Vibration Absorber for Machining Applications 2016
1225 SMART-BONE Smart electroactive 3D models of osteoregeneration 2016
1226 Legitimacy Legitimacy, Sovereignty and the Public Sphere 2017
1227 DecodeRemapping Decoding the neural mechanism of human spatial cognition using behavioural and hemodynamic signals 2017
1228 FLUORODRUGS Smart Theranostic Agents for the Tumour Microenvironment 2017
1229 SeQuCom Secure Quantum Communication and Computation 2017
1230 OCGN Traditional Organised Crime and the Internet: The changing organization of illegal gambling networks 2017
1231 BEYONDCO Using fine structure line emission to observe the life-cycle of molecular clouds 2016
1232 IEA International Environmental Agreements -An Integrated Approach 2017
1233 GenoPri Quantifying and Protecting the Privacy of Genomic Data 2016
1234 NeuralCoding Probing principles of neural coding with all-optical interrogation in behaving mice 2017
1235 METODA Methodological Explorations between Design and Social Sciences 2016
1236 STIMEY Science Technology Innovation Mathematics Engineering for the Young 2016
1237 STARBIOS 2 Structural Transformation to Attain Responsible BIOSciences 2016
1238 CatalApp Copper Catalysis Applications 2016
1239 EDU-ARCTIC Edu-Arctic – Innovative educational program attracting young people to natural sciences and polar research 2016
1240 EURAXIND EURAXESS for Industry 2016
1241 STEM4youth Promotion of STEM education by key scientific challenges and their impact on our life and career perspectives 2016
1242 UMI-Sci-Ed Exploiting Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things to promote Science Education 2016
1243 ONLINE-S3 ONLINE Platform for Smart Specialisation Policy Advice 2016
1244 IcoCell Cell line development platform for SMEs to reduce the length and cost of biologic drug development 2016
1245 ProZero ProZero - carbon based fast boats for professional use 2016
1246 Gamesmondo A Distribution and Monetisation Ecosystem for Mobile Applications, Maximising Market Growth through Affiliation 2016
1247 CleanOil Global business challenge: Breaking the oilgas water dependency with a cost-effective no-waste nanomembrane technology for water reuse 2016
1248 AGORAs AGeing effects on human aORta: from shApe to flowS 2016
1249 INFRASTAR Innovation and Networking for Fatigue and Reliability Analysis of Structures - Training for Assessment of Risk 2016
1250 DynaOmics From longitudinal proteomics to dynamic individualized diagnostics 2016
1251 EpigenomeProgramming An experimental and bioinformatic toolbox for functional epigenomics and its application to epigenetically making and breaking a cancer cell 2016
1252 CAMERA Characterizing Adaptation and Migration Events with Modern and Ancient Genomes 2016
1253 NanoThermo Energy Conversion and Information Processing at Small Scales 2016
1254 SynthHotSpot Synthesizing Meiotic Crossover Hotspots in Arabidopsis 2016
1255 CSP-Infinity Homogeneous Structures, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, and Topological Clones 2016
1256 Frontiers in Design Frontiers in Mechanism Design: Methodology and Applications 2016
1257 LIPA A unified theory of finite-state recognisability 2016
1258 LORCENIS Long Lasting Reinforced Concrete for Energy Infrastructure under Severe Operating Conditions 2016
1259 caLIBRAte Performance testing, calibration and implementation of a next generation system-of-systems Risk Governance Framework for nanomaterials 2016
1260 SCENT Smart Toolbox for Engaging Citizens into a People-Centric Observation Web 2016
1261 LANDSENSE A Citizen Observatory and Innovation Marketplace for Land Use and Land Cover Monitoring 2016
1262 Urban_Wins Urban metabolism accounts for building Waste management Innovative Networks and Strategies 2016
1263 APACHE Assessment of Performance in current ATM operations and of new Concepts of operations for its Holistic Enhancement 2016
1264 TENSOR Retrieval and Analysis of Heterogeneous Online Content for Terrorist Activity Recognition 2016
1265 SIFRm Semantic Indexing of French Biomedical Data Resources - mobility 2016
1266 DemocInChange Effects of Institutional Change on Participatory Democracy and the Involvement of Civil Society Organisations 2017
1267 MIDOC Multimodal Imaging of Disorders of Consciousness 2016
1268 Spindle Brain Organoid Understanding cellular mechanisms of human brain development using cerebral organoids 2017
1269 BroWoun Brothers in Wounds: Italy's Disabled Veterans in Transnational Perspective (1917-1939) 2016
1270 E-TEX All-organic devices in textiles for wearable electronics 2016
1271 InjectCHA Local delivery of PTH(1-34) from an injectable collagen-hydroxyapatite scaffold for non-invasive treatment of bisphosphonate associated atypical femoral fractures 2016
1272 HEAL-BY-MIRNA microRNA replacement therapy for mature B cell neoplasias 2016
1273 INTRANSYS Delivering next generation Transport Management System to European transport SMEs 2016
1274 GPU-WEAR GPU-WEAR, Ultra-low power heterogeneous Graphics Processing Units for Wearable/IoT devices 2016
1275 STEFY Sensor Technology for Food analYsis 2016
1276 WHIPLASH WHat next? an Integrated PLanetary Atmosphere Simulator: from Habitable worlds to Hot jupiters 2016
1277 Tissue-Tregs Novel approaches to determining the function of tissue-specific regulatory T cells 2016
1278 HyBurn Enabling Hydrogen-enriched burner technology for gas turbines through advanced measurement and simulation 2016
1279 first.stage Fast and easy previsualisation for creative industries 2016
1280 NoAW Innovative approaches to turn agricultural waste into ecological and economic assets 2016
1281 Waste4Think Moving towards Life Cycle Thinking by integrating Advanced Waste Management Systems 2016
1282 ENABLE-S3 European Initiative to Enable Validation for Highly Automated Safe and Secure Systems 2016
1283 DELPHI4LED From Measurements to Standardized Multi-Domain Compact Models of LEDs 2016
1284 EnSO Energy for Smart Objects 2016
1285 PRIME Ultra-Low PoweR technologIes and MEmory architectures for IoT 2015
1286 SafeCOP Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication 2016
1287 QSpec-NewMat Quantum Spectroscopy: exploring new states of matter out of equilibrium 2016
1288 AQUAMS Analysis of quantum many-body systems 2016
1289 SYSDYNET Data-driven Modelling in Dynamic Networks 2016
1290 MILEPOST Microscale Processes Governing Global Sustainability 2016
1291 ByoPiC The Baryon Picture of the Cosmos 2017
1292 POWVER Power to the People. Verified. 2016
1293 MYCLASS Towards prevention, early diagnosis, and noninvasive treatment of uterine leiomyomas through molecular classification 2016
1294 YnotSing Evolution of sexual dimorphisms: all about losing not choosing? 2016
1295 AFFMA Approximation of Functions and Fourier Multipliers and their applications 2016
1296 BRYOMICS Application of high-sensitive and high-throughput molecular tools to disentangle the mechanisms of heavy metals accumulation and tolerance in mosses: epigenetic and transcriptomic approaches 2016
1297 FINREALNETS “FINancial and REAL Sector NETworks in Europe” 2016
1298 CoSMaS Developing an interdisciplinary Collaborative Self-Management Support model: behavioural and communication tools for integrated care 2017
1299 VISMEM Visualising memories of violence in urban places: gender and wellbeing in Istanbul 2016
1300 Toxoplasma sensing Cytoplasmic sensing of Toxoplasma gondii infection and host cell programmed necrosis 2016
1301 OpenUP OPENing UP new methods, indicators and tools for peer review, impact measurement and dissemination of research results 2016
1302 SC-square SC-square - Satisfiability Checking and Symbolic Computation: uniting two communities to solve real problems 2016
1303 NEUROBUKIMI Affective neurocognitive model for the ‘Uncanny Valley’ 2016
1304 AIDSsilences The Power of Silence: A Medical Anthropological Approach to AIDS Care Narratives 2017
1305 EVNSMAS An evolutionary approach to automated norm synthesis for multi agent systems 2016
1306 FUTURE Re-factoring Pseudomonas putida for biosynthesis of vaIue-added polymers from cellulosic waste 2016
1307 SOILBIODIV Beyond the limits of scale: a novel pipeline for the measurement of soil arthropod biodiversity 2016
1308 DISPMIC Dispersal limitation and colonization of new land by symbiotic microorganisms 2016
1309 SOFIA Situated Learning Opportunities fostered by ICT applications in Alternative Agro-Food Networks 2016
1310 DMD2CURE Correction of duplications in the DMD gene by a CRISPR/Cas9 approach 2017
1311 NanOQTech Nanoscale Systems for Optical Quantum Technologies 2016
1312 NEURAM Visual genetics: establishment of a new discipline to visualize neuronal nuclear functions in real-time in intact nervous system by 4D Raman spectroscopy 2016
1313 NanoSCAN Developing multi-modality nanomedicines for targeted annotation of oncogenic signaling pathways 2016
1314 COMPASS Control for Orbit Manoeuvring through Perturbations for Application to Space Systems 2016
1315 HIRESMEMMANIP Spiking network mechanisms underlying short term memory 2016
1316 CIL2015 Dissecting the cellular mechanics of contact inhibition of locomotion 2016
1317 MorphoNotch Multi-scale analysis of the interplay between cell morphology and cell-cell signaling 2016
1318 SOFTBREAK From bond breaking to material failure in soft polymer networks 2016
1319 Prosperity Prosperity through innovation and promotion of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans 2016
1320 SELIS Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space 2016
1321 SUMPs-Up European Programme for Accelerating the Take up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans 2016
1322 INTERMODEL EU Simulation using Building Information Modeling Methodology of Multimodal, Multipurpose and Multiproduct Freight Railway Terminals Infrastructures. 2016
1323 LogCorrelatedFields Extremes in logarithmically correlated fields 2016
1324 ESASTAP 2020 Strengthening Technology, Research and Innovation Cooperation between Europe and South Africa 2020 2016
1325 FONT Functional Optoacoustic Neuro-Tomography 2016
1326 iCARE MobIle health-Care system for monitoring toxicity and symptoms in cAncer patients ReceivingdiseasE-oriented therapy 2016
1327 TaCo Take Control 2016
1328 MAGTOOLS Software tools for fast, reliable analysis of magnetic materials in the electron microscope 2016
1329 SAMSON SAMSON: Integrating computational nanoscience 2016
1331 HYPERA Affordable Hyperspectral Imaging System for on-line foreign body detection and chemical composition analysis 2016
1332 MINDPICS When a Profile is worth more than a Thousand of Hashtags: Automatic Inference of Personality Traits based on Images Shared in Social Networks 2016
1334 MOBILE AUGMENTER Mobile augmented reality platform for educative products 2016
1336 Dycare Dynamic Care Solutions for clinical assessment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders 2016
1337 SuperEh Super Variable Vector Combnation for Voltage Optmisation Energy Saving Hub 2016
1338 FASTEEL Disruptive innovation through new tool steels with unique thermo-mechanical performance for material forming applications 2016
1339 EXPANDCUSTOM Expanding and widening customized design-based consumer goods access 2016
1340 3DTTool Next Generation of Cutting Tools Using Additive Manufacturing Technology I, Phase 1 2016
1341 E-ProMS Business-to-Business (B2B) Business-to-Government (B2G) E-Procurement and Business Intelligence Platform through Smart and Innovative Approaches 2016
1342 GPBOX GPBOX Energy Platform 2016
1343 TADIL and DITEL TADIL and DITEL 2016
1344 TADIL and DITEL TADIL and DITEL 2016
1345 Born-Immune Shaping of the Human Immune System by Primal Environmental Exposures In the Newborn Child 2016
1346 STATLEARN The reading brain as a statistical learning machine 2016
1347 Tamed Cancer Personalized Cancer Therapy by Model-based Optimal Robust Control Algorithm 2016
1348 REPLICONSTRAINTS Dissecting the constraints that define the eukaryotic DNA replication program 2016
1349 CHEMCHECK CHECKPOINTS IN CHECK: Novel Chemical Toolbox for Local Cancer Immunotherapy 2016
1350 IsoMS Mass Spectrometry of Isomeric Ions 2016
1351 ISOREE New insight into the origin of the Earth, its bulk composition and its early evolution 2016
1352 MitoVin Mechanism and Consequences of the Interplay between Mitosis and Human Papillomavirus Initial Infection 2016
1353 Immune-senescence Dual targeting of senescence and tumor immunity for cancer therapy 2016
1354 SUPERBIO SUpport and PartnERship for the development of multiple sustainable and market ready value chains in the BIObased economy 2016
1355 GravBHs A New Strategy for Gravity and Black Holes 2016
1356 GC2.0 Global Change 2.0: Unlocking the past for a clearer future 2016
1357 CloudRadioNet Cloud Wireless Networks: An Information Theoretic Framework 2016
1358 Smartphon Small - and nano - scale soft phononics 2016
1359 DG-PESP-CS Deterministic Generation of Polarization Entangled single Photons Cluster States 2016
1360 DENDRITECIRCUITS The origins of dendritic computation within mammalian neural circuits 2016
1361 3D-Forensics/FTI Mobile high-resolution 3D-Scanner and 3D data analysis for forensic evidence fast track to innovation 2016
1362 CIVITAS SATELLITE Support Action Towards Evaluation, Learning, Local Innovation, Transfer and Excellence 2016
1363 CLOUD DIAGNOSIS Development of Low Cost Cloud Monitoring for the Diagnosis and Prognostic of the Wind Turbines 2016
1364 MCRTOOLS Monitor Clinical Research Tools – a novel ICT solution for remote monitoring of source medical data in clinical trials 2016
1365 2016
1366 FAST Functionality by Structure 2016
1367 POnTE Pest Organisms Threatening Europe 2015
1368 OLEUM Advanced solutions for assuring the overall authenticity and quality of olive oil 2016
1369 BUNGEE-TOOLS Building Next-Generation Computational Tools for High Resolution Neuroimaging Studies 2016
1370 SensoNMDA Impact of NMDA receptor diversity in sensory information processing 2016
1371 LEASP Learning spatiotemporal patterns in longitudinal image data sets of the aging brain 2016
1372 DomEQUAL A Global Approach to Paid Domestic Work and Social Inequalities 2016
1373 NEWRON New and mature neurons in adult circuits: telling memories apart 2016
1374 CoBABATI Cofactor Binding Antibodies – Basic Aspects and Therapeutic Innovations 2016
1375 MORALSELF Unravelling the moral self 2016
1376 UTOPES Unifying concepts in the topological design of non-crystalline materials 2016
1377 K3CRYSTAL Moduli of Crystals and K3 Surfaces 2016
1378 LANGBOOT Language bootstraps cognitive complexity 2017
1379 HOLISHIP HOLIstic optimisation of SHIP design and operation for life cycle 2016
1380 RAGTIME Risk based approaches for Asset inteGrity multimodal Transport Infrastructure ManagEment 2016
1381 TurboNoiseBB Validation of improved turbomachinery noise prediction models and development of novel design methods for fan stages with reduced broadband noise 2016
1382 SOPRANO Soot Processes and Radiation in Aeronautical inNOvative combustors 2016
1383 SHIPLYS Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions 2016
1384 IMPaCT Implementing Multi-Party Computation Technology 2016
1385 SYNTOMAGX A synthetic biology approach for magnetization of foreign organisms by genetic engineering and transplantation of bacterial magnetosome biosynthesis 2016
1386 TRAIN-HEAL-TH Empowering expectations for health and disease: Development of a pioneering training tool 2016
1387 NMDADYN NMDA receptor diversity: from molecular dynamics to synaptic physiopathology 2016
1388 Scale-FreeBack Scale-Free Control for Complex Physical Network Systems 2016
1389 CDK6-DrugOpp CDK6 in transcription - turning a foe in a friend 2016
1390 COSMOS Semiparametric Inference for Complex and Structural Models in Survival Analysis 2016
1391 CHANGE New CHallenges for (adaptive) PDE solvers: the interplay of ANalysis and GEometry 2016
1392 CoBCoM Computational Brain Connectivity Mapping 2016
1393 FunCapSys Functional Systems of Capsules 2017
1394 AdOMiS Adaptive Optical Microscopy Systems: Unifying theory, practice and applications 2016
1395 chemech From Chemical Bond Forces and Breakage to Macroscopic Fracture of Soft Materials 2016
1396 TAROX Targeting oxidative repair proteins for treatment of cancer and inflammation 2016
1397 ONE Unified Principles of Interaction 2016
1398 DAWNDINOS Testing the locomotor superiority hypothesis for early dinosaurs 2016
1399 MSG Making Sense of Games: A Methodology for Humanistic Game Analysis 2016
1400 SYNNOVATE Molecular organization and dynamics of synapse diversity: novel genetic, imaging and computational approaches 2016
1401 MYCO TRAPS New roles for the cytoskeleton in cell-autonomous immunity to mycobacteria 2016
1402 Reaching out demonstRation of EU effective lArge sCale tHreat and crIsis maNaGement OUTside the EU 2016
1403 UniPAT Universal Pulses for Parallel Transmission and Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2016
1404 PREKARN The learning of prehistory of knapping stone 2016
1405 WINDASH Wireless with Increased Network Density, Antennas, Spectrum and Heterogeneity 2016
1407 AM4INFRA Common Framework for a European Life Cycle based Asset Management Approach for transport infrastructure networks 2016
1408 MUTX MUTATION++ library, technology transfer from atmospheric entry plasmas to biomass pyrolysis 2016
1409 StartInnShop StartInnShop - Startup Innovation goes to market 2016
1410 ELECTRIFIC Enabling seamless electromobility through smart vehicle-grid integration 2016
1411 ID-Lyme A novel immunity-based test for early diagnosis of Lyme disease 2016
1412 COLOMBUS-2 COmposite repair solutions for aeronautical BUSiness development – Phase 2 2016
1413 Reedsy Connecting authors and publishers with the world`s best publishing professionals to create high-quality books 2016
1415 SURGIS Open Platform for X-Ray robotics medical imaging and surgical navigation 2016
1416 azoomee A Truly Disruptive Entertainment and Educational Digital Application for Primary School Aged Children 2016
1417 SES-BI SESCOM Business Intelligence platform for energy saving and smart facility management 2016
1418 SPA4ROADS Sustainable polymers application for preventive maintenance and upgrading of resilient and secure roads 2016
1419 FRIENDKHANA Friendly gamification business model based on intelligent data analysis to enrich consumers personalized e-commerce experiences 2016
1420 FiDaCaMS Fisheries Data Capture and Management System 2016
1422 Polaris Easy open access dissemination for research institutions 2016
1423 HIPER Heterogeneous Integrated Platform for Electronic system Redistribution: A revolutionary I/O Planning Solution for Micro/Nano 2.5-D Electronic Systems Design 2016
1424 SYNBIOMAN Demonstration of a synthetic biology-driven biomanufacturing platform for adaptable cost-effective production of high-value low volume biologics opportunities. 2016
1425 DigiSCAN DigiSCAN 2016
1426 SLAB Signal processing and Learning Applied to Brain data 2016
1427 FAT NKT Targeting iNKT cell and adipocyte crosstalk for control of metabolism and body weight 2016
1428 MEDIATE Middlebrow Enlightenment: Disseminating Ideas, Authors, and Texts in 18th-century Europe 2016
1429 OXYFLUX Oxygen flux measurements as a new tracer for the carbon and nitrogen cycles in terrestrialecosystems 2016
1430 PABIR Policy analysis with beliefs about identifying restrictions 2016
1431 Sphingolead Development of a potent dual GCS/GBA2 inhibitor as a best in class Gaucher therapeutic 2016
1432 DYCON Dynamic Control and Numerics of Partial Differential Equations 2016
1433 ConFluReM Controlling Fluid Resistances at Membranes 2016
1434 SMJCY Single Molecule Junctions With Non-Conventional Architectures, Crafted In Silico 2016
1435 INVeST INdividual Vascular SignaTure: A new machine learning tool to aid personalised management of risk for cardiovascular disease 2016
1436 CONCOM Control Over Noisy Communication Media 2016
1437 Neobetacell Neogenesis of new functional Beta Cells through Modulation of Neurogenin-3 Expression to provide Regenerative Therapy for Diabetes Patients 2016
1438 MetCogCon Metacognition of Concepts 2016
1439 ARTIVISM Art and Activism : Creativity and Performance as Subversive Forms of Political Expression in Super-Diverse Cities 2016
1440 OPTOACOUSTOGENETICS Hybrid Volumetric Optoacoustic-Ultrasound Tomography for Noninvasive Large-Scale Recording of Brain Activity with High Spatiotemporal Resolution 2016
1441 Babylearn Neural mechanisms of learning in the infant brain : from Statistics to Rules and Symbols 2016
1442 DILIPHO Diffusional limitations to C4 photosynthesis 2017
1443 EnzOx2 New enzymatic oxidation/oxyfunctionalization technologies for added value bio-based products 2016
1444 SAFE-FLY European industrial doctorate for damage modelling and online detection in aerospace composite structures 2017
1445 HiPerNav High Performance Soft-tissue Navigation 2016
1446 AffecTech Personal Technologies for Affective Health 2017
1447 COROMA Cognitively enhanced robot for flexible manufacturing of metal and composite parts 2016
1448 Wall-ACE Wall insulation novel nanomaterials efficient systems 2016
1449 PLEIADES Project to Lead Ecodesign Integration with Aerospace Development and Engineering Systems 2016
1450 INTERLEARN Individualised Interventions in Learning: Bridging Advanced Learning Science and 21st Century Technology 2016
1451 NMP TeAm 4 Improving the services of the NMP NCP Network through Transnational Activities 4 2017
1452 MEMO2 MEthane goes MObile - MEasurements and MOdelling 2017
1453 INCLUSIVE Smart and adaptive interfaces for INCLUSIVE work environment 2016
1454 ENABLE European Academy for Biomedical Science 2016
1455 CoPro Improved energy and resource efficiency by better coordination of production in the process industries 2016
1456 FoodSmartphone Smartphone analyzers for on-site testing of food quality and safety 2017
1457 BBDiag Blood Biomarker-based Diagnostic Tools for Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease 2017
1458 LubISS Lubricant impregnated slippery surfaces 2017
1459 Training4CRM European Training Network for Cell-based Regenerative Medicine 2016
1460 BigClouT Big data meeting Cloud and IoT for empowering the citizen clout in smart cities 2016
1461 TRACT Training in Cancer Mechanisms and Therapeutics 2016
1462 PRINT-AID Multidisciplinary European training network for development of personalized anti-infective medical devices combining printing technologies and antimicrobial functionality 2017
1463 PaREGEn Particle Reduced, Efficient Gasoline Engines 2016
1464 STREAM-0D Simulation in Real Time for Manufacturing with Zero Defects 2016
1465 PAM^2 Precision Additive Metal Manufacturing 2016
1466 PARADDISE A Productive, Affordable and Reliable solution for large scale manufacturing of metallic components by combining laser-based ADDItive and Subtractive processes with high Efficiency 2016
1467 TREATMENT Training European Network: Metabolic Dysfunctions associated with Pharmacological Treatment of Schizophrenia 2017
1468 MONSOON MOdel based coNtrol framework for Site-wide OptmizatiON of data-intensive processes 2016
1469 HUMAN HUman MANufacturing 2016
1470 GO0D MAN aGent Oriented Zero Defect Multi-stage mANufacturing 2016
1471 ForZDM Integrated Zero Defect Manufacturing Solution for High Value Adding Multi-stage Manufacturing systems 2016
1472 A4BLUE Adaptive Automation in Assembly For BLUE collar workers satisfaction in Evolvable context 2016
1473 MANUWORK Balancing Human and Automation Levels for the Manufacturing Workplaces of the Future 2016
1474 BIOWAYS Increase public awareness of bio-based products and applications supporting the growth of the European bioeconomy 2016
1475 CATCH Cancer: Activating Technology for Connected Health 2016
1476 TransPot Translational Research Network in Prostate Cancer 2017
1477 PROTECTED PROTECTion against Endocrine Disruptors; Detection, mixtures, health effects, risk assessment and communication. 2017
1478 FUDIPO Future Directions of Production Planning and Optimized Energy- and Process Industries 2016
1479 FiBreMoD Fibre break models for designing novel composite microstructures and applications 2016
1480 DISRUPT Decentralised architectures for optimised operations via virtualised processes and manufacturing ecosystem collaboration 2016
1481 ZAero Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry 2016
1482 CORE Continuous Resolution and Deracemization of Chiral Compounds by Crystallization 2016
1483 AVA Accelerators Validating Antimatter physics 2017
1484 BioCapture Smart capture phases for proteomics, glycomics and biomarker assays 2016
1485 FUTURING Futuring European Industry 2016
1486 Factory2Fit Empowering and participatory adaptation of factory automation to fit for workers 2016
1487 PLATO The Post-crisis Legitimacy of the European Union European Training Network 2017
1488 DIGICOR Decentralised Agile Coordination Across Supply Chains 2016
1489 ImageInLife Training European Experts in Multilevel Bioimaging, Analysis and Modelling of Vertebrate Development and Disease 2017
1490 OXYTRAIN Harnessing the power of enzymatic oxygen activation 2017
1491 COMPOSITION Ecosystem for Collaborative Manufacturing Processes – Intra- and Interfactory Integration and Automation 2016
1492 ENCOMPASS ENgineering COMPASS 2016
1493 DYNACOMP Dynamic behaviour of composite materials for next generation aeroengines 2016
1494 EC4SafeNano European Centre for Risk Management and Safe Innovation in Nanomaterials Nanotechnologies 2016
1495 PlantHUB PlantHUB - Boosting technology transfer and responsible research and innovation (RRI) in plant sciences 2016
1496 THERMOSS Building and district thermal retrofit and management solutions 2016
1497 HASTECS Hybrid Aircraft; academic reSearch on Thermal and Electrical Components and Systems 2016
1498 GlySign Exploitation of Glycosylation Signatures for Precision Medicine 2016
1499 TRANSITION TRANSITION - Tool-Part-Interaction simulation process linked to laminate quality 2016
1500 THERMOS THERMOS (Thermal Energy Resource Modelling and Optimisation System) 2016
1501 OLTITA O.M.P.M. LiferCraft Tail Innovative Tool Assembly 2016
1502 OLFITT O.M.P.M LiferCraft Fabrication Innovative Tool Tail 2016
1503 4RinEU Robust and Reliable technology concepts and business models for triggering deep Renovation of Residential buildings in EU 2016
1504 IN2SMART Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2016
1505 Planheat Integrated tool for empowering public authorities in the development of sustainable plans for low carbon heating and cooling 2016
1506 CANOBLE CAbin NOise from Boundary Layer Excitation 2016
1507 OnTrack Innovative solutions for increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impacts of future wood supply 2016
1508 ENLARGE ENLARGE – ENergies for Local Administrations: Renovate Governance in Europe 2016
1509 enCOMPASS Collaborative Recommendations and Adaptive Control for Personalised Energy Saving 2016
1510 PLUGGY Pluggable Social Platform for Heritage Awareness and Participation 2016
1511 COFFERS Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators 2016
1512 MOBISTYLE MOtivating end-users Behavioral change by combined ICT based tools and modular Information services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle 2016
1513 CITADEL Empowering Citizens to TrAnsform European PubLic Administrations 2016
1514 EMOTIVE Emotive Virtual cultural Experiences through personalized storytelling 2016
1515 ExcEED ExcEED – European Energy Efficient buildingdistrict Database: from data to information to knowledge 2016
1516 GIFT Meaningful Personalization of Hybrid Virtual Museum Experiences Through Gifting and Appropriation 2017
1517 PHA-ST-TRAIN-VAC Leveraging Pharmaceutical Sciences and Structural Biology Training to develop 21st Century Vaccines 2016
1518 MUYA The Multimedia Yasna 2016
1519 reLIVE Unraveling complex organ regeneration through live imaging and molecular profiling approaches 2017
1520 OBSTETRICVIOLENCE Obstetric violence.The new goal for research, policies and human rights on childbirth 2016
1521 HEF Higher Epsilon-Factors for Higher Local Fields 2016
1522 NOMBIS Nano-OptoMechanical Systems for Biological Sensors 2016
1523 TREPISTEME Formal Truth in Epistemology 2016
1524 TaGFrag Stabilising Protein-Protein Interactions: A Target-Guided Fragment-Based Approach 2016
1525 isitFlutter dIagnoSIs app for regular aTrial arrhytmia like Flutter 2016
1526 CENSUS Cell-Based Models for Neurodegeneration Study and Use in Screening 2016
1527 SCR Disruptive Cybersecurity SaaS for SMEs and freelance developers 2016
1528 IDAaaS Trusted online service for identity assurance 2016
1529 NuWaSim On a Nuclear Waste Deep Repository Simulator 2016
1530 Fundsphere Terms Disruptive Regulatory Technology for Asset Management Industry. FinTech company changes the global Asset Industry forever 2016
1531 ISOTIS Inclusive Education and Social Support to Tackle Inequalities in Society 2017
1532 ROLINCAP Systematic Design and Testing of Advanced Rotating Packed Bed Processes and Phase-Change Solvents for Intensified Post-Combustion CO2 Capture 2016
1533 SKILLFUL Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels 2016
1534 ENERGISE European Network for Research, Good Practice and Innovation for Sustainable Energy 2016
1535 ROPHARE Insights into the role of phages on the bacterial resistome 2016
1536 MicroContact Microcontact. Language variation and change from the Italian heritage perspective. 2017
1537 PACMAN Prognostics And Computer Aided Maintenance 2016
1538 CepBin A sub-percent distance scale from binaries and Cepheids 2016
1539 NLO-CO Large scale structure of the Universe and fundamental physics 2017
1540 SheepNet Sharing Expertise and Experience towards sheep Productivity through NETworking 2016
1541 dEUdil dEUdil: Building on open data as a new business model in the business information industry 2016
1542 ADST Advanced Digital Stuttering Therapy Tools 2016
1543 NASCENT Novel Approach to Systematically Characterize Exercise- and Nutrient- responsive genes in Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease 2017
1544 OpenMaker Harnessing the power of Digital Social Platforms to shake up makers and manufacturing entrepreneurs towards a European Open Manufacturing ecosystem 2016
1545 HKADeC Human Capital Accumulation in Developing Countries: Mechanisms, Constraints and Policies 2016
1546 ELE Evolving Language Ecosystems 2016
1547 EPIPHARM Development of a ncRNA DNA Methylation Kit for Treatment Guidance in Cancer of Unknown Primary 2017
1548 CL-Windcon Closed Loop Wind Farm Control 2016
1549 FIThydro Fishfriendly Innovative Technologies for Hydropower 2016
1550 ELASTEST ElasTest: an elastic platform for testing complex distributed large software systems 2017
1551 inSSIght In-depth support for innovation and exploitation in Smart Systems Integration 2017
1552 INLIFE Incubate a New Learning and Inspiration Framework for Education 2016
1553 Q-RAPIDS Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development 2016
1554 LINCOLN Lean innovative connected vessels 2016
1555 MSO4SC Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimization for Societal Challenges with Scientific Computing 2016
1556 PJ07 OAUO PJ07 Optimised Airspace Users Operations 2016
1557 SIRCAH Secretariat for the International Research Consortium on Animal Health 2016
1558 Next-Lab Next Generation Stakeholders and Next Level Ecosystem for ColLaborative Science Education with Online Labs 2017
1559 LADIO Live Action Data Input and Output 2016
1560 VIRT-EU Values and ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in EUrope 2017
1561 DEIS Dependability Engineering Innovation for CPS - DEIS 2017
1562 OPRECOMP Open transPREcision COMPuting 2017
1563 ReCAP Real-time Content Analysis and Processing (ReCAP) for Agile Media Production 2016
1564 GENOMIS Illuminating GENome Organization through integrated MIcroscopy and Sequencing 2018
1565 INTAROS Integrated Arctic observation system 2016
1566 MMAA Music Magazine and Artist APP project 2016
1567 CPSwarm CPSwarm 2017
1568 CYRail Cybersecurity in the RAILway sector 2016
1569 OpenAIRE-Connect OpenAIRE - CONNECTing scientific results in support of Open Science 2017
1570 EMMA Enriching Market solutions for content Management and publishing with state of the art multimedia Analysis techniques 2017
1571 PJ22 SEabird PJ22:Validation and Demonstration Engineering 2016
1572 GENIALG GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative macro-ALGal biorefinery 2017
1573 XF-ACTORS Xylella Fastidiosa Active Containment Through a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy 2016
1574 iMuSciCA Interactive Music Science Collaborative Activities 2017
1576 urban-rev politics The Urban Revolution and the Political 2016
1577 IDRICA Improving Drought Resistance in Crops and Arabidopsis 2016
1578 Q-DIM-SIM Quantum spin simulators in diamond 2017
1579 CIFRA Challenging the ICT Patent Framework for Responsible Innovation 2016
1580 HUB4NGI A Collaborative Platform to Unlock the Value of Next Generation Internet Experimentation 2017
1581 BE-OI Beyond EPICA - Oldest Ice 2016
1582 PLAID Peer-to-Peer Learning: Accessing Innovation through Demonstration 2017
1583 AgriDemo-F2F Building an interactive AgriDemo-Hub community: enhancing farmer to farmer learning 2017
1584 D3 Interpreting Drawings for 3D Design 2017
1585 MiMo Inference in Microeconometric Models 2017
1586 TopoCold Manipulation of topological phases with cold atoms 2017
1587 Copernicus App Lab Stimulating wider uptake of Copernicus Services by making them available as linked open data 2016
1588 MARCO MArket Research for a Climate Services Observatory 2016
1589 SME-SEALING A Peer learning based pilot scheme for using the H2020 Seal of Excellence at national level 2016
1590 eCraft2Learn Digital Fabrication and Maker Movement in Education: Making Computer-supported Artefacts from Scratch 2017
1591 DECIDE DEvOps for trusted, portable and interoperable Multi-Cloud applications towards the Digital singlE market 2016
1592 Up2U Up to University - Bridging the gap between schools and universities through informal education 2017
1593 CResPace Adaptive Bio-electronics for Chronic Cardiorespiratory Disease 2017
1594 QROWD QROWD - Because Big Data Integration is Humanly Possible 2016
1595 INJECT Innovative Journalism: Enhanced Creativity Tools 2017
1596 GATES Applying GAming TEchnologies for training professionals in Smart Farming 2017
1597 ULPEC Ultra-Low Power Event-Based Camera 2017
1598 A-LEAF An Artificial Leaf: a photo-electro-catalytic cell from earth-abundant materials for sustainable solar production of CO2-based chemicals and fuels 2017
1599 MH-MD My Health - My Data 2016
1600 ODYCCEUS Opinion Dynamics and Cultural Conflict in European Spaces 2017
1602 ThinkNature Development of a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform and Think tank to promote innovation with Nature based solutions 2016
1603 Ruggedised Rotterdam, Umea and Glasgow: Generating Exemplar Districts In Sustainable Energy Deployment 2016
1604 VERSATILE Innovative robotic applications for highly reconfigurable production lines - VERSATILE 2017
1605 PJ08 AAM Advanced Airspace Management 2016
1606 PJ01 EAD Enhanced Arrivals and Departures 2016
1607 U4IoT User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things 2017
1608 HEPHAESTUS Highly automatEd PHysical Achievements and PerformancES using cable roboTs Unique Systems 2017
1609 PJ03b SAFE Airport Safety Nets 2016
1610 PJ16 CWP HMI Controller Working Position / Human Machine Interface - CWP/HMI 2016
1611 REINVENT Realising Innovation in Transitions for Decarbonisation 2016
1612 INNOPATHS Innovation pathways, strategies and policies for the Low-Carbon Transition in Europe 2016
1613 EUCalc EU Calculator: trade-offs and pathways towards sustainable and low-carbon European Societies 2016
1614 CHEOPS Consortium for Hall Effect Orbital Propulsion System 2016
1615 PATHAD Pathways to Alzheimer's disease 2016
1616 ECSAnVis Extreme Citizen Science: Analysis and Visualisation 2016
1617 MASHQI Making Books Talk: The Material Evidence of Manuscripts of the Kitab al-Shifa by Qadi Iyad (d.1149) for the Reception of an Andalusian Biography of the Prophet between 1100 and 1900 2017
1618 CALC Computer-Assisted Language Comparison: Reconciling Computational and Classical Approaches in Historical Linguistics 2017
1619 PaPaAlg Pareto-Optimal Parameterized Algorithms 2017
1620 MATERIALIZABLE MATERIALIZABLE: Intelligent fabrication-oriented Computational Design and Modeling 2017
1621 SPACE-O Space Assisted Water Quality Forecasting Platform for Optimized Decision Making in Water Supply Services 2016
1622 MinFuture Global material flows and demand-supply forecasting for mineral strategies 2016
1623 HIRMEOS High Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science infrastructure 2017
1624 InKreate Transfer the real 3D world to interactive creative endeavours in apparel industry 2017
1625 PRODUCER PeRsOnalized DocUmentary Creation based on Automatically Annotated Content 2017
1626 CERBERO Cross-layer modEl-based fRamework for multi-oBjective dEsign of Reconfigurable systems in unceRtain hybRid envirOnments 2017
1627 CloudPerfect Enabling CLoud Orchestration, Performance and Cost Efficiency Tools for QoE Enhancement and Provider Ranking 2016
1628 K-PLEX Knowledge Complexity 2017
1629 OPENREQ Intelligent Recommendation Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering 2017
1630 REVEAL Realising Education through Virtual Environments and Augmented Locations 2017
1631 PJ10 PROSA Controller Tools and Team Organisation for the Provision of Separation in Air Traffic Management 2016
1632 ROSIN ROS-Industrial quality-assured robot software components 2017
1633 MONICA Management Of Networked IoT Wearables – Very Large Scale Demonstration of Cultural Societal Applications 2017
1634 NATURVATION Nature Based Urban Innovation 2016
1635 NAIAD NAture Insurance value: Assessment and Demonstration 2016
1636 PJ18 4DTM 4D Trajectory Management 2016
1637 RobMoSys Composable Models and Software for Robotics Systems 2017
1638 Nature4Cities Nature Based Solutions for re-naturing cities: knowledge diffusion and decision support platform through new collaborative models 2016
1639 VITE Virtualisation of the testing environment 2016
1640 RISCAPE European Research Infrastructures in the International Landscape 2017
1641 DESTINATE Decision supporting tools for implementation of cost-efficient railway noise abatement measures 2016
1642 Data-driven research addressing aviation safety intelligence 2016
1643 SUITS Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems: Transferable tools for authorities 2016
1644 MassLOC Massive MIMO Localization for 5G Networks 2017
1645 MECHANISM The effect of water on the Fischer-Tropsch reaction mechanism and kinetics over bimetallic Co-based catalysts: Theoretical and experimental studies 2017
1646 CaBiS Chemistry and Biology in Synergy - Studies of hydrogenases using a combination of synthetic chemistry and biological tools 2017
1647 VADEMECOM VAlidation driven DEvelopment of Modern and Efficient COMbustion technologies 2017
1648 NanoCellActivity Nanoscale live-cell activity sensing using smart probes and imaging 2017
1649 TechEvo Technology Evolution in Regional Economies 2017
1650 CombiTop New Interactions of Combinatorics through Topological Expansions, at the crossroads of Probability, Graph theory, and Mathematical Physics 2017
1651 UfastU Theory of ultra-fast dynamics in correlated multi-band systems 2017
1652 Storage4Grid Storage4Grid 2016
1653 SynchroniCity SynchroniCity: Delivering an IoT enabled Digital Single Market for Europe and Beyond 2017
1654 ACTIVAGE ACTivating InnoVative IoT smart living environments for AGEing well 2017
1655 DRYNET Setting an interdisciplinary/sectorial/international research network to explore dry storage as an alternative strategy for cells/germplasm biobanking 2017
1656 CyberSure CYBER Security InSURancE — A Framework for Liability Based Trust 2017
1657 WRAM Wave-based Room Acoustics Modeling 2016
1658 FANNABEE FANNABEE, a digital social marketplace for collectors 2016
1659 CHASSY Model-Based Construction And Optimisation Of Versatile Chassis Yeast Strains For Production Of Valuable Lipid And Aromatic Compounds 2016
1660 CHALLENGE 3C-SiC Hetero-epitaxiALLy grown on silicon compliancE substrates and 3C-SiC substrates for sustaiNable wide-band-Gap powEr devices 2017
1661 COMPOSELECTOR Multi-scale Composite Material Selection Platform with a Seamless Integration of Material Models and Multidisciplinary Design Framework. 2017
1662 AMATHO A.dditive MA.nufacturing for T.iltrotor HO.using 2016
1663 NextGEOSS Next Generation GEOSS for Innovation Business 2016
1664 DataBio Data-Driven Bioeconomy 2017
1665 PADUA Perception–action based design for urban accessibility: principles for inclusive design grounded in an understanding of first-person control of locomotion in the urban setting 2016
1666 CollectSwim Individual and Collective Swimming of Active Microparticles 2017
1667 LISTLIT Lists in Literature and Culture: Towards a Listology 2017
1668 InteractiveSkin InteractiveSkin: Digital Fabrication of Personalized On-Body User Interfaces 2017
1669 CASe Combinatorics with an analytic structure 2016
1670 OpenRiskNet OpenRiskNet: Open e-Infrastructure to Support Data Sharing, Knowledge Integration and in silico Analysis and Modelling in Risk Assessment 2016
1671 FI-GLOBAL FI-GLOBAL: Building and supporting a global open community of FIWARE innovators and users 2016
1673 CoBeN Novel Network-Based Approaches for Studying Cognitive Dysfunction in Behavioral Neurology 2017
1674 SaaStified Simulation-as-a-Service Tool for Industrial Furnaces Innovative Engineering Design (SaaStified) 2016
1675 SkinXCare Integral cell-biology platform for the development of the first effective treatment of radiodermatitis. 2016
1676 INTEGRID An INTEgral optimisation toolbox for smart GRID data communication network design and planning 2016
1677 ElGrid The Tool Supporting (r)Evolution In Forecasting and Optimizing Power Distribution Networks 2016
1678 Agroptima FM Innovative interconnected farm management App and software for precision farming 2016
1679 CARBOMET Metrology of Carbohydrates for Enabling European Bioindustries 2017
1680 PJ02 EARTH Increased Runway and Airport Throughput 2016
1681 BADGER RoBot for Autonomous unDerGround trenchless opERations, mapping and navigation 2017
1682 ALS-Networks Defining functional networks of genetic causes for ALS and related neurodegenerative disorders 2017
1683 HYPOXIMMUNO Tackling the Achilles Heel of Immunotherapy: Validating imaging biomarkers and targeting the immunological niche of tumour hypoxia 2016
1684 High level CDFT Conquering New Frontiers in Conceptual Density Functional Theory: Going Beyond the Single Slater Determinant. 2016
1685 TRAPLAB Lab Based Searches for Beyond Standard Model Physics Using Traps 2016
1686 FAFC Foundations and Applications of Functional Cryptography 2017
1687 GUTPEPTIDES Novel therapeutic approaches to improve gastrointestinal wound healing 2017
1688 SOLARIS Large-Scale Learning with Deep Kernel Machines 2017
1689 HP4all Persistent and Transportable Hyperpolarization for Magnetic Resonance 2017
1690 IlluMitoDNA Illuminating the mechanisms of mitochondrial DNA quality control and inheritance 2017
1691 EVOMICROCOMM Evolving interactions in microbial communities 2017
1692 SMART Structured nonlinear Metamaterials for efficient generation and Active functional control of Radiation of THz light 2017
1693 SPONGE ENGINE Fast and efficient sponge engines drive and modulate the food web of reef ecosystems 2017
1694 NANOGLU Enlightening synaptic architecture: nanoscale segregation of glutamate receptor subtypes 2017
1695 SweetAim Selective glycoimmuno-targeting for cancer therapy 2016
1696 TREND Transparent and flexible electronics with embedded energy harvesting based on oxide nanowire devices 2017
1697 OPTINT OPTINT: Optimization-based Design of Interactive Technologies 2017
1698 Acoutect A sound fundament for our future buildings 2017
1699 INTERFUTURE From microbial interactions to new-concept biopesticides and biofertilizers 2016
1700 ScalABLE4.0 Scalable automation for flexible production systems 2017
1702 inteGRIDy integrated Smart GRID Cross-Functional Solutions for Optimized Synergetic Energy Distribution, Utilization Storage Technologies 2017
1703 SMARTsurg SMart weArable Robotic Teleoperated Surgery 2017
1704 Fed4FIREplus Federation for FIRE Plus 2017
1705 LAMBDA Learning and Analysing Massive / Big complex Data 2017
1706 HiFreq Smart high-frequency environmental sensor networks for quantifying nonlinear hydrological process dynamics across spatial scales 2016
1707 CO-LAB Improving collaborative working between correctional and mental health services 2017
1708 mtFOIE GRAS mitoFOIE GRAS: Non-invasive Profiling of Mitochondrial Function in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 2017
1709 VirFree Virus free Fruit Nurseries 2017
1710 SZ_TEST Towards Early Molecular Diagnostics of Schizophrenia 2017
1711 PROSFET Promoting Sustainable Freight Transport in Urban Contexts: Policy and Decision-Making Approaches 2017
1712 CrystalEyes Rapid crystallization design platform based on a novel stereo-imaging probe with anti-fouling system 2017
1713 PVCLOUD Innovative Cloud-Based PV Workflow for Semiconductor Foundries 2017
1714 ThingSight Industrial IoT Communication and Analytics Platform for Smart Maintenance 2016
1715 WILDTHING Crowdsourcing for the control of Invasive Alien Flora Species 2016
1716 SOX2-Cloud Integrated Safety Engineering Platform for electrical and electronic systems for transportation 2016
1717 ADIBAS Auotmatic Digital Biometry Analysis System for musculoskeletal disorders rehabilitation 2017
1718 PISPA PISPA – Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics – Testing product market fit for a disruptive Information sharing platform for brands and resellers 2017
1720 SEAHUB Real-time Fleet Performance Center (FPC) to optimize energy efficiency in Maritime Transport to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions 2016
1721 DRYFIT Plant conditioner enhancing plants' drought resistance based on proline aminoacid 2017
1722 PERIOSYSTEM PerioSystem – smart dental practice management software 2017
1723 ESIL Early Stage Investing Launchpad - Unleashing the potential of early stage investing in Europe 2017
1724 SHiELD European Security in Health Data Exchange 2017
1725 EUROCHAMP-2020 Integration of European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmospheric Processes – Towards 2020 and beyond 2016
1726 DESIR DARIAH ERIC Sustainability Refined 2017
1728 ANASTACIA Advanced Networked Agents for Security and Trust Assessment in CPS/IOT Architectures 2017
1729 REASSURE Robust and Efficient Approaches to Evaluating Side Channel and Fault Attack Resilience 2017
1730 HarmonicSS HARMONIzation and integrative analysis of regional, national and international Cohorts on primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (pSS) towards improved stratification, treatment and health policy making 2017
1731 SAFERtec Security Assurance FramEwoRk for neTworked vEhicular teChnology 2017
1732 CCHFVaccine Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever Vaccine 2017
1733 SYSCID A Systems medicine approach to chronic inflammatory disease 2017
1734 EXEDRA EXpansion of the European Joint Programming Initiative on Drug Resistance to Antimicrobials 2017
1735 PJ25 XSTREAM Cross Border SESAR Trials for Enhanced Arrival Management 2017
1736 INLINE Design of a flexible, scalable, high quality production line for PEMFC manufacturing 2017
1737 INSIGHT ImplementatioN in real SOFC Systems of monItoring and diaGnostic tools using signal analysis to increase tHeir lifeTime 2017
1738 SUMCASTEC Semiconductor-based Ultrawideband Micromanipulation of CAncer STEm Cells 2017
1739 FORCE Cities Cooperating for Circular Economy 2016
1740 BACCO Burning on Accreting Compact Objects 2017
1741 RACCOON A Rigorous Approach to Consistency in Cloud Databases 2017
1742 RandMat Spectral Statistics of Structured Random Matrices 2017
1743 CRYOMATH Cryo-electron microscopy: mathematical foundations and algorithms 2017
1744 IDEAAL International Development of gAnil-spirAL2 2017
1745 SeaDataCloud SeaDataCloud - Further developing the pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management 2016
1746 PedCRIN Paediatric Clinical Research Infrastructure Network 2017
1747 EU-SEC The European Security Certification Framework 2017
1748 BINCI Binaural Tools for the Creative Industries 2017
1749 RECAP preterm RECAP preterm: Research on European Children and Adults born Preterm 2017
1750 INFERNET New algorithms for inference and optimization from large-scale biological data 2017
1752 PRE-EST Preparatory Phase for the European Solar Telescope 2017
1753 NANO Low-Cost Real-Time Nanomagnetooptical Integrity Monitoring Tool and Intelligent Asset Integrity, Risk and Performance Management Software 2017
1754 SMARTQUA Advanced ICT Risk Assessment Tool to Increase Climate Resilience, Water-Use Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability of Agricultural Production 2016
1755 AddMan Innovative Re-Design and Validation of Complex Airframe Structural Components Formed by Additive Manufacturing for Weight and Cost Reduction 2017
1756 FraMoS Multi-resolution Fracture Models for High-strength Steels: Fully Ductile Fracture to Quasi-cleavage Failure in Hydrogen Environment 2016
1757 Matryoshka Fast Interactive Verification through Strong Higher-Order Automation 2017
1758 POPSTAR Reasoning about Physical properties Of security Protocols with an Application To contactless Systems 2017
1759 Keep Control Industrial Academic Initial Training Network towards specific diagnosis and treatment of age-related gait and balance deficits 2017
1760 time-data Time-Data Trade-Offs in Resource-Constrained Information and Inference Systems 2017
1761 IPFLOW Inverse Problems and Flows 2017
1762 MARINET2 Marine Renewable Infrastructure Network for Enhancing Technologies 2 2017
1763 ONCOCHECK A simple blood test for prognosis and monitoring of patients undergoing cancer therapy. 2017
1764 LKN Linknovate – Connect with Emerging Technologies and the Key-Players Behind Them 2017
1765 PROBATE Planet ROlling Bearing with Advanced TEchnologies 2017
1766 INN-BALANCE INNovative Cost Improvements for BALANCE of Plant Components of Automotive PEMFC Systems 2017
1767 NET-Tools Novel Education and Training Tools based on digital applications related to Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology 2017
1768 HAIRD Hybrid AIRcraft seating requirement specification and Design 2017
1769 SIMFAL Assembly Planning and SIMulation of an Aircraft Final Assembly Line 2017
1770 SURVANT SURveillance Video Archives iNvestigation assisTant 2017
1771 BeStMo Beyond Static Molecules: Modeling Quantum Fluctuations in Complex Molecular Environments 2017
1772 MDFT Mathematics of Density Functional Theory 2017
1773 ARIES Accelerator Research and Innovation for European Science and Society 2017
1774 FILL2030 The Future of ILL 2030 2017
1775 PULSe Pervasive Ubiquitous Lightwave SEnsor 2017
1776 AWARENET The World´s First Application-Aware Network: Enabling Dynamic Bandwidth Management and Guaranteed Data Connection Quality in Mobile Networks 2017
1777 BEATTI BEaring Advanced Technologies for Turboprop engine Innovation 2017
1778 WINBOXTOOL High versatility and accurate tooling set produced in All-In-One machine for the cost efficiency Sub-Assembly, Functional Checks and Transport of the Morphing Winglet and Multifunctional Outer flaps. 2017
1779 CHEMBIOHISTONE Expanding the chemical biology toolkit for the studies of histone post-translational modifications (PTMs) 2016
1780 HIntNets Higher-order interactions and Laplacian dynamics in complex networks: structure, dynamics and control 2017
1781 FIBER Understanding soil fertility impacts on terrestrial biomass production in a changing environment 2017
1782 NMR4Nanos Development and application of NMR-based tools to inorganic nanocarriers for effective vaccine delivery 2017
1783 CoCo Construct and Collapse: Self-emergence and dynamics under global-change scenarios of mutualistic systems 2017
1784 ADAPTATION Predicting adaptive responses of protected species to environmental changes to optimise conservation management frameworks in Europe 2016
1785 SEX_FIGHT_SLEEP A model to study how social interaction modulates sleep in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster 2017
1786 MUSDEWAR Music in Detention during the (Post) Civil-War Era in Greece (1947-1957) 2017
1787 SocParPhenoEvol Insect social parasites: behavioural genomics models for understanding the basis of phenotypic evolution 2017
1788 Speedingrisk Applying risk communication strategies to reduce speeding-related risks 2017
1789 PRESSURE Effectiveness of Terrestrial Protected Areas in Reducing Human Pressure 2017
1791 SymMech Unravelling the mechanisms behind bacterial symbiosis in insects 2017
1792 GRAVIBONE How Bone Adapts to Heavy Weight?Bone Morphological and Microanatomical Adaptation to the Mechanical Constraints Imposed by Graviportality 2017
1793 QUALITY Qualitative and Quantitative Social Science: Unifying the Logic of Causal Inference? 2017
1794 GenGeoHol Non AdS holography and generalized geometric structures 2017
1795 MetResistance The role of tumour microenvironment in metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer 2017
1796 UniCoSM Universality in Condensed Matter and Statistical Mechanics 2017
1797 METLAKE Predicting future methane fluxes from Northern lakes 2017
1798 SYSTEMATICGRAPH Systematic mapping of the complexity landscape of hard algorithmic graph problems 2017
1799 HapticCell Haptic micromanipulation system for low cost autonomous microinjection tasks 2017
1800 INNOMAQ21 High quality and cost-effective metal powder for manufacturing lower weight components with improved properties for transport vehicles 2017
1801 AgroRadar Using Copernicus Earth Observation radar data to disrupt Precision Agriculture 2017
1802 Enerstor Introduction of an electric energy power storage levelling module in the machine tools industry to unleash the enormous energy savings potential and significantly relieve the European power grid 2017
1803 Skylynx Upgrading Railways from the Air 2017
1804 TICOAJO TItanium COmposite Adhesive JOints 2017
1805 RODEO Robotized Orbital Drilling Equipment and Optimized residual stresses 2017
1806 HEGEL High Cycle Fatigue Prediction Methodology for Fibre Reinforced Laminates for Aircraft Structures in CROR Environment – Development and Validation 2017
1807 STONECULT Do early stone tools indicate a hominin ability to accumulate culture? 2017
1808 MAMLE Understanding the mechanisms of human acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) evolution 2017
1809 EmbodiedTech Can humans embody augmentative robotics technology? 2017
1810 QuantSURG Quantitative Surgical Guidance for Colorectal Surgery using Endogenous Molecular Contrast 2017
1811 3D-BioMat Deciphering biomineralization mechanisms through 3D explorations of mesoscale crystalline structure in calcareous biomaterials 2017
1812 CHEMMINE Chemical proteome mining for functional annotation of disease relevant proteins 2017
1813 ProDairyWelfare smaXtec 4.0 – multifunctional Dairy Cattle Sensor System for a proactive productivity and health management in Dairy Farming 2017
1814 LiST Cost-effective automated equipment for life sciences and healthcare laboratories 2017
1815 Part-up Phase1 - the open competence platform with high social impact 2017
1816 EYE21 EYE2021. Glasses to see with 3D sound, arrival to market. 2017
1817 LentiFactory MAGIC (MAnufacturing of Gene delivery tools for Industrial and Clinical applications) 2017
1818 APMAV Innovative drone-based solution for agriculture 2017
1819 SME Coach LT 2017 Providing Key Account Management services for the SME Instrument beneficiaries and enhancing innovation management capacity services to Lithuanian SMEs in 2017-2018 2017
1820 FungArth Role of intestinal fungal communities in arthritic pathology 2017
1821 WECARMON Wearable Cardiorespiratory Monitor 2017
1822 INNO EEN-M Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs through the Enterprise Europe Network in Macedonia (INNO EEN-M) 2017
1823 TexMeroe Archaeology of Textile Production in the Kingdom of MeroeNew approaches to cultural identity and economics in ancient Sudan and Nubia 2018
1824 N4I_CLUSTERS Networking for innovation: how entrepreneurs' network behaviours help clusters to innovate 2017
1825 StrainBooster Enforced ATP wasting as a general design principle to rationally engineer microbial cell factories 2017
1826 SUCCESS The earliest migration of Homo sapiens in Southern Europe: understanding the biocultural processes that define our uniqueness 2017
1827 321 from Cubic To Linear complexity in computational electromagnetics 2017
1828 PEPCo Problems in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics 2017
1829 RE-FASHIONING Re-fashioning the Renaissance: Popular Groups, Fashion and the Material and Cultural Significance of Clothing in Europe, 1550-1650 2017
1830 VEBIN SME 2.0 Continuing the services of enhancing the innovation management capacity of SME's by the Enterprise Europe Network in Flanders 2017
1831 B.E.N.E.I2 2017-2018 B.E.N.E.I2 2017-2018 - BENE Innovation Internationalisation services 2017-2018 2017
1832 SMR Seismic Moment and Recurrence (SMR) using Luminescence Dating Techniques 2017
1833 INNOVIST 2.0 INcreasing the InNOVation Management Capacity of SMEs in ISTanbul 2.0 2017
1834 EnvFate Study of the environmental impact of insecticides by metabolomic foot-printing approach 2017
1835 ChiPyrNMR Better tools for combating insect borne diseases by understanding influences on the fate of common pesticides in paint formulations 2017
1836 MYCROPHOS The genetic bases of mycorrhizal root responses to phosphate 2017
1837 SupramolecularWires Multicomponent supramolecular wires as a platform for the control of protein functions 2017
1838 Cetacean Inner Ear Cetacean Inner Ear 2017
1840 ESA 2.0 Pushing forward irradiation monitoring efficiency in the PV industry 2017
1841 AutoMonoDroplet Development of a commercially-viable system for the automatic generation of high-throughput well-defined microdroplets 2017
1842 CF-Web ClowdFlows Data and Text Analytics Marketplace on the Web 2017
1843 single-C Automatized Catalysis and Single-Carbon Insertion 2017
1844 FASDEM Failing and Successful Sequences of Democratization 2017
1845 C18Signaling Regulation of Cellular Growth and Metabolism by C18:0 2017
1846 CellStructure Structural cell biology in situ using superresolution microscopy 2017
1847 ONCOmetENHANCERS Elucidating the Role of Enhancer Methylation Variation in Cancer and Developing Enhancer-based Markers and Targets for Precision Medicine 2017
1848 WakeOpColl Learning and collective intelligence for optimized operations in wake flows 2017
1849 intraView Establishment of High-Res Predictive 3D Groundwater Nanoremediation Simulations 2017
1850 BRINE MINING Applying circular economy solutions in industrial wastewater management: request of SME Associate to develop the necessary energy simulation tools for recovery of waste heat from industrial operations 2017
1851 3DPD PhD position in commercial environment: cancer immunotherapy drug screening in 3D 2017
1852 Urban Innovation Lab Innovation Associate for Urban Innovation Lab project 2017
1854 PROZE Using a protein approach with Waddlia chondrophila and zebrafish as model organisms to conquer the female tubal factor subfertility market 2017
1855 TheranOMICS Integration of high resolution -OMICS datasets towards personalized therapy in bladder cancer 2017
1856 OKHAERS Ontology-based Knowledge Access for the higher education and research sector 2017
1857 ADMS Proof of Concept – Arctic Data Management System Beta version – capacity building for interpretation and data management system of the Arctic-related data and knowledge (Arctic Data Management System) 2017
1858 BrainChip Human on Chip : Microsensor unit and control algorithm integration for brain on a chip drug testing applications and development 2017
1859 ERA-MobilCar.GR ERA Mobility and Researchers Career Days in Greece: A contribution to decrease brain drain 2017
1860 HORA EST Humanitarian Optimization through Research by Argusi – Envisioning Shorter Times of delivery 2017
1861 MUSA Monitoring built-Up area from SAtellite 2017
1862 TheSBIE Thermodynamic Stabilization by Interface Engineering 2017
1863 CARERA Information Day for Hungarian students and young researchers on career possibilities in the European Research Area 2017
1864 BARBARA Biopolymers with advanced functionalities for building and automotive parts processed through additive manufacturing 2017
1865 iPILs4Bionics Innovative Biodegradable Poly(ionic liquid)s for Bioelectronics 2018
1866 GlycoPeptides Exploiting in vitro evolution of macrocyclic glycopeptides to explore selectin interactions 2017
1867 MuRChap The mutation-buffering capacity of RNA chaperones 2017
1868 DENOCS The Double Edged Role of Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide in a Coral Symbiosis 2017
1869 MIGWEB A Comparative Diachronic Analysis of Post-Byzantine Networks in the Early-modern Europe (15th-18th c.) 2017
1870 IRWIC Influence of Insecticide Resistance, Wolbachia and their Interaction on Chikungunya transmission 2017
1871 IndiVISUAL Role of individual retinal ganglion cell types in visual computation and behaviors 2018
1872 EDAPOL The Epistemic and Dynamic Aspects of Polarization. 2018
1873 ZeoPoreDiff Linking Zeolite Porosity to Molecular Diffusion at the Single Crystal Level 2017
1874 IDENTITIES Integrative Approaches to Dental Wear: Non-Masticatory Tooth-Use Across the Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition Among Iberian Foraging and Farming Societies 2017
1875 NESTOR Next gEneration Sequence sTORage 2017
1876 BRAINHIB Integrated drug discovery approach to generate brain-penetrant inhibitors of glioblastoma cell proliferation 2018
1877 SHYDRO-ALP Quantifying ecological effects of small hydropower in Alpine stream ecosystems 2017
1878 LINGUISTIC ILLUSIONS Linguistic Illusions in Children with Down Syndrome, Specific Language Impairment and Typical Language Development 2017
1879 HiddenLife Understanding the role of environmental and climatic changes in shaping subterranean diversity to preserve Europe’s unique hidden biodiversity 2017
1880 MATESI Multi-modal Approaches for Treatment and Evaluation of Swallowing Insufficiencies 2018
1881 CRISTONE Targeting CRISPR-based HDAC inhibitors to histones: a new tool for assessing mechanisms of class I HDAC inhibitors and developing chemical probes. 2017
1882 Art and Ethics Art and Ethics: Restarting and Advancing a Stalled Debate 2017
1883 CombLimit Limit Theory in Combinatorics 2017
1884 sharpEDGE From Bulk to Edge: Realization and Characterization of Fractionalized Quantum Matter 2017
1885 FASTR 3D SIM Focus on Advancing Spatial and Temporal Resolution of 3D Structured Illumination Microscopy 2017
1886 InvasiveSDM Frontiers in invasive species distribution modelling: incorporating human-associations and intraspecific niche structure to improve risk predictions. 2017
1887 PhySense Physarum Sensor: Biosensor for Citizen Scientists 2017
1888 DIGITALIA 2 Disruptive process for the construction of railway transition zones, reducing drastically construction and maintenance costs 2017
1889 GRADIENTSENSING Cellular navigation along spatial gradients 2017
1890 HISTONEMEMORY New and Old Histones in Epigenetic Cell Memory 2017
1891 SynID Activity-dependent modulation of synapse identity 2017
1892 MINERVA MIcrobiota-Gut-BraiN EngineeRed platform to eVAluate intestinal microflora impact on brain functionality 2017
1893 BG-BB-AS Birational Geometry, B-branes and Artin Stacks 2017
1894 UNEARTH Uranium isotope fractionation: a novel biosignature to identify microbial metabolism on early Earth 2017
1895 MicroMechCell Precision micromechanical lever for next-generation cell culture systems 2017
1896 CaseXtreme ChAnges in the Statistics of EXTremes Events in cliMatE 2017
1897 ALOA Adjustable Level of Automation in an intuitive micro/nano working environment 2017
1898 LIDISNO Linguistic Dimensions of Sexual Normativity 2017
1899 REACT Uncovering the role of cis genetic elements in antigenic variation of Plasmodium falciparum using the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology 2018
1900 QUAKE4PRELIMAT Quantum Kinetic Equations for Pre-thermal Light and Matter 2018
1901 TIP-N-POINT Middle Palaeolithic projectile weapon TIPs: a regional and assemblage scale perspective on Neanderthal POINT technologies across Europe 2017
1902 QSB Quantum Sensing for Biology 2017
1903 Cynthetica Development of tools to increase product yields in cyanobacteria using a synthetic biology approach 2017
1904 Basquesmith Ironworking technology and social complexity of rural comunities during the Early Medieval Ages 2017
1905 EPILIPIN Deciphering the role of oxylipins in the epigenetic mechanisms controlling plant immunization. 2018
1906 FIRESCAPE Firescape genomics: predicting plant responses to changing fire regimes 2018
1907 SimSolidAM Simulation of metal Solidification in Additive Manufacturing processes 2017
1908 AEGILWHEAT Widening gene pool of bread wheat by hybridization with Aegilops biuncialis supported by advanced genetic and chromosome genomic approaches 2017
1909 SCALTIE Single cell analysis of the lung tumour-immune ecosystem: Developing new tools for effective immunotherapy 2017
1910 DELLATECH New DELLA-based biotechnological tools for sustainable Agriculture 2017
1911 PREMETAZOAEPIGENOME The role of genome regulation in the origin of animals 2017
1912 TcCFT Tools to Carve out Conformal Field Theories 2017
1913 Robust OTFT sensors Ultra-robust, flexible organic sensors for application in lactic acid sensing and selective biosensing 2017
1914 CReScenDo Combining Remote Sensing Technologies for Peatland Detection and Characterization 2017
1915 PADECOT PArtial Differential Equation model-based COntrol of Traffic flow 2017
1916 COPWOM The Continuation of Politics with Other Means: War and Protest, 1914-2011 2017
1917 ColourFish Zebrafish colour vision: a functional approach to studying outer retinal wiring strategies 2017
1918 netdis Medicine, Heresy and Freedom of Thought in sixteenth-century Italy: a Network of Dissident Physicians in the Confessional Age 2017
1919 ARTFUL Structure-activity relationships of an emerging family of fungal lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases 2017
1920 PERMETFIT Personalized Metabolomics for Fitness and Training 2017
1921 SHAPPI Scaffold hybridization approach targeting PPIs 2017
1922 BIO-CAPTURE Biomechanical Characterization of Carotid Plaque Rupture 2017
1923 LACTOPOC A Low-cost disposAble eleCTrochemical biOsensor for Point Of Care (POC) hypolactasia diagnostic testing 2017
1924 EMIGRATE Exploring MIcrobial networking in pesticides biodeGRAdaTion: novel inocula and biocatalysts for biodepuration of agro-industrial Effluents 2017
1925 Apricale The impact of literary translation funding on the transnational mobility of minor European literatures. 2017
1926 MIND THE GUT Mind the Gut: Molecular Markers of Microbiome Evolution 2017
1927 MORPHOLITHEX Morphology of Lithic Artifacts: Experimental and Morphometric Approaches 2017
1928 BROS Blockchain: a new framework for swarm RObotic Systems 2017
1929 OPN-Can Investigating the role of OPN-CD44 in mechanosensitive tumour invasion using biomimetic models 2017
1930 NEURO-SWARM Efferent modulation of auditory sensitivity in mosquitoes: From auditory transduction to swarming behaviour 2017
1931 METABOLON Molecular understanding of metabolic complexes: Towards engineering the next generation of synthetic biosystems 2018
1932 MoveAGAIN Movement restoration with Adaptive EEG And Immersive Neurofeedback 2018
1933 DUF Deep Learning UAV Networks for Autonomous Forest Firefighting 2017
1934 MyoBan wireless Body Area Networks for high density MYOelectric neurorehabilitation technologies 2017
1935 Sounds Delicious Sounds Delicious: A historical anthropology of listening and sound in Danish and French cooking 2018
1936 MetaBiota Crosstalk between microbiota metabolites and immune cells, the missing link to brain damage. 2017
1937 TrueCell A microfluidic chip for automating three-dimensional cell culture for personalized medicine 2018
1938 DesignShots Design Driven Innovation For SMEs 2017
1939 KEEPERS Keepers: The Key to your Child’s Safety 2017
1940 WallWatchers Plant cell wall communication and remodelling: the wall watchers. 2017
1941 PREP-CRYPTO Preparing Cryptography for Modern Applications 2017
1942 SIRFUNCT Chemical Tools for Unravelling Sirtuin Function 2017
1943 InPhoTime Insect Photoperiodic Timer 2017
1944 CacheMire CacheMire: Wireless Edge Caching Platform 2017
1945 ACCENT Algebraic Covering Codes Enabling Network Transmissions 2018
1946 UltraSafe Advanced modelling of ultrasonic wave interaction with damage for enhanced failure identification technologies in industrial composite structures 2018
1947 HARM High Attenuation Recycling Materials as sustainable barriers for waste disposal sites 2018
1948 Gal-HD Our Galaxy at full HD 2018
1949 ISOPARAMETRIC Geometric and analytic aspects of isoparametric hypersurfaces 2017
1950 DigiFlor Digital Edition of the Roman de Florimont 2017
1951 MULTICELLEXPEVO Reconstructing the origins of animal multicellularity using experimental evolution 2018
1952 AstroModulation Astroglial control of axonal excitability, adaptation and analogue signalling 2017
1953 ChromoDrive Investigating how anaphase chromosomal motion is generated during mitosis and meiosis 2017
1954 HUNTINFISH Generation of new zebrafish models for the study of the pathogenesis of Huntington´s disease and for the identification of new therapeutic targets. 2018
1955 TENSOROOTS Solving large systems of polynomial equations by using multi-linear algebra tools 2017
1956 MedLitRefYouth Media Literacy for Unaccompanied Refugee Youth - A Path to Integration 2017
1957 HiProLoop Scattering Amplitudes for Higgs Production at High-Order as touchstone for Automated Multiloop Feynman Calculus 2018
1958 M-TRAIT Modelling Tree Response to Aridity Increase with Traits 2018
1959 EcoEvoClim Ecological and Evolutionary consequences of predator-prey phenological match-mismatch driven by climate change 2017
1960 TNT Transformations with Neutrals and Turbo analyses 2017
1961 SIOMICS SIngle-cell multi-OMICs approach to study intra-tumour heterogeneity of soft tissue Sarcomas 2017
1962 Glyco-Platforms Novel smart glyco-nanomaterials as targeted therapeutics. 2017
1963 TEMPOMATH Temporal delays in mathematical models of cell biology processes 2017
1964 EMPHASIS Enabling Multifunctional Plasmonics on Hybrid Artificial Scale-Integrated Systems 2018
1965 SIMFREE Open-source freeware for fiber optic communication and sensing simulations 2017
1966 BNSmergers Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic Counterparts from Generic Binary Neutron Star Systems 2018
1967 RTKPalm Modulating and Profiling Receptor Tyrosine Kinase S-palmitoylation in Breast Cancer 2017
1968 BrainPredictDynamics Temporal predictions in the auditory cortex: neural mechanisms and their specificity across species and stimulus domains 2018
1969 TESTINF Testing Cosmic Inflation and Reheating in the Very Early Universe 2017
1970 MadbaM MadbaM: automated tools for precision calculations of the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe in BSM models 2017
1971 CDSANAB Complex Dynamics and Strange Attractors through Non-Autonomous Bifurcations 2018
1972 INSPirAUTOR Understanding how Inositol Polyphosphates regulate autophagy and lipid body formation in photosynthetic organisms: crosstalk with TOR signaling. 2018
1973 DEBBIE A database of experimental biomaterials and their biological effect 2018
1974 NanoVoltSens Voltage-sensing nanorods for super-resolution voltage imaging in neurons 2017
1975 EPISUS What Epistemology for Sustainability Science? Experiments and Theories for Social Transformation 2017
1976 TNFaLysMyr Unique TNFα lysine myristoylation; elucidating its function, regulation and integration into inflammation 2018
1977 ENviSION-EO Enhancing our Understanding of Earth’s Land Surface InteractiONs at Multiple Scales Utilising Earth Observation 2017
1978 SexSelec_Invasion Understanding sexual selection to help controlling an invasive pest species 2018
1979 CMRPredict Patient specific magnetic resonance image guided biomechanical modelling of the heart – Anovel tool towards personalized medicine in heart failure 2017
1980 INTIMAL Interfaces for Relational Listening: body, telematics, memory, migration 2017
1981 PATO Porous material Analysis Toolbox - Open source 2018
1982 MiLC Monotonicity in Logic and Complexity 2017
1983 MOOAC Multi-compartmental Organ-on-a-Chip 2018
1984 eSEAS Enhancing Seafood Ethics and Sustainability: A Values and Ecosystem-based Management Approach 2017
1985 DMS Dielectric MicroSpacer Technology 2017
1986 mPOWER Mobile platform to empower cancer patients with fatigue 2017
1987 EBODAC Communication strategy and tools for optimizing the impact of Ebola vaccination deployment – Sofia ref.: 115847 2014
1988 EbolaMoDRAD Ebola Virus: Modern Approaches for developing bedside Rapid Diagnostics – Sofia ref.: 115843 2015
1989 BEAt-DKD Biomarker Enterprise to Attack DKD - Sofia ref.: 115974 2016
1990 PHAGO Inflammation and AD: modulating microglia function focussing on TREM2 and CD33 - Sofia ref.: 115976 2016
1991 ROADMAP Real world Outcomes across the AD spectrum for better care: Multimodal data Access Platform - Sofia ref.: 116020 2016
1992 TransQST Translational quantitative systems toxicology to improve the understanding of the safety of medicines - Sofia: 116030 2017
1993 IB4SD-TRISTAN Imaging Biomarkers (IBs) for Safer Drugs: Validation of Translational Imaging Methods in Drug Safety Assessment - Sofia ref.: 116106 2017
1994 NeuroTRACK Tracking and predicting neurodegeneration spreading across the brain connectome 2017
1995 MechanoSystems How to build a brain? Engineering molecular systems for mechanosensation and -protection in neurons 2017
1996 AERIALIST AdvancEd aicRaft-noIse-AlLeviation devIceS using meTamaterials 2017
1997 UbiArchitect Understanding the complexity and architecture in protein ubiquitination 2017
1998 MicroCONtACT Microglial control of neuronal activity in the healthy and the injured brain 2017
1999 TIMING Time-Resolved Nonlinear Ghost Imaging 2017
2000 ACCLIM Acclimatization scenarios and early warning system of temperature-related mortality in Europe 2017
2001 INNO DK Innovation Denmark II 2017
2002 CHI-ZEF Cdon-Hh Interaction: functional in vivo analysis in zebrafish 2017
2003 MayDay Mobile researchers careers Attractive to Young scientists 2017
2004 MCD 2017 Researchers without borders 2017
2005 MAGNET Models and Algorithms for Graph centrality grounded on Nonlinear Eigenvalues Techniques 2017
2006 EXPOZOL Exposure of aquatic ecosystems to antifungal azoles : assessment of occurence and fate in sediment, water and aquatic organisms 2017
2007 PRISM PRobabilistic PRedictIon for Smart Mobility under stress scenarios 2017
2008 ME-Optogen Micro-endoscopes for in-depth high-resolution optogenetics 2017
2009 PresWoodenHeritage Preserving Wooden Heritage. Methods for monitoring wooden structures: 3D laser scanner survey and application of BIM systems on point cloud models 2017
2010 MPAmplitudes Multi-particle scattering amplitudes for precision collider physics 2018
2011 VASCFORM Deformable vascular registration for co-mapping altered hemodynamics with vascular responses,and for introducing a new measure for aneurysm rupture risk assessment: the local surfacegrowth 2018
2012 IDRAM The role of amphidial drug uptake in the mode of action and resistance to ivermectin in nematodes of livestock 2017
2013 GalRepsDiophantine Galois Representations and Diophantine Problems 2018
2014 NeoLaS Novel High-Power Single-Frequency Neodymium-Doped Fibre Lasers 2017
2015 INFLAMM-ALZ The Role of Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease 2017
2016 Filaments to stars The origin of the IMF through multi-scale analysis of molecular clouds: unification of PDF and power spectrum analysis 2018
2017 SAREE The Social Anthropology of Rabies Epidemiology and Elimination 2018
2018 CHAOSPIN Chaos-based information processing using spintronic nano-oscillators 2018
2019 BIRDBARRIER The Importance of Barriers to Bird Migration 2018
2020 INFPROBES Microscopic Probes of Inflationary Cosmology 2017
2021 SREACEP Sparse Robust Expander with Applications in Combinatorial Embedding Problems 2018
2022 EpiPur The ATP-P2X7R axis: a target for drug-refractory epilepsy 2018
2023 SARSESNA Sustaining A Regional Screen Ecosystem In A Small Nation: Aarhus and the West Danish Film Fund, 2002-2019 2018
2024 POLAR-EM Automated tools for atomic resolution mapping of electrostatic fields in the electron microscope 2017
2025 InnoMedia InnoMedia 2017
2026 RESCUE Interdependent Challenges of Reliability, Security and Quality in Nanoelectronic Systems Design 2017
2027 PARSIFAL Prandtlplane ARchitecture for the Sustainable Improvement of Future AirpLanes 2017
2028 FLUOSWITCH Pushing the frontiers of biological imaging with genetically encoded fluorescence switches 2017
2029 WHOLENICHE Hold it or let it go: a niche decision on cancer growth 2017
2030 EU-FER Economic Uncertainty and Fertility in Europe 2017
2031 UVdynamicsProtection Aligning pigmentation and repair: a holistic approach for UV protection dynamics 2017
2032 resiliANT Resilience in ant societies 2017
2033 DatA ESPerT Database Analysis for Evaluation of Seismic Performance Assessment Tools 2017
2034 CLIMOD Integrating climate impact and spatial microsimulation modelling for improved climate change adaptation decision-making 2018
2035 InsideLoops Colour and Kinematics of Quarks and Gluons inside Loops 2017
2036 M-DrivE Metabolic Drivers of Epigenetic Modifications: metabolic inducers of histone post-translational modifications in a biological setting 2018
2037 LIVERZAP Live, In vivo Visualisation of liver Regeneration in Zebrafish After Photoablation of hepatocytes 2018
2038 GlucoTear Non-Invasive Fluorescence-based Tear Glucose Sensor Integrated to a Smartphone 2018
2039 LeaD4Value Lean data management for maintenance value 2017
2040 Spontaneous activity Functional role of neuronal spontaneous activity for sensory processing 2018
2041 FRESCOatCNAP FrontierResearchCompentences@CNAP 2017
2042 WASPSNEST Wavelength tunable Advanced Single Photon Sources Non-laboratory Environment Specification and Testing 2017
2043 ZECARDIO Cardiotoxicity High-throughput screening (HTS) with zebrafish embryo 2017
2044 Pho-T-Lyze Photonic Terahertz Signal Analyzers 2017
2045 SAFER-LC SAFER Level Crossing by integrating and optimizing road-rail infrastructure management and design 2017
2046 SEAL Sound and Early Assessment of Leakage for Embedded Software 2017
2047 OpaqueFlows Flows Unveiled: Multimodal Measurement in Opaque Two-Phase Flows 2017
2048 CHROMADAPT The role of chromatin in the long-term adaptation of plants to abiotic stress 2017
2049 4REFINERY Scenarios for integration of bio-liquids in existing REFINERY processes 2017
2050 EuroBioTox European programme for the establishment of validated procedures for the detection and identification of biological toxins 2017
2051 ENCIRCLE European Cbrn Innovation for the maRket CLuster 2017
2052 TITANIUM Tools for the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets 2017
2053 ROBORDER autonomous swarm of heterogeneous RObots for BORDER surveillance 2017
2054 MARISA Maritime Integrated Surveillance Awareness 2017
2055 DUBs26S Role of a novel proteasome-associated DUB – A boon for therapeutics 2017
2057 STARS SupercompuTing And Related applicationS Fellows Program 2018
2058 FINCAP Fuel INjector Coking and Autoxidation Prediction 2017
2059 MISSP Manufacturing of Integral Stiffened Skin Panels 2017
2060 REINVENT REsummation-Improved moNtecarlo eVEnt geNeraTor 2017
2061 DiaDev Investigating the Design and Use of Diagnostic Devices in Global Health 2017
2062 Vis-a-Vis Collective Infectious Units and the Social Evolution of Viruses 2017
2063 NanoMOFdeli Design of NanoMOFs Capsules for Drug Delivery and Bioimaging. 2017
2064 MyTherapyTools SME Innovation Associate: matching MyTherapyTools up with a talented researcher 2018
2065 ULP.PILAEMA Urban Landscapes of Power in the Iberian Peninsula from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages 2018
2066 FIT4RRI Fostering Improved Training Tools For Responsible Research and Innovation 2017
2067 TARGET TAking a Reflexive approach to Gender Equality for institutional Transformation 2017
2068 FOSTER Plus Fostering the practical implementation of Open Science in Horizon 2020 and beyond 2017
2069 OMPorg Spatiotemporal organisation of bacterial outer membrane proteins 2017
2070 BIMplement Towards a learning building sector by setting up a large-scale and flexible qualification methodology integrating technical, cross-craft and BIM related skills and competences 2017
2071 EPATEE Evaluation into Practice to Achieve Targets for Energy Efficiency 2017
2072 ResQu Resource Sensitive Quantum Computing 2017
2073 TEAM-Coast Toward a new generation of Ecological Assessment tools for the Management Coastal environment 2018
2074 NEWCOM New competence for building professionals and blue collar workers – certified qualification schemes to upgrade the qualification for building nZEBs 2017
2075 DATATRANS PROVENTA Smart Database Transformation Framework 2017
2076 AIMS Automated Integrated Monitoring System 2017
2077 NGN-PET Modelling Neuron-Glia Networks into a drug discovery platform for Pain Efficacious Treatments - Sofia ref.: 116072 2017
2078 MEDEA-CHART The Medieval and Early Modern Nautical Chart: Birth, Evolution and Use 2017
2079 DrugComb Informatics approaches for the rational selection of personalized cancer drug combinations 2017
2080 INFRAMIX Road Infrastructure ready for mixed vehicle traffic flows 2017
2081 MaaS4EU End-to-End Approach for Mobility-as-a-Service tools, business models, enabling framework and evidence for European seamless mobility 2017
2082 CoEXist 'AV-Ready' transport models and road infrastructure for the coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles 2017
2083 SPADE Speleothems paleoclimate: accounting for isotopic disequilibrium 2017
2084 COMBAT Clearance Of Microbial Biofilms by Advancing diagnostics and Therapy 2017
2085 FORENSICS Illicit Markets, Unobserved Competitors, and Illegal Behavior 2017
2086 Fireworks Celestial fireworks: revealing the physics of the time-variable sky 2017
2087 MedAID Mediterranean Aquaculture Integrated Development 2017
2088 TROPICSAFE Insect-borne prokaryote-associated diseases in tropical and subtropical perennial crops 2017
2089 SOCCERMATICS Soccermatics: data for football fans and clubs 2017
2090 OPenPal Open Correspondence Publishing and Visualization Platform. 2017
2091 TRUE Transition paths to sustainable legume based systems in Europe 2017
2092 ROCK Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities 2017
2093 CALIPSOplus Convenient Access to Light Sources Open to Innovation, Science and to the World 2017
2094 InGRID-2 Integrating Research Infrastructure for European expertise on Inclusive Growth from data to policy 2017
2095 BRISK II Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge II 2017
2096 InnoMan.NRW_3 Establishing services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in 2017 -2018 2017
2097 MAGIC SWF SMEs 3 Establishing in-depth services enhancing the innovation management capacity of South West of France SMEs in 2017-2018 2017
2098 The European watch on cybersecurity privacy 2017
2099 LETS-CROWD Law Enforcement agencies human factor methods and Toolkit for the Security and protection of CROWDs in mass gatherings 2017
2100 ENTRAP Enhanced Neutralisation of explosive Threats Reaching Across the Plot 2017
2101 VISAGE Visible Attributes through Genomics: Broadened Forensic Use of DNA for Constructing Composite Sketches from Traces 2017
2102 STOP-IT Strategic, Tactical, Operational Protection of water Infrastructure against cyber-physical Threats 2017
2103 RED-Alert Real-time Early Detection and Alert System for Online Terrorist Content based on Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Complex Event Processing 2017
2105 COMPACT COmpetitive Methods to protect local Public Administration from Cyber security Threats 2017
2106 VICTORIA Video analysis for Investigation of Criminal and TerrORIst Activities 2017
2107 Pericles Policy recommendation and improved communication tools for law enforcement and security agencies preventing violent radicalisation 2017
2108 SAYSO Standardisation of situational Awareness sYstems to Strengthen Operations in civil protection 2017
2109 DOC The Dawn of Organic Chemistry 2017
2110 ITHACA An Information Theoretic Approach to Improving the Reliability of Weather and Climate Simulations 2017
2111 OSOS Open Schools for Open Societies 2017
2112 ToDL Systems Chemistry: Steps Towards De-Novo Life 2017
2113 QUENOCOBA Quantum Emitters in non-conventional baths 2017
2114 I-KAM2EU enhancing Innovation and Key Account Management by sme2EU 2017
2115 ROMEO Reliable OM decision tools and strategies for high LCoE reduction on Offshore wind 2017
2116 AF-Cyber Logic-based Attribution and Forensics in Cyber Security 2018
2117 PeOPLE Personal Ornaments in the Palaeolithic of Europe 2018
2118 MINIMAL Characterization and Modelling of dislocation-INterface Interactions in MetAllic Laminates at multiple scales 2018
2119 MMXVI Minimal Model for Pox-Virus Infection 2017
2120 QualitEE Quality certification frameworks for Energy Efficiency services to scale up responsible investment in the building sector 2017
2121 iBROAD Individual Building (Renovation) Roadmaps 2017
2122 I3CP Industrial and Infrastructure Investor Confidence Project 2017
2123 INNOVATE Integrated solutioNs for ambitiOus energy refurbishment of priVATE housing 2017
2124 NeMo New Mobility in Friuli Venezia Giulia 2017
2125 Fibersail Fibersail: Shaping the Structures of Tomorrow 2017
2126 WUUDIS Making forest asset management easy 2017
2127 BTPin Commercialising Innovative and Market Disruptive Pin Technology for Improving Heavy Machine Operations in Port, Mining and Construction Industries. Phase 1. 2017
2128 Neuromapper Cloud collaborative open platform for advanced brain analytics 2017
2129 GreenSoft Toolset for development of high performance and energy-efficient software, realising the potential of ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things 2017
2130 Big Mac Microfluidic Approaches mimicking BIoGeological conditions to investigate subsurface CO2 recycling 2017
2131 GenTORE Genomic management Tools to Optimise Resilience and Efficiency 2017
2132 ReMIX Redesigning European cropping systems based on species MIXtures 2017
2133 LIVESEED Improve performance of organic agriculture by boosting organic seed and plant breeding efforts across Europe 2017
2134 VALUMICS Understanding food value chains and network dynamics 2017
2135 DIVERSify Designing InnoVative plant teams for Ecosystem Resilience and agricultural Sustainability 2017
2136 EUCLEG Breeding forage and grain legumes to increase EU's and China's protein self-sufficiency 2017
2137 IWMPRAISE Integrated Weed Management: PRActical Implementation and Solutions for Europe 2017
2138 SURE-Farm Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems 2017
2139 SafeConsumE SafeConsumE: Safer food through changed consumer behavior: Effective tools and products, communication strategies, education and a food safety policy reducing health burden from foodborne illnesses 2017
2140 MAGIC Marginal lands for Growing Industrial Crops: Turning a burden into an opportunity 2017
2141 EU-China-Safe Delivering an Effective, Resilient and Sustainable EU-China Food Safety Partnership 2017
2142 FarFish Responsive Results-Based Management and capacity building for EU Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement- and international waters 2017
2143 BREEDCAFS BREEDing Coffee for AgroForestry Systems 2017
2144 FAirWAY Farm systems that produce good Water quality for drinking water supplies 2017
2145 ROBUST Rural-Urban Outlooks: Unlocking Synergies 2017
2146 PROSNOW Provision of a prediction system allowing for management and optimization of snow in Alpine ski resorts 2017
2147 H2020_Insurance Oasis Innovation Hub for Catastrophe and Climate Extremes Risk Assessment 2017
2148 TAKEMI5 Technology Advances and Key Enablers for Module Integration for 5 nm 2017
2149 MegaMaRt2 MegaModelling at Runtime - scalable model-based framework for continuous development and runtime validation of complex systems. 2017
2150 EPiR The Chemical Basis of RNA Epigenetics 2017
2151 CESEAND InnoAses3 Enhance innovation management capacities in Andalusian SMEs. CESEAND InnoAses 2017-18. 2017
2152 ALEXANDRIA Large-Scale Formal Proof for the Working Mathematician 2017
2153 SystGeneEdit Dissecting quantitative traits and their underlying genetic interactions via systematic genome editing 2017
2154 EEN INNOS New extended EEN innovation support service for innovative SMEs in Serbia 2017
2155 PyroProf Chemical Profiling of Inorganic and Pyrotechnic Explosives 2017
2156 VULCAN.ears Volcano-seismic Unsupervised Labelling and ClAssificatioN Embedded in A Real-time Scenario 2017
2157 ImPRESS International Interdisciplinary PhD studies in Biomedical Research and Biostatistics. Supporting the career and training in omic-based research and biostatistics by inter-national and-sectoral mobility 2018
2158 MARQUESS Multiscale Analysis of AiRframe Structures and Quantification of UncErtaintieS System 2017
2159 MetaboMARKER A metabolism-based prognostic biomarker for prostate cancer 2017
2160 TRADE Turbo electRic Aircraft Design Environment (TRADE) 2017
2161 Global vision, standardisation stakeholder engagement in 5G 2017
2162 Immersify Audiovisual Technologies for Next Generation Immersive Media 2017
2163 FeetWell Innovative diagnostic and eHealth monitoring system for diabetic foot complications 2017
2164 SPEEDY-3D Plugin-free easy-to-use software for high-speed virtual reality in e-commerce 2017
2165 iSAFE iSAFE Internet Safety Awareness for European primary school children 2017
2166 FIBRESHIP Engineering, production and life‐cycle management for the complete construction of large‐length FIBRE‐based SHIPs 2017
2167 JETSCREEN JET Fuel SCREENing and Optimization 2017
2168 ImmuneCheckpointsAD Immune checkpoint blockade for fighting Alzheimer’s disease 2017
2169 KAMINO EEN-services for supporting the Key Account Management process in the SME-instrument and enhancing the INnOvation management capacities of SMEs (KAMINO) 2017
2170 Beacon Bentonite mechanical evolution 2017
2171 INSPYRE Investigations Supporting MOX Fuel Licensing in ESNII Prototype Reactors 2017
2172 ESFR-SMART European Sodium Fast Reactor Safety Measures Assessment and Research Tools 2017
2173 TRANSAT TRANSversal Actions for Tritium 2017
2174 ATLASplus Advanced Structural Integrity Assessment Tools for Safe Long Term Operation 2017
2175 TeaM Cables European Tools and Methodologies for an efficient ageing management of nuclear power plant Cables 2017
2176 NOMAD Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) System for the Inspection of Operation-Induced Material Degradation in Nuclear Power Plants 2017
2177 NARSIS New Approach to Reactor Safety ImprovementS 2017
2178 THERAMIN Thermal treatment for radioactive waste minimisation and hazard reduction 2017
2179 ADVISE ADVanced Inspection of Complex StructurEs 2017
2180 IPANEMA Inlet PArticle Separator Numerical ExperiMental Assessment 2017
2181 ZapGoCharger Rapid charging of cordless appliances using graphene-based supercapacitors 2017
2182 TrustVehicle Improved trustworthiness and weather-independence of conditional automated vehicles in mixed traffic scenarios 2017
2183 AUTOCOMPLEMENT The role of complement in the induction of autoimmunity against post-translationally modified proteins 2017
2184 FastMat Fast determination of fatigue properties of materials beyond one billion cycles 2017
2185 IMPROVE Innovative Methods for Psychology: Reproducible, Open, Valid, and Efficient 2017
2186 EPPN2020 European Plant Phenotyping Network 2020 2017
2187 PADDLE Planning in A liquiD worlD with tropicaL StakEs: solutions from an EU-Africa-Brazil perspective 2017
2188 TRANSFORM Transforming Gender Justice for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: The Gender Justice Prototype Framework for Analysis and Action 2017
2189 PRACTICIES Partnership against violent radicalization in the cities 2017
2190 ADSNeSP Active and Driven Systems: Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics 2017
2191 IRiMaS Interactive Research in Music as Sound:Transforming Digital Musicology 2017
2192 Redox Relays Detecting, understanding and exploiting intracellular redox signaling relays 2017
2193 CyberGenetics Cybergenetics: Theory and Design Tools for Biomolecular Control Systems 2017
2194 Enhancement SGA2 Enhancing Innovation Management Capacities and Key Account Management (KAM) services for Greek SMEs 2017
2195 McSAFE High-Performance Monte Carlo Methods for SAFEty Demonstration- From Proof of Concept to realistic Safety Analysis and Industry-like Applications 2017
2196 AccesSME Peer Learning of Innovation Agencies for Services of Access to Finance for Innovative SMEs 2017
2197 HDR4EU Enabling End-to-End HDR Ecosystem 2017
2198 X5gon X5gon: Cross Modal, Cross Cultural, Cross Lingual, Cross Domain, and Cross Site Global OER Network 2017
2199 SLICENET End-to-End Cognitive Network Slicing and Slice Management Framework in Virtualised Multi-Domain, Multi-Tenant 5G Networks 2017
2200 INVITE Co-designing and piloting demand-driven mechanisms, skill-sets and measures for stimulating and facilitating open innovation across European innovation systems 2017
2201 ENABLE European Network for Alloys Behaviour Law Enhancement 2018
2202 N2N European industrial doctorate for advanced, lightweight and silent, multifunctional composite structures 2018
2203 EDIFLO PRO Smart video for smart devices 2017
2204 GlobalBLED Ecosystem of Advanced ICT-based Services Personalised Training for Efficient Secure Driving 2017
2205 INOVER21 Mass-customisation of custom-made medical implants 2017
2206 Multiscreen Multiple cellular screens using microfluidic droplets 2017
2207 STORM The first cybersecurity management system providing evidence based metrics for cyber risk at the business asset level in real-time 2017
2208 Story Maker Story Maker 2017
2209 DABCAST Digital radio game changer 2017
2210 IMGENE Improving Genome Editing Efficiency (IMGENE) 2017
2211 IPMT Integrated Precision Medicine Technologies Research Centre of Excellence 2017
2212 ITUL Information Theory with Uncertain Laws 2017
2214 MARCONI Multimedia and Augmented Radio Creation: Online, iNteractive, Individual 2017
2215 MCM Motor Condition Monitor 2017
2216 MECHADIAN Mechanobiology of the cellular circadian clock 2018
2217 MEMS 4.0 Additive Micro-Manufacturing for Plastic Micro-flectro-Mechanical-Systems 2017
2218 Morse Model-based optimisation for efficient use of resources and energy 2017
2220 Nano4 Providing the New Generation of Nano-Based Molecular Technology for the Early Detection of Bacteria, Viruses and Cancer at the Point of Care 2017
2221 NewLoops Higher-loop amplitudes on the sphere: a new approach to the perturbative expansion of quantum field theories 2017
2222 OpenPhilology Open Philology: The Composition of Buddhist Scriptures 2018
2223 PoCOsteo PoC in-office device for identifying individuals at high risk of Osteoporosis and osteoporotic fracture 2017
2224 PubFORWARD Disrupting the Digital Publishing and Advertising Markets by New Digital Services 2017
2225 RenoZEB Accelerating Energy renovation solution for Zero Energy buildings and Neighbourhoods 2017
2226 REZBUILD REfurbishment decision making platform through advanced technologies for near Zero energy BUILDing renovation 2017
2227 ROBIOT Improving the sustainability of bioenergy production with a Robot for Biomass Quality Management 2017
2228 SAGRIS Sentinels-based Agriculture Information Service Component 2017
2229 SCALER Scaling European Resources with Industrial Symbiosis 2017
2230 scAssembly Algorithms and experimental tools for integrating very large-scale single cell genomics data 2017
2231 scMODULES Cinematographic story-telling, super-zoom, x-ray, infrared (IR) ultraviolet (UV) gigapixel enriched content and cross-museum digital content licensing platform enhancing EU museums competitiveness 2017
2232 SENSE Affordable CFD simulation software for SMEs in the transportation industry 2017
2233 SIMDAS Upgrade of CaSToRC into a Center of Excellence in Simulation and Data Science 2017
2234 SmartLine Smart in-line metrology and control for boosting the yield and quality of high-volume manufacturing of Organic Electronics 2017
2235 TEBO TEBO: Platform for empowering teachers and engaging students 2017
2236 ULTIMATE The best online drug discovery platform, Building the Ultimate chemical database for drug discovery 2017
2238 VNL Virtual NanoLab (VNL), a Cross-disciplinary Open Nanotechnology Simulation Platform 2017
2239 Evoland Evolution of regulatory landscapes at multiple timescales 2017
2240 CYCLODE Cyclical and Linear Timing Modes in Development 2017
2241 BAM Becoming A Minority 2017
2242 CAPaCITy Designing Conjugated Polymers for Photocatalysis and Ion Transport 2017
2243 CerQUIT Certifying Large-scale Quantum Information Technologies 2018
2244 DarkGAMBIT Global searches for dark matter and new physics with GAMBIT using effective field theory 2018
2245 DarkGAMBIT Global searches for dark matter and new physics with GAMBIT using effective field theory 2018
2246 DarkGAMBIT Global searches for dark matter and new physics with GAMBIT using effective field theory 2018
2248 CSRC Center for STEAM Education Research, Science Communication and Innovation 2017
2249 EXCELSIOR ERATOSTHENES: Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment 2017
2250 CETOCOEN Excellence CETOCOEN Excellence 2017
2251 CelESTial Industrial Cell Factories and Sustainable Bioprocessing for Future Bioeconomy 2017
2252 BOTFIND BOTFIND: Finding Bots, Detect Harassing Automation, and Restoring Trust in Social Media Civic Engagement 2017
2253 Fertissimo A ground-breaking medical system selecting the most viable embryo for successful IVF pregnancy 2017
2254 BabyMinder BabyMinder: Automatic diagnosis of neurocognitive impairment in infants 2017
2255 ECCO Energy Efficient Coil Coating Process 2017
2256 DocksTheFuture Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the clustering, monitoring and evaluation of results of actions under the Ports of the Future topic 2018
2257 HTSEmpower The High Throughput Satellite Enabler Instrument: HTSInstrument 2017
2258 CARL-PdM Next Generation Holistic Predictive Maintenance Software 2017
2259 DeviceHub The next generation of internet-of-thing (IoT) connectivity. 2017
2260 SynCrop Synthetic Circuits for Robust Orthogonal Production 2018
2261 TAPAS Training Network on Automatic Processing of PAthological Speech 2017
2262 UNIFY A Unified Framework for the Assessment and Application of Cognitive Models 2018
2263 V-EPC Inherited disfunctions of brain microcirculation 2017
2264 verv verv: advanced home electricity analytics 2017
2265 AMable AdditiveManufacturABLE 2017
2266 AQUAlity Interdisciplinar cross-sectoral approach to effectively address the removal of contaminants of emerging concern from water 2017
2267 ATHOR Advanced THermomechanical mOdelling of Refractory linings 2017
2268 B-Q MINDED Breakthroughs in Quantitative Magnetic resonance ImagiNg for improved DEtection of brain Diseases 2018
2269 CADENCE Catalytic Dual-Function Devices Against Cancer 2017
2270 CATALYST Converting DCs in Energy Flexibility Ecosystems (CATALYST) 2017
2271 CloudiFacturing Cloudification of Production Engineering for Predictive Digital Manufacturing 2017
2272 ConFlex Control of flexible structures and fluid-structure interactions 2017
2273 COSINE Training network for COmputational Spectroscopy In Natural sciences and Engineering 2018
2274 COSMICS Concepts and tools in molecular spintronics 2017
2275 CURE-XF Capacity Building And Raising Awareness In Europe And In Third Countries To Cope With Xylella fastidiosa 2017
2276 DRIVE Development of Robust and Innovative Vaccine Effectiveness 2017
2277 EFINED Energy Filtering Non-Equilibrium Devices 2018
2278 ELVITEN Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks 2017
2279 ENSYSTRA Energy Systems in Transition 2017
2280 ERICA Engineered Calcium-Silicate-Hydrates for Applications 2017
2281 FAIR Stations Future Secure and Accessible Rail Stations 2017
2282 FEEdBACk Fostering Energy Efficiency and BehAvioural Change through ICT 2017
2283 FibreNet A Training Network on Designing Novel Bio-based Fibre Products for Targeted Advanced Properties and New Applications 2017
2284 FLASH Far-infrared Lasers Assembled using Silicon Heterostructures 2017
2285 FuSuMaTech Future Superconducting Magnet Technology 2017
2286 HEAR-ECO HEAR-ECO Innovative Hearing Aid Research - Ecological Conditions and Outcome Measures 2017
2287 HiFi-ELEMENTS High Fidelity Electric Modelling and Testing 2017
2288 HiReach High reach innovative mobility solutions to cope with transport poverty 2017
2289 Home2nite Home2nite is an innovative guest engagement platform that aims to empower the independent hotels as AirBnb did for the travel hosts. 2017
2290 HubIT The HUB for boosting the Responsibility and inclusiveness of ICT enabled Research and Innovation through constructive interactions with SSH research 2017
2291 i-vSAVE Intelligent Vessels using space technology for Safety on board. 2017
2292 IGNITE Comparative genomics of non-model invertebrates 2018
2293 InnoDC Innovative tools for offshore wind and DC grids 2017
2294 Inspire4Nature INternational training at the Science-Policy Interface for Researchers in Europe, for Nature 2018
2295 INTAC The International Register of Academic Job Categories. Facilitating Careers in the European Research Area 2017
2296 iPLACENTA Innovation in modelling Placenta for Maternal and Fetal Health 2018
2297 KDD-CHASER Knowledge Discovery in Data as Collaboration of Human and Software Actors 2018
2298 LipidDrive LipidDrive - Lipidomics cloud computing platform and app 2017
2299 MixITiN Bringing the paradigm for marine pelagic production into the 21st century: incorporating mixotrophy into mainstream marine research 2017
2300 OBELICS Optimization of scalaBle rEaltime modeLs and functIonal testing for e-drive ConceptS 2017
2301 ONFIRE Future Optical Networks for Innovation, Research and Experimentation 2017
2302 PAINTBOX Pancreatic islet dysfunction and type 2 diabetes – beyond the genome 2017
2303 ParDHonS_FFs.TMDs Parton Dynamics in QCD Hadron Structure: collinear FFs and unpolarized TMDs 2018
2304 PhotoBioCat Light-driven sustainable biocatalysis training network 2018
2305 ProTechTion Industrial decision-making on complex production technologies supported by simulation-based engineering 2018
2306 PurinesDX Interdisciplinary training network on the purinergic P2X7 receptor to control neuroinflammation and hyperexcitability in brain diseases. 2017
2307 RAINBOW Rapid Biomechanics Simulation for Personalized Clinical Design 2018
2308 REWAM Next generation renewable energy portfolio asset management based on predictive analytics 2017
2309 SUPREME Sustainable and flexible powder metallurgy processes optimization by a holistic reduction of raw material resources and energy consumption. 2017
2310 THUNDEEP A Theory for Understanding, Designing, and Training Deep Learning Systems 2018
2311 FUN-PM Fundamental Understanding of Nanoparticle chemistry: towards the prediction of Particulate emissions and Material synthesis 2018
2312 SPADE from SPArsity to DEep learning 2017
2313 CSG C° symplectic geometry 2017
2314 CHROMATADS Chromatin Packing and Architectural Proteins in Plants 2018
2315 IneqPol Inequality - Public Policy and Political Economy 2018
2316 ETOPEX Engineering Topological Phases and Excitations in Nanostructures with Interactions 2018
2317 BioNet Dynamical Redesign of Biomolecular Networks 2018
2318 GEL-SYS Smart HydroGEL SYStems – From Bioinspired Design to Soft Electronics and Machines 2018
2319 AMPLITUDES Manifesting the Simplicity of Scattering Amplitudes 2018
2320 Waves Waves of history in the South Pacific: A gene-culture coevolutionary approach 2018
2321 ProteinDynamics Visualizing the Conformational Dynamics of Proteins by Time-Resolved Electron Microscopy 2018
2322 PIC Personalised In-Silico Cardiology 2017
2323 ADVANCEFUEL Facilitating market roll-out of RESfuels in the transport sector to 2030 and beyond 2017
2324 EPIDIVERSE Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology 2017
2325 ViBrANT VIral and BacteRial Adhesin Network Training 2018
2326 LIMQUET Light-Matter Interfaces for Quantum Enhanced Technology 2018
2327 MossTech Advanced use of mosses for biotechnological solutions 2017
2328 TRABIT Translational Brain Imaging Training Network 2017
2329 LightDyNAmics DNA as a training platform for photodynamic processes in soft materials 2018
2330 MOTION Mobile Technology for Infant Social-Cognitive Neuroscience: Interdisciplinary Training Network for Innovative Infancy Research 2018
2331 COUPLED Operationalising telecouplings for solving sustainability challenges related to land use 2018
2332 ELBA European Liquid Biopsies Academy - Towards widespread clinical application of blood- based diagnostic tools 2018
2333 INSIGHTS International Training Network for Statistics in High Energy Physics and Society 2017
2334 EvoCELL Animal evolution from a cell type perspective: multidisciplinary training in single-cell genomics, evo-devo and in science outreach 2018
2335 DeLIVER Super-resolution optical microscopy of nanosized pore dynamics in endothelial cells 2018
2337 PREDICT A new era in personalised medicine: Radiomics as decision support tool for diagnostics and theragnostics in oncology 2017
2338 ED-ARCHMAT European Doctorate in ARchaeological and Cultural Heritage MATerials science 2018
2339 COSY-BIO Control Engineering of Biological Systems for Reliable Synthetic Biology Applications 2017
2340 Eco-Bot Personalised ICT-tools for the Active Engagement of Consumers Towards Sustainable Energy 2017
2341 eTEACHER end-users Tools to Empower and raise Awareness of Behavioural CHange towards EneRgy efficiency 2017
2342 WhiskTrackGP Real-time tracking of whisker kinematics for closed-loop neuroscientific experiments 2017
2343 EURITO EU Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, Trusted, and Open Research Innovation Indicators 2018
2344 InsSciDE Inventing a Shared Science Diplomacy for Europe 2017
2345 DOMINOES Smart Distribution Grid: a Market Driven Approach for the Next Generation of Advanced Operation Models and Services 2017
2346 PLANET Planning and operational tools for optimising energy flows and synergies between energy networks 2017
2347 FLEXCoop Democratizing energy markets through the introduction of innovative flexibility-based demand response tools and novel business and market models for energy cooperatives 2017
2348 Spine Open source toolbox for modelling integrated energy systems 2017
2349 TDX-ASSIST Coordination of Transmission and Distribution data eXchanges for renewables integration in the European marketplace through Advanced, Scalable and Secure ICT Systems and Tools 2017
2350 INNO GREEN Encouraging INNOvation for development of GREEN jobs 2017
2351 RTCure Rheuma Tolerance for Cure 2017
2352 RUN2Rail Innovative RUNning gear soluTiOns for new dependable, sustainable, intelligent and comfortable RAIL vehicles 2017
2353 CONNECTIVE Connecting and Analysing the Digital Transport Ecosystem 2017
2354 IASI-FT IASI - Flux and temperature 2017
2355 MIRA Next Generation Machine Intelligence for Medical Image Representation and Analysis 2018
2356 OrFuNCo Organic Functionalisation of N2 Using Metal-Main Group and Metal-Metal Cooperativity 2018
2357 ModelGenomLand Modelling the genomic landscapes of selection and speciation 2018
2358 4D-GenEx Spatio-temporal Organization and Expression of the Genome 2018
2359 ANADEL Analysis of Geometrical Effects on Dispersive Equations 2018
2360 ASYMMEM Lipid asymmetry: a cellular battery? 2018
2361 CHAOS-PIQUANT Universality and chaos in PT-symmetric quantum systems 2018
2362 CORFRONMAT Correlated frontiers of many-body quantum mathematics and condensed matter physics 2018
2363 FarCatCH Innovative Strategies for Unprecedented Remote C-H bond Functionalization by Catalysis 2018
2364 EXPROTEA Exploring Relations in Structured Data with Functional Maps 2018
2365 MICRONEX Microbioreactor platforms as in vivo-like systems to probe the role of Neuroblastoma-derived Exosomes in cancer dissemination 2017
2366 COLD Climate Sensitivity of Glacial Landscape Dynamics 2018
2367 HANDmade How natural hand usage shapes behavior and intrinsic and task-evoked brain activity. 2018
2368 BigEarth Accurate and Scalable Processing of Big Data in Earth Observation 2018
2369 FACESYNTAX Computing the Face Syntax of Social Communication 2018
2370 AV-SMP Algorithmic Verification of String Manipulating Programs 2017
2371 INSIKT Novel Social Data Mining Platform to Detect and Defeat Violent Online Radicalization 2017
2372 BodenTypeDC Prototyping the most energy and cost efficient data center in the world: The Boden Type Data Center 2017
2373 Big Policy Canvas Big Policy Canvas - Needs, Trends and ICT Tools for Advanced Data-Driven Public Sector 2017
2374 NEMESIS Novel Educational Model Enabling Social Innovation Skills development 2017
2375 eTRANSAFE Enhacing TRANslational SAFEty Assessment through Integrative Knowledge Management 2017
2376 ADMIRE A holographic microscope for the immersive exploration of augmented micro-reality 2017
2377 SuperEH Super Variable Vector Combination Energy Saving Hub 2017
2378 CASTLES Charge And Spin in TopologicaL Edge States 2018
2379 InsularAnxiety Insular cortical circuits controlling fear and anxiety 2018
2380 CFT-MAP Charting the space of Conformal Field Theories: a combined nuMerical and Analytical aPproach 2018
2381 WFNQMC Development of a Novel Computational Toolbox for Stochastic Electronic Structure in Chemistry and Condensed Matter 2018
2382 FattyCyanos Fatty acid incorporation and modification in cyanobacterial natural products 2018
2383 ROMI RObotics for MIcrofarms 2017
2384 BOND Bringing Organisations and Network Development to higher levels in the farming sector in Europe 2017
2385 FASTEN Flexible and Autonomous Manufacturing Systems for Custom-Designed Products 2017
2386 INVICTUS IN VItro Cavitation Through UltraSound 2017
2387 NGI MOVE Ecosystem building blocks for the Next Generation Internet movement 2017
2388 REF-MIG Refugees are Migrants: Refugee Mobility, Recognition and Rights 2018
2389 TREAT-NPM1-AML Improving therapy of NPM1-mutated AML 2017
2390 CLOTHILDE CLOTH manIpulation Learning from DEmonstrations 2018
2391 IntScOmics A single-cell genomics approach integrating gene expression, lineage, and physical interactions 2018
2392 HopeQNet Hopfield neural network dynamics in open quantum systems 2017
2393 LD_Biogenesis Identification and characterization of sites of lipid droplet biogenesis in the ER 2018
2394 PhonPred Constructing a theory of phonotactic processing during speaking 2018
2395 MoThal Functional exploration of the contributions of brainstem-motor thalamic pathways to motor execution and learning 2018
2396 ALDREN ALliance for Deep RENovation in buildings (ALDREN) Implementing the European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme, as back-bone along the whole deep renovation process 2017
2397 CALLIOPE voCAL articuLations Of Parliamentary Identity and Empire 2018
2398 FraMEPhys A Framework for Metaphysical Explanation in Physics 2018
2399 LightCrypt New Directions in Lightweight Cryptanalysis 2017
2401 ERACHRON Eradicating Chronic Infections 2018
2402 NEBULAR Novel Blueprints for the Visible-Light-Mediated Assembly of C–N Bonds via Nitrogen Radicals 2018
2403 EnBioN Engineering the Biointerface of Nanowires to Direct Stem Cell Differentiation 2018
2404 VIMMP Virtual Materials Market Place (VIMMP) 2018
2405 HOLISDER Integrating Real-Intelligence in Energy Management Systems enabling Holistic Demand Response Optimization in Buildings and Districts 2017
2406 ARTEM Aircraft noise Reduction Technologies and related Environmental iMpact 2017
2407 ANIMA Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches 2017
2408 PoliVisu Policy Development based on Advanced Geospatial Data Analytics and Visualisation 2017
2409 DOIT Entrepreneurial skills for young social innovators in an open digital world. A European Initiative 2017
2410 TRANS-URBAN-EU-CHINA Transition towards urban sustainability through socially integrative cities in the EU and in China 2018
2411 Data4Impact Big DATA approaches FOR improved monitoring of research and innovation performance and assessment of the societal IMPACT in the Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing Societal Challenge 2017
2412 MAKSWELL MAKing Sustainable development and WELL-being frameworks work for policy analysis 2017
2413 Swiss EENISSME Contribution of Swiss EEN to the implementation of the SME Instrument 2017
2414 OK-Net EcoFeed Organic Knowledge Network on Monogastric Animal Feed 2018
2415 SiEUGreen Sino-European innovative green and smart cities 2018
2416 CLAIM Cleaning Litter by developing and Applying Innovative Methods in european seas 2017
2417 AfriCultuReS Enhancing Food Security in AFRIcan AgriCULTUral Systems with the Support of REmote Sensing 2017
2418 DCS4COP DataCube Service for Copernicus 2017
2419 AirQast A commercial platform providing operational Air Quality services using EO data 2017
2420 SCALESCRAPERS SCALESCRAPERS - how to support the growth of scale-ups to only sky is the limit 2017
2421 BOUNCE Predicting Effective Adaptation to Breast Cancer to Help Women to BOUNCE Back 2017
2422 MATHROCKS Multiscale Inversion of Porous Rock Physics using High-Performance Simulators: Bridging the Gap between Mathematics and Geophysics 2018
2423 DTD SYSTEM 2 A disruptive innovation for the minisation of railway mantenance costs 2017
2424 IDPfun Driving the functional characterization of intrinsically disordered proteins 2018
2425 BodyPass API-ecosystem for cross-sectorial exchange of 3D personal data 2018
2426 NiSAN Voltage Nanosensors for Applications in Neuroscience 2017
2427 EXTEND Bidirectional Hyper-Connected Neural System 2018
2428 CHARIOT Cognitive Heterogeneous Architecture for Industrial IoT 2018
2429 NarcoScan NarcoScan pocket-sized and affordable narcotics screener: making drug detection on the streets as common as catching drunk drivers 2017
2430 MOMIT Multi-scale Observation and Monitoring of railway Infrastructure Threats 2017
2431 TERRINet The European Robotics Research Infrastructure Network 2017
2432 NanoCommons The European Nanotechnology Community Informatics Platform: Bridging data and disciplinary gaps for industry and regulators (NanoCommons) 2018
2433 EDIReX EurOPDX Distributed Infrastructure for Research on patient-derived cancer Xenografts 2018
2434 LogNeuroDev The molecular and cellular logic of vertebrate neural development 2018
2435 ERIEH Exact Results in Extended Holography 2018
2436 AgeCogCity How visual perception shapes our cities: a cognitive model of ageing population 2018
2437 SynapseER Endoplasmic reticulum structure and synaptic function in Drosophila 2018
2438 CLIMLAN Novel multivariate, high-resolution mapping of the exposure of ecosystems to climate and land use change 2018
2439 FRONTIERPEACE On the Frontiers of Peace. Cross-cultural Peacebuilding on the Global Frontiers of the Iberian Empires (1500-1580) 2018
2440 ChromoCats The geometry of chromatic categories 2018
2441 TransTurb Large Deviations and Rare Transitions in Turbulent flows 2017
2442 PRESTIGE-AF PREvention of STroke in Intracerebral haemorrhaGE survivors with Atrial Fibrillation 2017
2443 MCDS-Therapy Repurposing of carbamazepine for treatment of skeletal dysplasia 2017
2444 R-LiNK Optimizing response to Li treatment through personalized evaluation of individuals with bipolar I disorder: the R-LiNK initiative 2018
2445 COMPAR-EU Comparing effectiveness of self-management interventions in 4 high priority chronic diseases in Europe 2018
2446 COLOSSUS Advancing a Precision Medicine Paradigm in metastatic Colorectal Cancer: Systems based patient stratification solutions 2018
2447 EU-TRAIN The EUropean TRAnsplantation and INnovation (EU-TRAIN) consortium for improving diagnosis and risk stratification in kidney transplant patients 2018
2448 LIMA Liquid biopsies and Imaging for improved cancer care 2018
2449 HumanTrafficking Human Trafficking: A Labor Perspective 2018
2450 MTrix Mechanical Targeting as an Integrative Approach for Personalized Nanomedicine 2017
2451 Real-PIM-System Memristive In-Memory Processing System 2018
2452 SINGULARITY Singularities and Compactness in Nonlinear PDEs 2018
2453 PLASREVOLUTION Understanding the evolution of plasmid-mediated antibiotic resistance in real life scenarios 2018
2454 FODEX Tropical Forest Degradation Experiment 2018
2455 NeuroLang Accelerating Neuroscience Research by Unifying Knowledge Representation and Analysis Through a Domain Specific Language 2018
2456 MC2 Mixed-phase clouds and climate (MC2) – from process-level understanding to large-scale impacts 2018
2457 MEMCIRCUIT Deconstruction of a neural circuit for working memory: hubs, coding mechanisms, and signal routing 2018
2458 MicroBar Microsatellite Barcoding: reconstructing the family tree of hematopoietic cells 2018
2459 miRCell MicroRNA functions in single cells 2018
2460 TIMEISNOW The Time is Now: Understanding Social Network Dynamics Using Relational Event Histories 2018
2461 GRIEVANCE Gauging the Risk of Incidents of Extremist Violence Against Non-Combatant Entities 2018
2462 BSP Belief Systems Project 2018
2463 BLOCKCHAINSOCIETY The Disrupted Society: mapping the societal effects of blockchain technology diffusion 2018
2464 SPEEDER Supercapacitive Polymer Electrodes for Directing Epithelial Repair 2018
2465 DualRP Exploring cell interactions in the tumor microenvironment with dual ribosome profiling 2018
2467 MarketPlace Materials Modelling Marketplace for Increased Industrial Innovation 2018
2468 Newcotiana Developing Multipurpose Nicotiana Crops for Molecular Farming using New Plant Breeding Techniques 2018
2469 EnDurCrete New Environmental friendly and Durable conCrete, integrating industrial by-products and hybrid systems, for civil, industrial and offshore applications – EnDurCrete 2018
2470 MATUROLIFE Metallisation of Textiles to make Urban living for Older people more Independent Fashionable 2018
2471 Oyster Open characterisation and modelling environment to drive innovation in advanced nano-architectured and bio-inspired hard/soft interfaces 2017
2472 InnovaConcrete Innovative materials and techniques for the conservation of 20th century concrete-based cultural heritage 2018
2473 VIMMP Virtual Materials Market Place (VIMMP) 2018
2474 PANBioRA Personalized And/Or Generalized Integrated Biomaterial Risk Assessment 2018
2475 DecoChrom Decorative Applications for Self-Organized Molecular Electrochromic Systems 2018
2476 nTRACK Multimodal nanoparticles for structural and functional tracking of stem cell therapy on muscle regeneration 2017
2477 OptiMACS European industrial doctorate for efficient multidisciplinary design Optimization ofMultifunctional Aerospace Composite Structures 2018
2478 RESPOND RESPOND: integrated demand REsponse Solution towards energy POsitive NeighbourhooDs 2017
2479 ReSOMA Research Social platform On Migration and Asylum 2018
2480 eDREAM eDREAM - enabling new Demand REsponse Advanced, Market oriented and Secure technologies, solutions and business models 2018
2481 SOGNO Service Oriented Grid for the Network of the Future 2018
2482 Smart Exploration Sustainable mineral resources by utilizing new Exploration technologies 2017
2483 MySustainableForest Operational sustainable forestry with satellite-based remote sensing 2017
2484 ExoplANETS A Exoplanet Athmosphere New Emission Transmission Spectra Analysis 2018
2485 INFACT Innovative, Non-invasive and Fully Acceptable Exploration Technologies 2017
2486 CLIC CLIC - Circular models Leveraging Investments in Cultural heritage adaptive reuse 2017
2487 XDC eXtreme DataCloud 2017
2488 DARE Delivering Agile Research Excellence on European e-Infrastructures 2018
2489 KET4CleanProduction Pan-European Access for man. SME on tech. services for clean production through a Network of premier KET Technology Centres with one stop shop access incl. EEN and discourse with policy makers on RIS3 2018
2490 OaSIS Optimizing Support for Innovating SMEs 2017
2491 EURHISFIRM Historical high-quality company-level data for Europe 2018
2492 PREMIUM Preservation of microorganisms by understanding the protective mechanisms of oligosaccharides 2018
2493 Warmest loW Altitude Remote sensing for the Monitoring of the state of Cultural hEritage Sites: building an inTegrated model for maintenance. 2017
2494 OchraVine Control Implementation of integrated and innovative Precision Agriculture management strategies to reduce the occurrence of ochratoxins along the vine value chain products: grapes, raisins/currants and wine 2018
2495 BEHAPI Behavioural Application Program Interfaces 2018
2496 AlgaeCeuticals Development of microalgae-based natural UV Sunscreens and Proteins as cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals 2018
2497 RENESENG II Renewable systems engineering for waste valorisation ΙΙ 2018
2498 Signa2.0 Signaturit 2018
2499 PECUNIA ProgrammE in Costing, resource use measurement and outcome valuation for Use in multi-sectoral National and International health economic evaluAtions 2018
2500 IMPACT HTA Improved Methods and Actionable Tools for Enhancing Health Technology Assessment 2018
2501 COMED Pushing the boundaries of Cost and Outcome analysis of Medical Technologies 2018
2502 CRESCENDO Critical Raw material ElectrocatalystS replacement ENabling Designed pOst-2020 PEMFC 2018
2503 ID-FAST Investigations on degradation mechanisms and Definition of protocols for PEM Fuel cells Accelerated Stress Testing 2018
2504 CATALOG Computational catalog of multiscale materials: a plugin library for industrial finite element codes 2018
2505 PRESLHY Pre-normative REsearch for Safe use of Liquide HYdrogen 2018
2506 EDI European Data Incubator 2018
2508 SARAS Smart Autonomous Robotic Assistant Surgeon 2018
2509 MindsEyeBCI Reading the mind’s eye at 7 Tesla - A fMRI-based communication brain-computer interface for severely motor-impaired patients 2018
2510 V4Design Visual and textual content re-purposing FOR(4) architecture, Design and video virtual reality games 2018
2511 WAI-Tools Advanced Decision Support Tools for Scalable Web Accessibility Assessments 2017
2512 SiNBioSys Luminescent silicon nanocrystals as bioimaging systems 2017
2513 PTwist PTwist: An open platform for plastics lifecycle awareness, monetization, and sustainable innovation 2018
2514 TheyBuyForYou Enabling procurement data value chains for economic development, demand management, competitive markets and vendor intelligence 2018
2515 WADcher Web Accessibility Directive Decision Support Environment 2018
2516 ENACT Development, Operation, and Quality Assurance of Trustworthy Smart IoT Systems 2018
2517 MATADOR MAmmary chemoresistant Tumor deAth by Directed cell ORientation 2018
2518 SAUCE Smart Asset re-Use in Creative Environments 2018
2519 DSISCALE Supporting the scale and growth of Digital Social Innovation in Europe through coordination of Europe’s DSI and CAPS Networks 2018
2520 FotoInMotion Repurposing and enriching images for immersive storytelling through smart digital tools 2018
2521 Easy Reading Easy Reading: A Framework for Personalised Cognitive Accessibility when using Original Digital Content 2018
2522 SDK4ED Software Development toolKit for Energy optimization and technical Debt elimination 2018
2523 PROMETHEUS PRivacy preserving pOst-quantuM systEms from advanced crypTograpHic mEchanisms Using latticeS 2018
2524 micro-ROS micro-ROS: Platform for seamless integration of resource constrained devices in the robot ecosystem 2018
2525 I-BiDaaS Industrial-Driven Big Data as a Self-Service Solution 2018
2526 Scale-EU2p ecoSystems Connected to AcceLerate and Encourage European Union start-uPs with high Potential 2017
2527 DataBench Evidence Based Big Data Benchmarking to Improve Business Performance 2018
2528 Domino Novel tools to evaluate ATM systems coupling under future deployment scenarios 2018
2529 WiNerve Wireless Surgical Nerve Monitoring System 2017
2531 SDS-OmiProbe Revolutionary opto-biological methodology for aggressive HER2 cancer 2017
2532 BADGER CalScreener® – an innovative device for Bacterial Analysis and Diagnostics through Growth and Energy-release in Real-time 2017
2533 Net4MobilityPlus Network of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action National Contact Points for the mobile scientific and innovation community 2018
2534 DRIVER GLASS Terrestrial Traffic Mixed Reality Navigation 2017
2535 MENTEE MENTEE - Mastery learning in Europe through Technology Enhanced Education 2017
2536 CorreAssess A novel Holistic Automated Analytics System for IT infrastructure management that proactively identifies and prevent IT operational threats. 2017
2537 STIM-MC Sacrificial Thermoplastic Injection Moulding platform for manufacturing small and complex metal and ceramic components 2017
2538 V-SPHERE Vulnerability Search and Prevention through Holistic End-to-end Risk Evaluation 2018
2539 ProtonSuite The world’s largest secure collaboration suite 2017
2540 ReIReS Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies 2018
2541 ELEXIS European Lexicographic Infrastructure 2018
2542 EUROVOLC European Network of Observatories and Research Infrastructures for Volcanology 2018
2543 MECHABLASTO Morphogenesis during pre-implantation development: molecular and mechanical regulation 2018
2544 ProstOmics 'Tissue is the issue': a multi-omics approach to improve prostate cancer diagnosis 2018
2545 PLABOR Platform Labor: Digital transformations of work and livelihood in post-welfare societies 2018
2546 FeelAgain Restoring natural feelings from missing or damaged peripheral nervous system by model-driven neuroprosthesis 2018
2547 COGRA Decoding the Mechanics of Metals by Coarse-Grained Atomistics 2018
2548 MEL-Interactions An integrative approach for the exploration of melanoma genetic and immunological interactions 2018
2549 ULTRA Increasing the Spatial Correlation of Logical Units of Data to Enable an Ultra-Low Latency Internet 2018
2550 CoCoSym Symmetry in Computational Complexity 2018
2551 PolarizeMe Feeling Polarity: Integrating intracellular mechanics and forces for a biophysical understanding of epithelial polarity 2018
2552 NonChroRep Investigating the role of the long noncoding transcriptome in chromatin replication 2018
2553 LOQO-MOTIONS Local quantum operations achieved through the motion of spins 2018
2554 SOPHY The role of Softness in the Physics of Defects: Probing Buried Interfaces in Perovskites Optoelectronic Devices 2018
2555 NPC-BUILD The Nuclear Pore Basket – Functional Architecture of a Membrane Remodeling Machine 2018
2556 ASA Understanding Statehood through Architecture: a comparative study of Africa's state buildings 2018
2557 JetDynamics High precision multi-jet dynamics at the LHC 2018
2558 VESTA VErified STAtic analysis platform 2018
2559 MYCO-CARB FUNCTIONAL BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY OF PLANKTONIC MARINE FUNGI – Revealing the mechanistic basis of the roles of mycoplankton in the marine carbon cycle 2018
2560 HiPhore High-temperature Thermophoresis using advanced optical microscopies 2018
2561 CellFateTech Biotechnology for investigating cell fate choice 2018
2562 IMCUSTOMEYE IMaging-based CUSTOMised EYE diagnostics 2018
2563 V4Design Visual and textual content re-purposing FOR(4) architecture, Design and video virtual reality games 2018
2564 IDAaaS Trusted online service for identity assurance 2017
2565 HousEEnvest Energy Efficiency Investments in multifamily houses 2018
2566 INDUCE Towards a sustainable agro-food INDUstry: Capacity building programmes in Energy efficiency 2018
2567 easyCOPRO Open book EPC for Brussels’ condominiums 2018
2568 CRREM Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor - Framework for science based decarbonisation pathways, toolkit to identify stranded assets and push sustainable investments 2018
2569 InvECAT Investor Energy-Climate Action Toolkit - Developing the framework and platform for non state actors' contribution to the Paris Agreement 2018
2570 M-Benefits Valuing and Communicating Multiple Benefits of Energy-Efficiency Measures 2018
2571 ClearRing An innovative, minimally invasive medical device used for treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia symptoms. 2018
2572 SCAN-TMS Scalable and Customizable Power Transformer Monitoring System 2018
2573 TrueTalent TrueTalent - Creating the new artist economy 2018
2575 CAALA CAALA - Computer Aided Architectural Life-cycle Assessment 2018
2576 ARCADIA Advanced platfoRm for ClimAte Data Intelligence and Action 2018
2577 SREM Smart Renewable Energy Manager for the Industrial Prosumer Market 2018
2578 InnoForESt Smart information, governance and business innovations for sustainable supply and payment mechanisms for forest ecosystem services 2017
2579 DyNET Dynamical river NETworks: climatic controls and biogeochemical function 2018
2580 conVIRgens De- and reconstructing virulence strategies of fungal plant pathogens 2018
2581 LiftMatch Lifting Methods for Global Matching Problems 2018
2582 CAPABLE Enhancing Capabilities? Rethinking Work-life Policies and their Impact from a New Perspective 2018
2583 POLYADAPT Molecular-genetic mechanisms of extreme adaptation in a polyphagous agricultural pest 2018
2584 MISOTOP Mechanochemistry: a unique opportunity for oxygen isotopic labelling and NMR spectroscopy 2018
2585 ImmunoFit Harnessing tumor metabolism to overcome immunosupression 2018
2586 INCREdible Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin 2017
2587 DARETOMODEL DAta-dRivEn, low-rank, jeT-nOise MODELling 2018
2588 ADD-ON Advanced Damage Detection though Optical sensor Network 2018
2589 CONCERTO Computation of cOmpouNd rotorCraft latEral RoTor nOise 2018
2590 LABOR Lean robotized AssemBly and cOntrol of composite aeRostructures 2018
2591 ENIGMA Supervisor Control for ENhanced electrIcal enerGy MAnagement 2018
2592 AFPMeT Automatic Fiber Placement Metitalia Tooling 2018
2593 MOTIVE Multi-physics mOdelling of high Temperature engIne ValvEs 2018
2595 WAI Wiraya Activation Intelligence 2018
2596 iaFRET An amplified signal imaging software for prognosis of cancer enabling the evaluation of clinicalefficiency of personalised cancer treatments to an unprecedented level. 2018
2597 SEMS Smart Energy Management System 2018
2598 VILT-DEV Virtual Instructor-Led IT Developer Training Program 2018
2599 ColiSense Online Online and automated E. coli monitoring for 100% safe drinking water 2018
2600 ImageToSim Multiscale Imaging-through-analysis Methods for Autonomous Patient-specific Simulation Workflows 2019
2601 ForceMorph The integration of cell signalling and mechanical forces in vascular morphology 2018
2602 ChronosAntibiotics Exploring the bacterial cell cycle to re-sensitize antibiotic-resistant bacteria 2018
2603 ISLAS Isotopic links to atmopheric water's sources 2018
2604 iPS-ChOp-AF Combining induced pluripotent stem cells, tissue engineering, optogenetic and chemogenetic concepts for the study and treatment of atrial fibrillation 2018
2606 ALOHA software framework for runtime-Adaptive and secure deep Learning On Heterogeneous Architectures 2018
2607 DILECO DIgitalization of ground-testing Life cycle with ECO design criteria 2018
2608 DeepRNA Discovering functional protein-RNA interactions through data integration and machine learning. 2018
2609 ANAFAUNA Implementation of soil fauna effects into the forest ecosystem model ANAFORE 2019
2610 EnvironMetal How does the Earth stop global warming? Using metal isotopes to understand climate recovery processes 2018
2611 NEWCPLECS New circular polarized light-emitting electrochemical cells. 2018
2612 pERFEcTO EmpoweRing FundamEntal physics and Technology with quantum Optomechanics 2018
2613 GaiaSpectroSynergy Exploiting the synergies between Gaia and spectroscopic stellar surveys to constrain next-generation Milky-Way models 2019
2614 PublicApp Revolutionise and enhance citizen engagement through a unique dedicated public platform 2018
2615 LiLa Linking Latin. Building a Knowledge Base of Linguistic Resources for Latin 2018
2616 MOOiRE Mix-in Organic-InOrganic Redox Events for High Energy Batteries 2018
2617 PI2FA Partial Ionisation: Two-Fluid Approach 2018
2618 RD-ADVANCE Advancing Econometric Methods for Analyzing Data from Regression Discontinuity Designs 2018
2619 Alpha-Synuclein Blocking the prion-like disease propagation in Parkinson’s disease and related disorders – model development and identification of cell-autonomous and cell non-autonomous factors. 2019
2620 STREAM Statistical Tools for Reaction Efficacy AssessMent: Prediction and Understanding in Organocatalyst Discovery 2018
2621 BiT-XLMS Development of comprehensive and user-friendly bioinformatics tools to study protein structures and interactions in mass spectrometry-based chemical cross-linking 2019
2622 RNASTIP RNA Sprays as a Tool for Crop Improvement and Protection 2018
2623 TNFL-TMML Topological New Fermions under Laser and New Topological Material Exploring via Machine Learning 2018
2624 MarginScapes Long-term land use and water management strategies in arid margin landscapes 2018
2625 EFHHBBBMS Endothelial Hedgehog autocrine signaling at the Blood Brain Barrier controls inflammatory CentralNervous System lesion size and severity through Gas1 co-receptor modulation. 2019
2626 RESTREIG Development of A Method for Analysis of Creep Behaviour of Welded Rotating Components of High Temperature Applications Based on Eigenstrain Theory 2018
2627 StrongLights Controlling Photoinduced Transitions with Strong Light Pulses in Condensed Matter. 2018
2628 INDECRUST Integrative ecological indicators of global change based on biocrust tissue traits 2018
2629 AxiBAU Axions as the Origin of the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe 2019
2630 ToPSeCRET Topological properties of sub-wavelength crystalline metamaterials 2018
2631 NL2LPV Nonlinear system modelling for linear parameter-varying control design 2018
2632 OptimisingIDS Optimisation of the linguistic input in the first years of life 2018
2633 NeuroBid Inside the bi-dialectal mind and brain: An electrophysiological study on executive functions 2018
2634 RSCmemory Network representations of contextual memory in a neocortical circuit 2018
2635 OE Scan A next generation diagnostic device that effectively screens for breast cancer in all tissue types, without the use of ionising radiation 2018
2636 AXO-MATH Imaging and analyzing dynamics of reward-related long-range axons during decision-making in behaving mice 2018
2637 B4EST Adaptive BREEDING for productive, sustainable and resilient FORESTs under climate change 2018
2638 BIOGEOS Bio-mediated Geo-material Strengthening for engineering applications 2018
2639 SAFECARE SAFEguard of Critical heAlth infrastructure 2018
2640 BRAIN CAMO Camouflaging electronics in the brain with immobilized liquid coatings 2018
2641 Browsec Foundations and Tools for Client-Side Web Security 2018
2642 C-POS Children's Palliative care Outcome Scale 2018
2643 C-SERVEES Activating Circular Services in the Electric and Electronic Sector 2018
2644 CANDELA Copernicus Access Platform Intermediate Layers Small Scale Demonstrator 2018
2645 CARBS Compositional Approximate Reasoning via Bialgebraic Semantics 2019
2646 CATENA Commentary Manuscripts in the History and Transmission of the Greek New Testament 2018
2647 CHANCE Climate cHange mitigAtioN poliCies and Equality: distributional implications for different socio-economic groups 2019
2648 CheSSTaG Chemotactic Super-Selective Targeting of Gliomas 2018
2649 CHROMABOLISM Chromatin-localized central metabolism regulating gene expression and cell identity 2018
2650 Co-Inform Co-Creating Misinformation-Resilient Societies 2018
2651 COMFECTION Communication for Food Protection 2019
2652 CultureLabs Culture Labs: recipes for social innovation 2018
2653 darkBHgrowth Shedding light on the dark supermassive black hole growth in the early Universe 2018
2654 Data Synthesis Power Reducing required sample size of new studies by effectively using historical data: new methods for evaluating mechanisms, conditions, and alternative explanations 2018
2655 DETECt Detecting Transcultural Identity in European Popular Crime Narratives 2018
2656 DiCrEd Towards a Digital Critical Edition of The Works of Giuseppe Verdi 2019
2657 DIM Decoding ISGylation events in Macrophages 2018
2658 DYNAFLUORS Dynamic Activatable Fluorophores 2018
2659 E-SCENT Epidermal sensors as personal chemical environmental monitoring tools 2018
2660 ECOFOULPEST From marine molecules to eco-friendly tools for agriculture 2018
2661 ELECTRIC CHALLENGES Current Tools and Policy Challenges in Electricity Markets 2018
2662 ENAMARE Enactive model of aesthetic perception through rhythm and entrainment 2018
2663 ReConAg Rethinking Conscious Agency 2018
2664 NeuroRemod Mechanisms of neuronal network remodeling in the adult mammalian brain 2018
2665 TrueBrainConnect Advancing the non-invasive assessment of brain communication in neurological disease 2019
2666 LASER OPTIMAL Laser Ablation: SElectivity and monitoRing for OPTImal tuMor removAL 2018
2667 SMARTEES Social innovation Modelling Approaches to Realizing Transition to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 2018
2668 DC_Nutrient Investigating nutrients as key determinants of DC-induced CD8 T cell responses 2018
2669 PhenoSwitch Phenotype switching: plasticity and/or differentiation of stromal cells and their progenitors within the tumour microenvironment regulate tumour fate. 2018
2670 FoTran Found in Translation – Natural Language Understanding with Cross-Lingual Grounding 2018
2671 AMPERE Accounting for Metallicity, Polarization of the Electrolyte, and Redox reactions in computational Electrochemistry 2018
2672 LUDEME The Digital Ludeme Project: Modelling the Evolution of Traditional Games 2018
2673 ECOBREED Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of organic crop breeding 2018
2674 RYD-QNLO Quantum nonlinear optics through Rydberg interaction 2018
2675 DREAM Drafting and Enacting the Revolutions in the Arab Mediterranean.In search of Dignity, from the 1950’s until today 2018
2676 NEMO New states of Entangled Matter Out of equilibrium 2018
2677 Amitochondriates Life without mitochondrion 2018
2678 NeoplAT Neoplatonism and Abrahamic Traditions. A Comparative Analysis of the Middle East, Byzantium and the Latin West (9th-16th Centuries) 2018
2679 NoMePaCa Novel Metabolic Pathways in Cancer 2018
2680 SpaceLaw Law, Governance and Space: Questioning the Foundations of the Republican Tradition 2018
2681 NterAct Discovery and functional significance of post-translational N-terminal acetylation 2018
2682 HANDMADE Handmade: Understanding Creative Gesture in Pottery Making 2018
2683 MultiphysMicroCaps Multiphysics study of the dynamics, resistance and targeted therapy potential of deformable Micro-Capsules 2018
2684 PREVENT RA Towards prevention of autoimmune diseases: the case of rheumatoid arthritis 2018
2685 MagTendon Magnetically Assisted Tissue Engineering Technologies for Tendon Regeneration 2018
2686 VORTEX Plastic in the Ocean: Microbial Transformation of an ‘Unconventional’ Carbon Substrate 2018
2687 MOSAIC Relationship of Somatic Structural Variation Mosaicism to Aging and Disease Phenotypes 2019
2688 ANTILEAK Development of antagonists of vascular leakage 2018
2689 NovelExperiSENSE How experience shapes brain specializations 2018
2690 VALITEST Validation of diagnostic tests to support plant health 2018
2692 RUBIZMO Replicable business models for modern rural economies 2018
2693 PANDORA Paradigm for Novel Dynamic Oceanic Resource Assessments 2018
2694 SuperPests Innovative tools for rational control of the most difficult-to-manage pests (super pests) and the diseases they transmit 2018
2695 STOP Science and Technology in childhood Obesity Policy 2018
2696 ESC2RAD Enabling Smart Computations to study space RADiation effects 2018
2697 IoT4Industry Towards smarter means of production in European manufacturing SMEs through the use of the Internet of Things technologies 2018
2698 VIDA Value-added Innovation in fooD chAins 2018
2699 CatChain Catching–Up along the Global Value Chain: models, determinants and policy implications in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 2018
2700 TRAINEE TowaRd market-based skills for sustAINable Energy Efficient construction 2018
2701 Upgrade DH Upgrading the performance of district heating networks in Europe 2018
2702 STEP-IN Using Living Labs to roll out Sustainable Strategies for Energy Poor Individuals 2018
2703 DTOceanPlus Advanced Design Tools for Ocean Energy Systems Innovation, Development and Deployment 2018
2704 ExtComb Extremal Combinatorics: existence, counting and typical structure 2019
2705 MMED Development of a Microfluidic Microbial Ecology Device and Mathematical Model to Study Antibiotic Response of Individual Cells 2019
2706 CYBER-TRUST Advanced Cyber-Threat Intelligence, Detection, and Mitigation Platform for a Trusted Internet of Things 2018
2707 PoSeID-on Protection and control of Secured Information by means of a privacy enhanced Dashboard 2018
2708 CONNEXIONs InterCONnected NEXt-Generation Immersive IoT Platform of Crime and Terrorism DetectiON, PredictiON, InvestigatiON, and PreventiON Services 2018
2709 SPEAR SPEAR: Secure and PrivatE smArt gRid 2018
2710 EU-SENSE European Sensor System for CBRN Applications 2018
2711 PDP4E Methods and tools for GDPR compliance through Privacy and Data Protection Engineering 2018
2712 FOLDOUT Through-foliage detection, including in the outermost regions of the EU 2018
2713 ANITA Advanced tools for fighting oNline Illegal TrAfficking 2018
2714 DEFeND Data Governance for Supporting GDPR 2018
2715 CCI Cutting Crime Impact – Practice-based innovation in preventing, investigating and mitigating high-impact petty crime 2018
2716 BPR4GDPR Business Process Re-engineering and functional toolkit for GDPR compliance 2018
2717 SOS Smooth dynamics via Operators, with Singularities 2018
2718 IN-Fo-trace-DG Role of GABAergic interneurons in the formation of new memory traces in the Dentate Gyrus ofbehaving mice 2018
2719 VIRT2UE Virtue based ethics and Integrity of Research: Train-the-Trainer program for Upholding the principles and practices of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity 2018
2720 POLY-SAAR Conjugated Hybrid Polymers from Unsaturated Heavier Group 14 Building Blocks 2019
2721 LIV.IN LIVING INNOVATION - Implementing RRI through co-creation of smart futures with industry and citizens 2018
2722 SISCODE Society in Innovation and Science through CODEsign 2018
2723 SySTEM 2020 SySTEM 2020: Connecting Science Learning Outside The Classroom 2018
2724 ATG9_SOLVES_IT In vitro high resolution reconstitution of autophagosome nucleation and expansion catalyzed byATG9 2018
2725 NEMO Network Motion 2019
2726 DYNAMIN Dynamic Control of Mineralisation 2018
2727 Nedd8Activate How does the ubiquitin-like protein NEDD8 activate ubiquitin ligase machineries? 2018
2729 SCCMMI Single cell correlates of memory, motivation and individuality 2018
2730 AI-CU Automated Improvement of Continuous User interfaces 2018
2731 LiveSEN In-Field Live Sensing of Nitrate in Crops for Real-Time Fertilization Adjustment 2018
2732 TOMATO EXODERMIS Development and drought responses of tomato exodermis 2018
2733 PARSe Program Analysis and Reorganization, as a Service 2018
2734 GRANDPA GeometRic ANalysis of Dilute PlasmAs 2018
2735 ANTELOPE Non-trAditioNal sTable mEtaL isotOPE (Fe, Mg, Zn) fractionation: a case study from the Bushveld Complex, South Africa 2018
2736 IntEL Investigating Climatic Extreme Events in Lakes 2018
2737 FEAST Fine scalE forAging Strategies of grey seals in relation to their biotic and abiotic environmenT 2019
2738 LOFUPRO The Logical Function of Property Talk 2018
2739 GeoFit Deployment of novel GEOthermal systems, technologies and tools for energy efficient building retroFITting. 2018
2740 SHIP2FAIR Solar Heat for Industrial Process towards Food and Agro Industries Commitment in Renewables 2018
2741 GEO4CIVHIC Most Easy, Efficient and Low Cost Geothermal Systems for Retrofitting Civil and Historical Buildings 2018
2742 TROPDIFFGEO Tropical Differential Geometry 2018
2743 POPULARITAS Popularitas : pursuit of consensus and populism in ancient Rome 2018
2744 AMP-FWBD Advanced Molecular Platform for detection of Food- and WaterBorne Diseases 2019
2745 Ancestral Structural and biochemical studies of an ancestral enzyme with dual dehalogenase and luciferase activity 2018
2746 STALDYS Statistical Learning for Dynamical Systems 2019
2747 ARTDEL The Art of Deleting: A Study of Erasure Poetry, Practices of Control, Surveillance, and Censorship 2018
2748 FORAGEKID Foraging Behavior in children: A new way to understand attentional development 2018
2749 ALPINE Ultrastructural analysis of phosphoinositides in nerve terminals: distribution, dynamics and physiological roles in synaptic transmission 2018
2750 TREGinAD Role of Aβ Specific Regulatory T cells in harnessing cerebral Aβ clearance in Alzheimer’s Disease 2018
2751 InflaBoot Bootstrapping Inflationary Cosmology 2018
2752 NERUDA Numerical and ERT stUdies for Diffusive and Advective high-enthalpy systems 2018
2753 TELIOTES Thermal and ELectronic Transport in Inorganic-Organic ThermoElectric Superlattices 2018
2754 ION Information Diffusion on Networks 2019
2755 MIDAS Microbial Degradation of Jellyfish-Derived Substrates 2018
2756 INBID Improving the resolution of Neuroinflammation during repetitive mild Traumatic Brain Injury with dietary fatty acid Derivatives 2018
2757 PPRdesign Engineering synthetic pentatricopeptide repeat proteins for the site-specific genetic manipulation of plant organelles 2018
2758 RCADE Reversible causally-consistent debugging of concurrent programs 2018
2759 TRIANGLE A novel integrative strategy to prevent colorectal cancer within the diet-host-microbiota triangle: from organoids to human in vivo reality 2018
2760 FLYMEN A Drosophila model for understanding the basis of Meniere’s disease 2019
2761 MOVEMED Linking Human Mobility and Marine Megafauna Movement in the Mediterranean Sea for a better integration of Blue Growth 2019
2763 VeSPA Verification and Specification through Progress Abstractions 2018
2764 SiPoMorph Genetic control and molecular mechanisms of cell wall modifications during sieve pore morphogenesis in the phloem of the plant vascular system 2019
2765 MSP Magnetite surface properties in the various conditions of power plant water steam cycle 2018
2766 MATRIX-B Triaxial Magnetic Fields for the Control of Bioactive Materials in Bone Engineering 2018
2767 WoodJam WoodJam—Sediment dynamics of instream wood jams and managed installations 2018
2768 MOFUS Metal Oxide Functionalized carbon nanostrUctures for photonic gas Sensors 2018
2769 GLYCANLIPO Selective glycan recognition using molecularly imprinted liposomes 2018
2770 MEDLAND_HORN.AFRICA Medieval landscapes in the Horn of Africa. State, territory and materiality of the Adal Sultanate (15th-16th centuries AD). 2018
2771 ADAPT An adaptation-based approach to understand resilience after job loss: Identifying the underlying mechanisms leading to adaptive coping and re-employment 2019
2772 SQuHadron Strategies to tackle the Quest for Hadronization 2019
2773 HOPE HOminin Proteomes in human Evolution 2018
2774 VOLIV Role of volume-regulated anion channels in liver physiology and metabolism 2019
2775 ReCiModel Multimodal characterization of the visual word form area: An integrative computational model 2018
2776 InfCSP Descriptive Complexity of Infinite Domain Constraint Satisfaction Problems 2018
2777 qMAR Quantification of the intestinal load of a targeted set of resistance genes to Monitor Antibiotic Resistance in paediatric transplant patients 2018
2778 INTENSS INformation-Theoretic analysis of Embodied and Situated Systems 2018
2779 SEARCh SurfacE structure-Activity-Relationship in atomically-defined, ultrathin film perovskite Catalysts 2018
2780 FluPRINT Tracing the inFLUenza vaccine imPRINT on immune system to identify cellular signature of protection 2018
2781 IDPOQ Evaluation and implementation of post-quantum cryptographic schemes 2018
2782 PALEOMADA Paleoenvironmental reconstruction in Madagascar 2019
2783 HeLLo Heritage energy Living Lab onsite 2018
2784 OPVANOX-ARDS Advanced pulmonary vascular monitoring for optimum Nitric Oxide delivery in acute respiratory distress syndrome. Expanding Nitric Oxide applications 2018
2785 FLOODARC Understanding long-term FLOOD pattern variability in Western Mediterranean using natural ARChives 2019
2786 SINDIA Sulphide INclusions in DIAmonds: A Window into The Earth’s Interior Through Time 2019
2787 simpetmr Development of quantification procedures for simultaneous PET-MR data for human brain imaging 2018
2788 PathAutoBIO Uncovering the pathway of DNA-induced autophagy and its biological functions in viral central nervous system infection 2018
2789 Target-N2O Targeting N2O emission hot-spots in dairy pastures for mitigation action: microbes, stable isotope methods and modelling 2018
2790 Hot-TEA Hot Terrestrial Exo-planet Atmospheres: preparing new generation instrument observations with a global climate model 2018
2791 OPTOLEADER Optogenetic control of leader cell mechanobiology during collective cell migration 2019
2792 JUMP JUpiter Modeling Platform 2018
2793 HEALSEA Innovative indicators of resilience to protect the health status of seagrass meadows: from ecological theory to conservation 2018
2794 MELANCHOR Understanding the Role of Motors in Subcellular Mechanics of Organelles by Controlling Myo6-Cargo Interactions in situ 2018
2795 TreEsilience Global patterns of intraspecific variation in tree resilience to drought 2018
2796 MoMenT Modelling and Measurement of Thermal Phenomena in Metal Cutting 2018
2797 FunSilting Functorial techniques in silting theory 2018
2798 DEEPADAPT The molecular drivers of deep-sea adaptation in brittle stars 2018
2799 PLIMPine Pine protection against Pitch canker through genetic resistance and plant immunization 2018
2800 MECHANOIDS Probing and controlling the three-dimensional organoid mechanobiology 2019
2801 Joint-probe analyses Cosmological joint-probe analyses: constraining the effect of baryon physics on the matter distribution 2018
2802 NEUROTILES Bioengineered hippocampal organoids for epilepsy treatment 2018
2803 ProCenDecl Synthesis and validation of chemical Probes for Centrosome Declustering: development of potent and selective anti-cancer agents. 2019
2804 GEOBACTICON The efficiency of bio-self-healing concrete within ground conditions 2018
2805 TRANSURBICIDE Transition urbicide: Post-conflict reconstruction in post-socialist Belgrade 2018
2806 MOFdynamics Investigating metal-organic frameworks using excited-state dynamics and theoretical spectroscopy 2018
2807 Rotaxane-DNA Rotaxane-Oligonucleotides: Stimuli-Responsive Mechanically Interlocked Architectures to Control Oligonucleotide Activity and Gene Transcription 2018
2808 WORM_SLEEP Sleep homeostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans 2018
2809 NSINC Novel Soliton Synchronization and Interactions in Coupled Kerr Combs 2018
2810 SABIR Dynamic sustainability assessment tool for the case studies of biorefinery supply chains from agricultural wastes 2018
2811 MULTIPROB Multi-photon probing of complex open quantum systems 2019
2812 FEMAGREE Female Agricultural Entrepreneurs: Identifying Institutional Barriers to Equality 2018
2813 VOLCANOWAVES State of unrest of active VOLCANOes through advanced seismic WAVES analysis - An application to eruption forecast modelling. 2018
2814 STARTlight STARTlight: cell cycle START decision unraveled by single-cell microscopy, modeling and optogenetics 2018
2815 YAP MECHANO Elucidating the mechanism of mechanotransduction through YAP and TAZ 2019
2816 OCOCAMKS Optical control of CaMKII signaling 2018
2817 IN-3D-CAN Instrumented 3D-Printed Miniature Muscles for Cardiotoxicity Screens of Cancer Therapies 2018
2818 PrenatalStressOmics Prenatal Stress Investigation in Cerebral Organoids: a multi-omics study at the level of single cells 2019
2819 TaxInfoProcessing Information Processing in Tax Compliance Decisions 2018
2820 LHCBIGDATA Exploiting big data and machine learning techniques for LHC experiments 2018
2821 SafePack Assessing safety of food packaging through computational toxicology 2018
2822 NoPHAME Novel PHAge MEthods for improved virus inactivation 2019
2823 MAPoPHAGY Maturation of plant autophagosomes: mapping the route to sustainability 2018
2824 THINKPV Forecasting Tool for supporting of grid operations with HIgh INtegration of distributed PV generation 2018
2825 EyeTREAT Innovative tool for personalized treatment of patients with neovascular age-macular degeneration: dosage optimization for long term efficacy treatment 2018
2826 NI HTS machine Developing novel high temperature superconductor rotor windings for electric aircraft propulsion machines 2018
2827 LISTEN Lost In translation: Strengthening communication skills between real world and climaTe modEls for seasonal to decadal predictioN 2019
2828 OliveFlyBacteria New Bacterial Pathogens and Endosymbionts of the Olive Fly, Bactrocera oleae, for the Development of Innovative Fruit Fly Biocontrol Strategies 2019
2829 FSI in hadron decays Final state interactions in heavy flavour decays 2019
2830 MONMETAL Generation of monolayer thin 2D nanosheets of noble/semi-noble metals: Investigation of their structural, electronic and catalytic properties 2018
2831 WCVolcano Quantification of volcanic halogen impacts in the troposphere through WRF-Chem modelling, satellite and in-situ observations 2019
2832 MOrPhEM Mechanics of Programmable Matter 2019
2833 ESCAPE-2 Energy-efficient SCalable Algorithms for weather and climate Prediction at Exascale 2018
2834 ExaQUte EXAscale Quantification of Uncertainties for Technology and Science Simulation 2018
2835 MEDISS MEDical Imaging with Superconducting Sensors 2018
2836 VECMA Verified Exascale Computing for Multiscale Applications 2018
2837 EXA2PRO Enhancing Programmability and boosting Performance Portability for Exascale Computing Systems 2018
2838 EPEEC European joint Effort toward a Highly Productive Programming Environment for Heterogeneous Exascale Computing (EPEEC) 2018
2839 ASPIDE ASPIDE: exAScale ProgramIng models for extreme Data procEssing 2018
2840 QPARK A Quantitative Approach for Smart Parking 2018
2841 MagElastic Magneto-elastic technologies for point-of-care diagnostics 2018
2842 NeuroMotive NeuroRobotics Platform Application to Traction Control for Automotive Industry 2018
2843 FUTURA2020 Focused Ultrasound Therapy Using Robotics Approaches towards 2020 2018
2844 LANDSUPPORT Development of Integrated Web-Based Land Decision Support System Aiming Towards the Implementation of Policies for Agriculture and Environment 2018
2845 COASTAL Collaborative lAnd Sea inTegration pLatform 2018
2846 HOMED HOlistic Management of Emerging forest pests and Diseases 2018
2847 RUSTWATCH RustWatch: A European early-warning system for wheat rust diseases 2018
2848 LIFT Low-Input Farming and Territories - Integrating knowledge for improving ecosystem-based farming 2018
2849 RELACS Replacement of Contentious Inputs in organic farming Systems 2018
2850 SUPER-G Developing SUstainable PERmanent Grassland systems and policies 2018
2851 DEFEND Addressing the dual emerging threats of African Swine Fever and Lumpy Skin Disease in Europe (DEFEND) 2018
2852 LIAISON Better Rural Innovation: Linking Actors, Instruments and Policies through Networks 2018
2853 SMARTER SMAll RuminanTs breeding for Efficiency and Resilience 2018
2854 Farmers Pride Networking, partnerships and tools to enhance in situ conservation of European plant genetic resources 2017
2855 HelpUS Pioneering focused Ultrasounds as a new non-invasive deep brain stimulation for a causal investigation of empathy related brain processes in moral learning and decision making 2018
2856 TRANSREG Dissecting the role of Translational Regulation in Tumorigenesis 2018
2857 PATROLS Physiologically Anchored Tools for Realistic nanOmateriaL hazard aSsessment 2018
2858 BIORIMA BIOmaterial RIsk MAnagement 2017
2859 SAGEX Scattering Amplitudes: from Geometry to Experiment 2018
2860 JOLT Harnessing Data and Technology for Journalism 2018
2861 THERACAT Bio-orthogonal catalysis for cancer therapy 2018
2862 HyFiSyn Hybrid Fibre-reinforced composites: achieving Synergetic effects through microstructural design and advanced simulation tools 2018
2863 MUSIC-haic 3D MUltidisciplinary tools for the Simulation of In-flight iCing due to High Altitude Ice Crystals 2018
2864 VIRTUAL Open access virtual testing protocols for enhanced road users safety 2018
2865 OSCCAR Future Occupant Safety for Crashes in Cars 2018
2866 MEISTER Mobility Environmentally-friendly, Integrated and economically Sustainable Through innovative Electromobility Recharging infrastructure and new business models 2018
2867 CityChangerCargoBike CityChangerCargoBike 2018
2868 PANOPTIS Development of a Decision Support System for increasing the Resilience of Transportation Infrastructure based on combined use of terrestrial and airborne sensors and advanced modelling tools 2018
2869 HARVEST Hierarchical multifunctional composites with thermoelectrically powered autonomous structural health monitoring for the aviation industry 2018
2870 COG-LO COGnitive Logistics Operations through secure, dynamic and ad-hoc collaborative networks 2018
2872 ARIAS Advanced Research Into Aeromechanical Solutions 2018
2873 SILKNOW SILKNOW. Silk heritage in the Knowledge Society: from punched cards to big data, deep learning and visual / tangible simulations 2018
2874 CAMERA Coordination and support Action for Mobility in Europe: Research and Assessment 2017
2875 RUMBLE RegUlation and norM for low sonic Boom LEvels 2017
2876 DIALLS DIalogue and Argumentation for cultural Literacy Learning in Schools 2018
2877 NewsEye NewsEye: A Digital Investigator for Historical Newspapers 2018
2878 PERICLES PrEseRvIng and sustainably governing Cultural heritage and Landscapes in European coastal and maritime regionS 2018
2879 SympatimmunObesity Sympathetic and immune mechanisms underlying obesity 2019
2880 MechaDynA Multi-scale mechanics of dynamic leukocyte adhesion 2018
2881 LawsOfSocRep Laws of Social Reproduction 2018
2882 BioMonitor Monitoring the Bioeconomy 2018
2883 AIDA Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis 2018
2884 BETTER Big-data Earth observation Technology and Tools Enhancing Research and development 2017
2885 RURITAGE Rural regeneration through systemic heritage-led strategies 2018
2886 URBiNAT URBiNAT - Healthy corridors as drivers of social housing neighbourhoods for the co-creation of social, environmental and marketable NBS 2018
2887 SILICOFCM In Silico trials for drug tracing the effects of sarcomeric protein mutations leading to familial cardiomyopathy 2018
2888 PARADIGM Patients Active in Research and Dialogues for an Improved Generation of Medicines: Advancing meaningful patient engagement in the life cycle of medicines for better health outcomes. 2018
2889 IMI-PainCare Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain 2018
2890 EOSC-hub Integrating and managing services for the European Open Science Cloud 2018
2891 GeoRes Geomaterials: from Waste to Resource 2018
2892 ROBINS Robotics Technology for Inspection of Ships 2018
2893 FITOPTIVIS From the cloud to the edge - smart IntegraTion and OPtimization Technologies for highly efficient Image and VIdeo processing Systems 2018
2894 HiPERFORM High performant Wide Band Gap Power Electronics for Reliable, energy eFficient drivetrains and Optimization thRough Multi-physics simulation 2018
2895 TAPES3 Technology Advances for Pilotline of Enhanced Semiconductors for 3nm 2018
2896 BiomeRiskFactors Discovering microbiome-based disease risk factors 2019
2897 MAGNETO Multimedia Analysis and Correlation Engine for Organised Crime Prevention and Investigation 2018
2898 FunMagResBeacons Functionalized Magnetic Resonance Beacons for Enhanced Spectroscopy and Imaging 2018
2899 G-Statistics Foundations of Geometric Statistics and Their Application in the Life Sciences 2018
2900 SHUTTLE Scientific High-throughput and Unified Toolkit for Trace analysis by forensic Laboratories in Europe 2018
2901 DOCUMULT Documenting Multiculturalism: coexistence, law and multiculturalism in the administrative and legal documents of Norman and Hohenstaufen Sicily, c.1060-c.1266 2018
2902 Dyn-Syn-Mem Dynamic mechanisms and functional roles of synaptic plasticity in memory 2019
2903 PaVeS Parametrized Verification and Synthesis 2018
2904 NanoBioNext Nanoscale Biomeasurements of Nerve Cells and Vesicles: Molecular Substructure and the Nature of Exocytosis 2018
2905 Ecol of interactions Developing the predictive ecology of plant-animal interactions across space and time 2018
2906 PathEVome Do Pathogen Extracellular Vesicles Deliver Crop Disease? 2018
2907 BANK-LASH Banks, Popular Backlash, and the Post-Crisis Politics of Financial Regulation 2018
2908 ProgrES Programmable Enzymatic Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds 2018
2909 GRIFFIN General compliant aerial Robotic manipulation system Integrating Fixed and Flapping wings to INcrease range and safety 2018
2910 MedPlant Harnessing the Molecules of Medicinal Plants 2018
2911 HITSCIL How intraflagellar transport shapes the cilium: a single-molecule systems study 2018
2912 EPICut Molecular mechanisms, evolutionary impacts and applications of prokaryotic epigenetic-targeted immune systems 2018
2913 INPHORS Intracellular phosphate reception and signaling: A novel homeostatic system with roles for an orphan organelle? 2018
2914 NANO-MEMEC Membrane-based nano-mechanobiology: Role of mechanical forces in remodelling the spatiotemporal nanoarchitecture of the plasma membrane 2018
2915 APMPAL-HET Asset Prices and Macro Policy when Agents Learn and are Heterogeneous 2018
2916 ReAct Remembering Activism: The Cultural Memory of Protest in Europe 2019
2917 SYNMAT Synthesis of Functional Multi-Component Supramolecular Systems and Materials 2018
2918 CoHuBiCoL Counting as a Human Being in the Era of Computational Law 2019
2919 CODE Coincidence detection of proteins and lipids in regulation of cellular membrane dynamics 2019
2920 CodingHeart Novel Coding Factors in Heart Disease 2019
2921 OCIAN Ownership, competition, innovation, and antitrust 2018
2922 ELVER Engineering with Logic and Verification: Mathematically Rigorous Engineering for Safe and Secure Computer Systems 2018
2923 ArtMetBio Directed Evolution of Novel Artificial Metalloenzyme Platforms for Biocatalysis 2018
2924 mTORmorS Role of mTOR signaling dysregulation in the tumor suppressor networks in hepatocellular carcinoma 2019
2925 HyPhOE Hybrid Electronics based on Photosynthetic Organisms 2018
2926 EVO-NANO Evolvable platform for programmable nanoparticle-based cancer therapies 2018
2927 NanoMAGIQ Nanoscale magnetic imaging with quantum sensors 2018
2928 NEWTON-g New Tools for Terrain Gravimetry 2018
2929 RETINAL Retinal imaging prevention and early detection of chronic diseases 2018
2930 cGEM the Center for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine 2018
2931 CO-CREATE Confronting Obesity: Co-creating policy with youth 2018
2932 IPaDEGAN Integrable Partial Differential Equations: Geometry, Asymptotics, and Numerics. 2018
2933 LeiSHield-MATI A multi-disciplinary international effort to identify clinical, molecular and social factors impacting cutaneous leishmaniasis 2018
2934 BiodivScen Promoting and implementing joint programming at the international level to reinforce research on the development of scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services 2017
2935 DynaMORE Dynamic MOdelling of REsilience 2018
2936 ReSiSTant Large Riblet Surface with Super Hardnesss, Mechanical and Temperature Resistance by Nano Functionalization 2018
2937 HOPE Host Protective Engineering of Cancer Immunity by Targeting the Intracellular Immune Checkpoint NR2F6 2018
2938 InclusivePublicSpace Inclusive Public Space: Law, Universality and Difference in the Accessibility of Streets 2019
2939 HiggsSelfCoupling Uncovering the Origins of Mass: Discovery of the di-Higgs Process and Constraints on the Higgs Self-Coupling 2019
2940 SENCAN Senescence therapy for cancer 2018
2941 PanScales Spanning TeV to GeV scales for collider discoveries and measurements 2018
2942 Pharma-Factory Building the product pipeline for commercial demonstration of Plant Molecular Factories 2017
2943 IMPLEMENT Improving Local Energy and climate policy through quality management and certification 2018
2944 PROCESS PROviding Computing solutions for ExaScale ChallengeS 2017
2945 BRAIN-IoT model-Based fRamework for dependable sensing and Actuation in INtelligent decentralized IoT systems 2018
2946 Made4You Open and Inclusive Healthcare for Citizens Based on Digital Fabrication 2018
2947 EUXDAT European e-Infrastructure for Extreme Data Analytics in Sustainable Development 2017
2948 ECO GAM 2018 Eco-Design Transverse Activity GAM 2018 2014
2949 NextGen Towards a next generation of water systems and services for the circular economy. 2018
2950 UNIVO-NG Driving greater business value by unleashing hidden capacity of mobile systems 2018
2951 EXTEND Resolution Revolution to Extend Reality 2018
2952 NETinfoPAY NETinfoPAY: a world of finance in your pocket 2018
2953 Haptictouch Introducing the world’s first system for in-air haptic feedback, through ultrasound MEMs arrays 2018
2954 Social Digital Lab Gamified and collaborative digital learning open-source platform with a blockchain-based system to facilitate crowdsourced learning and the implementation of personalized education strategies 2018
2955 ONDINE Development of the first Water-based industrial chiller cooled by ambient air 2018
2956 Graphext A REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM IN THE EMERGING MARKET OF ADVANCED ANALYTICS. Graphext bridges the gap between Data Science and Business Intelligence, democratising Advanced Analytics. 2018
2958 Pomelody 2.0 Early childhood education eLearning framework, leveraging novel technology for a whole new way of learning music. 2018
2959 Lab-on-Skin Lab-on-Skin: A wearable medical device for improved clinical trial monitoring 2018
2960 BoneCut Smart surgery system to selectively ablate bony tissue 2018
2961 EcoStack Stacking of ecosystem services: mechanisms and interactions for optimal crop protection, pollination enhancement, and productivity 2018
2962 Cupris The first smartphone-connected medical device for a secure remote diagnosis of ears, nose, eyes and skin conditions 2018
2963 SAPPHIRO Automated Inspection Tools for Cost-effective Quality Control of Optical Materials 2018
2965 ReSOLUTE Research empowerment on solute carriers (ReSOLUTE) 2018
2966 THREAT-ARREST THREAT-ARREST Cyber Security Threats and Threat Actors Training - Assurance Driven Multi-Layer, end-to-end Simulation and Training 2018
2967 AutoTADes Automating Timed Automata Design 2018
2968 SafeZone Fully integrated CBRN incident management system for public safety and private venues with large crowds 2018
2969 PulSAR The incident management tool to use when everything goes wrong 2018
2970 iMEC Real-time assessment of toxic sulphide in wastewater – market maturation of an Industrial Micro Electrochemical Cell 2018
2971 e4SME Utilities engaging SMEs with end-to-end Energy Management Experiences 2018
2972 GRUNDIUM The world´s first portable and smart digital microscope scanner for clinical and research use 2018
2973 GENBIO Reducing the cost, time, and ethical burden of preclinical research in the pharmaceutical industry 2018
2974 HIPER A revolutionary I/O Planning Solution for 2.5D & 3D Nanoelectronic Systems Design 2018
2975 Nano4 Colorimetric Precision Nanodiagnostics made Fast and Affordable 2018
2976 DAYUSE DAYUSE: the European game changer that creates a disruptive value-adding exploitation model for Hotels. 2018
2977 SMART TRAWLING Next-generation control system to enhance performance of commercial fishing trawlers 2018
2978 Prodsmart Real time process tracking for production lines and job shops – across the supply chain 2018
2979 ScienceRouter ScienceRouter: AI-powered knowledge matchmaking to boost the innovation landscape 2018
2980 ADMANTX AI profiling for smarter customer targeting 2018
2981 VIZLEGAL Building the world's largest Application Programming Interface (API) for law, Vizlegal will change how legal information is utilised and understood by the legal industry. 2018
2982 HeartWatch HeartWatch - contactless patient vital signs monitoring 2018
2983 DEMS Data Excellence Management System 2018
2984 QTrobot QTrobot Autism Therapy Store 2018
2985 GlasSkin 2018
2987 Bluecode The Smartphone Payment Scheme for Europe 2018
2989 a tool for security assessments of emerging and legacy platforms 2018
2990 FIONA FIbre OrientatioN Analysis of fibre-reinforced components 2018
2991 SIESTA-PRO Advance atomic-scale simulation solutions 2018
2992 L2L Leap-to-Lead platform for expanding Drug Discovery beyond its current limits 2018
2993 Barbara-IoT Barbara is an Operating System Software Platform which enables IoT device manufacturers to boost their level of security, reduce time-to-market, and reduce costs. 2018
2994 PTC Machine-Learning Technology for Digital Marketing 2018
2995 BrainBase Knowledge management platform for clinical use of brain data 2018
2996 FlexCoil A New Generation of Small Electric Motors: More Powerful, Smaller, Greener 2018
2997 BRAIN The Digital Insurance Assistant for European consumers 2018
2998 HepatoPredict A decision tool for Liver Transplantation based on molecular signature 2018
2999 PISPA Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics 2018
3001 AI4EMS Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Medical Services: a smart digital assistant for faster and more accurate cardiac arrest recognition during emergency calls 2018
3002 PoCMICRUX An affordable Multi-analyte Point-of-Care system for Chronic Disease Self-Control and Management 2018
3003 BEATIK Beatik- Collaborative Digital Scores Platform for Classical Music 2018
3005 SanDAL ERA Chair in Mathematical Statistics and Data Science for the University of Luxembourg 2019
3006 CollSupportSMEs Improvement of Support Capacities for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Agriculture and Agri-food Sector 2018
3007 PlantEmulGel Emulsions in Plant-based Edible Cellulose Microfibril Gels: Structure, Texture and Stability 2018
3008 SARF Single-Atom Radio Frequency Fingerprinting 2018
3009 TUgbOAT Towards Unification of Algorithmic Tools 2018
3010 M-P Communication Maternal-paternal communication in cattle: understanding how male-induced environmental changes in the female reproductive tract influence reproductive success 2018
3011 Quakebots Artificial Intelligence and IoT for seismic monitoring 2018
3012 GLOBESCAPE Enabling transformation: Linking design and land system science to foster place-making in peri-urban landscapes under increasing globalization 2018
3013 CoME EASY SYncronising EEA to CoM and other EU initiatives (SCIS-EIP, CEN-ISO,S3...) about energy and climate policies to accompany more and more tuned municipalities in their 2030 performance 2018
3014 MORE Multi-modal Optimisation for Road-space in Europe 2018
3015 OmniBot OmniBot: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Bot platform 2018
3016 SeroStrat The first blood test for the early detection and prognosis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia 2018
3017 B2FRESH The ultimate digital platform for full transparency and efficiency in the fruits and vegetables trade 2018
3018 EXCornsEED Separation, fractionation and isolation of biologically active natural substances from corn oil and other side streams 2018
3019 ENCODE EfficieNtly manage COntent across Devices lifEtyme 2018
3020 twiner An open, global, business directory with social networking tools for advanced leads discovery and online visibility in B2B digital marketing 2018
3021 OneSkyConnect Providing air traffic data for the drone revolution 2018
3022 D-NOSES Distributed Network for Odour Sensing, Empowerment and Sustainability 2018
3024 ICT-BIOCHAIN ICT-BIOCHAIN - ICT Tools in Efficient Biomass Supply Chains for Sustainable Chemical Production 2018
3025 BEYOND Best in class Deep Learning Predictive Model 2018
3026 ALTFInator Capacity-building of the financial ecosystem and its participants for improving innovative SME´s access to alternative forms of finance in Europe with focus on SE and CEE 2018
3027 CRAM Crosstalk Analysis for Microchips – a New Market Need 2018
3028 ProtectedDairy Protected starter cultures for the dairy industry 2018
3029 M-Sec Multi-layered Security technologies to ensure hyper connected smart cities with Blockchain, BigData, Cloud and IoT 2018
3030 ERA-LEARN Strengthening partnership programmes in Europe 2018
3031 GetReal Initiative The GetReal Initiative 2018
3032 Clim4Vitis Climate change impact mitigation for European viticulture: knowledge transfer for an integrated approach 2018
3033 TRUST Twinning foR indUstrial SustainabiliTy 2018
3034 ClinAO Translating adaptive microscopes to the clinic for tissue analysis during surgery 2018
3035 AutoCheMo Automatic generation of Chemical Models 2018
3036 AirPlatform An open integration platform for professional displays 2018
3037 GeoTwinn Strengthening research in the Croatian Geological Survey: Geoscience-Twinning to develop state-of-the-art subsurface modelling capability and scientific impact 2018
3038 GOVERNOR New-generation database capacity planning optimization 2018
3039 SOLWET Electron Transfer Across Solid/Liquid Interfaces: Elucidating Elementary Processes from Femtoseconds to Seconds 2018
3040 SiMAero Simulation-Driven and On-line Condition Monitoring with Applications to Aerospace 2018
3041 collectiveQCD Collectivity in small, srongly interacting systems 2019
3042 ASCTN-Training Training on Advanced Stem Cell Technologies in Neurology 2018
3043 OPeRATOR Modular Platform for Aircraft Flight and Ground Operation 2018
3044 GenderedPeace A Gendered International Law of Peace 2018
3045 TRANS-SENIOR Transitional Care Innovation in Senior Citizens 2018
3046 POEMA Polynomial Optimization, Efficiency through Moments and Algebra 2019
3047 CHANGE Cultural Heritage Analysis for New GEnerations 2019
3048 Lowcomote Training the Next Generation of Experts in Scalable Low-Code Engineering Platforms 2019
3049 AST Automatic System Testing 2019
3050 SPECGEO Spectral geometric methods in practice 2018
3051 SpoilsofWAR Spoils of War: The Economic Consequences of the Great War in Central Europe 2019
3052 RAIS RAIS: Real-time Analytics for the Internet of Sports 2019
3053 DELIVER DELIVERy of advanced therapies for diabetes training network 2019
3054 PROTECT Predictive mOdelling Tools to evaluate the Effects of Climate change on food safeTy and spoilage 2019
3055 LOGIC LAB Molecular logic lab-on-a-vesicle for intracellular diagnostics 2018
3056 QIP Towards a Quantitative Theory of Integer Programming 2019
3057 HyGate Hydrophobic Gating in nanochannels: understanding single channel mechanisms for designing better nanoscale sensors 2019
3058 MUSIQ Multiphoton Microscopy and Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Imaging meets Quantum 2019
3059 ChromDesign Chromatin architecture and Design 2018
3060 REFIND Remote strategies for fossil finding: multispectral images and species distributional modelling applications for large-scale palaeontological surveys. 2018
3061 StrEnQTh Strong Entanglement in Quantum many-body Theory 2018
3062 QUANTEDA User-Friendly Software For the Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data 2018
3063 AQUASENSE Innovative Network for Training in wAter and Food QUality monitoring using Autonomous SENSors and IntelligEnt Data Gathering and Analysis 2018
3064 EVOdrops directed EVOlution in DROPS 2018
3065 ENTWINE The European Training Network on Informal Care 2018
3066 WINDMILL Integrating wireless communication engineering and machine learning 2019
3067 TerraNova The European Landscape Learning Initiative: Past and Future Environments and Energy Regimes shaping Policy Tools 2019
3068 MultiBD-CHALLENGE The Pursuit of Group 13-Group 15 (E13≡E15) Triple Bonds. Their Reactivity and Applications for Materials 2019
3069 IIAMS Innovative Infusion Airframe Manufacturing System 2018
3070 STABLE STructural stABiLity risk assEssment 2018
3071 BRIEFING Bridging the FET Innovation Gap 2018
3072 GROWTH Research and Training in Early Life Nutrition to Prevent Disease 2019
3073 FISRAD Organizing FISA and EuradWaste Conference under the Romanian Presidency of EU Council 2018
3074 READIT Reading Literature in a Digital Culture 2018
3075 Sleepiz Contactless, Multidimensional Sleep Monitoring and Assessment Solution 2018
3076 HISTOID A Human iPS Cell-Derived Artificial Skeletal Muscle for Regenerative Medicine, Disease Modelling and Drug Screening 2018
3077 ProtoMet Protometabolic pathways: exploring the chemical roots of systems biology 2018
3078 LUOS A platform to boost robotic innovation by enabling fast development cycles, reduced cost and low barrier to entry. 2018
3079 iConsensus Integrated control and sensing platform for biopharmaceutical cultivation process high-throughput development and production 2018
3080 ASTERIQS Advancing Science and TEchnology thRough dIamond Quantum Sensing 2018
3081 WAI-Guide Authoritative Implementation Guidance and International Cooperation to Support Training, Awareness Raising, and Capacity Building 2019
3082 COCLICAN COllaborative Consortium for the early detection of LIver CANcer 2018
3083 REVFAIL FAILURE: Reversing the Genealogies of Unsuccess, 16th-19th centuries 2019
3084 STARNEL supracellular contractility of myofibroblasts in gut homeostasis and cancer invasion 2018
3085 CURVATURE Optimal transport techniques in the geometric analysis of spaces with curvature bounds 2019
3086 NaturalPhilosophy The normalisation of natural philosophy: how teaching practices shaped the evolution of early modern science 2019
3087 Mito-recombine Homologous recombination and its application in manipulating animal mitochondrial DNA 2019
3088 ROSSINI RObot enhanced SenSing, INtelligence and actuation to Improve job quality in manufacturing 2018
3089 GECO Geothermal Emission Gas Control 2018
3090 SmartShip A data analytics, decision support and circular economy – based multi-layer optimisation platform towards a holistic energy efficiency, fuel consumption and emissions management of vessels 2019
3091 DESTINY Development of an Efficient Microwave System for Material Transformation in  energy INtensive processes for an improved Yield 2018
3092 QUANT A Quantitative Approach to Neolithic Plant-working Techniques: From Assessing Tool Use to Modelling Human Dispersals 2018
3093 5D-NanoTrack Five-Dimensional Localization Microscopy for Sub-Cellular Dynamics 2018
3094 PATH-TOX Artificial Intelligence to transform Drug and Chemical safety testing 2018
3095 ProMeTeus Membrane protein integrated technologies development for drug design 2019
3096 sosclimatewaterfront Linking Research and Innovation on Waterfront through Technology for Excellence of Resilience to face Climate Change 2019
3097 RETOPEA Religious Toleration and Peace 2018
3098 ModGravTrial Modified Gravity on Trial 2019
3099 OceaNice Paleoceanography of the Ice-proximal Southern Ocean during Past Warm Climates 2019
3100 GenRes Bridge Joining forces for genetic resources and biodiversity management 2019
3101 POWER4BIO emPOWERing regional stakeholders for realising the full potential of european BIOeconomy 2018
3102 FAIRshare FAIRshare. Farm Advisory digital Innovation tools Realised and Shared 2018
3103 SPHERE Service Platform to Host and SharE REsidential data 2018
3104 BIM4REN Building Information Modelling based tools & technologies for fast and efficient RENovation of residential buildings 2018
3105 PREFET Proactive FET Observatory for early trends, project building and social responsibility 2018
3106 EVOCLOCK From Evolution to Clockworks:Unravelling the molecular basis of circalunar clocks 2019
3107 GECKO Governance principles and mEthods enabling deCision maKers to manage and regulate the changing mObility systems 2018
3109 PANELFIT Participatory Approaches to a New Ethical and Legal Framework for ICT 2018
3110 REACT REsponsive theranostic nanosystems for Advanced Cancer Treatment 2019
3111 THEMISS Thermal Evolution Modeling of Icy objects in the Solar System 2019
3112 SENTINEL Single-Entity NanoElectrochemistry 2019
3113 MOVES Migration and Modernity: Historical and Cultural Challenges 2019
3114 GREAT Grating Reflectors Enabled laser Applications and Training 2019
3115 ULTRAFORS Ultracoherent force sensors 2018
3116 PATHWISE Pathwise methods and stochastic calculus in the path towards understanding high-dimensional phenomena 2019
3117 BioInspired_SolarH2 Engineering Bio-Inspired Systems for the Conversion of Solar Energy to Hydrogen 2019
3118 Phys2BioMed Biomechanics in health and disease: advanced physical tools for innovative early diagnosis 2019
3119 HealthAge Joint Training and Research Program on Lifespan Regulation Mechanisms in Health and Disease 2019
3120 ECORISK2050 Effects of global change on the emission, fate, effects and risks of chemicals in aquatic ecosystems 2018
3121 UCOM Ultrasound Cavitation in Soft Materials 2018
3122 BIKE Bimetallic catalyst knowledge-based development for energy applications 2019
3123 CAFE Climate Advanced Forecasting of sub-seasonal Extremes 2019
3124 ACT Communities of PrACTice for Accelerating Gender Equality and Institutional Change in Research and Innovation across Europe 2018
3125 TMCS Topological Matter and Crystal Symmetry: From Microscopic Structure to Phenomenology 2019
3126 STACCATO European Industrial Doctorate for enhancing upstream biopharmaceutical manufacturing process development through single cell analysis 2019
3127 BIMERR BIM-based holistic tools for Energy-driven Renovation of existing Residences 2019
3128 COMBUSS Composite tooling for business jet lower wing stiffened panel manufacturing 2018
3129 FunDiT Functional Diversity of T cells 2019
3130 TerAqua Compact and powerful strong-field terahertz light source for exploring water in new regimes 2019
3131 NeuTouch Understanding neural coding of touch as enabling technology for prosthetics and robotics 2019
3132 pHioniC pH and Ion Transport in Pancreatic Cancer 2018
3133 Stance4Health Smart Technologies for personAlised Nutrition and Consumer Engagement 2018
3134 EURAKNOS Connecting Thematic Networks as Knowledge Reservoirs: towards a European Agricultural Knowledge Innovation Open Source System 2019
3135 AANChOR All AtlaNtic Cooperation for Ocean Research and innovation 2018
3136 PHP2 Pulsating Heat Pipes for Hybrid Propulsion systems 2018
3137 SHERLOCK Seamless and safe human - centred robotic applications for novel collaborative workplaces 2018
3138 MammoWave Cutting edge microwave imaging device for safe and accurate breast cancer screening 2018
3139 ANACO Advance Nacelle Aerodynamic Optimisation 2018
3140 RE-CITY Reviving shrinking cities – innovative paths and perspectives towards livability for shrinkingcities in Europe 2018
3141 MetaboliQs Leveraging room temperature diamond quantum dynamics to enable safe, first-of-its-kind, multimodal cardiac imaging 2018
3142 TREAT-PD Patient-specific treatment for Parkinson's disease using reprogrammed skin cells 2018
3143 SCIPER Studying Cancer Individuality by Personal and Predictive Drug Screening and Differential OMICs 2018
3144 ScaleML Elastic Coordination for Scalable Machine Learning 2019
3145 PoLiMeR Polymers in the Liver: Metabolism and Regulation 2018
3146 Stardust-R Stardust Reloaded 2019
3147 CHARMING Chemical Engineering Immersive Learning 2018
3148 BIM-SPEED Harmonised Building Information Speedway for Energy-Efficient Renovation 2018
3149 MultiFAL Multifunctional automation system for Fuselage Assembly Line 2019
3150 NEODYNE Decision making: from neurochemical mechanisms to network dynamics to behaviour 2018
3151 CAFYR Constructing Age for Young Readers 2019
3152 ADORNO Aicraft Design and nOise RatiNg for regiOnal aicraft 2018
3153 MERLON Integrated Modular Energy Systems and Local Flexibility Trading for Neural Energy Islands 2019
3154 PGEN Automated evaluation and correction of generation bias in immune receptor repertoires 2019
3155 ImAgine Exploring the link between innate Immunity and cellular Aging 2019
3156 HERILAND Cultural HERItage and the planning of European LANDscapes 2019
3157 TInnGO Transport Innovation Gender Observatory 2018
3158 ANALYST EM compatibility ANALYsis Statistical Techniques in aeronautics 2018
3159 Symptoma Symptoma, Better Diagnosis for Patients with Rare and Complex Diseases 2018
3160 pvDesign A Cutting-Edge Software for the Feasibility Analysis and Design of Photovoltaic Power Plants 2018
3161 INSPiRE-MED INtegrating Magnetic Resonance SPectroscopy and Multimodal Imaging for Research and Education in MEDicine 2019
3162 RHUMBO modelling and pRedicting Human decision-making Using Measures of subconscious Brain processes through mixed reality interfaces and biOmetric signals 2018
3163 SAPIENS Shaping the social brain through early interactions 2019
3164 UPSCALE Upscaling Product development Simulation Capabilities exploiting Artificial inteLligence for Electrified vehicles 2018
3165 VISION-xEV Virtual Component and System Integration for Efficient Electrified Vehicle Development 2019
3166 SPARKs Static Analysis for the VErification of Spreadsheets 2019
3167 DIAMOND Revealing fair and actionable knowledge from data to support women’s inclusion in transport systems 2018
3168 COMPRISE Cost-effective, Multilingual, Privacy-driven voice-enabled Services 2018
3169 EMBEDDIA Cross-Lingual Embeddings for Less-Represented Languages in European News Media 2019
3170 EBRA European Brain Research Area 2018
3171 NGI4ALL Next Generation Internet for All - Promoting Global Visibility on the Human-Centric Internet 2019
3172 BEYOND4.0 Inclusive Futures for Europe BEYOND the impacts of Industrie 4.0 and Digital Disruption 2019
3173 CO3 Digital Disruptive Technologies to Co-create, Co-produce and Co-manage Open Public Services along with Citizens 2019
3174 GLOBALINTO Capturing the value of intangible assets in micro data to promote the EU's growth and competitiveness 2019
3175 gE.CO Living Lab Generative European Commons Living Lab 2019
3176 Mingei Representation and Preservation of Heritage Crafts 2018
3178 CopHub.AC Copernicus Academy Hub for Knowledge, Innovation and Outreach 2018
3179 RYTHMS ReliabilitY of opto-Transceivers for Health Monitoring Systems 2018
3180 MASTER Microbiome Applications for Sustainable food systems through Technologies and EnteRprise 2019
3181 SunHorizon Sun coupled innovative Heat pumps 2018
3182 ORIONAS Lasercom-on-chip for next generation, high-speed satellite constelation interconnectivity 2018
3183 CIRCLES Controlling mIcRobiomes CircuLations for bEtter food Systems 2018
3184 IMMERSE Improving Models for Marine EnviRonment SErvices 2018
3185 OPERA Space Qualification and Validation of High Performance European Rad-Hard FPGA 2019
3186 PEGGASUS Pilot Eye Gaze and Gesture tracking for Avionics Systems using Unobtrusive Solutions 2019
3187 wecHomeAI wecHomeAI – The first AI-powered interior designer 2018
3188 Ceres Proactive system to forecast and reduce environmental footprint while maximising agriculture performance 2018
3189 DMAG Draw Me A Garden: Ground-breaking SaaS / e-commerce platform that brings expert and sustainable gardening within everyone’s reach 2018
3190 vmRail The on-board railway track & vehicle monitoring system 2018
3191 EMWORK EMWORK – The fully automated EMC filter designer 2018
3192 Medicortex Launching the First Non-Invasive Point of Care Diagnostic Test for Traumatic Brain Injury 2018
3193 ColorSensing A quantitative, multifunctional, non-invasive and cost-effective food freshness indicator to reduce food waste 2018
3194 SAFETY FOREST An integrated decision-making platform for the prediction, prevention and extinction of wildfires in real-time. 2018
3195 PIPPI Platform for Innovation of Procurement and Procurement of Innovation 2018
3196 SmartWork Smart Age-friendly Living and Working Environment 2019
3197 VirtualBrainCloud Personalized Recommendations for Neurodegenerative Disease 2018
3198 PRIMAGE PRedictive In-silico Multiscale Analytics to support cancer personalized diaGnosis and prognosis, Empowered by imaging biomarkers 2018
3199 NEXTS Next Europractice eXtended Technologies and Services: “The access point for the future generation of electronic components and systems” 2019
3200 CloudButton Serverless Data Analytics Platform 2019
3201 TRINITY Digital Technologies, Advanced Robotics and increased Cyber-security for Agile Production in Future European Manufacturing Ecosystems 2019
3202 PROVENANCE Providing Verification Assistance for New Content 2018
3203 ReachOut The Beta Testing Campaign Platform for Research Projects 2019
3204 FASTEN Fine-Grained Analysis of Software Ecosystems as Networks 2019
3205 HELIOS HELIOS: A Context-aware Distributed Social Networking Framework 2019
3206 ENDpoiNTs Novel Testing Strategies for Endocrine Disruptors in the Context of Developmental NeuroToxicity 2019
3207 DEMOS Democratic Efficacy and the Varieties of Populism in Europe 2018
3208 NADINE digital iNtegrAteD system for the socIal support of migraNts and refugEes 2018
3209 StR-ESFRI2 Support to Reinforce the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures 2019
3210 ADVANCE Addressing Verification and Validation Challenges in Future Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
3211 REFRACT Repeat protein Function Refinement, Annotation and Classification of Topologies 2019
3212 ACCWA Accounting for Climate Change in Water and Agriculture management 2019
3213 OCRE Access to Commercial Services Through the EOSC-hub 2019
3214 EOSC-Life Providing an open collaborative space for digital biology in Europe 2019
3215 E-LAND Integrated multi-vector management system for Energy isLANDs 2018
3216 RESEARCH REmote SEnsing techniques for ARCHaeology 2018
3217 ESCAPE European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle physics ESFRI research infrastructures 2019
3218 POP2 Performance Optimisation and Productivity 2 2018
3219 EASI-Genomics European Advanced infraStructure for Innovative Genomics 2019
3220 ILUCIDARE International network for Leveraging sUccessful Cultural heritage Innovations and Diplomacy, cApacity building and awaREness raising 2018
3221 REBUILD REBUILD - ICT-enabled integration facilitator and life rebuilding guidance 2019
3222 MIICT ICT Enabled Public Services for Migration 2018
3223 Safe-DEED Safe Data Enabled Economic Development 2018
3224 ELG European Language Grid 2019
3225 SUPER_MoRRI Scientific Understanding and Provision of an Enhanced and Robust Monitoring system for RRI 2019
3226 CroP Leveraging predictive technologies to increase operational & cost efficiencies in the European cargo claims value chain. 2018
3227 SM-Epigen Revealing the Epigenetic Regulatory Network with Single-Molecule Precision 2018
3228 ECHO Practical Imaging and Inversion of Transient Light Transport 2018
3229 EvolutioNeuroCircuit Cellular and genetic bases of neural circuits evolution 2019
3230 GRASP Overcoming plant graft incompatibility by modifying signalling and perception 2019
3231 CHILD-UP Children Hybrid Integration: Learning Dialogue as a way of Upgrading Policies of Participation 2019
3232 DIHNET.EU Next Generation European DIH Network 2018
3233 C-MORPH Noninvasive cell specific morphometry in neuroinflammation and degeneration 2018
3234 EvoLucin 400 Million Years of Symbiosis: Host-microbe interactions in marine lucinid clams from past to present 2019
3235 PHARMS Bacteriophage inhibition of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic microbes and founding for novel therapeutic strategies 2019
3236 EWGB2000 Ekowasher Graffiti Blaster - A Closed-loop system for Environmentally Optimized Cleaning and Decontamination 2018
3237 ASIMIA Advanced High-Order Simulation Methods for Industrial Applications 2019
3238 QUEST QUality and Effectiveness in Science and Technology communication 2019
3239 RECIPES REconciling sCience, Innovation and Precaution through the Engagement of Stakeholders 2019
3240 COSMOLOCALISM Design Global, Manufacture Local: Assessing the Practices, Innovation, and Sustainability Potential of an Emerging Mode of Production 2019
3241 LCE-Tool Improving Resource-efficiency in Manufacturing 2018
3242 Sugar-Enable Influenza Virus - Sugar Interactions, From Glycan Arrays To Better Vaccines 2018
3243 ProDIS Provenance for Data-Intensive Systems 2018
3244 Combat_ALS Development of new chemical tools to combat ALS 2019
3246 BRiDGE II Bridge for Researchers in Danger Going to Europe - Step II 2018
3247 SYNCANO 2.0 Accelerating software development, empowering rapid innovation 2018
3248 inCITe Seeing Citrulline: A Molecular Toolbox for Peptidyl Arginine Deiminases 2019
3249 EvolvingEconomics Human motivation: evolutionary foundations and their implications for economics 2019
3250 eFactory European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing 2019
3251 ONCOBIOME Gut OncoMicrobiome Signatures (GOMS) associated with cancer incidence, prognosis and prediction of treatment response. 2019
3252 UPGRADE Unlocking Precision Gene Therapy 2019
3253 WINNING Emotional and Social Intelligence Analysis Advanced Solution for Business Performance Improvement 2018
3254 ForeCast Ground-Breaking Software for Sustainable Smart City Planning 2018
3255 SLM-Tools EPP manufacturing evolution: Using SLM techniques, advance EPP manufacturing shape complexity possibilities and create efficiencies that reduce industry production costs by 16% 2019
3256 OMICpro A Decision-making Tool for Fully Exploiting Big Bio-Data 2018
3257 MollyMawk Continuous business process assurance for the age of digital transformation 2019
3258 ALL Animated Language Learning Ltd 2018
3259 HERO Hidden, entangled and resonating orders 2019
3260 RADAR-AD Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse – Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
3261 AutoCPS Automated Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems: A Compositional Approach 2019
3262 OpenInnoTrain Open Innovation – Research Translation and Applied Knowledge Exchange in Practice through University-Industry-Cooperation 2019
3263 DECODER DEveloper COmpanion for Documented and annotatEd code Reference 2019
3264 MASSTART MASS manufacturing of TrAnsceiveRs for Terabit/s era 2019
3265 HERA Integrating Environment and Health Research: a Vision for the EU 2019
3266 ZDMP Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform 2019
3267 iPSpine Induced pluripotent stem cell-based therapy for spinal regeneration 2019
3268 CLOSER Childhood Leukemia: Overcoming distance between South America and Europe Regions 2019
3269 EURIPHI EURopean wide Innovative Procurement of Health Innovation 2019
3270 DeepHealth Deep-Learning and HPC to Boost Biomedical Applications for Health 2019
3271 PANACEA Protection and privAcy of hospital and health iNfrastructures with smArt Cyber sEcurity and cyber threat toolkit for dAta and people 2019
3272 LINCE Light INduced Cell control by Exogenous organic semiconductors 2019
3273 ReaxPro Software Platform for Multiscale Modelling of Reactive Materials and Processes 2019
3274 SynBio4Flav Synthetic microbial consortia-based platform for flavonoids production using synthetic biology 2019
3275 BIM4EEB BIM based fast toolkit for Efficient rEnovation in Buildings 2019
3276 VHFMoDRAD Viral Haemorrhagic Fever: Modern Approaches for developing bedside Rapid Diagnostics 2019
3277 ESCALON European-Latin American network for the assessment of biomarkers to predict and diagnose hepatobiliary malignancies and characterization of risk factors for cancer development 2019
3278 i-TRIBOMAT Intelligent Open Test Bed for Materials Tribological Characterisation Services 2019
3279 PRsuite Artificial Intelligence for a new generation of Public Relations (PR): smart digital assistant for start-ups and SMEs to maximise results of press releases within the EU-28 and beyond 2018
3280 FOReSEE Market replication of a cutting-edge FlOod Risk ScrEEning Tool 2019
3281 HQMAT New Horizons in Quantum Matter: From Critical Fluids to High Temperature Superconductivity 2019
3282 REALNANO 3D Structure of Nanomaterials under Realistic Conditions 2019
3283 LOPRE Lossy Preprocessing 2019
3284 CRISPRsition Developing CRISPR adaptation platforms for basic and applied research 2019
3286 SUPERSPEC Three-dimensional spectral modelling of astrophysical transients : unravelling the nucleosynthetic content of supernovae and kilonovae 2019
3287 FAIRplus FAIRplus 2019
3288 MIGHTY_RNA Repurposing small RNA from ciliates for genome editing: single-molecule study 2019
3289 ENGAGES Next generation algorithms for grabbing and exploiting symmetry 2019
3290 RiskGONE Risk Governance of Nanotechnology 2019
3291 NANORIGO Establishing a Nanotechnology Risk Governance Framework 2019
3292 AMADEUS Advancing CO2 Capture Materials by Atomic Scale Design: the Quest for Understanding 2019
3293 EHDEN European Health Data and Evidence Network 2018
3294 memetis Modular fluidic platform with Shape Memory Alloy miniature valves to disrupt medical technology industry (memetis) 2019
3295 AI-MICADIS Artificial Intelligence System for Multi-Cancer Detection Support 2019
3296 IVD4Sepsis Novel ultrasensitive detection device for early Sepsis diagnosis 2019
3297 MAMMO1 Deep learning for mammography: Improving accuracy and productivity in breast cancer diagnosis. 2019
3298 PaCE Populism And Civic Engagement – a fine-grained, dynamic, context-sensitive and forward-looking response to negative populist tendencies 2019
3299 TRIGGER TRends In Global Governance and Europe’s Role 2018
3300 GLOBE Global Governance and the European Union: Future Trends and Scenarios 2019
3301 BRaVE Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism and Polarisation 2019
3302 Flaner Flaner, a memory enhancement software platform 2018
3303 AgeingatWork Smart, Personalized and Adaptive ICT Solutions for Active, Healthy and Productive Ageing with enhanced Workability 2019
3304 Sinusway Sinusway- a revolutionary single-use endoscope device for treatment of severe sinuses infection (Sinusitis) 2018
3305 ACTION Participatory science toolkit against pollution 2019
3306 STARTS Ecosystem Support to STARTS Community and Lighthouse Projects through the creation of an ecosystem for hybrid talent 2019
3307 GEMMA Genome, Environment, Microbiome & Metabolome in Autism: an integrated multi-omic systems biology approach to identify biomarkers for personalized treatment and primary prevention of Autism Spectr 2019
3308 Pret-a-LLOD Ready-to-use Multilingual Linked Language Data for Knowledge Services across Sectors 2019
3309 SODALITE SOftware Defined AppLication Infrastructures managemenT and Engineering 2019
3310 BE-ARCHAEO BEyond ARCHAEOlogy: an advanced approach linking East to West through science, field archaeology, interactive museum experiences 2019
3311 iGame Multi-dimensional Intervention Support Architecture for Gamified eHealth and mHealth Products 2019
3312 BrEATHE high capacity planet BEAring Technology for High Efficiency gearbox 2019
3313 GEoREST predictinG EaRthquakES induced by fluid injecTion 2019
3314 GRAHAM Concepts of Graph Theory Applied to the Human Microbiome 2018
3315 BANTURIVERS At a Crossroads of Bantu Expansions: Present and Past Riverside Communities in the Congo Basin, from an Integrated Linguistic, Anthropological and Archaeological Perspective 2019
3316 QuAnGIS Question-based Analysis of Geographic Information with Semantic Queries 2019
3317 INFOSAMPLE Information Sampling in Multiattribute Choice 2018
3318 ToxMate ToxMate: Automated on-line and real-time monitoring of wastewater toxicity with ToxMate 2018
3319 NANOSMART NANO components for electronic SMART wireless systems 2019
3320 UNICORE A Common Code Base and Toolkit for Deployment of Applications to Secure and Reliable Virtual Execution Environments 2019
3321 CO-ADAPT CO-ADAPT: Adaptive Environments and Conversational Agent Based approaches for Healthy Ageing and Work Ability 2018
3322 MICS Developing metrics and instruments to evaluate citizen science impacts on the environment and society 2019
3323 Gov4Nano Implementation of Risk Governance: meeting the needs of nanotechnology 2019
3324 SynECS Combining carbon nanotubes and gold nanorods to investigate the extracellular space around synapses during neuronal communication 2019
3325 PROFECI Mediating the Future: The Social Dynamics of Public Projections 2019
3326 DECOAT Recycling of coated and painted textile and plastic materials 2019
3327 SOS.aquaterra Respecting safe operating spaces: opportunities to meet future food demand with sustainable use of water and land resources 2019
3328 CerQuS Certified Quantum Security 2019
3329 EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE Ensuring long-term sustainability of excellence in chemical biology within Europe and beyond 2019
3330 LOQR Digital Identity Management Platform: Verifying, Authenticating and Managing the end-to-end Digital Identity Lifecycle 2019
3331 ENZEYE Bringing automated, real-time process control into the starch-based industry 2019
3332 ADVERSARY Digital platform for hands-on cybersecurity training 2018
3333 ELEVATE ELEVATE - Automated Detection & Response Control Access Network Security Platform to face the most sophisticated security threats 2019
3335 NoPest Novel Pesticides for a Sustainable Agriculture 2019
3336 PATHOS Photonic and nAnomeTric High-sensitivity biO-Sensing 2019
3337 PRIME Advanced and versatile PRInting platform for the next generation of active Microfluidic dEvices 2019
3338 PUPILTRAITS Biomarkers of individual differences in human cortical visual processing 2019
3339 Brain Health Toolbox The Brain Health Toolbox: Facilitating personalized decision-making for effective dementia prevention 2019
3340 HydraMechanics Mechanical Aspects of Hydra Morphogenesis 2019
3341 INNO EEN-M Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs through the Enterprise Europe Network in Macedonia (INNO EEN-M) 2019
3343 VEBIN SME 3.0 Securing the innovation management capacity of Flemish SMEs thourgh KAM and EIMC services within the Enterprise Europe Network 2019
3344 M-NBS Smart, flexible, decentralized water treatment 2019
3345 BPET The Next-Generation of Small, Cost-Effective and Mobile Brain Scanner for an Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
3346 Fine Birth Diagnosis of preterm birth risk and success of induced labour 2019
3347 NG-EGSE Next Generation Modular EGSE Architecture 2019
3348 Vezics Highly efficient, scalable chromatography platform for high-quality exosome isolation 2019
3349 ARCHEIS Understanding the onset and impact of Aquatic Resource Consumption in Human Evolution using novel Isotopic tracerS 2019
3350 LHCtoLISA Precision Gravity: From the LHC to LISA 2019
3351 OPTIMA PrOcess intensification and innovation in olefin ProducTIon by Multiscale Analysis and design 2019
3352 EXA MODE EXtreme-scale Analytics via Multimodal Ontology Discovery & Enhancement 2019
3353 AMIGOclimate Customised climate index insurance services for agriculture 2019
3354 AMR-G Smart your Water Meter 2019
3355 KATANA Bringing Industry 4.0 to the hands of small manufacturers: Feasibility study for scaling up Katana smart workshop software 2019
3356 EMC2 Extreme-scale Mathematically-based Computational Chemistry 2019
3357 ICE GENESIS Creating the next generation of 3D simulation means for icing 2019
3358 SMEntorEGE SMEntorEGE 2019
3359 HBP SGA2 Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 2 2018
3360 LAAA Late Antiquity After Antiquity: The Last of the Ancient Platonists in the Early Modern Period 2019
3361 HDPROBES Photoactivatable Sensors and Blinking Dyes for Live-Cell, Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy 2019
3362 DISEASE Disease Risk And Immune Strategies In Social Insects 2019
3363 BRAINMINT Brains and minds in transition: The dark side of neuroplasticity during sensitive life phases 2019
3364 ENTRI Enteric-nervous-system-mediated regulation of intestinal inflammation 2019
3365 DHARMA The Domestication of ‘Hindu’ Asceticism and the Religious Making of South and Southeast Asia 2019
3366 4-D nanoSCOPE Advancing osteoporosis medicine by observing bone microstructure and remodelling using a four-dimensional nanoscope 2019
3367 POLKA POLlution Know-how and Abatement 2019
3368 APACHE Active & intelligent PAckaging materials and display cases as a tool for preventive conservation of Cultural Heritage. 2019
3369 SensMat Preventive solutions for Sensitive Materials of Cultural Heritage 2019
3370 SUMMIT Site-specific Ultrasensitive Magnetic resonance of Mixtures for Isotopic Tracking 2019
3371 NBEB-SSP Nonparametric Bayes and empirical Bayes for species sampling problems: classical questions, new directions and related issues 2019
3372 PRinTERs Post-transcriptional regulation of effector function in T cells by RNA binding proteins 2019
3373 PROTONMBRT Spatial fractionation of the dose in proton therapy: a novel therapeutic approach 2019
3374 URBAG Integrated System Analysis of Urban Vegetation and Agriculture 2019
3375 GEMS General Embedding Models for Spectroscopy 2019
3376 OPENFLUX Societal openness, normative flux, and the social modification of heritability 2019
3377 MarsFirstWater The physicochemical nature of water on early Mars 2019
3378 TechChange Technological Change: New Sources, Consequences, and Impact Mitigation 2019
3379 NewMonEc Monetary Economics and Communication: New Data, New Tools, New and Old Questions 2019
3380 ADIMMUNE Decoding interactions between adipose tissue immune cells, metabolic function, and the intestinal microbiome in obesity 2019
3381 iHEAR Gene therapy of inherited and acquired hearing loss 2019
3382 SCHIZTYPE Brain cell type-specific interactions and schizophrenia 2019
3383 BiocatSusChem Biocatalysis for Sustainable Chemistry – Understanding Oxidation/Reduction of Small Molecules by Redox Metalloenzymes via a Suite of Steady State and Transient Infrared Electrochemical Methods 2019
3384 PACA-MET Genome-wide surveys and functional analysis of pancreatic cancer metastasis drivers 2019
3385 ONCOFUM Integrating the tissue-specificity and chronology of hereditary renal cancer predisposition 2019
3386 THERA Timing of Holocene volcanic eruptions and their radiative aerosol forcing 2019
3387 NewHuman Pathways to humanity: Adaptive niche diversity at the origins of the human lineage 2019
3388 ENCORE ENergy aware BIM Cloud Platform in a COst-effective Building REnovation Context 2019
3389 SSHOC Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud 2019
3390 ENVRI-FAIR ENVironmental Research Infrastructures building Fair services Accessible for society, Innovation and Research 2019
3391 IS-ENES3 Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System modelling - Phase 3 2019
3392 EU-Citizen.Science The Platform for Sharing, Initiating, and Learning Citizen Science in Europe 2019
3393 EJP RD European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases 2019
3394 AI4EU A European AI On Demand Platform and Ecosystem 2019
3395 SoNAR-Global A Global Social Sciences Network for Infectious Threats and Antimicrobial Resistance 2019
3396 MICROB-PREDICT MICROBiome-based biomarkers to PREDICT decompensation of liver cirrhosis and treatment response 2019
3397 iLIVE Living well, dying well. A research programme to support living until the end 2019
3398 INADVANCE Patient-centred pathways of early palliative care, supportive ecosystems and appraisal standard 2019
3399 BENEI2 2019 BENE Innovation Internationalisation services 2019 2019
3400 KAMINO-2 Key Account Management process for beneficiaries of the EU funded programmes SME-instrument, FTI and FET-Open and services to enhance the INnOvation management capacities of SMEs 2019
3401 INNODK2019 Innovation Denmark 2019 2019
3402 INNOVIST 3.0 INcreasing the InNOVation Management Capacity of SMEs in ISTanbul 2019
3403 MAGIC SWF SMES 2019 Establishing in-depth services enhancing the innovation management capacity of South West ofFrance SMEs in 2019 2019
3404 TRINIDAT Tilt Rotor INlet Innovative Design And Testing 2019
3405 T-GRAND-SLAM Translating the Global Refined Analysis of Newly transcribed RNA and Decay rates by SLAM-seq 2019
3406 AUTOMOLD Automatized Design of Injection Molds 2019
3407 LaunTeNaBio Launch Test of Natural Biocides for the Control of Insect Borne Diseases 2019
3408 MicroMotors The most advanced micromotors in the world 2019
3409 WindTRRo Wind Turbine Repair Robot 2019
3410 BioMensio BioMensio mobile biosensing platform: the first truly palm-sized and accurate digital multi-drug test 2019
3411 SINUSHUNT SinuShunt – New disruptive medical device for treatment of hydrocephalus 2019
3412 DIAIoT An e-Health expert system for diagnosis and treatment of diabetics to reduce the risk of skin breakdown and co-existing foot diseases 2019
3413 NeuralShape NeuralShape: the first deep-learning based software to improve the engineer ‘work. 2019
3414 MeningoSpeed A unique cost-effective and point of care (PoC) kit for the non-invasive rapid in vitro diagnosis of meningococcal disease 2019
3415 Lernwolke The first AI-driven smart-learning platform that teaches not only contents but also interdisciplinary skills as the key to success 2019
3416 FlexInt Flexible Manufacturing using Semantically Interoperable Data Integration 2019
3417 BIEL SMARTGAZE Electronic glasses which use computer vision and augmented reality to improve visual capacity and increase autonomy of people who have low vision 2019
3418 ThermoEye ThermoEye an innovative system for pigs' fever early detection 2019
3419 AutoRay New solution for fully automated analysis and reporting of routine musculoskeletal X-rays 2019
3420 InsurFarm Oko's mobile-centric micro insurance protecting small farmers in developing countries from climate risks 2019
3421 SCAI Smart Contract Analytics using Artificial Intelligence 2019
3422 NANOFLOWSIZER Developing a disruptive and revolutionary tool for real time inline nanoparticle size measurement, for superior quality control and process efficiency. 2019
3423 COH-LAB Bridging the digitizing financial world to the changing attitudes and preferences of investors 2018
3424 Sodium_Ion_Batteries Safe, fast-charging long-life Sodium-ion batteries for vehicles and power storage 2018
3425 INNO-HUN2019 Providing services under Horizon 2020 enhancing the innovation management capacity of Hungarian SME's within the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network - 2019 2019
3426 FUN HEAD Friction stir welding UNiversal HEAD 2019
3427 Net4Society5 National Contact Points (NCPs) Network of Societal Challenge 6 'Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies' (SC6) 2019
3428 MI_DICE Market Impact through Disruptive Innovation in Clean Energy Technologies 2019
3429 DISINTEGRATION The Mass Politics of Disintegration 2019
3430 RNAflashbacks The Neuronal Code of Inheritance 2019
3431 ScarLessWorld A WORLD WITHOUT SCARS: Regenerating wounded skin rather than patching with scars 2019
3432 CRISPR2.0 Microbial genome defence pathways: from molecular mechanisms to next-generation molecular tools 2019
3433 ASSALA Advanced Simulation Solutions Applied to Quality Control of Laser Deposited Metals 2019
3434 INNOTOOL 4.0 INNOvative RTM TOOLing FOR CFRP primary structural parts 2019
3435 ECMO-BIOMARKER Delivering ECMO-BIOMARKER – a ground-breaking ICT-enabled ECMO Biomarker system providing clinicians with bedside decision support for better care and reduced costs of severe ICU patients 2019
3436 CATTLECHAIN 4.0 Enhancing farm productivity and guaranteeing CATTLE traceability and welfare with blockCHAIN 2019
3437 UniSDyn Building up a Unified Theory of Stellar Dynamos 2019
3438 CSA-Industy4.E Coordination and Support Action for Industry4.E 2018
3439 FITCoW Full-scale Innovative integrated Tooling for Composite material Wing-box 2019
3440 BIT-ACT Bottom-up initiatives and anti-corruption technologies: how citizens use ICTs to fight corruption 2019
3441 BIONICbacteria Integrating a novel layer of synthetic biology tools in Pseudomonas, inspired by bacterial viruses 2019
3442 BioDisOrder Order and Disorder at the Surface of Biological Membranes. 2019
3443 NeuroDeRisk Neurotoxicity De-Risking in Preclinical Drug Discovery 2019
3444 I-KAM2EU enhancing Innovation and Key Account Management by sme2EU 2019
3445 Enhancement SGA3 Enhancing Innovation Management Capacities and Key Account Management (KAM) services for Greek SMEs 2019
3446 ACCENTO ACCENTO (Active Clearence Contol dEsigN and characTerizatiOn). Advanced investigations on different Low Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control (LPTACC) system by means of CFD and experiments. 2019
3447 MOnACO Manufacturing of a large-scale AM component 2019
3448 TraffikGene Peptide Dynamic Amphiphiles for Gene Therapy and Macromolecular Delivery 2019
3449 HOLOMAN Holographic acoustic assembly and manipulation 2019
3450 SUExp Strategic Uncertainty: An Experimental Investigation 2018
3451 mitoUPR Cellular modulation by the mitochondrial unfolded protein response 2019
3452 CapBed Engineered Capillary Beds for Successful Prevascularization of Tissue Engineering Constructs 2018
3453 CONMECH Nonsmooth Contact Dynamics 2019
3454 SOPs4RI Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity 2019
3455 SOMA Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis 2018
3456 GoURMET Global Under-Resourced MEedia Translation 2019
3457 CRC-MTOs Colorectal Cancer Mouse Tumor Organoids as Pre-clinical Models for Therapeutical Testing 2018
3458 PLASA-2 Smart Planning and Virtual Certification 2018
3459 EventAI Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Platform for Managing and Optimising Event Planning 2018
3461 PRO-TOOLKITS Programmable nucleic acid toolkits for cell-free diagnostics and genetically encoded biosensing 2019
3462 SLOW_SOURCE Finding the Origin of the Slow Solar Wind 2019
3463 iDysChart Charting key molecules and mechanisms of human immune Dysregulation 2019
3465 ProtonSuite The most secure collaboration suite in the world 2019
3466 RECODID Integrated human data repositories for infectious disease-related international cohorts to foster personalized medicine approaches to infectious disease research 2019
3467 SCAMPICITY cAMP-dependend plasticity of striatal projection neurons in health and disease 2019
3468 HighThroughFROGS Reviving ghosts of taxonomy past: Identifying cryptic species using high-throughput sequencing of historical museum specimens for Asian ranids with gastromyzophorous tadpoles 2020
3469 TeRRIFICA Territorial RRI fostering Innovative Climate Action 2019
3470 INTERRFACE TSO-DSO-Consumer INTERFACE aRchitecture to provide innovative grid services for an efficient power system 2019
3471 Geo-Drill Development of novel and cost-effective drilling technology for Geothermal Systems 2019
3472 INHuMAN Intra-tumoral heterogeneity in NRAS-driven metastatic melanoma 2019
3473 PhotoArM Directed Evolution of Photoredox Powered Artificial Metalloenzymes for Stereodivergent Catalysis 2019
3474 eXcape3D Functional dissection of X-linked regulatory DNA: unravelling the impact of genome topology on transcriptional regulation 2019
3475 HOCOM A Transparent Hole Conductor by Combinatorial Techniques for Next-Generation Energy Conversion Devices 2019
3476 Open ENTRANCE Open ENergy TRansition ANalyses for a low-carbon Economy 2019
3477 Extending MEDT Extending the Molecular Electron Density Theory 2019
3478 FIVER Innovative solution for FMS computed trajectories validation by means of pilot actions emulation, comparison with PANS-OPS criteria and data mining techniques. 2018
3479 ECONUTRISENS The conquest of a new habitat: a study of nutritional and sensory adaptations in Drosophila suzukii larvae 2020
3480 GPCR-MS Molecular Details of Membrane Protein Receptor Dynamics 2019
3481 SSST-BD Smart Specialization Strategy Tools with Big Data 2019
3482 DIMCO Development and Investigation of Manganese-doped NiFe nanosheet Catalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction 2019
3483 OpenWave Validation and Optimization of an Open-Source Novel Nonlinear Froude-Krylov Model for Advanced Design of Wave Energy Converters 2019
3484 TaPPiNG-EPI Targeting Purinergic Pathway in drug-resistant epilepsy using human Neurons and Glia. 2019
3485 AmygdalaNeuroMod Unraveling the combinatorial logic of amygdala neuromodulation in decision-making and learning. 2020
3486 GuideArtifEvol Tracking and guiding artificial enzyme evolution via landscape inference 2019
3487 APTAFRAME DNA-origami frame platform for co-evolution ligand selection 2019
3488 INTEGRITY INTEGRITY: empowering students through evidence-based, scaffolded learning of Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) 2019
3489 GATE4RAIL GNSS Automated Virtualized Test Environment for RAIL 2018
3490 MSOPGDM Mechanistic studies of prokaryotic genome defense mechanisms 2019
3491 New GeneSS New Generation Design Methods for Stainless Steel Structures 2019
3492 ME.Tech.NAS Metals Technology in North Aegean Societies 2019
3493 BrainWatch Transient micromachined pressure-monitoring implants for chronic brain disorders 2019
3494 BIOCONTACT Contact Mechanics of Soft and Complex Biological Tissues 2019
3495 PANTERA Pan European Technology Energy Research Approach 2019
3496 GEARING ROLES Gender Equality Actions in Research Institutions to traNsform Gender ROLES 2019
3497 BIOIMPROVE Improvement of food safety applied biosensors by protein engineering 2019
3498 GROWING Geophysical Roots Observation for Water savING in arboriculture, viticulture and agronomy 2020
3499 Eco-CosmePharm Computational 'eco-toxicity' assessment of pharmaceutical and cosmetics materials, an approach towards a green and sustainable environment 2019
3500 OPTIMAR OPTical Imaging of Molecular and signalling Activity in Real-time: application to flatfish metamorphosis 2020
3501 FCHgo Fuel Cells HydroGen educatiOnal model for schools 2019
3502 NEURONET Efficiently Networking European Neurodegeneration Research 2019
3503 MEDIATOR MEdiating between Driver and Intelligent Automated Transport systems on Our Roads 2019
3505 CARES City Air Remote Emission Sensing 2019
3506 DriveToTheFuture Needs, wants and behaviour of 'Drivers' and automated vehicle users today and into the future 2019
3507 uCARe You can also reduce emissions 2019
3508 ReVeAL Regulating Vehicle Access for improved Livability 2019
3509 AUTOSHIP Autonomous Shipping Initiative for European Waters 2019
3510 MOMENTUM Modelling Emerging Transport Solutions for Urban Mobility 2019
3511 RE-COGNITION REnewable COGeneration and storage techNologies IntegraTIon for energy autONomous buildings 2019
3512 PLEDGEDEM Pledges in democracy 2019
3513 QSHvar Quantitative stochastic homogenization of variational problems 2019
3514 TransBioLine Translational Safety Biomarker Pipeline (TransBioLine): Enabling development and implementation of novel safety biomarkers in clinical trials and diagnosis of disease 2019
3515 RENAISSANCE RENewAble Integration and SuStainAbility iN energy CommunitiEs 2019
3516 MinSol-PDEs Minimal solutions to nonlinear systems of PDEs 2019
3517 Need2immune Personalized liposomal cancer vaccines within days by rapid formulation screening 2019
3518 PoS The price of success: what is the impact of improving patients’ survival on utilisation of care? 2019
3519 EU4IPBES The European Union's Support to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services 2019
3520 STAND4HERITAGE New STANDards for seismic assessment of built cultural HERITAGE 2019
3521 RuCat New Horizons in C–H Activation: the ‘Real-World Molecules’ Challenge 2019
3522 MOPPEX MOlecules as Probes of the Physics of EXternal galaxies 2020
3523 NU-RING NUclear reactions at RINGs 2019
3524 WATUSO Water Forced in Hydrophobic Nano-Confinement: Tunable Solvent System 2019
3525 CLaQS Correlations in Large Quantum Systems 2019
3526 EARTH@LTERNATIVES Sustainability, efficiency, equity and resilience of land and water use for global food and energy security: synergies and fundamental trade-offs 2019
3527 SO-ReCoDi Spectral and Optimization Techniques for Robust Recovery, Combinatorial Constructions, and Distributed Algorithms 2019
3528 PCPABF Challenging Computational Infeasibility: PCP and Boolean functions 2019
3529 HEGS Hydrologic Extremes at the Global Scale: teleconnections, extreme-rich/poor periods, climate drivers and predictability 2019
3530 DIEinPEACE Double Incremental Expansion in Potential Energies from Automized Computational Exploration 2019
3531 CReDItIs Critique and Reformation of Doctrine in International Investment Law: Legal Theory and Empirical Legal Studies 2020
3532 HUMANE Transcriptional characterization of human postnatal and adult neural progenitors and of the stem cell niches. 2020
3533 DEBOGAS Dilute Bose Gases at Positive Temperature 2019
3534 CHROMPART Partition calculus on graphs, digraphs and hypergraphs with uncountable chromatic number 2020
3535 BispecificsThatClick Combinatorial Antibody Synthesis for the Discovery of New Anti-Tumour Immunomodulators 2019
3536 TackTDEs Tackling the complexity of Tidal Disruption Events 2020
3537 D3AiSF Screening Database to Discover Donor-Acceptor copolymers for intramolecular Singlet Fission 2020
3538 TRACER Smart strategies for the transition in coal intensive regions 2019
3539 EDIFOU Foucault's manuscripts on phenomenology (1950s) at BnF archive: a digital approach to the edition 2019
3540 pyrroQuin Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Pyrroquinoline Pseudo-Natural Products 2020
3541 COMETS COllective action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation 2019
3542 D-FINED Duality for Finite Models: Relating Structure and Power 2020
3543 SpeSex Does natural selection align with sexual selection to promote reproductive isolation in different environments? An experimental approach 2020
3544 SAECG Prediction of AF incidence using PR interval measurements, echocardiographic data and biomarker profiles: Analyses within epidemiological Framingham Heart Study and LIFE Health Care Study cohorts 2019
3545 BioPhoCS Bio- & Photo-Catalytic Methods for the Construction of Enantiomerically Pure C-S Bonds in Thiols and Sulphides 2020
3546 INFINITY Infinity in Mathematics: A Philosophical analysis of Critical Views of Infinity 2019
3547 SuperCoop Unconventional Superconductivity and Strong Electron Correlations: a Cooperative mechanism 2019
3548 ARCTICO Uncovering the Magnitude of Arctic Climate Change 2019
3549 SYMBIO-INC Mechanisms of symbiotic incompatibility in the arbuscular mycorrhizal association 2020
3550 Star Polymers When Soft Matter Goes Really Soft – A New Paradigm for Star Polymer Self-Assembly 2020
3551 SOS-CROPS Solving the tangled ontogenesis of the stem for sustainable crops 2019
3552 REaCHeS References to Environs are Coordinated to be Heard and Seen (REaCHeS): an investigation of multimodal spatial referencing in Eastern Chatino 2019
3553 SNDTD Resolving the origins of supernovae: constraining progenitors with integral field spectroscopy 2019
3554 SELPH2D Spin Electron-Phonon in 2D materials 2019
3555 MolecularControl Harvesting out-of-equilibrium forces for molecular control 2020
3557 MetAeAvIm The Role of the Metabolism in Mosquito Immunity against Dengue virus in Aedes aegypti 2019
3558 5G-ACE Beyond 5G: 3D Network Modelling for THz-based Ultra-Fast Small Cells 2019
3559 UQ4ORC Uncertainty Quantification And Design Tools For Robust Organic Rankine Cycles 2020
3560 TAURUS Theory for A Unified descRiption of nUclear Structure 2019
3561 SOLFORPLAS A solution for plastic waste pollution 2019
3563 DIRAE A new edition and commentary on the pseudo-Virgilian Dirae 2019
3564 GENDANGERED Measuring GENomic diversity change over time in avian enDANGERED species 2020
3565 LocalGlobal0Cycles Local-global principles and zero-cycles 2019
3566 ConscBreathDynamics Breathing dynamics in health and disease: how consciousness shape respiratory patterns 2020
3567 TOK The Creation of Tokens in Late Antiquity. Religious 'tolerance' and 'intolerance' in Fourth and Fifth Centuries AD 2019
3568 BIOplasma Use flexible Tube Micro Plasma (FµTP) for Lipidomics 2019
3569 AXIONRUSH Rethinking Ultraviolet Scenarios for Hunting the AXION 2019
3570 NanoEnHanCeMent Nanoparticle Enhanced Hadron-therapy: a Comprehensive Mechanistic description 2020
3571 PALEOCARBON PALEOcene greenhouse climate and the effect of basalt weathering on CARBON sequestration 2019
3572 DAMOSET With data-driven modelling towards a successful energy transition 2019
3573 PhotoStem Photoswitching molecules for the spatiotemporal control of cancer stem cells with light 2019
3574 ELOTEQ Interfacing Levitated Optomechanics with Superconducting Qubits 2019
3575 BICE Behavioural Individuality in C. elegans 2020
3576 META2 METAbolism of bone METAstasis (META2): Metabolic interactions between disseminated breast cancer cells and osteoblast lineage cells drive bone metastases formation 2019
3577 PredAlgoBC Machine learning prediction for breast cancer therapy 2019
3578 CRISPR-KissCas9 Challenging the KNDy Hypothesis Using CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing: Evaluation of the Role of Neurokinin B and Dynorphin in Kiss1 neurons in the Control of Fertility 2020
3579 Finding VENomS Venom Evolution in Nemerteans: Connecting Functional Morphology, Gene Expression and Proteome through Spatial Omics 2019
3580 2D-MES Two Dimensional Molecular Electronics Spectroscopy for DNA/RNA Mutation Recognition 2020
3581 PiQiMosqBite Understanding the roles of pathogen infection and sensory cue integration in mosquito blood-feeding behavior 2019
3582 GOLDEN Gold-Functionalized Devices and Engineered Nanoparticles: Bioorthogonal Tools for Unprecedented Biomedical Applications 2019
3583 WIMPACT Late medieval visionary Women's IMPact in early modern Castilian spiritual Tradition 2019
3584 ChromaSTORM Visualising how proteins fold DNA into topologically associating domains in single human cells 2020
3585 UNBIAS UNravelling BIvAlve Shell chemistry: Advanced Techniques for Accurate Reconstructions of Sub-annual Climate 2020
3586 X-SUGRA eXceptional Solutions and U-folds in quantum GRAvity 2020
3587 nalimdif Non-Archimedean limits of differential forms, Gromov-Hausdorff limits and essential skeleta 2019
3588 WMBH Waves, mean flows and black holes 2020
3589 MAHT-FunSST Microfluidic Approaches for High-Throughput Fungicide Screening and Sensitivity Testing 2019
3590 Widow Spider Mating Immature mating as a novel tactic of an invasive widow spider 2020
3591 DynaPIC Dynamic bonds and polyion complex (PIC) nanoparticles for targeted intracellular peptide delivery 2020
3592 ResonanceCircuits Illuminating neural microcircuitry underlying flicker resonance in the visual cortex 2020
3593 UNI4ST University education as a driver for sustainability transitions 2020
3594 BeBamb Beyond the Bamboo Hypothesis. A microscopic exploration of plant processing practices in prehistoric Palawan, Philippines, and their relationship to lithic technology. 2019
3595 EDGE Cutting edge technology: understanding Palaeolithic stone tool design and use from a modern mechanical engineering perspective 2020
3596 MULTIRES MULTI-level framework to enhance seismic RESilience of RC buildings 2019
3597 AMPLE A Study of the Notion of Ampleness in Model Theory and Tits Buildings 2019
3598 CYBERCULT Strategic Cultures of Cyber Warfare 2019
3599 distalC-Hfun Transient directing group for catalytic distal C–H functionalisation 2020
3600 SONNET SOCIAL INNOVATION IN ENERGY TRANSITIONS: Co-creating a rich understanding of the diversity, processes, contributions, success and future potentials of social innovation in the energy sector 2019
3601 MINT Multifunctional Immunocompatible NanoTheranostics to modulate tumor microenvironment and improve treatment monitoring: A double blow to pancreatic cancer 2019
3602 BELENUS Lowering Costs by Improving Efficiencies in Biomass Fueled Boilers: New Materials and Coatings to Reduce Corrosion 2019
3603 PPILOW Poultry and PIg Low-input and Organic production systems’ Welfare 2019
3604 Tumor microbiome The tumor microbial communities: Characterization, effects and translational opportunities 2019
3605 LactaDiff Assessing cellular compartmentation of brain lactate using diffusion MR spectroscopy in vivo 2019
3606 DISCONNECTOME Brain connections, Stroke, Symptoms Predictions and Brain Repair 2019
3607 LOTUS LOw-cost innovative Technology for water quality monitoring and water resources management for Urban and rural water Systems in India 2019
3608 AGRUMIG ‘Leaving something behind’ - Migration governance and agricultural & rural change in ‘home’ communities: comparative experience from Europe, Asia and Africa 2019
3609 IDIH International Digital Health Cooperation for Preventive, Integrated, Independent and Inclusive Living 2019
3610 SUPERMODEL Development and verification of microstructure, residual stress and deformation simulation capability for additive free-form direct deposition using multiple superalloys 2019
3611 MajoranasAreReal Search for mechanisms to control chiral Majorana modes in superconductors 2019
3612 MOVES MOdelling Vocal Expression in Schizophrenia 2020
3613 HoloFlat Holography for Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes 2019
3614 FORMOBILE From mobile phones to court – A complete FORensic investigation chain targeting MOBILE devices 2019
3615 PROACTIVE PReparedness against CBRNE threats through cOmmon Approaches between security praCTItioners and the VulnerablE civil society 2019
3616 MIRROR Migration-Related Risks caused by misconceptions of Opportunities and Requirement 2019
3617 SecureGas Securing The European Gas Network 2019
3618 HomDyn Homogenous dynamics, arithmetic and equidistribution 2019
3619 INGENIOUS The First Responder (FR) of the Future: a Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (NGIT) for Collaborative Response, increasing protection and augmenting operational capacity 2019
3620 BuildERS Building European Communities' Resilience and Social Capital 2019
3621 COMPASS2020 Coordination Of Maritime assets for Persistent And Systematic Surveillance 2019
3622 ROXANNE Real time network, text, and speaker analytics for combating organized crime 2019
3624 nIoVe A Novel Adaptive Cybersecurity Framework for the Internet-of-Vehicles 2019
3625 SOTER cyberSecurity Optimization and Training for Enhanced Resilience in finance 2019
3626 ScalableControl Scalable Control of Interconnected Systems 2019
3627 SDN-microSENSE SDN - microgrid reSilient Electrical eNergy SystEm 2019
3628 SUMMIT Novel roles of dimethylated sulphur in marine microbial interactions 2019
3629 EEPLIANT3 Energy Efficiency Compliant Products 3 2019
3630 D4FLY Detecting Document frauD and iDentity on the fly 2019
3631 TENDO Tension of ENDOmembranes maintained by TORC1 2019
3632 CERQUTE Certification of quantum technologies 2020
3633 FrogsInSpace From ecology to neurobiology: spatial cognition in rainforest frogs 2019
3634 diFUME Urban carbon dioxide Flux Monitoring using Eddy Covariance and Earth Observation 2019
3635 WASEABI Optimal utilization of seafood side-streams through the design of new holistic process lines 2019
3636 Rewarding Stereotype The reward value of stereotypes: Evaluating the contribution of the neural reward circuitry to the persistence of stereotypes 2019
3637 nanoCellSense A nanotechnology-based approach for label-free single-cell analysis of cytoplasmic proteome 2019
3638 STARCloud Bringing Quality of Service to Blockchain-Based Clouds 2019
3639 NEUROSKIN Modulating skin innervation to treat cutaneous inflammation 2019
3640 LION L'industrie oubliée de Néandertal - The forgotten industry of Neanderthal 2019
3641 MAIRWEN Mapping Argument Structure in Early Irish and Welsh 2019
3642 MultiBioScan Multimodal hyperspectral system for imaging of biological tissues glycation 2020
3643 U-CERT Towards a new generation of user-centred Energy Performance Assessment and Certification; facilitated and empowered by the EPB Center 2019
3644 CaRe-Space Cajal-Retzius cells role in the development of the spatial navigation system 2020
3645 MacMeninges Control of Central Nervous Sytem inflammation by meningeal macrophages, and its impairment upon aging 2019
3646 TamCatHoly Becoming a Martyr in Early Modern South India: The Memory of Tēvacakāyam between Jesuit Mission and Tamil Popular Culture. 2020
3647 ComAlive Diagnosis, prediction, communication and rehabilitation for patients with disorders of consciousness 2019
3648 HealinguFE Development of an in silico model for prediction of in vivo human bone fracture healing using micro-finite element analysis 2020
3649 TypoArabic Towards historically informed practice in contemporary Arabic typography 2019
3650 HYDROBLOCK Discrete Multi-physics modeling of hydrate blockage in pipelines 2020
3651 MultiPan A Multi-omics Approach To Decode Epigenetic Lesions In Pancreatic Cancer Development 2019
3652 uKNEEversal uKNEEversal: a miniaturized 3D in vitro model of human joint to gain new knowledge on Osteoarthritis pathophysiology 2019
3653 CALCHAS Computational Intelligence for Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data Analytics 2019
3654 LaBRhythms Language and Brain Rhythms 2019
3655 SSF-value Valuing the socio-cultural and economic contributions of small-scale fisheries to coastal communities 2020
3656 INdifference The Interpretation of Differentia during Late Antique and Early Christian Thought 2020
3657 GainGrain Understanding genetic hubs in rice inflorescence architecture to increase grain yield 2019
3658 LEANOR Detecting Low-Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos with KM3NeT/ORCA: the Transient Neutrino Sky at the GeV Scale 2019
3659 IUCCF An intelligent design of user-centric cell-free massive MIMO: A deep learning approach 2020
3660 LTCpolicies Optimizing access to long-term care? Impact of long-term care policies on use, health and equity among the elderly 2020
3662 CREDit Chronological REference Datasets and Sites (CREDit) towards improved accuracy and precision in luminescence-based chronologies 2020
3663 MIFLUKE Microbial fluxes of greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) in karst ecosystems: comprehensive assessment and biogeochemical modelling 2019
3664 SciTEr History and Philosophy of Scientific Thought Experiments and Scientific Practices 2019
3665 HomicidesLACcities Understanding the drivers and impacts of homicides in 4 major Latin American cities. 2020
3666 Language Use Languages and Language Use 2019
3667 HACKS Heating And Cooling Know-how and Solutions 2019
3668 LEPVORS Identification and characterization of new drug resistance and host adaptation mechanisms in Mycobacterium leprae 2019
3669 LongPlaNet Long-Range Plasticity of Neuronal Networks in the Adult Brain 2019
3670 ASSESSnet Language assessment in virtual mobility initiatives at tertiary level – teachers’ beliefs, practices and perceptions 2019
3671 JDIL Joint Dynamics During Infant Learning 2020
3672 X-tendo eXTENDing the energy performance assessment and certification schemes via a mOdular approach 2019
3673 TurantypeProblems Turan-type problems for graphs and hypergraphs 2019
3674 KiT-FIG Kidney Transplantation - Functional ImmunoGenomics 2019
3675 SPECIMEN Depicting Species: The Role of the Image in Modern Biology 1750-1950 2019
3676 QualDeEPC High-quality Energy Performance Assessment and Certification in Europe Accelerating Deep Energy Renovation (QualDeEPC) 2019
3677 SMEmPower Efficiency A holistic framework for Empowering SME's capacity to increase their energy efficiency 2019
3678 Ren-on-Bill Residential Building Energy Renovations with On-Bill Financing 2019
3679 DestinationUX Improve SMEs experience from Innovation Support Programmes 2019
3680 FuSy The world’s first Full-System Simulation tool to revolutionize software programming in autonomous driving, aviation, embedded vision and further highly innovative applications 2019
3681 LICE LICE CULTIVATOR: Fast mechanical cultivator reducing fuel and herbicide use 2019
3682 Utilizing Urban Tech to Power Smarter Cities 2019
3683 ParaResWEC Nonlinear Rock and Roll - Modelling and Control of Parametric Resonance in Wave Energy Converters 2019
3685 SURE2050 SUstainable Real Estate 2050 2019
3686 SMARTER SMARTER Finance for Families–Improving Citizens’ Health, Comfort and Financial Well-Being by Supporting Banks, Residential Investors and Solution Providers with Green Homes and Green Mortgage programs 2019
3687 MOBILISE-D Connecting digital mobility assessment to clinical outcomes for regulatory and clinical endorsement 2019
3688 EMPOWER EMpowering transatlantic PlatfOrms for advanced WirEless Research 2018
3689 ActiveMatter Active Matter: From Fundamental Science to Technological Applications 2019
3690 4D_REEF Past, present and future of turbid reefs in the Coral Triangle 2019
3691 ENTRAIN ENdoThelial macRophage Alliance In Neuroinflammation 2019
3692 AVIATOR Assessing aViation emission Impact on local Air quality at airports: TOwards Regulation 2019
3694 HARMONY Title: Holistic Approach for Providing Spatial & Transport Planning Tools and Evidence to Metropolitan and Regional Authorities to Lead a Sustainable Transition to a New Mobility Era 2019
3695 BovReg BovReg - Identification of functionally active genomic features relevant to phenotypic diversity and plasticity in cattle 2019
3696 AGRICORE Agent-based support tool for the development of agriculture policies 2019
3697 FLARE FLooding Accident REsponse 2019
3698 PAsCAL Enhance driver behaviour and Public Acceptance of Connected and Autonomous vehicLes 2019
3699 BESTMAP Behavioural, Ecological and Socio-economic Tools for Modelling Agricultural Policy 2019
3701 MIND STEP Modelling INdividual Decisions to Support The European Policies related to agriculture 2019
3702 IPM Decisions Stepping-up IPM decision support for crop protection 2019
3703 ROADMAP Rethinking Of Antimicrobial Decision-systems in the Management of Animal Production 2019
3704 RURALIZATION The opening of rural areas to renew rural generations, jobs and farms 2019
3705 MEESO Ecologically and economically sustainable mesopelagic fisheries 2019
3706 GLASST Global and Local Health Impact Assessment of Transport: methods for prioritising model development 2019
3707 SoildiverAgro Soil biodiversity enhancement in European agroecosystems to promote their stability and resilience by external inputs reduction and crop performance increase 2019
3708 EXCALIBUR Exploiting the multifunctional potential of belowground biodiversity in horticultural farming 2019
3709 INVITE INnovations in plant VarIety Testing in Europe to foster the introduction of new varieties better adapted to varying biotic and abiotic conditions and to more sustainable crop management practices 2019
3710 InnoVar Next generation variety testing for improved cropping on European farmland 2019
3711 FF-IPM In-silico boosted, pest prevention and off-season focused IPM against new and emerging fruit flies ('OFF-Season' FF-IPM) 2019
3712 SIEUSOIL Sino-EU Soil Observatory for intelligent Land Use Management 2019
3713 PARIS REINFORCE Delivering on the Paris Agreement: A demand-driven, integrated assessment modelling approach 2019
3714 REFLOW constRuctive mEtabolic processes For materiaL flOWs in urban and peri-urban environments across Europe 2019
3715 COMFORT Our common future ocean in the Earth system – quantifying coupled cycles of carbon, oxygen, and nutrients for determining and achieving safe operating spaces with respect to tipping points 2019
3716 ARCH Advancing Resilience of Historic Areas against Climate-related and other Hazards 2019
3717 CASCADES CAScading Climate risks: towards ADaptive and resilient European Societies 2019
3718 CityLoops Closing the loop for urban material flows 2019
3719 NAVIGATE Next generation of AdVanced InteGrated Assessment modelling to support climaTE policy making 2019
3720 CIRCuIT Circular Construction In Regenerative Cities (CIRCuIT) 2019
3721 CLEARING HOUSE CLEARING HOUSE - Collaborative Learning in Research, Information-sharing and Governance on How Urban tree-based solutions support Sino-European urban futures 2019
3722 SHELTER Sustainable Historic Environments hoListic reconstruction through Technological Enhancement and community based Resilience 2019
3723 ConcePTION Building an ecosystem for better monitoring and communicating of medication safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding: validated and regulatory endorsed workflows for fast, optimised evidence generation 2019
3724 InnoRate Data-driven tools for supporting and improving the decision-making processes of investors for financing innovative SMEs 2019
3725 AI4DI Artificial Intelligence for Digitizing Industry 2019
3726 PIN3S Pilot Integration of 3nm Semiconducter technology 2019
3727 Arrowhead Tools Arrowhead Tools for Engineering of Digitalisation Solutions 2019
3728 CASCAT Catalytic cascade reactions. From fundamentals of nanozymes to applications based on gas-diffusion electrodes 2019
3729 CREST Fighting Crime and TerroRism with an IoT-enabled Autonomous Platform based on an Ecosystem of Advanced IntelligEnce, Operations, and InveStigation Technologies 2019
3730 WhiteMech White-Box Self-Programming Mechanisms 2019
3731 AMAREC Amenability, Approximation and Reconstruction 2019
3732 YoctoLHC Yoctosecond imaging of QCD collectivity using jet observables 2019
3733 Sperm-Egg Phusion Unexpected connections between a phagocytic machinery and mammalian fertilization 2019
3734 HIPSAM HIgher Polylogarithms and String AMplitudes 2020
3735 INNERVATE Investigating the functional impact of neurodegeneration-causing rare variants in the teleost model zebrafish 2020
3736 SMERUPOL Analysing Politicisation around Sports Mega Events (SME) in contemporary Russia 2020
3737 SocialWatt Connecting Obligated Parties to Adopt Innovative Schemes towards Energy Poverty Alleviation 2019
3738 Triple-A Enhancing at an Early Stage the Investment Value Chain of Energy Efficiency Projects 2019
3739 LABEL 2020 New Label driving supply and demand of energy efficient products 2019
3740 ODYSSEE-MURE Monitoring EU energy efficiency first principle and policy implementation 2019
3741 ELSMOR Towards European Licencing of Small Modular Reactors 2019
3742 ARDRE Ageing, Regeneration, and Drug Research 2019
3743 HARMONIC Health effects of cArdiac fluoRoscopy and MOderN radIotherapy in paediatriCs 2019
3745 VIDMIZER The first video content management platform integrated with machine learning to centralize, organize and collect data from marketing videos 2019
3746 ImmuniPrDx PrDx - Advanced Software for Predicting the Immune Response During Drug Development 2019
3748 MACCO Bring social robots into reality with the first real world leading bartender (MACCO) 2019
3749 GRID Spreadsheets run the world. We run spreadsheets. 2019
3750 DRONECOP The first integral control and command system for managing missions which delivers 3D cartography and georeferenced data in real-time 2019
3751 GAMMA The Artificial Intelligence Code Analysis & Recommendation Engine to drive software development speed & reliability for global corporations 2019
3752 O-POINTED Osteoarthritis patient cohorts in the dish - personalised cellular drug development tools for osteoarthritis precision medicine 2019
3753 ModCat Nanoparticle size selection tool for new generation Model Catalyst 2019
3754 dreaMS Digital biomarkers and treatment personalisation in multiple sclerosis 2019
3755 SAFEMODE Strengthening synergies between Aviation and maritime in the area of human Factors towards achieving more Efficient and resilient MODE of transportation 2019
3756 BALLISTOP Revealing 1D ballistic charge and spin currents in second order topological insulators 2020
3757 ZeNewCardio ZeNewCardio: Discovering Heart Regeneration Therapies Through Zebrafish 2019
3758 CO-DEfENDENCE Bacteriophages, phage-host interactions and evolution of defence mechanisms in beneficial bacterium Propionibacterium freudenreichii 2020
3760 SRoCS A Swarm Robotics Construction System 2019
3761 MADEin4 Metrology Advances for Digitized ECS industry 4.0 2019
3762 Nanostress Probing stresses at the nanoscale 2019
3763 DIATOMIC Untangling eco-evolutionary impacts on diatom genomes over timescales relevant to current climate change 2019
3764 iNano Inverted core/shell Nanocrystals: the future Nanomaterial for the Visualization of Neuron activity 2019
3765 RealHands Revolutionize the way humans interact with technology 2019
3766 DNA-DOCK Precision Docking of Very Large DNA Cargos in Mammalian Genomes 2019
3767 PolarNon Automated super-resolution polarimetric nonlinear microscope 'PolarNon' 2019
3768 APPLAUSE Advanced packaging for photonics, optics and electronics for low cost manufacturing in Europe 2019
3769 TEMPO Technology and hardware for neuromorphic computing 2019
3770 Breakborder Breaking borders, Functional genetic screens of structural regulatory DNA elements 2019
3771 C0PEP0D Life and death of a virtual copepod in turbulence 2019
3772 DIRNDL Directions in Development 2019
3773 PREVISION Prediction and Visual Intelligence for Security Information 2019
3774 INSPECTr Intelligence Network and Secure Platform for Evidence Correlation and Transfer (INSPECTr) 2019
3775 SAMOSAFER Severe Accident Modeling and Safety Assessment for Fluid-fuel Energy Reactors 2019
3776 Fair4Fusion Fair for Fusion - open access for fusion data in Europe 2019
3778 VERDAD A blood based biomarker identifying early Alzheimer Disease's pathology 2019
3779 GOLIATH PRO The first portable and automated milling robot tool enabling professional manufacturers to produce large-size objects in whatever place 2019
3780 NASALFLOW A medical device for airflow simulation of the human upper airways 2019
3782 NUTREPHEALTH Effect of polyinsatured fatty acids omega-3 (PUFAS n-3) supplementation during early embryo development on embryo viability in (mammals) sheep. 2020
3783 RELEVANT REALISM Relevant Realism - Truth, Power, and Action for 21st Century Societies 2019
3784 SCAPA Functional analysis of Alternative Polyadenylation during neuronal differentiation at single cell resolution 2019
3785 LiverMacRegenCircuit Elucidating the role of macrophages in liver regeneration and tissue unit formation 2020
3786 ASSEMBLY Advancing Synthethic Supramolecular chemical biology 2019
3787 MAT-MED in Transit MAT-MED Materia Medica in Transit. The Transforming Knowledge of Healing Plants 2019
3788 NeoPur New treatments and novel diagnostic tests for neonatal seizures based on purinergic signaling. 2019
3789 PhotoXLink Development of biomolecular tools for the spatiotemporal photocontrol of AMPA receptors mobility 2019
3790 InDiQE Infinite-dimensional quantum effects 2019
3791 NanoPSYCH Neuropsychiatric disorders are a heterogeneous group of mental pathologies that demand prolonged and treatments that are frequently ineffective. Elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms under 2019
3792 SKILLS Unpacking Skills at the Cradle: A Machine Learning Approach to Construct Infant Skill Measures 2019
3793 E2DRIVER Training on energy audits as an Energy Efficiency DRIVER for the automotive sector 2019
3794 TOMORROW TOwards Multi-stakehOldeRs transition ROadmaps With citizens at the centre 2019
3795 MECADISTEM A new and innovative method to extract adipose Stromal Vascular Fraction: Application in post-prostatectomy erectile dysfunction 2019
3796 MaxiMem Dramatic hardware and energy savings in computer servers by doubling memory capacity and bandwidth using novel general-purpose compression 2019
3797 EEENIMAC Enhancing Innovation Management Assessment Capacity of Enterprise Europe Network partners and Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs 2019
3798 iSTantibody An innovative & seamless approach for the mass spectrometry analysis of monoclonal antibodies 2019
3799 EarWay EarWay: a simple, safe and efficient medical device for earwax removal 2019
3800 ProBioMem Molecular Probes for Biofouling monitoring in Membrane Processes 2020
3801 STREPUNLOCKED Unlocking the antibiotic production potential in soil bacteria Streptomyces coelicolor 2019
3802 HIGH HYDRAULIC High-efficient digitalized portable hydraulic equipment 2019
3803 Yetitablet Yetitablet - the most intuitive and versatile giant tablet 2019
3804 Monopoly Baeyer Villiger Monooxygenases as Biocatalytic Parts for Monomers of New Lactone-based Polymeric Materials 2019
3805 TriboMetGlass Thin Film Metallic Glasses for Tribological Applications 2019
3806 ENERXICO Supercomputing and Energy for Mexico 2019
3807 iv4XR Intelligent Verification/Validation for Extended Reality Based Systems 2019
3808 DropletScan Scanning Droplet Tribometer for Characterizing Surface Wetting Properties 2019
3809 CARBP Interactive web-based tool for the design of multi-RNA binding protein binding site cassettes 2019
3810 VACCIBIOME Cancer Vaccines and Gut Microbiome: a rational approach to optimize cancer immunotherapy 2019
3811 PRESENT Photoreal REaltime Sentient ENTity 2019
3812 ARTimmune Programmable ARTificial immune systems to fight cancer 2019
3813 STUDIOTEC Film Studios: Infrastructure, Culture, Innovation in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, 1930-60. 2019
3814 INFINITECH Tailored IoT & BigData Sandboxes and Testbeds for Smart, Autonomous and Personalized Services in the European Finance and Insurance Services Ecosystem 2019
3815 ATLAS Agricultural Interoperability and Analysis System 2019
3816 SOLQC Synthetic Oligonucleotide Quality Control Software 2019
3817 DynamicAssemblies Conformational studies of highly dynamic viral replication complexes 2019
3818 Mars through time Modeling the past climates of planet Mars to understand its geology, its habitability and its evolution 2019
3819 CUSTOMER Customizable Embedded Real-Time Systems: Challenges and Key Techniques 2019
3820 INNovaSouth Implementation of workplace innovation scheme in Southern European SMEs 2019
3821 SCANOVIS Contactless, non-invasive scanner to detect, visualise, capture, and digitally preserve fingerprints and trace evidence in forensic investigations in one rapid, quality-proof step 2019
3823 NaviFlu Navigating the evolutionary routes of influenza viruses 2019
3824 PULCHRA Science in the City: Building Participatory Urban Learning Community Hubs through Research and Activation 2019
3825 DEEPFIELD DeepField- Deep Learning in Field Robotics: from conceptualization towards implementation 2019
3826 ColiSense Online Online and automated E. coli monitoring for 100% safe drinking water 2019
3827 PROTECT Protecting Personal Data Amidst Big Data Innovation 2019
3828 EnergyShield Integrated Cybersecurity Solution for the Vulnerability Assessment, Monitoring and Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructures 2019
3829 SEAS Science education for action and engagement towards sustainability 2019
3830 eCARE Digital solutions supporting continuum of care for frailty prevention in old adults 2019
3831 5G CONNI Private 5G Networks for Connected Industries 2019
3832 BLOCKPOOL Pooling SME adoption and deployment of Blockchain and other DLTs 2019
3833 HYPATIA Privacy and Utility Allied 2019
3834 CPS4EU Cyber Physical Systems for Europe 2019
3835 DESTINI Smart Data ProcESsing and SysTems of Deep INsIght 2019
3836 SfaxForward Cultural heritage in South Tunisia. A twinning project promoting interdisciplinary and participatory sciences for an inclusive society. 2019
3837 SARIDAS SARIDAS: Saratoga Integrated Dental Simulation Platform 2019
3838 ADRONE4LIFE An electronic drone pilot and cargo custodian for blood and medical courier services 2019
3839 CyRaCo Box The next-generation digital inspection platform for fully remote supply chain monitoring 2019
3840 DRIVE-In Integrated Photonics for the next generation of autonomous Vehicles using InP technologies 2019
3841 Keenious Keenious - Recommendation Engine Research Tool 2019
3842 Wirecath Novel Catheter for the Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease 2019
3843 HYPOSO Hydropower solutions for developing and emerging countries 2019
3844 HIVE-TECH Artificial Intelligence revolution in beekeeping sector: the “Internet of Bees” 2019
3845 LPIGMANN Labour Policies for Inclusive Growth 2019
3846 HighLite High-performance low-cost modules with excellent environmental profiles for a competitive EU PV manufacturing industry 2019
3847 CROWDTHERMAL Community-based development schemes for geothermal energy 2019
3848 MUSIC Market Uptake Support for Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers 2019
3849 SHRED Survival of Hadean REmnants in a Dynamic mantle 2020
3850 GWAS2FUNC From GWAS to functional studies: Tackling the complex nature of brain disorders 2019
3851 ARCHAIC ADAPT Admixture accelerated adaptation: signals from modern, ancient and archaic DNA. 2020
3852 INSENSE Incentive salience in human cognition during health and disorder 2019
3853 ICARUS Information Content of locAlisation: fRom classical to qUantum Systems 2020
3854 DEMOSERIES Shaping Democratic Spaces: Security and TV Series 2020
3855 PuppetPlays Reappraising Western European Repertoires for Puppet and Marionette Theatres 2019
3856 CallMechanics The Impact of Callose Metabolism on the Mechanical Properties of Cell Wall during Tomato Ripening 2020
3857 MULTITOUCH Multimodal haptic with touch devices 2020
3858 COMBIVET Setting up the ERA Chair of Comparative Medicine in the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences of the Estonian University of Life Sciences 2019
3859 LIVE-I Lightening and Innovating transmission for improving Vehicle: Environmental Impacts 2020
3860 NI4OS-Europe National Initiatives for Open Science in Europe 2019
3862 Hot Lithography The disruptive 3D printing technology Hot Lithography with highperformance polymers for the Additive Manufacturing of spare parts and small series of functional parts 2019
3863 pvDesign pvDesign® accelerates and optimises the Design of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic plants 2019
3864 Biotrack-MED Diagnostics device for rapid identification and antibiotics susceptibility testing of pathogens 2019
3865 TruePower Making wind and solar renewables attractive for investors by boosting operational predictability and ROI 2019
3866 MrDoc Development and commercialization of a semi-supervised learning AI for robust diagnosis in real world settings. 2019
3867 Terra SmartHDD Worldwide unique automated mixing and dosing technology for precise dosed and homogenous mixed drilling fluids for horizontal directional drilling with AI-based soil type and wear detection 2019
3869 TransDB Limitless Timeseries Analysis to open up Big Data applications in Transportation 2019
3870 DSES Development of an Electronic Wireless Safety System for Power Tools 2019
3871 ISSO Innovative Swept Source for next generation OCT devices 2019
3872 Mari.Time Dissecting the mechanistic basis of moon-controlled monthly timing mechanisms in marine environments 2020
3873 MORPH From Timbre Perception to the Creative Exploration of Musical Instrument Sound Morphing 2020
3874 DiBiCoo Digital Global Biogas Cooperation 2019
3875 InnoCAP Innovation Capacity Building in SMEs (InnoCAP) 2019
3876 SMARTPROTECT SMART agriculture for innovative vegetable crop PROTECTion: harnessing advanced methodologies and technologies 2020
3877 PlatOne PLATform for Operation of distribution NEtworks 2019
3879 PlaMES Integrated Planning of Multi-Energy Systems 2019
3880 SPOT Smart Process Optimised Tool (SPOT), an Industry 4.0 world first approach for reliable and repeatable crimping and cutting hand tool technology 2019
3881 PrevictDrugs Smartphone Measured Eye-Based Digital Biomarkers for Drug Use Detection 2019
3882 DosiKit DosiKit, a first portable field medical device for fast triage of people after external irradiation 2019
3883 VOROCO KOBOT – a VOice-responsive RObot for the COnstruction floor 2019
3884 MERWIS Melanoma Early Warning System 2019
3885 EXCELSIOR ERATOSTHENES: Excellence Research Centre for Earth Surveillance and Space-Based Monitoring of the Environment 2019
3887 INSECT DOCTORS A joint doctoral program to educate tomorrow’s insect pathologists: Solving disease problems in the upcoming insect rearing industry. 2019
3888 Trials@Home Trials@Home: Center of Excellence – Remote Decentralised Clinical Trials 2019
3889 REsPecTMe Resolving Precariousness: Advancing the Theory and Measurement of Precariousness across the paid/unpaid work continuum 2019
3890 GreenTRIBOS GreenTRIBOS 2020
3891 UBIMOTIF Short linear interaction motifs as specificity determinants in the ubiquitin system – discovery, mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities 2019
3892 S2S-Future SIGNAL PROPAGATION IN SOURCE TO SINK for the FUTUre of earth Ressources and Energies 2020
3893 MIRIADE Multi-omics Interdisciplinary Research Integration to Address DEmentia diagnosis 2019
3894 PERFORCE3 Innovative Training Network on PER and polyfluorinated alkyl substances towards the Future Of Research and its Communication in Europe 3 2020
3895 SINERGIA advanced technologieS for drug dIscovery and precisioN mEdicine: in vitRo modellinG human physiology and diseAse 2019
3896 proEVLifeCycle The life cycle of extracellular vesicles in prostate cancer: from biogenesis and homing, to functional relevance 2019
3897 PhoMatFlow Photocatalytic Materials for Cartridge and Microchannel Flow Reactors 2019
3898 TRIPLE Transforming Research through Innovative Practices for Linked interdisciplinary Exploration 2019
3899 GRAPES learninG, pRocessing, And oPtimising shapES 2019
3900 COS4CLOUD Co-designed Citizen Observatories Services for the EOS-Cloud 2019
3901 SmartFi Smart methods to improve the performance of financial instruments for SMEs 2019
3902 SoundParticles Sound Particles - The Revolution in 3D Audio Software 2019
3903 PROVA Pitot probe for non-ideal compressible flows of organic fluids for renewable energy applications 2019
3904 Bluecode The Smartphone Payment Scheme for Europe 2019
3905 SharingGains Sharing Gains from Trade: Global Markets and Farmers Welfare in Developing Countries 2019
3906 THREAD Joint Training on Numerical Modelling of Highly Flexible Structures for Industrial Applications 2019
3907 CyberSANE Cyber Security Incident Handling, Warning and Response System for the European Critical Infrastructures 2019
3908 NL4XAI Interactive Natural Language Technology for Explainable Artificial Intelligence 2019
3909 BiD4BEST Big Data applications for Black hole Evolution STudies 2020
3910 POLISS Policies for Smart Specialisation 2019
3911 TrainCKDis Multidisciplinary Training in Chronic Kidney Disease: from genetic modifiers to drug discovery 2020
3912 TranSYS Translational SYStemics: Personalised Medicine at the Interface of Translational Research and Systems Medicine 2019
3913 MANIC Materials for Neuromorphic Circuits 2019
3914 REScala A Programming Platform for Reactive Data-intensive Applications 2019
3915 RSVTriVax Development of a trivalent epitope-focused RSV vaccine to boost pre-existing immunity 2019
3916 REVaMP Retrofitting equipment for efficient use of variable feedstock in metal making processes 2020
3917 FoodE Food Systems in European Cities 2020
3918 3DCanPredict Predicting clinical response to anticancer drugs using 3D-bioprinted tumor models for personalized therapy 2019
3919 EUCF European City Facility 2019
3920 syn.ikia Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods 2020
3921 CULTURAL-E Climate and cultural based design and market valuable technology solutions for Plus Energy Houses 2019
3922 iPRODUCE A Social Manufacturing Framework for Streamlined Multi-stakeholder Open Innovation Missions in Consumer Goods Sectors 2020
3923 TargetSME Proactive communication and marketing measures for SMEs 2019
3924 DEMS-Nixus Creating a new paradigm of business value creation by fostering collaboration and data sharing while minimising the cost of business transformation 2019
3925 CathVision Cube CathVision Cube: disruptive data-driven guidance for successful cardiac ablation therapy 2019
3926 S2IGI Integrated Fire Management System 2019
3927 SafeNet Safe Networks using P4 Programs 2019
3928 POBUCA Bot Development of a multiple-domain Outbound Metabot 2019
3929 DOC-Stim Communication and rehabilitation for people with Disorders of consciousness via Brain-Computer Interfaces 2020
3930 DREAM The Brainstem-Hippocampus Network Uncovered: Dynamics, Reactivation and Memory Consolidation 2019
3931 DESIGN-EID Defect Simulation and Material Growth of III-V Nanostructures- European Industrial Doctorate Program 2020
3932 Mendel KBASE Developing Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms for the most comprehensive knowledge base to speed up diagnosis of rare disease patients 2019
3933 SMART BEAR Smart Big Data Platform to Offer Evidence-based Personalised Support for Healthy and Independent Living at Home 2019
3934 PHArA-ON Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing 2019
3935 CLASSY Cell-Like ‘Molecular Assembly Lines’ of Programmable Reaction Sequences as Game-Changers in Chemical Synthesis 2019
3936 FreeATPOC Towards an instrument-free future of molecular diagnostics at the point-of-care 2020
3937 ENABLED Engineered Artificial Proteins for Biological Light-Emitting Diodes 2020
3938 BOHEME Bio-Inspired Hierarchical MetaMaterials 2020
3939 Winegrid Fiber optic sensor for real time analytics of the critical parameters for vinification 2019
3940 SKELETONID Fast, Unbiased & Accurate Human Identification: Artificial Intelligence at the service of Physical and Forensic Anthropology 2019
3941 e-LADDA Early Language Development in the Digital Age 2019
3942 GW4SHM Guided Waves for Structural Health Monitoring 2020
3943 INTERfaces Heterogenous biocatalytic reaction cascades training network 2020
3944 FLOAWER FLOAting Wind Energy netwoRk 2019
3945 PeptiCHIP PEPTICHIP: Streamlined identification of tumour neoantigens for personalised anti-cancer immunotherapy 2019
3946 BioCombs4Nanofibers Antiadhesive Bionic Combs for Handling of Nanofibers 2019
3947 DigiJourney Digital transformation journey for SMEs 2019
3948 SWIFTLY Sharing-economy matching platform to revolutionize last-mile logistics 2019
3949 ImpAct Agencies Impact Actions for social innovation agencies 2019
3950 FieldTwin First centralized data platform for efficient and collaborative development of offshore energy projects 2019
3951 SpectraHow SpectraHow. Smart Raman sensor to speed up biopharma manufacture 2019
3952 METACELL Artificial metabolic cells for biomanufacturing of bio-based chiral fine chemicals 2020
3953 SYGMA Synthetic photobiology for light controllable active matter 2019
3954 SAFEBIO Safe and Complete Algorithms for Bioinformatics 2020
3955 EMERGE Emergence of high-mass stars in complex fiber systems 2020
3956 AuDACE Attosecond Dynamics in Advanced Materials 2020
3957 NeuSoSen Neural Computations Underlying Social Behavior in Complex Sensory Environments 2020
3959 AngstroCAP Fundamental and Applied Science using Two Dimensional Angstrom-scale capillaries 2020
3960 Cell2Cell What makes a successfull pathogen? Understanding the impact of cell-to-cell heterogeneity in chromatin structure on infection and adaptation 2019
3961 DEFOG Data science tool for Epidemic FOrecastinG 2019
3962 RIBES RIver flow regulation, fish BEhaviour and Status 2020
3963 UpTrop Fundamental understanding of reactive nitrogen in the global upper troposphere 2019
3964 CONICALM Chemistry in Optical Nano Cavities: Designing Photonic Reagents and Light-Matter Materials 2020
3965 ULTRAIMAGE Advanced EUV/soft X-ray microscopy in the ultrafast regime: imaging functionality of nanomaterials across length scales 2020
3966 MeDiTATe The Medical Digital Twin for Aneurysm Prevention and Treatment 2020
3967 SLAM-Dx Diagnostic drug response-profiling using SLAMseq 2019
3970 TCTOOL Innovative Tooling, End-Effector Development and Industrialisation for Welding of Thermoplastic Components 2019
3971 VACDIVA A safe DIVA vaccine for African Swine Fever control and eradication 2019
3972 ClearFarm Co-designed Welfare Monitoring Platform for Pig and Dairy Cattle 2019
3973 FLEXGRID A novel smart grid architecture that facilitates high RES penetration through innovative markets towards efficient interaction between advanced electricity grid management and intelligent stakeholders 2019
3975 PARITY Pro-sumer AwaRe, Transactive Markets for Valorization of Distributed flexibilITY enabled by Smart Energy Contracts 2019
3976 INTERPRETER Interoperable tools for an efficient management and effective planning of the electricity grid 2019
3977 PACE The leading manufacturer-independent connected-car platform, disrupting value creation and customer communication in the automotive aftermarket 2019
3978 SHERPA Sustainable Hub to Engage into Rural Policies with Actors 2019
3979 LearnBugs Learning to Find Software Bugs 2020
3980 HEINE Hybrid Electrocatalysts Inspired by the Nitrogenase Enzyme 2019
3981 MEMO The Memory of Solitons 2020
3982 StarDestroyers Realizing the Potential of the Transients Boom: A Consolidated Study of Stellar Demise 2020
3983 SyNET From Network Verification to Synthesis: Breaking New Ground in Network Automation 2019
3985 Blue Cloud Blue-Cloud: Piloting innovative services for Marine Research & the Blue Economy 2019
3986 EuroSea Improving and Integrating European Ocean Observing and Forecasting Systems for Sustainable use of the Oceans 2019
3988 i2connect Connecting advisers to boost interactive innovation in agriculture and forestry 2019
3989 POCITYF A POsitive Energy CITY Transformation Framework 2019
3990 ASTORIA Advanced Steady and unsTeady distORtion sImulAtor 2019
3991 MULTIMAG Multiscale Magnetic Models for Emerging Energy Conversion Applications 2020
3992 DISTRACT The Political Economy of Distraction in Digitized Denmark 2020
3993 MUCUS Modelling revolUtion for Complex flUid flow over Surfaces and walls 2020
3994 SIPAR A revolutionary gait analysis system for smart injury and performance management. 2019
3995 SPRING Scalable Production and Integration of Graphene 2019
3996 SHOW MOTION SHOW MOTION: Real time intelligent system for biomechanical motion and muscular diagnosis 2019
3997 OptiSpec Bringing automated, real-time process control into starch-processing industries 2019
3998 CRACKNP Finding Cracks in the Wall of NP-completeness 2020
3999 EmbryoMethFunc Cell-Type Specific DNA Methylation Changes During Mammalian Development: Beyond Mapping 2019
4001 EPIMP Epistemic Utility for Imprecise Probability 2020
4002 IVANHOE Installed adVAnced Nacelle uHbr Optimisation and Evaluation 2019
4003 TABASCO Testing Advanced Basic Structures with novel Low-Cost Solutions 2019
4004 CoCoNut Complex Cores for New Utilities 2019
4005 HLFC 4.0 Hybrid Laminar Fluid Control 4.0 2019
4006 AS-DISCO AS-DISCO - Audio Suite for Disruptive Cockpit Demonstrator 2019
4007 COOLER Climatic Controls on Erosion Rates and Relief of Mountain Belts 2020
4008 CLAUSTRUM Optical interrogation of the claustrum from synapses to behavior 2019
4009 TWISTRONICS Probing topological valley currents by angular layer alignment in van der Waals heterostructures 2020
4010 GuMeCo Gut-Brain Communication in Metabolic Control 2020
4011 BioSilica Materials synthesis in vivo – intracellular formation of nanostructured silica by microalgae 2020
4012 E-DIRECT Evolution of Direct Reciprocity in Complex Environments 2020
4013 CoEvolve Deconstructing and rebuilding the evolution of cell and tissue mechanoadaptation 2020
4014 CriSP Critical and supercritical percolation 2020
4015 LeMo Learning Mobility for Real Legged Robots 2020
4016 RE-SOURCING Global Stakeholder Platform for Responsible Sourcing 2019
4017 AVANGARD Advanced manufacturing solutions tightly aligned with business needs 2019
4018 PADICTON Part distortion prediction, design for minimized distortion, additive manufactured polymer aerospace parts 2019
4019 VIMS Virtual IoT Maintenance System 2019
4020 HemaXis DX A patient-friendly blood collection device that produces pure plasma samples for simple laboratory analysis 2019
4021 Corr-NEQM Correlated Non-Equilibrium Quantum Matter: Fundamentals and Applications to Nanoscale Systems 2019
4022 REMODEL Robotic tEchnologies for the Manipulation of cOmplex DeformablE Linear objects 2019
4023 GEMS Genetically Evolving Models of Science 2019
4026 VIDEC Visualizing Death Inducing Protein Complexes 2020
4027 GEOPRO Accurate Geofluid Properties as key to Geothermal Process Optimisation 2019
4028 DyNAmecs Early embryonic events, life-long consequences: DNA methylation dynamics in mammalian development 2020
4029 ANIMATE Adaptive Immunity in Human Atherosclerosis: Understanding its Cellular Basis to Define Novel Immunomodulatory Therapies 2020
4030 CARLA The European Photonics CAReer LAunch Path 2020
4031 UpSurgeOn Academy The first hybrid simulation platform for neurosurgery 2019
4032 CyanoSmart Reliable, real-time process monitoring solutions for gold mines to reduce costs, reagent use and increase gold production 2019
4033 NANOLED Toward single colloidal nanocrystal light-emitting diodes 2020
4034 MyeFattyLiver Unravelling the heterogeneity and functions of hepatic myeloid cells in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 2019
4035 AlgoQIP Beyond Shannon: Algorithms for optimal information processing 2020
4036 B-DOMINANCE B Cell Immunodominance in Antiviral Immunity 2019
4037 WEB DATA OPP New opportunities to enhance or extend (mobile) web survey data and get better insights 2020
4038 LOCUS LOCalization and analytics on-demand embedded in the 5G ecosystem, for Ubiquitous vertical applicationS 2019
4039 TeNDER affecTive basEd iNtegrateD carE for betteR Quality of Life 2019
4040 ACTION Assessing Climate TransItion OptioNs: policy vs impacts 2020
4041 NanoFUNC Functionalisation of ultra-bright all organic nanoparticles for super resolution imaging in intact brain preparations 2020
4042 STAREX STARs at the EXtreme 2020
4043 VIETNAMICA Historical Research and Data Processing on Ancient Vietnamese Inscriptions 2019
4044 ARGPHENO Using hidden genealogical structure to study the architecture of human disease 2020
4045 MOVE Modelling to Optimize Vector Elimination: Destabilising mosquito populations 2020
4046 DIONE DIONE: an integrated EO-based toolbox for modernising CAP area-based compliance checks and assessing respective environmental impact 2020
4047 SPACE END Endeavour Space Hub 2019
4048 vWISE Vine and Wine Innovation through Scientific Exchange 2020
4049 CompBat Computer aided desing for next generation flow batteries 2020
4050 Nanodink Quantum Photonic Digital-Ink Solution for Large Format Displays 2019
4051 CADISS A medical device for the selective dissection of pathological tissues and fibrosis 2019
4052 AETHER Air-breathing Electric THrustER 2019
4053 Memorix Start Learning in 3D-Worlds with Powerful Memo-Techniques 2019
4054 mfloDx Adaptable Multiflow Diagnostic Platform to Genetically Identify Drug Resistant Infection 2019
4055 SynaptoEnergy Molecular physiology of nerve terminal bioenergetics 2020
4056 HSD Homeomorphisms in symplectic topology and dynamics 2020
4057 ADMORPH Towards Adaptively Morphing Embedded Systems 2020
4058 ADEPTNESS Design-Operation Continuum Methods for Testing and Deployment under Unforeseen Conditions for Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems 2020
4059 AMPERE A Model-driven development framework for highly Parallel and EneRgy-Efficient computation supporting multi-criteria optimisation 2020
4060 InSiDe Integrated silicon photonics for Cardiovascular Disease monitoring 2020
4061 CPSoSaware Cross-layer cognitive optimization tools & methods for the lifecycle support of dependable CPSoS 2020
4062 MUNDFAB Modeling Unconventional Nanoscaled Device FABrication 2020
4063 ICHTHYS OptImization of novel value CHains for fish and seafood by developing an integraTed sustainable approacH for improved qualitY, safety and waSte reduction 2020
4064 BD4OPEM Big Data for OPen innovation Energy Marketplace 2020
4065 FIDA Scale-up of our disruptive antibody analytical platform based in flow-induced dispersion analysis (FIDA) to increase efficiency in the research of new antibodies and vaccines 2019
4067 MULTIPLE Multimodal spectral sensors and orchestrated deep models for integrated process optimisation 2019
4068 CHILDPHOTOARCHIVE Children’s Photography Archive: a curriculum for child-authored, multimodal citizenship education in primary schools 2020
4069 Musicon BAND A complex educational tool based on the power of music, dedicated to preparing children for the challenges of the future by supporting global educational and therapeutic systems. 2019
4070 HumanITcare Disruptive Real World Data & Real World Evidence Internet of Things platform for faster and more accurate clinical studies 2019
4071 OCTOBER Control of cell identity in pluripotent and germline cells by OCT4 orchestration of chromatin binding and enhancer regulation 2019
4072 FASTCORR Ultrafast dynamics of correlated electrons in solids 2020
4074 SnapEarth Fostering Earth Observation market uptake thanks to natural and holistic access to added value data generated through cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies 2019
4075 EDDA European Direct-Drive Architecture 2019
4076 MEMEX MEMEX: MEMories and EXperiences for inclusive digital storytelling 2019
4077 IMPACTOUR IMproving Sustainable Development Policies and PrActices to assess, diversify and foster Cultural TOURism in European regions and areas 2020
4078 QuantMig Quantifying Migration Scenarios for Better Policy 2020
4079 DataPorts A Data Platform for the Cognitive Ports of the Future 2020
4080 BIGPROD Addressing productivity paradox with big data: implications to policy making 2019
4081 SMARTLABCAM Engineering and commercialization of a smart camera with on-chip image processing for head- and eye-tracking in laboratory animals 2020
4082 MATILDE Migration Impact Assessment to Enhance Integration and Local Development in European Rural and Mountain Areas 2020
4083 SMARTSLT Smart speech and language tools for children's development. 2019
4084 KRAKEN Brokerage and market platform for personal data 2019
4085 PAGER Prediction of Adverse effects of Geomagnetic Storms and Energetic Radiation 2020
4086 SafeSpace Radiation Belt Environmental Indicators for the Safety of Space Assets 2020
4087 CURE Copernicus for Urban Resilience in Europe 2020
4088 TIMECODE How does the brain code time? 2020
4089 EvoCellMap Tracing the origin and early evolution of animal cell type regulation with genomics and single-cell approaches 2020
4090 ECOLBEH The Ecology of Collective Behaviour 2020
4091 PolicyCLOUD Policy Management through technologies across the complete data lifecycle on cloud environments. 2020
4092 PAVE Preventing and Addressing Violent Extremism through Community Resilience in the Balkans and MENA 2020
4093 ARTIS Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies 2020
4094 PEriTiA Policy, Expertise, and Trust in Action 2020
4095 SO-CLOSE Enhancing Social Cohesion through Sharing the Cultural Heritage of Forced Migrations 2020
4096 EARLYDETECT Development of an accurate, early diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer 2020
4097 SMART UV Intelligent Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation Filters 2019
4098 uHeart A beating Heart-on-Chip for pre-clinical early detection of drugs cardiac safety 2019
4099 ARM and AWC Disrupting Global Trade Risk Management & Working Capital Solutions 2019
4100 IBDetect Point of Care Diagnostic Test for the Differential Diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2019
4101 AUTOSITE100 Autonomous cranes based on computer vision and AI to increase productivity and safety on construction sites 2019
4102 FACTLOG Energy-aware Factory Analytics for Process Industries 2019
4103 PJ18-W2 4D Skyways 4D Skyways 2019
4104 ETHNA System Ethics Governance System for RRI in Higher Education, Funding and Research Centres 2020
4105 EQUAL4EUROPE Gender Equality Standards for AHMSSBL institutions throughout Europe 2020
4106 TRESCA Trustworthy, Reliable and Engaging Scientific Communication Approaches 2020
4107 MODALIS2 MODelling of Advanced LI Storage Systems 2020
4108 innosabi GALAXY The Agile Innovation solution to revolutionise the way people connect, collaborate and create disruptive innovations throughout a company’s ecosystem to unlock its full potential 2019
4109 ParCos Participatory Communication of Science 2020
4110 AXONENDO Endosomal control of local protein synthesis in axons 2020
4111 SYNBIO.ECM SYNBIO.ECM: Designer extracellular matrices to program healthy and diseased cardiac morphogenesis 2020
4112 Demos Design Principles of Branching Morphogenesis 2020
4113 SME Coach LT 2020-21 Key Account Management Services and Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity Services for Lithuanian SMEs in 2020-2021 2020
4114 PALAEOFARM Linking livestock genetic diversity with three thousand years of agricultural crises and resilience 2020
4115 N-EXTLAW Law as Vehicle for Social Change: Mainstreaming Non-Extractive Economic Practices 2020
4116 SHARE-COHESION Cohesion in further developing and innovating SHARE across all 28 member countries 2019
4117 ERIGrid 2.0 European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid and Smart Energy Systems Research, Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out – Second Edition 2020
4118 AHEAD2020 Integrated Activities for the High Energy Astrophysics Domain 2020
4119 Siner An online data management tool to implement industrial symbiosis projects towards a circular economy 2019
4120 Dezyne Enterprise The easiest way to build complete, correct and consistent embedded software for cyberphysical systems 2019
4122 REBOUND An algorithmic framework for reducing bias and polarization in online media 2020
4123 CoMorMent Predicting comorbid cardiovascular disease in individuals with mental disorder by decoding disease mechanisms 2020
4125 ATTOSTRUCTURA Structured attosecond pulses for ultrafast nanoscience 2020
4126 CANDY Comorbid Analysis of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Epilepsy 2020
4127 SIAM Scaling Up Innovation through Analogy Mining 2020
4128 PJ07-W2 OAUO SESAR2020 PJ07-W2 OAUO Optimised Airspace Users Operations 2019
4129 FogProtect Protecting Sensitive Data in the Computing Continuum 2020
4130 Pledger Performance optimization and edge computing orchestration for enhanced experience and Quality of Service 2019
4131 HUGODECA Human Gonad Developmental Cell Atlas 2020
4132 cmRNAbone 3D Printed-Matrix Assisted Chemically Modified RNAs Bone Regenerative Therapy for Trauma and Osteoporotic Patients 2020
4133 REDIM Regional disparities in cause-specific mortality in Europe: the role of local context and national health policies 2020
4134 SUBLIME Supporting Understanding of Boundary Layer Ingesting Model Experiment 2019
4135 IMMUNETREH Trehalose as a source for privileged immunity in Drosophila 2020
4136 ARIADNA Awareness Raising and capacity building Increasing ADoption of EGNSS in urbaN mobility Applications and services 2019
4137 PJ01-W2 EAD PJ01 Wave 2 Enhanced Arrivals and Departures 2019
4138 INNO EEN-M Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs through the Enterprise Europe Network in Macedonia (INNO EEN-M) 2020
4139 RNPdynamics Multivalent interactions driving RNP dynamics in development and disease 2020
4140 BLACKJACK Fast Monte Carlo integration with repulsive processes 2020
4141 EU-PEARL EU Patient- cEntric clinicAl tRial pLatform 2019
4142 BANYAN Big dAta aNalYtics for radio Access Networks 2019
4143 EduSelect Edu*Select: Developing a Commercial Platform to Deliver Teacher Selection Tools 2019
4144 POINT.IoT Stimulating the fusion of IoT and GNSS technologies 2019
4145 EOSC Enhance Enhancing the EOSC portal and connecting thematic clouds 2019
4146 RADON Irradiation driven nanofabrication: computational modelling versus experiment 2020
4147 OPTIMIST OPTIMised video content delivery chains leveraging data analysis over joint multI-accesS edge computing and 5G radio network infrasTructures 2020
4148 NGTax Next Generation Taxonomy: Ciliophora and their bacterial symbionts as a proof of concept 2020
4149 PRISAR2 proactive monitoring of cancer as an alternative to surgery 2020
4150 CoAct Co-designing Citizen Social Science for Collective Action 2020
4151 SWORD Smart Wound monitoring Restorative Dressings 2020
4152 ASTROSTAT-II Development of Novel Statistical Tools for the Analysis of Astronomical Data 2020
4153 MAIA Models and Methods for an active ageing workforce: an international academy 2020
4154 TECTONIC TEchnological Consortium TO develop sustaiNabIlity of underwater Cultural heritage 2020
4155 NEWSERA Citizen Science as the new paradigm for Science Communication 2020
4156 PJ10-W2 PROSA Separation Management and Controller Tools 2019
4157 PJ02-W2 AART Airport airside and runway throughput 2019
4158 TOPOCELL A cell separation microfabricated platform for cell migration and invasion assays 2020
4159 IN2SMART2 Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2 2019
4160 TRANSIT Train pass-by noise source characterization and separation tools for cost-effective vehicle certification 2019
4161 LOCATE Locomotive bOgie Condition mAinTEnance 2019
4163 CARBODIN Car Body Shells, Doors and Interiors 2019
4164 IMMERSION Immersive marketplace for the European real estate sector 2019
4165 SensorM3D Artificial Intelligence and Privacy Enabled Multi-Sensor Smart Cameras for 3D Analytics 2019
4167 Hastlayer Hastlayer - turning software into hardware for faster computing 2020
4168 SafePort A Novel Smart System for the safe Management of Nautical operations 2019
4169 MEISi Druggable Small Molecule Inhibitor of MEIS Proteins 2019
4170 HDM-FUN Host directed medicine in invasive fungal infection 2020
4171 PRIME Prevention and Remediation of Insulin Multimorbidity in Europe 2020
4172 miniNO Associative mechanisms linking a defective minipuberty to the appearance of mental and nonmental disorders: infantile NO replenishment as a new therapeutic possibility 2020
4173 CRUCIAL MiCrovasculaR rarefaction in vascUlar Cognitive Impairement and heArt faiLure 2020
4174 NUCDDR Nucleolar Responses to DNA Damage: rDNA, an emerging hub of genome instability 2020
4175 SMIC Formal Models of Social Meaning and Identity Construction through Language 2020
4176 RibiTool Ribitol-phosphate: chemical tools to probe the biology of a unique mammalian carbohydrate 2020
4177 EPIDEMIC Experimental Epidemiology in Ant Societies 2020
4178 MUSMICRO Causes and consequences of variation in the mammalian microbiota 2020
4179 PolyCarbon Polycentric Carbon Pricing Governance: Cooperation, Contestation and Connectivity 2020
4180 CHUbVi Ubiquitin Chains in Viral Infections 2020
4182 MedPhab Photonics Solutions at Pilot Scale for Accelerated Medical Device Development 2020
4183 OpenDR Open Deep Learning Toolkit for Robotics 2020
4184 RoBUTCHER A Robust, Flexible and Scalable Cognitive Robotics Platform 2020
4185 PHABULOUS Pilot-line providing highly advanced & robust manufacturing technology for optical free-form micro-structures 2020
4186 SEER A “Smart” Self-monitoring composite tool for aerospace composite manufacturing using Silicon photonic multi-sEnsors Embedded using through-thickness Reinforcement techniques 2020
4189 ATHLETE Advancing Tools for Human Early Lifecourse Exposome Research and Translation 2020
4190 EXPANSE EXposome Powered tools for healthy living in urbAN SEttings 2020
4191 EXIMIOUS Mapping Exposure-Induced Immune Effects: Connecting the Exposome and the Immunome 2020
4192 Equal-Life Early Environmental quality and life-course mental health effects 2020
4193 HEDIMED Human Exposomic Determinants of Immune Mediated Diseases 2020
4194 IMOTHEP Investigation and Maturation of Technologies for Hybrid Electric Propulsion 2020
4196 FURTHER-FC Further Understanding Related to Transport limitations at High current density towards future ElectRodes for Fuel Cells 2020
4197 INDIMO Inclusive digital mobility solutions 2020
4198 FUTPRINT50 Future propulsion and integration: towards a hybrid-electric 50-seat regional aircraft 2020
4199 BW-KAM 5 The Enterprise Europe Network Baden-Wuerttemberg - Targeting Innovation from Baden- Württemberg for Europe 2020
4200 ToxMate Continuous real-time monitoring of water toxicity 2020
4201 NEMASIS The next generation energy management solution for industry 4.0 2019
4202 NEOSIGHT Bringing to the market a new generation of AI-powered Media Monitoring Tools 2020
4203 PROSKit Prostate cancer urinary diagnostic kit based on RNA biomarkers 2020
4204 InteSens Innovative INTEgrated SENsor System for monitoring Infrastructural Assets 2020
4205 DFD Deep Forestry Drones - revolutionising forestry mapping and analysis with artificial intelligence 2020
4206 COMEDM Common mechanisms for decision-making and working memory in health and old age 2020
4207 DISCOvERIE Development, dIagnostic and prevention of gender-related Somatic and mental COmorbitiEs in iRritable bowel syndrome In Europe 2020
4208 MAJORIS Majoration-Minimization algorithms for Image Processing 2020
4209 TINTIN Visual narratives as a window into language and cognition 2020
4210 EAGRE Eagre/Aegir: high-seas wave-impact modelling 2020
4212 ProExcer Projectile exciter for noiseless environment 2020
4213 OnTarget Deciphering the principles governing robust targeting of proteins to organelles 2020
4214 CoroPrevention Personalized Prevention for Coronary Heart Disease 2020
4215 LINX4RAIL System architecture and Conceptual Data Model for railway, common data dictionary and global system modelling specifications 2019
4216 MEEP The MareNostrum Experimental Exascale Platform 2020
4217 AquaGen Water quality biomonitoring combining AI and environmental genomics 2019
4218 POPULIZATION Behavioral Foundations of Populism and Polarization 2020
4219 EMPOCI Governing sustainable energy-mobility transitions: multi-level policy mixes, transformative capacities and low-carbon innovations 2020
4220 DDREAMM Dna Damage REsponse: Actionabilities, Maps and Mechanisms 2020
4221 LocalGlobal Local vs Global Properties of Large Discrete Structures 2021
4222 TORI In-situ Topological Reduction of Scientific 3D Data 2020
4223 SENSES Making Sense of Electrical Noise by Simulating Electrolyte Solutions 2020
4224 SingStocDispDyn Singular Stochastic Dispersive Dynamics 2020
4225 nbPTMs A multifaceted platform for exploring nucleotide-based post-translational modifications 2021
4226 TradeRES Tools for the Design and modelling of new markets and negotiation mechanisms for a ~100% Renewable European Power Systems 2020
4227 FEVER Flexible Energy Production, Demand and Storage-based Virtual Power Plants for Electricity Markets and Resilient DSO Operation 2020
4228 JustCity The Just City: The Ciceronian Conception of Justice and Its Reception in the Western Tradition 2020
4229 MetalloRadiCat Metalloradical Catalysis - From Fundamental Studies to Applications 2020
4230 NP-QFT Non-perturbative dynamics of quantum fields: from new deconfined phases of matter to quantum black holes 2020
4231 CRITICAL When Flows Turn Turbulent in the Supercritical Fluid Region 2020
4232 EXACTC Solving gauge theories in 4D: Exact correlation functions from integrability 2020
4233 PDPcardio Protein phosphatase 1-disrupting peptides: Scope and mechanism of action in the treatment of heart insufficiency 2020
4234 PERSISMO Predicting Energy Release in fault Systems: Integrating Simulations, Machine learning, Observations 2020
4235 CARBYNE New carbon reactivity rules for molecular editing 2020
4236 DiversiPHI Predicting the evolution of complex phage-host interactions 2020
4237 PERTURB Using periodic orbits to quantitatively describe and control 3D fluid turbulence. 2020
4238 MemDense Cellular control of membrane protein density in the endoplasmic reticulum via the unfolded protein response 2020
4239 BiodivClim Promoting and implementing joint programming to reinforce transnational research at the crossroad between biodiversity and climate change 2019
4240 EATRIS-Plus Consolidating the capacities of EATRIS-ERIC for Personalised Medicine 2020
4241 IPERION HS Integrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science 2020
4242 iNEXT-Discovery Infrastructure for transnational access and discovery in structural biology 2020
4243 PREP-IBISBA Industrial Biotechnology Innovation and Synthetic Biology Accelerator Preparatory Phase 2020
4244 HIGHLANDS.3 Collective Approach of Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Highland 2020
4245 EEN OUEST H2020 Entreprise Europe Ouest H2020 2020
4246 MAGIC SWF SMEs 20-21 Establishing in-depth services enhancing the innovation management capacity of South West of France SMEs in 2020-2021 2020
4247 CoaExMatter Bio-inspired Coacervate Extruded Materials 2020
4248 EJP SOIL Towards climate-smart sustainable management of agricultural soils 2020
4249 GyroSCoPe Geomorphic and Sedimentary responses to Climate Periodicity 2020
4250 ForM-SMArt Formal Methods for Stochastic Models: Algorithms and Applications 2020
4251 lncImpact Long noncoding RNAs: Impact on Gene Regulatory Networks 2020
4252 DissectCMV Creating a comprehensive functional map of the viral and host factors in HCMV infection 2020
4254 ebalance-plus Energy balancing and resilience solutions to unlock the flexibility and increase market options for distribution grid 2020
4255 PP-MAGIC (Photo-)Control of Persisters: Targeting the Magic Spot 2020
4256 ATTEST Advanced Tools Towards cost-efficient decarbonisation of future reliable Energy SysTems 2020
4257 RiboTrace Bridging temporal resolution gaps to dissect RNA silencing at the molecular and genomic scale 2020
4258 Scaleup4Europe The establishment of cross-border operating “Scaleup Labs” to increase the efficiency of the scaling support in specific industry verticals: Health, AgTech, Smart Region and Agile Manufacturing. 2020
4259 uDEVOPS Software Quality Assurance for Microservice Development Operations Engineering 2020
4260 ELSE SIM 2020-21 Enterprise Lazio and Sardegna for Europe Smes Innovation Management 2020-21 2020
4261 FINE-2 Furthering Improvements in Integrated Mobility Management (I2M), Noise and Vibration, and Energy in Shift2Rail 2019
4262 EERAdata Towards a FAIR and open data ecosystem in the low carbon energy research community 2020
4263 BayesianGDPR Bayesian Models and Algorithms for Fairness and Transparency 2020
4264 Niche4NbS Beyond assuming co-benefits in Nature-based Solutions: Applying the niche concept for optimizing social and ecological outcomes 2020
4265 Worlds of Lithium A multi-sited and transnational study of transitions towards post-fossil fuel societies 2020
4266 AntiViralEvo Unravelling the evolution of antiviral sensors and response systems in animals using the phylum Cnidaria 2020
4267 MAD Mechanisms of Apomictic Developments 2020
4268 INNODK IV Innovation Services for Danish SMEs IV 2020-2021 2020
4269 EEN-InnovationJourne EEN-InnovationJouney PT 2020
4270 INNO-HUN 2020-21 Providing services under Horizon 2020 enhancing the innovation management capacity of Hungarian SME's within the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network – 2020-21 2020
4271 CompHematoPathology Computational Hematopathology for Improved Diagnostics 2020
4272 TACT Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapies 2020
4273 STEP4WIND Novel deSign, producTion and opEration aPproaches for floating WIND turbine farms 2020
4274 Train2Wind Training school on entrainment in offshore wind power 2020
4275 NATURE-ETN Nucleic Acids for Future Gene Editing, Immunotherapy and Epigenetic Sequence Modification 2020
4276 LEAFHOUND Leader-follower hybrid control and task planning for multi-agent systems under spatiotemporal logic specifications 2020
4277 PCOMOD Targeting the Plant Cysteine Oxidases to Regulate Plant Stress Tolerance 2020
4278 OPTIMAL Coming-of-age of Process Research: Connecting Theory with Measurement and Modelling 2020
4279 ELIXIR-CONVERGE Connect and align ELIXIR Nodes to deliver sustainable FAIR life-science data management services 2020
4280 COALA COpernicus Applications and services for Low impact agriculture in Australia 2020
4281 PrimeWater Delivering Advanced Predictive Tools form Medium to Seasonal Range for Water Dependent Industries Exploiting the Cross-Cutting Potential of EO and Hydro-Ecological Modeling 2019
4282 EnerMaps Open Source Tools to Share, Compare, and Reuse Low-Carbon Energy Data 2020
4283 HumanPlacenta Human Placental Development and the Uterine Microenvironment 2020
4284 INNOVIST 4.0 INcreasing the InNOVation Management Capacity of SMEs in ISTanbul 2020
4285 FDM^2 Structural multiscale modelling of extrusion-based 3D and 4D printed materials 2020
4286 CELLULO-EPI Celluloepidemiology: a novel paradigm for modeling T-cell responses on a population level. 2020
4287 METABOLIGHT Optical imaging platform to unravel metabolic reprogramming of cancer: a path for improved treatments 2020
4288 USER-CHI innovative solutions for USER centric CHarging Infrastructure 2020
4289 InstrAct From instructions to actions: characterizing the spatiotemporal neural signatures of instructions following. 2020
4290 CHANGE CHANGE. The development of the monetary economy of ancient Anatolia, c. 630-30 BC. 2020
4291 EPN-2024-RI Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure 2020
4292 BENE I2 2020-2021 BENE Innovation Internationalisation services 2020-2021 2020
4293 HERItage The role of cultural heritage in socio-economic development and preservation of democratic values 2019
4294 NanoBioMade Bioinorganic intracellular synthesis of photo-responsive bio-camouflaged nanomedicines 2021
4295 ABIONYS Artificial Enzyme Modules as Tools in a Tailor-made Biosynthesis 2020
4296 Phonon-ART Uncovering Phonon Dynamics by Advanced Raman Techniques 2020
4297 Optics-MISS Optical Real-Time Anatomical Tracking- Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 2020
4298 ECLIPSE Exotic superconducting CIrcuits to Probe and protect quantum States of light and mattEr 2020
4299 CAC-seq. Chemical assisted enrichment of 5-carboxycytosine that also allows for DNA sequencing at single base resolution. 2020
4300 RECOBIN-PROTACs Reversible Covalently Binding PROTACs Technology for Protein Degradation in Cancer Therapy 2020
4301 PHERA PHEromones for Row crop Applications 2020
4302 TAXi-ch Determination of transcription factor cooperativity driving expression from the inactive X chromosome 2020
4303 RTTT Real-Time ThermoTronics: handling fluctuations, dynamics and dissipation for smart radiative thermal management 2020
4304 ASTRA ASsembly and phase Transitions of Ribonucleoprotein Aggregates in neurons: from physiology to pathology. 2020
4305 ADDITIVES Exposure to ‘cocktails’ of food additives and chronic disease risk 2020
4306 NitroScission Electrochemical scission of dinitrogen under ambient conditions 2021
4307 IC-CCD-qHSC Intrapopulation communication and collective cell decisions of hematopoietic stem cells 2020
4308 MicroSynCom Mechanisms of Microglia Synapse Communication 2020
4309 COCONUTE COmpound COatings NUrturing applications in Tissue Engineering 2020
4310 I-KAM2EU enhancing Innovation and Key Account Management by sme2EU 2020
4311 PeSD-NeSL Photo-excited State Dynamics and Non-equilibrium States under Laser in Van der Waals Stacked Two-dimensional Materials 2020
4312 Kidney-Treg Characterisation and impact of kidney-resident Tregs in kidney physiology and pathologies 2020
4313 TRAPS-2D Understanding The Role of the defects to Accomplish high Performance and Stable Two Dimensional Devices 2020
4314 MicroMISTRANS Error-prone protein synthesis in fungal pathogens Microsporidia: its scope and potential therapeutic targeting 2020
4315 FBC predisposition Unraveling novel Familial Breast Cancer (FBC) predisposition genes. 2020
4316 RE-GENESis GENome Editing and delivery Strategies for REcoding the mammalian genome 2020
4317 GLADIUS Gravitational Lensing Analysis for Data Intensive Upcoming Surveys 2020
4318 DELIGHT DissEcting caLcium sIgnalinG in cHloroplasTs 2021
4319 FIRE An industry-led Forum for Innovation and Research in European Earth Observation 2019
4320 cONCReTE DevelOpmeNt of Cancer RNA TherapEutics 2020
4321 SoBigData-PlusPlus SoBigData++: European Integrated Infrastructure for Social Mining and Big Data Analytics 2020
4322 Micro-GIFT Microrobotic Gamete/Zygote IntraFallopian Transfer 2020
4323 MotiVTA Characterizing opposing BNST to VTA circuits that differentially regulate motivation and individual responses to stress 2020
4324 READESCARTES Reading Descartes: A Reassessment of the Shaping and Transmission of Knowledge in the Seventeenth Century 2021
4325 MALDIP Machine Learning in Disordered Photonics 2020
4326 MechanoSelfFate Role of Tissue Mechanics in Embryonic Self-Organization and Cell Fate Plasticity 2020
4327 DiStRes Disentangling the stringent response to engineer novel anti-persister drugs 2020
4328 Sustainable-CPS Designing Human-centered Sustainable Cyber-physical Systems of the Future 2021
4329 HollidayTrack Tracking the movement and dynamics of Holliday junctions 2020
4330 RhinalMultiSense Circuits for multisensory integration in the perirhinal cortex 2020
4331 OptoNanoFlow Investigation of the mesoscale couplings in nanofluidics using nonlinear optical techniques 2021
4332 SOJUFOW Social Justice and the Future of Work 2020
4333 REGIOFLU Regioselective Hydrogen Bonding Phase Transfer Catalysis 2020
4334 ReKnow Research Knowledge Documentation, Analysis and Exploration in Empirical and Descriptive Sciences 2020
4335 PAST Phytolith Analysis and Stone Tools: A socio-ecological analysis of stone tools assemblage of North-Western South Asia 2020
4336 ADBCRZB Atomically Dispersed Bifunctional Catalysts for Reversible Zn-CO2 Batteries 2020
4337 JQ4LHC Jet quenching for heavy-ion collisions at the LHC 2021
4338 TGF-BTB Transforming Growth Factor – Bench To Bedside. Towards a better understanding of TGF-β isoform specific signalling in health and disease 2020
4339 LiTechAe Lithic Technology, Social Agency and Cultural Interaction in the Bronze Age Aegean. Percussive stone tools related to stone masonry techniques seen through experimentation and use-wear analysis. 2020
4340 STARSS Super Time-resolved Fluorescence Anisotropy with Switchable States 2020
4341 DLD-PI Developmental Language Disorder - Prevention and Intervention 2021
4342 DEFINE DEciphering mechanisms of presynaptic reFINEment 2020
4343 CICLE Unveiling the formation and evolution of galaxy clusters through the intracluster light and multidisciplinar techniques of image processing and big data analysis 2020
4344 CIRCULAR X Experimenting with Circular Service Business Models 2020
4345 AISLES Archipelagic Imperatives: Shipwreck and Lifesaving in European Societies since 1800 2020
4346 U-HARWARD Ultra High Aspect Ratio Wing Advanced Research and Designs 2020
4347 EAST Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Understand and Secure Web/Enterprise Systems 2020
4348 THRESHOLD Thresholds and tipping points in ecosystem responses to global warming 2021
4349 ICaRMuSs Intragranullar calcium regulation of mucin secretion and sorting. 2020
4350 ERoDES Examination of the recent past and future Response of coastal Dunes to Extreme storms and Sea level rise 2021
4351 DREAM Dux4-Regulated Expression and Activity by MATR3 2020
4352 GUT3D-PLATE Ready-to-use cell culture plates for gut 3D models 2020
4353 ComBATageing Exploiting superlongevous model mammals to explore new links between protein and organelle homeostasis and lifespan extension 2021
4354 UNCARIA UNCARIA: UNcertainty estimation in CARdiac Image Analysis 2020
4355 SUPD Sizing Up PD: Cavity-enhanced Characterisation of Single Biomarkers in Human Biofluids 2020
4356 AmpliFISH Bright nanoparticle probes for amplified fluorescence in situ hybridization in cancer diagnostics 2020
4357 RMAG Rheology and Mechanics of Active Glasses 2021
4358 CYBERGEN Negotiating gender across online and offline social spaces. A study of cyber-mediated gendered norms, practices and aspirations among women of Moroccan and Turkish descent in France and Germany. 2021
4359 SOCIAL MATCH The role of social behaviour in mate choice 2021
4360 RealNano In-line and Real-time digital nano-characterization technologies for the high yield manufacturing of Flexible Organic Electronics 2020
4361 ASINA Anticipating Safety Issues at the Design Stage of NAno Product Development 2020
4362 CAPRI Cognitive Automation Platform for European PRocess Industry digital transformation 2020
4363 KAMINO-3 Key Account Management process in EIC pilot activities (Accelerator, FTI/FET-open projects) and enhancing the INnOvation management capacities of SMEs (KAMINO-3) 2020
4364 2DTriCat4Energy 2D Trifunctional Catalysts for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage 2020
4365 MEANN Adapting recurrent neural network algorithms for single molecular break junction analysis 2020
4366 NuMagLongRx Nuclear magnetic long-lived state relaxation 2020
4367 CHLARE CHromospheric magnetic fields in fLAREs and their evolution 2021
4368 VIS-A-VIS How visual action shapes active vision 2020
4370 MaP Material properties in the strong light-matter coupling regime 2021
4371 ACQUIRE Assessing cardiac Contractility and Quantification of Underlying mechanisms In vitro via Response in Excitation-contraction coupling 2020
4372 PLIM-G4 Long-lived optical probes to image G-quadruplex DNA in live cells 2021
4373 UNTWIST UNraveling the knoT of the Water-energy-food nexus usIng ecosySTems services 2021
4374 MulHaRes A probabilistic decision framework for MULti-HAzard RESilience of residential building portfolios subjected to floods and landslides 2020
4375 AIforUTracking Artificial Intelligence methods for Underwater target Tracking 2020
4376 ICG68-PROG Imaging of c-Met aberrant cancers with Gallium-68 chelators for positron emission tomography 2020
4377 TRANSIT Travel Information Management for Seamless Intermodal Transport 2020
4378 DeFacto Design Automation for Smart Factories 2020
4379 ADGENTHE-CDA Advances in the Diagnosis and Gene Therapy of Congenital dyserythropoietic Anemia 2020
4381 RanMatRanGraCircEl Random Matrices, Random Graphs and Circular Elements 2020
4382 FISHEARS Enigmatic fish ears: solving a sensory biology riddle with bioengineering and Artificial Intelligence 2020
4383 SiC_Scope Automated inspection tool to unveil defects in raw Silicon Carbide crystals. 2020
4384 USOME Advanced Analysis of Polymersome and Exosome Hybrids for Potential Application in Therapeutics and Diagnostics 2020
4385 MATBFOB MAThematical modelling of Biofilm FOrmation on Biomaterials 2020
4386 HEARTguide Disruptive personalized pre-operative planning tool for transcatheter procedures 2019
4387 NEMO Noise and Emissions Monitoring and radical mitigation 2020
4388 DJINN Decrease Jet-Installation Noise 2020
4389 VENUS inVestigation of distributEd propulsion Noise and its mitigation through wind tUnnel experiments and numerical Simulations 2020
4390 BALTIC Machine learning based analytics for bacteria cell cycle characterization using super resolution microscopy 2020
4391 NormNets Normalization of Multimodal Brain Networks for Integral and Predictive Mapping of Neurological Disorders 2020